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The Winslow mail. (Winslow, Ariz.) 1893-1926, June 29, 1917, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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The Flute, the ’Cello
and Ensembles
& s / '
The deep-voiced mascu
line sonority of the’cello, ' *ilplk .
vibrating to the caress
ing touch of Casals; the
liquid notes of the flute |j |jj|^
the harmonious blending jfjjj I 8
* of all these instruments H
shade of tonal'value is ' jfl w)
defined in Columbia Re- |
] Babbitt Bros. Mercantile Co.
Y % |p 20th Year in Winslow.
sls to SSO.
Mrs. Hattie Penrod,
Resident Manager.
Winslow Gas Light & Heat Co.
The Hot Weather
is now with us.
Is a Good Retreat.
Refreshing Ice Creams of all flavors,
and cooling fountain drinks.
Somewhere in California
is a delightful and cool place
for your summer vacation
Low excursion fares particularly on Fridays
and Saturdays.
Ask for folder and let us help you plan yortrip.
H. J. FOUTS, Agent.
“Pay as you Go, and you never will owe.”
0, thats old.
But here is something new.
Pay Cash for your fuel and you
will have money in your pocket.
We sell and deliver 2000 pounds of coal for a ton.
City Fuel and
phone 118. Transfer Co.
W. G. Kelly’s
t .- w .. * 11 p I
1 y i ~~~~ •*- Cor. Ivinsley &nd jccond.
, i .j :y flgjp A parlor of amusement for re
! r-.V. 1 . I
~ \ M ; :| fined people, seeking an hour of
s ggj pleasant recreation.
’ 1 1 Our tables and cues are al-j
ways kept in first-class condition
Fred T. Colter, the Apache j
county statesman, is sending outj
circular letters to his friends over
the state advising them that,
like Barcus, “he is willin'” to
make the race as the democratic
candidate for governor next
year. Getting in thus early he
probably hopes to forestall any
other democratic aspirant from
shying his castor into the ring;
but with all his astuteness as a
politician Colter is not a very
close student of the general
characteristics of a democratic
office-seeker, if he harbors any
such thought. His early an
nouncement will only have the
effect of stirring up the other
boys to greater activity, and the
jolts the Colter boom will get
will lead one to believe it is rid
ing in a Ford. There are at
least fifteen good democrats in
Arizona who are perfectly satisfi
ed they are the real and only
Moses to lead to victory next
year. And that they will need a
Moses everybody clearly under
In the death of Mr. Frank
Murphy, of Prescott, at his home
last Saturday evening, the state
of Arizona loses one of its lead
ing citizens who has spent his
life in the developement [of this
state. Mr. Murphy was presi
dent of the Pea Vine railroad,
and it was largely due to his ef
forts that the road was built.
Advertised Letter for Week List
ending June 30-1917.
Bill Bailey Myron Baker
Earl Bentley, (2) E. T. Chase
Ernest Dumman C. L. Farr
Folsom Boyette John Gregory
James Grey Samuel J. Grey
Richard Hart, F. H. Jackson
Sidney Johnson Mrs. S. D. Kelly
E. H. Kerby J. W. Masters
W. C. McCoy E. J. Mill
Albert Miller Wm. F. Ogburn
Miss Jessie Reese Frank W. Sanders
Walter Steiniger Mina Street
Stephen F. Sullivan Sherman Thurston
Geo. "Weber Tsurail Banoja
Domingo Casus Benito Estudillo
J uan Garcia Esteban Gonzalez
Francisca Garcia Guadalupe Maes
Jose Mazur Maria H. de Muriilo
Adela Padilla Meliton Peria
Jose Saricillo Ynegam Yams.
You get your fresh vegetables
at the Winslow meat market.
For sale, modern five room
house located on west Aspinwall
street. Good garage and out
buildings, lawn, trees, and orna
mental shrubbery. Inquire of C.
M. Service, 315 W. Aspinwall.
Old Furniture.
Why let old furniture go to
waste, when you can get cash for
it by calling at Amen’s Second
hand Store. He is always in the
market for any kind of old furni
terior, U. S. Land Office at
Phoenix, Arizona, May 21, 1917.
Notice is hereby given that
Bonifacio Duran, of Winslow,
Arizona, who, on March 21, 1916,
made Homestead Entry, No.
029813, for east half, Section 14,
Township 15 N, Range 15 E,
G&SRB Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make three year
Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before
Thorwald Larson, U. -6. Commis
sioner, at Holbrook, Arizona, on
the 28th day of June, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Torn Mitchell, Jose Duran, J. A.
Greaves, Samuel R. Mitchell, all
of Winslow, Navajo County, Ari
J. L. Irvin, Register.
A New Line of Shirts,
The latest in hats,
Feather weight felts, Pan
amas, Italian Panamas, and
B. V. D. Underwear, the
‘‘keep-kool” garment.
A. R. Goldman.
Wool Growers Meeting.
A meeting of The Arizona
Wool Growers Association, for
the election of officers, an exe- j
cutive committee, Members of
The National Forest Advisory
Boards, and such other matters
as may come before it is called
for Thursday July the fifth, in
the court house Flagstaff, at nine
a. m.
H. J. Gray, President.
L. F. Verkamp, Secretary.
Report of the condition of the
Arizona State Bank, at Winslow in the
State of Arizona, at the close of business
June 20, 1917.
Loans and Discounts, less due from
Directors $ 262,298 62
Due from Directors ... None
Overdrafts 1,739 10
State, County and Municipal Bonds 12.168 38
Other Bonds, Stocks, Securities, etc. None
Banking House, Furniture and Fix
tures 13,142 71
Other Real Estate 4,445 52
Specie $ 10,339 52
Legal Tender and National
Bank Notes 8,145 00
Exchanges for Clearing.... 252 71
Other Cash items 25 84
Due from State and Nation
al Banks, Approved Re
serve Agents 54,931 16
Due from State and Nation
al Banks not Reserve
Agents 382 4S>
State and county warrants 6,164 56
Accumulated interest None
Total 374,035 61
Capital Stock paid in 40.000 00
Undivided Profits 9,750 41
Individual Deposits subject
to check $170,252 68
Savings Deposits 17.748 34
Time Certificates of Deposit 126,821 14
Certified Checks 286 25
Cashier’s checks outstand
ing 1 469 76
Due State and National
Banks 8,707 03
----- 324,285 20
Due Individuals and Corporations
other than Banks and Depositors ... None
Bills Payable. None
Bills Rediscounted None
Total 374,035 61
State of Arizona, County of Navajo ss. I, R. C.
Kaufman, Cashier of the above named bank,
do solemnly swear that the above statement is
true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
R, C. Kaufman, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 28th
day of June, 1917.
J. F. Mahoney, Notary Public.
Correct Attest. R. H. Tuttle,
T. M. Quebedeaux,
L. M. Shipley,
Report of the condition of the
Bank of Winslow, at Winslow, in the State
of Arizona, at the close of business June
20th 1917.
Loans and Discounts, less due from
Directors $ 330,169 37
Due from Directors None
Overdrafts 763 50
United States Bonds 12,482 00
State, County and Municipal Bonds... None
Other Bonds, Stocks, Securities, etc... 5,567 74
Banking House, Furniture and Fix
tures 10,300 00
Real Estate 4,500 00
Specie 10,536 42
Legal Tender and National
Bank Notes 4,546 00
Exchanges for Clearing .... None
Other Cash items None
Due from State and National
Banks, Approved Reserve
Agents 81,775 49
Due from State and National
Banks not Reserve Agents 834 62
— 97,692 53
Total 461,475 14
Capital Stock paid in 25,000 00
Surplus 11,000 00
Undivided Profits less current ex
penses and taxes paid 1.224 17
Individual Deposits subject
to check .... ..227,782 69
Time Certificates of Deposit 196,323 03
Cashier’s checks outstanding 145 25
Due State and National
Banks None
Due Individuals and Corporations other
than Banks and Depositors None
Bills Payable None
Bills Rediscounted None
Total 461,475 14
State of Arizona, County of Navajo, ss. I. Geo.
H. Keyes, Jr., Cashier of the above-named bank,
do solemnly swear that the above statement is
true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Geo. H. Keyes, Jr., Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 28th day
of June, 1917.
J. F. Mahoney, Notary Public.
Correct Attest N. S. Bly,
Wm. H. Dagg,
Geo. Cosby,
General Mason and
Address Box 315.
For floors, uncarpeted back
halls and inside steps.
Mound City
Floor Paint
Makes for cleanliness and less
You may choose from a
variety of pleasing shades and
with very little effort brighten
things up amazingly. Dull
quarters easily made cheerful.
Sold only by
General T Merchandise.
Winslow, Ariz.
Edison Magic
This is the finest of all Edison
machines, the Laboratory Mo
del Price $250. Easy terms.
The fact that your bank balance is a
small one need not deter you from
keeping it here. It is not necessarily
the millionaire who keeps the factor
ies busy, or the banks bulging. There
are more small fortunes in the world
than big ones, just as there are more
potatoes than grape fruit. We invite
the small account as well as the large.
Arizona State Bank.
Winslow, Arizona.
Promises Made
to one’s self are just as hard to keep as promises made
to others.
And one of the hardest to keep is the promise
you made yourself to save money.
Neverthless, once you do open a savings account
you will get the saving habit in a surprisingly
short time, and you will wonder why you never
started an account before.

Saving money becomes especially strong with those who
open an account with this bank, because of our liberal rate
of interest and very satisfactory way of doing business.
May we talk to you about it?
The Bank of Winslow.
The Tailor
515.00 and Up.
Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing.
Ladies Gloves Cleaned 10c.
Phone 64. 110 Kinsley Avenue
Justine Winslow Furniture Co.
Os all the wonders that Thomas
A. Edison has performed, the one
most important to art and the one
that many persons find most spec
tacular is the bringing of the Phon
nograph to the degree of perfection
reached in
The Edison
‘Diamond Disc*
When critical audiences admit
that they cannot distinguish be
tween the artist and the machine —
between the song as rendered by
the human voice and the same song
re-created by the Phonograph—
there does not seem to be much
room for further improvement in
the latter.
You can hear the New Edison
here at any time. We carry all
models in stock. Send to us for in
formation and literature.
You can keep Cool with one of our
Solid Oak Refrigerators
Ice Cream Freezers
Bamboo Porch Shades
And Porch Swings.

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