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Puget Sound Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1882-1883, October 27, 1882, Image 8

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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out of Moshe. lln- l’v ‘ i- ci:.tu' iiul :itnv
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2.421417 1:15.11: i"l'(lllt'i‘-l'lt. has : 11l 1 :“i l'”
min ll“1|ll'l"i_‘~' 11l umrly l!” purist-l the
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in 1 ill l. n' -.‘ 'ml of 1:4 111 'liilirl‘n‘ liftl"
'i)\\'i'\'t“l'itlll‘l \'l|ll|‘ll“|' iu ("ulmill'u :zuil
Were urrealwd lo [lll‘Vt‘lli :1 Hot.
Th.) lh-niin‘rlli‘y of Kim; i‘imlii)’. him
uoiiiiii.ilul l'uos. lilll‘lii‘. lor lh-iegule to
(‘nngn‘oy The party evidently have a
grudge against llurke. uud wuut lulu
:iolilu'nllv .li-uil before he gets too firm“
.i hold on them. They him- adopted the
Hill‘z'nl.L'Xlt‘l'lnllliltui‘ ilthillltl. outside of
.l shotgun. ll’im’ilug/lonian.
The rec 'ut mortiug of the Territorial
Mediciul Society was u very eueouriigiu:
one. Sea‘llo was sr-li-i'leilun‘ the Move
for the meeting next June. and further
voiuplim -uted by having three of her
['ll)'.‘it'llill.‘i elected to the three highest
olliees. Dr. R. \\’. \\'illiurd, President:
Dr. C. 11. Merrick. Secretary. and Dr. U.
A. Wood. 'l‘rensurer.
United States stamped envelope will
be sold to the public alter Jauuury lirst,
[88.5. at a reduced rate of ten per cent.
on “I! present prices. The l’ostollice
Department husulso arranged to print
speemlraiturn request notices upon eu
velopes without additional charge, when
ordered in quantities of live hundred or
more General lluzeu states a fact not
generally known. that stamped euvel«
apes when spoiled through misdirection
orother causes. can be exchanged for
pastagc stamps of the same denomiun. l
tion «It the nearest pout ollices.
“Upon inquiry of the United States
Engineer, Captain Charles F. Powell.
in charge of the improvement of the
Columbia River. he informed us that
fishing on the bar. below Sand Island
was first practiced extensively in 1879.
Its elTects at once became apparent. In
1879 the depth of water in the principal
channel was 23 feet; in 1880 it had de
creased to 21 feet; in 1882 to 20 feet. and
at prensent itis only 19 feet. During
the season of 1882 there were from 500 to
700 boats fishing upon the Bar. and fears
are entertained that the channel may be
entirely closed ita stop is not put to
this practice."
The proposition of overflowing the
great Sahara Desert by letting in upon it
the waters of the ocean is. for several
acsons deemed im racticablc. The
French. however, are doing the next best
thing to reclaim it. They are boring
artesian wells along its northern border
which. it is said. have already reached
the number of 150 in the Constantine
province alone, and the work is advanc
log into the interior. In a few years.
with these adjuncts, a journey will be
made across the desert with but few of
the risksot life which have heretofore
attended it. and to the great advantage
otosravnn trade. It is noted as a curi
ous ‘mnomenon in sinking the wells.
that 'ng fish and crabs are brought up
where water is struck
The Poor: SOUND Anoos.lpiibliSliod
b Hon. Allen Wier at Port ownsend.
\i. T., is a valued exchange. Its col
umns are clean and its tone good. In
dependent. outspoken and progressive.
it; utterances a ways command the re-
Ipect of even those who disagree with its
opinions and conclusions. It is never
swerved by popular opinion from the
course it deems right. Of course it ta
vors Women Snfl'rs . The mem
was established in $537]. but the DAILY
has been published a short time only.
However, it shows marked evidence of
vitality. This notice is introductory to
an advertisement that appears on our
fifth page. and it gives us pleasure to
to compliment so fearless apaper. ‘Port—
land New Northwest.
anmnpnm‘ Oct. 23.—The Univer
sal Peace Union and the Pennsylvania
Peace Society held commemoration scr
vieee at Franklin Institute this morning
in honor of the landing of William
Penn. and the founding of the Common
wealth of Pennsylvania. The meeting
was presided over by Mayor King. The
opening prayer was ofl'ored by the Rev.
Jae. Spears, who invoked the Divine
bleasing on the Peace Society and its ud
vooates. Letters of regret were received
from DeLessepe. Herbert Spencer, S. (l
Lav. the President of the Seneca nation
of New York Indians, and others.
Wasnmorox. Oct. 21—J1‘ho President
appointed Thos. H. Cnntiolil of Minne
sota. John S. Pillsbury of Minnesota.
and Waterman Smith. of New Hump
shire. to report on fifty additional miles
of the Northern Pacific Railroad.
Pelermn's Magazine: «We hrvo before
us the November number of this Wc-il
knnwn favorite of the indios‘ monthlios.
and find it full of useful and interesting
matter: a bountiful steel-engraving, ml
omd pattern fora sidclmnrd-clnth. imme
lous illustrations of fashions. embroidery
patternamtc, and stories that urn Im.
muilly good. Undonbtly. "rum-mu"
is nut only the host. hut Hm (‘i'mllu‘fit
m-iuazino of its kind. being hm 82 u yew
tn Jingle subscribers. ’l‘u (‘llllN it is
ch v. ‘ "I' still. with grent imlmwm-nis t!)
time getting up clubs. I-Iwry Indy
phouln take this magazine. an i 4 Hm
‘. '-, ‘ I thwriho. A'Llrv-xq '61!“ J. I’m-
Ir-mu" 306 (.Yhesnnt Strvvt. l’hilzuirlphin,
i'u. Srmimons are sent, gram, to get
up club-4 with.
.~\ \\’nu.“ h‘rum ul’ 'nn-z .\l.u;\ns.-
'l'iu~.~lv:mh~l' “i‘lh‘th‘ll :xrrihul _\‘v~‘tor:l:l_\'
:fmm .\.-uh H2l). bringing Capt. ('hurh-s
|\\nllnu'.lhlgv nml l‘unnly. (‘.lpt.\\il
‘Eluuguhy infunm lh llmt lust :s'munlny.
‘th. Lil. thv .\"o-ult Buy Imlinns di.~«-«m-r
--[ml lhn Inuly nf an runrmuns \\'lxulo Hum
‘ in: war \\'uml‘la lslnmtululu ”(1,-th
. tum-u ». putwti'ln [|l|l':~1lllnliltl‘olul'l‘l‘. (tn
Itouring the n-on'u“ thr} t‘otttnl it sur
l! undo ll l~_\' urq-at ntnnlmhol enormous
Ilu-nwltutlm. lll'lll '_'.‘i to litl t'- at long, \\ho
l \\l'l!‘ Lox-gnu: lit!‘l|t.~l'.\('~. \Hlit blululu-r,
':.:tl \vr} MH'EIL". . apt. \\'illoug'hln's
iwn. Olin-r. “as in om- of the ennui-s to
imw the fun. .\ shark mane rushing at
illu- vanoe atul as he turned to take a lnitv
int. it. Htll‘ ot‘ the Indiana "Hilly lialt'h."
ilirml a pistol into it- uln‘ll month killing
! it in ~tzi..t|}‘. Another-big shark rosenntlvr
tlu- eanm. \\'llll'll fritrhtenml .\lasterUllie
so that ho jumped on the \\'hulv's bat‘k
’ t‘roin \vln‘nee the In.li tIH rest-nml bun
with hi-i clothes saturated and ruined
[with tho minking gurry of tho blasted
:whale. The Indians succeeding in tow
ling theeart-as-t into Sail Rot-k rivmua
‘ little creek tWo lllllt'rt east of Noah Bay.
where the head grounded in twenty feet
of water. but a portion of the hotly and
tail were exp isel at low tide on the
Ik‘ut'll. and the blublwr taken olt‘ by the
Indians. who are having: a regular jollili
cation over their feast of fat things.
Capt. \\'illouizhby thinks the whale is a
sperm whale. a 4 the Indians say it is
(litl‘orent from the Whales usually even
about Capo Flatter): It: has a Purge
square bead, and measures sweaty feet
long. Judge Swan will endeavor to se
cure the skeleton of the head for the U.
5. National Museum. It is probable
that the whale was killel by the "Or on
Ater," or whale killer. or “black gram
pus.”-which abound in Fuca Straits at
present. and have killed numbers of
whale of the “California Grey" variety,
which have been found and utilized by
Indians of Vancouver Island. Mr. Geo.
Draper, first assistant keeper of the Cape
Flattery light house. who came to town
last week. informs us that whales have
been unusually plenty this season 011' the
entrance of Fuea Strait, but the Mukahs
have become so demoralized with their
success the past few years killing fur
seals. that they completly gave up their
whaling, for which they. as a tribe, were
preeminent among the coast Indians.
Perhaps this blasted sperm whale will
indlce them to get out their ancient
whale gear and again try their skitl in
capturing the great fish whose ancestor
is said to have sheltered the Prophet
Jonah in its capacious belly.
O .-
Democratlc Ticket.
For Delegate ln Conerena:
For Brigadier General:
For Adjutant ‘ enerul:
I-‘or Quartemnwter General:
For Commissary General:
W. A. \VASH.
For Prosecuting Attorney-4H J ndicial Dlvtrlct:
Joint (Mancunian for (.‘lnlmn. Jott‘urron. Mason:
nml Sin .lu-m:
Joint Hopi-own: lttv» h- Gail i-n, Ya'fmon and
‘ .tl VT]:
For .~r:
For County (feminist-toners:
I’m Probate Jude":
For Sherltl':
For Treasurer: a
For Superintendent of School“
For Coroner:
For Surveyor:
For er-ekmantnr:
Juntlces of the Peace. Port Townsend Precinct.
For Constabie:
A I 3 TI S 'I'I U
. It is the universal opinion that
. ~
HA S T I a G S
i Makes the tine-at Photographs in
l. I‘ort 'l'tm'naend.
.\l. ‘fl. ‘l' In.‘ .t' H.’. ‘m‘. it}: ‘nnl I". .\.-”3‘.
\\.. !| -|;,I).1
l)|:\‘ '1 .1 [is 11m HM. 'l'lli; I ..~ I-IIMZIHI.
Lb”! Hum. ‘nm. ». 1| ‘ m 1 . w. 1'1u..7'
n.“ V...h.‘, Inn.“ Imw 1..;‘ U~, :. ll II- -- v.l
ll'-'_->II"[|II‘I1|!,V'I nw.. l|11|1)|,-_
ll‘y‘r m-m' u; I'm - ~ “..I-11‘- ‘ Mr.
.mu. - r" -Ir.'.» .. ‘.- ,‘ .\-II
p. H ‘ N.“ . .1 --1.: , ‘_ .. H. .\ ‘3»
' ~l‘- l. -l \\ . - nw.. l '. « ~ n..-l J 1
I. I-l‘l-t ...v 41- 3‘. L. -‘K ~: .t -. m 11':
"’)“'l‘ X 1
lIOb J. -1., 1- 4,
Purl TURN-n ml. \\'. 'l'.
Th :Jnm- inn" ..7 r hull. ' lm-n Ivlmwlnn :I
1.. nunzum: n..; I.” - Hm I x m-cl M:l'n-~ |m--|ul;||
In; 1:. mm In ..-x l‘xhn humul, .h‘ lyllvl/l‘.n"h[‘
lukw [lnn .H:- U .ml ”Hm“; hm LUl‘ullv‘ ‘H'“..‘
[H Um \\lu III‘ ~;u u. u m m o- .|; ‘ lu \ln- Urmflul
.Ihllnrl.\ ‘l. -'|. w w. p n.‘ -]1.... IL‘.
'l’An - I!;.- . \u'll' Hmihlill LUl'Hl o."
.\.u- I-'.... Ham .1) .1 .-_. |5 Iu- tum. u lllinl'u‘ m
wuupmvnt. I: up lam. .hn-.n.z-_h._. r Inu'll nml
Iv'sll“..‘||l'l‘ I ~ _-‘I .1 a \\:l.ll~ luu- d unummh
1.h.|~ m. mulls. t ‘.~ humhu I! lJ'J‘is-P. :anl 'm' [m
(mum, Mann-(l 'n‘ Inn - "‘1 -‘ I: All" lmM um -
In .:--\ nu . 1,1. Al u I. .n.. .‘xr'Al‘Jnlfl'l! mum-ll
min-nw. ’iumu \.|.~. . -~~. v-llu mumh- I'mm-hwl
\'-..h [v nu -~ Mm v-mw \su-yulmvnml[liquid
u as uh :uh! Ln...“ l --I.
.5""Hm... lu‘n'lnhi m nl~u\\.h".’~.:ll1ll!l||~“ill‘
luv-mu h mvplnm . n .4 mi mlhv u. l |ll:.| M‘u
|l||'|| ‘m.t'fnl.. lulu I|" .....mn dnvuw‘ \\Hl lu
ln-ua-u mum”! 11.-- Ii spun: “.Imunrnnwnv to
UN Muscl-
THUS. 'l'. MINOR. M. 1).,
:lil-tf Managing Sung-nu.
l'. 5. I.A.\l)Ui’i‘lt a .n' ()L\‘nr|.\,\\’.'l‘..9_
m-ph-unm‘ I'J. lint. y
Nolim ii hon-by gin-n alml Junx |.l‘l‘l'n.l>;u.l~‘
111 ml lmnw UK Inmulluu .u llmm‘ Imm [mun lu-hm-
Hu' JmLU, or In Inn ulnuuu'. llh‘ (‘m'k 111 III" I'm
|y.m~ l‘mm. M In: (Mum In Full“) liurluu'. \\'. 'l‘..
nu ’l'hm’sduy. Hm ‘.'.l tl.._\' of .\m-~m|n-r. .\. I’. “\\J.
on llt-llh'Ml'Ml umnluulull No. 2.2“. fur lln‘ Ink 1,
.~ «- qr of nc: qr. mmlum »|. nml 1m 1 (H mm [in]: :s,
um n~h||i .45. um! a h qr n! .-. w qr nucl‘mn :n, Loun
amp 505 mum. mm" :1 nml.
lh- mum-n m \\'um-w-s: hum: Summllh. of
HUI'II” l|.u'tmr|'. 0., lwlml'l “In-y. Mull] WWI”
and me-uu- \\‘llch. u“ of l-‘nduy ltml)ur,>‘un
Juan ‘ nuuly. \\'. 'l‘.
:izz-Iw Julm 1“. Human livgl~lor.
[.5 LAND Uprn'r; n Umm-n, “212. [
Srpu-Inlu-r 11!, 153‘; 9
Nulim In horuhy giwn Illul .\nmsux (30:4ng
hus Ilh-d Ime of Inn-mum an Inan I‘uml plum"
lwmm tho Jutlgo'. ur In In: übm-nw. Iln- (‘n-nk ul’
lln- l'miml» t'nurl, nl hu- ullhu. In Fudzly llurlmr,
W. 'l'.. on ’I hlundu). Ihr 2d dug. (It Mm-Inlwr. .\.D.
1551:, on noun-«rad uppumuun .\u. I.2m}. Inr lhu
n \\' qr ul n «- qr nml u n 1 M n v qr MN'lllm :H and
nw qrul’n \\' qr section 3.3, unnmhlp 3:: north.
l‘ulnga i) \\l‘hl-
Mu nnnnm 1m “Jun-mm: R. H. Frazer. l). W.
()uLl'a. L has. .\lrhuy and 'l‘. J. \\’wnos. ml of Sun
J unn, Sun Jun cmnuy, \\'. ’l‘.
:53-4w Joux l~‘. (inwrzr. Rogisu-r.
U. 5. LAND Urncr. AT mum. “212.0.
N-plumher I‘J. IHs‘.) 9
Notice ls hun'hy gh‘on Ihul \\'nJJu: tuna nun
film! unlit-e of burnt! m to uuxku llnnl pm of butan
the J udgc. or In his nun-nw. lin- t'io-rk of ”w I‘m
lmtu Court. In hi: unite, in indny Ha ‘mr. \\'. ’l‘..
on 'l'humluy. that M day ul‘ NOH'IHIWI‘. A. I). 1&2.
on hunn-atmnl npplicullou Nu. 21:4. fur lhu loln I.
11. 1'3.” 01' auction '3” nml In! land 3 w qr of nw qr
or wclmn :L'u, mwnchp :m norm. num- 1 mm.
Ila name: us “inn-nest: lsnncSumlwilh. Rich
nrd Murr. Charles Hawklnu. C. U. French. nll u!
Rm-hu Harbor I’. 0., Sun Juan cnunty. W. ’l'.
:isz Junx l". h‘nwav. [('.-girl”.
U. 8. LAND Drum: n ()mm'u. w. 'l‘. I -
Svlpunnbvr 19. PM. 9'
Notion In thre!»)’ vlwn l nut Damn. \\'. (Lumen
has film! notice of [fun-Minn In nmlm flnnl proof
Ln-foru lhu Jnduv. or in his aluonrv. tho (.‘lu-rk of
the Probate Court. nt his nflhtr. In Frldny llnrlmr,
W. T., on 'l'hnmluy thu 2d day of Now-mlmr, .\.l).
1382. on bmnush-mi npplicnlmn No. 1247-8. fur lb:-
0 Inf 0! n w ( r. H w qr n! n 0 qr nml n w «no! u u qr
of section 3’, lowln-Mp :13: north. rnngn :i went.
Ila Imnws us Winn-sues: R. H. k‘rnzor, Addison
Connnz, l'n-uar Nulnun nml Ruin-rt th, n.. all of
Sun Jnun. Sun Jnnn county. W. ’l‘.
H'blw Jonu 1“. How". Register.
Notce oi App icaton h Purchase Timber
Usi't‘ltnt‘TA'n-zs DISTRICT LAM) ()FFN'F. i
OLYMPIA. \VASIIIMJTON ’l‘l-nuu'rouv. 5
Satire is hora-1w given thnt, in compliance
with the Jn'ovisions of tho- Al'l ott‘onun-u
approved une :t. iB7B, a .tith-d "An Act for
the auto ot’ Timber l.muls in ”14- Sum-s or ('m
iforniu. UI‘I'KUII' .\‘evwin anti Wushinxton 'i‘t-r
rltory." Jun.» 1-). iimwuwAv. oi Hulnm
County, Washington ’l'crritorv. huh this UR)’
flicti in this oiiicu his application to pnrchnsu
the n. ht’. 01' he. qr. ot M'L‘Huil No. '2B. and n.
hf.ot' nw. qr. of section .\"o 27. In towmhip
No. 1“ not-uh, magm- Nu. 11 west of the Wilium
otte Mcrhiiun.
An¥ umi nil pc-rmns vinhninn adversely the
Itiitl t ascribed lnmi, or any portion thereof.
are hereby retillil't‘ti to tilt! theirclnilns in liiiH
oitiuo wthin s xty (tilt) thus Irmn tinto ho l‘t‘fli.
(.‘in-n under my hnnd. nt my Mitt-e, in Ulymu
piu, W. 'l‘.. this Nth tiuf' oi Anunat. .\. l).
lUN'I. Jul N l". tinWl-n'.
'lmlow Register of the inuni ()ttice.
Untied States Dtutnct Land Office,
Olymptu, Washington 'l'urrttory.
Nntu-n is hereby givrn that, in mnmiinnro
with tho hl‘tn'iait‘nn m thr Art ot'Conut-rm tttr
pron-ti June 3. lain. t-ntitiwl “An Art tor the
Silk: of Timber lunch in tin- Stutm or L'uiitor
nitt. Umuun, .\‘ewmiu nml \\'ttultinztmt 'l‘rt't‘i
tot-y." JAM” Smut. of .h-trrrmm L'nnnt)‘.
Washington ’l’crritnry in“ thh Llil)‘ tied in tins
ofticu hisnperntiuu m purchase the lot i 01
section ii. and so. qr. nfsu. qr. 0t flocitnn :httni
nu. qr. of nu. qr. m" net-tion .\u. it). in township
No. 2.1 north. range No. 2 west of the Willam
otw Mrridiun.
Any and nil persons claiming mlversniy the
mid dcscrtiml Luna. or nui' portion that-«hf.
um het'cbh’ retl‘uiruti to tile l ii'll' rtuims in tins
m'ticu wit m n my (limtlttys fl'uthJutu hurt-or.
tiivcn under my humi. at my unite. in Ul) In.
Tin. W. 'l‘.,titts liJill tluy m Anguut. A. 1).
552. JullN l-‘. uuWi-zl‘.
28m”! Kruistcr o! the Land Office
Urn-w Sn" Dm'mcr Luv Orncu.
Ulympin, Washington Territory.
Notice in horoby Fi-mn that, in compliant» with
tho provlnionn of in; Act. of (Ton-fire" approved
Juno 3. Im. enlilmd "An Act for l 0 min 0! Tim
ber Lillidl in the Simon 0! California. Urugon. No
Vndn and Wnuhlnumn Territory.“ Euwm (1. Ann.
ofKilnup County. Washington Tun-ritory. him this
day filed in thin (mica his uppilcuiiun to pun-ham
the I. 54. of aw. 3. of Ice. lb and n. s’. of nw. 3., of
section No. 21 (15 and 2:2). in lowmhip N 0.25
30ml. rungs No.l went. oi’ the Willamette Meri
An¥ and All ‘remm claiming Advmoiy tho nid
(inner bed Lnn . or my rorlion Ihuruof. urn hereby
raquln-d lo the their c aims in thiuoflico within
nixty um (hiya from data hormf.
hiVUll undvr lliV hand. 11. my oiiicu. in Olympia.
w.'l‘.. um gum day of Auguu. A. n. Im.
.iuiiN F. (BUWEY.
29:10w Register of 1h» Land Unit-o.
Uunw Sn‘m Dumm- an Orrwl. i
Olympia. Washington Tarrilory. g'
Notice in hureb'v given that. In compliance with.
tho prmisimm o in) Act. of (Mufti-nu upprmml
Jnnn :i. 1373. Mlllllnd "An Act for t m min 0 Tim
lmr anh in tho Hinton of California, (Dragon. No
vnda nml Wilmington 'i‘urrilnry.“ Wumzn i’. Sax
lllihnN. of Kllmp Coumy. \\'uhingmn Territory.
has tins day til-«i in this chic» his nppiicntion M
purchnm the a. V, of n. V. of suction .\‘o. '.".i. in
township No. 'lB north. rung» .\‘o. iwent of tho
\\'iiinmeuy .iinriliinn. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Any mu! nll Pursuing chumlnz mlvorm‘ly tho nhl
den run-d Lam , or any portluu lhnreof, nro Ineruhy
mqnlrml m nh- lhulr clnlmn In thln omue wlthln
um um day: from dun, lmrmf.
(Hum undur mv hand. at my am“. In ()lympln,
w. 'l‘.. m- wm day or Auuuu. A. I). we.
JOHN F. nowm
”210' lung-1m: of tho Land Ohm.
I'sII‘IuII STATE" 111-'rlllc'l' l:.\\l| I)I-'I'I-'I:. I
HI)ITI|II.I, \I;I~II1:.:mI. ’I- .I. 111-31$
_\'.v:i.~- 'I- II"H'|II LI\I'XI ll:.I!. 111 IHllll'llJHl .. 111111
15.» I' ”.3 .1.-- .\II (IA ‘l‘l‘_llW‘ Imuuu .1
.I II- .I. t“.R,I-IIHV‘-i ",\I :\I In I!" . n- 1,. 'I'III
II n l..‘l.|‘lnllwsl‘."“‘ll"uul"lll~|."||'."'“, .\l"
\.I'I ~I II ~ I. “I“. I 'l.- .. 'I’IIIHA‘ XII-I.
II .1! h: .... |.. MIL \\ :‘II I In. 'l'wu ‘l}-
I [H I: A 1..-n I'. N. I II.:. ~- I. ~..1-;I.II..IIIIII 111
I ml. w -ll" I I '_- m' \\‘. 'l . .Ix. I. u. r.-, '4 «11'
...I ;. _\.., '..'. in I‘.l ‘h I. .\u. 2“ l."I"I. l:|l|_‘l‘
.\. . I 1.. 111 M \‘II 11. .- .\I». ' .'I.
.‘.I -.. ILLI [‘-I""| -I .I I; II I- ”MEI ”I" ~.I'III
Ilv I i L... LU! 1-. 3 l‘” .mII ilu |"'II. :. w 1.-~1.-.-_'.
'1‘!“ .-.; v- ll ‘- .In I. I ‘I .11~ 111 ..I ~ n-IIIIv \\HhIII
~I:..I I- ...I.‘InIIIILu-qu‘.
I .Iw, map HI:- I: ml. ;; III) . MW. in III;.'I.IpiII.
\3 , 'l‘. .111- '.'. II 11.._\ ... .\. - I. U. l“ :.
.IIIIIA 'r'. I.ll\\l‘.\’.
‘.'.|:l-'\'. |:-'-_.—u I m ”1“ LIME UII'IIIJ.
I'M'l'lm \‘l‘l'l‘.,~ ln~rnu 1' Lu.“ “l"t'll‘fi. I_
(L; lll]>i.l. \\ .Ile.'.l;!nl| 'l'l-I'l'ilwryJ
Xv!!!“ i‘ ln-n-lny LLHI'II Ithl. in mlllpJqu-v uilh
lln- Inn-“ Mum nI lln- .\«l “1' I'n:.~,:II-.~-A IIIIIII'uu-Il
.II::.-I::. I“I".11‘IIIHI‘11".\I| .\I'I l'ul' Ilu- Filll' ui 'I‘IIII-
In“: Lumin 111 «hr Nah-~01" (‘uIint'IIIILUI‘I'flIII. Nu.
\II'L‘I iIIIII \\II~|IIII::IIII 'I'I-rxilmj -I.U'I-.~ 11. MK II
ILII. ul‘ Kil-.lp \‘mIIIII. \\':l II II Llllll 'l'vl‘r‘lull, hm
1111~ Il.I)' I'lmll 111 I'Lr viii-u PII~ up.» u ;I.IH'I In [Mll-
I'll.lr~'- lll!‘ O'l':l>l'>~'.‘|lrrNT. “3:. .11.1 l \I. ’_~ 111 .-11.
I,‘ III' M'llillll .\‘u. -.‘.'., in Inllll~hip Nu. ".21 l‘.l?l'|ll.
mute .\u. I \\l‘.~l ni' III" \\'l.‘.:l'.ll.-I'..- .\lv-‘ul :111.
:\|I.\'I:IHI :IH lu-I-IIIH 1 him I :.111-- my lllI'NHId
Ila-I I‘llm'tl l.:~.I.Il. ul‘ uhy pm' Inn Illv'l-nl'. .‘HI' hum-h)-
qunil-vd In “I" ”Mr I.u' 11~ in mm «mm» \\HIIIII
.~l.\ly It‘m 11. y~ fruIII Iluw ln-I'mr.
‘IHI‘ZI lllJll'l‘ In} iIIIIIII- :I; mg. nml-u». ill('l)‘n’[lil|.
W. 'l‘.. lhi- 26111 (my bf .\HJI‘I. .\. l'. l“-‘.'.
.IUHN |-'. mm BY.
minim-3 111-gm" or III.» l.uml (mice.
L‘M'ruu Suns DHTRH'T LAND (Irruva. I_
()Iympiu, Wuuhinmun ’l‘l-rrltury. I
.\‘mlve 'IN lmroxhy ufiwn mm. in chIIIHuIII-I: with
llm 111-mislous m’ IIIn Act of ('onzzl'l-m approved
JIIIII-zz. Ih‘ii. I-IIIIIIMI ".\II At! [or llw units at Thu
bur Llll‘d!‘ in 1111- Sum: of I‘ullfm'nlu. Umuon, No
vurlu :1111l \\'uehlugmn 'rt'l'l‘llhl'y." I). w. SMITH. 0!
nlt‘ut'l'l-011 I'muny. \\'llnllillqull ’l‘errllory. has this
duy Illn-Il in NH! uIIIw lIIx llll‘llil'nlioll In llllrl'llual
lhu \\'. '1"! NV. '4 we. 20. )Il'| Ilm M'. ,‘4 of Hm w,
u u! n-u. I'J. :Iml Iho ltl'. ‘. (I! III‘. to»! rel-tin" .\‘n.
:10. 111 IIIIIIIMI'II) N 0.31 nun-111. range No. ll \l'm-I of
tho WII‘IIIIIII-Iw Ml‘l‘idlull.
.\ny and III! Yon-nun ('IIIIIII'IIII: mlvorm-ly the mid
dam-Hm! Lulu . or l|l|_\' porno" 1111-I'euf. :ll'u hervhy
n-quin-Il In llle lllu-h' I'IHIIHH in this office within
Amy «in day:- frIIIII dale llt'l'l‘Of.
UHI'H 11111.~-r luv huml. 111 my ufih-n. In ()lympla.
W. 'l‘.. Illls 23m duy u! Augusl. A. l). IRS-.3.
21hlUw Hammer 0! 11111 1.111. d (Hm-11.
L'Nn‘tu STATE: DtsTlur'r LAND Urrlcn. t_
Uiytnpin. \\'vhingmn 'i‘erritury. i
Notiw in hon-ivy uiwn that, in t-ntnpiiutzte with
liu- prm‘iaitmn ui' lim Act (I! ('ouurms upprnwtl
Junu :i. i-‘WN. untitlmi "All .\rt for tlw min of 'l‘iln
her Lands in the Nntvn of t'uiii‘m'nitt. Uri-gnu. .\‘r
vutlu umi \\'mhinglnn ’l‘n-intmy." \\'lH [AN I.lmm.
of King county. \\'uv-ltingtun ’i‘c-rritury. hm: this
tiny iii-:d in this utiin- Iliu uppiirntion to pun-haw
limu. L. M n. \\'. L 4 and 11. \\. I,‘ m‘ u. w h of nor.
Ni). ii. nml it. u. L, of 91.". ‘. of MH'. NO. 10. in lp.
NH. '4" n.. 1-. No. '3 w. of thn \\v'illulnu-ttu mmhiinn.
Ally nml nii pm'snns clu'ttuilig miwrwty tin" nuiti
(insulin-d iumi. or any plll‘lii)“ lhvn-nf. nrol tummy
ruqutrmi to flip tln-ir chum-o ill thin oliiwwithin
sixty vim titty! irmn (init‘ iu‘rc-nf.
Uih'h uminr my hand. nt my unit-o. in Olympia.
W. ’i‘.. this i‘Jthduy or.\n|.n~t.l\. I). 15.42.
29mm Rvgiflvl' ui‘ thu Land ()flim.
United States District Land Office,
()iympm. \i. 'l‘.
Notion is hon-by gin-u (hm. in t-nmpiluncu with
tho, provisiutwof tho Ar! uf (‘nnurew uppmwui
Jun-1 3. 1573 i. I'nliiii'd ".\u Art fur illl'Filil'l|(Tilli
lmr Lulnh in liu- Stun-s of CANNON-ill. Urn-,gun. Sn
vutlat “lid Wnuhinpluu ’i‘v-rrttury." (Hm-n..}: \\'.
“WILL". uf Kitmp (tunnty, \\’unhington Territory.
hm! this day liiui in this uiiiw hi-A uppilrulion to
pun-hunt» til» 9*. '3 of N. E. l, and N. I, n! S. E. l.
of Sw-titm Nu. iii. in 'l'mvtn-htp No. in north.
rnngc- .\"n. '3 mm of tin» \\'iiiutm-ltu .\ieridtuu.
.\ny and all pormm t‘iuitning miwrreiy tho mid
tiem‘yiim-i iuuti. nruuy ||l:i‘|ioll ihrt'vni‘. an. hurt-by
ruquin-titn ttlu tin-h- t-Inimu in this office within
Mxty (03h) tinyn irmn dtm- iu-rwof.
(:mrn umior li|\' hand. at my omm. in Olympia,
\\'. 'i‘.. this iiilh [lily of Srph-min-r, A. 1).. lhhu.
JOHN F Gown,
l'srrxn Srnrzs lnnmr'r Ln” ()l-‘rn'x, ;_
Olympia. Washinziun 'i'vrrilnry. i
Notin‘ ls in-n-hy qiwn liml. in mmpliunn- with
In» prnvidnnu of iho Act of Cum'rwn uppmwd
Jun» 3|. INTN. I‘liliHVd " :‘ll Mt inr ihu- .\mlu of Tim
her Luudu In thi- Sluim or (‘nnfmnhh Uri-gun. .\‘r
mdn nml Vlm-himzlnn 'l‘mritory. ‘ Janus ()‘Ni:n..
of Kin-up t-mxnly. \\'uv‘hingtun Territory. huu lhha
duy iiimi in mi: nfliu- his uppiiculion to’purchum
the lot 4 and n u- qr n! n wlr and w M n n e ?r 0!
auction .\‘o. 7. in Inwmhip In. ‘43 n,r i was! 0 the
Vliliunmih- meridian.
Any umi nil person» claiming udvorneiy tho Mid
dourrlhwl iund. or any purliuu llwruoi. urn hemhy
n-quln-d m m» Ihn-ir ciuilnuin thin omm within
uixtf' [oso] day» from dnla hvreuf.
H van undvr “13' hand. ui my office. in Oivmpia,
W. T., thin liith uy of September. A. I). 1882.
Juli! i". (iomzv.
32-10 w Regina-r of the Land Office.
[lnn-w STA-m Dm-uu-r LAND Orllt‘t. '.
Ulrxnpln. Washlngmn 'l‘urrllury. l
Nollco ln hnn' 1y lzxven that. In mmpllnnm wlth
the provlulmm of tho Act of (‘ouumn nppmvad
Juno 3, 1873. manual “ An not for the; rule of Tim
her Lana: in the 81mm of (‘ulifnrnlm Oregon. N 1»
vmlu nml Wurhlngtnn 'l'Prrilory," .lutm Wumz.
of Klluup mumy. Wuflhlnmnn ’l‘mrilnrv. hull lhla
duy filed ln this onlm his upßHt'lu'un tu purchnue
the awqrof nw qr nml nor! hf n! uwqr u! now
tlnn 17 um! n u qr of s u qr of nw.-lion No. Ill“? nml
I!) In township No. 28 u. r No. I went of the WH
lumutla Inc-ml un.
Anv nml .1“ person clulmlnyz mlvrrm-ly thn mid
Ilent-rlhad land. or any pomun tlwrvnl’, um homily
naqulrml In 1110 lholr clulum In Ihln ulllce wllhln
ulx?’ (tin) d-lyn lrmn slam ln-rml.
(3 von undur my hand. at my nfflt'n. In Olympln.
W. ’l‘.. thla 16th day at Seplnmlmr. A. I). mm.
Jnux F. (lowan
3‘2-Illw Raulnlnr of "1" Lam! Ofllco.
UNITED Shun Dumm'r Imun (Inn's. )-
()lympln, Wmhlngton Territory. I
Not“? In hereby vlvun that. In cumpllnnm wlth
thu prnvlulnns of It"; Act of l'nnurvu nppmwd
June 3. I 87“. enllllo-d " An Act for tho 1810 of Tim
bvr Lands In [InI sum»- of ('ullfnruln. Urn-gnu. Nu
vndu and Wueohlnmnn'l‘nrrltory." hum llmrznmf
Kltnn') mung. Wnnhlngtnn Territory, has IIIIn
duy II ml In I In office hln uppllmtlon In purchase
the lot. 7 and n u 3‘ of n w h ul' MH‘HOII II and lot I
and n «- qr of n w qr n! wetltm Sn. 7 m and 7] In
lo‘rmhlp FO. 24 a. II we»! 91‘ the Wlllameno me
n Inn.
Anv and All prnonn clnlmlmz adveruly tho lMd
desrrlthl land, or any rot-[lon thereto). urn hart-by
mgulrvd to file lholr r Alma In lhln omm wlthln
um um) day» from «lute hereof.
(ilven undur my hand. 111. my offlcn. In (Nymph,
W. 'l‘.. lhl- 16th day of Sopmmher. A. D. 11992.
Jun! F‘. How".
3340!! Raglnler of the Land omm.
L'Nrnn suns DIM-lum- LAN!) nrnvn. I_
Olympln. Washington 'l'errltory. I
Nntlco In hen-I), qun that. In cnmpnlnmm mm
the prnvlllmm n thn Art of Cough!“ npprnved
.lunn 3.1879.em1th1" An Act for tho lulu of Tlm
her Land: In the» Sum». of California. ()rnznn, Nu
vudn uml Wauhlngton 'l‘nrrltory." OPIA“ A . (Man.
of Kilnnp county. H'nshlnglnn 'l‘u'rrltnry. hmu [Ma
quy film! In lhln office hln appllmtlon In purrhm-o
Ihn- lon- I. ‘1 and 3of necllnn IR. tmvnnhlp 28 n. r I
weannnd n 0 M of no 1. of mlrllnn .\O. 13. In
mun-Mp No. :38 n. I No. 2 won at the ll'lllmm-lw
Anv nml nlI [wry-mm clulmlng mem-ly Um mid
dwrrhn-II Iqul. or nny portion Ihvn-nf‘ um hum-Ivy
ruqulrn-(I to Illa rlervluhn-n In Ith «file» within
uixty mm days from data hen-of.
liimn Ilnllvr mv Imnd. at. my office. In Olympia,
W. 'l‘.. this 16th day 0! Suprmnho-r. A. 11. IM'J.
.Imw I“. HuWKY.
3‘3—low Ilfluinmr nf ”In Land ()IIIm.
0! Nodal nml lumina- I'm-ml.
Educational, Sm-lui. t'onnm-rrinl nml Lanai. by
"ma/Tum. E. "ILL. I'amminim: ru-nlnnu-hip.
IND-r writing. aux. hnnkkw-plmz. in ula! u! n-(«r
--«mm. etiquette. ruhllt', mmilinun, vtv; lmingn‘
lilrary In mm m umu-un mu-yrinpzl-Ilin of nm,
ormunanz nml knowio'tigu. fur imlh mun .\lul wn
men 0n» lunzv vnlunw. qunrtn. 4m mum. lwiu'y
timed paw-r. Inn (uli-pncn- plan-I. mm! with nmny
nlhrriihuntmlinnu nml hu-Auliful I'INI'IIH. Snid
only hvnuhucripiinn. Mil-251‘s WANTED. Ad
drvnn \. l. linucrm a Co., 7'31 MMIu‘I vlr'w'l. Sun
Y much- 0. Sci-10w
_.‘...- .-...._.~--._.-:::—'::m
l‘n‘l'rm) Frn‘lcs DIHTHItT LAND 0m",
(n) llzpla. \\u~lm gun. Tl‘i'Hlnry.‘
.\.lflil'fl h 111-gm.) _|u‘llll|l|l‘lh U'mpllulu'n “a.
li.~p|un-Lnn.~ vl Hu- .\II (n L'unLu-M "Mum“
.I‘dlu' .1. In“. 4 lllll'nl "All .\rl 101 H.» m,» ..I “I”
ln r |.:.m:.- 111 11-“ mulv- u-l \‘zmim'mu. \m-gmh Nu
\zulJ :.ml \\u-l»! .rn 'lwu'mlg.‘ mum M1L...“
|\..n;' (MINA). \\h nw.-Ml‘ 'huwun ~ 1“... film. III]
1.4 u m ‘lw nn'uv h - nmumunn. In “mum. um
._ 1:01 “I t,” ..». ll.|.\ll.ll.lx.ll'\\l~hpN°'-‘s
“huh. hm.» _\. . .‘ \‘.ra .. of ll." \\ llkllhl‘i.e Men.
_\: _\* and ;.'I [w ~n,.~ 1 iuimiln; :.'l\o-l'~|-;:: 1|“. ”All!
11“" n 1 .\K I. "..ul. m ..I) I'“ Wu .LV'I'PI'L u p “PW-[W
n 'l- .4 ‘u .‘_.- 1h: .r 1... MN ,1. ~h.-u]l;u- \\Nhih
w. A. L:-'D d .3 - ::«'x l «.‘d .- ...-..-..:_
!.|.~ H I.|.tu‘l' lu) 1‘....('. ..I I;) I'fl'mv, in Uhln
\\‘, 'l‘._ H~ ‘ ..w‘. uh.) v!‘ .\llL‘ll~- .\. I). Inn, ' MI,
.uum r. mm RY.
'Jillew 15:1 .--. ..; .ln' Lumlulrlco.
l'snu; Mann Inwlm'r Law (Jrih
“._\ n..}:‘u. \\ n ‘hildflhll 'lt'lulnx'y.}
.\‘nliw In !-.n Irlg- c.»- n Ilml. u. Hvlllllihluu “1m
Ihu- punmun- 4:1 nhn .\(l u; (Mun-... WWGTQ‘
.1 HI..- ;;, INN. n-m 11 ”~11 "Au .\H mr llu- >u «.- 0. Tm.
lwrl.;|l.d.~:ullu-Mnln-«lf\’~xii.nrln::l.(mum, Nb
\mlu mm \\ ml: IILKIM ‘A. man." .1.-.m,‘ Nana,“
him; Inllul}. \\‘»hixulux, 111.30.)». hm lninda,
[mu m 11:» t m. .- lm up]: .\.-.illtl: in pm: lumnh.
n, |._. 01' z-. u. '; :.L-l .~.' ‘, ut 12. \'.. 14 \l rw. s°,
Isl. m (p. .\‘u. m 1... I'. .\u. ‘.' \\'. or llm \'.iluzumm
Mg. nml :I” |wl'-er¢ rimming xuh‘t‘rwly Kim a.”
1:.“ ..I“ ll “Ind, Hl' my pun .( 1. Hanan. ...9 [...mb’
wquxml mnu- illl‘il‘ I'. 111“ in tin.» I‘lliuvunhm
unly u. )llu_\.~ {H m CH v Lrh-m'.
'l:\o‘l| mud-~1- 11.) hand. at In} “men. in Olymph
“111.11“!guiduy nt’ .\ug'm. .\. 11. I "'3.
Juli}; 1“. mm HY,
'JILIUW Regim-r or the anl mum
1 [llllllll 51.111111 l.‘l.~llul'l' 1.15111111'11'11,
Ul} 111111:1. \'...~llll:;;lllll'l'vmmrv.‘
.\‘nliuv 111 1111111111 -_.u:ll 111.11.111 u 11111.111111311135
‘ 11m |llllHhiulm 111 1111* .\(1 111 "Ulufn'an "Myrqu
‘ 11111.1: :1, 131‘. ('11111.111"1\II1\1'I 1111‘1111- 51111-111111“.
1111-1‘ 1.1111111; 111 1111' #1111150! ('1.11111.1.111. 11111011 5..
1 \llllll 111111 \\ 41411.1,1411: '1 1‘:.1111._\." .\l 1.1 r 1' 1111111., of
‘I\111; (111111111. \lll Inn-111111 'll-111‘11111. 1.1-» 1111. d”
11111-1111111111114111141.11- “1'1"“ 11111.11 :11 1111111.:.~«1h.
11.1.11!1-.11.|.1111,11\\.‘._.111 .~. 11. It 11. 11-11. x 0415.
‘ 111 111. 311.2111... 1.211. 111' 1111- “1111.11.11.11 111111-113-
111 u.
‘ .\111'111zd111111111'51111u1'1uin1i111: 11d11-1111-ly 1110 nlld
‘ 111-1111111111 1111.11.111'1111y [lllll.llll 1111-10111. 1111‘ hereby
1-111111111-11111 me 1111-11 «1111111. 111 111111 11111111 111111111
(11111.1 111.111-1' my “111111.111 my 111111-11, iu ulymmk
\\'. 'l‘.. 1111: '.:.‘J 11113‘111' August. A. 11. 11%,;
JUN) 1. (MWEY.
'J'J-lUw 1111;1311-1' 111 1111- 11111.11 11111111.
[MIIIII 1.11.11 1.14 111311.11 '1 LA.\ll (11 11111. L
(1111121121, \‘l 1.111.111},11111 'lruhul‘y.)
.\‘uliw- 11.- 111-141‘113' I,lllln (11:11. 111 I‘l-ulplulum with
1111-111o1irlmz-1 111 1111,1 At]. 111 (111121-9911 11111110111111
.111111121. l“1:9.1-111111r(1".\11 All 10111.0 51121111111111-
llrr 1.1111111. 111 1111- 511111-11 111‘ ('u.llllrll.ll. (111,111,111 5..
“11111111111"11311111311111 ’l‘l-Irllll'_l, Jumr. 1'11",“
K 1111; 1 nunly, “11311111141011 '11:.1111-1y. 1111: 1111.111,
1111-11111 1111111111201: 11131 “11111111111111 111 [lllllllllllll the
11.50! 111-. '1: 111. [.lll 1.1.1. 'l‘ 111111 111-. N 1.11 111-. K
111 mumu Ml. 1:, 111 101111-1111» Nl. ‘45 11111111. nnge
511. 1111-11 (11' 1111- “11111111111119 hrritlmn.
Any 11nd 1111 11mm» 131111111113 anvenoly thuuld
111-11 111,111! 1.111.159. or any 1101111111 1111-1001. 1.111 111-11111]
I'l-111111n11111111o 1111-11 1111111111 111 111111 1111110 11111111:
1-1111 1111.1d:1_1'n rrvlnldlllll 111-12111.
11111211 111111111 my 11111.11. 111 my ofl‘lco. 111013‘n1pm
“212.1111: “£3ll duy u! Align-I|. A. 1). 11.52:.
.11111.\‘ F. 1.1111111:
'.".1:l(l1v 1101:1111” 011.1111 Luml 011100.
[slllllO 1411sz Dwruu-r 1.11111 07711:. }
(11111111111. “av-111115111111'lermury.
Nollro 111 burnby 1,,11'1‘11 |hlll, :11 u.111ph:11.1u "11h
lht‘ prmiflunn 111 1110 Act 11! ('Olllll-1-11 111111111111
111111“ :1. l-‘TH, 9111111011 "All 111-1111111111 1-11.1- 111 TI»
111-1 1.1111111! 111 11111 311111-11 11f ('1111111111111.(11111011. Np
1111111 111111 “111-1111131111 'll-11-111111."A1.11x 171111.111,
11! hm; mumy. \'llllhlllguln 'l'rrrilmy. 111111 1.1110
day Med 111 111111 0111115 11111 11111111111110" 111 purrhu.
1111-11. 11. H. or 1-1-I'. .\o. :15. 1111 p. 50. 211 11., Lil'-
111’ 111» W Ilium-11w 11111111111111.
.\llylllld :11 1101-1101111 011111111112 Advemdy (1111 1-1111}
dvmnln‘d lund. 11r uny 11111-111111 murvul. 11m hurt-b,
Im‘lllrl-dlll 111111111-11' «111111111 111 111111 ullice 11111111)
111111) 111111 1111111 fwm 1111111 110111111.
(men 1111111-1 my 11111111. 111 111y11fl11‘1-, 111 (113 mm;
W. 'l'.. 11111- 2211 uuy of Allulifl. A. 1). 11111-3.
JOHN I~'.(.'(lWl£Y.
2‘J-10w lb-uinler 1-1 1111- 1.111111 01111:;
L‘m'rzn MATE» I'lP'l nn-T LAM» (In 10:.
(unipm. \\n:i|.l:-_;it n 'l'vrrltuty.}
Nntirn in nun-by gin-n Ilmt, 11l Hillrpiiuxtu' Mill
tln- prmhiuns vt um Art at ( lilit'i'v‘.‘ nppmmd
Jnnv :t. l~7h. I'liliih'tl " .-\n Au tnr tiu- min uf ’l'im
ln-r Lnnti» in tho Nun-u nt' (.‘niitmnm,Ungon. No
vudzi nml \t'xu-h nmon ’i‘n-nilmy, \\ n l n..“ Hul
runn. ul’ Kin; sunny. “mining-inn 'l'u-rmury, has
thi‘ «luv tin-d in thin utih't- his application: input
(‘hum- [inn n Mof nw qr nf y-vrlinn No I, in town
x-hip N 0 :5 north. rung" 2 west of tho H illumoiu
.\ny nnd nil pommn claiming miwruoly tim said
dun-riln-d lund. nr any portion thermf. urn lwmby
rnqniro‘d to kiln their claims In tliluumrn within
sixty (01)) day» from duln iu-rnof.
(Em-n nmlo'r my hmid‘ at my attic», in Olympia,
W. 'l‘.. this iiith day of tit-plumber. A. D. nw.
Jnus 1“.“0WIY.
10w-Ili liminier of the Land omm.
L'Nlrm min-us Dunner LANDON‘ICI. }
Uiympiu, li’u-hington ’l'n-I'rliory.
Notice in hen-n; given that. In (‘umpiinlwu with
the proviuinns n the Act of ()nngn-nu approved
Jnnu :5. 1.578. entitled " An Ad tor ihn Mlle of Tim.
imr Lundn tn 1h» Stan's of California. Oregon.
Nuvudu Ind Whitinuton 'i'o-rritory."i‘l.l'v.n It,
LY. of KiihflJ) countv. Wmhlnutun Territory. hu
thin duy tile in thin villt'u hlu nppilrativn mink
elm-o tho lot-2 and 3am! u n l. or n w i an n 0
K. of s w F‘ of section No. 7 in lnwmhiptfl'u. will.
r No. i w of the Wiiiuuwuu nmriliinn.
Any nnd all pcrnnns viuinnug udwrm‘iy the Mid
dr-acribwi land. or any )mtinn thorn-of. are hereby
rvqniro'd to tile timir cluttnn In thin uhicu within
nixty (vim «luv» {mm dmu hrrmf.
Gwen main my hund. ut my omen, in Olympb.
W. ’l‘.. thin Nth day at Mptvmiwr. .-\. l). 1563.
Joan i-‘. (inwn’.
323-10“! Register ni' tiu- Land oam
._. . ._.____-__..__.. _. _. _- ._—._.__——‘
‘ V fi,_____
i Usmu Muss UII‘TIHIIT LAM: (Inirl. ‘,
i Olympia. li’nnltlnutun 'l'nrntory.
: Noth‘n in hon-hy viwn llmt. llt wmplhlnm'"h
the provision» of the Act. n! t ("1 wrung uppmd
June :l. 1373. nntttlml "An Act for t’iw rnlo of’l‘lfl‘
her hands ill lhu bun-w of California, (in-gun. N"
wudn and Huntington ’l‘urt'itur)‘," omm.“ W-
Sam‘u. of Kitnn t-uunty, ll uahmgtnn ’l‘crritork
ham thin day illmr in this omm hin application
pun-lm-u tln- ” i‘. of n w 5., n a l. or u w i; and II
w 5 0! u o 1. of nertlnn No. 18. in tumn-hip 1‘0.”
n. H w at tho ll’ilimnulle nwridinn.
A“! and all ‘pnrnonu claiming mlvennly "10““
dum-r hed innt . ur (my pnrliun then-of. um halal)!
n-quin-d will“ llu'irt'lmum in this otllco WM“
ulxt‘y (60) days from date harvof.
‘ U vvll under my hand. at. my office. in Olympllc
W. 'l‘.. this 25th day 0! September. A. I). 138‘-
JOHN F. (lawn.
l 3211 M Regine: of the Land Othel-
Umuo BTA‘I‘RI Dun-mm LAND Onn'l. %
Olimpia, ll'uuhin 'tun Territory-
Notlro In hon- ) lvc-n that h. complhnco Ii"!
the provinlnnu "(v trim Act. If (,‘onurmm nppmfld
Juno 3, 1875. onlliiml “ An Act for tin.- uuluof Tim
ho-r Lands in the Stun-u of l‘ulifnrnin. Unnmn. NO‘
vnda and Wusllinglun 'l'c-rritory." Tunum Mum.
of Kltunp county. li’nnhlngmn Territory. h" “M.
tiny tllnd in this omm his npplimtion to 9‘quth
tho n n k; of motion .\‘u. iii, in ttm'nih'p A 0' ill 11.
t No. 1 “wt of thu il'lllnmritc- nu-rldiun.
Any and all pt‘h'tlnrt ulnilning mlvPrn'ly ”"3 nl6
domtriln-d land. or any purlmn thermf. M" “9"“
rt‘qnlrv-Ii tulllntlmlrt-lnltm in this attic-s WIIMI
sixty Hill) (in r 4 from dam lmri'nf.
UlVl‘ll undir In * hand. it! my nlllcv. in 013??!“
W. 'l'.. this Nth tiny I)! vamnlimt', .\. ll lh‘i‘.
.lnny F. Hmvnv.
lie-[Ow 111-ginger utmlm Land umco.
..-__. -....__,__ _ _‘~V__, _, 7,. , ._.. ——————‘
[Mun Suns lnsTmrT Luv eru‘fl. ‘
Olympia. \\‘nuhinglun 'lt'l'rilmi- “n
Notico in hvrvlw pitch that, in cmnplmm-n .w‘ d
thn pmvi-‘iunp u! an act nf (funuuua mung,"
JUN" 3. ”Ti“, t‘niiiiml ".\tv .\l'l fur Ihn Ill!" ‘f all;
her Lundn in tho NllHtN m’ l'nlifornin. “W?" n. *
mdn nml \\’uednnutun’t'u-vrltury. I'A'rnn K ( ‘thth
of ('mluln munt)‘. \\'unlzinyinn 'rt'fl’iiil‘i- I'M" a“.
tlll)’ till-(131" liliw tvliiw hi- uppiirntmn to 5):.“ n.
thu- '4. ', n! at. w. 14, n. W. l. of ~ “~'- N ““ ".w'n
«If n. w. 1‘ n 1 wr. NH. 1". in Lli- NH. 11l n.. t. 50. v
w. nl'tln- \\'lllnnwtlv tan-v than. '
Any and all permth n ltllll' I: mi"""""~-" ”v. 33
dun-rilwtl hind, vr :u‘) pnri mm Hum-UL M" ‘fltltil
rl-Illlrwl to ili~l llu'il‘ t .:tii..-' l'!‘ 1M“ "m‘" “
nlxt (60! duh {rum i 1)!“ hur- -'
‘ “Lon nndn-r lnxv hxmd. M. m‘)’ {35“. 111 “limp“
. '. ' .m . '- . .
V '1 . this 36th (by of Anjtllix lv‘. “0“ MY
-29-10w. Register of the Land Owl

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