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NOGALES INTERNATIONAL— Nogales’ Home Newspaper—
MRS E. S. EDMONSON, Society Editor—Phone 534
Birthday Party For
Misses Howard
And Boone
Miss Georgia Penn entertained
Sunday for Miss Louise Howard and
Miss Katherine Boone, who were
celebrating birthday anniversaries.
Guests were bidden to the teach
ers’ apartment on Quarry street,
and a delightful evening was spent,
with the opening of gifts, playing
games, and general conversation.
Refreshments were served and a
beautiful white birthday cake fea
tured refreshment time.
Among those enjoying the even
ing’s hilarity were: Miss Virgie
Walker, Mrs. Wade Riggs, Mrs.
Amy Phillips, Miss Pat Pettingell,
Mtss Jacobine Kiewel, Miss Winnie
Dunbar, Mrs. Lon Bellman, Mrs.
Ann Manthey, the honorees and
Miss Georgia Penn.
Nogales Theater
Phone 257
Friday, Nov. 28
Tito Guizar en
Saturday, Nov. 24
Continuous 1:00 to 11:00 P. M.
I oR hoax?
feMiftßßlUlt. MITCHUM i
Sunday Only, Nov. 25
'■>, ,>L, (WO
f DvonAX - ".iJB I
■ V” 885 "' ■*Hi •
Mon. - Tues. - Wed.
• Nov. 26 to 28
Alien JENKINS • Edward Evt. HORTON
Thurs.-Fri., Nov. 29-30
Yolanda Joffroy
To Marry
Armando Alfaro
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Joffroy, 122
Torres street, announce the engage
ment of their daughter. Miss Yo
landa Joffroy, to Armando Alfaro,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Vicente Alfaro
of 919 S. Sixth avenue, Tucson.
The wedding will take place, dur
ing the Christmas holidays.
The bride-to-be ,a very attractive
young girl and Mr. and Mrs. Jof
froy’s third daughter, is a graduate
of a Hermosillo school for girls and
a former student at Nogales High
School. She was princess at the
annual Hermosillo Black and White
Ball in 1943. For the past year she
has been employed at the Valley
National Bank in this city.
Mr. Alfaro is a graduate of the
Tucson High School and the Uni
versity of Arizona.
Guay mas Visitors
Honor Guests
At Cocktail Party
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Jones of
Guaymas were honored at a cocktail
party given Tuesday evening by Mr.
and Mrs. Givon Parsons, aqd Mr.
and Mrs. Ben Zweig.
Those bidden to the delightful
affair included: Messrs, and Mes
dames Flack Milner, Adolfo Domin
guez, George Callaghan, John Phil
lips, Mesdames Marguerite Macdon
ald, Amy Phillips, Lowell Rooks,
Lota Fletcher. Brix, Madelene
Smith, Seashore, Ralph Rainsford,
Misses Kita Rooks, Jacobine Kiewel,
Pat Pettingill, Rosalina Dominguez,
Col. Savoy, Lt. Gerald Zenizo,
Messrs. George Martin, Johnson,
Robert Brix, E. F. Copenhafer, Eu
gene Copenhafer, Humble, Lt. Grace
Murphy. The party adjourned to
the home of Mr. and Mrs. John
Phillips for a midnight supper.
Complimentary to Joe Rosenthal,
A.P. photographer, Mr. and Mrs.
William Beatus entertained at din
ner Monday night. Places were laid
for Miss Betty Steinbach, Mrs. Ann
Bangs, Mrs. Ralph Wingfield, Ro
bert Berrellez, the honor guest, host
and hostess.
Mrs. George Babbitt, Sr., and Mr.
and Mrs. George Babbitt, Jr., of
Flagstaff, and Dr. and Mrs. John A.
Lentz of Phoenix were luncheon
guests Tuesday of Mrs. J. E. Wise
and daughters, Mrs. Marguerite
Macdonald and Mrs. William S.
Murray, and dinner guests that
evening of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Pot
F/O. Charles Georgelos has re
turned from Cairo. Egypt, and is on
leave visiting in Nogales. He will
report to Santa Ana for reassign
ment upon termination of his leave.
Maj. and Mrs. I. H. Shannon re
turned Wednesday night from a trip
to Los Angeles.
Convening at the home of Mayor
and Mrs. James V. Robins for the
traditional Thanksgiving feast were
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Holm, Mrs.
Frank Duffy, Miss Virginia Robins,
Axel Holm, Jimmy Robins, the host
and hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. Givon Parsons and
their house guests, Mr. and Mrs.
Franklin Jones, celebrated Thanks
giving with a delicious turkey din
ner. Mr. and Mrs. Jones returned
to their home in Guaymas last
Spending Tuesday night here as
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Phil
lips, from Tucson, were Mrs. Lowell
Rooks, Miss Kita Rooks, Mrs. Made- i
line Smith, Mrs. Lota Fletcher. Mrs. j
Ralph Rainsford, Mrs. Brix. Mr. I
Robert Brix.
A happy housewarming was held
Wednesday evening by Mr. George
Martin, at his newly occupied
apartment on Elm Street, for mem
bers of the consular service here.
******** *
Miss Caroline Seitz and Miss Lou
ise Howard are spending the
Thanksgiving week-end in Tucson.
***** * * * *
Miss Katherine Boone traveled
“out Wickenburg way” for a holi
Those home for the one day
Thanksgiving vacation from the
University of Arizona included Mrs.
Gwen Noon King, Miss Zoe Panas,
Colin Edmonson.
Mrs. Doris By non is visiting
friends in Phoenix for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wise, Mrs.
R. M. Harrison and Joe Wise are
expected to return tomorrow from
Roswell, New Mexico, where they
have spent the past week visiting
Back From
N. Carolina
S’ , ' v
1 - J'm
Ist Lt. Betty Jean Bowman of the
Marine Corps arrived home Wed
nesday from Cherry Point, N.C. She
is on terminal leave until Dec. 4th
when she goes on inactive status.
Daughter of Wirt G. Bowman, she
was the first Arizona girl to enlist
in the Marines and has been in the
service two and one-half years.
Prior to joining the Marines, Miss
Bowman taught Army Air Corps
cadets blind flying, using a Link
Trainer. This entailed teaching
radio range orientation, basic fun
damentals of instrument flying, and
| she also tutored in aerial navigation,
i She is a licensed CAA groimd navi
gation instructor.
At Nogales
A day of devout Thanksgiving and
prayer in addition to feasting mark
ed the first Thanksgiving Day in
Nogales since the end of the war.
Many loved ones who spent last
year on the battlefields were able
to be in their homes, while others,
in far flung comers of the earth,
could anticipate reunion with their
families with reasonable assurance
of fulfillment.
Added to the jubilant atmosphere
associated with feasting, rejoicing
and giving thanks, was a note of
genuine humility and responsibility,
a renewed dedication that war
shall not again snatch the manhood
of our nation for destructive pur
poses, but rather new constructive
ways to peace shall be found.
Thanksgiving Day was fittingly
observed with church services
throughout the city. Union church
services were held Thursday morn
ing at St. Andrew’s Episcopal
Church for Protestant denomina
tions. The Rev. H. O. Harper de
livered the sermon, and music was
provided by members of the com
bined choirs. As is customary, the
Thanksgiving collection was sent to
the Arizona Children's Home.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Karns were
hosts at dinner Thanksgiving for
Major and Mrs. I. H. Shannon, Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Shemberger, Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Milliken and Terry Shan
As is customary at this season,
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wise
was the setting for a large family
gathering and Thanksgiving dinner
Mrs. Mary Welty is visiting in
Phoenix until Sunday evening.
Mrs. Otto Herold was a Tucson
visitor Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Givon Parsons drove
to Tucson last evening to meet Mr. |
Parsons' brother, Master Sergeant
E. B. Kelly, U.S. Marine Corps, who
is home from Okinawa. Expected
to arrive today to join the family
party are Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Par
sons of Abilene, Texas.
Honoring Col. and Mrs. Harold
Isaacson at dinner Saturday evening
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Holm enter
tained at their home on Pajarito j
street for Colonel and Mrs. Harold
Isaacson, Mr. and Mrs. John Phil
lips, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Robins.
Mrs. Mary Riley of La Jolla, for
merly of Nogales, is expected to ar
rive today to visit at the home of
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Smith for a
few days.
Mrs. G. D. Nichols has as house
guests her .sister, Mrs. Alta Rowsey,
and Miss Laura Meyers, both of
Next Thursday afternoon at 2:30.
the ladies of St. Andrew’s Women’s
Auxiliary Guild will be hostesses to
the women’s groups of the other
churches at the Episcopal Church
and parish hall. Each group will
have representation on the pro
gram, which will be woven around
a missionary theme. Refreshments
will be served in the parish hall.
Judge and Mrs. Gordon Farley
and family had as dinner guests
Thanksgiving, Mr. and Mrs. Pete
Bergier and Mrs. Maude Peterson.
Christmas Gifts
For Hospitalized
For most of us today the wars
are over, and many of our fighting
men are home—or nearing home, so
that we had many reasons for ob
- erving a Thanksgiving day yester
day with sincerely grateful hearts.
But let us stop to remember those
; who are still confined to hospitals,
both here and on foreign soil. If
; '""dv' 1 ever had the misfortune to
be away from home on Christmas
day, you’ll know how lonely and
heartbreaking the day can be unless
someone remembers.
The American Legion and Auxil
iary have taken on the responsibility
of seeing that every hospitalized U.
S. service man, woman and veteran
receives a Christmas gift.
We are cooperating with the
American Red Cross, and the Na
tional Association of Retail Stores
and hoping that everyone will heed
our appeal to purchase gifts to pre
sent to those grand friends who
have given so much of themselves
for us. We are given until Decem
ber 10th to get our packages to the
, proper distribution centers.
; Mr. Joe Colunga of the Modern
Pharmacy on Morley avenue, has
| generously consented to let us use
his store as ,a central collecting
I place. Be sure to place your name
and address inside the package and
a list of contents on the outside.
Phone 498-R
Junior Red Cross
Campaign Begun
The High School Junior Red Cross
drive got under way this month
headed by Senior Martha Ann Fra
zier, assisted by Joyce Capin, sopho
more. To serve as a governing board
j for the drive, one representative was
appointed from each home room.
The representatives are:
Senior: Josephine Castro.
Juniors: Betty Ann Bertelson,
Archie Scrivner.
Sophomores: Jimmy Titcomb, El
vira Pierson, Amalia Embrick.
Freshman: Lilly Martan, Armida
; Kellogg, Norma Garcia.
Eighth Graders: Lillian Wong,
Rosie Soto, Elena Zambadi.
Seventh Graers: Julia Saldaman
do, Maria Suarez, Denese Byerey.
At the first meeting the represen
tatives discussed ways of making
extra money aside from donations.
The Sophomores came up with a
with a bond raffle, while the Sev
enth grade held a pop corn sale and
the Eighth grade gave an ice cream
land cake social.
Up until the last day the Senior
Class had not done anything special,
so Evelyn Chernin took over the
Senior bottle and went around
through several classes asking for
donations from each class. Not
knowing the Seniors would receive
credit for it. everyone donated gen
erously, which put the Seniors at
the head of the list for the high
! school.
(N.H.S. Apache Warcry)
. ,
Radio Club Is
Learning Code
Every Tuesday or Thursday morn
ing somebody complains about the
noise going on in Mr. Dußois’s
room. Well, this is no noise—the
commotion you hear is the radio
club at work.
The first two months of its exist
| ence the club elected officers, draft
ed a constitution, and started the
first of its several prospects it plans
to undertake throughout the year.
The officers are Archie Scrivner,
president; Rudy Rios, vice-president,
and Mary Lou Carter, secretary
They are learning the Internation
al Morse Code. Every month a test
is given to all of its members, to
record their achievements. In the
Gathering ’round the festive board;
at the Edmonson home on Mac Nab;
Drive yesterday were: Mr. and Mrs. [
Herman Medlen, Mrs. Alberta Bat- j
son, Suzonne Medlen, Mrs. Irene
Sturdevant, Colin Edmonson, Travis
Edmonson, Danny Poliak, Mr. and
Mrs. E. S. Edmonson.
A delightful Thanksgiving dinner
party was held at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. C. B. Wilde. Covers were
laid for Col. and Mrs. Harold Isaac
son, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Mallery,
Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, Mrs.
W. J. Phillips, Louis Phillips, Jean
and John Isaacson, Mr. and Mrs. C.
B. Wilde.
Skilled Workmanship
Business Phone 292
Residence Phone 593-J
333 Morley Avenue
Nogalians Asked
To Eat More
Arizona Grapefruit
Border people of the Nogales area
will be asked to buy and eat more
Arizona grapefruit during National
Grapefruit Week, November 29 to
December 6, it was decided at a
.meeting of seven chain store man
agers held at the Montezuma Hotel
Saturday noon.
The Farmer-Consumer sales cam
paign was requested by Arizona
grapefruit growers who face a sur
plus by reason of increased war
time production and a postwar de
crease in purchases by the armed
Stores represented at the meeting
pledged support in the form of
newspaper advertising, window dis
plays and sales effort, thus bringing
Nogales into the cooperative effort
being carried on by 126 stores of the
Arizona Chain Stores Committee,
chain stores associations throughout
the Western states marketing area
for Desert Grapefruit, and other
leading retailers throughout the
Retailers who attended Saturday’s
meeting and pledged their coopera
tion in helping to get Arizona’s gol
den fruit to rolling into Nogales in
cluded O. A. Sherman, Western
Auto Supply Co.; George B. Lowe,
Safeway Stores; Frank McDowell,
Karl’s Shoe Stores; C. W. Nickles,
F. W. Woolworth Co.; L. J. Redg
wick, J. J. Newberry Co.; S. A. Rip
ley, S. H. Kress & Co.; and W. P.
Stevens, J. C. Penney Co., who pre
last test Rudy Rios, Joe Suarez, and
Manuel Arino tied for first honors.
Mary Lou Carter, Richard Biggs,
and Perry Romo tied for second
(N.H.S. Apache Warcjpy)
Satisfaction Guaranteed
205 Morley—Next to Clagett’s
, W**®* aß
Eat At Sam’s
The Biggest Little
Place in Town!
TAMALES on Sale at
6 P.M. Each Saturday
Barton’s Case
m% $ 2 - 66 .
350 Pairs
id printed rayons to jSKrKQSfm Gabardines
wear from dawn to p fits
all sizes
The Cub Pack meeting held Mon
day was a successful affair, accord
ing to all in attendance. Ralph
Moery, Den Dad of Den 1, had
charge of the meeting, and intro
duced Col. Harold Isaacson, who dis
played war trophies, with a talk
about them. Graduation of Tommy
Peters and Consta Georgelos out of
Cubs into Boy Scouts marked the
first cub graduates in Nogales of
boys completing all cub ranks.
George B. Parks, 111, of Troop 27
received his Den card at the Pack
meeting Monday night.
| SERVICE—Phone 111
(hi of. tfu. Ronc&u-*
} I
4 P.M. TO lA.M.
I I ★ ★ ★
\ Phone 650
Medical Quarter Hour
Sponsored by
The Arizona Medical Association
Round Table Discussions—
National Medical Authorities
“In the Interest of Your Health”
Beware Coughs
from common odds
That Hang On
Creomulsion relieves promptly be
cause it goes right to the seat of the
trouble to help loosen and expel
germ laden phlegm, and aid nature
to soothe and heal raw, tender, in
flamed bronchial mucous mem
branes. Tell your druggist to sell you
a bottle of Creomulsion with the un
derstanding you must like the way it
quickly allays the cough or you are
to have your money back.
for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis

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