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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, March 01, 1888, Image 1

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'l'“ 1C
Oldest Paper.
IE4" (.hln-sliux..< unsw. i'.-.1 {n u
flLOIH the u-untry.
Sunni-in vq-Xw {no « n appli—
Volume XIX.
”Elle WWII: fit as
‘ e 5 3 °
l‘l'l’l ISHED EVERY Till l:>!|.\\'.
Port l‘nwnasml. Wn-hingtnn 'l‘vrritnry.
THU.“ “i" ‘l l'n-‘I “‘l’th.
(me y“! ......_...=.' '~-' 'i‘f.'v‘-.-!l!'n=! ,va- ‘l~
Six Ind .ta‘ ‘..‘-“ In. ‘ rum-I‘- ..... :31?—
\'i'x_' u . my”. 2:. ..-nl~
i‘f‘Auugh m r\-i\..n:v.,.-1
“.\TI'S Ill‘ 51"» LL‘I'I‘INU.
()ueznv-h rim: nn-rxi.-:.,.__ .31 m
Eavh sub-v-quv-txt ::.>r"i :. ... .. .... .. 7”
Trmhlv‘nt with? <“:|-|.'—. Ht HI-I:!e1h-v‘fiil't
xuuel h- -.' r ‘.p .‘.:.- 1 x .—’.x
DAILY kl’ ‘‘ US
1 \U
I!) L-M'XD
:fi‘nz-qu-uutn m nu: nu uxzmri:
SI'ISS( IHP'i'lfl.‘ HATES :
One 36:12... . tl‘ w : Thrun mu.x1..~.. ~£~_'.'.u
Six 1::0!;3!15....u... 5 m 4 Uhr mouth... 1.!"
In \d:.nmn.
WIN-1' WHEL ‘13.: 211~;;:,t;'nlll' wm-ki)‘.
AJyL-snriuz :1:-- F deem; A;»pi.:~;l'.'u::.‘
Ail Accounts .s'v-tflul Mon! '11:]. 1
Andria PUBLL-IH\I Co. 1
l’ilo}‘£§§l->.\il (ABBE
”~er \".‘s!*.'.\l).\\.T
om:-a:u..:'1 u \ :‘lmn l" a l‘us'mm ”mum.
Rl'vid-‘E-“I‘, 2:! < i". ‘lu'l:ir«.-;n‘~4 imnm‘ Lnnlori)
an mix: ih) :p: - 7,1 ‘l'. 4m 'i‘uyiur sin-r 2.
'l'z-lcpixl-lh- .' if”: >lm‘u, um‘v':.~i'..:«~ any or
“1:“. N.) Hi I-. min l'r i‘vfilxli‘lmu'fii-i. Nu,
of winphmw fnr 031 mm ‘2l.
{'32— U'lh'!‘ iIf)‘:!‘.~: ‘1 X” X‘l. A. V.. 210 .'v and? In
a. P. l. srp.‘od.t“‘lf
m DR. C. \V II (NT.
r 1
\‘nrnue ”Xi'h'gdq. Min-r or I-hioz‘m'm‘m mi
uinisu-i‘r-i l‘ur mimic.“ n-ul'm ..un I“ “will.
I‘. RI munsuAW. M. u. s“ in.
Attorneys (ma counselors-axiom.
Puoorous m ADMIRAL".
(FICI: in Bradshaw‘s new building
PM: Townsend. w. T.
Swemsh and Norwegian Wes-Consul
[mine Sill‘VßYOl‘ for all PHEBI Sflilllil FONS.
“on! {or San ancism and New York Board!
of l'mlerwrilors.
Representing Lloyda‘ London .3: l: rem: Yorilns.
Att ornoy-at-Ln‘v.
Ofliee: Up stairs in Court I] \use.
Real Estate and Insurance.
D. W. Smith. Wanen I llamngs
Attorneys - at - Laxv.
[and for Sale, Loans Maue.
Port Townsend. W. 'l‘.
Alarm andConuselmr at Law. P Imumraily
Associated mm Burke £2 Bauer, of Seallie.
Ollco comer of “'9 ie—n—l-muincv $15.. opposite
slow: 0.” \\':--e~.m;|n .\. KBl2.
PORT TL)“ SSESD. - - W. 'l‘.
wheney :0 loan a: rediwed mt rs.
Hawaiian Consul-
Ol’mcn HAWAIIAN Coxsmwrn. §
Port Townsend, W. 'l‘.. Aug. 28384.
ALL VESSE'LS Bound to any of the Porls in
the Hawaiian Kingdom are required to
have consular certificates of involccs and cer
tificates of the origin of oods. All necessary
papers and information Ell-niche". on applica
tion to JAMES G. SWAN,
H. 11. M's Uonssui, \‘nn Bokkelen’s Building.
(law :1 r Adair: St.. Port Townsend.
F. Anthony,
a .
Prfeucal Bookbinder.
All kind: of Paper llu!ing,exc..done on short
Price- to Suit the Times. and Best Quality ol
fiyflflv Work Done
For Sale.
A Seven-ton Sloop
In gnod (rder, complete with rig
ging, 5815, anchor. e‘c. Apply at the Anal's
Govemment and Broad :Ireels. Victoria. B. C.
Elegant Call and _
Blorrocco Binding-s
A Specialy.
Will receive our hes: attention.
‘ Stu-tux. WAS: .Tlmn.
i Boarding and Day Sch “‘4:-
ll :enn opsut Angus! E. ,n
--u cliuniulhe Enznsh Br: n.
ulfon and .he Langnné 4of
o eneuced [Pithtl‘éh Bu" om
_lous. Log‘iou pleas ITIIL
pxls reek-Wed a. any H pro
lioned. For uimuiars i
ngul 4. 1881’
finished and nut
are to: .ck:
g at Ins. Dur Townsend.
. H. H :NED,
Oomn merchant,
uhin: I‘owusend
I B: ‘IIICI .kl‘hlldren'n
:nt reverence ton ash
JOHN Frrzn'rmcx.
5 H
y .’o: a new )lckle Phted Stem
i Setter Watch. just patented.
d :KSON, Box 15. all 1251101“!
| Innue- this paper.
.‘v "' ’ \ ‘ "‘“‘~“‘“" ;~____,_ ‘“-’*:————————-—————————————'~~———~ -~ —— ~ . “—---..--- ~ _.______ “WM
[1“ ‘i ‘% ~I - \' /'jl‘L, ._V aA! _
i 5?". e x 1 \~ \ r ’n - I x ' pm 3 .
’33 i B “11133" J 9 L 351”! 1? ‘ (Mi
li‘a' 'E‘IiLEGiHI’II.
rin; mm. t‘t-.\l.\ll>~'lli.\’!llts.
Um ‘.n i\. l‘X-li :3. (iowrnor Scin
p‘n- today appoint-«l -l. I‘. Parks of
Sp xliano county. H. J. Snivvly of
Yakima county. .1. A. \l'it-kcrshum of
l’ic-rcn county. and Win. Hi Doolittle
oi Whitman enmity. as L'quIIJISSIUHH
or” to rcviw and euzlify the territorial
lit“ >.
'rznc ultxnu's BILL.
‘.l'twnxu'r-ix. l’t-li. 22l.——Thf* liill
up n “hit-h it “11> agrt-t-rl to report
f;i\wl‘2li)l.\‘ altthursz-s li:\' 1'! nitlt‘uth of
Illt‘ri‘ '.t {flit-Fins tn ("it-CI tit-lt'giltcfi it)
the (-onruntioa pr»pnr:i->natc in num—
lu-r with iln,‘ population of tho comr
ti.--. 'l‘lnx apportionnivnt of deli
gatm- will In) lllt'lilil liy tho governor,
L-hivt' justice and Initial Stan-suitor—
in-y of s-ach ti-rritory and the I-lcction
will I(‘ lll'ltl on tho first Tllt‘h’tluy
at t-r tia- first .\[undayof in-stAngust.
'l'ho Ilillllllt‘r of dulogatcs to coach con
vvntion is tixml at 75, except in the
canu of Dakota. whcrc tho numbcr is
15th They are to meet at the seat
of g-m-rnnicnt of each turritory on
the second Tuesday of September
next to adopt tho constitution of the
United States and to form a state
gth‘l'Hlill‘lli, t-xpi‘t-»:sl_\' dirt-homing in
ia‘s'ur of tho L'nitzul Status all title- to
unappriipriatcd public lands and
Indian lands lying within the terri—
toriz-s. 'l'ln-y arc alm rvquircd to as—
sumo territorial dclils and to provide
and maintain the public school sys—
it‘lll. 'l‘ho constitutions are to ho
suluuittvd to a vote of the people on
tho Tut-sila)‘ al'tcr tho first Monday
in Novoznlmr in-xt, and if a majority
art- in favor. thi- Yt‘rllltfi shall be cer—
tilii-il to the president of the United
Stattu. Until the next- gvncrul cen
-5115 the now states. with the exception
of Dakota. ill't' to he allowvi one rcp
n-svx;tztti\'c, Dakota will bu allowed
tw-i rnprost'ntmin-s. The loprcscrw
'flll\'t'-' arc to he 0]» toll on the same
day mtl: the governor and other
state ofliccrs.
Sections 16 and 36 of the land in
each township. or an equivalent, are
granted to each new state for school
purposts. fifty entire sections arol
granted for the erection of publicl
buildings, ninty sections are appro
printed for agricultural colleges. and
five pprccnt of the. proceeds of the
sale of public lands in the new states"
is to be paid into the fund for the
support of their public schools.
Other large grants of public lands
are proposed to he made specifically
for the schools, mines, coaritable and
educational institutions and water—
works for irrigation. An appropria
tion of $50,000 is provided for Mon
tana, \\ ashington and New Mexi~
co, and $35,000 for Dakota, to defray
the expenses of the Conventions.
After the‘acceptanct- of the constitu
tions the Legislatures are to meet
and elect: two senators from each
State, and when each State is admit.-
ted into the Union by a special act. of
Congress, the senators and represen
tatives are to be admitted to seats in
Congress and the State Government
will become operative. The New
Mexican Convention is able to con
the question of change in the name
of New Mexico to Montezuma, and
the Washington Convention is to
submit to the people of the roposi
tion to name the new state “'l‘hcoma”
nan-u or w. w. coacoaas.
W. W. Corcoran, the philanthro
phist, died here at 6:30 this morning
of senile bronchitis, in his 90th year.
moxsr 'ro anssm.
VIENNA, Feb. 2-L—lt is reported
that a syndicate of French, Belgian
and Dutch bankers has advanced to
Russia the sum of 30,000,000 roubles,
refusing to grant a larger loan unless
tho Bulgarian question is settled
\\ ASXIIXGTON, Feb. 23.—8 y a strict
party vote the house cummitte on ter
ritories agreed today to report favor».
ably Chairman Springer-’9 “omnibus”
bill to enable the people of Dakota,
Montana, Washington Territory and
New Mexico to form constitutions
and state governments. The repub
licans will present a minority report
in opposition.
“'Asamo'rox, Feb. 23.—The demo~
cratic national convention goes to St.
Louis. It was decided unanimously
on the second ballot. The committee
decided to change the date of hold
ing the convention to June sth, in
stead of July 3rd.
The first ballot resulted- San
Francisco. 17; Chicago, 16; St. Louis,
13. and New York, 1. After the first
ballot there was a recess of ten min-v
utes taken. Another ballot was then
taken, but before the result was an~
trounced Walsh, of Georgia, stated
that thus far he had voted constantly
for San Francisco, but as he was sst<
isfied that city would not be selected
he would change his vote to St.
Louis. Other changes followed and
St. Louis was chosen.
SMALL—Pox cases.
cases of small—pox have broken out
in Chinese aboard the quarantine
hulk Shenandonah.
SIiAMBI-‘UL suaasxnra.
New Yoaa. Feb. 23.—The follow—
ing is Richard S. Spaflord‘s dispatch
on the proposed fishery treaty which
he has sent to Luther Haddock, pres
ident of the National Fishery associ‘
.ation at Washington: Mr. Chamber
‘lain deserves the peerage. His
victory is com lete. The treaty is a
more shamefui) surrender in the day.
of our national power, than was that‘
of 1818, extorted in time of our nay
tional weakness and peril. Making}
no indemnity for past outrages, it not?
only cancels our commercial rights
but robs the United States of large
and valuable fishing areas, both in
bays and deep seas. Thank God!
the American senate is still extant
and is not an inconsiderable part of
treaty-making power.
WILL a: menu our or ran minus.
The Tribune this morning prints
an interview with Senator Frye in
regard to the fisheries treaty. The
Maine senator criticises the treaty
severely. He says privileges have
Port Townsend. Jefferson County, \Vashington Territory- Thursday, March 1. 1888.
i boon surrendered. now exclusions
lintroduced and tishorman‘s necessi
ties juggled with. Tlll‘ ’l‘rihunc
lsays: In View of the fact that Frye's
judgment in all matters relatim,r to
fisheries is paramount with his re
publican colleagues in the senate. it
is. not. too much to say that tho fate
of the treaty is sealed. It will be re—
jected by an OVt'l'WllU‘lHiug vote The
[only question is by how largo a ma—
iJority it will be beaten.
SAN Faun-13w. Feb. 23.~—Steamer
’Allfiil‘flllfl. which arriyod from Hono»
‘lulu this morning. brings news that
la cyclone and tidal wave struck the
ialand of Hawaii Monday, Feb. 6th.
At .\[ohuk' ma the wharva-s and ware
houses were swept away and many
thousand bags of bugar destroyed.
At Sprocklcsville the devastation
was extronmly marked. The build~
ing which had been used as a sugar
mill was shattered into kindling
Wood. Seven houses occupied by
employees were carried a long dis
tance away. Fortunately no lives
werolost.' Schooner Nellie Merrill,
at anchor at Warmea, became a total
wreck. She was worth SIO,OOO.
OTTAWA. Feb. 23.- The Dominion
parliament. was opened at 3 o'clock
today by Lord Landsdowne. In his
speech in relation to the fisheries he.l
said: “Negotiations betwnon he!"
majesty‘s government and the Unit
ed States for adjustment of what is‘
known as the fisheries: question;
have, I am pleased to inform you, to }
sulted in a treaty which I will venn
ture to hope will be considered byi
the United States as honorable andi
satisfactory to both nations.” l
\VAsuiquoN, Feb. 21.~—Tho presi~
dvntinl party left Washington 11:45
o'clock this mornin;r hy the Atlantic
coast lino for n visit to tho huh-tropi
cal exposition at Jacksonvillo, Flor~
idn. The party uonsistml of l’refii~
dent and Mrs. Cleveland, Secretary
and Mrs. Whitney. and Col and Mrs.
Lament. The train will make its
first step at Savannah. Where it will
arrive at 8 o‘clock to morrow morn
ing. The party will remain tin-r oan
hour, and will take a drive over the
principal thoroughfares. They will
arrive at Jacksonville at can o’clock
in the afternoon. A visit will he
made to the exposition, and a recep—
tion will be held by the President
and Mrs. Cleveland in the evening.
Thursday will be spent in St. Augus
l’oa’rmxn, Feb. 2l.—The annual
encampment of the Grand Army of
the Republic. department of Oregon,
convenes in Albany tomorrow. Sev
eral delegates arrived today and
many more, enough probably to
swell the number to 26,0. will arrive
tomorrow. The otlicial board will
hold a session at 10 a. m.. tomorrow,
and the regular business ‘of the de
partment will commence at 2p. m.
A reception. with supper. will be
given the visitors at night.
\Vasmxoros, Feb. 21.»~Before the
house committee on public lands yes
terday Congressman Herman ob
jected to further considerations of
any pending measures until the ques
rion is determined as to forfeiture of
unearned land grants. He insisted
that as to his state settlers along the
Northern Pacific grant from Wallula
to Portland should now be heard.
As it stands now, it was a gigantic
fraud on the people. He wanted
that forfeiture considered, unencum
bered With any other questions, so as
to insure its passage now. He
claimed that about five million acresi
are involved in restoration. and that}
hundreds of settlers whose homes are‘
under a cloud, are tired of waiting,
and claim attention. He propc aedi
that their rights be recognized, and‘
that as to those on odd sections who!
have made pre~emption proof at 1
double the minimum, they have a re-’
hate on repayments made them of
the excess of $1.25 per acre, and that
this latter be the uniform price here~
after; and that the equities of pur
chasers of lands on odd sections from
the railroad company. as well as
those who have settled or improved
the same, with expectation of retain
ing them shall also be guarded.
Prrrsnune. Feb. 2l.——Grafi', Bennett
& 00., iron manufacturers in this
city, assigned today. The failure
was a great surprise. In 1883 the
firm failed for about $1,200,000. and
were granted an extention. Since
then they have paid about two—thirds
of their indebtedness. and were sup—
posed to be doing well. The cause
of the failure was an investment of
of all their profits in an extension of
their plant. No statement has yet
been made, but it is understood that
SAN Fasscxsco, Feb. 20—The fol
lowing was published here today:
“There is now no doubt in railway
circles as to the truth of the recent
rumor to the effect that the Chicago,
Milwaukee and St. Patil company
hadpdecided to build to this city. It
was stated that the company had of—
fered to purchase the immense num~
ber of 10,400 acres of tide land on
the Oakland side of the bay, having a
water frontage of seventeen miles,
and would invest something like
$1,500,000 in grading and dredging,
in addition to the $700,000 said to
have been ofi'ered for the land.”
The Financial News of London is
urging the Canadian government to
secure conlrol of the C. I’. railroad.
Quite a boom has struck Oyster—
ville and Pacific county generally.
The railrord from Ilwacco seems as~
Hereafter the legislatures of Ore—
gon and Washington will be in ses
sion at the same time. This Will en
able the states to cosoperato very
thoroughly in all matters which are
The association of chambers of
‘commerce of London is recommend
ing a treaty to arrange for arbitra~
tion of all differences as they may
arise between the two nations. This
isan excellent plan and is a long
‘lkpforward. '
Sm: or Tm: HAsTixus MILL—The
Vancouver, 15. C.. News says :11
though the legal papers completing
the tranrl'er have not yet been signed
it is understood that, one of the
largest transactions which has taken
place in Vancouver is practical] con
cluded. It is the purchase from the
present owners of the. business car—
ried on by the company known as the
Hastings sawmill company. and the
transfer includes the extensive mill,
with the site on which it is iocatetl.
the steamers, timber limits, etc. We
believe the price is in the neighbor—
hood of $170,000. The purchasers
are a weolthy American syndicate, at
the head of which is Mr. Freeman,
the large capitalist and operator of
San Diego.
‘ Robert J. Burdetto of the Brookiy
Eagle preached in San Francisco on
Sunday last, in the Baptist church. It
is said to have been a masterly ccrumny.
Mrs. Dr. Prints is again to do the
Sound country. Pretty-soon alltho Bill
boards and {Glut}?! will team with gaunt
Ikelctauw an! nude mun-i. Good gm
There Is now just :1 little probability
that Rom-x how the land grant. between
Wallnla and Portland which Delegate
Vomhoes siiccce-ie‘] in managing for the
R. R. Co. last your will yet he declared
forfeited in spite of him.
The San Francisco Chronich' isngri‘at
manger. We notice in Monday's edi
tion :1 quarter of n column on the mar
ket St. rat pit. All the exploits of the
days are named—Great Journalistic cu
terprise! Wonderful fine reading!
What ut-xt?
The report of the dangerous condition
of Tillamnok lighthouse at the month of
the Columbia should be promptly in
vestigated. If the rock is liable to give
as}; 'mdl r the shock of the huge waves
that, lent against it, some other locality
should he Selected at once. It is unjust
to condemn the light-keepers to the dan
ger of the awful death that would be
their fate in case the stat'on succumbed
to the sen.
-__.V- _,,._ 7 -.-—l.—
Nllipplng Sou-s.
‘ __
1 Alaskan arrived this morning.
i Bark Sarah S. Ridgway went to sea
last night in tow of the tug .\lastick, coal
; laden for 'Frisco.
. The Edith was late arriving from up
Sound this morning, cause: handling a‘
large amount of freight. ‘
Passengers for Port Townsend from i
‘Frisco, per Mexico, duo here Mondayzi
Miss J. Williams, R. Hickman. M. Dad-l
16;]. i
Passengers per Olympian from Seat
tle this morning; J R McDonald. J
McCurdy, J Kennedy. 0 E Burbs, Hen
schobe. C Baker. 0 V Cooper. Capt C L"
Clancy. J Race. E l“ Amall. TBrown,.
c w Cook. A J 'l‘hoos. Dr. Liebeg mm!
Rev J B Oolwell.. l
The ship,Alexander Gibson, now lying i
in the harbor. is to decide one of the most ‘
important cases in admiralty, which has 1
for a long time been before our courts 1
The trouble arose when the captain of
the vessel found himself at the mercy of ‘
certain shipping agents who proceeded
to load and unload the vessel without‘
consulting his wishes or convenience.
He refused to allow them to proceed for
a time. Finally. he yeilded and was un
loaded and then loaded without any
agreement on his part. When loaded he
left Tacoma tor Port Townsend. aflirm—
iug that he had contracted no debts and
would pay none. \Vhen he arrived here
he was libeled for costs of loading 8:0 to
the amount or 88000. The case is now
in the courts and will determine wheth
er ships masters are masters or not mas
ters of their ships in Puget Sound or
not. The whole shipping public is much
interested in: the result. The Gibson
is not the first vessel which has tonn'l
much trouble in loading at Tacoma.
Feb. {EL—Am. ship Prussia went to sea
last night in low of tun Blakely. lumber
laden for ’Frisco; also. Am. bk. Emerald
in tow of tuzTyee. lumber laden from
Gamble for ‘Frisco. Arrived: Br. ship
Pbasis, in tow of tug Tyee. lumber la
den for Melbourne; Am. bark Tidal
Wave, in low of tug: Rip Van Winkle.
lumber laden for ’Frisco; Am. bk. Sarah
S. Ridgway, tow tug Mnatick, coal from
Nanaimo. to ship crew at this port;
Steam collier Walla Walla.
San Francisco. 23d—Arrived—Ship
Geo. F. MnnSon, schooner Cassie Hay
ward. beanie; bark Canada. Tacoma;
bark Normntum, Port Madison.
The tun Dolphin sunk on the bar of
the Golden Gate on Sunday. in :bout
ten" futboms of water.
Sfmr. Evangel left- ycsferday for Dun
goneea and P.od; Angeles.—Among tne
passengers were: 0. F. Clapp, Warren
Hastings and Capt. E. H. McAlmond.
Antwan—Am. Ship Prussia, yester
day in tow lug Blukely, from Port Bad
lock, lumber laden. This ship belongs
to the Blairer Mill Co.
A Card of Thanks.
Em’ron Aneusz—We desire to extend
through your Columns our warmest graf
itude to the many friends. too numerous
to mention by name. for their kindness
and thoughtfulness manifested toward
us in so many ways in our sore bereave
ment. We appreciate such sympathy
and consideration very much.
Port Townsend, February 25, 1&8.
For: SALE—A good horse and new
buggy—nt a bargain. Apply at this
Fresh Creamery Butter just received
by Burkett & Eisenbers. Send in your
iorders at once and secure _so_methlng
very nice as we have only a limited sup
ply. 1'25“
Fon SALE—TWO blocks of deairabel
city property. Apply to
FORTY ACRES OF' LAND. at Port Ange‘es,
located on the line of Ihe maen‘xlmQJrea} me
water from. Apply to T. JAChHAVx.
mu Pan Townsend. W . T.
Wonderful Cures.
W. D. Hoyt & (30.. Wholesale and
Retail Drugqista of Rome. 6a.. say:
We have selling Dr. King's New Discov
ery. Electric Bitters and Bucklen‘s Arni
ea Salve for two years. Have never
handled remedies that vsell as well, or
aim-such universal natishction' There
have been some wonderful cures effected
by these medicines in this city. Several
cases of pronounced Consumption have
been entirclv cured by use of a few lmt—
tles of Dr. Kings New Discovery. tnku.
in connection with Electric Bitters. We
gunrantee them nlways.‘ fluid by N. 1)
Hill & San
—-7-r—-——<°>——i7-- ~ 7
"' would cn'o our dinner
‘3 \s°\-\' and are. piezeiited by Dys—
pepsia. use Aclier's Dyspemia Tablets.
They are a. positive cure for Dyspepsia. In
digestion, Flatnlency 11ml ('onstinmic-n.
\Yc guarantee tht-zzz. :23 and 55513:.
Sold hx'lsxlixncr tk (‘O.
Two story lzuuse and inside lot. at
:32.‘.’.5(|.-—five minutes’ walk from the
“earner landing. Apply quick at this
__ -.F“
Better than “old
('an L— truly raid of that new and ctlimcimi"
i'.-mmly fur (‘unsumptinu :mtl disuasus of ill“
'l‘lirnm. (‘ln'st zmt] LII L'S, halite .\bic. tnr it i~
pleasant to the palate and death to 11 (MM.
{iiiji-rxiiy‘cm“ “:Irruntcil by JAs. l). .\lxsnl.z:u,tl;~-
m— .0. ——
-° ' niwars linvo
~i\\. Egg“); Am.“ 1 .0.
Soother at hand. it. is-tlu: r nlf :..fc
medicine yet made that “ill nu - n!l
infantile disurdo-rs. It C(‘tltnii‘n I: M iv»:
'V'l‘ Jlnr'phinr, but. givrs the. i" 21.1 . :rwi
we‘ i'l’um. smin. Price 2‘,- rc..t . ‘. : lr.
luuimm‘ t‘; ('O.
Mn!“- nu Mistake. ‘
liy Ilirprllmg thusrmptmns sontlt‘n inf~t::l\en ‘
f - t'unrummxnn. SANTA .\llll‘} has brought
LSlmllll'S‘ to many a lumiwlwltl. By its prompt ‘
nu: t’nr breaking up the (will that tnnutten duh-l
--‘Ol-! in!” that {iitill‘ tliw‘nN', thoufand: run l»-
.szn'wl [mm an t:ll!lllll‘l_\'£:l':l\'t‘. \uu lnukv rm
1 misurkc by kin-ring: n In) tls-ottliis pleufianl rem
edy In your mu<--. (‘AIJI-‘UItNIA FAT-lt
t‘l'lt E is runalh‘ ell'ertiw in erudiratingull thin-s
of .\‘nsnl t'utarrli. llmh hf tin-<0 mmdvrtul 1' .l
ifflrniu mun-(lies urr- .mm and warranted ln_\' Dr.
J. l). .\linkler. 31.00 a nut-Rage, :: for 32.1".
S“WQ: the Children. They are es
' pecially lmhle to sudden
Colds, Coughs, Croup, Whooping Cough,
etc. “'0 guarantee Acker’s English
Remedy a. positive cure. It saves
hours of anxious watching. Sold by
Latimer .S: ('O.
, 4.... .
.\ Sound Legal opinon.
E. Blainbridge Munday Esq.. County
Aity., Clay 00.. Tex. says: "Have used
Electnic Bitters with most happy results
My brother also was very low with Mn
larial Fever and Janndiee, but was
cured by timely use of the medicine.
Am satisfied Electric Bitters saved his
Mr. D. L. Wilcoxsou. at Horse Cave.
Ky.. adds a like ttstimony. saying: He
positivelp believes he would have died,
had it not been for Electric Bitters.
Lhis great. remedy will ward off. as
well :15 euro all Malnrinl Diseaaes, and
for all Kid ney, Liner and Ltnmach Dis~
orders stands unequalled. Price 500
and sl. at F. D. Hill & Son.
”on t Experiment.
Ypu cannot. afford to wnste time ex
perimenting when your lungs are in
dunner. Consumption always seems at
first only 9 cold. Do not permit any
dealer to impose upon you with some
cheap imitation of Dr. King‘s New Dis
covery for Consumption. Coughs and
colds. but be sure you get the genuine.
Because he can make more profit he may
tellyou he has something just as good.
or Just the same. Don't be deceived,
hut insist upon getting Dr. King‘s New
Discoyery. which is guaranteed to give
relief in all Throat. Lung and Chest at»
fections. Trial bottle free at N. D. Ilill
& Son’s drug store.
‘ ~~—~———<.~—-———
'Brace ['9
You are feeling depressed. your uppe
tite is poor‘ you are bothered With head
ache. you are figiry. nervous and gener
ally out of sorts and want to brace up.
Braeeupbut not with stimulants, spring
medicines or hitters which have for their
hasis very cheap bud whisky, and which
stimulates you for an hour, and then
leave you in aworse condition than be
fore. What you want is an alteralive
that Wlll purify your blood. start. healthy
action of the liver and kidneys. restore
your vitality and give renewed health
and strength. Such a medicine you will ‘
find in Electric Bitters. and only aOcts, a}
bottle at N. D. Hill Sr Sons‘ drug store. ‘
_—.—.O.< _ 1
10ml who are sum-ring from the errors and}
li.dis;.-etions of youth. nervous weakness, early ‘
(ii-my. loss of manhood, the. I will send it recipe
that Whiciiro you FREE OF CHARGE. This‘
great remedy was «lirt'nwred I? n miminaarf' in
South America. Send a boll-ill tlrnsxscll Cll\'(‘ up» 1
In the ltnv. Joan-n ’l‘. Imus, Station I), .\eri
York l'ilu l
._ - ...~- ,~ 1
Everybody needs a spring medicine. 1
By using Ayer‘s Sarsaparilla. the blood‘
is thoroughly cleansed and tnvrgorated,‘
the appetite stimulated. and the system \
prepared to resist the diseases peculiar;
to the summer months. Ask for Ayer‘s
Sursapnrilla. Take no other.
_ ...--rA—~—-—— 1
At Peace. ‘
A stomach in revolt is an ondurnti- rebel. (‘nr- ‘
reeled with llostmtvr's Stoninch Bitters. its dis—
mnlions \tith the food introduced into it in 1111-‘
wury moments of nplwhlr‘ ceases. Then it l.~‘ :it 1
pence. Then dvsiiepsia abandons its grip. Then ‘
such fractious: manlfestatjniis us henrthurnm
sinking sensation in the pit of the abdomen he
:ween meals riid unnatural fullness uni-i‘wanl~,
flatulence. nciil zulpinm. hilimisness. an. cease
to inflict martyrdom. After a course of the
national tonic and nlteratiw. the liter and l‘ow
els. always more or less disordered during: a pro
longed attack of indigestion, resume their rum--
tions and beeo__u regulizr. Thus not. only dys
mp>ia.bnt its concomitsms. constipation and
lilllonsncss. are conquered by the medicine.
which remedies their lruittul cruise, weakness of
the organs of digestion. The epimtstric ncn'e.
cellular tissue. in x-liort. every organ that ligairs
a part in the digestive prnce-s acquires Vigor
lllp ri-gularitv from the benign invlgomni.
3 Nights in the
(Sum. k %\ees complain, of
thousands snfiering from Asthma, Con
anmption. Con hs, etc. Did you ever try
Acket's Englis‘li Remedy? It is the best.
preparation known for all Lung Troubles,
sold on a. positive guarantee at 10c., 50c.
For NllO hv Latimer .2 Co.
_ ....- ,
Helping the Right side- ‘
To help the right side is not only
commendable in a general point of view, 1
but is judicious and prudent when that‘
help is enlisted in behalf of the right‘
side of the b dy, just over the lower ribs ‘
in the region of the liver. The most ef-‘
ficient help ii afl‘urded by Hostetters
Stomach Bitters, an anti-hilions medi
cine of incomparable efficacy. auction
of the liver is accompanied by constipa
tion. sick —headache, furl-ed tongue, nau
sea, occasional vertigo, an unpleasant
‘breath, yellowneas of the skin and balls
of the eye. The author of these symp
-1 toms, liver complaint, routed by the bit
-1 ters is accompanied by them in its flight.
Fever and acne, which always involves
the liver, dyspepsia, rheumatism, debil
ity and kidney troubles are all maladies
to the early relief and final cureot which
this standard medicine is adapted. Don't
use it by fits and starts. but systematic—
ally, that its full efl'ccts may result in a,
perfect restoration of health.
—————.——————7, ~ _.,~_ , V,
.-- - .. -. “:2 -
-. :5 Eu - ~ .
n-vm-rh'. fur :IH oliwuw: :n'i~3l2-:’ mm: :1 div: 1": I I"~ l‘i2~ :;;v- Mnulw‘ {rum Um (-..uz-rn
n2‘~l~:'ml run-litinn n!‘ l 2: - durum-En nr Exzvz‘. Iz'zm -! I Mz‘:n~i< :mti :lvlim rcmwlinl [win
i~ .\fflf" 15333. 312'». Il'lrlul ( . Mr; ;'-e\'3;-" ~ 4" 12:?th \:'.-‘<'!::"Ix- >12!»~!:HI:~~.
Inn. (11-:'!i:unfu'.‘;ll. Pm. u'z'ii- : "1%" Th- _~ :.2‘r. lizv :‘u .'v: '. fur :1:-~;x-(-I234'9i’- s~ :Jl'l
{hm-.- }w:n‘~ l '.x'," NEIL-Tm! I‘:th 1.5 L? ::l‘.':~i':l".t".‘:‘ 7". fir Zz' x‘niiz'n'ih‘. ‘l'luvéiv.
("-:n'x-luim. “rim! tin Lu: g':; I'l ;-.~ E: :'-! io'f. , “ :~ {'::-:1 i'El?‘ tux-l" In; 21;:-
:'a:.- ~-.n!u!r;-. bu: n-uu'nl gr: In .'-11. I '.‘cil:;:.:'} :1: -..- ~ 51:12.: ;- mun-:24 «lrzl
v, l~ :41?wa M u~-- A; ar ~ 333-. :.;.i. 2'. {.:m.‘ »‘.i. 2:1: :.\iLI-~. 'i‘: le‘... Vii ~:
is“ IL _' u! 1‘!" m. !=. lish- .~:;‘ 351‘ .' E~ i: 2.: ‘"i 11.1: c '.z- 3. . 2‘2? ~ In? .\'.--:::'1- 31
.1 :' viz-vii} In-tfi'lg‘ r'-:::"i?‘?'-'.." 'l‘}; . :.:1 1 Liz. :- 1: .hi- -- ‘-‘.? 2:. any]: :5. z'u-lifb.“
-- ..E"-. “'l4:- X. 31.. \'.'i".~--: ‘ ! \-.. - .3. )I. Elm-J -2 2|. I‘l’le-yx‘. 2'. 1121112.. “1'32: »;
"‘ 'hll ‘ '.vzi “‘- I". (nub. ._- -. I " ".".}«1"~;l:.-.' Inn $131.!” ::~ ;! ("zilmz'if'u
~- ~- blimp z: -ul-'-~. i.-.Y “ .«-::-- ..-.. ‘ gm. 2 ..:; x I‘l3. 1..-final Mgr-:1 'l.-
-~'- : \\..-‘ x:::‘ EL: :1: -I. ~._ ,\ . ."~ I 2'. ! :'| ~'.; ~ ‘l2: 5' wild !:;_\' I‘3 ."
;' .’ ,!,--~,', thfv. Twain. )1, ‘. ~ . 3.! .\.f. :i.'. i.“~ Ant-fun (33..
-: “ .'x, - :"3 TIER ":.7-2‘l L- ;.1' :- » 3 -\-.':E v»: " 3.3.. (':::Z.:u‘;?:r THY». ‘11: i
- ’~ I‘I:ILE.-A'22‘~‘Z:‘-v:x'-.‘.“!:3A‘Y1:..31:A.:1-E :‘r-‘:;:" hi :; .-:' :- 2:2; z'n stark. “’lie'zl :2-
-. f j.:-:x:'~. {'s' :' 121': '.E- 3:) v-rnximuilijx. uzntiz'hz" -' .:z :::- L: the (l'u'illi‘i {:fil-J
"Hing: 11w but “'l' ir 2133:." E.) do :‘;;;. -.. J."
F E“?\ V‘- " 'I
flygifl‘jg 5’9”“53
-‘ ta E {‘s E '-‘ '~ 9
0". .I. AYI'ZE: 6;; (1)., {Arr-'0“, Haas. 1'.!~‘..\
Far :31,- §;'.' 1;?! X’x‘lltzifi: .
_=.“—' I T 4 7
l 44—, LATIMER a; (30.,
:5 '1: $3.2; A4A? )
l .533 f, , zVthL-snlt- and human IH-tiiaxl's H
V ‘ —--"'%§' ‘ I 135“
Druas,Chemicals,EPatent’Medicines 8:, Fancy Ariices
Pain/s. 0:75 (I): Glass-warp;
Winesfiand Liquors or Medical Use.
Orders rifle with Diupzueh
'{ff‘T’r-éscriplions Carefully Cmnpnunth-11, hay (I; Night. 2519:
'6' nlvr 1.. l'uri 'l‘(n\‘n.-cnd. V. .
i Wm
11-\H'I‘IN(ES’ \VII.\I§I“.
Denis. in all kinds nf~
Farm Produce, Feed, Bran, coal, Wood Etc.,
: :Ljém'l‘Oß CASH ONLY. ”gs-g
And Real Estate Agent.
*0- 2’
1' l"inv rosidc-noo properly in L. It. lluslings‘ first
and sot-ond :uldil ions”
(XXIAIA l;ICl“()l§lC I’IIICC‘II;\§IX(}. [wztf
Agency for Hastmgs’ Steamboat Co.
HENRY LANDES Pres. N. I). HILL. Vice-Pres. M. L". llILL,L‘t\sL-39r.
A uthorlzed Capltal, ~ $200,000
A General Banking Business Transacted. ‘
Deposzts recezvecl subject to szg‘ht draft or check
money MAKE!) on Apruovzn secmu'rns.
Collections made and proceeds promptly remitted on day of collection
Sight and Telegraphic exchange payable in all the principal cities of the
United States and Europe.
CORRESPO\ DENTS :—LONDON—TIIe An 10 Californian Bank (Limited):
BERLlN—Gebuder Meyer; New YORK—Th 6 ig-lanover National Bank; six
FRANCISCO—The Anglo~Californian Bank (Limited); PORTLAND, ()R., The
First National Bank; VICTORIA, B. 0., Bank of British Columbia; IiA'LIFAI
Now. Scorn, The Bank of British North America; Hong Kong, The Chec-
L‘x'ed Baal! of India. Australia and China.
Agents for the American and Red Star Line of Steamships. Tiekcle
for sale to and from all parts of Europe.
Q. We have a secure and commodious Vault. where we will receive v;-
uables on storage at moderate charges.
PalntS, OIiS, Varmshes= Statlonery
Wholesale and Retail, by
~ Jinan-a _’ A— Q? - a
9, ' . / ’.. . x... 3
u ' g . _ VIVERFUMERY.
“Imam“? - 2‘ ii ' HAIR OILS,
Tmyv' ' /' ' WALL I’AEER.
PAINTS, _ I Eté. ‘
OILS, And all articles for the Toilet. ,
Patent Medicines of all kinds, Quick sales and small profits. ‘
‘ .'"l‘
B ’k t & E’ ' ‘°
111 e t Isenbels
' Now i~' your lime anirlly
Blankets. Hats, Cans. Boots and Shoes
.\l :l i’-.\liH.\iN. “who! in tl.i.<nplmrtnnitj.‘ :I- l~y h- ‘lill'l'iLlM- :I Nli'i’. Fl'l'l‘
Hi“ ('IJDTIH‘ISHI‘IIII HYI'ZIU'UA'TH! ililnnhl )‘l>lll‘ll\\L.\' l’i£l('l’..
()\'0r1'n;115,,..........1..,...(|id l’ril'v “$23 01) , ~\'«-‘.\' ~ #1:“ “ll
1 “ -~ ....xut‘m. '- ....lum
i ” “ ....Ism " ...,lnm
“Int-i “ ....L'Tyjfizl...,...n. “ ....Z'lll')
‘-’ ....22:»n......... " ....I~~u-I
” “ 20(M).......... “15"“
“ ....11m..._.... ....Izm
“ “ 1L’T111.......... “ i""'"
1' (,‘ulm: and we or yourself and he runinm-11.
Number 2.
some, . Slgg/‘ffl AND FRESCO
w > INTI N
l'ls‘l'nn‘l‘lcs (MEN AND (‘nxruwrx‘ I'.uu:.\' «xx lluI'M: l'uxmu.
R-»::aw|C:zll mad Enazntiuc I'VUIUI‘,‘ It 5: unr Ci";'l'rmscuggg.
‘ Head onulncy 51. Whul'f. A blmr: of pmwnugo mlu-iml.
' I “'M. ”009, Propriztor
I’ch Towxsszm, \V. T.,
I This House is New and Newly Furnished
and possesses all the appointments 0! a
l 153' at Class Hotel.
‘ lb [an i 4 supnllwl \\ ii‘i (inl best of Wine"
1 Hind-n: :Ill'l (,‘imrs. ’l'iu-ro is a. first-class Billiard
'l'uhhl and Reading mum in the Hotel. Nothing
u :1: h.- L!!! umlunu to mull! this lioielsecond to
2p- in tho iwrritury.
Nm ‘l‘ .51?"- ow
u_~_.£iL so ' 231'.”
‘ 1 mm osmhlhiml :1 New Hotel at EAST
.\UL'ND, San Juan (minty, called the
118‘ EAST .\‘UI'NI’ HOUSE, J
l \\'!.E« li ie now rprrn for tile nrcommodation of
the, g—‘nmiil public.
j;i:xl.'!f W. SUTHERLAND, Proprietor
, ~ .1
In: J. \V. 'I‘AIITE, Master.
\VILL I»: no sziillu .‘l'imluy two a. m.. for Sam
i lithium] \iu Port Townsend and illezlalandn.
I .\.\ i)
On Thursday. 7 n. m.. for Port Angeles via
l'nrt aniismid and Dungeness. Returning,
lrmc l’orl Angflm Friday 7 a. in. janltl’
r > .- I 'V nuiso DAILY Tim's Bmzxn’
Port Townsend and Port Discovery,
noon at 2:30 o‘clock r. 1.,1nd Port Dia
rovery each momimz at 7 o'clock. For freight o:
passage apply to James Jam‘s , or on board.
Jobbing Done at Reasonable notes!
dw-u 81. M. RACE hum:
For Irondalo at 8 A. I.; also. for. Whidby lehnd
at 11 4. 11.: for Irondalent 4 r. I. every day.
[might or puaage apply on bond.
A. W. HORN.Mut3I
JA S. MORGAN, Master.
Will leave Port Townsend for Neal: Buy and m,
gong every Mondny morning: on arrinl of a)
oundataoiner. Returningw lloniveon Wading;
due. Towing and charter: at muonobiame
Apply on board. or to L. B. Hutinzs,at 6.03
Burtlett & Cafe. .
N. B.—We have just ndded to our fleet two
ecowa. titled with tunaulina. for (retaining.
Contractor and Builder
Port town-end. W. 'l'.|
Plans, Specifications. Estimates, ete., Prompt!)
Blade. and Carpenter work of all kinds
done on short notice
W'shop located on Wave:- street. near Chalet
dw-tf Hotel.
The State ins uranoe (:0.
{sfiTire insurance on farm property, Machin
ery, Churches, &c.
.130. GOVAS. Agent
fll‘rimw— Sequin), W. T.
speakers and the gofessitha anneal-l?
recommend SANTA AP! as the best of
medicines for diseases of the THROAT.
See that our trade mark, SANTA A 312 is ll
every bottle. Satisfaction gumwed or mane:
. («SING O_TAST£.-DCAT;' Taco G
1‘ I I :2 aE,4 -
‘ D ;» ETE‘<=E 5' 5'1":
git; 54' == “LEEEV
.-E_ ;'=!' 3 5: ..
2.7%:‘3-4 . ~ a ‘
’ Left-E; E:=———‘_-—‘ gig _. E—
-5.557%. éeiiég I—= 5 a
r¢-L:_:?-i‘1=’:~.——:. : -‘ ._
(9 ‘15:: d , _.:_—-.=: ._-;- =—
aéigtg 5:11:53;
45'.;i‘-;_:';~ ~E= “,1
d. r HNGQm‘ ’
(c A-‘

4unu\\Bron chltlngfi
k .
A LUNGS 759 M o‘l Ilka n]
8 end or cirCulJF.sl,P‘_—' “"1‘3,?.’, 2"
; ABIE lNErAEUEcomoqu (AL.
1 Make No Hiluke.i- ‘vl
‘ ;~_~ _. n :1 -s_ .1 smotten We]
‘ In: It‘l‘:llx.~";it;ll;llll§)n.lb .\K‘g'l‘lmA BIE bns‘ ugh!
mum-u to many 11 houaehold. am! immoralit
1, breaking up we Cnuuh and told that to.
aru-udavalm» into \hat fatal WW“! ’o':
m..- llmu:anLl.~l from an untimely grave. \q
mutu- nn mismkv bykreping nboule Q 111 l
plumanl remedy uluuvs 11. the house. .
95.1.; D T‘
_— > I
if 1
‘2‘“ 1., “a: MKRV- "'
t , nu
n. 7 t. ”I
\ -
Y 56mm” ‘ (NARA ED
“(1 ”A 1' CURE‘ER
E B{ . ”-.. .‘
Sr-Marwa—JcacweE CATABRH
(1’ (‘_.’-.:l'.'!l."nlxl in xlm chdJlav Fg-ufialmso
1‘”! x. t'.n:.rr!.:;l lh-qum-i and Sora‘le . Re
.smrm 1h- ~cn~u of lush; and >llllf“; jenny”
1,34 2340 .mdquuh-ujum lure-tum. raggx;%£
'- '~':"Z. -fi: hush u: .
K‘Hz"; I‘}!!th misali-Il‘ng ii|‘l\van‘ri.n!o7f’fiv 1m
:rz,~_:'~:.~ $1 . lurz £1.11) :7 m- L 8% or
.:r.” .‘x‘ M {\elgli‘illxh‘ )IVI'ZD‘I‘".\L. oN
l’K‘x'Y.HrmilleJlul .\~k fnr . :T
sss'rx ABM-2 .\SDC.’.'l'—~R_l‘l_§l£. ‘
r“ r -:1.~- by J“. I). MINKLCH. ‘l. 1).. WM.
.\ rnl , E ('umpgny. 7 Q
—-- ' $
Jnmho— Jumbo,
Thu (n‘izinul A-m-I'm- Uimmenfzl ton‘hplo!
U i: z. n- l~l§ u ml u,‘~ ‘9 S
Lg:»-‘ri!|'.r-_xnlt'\c‘»!:lornx‘w-‘E Inzfx'nr-fis‘rlilz‘jjfifizgzm‘
' «iv . '. 4:1” . ~ u: u a. I
.ML» 73123!“ “r 11.32:.1'.‘ 33; rm; xxx-pf}. i3ll
ixz‘ :xz ~-.. I'. '::V« u‘r xl'.
I}: Jim‘DEHngllexzn, ALL 1;. Dlrugzisk [gate
Companr. . - V 34“

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