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VOL 4.
First class job work at the Vidette
The streets of Nogales are daily
filling up with strangers.
Antonio Cnmon of Guaymas, came to
Nogales Monday night.
Dr. Purdy is improving and will be
out again in a few weeks.
Joseph Braun formerly of Gnaymas,
is now tending bar for Fred Becker.
Oscar Gebler returned from Tucson
Sunday evening on the stage.
Mrs. Gonzalez and Mrs. Figneroa re
turned to Hermosillo Tuesday.
Frank C. Earl, the El Paso ore buyer,
came in Tuesday on business.
If Mexican money goes much lower it
won't be much good as money.
Mrs. Keddoch's broken arm is getting
along very nicely and will soon be well.
Mrs. Watts is very much worse. The
lady has been very sick for some time.
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mv, ii0"is.
Secretary of the State of Sonora, Ce- j
ledonio Ortiz visited his family at. No
gales Sunday. I
Capt. L. W. Mix is going to build a
two-story house in front of his dwelling
to be used as an office.
Emilio de la Huerta returned from
the City of Mexico Sunday and wont on
to Guaymas to visit his family there.
Work has been commenced on the
new engine house on the flat near tho i
warehouse of the Arizona Commercial
Mr. E. J. Dubois, cashier of the Gold
& Silver Recovery Co., at Hermosillo,
came up to Xogales Sunday to remain
a few days.
Herbert Drachman of the firm of
Seligsohn Sr Co. the Tucson furnishers
was in town Sunday and Monday taking j
orders for his hovwe.
J. F. Bowman, who fell from tho !
roof of Marsh's opera house about three
weeks ago is improving slowly. He is 1
now suffering slightly from rheumatism.
J. H. Brent, owner of the rich La
Casita mines in Sonora, waa a visitor to
Nogales this week. Mr. Brent is one of
the most successful mining men in So
nora. The Line Citv Store has the finest
and cheapest line of paper ties and j
writiug tablets in southern Arizona.
Call and see the fine linnen tablets
ten cents.
Liberato Maicor, on oldtime tele
graph operator on the Sonora railway,
came up from Guaymas Sunday and
will stop hero for several months for
the benefit of his health.
The Larks received a lot of chickens
and turkeys from Texas Monday and
now Manager Kiel has his hands full
keeping them from jumping tho fence
into tho neighbors' gardens.
W. S. O'Brien, who came down hero
last week with V. 13. Pomeroy of Mesa
City, last Tuesday night for Kloudykc.
He had intended to go to the Ajo
mountains this week but was attracted
by tho Klondyke fever and succumbed.
E. A. Bruck, of the firm of Blake,
Moffitt & Towne was in town Saturday
and Snnday interviewing the merchants
in reference to stationery supplies.
Blake, Moffitt & Towne -are the best
and cheapest people in their line on tho
W. B. Reed, bookkeeper for La Colo
rada Mining fc Milling Co. at Las Plan
chas, was in town Monday on
business. Mr. Reed savs the mill has
been renovated and is ready to start up ;
and will begin operations some time ;
next week. The mine is showing up i
Every available space on the Sonora j
side of the line at Nogales is being ;
utilized for building purposes, either j
for business or dwelling houses. There
is a genuine building boom and tlieie
are no vacnnt houses to rent. This is
also truo of the American side of the
A suit has been filed in the district
court by Mrs. Luz Houston against her
husband, Ezra B. Houston, whom she
charges with desertion at Hermosillo.
Sonora, in 189-i. They were married of fat broilers and roasters. The possi
at Calabaaa9 January, 1890. The plain- j bilities are almost unlimited, and the
tin Is a resident of Nogales. Mr. Chas. ! demand will always be greater than the
Blen man of Tucson, is her attorney. supply, for the reason that not one
John Roberta returned home from
Bisbee Monday where he went to wit
ness a raoe between his horse Sleepy
John and a horse owned' by Tim Grif
fith. The distance was 600 yards mid
the Griffith horse won, but another race
was immediately matched for $1,000 a
side between the same horses to run u
half mile. Mr. Roberts is confident of
winning the next race.
Cooper Brothers to Supply Eggs
and Broilers to the Market.
About a month jigo Cooper Brother?,
Mr. William F. Cooper, the 'attorney, I
and Mr. Harry O. Cooper, late of St. :
Louis, Mo., an expert poultry breeder ;
of some fifteenth years ' experience, :
secured the Julius Flin ranch, about ;
four miles from the city of Tucson, and ;
have begun to convert the place- into a j
broiler and epaz plant. There is not an
establishment of "the kind in this lerri-
tory, and the gentlemen who have em
barked in the industry should meet with
all the success they anticipate.
All the dressed poultry which comes
', into our markets is shipped from tho
j east, and is of rather poor quality,
j This is not to be wondered at when tho
facts are considered. Of course the first
choice of all the poultry marketed in
the east goes to the buyers who are on
the ground. After they have selected
the choice specimens the culls are
shipped to tho western markets, and
there disposed of at prices which would
amply pay home breeders
Cooper '
" ,.,. ;(, f nn tlio mnrtpt.
only the choicest dressed fowls, and will
see to it that the home markets are
supplied with the very best that can bo
At present very iittle in the way of
breeding is being attempted at the San
Xavier Ranch, as it is necessary before
any extensive work can be performed in
that direction, to St the place especially
for the object in view. Their present
stock consists of ninety-seven well bred
youngsters, most of which will begin
laying in November. They now have
an incubator capacity of GOO eggs, with
brooders for a like number of young
chicks. This capacity will be increased
on tho first of January to about 1,500,
and as rapidly as the demand is suffi
cient, a corresponding increase will be
-wThe chickens which haveboen
hatched so far this season in the incu-
bators'arcrss lively, healtur-ctrd -larger-
as any bunch or young chickens ever
seen, and seem to prove the error of the
conclusion reached by many that young
chicks cannot be successfully hatched
and raised in this climate iu the warm
months of summer. Bv the middle of
the coming month there will be about
600 young chicks on the ranch, and
they will be ready for market about the
first of November. After that date
Cooper Bros, hope to be able to supply
quite a demand for their poultry.
Another feature of the business which
will be introduced on the San Xavier
ranch will be caponizing on a large
scale. There is such a demand in the .
oasiern markets for capons, that the ,
prx-es are way up. Tho climate and :
conditions hero make it the very best
possible field for the production of first
class capons, and none are ever seen in
Arizona marKets. mere is no ques
tion about the delicious qualities of the
meat of a fine capon, and everyone who
has ever tasted this fine delicious bit of
food anxiously longs for more, and tho
prices paid are evidence that people
know a good thing wheu they see it.
The specialties of this ranch will be
bred White Wvainlottes for
Cooper in tho east, and which have i
long since established a reputation for I
gameness and fighting qualities unex- j
celled by any in existence. j
Later on there will be pens of Pekin
dnuks, and Hocks of Mammoth Bronze
turkeys. This stock will also be pure, ,
the eggs coming from the best selected
8pec:mens of the famous breeders of
these birds. i
A , manv neooi0 have conceived
the idea that the poultry business is .
nothing but a pastime for old women
and feablo minded children, but when
statistics aro examined it is shown that '
the amount expended each year for
poultry of different kinds is in advanced
of manj- businesses in which a very
much greater capital is invested. A
poultry plant which markets 30,000
eggs in a year ii quite an institution in
itself, and yet there are a number
which do that and even more. In ad
dition they furnish thousands of pounds
man in one .nousanu wno emuai Ks in
- -i i i i
i thebusiness ever makes it a success.
little heed is paid to the details, and ;
most people who attempt the raising of
poultry on a large scale underestimate
the amount of labor required to do
what is absolutely necessary for the at-
taiument of satisfactory results. It is a
business requiring constant uttontion,
puro bred White wyamiottes lor transportation. All improvements are
market purposes; pure bred White Leg- J to be exempt from taxation for a term
horns for eggs; and Pit Games for a , of twcnry yc!irs. The Mexican govern
strain originated by the younger Mr. j u ,u,inrr nil ?n ir.s nnivnr to .lotion
p3culiar adaptation, a knowledge of
hygiene, and a love for fowls Without
these qualifications and many others
the poultry business will not prove a
It is to be hoped that the Coopers
will receive that encouragement which
will enable them to make their venture
a marked success, for if there is any
thing that is needed in this territory it
is a supply of high grade market poul
try which will obviate tho necessity of
shipping: jn everything of that sui-t, and
1 of V:kinS onlythat portion which has
been rejected by those who have had
the first choice in the outside markets.
Another feature of the business is this!
a great deal of tho money which now
goes to outside places for poultry will
be kept at home, and circulated among
our people here.
We are informed that after the first
of December next the proprietors of the
San Xavier ranch will be ready to re
ceive orders for poultry in almoso any
quantity to suit purchasers.
Mining and Other Items
from Our
Sister State.
The Ajo mountains in Spnora are
about as good a place to go to prospect
. a3 j3 Alaska
Mr. Ramon Cambuston will soon open
an elegant hotel in the Monteverde
building at Hermosillo.
Col. H. T. Richards in a few days
will commence the preliminary work of
building the dam on the Sonora river.
The Engljsh company which bought
Captain L. W. Mix's mines on the So
nora river, aro working about ono hun
dred men in the mine but expect to
soon put on an increased force.
Last Sunday at Hermosillo Ignacio
Lopez and Dalfino Gabille had an al
tercation in which the former struck
tho latter over the head with a rock
and inflicted probable fatal wounds.
Monday of last week the incandes
cent lights were placed on many of the
-eidenK of -Hecmosillo . and the sy
tern is working fine" Soon the whole
town will be lighted with these lights.
The French colony at Hermosillo
celebrated tho fall of the bastille in
grand style. They had a banquet at
which Governor Ramon Corral was an
invited guest and then thoy had a
street parade headed by a band.
Vice-Governor Figuoroa and family
came up from Hermosillo last Sunday.
They were accompanied by Mrs. G. J.
Gonzalez of Guayrnas. Dr. Figneroa
came up to officially examine the Altar
wagen road now being built from No
gales to Altar district. This road will
open up a rich mining district adjacent
to Nogales and be worth thousands of
dollars in trade to this town,
A concession was granted en the 7th
Instact iJy the state government to A.
H ranforth of the Moctezuma Copper
Company to build railroads, telephone
and telegraph lines and to erect a
sme'.tei at Nacosari. The capacity of
the smelter will bo two hundred Ions a
day. The railroad will be built from
Bisbce to Nacosari and open up that
I entire country as there are many good
mines now Javing lilJe on r.ccoimt or
v ' r-i - ' I 1
that country and it is succeeding.
The five stamp mill which was at the
Owl Heads mine in the Tortiliita moun
tains, owned by Gardner, Wort hen &
Goss, was brought to town yesterday.
J. O. Clemnis, one of our railroad
bovs, who left here a year ago for
Alaska, returned this week with a sub
stantial remembrance of that country
in the shape of S7o,CC0 in gold nuggets.
Yuma Sentinel.
M. C. Ilhseng, of State Colle-e, Pa.,
a mining expert who has baen in tLe
city for several days, as the representa
tive of an eastern conpiny who recent
ly bonded the Ties Amigcs mine near
Oro Blanco, left last night for Wash
ington, D. C. Citizen.
A payment of So.COJ w:is made yester
day by the Saginaw Mining Co. to the
owners of the mining claims Dakota
and Gipsy, in the Saginaw district,
which have been worked under bond by
the comDanv for some time rast. There
j remains a deferred oavment of 5.000
, ,k i.,: ...v,;i,
Uil 1 Itll lll.T, ! 1 J V 11 1H 11, J It 11 1..
iointlv bv W. O. Di.vis. W. H. Barnes.
j Cnal.,;s Connell, Alex. McKav, T. J.
, WoIfloy and l0yal A. Johnson. Tucson
j gtar
Fancy toilet soap at the Line City
j Store.
Absolutely Pure.
Celebrated for its jfrpat leavening strength
and hcalthfulne s. .f.8-urpR the foo:l Rgai fit
alum ani alt form.- c-f adulteration cciz-an-oa to
the cheap h'rand?.
fiend:sh deed.
A Mexican Brutally Maltreats a Here
ford Family.
Word comes from Bisbee of a most
vili'ianous outrage that has come under
the notice of the authorities for many
, As near as tho Prospector can au
thoritively ascertain the facts are that
while Mr. Arthur Wasson, a respected
dairyman who lives with his wife and
family at their ranch at Hereford, was
at Bisbee deliveiing milk as usual, the
Mexican in his employ at the ranch
took advantage of his absence and
planned a fiendish attack to rob the
family which consisted of wife and two
children aged ii and 11 years respective
ly. Tho Mexican called the young boy
of 11 to the corral, and before the lad
suspicioned anything wrong was
grabbed by tho threat and chocked in
sensible and not satisfied then took a
rock and pounded on the boy's head
until much of the fiosh and hair was
gone, and left him for dead. He then
went to- tho house and" attempted to
stra'glf-Mis. WttSson." Tho hitler how
ever managed to get awav and secure a
Winchester to protect herself, bat the
Mexican was at her elbow and after a
desperate struggle, during which the
Mexican brandished his knife and cut
the unfortunate woman several times,
finally wresting it from her, and from
sheer exhaustion, loss of blood and
many bruit.es was overpowered, when
the brute tied her hands behind her and
securelv tightening the Insh about her
feet, fastened the rope to an anchorage
and began to pillage the lie use, taking
what money was saved (amount un
known), suit of clothes, mackintosh and
many other things, the whereabouts of
which he knew, leaving the place a
wreck. He took h saddle and the best
horse on the ranch and left.
Not until Mr. Wasson returned from
Bisbee was the discovery made, the
mother released or the dving bov found
When the news was known at the
neighboring ranches live well mounted
cowboys started in hot pursuit, and it
is needless to say if they overtake the
fiend short work will be made of him.
Tho mother and child were brought
to Bisbee for medical attendance. But
little hope is had for the life of tho
young lad, as it is feared his skull is
Tho sheriff's office has deputies out
for the fugitive and a general lookout
kept for him. Tombstone Prospector.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
wi'h local applications, as they cannot
reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh
s a blood or constitutional disease,
and in order to cure it yoa inu&t take
internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, and acts di
rectly on the blood and mucous sur
faces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a
quack medicine. It was prescribed
by one of the lest physicians in this
country for years, and is a regular
prescription. Ii is composed of the
best tonics known, combined with the
best blood purifiers, acting directly on
the mucous surfaces. The ' perfect
combination of the two ingredients is
what produces such wonderful results
iu curiug catarrh. Send for testi
monials, free.
Toledo, O. Sold by
75 cents.
& CO., Props.,
druggists, price
lm July 10
Notice to Examiner Readers.
Have your Examiner delivered to
your home for 65 cents per month by
tins Line City Store.
Frank M. King, Frop
Fleischer hi
There are no strings to the guarantees we give you.
We plainly tell you what to expect from every pur
chase, and shift all the responsibility from your
shoulders to ours.
We give you the fullest measure of protection, and
4 satisfy our customers in every instance, regard
less of the money loss.
We want you to look up to this as the model store,
and trade here with the feeling that you're
running no risk.
This is a store with a past a past that'll bear the
keenest scrutinv.
The largest
Shirts' Ties.
1 IRIflT T1TI7T V rniP JUTPUTl " cure an'
f HDtJUJj U 1 SUU I UuouAll 1 TiCiU tire, nmr
J pie and booklet free. Ad. STKltl.IMi I!K1 KDY
Montezuma Hotel
The only First-class Hotel in Nogales.
Newly Refitted.
First Class DINING ROOM.
' Rob art Williams.
Propi ietor.
The largest and best stock of Ladies.
Gent' and Children's shoes in Nogales.
and most up-to-date stock of
Cuffs, Collars, Etc,
a m m
caseof constination. Castnrot are th Meal LuMa-
srip or cripe. but cause eaj natural results. Sam-
().. Chiraco. Montreal. Cm., or Nerr York. 311.4

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