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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, March 08, 1888, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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3373 i? ‘
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—-—-——-—__—-.~-- _I
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um . . i,
h r.
f«‘;' I
sm. 12;. '
11. . . . : v 0
all?” A . up: _.
rum-2 -'. l' f .I-“a Vv
{01"i:r‘:'1 -
L .' ll; i. :_ . V
to Hip- . 11'; , '.A . _ ‘4’er If
bury :‘ ‘2'. "I,‘;_- ,3 _, _ t '
'1'?» l-l lu- ‘ ‘
thv fur? f: '1 '1
cosm-y re; . .I
In ..:EI: ,2 ' .'
its Lux- I: .
'J‘!:x:'-".~‘:-.'i I.»
Bliztv (an. n :inyz ‘1
and HI: s‘;:. L ,
Gar-luv? ,- 1,: -. '
from x!» n. . x A
are (xii mask” hm .
are no! trim} ML :g '
and when [Em A.“ i=3.” ‘ .
lated :1 two (1‘ 03(- .: ‘ :-
Therv :za'c- iaxvlic'a
euous (11‘81111:2211Ei'_111 ' :~ . '.
clubs zillowl'll2-Ul1: ' .I ~ '
jectlscing; tu mum i'. : ’ I ;
ing campaign in f-Z. ,
corneal the mult- r :- j.. Z , ‘.
ination of tho !::".I .» -
get one. In many ~ . RK ‘1 .
ritory organimfiw. -
been efl'ectud.
The Seattle Lulu fs}: . 4” 111‘s». :.w.
hasjust compktt a}; '3, e;~..::\-‘;~- . ~ I
80 miles of raili fro!» .E‘sl: i~ 2;.
This read now has 1;” '7 .=.:..-. m"
on the way from l-In '3 x vii ? 2'.
conn'é‘ét‘idu' \‘vith whiz 23.x} h ~
hand will carry the 1- :,.1 ‘=- -: Z
the Snoqnalmio, will r: 2r; 1;,» .- -:: I
over to the Big Ben-l -" I'll. I‘s‘ \a';~:u
it will touch the G ohm} 3:1 river,
The \Vashington (‘Lrl‘u-:3*.\n.":-.-z.t I
the Oregonian thinks our (law. \
for admission to Silh‘hihi! :-.' i':
session of congress urn v. 21. :1:-:-.
owing to a clash beta-n a; Ith liar-z: ~
cratic majority in the lr-‘bz‘ :4.- i H:-
republican majority in {he Fe~11:;2.~.
a -., ment the ARGL‘S Flglai miitoriaf 15.-
ov'er'a week ago. Lem political
parties are sparring for :advnnlnge.
and between them m- ;:;‘=: lilo-lg: in
stay out in the cold.
Strange, isn’t it} .The mugwum ps
‘ are very sorely eflli’clc-l with Mr.
Bleine’e withdrawal of his name for
presidential canriidato. It SI'I’Y-ian
they dearly loved the gm: stains»
man. Doubtless their inventiv
genius has been exhausting itself Im
.the last. three years to invent somn
new lies about him. and so they :1"-
very;loth to have their intended ric
fimj‘step aside, for now they will
litre £0 wait to see if the cor-cooled
‘ libeme will fit the other man who
' mly'be nominated. They conerdly
tarry with Cleveland much longer.
although he has rewarded them wry
“ hindeomely. , 9n the whole the
‘ Were ind bim'plight;
Those of the subscribozs to tho
”University fund who (invite to see :a
fine. $15,000 or $20,000 building 01'—
nnment University Hill the coming
summer are invited in signify their
willingness to put in their Stunt-rig)»
tions on condition that the Trusiw-z
will‘ bring as many dollars from
abroad for invest ..:ut'in the institu
tion as are inv -LCd in in 100311;”.
Such a. course will result in a grand
institution of learning here. It will
be a most excellent investment for
our citizens, as they will not only get
back two dollars for one, but will get
also a great. many additions to the
population and weahh of the town.
We are positive that tho tl‘nstoz‘s
Viill enter into a contract to carry :11?
institution along on this basis; and.
besides, that they wiil agree to raise:
an endowment fund uquul in value In
all the lands that um}: lm durum-. 1.
This much, no matte-r wlmi the M. L‘
‘ Conference .and ii» e: xzznmim: mu;
do. In fact, we muy and in“; --
pondently of the Cont‘cn :.srw ma h:
it nurse its opposition schcd zit ’1
coma, ifilt wants to. We do nut 1.~~~
lieve 't will ever build its [‘nivorsiz‘y
there -but whether it does or 110:, v 5
need ..ot le‘lhe enterprise hem 121'."
guish or die. If Port Towns-a: 3
want! to 50 ahead there is certain-I}
a magmficient prospeca for grain"!
The Tacoma. Ledger talks abac:
' the location of the University by tin
Bishops, and the Jl'm'f.’ {lf that (if
also gloats over tl:='- xumtor. ' II:
not a louat-lon yet, s‘: {LCIL‘ are cumin
tiomi and entanglements and 12:; _u .
of subscriptions. aw}. infurizrdltn'
far exceeding mythic: mug:- .A
plained of about Port 12421. :4 and. 3
the conference was jay-find 3:. C;-
during itself free from iili‘a' 15mm.
then tLere is abundant I':‘zi‘~un 1 .;-
requiring damages Imam l‘zicmu:z i‘. ‘
fraud and deceit. Tim of the.’ -,
members of the “(11114552011 mu“; 2. L
übittation of Port To“ mum! a («1.3: w
and two against If the 1 i=4)” ;.:
comedy repOlteJ, they have 51mm” ‘: 1
every demand for imr deflilug: if" :
onrfiou'droftrade. The sync-unto -_z I
31:06) of business men im-fl'uctuuixg 1
W for mutual concession (an-i i
‘ Wm; raligious body with‘
-5m high standud o! hoxivy, ,
ugh-m W Mung!
'i’uligfifikt-‘iibfrar-‘rrg's3’}.\. ~ JET; - "
. g . V ‘ 3
. . 1
; , u . .. g
-'z ~1‘.!.1j
._ -, E
.~\ii ‘. ' ¢
, . . _ V
. . , . , a
: ’ I ‘ .. i
.‘g , ‘
v . .- ‘; : x‘. '1
. . ‘ ::5‘;..-::=“‘«9r_‘.'.
~‘ €‘<-‘..il':,i.-«3.-
, . , » . -J:.'--.E! 3:1.
' ' .:'l;'|,"
. . - - t - t 12»
' ' > ; v E' >-: 24:.
' ‘ .'. ‘ !:'A :
- a j;,'.;'. -A:--."
‘-. '--';-‘:_.:".;'f‘;_‘«',.'l
- f 1‘ 4.931 I- {2"}. :' :2 3 rtri'l‘ : f yzuha
'H ib- :1“‘:’; n? 133:»: .‘hmrul,
' 'sz ':“:YI" ‘Ew 2 3'": i-_\ 'X;:;>'i(-:¢_:inu 21x!
‘3 ".7 (inf-,1 :s' prism lintztizz‘m'x'v
: --';:_¢;3' :‘f «jar p-vg'uhzlinn i‘i'-!IZL~
" r; f"“.“l;['.'§{ :1“ “AF F "In“
'. "f; x=:_? '-~‘é. St: ~g i-ivn N :xlsn en
-1 :I‘.‘ TH-i in in- {-:w i:; ‘.punéiio h-z'ms'
' 1: -: P; z.‘ 'l'nu‘nsrn-l htmlu-s' (“17‘2“
_'.‘ {h - \'."::'. :3 my: (listgrmh-nl by
; 4L! j Km} 32,.” wiHmt my} mwst
-' 4 {Ni :zih :__“ltu:s..\ are made. link
~ :u'irv r 1" I‘m.- z::‘?§:~!-~ '.wiu' (-\‘idvnr'u of
. ‘.a'ixiciz. a: hvnm when» “111'
24322:. rs mu» Lnnw?“ appear 51]
gnu-“ 1152;: filly. Tim nam,‘ lying can
s-vycml-ut >:‘;y.~' of Colk-cmr Brouks
15:21: hr- is 5-0 oil In- (‘zm hardly “1.2 L:
1? 1".‘1: in hie ufiim xmxruings, and m..:
:~=mr.;g¥iavz grams nu inst-Xv nmh-r Lis
nu-o. Sui-h sizztemmxts (H thii bring
u:-'.‘.‘-:tp:ip-.~rs inn) dzsropme fur gum-F
a! :I,.:'(~iiui,niiily and malice.
A ‘l‘gdmhu- phoning.
'Eho exports. ffirrigu from the Cu
lnzn’nin river during inst momh cam
gn‘irml 'ls clunrqnnes, :lggrngwting
17,182 tuns. Th 9 hhipments were us
foliuws: '
Commodity. Value.
396 26'.) ctis. Walla. \Vulla . . .s‘2fi2 688
26.170 OHS. ankty .. .... .. . 59.500
72.787 M 215. flaur .. . . .. . 251,890
Total vnhle of ox;2ox‘ts.. . 3794.078»
The above is from _lhe Portland
Journal of Commerce. ' It- is Very
significant. in showing that “(using
mu territory furnishes übom. one
lmlf of Portland's exports.‘ , '
_ _ ....-..___ _
list so Fast Mr. "Lcdger." »
Word waé ~'re(-eived by Rev. Mr.
Dennison. nu vectei‘duy, [mm Rev. J.
F. DeVure, that the met-ting daignvd'
-:u bn holdut Seattle nu Friday to
-‘:m:*.;.-Ic:n thv University commisd 1: ‘S
hminusfi \jmnlJ not he huh]. This is
pretty goud ovidoum- thuttho hut—
tou; has fullvn out of T:u:uln:l's.Urz~
iV‘vrsity. us thvir cash bonus lspsul
this an rniug. Unk‘ss this Imm 11
was mzulm Tam ml is in a bad fix.
“'9 will prom ed just the same, and
yet, we will syuxpmhim- fully with
'l'm'muu. Honor is beltu-r than
rusmlity, though any -iny.nnd Ta
coma will novor win by such meth
ods. [LATER—Thu elitorof this pa,
per received a lolvgrmu late 1215-!
evening from a prumim-nt cilizvn of
Seattlefil member of the hoard of
trustees, which read as folluw-:
"l‘hat universizy report is a Lcdg'er
whupper.” lesi 5:). Tacoma papers
and '_l‘acuma booanars [law so pvrris
feutly mirropreseuti‘d the fads in
:hiq case all :Uung that on‘ van-r
knows when to believe them. Fur
that reason the Aztecs discrvdiled
their last statement- abont the Bishups
as; soon as it. was publibh'd,(wen
though it was in the strongest posi
iw terms.
‘ [STILL LATER< A lettur from a citi
zen of Tacoma. who is in uosition to
know. says that. there is not. and has
not. bum, any "nth in the story that
Bishops Fuss and Fowler had con
curred in the lucution uf the Uni—
v::rsi:.y ut Tacoma. The gontlvmzm
fm-ah-r guys that Rev. Dc-v.m~ is m
.-{)on.\ii;le for the publication. {and
that it ought never to ban.- hueu so
puhiishud. So falls anothear canard
to bomu Tacuma town has]
i The .‘.ZoITIc Adamw.
C'c I'. Pa].
The Mama Adams wiil go on it
lsvnliug oxpvditinu to the north. as
flat as the Alvnxizm islands. Uupmin
IJut'ohs will tar-company H 1- V‘utsie}. rc
[mining about May lst. win) the
’avcvud SCEIUUIH‘I‘, l§|!\\'ul‘\l E. \\ e-h~
r-M‘l‘. is e XM‘CH‘d lo univv. 'L‘ui- ves
jsel lort butb hvr mus‘s i-fh-r being
Mu! 231021111 mouth. leaving Gluu~
:i'hf’flv!‘ at th: szznm limo as the Muliip’
l.’.('.2ms_ and pm mm Moutuv deu for
% In-pairs. 55:6 was ngugod in I‘9
lc-‘Jix‘ingrepairs from Dem-ml)” 17th
:30 January 252)}. when she sailed for
hhis p.ll. She is 97mm, rogiatr-r and
EEZFRULSS to ( nytuin Jan-“ha. 'l‘hr
iO-uzzr and Emma. also 97 tons. Inf;
‘ “punch-r 15' for Um mine dvstima-j
‘lin'u Ly?!» (5:. (10,, of San Francisco, 1
threat?!) ('nptuin Jacobs, bought {an}
31:11:» H. Tnomus, a schouner of 98‘
must. fur S6BOO. This Vessel is also
mum 20 this must. '
The masts of tun Mania Adams
m-n- sum to Bzzth,Muine, in the hark
‘L'hmles B. Kmmdy, from Port Madi—
sun, which cleared on October 2
1879. from this port. Captain Oliver
is spokun of by Capeuin Jacobs an
{ml-ably bring rsiaiurd as pilot on
no [\F-chll‘ fi'hllug Vo)‘u:.'u
Lup a.u Jncuhs rays: “I u-xpsct tn
yugnbx- in El ulzng Curing he present ~
_W upon we omit! at tho‘
v V I
. _ z . 3:51;; .-\-—|
' ~ Mar-:33
. ’ ‘ “x (‘.jhlii
. . i ' f" ‘l. :7: ‘4”?
~ ‘g- ,> 1" (”vii
~ .. ‘1 1H 5-“
-» '- 1 (if. main-i
_ } . _ J ~ ' . -':"A":vlli
‘ 1 ~ "zip;
‘,' _ ' z >-‘ -‘I 3 :1‘ '.‘Kl'i
. , , :4:‘:"..- t'x-raé
' » . - 3 :'-'&".- !
4 v, ‘ ' : .. ?-~(‘:.l‘n-E
:~. v 2»ri-'::z§
- _ ,‘T,.;‘.:
- x‘. '
'~ - ‘
:3: \.;.kl:“ !' '.: 'l\:§2'{tr‘:
‘;.4- . |. 1
.‘-2- * 1.71.1: , 2:. L: hp“:
;.: ;I-: 5 ..;.-s !-:. nil-‘33;
. ;_ , :.2 1' V: l‘uié, HL‘\'
1:: :4 fk- a {'_ , f _‘ - =:v-l it ‘b:(;.‘
4. » ;;->-.=‘_ '. Llani. 1
I . V I . ‘ ,'. :2 :.;~.--u‘ iji‘
.1, Z. .' ~ ‘ .' f :-:»v.\‘~
.; 'i‘ I. . .". :13: “If
~,1r2_ ‘ » . 51'1‘.
. .‘ ‘ 2 l. .’V "
q", . ‘ . i-- 1 ~
.: ' V ‘ ‘ =‘ i:'
A'._V . . 5:
‘ ~. . ,-:..::':;
. E:- E£., .. i. . :.:.'_ L‘. ‘.'.i
2.... ‘ (J.
‘l." H-It X'rT 1(" (’l'l‘.'.'-'H‘=‘ (‘l'l‘nlhli'fl
>5. (:-...l;';:§§o:'; ’1; i~ h-Ehh! (:i
l"-«" Sn'u'i :3 (Ni ('H!Hg'i:"_\'. 1' h r.‘
(11"!I‘2'Vu swam“ luai-ix- :-i*- '.n C ' .rk' dih
thmu: 1| :2; fun i": A ii: -..’ mmw H.
21.3: 111;} f ‘.'.‘ “.3: {iii imp'iifl'i'lnl
‘szL‘-vti.::x.~'is‘vrlzzzrll-‘.‘.--HH..H§' milk“
‘zv. . [Jr-Y4“ fur ;_-_~.:el. Hi.
‘\‘\-i.' h ti=-~ 1.7: it ‘! 141‘2iw21uie137.
5101*” S 1 5' A 22; Em 2r was hmng‘ul
‘ 3:: 3 ; Em an nhi I: \‘rr ‘4." h -r m-uwy
invii. {5.2: hat _\2 .‘.3 12w !:i(».!311'$~ M
I: '~ (“I‘6l « r 3. (Mn-mum x]. t; T;('n.i)3'd.“{ht
:zi.:i [3 n A 3 a-fu: ('m‘wm y Lila .'ik
:X'x'iui'v Phi K [Wu nuihvm .{wll'n‘s‘ in 59:.)
iron?» u r the ishm La wi lii. l’asui :.n-l
SI. (1“ m‘gn.
l Sum Ming to Bismrm-k, (he gnu-m
"rim. {will} war mil nut m-mu' nmll
. la‘JL’. BESHIHY k is mix 'is“ inside
lurk lllhl mph-m 2:) hzmw whu: hr in
:YLIK‘i-fi! :.hzu'. I'M-Lu- )i‘:u'a.‘-\‘I:l spun
Irv“ cumin). 5% in !§;\- xummtimv
‘lhnrv “ii! 5m many z‘haugru. :.ml the
;ch::sx<~u~: are :zgzlilm {Th-A gi‘x-Hf- cham
grn-iéur living :0 >44» h. : :z‘uguwvy ver—
giflm‘. ’ l
? Hm Mnntnnn Smoking C-nmpany
' 11:25 draw :3 a («unmet whh mu (Em-a!
Fans \‘. MH- l’mwr ( I-nguuu of Mun
,Inrm. and wali z-rrcf tiw ifu'gonl smelt
i::;; plan in lhv mu] 1 a! Grunt. Falls
0:: UnnhliSSnf‘ri rim-r. The ('umpany
' has a capihd >tm~k of SI2SOO,UUU. and
‘will Qc-rvusmhz- sauna n 3 rvq'ured
'2 hair plans cull ‘s’or. lhv 4-x;wnditlxre
of “(3:11; _v Hm millzrn (lullau‘a‘ in fur
nuoez-a and Ulhk‘l‘ .ku‘uvtm’os.
1 The cnmmiucr on lvrnturios has
gdu-z-ided in fuvur of awrrmiuing thu
éwmvr ramurcvs of Arizunu and New
‘Mexit-o. with a vivw of reclaiming the
id. su‘ts in Wear two u-rriuniex by ir
; rig-xtiun. '1 he commiltar has alraady
”reported at bill to ths- hume appro
‘priuting fifty thousand dollars for
each vi the terriwrivs. which sum the
[Svcrflui'y of war is dimmed lu expend
‘lu boring urn-sum Wells in_ public
land. in Ihuse tgrrilurir-s and in mak
film 21 hydrngmpivc survéyof each
I tnx'ratory mu] {rum such surveys to us
ft-erlnin [5 mm as may be [1085").9 thu
i pruclicz‘nhili‘y of s oring the waters 0!
Ithe te'rl‘ikn'ivs in X‘DH-rvoirs or Voeher
[ln-cepxm-lps fur Hm pnrpusu uf irri
{gating pnhlic luuds. Thu secretar‘
lof war :5 directo-d tn cmxsn the worix
ho be (Lone at In early :1 date as pos—
§slhlu and {u make» a in“ rrport to the
Hifly first cuugress. All lunds re
{claimed from we desert condition by
:any wan-'l' thus dam-10pm! are to he
,suh'uct to entry-as homestead claims
lat d 1" minmnm- prico of $4 per acre.
BY "i‘iifllifiiii’fl.
" THE meniny TREATY.
\.\'As'mxaru::, March 6 «'l‘hr'r pl‘vni
dent hm man» with d t : cungren'a the
rmmiuing d -cumvnts ‘ and protucub
rdntang to tho fisku-ry tn‘uty, to~
gshtimr with u lulzr-r from Secretary
Bayard. In his la-ttrr Chain titty Buy
am! sags:
"A.“ insprmitm cf {hi f dummnntglry
,éiiszmy “ill sur‘v'u (u doumua'rzuu [ht
pr .czicul and imp-mm“. Tx'a'llllfi ac
cuunphsiu-d by on- ”may nnw pend
ing bel'um- Um- sunuie. by which nu
qm-sfiuu of ‘11" intu'gu‘utzttilm and
udmiuiatrmiou of 111» m-azy of 1818
lie-IWPPH thv Uuih-d Santos and Great
Brilnin is truusfmz'uJ sun! elevated
{run tbu- ulm-urity ium winch it. bad
mru snfl‘rred w iz:p-u fur the arrest»,
films. dummiuu :um nthvl‘ I-mlmrmss
ment of Americ n fishing ves<els
dm‘iugjlm ye-nra 1866 mm 1887, Were
bnsmi npuu 8.41»ng mfrucx IUHS ufjhe
trwuy of 1818. ul' of Canadian law:
pussrd in the [)l'ufrsix‘l] vx.-r:utiuu 01
mm [IL-my. All hllt‘h Vuxutinus uc
\iun 1151's rc-mmivd in “w lists of
st-izurva, etc, is met, and rendered
2:11p :rSibh: of (K'mnruhms in the fu~
turn by xlu- provisinns of the treaty
now huh-re me sa‘nukc. and tbv um
Most. enjoyment by the United States
fiwerluuu of ireuly rights and the
custumsry huspxtuliny nun under in.
tvruatiuuul Isz am! comity,uud is
secured m the parts “ml burburs of
Imuswm Cmndu and Nuw Found-v
' "The corrpsptmdwncn will also
lfiqtvo H) urtubli~iz Hm fact that prior
to the ”only of mm“ ruciiy of 1854
‘HUd F~Hl)s€'q']t'llt h) i 5 :zizrugilfifin and
In the ‘\(‘Z-.!"1 JSYH‘I thu \‘uxisiinus :.ml
in Junk-mg :uixmnisrr diuu by the CA
nuptial: zmilznriiiw was ”waived and
Imu-Loa-kud. as In'ii‘éxt‘l‘ the: lreuty of
185 A uur that of :1871 (-uu‘mued any
'ulmsiuu I" the wrong‘ film-3 inflxctmi
iupuu {bu L'm'hd S-nms fiflnurmen,
Hi»? lxvitrwr :ruu‘.‘wr|¥iau cvnnlrn'ed any
1 12:1qu or pl'u\'i.~iv:l aguius! their
12141121va and u ll'fwiiii'vu became
‘ UrCrhrlfl'y. A runuly should no
lungm be nupmvdvd.
Loxnox. March s.—lt is repofled
here Inn! Sullivan is now settled com
furmply in his new qum-lwsin nu uh
scum mun of Frame, and them is
px‘nhzibilily of thu tight with MitL‘hell
Coming 017 within a l'z-w {in} s.
‘ xsw cnxxnsa TREATY.
\X’Asmxmox, March s.—.Tha new
Chinese treaty will be signed by
Svcretary Bayzud for the United
State-3 and hy tha- Chxrem miniszer
fur the Bmpvwr uf China. this wwak
and be sent not, lutu' than Thursday.
HEAVY 57.411315 [K 3417:2022. ‘
1m Rank s—“: mlw‘
‘l';.i'i'x': in Saw-Mon and Denmark has
law: Hung'l'd by heavy .mow falls.
Trufiiu u»: liwfinos of (10anth Ger—
:::=uu' i~ 21an intvrrnph-d. Dannie is
'.‘i ni-L-nfiy rm off from the wmh}.
.\vulmmiu-s in Trout kilhzd twenty
pm's :n.~. A viulnm sand Menu has
12;. n raging in Egypt 9mm- Saturday.
Mupping ll'ufii' on the 51102 CmmL . ‘
NdVld guard nu l’rnseian run-Jul xs‘
bl‘ilsg 01:31-3sz at a}! :«unth Russia;
>921 runs; the uhjrct is to re-x-nfurw
Hm murim s and to mppr orvws tn
nun-hum rhip‘i vqnipwd fur war.
12.: ‘ “mm m and Indium :th- run-fits
Emu a iiz‘i- 4 i'Jl'X't'il thrtuh~t:l:r'{i«vl:Hf
~ A, h Ef‘u: ‘3O i-wnf's :1! ‘i‘Ui‘Ezqt. WlL—«iu.
:1. .‘t' <‘!;"H(' ('.Uiu'AIGN s -‘2‘-E‘~;L'i’l E?"
”.‘..-m \l?"'Z~'. Man-"z: 5- "x'i_.~J-'im
‘f :-::.:;c Cnixguwsi 1.2;! Es; math...
A‘: mg,- , :3. (R [umiHHA int" 2min) and
u;‘._::m';-:w.l I _v lim alumina-22$ s-lectiou
‘u.’ .\f.-m:n:r lit-unit. of WO9l erunia.
‘i'x-uirunuz. mad Hun. I‘ilil. B. Thomp‘
‘.m. x:. Jr.. Summary. ThPCUIeiHBH
;;:;:..~‘:.m9d uu furlhcr business than
1:.» arrange and informally confer
‘(2l um Hm situation.
1 1111: «mm BUrINESS.
; >12); I’lmxclsvo, March 2-—-Guptain
13w rLu-r :.nys that be IUD: bud uu our
in-nlwuzdx-lam “ilb qudim-r and mu
:meu-L'ih-I; vuth him >iL-L'o 1:9 [(-li‘ [lm
,M-rvzc»! In»: cuptumpvr. Hr 5:2). 5.
"ii {Aha-r war. om- nf my awn-ink
lurhi~ ma. Page: Sumld “new I '-.\:;.~
”my.“ :. .- of ihn pm: :1! km Tam-n
--oui i uppnihtmi iim Li--f In} (H;-
£~ 2' ‘ Z t'unlUlllll. Eil‘ till; 50:1;1- gyu‘]
l; “A!“ Hm. Ho- v. 11: :i-e- Fallsa' «v;
n: I:.;.;_ HSAUIUJI ”1‘ s.‘U=‘.‘~l€ 5? van; ‘f
4.1:: - flu in» A .~ in 5}1".~'l xvi" .
.:‘1 11;.- Ht. L' I".\’ 3‘. hI? it"vr ln-u'n azu~
i ‘. >:!.:'.~ in- ‘M' l 111:. l rilp: i-SP zhe
1””: mi: bring nut Um \vhuh- Hhh
lim- 5. Mx-umiluu I Will 1 vnmu my.
I -: 11' 'w nth ndiu: u) my usual dlnif‘r.
'I shzzli not Iroul la. mywlf übunt it.
i I hum-w Ismhrmg abnnt, llu- rut-ord. ‘H.
‘1“. L’wdwr, 5200’ found in Gardmvr‘s
I.u~h lvnu‘i.
t) , t: e- othr-r hand a dispatch from
.\sz; 'l' ti. to tho Chrouirlt' rt'lwrtn
tint or ii.‘ saying that lirvt'lmr will
at. 1»; hi» (-nnnrclion “iih Gztrtiint-r’s
ttzwrtztivens. It is the opinion in
_'\'-. Yuri; thztt t-ithor b'rechur‘s nonn
,-:;,. if. t-f! HH\\':tl‘l‘ulllttl!i_\' Il~l'tl. or that
5: l'=lzll'l‘ ll unhuozh-tl line-uht‘r. An
firm-“w. - in (‘ini says that in six years
iirt‘ Hupul'ttttittu (if Cl‘lld‘.‘ r-[titlm from
itzt- l'nitot Stntw into British Co—
ht'au-iti ta ho rotinml has increased
t't'wzn [T.UUU to 105.011 pounds, and
tho tillty paid by tho Chinese to the
(Hindi tn government lost your showt~
r-n imft‘r‘ihu of 32.} pt-r cent. altuVe
tho pu-vh-ns your.
’i'UE QZ'Ei'X‘IUN or .umtsstox.
\\'.-\-~t:i>:c.'rtr.\', March 2.——l{epu'oli
aims on tho Committee on territories
l-t‘uftn—H gin-at confidence that they
run t-ut‘rv through their plztn to di
vith- Duk-‘ta. Rvprvseutntiw Baker
m‘ Now York has prepared at bill in]
mining mush Dakota as it state and
giving torritorial government to
north Dakota. Republicans say that
thny mil got enough denim-ratio
votes to (it-font the omnibus hill pro~
pared by Springor and supported by
tho democratic majority of the comu
rnittoe. to admit. Dukutu as a whole
Mob}; with Washington. Montana
and New Mexico. The republican
pro _rmntna is to defeat. this bill. pas.
Mr. Baker's bill. and than await
further action of the committee rela
mm to otm-r territories. The re~
publicans uro ready to admit Wash
ington and Montana. on petitions
prvfieutt'd by the people, but. the)
my there have been no popular [er
titiv Us from New Mexico. and [boy
are disinclined to admit a lot. of people
-.-. ho sunnot speak the English luu
gunge. North Dakota, the republi
can: claim. has a population large
enough for a state. but it cannot. welt
i=-- admitted until ufterit. has been
orgautizml as a territory and the peo
ylu gin-n an opportunity. in some
forum] manner, to express their opin
lt)nn‘ and to frame an organization for
smut gjvel'nmflut. If their pro
grntnnieis carried out, they expect.
that twtitious will be sent, in for tlnl
admiSnion of North Dakota next
winter. The population is said to be
TUE “onmacs 311.1,."
\Ynsiiixo'ros, March 4.-——Represon~
infivub‘rringui, on be half of the me
-3 liily of tho committee on territories.
nus l)!""l)ilr(‘xl :3 report which ll“ Will
pun-4'12! m the IJOIIwH, reccomending
the [lineage of what is known as the
"mnnilms" bill. to enable the people
uf DHkOlH‘ We: hington. Moment:
am! Now Mexico to form state gov
'wrmnims and ho admitted into the
Uninn. Dakota, it says, has an urea
of 95.596 480 acres. an estimated pop
ulatinn in 1887 of 568.477 and a tax
:ihlt' property valuation of $151084,
3335. It la conceded that in point of
puplllullun, agricultural and mini-mi
resources and all other matters which
i-onuivute u fittlte, Dakota is fully
iareyured fox-admission. and in facx,
no mher territory equally well fitted
for stutuhood has hermoforo failed
uf adin ssion into the Union. This
fuizm'u is atlributahlu to the fact
that all nrgunized aflort heretofore
inn-lo in the terriiory have had a
division in view. Regret is expross~
ed that even now there are some well
«I soosed [maple in the territory who
Will insist that Dakota should not be
mhuittml to the Union as one state,
and who prefer no admission until a
.livisiou is accomplished. Attention
is called to the fact that 24,867,115
acres, comprising more than one»
fourth of the amine area of the terri~
wry is Indian reservation land, and
deluded from the jurisdiction of the
propowd state. The climate in the
northern portion of the territory and
'the character of lands West of the
Missouri river are stated to be such
as to preclude the possibility of a
dense population in these regions.
If, howewr, the Indian titles should
be hereafter extinguished. and the
population become so great as to
mukn a single state govunment nn-~
wib-ldy, oongress may provide for a
(llYl‘siOD into two states.
Montana, has an area of 92,016,648
:it‘res; a population estimated at 175,-
000. and a taxable property valuation
in 1886 of $55.076,831. Indian rosar
vntmn in that territory comprise 20.-
574.648 news. The area of Washing:
ton territory is placed at 44.796160
acres, of which 4.107.557 are Indian
rpsen‘atiun land. The population in
November last was estimated at 160.
000, und tlm taxable propurty in 1887
was given at about $56,000,000, not
including railroad property.
‘Referenco is also made to its great
mineral and lumber rasuurces.
The area of Now Mexico is placed
at 79 568.640 acres. of wb cl: 9.586.
225 is comprised within Indian “‘6‘
vrvutiuns. Official mum-1 of 1386
showed a population of 134,161; and
the taxable propert in 1886. amount
ed to 56.000.000. film growth of the
n-rritury has been much retarded by
tlm unsettle l condidon of land title's.
Tho report concludes: “'l‘ha {our
nan-imries whose admission is pro
,vided for in thin bill have populqtioml
area and rosonrcos which entitle them
to admission into tlm ['nion. It
summit lm the policy of congrcss to
admit territories. into the Union -
when-_wt-r tinge conditions are road» I
izm]. Tlu- committee therefore rec—l
(mink-nits the pus-tags of tho hill rc‘!
[)Urtui. i
SAN meczsco. March s.—Mis
Judgo Terry. who. according to «Lu
Cifilvn of this 9115761110 wort 3':-stir
day. was dx-clzm-d leguily marriei tn
itleo lzitt- I‘. I*. Smmt-‘r Sharon. “2:.:
.‘lrl{‘(‘ today in w him-1: runny-3; :~'i:i‘
joxpx’rt: tn rui'i‘iva‘ il‘wtu tin‘ ~'li'r- L:
‘t’fi'ilit‘ nudw-i‘ Rim lil'~"i~i"l'i. Sir- r -
i “avg-Z
i "it: hwy I (in uni - :u'o .4, much "i“
:35 [Hi t 3 s- {not aim? flit: liiglp :.t Era;
immi has «icciar- al t‘: at i “is. ilw viii.-
of (it:- docs-used. un-i has thi-reliy ro—
fu‘rd nll filnndvrs hoapod upon mo."
“Whvn I married Mr. Sharon,” SIIP
continnod. "he told mo that he could
not so» why his children should op
[out the m-zrringo in any way. He
alwnyfi spoke wry freely to me about
his nfl'uirrt, and I know that. he "Judo
about st-vun million dollars waturing
the Spring,' Vzilloy watur retool; of this
Icity. Ho mzulo return] milli.=n dol—
llzu'a in a grad Company sit-homo. when
Hm sold his, stv-ck ii. tln- 01 l com; any
{‘ll lligil {lit H. anti {:1 ii!“ timv Ha- now
:(‘tlLlllelly “'.l- .-‘ai“e-.i lie- :"vllfl :i-Eill‘Ni
112;? two (‘dthph‘uiH-L 'amt {ix-114%): mi;
,“hvts it “aux-:l2} fun. {{l‘ infill" t
31 i'.-f l‘.‘ n. FILE tram-u in lii“ (".g“. 'n
;l).ii;ifit'l-l : In! ‘\'\'.'i-ititi_gtn‘:~ .'il whin
iin ilu- lift-'l' «it; Ev initiv' :1 \~:'_\‘
:p!"~hfz~1l-~ ‘A“"|li-'f‘i.iiEls!;."}l|l'l‘iii"i‘
innit 5:23.) “It" :.t -:.?.x t j ;; until “in“
;m l‘-. sJ-ryivuhi‘t Uni? of ilii'i synfr;
ginli-vi. lw vivid: it sum» [Hug i;l;w thr o
millitxuw" .
"At what ho you place the Cum
mnnity proporty now?" was askwl.
"Wt-11. I think that my share in
the rmnmuuity proporty. or propurty
acquired after our mzariago. will
amount to nearly twanty millions."
SAN FnAxczsco, March 6,—Tho cs .
talilishinont of a quarantine station
on the Pacific coast has become more
than over a quostion of importance.
Tho hill introduced in tho United
States senate by Senator Stfnford
providing for a quarantine station has
not yet lmcomo 0 law} but cfi'orts will
he made to secure its early passage.
At a meeting of the recently on
pointed committee tonight it was de
cidod to address a memorial to con
gross urging that it. may become a
law. A committee consisting of
Mayor Pond. Dr. Rosenstein and
U olleutor Huger was appointed to
draw up a memorial. .
\VAsmuu'rnx, March 6.—Assist'mt
Secretary Maner has sent. the fol
lowing latter in regard to the Alaska
seal fisheries to all customs officers
on the Pacifir Coast: "Referring to
this department letters to you of the
16th of March 1886. concerning the
scope of jurisdiction of the United
States over the waters and territory
of Alaska nnd the prevention of the
killing of the fur seals and other fur
bearing animals within such area as
prescribed by chapter three of title
23d of the revised statutes. You are
again requested to give publicity to
these matters so that. other parties
who may be contemplating the fitting
out of expeditions to kill fur seals in
said waters may have due and timely
notice of the requirements of the
statute in the premises as construed
by this department.”
WASHINGTON. March 6.- The pres—
ident has nominated Edwin Eella, of
Washington territory. to be agent
fur the Indians of the Puynllnp
agency consmidnted in Washington
Repeal of the duty on lumber will
not hurt tho Sontbvrn states and New
York city; therefore the ways and
mnuns committee have put lumber on
their free fish—Oregonirn.
The proposed reduction of the su~
gar tariff is but nominal at best. and
will he no reduction in fact. It will
increase the profits of the “trust."
without docrpasing the price of su—
gar to consumers.
California complains that thirteen
othar products have a place on the
tarifi' bill in the free lists. The bill
is kinder to the Southern states. and
to the capitalists and manufacturers
of New York and Boston.
It. is stated that. Representative
Randall will 0 pose tho Mills tarifl‘
bill as resolutely as he has opposed
any of the other assaults made by the
Demoeralic majority upon the pro
tmrtive system within the past five
years. He has publicly criticism]
the bill and has commpnted with
great bitterness upon the fact that it
receives the support of the adminis—
Over 1000 Republican clubs have
noun organiznd since the National
leaguu was stared. Each one of
these clubs will be a full—grown bat
wring ram by the time the campaign
is fairly under way.
Senator Regan of Texas may be
called the champion office-holder.
He has drawn a. salary from the ub
'ic pursn steadily for fifty years. l{lav
ing began his career as surveyor of
public lands in the republic of Texas
in 1838.
And inventive genius at Poca
hontas, Ind,. grinds cornstelks and
coarse prairie grins together and
mixes them with water. When this
compnund has been reduced to a
pulp he presses it into blocks twelve
inches long and four inches thick.
When these are thoroughly dried
they burn readily. and it. is claimed,
give more heat than a similar quan<
tity of soft coal.
A number of ships have been
chartered to take cargoes of lumber
from Puget Sound sawmills to Aus—
tralia;to return to the coast with
cargoes of coal for San Francisco.
The round trip will require about
~ix months‘ time. They get 423. 6d. a
thousand for lumber. and $5.75 a ton
for coal. An average shippf 1000
ten meannrment will carry 600.000
feet of lumber and 1500 tons of coal.
Her crew will number about. fifteen.
men, and the gross earnings of the
ship for the half year will approxi
mate $15,000. .
J 1713033. —The following have been
selected to serve as grand jurors for
the term of district. court, to con
vene March 26th: B. S. Pettygrov».
A. W. Basb. J no. Grady. Chas. Eis
onbeis. sr . J as. “'ilkea, Max Gerson,
L. D. McArdle, J. 0. Christian and
J. W. Conrad. l’etit jurors: John
Hunvill. John Andaman, Thou. Sul
lins,Jas. Anderson. Jan. Crane, C.
.\lataun, F. W. Pettygrove. Henry
Laurence, J nbu Linqupst. Thus. De~
‘lanéy, and W. A. Laubach. '
A 101 loan. of lung.
A report comes trom the east which is
of great importance, it true. It is that
there has been discovered in British
India a blossom of such saccharine prop
erties that it is destined to revolutionize
the sugar business of the world. It is the
flower of the mahwa or moolu, a tree of
large size which abounds in the southern
portion of Hindustan. This blossom has
a sweet taste and yields one-hull its
weight in sugar. The llindoos have for a
long period been accustomed to extract a.
syrup from the mahwa‘s flowers, but in
the most primitive fashion, without at
tempting to develop a process. The tree,
it 15 stated, demands neither care nor cul
tivation. It produces annually 3 thou
sand rounds in of blvs>mlls, which it sheds
during the night. 'i'iie saccharine" matter
)9 also serviceable turn spiritous liquor
and for an oil which may be used for both
lighting and food. if this Wonderful re
port is correct. it may I--: seen at a glance
what a. disastrous competition the muhwa
is likely to make with existing sugar in
The best “’est India plantations pro
duce 300 pounds per cut (one and
onequartcr acres), (mange French and
German sugar beet farms do not equal
this amount. But it is claimed that
file blossoms of five mahwa trees will
yield the same amount, a. statement not
consistent with the reported weight of the
bloom, which. however, 'must be an error.
From 200 to 250 trees can be grown upon
an aspsut, from which it results that the
crop of sugar, will be from forty to fifty
times greater per acre of land than that of
the sugar cane. The English speaking
liindoo press is already urging the govern
ment to take steps for making this new
sugar industry a monopoly, so far as pos~
sible.—-—Grocers’ Criterion.
Tapeworm in the Human Body.
It is estimated that in the human body
no less than ten species of tapeworm oc~
cur. A mature tapewt-rmin the intestinal
canal may give rise to a. series of symp—
toms including Vertigo. noises in the cats,
impairment of sight, itching of the nose.
dyspepsia and less of appetite, colic and
pains in diiferent parts of the abdomen,
palpitation, the sensation of weight in the
abdomen, pains and lussitnde in the limbs
and enmeiatiuu. Numerous cases are
on record in which hysterieiil tits,
epilepsy, convulsions of various kinds,
and even mania, have been induced by
the irritation excited by this parasite, and
have ceased at once on its removal. Tape
worms are introduced to the human body
in measly underdone pork, in underdone'
veal, and in underdone beef. When
vegetables are fertilized by sewage, tape
worm ova adhere to them, and a common
form of introduction to the system is by
means of salads. it takes a great deal of
washing to render lettuce safe that has
been grown in this way. Thorough cook—
ing of everything, water included, is the
only safeguard against tape worm.—Her~
aid or Health.
Coking the Dead.
A new sort of cremation, or rather in~
cineration, has been produced by a. gas
engineer of Monongahela, by which itis
said the solid and volatile portions of
bodies are separated, the former into a
mummy of coke and the latter into gas.
‘ The remains are not reduced to ashes, but
will be returned to friends, to stand up in
the corner or keep in any shape that their
, tastes may prefer. A dog was killed and
brought to the gas works, and the retort
, being heated to the proper degree, the body
3 was shoved in and the caps screwed on.
i The gas gauge was watched and it was
§ found that while the dog was incinerated
1 he made 180 feet of gas. In the course of
1 a couple of hours the retort was opened.
\ The frame of the dog was whole, being
‘ fanned into a perfect piece of coke, which
, could be handled with no more danger of
; breaking than an ordinary piece of coked
g coal, and when removed but a very slight
‘ odor was emitted from the rctort.—Chl~
‘ cago Tribune.
The Old Types of Lovellnou. .
The French realists. the arbiter: of
literary fashion, don‘t make their hero
ines beautiful any more. That is com
‘ monplsco, they say. Instead, they have
i them changetul eyed and “swift and
iwhive and half perverse,” with sudden,
serpentine movements and an exciting
Lfcrocity of disposition. What with our
passion tossed French cousins and our
i bacolic English sisters, all run to size, the
duty of preserving the old types 0! love
liness falls on us. We should havespecial
preserves for it. as we have for the buffa
‘ lees in the Yellowstone park and as they
do for salmon at Tadousac.—Eliza Put
nam Heaton.
An Interesting Wu- Album.
1 In the state department at Washington
there is an album that was intended for
some Oriental potentate, but never was
sent. It contains the portraits of all the
Union generals as they were at the open~
lag of the war: A gaunt. black haired
McClellan; a thin, black headed, boyish
Hancock; 1: Grant you would not know at
all, and a very youthful Sherman. But
the portrait of Gen. Dan Sickles in that
book is a portrait of Gen. Siekles of to
day, minus the crutches with which he is
forever accompanied. Whether he has a
barber call upon him every morning or
not I do not know.-——Jul.inn Ralph's Letter.
Advice to n Young Doctor.
In a recent address to the graduating
class of the University of Maryland tac
ulty ot physic. Col. H. Kyd Douglas said
these wise words: “A young physician's
first prescription should be for himself—o
wife—to be taken immediately. A young
preacher ought to get along without a
wife. A young lawyer may get along
without. one, but a young eelihate doctor
won’t do. llis marriage will certainly
carry more weight than his medical (ll
ploma. Doctors must be sober and sari
mts, and there is nothing so likely to make
them so as an early marriage."—New York
Steaming Versus anlgntlng.
A correspondent in The Garden directs
the attention of plant and orchid growers
to the advantages of the practice of boil
ing tobacco juice in houses for the destruc
tion of insects over the old practice of
fumigating. One great advantage is that
the steam does not scald nor discolor the
most tender foliage nor the most delicate
flower; that it can be done without pre
rious preparation, 1. e., drying the foliage,
etc; and that the operator can walk
about in the house it necessary during the
Burn-revs Lon hr Truth.
The American boy who has learned that
George “'ashington could not tell a lie
must not forget his German brother, who
also glorines a truthful ancestor. Bla- ‘
marck when only a lad proved his love for
truth and courage by promptly owning up
to his father that it was he who broke the
statue of Hercules in a park at Kniephofl,
with a stone thrown by him at a bird.—
New York Tribune.
—— -——~o . "—7 ———-——
Judge Walter Q. Gresham gives
this as his idea of the qualifications
of a good Judge: “Modesty, know
ledge, discernment, intogrity, health
and sand.” By the way. there are a
good many people who think tbes.
are among the capital qualities for a
good President.
Notlce of Dusolnuon.
Notice i- heteby given (but the purhu-rrhl
harewfore existing between W. H. Manic: at.
(has. 5. (:nllo, doing humus under :11 . firm.
mum- of “ Chas. S. Grille & Co.’ is hit day (1.5
waived by mum-u (onzem. W._H. Mctrick rem
“. 3 from me mm. Tm- ll uplhues of the 11:11)
me :sstde by Chu. S. Grido, to “horn all at
couul are to be paid.
. W. 8. Menu“.
Port Top-mend. lurch 6. 1388.
Notice of Duaollmon.
Notice is bareby given that the [mun-ram:
heretofore existing between T. J. Connor and
r. W. Peltygnvr. doing business under Ib
firm name of ,“ Ponymvu A Conner," is this
day dissolvnd by mullml con-cut. '_l‘. J. (tonne:
retiring from the film. The .hbuilieu of m;-
flrm an attained by): W. Pettygrove. to whom
I“ mounuarem paid.
Having pnrchnm" the truer-u! of 'l‘. J. Con
nox- iu out business. I beg leave to thank on:
many patrons for pas! {tor-s. ma “no.l I cox.
balance 0! tho same.
I‘- W. 23111630"
Ch 3" ‘
mmmms ~ SPENCER! BART’LE 10138383
99 7'
«26“ HAR 59%?!f0 E 71? o
' ‘6 2' ‘ 9,
g 0»... ' (i 1 . 2 _
Ft" _7' > . ‘ ..
mum. 9.2-: 2;; '. ~_ 52. $3 canny.
57 3 7 “13,1” fi'; 2:, “25 .' = ‘A, 77". A, - 1'"
.2 ' {fit-:1} }' ~(J ; 2 Fir-L’— _} 7’53. 212;».
nuns, ’ *E’» 3? PER-22*: 22 “W 3,
”3;" :9;- ‘v E: 22.54% far 3&9»;
NAILS. {‘fléfii 2- SE}; mmta
3:}. _getgag‘gifi v wggtgLi‘éj‘m' ~":,f I.
.2 -_ 271 . c ;. .'-!.—‘~- - ’ "KW-'2’"
:EOUSP. : as? 4 ' 'L’v-‘-?;i‘,g:i..}a£§q;g‘ é um: I:
2 " 2‘“ i '.‘n 9‘ 11' 2:27?” i}
.n; m r; 11.": , '2; .""‘g-__. 3:2 3':; "I‘s“ “1313322? 3203730
._ fi’ 1‘22 'f E 2 '2: 2+"2——;*
{ k' i" ~ ___' . “’ ~_£ "2 42%- ’ =.' - 4131'- V-' -~ A3'
GOODS. 2, 5.2;; .2 _ ,s. $233221; GOODS.
"d 1 :E"‘*‘~t ‘ : [9101» f 22- ‘ -”',‘.,R, 'sl: .1;
*0“- : ; it: 223*» .‘r :2 22:12:22“
22. 2‘l. 26. 28. 30 8: 32 Lake Street. CHICAGO, ILLS.
"=22: .27. I ~ ; -- ‘ 2 "' ‘* '— -. » ~ gotta-82.23352:
9 ri" Y EVE-2'5" if if; 7 .’3' ”if”? s'“ iAl'gfiiéy
- .i. 22 z 2 2 22? r. . ,
.2 3):=.!u‘.ri:il'. i’fc‘Vi-I‘r‘i xi .’ E'. £52”:- ():u and
Curew‘3‘27'fiizihe'uiEa;E_‘i:‘:'w‘f~. : (Fi’rii $101124!
2 ,35‘52 / L‘ ,»‘- . ..:= -7"= pr. :- :m Hm
" = ‘23; ig—é-‘Zilf‘af‘ sl., ': x 1 3:31?!
. »»;e' r, , 2.» ‘.y‘rulkhhge 2; . 2 . .2 _ ‘ 1:3 ’ ,5 ..,.
- ’égsf‘xfi, 7.- - :-: .; BißaTL';
2 7%‘55‘1 '7’ .. “i“ w 2 v = :2. n
. " 3 "43"; 97?: ' ”’3:- 2 “~" . . V t 1,“ ~
~_f;fi,:;. ‘ #245. L;{'._]:_‘ fj’ .2.L ‘‘ ‘ ’- '
“ " i-sz—L-2‘. . 2 '22,
:1 _ . .: ; 21,2; 3:;
”arr" . ‘32 2.92 g ' ' ‘.. f' ..,
.. , ’.. . < {b.urjxhjtér 4:,“ A L. .
' " A =- - ‘”.'~i¢ . am.
1“; 2’:- " 2‘3',“ 2 2 ... A A... JG...
3% 2 . gal—’7‘; .T‘ ‘1“: f I'HI 1:".m! ~'-_-‘J
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uni-'11.; tn :. uK 2; i-uardizurnu : ~ « 3 ‘ _ ‘s' T 7'? ifiyfli. 3c use-. 1
wiriznlt luau-stat - .;-: . .‘ " ‘ ."I 3: 5' {4,x{,71-:i~'}‘§.
Price. 5210 Doug? 3131.311; _ H w L: r 4:11-1:21sz
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' 2;, 3225.122: KGEFETER,
Part 'l'uxvnasuj, “HT-1.. Ext. 71 2;:_-.;-'"<~a '.: u- ;' and l’l'opricml'
HENRY L‘.l‘~".:_" in». . . '.il.‘ ..'..
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THE HE”; K Wu MAL: m
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01" 3101.;1' m:a'.';.~:1;:»'12. W. T.
- _ "v, _‘ ,_ 7)" ,-‘ '
Authorlzed : :3): z. :31 , ~ (“57300.000
A Gensrai 33:22:52 :5 1535-233: "s‘a'snsacted. ~
'1 ' 1 7' x; 1 7 n V m,
Deposus renew-w: z ,;, aux-4.7:: ulna/7‘ 01' chem.
339ng “may: or; _:;r:::zs;z';!; 41511211113.
Collections made and more: ‘: E':;-!'_':;)'.";- rx‘nliitmi on «1123‘ of coliection
Sight and Telegraphic £:;£l:hiL:§3-* pzzf‘zzldw in a.“ llw yrmmpul cities of the
United States and Eiumlw.
CORRESPO"~ CENTSr-uLa :;z‘>-',:;v~~'}";=_§ .‘. 1:5:343 Caiifc—rniun Bank (Li-flied"
BEBLlN—beudfirll'3ijl'; '\'.~: 1.2:: affiz- {hugger National Bank; SA)
FBAchaco—«The Angiu—Califorz.Em: {mic (3.xml‘md‘a: Penman, 011.: 'i‘Lv
First National Bank; VICTORIA. li. {.‘.. Bani: nf Britxs‘u Columbm;l{ALu-.u
Vow. Scorn, The Bank of Bahia}: ELL-:32 .‘. mezucag-Hong Kong, The Chat
cred Built of India. Australia 3,312 (‘Znuzw .
Agents for the American and Ref: titu- Linfi‘m‘ Steamshipe; {Pa-eke:-
for sale to and from all parts m’ [Cur-lynx _
3" We have a secure. and s-mzun-ii ‘» .2'lll‘l‘s' w: 7.1!! receive vu
uables on atoragn at mn'flcmié'.‘ -‘.;--:- ' .
‘Clus. E. “'oLVEM'nI. J. 0. Win—nun. J W. *‘l‘-»!:~1~:, J. K. Ennlnxxx.
‘ President. V.-l'i'v>lr‘.HY-.(. .‘ manner. Secretary.
§ The Farmers’ and- Merchant’s Insurance 60
‘lé 4 } I
‘ .
Capital Stock, sit-‘BOOSOOO.
Albafiy, (Regen.
,a .
J. H. LIVERMO rat/E Agt. Port Townsend
‘ ____,_. __ ,_._._
i DIRECTORB:—flnn. n. s. S'm m.. m.. 1,. L':;‘.‘.':.§. J. o. Wriasmn, J. K. llderkin.
\Chdfl. Momeith. h. B. Muntcx‘b. J. “K “:;.~i-:i:. G. l“. >ixxx;;:un, (has E. “'oh'erlon. til-W. n
i . i ov‘ i g
y EigMMm 1) __ £425..
ir TE%MING. x‘
* “ “St bles
F 1 uck and my: 98b Ly a. .
' Cord-1600s" and, Burk ,f’anale.
[3" General Teaming and Jam-inf; done on short notice.
W. (Y. HAMMOND. Manager.
0235?: Gi‘zscer,
' Upposik: Cemrzzi Fin“ ‘;. “__l: ———-< {Em-'l6! Union Wharf.
Pen: 2"*=.'.:';.; i.'L' _ - Vi. '..
- D. 831' in :.1! kinds of :1
Groceries, mtgamrs, Tobaccq;
Cigarß.Proeiuoe. - i ,- ,
a I I {I ,
Amt Canadian Paolflc R; R;
ALso AGENT For. TEL?) roast. IE‘IG _STEVAAiisIHIP Lll~U.=.‘.:-3X
Allan !
& g Vintvr SPIViCe' from HuUifux. .“ \
Dominion ‘ ’ 4"}
“’Lite Star, irou. New Ymk Immm. from New York. Cunard,
from New York m- Baum“. Guiun. from New York.
Anchor, from New York.
WTICKETS sou) To ALL mars or Ewan, (111132; AND JAPA-X. ALSO I’3sz
Orders on any puint in Europe to l’urt, Tuwnsehd, or any other point ill
United States or Canada.
maimcriptions rereh 6.. for an pzigvri and periodical published in the United
States or Europe at Lumislmrs prices. . {Edwt
Funnzgglxa GOODS
Burkett & Eisenbeis’
Wat-LITE}!“£4I34; for
Spring. .£3233:@‘szmements. .

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