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Methodist Church.
Sunday School at 9:45; morning
sermon 11 a. m. “A Two-fold
Prayer.’* Young people’s meet
ing at 7:15 p. m. Evening ser
mon at Bp. m. “Joy Among
the Angeles.” The church with
a welcome.
The regular monthly business
meeting and social of the adult
bible class was held at the home
of the president, Mrs. W. B.
Cole, Wednesday evening. Fol
lowing the business meeting the
hour was profitable enjoyed in a
ten minute test on Bible ques
tions. Miss Marguerite Day had
the highest average in the test.
There were twentyfour present,
and refreshments were served.
St. Paul’s Church.
Rev. Austin B. Chinn, of Flag
staff, will conduct the services at
Episcopal church next Sunday
evening at the usual hour. No
morning service. Sunday school
at 10 o’clock.
Rev. J. M. White left yester
day morning for his summer
vacation, which will be spent in
California. He will first go to
Arrowhead Springs for a couple
of weeks of complete rest, and
from there he will go to San
Diego to visit the exposition for
ten days. The remainder of his
vacation will be spent in one of
the beach towns near Los Ange
les. He expects to return early
in September.
Church of Christ.
Services Lord’s Day as fol
lows: Bible school at 10 a. m.
Sermon and communion at 11 a.
m. Subject of sermon “The
Word of the Cross.” Evange
listic service at 8:15 p. m. Sub
ject “The Wisdom of the World.”
“The Nigger.”
In this play Edward Sheldon,
America’s most significant young
dramatist handles unflinchingly
and with unerring power, a
modern problem that must be
faced fairly and squarely by the
people of the United States.
The topic which forms the
motif of this striking drama is
one which legislators and serious
thinkers have grappled with
unsuccessfully since the days of
slavery. Mr. Sheldon is the first
writer however who has had the
courage to tackle the subject
In the William Fox production,
William Farnum, America’s most
popular youug actor gives a
sublime performance of the self
sacrificing *hero, Philip Morrow.
Under the masterful directorship
of Edgar Lewis, the enthralling
drama works out to the propor
tions of a mighty epic of modern
american life dealing as it does
with the gravest social, moral
and political conditions.
At the Electric. To-Night.
“Honor’s Altar.”
“Honor’s Altar, ” the new Ince-
Triangle drama, tells the story of
a self-made captain of industry
who tried to rid himself of the
wife of his youth through an
unscrupulous accomplice. Fred
eric Mallery (Walter Edwards),
has risen by his own efforts to
a place of power. He thinks that
the wife (Bessie Barriscale), who
was good enough to share the
privations of the lean years, is
now not brilliant enough socially.
To Warren Woods, Mallery makes
an offer of $50,000, if he will win
Mrs. Mallery’s affections, thus
freeing the magnate. The bar
gain is struck and Mallery in
troduces Woods to bis wife as a
Mallery pretends to be too
busy to take his wife anywhere
and gets Woods to accompany
her to receptions and dinners.
Woods realizes that Mrs. Mallery
loves her husband too well ever
to listen to any one else. He ac
cepts the check from Mallery,
telling him that if he will call at
his home at a late hour that night
he will find his wife in a compro
mising position. Woods meets
Mallery just outside his home
and what happens then forms a
fitting* climax to a picture that
for real interest has seldom been
V- Vaj
A meeting of the democratic
central committee, Navajo coun
ty, Arizona, is hereby called to
meet at Holbrook, August sth,
1916, at 1:30 p. m.
A full attendance of the com
mittee is desired and all members
of the democratic party who
can possibly meet with us, es
pecially candidates, or prospec
tive candidates. Matters of
general importance pertaining to
the campaign will be under dis
Geo. P. Sampson, Chairman.
Special Registration Notice.
Notice is hereby given that at
a recent session of the board of
supervisors Precinct No. 3 was
created in Winslow township out
of part of Precincts 1 and 2 as
follows: All of Precincts Nos. 1
and 2, north of a line commenc
ing at east line of precinct; thence
running west on Aspinwall street
to Kinsley avenue; thence south
on Kinsley avenue to Fourth
street; thence west on Fourth
street to the county line. All
voters in this new created pre
cinct are hereby notified to have
to their registration corrected to
show that they reside in Prec
inct 3, or they will forfeit their
right to vote at the coming pri
mary and election. Mrs: W. A.
Parr is the registrar for this new
precinct, and will attend to the
correcting of your registration.
Dee M. Moss, Recorder.
Advertised letter list for week
ending July 28-1916.
Calvin Anderson Mrs. Hannah Carlson
Mr. James Estes George Hottinger
Mrs. Marion Lyon Mr. Fred Lake
W. E. Roney D, A. Worley Esq.
Ylario Alcorlorn Atanazio Castaneda (2)
Jose De La Rosa Pio Gortari
Mariano Herrera Jesuse Louise
Alfonse y Jose Ma. Mendival
the State of Arizona, in and
for the County of Navajo.
Geo. H. Keyes, Jr., plaintiff,
vs. Mrs. Harriet A. Hesser,
defendant. Notice of Sheriff’s
Under and by virtue of a
special execution issued out of
the Superior Court of the State
of Arizona, in and for the Coun
ty of Navajo, upon the 20th day
of June, A. D. 1916, and to me
as Sheriff of said County and
State duly directed and deliver
ed on the judgment rendered in
said Court in the above entitled
action on the 26th day of Feb
ruary, A. D. 1916. for the sum
of $736.50 with $67.25 interest
thereon to date of judgment until
paid, and attorney fees in the
sum of $79.75, and the further
sum of $30.05 costs, and the fore
closure of all right, title, interest
and claim as against the defen
dant upon the premises describ
ed as follows, to-wit: All of lot
six (6) in Block two (2), Town
site of Winslow, Navajo County,
State of Arizona, together with
all the improvements thereon or
thereunto in anywise belonging,
per plat thereof on file in the
Recorder’s Office of said County,
at Holbrook, Arizona; and all
right, title, interest and claim of
the defendant in and to all of the
furniture, fixtures, and show
cases in a building on lot six
(6) in Block two (2), Townsite
of Winslow, Navajo County,
State of Arizona.
Public notice is hereby given
that I will, at the door of the
Court House of said County of
Navajo, at the hour of two
o’clock P. M., on Saturday, the
12th day of August, A. D. 1916,
sell at public auction to the high
est andbest bidder for cash in}
lawful money of the United)
States, all the right, title, claim
and interest of the above named
defendant, in, of and to the j
above described property, or so
much thereof as may be neces- j
sary to satisfy the amount due on |
said judgment, interest, attorney:
fees, costs of suit, and accruing}
costs. j
Dated this 19th day of July,
A. D. 1916.
R. L. Newman, Sheriff.
Get your clothes cleaned
at the.
winslow Simon
N. G. MACK, Prop.
No. 1 12 Kinsley Ave. Telephone 211.
Garments called for and deliv
ered. Give us a trial.
the State of Arizona, in and
for the County of Navajo.
Action brought in the Superior
Court of the State of Arizona, in
and for the County of Navajo,
and the complaint filed in said
County of Navajo, in the office
of the Clerk of said Superior
C. H. Jordan, Liquidating
Agent for the Navajo-Apache
Bank & Trust Co., a Corporation
plaintiff, vs. H. A. Cheverton,
In the Name of the State of
Arizona, to H. A. Cheverton,
Defendant, Greeting.
You are hereby summoned and
required to appear in an action
brought against you by the above
named plaintiff in the Superior
Court of the State of Arizona, in
and for the County of Navajo,
and answer the complaint therein
filed with the Clerk of this said
Court, at Holbrook, in said Coun
ty, within twenty days after the
service upon you of this sum
mons, if served in this said coun
ty, or in all other cases within
thirty days thereafter, the times
above mentioned being exclusive
of the day of service, or judg
ment by default will be taken
against you.
Given under my hand and the
Seal of the Superior Court of the
State of Arizona, in and for the
County of Navajo, this 29th day
of June, 1916.
(Seal) Lloyd C. Henning
Clerk of said Superior Court.
L H, Buck,
Winslow’s Jeweler and
Diamond Dealer.
Fine Watch Work and Jewe
lery Repairing.
Mail orders Given Prompt
X |. W. G. Kelly’s
Cor. Kinsley and Second.
ji M ' ISP '- A parlor of amusement for re
fined people, seeking an hour of
Ifei P easant recreatlon '
* | 1 our an(^cues are a^-
ways kept in first-class condition
We Want You Business on the
merits of Service we render.
We Sell and Deliver 2000 pounds for a Ton.
City Fuel and
phone 118. Transfer Co.
When Christy’s dead a hundred years, the fans will still
discuss his play, and sigh, while shedding briny tears,
“There are no men like him today! He used the brains
behind his brow, and gave the foe a grievous jar; the
chroniclers have told us how he
was for years and years a star.
Great pitchers came and cut some PWK WTO
grass, and died, and then forgotten
were; he saw them come, aid saw r , *f*> Jy
them pass, and still kicked up a \ F
mighty stir.” The chroniclers will
also tell how Christy, v/hen a game VOu W v
was played, filled up the pipe he
loved so well, to soothe his nerves, w Pit cher-New York Giant.
all tired and frayed. He smoked ' ** Tuxedo gels to me in a
_ , . , . . , natural, pleasant way. It’s
Tuxedo every time, the critic s what I call good, honest, com
smoke, the mild and rare, Tuxedo p t ° n^ b t l ‘J° bacco ~ the kinJ
fragrant and sublime, the cool, /7 \ *
sweet smoke beyond compare.
State of Arizona, in and for
Navajo County.
In the matter of the estate of
L. B. Riggins, deceased. Notice
of hearing petition.
Notice is hereby given that
Jennie E. Riggins has filed in
this Court her petition praying
that letters of administration of
the estate of L. B. Riggins, de
ceased, be issued to her and that
the same will be heard on Mon
day, the 31st day of July, A. D.
1916, at ten o’clock in the fore
non of said day, at the courtroom
of said Court, in Holbrook, Coun
ty of Navajo, State of Arizona,
and all persons interested in said
estate are notified then and there
to appear and show cause, if any
they have why the prayer of said
petitioner should not pe granted.
Dated July 12, 1916.
Lloyd C. Henning,
(Seal) Clerk.
A Bank
That Helps
Its Depositors
The policy of the Arizona
State Bank is to promote the
general welfare of Winslow
and surrounding communi
ties, paying particular at
tention to the financial needs
of its depositors.
The experience of our of
ficers, our ample capital, and
strong connections, give our
customers assurance of pro
tection and our ability to
take care of all-their finan
cial undertaking.
We want your Business
Accounts by mail invited.
Arizona State Bank
Capital $40,000
R. H. Tuttle, President.
T. M. Quebedeaux,V. Pres.
R. C.-Kaufman, Cashier.
A. S. Brayman, Asst. Cashier
Edison alone knows all of
the secrets of his new art.
Thu ■
E Si -
new frf,
is the culmination of four years of research work in chemistry and
acoustics. It is not a talking machine. It re-creates the voice of
singer or the performance of an instrumentalist so perfectly that
the original cannot be distinguished from Edison’s Recreation.
Witness the admissions of this fact in the principal newspapers of
this country, written by their own musical critics, after hearing
these astounding tests.
Do you want the truth?
told by impartial and unpreju- Eastman
diced musical critics in all parts xr a 1
of the United States? Send to HodaK
us for booklet containing reprint & Supplies
of their critiques.
Winslow News Store.
To-Night, Friday, July 28.
Edward Sheldon’s Drama
Gripping, Enthralling, Dynamic.
A play that has made the Nation think.
Hearst News Pictorial. World News in Pictures.
Saturday, July 29.
Bessie Barriscale In
Produced by Thos. Ince.
Mack Swain in His Auto Ruination
A Screaming Comedy Good for a Thousand
1 Oc. Prices. 20c.
neglect the lawn! when good old Sol turns his
piercing gaze on your lawn, turn the hose on the
kind that s P r inkles
HI IV I* from the nozle (not the
mmm ft |||B»\| sides) is ready for our
11UK/K/&.11 lIUI/L customers.
Now is the time when the song of the lawn mow
er is heard in the land and you’ll be singing too
Providing you’re pushing one of
our new up-to-date Lawn Mowers
We well be glad show them to you.
Dove season is now open
and dont forget this store is
Sportsmen’s Headquarters.
We carry a full line of “Arrow” and “Nitre Club”
ammunition used by leading sportsmen every
where; also a complete line of Remington Arms.
Come in and see them
Babbitt Brothers Mercantile Co.
20th Year in Winslow.
the kind that sprinkles
from the nozle (not the
sides) is ready for our

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