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Elm fit’rchlg grgus.
ShrcHrnldrri H! the First Nam-mil
Bank. of l‘-‘r2 Tl)‘V7)"{‘!H! —\vbo t‘uvy Ich
and th‘n' 1005103:
Iznulz Hh'i(”HUL'Kqu-lflcr Anglo Cal
ifornia Bank, Lzmxtnl. Sm Fruuoisca,
Cal. . .
M. Lcww. Cnpiulbt and Director.
Bank uf (‘airfuruhh San Franciicn. Fa].
Sol. ‘A‘Wh. Captain: :Li‘ul l'rtbidr-nt
Bank m‘ An: um, l'rrw m, Anzmm.
S. \‘v‘. Levy. (‘:i]-.t;.‘.:st. Sam Franck—cu.
Col. Alux:.:i.L-r Chrnxmnrs. U. 5. Army,
Capt. S. I’. Jinn-l} L. U. S .\imy.
Lloury ermh“. PruiJoL‘V. .\ I). Hi”.
Vicp-Prom‘iuut :az-J mvn‘lmnt. Hubert U
Hm, Cambium 1:. \V. thiuu. Capituiiat
and Shim-in; Merchant. Frank A. 15.er
leti. Hen-125m, Chm-2m: N. Bradshaw,
A‘ttumey-a: Lin: :xLil Willinu: “Mn-p.
11.89., M] well known city; -|. :.f JPi‘fl‘TSUH
1593 ch um cupi‘iafi u! ”Ls ililiillflinh,
the individual n x3..;z.~.—1E-i}ii_\' nf itq shu'k
holders is UVur 35,090.00”. making i: 01:
of We strnngms‘. nzni must insumm: -‘
north of Sun Frmmio‘c.) ‘
f—T‘Wm i
From Thursday's Dal!» l
J. S. Evans, Keeps; ”E Admirult)‘ Llea-l :
Light‘ was in nown yak-tiny.
Rev. Deuison went up the :innud
82:29 ycaieiday. Mow university busi
nesa. l
Governor Sempl: and party are being
feted and dined at Scott! .- by Atmrury
General Metcalle.
Church meetings suspended 31.-is week.
on account of the tempt-rune.- Ifll'r‘illigx
at the opera housv.
Ward enzl Hugh-mi secured 3,130”
signers to the blue ribbon p'migt- during
their cnrnpnicn in Seattle.
Sir. Gen. W. Dawns reports. the out
look for the lnmlirsr iutvrcst, as most
favorable for the coining summer.
A . Dobbs the pnlnter has renal the
shop on Washington st. furxncrly occu
pied by Colman the sailor, and will use
it for a paint. shop.
The book keeper in the Tacoma saw
mill is down wzu. small-pox-~sunposcd
to have been contracted from infected
goods received from Sen Francisco.
Any person knowing the whereabouts
of W. Russel Kaufl'znan, who is supposed
to have been in this city lu<t full, will
confer 11 great favor by addressing Mrs.
W. B. Kaufi'man :1: Wichita. Kansas.
Btr. J. B. Libby was attached for
taxes yesterday afternoon ju—t as she
was randy to leave. Bonds were given
with l‘hoe. Jacki-nun and H. L. Burkett
u Duration and the steamer proceeded
on her route.
At a recent meeting of the Seattle
Chamber of Commerce resolutions were
unanimously adopted. endorsing the
petition of the Port Townsend people
to the congress of the United States
for further appropriating for the cum
pletiuu ot the customs building at this
place. Copies of these resolutions are to
be forwarded to O. S. Vootheea, Repre.
sentetivo Hermann and Senators Dolph
and Mitchell.
, .__._.....___.__.
From mauv- Daily.
The Roller Skating Club has scored a
social euoccls in its first meeting.
Frank Hastings will supply you with
excellent fruit trees, on short notice.
The temperance meetings have been
changed to Bed Men’s Hall on the bill.
“Queen City" Ledge, K. of P., of Seat
tle, will give a bell in that. city on the
14th inst.-—-SL Valentine's day.
J. H. Hart of Utaalady was in town
yesterday waiting to 20 down to Cres
cent Bay on a visit to his parents.
C. F. Clapp’s schooner Granger left
yesterday for Dungeness, where she will
fit out for the leuling season and get
down to the Cape as speediiy as possi
ble. Hall Davis took the opportunity
to get homl.
The carrier routes of the Dnnyz'aud
Wmn! Aliens are now in ch'arge of
Mr. P. H. Paterson-and we hope to
Involeu trouble and "regularity than
that. has boeu lately. Please report
my omissions, and they will be promptly
Quito a number of persons were anx
iously enquiring u to «but steamer was
going to Noah Bay yesterday. The
Dilpatch was at Port Hndlock repairing
and the Eva-5101'“ undergoing her an
null inspection at Scuttle. consequently
there In no boat for the route.
Our county oommissioneta met. this
week. but transacted little business, ex
cept to pass on some road matters and
audit the usual billa. Among other
items they authorized a msurvey of the
{herald leading from this city to Point
Wilson. They adjourned to mcot March
The Rev I. Dillon reached Port Town
send this morning, on the Olympian,
from Teooma, where he attended a meet
ing of the commission yesterday that
made an attempt to settle the question
of the university location. He returns
to his home on Lopez per steamer Libby
; The new restaurant to be opened in
the McOurdy building will be named the
“Delmanioo.” and will be conducted in
first-class style by Chas. S. Grillo Jr, 00..
late of Portland. They expect to open
about Monday next. Their outfit of
stationery is being , prepared at the
have jobzrooms.
TE! Axons rarely ever taken a real
genuine attack oi “the growle;" we have
been nflieted of late, however. and
I» bid fair to have the premonitory sym
toms disappear and break out with it
badly. This is because we have to wade
througheo much mud and look out on
lush terrible streets as (rent our office
and our eyes at every turn.
Ward and Hughes temperance meet
ing last evening at Red Men's Hall was
lugely atten-led, the room being well
filled. After such stirring appeals as
only these men can make there were a
large number who signed the pledge and
donned the badge of blue. A large
choir did service. and the occasion was
made in every way enjoyable as wall as
profitable. Everybody invited tonight.
HeKinlm‘ Star Specialty Company,
comprising twenty colored minatrels,
have missed their calculations somewhat
in traveling through the Sound. and
will therefore while detained in Port
Townsend put in one night for the
muumont of our citizens. They will
appear this evening at Learned'a opera
house. Price as usual. Go to Bartlett’s
for your tickets, and have a hearty
laugh to:- once this winter. It will
loosen your hide.
l. , 1
Washinglnn sheet ought to te fi‘led
cimr in (in: break water and then 1.2131113:
:lan Quincy should 0190 be brought up
tn muse luvu‘as. The electric light com
pany might to he patronized so much as?
to be gchL' a cantrac: for a dozen or
more gnml liglus we“ heated. 0 ye}
City fathers, may we not have light? 1
The cmnp'ete dmnomlization of the?
mail trade: is evidenced today when We?
so-v a =‘.u:u:l2-rfrnm the other side lraded
wizh Sew. II“: can! for the Victoria trade. ;
{he 1.120 oxl-‘m inn m \Yelliuglnu hmli
:m ufh-r “Tye! us is shown by tim notion
of muwifi a: that Museum-J Nnuuimu in:
0.1.11 sing ti . .r (li-satisfaction with [be-
Veil-c: of the Cumin-:8 jury. i
From Saturday‘s mun.
I‘hi!.c-.-:- sm: Yum. Inga: )nu Lear
tile {‘2' when pr-gz?
FINN: :-I'zi;: Kiikerrzm arrival duwu
:vl'rh‘H‘dF lambs!” iH.l9l} {4? Sydney.
1):. 11.3113 an has rcsigzmi his {4.9:in
c.-:mni»i.:n us a-sismm ‘ueahh oflicur.
Tm: G )qu Tempku's an: mlking of
5‘ ii-zg 111-;1 hull and :buihling (In ‘Lbc
[1 :s ('xpcclczl {lnt Mrs. Mullny, the
eYflugula. '.. wil! remru to m; kt: her home
in I" wt Townsend .
The Alix-kn szmng am! Fur (30.. at
Luring. Alaska. me taking 220 thousand
feet of lumber fmm the Port Tcwnscnd
Snwmfll, pH: Anson. for bulldiugs.
Dr. Mink!“- gues today to Putt An
-50195 to visit Mrs Wm. 801 l profession
a!ly, that lady [Wing vary 1“. Dr. Har
risou will act temporarily as lwallh
uni - --
The cmmty commissioners declined m
appropriate more money to open the
Olulmu mud —x:lt'uougb petitiuncd from
that cuuuty to do 5.». Luci; of road
funds is given as tin.- reason
The. steamer Premier has I: new time—
cnrd slevertiseu‘ in «nu onlumus tudny.
Rem] it, and remembrr when Hui-s steam
er com'n and goes. Yuu will find her a
[lla-adamant} safe conveyance.
1'»: my :, fur Port 'l'uwuscutl per
Olympian. {rum up Suuud_tl)is morning:
D. K::!lu::g:. J R McDonald. S. H. Wood
buru, G. Tazculny, E. Percival. U. Wilsnn.
S Hall. J Fleming. Miss May Morgan.
The Pnl‘t Bison-wry mm commenced
working: on" {mm and a half extra time
m 1 .‘zlnmizxy. The destruction of the Purl:
Blakcly mill-3 win necessarily crowd the
the! other mills; vu the Snnml to anpplv
the dsmund for lumber.
Simmer George W. Elder arrived
here yosxerday at 5 p. m.. and proceeded
to Iruudnle to take on twenty ions of
inn... R. O‘Brien and wife and one in
the steemgo were all ibe passengers hum
this city fur finu Francisco.
One of the crew of the bark .\tl;.nta.
loading in Port Gamble, was coming
dowu on the ’l‘yee yesterday to enter the
marine hospital. bu: dropped dead from
heart disease before reaching this city.
The remains were taken in charge by the
Mr. Walter J. Milroy. attorney at law.
of North Yakima. has been'pflyillg Port
Townsend a visit. Mr. Miiruy is a
cousin of Mrs. William: of this city. and
is a sun of Geu. B H. Mllmy of Olym
pia. He was a schouimute uf the editur
of this paper. and we were exceedingly
glad to meet him nguiu. and to find him
such :1 promising young professional
man. He left forup Sound this moru
Tacoma has fixed up some sort ofa
subscription for the university, and has
sent it to Bishop Fowler. There isa
ciuud an the title to :he principal piece
of land. and the whole thing is so faulty
that it the spirit of the Coulereuce in
dealing With Pint Townsend were fol
lowed it. would not be tolerated one mo
ment. Bishops. Fowler, Foss and Winn
ren will probably meet in Chicago in
two or three weeks to consider the mat
Tlms, Bishop & Co's butchershnp was
closed under attachment yasterdny by
Elbe {allowing parties: Clapp &Fenar—
‘ back. for $650; Waterman & Katz, 8350;
P. Dorsey, glut 8470; Port Townsend
Iron Works. for 850; J. F. Sheehan,Blls;
toml, 81,635. It had previously been
Conveyed to Mr. Walker, but the convey
ance didn't somehow "slick.” No rea
son is assigned for the failure, and re‘
gret is generally expressed. Whether
the business will be reopened or not, in a
question for the (ntnre; probably it will
be however, by a new firm. ‘
From magnum Dally.
Axons job rooms crowded with orders.
An otd~tnsbioned southeaster yea
Geo. Calhoun has gone to San Fran
Richard Deltnny of Discovery was in
town Saturday.
Health Oflicer Minkler reports no fur
ther spread of smallpox.
Devoe and Summer are building two
large brick kilns near Ircndnle.
Str. Dispatch left again for Noah Bay
and way ports Saturday (orenoun.
The W. C. T. U. have turned their ii
brnry over to the Y. M. C. A. for a year.
Messrs. Chas. S. Grillo 1: Co. are op
enmg a fine restaurant in the McCurdy
Mrs. Col. Henry Landon is very low.
and shows no indication: of improve
To-morrow will be St. Valentine‘s day
—the day consecrated to tender miseives
and youthfni passion.
The W. GT. U. meetings have been
changed to Wednesday afternoons their
next meeting will be held at Mrs. A.
Weir’s on Wednesday of next week.
Mr. M. J. Hostel. the dentist, recently
returned from a professional trip t 3
Whid by island. He reports a profita
ble :rip, and will return this week to
finish some work. -
Mr. A. W. Walker will continue the
business of the City Meat Market. as
per advertisement elsewhere. He is a
practical man at the business, and ought
; to succeed. .
At the adjourned meeting of the city
council on Friday evening a number of
bills were passed upon. The council
voted to refuse to pay [or the water com
pany's hydrant on the corner of Water
and Taylor street. till the same beput
in shape for use. A beer license was
grumed to Grand and Hillman,6 mom.
and bowling alley license to be used in
Burke” and E:senl.~iea‘ cellar. qunnr li
cense granted to Hickman and Martin
nes, to be used in the bmment under
_tne lst National Bank. An appropria-
tlon of 3“!) '33 M'b oinn‘Xoiiha‘
’ street (brough the Plummer addihun.
‘ W. S. Seawey was appointed special pc
'i licumnn for Learned’a opera house.
I! Tim sulwrvisin: surgeon-general at
3 \Vushingtzm has notified the hum! of
‘ i lumlth at I'urt Tuwnsend that SIOO,OOO is
. i dup.,-.-itcd in the treasury to he expemlodi
; at tho» INNS on l’ujn-t Sound in aiding 11101
i tvrrituriul 'er-I of heulthtu suppress the}
. E syrt'mi of Iwstitemiu! diseases.
'5 l'assvnga-rs irnm Svunle per Ulympizm
[his Int-rising: 1' Rose. A \VHI‘JS, L,
; Butlwr. .\ Hr“. nhnw, J L Smith, M ('i
j link. Mrs .‘I-uUlmnn. Mrs «‘ Kin-u. .\ s]
. .\liih-r. Imgvrs. _\ R (ii‘llir‘. 'l‘ .‘vh-(‘aully.
H. l’. ('hzummn. .‘llii! 16 Bush. 1: Ken-l
--: rivk «k “I'. Mrs (' Davis. 1’ Brack
-\'.';‘.v\‘. l'vi.~]l'l]u(l \V (fink, U H 15-011'011113,
TJ Lil-lulu H l';|_\';w..l Davina .\I l’ilu‘urtll.i
From 'l‘uesdas'a Daily.
Vulcan-o’3 day.
I}:sz newli- :chéw.
1):": ynl‘. ntE-‘ud the sag-is! has: amt-mg?
Inquir} =- fur land at Park Auzvlea
('41::21: u».
Dds. liurJeH-A. 1&0 humuriat, is in San
Hay, beef and 3911.15: are gum] prnper
this spring.
The A riiugrun Hate] in Seattlu Win
rE-‘nun't at once.
Buird‘s lliusérels will be m Lainrneds
open—:iwuscnn the}. 20m inst.
Tihch’s birthday was npprnpriab-Xy
m—ichmk-d in New York last Friday.
Next week win begin the new volnme
0! our WEEKLY. Good time to subscribe.
A I’urtluml paper says Hangar-i; rue
lit-in; shipped to Ghégcugo 11] large quan
A crew 1.. been sent tu Portland to
bring the A'mkun nrnund to l’uge'
Mix Huimrt, wao ornamented the edi
tOl'lu! tripod of the Anon; last month, is
in 'i‘u-‘mmu.
l: wuuld be u mind idea tn maké city
improvements an issue in our next elec
tion in July.
Coal famine in Victoria. Price sls
per ton. Hnw fortunate that summer is
Swekand’a wood team had a runaway
yesterday afternonn on the street.
Damage slight,
One or our subscribers in Quiluuta
cumphtins loudly about the irregularity
in rcceivmg his paper.
The Ans-)3! is at Uninu wharf. from
up Sound. bound for Alaska. She
sails this furcnouu.
The ladies ol’ the M. E church an: to
have a am'ial and lots of “doius” on
Washinztnu's birthday.
Spokane Fails is to have a brick yard
with a capacity of sixty thousand brick
per day. Five million brick were used
there last year.
Capt. David Gilmore is talking of
coming to Port Townsend to reside.
Lots of room here, Capt.-—nnd for that
flouting mi”, 100.
D. H. Gumzm, President of the Seattle
Lake Shore and Eastern railroad. says
‘he West Coast. railroad is to be run to
New Weatminister.
Maine’s whole Coast was frozen soiid
from cm] to;end. Puget Scund the fin
est body of water in the world, was open
all winter. It never freezea
Messrs. W. H. H. Learnml and War
reu Hastings, auctioneer nod attorney,
wan: to Dungeon-as yesterday to sell the
stock 0! Rostciu goods altnc‘nvd for
Passengers (rum Seattle for Townsend
per Olympian this morning: W. Pick~
an]. W. Birchell, G. Sorensou, C. J. Mul
key, 0. M. Taylor, U. Nelson, 0. M. i
Dutlon‘ U. T. Loose. ’ 1
Vice President T. l“. Oakes, Supt. ‘
Buckley and utbcr N. P. ufiicials were
lentertained at Seattle by Mayor Minor.
Charlie Bessel-er is making the Walls
‘ Walla Journal a live paper again.
We are to have another code commis
sion—this time to be composed 03 four
lawyers. two from each political party.
who shall codify the laws before the leg
islature meets next winter to tear them
to pieces again. What fun “we people"
do have all by ourselves, don't we?
At the social and supper last evening
in Red MOS llall. there was a large at
teodnuoe. It was the occasion of Ward
and Hnghes‘ last appearance here. and
was in the nature of a benefit to them.
About saventy dollars was realized, and
a general sociable good time was enjoy
ed by everybody. I
It is unlawful to kill elk, moose, deer,
fawn, mountain sheep or goat between
the Ist of January and the 15th of Aug
ust, or at any time unless for food; un
lawful to kill swan, mallard or other
duck between the let of April and 15th
of August; unlawful to kill grouse
pheasant or prairie chicken between the
15th of January and the 15th of August;
unlawful to kill California quail be
tween the 15th of January and the let of
October; unlawful to trap quail or
prairie chicken, except for propagation;
unlawful to destroy nests and 83350
game birds- unlawful to catch trout dur
ing November, December. January, Feb
ruary; and March; unlawful to take
any planted food fish for three years;
unlawful to trap or snare trout; unlaw
ful to enter an enclosure to fish or hunt
without permissxon. Penalty not less
than 810 nor more than 8300 or in the
county jail not. more than three months.
E. A, Gardner. late of the customs
service, is reported to be under arrest in
New York for smuggling.
’l'he Ancon took on board twenty
head of beef cattle this morning for
Alaska. They are taken by J. McGny
for Thorp of Seattle, who is to open a
butcher shop for the Alaskans.
Four star cough syrup. Read A. B.
Stewart & Cm's advertisement.
The late city election at Vancouver.
the first place at which women have
voted since their re-enfmnchiaement, is,
it is said. to furnish a test case to ascer
tain the constitutionality of the snfl'rage
Every day strangers appear in our city
and. generally. alter a few blocks walk
concluded to return to the hotels and
take the next boat out. Nothing is
such a paralysis to all investmentaas
sloppy, dirty streets, with no crosswalk;
This taken with the fact that the city
does not maintain a single lamp, and
does nothing whatever to prevent Egvp
tiaa darkness. makes our city very nude
sirnble fur those persons who have been
accustomed to energy and progress in
these particulars. Water street onizht
to be raised a. foot and nicely gmveled.
‘ Lent! ;
g‘fiiarine ways! i
Blue rilxhuns nre fashinnufle.
SnrprEse party at R. K. Litimer's.
' Preparation?! for Work at Irondale.
i Damage in (.‘vhinmcum frun the gale
. Monday.
Pay your 2 :. . or theywiil be de~
'liuqueut. .
i .»:;- -,. miiwny in Port I'm-...x- .1 this
lyenr. 'l3 L!
’ C-Inuty taxes wiil became delinquent
February 29th.
, ‘ colony ii Coming: to Jt-l'crsun county
Irmn Cuiifnruiu.
liileruatiu. _. Hotel at l‘lsquimzslt
'burvcu’ -'}un~lr.)‘. g
Jmskmmi & tr. lgd-Jiv:d :i band of‘
[ti-.0! cam:- tins I]HH'UIL‘;’.
} A. “dentinu gum tank plucv at the
?rd‘.ld‘.’L‘ce'-' Mr. Jzunvs Juries. l
. Mrs. Uuugx“ has a very attractive stack
of usinzuury hum}: 1:: her umratuud.
Our record of Inn-1 transfers shuws
t'u..t there i3activlty in I’m market.
tuner-me yuur mum in the ARGCS.
Ever) body reads it. and it "fetches ’em"
eV‘cry time.
Rue weather. That urecza cit-area
up the atmosphere. Farmers are bfigiu.
Ding tu think abuut plowing.
Seattle business men are seeking in.
acquaint-wee with down Sound periplo
through the columns oth A 8611“.
The Premier‘s advertisement wiil be
(Mind in our (whims this morning.
Havcu't had time in so! it in type earlier.
It is reported that Denis Kearney is
Coming; to Ore-gnu to assist the demo
crnis in their state canyaign in June.
On Saturday next Sheriff Shrehan will
neil :it mictiou a. Rut nf beef cattle of the
effects of Thus. Disinp, under attach-
.\lr. J. E. Page lma :: Uni-story dwell
ing [wine in cliuaac cf Construction, on
the curneroppusilv um. Beecher's res
Rev- J. H. Hector. (he must famous
colored orator living. is in Victoria, and
desires tr» spank in Port Townsend on
the 23d and 24th.
Musk-r Peter Mclntyre fell on the
stsps of Ilze public schunl building Mon
dav. and broku a have in his forearm
new the What
Our rnilway company should have n can
vnes made {rum lure tu Oregon Without
delay-wnr else giwe wny to same com
pany that will.
Mr. B. P. Kunkler, (A young painter
and artistic sign writer. de-Jnratnr. &c..
hm came to Port Townsend with his
‘family to locak‘.
I Mr. J. M. Lockbart, of Starrett a: Cu.
lien hard at wnrk. making the gymnasium
‘of the Y M. 0. A 1 It will occupy the
old stage of the hill and one dressing
Bring along {but flouting mill Capt.
Gilmore talks about. There isavnst
quantity of whmt raised along this end
of the Sound. that might as well b:
here as elsewheie.
Ynun‘: man! Buy yourself some city
property. while you can get it cheap.
Take a few dnlnrs :1 month from cigars
and drinks, and put it into building
luta You will be gratified beyn-nd
measure over it in yam-e to come.
Messrs. \Vnnl and Hughes left yefler
day for Tacoma, when: they will begin
to-night on useries of meetings similar
to those hrrd in other towns. It is un
derstood that they intend Visiting hath
Seattle and Port Townsend again shon
We notice that. Postmaster McNamara
baa added several new boxes to the old
number at the post cities- This will be
appreciated by the public. The pres—
ence of Mrs. Alanmm-n at the money
order desk alto improves the appearance
of the omcc very much.
Passengers for Port Townsend from
Seattle per Olympian this morning: T.
M. Baxter. J. Walker. P. A. Marshall, W 1
Armstrong. H. Smith, F. W. anrenco,‘
B. Rogers, G. W. Sylvester. G. Lutzge~
selle, J. :5! Tabor, W. C. Debonu. ll
Kewm. J. anklin, A. anin. G. Wei-l
ize], A. Burzenett, Leburtch, M. W. Al
}drich. Mrs. M. Gays, J. Icon, 2 Indians.
l The Y. M. C. A.. having' done no col
}lecting for two or three months. is sad
.ly in need of funds. Rev. J. N. Denison
will make ncollectiou tour today to try
to raise tho necessary wherewith to pay
all bills. and complete the gymnasium.
Please be ready to help along and make
abort work of this business. Remember,
noun of the officers nrefenlnried, and Mr.
Doniaon's work is gratuitous.
The Delmonico restaurant tube open
ed tomorrow is to be conducted by Chas.
S. Grillo &Co . capable caterers. They
have the rooms most elegantly tilt-(«I up,
and are prepared to do business in real
fine style. We are assured that while
their accommodations will be first class
their price will be within the reach of
fiasco; Cnnnl— Al. the close of the
Hughes and Ward temperance meetings
on Monday evening a society was organ
ized. to be called “The Rescue Club of
Port Townsend." lls ofiicers are ns fol
lows: President, Col. Oliver Wood; lat
Vlce Pres., J. M. Lockbart; 2d Vice,
Robl. Sinclair; Sec. A. F. Learned, jr.;
Tread, Henry Bash. These also consti~
lute lbeexecutive committee. Next Sat
nrday evening their first meeting will
;be held at Y. M. C A. Hall. at 7:30.
Too Sm’r ran Tuna—The Tacoma
World says: “F"teeu years ago an the
‘zround on which Tacoma stands there
was nothing but a wild forest, where the
warwhoop o! the Indian was heard and
the grow] of we grizzly hem-threatening
upon the ear." In his conspicuous ab—
sence from Tacoma today the grizzly
shows his usual cunning. He couldn‘t
go there without getting “taken in" by
some scheming town lot boomer—so be
wisely stays away.
temperance festival held in Red Men s
Hall Monday evening, Feb. 23m, the
following preamble and resolutions
were moved by Rev. D. T. Carnabau.
seconded by Rev. J. N. Danisnn and
others. and unanimously adopted:
Whereas. brothers Lafayette Hughes and
Milo P. Ward have now been with us
one week engaged in the work of Gos
pel temperance without rugard to
political party or religious dcummzmtirn,
we feel it to be due 11mm and becoming
ourselves to express our sentiments in
. ; :r- ,rr'r-{au fix" 5 1!. «56%
mafia than an? unit «sll ,- {Bot-30m
Resolwdithat ye, citizens of Port TM» a
sem], Wash. Tali, being assembied in a
public fempez'auce festival. do hereby
express our high appreciation at the
Christian characters and philanthropic
labors of thf'sfi men—of their zealuus.
heroic and eloquent presentation uf the
truth or: the subject, and that tun, in a
spiritufbrntberly kindness tending to
disarm prejudice and nppuaiiion. secure
conviction and reformuliwu. Resolved,
that we SlLCt‘D‘ijy' thzwk them for tlzeiri
works (-f faith and labors of love nutmeg
Ins, résnitin: in meat 50m}. ALd. al-l
though (In: Izmc EltlinuLCL‘d this 3:.
’Hwir inset night any-u: 11:. w: twp» thnt‘
‘thry may bn prevniicut may“ to roman“ a I
Mint», lung-r m gather :11 we fruit. from
thr‘seed which tlzry have sr-Wn. Am:
we assure them that they will atwms
find in u-ur heads a cordial wvi-mnw‘
Whom-v 9! 11mg mm rrtmu. )
_ ‘.__ _ ____ '
.'tlr. J-uim Gn‘au of Sequin) paid m .2 }
piemzmt Visit )‘Pstt’rtl‘zy. Mr. Gmm ;
While in t‘an can»! on his brand new;
grzurluhillwibe yuulhmi Mylrh‘ W'lzl {
arrirsd at ‘.lr, Stuckand's this Wiek. If!
you consult our advutiuizig cclumns g
y-m may find Hm n-lvnrtiwzsont hf the?
State Insurance (‘O. z-f Fulani. 012. of!
which Mr. Gavan .'s Inca! agent. He!
~. - . v . I
wnl wntv up patio-m: for risks on an;
kinds of hum um! w-unty prnpsrtg'. nt'
Sheiriflfi: Shie of property in the So,
well estate in lsiund cunmy Marvii 16:): i
Sec advertisement. I
. Mr. Andrew Atwrnmly uf Sequin), is I
m town; aifsu Caz-t. L'nmstsen. i
E'ort Discovery.
The mill these days is disposing of
logs at it great rate. turning out proh
nbly 16H,UOU to 180.000 feet of lumber
per day. For a f‘lllglt‘ will it has a
very unusual capacity, without a
superior on the Sound. To the sys~
tom of managsnwnt, and the overt; .e
intelligent character of the working
force, may be attributed the superior
results at Port Discovery—-employer
and employed 500"} to take the atu
titude of a common interest. Insults
ing in corresponding goodwill and
contentment. '1 here are companies
that cannot seem to learn that there.
is anything in this policy. They
like the crack of the slave whip—like
to break down the personality of their
men. Propose to give. the mighty
dollar for so much work and call it
even. Take the stand that employer
and employed have no further relos
tious of interdependence. Superiwl
tendent I. I’. Smith returns this
week from San Franmsco. Mr. J. B.
Moore who spent, the summer in
California, in the company’s interest,
is now in Port Discovery.
Mr. Peter Mutty. lersee of the Port
Discovery hotel, returns from an
eastern tour with a cultured and
charming bride, 11 most \Tt‘lconll} ac
quisition to the socialglifo of this
thriving place. The marriage took
place at the homo of the bride, Farm
ington, Maine. The brides maiden
name was Lena V. Philbrick. A
large gathering of the numerous
friends of bride and groom were
present. and many elegant gifts be»-
stowed; among them was a complete
set of solid silver having an estimated
value of some 3400—11 present from
tho brides parents.
l’L‘l'i Discovery. like. other places.
felt the late southsoasts’r. It bore
along on the heafiy swells logs and
general debris, breaking out some
supports and letting down a. portion
of tho sidewalk between the mill and
the men’s quarters. which, however,
will be repaired without difficulty.
H. V. R. 1
Shipping Roam.
Steamer Enterprise was chartered yes
terday by Mr. Clupp in go to Part Ange
los; on her relnrn slm bruugbt about 20
I passengers.
1 February lsih—.\rrived~—Am. ship
1 Levi Burgesr, for 'i'acumn; British ship
AtheLDulhouso, from ‘Friscu fur .\‘a
Sailod—Br. sp. Ce!cren,iu low of Tyee.
lumber luden for Australia; American
ship Mausun. in few of Holyuke, cual
laden from Seattle fur ’Friseo; bark
Arcturus. lumber laden frum Hndlcck
for 'Frisco; British ship Levi Burgesx, in
tnw uf Pioneer, for 'l‘ucuma.
The schr. Flying Dutchman, which
has been laying in the harbor for the
past few days dragged her anchor during
the south- caster yesterday, and went to
the sen. wall; proving a total loss.
This was a new schooner owned by Mr.
J. Jacobs. of Blake’s Island, and was
bound to Seattle for measurement by
Deputy Collector Winsluw, and Wm
wailing a favorable opportunity to get
away. She coal. the owner something
over seven hundred dollars. and as there
is no insurance it Wlll proven serious
loss to him. .”dr, Currigan b night the
wreck no it lies for $126
Str. Enterprise, Capt. Hastings, zoned
I Icow load of buy from Lopez lo Payne
and Brown's logging camp Camannis
11nd. nnj towed a boom of logs from
more to Discovery.
S. S. Newbern will be here this after
noon lrom Sun Franc:sco.
Str. Dispatch arrived this morning
from Nenb Bay.
Capt. Anderinn and Eng. Pearson
left reulfie this morning for Portland
to bring the hinAlaskau around tn the
British bark Darra. lumber laden
for Sydney, was towed to sea. Saturday
by tug Biekcly.
The Mexico will go into the drv dock
at San Francisco and have her bottom
examined and repaired.
The British iron bark Aldergnye,
Gaul. Mill. now in San FrflliL‘thO har
bur. has bpen chartered to bud lumber
on the bound for Valparaiso.
The German bark .‘-!eluvine tor-"yn-i
Dev. and the Italian bark l'ietro B I'm“
Noumea. have been engaged tu come to‘
the Sound and load lumber. 1
The barkentine \lakah has been char 1
tor-ed to load lumber on the Sound for‘
Santa Rosalia. 1
Capt. G. JUbDSUE, late of the steamer;
West Coast. ha: taken charge of the ‘
steamer Newsboy. built by Geo. Buck.
(Tapt. Lieblg takes the West Coa=t.
The new cruise- Atlanta in fitting nut
in New York for n trip to Behring sea.
She will accompany the cutters Thetis,
Bear and Richard Rush for the purpose
of protecting sealing interests dming
the coming sens -u.
A drive: than New York has been en
gnged tu raise the wreck of the schooner
that was sunk in San Diego lmy a month
agu. and is now an obstructiun tn navi
gatinn. He is the same dwer who sand
the cargo of the steamer Oregea. that
sank in 120 feet at water “if Sandy Hook
two years ago.
FURDHAM—r In thi oitv. Foil 12H). lo
t‘h' '.V'-.’: .'f ‘.l» F r Haunt. :. Gm”! er.
IMYi‘JRS—In this City. Feb. I}. 1538, go
‘ the wife of Amorc Myers, 3 son.
7:. 333w???32%.“rv1-nvvi‘a- 5.. M» 4.. xi Jinx}. w“ ~ ‘ "i’ ~71» «'..: 'll-“: '"'-'* :;-.-f “-w - ; 2 ’ -~
71- s'“ .‘ a 1». «;.'s'." J:‘§&t?2f-§gsfy:r“y "~23 "5411' "M '.., Jr~r”%.%:“ V m’fi‘ggfi'rg 5‘ y v. 7'.
la' >’.~ < m"--' "\_" :7 '.:"l~'* .4 ‘ _ --.‘-{.-' N " ,-' ,_,‘.-' ‘ivrfl “‘
, Q's : ’dulaf’m “JV—#s @an »‘ an"; ~ iii? i i” 3,153’42vi2231e‘5ai.»
~ » .. - ,¢-' ,_ 3'3—7; -.._ ~,.- _ 17" V .6“? ‘.M’:'v. _,fi(v_.
, ~ ‘ ~'- ' »‘1 V g ‘3l. »: -' H‘ ' _ . ' ’-. (.211 __l-.:-;_,;.j>-I-n—'Wj~ .1
.. ~ , » H . . . ..‘w, , _ V W‘, I.
.. PORT TOWNSEND. February 1, 1888- , 3,1 ;_ , I',
_________________—______..________._____. ';’;_;‘——“ *‘ ‘— "v - , ‘ ~~ ,_... m- WA 4—“; :_:§;';r
_ t _! ‘ g T“ V V y 7._—‘_'_ “.7 :7” ...._._.._AA.. -73." 3353‘
DATE. 1 vtsszn. I lAfiBLI. rue.“ ma. ymxs.’ cumu. VALUE. manna .nz ; human-m» I flitlulfift; -
I - _ 5 __ ‘4 _, _’_w “M MV}, ~ H. 7 V_,.__V_ ‘_____._.__g—" s'l"-
9 I ' E , l _ 3 . ¥ ' ' 51'-
Jn . a den. 'lhmnpson...lnummu .. "......tßrit- 451311»; iii-21.31”? flaming - ...99 8.63- l‘t (imnh- ”Spin-:2. .... ...-:oleef'i wet ', 3
Q - g :laéfafimcssu! ,
1 5 ‘ = 352:0 ui-‘kvh.......... .‘ I
y g 3 { gum. mm. .. "-"l , . . .
:liWundnr....._,_,,. Hmnssy ... ~,._,..§8ri{..j51~1p.; ng.|T§>~hs whra1.......: 33AM ‘l’l‘u;mum..H'llxwgrzymwn.’. n. 31:. 3d
-i,.\hinuu.~‘ ann.............‘1}r1l ..smp.: :1.m:..~4| r: 5- lun.!r:‘--! 1951’? “WY-Hun 2*:- vv- my.
I I I j \ “2221299!“ rung........ ' i ,
! i - . f ' flv:.uml.un.~ I
' z i l _ I f:)')nnn):u~:u........... '_ . i - '
T ‘3. o.\\’hi:morc ....Ward M ....‘Aznn 'Bk...’ “91.76:: it (I lumlm‘ ...I 4.99! :'1;:.:nl;::)y ..~:!n:;- !':-:| ‘ V _ . Elk"! 0r: we,
! 1 I: . j 559),:17'14 rz-u;h........; : e
z I ; ; 311p55«-5..............-l . T ,- ‘ .. i
'IILJL-vtrek-a . Ree-l ..............'23ril . BE; .. 973.3271: nnmizcr-un' 13’7"“ ,s’H*fl"lh3\:.._.\lc~. ;-..m,- \-|x,;1._,..’;«
! i 1 . “3':-[fiche 5.........1 ‘ g
i f I 5 116.50” :.;Ih\‘.--........: '.. i
g !: Wm. I’, 51;};- vxk..:_\[ur;:h\' ..U'Am .. Ship: u’bfij’ilftfll'ki “haiku“, 95.101 Han-ma. Mu“, H. I; ........‘.|27.—. til.
‘ ' ' 4 i !
! V 'l’“ 1% A' ‘ ' ' ' ' d Goastwim 1301-“? is “911 Forei n
3 6.336 II‘IVIDg’ Um Ol‘Blg'll 3,11 .w J. u... - we _ . g .
“ V «WNW f—HA-H' 7v 7“ '3 7. 7 Fl: :
ma; VIJ-x-fln. ‘ mun-rl. 53mm. ;::.. ’2 “12:11:: 31;an :_ 'r; mum .«r 5.. \n ~A:-»:‘- ‘ inriifiu'r
5 :t l - .v
m 7 i" 7"”'—‘—’ ‘_"—_““ “——'2 “’s”""" A 1 , | 4, . .. ‘r L.
J.r:. If'n:|s:-.,_., =‘l.‘;'ys':l2 .. ........ Hr Fbip..‘l;9l inn X-‘z'.m--:,~cn. :1: For! huuulql.:l:v:h-:__l.-!«‘l.:.' urn - 1 ‘nnqh _. .4 _
Fitzrluu 2 ......... lii-{well ... I‘.r—hin...lih’il Sun quciw m.. 15 P( I?! ikrly .. Luzzx‘ . '..:‘i; 3' mm wunrt. .4 -' -U}
it! \szu‘ :4 ”...,JI : m ... _. Chi], B-..' 7:l:lSan Fruiw‘ 11') .. 19 For? (hmiu’c Lamb-. 1. Si‘w‘fnl'm -- -- 1““;-
2: u-ynzr \il-x :;»5q.....__. m- shin“? C'fifi‘ufln'l. u i‘m‘um'l. ‘...1L-uni--r..:.\'_"3|"'=-“7‘." “'11"
2. mf‘. Splein-‘y _. ‘i‘. I'. fuming. .\ln mm. 326- -':u!m__.. ... 33 Seam-i --: zi’lfl'hfll'JHL’ 1.. “- “UH-I I
:3 *l. Lucie. ....,..,;I;i:gi-;‘u :1.:\_,.‘,_.... Am bk :1? «H: Raul-M u :2! if:s¢l.‘lfl_\'..,..anta'c..lHvs:('--2_!|‘-_----.---.n---v.__-'-"“3
lu-1.:un............ ....... ....L-‘un. :hipfluiif'niz I’ranti‘ra .. Iguana..." I\\‘h-.-.lt {Goran l . .'\... .. H ..ia.
, , ~ ,fl. _ __,_s__‘______f V ;7_______L‘_A_ ,___.‘ _ ___~_‘_______|____'_JA.V ".4 ‘.."-fl- -...._’ -._ _——-
‘———” "7" A—"_" “""——"’"_"—“—"—_———_‘-_.‘ a
! , x
V essels Under Ghzuter to Arrlvu.
m-.—TM“? 7'? ——-——"_‘—’_‘"w'..—“‘"—"i—TLA_G”§ "—_flffuf ' ‘7 f :__:_
‘.‘2SS!TL~. AND mm: 5;. wm‘kr. yam“. .' nfisnru'rmx. Is n I'. -I n;s<su.s. In“, mm. f “I 151; $05.! DErH.-..T10X- I! For.
77 V. A“““”‘“' 'i'" ‘“'_’~s'-‘__ ' *"‘£”'—‘ "" I" H i' ‘ ' ' “,_—___l——
(I plur... .A .. .\‘nr lurk 772%” Diego {)[eilm:~rur- w'f .. 515. :11“ {sl wm \‘V‘lflucplnri: mm“ 11;}.15j“ '-‘_P:nficc;3_ gsyan.._‘- o's ac.
n'l ".‘:..'-"‘3““"""' “ ”in! * :\'n_[lp3y_, 455, “10,511!“ .. _. ..lAm 24211133623 ‘- 'S)(!noy
t" .f! 1|! :Suu . " M 9321 quro 3M.-li~um‘nn W‘i .5535. ”ML-Sumo" _. ~..'1‘-r .-hip.. ‘11!!! “ h 701"- 17- h"
if .J-r. :; «rjr I::u‘k {Hgflm Urge. '1‘“: nnm . .. .3554. Unluivhnvlc” ..‘. “ k‘fil! “ i“ ““11“ ......uu
Ig-zulv': En: .—!up_lll¢i£;§zm l’e Ira. .Mv-fbunmn w'f .. 51:3. 51].;1Duri-dlir ... " ' 5"9f~‘31"3"1"¥"~ II“’““”‘°"""""
Enterinul) :gh . " lthJbau Rana-15cm .Va'immi‘u .. ...‘ms. Ezucn. Roberts... " 13“; " > {Melbourne “at"??? M'
._\»n!1y..~1..1_... " 16ml " .f-irl mum: w’f ..‘S‘Zs. Gd. gn'mxlbrdshire... “ 4161?; “ 3Vl‘lmn‘is” " anato
film {Eu-.m'h' .. ‘- 19H: ‘- [fixeiboungw‘r __ 52,-, 5h!.; =meuu-r1;-.mx -- §,___l.\‘:u\ Pedro. ..
htp'rxnzx .. " file}: ‘- guwhoumA w‘f..'.l:-. od. ?[’:|rsen..v.......gnrix lunrk¢....’~;m Dino. '.........-........
n‘"rf4i'lll\-"V“.... Hr b'vxk..;H-'r‘l " ».\lcllmnrnc w‘{.. 5%. 6:}. hqcria .........'Brir. DMD-..., " :.................. .
Jflm" -‘“‘\*\'~\~.\'-- " ;’”7'-' h chs: Coast 4'25. i‘vi.".\'inevch ......uim ’thi’vi'wlmu Pan-0' Sydney ' Prints
N ,_, ,_ , , ; -,__ _l__'_-h __.__= .__ " 1 _..___.
~,_‘~V_ “—__ .--; 7»; ~-~,.—_--.___._._,__ _"—< _W::~_.—____—._—_—~T’— ‘._-__————_—_‘
3"". hark 'v‘ikur. ‘0 Melhwur m, ,9; mun-311.: chd. snip ouolina. m 31.-alumna 1239 tonz. 5-25. 6a.; 11:. ship‘x'cn’n'fl! Pivtou. 1339 10:15.55“ Br.
bark ‘.‘atmwhixmh'. Valparaiso. Tom] 7.1'37,00') feet. value $15,374 .
Among possible candidates for the
presidency Gen. Sheridan is often
r mined. He was in Brat-3n some
days 9.5!”. and. as our dispatches
stated, there were many cheers for
him as "our next. president.”
Mr. Elaine’s letter by no means
disposes of his candillacy. There is
nothing in it that would prevent the
convention. if it wore to meet. to—day.
f-am nominating him or to prevent
him from accepting the nomination.
Mr. Blaine has simpiy chosen an ad -
wit way to deliver (1 hnpofnl mes~
sage to the party and to put, himself
in a strong and dignified position.
The letter in no sense changes the
‘ Democratic members of the house
land senate committees on territories
i have agreed to report the bill for ad
mission to statehood of Dakota en-
Itirp, New Mexico, Montana and
l \Vushington. It is the expectations
of those members that the bill can be
passed by both houses during the
present svssion. They urge that re
; publicans are not opposed to the
’ measure on political grounds. as Da
kota will come in as a republican
lstute to ofi'set the demooracy of New
l Mexico, while in Montana and Wash
‘ington the other party has the de~
‘cidvd advantage.
Alabama is fast changing to a pro
tection stutn. The Birmingham Ate
says there will be built, this year, in
Alabama, twenty new irou furnaces,
with an average output of 2000 tons
a (lazy, or 700,000 tons per nuuum.
This output, with that of the exist-
Sm; furnaces, will run the output of
1888 up to about 1,000,000 tons, and
it is hoped by the Alubzuniaus that
In this your their sta’o will contest
with Ohio the honor of being the
senoud iron~producing state in the
Uni-M, the iron output in Ohio, last
year, having been 975,539 tons.
Thus, in 1889, the iron product of
Alabama, estimated at fully $15,000,
000, will be one of the most valuable
products of the state. ranking- above
the corn crop, about $10,000,000, and
below the cotton crop. about $18,000,-
The Woman sum-n3l- Bill
Following is the text of the ‘White
biil. extending franchise to women,
as finally amended. passed and sigqed
by the governor:
An Act prescribiug the qualifica‘
Lions of electors iu the Territory of
Be it enacted by the legislative aB~
sembly of the Territory of Washing
SECTION 1. That all citizens of the
United States, male and female,
above the age of of 21 years (and all
American half-breeds. male and fe~
male, over that age who have adopted
the habits of the whites, and all other
inhabitants, male and §emale, of this
territory above that age, who shall
have declared on oath their intention
to become citizens of the United
States at least six months previous to
the day of election, and shall have
taken an oath to support the consti‘
tntion and government of the United
States at least six months previous to
the day of election). and who shall
have resided six months in the terri—
tory, sixty days in the county and
thirty days in the precinct, next pre
ceeding the day of election, and
none others. shall be entitled to vote
at any election in this territory; pro—
vided, that no sflicer. soldier or see
man, mariner or other person in the
army or navy, or attached to troops
in the service of the United States,
shall be allowed to vote at any elec
tion in this territory by reason of be
ing in service therein, unless said
territory is and has been for the pe
riod 01' six moths his domicile (prov
v.ded he was a citizen of this terri
tory at the time of his enlistment);
and provided further, that nothing in
this act ehall be so construed as to
make it lawful for women to serve as
SEC. 2. ‘lhat all acts and parts; of
acts in conflict with this act be and
the same is hereby repealed.
$130.3 This act shall take efl'ect
and be in force from and after its
passage and approval by the gov
The followxug it n camblete list of
those wuu were lan on the British ves
seiAbercum. which was wrf‘cked neg”-
the entrnuc; nf Gray‘s limb": Cap-
Min \Vm. Irving 1.! Glasgow; sauna
mate. Dunn, Kingstown. Ireland; maze,
Chas. Eherg. Nurwuy; carpen‘er James
Cam; (10mm. Glnsc-xw; sailmaker. Arche
McKe’mr. of Glasgr-w; czwk. Ada n: W”-
sun. of Damdcn; Wiliiu'u Duff. m’ Nairn;
John Pam-mm. u! IVanss; June's
Durst. ul b't.Andrea'stliiehnnl l-‘usmr
nnd l’rtar 'l‘niinm. u.‘ Kizegetuwn: Jame
Chas», of SewfotludlmxdzJuhu B..x'.x-r,
0f Furrydon, Scnfland; Joshua lwedn. n:
Marysport; Hans Andorsm. nf Nuxway,
James “'0 :13, Jas. R .bertsnn. and sm.
‘anrsrm, of Giasgnw—‘xwenu-fuur an”.
} gether.
“I w." tmu'n'ezl With no crupti-xn w.
my (fife. “h 42!: was :rmlrm ‘i.’ umdnn!
SUN") Vuce \r‘u-n iwidm! In app :;r H.
cg-m-nng. ‘.fmr u: m: hn 1:- i‘fra .
:‘yc'c-;£l7,£txlr.i|.£‘:.[2.4 h nu»: .-:.:::n-. y
dishpgmzired," .\Emy M. Wuozl, 40
Adams at , Lowail, Mass.
um I. Ha‘TATL' TnAAWnrzms-z. _
-_'—‘ 1
Dec 19thv— Gan. W. Juncs and wife in:
R. W. demon and wife. undivided half:
intorest of n w if at mm 18; 160 nereg:
S3OO. 3
Dec 30UI-~Cllri.‘l Sermon & Wf to (1.20.:
Sun‘on.B.?A acres in tp 30; S3OO.
Dec 29llnr—Juhu E. i’ngl! S: W! to SamM
Trun'u In». frum our Water and Pierce.
.\h W, 536 ft‘L‘! t-u Wan-r 83., 2 pnrcckf
35,500. i
F. H. "PHFLH‘ in E. E. Blackwnndfi
H's-divided ha}: int in ints‘z, 4, 6. 8, bloc-k 3
8, Piummer's mm; 5890.
Dec 15H. --L. DEB. Kuhn S: wf h) S
(f. Devan 551110 in Kubn's much: $3430 1
Dec lGlb—C. F. Clnpp (I) W. L.’
Church. 4041 mm in sec 7. (p 30; 3405). i
Dec 17“: —J. J. Falhnrm tn C F.
Clamp. lnts 5, (5. 7. S. Mk 133. city: $2.500.
Dec lQm—Ganrw- W. Palmer tn Mu.-
!er Bros. uw qr sec I*. tp 25; $550.
Dec l9lb—J. G. Swan to Sarah E
Sletsun. hm 1k 4. Swan park; $250.
Juhn F. Shcchau to B. M. Brmhbmfi
and Gvnrze E. Janos, sheriff d. e-I mi 9!
bf of ne qr and :X'Y qr v! ue qn and ne qr:
of :nv qr of 8(‘0 18, tp 2‘11; r. 1 115120. '
Dtc 215t~aninda Hastings m Wuh‘
ren I. Hastings. PM 3 and 4. blk 17. and-
IMS 1. 2. s and 4, b“: 31, L. B. Hasting'si
lst add; sl. ;
G. ‘W. Taylnr h.) A. J. H. Bars. 835 i
“fits in sec 4. {p 30; $290. I
J. G. Swan in A. Austin. Mk 9, Swan_
park; $250. !
N. E. Burtnn tn. A. Austin. lot; I and |
2in blk 6in Mouuéniu vsew add; $790. 1
E. Weber to S. Gnuéter. 3400 new; in;
Jl‘fl'errum and Cflnlam cmmties; 35.000 '
Dec find—C. F..C-Inpp & w! to F. 3‘
Tight and P. Muher. lute 5,6, 7 and 8
1n blk 133, ci=-.‘; 52500.
Dec 23:11—19. Bowers to G. F. Clapp.
3.70 acres; SSOO,
D;o flux—W. Stcbofl' & wt to John}
Imam." 50x1U0 h in Kubn’s much; $1 00:). I
Dec 30lh—L. Deß. Kuhn &w! to!
Margaret J. Bay. 501100 (t in Khan’s!
much; $325. ,
Jun 2nd —Juhn Gazzu 3: w! :0 Mary:
Dwynr, whfofs:hr of ne qua! 9w qr of,
sec 34. tp 30, u r. l w; SIOOO.
Cuthefine hicOurdy to Prinz: 0.
Wales. 2 80 acres in Qeffefsnu co‘unty $535
A. A. Plummet & w! tn Augustine
Shane“, his 5 and 7in blk 23. Hum
mcr's :idd; $750.
Jan 3rd—D. Thrumg & wt to G. M.
Rouse. 30 acres. sec 13. tp ‘l9: 8150.
Jun 6:11—11 [3 Hastings &wt to J J
Cain-mu. sw qr of so. q:- of sec ‘2O, lp 29.
u r . 1 w and se qr of se qr of sec; 19, :p
29. '.. r. 1 w; 3400.
Jan sth—.-\ Walker to E R Downing,
BUpcrea, sag-1:1. tp_‘.’.7.. n r. 2f; $llOO.
Jnn 51h~H Trenboim tn D W Smith
and ’x‘nrreu I Hastings. hm; on Water
at with riparian] rinhhl;s7.soo.
Jun TtEI—L B Hnsimgs k vS ta 'l‘ B
Hart, 40 acres. sec 20, tp29. u r. l w S2OO.
W O Chapman & wt to Gen E Starren,
piers in use 2. lp 30. u r. l w; 31600.
Geo E Starrett & wt ‘.O T 3] Hammond,
jr. part of same: 8800.
Jun 9th—L Deß Kuhn 8: wt to Flam
J Smith, 1003100 feet in Kulm'a ranch;
D 'L'homns B', wife to Jame-s Jnnas. ’7O
acres. sec 24. [p 29; $560.
4. P Claws-en &wt to James Jones, se
qn of se qr of sec 13. and M 3 qr of ca qr
of sec 24, tp 29. u r l w; S3OO.
James Jones 8: w! to C P Clawsen. 2O
acrel sec 13‘ to 29, n r. l w; SIOO.
Jun lOth—M J Cuneet Sc wt to.) T A
Bulfinch, lot 1, blk 3, south Port Towu<
wad:s!;_. --fi .
» Geo W Bulleue & wt to L B Hastinms.‘
blk l in Al Peuygruvcs addition; $2000.|
Jun Bib—C» Eisenbeia 8: w! tn Q A
Brooks. blk B'2: $3500. I
Jan nth—C F Clapp & wt to Emil}
Heuschober. ne qr of se qr of sec 7, (p;
30; $350. ;
Jan lfitb—Jnhn H Barnett to J Vine.l
quit claim to lo: 1 blk3 in J H. Bartlett's}
udd;sloo. I
James Sims 5: wit: to Frank P Zaixt,;
40 acres 111 sec 8. (p 30: 5.600. x
Catherine Agnew to F 0 Flint, Int 4 iui
Mk ‘2. Smith's add; $250. .
W Swan to E F Phxmmcr. lot A block
19. l’lummer‘s add: #275.
Jun 17th—-D W Smith S: W! and L 13'
Hastings 3: wt in Waterman 8: Katz.‘
162 08 acres. sec 17. Sp 29; SI2OO. J
Jun lßth~B Virgima &w! to Alice
Monroe, 160 acres, are 4. 1p 28; SISOO.
Jan 20th—J G Clinger et nl to Izzie L
Foley. 21 acres; $250.
23rd—Wm b‘chlanz’r 5; W! to F M
Ten-y. 40 acres, 5(0 8. ([130; SSOO.
Men—Wm H L eweflyn .3: wt [0 F
(Blames-Jun ‘3 in bik 126, L B Hummus
15! add; $275.
252h—Geu P Shrie & wife in P S [mu
cum,-.zm_\'.9 acrrs knuwn as Shrie Tract;
5909. ..
261h—«Emil Banach-her a: w! tn B
Warriuer. 10 9.01111, sec 7. tp 30; $l5O
2Slh—F H Saylur m P Mnher. undi
vided hail int in his 5, 6 7 and S, I’ll-ck
133; $1250.
' P Maker to F 11 Sr.) Xur, his 6:15-38.
MR 133; $1250.
3lst—L DBB Kuhn 3‘; wt to (‘nssiv- G
l'nah. 1003110 ft in Kuha’s rnncu :6511.
Feb lst--CFCSpr a: fi'f b: F B m‘ 'r~.
3.70 acres; SSOO.
lit-“E Henm‘u-i 91' k “f =~= Efr- 3:! H :-
C mpnr, 30 acres. HT. 7,1 p 3"; 24-34.. .
2.1(1-4" Arenseu & wt f v A I \\- ;:. :u
8.34 acres. 503 34, W3O; 5‘15”;
I’Rl'l'Af-I‘E ,=-;rm102..
'i‘lm “why-33132.1 :1, uws-Miy f x-m xiv:
gum. .1 via“... 3.2“: -- Y--‘x.'":ruf r’u
' Rum!) lah-ruzl-dkw" :t' It 3 "5 U !
'i'auu. fur m=~ 31.-w! .-.. Vvhh‘rll }a_ :'.i -.‘
in: cnmkx m H"! T ~ ‘1 'l-N'“ ' - ‘
gap-n Lern n p'hrfl‘ .--':' ...: f~ T :1“!
{mm 5 h 1:! (n‘ '.h-‘i.’ Jun .» amt «3’
Q‘llfi'flyfhi :: r "N“ f -' ‘3 "‘ 1"”3“ V’ '5" H.-
Ye<;;v of ”w Pun-n ': rizln I'l"1f::P .
Tunmr. $2.00 I” 'muhih. -.g .- -
' ,_ AL. ~
l-{wn LO) 9: ’3l'l.‘ 1F!“
‘ :‘Jf {la-r ..u~ Cu" in”? . ‘w ..1
x» 3'. s .' ....3' - fl
_ ‘-.-: 'i‘ulm' ‘ ,_ V _
u 'l3 : "’4".- . -.' .
‘ m. the figgd of ’d~ ’v ~. .-n.-.
r ‘ " .. ~ an
i “Ty! " at“ 11
”’1 if «a
‘llfi ‘7.
William Beach. Haulan's Coaauifi.
Tells How Re Did it.
The recent exploifi of M 2. Fila-
Beach, leaves no doubt that. he la til;
bandit-st man in the world with the
souls. The case with which he outrowed
hi 7. opponent, the supposed invincible
NM llzmluu, shows that in for“). stroke,
and muscular development, 9.441)th to
soulling, he has no equal.
Although an Australian by virtue of
residence, Beach was born in Surrey,
England, in 18.31, and removed with his
parents to New South Wales in 1854. He
was brought up to his father’s trade,
and, while toiling like a young Vulcanin
the smithy, unconsciously developedtlut
mutnificeut physique which has since
brought him World-Wide distinction.
\‘(han about twenty-three years of age,
Beach commenced rowing on the Illn
warm Lakes against local competitora
and from the outset kept winning an '
gradually handicappei} out of all races.
Following: are his chiei aquatic perform
ances While in Australia:
December, ISSJ—Wou Dceble's handlesp. Wod
log-nwola 83y. , > 7 _ _ ~ , _ ,
;Ja::i;:‘..ll§l'—Seeond Pymont Begum m by”
Jannzry, 1331—Sccoml Nstional Begun. won by
D. H‘Uuunld.
“February, {SSl—Beat. H. McDonald, M
Blvd). 1851 —Bczt- George Solomons.
May. 1581-84“ Chilled Reynold:
camber, lax-second ranch trophy,“ by 3,
C. Lnyct-ck.
Deucmbtr, ISSZ—Bcat'l'. Clifloni, PM that.
Juluary, less-Nabom izcgntta, limped. In by
Marv): lass—Nowhere, Grafton Rm '4. by
D. M’Duzmd.
ylzmzh, law—Won Woo!!oomooloo Day M
December 7—Won James Eunt'u trophy. Pun
mstta river.
Aprim, lass—Bu.» :2. by 1:. Tricks“, dump“
‘mp (“1mm“) Ben; E Tr' k :8 Mostly.
A xi 1!. he'll» . .v c '
Aim :7, l»3——Be;|s r. Tuckett: champiumhip.
Apm I'2. Exit—Beat E. Trifle“, dumgjionlhip.
Augum 16, 1354—1343& B. Hmlan, champion-hip
‘nmh 17, mas—Ba: 'r. Cliflord. manual:
«arid. -
March 27, 1335-38“ ‘ lhnlsn, clumping-Hp
December 19, ISS?—-Bezt 8. mm.
November 23. law—Bea: P. Hmhn, chmplno
chip world.
Mr. llc:.:ch‘a system of training includes
a. run of two or three miles before brenk
fast, a. walk of six or seven miles after
wards, and a pull over the course. After
dinner come-s another two mile Walkand
a. second pull over the course, during
which he rows himself right out, eases
off, and then pulls again. Along walk
concludes the day.
.1 man under such physical stain,
even though he be a giant, must often
feel the failure of his strength to hiawifl,
and, powerful though he be, it is not
surprising that Mr. Beach canditfly skin
that during his training, previous to
meeting Edward melnn the seemd
time for the world’s chamgianship, hi!
trainer bought for him ‘v s as“
cure and he says: “I was sgreesbl
astonished at the It benefit which
followed its use.” $1313 in training 11.
finds this the best possible aid to a mo
round of all his natural powers, beans.
it does not first good and afterwu’dl
weaken the system, but acts in period
harmony with nature’s laws.
Mr. Beach’s experience is confirmed
by the experience of manv thousands of
athletes all over the world. Under tho
great physical strain they break down
and die prematurely, because they hove
not been able to keep disease swsy from .
their kidneys and liver, whence most‘
diseases originate. Mr. Beach
nizes this necessity, and has ’
enough to use the oniy scientific
for that furpose. He has not y tho
prestige of victory, but the prestige of a.
true Scientific method of trainin and
keeping up his wonderful physic: our,
(lition. If he did not voluntarilgofiive'ufi
the chamnionship, it would no ht ho
hi long time before it was ma firm
M ~
Sheriffs ‘ “ ‘
Byvlnna or an execution Want 0“:- ' "
District Court ol‘ the Imm! 3m m_ '
Washlngtan Territory. holdi tern- utlfi~ .:~
'l'uwuaeud. in aha cuts of Chain: 0. W ’ ,
almgainet the San Juan laminating” :
puny. a corporal 101). am: attested the 17d: duo! ',._~.
January. A.D,. 19E. an to ma dlnsctcd 13d.- , "-;
‘livueillmve levied upon and I ...... imam- ,1 _, '9;
cation the tollowlng named and ”“- ‘ ' - '.g
erty,realnud personal. belongi ‘
San Juan Manufacturing Comp
tion dentin-nown:
The lasso hold interest belon;
Juan Manufacturing cumpauy:
by [case (mm P}. D. Wazlugss
uflice a! the Andlmr of Sun .11:
from, in and to the f-Hlywmx WW):-
ie=taxc. m-wit: situate. inn: and bemgon u...
i-lmm I-hnd. in “W Cuuu‘li,‘ n-f Sail-Dunn. Terrt- . V
tur ' of “El-41".: git n 1 Mn : . ~'
1 “()louznmaring as' {L 911'in 0n the Den-Judit-
Ixam :ixn ~51“; v.6} {'L". "Quill: 033‘” dafi
innrai; mm] N am: we minim; luck; in
lam-‘1: .- “iz'. 345- .1 llch:\ ru‘. the-00a. W
‘uc-gr “wiry; m: xLat-I;.lavlpwfinufrjm
lur nil .ln-nh: .1: --.l luen. unJ luunmg [mu
{m uh 1:; I",;‘E‘l-u‘ '.sc‘ , along: (ha heath IV.
{hull-1.!” 1,“; ~ .-_ r-xi Ii: irm- Figntpeu [new {I
«11-nu 71‘ x- m,lll thin-s n rizzileé cut mummtm
1w“: 2: Lu...“ ~nzllh me bundled and
<w\»'flv—il'.“ l‘v‘l t- a fililli‘. thence south
:15. _*'('a", uni xi‘n: hundmd {o: lo a stake.
HAL} zill'll ~ v. 39: ‘lldl-grmas, north Ono hun
'.lr 5 .n . - .nnipxlxu lcetlolh: place 0“)!!in
‘u :.:. in: 11.. .' null ml Hz.-:wpnrt.-:ulu.us,nnd
» ‘ ,-.. um -:r -_ in m- “Am- bcluuuing ur um
:m. .2, L-z-Axlzu: x~i~ll inc “51.1; and what?
:i.‘ l- v, “.1 '.lu- i)..1._i..' I: an -. l:':|v\7nn§‘_‘-‘
am Jllnll .‘xl‘::l,..’Jl-: ;:i v ’(' gummy" lull? (
- at; :zé- ; up!“ I r- u: all: ‘EI‘H‘I'QV‘K’J 8“
'~ .‘lf‘l 1c :vzx‘: l; in AL: Mil” pm};
3’ll ! sil- T1.1'.-‘ “-1.2; .~ c -:z"ir ‘u?’ all
run - - 44- 1... r=. :‘z‘. l:;.’l»§, If *” :Hl' ban“ ‘
um I'l .k- ‘l‘ '. : I'v .--, 4m" 'O. {'llor's' {our
- ' ~ ‘ ~ .. l y ..lmrx‘x.onelm
." ;.—_ "' " ""‘ ""3. ".“rfi'. :') n;-«-:: rue «tunic!
‘ J 'l‘ "- "‘ ‘.r , .ml- 4mm, ouulor,
f’ ' = 3““ g . m uni-e I-Irnimn.
, ""' 7"" ‘2 '1- m.- if: .u:l lmle (nu.
-: 1 '.~‘ ‘g > . 4-; ~.--..-.l :1: us tailomt
.u.’ ~‘ > 3 ,3 -,--‘\"l' _
t" , . .l'il>.f\\':lr. «_
J ,- - - '1 14. ..~_ 1' '..: .
Wm}: . HV‘ _.
“Ht-'2 l."“ ' ‘1“ *.
: .. 2‘ I.» .462;
1, t ~-. ; tl' . fitppt‘l
‘w.v»:.- —'-' '3’,"
.V H! - nib ’.dly.he.-.4.h
;. ' 3M . zra u‘cluck In
J . 5, .ne pine-e m hul
' w”?- ".31." .‘lat .utlrurfl!‘
.00}: 1’ 41“ Y'll‘hy H ulmr, SI
. 2;; gr m 1! ‘2: 'X‘ x". ”'s'. I will «It!
--1.-u, 1v“ 2- '1‘.0.-‘ y: Inn '8
‘ ‘Hfi‘b- .J' , r. -. r ',\ ya'.‘ iii" 3"
‘ can "" _ .. .- . -: -.. a; 'mblic
uni" ‘~~ ‘- - .' 0' 1:135 for
1' 1.! E: n: ' , .2 31:13:” c.’ luzrvt- A.
5 ~’- \VA .1 u.- ziiauxf' .
, .. g- 1* il -. A» u Jame C-v'nJ). w'wh, h. .. ~,
‘_ I; i}‘-' zy .. .'x :;,-\t:.n.;uv-MPMI!I& ’“
.7.\"i‘, Luz-J. “b:

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