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Blind, Und©rprivil©dg©d N©gr© Boy Writes Best Essay
Gross Racial Inequalities Scored By Young People
Had Gun,
Was Hunted By
Hooded Order
•—There may be no connection
between official Greenville and
the Ku Klux Klan, but observers
here are inclined to doubt it fol
lowing the arrest last week of
James A. Briar, 69-year-old
N. A. A. C. P. branch president,
on charges of carrying a gun
and confiscation of the weapon.
Mr. Briar’s home has been visited
on several occasions by Klansmen
but he was always “out.” The hood
ed order, which began its reign oi
terrorism here several months ago
when Negroes registered for the
city elections, considers the NAACF
leader responsible hi large extent
for registrations and the threat to
“white supremacy.”
When Klansmen were unable to
seize Briar on their several night,
raids, Detectives Henry Ballard
and R. D. Wood stopped him on
a street Thursday afternoon. After
searching him and finding a .32
calibre pistol on a .38 calibre
frame, officers asked:
“Who are you going to shoot?”
“Then why are you carrying a
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Chicago Judge
Bars Return Os
Judge Michael Igoe last Monday
blocked the attempt of Federal of
-of Mississippi to return a
woman prisoner to that state for
an alleged liquor violation.
The judge ordered release ol
Mrs. Carrie Crystal, Brookhaven,
Mississippi and charges against he
for violating the internal Revenue
Act in 1937, were continued get
erally. She was represented by At
torneys James A- McLendon and
William Henry Huff of Chicago.
Those appearing to testify against
Mrs. Crystal were U. S. Con)-
missioner Baron C, Rickett, jack-'
son, Mississippi; Julian C. Weed,
Internal Revenue officer and U, S,
attorney John A. Loobey, the latter
of Chicago. After being convicted
in 1937 for selling whiskey, Mrs
Crystal, the following year was
found guilty of possessing three
gallons liquor, in Lincoln county,
Mississippi. Given a 60-day sen
tence and fine of SIOO, she was
unable to pay the fine, worked it
out in County Work House by
washing, scrubbing s-nd ironing.
Robbed Os $6.24
A drug store delivery boy re
ported to city police Saturday that
two men robbed him of $3.24 at
the point of a knife. The victim,
listed as Fred Phillips, 13. of a
Pulliam Street address, gave of
ficers description of two persona
whom he said took the momjy from
him while he was making a de
livery for a Georgia Avenue phar
Former "Red' Testifies
■■■ '* * ~ fjß
1® '^f
9 ' ■/-^
WASHINGTON, D C,—William Nowell, self-identified former Com
munist of Detroit, pictured as he testified before the Dies Committee
investigating un-American activities. During Nowell’s testimony, Mrs.
Franklin I). Roosevelt entered the hearing room, uninvited, and sat
down, The First Lady, in an unprecedented visit, listened for one hour
and left at noon. (ACME).
Young Methodists
Hit Discrimination
Spend Less On
Criminals, More
For Prevention
More parks and other necessary
improvements In the environment
of Colored people living in Atlanta
had been suggested ’Saturday In
findings and recommendations re
sulting from Youth Crusade Week,
conducted by the senior and young
people’s departments of St Mark
Methodist church, white
The white group made an urgent I
plea that steps be taken to eiimi- i
nate'the poverty, suffering and lack
of opportunity among colored 1
The report pointed out that the
city spawns more money on colored
criminals, but insisted that this
could be prevented by stopping j
crime at its source, bv building
more parks and making other net-
Say Miss Bluford
Should Sue Lincoln
Lucile Bluford, managing editor of
the Kansas City Call, should have
filed suit against Lincoln university
instead of the University of Miss
ouri, attorneys for the latter insti
tution stated Friday in asking the
Boone county circuit court to dis
miss Biuford’s suit for admission
to the university’s school of jour
Every merchant or place of business placing
an kdrertiiement in this, your newspaper, is ex
tremely desirious of having your trade and >•
making a special effort to get it. Obviously t
you may expect more courtesy and consider**
tion from a business appealing to you from
your own newspaper than from a business
which does not.
Phoenix MsH Index
essary environmental changes
••White people in Atlanta look
down upon the Negro. Perhaps this
can be explained as a hangover
t from slavery. Yet there is no ex
cuse for It. We should remember
that you can’t keep a man in a
ditch without staying down your
pelf’,” the report continued.
The young white people revealed
in their findings that “Atlanta police
courts were found to be cruel to
; to Negroes. The respectable white
is assumed innocent until he Is
proved gUilty, but the Negro is as
j sinned guilty until he is proved in
j nocent.”
I The report discussed the various
phases of colored life, placing em
phasis on the discriminatory side.
It cited the inequalities that exist
; between colored and white people,
dciuca tion, parks, playgrounds,
health facilities and wage hours.
The report pointed out that. $3,-
1 000,000 is spent on parks for white
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i | The university, which also asked
that it be awarded costs, in its
, : contention that Lincoln should have
been sued declared that Missouri
law provides that. Lincoln offer ed
» ucational opportunities for Negroes
, equal to those afforded whites at
i Missouri U. and failure to do so
makes Lincoln liable for court ac«
! tion.
Name Johnson To
Important Post
S. Johnson of Fisk University was
recently appointed a member of
Industry committee, No. 9 for the
Railroad Carrier Industry by
Harold D. Jacobs, acting admin
istrator of the wage and hour
division of the department, of labor.
Dr. Johnson is one of the four
members chosen to represent the
Other members if the public
committee are: Frank Porter Gra
ham. president. Univeruv «>t North
Carolina, chairman; W. H. Spen
cer, University of Chicago; and
Oscar K- Cushing of San Fran
cisco. Eight additional persons com
prise the group four for the em
ployees, and four for the employ
Former “Angel”
Sues Divine For
Return Os Money
<ANP) Set for trial or,
Monday in Supreme Court
was a suit brought by Mrs*
Verinda Brown, former
“angel” of Father Divine,
seeking to compel the cult
ist to account for the fi
nances of his peace Mission
movement and to repay to
her the sum of $4,400 she
says she advanced the cult
Mrs. Brown also seeks a
court order directing Di
vine to dissolve the peace
missions and distribute
their assets, pro rata,
among his followers. Attor
neys declare hearings in
the case will continue for
several weeks. In his de
fense, Father Divine in
sists that the advances
made by Mrs. Brown and
those associated with her
in the suit, have since been
Mrs. Bethune
Endorses T-B
Seal Drive
(A N P)) —Mary McLeod Bethune,
president of Bethune-Cbokman
college, Tuesday sent an endorse
ment of the 83rd annual Christ
man Seal campaign of the Na
tional Tuberculosis association to
Dr. Kendall Emerson, managing
director of the association. The
campaign opened on December 1
and will continue through Christ
“The efforts of the tuberculosis
association in their fight against
tuberculosis are to be commend
ed and should be of vital import
ance to the entire country,” Pres
ident Bethune wrote.
“Tnere Is a special need for
health education among the Ne
gro group in order to check and
combat this dreaded disease. The
sale of the Christmas seals and
the nation-wide activities of the
National Tuberculosis association
will always have my hearty ap«=
When you trade with our advertisers, you are
helping yourself. You are showing that adver.
User you support your own newspaper and make
it possible for this newspaper to get even more
advertising. More adv*.*tis ng mean* more mon
ey which means we will be able to both employ
more workers and give yon a better newspaper
This committee is authorized to
investigate conditions in the in
dustry and recommend to the Ad
ministrator minimum wage rates
for ail employees included in the
Minister, Unarmed.
Catches Deer Alive
week as the deer h oming season
gained momentum throughout the
State, hero of the day was the
Rev. J. E. Drewer, well known
minister here, who captured a deer
The minister was driving along
a highway south of the city when
a 110-pound buck dashed across the
road, stopped abruptly in front of
his car as the auto’s bright lights
dazzled him. Acting quickly, Rev.
Drewer roped the animal, tied it
in the back seat, then drove home.
The next day he presented the deer
to the City Zoo.
Want Negroes On
Mayors’ Committees
For 1940 Census
Learning that the mayors of cities
throughout the United States
have been asked by the Census
Bureau to appoint -committees in
their respective cities to secure
tne cooperation of the residents in
the Decennial Census of 1940, the
National Urban League urged this
week that Negro leaders see to it
that colored persons are appoint
ed to the committee representing
their city.
The principal work of the com
mittees will be to disseminate pub
licity and educational material
which will make the community
recognize that its interest in a
good and complete Census is as
great as the interest of the Census
Bureau itself. The committees will
direct their efforts toward creat
ing a spirit of cooperation on the
| part of all residents of the city
to the end that individuals and
business concerns will report free
ly to the enumerators with the
i full assurance that, under the law,
ali the information they give is
! Woman Found Dead,
Gun At Her Side
SPARTA, Ga.—Local police offi-
I cials Friday were investigating
the slaying of a woman listed as
Mrs. Florence Baifley, who was
found near her home. The officers
said she had been shot In the
head. A pistol with one empty
chamber was found near her
WILSON, N. C.—(ANP)—Plans
for a special hospital unit for Ne
gro tuberculosis sufferers have been
decided on it was learned this
week, with announcement that the
separate building will adjoin the
new $500,000 TB hospital plant to
be erected on the Wilson-Rocky
Mount highway.
Automatic fire extinguishers
operated when a suspended weight
reacts to any abnormal shock have
been invented in England for air- j
Col. Julian Offers To Put Up Cash To
Settle Claims Against Father Divine.
New Heaven" For God
Here Is the latest “heaven” for Father Divine and his followers
ft is located in New Rochelle, N. Y., and was purchased for the cult
leader lasi June by a white follower, Opening the mansion, Father
Divine and his “angels” dined for four and one-half hours. The Inc
urious Dusenberg pictured outside the mansion is Father Divine's per
sonal car.
Promise U. S. Aid
To Mo. ’Croppers
It was learned here this week that
aid is in prospect for the indigent,
disnlaced sharecroppers of South
eastern Missouri. Dr W W. Al
exander, Farm Security Adminis
trator reportedly promised officials
of the Southern Tenant Farmers
Union that his agency -would make
an early investigation and provide
whatever financial aid it could for
Sues For Right
To Take Civil
Service Exam
NORFOLK, (ANP)—Earnest
Wrijght, well known Norfolkian,
lias filed suit in U. S. District
Court to compel the city to grant
Negroes the privilege of taking
civil service examinations for po
sitions on the police force. At
torney F. J. Thurgood is repre
senting Wright.
Wright said he filea an applica
tion early in October with the
Civil Service Commission, for the
exam set for October 21, but on
October 17 he was informed that
only white men were eligible for
the test.
The suit. was brought, said
Wright: ‘For the benefit of him
self and other qualified members
of the Negro race who were and
are denied lawful examinations
for appointment as members of
the division of police of the city
of Norfolk,” Members of the city
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those found in need
H L. Mitchell of Memphis
(white) and F. R. Betton, STFC
president and vice president, re
spectively, told Dr. Alexander that
approximately 15,000 former share
croppers in Southeastern Missouri
were without employment and In
need, that in a makeshift camp
near Poplar Bluff, Mo., 84 displaced
tenant families faced “death from
starvation and exposure this win
Betton told the administrator
that a shift to machinery was
causing displacement of thousands
of tenants and sharecroppers from
cotton plantations not only m Mis
souri but in other Southern slates.
Blind Boy Writes Best
Americanism Essay
CHICAGO—(ANP)—An 18 year
old junior *it Wendell Phillips high
school, who is blind, fatherless ana
underprivileged even for a Negro,
nevertheless feels so deeply about
this nation that he just won a $25
prize for the best essay on Ameri
canism written by any high school
pupil in Cook county.
This boy, William King, was
guest of honor Thursday downtown
at the Kiwanis club where several
hundred clubmen had gathered
The Kiwanians cheered as the
youth was led to the platform and
introduced by President Herbert S.
Simpson of the club.
“Billy King represents- the true
Make it a point to trade at those places which
respect and ask for your patronage. Ask those
businesses not using our columns to place an
advertisement in this newspaper. Tell them to
let their colored friends read their message in
our column and et the same time become *c*
quainted with still other potential bnyers.
City, State aad National New*
Decision In
Suit Will Be
Known Thursday
NEW YORK— (S N S)—Follow
ing a conference seeking to reach
an out-ofnrurt setTement, the
! trial of Father Divine in a $6,500
equity action brought by Mrs.
I Verinda Brown, 54, was recessed
Tu°sdav until Thursday.
Supreme Court Justice Benedict
Dinpen recessed the case to permit
further negotiations.
Col. Hube t Fauntleroy Julian,
Har’em’s “Ba?nk Eagle"* aviator,
who rffered to put up the cash
to settle the claim-; against Fath
er DMre, told newsmen:.
“The case is settled, but the
terms will not be ironed out until
It was understood the plaintiffs
had already signed a quit-claim
agreement, but that Father Divine
waited to guard rfdju.t the ce:a
enrru asps U’-.rA*.' UV'gatljft of a
similar nature.
Mrs. Brown brought the suit
seekng to compel the leader to
account for the finances of his
peace Mission movement and to
repay to her a sum she says she
advanced the cult leader. She al
so sought a court order directing
Divine to dissolve the peace mis
sions and dist ibute their assets,
pro-rata, among his followers.
In Ibis defense, Father Divine
has insisted that the advances
made by Mrs. Brown and those
associated With her in the suit,
have since been repaid.
Hints Father
Divine May
*Evaporate ”
claring that “Father is very, very
disgusted; he may just evaporate,”
a discipl? of Father Divine de
scribed his reaction to the lawsuit
brought by a former “angel”, Mrs.
Verind Brown.
The cult leader went on trial
Monday in State Supreme Court in
an equity action for the repayment
of $4,476, brought by Mrs. Brown,
who said:
“I paid all this money in the be
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America,’’ Simpson said. “It is m
such a struggle as he is making
and in such pride he takes in his
country that the history of the
nation has been written. Somehow
I am more stirred than 1 have been
in years when I contemplate that
among all the rich and poor, the
over, privileged and the under
privileged youth of our high
schools, the one to write the best
essay on Americanism is this boy
who battles sucn handicaps.
“1 predict that when those more
fortunate than he are writing
alibis for their failures he will be
creating a record of real success
All honor to him.”

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