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Puget Sound Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1882-1883, November 24, 1882, Image 1

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Pugat Sound Argus.
Vol. XII
u '1
Port Townsend, Washington '1 ( rritory.
foe-n oflumi-lpuon 43.00 per all-111.
In ndvuiici-z Six months. ”.50.
One hich. first, uw-rtmu .. . $1.50
Em-h snhwqm-ut hm-rliou . 50
'1‘r;.1..-u-||l :ulw-ril-u-uwnli. tn lNSl'ltl-l
lnsvrthm. Inn bi-m'wnnpunim! by \‘lhll.
a ll M-c‘mah nettlpd monthly .9!
By Telegraph.
Luann-nw., qu. ‘.‘2. The stoninv,
\Vilitun. with uruin from the Him-k an,
(oundt‘fl‘ll I)”. HM! Inlalliiinf Ushmli. cmml
and thlny pvrmus “ore druwmrd.
PORTLAND. Nov. 22. ~-'l‘lm Hupri'mn
mun uuluy ntliliiic-d tm- «lm-isiunuf Um
lower court, in thv cum- ut‘ the Unitml
smm w. .‘vl.\. Hrnwn, lutv stutt- [)l'illlt‘r,
in which n \'('l'lil(‘( was rumlcri-«l against
Brown fur SHUMU
\Vuuxm'nm, Saw. 22. «The dintrivt
(‘Ullllllisn’llllu‘l's “IN uftornuun fuiunl Um.
C. Miller, tun dutm‘tn'u, guilty of mm
itpirm'y with, Hm star mutt-rs. and tin or
der has Inn-n lhhllt'il rvmuvmg Mlllori‘rum
the Im-trnpnlitnn fnrw.
CULY'MHI'S, 0.. Nov ‘32.- -'l‘lm St Louis
limiltuh-xprwu was wrecked early this
murmmr. thirty milm mist ul' hvrv, by u
mil hid arm»; the truck. Thu t‘lltili‘
train. int-hiding the Iniuuiimi. pussvugur
and aha-ping u-zifa, was thrown down an
embankment thirty t‘m-t.
Telegraphic Market Report.
SAN Fluxmm'o. Nov. 17.
Wheat wr‘nlnaket tirm. holders not in
clim-d to sell. Fair shipping SI 6004,
162‘3; ehoitw shipping 8163!”;l 67 '.:.
Barley Feed. market excited and
higer; sales on eall board were 8,500
tom. mainly lleeemhi-r: No. 1 feed. spot.
8| IIH; I)\'l'l'il|i)t‘l' 3| .31: No. l brewing,
8152‘, spot. and Der-ember.
Uatn ()ll'eringa are amall of extra
choir» qualiliw and prices favor sellers.
l’ril'm unaltered.
l’nhltlm'fl \Veik and dull: (iarnet
Chile. tlu.-m,sl; Early flow. slol] It).
Dried Fruit Firm at unchangml quo
tations: demand fair.
Apples Mixed lota common.in boxer-t.
35pm»; ehoieo, 75e(u,$l, market well
”pi -(ieneral features of the market
uuehanued; quote as before.
Wool Hall. with next to nothim: (hr
ing. Sel'u-ra are lowering their preten-
Nioas. Choice Eastern Oregon. nominal
22W, 3:; fair to good lttfit'ltle. (llioiee
valley unchanged; ditto course, at ‘.‘lal,
Eggs Market firm; pricesare against
Batter Fredi roll is steady at full
pric-N. 3150;157‘2c; ehoice packed hatter.
13;)”. 20.-- -\\'heat is firm at 81676],
H .
Barley in Weak: feed S! 4481,] 4.“: hrew
ing Si 50ml tilt; ehevalier, 81472-01,
I 51",.
Hay» ~812M17 per ton.
lemma. Nov. lltlr-Tho Marl: Lune
Express in itx review of the British grain
trade during the past week says: “The
weather during the week allowed Home
wheat sowing: hat the arrears of this Work
are now materially redueed. There has
been a large. irreuu'ur supply of native
Wheat. Prices for good amnplen were
occasionally higher. Foreign is un
changed in pr co. The deniand “as
acareely a) good and business was re
utricted by the tirnmesaof sellers. Busi
new in ramomotl‘theeonat in virtually
at a stand still. There have heen four
arrivals and two Hillltu. The market for
cargoes on par-wage or for shipped closed
tum nut quiet. Red winter and Califor
'ua are a third of a shilling better. The
t dawns <upplied freely, hat the demand
was Inactive. Prieea are unchanged.
and foreign was dull with lnhored sale.
Harley is unchanged. Foreign in steady
With a hardening tendeney. (hits were
dearer. There was fair sale in foreign
at unchanged rater. Maize was in small
ytlpply Willi retail sale at fnney prices.
lhenale of English wheat during the
91th \w ek was «MEN; quarters. at his.
Nd... nLrtlinat 49,991 quarters. at 47»; 4d.
during the eorreapmnlulg period of last
--._V.-. -.- . .- i- .-
S" I i’l’l NU N E‘VS.
Carr. (Tove. former owner of the little
steamer (Mn. intend: building another
umall at .-:unv~r for tho White river trailiet
‘ Simpson Bros. are, now building at
(Jooa Buy an auxiliary steam hurkentiue
for the coat trade. She is intended to
”i”? about. manna) feet of lumlwr and
'1” he completed in February next. The
taaclnnery i 1 being budt in San Fran
“Dickie Bros. have elosel a contract
Wlih Mesars. tiowdall. l’erkina .lt (irit‘lith‘
for the l'HlHlt‘ll"linll of a third uterin‘
Kl! tier of the same uizeas the Orm. '.l he ‘
‘() 5
O .1.
I, T
- 1.
9 1
. Lfi
new vessel will be a first-class ship. of
equal strength with “I“ Urea and Bow
head. and owned My the same parties.
She will have double compound engines
:‘ .d be bark rig. eL. She will be ready
to sail for the‘Aretle on her first. cruise
by the middle of April.
Tm: bark Aspatoga will load with
lumber at Utsaludy.
'l‘nn schooner Granger. Capt. Mor c.
has been discharging coal today at. Bart
lett‘s wharf. from Departure Bay.
'l‘nr bktiue. Ksiekitnt Ca . Cutler.
left today for Honolulu. lumber laden
from U'sa ady. in tow or’ tau tug Goliah.
Tm: British bark A patognn, of
Yarmoyth, Nova Seotia. arrived yester
day afternoon in ch irge of pilot. Dal-
Tim schooner Teafir. Capt. Quinn,
was in our harbor yesterday, having
been to Quiuiault. (311 i? -u .- and Noah
Bay. She was used to transport Col.
Wood's hous. d ood~l from Quiuiuult
to Neah Bay. Capt. Quinn reports very
heavy weather oil the eape.
l’o Discovxnr. Nov. 18.77 Arrived,
llaveloek from Vietoria.
l’onr BLAKBLY, Nov. lit—Hailed, Bark
H. K. ham.
l’onr .\lsmsos, Nov. 2L~~Sailedz Ship
Coqninibo. I'. rSan Francisco.
l’oii‘r (Minna. N0v.21.~-Sailed: C. J.
l‘nnk. for San Pedro.
l'on'r BLAHHLY. Nov. 21.--- Arrived:
Brig Tanner, and schooner Dakota,
from San Francine“.
Hailed: Martha Hideout t‘orS: n Fran
The British ship l’leiades left Tacoma
in August. for Valparaiso. Chili. and has
not been heard from sinee. It is feared
that she was disabled in the same storm
experieneed by the Hope. that was oblig- ‘
ed to put into Honolulu for repairs. 3
A FINE Vassar" ~ The Wm. H. twtar- l
back. now in port loaded With rail Way 1
supplies. is on her first voyage. She was 3
[attached in .\lareh of this year at Hath.‘
Maine. from (ioss. Sawy -r. l'aekard &
t'o.'s yard. ller dimensio N are: le'xeth.
lEll feet: beam. Ill! feet: hold 21- feet 3
ineln-s.and her regi~tered tonnage is 1339
tons. ller eabin is probably finer than
that of any otln-t' sailing vessel that. ever
came to this port. For beauty of lines.
speed and earrying eapaeity. she is a
model of Ann-riean marine arelntecture.
QL'r-zmzv. Nov. 21.-—AllVi(‘(‘fl receive!
any the utmmor Wunnmlth for Lumlnn.
lumlwr lmlvn, was wrw‘kml durinutlle
gnlv und mmwsturm my Mugdulvn Is
luml Mumday night. The (-n-w ull pur
ishud oxvvpt live. 'l‘lw mulwsof tho,
suvml nru McCall. 'l'uwnse-nd, Martin and
(‘hiof Enuinvvr Hutvhills. The cargo
was insurml in lmmlon.
'l‘lm\\'urmnuth wont. 114 mm lmlfzm
lmur nth-r midnight. 'l'lm gulo uu-l
snowstorm wus h-rrific. The crow hum:
by tho VPNHI'I till 11 n'vlm'k yosh‘rduy.
when she hrnkn up. The crew numlwr’
ml twenty mvnmixtmn of wlnnnwvru
drowned in trying tn rum-h luml. 'l'lw
VPHM‘I mm nwnml by J. H.lsurwicknf
Sumlvrlnml. b‘hc does not belong to
any lino.
‘ '.l‘ho itloa of a slonm lnmliorinq vowol,
to run hotwoon Astoria and San Fran
oisco. is taking practical ahapo. Moaara.
Simpson .\‘L liroa. will have tho first
atoaxn lnmhornmn romly for trade by
tho lat. of I"ohrnarynoxt. It is thought
who will run hotwoon Astoria and thoir
mills at Kanppton an' b‘an Francisco.
Anothor will ho lmilt innmodiatoly there.
altoron tho Hamo stocks. » Axloriun.
S'rl-zmnon Sonata. —'l'ho Viotoria
('olunist spoaks thus of tho, plans of 'tho
now oompany: l’roliminary stops woro
taken yoatonlay for tho fonnation in this
city of a joint stock steamboat company
with a cash capital of 8mm“). Tho.
oom mny proposo to aoquiro tho boats of
tho limlson Bay Company and the Pin
noer Lino and to conutrnct two inagnill‘
ooul. iron propollom with a wood of 18
knots an hour for tho trado hotwoon Vio
toria and Port Moody and Now West
ministor null for the island and mainland
coast. trmlo. The com any prolmsen
also. to constrnot light-(lithium steam
honln for tho ri' r and golf 'lallio of high
spoodaml olognut ammintmonts. Tho
groaing trmlo of this and :uljtzo nil, [mrls
has imlnoml lnonl oapitaliata to omhark
in llll‘l uraml :wlmmo wllioli. noxl to tho
Islaml railwav pr rjnol. i~4 the most im
portantmul lar-rom-hin': in im oll'ox'ts
that has ovor boon Int l1)ll'|l horn."
“on. R. (l. Dunlur. of (‘lolilomlalm
has ho: n oioolml l'rowoutinu Attornoy
o.’ Yakima. (‘larko. Hlmmania and Klioki
lat. Ho “ill nmko lllc' lwt prowouting
attornoy tho district has cVor haul.
Sprawl»: [lon/M.
’l'ho Illin M In risla‘nm is R'pnhliran
and ronamr Davin wrll ho ma'omulol by
n stalwart. The North ('arolina loui-ala
turc is also Repul'lioan. assuring a IL ‘
pnhlican majority in the U. S. senate
with the vote of Mahone.
‘ lirenta‘ majority as tar an officially re
pormd. and including reported majori
ties furßrenta and Burke respectively.
is 2.397. To which will undoubtedly be
‘ added more than his 234 majority in 1880
l in the counties yet to be heard from.
‘ The total vote of Whitman county for
Del irate was 2225. being the largest
vote cast in any oountv in the Territory.
Spokane county with 1982 is next.‘Wnlla
Walla with 1818 next, King with 18oz!
next. Pierce with 1137 next. ('oiunibia
with 1115 next, Garfield with 967 next.
1 The eontrat-t olliee of the poatotlice dc
‘partment is beginning to receive bids
ilorearrying mails on the star routes.
These eontraets are on routes in the
Staten of Illinois. lowa. Michigan, Wis
consin and Minnesota. and run from
July I. int-t 3. to June 30, 1887. They
amount in the aggregate to about 32.-
SALES on Paoeanrr.-- Several ranches
changed ownershiptlnrini: the past few
Weeks, among them that of Chas. Miller
to Oscar Rudene. for $67“); the Sulli
van plaee. across the slough. to Paul
l’olson. tor 87mm; George, S. Brown‘s
raneh to J. S. Jenni. $2300. 70 acres ot
whieh were sold by Jenni to Kelso for
5901); W. H. 'l'rimble to Van Valken
burg. for about 82500; Mike Myers to
Richard Ball. for Sam; J. S. Conner to
Benjamin li'lagu. the traet known as
that of James Bullet]. for 81000; J. A.
(iilliland to J. S. Conner. the liraekens
place on the Saminh. for 3100”; Mike
Myers from Mr. Smith. on the Hamish.
the Sullivan place. for $1700; Matt
Decker. from John liesner. $3000; and
ltesner. from Harrington S: Smith. the
Tingley place for 829th).
OLYMPIA ('onrier-:r~ The election in
Thornton and Lewis eonnties. this year
was the euuse of a curious co-ineidence.
In February IBM the lirst legislature of
the newly organized Territory met in
Olympia. 'lhe Oxlllllt‘il eonsisted ol nine .
membeia and tho houseofthirly. ’l‘hose ‘
intheeonneilwereMes~rs. I). It. Diw‘
low. Henry Miles. 15. l“. Ynntis. (l. N.
Metlonaha. Seth Catlin. \V. ’l‘. Snywartl.
1.. Batch. \V. ll.'l'appanantl J). 1". Brad
ford. So for as is known all of these are
denul but Messrs. Bigelow and Miles. ‘
In thenaine legislature (.‘apt. (‘. 11. Hale l
wasa memlierot' the, lower house. ll’i
they both live until next fall Henry
Miles and C. H. Hale. after a lapse of
thirty years. will agaiz- meet together.
elected on the same, tieket. and from the
same district. only that they will have
rewrsed positions. in that. Mr. Hale will
then be lit the council and Mr. Miles in
the house. .
Senator Yoorhees thought he had
asked a poser in a recent .speeeh in
Indiana when he inquired: "My
farmer friends, what is to become of
your great corn crop in this country
if prohibition is adopted ‘1“ There
was a brief pause. and then an old
Democratic farmer spoke u ), saying
"Do I understand, Mr. {'oorhees.
that you really want an answur to
that question?“ "Yes my friend."
said the Senator, streightening him
self to his full height. "I am seeking
for information." "Well. then, re
plied the farmer. "I will tell you
what we will do with our corn crop.
We will raise more pork and less
lr‘ll.“ The Senator had asked the
question at several meetings before.
but he has omitted it since. not our
ing to listen again to tho laguhter
that greeted his disComtiture.
A Helium ltnunm‘.«»'l‘ho speediest
remedy for Mormonism is suggested by
the New York Times. It is that the
('lorernment instruct its ('onsnls in
foreign countries to expose the misrepre
sentationsot Mormon apostles. and ex
ert themselves to break up proselyting.
Converts tothe Clmrehof tho Latter
Day Saints are. secured mainly from
Great Britain. The passion of the peo
ple for land in shrewdly stimulated.
the delights of tne Canaan across the
sen are painted in florid style. No man
tion ismmlo of tho Chureh hierarchv,
which in more autocratic than the rule
ot the Czar. nor of the degradation whieh
falls upon woman when she entors the
Territory. I‘rowlytes are mado by sys
temetic lying. which the missionaries
have redueed to a fine art. There is no
qaestion that a foreign ("mrernment
would take measures to exltnl the 0 men
daeious prom-hers if the t 1 nth was fairly
presenter to them by the aeeredited
agents of this (lm‘ernment. Deprived
of this muree of inerense. and uranlnalls‘
shnrn of its power, .\formonisan eonld
ln'rmh'iltmt in n few yearrl: but the
longer the ('hureh ean seeure res-mm
without molestation the harder it Will lm
to [Mt down this sect. founded on Inst .
and erednlity. ;
Starr-rm. W. I‘.. .\lun-h lfl. 18"].
11. 11. WAMJHIR (30.: Shh-Ah” pufirfiuznwr
tun ,w-a'u “Uh khhu-v complaint I nmdn "sun!
your .N: 'I- Kuhn-y mu! Hmr ( Im- .wnn run-J. 'xml
haw nw.-r had (In- h-w-I lymplmm u! m» (li-mu»
alum. 11. l'nmmc.
an seed for solo at anm &
Co's. ‘ ‘
Just for Fun.
Tho Intent libel about the now comet
is that it is one of the billd-lfl'flllt‘d kind.
and is hurrying up toward the. sun to got
a front seat whom it can have a good
look at the transit of Venus.
A correspondent asks, “What time of
tho ymirdu the days begin to shorten?"
When ynu huve :1 note in hunk. A note
in hunk in tho grunt unnihiluiur of time
The days are cruwdml tognthcr in thin
layers and Liv niuhis are like a smear
fmm n him-king bruuh.—~-Arlcausus
“In it n fact.” asked one Austin _vonniz
Indy of another Austin young Indy, "that
you hnvo consented to marry mu:
Spoom-‘nml are going to ho mun-ind
rightofl‘?" “You woureenmmml" “’Why.
he has not got. nny monoy, he immlyulnd
he in dying with vonsmnption. Ho non’t
livo two mouths." “'llmt‘s the very
reason I murry him. Black is so becom
im: to me that I ought to have boon n
widow \enrs uml yours ngo."~-Te.ms
Siff "111/8.
. El'lh‘t‘tfl’Al. (‘llL'Rlill SliltVlt'l-IF‘:
Episcopal Church Services. SLPnnl‘u
524th. Sunday nm‘r Trinity.
Morning services nt 11 o‘clock.
Evening scrvico nt 7 o'clock.
Sundny school nt ‘2, I'. M.
Residence. Mus. E. S. FOWLER
Servicos at the usual hours. morning
and cvcning. Conducted by Rev. S. H.
Todd. pnstor, SnbbnthSchool M 2215 P. M.
Service of Song in the av”) ng.
Morning Service. 10:30 A. M. .
Snbbnth School. “'3O A. M.
Evoninq Service. 7 I’. M.
Week-night Hcrvice.'l'hurndnv. 7:30 RM.
REV. Jxo.l{m ). Pastor.
20,000 pounds of Extru Grnnulnttd
' mom: IN STORE!
'l‘hc when‘. of this Flour bcini: misc-(l on
virgin soil is wry rich nnd strong, and
bcinu made by the now roller process,
thc tlonr rctnins all the glutinous anh
utnncc of the groin.
This brand has tnkcn the premium at
Snn Frnnciwo, and mnkcs better bread
thnn any Hour on the whole const.
For snlc by the sack. barrel or ton. by
Nov llztt MARKER & CO.
Bt‘r’rm from A. U. Duvis‘ Rose I“nrm
Dairy. No short wcight. 'l‘wo pounds
in each roll. The best. butter in the
mnrkct, without cxception.
I’Lummn .u TERRY, Agonts.
( plete stock of Genvral Merchandise the Largest and Best Selected Stock 01
Cluthing ever brought in Clalum County.
Come and see our SIO.OO suits. i Cnme and see our Cutlery.
“ “ “ “ Dry (hunk “ “ “ “ Fumiturc.
“ “ “ “ Bums anJ Slums. I “ “ “ “ Sim-es and Tinwm
““ “ “ Rifles and Shut Guns. ; ““ “ “ _(‘rwkr-ry ware.
" “ “ “ Groceries. ' “ “ “ “ “Ms and Caps.
! 66 u u u NOW Sc'wing MB.
chines. the host and cheapest in the World, Enid on easy time without interest
N. B. ('ume and see the «mly rormn on Puget Sound who will buyaw
thing and vvory thing from a (‘( )ON-SKIN to a. FARM.
“5’5" Drafts bought and sold nn liberal terms.
17-1! C. F. (‘I.AI'P.
100 Hm, of Long Primer (rihs
typv) oomph-tO, with figure-s, dip}.
rhnngs, (rlmrnvh-rs, Sic, far 5”," M
‘25 ms. po'rlwuml. lssm'uro-Iy ”wk.
H] [ln] WI“ ln‘ plzthll Imurnl ..f ”“5””
91' at PM! 'l‘mvnwml frne of (-lmrm‘.
Also, 1|)“ [M uf Brown-r, sumo! nul
fil, same! urn-v; snmph- ln-Inw,
:‘ll‘ll'v-N lhi~4vmmu
Hrgn'wrlriyu‘l'rum l'nrt 'l‘mvnu'ml m
Immn-m-ei nv‘tl n-nn-u In i'nrf l’iu'lnrv".
’l’nu---ul:lH'm«| “Mn". .1.»1.hi..._:.]..
”pr I’m-ight or l'nwxgug "l'l' )4 {u
NO. 41
Plltll‘lfllflhhl. ('AIIDI.
J . A. KUH N ,
Attorney a t Law
Will promptly Ilit‘ml tn nllbusinen intro-111
tn him.
ro ruwxssumumaums Trumronr.
J . R. L E'W 18.
OFFICE-Junior": Building. rooms 4 and I. ,
Jumes street. opposite Occidental Hotel.
Man-Ming Surgeon
Pnrt 'l‘nu-nst-lul. W. I‘.
(fun ho consulted. night ordnymt the [lo-pill
Dr. L. T Seavey,
Office: Corner of Water and Quincy Streets.
Port 'l‘ownuend. \V. 'l‘. .
Sn‘ci’nl nttnntinn ulvt-n to Collections.
OFI-‘lt'lc- North 3th n! Witter street. oppolh
t‘cnlml ilotcl.
*4 r 1.
Stove». 1 1n Pla’wt
23 Writer Sin-ct, l’urt Townsend
. _.____- -1. ~_____._____.,-_~.. -_._.
Chas. McDermoll‘ & Co.,
1 Shipping and Emplnvnn-ut (mica. 'l‘uxn
ptntl furnun-rimhlo-niu. Unicn with ’l‘. 11. (‘nnlL
J. l’ Washington utruut, Shuttle. W.’l' "|
box 15:. :25"
. All kinds lentlier & findings fur stile.
:‘ J 4 Boots and Shoes, .
1H ado u ntl
minim Street. Port TOWIHUIHI.
W -
bommissmn and
Shlpplng Merchant, &.
Exchange Broker.
Ships Disbursed.
tfi!‘ mm. and other DRAFT! rushed.
in L 0“! rules.
Will sell SlGll'l‘ EXCHANGE on
on all purts ol' the UNi'l'l'lU S'l‘A'l‘l‘lS.
Money remitted to all parts of
the World by Draft or
telegraphic transfer.
Will my the highrst price in COIN. for
For the ronnwrml Red Star and Ameri‘
can Line uf ()cenn Stemnvrn.
Prepaid tickets (mm or to any part 0!;
Europe mid at lowest rate.
I’mple about to send for their frionth
in Europe, will do wvll to call nt my 0!-
il('(‘,\\'llt‘l’u I will be planted tugiw them
full infnmmtinn. and where they can pur.
chase propitiil tickntu at much lmwr rates
tlmn heretnfnrv. Act in tho pmtso iu thp
future. satisfaction minrnntvpi.
car-once next amu- Io lr‘lul'atrleln'u .
Shoo More. Water In” I’m-d 'l'uwum-uu.
Nun I’m-eh“ “dice. all £23 "an",
R l'} C El V I'} l)
' .\ ldll'LU‘ five!" 01
‘ ) 't \ ) ' ' ’1 ‘
f(rl\ O L, J u it .1: in b
‘ —.\Vl!—-
\\ l|i\ll :ilt' ml min
lAt the Lowest Rates for Cash. .
; ('ll.\lil.li.\' l‘llhl'lXlSl‘llS,
I’ionoor Dalxcry.
3221-3? cf Washingtm Brewery,
l .‘illillllfill’illl’t‘l’llf tln- lit-. 4 Quality 0'
{{ " S.Lti-'f.ivliuti glinrnnh-mi.
‘ l'nrt 'l‘mvn-wnui. W. 'l"

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