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The Legislative Mill.
With the air surcharged with
war the senate last week took
up Senator Campbell’s bill pro
viding for compulsory military
training in the high schools, and
the bill was recommendad to
pass. Just how the house will
feel about war remains to be
seen when the bill comes before
Gov. Campbell slipped a veto
on the proposition of exempting
the Lowell estate at Flagstaff
from taxation. He based his
veto on constitutional grounds.
The governor signed S. B. 4
amending the penal code relating
to lewdness; S. B. 8 creating a
game refuge in Graham county;
House Roll 24 relating to the
establishing and maintenance of
high school districts; House Roll
25 appropriating SIO,OOO for the
Northern Arizona Fair.
The house put in all its time
last week fighting over the ap
propriation bill, and the mon
strosity was finally passed with
everybody opposed to it, but vot
ed favorably to get it out of
The Roberts bill making the
second conviction for bootlegging
a felony is now ready for the
governor’s signature, and it
provides a penalty of from two
to five years in the penitentiary.
The special committee appoint
ed to investigate the alleged sale
of the experimental farm by the
regents of the university report
ed that the sale at least showed
the lack of business acumen, and
censured the university for ex
ceeding their rights. The uni
versity seems to have acquired
the habit of doing just as it
pleases without regard to law or
decency, and so far has been
able to get away with it. It is
about time the legislature was
roused to some drastic action and
put the university management
on the skids.
The senators were musically
inclined Saturday, and took up
and passed a state anthem.
Aside from the fact that the
tune will be inflicted upon the
people at every public gathering,
and the writer will gain a little
temporary notoriety, there is no
harm done.
The* senate also considered
favorably the two reform bills
from the house. One prohibit
ing the sale of cigarrettes to
minors, and the “red light’’
abatement law. This law puts
responsibility and liability on the
owner of premises whose tenants
are convicted of maintaining
houses of prostitution. Both
bills are ready for the signature
of the governor.
A good roads bill was intro
duced by Senator Wisnor. It pro
vides for the appointment of three
county highway commissioners
by supervisors who shall serve
without pay, the appointments
to be made at the time a road
bond election is called. If the
bonds carry the commission shall
have sole charge of the expendi
ture of the money derived from
the sale of the bonds, and have
direction of all the improvement
Senator Mattox’s bill amend
ing the present law relating to
public libraries has passed the
senate and is now before the
house where it will probably
meet with but little if any op
position. This bill will make it
possible to establish public libra
ries in towns of 2500 population,
and provides for levying a half
mill tax for its support.
Gov. Campbell was not ena
mored of the brilliant created
rag that was to be known as the
“state flag,’’ so he vetoed the
bill. This bodes evil days for the
state anthem also. The gover
nor is not interested in fancy
ferbelows and gaudy trimmings
so much as he is in a sound busi
ness administration.
The house is putting in all its
time trying to-find out just where
they are at with the appropria
tion bill, and as a short cut of the
tangle it has been proposed to j
introduce a new bill and start all
over. Senator Sutter took a mild j
fling at the house in the senate
Monday, during a discussion of
the bill creating a home for the'
feeble-minded. He was inclined
to oppose the bill on the ground
that there were not enough
feeble-minded people in the state
to justify the expenditure, but
since he had been watching the;
antics in the house he was not ’
sure but the bill should pass.
The senate killed Senator Mat
tox’s bill that drivers of vehicles
must stop, look and listen when
crossing a railroad track. Per
haps the bill should read making
the railroad trains stop or there
will be some calamities to record.
The senate seems to be anxious
to clean up all the important
legislation and dispense with an
extra session, but the house evi
dently wants to come back.
At a conference of educators
in Lincoln, Neb., last week the
condition was considered deplo
rable that trained lady teachers
cannot be held in the schools only
for a year or two, and just about
the time they are getting really
efficient they slip off to get mar
ried. Perhaps it would help
some if the Arizona legislature
would pass a law making it a
felony for a lady teacher to get
married until she has reached
the age of thirty-five years.
This suggestion has the full ap
proval of Superintendent Cor
nelius of the Winslow schools,
who has to put in all his time
hiring teachers for the next
school year to fill the vacancies
created by matrimony.
Seven-tenths of all the head
aches have their origin in strain
ed vision. Correctly fitted glasses
will entirely relieve these head
aches by removing the cause.
Scarcely a day passes but I re
lieve some sufferer by scientific
ally fitted glasses. Dr. Oscar S.
Vanish up those old chairs.
We carry good furniture varnish.
Phone 68. Winslow Furniture
der act of Congress, approved
June 20, 1910. United States
Land Office, at Phoenix, Ariz.,
State of Arizona.
To whom it may concern:
Notice is hereby given that the
State of Arizona has filed in this
office its Grant Selections, Lists
Nos. 632, 640 and 706, Serial
Nos. 031624, 031668 and 031877,
respectively, applying to select
for purposes as specified below,
the following described lands,
List No. 632, Serial No. 031624,
for the benefit of School of
Mines:—ln T. 15 N., R. 15 E.:
All Section 22.
List No. 640, Serial No. 031668,
for the benefit of Payment of
Bonds and Accrued Interest
Thereon of Maricopa, Pima,
Yavapai and Coconino Counties:
—ln T. 18 N., R. 18 E.: North
west quarter, Northwest quar
ter Northeast quarter, Sec. 8.
In T. 18 N., R. 22 E.: All Sec
tion 30.
List No. 706, Serial No. 031877,
for the benefit of Payment of
Bonds and Accrued Interest
Thereon of Maricopa, Pima,
Yavapai and Coconino Counties:
—ln T. 15 N., R. 15 E.: South
half Sec. 4; Lots 3,4; East half
Southwest quarter, Southeast
quarter Sec. 30. In T. 15 N., R.
14 E.: All Sec. 12; Northeast|
quarter, East half Northwest!
quarter, Southwest quarter,;
Northwest quarter, South half (
Sec. 24. |
(All in G. & S. R. M.)
During the five weeks’ period ;
pf publication of this notice or]
any time thereafter and before \
final approval and certification, f
this office will receive protests
contests as to any of the tracts' 1
applied for and transmit the
same to the General Land Office, j
Dated at Phoenix, Arizona, S
February 26, 1917.
John L. Irvin, Register. 1
John J. Birdno, Receiver.!
Date of first publication, Mar.
23-1917. (
Advertised Letter List for Week
ending February 23-1917.
Mrs. F. Braun F. E. Brooke
W. E. Burkett Perry Dickinson
Mrs. C. R. Flint Lizzie Foster
S. K. Mairball Clive Nicholos
Alabastine is sanitary; makes
everything look clean and new.
Phone 68. Winslow Furniture
Call for Bids.
The Board of Trustees of Dis
trict Number One, Winslow, Ari
zona, will receive sealed bids un
til twelve o’clock noon, March j
10th, 1917 for three construction
projects, viz:
1. The erection and comple
tion of a one story schoolhouse,
on plot of land West of Block T,
Townsite of Winslow, in accord
ance with the plans and specifi
cations prepared by C. L. Wil
son, Architect of Monrovia, Cali
fornia, and on file with the Clerk
of the Board of Trustees at Win
slow, Arizona.
2. The erection and . comple
tion of a one story schoolhouse,
on block of land on which now
stands the South Side School, in
accordance with the plans and
specifications prepared by C. L.
Wilson, Architect of Monrovia,
California, and on file with the
Clerk of the Board of Trustees
of Winslow, Arizona.
3. The remodeling and re
constructing of the interior and
of the heating plant of the North
Side Grammar School, in accord
ance with the plans and speci
fications prepared by C. L. Wil
son, of Monrovia, California and
on file with the Clerk of the
Board of Trustees of Winslow.
Bids to be opened at 12 o’clock
noon, March 10th, 1917 at the of
fice of Board of Trustees of said
School District, in the High School
Building, at Winslow, Arizona.
Plans and specifications may
be obtained from both school
board and Architect C. L. Wil
son, of Monrovia California. A
deposit of $20.00 must be made
to insure the return of plans and
specifications in good condition,
with the least possible delay.
A certified check of five percent
of the contract price, made paya
ble to the Board of Trustees, wi I
be required to accompany eacl
bid, as a guarantee that the suc
cessful bidder, within ten days,
will enter into a contract witl
the Board of Trustees for the
erection of said buildings.
The successful bidder will bf
required to furnish a surety bond
for full contract price.
The Board reserves the righl
to waive any or all informalities
in any bid and to reject any or
all bids.
Envelopes containing bids
should be marked “Bid for
Board of Trustees;
Mrs. A. C. Gillard, Pres.
Mrs. Geo. H. Keyes, Jr.
T. Niethammer, Clerk.
Schooi District Number One,
Winslow, Navajo County, Ari
zona. To Niethammer.
jNew Location.
| N. Erickson, The Tailor.
I Will be in his new location, 210 Kinsley Avenue, opposite
the Bank of Winslow, Monday, March sth.
| Our New Spring Samples are Ready for Your Inspection.
jCleaning and Pressing. Work Guaranteed.
i —: —~
•] Spring House Cleaning
! Time will soon be Here.
We are prepared with a complete line cf
Furniture, Rugs, Linoleums, Shades,
Paints, Varnishes, etc.
| We are at your service.
\Yi ns l ow Furniture Co.
Why not patronize the Win
slow Laundry? We have the most
up-to-date plant in the state, and
it is a credit to any city. We
are doing high grade work. We
are home people; we employ
fourteen people, and the money
paid to them is spent right here
in town. All we ask is a trial
F. D. Howe. Lessee.
Rare Patterns in Cut Glass.
Do you realize in buying cut
glass, especially the kind we sell,
i you are securing not only articles
of use, but artistic beauty as
well? Cut glass conveys an idea
of taste and richness on any table
or sideboard. A piece of cut
glass is an ideal present and may
cost as much or little as you
please. See our large stock at
reasonable prices, considering
superior qualitv.
80. V. PRICE ft CQ«
—when you want
you want the best
that's why wc sell
the to order
clothes of
Ed. V. Price 6? Co.
rgest tailors in
the world of
order clothes.
Fit, service
and style the
A. R. Goldman.
"The Store For Men”
Elk’s Building.
8 There is no one so unmusical as to be- -
lieve that a talking machine produces real
music. At best, a talking machine, no
matter how much it costs, no matter
what artists make records for it, no matter
what claims are made for it by its manu
facturers, gives only a hollow imitation of
This new invention of the world's greatest inventor is in no
real sense a talking machine.
It represents more than two million dellars spent in research
It represents the archievement of his ambition to produce •
musical instrument which Recreates all forms of music so per
fectly that the original cannot be distinguished from the Re
'J 1
Hear this new Invention.
Come to our store aud let us give you a concert of Re-created
music. Come at any time. You will always be welcome.
There is no obligation to buy. We merely want you to hear
what we consider the world’s greatest musical instrument.
The reputation of our celebrated home-made
candies is spreading, and we are now ship
ping to several of the best confectionery stores
in other towns. Have you tried tnem yet?
Try our Fountain for all Two doors east Electric.
Kinds of Hot Drinks. Open after the Show.
Pay Cash for your Fuel
and save money.
We Sell and Deliver
2000 pounds of
coal for a ton.
City Fuel and
phone 118. Transfer Co.
Wm. DAGG & Co.
General Merchandise.
The people of Winslow are familiar with the superior
quality of our Grocery Lines, but some of you may not be
aware that our stock of
Men’s Furnishings and Shoes
is just as complete and fully as well selected. Before
making your purchases call and examine our line of
And the celebrated Munsing Underwear
Columbia Artists.
Hipolito Lazaro ,
Tenor of Generation. |
World’s Master of Violin.
Hoffman ,
World’s Greatest Pianist.
Maria Barrientos ,
World’s Greatest Coloratura Soprano.
Supreme Interpreter of the ’Cello.
This is but a few of the World’s Renown artists making
records exclusively for the Columbia.
Babbitt Bros. Mercantile Co.
20th Year in Winslow.

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