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FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1926
JEROME—Struck by a five-foot
wall of water in a deep wash be
tween Clear Creek and Camp Verde
Sunday night, Mrs. F. J. Riley was
drowned and her husband escaped
death only ofter battling the cur
rent for a quarter of a mile. Thier
automobile rolled 100 yards. The
woman’s body was washed down
stream for more than a mile.
The couple were returning from
Verde Hot Springs to Jerome. Only
six inches of water was running
through the wash when they drove
their car into it, and the flood took
them wholly unawares.
Mr. Riley is roundhouse foreman
for the United Verde steam shovel
JEROME A three cornered
shooting affray her Sunday night
resulted in the death of Lee Cruz
and the serious wounding of Nar
cisso Marquez. The latter shot
and instantly killed Cruz. Cruz’
son retaliated by wounding the
killer. Recovering his gun, Mar
quez shot twice at the boy without
result. He then ran to his home
where he was found in bed by po
lice a few minutes later.
Burglar (after turning dial of
radio and arousing householder):
“jHell, I thought that was a safe.”
50 Gallons
Given away with lucky number at Swastika
Service Station. For every 50c purchase and
every* 50c paid on account, coupons will be
given, one stub to be kept by purchaser, one
put in box at Swastika Service Station.
Drawing Will Be Held
May 25th at 8 p.m.
Lucky Number Wins 50 Gallons Gas
“Swastika Service Kid”
m" Swastika
Service Station
Ets&=n Money
Mm! Jj In Your
The Greatest Opportunity of a
SW®, fjpW ' Life Time
*® ’i s here and now!
A chance to purchase propertj"
□l_ at a iow T price in the best resi
s dential district in Winslow—
Heights Addition
Property is bought for one of
two reasons—as an investment,
or as a building site. The new’ homes built in Sweeney Heights,
its improvements, its nearness to the business center and to
schools, the proposed new City Park adjacent—are a guarantee
of increased future values.
The same reasons, and many more, make it the ideal location for
a home.
$450.00 for 50x142 feet, at remarkably easy terms.
J. L. Sweeney
*i* , 1 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4• 4* 4*
4* *
4> IV II E N Y 0 U *
* WANT l
* 4*
+ To— *
+ +
4* Rent a room or house 4«
4* Sell your house *
4* Sell your automobile 4*
4* Sell your old furniture 4*
4* Buy almost anything 4*
4* Find lost articles 4*
4* 4*
4- You can find tenants, buy- 4*
4* ers, a room or whatever 4*
4* you wish, with a CLASSI- 4*
4* FIED AD in the WINS- 4*
4* LOW MAIL. 4*
$ Just Phone $
* *
: 71 :
4*4*4*4 , 4*4*4 , 4-4*4-4 , 4*4*4*4*
SNOWFLAKE—The four year old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Webb was nearly crushed to death
last Tuesday when the wheel of a
wagon loaded with gravel passed
over her body. The child was rid
ing on the wagon and was brushed
off by the branches of a tree.
Dr. Heywood was called and af
ter an examination decided that the
child was not seriously injured.
Last reports were that the child
was able to walk around.
For the first time, the Abraham
Lincoln humanitarian award has
been won by a corporation. This
unique honor goes to the Union Oil
company of California in reciproca
tion of its Be Careful campaign.
Announcement to this effect was
made this week by the Oregon Hu
mane Society which made the
In a telegram to W. L. Stewart,
president of the Union Oil company
of California, Mrs. F. W. Swanton.
of the Oregon Humane Society,
stated: “I take great pleasure in
informing you that your fine post
ers on safety first when driving
have been noticed and commented
upon favorably all over the coun
try. You have won the great honor
of receiving the gold bronze Oregon
Humane Society Abraham Lincoln
humanitarian award for co-opera
The Union’s safety campaign
was inaugurated some months ago
when investigation showed that the
automobile accident situation was
becoming acute. The Union offi
cials went on the premise that
automobile drivers were not, as a
general rule, deliberately careless,
but rather were victims of the urge
for greater speed, which is inher
ent in so many motorists.
It was felt that if some means
could be evolved which would bring
home to the careless motorist the
folly of his actions, a halt would
be called to the growing total of
automobile accidents. The present
campaign which provided for the
utilization of 1,500 posters on the
Pacific Coast typifying motoring sit
uations in which careful driving is
necessary and which carry a direct
and positive appeal to observe safe
driving practices was therefore in
Penney Store Manager
Leaves For Convention
Manager L. W. James of the local
J. C. Penney Company store, left
on Wednesday to attend the spring
regional buying convention of man
agers of the organization which will
convene at Los Angeles this morn
ing. Daily sessions will be held
for ten days. Resident managers
of over one hundred stores from
this and adjoining states will be in
attendance. The first two days
will be devoted to formal dis
cussions by executives and manag
ers of the company’s affairs and a
banquet will be held on Saturday
evening at the Hotel Alexandria.
Then will follow eight days of
buying goods for the fell and holi
day trade.
ST. JOHNS —Lightning struck
the home of Heber Jarvis of this
city Sunday afternoon, during the
rain storm. It came through the
kitchen window making a hole as
large as a wash basin near a table
at which Mrs. Jarvis was washing
dishes. She says she was stunned
for several minutes.
Mandy: “Look here, Mose, wut
fur you kiss me?”
Mose: “Ah jes couldn’t help
Mandy: “But you mos’ suttinly
did!”—Rice Owl.
State Appropriations Total Os $1,608,733
To Counties For Fiscal Year Ending June 30
PHOENIX During the fiscal*!
year which ends June 30, 1926, a
total fund of §1,606,733.22 has been
apportioned to the various coun
ties of the state for the state school
fund was made Monday.
Os the total amount apportioned
in the four quarterly apportion
ments of the fund of Navajo coun
ty received $58,170.12 from the
The fund apportioned was made
up of $1,353,275 as the amount col
lected by the state under the $25
per capita of school population
school tax and $253,458.22 as re
ceipts from other sources than tax
ation including cases of school
lands, interest on permanent funds
and other items.
The apportionment was made on
the basis of a daily average at
tendance in the schools of 58,419
pupils and the total apportionment
for the year was $72.50 per capita
of the daily average attendance.
Flag Ready To Launch
Campaign For Hotel
Indications are that in June,
ground will be broken for Flag
staff’s big new hotel, in which case
it will be enclosed before winter
and completed before the beginning
of the 1927 tourist season.
Th<* local executive committee of
more than 20 Flagstaff business
and professional men are having
frequent conferences with Mr.
Webster of Harrisburg, Pa., repre
senting the Hockenberry hotel peo
ple. He is here to direct the finan
cial drive for the hotel and has
opened campaign headquarters in
the C. A. Clark & Co. store build
ing on Leroux street.
Architects’ plans are expected
here this week from the H. L.
Stevens Co., of San Francisco, who
have built more than 60 hotels in
this country.
Many preliminary details have
been settled.
The hotel will cost in the neigh
borhood of $250,000.
It will be located on the five
north and south lots on the north
east corner of San Francisco street
and Aspen avenue. The north end
of the westerly lots in this group
is covered by the postoffice build
ing and the owners are the Riordan
and Babbitt interests, the former
being sole owner of the unimprov
ed southern parts of the lots. The
eastermost lot is owned by The
Coconino Sun and occupied by its
building.—Coconino Sun.
New Way To
Wash Clothes
L. J. Bennett of the Arizona Elec
tric company, is showing how
clothes are washed by water action
only, in the latest One Minute
Washer. Water is swept through
and through the soiled clothes by
centrifugal force and dirt is
thoroughly removed from the
meshes of’the fabrics, without even
touching the metal tub. This new
Water Action has many advantages
—principle of which is the fact
that clothes are uninjured no mat
ter how long they are left in the
Washer. Another feature of keen
interest is the washing of a single
handkerchief or stocking by sim
ply throwing it into the tub with
a little soap and water —making
it possible to use the One Minute
daily if desired, to wash out those
few things always done by hand.
Home Demonstrations are being
arranged by Mr. Bennett and no
obligation is attached to arranging
to use this One Minute Washer to
do your washing for a week.
Big Publicity Is Given
Our Pine Forests In A
Leading Lumber Paper
Fifty-five pages of the American
Lumberman, lending lumber indus
try weekly, published in Chicoga,
is "devoted'to the Cady Lumber cor
poration of Flagstaff and McNary,
in the issue of April 10.
The article, in advertising form,
is illustrated with more than a
hundred fine half-tone views of
mill and other company buildings
and milling and lumbering opera
tions, as well as woods scenes and
Flagstaff and other views.
Our fine Arizona pine must be
getting a tremendous boost in the
markets through this publicity. The
article in speaking of the dry kilns
now being installed at McNary and
which it is understood are also to
be part of the equipment here, says
they will facilitate the sales of the
output on the Atlantic coast and in
foreign countries.
The full page forest illustrations
accompanying the article are re
markable in their clearness of de
tail and the conception they give
of the size and beauty of our na
tive pine trees. —Coconino Sun.
City Camp Grounds
At Flagstaff Will
Have More Houses
FLAGSTAFF —Construction of 20
more camp cottages at the city
camp grounds will be begun in
time to complete the houses for the
summer tourist trade, it was an
nounced last week following a
meeting of the city council when
it was decided to enlarge the fa
cilities at the camp. The cottages
will be built to conform with the
style of those built last year.
Application for the rental of as
many as can be spared up to 40
houses, has been made by the Nor
thern Arizona Teachers college, it
is stated.
Get Your Printing at The Mail
► — l
FLAGSTAFF Piloting movie j
people and tourists into our re-1
moter districts keeps Lee Doyle ;
humping more than usual for this !
time of year. The first of the week j
he made the trip to Lees Ferry j
with two men from the Metropoli
tan Picture corporation—George.
Sykes, director of “The Vanishing
American” and “Wild Horse Mesa,”
and J. G. Rihlps of the same com
pany who is looking over the coun
try from here north with the prob
ability of selecting locations for
“The Last of the Frontiersmen.”
Actual work on the picture will
begin within a few weeks if loca
tions here are found to meet re
quirements. Lee met Col. G. Wat
son French and party of eight from
the west coast wTiom he will take
to Walpi and other Indian mesa
villages for a two weeks’ trip ter
minating at Gallup.
The proud of her success
ful speech at the club meeting said,
to her husband: “Yes, I was ab
solutely outspoken at the meeting
this afternoon.”
Hubby: “I ca» hardly believe it,
dear. Who in the world outspoke
A real bargain for the next
thirty days only.
At 418 West Aspinwall
4 Rooms and sleeping porch,
all new and modern, and
with all Improvements that
make a house a “home,” —
trees, flowers, etc.
Phone 153
Or Call 408 West Aspinwall
- the world’s greatest
I ight-car val ue ***
costs less to OWn
■ S costskssX® run
/. o. b. factory. Prices and specifications subject g m
costs/ess to buy
Here are but 3 of its J
91 points of superiority
. „ _ , The first balmy breath of spring, and the open
All-steel boay —stronger, safer. . . , _ , , , ,
The entire body of this car is car comes into its own! To the thousands who
one riveted .welded unit of steel. prefer sunshine, fresh air and freedom
*° ,he P ros P ect of dosed-car confinement all
loose or squeak or rattle . . . spring-summer-ana-autumn long, this smart*
looking outdoor Overland carries an irresist*
Beautiful polished lacquer ible a pp ea J . . . Yours for less money down.
finish —' be special extra-coated , r ~ , .
fine lac r finish of this Over- Yours on smaller monthly payments. Yours at
land k, .; its high polish and ' the lowest credit-cost in the industry. The new
&dte» U ofhe«trcoido V ; WiUys Finance Plan enables you to enjoythU
rain or mud or snow, this car sane car on the world s easiest terms and at
keeps its good looks for years... the lowest price ever named for a quality car*
Snug-fitting, finely tailored side- jgpi-TiiiiTi
curtains —Curtains open with r- —
the doors. Large heavy-gage I /
celluloid curtain windows give J.
full vision to everybody in
record - breaking; features the
been equaled in any car selling | qW/
within several hundred dollars ~~
Winslow, Arizona
"Sow—tn the great WILLYS-OVERLAND LINE —a car for every purse
PHOENIX—H. S. McCluskey.
secretary to Governor Hunt and
secretary of the Arizona Colorado
river commission, left for Lee's
Ferry where he will meet Governor
Dern of Utah in conference on
river matters. Governor Dern who
is making the trip down the Colo
rado river, through Utah, in a small
boat, is expected to arrive at Lee's
Ferry this week.
w sr
Night Driving
a Pleasure
Controllable-Beam Headlights on the Better
Buick add pleasure and great security to
night driving.
Buick’s new headlights furnish a safe driving
light all the time, without blinding approach
ing drivers. A thumb control on the steering
wheel lowers the beam while they pass.
Have you ever driven the Better Buick ?
Come in and let the car itself show you its
greater attractiveness and value. Controllable-
Beam Headlights are one of many fine-car
features which Buick, alone, offers you in
the moderate price field.
Division of General Motors Corporation
Bazell Motor Co.
The kindergarten teacher asked
one of her young pupils what the
eyes were for, and was promptly
answered, “To see with.” Another
was asked what the nose was for,
%nd the answer, was correctly giv
en. Then she asked the little
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. PaTtl
Watts, “What .are your ears for?”
The child replied. “To keep clean.”
She got a 100 mark.—The Christian

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