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Puget Sound Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1882-1883, May 24, 1883, Image 1

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Puget Sound Argus.
V7Ol. XIVr
‘ °k| A
We” rgus.
15 Pl‘UMsllEl) EVERY 'l‘Hl'lh‘lMY
MPort'l'o\vnwml,\\'ushington Territory
Tlilfllfl OI" fil'lflu‘t‘llll'rlolz
a mur....u--~--$”-'”‘T‘W‘““10"”1"~--~-'NF
-21'; 1iu,,11.g......... MU ‘ (mo month ......3’: ::H.
Sillglul copy. “Maul-t.
“7' Always in Advmu-o. J 1
on. inch. Hm Inna-Hun”... ... .. . .313»
liuvh Nib-‘UINH'III inwrliun . :20
'l‘ruuril'll xulwrlHum-uh. to hum-o lneerHun.
mual. u-m-vnnumniml h) mph.
All Av'mmnls Sofllvd Monthly.
D 'I y Arg u s
H ,xswtruu
33‘ Delivered by mail or carrier. 4113
Nl‘llfil'llllrl‘flifi BATIK:
"no war. . . . . . .. . . . $10.”) } ’l'lm'n umullm.. . . .5150
El: 1i101111:~4......... 3.1 M. ()nn munlll... 1.001
In Advance. 1
Wl’er week. ‘.‘s (mun; vollacllons mndo awry l
.‘Sulunluy. I
leorlll mlvcrllulng rmnn {urni-‘llod on application. 1
..--.. __. ......wm l
Nu'rl('li.——l.lln-l':ll rumnnn-«lmm will he nllawrd ‘
to ”Hi. lmnl-nwmm pol-mum Mm “'1” art «a
Hulm'rlplinu .\;_'l'lll< for c-illu-r pulllimllnn M any
pml olllw in lll" ['uilml 51mm. A mp} ul'nilhnr
[mmr will he mullml rl-,:nlurl_v In any person who
will m-lulu! ou-u-iwml nmw llnmn {nun 111-d or 111-r
lowllly. Nuxuplu cnpion will {we all upplluutiuu.
Edllurund I’rohrl’elor.
Territorial ()lllceru.
finwrlmr. Wm. A. News“, Olylnplu.
SOCTH'III')’, .\'. 11. Owingn, ‘
’l‘rumurl-r. 'l‘. .\'. Furll, "
Amlllur. ’l'. .\l. llm‘ll. "
l'. b. M lI‘FlI‘Jl. l‘lmrlo-n Hupklnn, Smmlu.
l'. 8. Pros. Mummy-l. 11l Allan. \Vlllln Wulln.
l'. H. An”. " l'. 11. llnnfnrll. Smmle.
('lllel’Junlit'n, 11. S. “mun", .\‘uull Ir.
Amo. " Ssl‘. \Vinmu'd. Wullzl Walla.
" “ Jim. I'. lluyl. (llympiu.
PNI. Ally. fltl DlulJ‘. M. llrulhlmel’t.'l‘uwxm-ud.
Jo‘fl'urruu (‘uunlyz
Andlmr. JIIImN Nanny, I‘m-l 'l'uwnuuml.
'l‘romurar. Frank A. ll.u-llun. l'url 'I'Im'II-nnll.
Probllw .lmlgm .l,.l.l|.\'nn “Ukkl'll‘ll l’l.’l'lm‘u~mml.
shorm‘. J. l". film-lulu, l'nrl 'l'u\\'n'4l~llll.
Curmwl'. H. H Illunllt. .. "
School Sum" H. .\. ('ullill-I. l’nrl Illuflm‘ry.
County ('Ullllllih'llullt'l'r‘, It. I). Alli-Mun. l’or' Lml‘
low; .hu. .\. Smith. l'url ”mm-er}; A. .\. l'lum
mur. l’m'l ’l‘uwnwml.
J. A. KUH N ,
Attorney at Law
Willnrommly attend to ullhunlnou human!!!
to him.
H. H. & J. R. LEWIS.
OFFICE Junker-‘4 Building. rumun 4 and 5.
Jauum qlrml. uppmile Umhlculul "nu-l.
Dr. L. T Seavey,
Office: Corner 0! Water and Quincy Slrocls.
Port 'l‘uwnuond . \V- '|‘-
_ fl r v ‘ . . .
Stove». 1 1n Plate
23 Wulvr Slrvut. Port Townsend
Aliomey and counselor-al-ww.
vau'ns, Hmnml up .3, 'l‘l'uxrzn‘s lH'nmmu.
Olympian. - \Vush. 'l‘vrr.
H‘Tul'o'ins'u . 1' "'u '.
Minx“.l‘\n}|-)“,:Ix:lrh \l\'."’l‘t.) H ul, llnlhp .t t a
Olympia. - Wash. Terr-
ATT 0 R N I'} Y A 'l‘ LA W,
ULYMPM. w. 'l'.
:37” l’ructim ln-furn thu Land ()fliuus
u specialty.
m~.m “rm 1’
J-T. mmwx, 'r. M. NEED.
Lulu [(«giwmr Land “tum. Allornvy-ul-an
Land and Law Attorneys,
. OLY)II'I.\. W. ’l'.
Will practice before thoConrtn and Land
013005 of ths 'l'orriwry.
QPFlCKwUnpu'm the Plan. (mt
Port Toxvnsend, VV. T., Thursday, May ‘33, 1.883.
Altm’ all the talk nlmut v. sash 11ml
dour factory for Port Townsend the
public will be propurml for tliu am
uouncvmont contuinnd burr-in. Wu
urn m‘zttiliml to nnnmuwv tlmt tllvvn
tvrlu'iso lms boon fnkt-n hold uf by
substantial and reliable businass 11101)
and that its snccvssl‘ul operation is an
ussnrod fact. Mr. 15.8. Millur, rup
rosenting H. l’. (‘rnrgury & (10., of
l’urtlunllmurriml nwuy today an ordn
for the nnwllinury rvquired. nnd tho
building for its rucnpliun will soon be
Mr. A. H. Tucker, ono of our old
time residents. and Messrs. (Ihns. l‘l.
Pink and (I. W. Flint, for years em
ployed ut the Port Discovery sawmill
uro tho parties who have undertnken
the nmnufucturo of sashes, doors.
blinds, eto., in this place. A building,r
50x1 [0 feet, one story high, will Haul]
be erected on Mr. Weyniouth's lots
neur the suwmill, and in this the new
factory will be loeuted. The machin
ery to be used includes all of the lat
est improved kinds, and the factory
will be the largest of the kind on Pu
got, Sound. Alltho parties interest
ed are substantial business men, and
um experienced mechanics. If they
do not- inuko the enterprise :1 success
it will hardly bo worth while for any
one. else to try.
Port Townsend has long needed
the impetus of manufacturing enter
prises to aid in its growth, and we re
jjoice thut the em of rnpid develop
} ment in this lino hns arrived at lust.
l Erery mun who contributes towurd
l establishing enterprises that will
i bring business to the town is u. pub
lic lu-not‘netor. With what we liuvo
nlrendy us it nucleus, other kinds (f
fnctories uro sure to follow, and so
the good results will go 011 ml infini
tm. Let the procession ndvunee--~
nor stop till l’ort 'l.‘o\vn.~u-nd Bay is
surrounded by a inulmfucturing and
oonnnerciul city such us its superior
hurbor l'ncilities and magnificent geo
grophicul position wnrrunt.
AlzTremzs l'nouisso FOR 'rnr: NEXT
OVERLAND. An account of the Original
Dlfl'tn‘el‘)’ of the Comstoek Lodeisprom
ised in the Overland Monthly for June.
The author.R. M. lhieke. was on the
ground ot thetime. and though not him
self possessed of the secret of the dis
covery, shared in the extraordinary chain
of ndventnrcs that he relates, by which
every pos.~essor ot' the secret was swept
from earth. and thegreatbonanza lett
tor t'uturediscoverors. Much of the his
toryot our most Would hnve. been dif
ferent had Hosea nnd Allen 0 rosh been,
as they so nurrowly missed being. in the
plaeo of Flood and O'Brien. Prof.
Leveratt W. Spring, of the. Kansas State
University. will relute some hitherto un
published incidents of John Brown's life
during the border war in that State, un
der the title of “Catching Old John
Brown." This number will be especial
ly rich in the historian] lore of the early
West nnd South-west; for in addition to
the M“) papers nbos'e mentioned, there
will be one upon the history of the town
of Los Almeles, hy Clara Spalding
.lh'o\rn;uml Chas. 11. Shinn. now pur
snini‘r historieul investi:.zation at tho
Johns~Hopkins University, will contri
bute a puper on the Spanish l'lots in
the. old South-west. at the lwginning of
this eontnry. The net-Worker intrigue
laid bun- by reeentimeninu up of State
pupers has hitherto been only dimly nn
derstood by readers of history through
Aaron Burr's connection with it Uther
entertaining papers will bellon. Andrew
Me I". Davis's sketch of Athletie Sports
at Harvard; a lively Legend of the Pros
sian Peasant ry. handed down to the
author by tradition; besides other
Sketches. Stories, and the. Herinlsmono
of which will come to a erisis in this
number. Prof. Josiah Royce. who,
though it Californian, is now at Harvard
University will contribute oueol the
MIL nAnLomt mm )I.U'l‘l(i.\'lZlNG ran
lil'SlNl’ZSS ()l“ I‘ILE DRIVING.
Mr. Samuel Hadlock. of this city is
an old and experienced contractor.
having had much to do with wharf
building on Puget Sound. Some
time ago he conceived the idea of
improving the machinery of pile
drivers so as to save the expense of
keeping a man aloft on the shears to
cast off the nippers of the hammer.
Acting upon this idea, he Went to
work to put it in tangible shape; the
result is combination automatic nip~
pers that work to acharni. Mr. Had
lock prepareda model and applied
for a patent which was granted. He
has just had his first pair of nippers
under the patent made at Weymouth
and Mof‘t'at‘s blacksmith shop where
they can be seen by the public. The
invention will he used on Mr. Had
loek's new steam pile driver just near
in completion.
The contrivance is rather simple
though decidedly ingenious. A lit
tle lever works so as to separate the
‘points of the nippers and then fall
back to its place; it will be worked
by a small line, the operator remain
ing on the deck of the scow. Not
only will it be unnecessary to have
a man aloft to throw 03 the nippers
by means of a crowbnr, as is the case
with the old kind, but the hammer can
he dropped in an instantat any point,
thus saving largely in the time of
hoisting and letting go. Mr Hadlock
has had numerous letters asking for
terms for county or state rights. If it
works as satisfactory as present indi
cations assure. the new improvement
will soon come into general use, in
which case a handsome royalty will
be secured for the, inventor. We
shall await with considerable interest
the time when this invention will be
put into practical and steady use,
he )lll" that it ma rove to be all
llltllt i: expected. ybli'. Hadlock cer
tainly deserves the fullest measure of
success after his patient labor in per
fecting the rude contrivance suggest
ed by his idea in the first instance.
Port Townsend will he would of his
success. at least, and wharf builders
will take kindly to any improvement
that reduces the cost of driving piles
—-as this one certainly promises.
Pcrt'l‘ownsend‘s Pioneer Gone.
Dunk—ln this city. May 10, mm. Alfred A.
l‘lummnr. Sn, “gall I“ yours, 2 mom. and 16111153.
The good people of this city were
shocked and surely grieved this morning
to learn of the sudden demise of its hon
ored pioneer citizen. True. he had been
ailing for hm months or more, but no
one wns quite prepared for the worst.
Mr. Plnminer was born at Alfred. Me.
March 8, 1822. He settled in Port Town
send, it we are correctly informed, in
1851, and was the first white settler in
the plucn--~being followed soon utter by
Messrs Pettygrove, Hastings. Clinger and
others. His little clearing and log but
on the hill long remnined to tell a talent
pioneer lnlmr and a venture into a wild
country inlmbited by savages. Here the
best years of his life were spent, here his
entire l'nniily of sons and daughters Were
born and reared. here the wife ofbis bor
om labored at his side in an honored and
useful earner; lierehe new the fruits of
patient oil‘ort crowned by ugrntifying rc
snlt—a prosperous town grown up from
the small beginning stortol by his own
Mr. Plummer was not an ostentatious
men, preferring rather to pursue that
even tenor so often crowned with success.
His friends and neighbors, whose nnme
is lnuinn. Hinvcruly xnmu'n his death, and
rnnlizn, that the place has therein nus
tuinml n serious loss. To the bereaved
family and relatives we extend out uenrt~
lost sympathy.
DI [.21).
LHWlfl.~ln thin rlty Mn 20 1883. an inhnt
lliilizlimr u! Punt. and II“ 11. Law“, Ing I
month: and 15 days.
The funeral occurcd at 3, r. 1.. today
The bore wed parents are sorely grieved
and merit the sympathy cube public.
I’. J. 'I'YNAN.
The Man Identified by (.‘m-oy 1H
Number One.
The subject of this skr-tvh former
ly kept u now; btnll zit lilnclcruck hm
tiou, nenr Dublin. The infm'mrr.
Carey, when shown his pliotogi'upli
at the Phoenix Purl: trials. some Wl‘t'liri
ago, at once identified it as that of
the mysterious Number One, which
figured so conspicuously as a leading
spirit of the luvmciblee. Tynan, who
is also culled Tyner, escaped to Mex»
ico, before the police get on his trucks
or any steps could be taken for his ar
By Telegraph.
Pon'rnnxn. May 21.——Work on the N.
P. R. R. bridge across the Columbia riv
er was commenced today by driving
piles. Itis publicly stuterl that pnrtiee
owning dock property übove the site of
of the bridge will inunedintely begin an
injunction suit. The bridge will he
built in conformity with the viewn of U.
S. Engineers. The draw spans will be
175 feet in the clear.
BosronJlny ‘21.--—'l‘hc ntonmcr City
Point. for Annapolis from Boston, went
ashore on bur of Ipswich this morning.
and is now full of water. fihe will proh
nb y become 11 total wreck. Her passen
gers, together with the crew, were res
cued. .
Governor liencrul.
Lonnon, Muy 21.~»——Tho report of the
appointment of Marquis Lunsdowne to
the Governor Generalship of ('unndu. is
'l’l'lnr-o liounlp.
SAN mecxsco. May 2‘)..- The City of
Peking. on her next trip from Hong
Kong, will bring 400 Chinese posncssing
return tickets.
There are ut present 591,000 tons of dis
engaged tounugc in port, against. 2”,!)00
tone :1 year ago, and 226.009 on the way,
nguinst 262,090 lust year.
Cork heights nre from «his. to 41%. Cid.
Ono iron vessel for Liverpool chartered
nt 465.
Under the continued fine weather
whcntund barley continue week, und
prices throughout the day steadily (le—
After a Land Grunt. .
Wasnmu'ros, May 21. n'l'bo Southern
Pacific railroad company has recently
made application to the Secretary of the
[ntorior for lands originally granted the
Texas Pacific railroad company for the
construction of its road. 'l'heso landi
are claimed hyvirtuc of an assignment
fromtho'l‘oxas Pacific company, which
has failed to construct the road for
which the grant was marl» and tho basin
of thc claim is, in this rcspnct, similar to
that on which tho New Orleans and Pa
cific railroad company was recently
awanlod a portion of tho lnnda granted
originally to tho Baton Rouge and Vicks
burr: company. The facts in that case
we 0 that tho hunt named company eon
strnctcd a part of its road and than as
aiguadits grant to the New Orleans 6:
Pmit‘w company, which completed the
line. The Attornny General in his opin
i)“ rondercrl last: July decided that), the
New Orleans & Pacific company was on-
Mle to lands lying along the portion of
B") . 1 5-
the ram] i" hnd mnsh'm t «I. 'l‘lm princi
pnl difi‘crencelwtwvvn tlm vusu (lf‘f'llhd
by Hm Attorney General and the case of
UM Southern Pacific cmnpuny is that tho)
mud furthe (‘mnfmction of which tlm
grant is claimed by the S nllhern l’ucifiu
was built prior to the thin uf tha assign
ment of the grnnt. The Hunthern l’n
vitic was organized {l3 a rival nl' tha Tox
ns Pacific nml nndurhmk to build a rival
linw. Since the inihm', however, of tho
Texan l’ncific to build its mod, it has Ihr
signed its grant- to the Southern Pacific.
A «lucisiun will not be rmu'hod in tlm
case for several days, but them is reason
to believe, when it is mink-red, it will ha
adverse tn tlm S. I’. The grunt contains
18,000,000 0! land.
A Tempornnov Meeting in Chicago.
(linux6o, Mny 2:3. The (irnnd Lodge
of the World of the I. O. (l. 'l‘. lit-gun its
20th annual uession in this city this n.ln.
but engaged only in preliminary work. all
«lvlegnlm not having arrived. ltis esti
mated 170 delugntm will ho present to
represent tln- various gmnd lodges. ('rcu.
15. Killzenatein nf(.‘:llifm'nin. R. W, G.
'l'.. presided at l‘m- fun-noun session.
l.)ele'mll{‘fi nnnunnun that :1 plan of notion
will be outlined for the guidance of Hill)-
unlinnto lodges in making tho pnwvr of
the Order felt as n. political agency in
prohibitory enactments in the several
suites of the Union.
A Mormon llluzc.
SALT LAKE, May filth-«This afternoon
the Mormon Church tlour mill in thin
city was discovered on tire, and was to
tally destroyed, causim,y a loss of about
810.0 th. The mill was originnl'y built
by Brigham Young, and was in the roar
of the “Lion House." The fire is at
tributed to spontaneous combustion.
The Mormon elders, with their New
Zealand converts and the Kannka lepers.
arrived this morning. A physician who
spent several years in the Sandwich Isl
ands, examined the subject but said it
was not leproay.
flank Opinions.
“maximums. May ‘.’l- The Attorney
General has given his opinion turbo
Secretary of the Treasury that under tho
provisions of the Act appmvrd Mint-h 3d.
1883, no tax can be collected on capital
and deposits of national banks sinco
the lst dny oflast January, and no tax
on capital and deposits of state banks
or private banks since the let day of
last December. The Attorney General
says he is of the opinion that duties are
not assessableand colleetable on deposits
and the capitalstnck of national bank
ing associations for a period between
the date of the Act of March 3d. 1882.
and January Ist, 1883, nor on deposita
and capital of other banks and bankera
fortheporiod between thodate of the
some not and December let. 1882.
The (‘omlnu Coronation. Etc.
MOSCOW, Mny 21.----’l‘lie special embas
sy which will repres'ent France at the
coronation of the Czar has nrriVed here.
Windows from which n, view may be had
of the principal ceremony of tne corona
lion nrelieing renlod at prices ranging
from 100 to 1000 roubles each. The
police require persons hiring them to
give satisfactory evidencu us to their
character, and will permit no oneto occupy
nwindow until proof is furnished that
they llflVo no suspicions articles on their
persons. They luwn boon forbidden
carrying glassns into the buildings from
which views may be obtained, us they
fear slum) urticlm (-ontnining' dynamite.
and intended for bombs that may be
used against the Czar.
NEWS fur Sportsmen: Dn-cch loud
im: Shot Guns and Rim-s fmm the Rush
now at Waterman & Kutz.‘ *
Tlm wry nicest nnsurtment of fir
fumery at Lntimor S' Cola.
“HILOII'S UH'UH and Von-Inmlevo l'um
50'” 'w uu rm 3 unnrvntee. ll tun-:.- conuuxuwiun
Sold by [Aliment CO.
—-~.———_-....-._y _ ,V.
'I‘IIA'I‘ ".\(‘liiNH (‘UL'HII t‘tll! borlnh'kh' «urn-(l
by rhilnwi— Cure. \Vu guumuwo IL. sold by
Lullmcr M3O.
Guitar and violin strings 0! first quwli
-9: at Lutimer Jz Cufs. *
(.'Al‘\l{|£ll(.‘l'lu£l‘. hmllh and sweet hreuh u
«gm! M; slmon'u (at ,rrh Hem-nit Prhvm «at.
haul anccmr rm‘ :0 d ”u; Lu‘hn-r a (‘o

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