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Amusements Sports 1 Musical Comedy
(Preston News Service)
Pittsburgh, Pa., June 16. — The
Homestead Grays won Friday from
tlie Pittsburgh Orioles in the second
of a scheduled two game series of
ti e Grays’ park, 6-1. The first game
was called off on account of rain.
Homer Robinson, sensational 15S
pound amateur boxer wearing the col
ors of the Edgar Thompson steel com
pany of Braddock. Pa., the same or
ganization which sponsors It. Ear*
Johnson, national five mile, 10-mile and
cross country amateur champion run
ner, quit in the second round of the
semi-finals in the Junior Amateur
Championships held in New York
City last week.
The Pittsburgh Orioles left here
late Friday night for an extended trip
through southern states including
West Virginia, Virginia, North and
South Carolina and Georgia. The club
will be away several weeks and will
meet some of the best colored teams
in various parts of the states named.
The team is ow-ned by Fred. R. Clark,
a prominent businessman of Pitts
Expresses Her Thanks
Mrs. Myrtle Vaughn wishes to thank
the many friends who have been so
kind to her during her illness. She
is grateful for the smallest favor
"" 1 ' "" 17T '~ IV '' 1 "
The Phoenix Tribune
Now $2.50 A Year
And Worth It
Phoenix, Arizona
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fine because the weather is warm and the Sun Rest is the
place to stop. Don’t forget the number, 901 West Sherman
St., corner 9th avenue and Sherman. All free. Don’t miss
it. Now is the time.
Mrs. A. L. Taylor and A. P. Taylor, Managers.
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iky or Coarse, Stubborn Hair.
Vill Positively Refine, Straighten and Give Luster
the Hair in from Two to Three Applications.
Straightens the hair and keeps it straight.
Will not injure the hair or the scalp.
Will not leave the hair greasy to soil your hat ■■■£
Refines and gives luster to your hair.
It is mild and straightens the hair gently.
Constant use does not harm the hair or scalp.
You can treat your hair yourself.
Top using pastes, creams or greases and use a
ven scientific preparation.
f your hairdresser or druggist cannot supply you,
er direct from us. Send SI.OO for a bottle of
RAIT-TEX. Sent postpaid anywhere in the United Hlf
The Strait-Tex Chemical Company P|
I Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, Penna. E|9
The Royal Club held its last meet
ing Wednesday night, June 7, at
Crump’s hall. It was unanimously
voted that the members of the Royal
Club disband for the summer and
unite with the Jolly Girls’ Club. The
meeting of last Wednesday night,
June 7, was called to order by the
president. After repeating the Lord’s
prayer, the regular routine of busi
ness was carried out. The president
made a speech on disbanding for the
; summer, and forming a new club with
the girls during the summer vacation.
The financial standing of each mem
■ ber w r as balanced, because it was
: agreed that each member must be
paid up before he can join the new
, consolidated vacation club. Mr. Rob
, ert Fambrough opened the discussion
, on consolidation and each member
j gave his opinion on combing clubs
i during the summer. A resolution was
I drawn up and every member voted in
. favor of it. $1.75 was collected for
. Lest You Forget
Tuesday is the last day for filing
answers in the Tribune’s Picture Puz
zle Contest. A pot of gold awaits the
; winner. Get busy.
i Slightly 111
Mrs. R. C. Howard of 38 North 11th
street is reported ill this week.
There are but a few days left in ’
which to send- in your solution to the 1
Beehive puzzle, but there is plenty 1
time if you but get busy. 1
The main irea is to get into the *
game. The lists are coming in right 1
along but your’s has not yet arrived. 1
What we want is to make this “bee” 1
contest a “hummer." Let’s have a
“swarm,” so that there will be some
glory in being the "queen (or king) '
bee.” i
Send in your answer whether you >
send in a subscription or not. But 1
why not send in not only your own 1
subscription but go out and get a new 1
subscriber, and win the biggest prize? 1
As a matter of fact, don’t you owe it 1
to your home paper, a little boost like 1
this, aside from any puzzle contest? 1
Isn’t the Tribune plugging every week 1
for the best interest of the home
community? Did you ever, aside
from paying your subscription regul
arly, go out of your way to give your 1
home paper a little boost? Maybe you
never thought of such a thing. We’re
not complaining. The people of Ari
zona have treated us well. What we
are trying to get at is this, that our
big puzzle contest is on and we want
to make it a big success. Even if
you should not be the winner, you are
really not a loser
But why talk of losing? You stand
just as good show of winning as some
body else.
We have it from the artist who made
the beehive picture puzzle that the
distinguishing thing about this puzzle
is that it is made up of simple every
day things, and not loaded down with a
lot of unheard-of w’ords or scientific
and technical terms that only highly
educated persons would know.
Os the many answers already re
ceived, we find some of which we
think that it is too bad that their com
pilers have not qualified for bigger
prizes. They ought to do so sure by
next Tuesday night.
No one in this office or connected
with it has seen the master list. It is
yet in safe keeping with the artist
who drew the beehive puzzle for the
Tribune. Therefore, there can be no
“leaking” of information and no one
has the least advantage over anybody
The appointment of Mrs. E. L. Clay
ton, Attorney Watkins and Mrs. Lau
ra Wells as judges for the contest,
assures everyone an absolutely square
+ ♦ + + +♦♦•!' + ♦ + ♦ + + + ♦
❖ +
❖ 4*
4* v *'* •;* v -I* -I* *l* v *l* *)• ***
Birthday Surprise
Thursday evening, June 8, Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. F. Gardner of 930 East
Washington street, planned a delight
ful surprise party in honor of Mrs.
Anna Marooney who was scheduled
to leave the following Friday evening
for her home in Emporia, Kansas. Mr.
Gardner took Mrs. Marooney out for a
ride in his machine and when they re
turned, all was in readiness and the
house was filled with guests. Mrs.
Marooney was feally but
soon regained her composure and
’ joined in the merriment. Whist was
the entertaining feature of the evening
after which delightful refreshments
were served. At a late hour the guests
departed wishing Mrs. Marooney many
happy birthdays and a safe trip to
her home in Emporia, Kansas.
•I* 4* 4*
Quarterly Meeting Held
The Rev. T. L. Watson, presiding
elder of the Albuqurque district of the
Colorado conference of the A. M. E.
church, was in Phoenix Sunday and
held his third quarterly meeting at
Tanner Chapel A. M. E. church. Dr.
Watson came in quietly and unan
nounced, the pastor did not know he
was coming. Nevertheless, a good
quarter was held and Rev. Watson
preached two aide sermons that were
well received. He was given the
quarterly reports on Monday night and
left later for other points in his dis
trict. Among other things, he in
formed us that the annual conference
has been changed from Phoenix to
Colorado Springs.
+ + +
Still Confined
Mrs. J. J. Brown of 1722 East Jef
ferson street is still confined to her
home on account of illness. She has
been very ill and but little improve
ment is noted in her case.
Speech was given us to conceal our
thoughts, especially slang.
(Preston News Service)
Columbus, 0., June 16. —Jack John
son, former heavyweight champion of
the world, has been matched to meet
Tutt Jackson, the Washington Court
House sensation, according to reports
which have just been received. The J
battle is scheduled to take place eith- (
er in Washington, C. H. Ohio, or j
Dayton on July 4th. Arrangements I
and details have not as yet been re- I
leased for publication, but the match 1
is sure to take place if the National I
Boxing Commission lifts the ban un- ]
der which the wily Jack has been 1
placed. i
Age Versus Youth I
The battle, while not assuming any c
international proportions, is sure to i
attract a monster crowd, inasmuch as 1
Johnson, in his prime, was consider
ed the cleverest heavyweight boxer
of all times. Young Jackson, fre
quently called “the terrible Tutt”
since his almost sensational knock
out victories, has risen rapidly in the i
pugilistic firmement until the pres- i
ent He is now seriously considered j
as a logical opponent for Wills or ]
Dempsey. The contest on the na- i
tional holiday will be the age-old bat- ;
tie of age versus youth. The ex- ,
champion is nearing his 40th mile
stone, while Jackson is just 21 years
old. But Johnson has had years of
experience in the ring. And in any
fistic debate, experience goes along
Public Greatly Interested
Since announcement of the bout,
the sporting public has been asking
the question over and over again—
will Johnson, who has been minus
ring activity for many years except
in the capacity of giving exhibition
bouts and workng on the stage, be
able to withstand the onslaught of
the hard hitting, lion hearted Tutt?
Many critics are of the opinion that
Johnson is in line for the same dose
as befell the aged, but still dangerous
Sam Langford several weeks ago
when the Boston puglist was knocked
cold in the fourth round of a scheduled
15-round bout. Others advance the
theory that the former champion still
, retains much of his ring cunning and
, defensive skill, and that in the event
the match does not last too long will
be on his feet at the end of the fray.
This question can be answered only
when the two men enter the roped
arena against othe other in Ohio.
’Tis said that procrastination is the
thief of time, so don’t let it rob you
, of your reward which may be won by
, entering the Puzzle Contest NOW.
Find the objects in the picture that
, begin with the letter “b” and send in
your answer before June 20th. If a
new subscription is sent in with the
answer, the first prize will be $25 in
U. S. gold coin. Could you use that
amount? Then, GET BUSY!
Don’t Buy Any Bread Until
the most SANITARY condi- ** *
tlons —and our., entire ..shop "IT J f■ J TTV 1 J
r zsrtrzz Youve lasted Bayless Bread
of City Health Dept.
—THE BREAD OF SUPREME QUALITY —the Bread that is making more friends
and customers—and growing in demand rapidly every day.
—There are several real reasons for this growing demand—the high quality—the
exceptionally palatable taste—and the high-grade, wholesome ingredients which are
put into it—make it a bread that is favored far and wide in this section of the
■|| I If mnwy —This is why so many are buying it in preference to other breads.
—Contains the highest quality of flour, milk, sugar, yeast and other materials
m that go to make a perfect bread. It is baked in our big modern ovens, under the
W most sanitary conditions and none is more superior. A trial today will convince
I I I you of its quality.
—Get this big, crisp loaf today—the cost is only 10c—and give your family the
pleasure of eating a bread they can enjoy.
FOR LARGE —Bayless bread is made up in Pure Milk Bread, Whole Wheat, Graham, Health,
CRISP LOAF Vienna, Rye, etc. Also demand the famous Bayless rolls, pies, cakes, cookies,
doughnuts, coffee-cakes, etc. You will be pleased with them.
If Your Grocer Can't Supply You —Write Vs
Bayless Baking Co.,lnc.
Gorner Second and Van Buren Strees Phone 3545
After “cleaning up” for the W.O.W. i
team Sunday in East Lake Park, the I
Western Giants will go up against (
some real ball players Sunday and 1
Monday when they cross bats with I
the crack team from the 25th Infan- i
try in Riverside park. The Giants
have gone to great expense to bring ]
this soldier team to Phoenix and if i
you appreciate real baseball, attend ;
the games in Riverside park Sunday
and Monday. The home boys believe ,
they are well nigh invincible and Sun
day’s and Monday’s games with the sol- i
diers will tell the tale. All aboard i
for Riverside park.
(Preston News Service)
Pittsburgh, Pa. June 16. —Trough
the efforts of John T. Clark, executive
secretary of the Pittsburgh Urban
League a Negro industrial baseball
league has been formed, composed of
teams representing the Westinghouse
Electric and Manufacturing Company;
Jones and Laughlin Steel Company;
Lockhart Iron and Steel Company;
Fort Pitt Malleable Iron Company;
Duquesne Steel Foundry Company and
Alpha Club of Carnegie, Pa.
This organization has entered upon
its second year and the prospects for
1922 season are exceptionally bright.
The development and bang-up playing
of these clubs have attracted favor
able attention in the various com
munities represented. The officials
of the various companies have recog
nized the teams as worthy represent
atives of the company and have
equipped their respective teams with
complete baseball outfits.
The Negro teams representing the
three big plants of the Carnegie steel
company have dropped out of the Ne
gro league and become a part of the
league composing the various plants
of the Carnegie steel company. They
play with the white teams of this
company. At present the colored
teams lead the Carnegie steel company
The managers of the various in
dustrial teams have formed a local
baseball commission and hold meet
ings each week. John T. Clark is
president and is known as the “Judge
Landis” of the ball teams in Western
Pennsylvania among the various in
i duatrial plants.
i _
Leaves For Texas
Miss Edna Nelson of 1230 North Ist
street left this week for Texas where
i she will spend the summer visiting
. relatives and friends. She will stop
i first at Brenham, going later to other
i principal cities in the Lone Star state,
returning to Phoenix on or about Oc
tober first.
(Preston News Service)
Pittsburgh, Pa., 16. —The Pittsburgh
Keystone Baseball Club, “Smoky
City’s entry into the Negro Baseball
League, is meeting with a series of
reverses during Its initial western
tour. The club lost three games out
of four with Taylor’s A. B. C’s at
Indianapolis, Ind., and the first of a
four-game series with the Monarchs
at Kansas City, Mo.
Loose felding on the part of the
Keystone boys is given as the cause
for the poor showing of the team.
Manager Dismukes says his boys are
playing under a handicap as the
grounds are stranger and the young
sters lack experience as a traveling
club, but these boys will soon get
their stride and a different story will
be told when they get over their
“stage fright.” The pitching and
batting are on a par with any team
thus far.
4 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦
:■ Shoes for Men ;■
Union Made
*►« 4 ►
:: 42 West Washington St. Phoenix, Arizona ::
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A Healthy Scalp—
; Long, Wavy Hair—
r li i U•' and a Lovely Complexion, j
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-3 tiful hair and a charming complexion.
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l Dept AK
. 640 North West Street Indianapolis, Ind.
(Six Weeks’ Trial Treatment sent anywhere for $1.50)
“Now a-days Its Madam Walker’s’’
Saturday, June 17, 1922
(By The Associated Negro Press)
Norfolk, Va„ June 16. —When the
National Negro Business League
meets in August, it will be welftuned
not only by Norfolk, but by the en
tire Tidewater district of which this
city is the center. Numerous busi
ness and cvic enterprises in nearby
cities are taking an interest tn the
coming convention and there is little
doubt but that the visiting business
men will be surprised at the remark
able progress being made here. An
nouncement has just been received
that Mr. Albon L. Holsey, assistant
i secretary of the league has been ask
, ed by the executive committee and
. officers of the organization to act as
, secretary until the next session. Mr.
Holsy has been In intimate touch
[ with the work of the office, and is ex
. pected to give an efficient adminis-
I tration.
Safety first. Sew up the hip pocket.

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