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NOGALES INTERNATIONAL — Nogales’ Home Newspaper—
Sol Kogen, noted Chicago artist
who maintained a studio here for
several years up until two summers
ago, arrived on the border Sunday
for an indefinite stay before con
tinuing on to the interior of Mexico.
• While here he contemplates doing
additional work on his unfinished
portrait of the mother of Dr. David
Flores Guerra. He is stopping at
the Montezuma.
Roy Bosche is returning to Miami,
Fla., tomorrow after visiting his
aunt, Mrs. Dave Henderson, and
husband. He hopes to come back
to Nogales in June or July to do
some fishing at Guaymas. He was
recently discharged from the Navy
after serving for four years and is
of the opinion that all Navy Re
serves will be discharged by next
Rudy Fleischer of R. T. Fleischer
& Company, got back Monday by
plane from a business trip to Navo
joa and other west coast of Mexico
Max Arnold, local tomato man,
and Frank Kenworthy of E. E. Fad
ler Company of Kansas City, Mo.,
returned by plane Monday from
Mazatlan where they collected a
good coat of sunburn.
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David Davis of Los Angeles, in
ventor of the electric wing on air
planes, and Ms. and Mrs. Harry
Behn of Tucson, drove down to No
gales Sunday for dinner.
James T. Parker, son of Mrs.
Emily Parker, is critically ill in the
Copper Queen Hospital in Bisbee
where he was taken a few days ago
after being stricken with a heart
attack. He is a brother of Mrs.
Frank J. Duffy, Mrs. James Hatha
way and the late George Parker,
Sr. Mrs. Hathaway is at his bed
Lt. Col. Harry Hambleton, British
Royal Air Force, arrived Thursday
from Navojoa, Sonora, enroute to
Austria. He is a squadron com
mander and has been in the British
Army since Nov. 4, 1940.
Homer Welch, manager of the Owl
Drug Store, is on a business trip to
Los Angeles.
Albert Zenizo, son of Mr. and
Mrs. F. R. Zenizo, is expected home
for Christmas from St. Mary’s hos
pital .where he has been a patient
for the past three years.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Levy are back
from a several months stay in La
redo, Texas.
Arthur D. Page of San Diego, :
formerly of Nogales, and son-in-law i
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Chick j
Turner (Elma Page), were here j
Monday. Turner, radio man, re- j
cently returned from three years j
service with the Navy in the South !
Pacific. He has 86 points under the j
discharge system but is staying in
the Navy and will report to New I
Orleans soon.
George Smalley was in town the I
first of the week from Tucson.
Mrs. Blossom Feinn and Sammy
Capin left Sunday for California to
meet Mrs. Feinn’s husband, Captain
Charles Feinn, who has arrived in
the states from Japan. They are
expected back in Nogales next week.
Frank Conrad, resident of Flag
staff since coming there in 1901
from Cincinnati, Ohio, was here this
week to consult Dr. Flores Guerra
of Nogales, Sonora.
Mrs. Robert C. Howell, formerly of
Nogales, has returned to her home
in Tucson after spending three
months in Louisiana and Mexico
City, where her brother, Tom Boyd,
is located.
Mrs. Eva McDonald was a visitor
here Monday from Patagonia.
John O’Brien of Edinburg, Texas,
has arrived to be associated with
Mac J. Hall in this winter’s tomato
Mrs. Marguerite Macdonald is
leaving a week from today for
Washington, D.C., to take a position
with the State Department.
Jackie Bowman, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Wirt G. Bowman, arrived Wed
nesday night from Russell School
for Boys, Tucson, to spend the
Thanksgiving vacation.
Lt. Frank Barry, Jr., recently dis
charged from the Navy, is visiting
his mother, Mrs. Frank Barry, Sr.
Willis Urick, tomato man, is back
from California for the winter.
Dr. E. B. Hutchinson was in town
Monday from The Little Outfit
Ranch in San Rafael Valley.
H. B. Thurber of Sonoita was a
visitor in Tucson Saturday.
Ensign Charles Reddoch and bride
(Theresa Babbitt of Flagstaff) ar
rived Friday from San Diego and
from here went to Flagstaff to visit
Mrs. Reddoch’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Babbitt of Flagstaff. From
Flagstaff, Reddoch will go to San
Francisco and from there to Okin
awa for a tour of duty with the
Capt. Walter P. Warren of the
Tucson offices of the Army recruit
ing service was in town yesterday.
R. E. Thornton, well known Phoe
nix grocery store owner, spent
Thanksgiving in Nogales.
Miss Virginia Ann Robins was
here yesterday from Phoenix to
spend Thanksgiving with her par
ents, Mayor and Mrs. James V. Ro
Pfc. Florencio Mendez has been
awarded the Certificate of Merit for
“outstanding manner of perform
ance of duty during the period of
June 1945 to September 1945.” He
worked in the training and security
section of the 16th Replacement De
pot as draftsman, designer and ar
tist, has served 15 months in Europe,
and is now in Paris.
Mendez was display artist at
Bracker’s Store prior to entering
the Army in May 1944.
Dr. M. I. Merritt returned Wed
nesday from Pasadena where he
took his wife to the bedside of her
mother who is critically ill. He was
accompanied home by his mother
and his two brothers, residents of
Huntington Park. One of his
brothers recently got back from
Okinawa. j
Sheriff J. J. Lowe is expected
home Monday or Tuesday from
Phoenix where he underwent a ma
jor operation Nov. 13th.
Joe Mason, tomato man, returned
Monday by plane from a business
trip to Culiacan and other points
on the west coast of Mexico.
Fidel Sandoval, 44, Ray Arizona,
to Petra Gonzalez. 28, Nogales, Son
ora, Mexico.
Dick Serino, 27, Nogales, Ariz., to
Mary Duarte, 20, Nogales, Sonora.
Agustin Huerta, 22, to Maria Del
Refugio Armenta, 22, both of No
gales, Sonora.
Eduardo Bermudez, 25, to Hor
tencia Verdugo, 21, both of Nogales.
Harry Chemin, Louis Escalada
and Rudy Fleischer were business
visitors in Phoenix Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Cabrera re
turned a week ago yesterday, he
from Klamath Falls, Oregon, and
i she from San Francisco. Cabrera
served with the Marines 26 months
of which time 20 months was spent
; overseas in the Pacific. He is back
i at his old job at the J. C. Penney
Robert Swackheimer of the Stin
son Aircraft Corporation was here
yesterday from Ypsilanti, Illinois.
Mrs. James A. Harrison is back
from the Mayo Brothers clinic at
Rochester, Minn., where she under
went an operation.
Dewey B. Brown, business partner
of Mrs. Minerva Howell of Tucson,
and Tom Boyd of Mexico City, in
the firm known as Maquinaria Gen
eral Del Occidente, S.A., was here
this week from Obreeon City. The
firm handles Caterpillars.
Miss Delia Holler has returned
from a four months visit in south
ern California.
Mrs. Susan Walters of Douglas is
a Thanksgiving guest at the home
of her nephew, .D O. Wilkey, and
Col. Marshall Quesenberry return
ed this week from a trip to Van
Nuys. Calif:
Want Ads
Young turkeys for sale at Bayze
Ranch three miles north of Nogales
on Tucson road.
FOR SALE: Duo Therm oil heat
er, apartment size gas stove, over
stuffed Davenport bed and chair,
two bedroom suites, Coolerator ice
box, two 9x12 rugs, dining table,
cedar chest and baby crib. 361 Wal
nut street.
FOR SALE: Six room house.
Phone 429.
WANTED: Feld help by Wolf
Growers, 208 Grand avenue.
WANTED TO BUY: Good, small
camera. Phone 235.
WANTED TO BUY: Good, small
camera. Phone 235.
WHW news of our
Pvt. Joe M. Lopez, Jr., of the
Army Air Forces, son of Mrs. Amelia
Lopez, 111 Wayside Drive, is leaving
today for Greensboro, N.C., an over
seas replacement depot. He arrived
home recently on a 15-day delay en
route from Scott Feld, 111., where
he graduated on Nov. sth as a radio
operator mechanic. He enlisted on
Jan. 18, 1944, and was called for
active training Jan. 26, 1945. He is
a graduate of Nogales High School,
class of 1945. Prior to going to
Scott Feld he was stationed at Ama -
rillo, Texas, and Sioux Falls, S.D.
Caesar Suarez, 18-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Suarez, is leav
ing next week for Ft. MacArthur,
Calif., for induction into the Army
Air Forces. He returned home last
month following service with the
Merchant Marines in the Philippine
Robert Briggs, 165 Wayside Drive,
received his discharge from the
Marines at Cherry Point, North
Carolina, Nov. 6th, and is now on a
trip to Washington, D.C., and other
points. He will arrive home about
Whereabouts Os
Service Men
Douglas dimming, South Pacific.
Kendall Cumming, South Pacific.
Don A. Welty, New Caledonia.
William Welty, Tokyo Bay.
) Everett Farrell, Luke Feld, Phoe
nix, Ariz.
Jimmy Hathaway, Denver.
Lincoln Hathaway, in submarine
service in Atlantic.
Gaynor Hathaway, Japan.
Gregory Hathaway, Tucson.
Harold K. Owen, Kobe, Japan.
Martin Tellez, La Guardia Feld,
New York.
Ralph Cruz, Japan.
Robert Ramirez, Indiana.
Peter Gourdin, Dayton, Ohio.
Writes that the people there are
much nicer to servicemen than in
the South where, he said, "they are
still thinking of the Civil War and
called us Yankees, and I told them
I was a westerner and not either a
Yankee or a southerner.”
Ted Bonorand, Paris.
M. E. Bonorand, Okinawa. For
merly on Ie Shima.
Alto Coffin, Manila.
Joe Coffin, Okinawa.
1 'Hn ntn" r ~ iili
0 YrT Is! 2nd 4th sth 6th 7ft Bth 9lh 10ft |
9-ammiwmmmmmmmmmmwmmcmm —-—— mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrn^mmm
Increase Worth
In Total the Yr.
Yra. Value Value Before
1 $ 5.00 $ 755 .67%
2 16.00 765 1.32
8 15.00 780 1.95
4 20.00 800 2.55
5 20.00 820 2.50
6 20,00 840 2.44
7 40,00 880 4.75
$ 40.00 920 415
9 40.00 960 4.35
10 40.00 1,000 4.17
Phone 7 H. G. CHERNIN 235 Morley 9
“Your Friendly Furniture Store”
I Dec. 15th and plans to finish high
school. Most of his time in the
service was in the South Pacific.
Ist Lt. Gerald Zenizo, son of Mr.
and Mrs. F. R. Zenizo, arrived Sun
day from Longview, Texas, on a
terminal leave and will be discharg
ed from the Army on Dec. Bth.
Henry Soto, U.S. Navy, is return
ing to San Diego tomorrow follow
ing a visit with his parents, Chief
of Police and Mrs. J. M. Soto, Jr.
Armando Yslas of the Marine
Corps landed at Oceanside, Calif.,
Nov. 15th from Saipan. He is ex
pected home this week with a dis
charge from the armed forces.
Ted Bonorand wired from Paris
Sunday the following to his folks
here: “Thinking of home and wish
I was there for Thanksgiving.” He
said in a recent letter that he met
Ignacio Pina in Paris.
Pfc. C. S. Varela, son of Mrs. Ra
mona Soto, 1353 Morley avenue, ar
rived Sunday, having received his
discharge at F. Bliss, Texas, Fiday.
He was in the service three years
and overseas 22 months in Italy. He
is wearing the Bronze Star.
Pfc. Alfredo Martinez is on his
way home from England.
Pvt. Earloyde Edmonson of A.A.
C.S., is quartered in the San Shin
building, one of Tokyo’s best hotels,
three blocks from the imperial pal
Pfc. Cristobal R. Gonzalez, 25, son
of Maria R. Gonzalez, 331 Morley
avenue, recently received his dis
charge from the Army at Walla
1 Walla, Wash. He was in the service
two years and three months.
F/O Charles Georgelos of the
Army Air Forces arrived home a
week ago yesterday following service
in India, Egypt and northern Africa
in general. In about two weeks he
goes to Santa Ana for re-assign
• ment.
1 Sl/c Louis Dominguez has receiv
| ed his discharge from the Navy.
1 Capt. Bill Underwood of the Army
1 Air Forces left Monday for his new
station at March Feld, Calif.
J. T. Fores of the Marines left
Wednesday for Washington, D.C.,
where he will be stationed for about
a year.
Your Bonds
Lies the Might of America
A hunter, wading into a shallow
lake in North Dakota to retrieve a
fallen duck, discovered sodium sul
phate. A FERA survey disclosed
vast quantities of the mineral that
is used for cattle, in paper-making
and medicine. Bringing S2O a ton
now, it promises substantial profits
to add wealth to the Nation and
surety for Victory Bonds.
U. S. Treasury Department
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Leave Tucson: 7:10 A.M., 8:00 A.
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P.M., 2:00 P.M., 3:45 P.M., 5:10
P.M., 6:20 P.M., 8:30 P.M., 12:30
Effective February 9, 1945
IT’S SURPRISING —how War Ronds grow in value
each year. If held until maturity they earn 33 Vs
per cent and they have a yearly added value. The
chart tells its own story for a SIOO Series E Rond.
The scale to the left shows how a SI,OOO Series E
Bond grows. The chart shows that the increase in
value is greatest in the later years of the bond’s
life. Note how the rate of interest goes up in the
second three years of the bond’s life. Study the
increase in the SI,OOO bond. Holders of bonds
the last few years, considering the above, would
literally be throwing money away to cash them
prior to maturity. The New York Stock Exchange
in the more than 150 years of its existence has
never recommended other bonds than those of the
United States.

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