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Puget Sound Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1882-1883, September 15, 1882, Image 5

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racer souao ARGUS.
l‘rmu \\‘eilm-ul \y’s "all: .
The lhliota. arrivel this :dternom.
'l'uab'tarr went to San Juan islands
again today. after lime.
Yol' can see new tables for displaying
goods in the front of Bartlett .t ('o.’s
salesman. which speak well for their in
creasing trade.
’l‘m: schooner Reporter arrived last
night from New Caledonia; also. the ship
Harvester. from Philmlelphia. for New
’l‘aconia. laden with railroad iron. The
hark Charles B. Kenny arrived today.
ANY person wishing to purchase desir
able farming land Would do Well to read
the adVertiscment inserted elsewhere.
The land is near enough to this place to
make its location an important feature.
Tun jury in the ease of Lars Brown,
tried for the killing of J‘All‘ret. brought
in a verdict today of “not guilty" as to
the charge of murder. The case was ar~
gued hy Prosecuting Attorney Evans on
the part of the territory, and C. M. Brad
shaw for defendant.
'l‘ouoaaow morning the. cutter Wolcott
will leavo here for San Juan islands.
having on hoard (,Tollcctor Bash, Special
Agent llorr and Inspector Izett. who will
proceed to locate. the new port of entry.
‘.'llolcc- will he between San Juan harhor.
Friday Harbor and Roche llarhor.
])l H I ).
In Port Townsend. Sept. 15!. t‘iti‘!‘ after a prolract
ed illness. William 11. Newlou. aged oil yeah
and .- months.
Deceased was an old pioneer on Puget
Sound. having come to this place in "‘53,
since which time he. has resided herecon
tiuaously. He was horn in Warren.
Rhode Island. April 1-1. IR2]. He was
well known among all the older settlers
on the Sound, and possessed many ad
mirahle qualities, among which was his
generosity. '
The funeral will take place tomorrow
(Thurmlaylat 3 I'. n.. from St. Paul's
Episcopal church. All friends are cor
di'illy invited.
Fran: 'I ii-lli-ntliiyiis Itgi tly.
Mus. J. ‘l‘. Norris is quite ill.
New goods hy the ton at Bartlett's.
Sui-mum's circus will soon he here.
()u. look at the new gmalsatUerrish's!
Ma. erw'ros's funeral today wasquite
largely attended.
Klsoeouuty has an independent rc
pnhlican organization.
Tm: hark Revere arrived this after
noon, from San Francisno.
Tunas was a donation party at the M.
E. parsonage last evening.
Waare pleaseJ to note that Hon. H.
A. Webster seem-i to be improving in
Tm: Dispatch arrived early yesterday
and hrought a lot of passengers from
'l'uaChileun hark Avestroul. from an<
priaso. and the (lerunm hark Johan Lud‘
wig, l'rom Acapulco, arrived here last
IF you are troubled with corns or
warts call on Mr. Kenaey. and get them
enrol. lie is advertising to do that sort
of thing scientifically.
REV. Jso. limo acknowlulges with
much pleasure and many thanks the gen
erous gift or a hahy carriage. from Mrs.
Capt. Gilmore and L there of his congre
REV. H. 11. Tool). the new pastor of the
M. E. Church. was not well enough to
preach last Sunday. having brought over
a. full stock of Oregon malaria in his
system. Ila hopes. however, to assume
his regular duties next Sunday.
Tau jury in the caseot John Kay.tried
for the killing of John Anderson. on
Lopez Island. hrought in a verdicttoday,
after a short delihemtion. of murder in
the second degree. Mes-51's.. Bradshaw
and Hanford argued the case lor the
Bav. .lso. ltsm preached at Port Lud
low last evening. when the majorityof
the now little town were presmt. .\s
Whidhy Island is not now an outpost the
ing occupied by Mr. Hpangler). Mr.
“Old intends to visit l’ort Ludlow once
a fortnight, on Wcilncalays.
Ma. Puma, of Port Ludlow. is utiliz
im: his spare moments in amateur hoat
building. The framework is already
neatly and strongly titted together. and
it." next summer a neat sail hoat may he
capeetml to he seen skimming gracefully
across that lovely hay. l’ort Luullow
lHtience and perm-verence areof the kind
that "accomplish much."
ltnv. Mr. and Mrs. Weeks. who are in
town with their little ull'icted daughter,
have (sine- tlzeir arrivall repeatmlly ex
l)rcssetl. with much heliug, tlair -'..e;i
“l'l'N‘.i-:tiou ol' the Hay hark-.'. hind-
ness and sympathy shown thenifliy the
good people of Port, Townsend. which
has proved ot’ great comfort in their
present trial. The urlmnity of Lieut.
'l‘ruit, [7.8. .\.. with Lieut. mnl Mrs.
\\ ittiek of the (iarrimn, whose hospital
ities they shared upon theirarrival. they
areileeplygrateful for. They feel too,
to have been [uu'tieuliarly favored in
having the etlieient services of Dr. Mead,
whose Very kind attention and gentle
treatment of the little sutl‘errer from the
first, the skillful and exeellent manner in
which the aewre fracture has been tend<
(“ti and now doing so well. Mr. Weeks
returns to San Juan today, to attend to
his mission duties: his wife. with her
little charge. will remain in town at the
pleasunt and quiet house of our respect
t‘tl townsman Mr. '1 111 N. Drummond,
where a month of patient watching awaits
Ourtneighhors acrusa at Victoria are
fixing their months for a big time when
the royal party gets there next week. An
exchange tells something about the big
bugs with handles to thcir uarncs, as
follows: Her Royal Highncss. l’rinccss
Louise Caroline Alhcrtu,daughtcr of Her.
Majesty, Victoria. Queen of the Unitedi
Kingdom of (trout Britain and Ireland.
was born on the 18th of March. 1948, was
marricd to John, Marquis of Lorne. K.
T.. (i. (‘. M. (1.. the present Govcrnor-
General of the Dominion of Canada. The
Marquis is tho eldest son of (icorgc
Douglass Campbell. Duke 0! Argylcm‘
Scottish poor of tho Unitcd Kingdomfi
whosc anccstors date back to thc 12th
century. Tho Houschold of Her lioyali
Vltighncss is composed of the Lady?
Sophia .\liu-namara. Lady of thc Bad
chamhcr: Capt. Arthur (‘ollis. Controller
and Equcrry. His l‘lxccllcncy’s statl'
consists of Col. F. DcWinton, R. A..
Military Sccrctary; Hon. W. Bagot,
(‘ontrollcrz Licut. Hon. (‘.‘. Harhord.
Scots ( ‘mards, and Capt. V. Chatcr, Aidcs- ‘
dc-canip. 3
(‘or.. Woon. U. 8. Indian Agcnt inl
charge of the consolidated agcncics of‘
Qucnaiult and Ncah Bay, left on thc‘
Dispatch today for the latter place to
takc charge as Agent in place of Capt.
\Villoughhy. Col. Wood will rcmovo his
family to Ncah Bay as soon as ho can ar
ranges to bring them from Qucnaiult.
Mas. \Vsmoa'ru arrivcd home on the
Dakota this wcck. attcr scvoral wocks"
visit with licr sistcr. Mrs. Capt. Sorman,
in San Francisco.
'l'm~‘.st.carncr St. Paul arrived in our
harbor this cvcniug from Seaheck, hun
bnr ladcu. hound for ()unalaskn, Alaska.
, ..... . ..
mev, Sept. Bth.
Tcrritory vs. John Kay Indicted for
Territory vs. Chas. Hughes-~“Not a
truc hill.“ .
'l‘crritory vs. A. Bogota; transcript
from Justice‘s (lonrt Dismissed. _
Lorcn M. Eskcldsou \vas naturahzcd.
Frcd Kross ct al. vs. schooncr Dakota
_.Tiulgmcnt for lihclants, for 888.71.
Aplpcalcd. _ .
’ crritory vs. M. Flcmlng- Indicted for
cscapc. y . .
George H. McLaughlin «Certificate of
naturalization rcconlcd.
Adjourncd to Monday, 11th, at I'3o
P. .\r.
Moxmv, Sam. 11th.
Gcorgo Din-,nuuus uaturalizcd.
'l‘crritory vs. John Kay: indictment for
murdcr plca of " not guilty“ cutcrcd.
'l‘crritory vs. Mattluuv Flaming. indict
ment for cscupc—MC. H. Hanhrdussigncd
or drfcnsc. .
Pour ’l‘owxsnsn, Scpt. 12.7 The hark
Nouantum arrived from San Francisco
this aftcrnoon.
l’oar GAMBLE. Sept. 11 Ari'ived. bark
cntino Kitsap. from San l'cdro; hark
Bucna Vista. from San Francisco. .
12th Hailed, hark Saginaw-c. for San
SAN FRAM'ISUO. Supt. I'2. British hark
Donne ‘ astlc. HH? tons. wlicat to Cork,
£2, lts. tid. prior to arrival. British ship
Now York. 27'.” tons, wllt‘tlt t 4) Livcrpool
dirt-ct, on owncr‘s account.
Your (Manna, vat. ‘J. Arrivcd. ship
(icucral liutlcr. from San From-ism.
l’om' BLAKELY. Hcpt. it). Sailcd,l;ark
August Smith. for ('.ahlcra, (Yhili.
Scpt. 11. Hultul. schooner W. 11. Tim
nan, for San Francisco.
Qr'x-zass'rows. Supt. 11. Arrivmlon thc
ll'th, harks liadura. from Sun I"ranoisco,
\\ ostcru Bellc. from Portland, Oregon.
Pour Bmsmx. Supt. 8. ~ Sailcd. hurl;-
cntinc R. l\'. llam, for Han Fraiicisao.
IN Four. The ship Sumatra, L'aptain
[tn-la. arrivvd hcrc Thursday. and is dis
claiming ballast at. tho lnu‘rcl factory.
Sho \Vlll load ttcnton coal for San Fran
c.i.~co. l’osblntrlligcm-cr.
'l‘m-x British \var stcamcr Comushas
“our to San Francisco, tlu-rc to rcccivc
tllc Marquis of Lorne, (‘nnatln's (‘mvcr
nor (icncrzil. and tho Prince-as Louise-,1
his ‘.vifc. .
SAN l“lt.\.\'('Hl'.), Hcpt. 9 British sllipl
('clcatial l‘liupirc. 1737 tons, “la-at and!
incrclinndisoto Livcrpool dirt-ct; privatc.‘
l-‘rcnch lurk liioliio, 1m tons, \\tht to‘
('orlr.or lizc ('ozifim-nt l‘t't\\""‘l: ll u'da-uuxl
and linurc. ‘.L.‘ l!'.~. 1
l‘t'T l‘w‘K. A private telegram from
San Francisco states that the new bark
entine .\lakah. with a fullload of freight
for the Sound. sailed from San Francis.
co on the 7th inst.. and after pmceeding
some distance on her \‘HMlge was struck
by a squall. and had her topmast head
carried away. She put back. arriving at
San l"raucisco on the ltlth. where she is
now u d rgoing repairs. ile freight is
in perfect order. She will sail for the
h‘ound on or about the 15th inst. The
Makah is a new barkeutine. recently
1) nlt by Hall Bros., of Port Blakely. and
is partially owned by her commander.
Uapt. 'l‘hompson.
The Eliza Anderson was launched
from Mitchell's ways last evening. Her
repairs tlms far have consisted chietly in
a new copper bottom. Her upper Works
will now be torn away and new ones
built in their stead, including cabin,
ctc.- L'lu'onicle.
DR. Hear, the dentist. after a very
successful stay among us, is leaving again
for ot .er points. He advertises to be
here again about- tho 24th inst. All who
need dental work done will bear this in
(,‘oua'r is about ready to adjourn this
morning. The case of M. Fleming, for
escape, will go over till next term.
EPISUM'AL Clll'llt'll Sl‘ZlH'lt‘l-ZS:
St. l’aul‘s-ltilh Sunday after Trinity.
Morning service at 11 o‘clock.
Evening service at 7:30.
Sunday school at 2 P. M.
The Rev. J. B. ALEXANDER, M. A.
Residence, Mrs. E. H. Fowler.
11, "A..\[. After Supper"
(.‘ommunion Service at 11:45.
All the. Members of the Church are
urgently requested to attend. as the most
important business will be placed before
Sabbath School, 2:15, P. M.
Evening Service at 7 o‘clock.
The Congregation of the Presbyterian
t'hurch. are earnestly invited to be pres
ent in full force as the decision of the
members respecting the l’astorate for
the ensuing year will he placed before
them, and their sanction or disapproval
of their action, voted upon.
.\lE'ruoms’t‘ Ileiscoml. t‘lll’RmL
Services at the usual hours. morning
and evening. conducted by Rev. 5. H.
Todd, pastor, Sabbath School at 2:15 P. M.
7 '7 A rum.
Some frivmls called at the M. E. pnr
sonugo on Wollnesduy evening lust. nnd
brought with them tokens of regard for
its inmutoa. by way of umple supplier: for
tho lamb-r. We fully ttppl‘t‘t‘luit‘ snub
thoughtful kindnoss, :uul pruy that their
own basket and store may alii'xiy's be full.
and uccompuuicd with ull spiritual good.
8. H. Todd.
Port Townsend. Sept. 14, 1882.
Bum seed for sale at Lumnn &
Co's. *
A fine assortment of water casks. from
40 to 320 gallons. botk oak and spruce.
for sale clump. Apply at.
Rumsqmnn & Co.
Port Townsend. Sept. 1, 1882.
German bark Johan Ludwig
From Acupnlrn, .\lu-xlco.
Nuilher lllt‘ ('uptuln nor Ith nndnrxlguod Agents
wlllbor rn-npnns‘lble for (10-bu contracted by tho
cn-w of tho übm'u named wan-l.
11. LENZ. Muster.
lto’rllmltw 3: t‘o.. Aer-nu.
Port ’l'mvnmuul. Supt. 11. I‘M}.
Shlp Harvester.
From l’hllmlolphlu.
Nl‘lthc‘r tln- ('ltlllfllll nor tho- muh‘rslgnuzl Am‘nt'
“HI bu “upon-l lll‘ lor (Ir-bis ('Ullll'llt'lt‘tl by the
cn-w of thu übmo nunwl \wwl,
Z. ALLE N. .\lth-‘r.
lln'rnwnub .1“ (‘o.. AL’I'IIIF.
l‘ort TIflYHM'IIKI. 5.1:]. I'l. 1 3:3.
Steamer St. Paul.
l"R()."l ()l'N.\l..\Sß.\.
.\‘ollhr-r tlw ('uptnln nor tho umluzrulmml .\gvnts
of th.- ulmw ymmml w-ou-l u ill In» r-upoualbh- (or
(It‘IJIH cnntruvlr-d by tlw (IHIH‘I'i or r-ru-u.
.\I. ('. lIIISKINE,-.\lnstl‘r.
Rnllwrhlhl it (‘o. .\L'HIH. '
Port ’l‘vam-ml. .\lmust :m. INN.
Bnnsn Bk Earl of Blgin.
l «tor-«lmn-d um‘nu nt‘tbo übovo munmhus
m-l will In- rcqmuslblc l'or «lobta contracted I)
the olllcurn or ('I'I‘W.
J.\ .\I 169 MORRISON. Muster.
ILIIIH‘IIHI R, I‘o. .\-!mIH .
l‘ort 'l‘ounsvnd. W. T.. .\llguat 2H. IM‘J.
From .‘IUIIII‘VIIII‘II. l'iuunuy.
V EITHER THE t‘.\l"l‘.\lN NOR THE ('s'-
L «l-wimuwlnuvnhof III" ulnn'r- Inllnt'll \t-wi-l
wlll ho l't'v-[mlls‘llill' fur lll|bl~ l'.)!l'l‘nt‘h'ti by IIH‘
(rt-w. JUSI‘II'H 'l'. lll('lil|‘l. .\lu-h‘r.
ltn’ril-Arlmm .t ('.... .\vy-nu.
I'nrt 'l‘ownwml. W. 'l‘., .\u'rmt ‘.‘li. HRS.
British Shwmwr ’l'li’ll'Jll’H.
From Hoot: Kong. via Sun Frmmism.
Neither thc- captain nor tbs nmlvmigu
0d ngvnts of tho nbovv nnmml Vt'NSI‘I will
be reunmsibln for tlvbts ('nntruvh-«l by
the crow thorvof. W. H. (lot‘u). Muster.
Ro’rtm'mnn .t ('o., Agents.
Port 'l'ownm-ml. Aug. 7. IHFQ.
From Toma. t'hili.
_\' l-zl'l‘lll-ZR tlw t ':|l>luill nor tlu- nnrh-iwluu-l
.\m-HH In! tho ulun'v-nxum-‘l vr-m-l \\ ill lu- m
‘l nmihlt- t'oi' (h-hH HIIIII‘IH'IWI ll_\ IIII' mlln-H
Ol' l‘l‘\.'\V.
.I. I’.. ('IIIH~TI-L.‘-<ld\', .\l:t~h-r.
Rnth-blbl .( Hi. .\zvul-t
I'nrt 'l'ou'nse ml. July ZN, INH'J.
FRENCH [l.l HK ('.’)(t'l 'IJIim,
From Mm .low lir' Hruh'muin. \ l‘n \ l"‘t-l‘i‘l.
.\‘n-itlil-t' llll' l'ugilmu I. .i' Hm ‘.'y 'l-: 3;: -l
nut-nu \\i:l Iu- iv ~ln~u~l ‘u- Imm .mluwmm [-
r-Il ll_\‘ tlivulllnu ‘ will 1 {\‘W n. vl..- ..14- ~ v.| ..-
mlu-«vl. l'.l:\;.: :. 'l. ‘I:.
I'n'||~~ iiljcl th.. :I :.- i‘ .
I'Unl 'll'\\l|~l II A, ._‘ . 1... I .'.
A. LATIMER & 00..
Egg—2) \Vlmlt-suiv :ttiti lhetatil lu-ulut's‘in
Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines & Fancy Articles
Pain/5, 0175 an (:’ltlSs-Iz'urr;
Pure Wines ani Liqux: far Medial Use.
0rd”! Filled “m. lily-patch.
35‘3“ Prescriptions (furcl'uily Cmnlmulltitfil. “‘l." “r Night--11:
Under New Custom House Building. \vulvr .t ~ l’url 'l‘u\vi|~«-tttl. \V. 'l‘.
CV? Watch-maker and Jeweler 21:)
central Hotel Building Port Townsend, W. 1'
Dealer in Waitham, Eigin and Snringfieid Watches.
All kittth of 3/ \\‘mk sent frum
Watch, Clock andK/I Vii"; Ali runs 01 the solfxl).
Jewelry Repairing. '9 \“g
.Imnu in thc— NWR , “'ill receive
Best hlnnner, ' fl )3 'l3" .'~ Li. ', ,9
__AT_ \ng3, 5171037 Pasteur-r
Rusonublo prices V§\g>/f{‘a,l/ ATTENTION
r ~ SH! 0
fiOTH 0,, «,g I} _ (E. 00.,
Port Townsend,
Custom House Broker Ships Disbursed,
Goliah, Blakeley and Politkofsky.
[.’é’; Letters and Telegrams addressed tc our care will be prmnptiy acumen on
Port Townsend, W. T.
JUNE 1. issltt‘
Vessels ('onulwned to
From Valparaiso.
Neither the Cnnudn nor the undersigned
ant-mu will be respmu-lble for debts contruct
ed by the olllcers and crew of the above mun
ed vessel.
Wm. B. Pneumuuster.
Rothschild & (‘ll.. Agents.
Port Townsend. July (I. 1882.
‘ From Ctlllllo. Peru.
3 Neither the Captain or the nnderslgned
nmmts ot' the (dawn named vessel. Will be re
sponsible for debts contracted by the otlieers
‘ and crew thereof.
1!. u. Cram, Master.
Rothschild & Cm. agents.
: Port 'l‘ou nsend July ti. 188'}.
’ BRIG ’l'. W. LUCAS.
‘ I-‘rmn Guuymns.
‘ VEITIIER the (‘untniu nor the undersigned
‘ 1 Agents will be responsible tor uny debtx
‘ contracted by the oillcers or new or the above
numed vessel.
i (f. I“. lx'uosozn, Muster.
Ruthsvhlld & (”n.. uncut-l.
‘ Port Townsend. July 1. law.
l-‘rmn Numumo. 11. (3.
NEITHER thr- (‘untnin nor the undersigned
l Awntmot the übure nulned vessel will be
l'es-irmnsilde tur debts cmlil‘ucled by tllflt't‘l'rl or
crow. 11. J. (‘. 'l‘Ull, Muster.
ltotlm-hild & (21).. Agents.
l'm't 'l‘mvnseud. June. '.’6. 153-2.
French bk. Louls IX. ;
pm". Mullmurne. .\fistl‘ulin.
NEITHER Ilu- (‘npmm our the underelunedl
.\m-nts will be n-qmnnible for debts cuntrxwled
by the edit-ere uml crew 01' the ream-l above‘
nunwd. l-‘nAmrols Tluzon llL‘us. Muster.
lluth-whild .t. (70.. Ant-ms.
Port Townsend. June ‘27. Iss2. !
From lqulqne. Peru.
.\‘l-Il’l‘lll-le thet'nptnln her the undersigned
Agents will be resmnnlble tor dobtsmntrm-J
ted byotdeers or crrw nl’ thu nbnvu mum-d:
\‘c‘Hwi. .l. H. .\lrzlmnms, )huter.
llnthwhlltl .0 (‘O. fluent-4. i
Port Townsend. June '27. IMI. :
British bark Maimche. I
From i'i|l!:m. l’o-ru.
\Tl'jl'l'lll-Il: 'l‘llr; t‘Al'T \IN .\‘tlll ’l‘lll-I l'.\~
A derpmm-d urn-uh ur the ulmru mum-d \tw
-wI will be l'v-lwn-Ibie iur debtseuntmeted by
the ulllcm’w nrcrv“.
11. lx'mculul, .\lmtcr.
ll‘il‘lls‘t'llll.“ B'. (‘u.. .\m-nl-d.
l’urt TUWIHUH", June 1?. Lu}.
German Bk, Black Diamond.
l-‘rmn .\ngamiki. Julian.
\‘l'llTlH'll! the l‘uptuin nm‘ the lllrlv-ruzllt‘dl
l Axum-4 oi the above [mun-II \‘l‘dwi \\‘ill‘
I'l- reqmlulbie lnr Ih-blu'uulnu'H-Il b) the will-t
t'l'l'< ur crew.
In». h-n n, .\ln-‘tci'.
im’l'll‘t‘illl.“ .t I'u,. .\.:I-nlw. '
l'nl't 'l'nvum-n'l. .lum- F. I“: l
, - 1 ‘ 3'-
French Bimnl Pmiet.
Flu.“ u \szx .H.L«-. ‘u xu u.
NICITHI'LH 'l'lll-I‘ \l"l'.\l.\ \Hll ’l'llll [TV
u't-r‘iznwl .\th'lli" \\ 11l lu- nw.".lmtulr ll'i' an)
lit-DH runll'tlrtn'vl In liiu- t I‘.-\\.
Part ’l'nmnu-Irl, June I. l‘n'.
.\. \11.1.i x. .‘ih'u‘l'.
“wlll." MILD. at l'n. .\:|'Ill.
British {Jark Carmel.
l‘lli i.‘~l \'.\i i’.\ll.\l.~'l i. t'lil|.!
\'l'H‘i~l 'iw ‘.i'l' .va nu. ill: I ~?,
I \l“:Hult‘.u.x‘ liml . . «
y‘u-v‘H-lml-I. :‘ I - I
.u'i'l ‘.\. \ l \‘ - \ l ,v. .
lltl'l'li'Liii‘r." -
British Bk. Star of Peace.
NEITHER the Unptinn nor the nndemignml
”gents. will be responsible for debts contrac
ted hf the officers or crew of the nbove nnrned
l vmsv . H B l-‘qucrs, Muster.
‘ ilU'l‘llSClllLD & (10., agents.
Barque John Woreter. V
Velther the captain nm‘ the undersigned
4/ agent: will be reemnsilrle tot-debts cen
‘ tmcted by the new or the throw named ve»
[eel F A HOUUHTUN. Muster
; Rothschild a: CO. Agents
5 Ship Majestic.
l wither the captain or the undersigned
lugentn will he reumnnihle for debts mu
i intctctl by the crew at the above named vu
lwl J A llA'l‘l-‘li-ZLIJ, Muller.
litothu-hlld .h (.'O, Agents
r I-‘lrmt HONOLULU
: Neither the iluptntn nor the nntieratgned
{agents will be I'uslmnuible t'ur tiebts mu
-3 trnctwl by the ottlcors or crew of the above
i named vessel.
I llotlmchild & Co..tu.rcnte.
l _____—______J_____.___—._—--..
! British Bark Birchgrove,
5 Filo)! Sl'l).\ l-:\' N. S. WALES.
: N EITHER the Cuphun nnrtlre l'ntlerslmml
, Ammtnnt' thenbm'e numeil vessel will be re
lswnslble t‘er debts i-ontmt-ted by tin- elm-em
‘or ('l't'W. J. B. I-‘iuNLiN‘. Muster.
l NUTIHCIHLD .t ca. .\gr-nts.
I .
| French Bark Prrsrrrr.
Neither the i'npinln or the undersigned
Inge-n!» will be resmnxtble tnr (lelnvaeentnu-tt-Il
by the otlicenr or crew or the übove uurne-l
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Am. Bark Charles B- Kenney.
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