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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, March 08, 1888, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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H] "{. \l“6 0M g . i
c w a u .:g giggle. :
rnl‘lmsn, 7.; u: 1: . 7w. E
MW 2
I" "a“: ‘ ”':>- 3
D Him: a;
.\lllJ.‘ 2;‘\ 12.1.“ . ‘
SEATIIJZ. Feb. :1. .‘m. r : .. V
liberation (‘llit‘f .1.‘.~‘.u c -l: . . .. .'~
the com-cm uf ihw ; '.. ~m‘ xi. , ;‘ 2
may and mum-vi fur H.- i. = ..
cancelled ‘ui~ :rl-x‘ -!E,
chaugouf \w-mn- In 52,‘ L. u. .i -
directml u clzzmgu uf \.v:.~~..- tn ‘1" x
ma. ludgv liucluuti-r. ;-.u .a.‘ _x T
the defendant. said in in}: 21:5. iim
case would lnm‘! mummy m :;.\- ng:
before Judge» .\liyn on Mun-lay.
THE 'mmr'i'.
“.\smxu'ros. Murvh R}. ll is r .
ed the internatiuiizal n-‘n: ::~ 1 E
lions Worn ugh-ml wit ya: :.i.'\’ :_x
the (lt‘lllUL‘l'ZLlr vi the via} ~ :.mi z-a u-.:.,~
committu, and “all lw 11"!" iml lu ~.':..-
full committm- e‘iil‘i}' Liam (it. “.1
Will be CUll>ltlrlle \‘.l‘~l: H." liliili' Y ;i:.
They exprct lllt‘ t- {:11 min: ‘.i. ll 1.. 5 .
about S‘llJltMMi. l'im t i‘:."‘\"l mi.
except on (-i§_j:u'.~ :.zul right-inn— “.12; lm
repealed, reducing: the l‘~-\‘vl.“.‘. - El‘
SI9,OWLUUH. Ila:- lIC -11:.~« (Ll! -:i~l-l'tl
will make-”a furthvr i'c-dirtiuu l-u-
Wfiiur and 11w million :l:vi:ux'.~
/ ore is no rmluctiun uh >E~ll'il> t-i'
any kind. The manuf:-.c’mnn~ ui
fruit. brundies are allow ll tn [riu- ..
their product in bonded “‘ill‘vlnvll‘l‘s
and take Warehouse rucvipts fur lllt‘
same time (IE \Ylll-lic‘y tll>llllrrlvs th'r‘t'
have. Some extreme penalties int-i
been lessened. .
rO5l- GAINS nls smT.
“'Asmxo'wx, )lzu‘vh 3.—'l'lie ll: -li.—t‘
Committee on electiwns in lhv \\'< 21L
ington-l’ost. contest. (lt'Clilt'll uzumi
monsly in favor of Pent. llvpiililli-_;:=.
' to be sitting member {mm the Tenth
Illinois District.
THE CHINEaii 'l'o 1:; Excu'bm.
NEW YORK, March I}.—.‘; “Hz—Lin;—
ton special says thzu Seam-tux; liuy
3rd. in conversation with :1 wire
npondent this morning. staid tlm lu
expected a new treaty with ("3.41th
be negotiated Within 9. few days.
The treaty will provide for tho l'SCll‘l-
Eion of all Chinese except those in:-
credited to this country inn diplo—
matic capacity.
Wnsmme'rox, March L—The house
by a vote of 197 to 4 passed the Pa»
cific Railroad telegraphic bill.
Nzw Yonx, March 3,—The Hon.
Joseph Chamberlain sailed for Liver
pool on the Umbna at 9:30 this morn
mg. No one saw him off.
me; summarise man DEMANDS.
Gunman. March 3. The United
States warship Enterprise will pro~
coed to Tangier to support the de~
mud of the American consul at that
shoe for the release of a Moor am
or American protection. and who is‘
imprisoned.“ Rabat.
usn ronrmwns. ‘
\Vaanmc'rc-N, March 4.—The svnatei
committee on public lands today i
considered the proposed amendments
to general land forfeiture. It agreed
to report favorably upon the provis
ior:l fixing the price 10f land forfeited
an ope to sett ament under the
bill at slfiger acre.
Hammovs PROTEST.
inmx, A. T., March 3.~—At a
mass meeting of citizens at Salt Riv
er valley, last evening, resolutions
were unanimously adopted condemn
ing|the bills introduced into congreSs
create a commission for the settle
ment of Spanish grants in Arizona,‘
New Mexico and Colorado, inasmuch
as they menace the prosperity of the!
territory by opening the deer for }
litigation. j
an'rox. Kansas, March 2.—A
cyclone struck this place last even—
ing, destroying a carriage works and
a number of other buildings, in all
valued at $50,000, and causing two
to ma LT norm.
7 Sn! Elmo, March 2.—Arrange
ments have been made to take the
Crown Prince to Berlin. ossibly
within a week to avoid his distill on
foreign soil. Dr. McKenzie will not
go With him.
rmanss roa DEATH.
anus, March 2—The Emperor
has signed a decree by which Prince
William is authorized to act for him
and w his name in case of his
physi indapacity.
Elma an manure.
Ornwa, Ont. March 2.—The min
ister of finance says no Canadian
customs ofiicer on the Pacific coast
has been instructed to refuse clear
ances to sealing vessels for Behring
See. It is their duty to issue clear
ances to all vessels. '
In the House of Commons Sir
Charles Tupper yesterday said no
convention, agreement, understand
ing or modus vivendi had been ar
rived at with the United States with
reference to the use or the navige.
tion of the waters or harbors of Beh
' Sens, during the seasons of
ifi-SS by Canadian vessels for the
p of fishing engaging in the
Wm or shelter.
Estimates for the fiscal year sub
mitted to-day fix the total sum to be
voted at $23,250,000.
Pms, March l.——M.. Wilson, son~
in‘lnw of exPresident Gravy, who
has been on trial for complicity in
the legion of honor decoration scam
dale. has been convicted and sen
tenced to two years imprisonment
and to pay a fine of 30.000 francs,
and to be deprived of civil rights for
five years.
omm! Simeon-. 33. .
Nzw You, Feb. 28.~Inspector
Halahsn submitted to Collector Mag
one Feterday his report of the arrest
of win A. and Ephram Gardner
while smuggling opium across the
Ganaflinn border. It contains an en
? of the payment of $2,000 made to
erbert F. Beecher, U. S Treasury,
Special Agent at Port Townsend.
Beecher will be given an opportun
ity of explaining his entry.
Cinema, March 3.——Dispatches
from the northwest report severe
mow storms during Thursdayand‘
Friday, the snow drifting badly in 1
Dakota. The Northern Pacific has
ad moved a freight train west of
»_ ‘ for me days. The storm
‘ the entire length of Lake
'W mdwell down into the south
-.; ‘ The snow is from six
g M doe and is drifted. At
St. 1511306 and Mackinac
m are stalled_nnd no mails
have mind through unce-
, t
. ' ' i -. i
, "L' .l - i-. i
..i ' t
~ i l'
. . , "i,i".:“
1: . . . aA-j
. -' ~ z,‘.:-.‘..!i
i.,.' : ; w ‘
;:. [2" ""-'.";:I“I-.:.‘i'~‘i
. ;~ '. :-;r'z;i ..'. z;
.' . in“ «3.3 'i
~ > ,
. e _ ‘ . 1 . i
' ' ‘ , ‘.I
.‘ '. . -‘,_,‘ :li’.x
. riz' - I I, '
‘\“!'\ ‘ '..:‘1:.,i3.1"i1l
~27 I '.i . .' f £..:'-3‘
SJ. ‘1 . ' . I _;;'v~t".l:t i'lili
'—- i-.-. f‘ *' --i. wrimiin“:
:.' l":' :‘i .'... . ‘ l L i
: 5,-1- " .\.u >i;i,~'.:;;‘:ls
i‘. ' ... - ' "91.: :-1.: :zz::~h‘l‘§
5~ ..; i : .\Wuni ‘lih'i
! ' _ ..\.‘i ;rt\('-..:!:[
!. .~ : - ; A ;- mm in Saw;
il',-;; ~ ! .g;:-_‘. Known”!
in»: :- " '\\ .i; ‘xgt‘ih inmlmezl
l-I 1:; m :.:.l '.'~.1 .\in-IF-m‘
iz' 1‘ '.z ,-- .c- 1511' ?.~-! m.» int-ii
i ‘~."., , I. §‘-‘7. :1 .i:"i-- xx i..m.¢-i.u.|i
in? _ ._.; 2. I ~“i. 'il‘l -.‘._":2 .\li'. il.
3?. ii‘u‘ ‘ . :.' «l i» l‘i')‘. “1‘ are
:.H ‘ I.“ t .1 11:“ -~§ vns v‘f liw
\‘A-ri. iiw: !- I.;_'!i. “\m‘ :12! 1311'”
t-wt. it'liilii! 11, Lwnl 3516'. (mar. ll~i'.\i lim
lT‘.‘ :7 '. 'a'wiih if i-"t:= {U fart.
111-vi: ‘L Hi: i-‘wL K vi Adm}
lit?” 3" . -1. iii r 2; i mum linlli Elwin .~.
L'ililzii “‘11“ i:.~ i. N. L'mgring linen-:-
‘.‘V' is: il-~ :i i- -l. mu! 1' iril'lli‘J in 11
inri; ll‘ .:;. :.‘ ‘ '. u!s\ M. ~w-h lam-o. gar»
hard :.Y:u.l-:i':-_: n Emit-s think. It;
im'hm n: i. pliant-{nu iii;u'lli'~stiii('k
and :‘U Earn: w; i i'.;~'.-.-::._~i with l;
ii.v‘u ;: :I\'.;:.Zz~l iiu w. 'i‘iw must" :an
four i: .'n'uniwr 115 im-t in height
311.1111.» i.‘g"'li" 33 f:‘--i long. She is
..'.i . of :h . :iu ~‘: r: :i'E-; «or lunnchmi
in 1‘ 1; '. Sunni! ham-.\. .:i..l True-('3:
Lyn-'2l mi .l;: 111 (Wot. iii-ml iilnl his
nurtures .‘s‘lr- ius} iv munnzimlml
l._\' Capt. i’.. tin-1:23;.
311-. Hum: Lax i 2: r-mrsouf ('zmstrm
tin“ :I.{-ihuimv»:Sui-Capt. Bryant, of
this thy, u! M; wiii in- put into im
nn-diuto Cniiiiili‘:i‘)!i n! Smith’s cow.
This is to he the largest driver in
fix-215th; uni “iii “wild n hummer
The :.ngiuus urn lining {-unstrni-led
ivy Mom-n Uro—‘.-~ Hi-utth- Tynes,
'l'\'.'3 3‘ll:th 1] Conventions
The D mama-lie National Conven—
lion. whichwili :m-r‘t in St. Louis.
.‘.iax. Juno 5312. Hill consist of 826
n-iz‘szitt—s stint. i; to say, two for
enri: mrmhw nfvuixgn-ss and senate,
and two for moi; of the, territories.
the. m"; thisz vult- still prevails in
the. Dennarutiw convention. 0n the
second ballot zit Chicago, Cleveland
revolved 683 Vutcs out of a 'tOtfll .of
620 (3315‘. The unit rule is still in
force. Under it the vvto of a slate is
deh-rminod by the majority. An
effort was made to break it up at the
last convention of the party, but it
failed lrythe casting: vote of New
York. Under this rule the minority
in each delegation is eliminated.
The Republican National conven
hon will meet again in Chicago, on
June 23rd. In this convention cacn
delegate will cast his vote according
to his wish. An attempt was made
twelve years ago to introduce the
unit rule, but without success. It
was definitely rejected at the last
National convention. It is note
worthy in this conection that two re—
publican papers in New York now
adVOcate aretnrn lo it~ This indi
cates that some furtive political Work
work is being done. in that state In
arepublican National convention a
majority snfl‘ices for nomination. If
to this were added the unit rule, the
capture of the convent-ion would be
much easier than it is at resent.
The republican papty is in a]? things
tobe regarded as the contrast, and
not the copy. of its great antagonist
It 15 only in the West that the mail
service is inefiicient. Boston, Phila
delphia and a long list of smaller
cities are complaining. Boston has
sent. a delegation to Washington to
appeal to the new post-muster gen~
Oyster dealers in the vicinity of
Olympia are finding ready sale for
their oysters at $4 per sack. There
is no reason why oystermen on Shoal
water bay cannot get- $3 or even 554
per sack from now on in view of the
imited supply in sight. We would
advise those in the business to unite
for mutual benefit and maintain a
price suited to the occasion.
There is good reason for the grow
ing opinion that the real battle
ground of the coming presidential
campaign will be Indiana. It has
all along been a matter of grave
doubt whether any republican could
carry New York against Cleveland,
and the situation will not be chang
ed if instead of Cleveland thel demo~
crats chould nominate Hill. The
strongest practical voint in favor of
Blaine has been his supposed pepu—
larity in New York. He, if anybody,
it has been believed could take the
vote of the city (or a share of it) from
the democratic candidate and since
his candidacy must now be consid—
ered out of the question. there seems
small prospect of republican success
‘ in the empire state.
1 In a paper read recently before the
National Educational Association at
Washington. President Eliot argued
in favor of shortening the period
from the beginning of the primary to
the end of the high school course.
He thought that a year could be
saved to our youth without any loss
in results of real value. He would
save time where it ought to be saved,
in shortening the programmes of
work and in omitting the freguent
reviews and examinations. resi
dent Eliot declared, however,‘that he
‘would not recommend a shorter
‘course unless better teachers can be
E provided, and the only way to obtain
them is to increase the security of
their positions during good behavior
and insist on the higher quality of
their work—Oregonian.
Tacoma N was .' When the omni
bus bill for the admission of the four
territories, Dakota, Washington,
Montana and New Mexico was under
cons'deration by the house commit—
tee on territories, it was suggested
that the section authorizing the in
habitants of each territory to hold a
constitutional convention to prepare ;
a form for a state government, should :
be amended to read “all male per- ‘
sons.” An exception was immediate
15' made by some of the members of‘
the committee that this would ex
clude the women of Washington Ter
ritory, where women were allowed to
‘."PH‘. .'5 r 1?» «‘45 .‘.t‘- fillznwd. and!
win-n thv motion was put llu-(ozn—l
:.zthk-t' “his M'mdy (“\‘iilv‘tl. Cb:lil‘~l
.': Springvr i; a-l tim «hailing vow.
2m: .» lwuhi .g:'::in-t !!-..~ ii'.~p-~~i
~'»,.. ;.:3-l tuv- iml. ::»- ¥-';v riml t-.v lllc‘
luv?» . iu';<.\'t. {Lu- ‘.‘n':.=~'!iuf \‘t-ilfiilillf
tun '.--i‘z'it«~r;: in I]!:<il~l'.1!‘ln‘«l pus-I‘s
- (if 111-‘il' right Y.» ‘.‘utc will] ‘.h
mun upnn the ilulrLH‘lhLl' :anl‘juct.
S rllN‘ of L‘«uxi;;x'm~vxi:iil Springvr'.~
’."-lil'.‘"'_:lll‘n' :m- wit-km} unnuuh to 5-3;
in: lw i 4 ;:utii:=:: lllluM‘” in line- i i
..-:-.-:m- tlzn '~'-'I“lilil:.5 i-zunlitlalo {or
t .é- Juasidfiugv. lfu' ihm‘w wn m:-
:~.-;t~m:i l‘vvz‘ End)“ in his :tctiuu. Hr
(In! .5134 righx 'lh - questiun uf
:V‘n'dz'i Hill'rxjgfi- rlumlxl in dLCi-it‘l
n “v i1;.";ti..~ \i [2'!\ i 2. ”11‘ tz-z’riix-rg'.
H-‘n. 729-... 3:2. limn‘x. u-z; la»: Mon—
Jiiy t'vtin"! {rum 1;.0 .\lltlihz‘fs oflict'.
zti'tm‘ n-n .\ui-n of .- -i'\‘i4-.-. .\lr llz-ual
lmw llm'll :: run-2m. “Uh-‘sl.'llpl‘igill.
"mg-Ll.“ :ViyEiy-I-r, 3H:- l;iun;.rht to tlw
\llhi'lé{.i_‘_‘=' .l' l.i- ll:ni~.~.~:.l:ll‘gnvxn
cutiw ability and «i-xpn-i'it-nt-n. IL.-
lnh‘ anint::i.il_v h. l-n nu lin- all rt tn
gnnral and Ham-rt .'m- Elm-rush of
tho 'l'n l'l’lL ry. In th»- .\mlitur‘s uf~
live limt‘t‘ :u'n- minty plum-S When- it
i'.-quip.» n :—tmng hum], am] it firm
["l2"] 1351‘ tn withstand tln- raids, lumin
lln‘lly 11pm till‘l‘l'vfir'll')‘. Mr. Rpm!
his .\‘m'li tn tiaé.‘ 'l‘t‘rz‘itm‘)‘ t-Vt't'y your
in .ny (inn-s his Hilary. He hasin
his n-lnu't . tiih-z'tu-l llu' law making
[mm-i'. tn many wifu guards tlml
nll.)ll|d hn thrown urnuml the trans
ury. l-y Him-ling laws fur thi- regula
tinn and ('hllll'ul uf tlieAmlitm‘ in
tho HHUVV'HIH't' :uul :uljanlmvnt. of
claims, tlml urn pn-svntvd to him for
exumiimli-m and (‘rrtiiimitu Tlu
groutvst 41min lumntlm Territorial
l‘i‘vusm‘y, is in the mist hills which
are. [,rt-snnh-d for payment, by thu
ullicurs of t-wry cunuly in tho l‘t-n‘i
lory upon lllz' it'ljuurmunnt at the
m nrt. .\lr. Rut-ll has (mill-d “in at
u~utiun of Hip Logiflutnrn to thi.‘
muttvr, on-ry H-rsiun fursix yours.
liu has stand :u-twoun the treasury
and the ion lit-[ids and has su‘nlmi
tluwu llnl coat hill-4. Hu-lms Hm‘d
to tho 'l'urritnry. many tl=<vil<ulul duh
laws. in l‘vhhing tn :nblit and :illl)‘.\'
unjust. unlawful and illegal {OOS.
He is :unung the host Antliturn tlii.~
or an y other 'l'orritory owr had. We
wish him snot-pas in any business hr
may cuncln ‘v to engage iu.—l’(u'li
..... 7-
ISL-llm' (ham h‘ulll
i'.;zi In [l' :.y - 11-l u: lllzll l'l‘\\' anal «'llituclmz
i'.-m l:. (01' u' >t.~l:lxl}nf -~n :‘nl lll\i';'\'"\’ 11H.»-
il.rn': . (‘lxvi‘ "'l'! L-I I‘. ‘,11.!| AM". fur ix i»
;v" ~:i i In Ili~~ j l-‘. v-ul .'mm. '9 u c ll!
:1 x.\' in :‘ -~ um" ..nt a: l: J». i). “.\le . .:JLw
k ""° always have
R‘ N‘g\\x Ackcr's Baby
{‘lil'illll‘r at hand. lt. is the only safe
""lllL‘lHO yvt nmdu llmt. “Eil n-nmva all
:‘:u-ziludisnrd<-Is. l'. cumulus 1n) Opium
i" 'fu’zim'. but, ph'n'i i'.: - (‘l2llll arm/rd!
..vu; .uiu. Palm: :33 cents. Suld b 3"
Lniimol‘ .\’ (‘O.
Au DIM-:1 Lviu‘l’.
PUYALLI'P, W. ’l‘. Jul}- 25. 1997
.\lr‘sqrs. A. 15. Slrwml & (‘ll. Snmtlln
Dom Sira. My “'lfl‘ was lrnnlilt-il lasl
winlnr and spring mlh a s -wre cough.
which hf‘Cilmo_ Very alarming. as alu
nftvn coughed blond fr‘ m 1H! lungs.
She tried 0 number nf lung remedies.
but of no avail. She had almost give:-
up all hope. when glancing over the pa
per she saw :1 slnlcmvnt of l‘. Darliuu.
0f Scuttle. rsocummendiug your Fuck
Sun Conan Ss'zicp. which she decided
to try. Will) lillln failh I (In! a hull)?
Strange as it may soon) the first dare
gave her reliel, um] one bottle cnrml
her. for which “'0 BI‘P very llmnkfnl
We have recccmmended it to a number
of our afflicted friends. and will be ever
ready to do an. Hoping you may be
successful in your' business. and be nhlv
to place this medicine in every house
hold in the hind. I remain yum-s respect
hilly, E. D. MASON. Pnynllnp, W 'l‘.
Fr:- sale by all drnucists. Sampli
free. j27lf.
jefiénh—dgw” They are es
soAve peciany maple to sudden
Colds, Coughs, Croup, Whooping Cong,
etc. “’9 guarantco Acker's Eng 1:
Remedy a positive cure. It saves
hours of anxious watching. Sold by
Lulmcr .1" to.
”on E Emmi-"neat. _
You canno' nfl'nrd tn mute time axe
nerimenting when your lungs me it
idunucr. Consumption nlwnys sec-ma ul
first. only a cold. Do not permit an.)
dealer to impose upon you With sumo
cheap imitation of Dr. King~ New Di:-
mwery for Consumption. Coughs und
cnlds, but he sure you get the genuine
Because he can make mare profit he may
tell you b: has something just us gum].
or ju=t the same. Don't be deceived.
hut insist upon getting Dr. King‘s New
Dwonvery. which is guaranteed to giv.
relief in all Throat. Lung and Chest 11!
factions. Triul bottle free at N. D. Hi}:
& Son’s drug stare.
Dloke nu Minute.
3y dwelling lhesynmtflms so often miulakfli
for Consumnunn. SAS'I‘A ABIE has brought
Madness to many a housvhnhl. Br ils pmmpl
nee fur breaking up the cold Ihnt (”now-n dew)
ops inm that 12qu dlwmio, thousands mu ho
snved from nn untimely grate. You make nt
mistake by hanging a ho llnof I hi-n nieusznt rem
edy In your ans». CALIFORNIA C.\ H:-
[CURE is equallv effective in emdimting nll [run-u
of .\‘nsnl (Saint-h. Rom of these woudcrlni Cul
ilfornio remedies are sum and warranted by Dr.
‘J. D. Mlukler. H. 001: Bat-knur. I: for 52:0.
\ __—
‘ would enjoy your dinner
‘ .‘.S ‘SO“ and are prevented by Dys.
‘pepsn, use Acker’s Dyspepsin Tablets.
1 The, are n positive cure for Dyspepsia, In
] westion, Flatulency and Constipation
3 e guarmtco than. 27‘ sud 13‘.) cents.
1 Sold hvimlmor 3: Co.
YOUNG RIBS! [KI-3A!) 'l‘llls.
Tux: Yomnc man 00.. of Marslmll‘ Mich. o:
for to send their colebrnted ELECI'BO-VULTAH
BELT and other Euzcnuc Armuucm on trla
fur thirty days to men (young 5r nld)afllirt.:.
with nervous de‘hilltv, loss 0! vitnlitv and mm:
hood, and all kindred troubles. Also for rhenmn
liam. neuralgia. pnrynlysle. and many other dis
eases. Complete rcstornt ion to hgdllli. vigor nu:
manhood znarantevd. No risk is incurred mo
thirty dtlys‘ trial Is allowed Writethem m Imw
or i ”unrated hanmhlet tree
Q .. , why Acker’s
\w, \ L 3.30“. BM, mm,
b warrantedf 3 because it: is the best
Blood Ropers“ ion known. It will posi—
tivel‘y can all Blood Diseases, purifies the
who esystewand I]mmu;~,l.ly builds up tho
constitution. Remember, we guilt-mine it.
Latimer & (to.
ASonnd Legal Opinon. 1
E. Bluinbridge Munduy Esq., County ‘
Azty., Clay 00., Tex. says: "Have used
Electuic hitters witlunost happy reanltsl
My brother also was very low with Mn
larial Fever and J anndice, but was
cured by timely use of the medicine.
Amnsatisfied Electric Bitters saved his
Mr. D. L. Wilcoxsou. of Horse Cnve.‘
Ky.. adds a like tlstimony. saying: Be;
positivelp believes he would have diedf‘
had it not been for Electric Bitten-V. ‘
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well as care all Malnrial Diseases, and
for all Kid ney, LiAer and Ltnmnch Dia
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3 Ni hta in the
9m“. \ %\ee\\. cogpmm o,
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sumption. Cou 115. etc. Did you ever try
Acker's Englisfin Remedy? IL is the best
prefarntion known for all Lung Troubles,
301 on a positive gunman-o at. 10c, 50c.
Latimer & UL ‘
flea-chants. Read This.
To those subject to the vexnlions of business
life. dyspepsia and I feeling o!- dehillty. irrita
bility and despondancy. we my. take Elmmons
Liter Regulator. The IJemXator :5 tree (ram
any Injurious mlneml snbsmurc: no: dim-grab;
able; can be taken at any time withou'. intefleh
ing with humans or measure. It is venue. um,
and: good digeawr. It I: unfiuuied in the
clue of pun-s constipation. breath, nick
mum nun-commute.
at; heart hath taken wings for home,-
Away' away: it cannot stay.
My heart hath taken wings for homo.
.\'-n all that 's host at an-ee or Roma
Cm Sit-p iiS stray.
My h-‘nrt hath taken wings for home,
3!; heart hath taken wings for ham
0. b'.'.’.’illu\V, nu‘nllow. lend the way:
Oh. hith- bird. tly north with me.
I hm ~~ thonw beside the sea
\\':.- r.- than mum! sing and play.
.‘l3 i 4r! hath taken wings for home.
My h-‘nm hath taken wings for home.
llu! timu, 0 littl-r taint, “'ilt stay;
'l'hvu has; thy lanlt- out-g with lb-‘e here,
Thy iz‘::2-- “i '51:; With tL-‘v through the C 193!
33;: i:-~..:'t Lnth taken wings for home.
My heart hath lain n Wings for home. a
.\u'ayi away? it I-unm-t stny.
01;» >1" m ’ from lirt:z.--lleschi's dome.
To Vt lxil‘n iv; 1 3..» ."uirinu team.
'l‘!.. n \.m: .' .:r i he my u'ny.
3!)“ hurt lmtu l.‘.ii":l v. ings {of 1301110.
.\wny: » Vin-ms I‘. McCarthy.
Elusv Hours in a (ire-at Temple of Eleo
tricity—Sn‘ifl Operators.
A busy :(‘Cllt' was ten-:Qed when the i
door openwl. it WAS. indeed, :\ small \‘ilr \
loge, for 5!") oln-rntors “'3'“: topping nwny ‘
at rut-in; spin-(i, while 12:0 l‘lt'l'kn‘ and their ‘
50$:H‘5 utility Ilittexl in and fro.
"l‘liis is our tiny force.” said Mr. Bren—
nan. the assistant manager. “Ninety
others take their places at night. The
titty you see up Lin-re in the iznllerv attend
to the cmnnu-rvinl news, ticker service,
stock reports, etc. They use the Morse
"What )ll‘npul'tluu of the force 18 tom
posed of ladies?"
“About one-fourth. "
“Are they as r-tlieicnt as men?"
“Not quite. Still they are very expert.
\Ve have three married Indies. Most of
i the \Vheutstouc operators are women.
‘ “Have you any colored operators?"
“Not unt‘. .\ml so for as my know
ledge extends there is not :1 colored opera
tor in the l'nitetl State-4. At any rate, I
never hennl ot‘ one.“
“\Vho are the veterans of the service?“
"\Vell, there are two thnt have been at
Work for the company for a quarter of n
century. You see. we have but very few
gray or lpnld llt‘fltl‘i. The operators begin
work when they are about. 15 or 16 year:
"Where are your operator nurseries?"
“In the country. .\‘eurly the entire
force. took their first 10530115 in the offices
along the Erie, Pennsylvania and Hudson
River railroads. and in the eastern states.
Their ambition brings them here. They
get from SSO to SBS per month, according
to length of service, efficiency and ex~
“What are those curious instruments on
which they are pounding with what look
like pegs?"
“Those are the \Vheatstone. automatic
machines. It works St. Louis, Chicago
and New Orleans, and averages each cir
cuit 2,500 to 3,000 messages per day. The
peculiarity of tho “'heatstone instrument
is that the message is tlrst punched for
transmission, and then these punched slips
are pasSed through :1 transmitting ma.-
chine, which records ench dot, dash and
space in the corresponding machine at the
other terminus. Each atroke o! the pegs
represents a dot, dash or space. The mes
sages received are printed on chemically
prepared paper and are translated and
printed by type writers. The Wheat
stone machine has been in use about (our
years. The operators average nbont. the
same as tho Morse operators."
“What. teams turn out. the most Inel
“The operators on the broker wires.
The Chicago board of trade and the New
York produce exchange handle 600mm
sages, while only 300 are handled on the
main wires between the same cities. A
broker firm cuts its message as short M
possible and sign the name of Brown,
Bates Sn Brown, D. B. & J ~whilo the run
name is given in general messages. The
cable messages are like those of brokers,
nnd more can be handled than of culinary
messages because of their shortness."
“How last do the cables work!"
“They go just about as fast as an over
age Wire. \Ve send a. message and got an
answer from London in seven minutes.
The cables to England and the land line to
San Francisco are just about the same
length, 8,250mi1e5.”
“You make both ends meet here, don't.
“Oh, yes. The operator on tho right
works with lleart‘s Content, 1,100 miles
east, and the operator next to him talks
with Omaha, 1,500 miles west. “'0 have
a. circuit with Jacksonville of 1.100 miles,
and one with Galveston of 1,500 miles."
“Are any of the operators affected by
the work?"
"Yes. Some of them get the teleg
rapher’s cramp from holding the pen in
one position tor a. length of time. A large
number thus nil’octed in their right hands
have learned to use their left instead."
“Do they get over it?"
“Not thoroughly. The doctors have
just begun investigating it. Operators
can prevent it by proper exercise."—New
York Sun.
Manufacture of Postal Cords.
C. C. “'oolworth, of Albany, head of
the concern that makes postal cards to:
the government, says that at the factory
in Custleton, l’n., they manufacture be.
twoen two and three tons a. day the year
round. The largest order they ever filled
tor one city was 4,000,000 cards, or about
twelve tons of paper, for this city. We
use here about 6,000,000 cards a month.
Chicago comes next, \dh about 8,000,000
cards in the some period. There are 450,-
000,000 postal cords manufactured annu
ally. _Two cent metage did not lessen the
use oi postal cards, but checked the
growth of their use for some little time.
The check has been overcome, and the
public are using more and more postal
cards every day—New York Sun.
Murderous Weapons.
Among other curiosities in a London
collection of swords is a tleree Mnhrotts
weapon called a wukdnh, or tiger claw,
which the user holds in his hands, oflxfil
by two rings to his fingers. With a trait
orous embrace he clusps his victim, and
tears him open. A knits penetrating.
dollar is a reminder of the old Spanish
buccaneer‘s test of the soundness of his
blade, and a. proof of the qualities 0! the
stash—Pall Moll Gazette. '
Dazed by the Light.
During a severe storm recently at
Hecln, Pa., large flocks of wild geese and
ducks flying northward were driven down,
and then were attracted by the light of
the coke ovens. Many birds fell upon the
ovens and flounder-ed around, dazed by
the light or singed by the heat, and about
ten swans and twenty ducks were cap
turcd.—New York Sun.
_. ,H...._~_
Two story house and inside lot. at
82,250.—tive minutes' walk from the
‘xtenmer landing; Apply quick at this
Almost miraculous are some of the
cures accomplished by the use of Ayer‘a
Sarsaporilla. In the case of R. L‘
King. Richmond. Vn., who suffered fox-47
years with an age ravated form of sci-of
um. Ayer’e Sursaparilla effected ‘aston~
shing resultS.
-_e- .‘...“ __ -
Wonderful Curefi
W. D. Hoyt Jr 00.. Wholesale and
Retail Druggiais of Rome. Gm. any:
We have selling Dr. King‘s New Discov
ery, Electric Bitters and Bucklen's Arni—
ca Salve for two years. Have never
handled remedies that sell us well.or
give such universal satishction' There
have been some wonderful cures efl'ected
by these medicines in this city. Several
cases of pronounced Consumption have
been entirelv cured by use of a few bot
tles of Dr. Kings New Discovery, taken
in connection with Electric Bitkora. We
guarantee them always. Sold by N. D
Hill & Sou .
An Alp-claw me.
The Originnl Abiellne Ointment is only put up
h large Iva—ounce [in hoses and is an absolute
cure {or old sores, burnt wmlnds, chapped
handy. nndull nkiuerupfions. Will pouuveg
cum all kinds of piles. Ask for the Url‘zln
Abiodno Ointment. Sold by Dr. Jan. D. ink
kr,u.n,ut2seenupcrbou=, bylnleule
Eo U I
no mu fvrl dull. l~.zi._uivl. lnwhg‘riu‘d. life
-2059. dial in i v‘vriiuipiy nun-mile. [h physi~
Pu”? :.I_l i. 4 '1! fly; «_n:;'\~i'i--ncc 11 541150 (ll
{whim-1 i r i Swain: : it‘ll r vaili'isr. or of “gone
m i..-~ .;' :I'.~ .. i («rush in the morn
ing, i-n'vgf‘i :. 1:. him-i- 0.:- bnil taste in
liuiiii'l. l:'.‘:‘ i 331-" iii-27.311055. frequent
ii.-;;:1...I: 3 e :.' . '. .. i;--:i.‘,“lln'uizigspccks”
“fur“ 11,; . -, ~. i 2. m..-1,; [t‘4-<;l‘:v.Litill or (‘.Y
lliilr'fiw‘l. i.‘:'._: :3:z_-' '2! uni-t r. lint, flushes,
alu»;~ii:l'i.:': '.";',';x nixirr; syn-Minus simrr
hiring. litizbj- :zt. ;=.:;;;~_~ law: and llwro. cud
iii-1. .Eruz'._::i:' .; -a-‘=- :' it'“:!?<. “‘Elki‘lllillt'Fs, or
(mini! «4] in“. in» 120131;: sivrp. ('l‘i:‘llillt. ‘
inila-si-u’rutki» .24 5;; u: Quad. or u! ”Eyelid
lDL’ C:.!l‘.llll?‘.'? _ ‘
1:” ya: hum all. or any COUSldfl‘ill‘vlc number
of 12ivse: SSlizgii-liiH. you are sum-ring from 1
that iximt m;,mmii o!‘ Allli‘rit‘lln muladivs—i
Bumus l)_\’slm|‘:3:l. m‘ 'l‘wz'in-l Liver. awn-lured ‘
with {lisprilxhu or lil-ilflt’éllilll. The more
C(HDDHCHH'II _\UUI' xii<~-:i.~u ll‘ls become. the
greater the uuiuhz-z‘ lill'l dinrsity of symp
toms. Nu mum-r what stage it. lllls‘ rr'nchui.
Dr. Piorcc’s Holden Flt-diva] Discorcry
will subdue if. if Ink-:1 ummuiixi: to direc
nniis :nr 3 rmsmmlul‘: iviizth of Imm. If not
curvd. ('Umpiil’ililulltl multiply and ('nnaump—
tion of tho Lung}. Skin Illr‘vnzk‘s‘ limit Dim-nan,
Rheumatism, lx'niuo-y l)lai'il§(?, or otnrr gmvo
maladies are quill: liable to F-‘C ix' and,swnL-r
or lain-r. iiiului-n :1. final (rumination.
; DnPlcrce’s Golden Medical Dis
‘co‘very {ii-ts pum-rluliy upon the Liver. and
through that. irruut. Nomi-purifying orimn.
‘ cionnsvsilmsyr‘ an of all blmidmiimsnud iiu
i purilios, from.'.vliulgvur mulsc arising. It is
‘cqunlly (:liicautmus 11l liming upon the Kid
‘ pays. and min-r ('Xf'l‘vll’l'y nrmms. cicunsmg.
‘ ctronmhi-ning‘. 11ml hriiling Ill‘fll’ disc-uses. As
an mypclizinu. i‘vz'inrinivu tunic. i: prnuioti-s
ilizr-sliun and nutrition, IllL‘l’l'ily building up
both “1 sh mid sin-”mil. In malarial districts.
this womll-ri'ul inmlivino has {ruined [ll‘l'ilt
m-luhrii‘y in vurmg Fun-r lll’lll A min. Chills mid
Fun-r, )uuih Amie. uml kindrml discusl-s.
Br. Plerco’l Golden Medical ml
from 11 common Blotch. or Eru tion, to tho
worst Scrotum. siiit-rlicum. "Fever-suns."
Scniy or Rough Siciu. in short. all discus-rs
caused by laud Mood are conqucrml by this
wowcrful. Purifying. nmi liniullrllllll' modi-
K'imu (irvat liming: Elm-rs rapidly huh under
its hvnizu inlluoncn. Rain-ciuily hits it mani
ivsiul lIS I‘Mll'fllcfi’ in curing: Taritr‘r. Eczema,
l-Lryaipt-las. Bails. (‘arbunulL-S. Sore Eyes. Scmf
uluus 50mg and Sum-Minus. llip~joint Dismsc.
”Whirl: Swellings." Guitro. 0r 'J'hick Neck,
and Enlarged (minds. Svnd ten cents in
slumps fur a large Tri-iuiw, with colored
plum-s. on Skin Discuss. or [hit B.4an amount
for a Treatise on Scrofulous Alfectious.
Thm-aughlv cleanse it; l>v using Dr. Plcrcc’l
Golden Medical gnu-ovary, and good
digestion. a fair skin, inioygmt. spirits, vital
strength and bodily health Will be established.
which is Scrolnln otthe Lungs, is arusted
Hind cured by this remedy. it taken in the
iéarlier stages of the disease. From its mar-
I ’veious power over this terribly fatal disease.
‘ when first offering ""8 now world-l’nmeq rem
; lady to the public. Dr. Pierce thought seriously
‘0! calling it. his “CONSUMPTION Cum-c." but.
:abanduued that name as too mstrictivo for
,a medicine which, from its wonderful com
] bination of tonic. or strengthening. alterative
9 or mmd-clcnnsing. anti-billoushpcetoml, and
inulritivocgmpcrties. is unogu ed. not. onlv
: as a. min I; for Consumption, but for all
, chronic [senses of tho
' Bi (1 dI.
. Liver, on ,an ungs.
For Wonk Limits. Spitting of Blood. Short
ness of Bmath. Chronic Nasal Camrrh. Bron-
I chills. Asthma, chore Coughs. and kindmd
.‘ ancctlons. it is an efficient remedy.
f 501115.166 Dmggists. at. SI.OO, or Six Bottles
or .
t} Send ten eentshfluapaforl‘lnl’lerce'a
book on Consumption. A dress.
World 3 Dispensary Helical lssoclatlon,
663 m 3':, BUFFALG, "a Y:
A Great Victory
A Terrible Case of Scrofula
Cured by
, .
Hood 3 Sarsaparilla
“ In the wintcr of 1519 I was attacked with
Scrotum in one at the most aggravating terms.
At one time I had no less than thirteen largo
abscesses over and around my neck and throat,
continually exuding an oflensive mass of
bloody matter disgusting to behold, and
almost intolerable to endure. It is impossible
to fully describe my suflerings, as the case
was complicated with Chronic Catarrh. Alter
three years 0! misery, having been treated by
three physicians. I was worse than ever.
Finally, on the recommendation 0! W. J.
Huntley, druggist, o! Lockport, I was induced
to try Hood’s Samparilia. And now, after
having taken twelve bottles, within the last
twelve months the scroiulous eruptions have
entirely ceased, and the abscesses have all
disappeared. except the unsightly scars, which
are daily becomingl‘ smaller by degrees. and
heautiiu ly less.’ do not know w at it may
have done for others, but I do know that in
mg case, Hood's Sareapnriila has proved an
e ectivo specific indeed. As an evidence of
my gratitude I send these facts unsolicited
and am ready to verity the authenticity of
_this cure. by dpersonal correspondence with
any one who _ onbts it." mums A. Bon
nn'rs, East \V ilson, N. Y. -. r
This statement is confirmed by W. J. Hunt
iey,drngglst, oi Lockport, N. Y., who calls the
cure a great victory {or Hood's Sanaparilla.
Send iorbook giving statements otmany cures.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Boldhyall druggists. 31; 51:10:35. Made
only by C. I. HOOD a: 00., Lowell. Mus.
100 2‘Doses LOne . Dollar.
‘ A‘An. ‘
\ / ‘1'...” ‘
\ .
I, \v J /7}
“I have used Simmons Liver:
Regulator for many years. hav
ing made it. my only Family
Medicine. My mother before
me was very partial to it. It is
a safe. good and reliable medi
cine for any disorder of the
system, and if used in time 16
a great preventive of alckm-u.
I often recommend it to my
tfiriends, and shall continue to
0 30.
“Rev. James M. Rollins.
“Pastor M. EChurch, So. Fairfleld,"a."
always keeptna Simmons Liver
Regulator in the house.
“I have found Simmons Liver
Regulator the best fnm 11y med
teine I ever used for anything
that may happen. have used it
in Indigestion, t‘m’iu, Illarrlm-a,
Juliana-(as. :in'i fuuiill 13 to re
lieve iinmmiénn-iy. After ont
inga hearty Mix-p. r: 3:; an going
to bed, I take ..‘. -. m: ... teaspoon
fit]. I never zit-:1 the effects of
the supper (turn.
"Ex-.\inyt-t- Macon. Ga. "
Has our Z Stamp on fr mt ef\\'mpf- .
J. 11. Zeilin & 00., Sale Prqcrii- ' .
Price. 81.00. l’lllLAL‘liLi’iii : . -
”Riafxff' 5" " ' .
3’ .. 9;...» *1 ’2’ _5 ,:,- ~.- ~7_ ‘.
..: ~ ‘ “-\‘"; .'~,"’-""'.""”"'. -‘ 4 ‘:
'7'; 222.5,, {l‘32 €255, . ‘
. ' ,‘:_ 4.» 12215: ~n».._v»f_,
515-", .- 's', L 5" .325;? '
:zfi;-~;.r .-::-5“..'z9.';/~ .3"; *
Thisis tthim ofthc GENUINE
Pearl Top L-a'mp Chimney.
Allothers, similurure imitation.
.0793- -- T his exact Label
.. ,~ R' 1‘: . )
.0 J,» wigfia.‘ maneuchl earl
5 - x. m .
o PENHE 5;..- .5 lop C lumney.
0, ~23 _- Pike‘s.
o 1.7 Tank—‘7‘: A dcnlgrmay say
'. 723/ ‘2; 3). and thmk he has
0. ‘r 5521?... others as good,
- '.... BUT HE HAS NOT.
Insist upon the Exact Label and Top.
. Fol SALE swim“. I»: mm av
SEE. A. MAGBETH & 60.. Pittsburgh. Pa.

Go to {Bartlen'a for the “White" Sov
ing Machme.
Northern Pacific Railr’d
\‘l.\ THE
Cascade Dlrmmn, making“
If flu" .‘.J/mrfl'sf, [Ms-f
(rm! Quit-law],
‘l‘ln‘ Vim".- l‘.ir .inn. '1 In- Dina-l I‘o'2'”. .Vn
Duh)». Fm "-1 Traits 'l‘n Rat.- sum to
all l'ruminvnl I'u'nzs Through
out 111-l Em! and
Tln‘x‘uuli l‘nlln-nn Drawing Roam Sleeping Cars
‘ Talia“ sznnd I'm-men: rs:
ln- (-:xn-lul:\m1 do nor make a niisiuke. lml he
Izrc m luku- llu
. x n
Tin-v.ll} l?::-i'_.r;|i.t Sim-pin: ( nr- run nu rr-tu
inr vxrr-w irrzms lvnzili of the line. “('th
free. NIH-W‘s min. (ellirko'fl Hm".
Gen r 3! ivfii .. m' h: ‘ ompany. ’lO. 2 ‘.Eaah-
Inglon Slrceé. Porfiand. Oregon
.-\ 11. (,‘HAizL-rq-s,
(io'n‘l Wmlvrn l'aesengcr Ag‘:,
WM 11. “'m'nrmrn‘ I'ii‘kl-l .~
l’rrt Town ~a-nd. Wash. Terr.
Carrying the U. S. Mail.
Pt. Townsend,Seattle a; Tacoma Bouts
()N E OF THE \\'. S. ‘E T. (‘o‘i y
~1-ulurl‘r\\\‘:l3hll!:llo- nr Ed
ilh) “in run ilziily (th'c‘pt Sunday; hum-mi l'or'.
l‘nu’nsvnvl :inll Tacoma. having Port Ttmnsenr
l! l. p. m.. anzl trucking at Purl Lmllnu', l‘ml
Hnnihlv. Port Mulliqun mu] Seattle. lh-inrning
vn-nw ’l‘m‘nmn daily upon arrival of the {rail
from Portland.
Seattle-Whatcom Route
le sh'mnfl‘ \V. K. )l’er‘vhl Will 1811“
Van].- uvo-ry Sundnv. le‘hilay null Thurulu:
wrnlnznnl J o'clork. for Winn-0m calling ul
.\lnkillnn, 'l‘nlxlip. i‘nupevllle. 011 k llurbur. 1':-
aalmly, Lucmumr. l-‘iv'ulzn. .\nncurtes. (Gnomes
<.-uul~ln. rnnliawn. liq-Elinuhnm and Sehmue.
lit-mining WI“ lozm- “‘11:". um every .\londnv.
\\'udnc.~u!:iy nml Friday m'rninus.:u 9 (Helix-E.
for .\oaltic. calling in interim-diam points on an
: Seattle-Skagit River Route.
1 The summer Daisy will leave Seattle for
1 4km! Kin-r and Wuv ports every Monday and
‘ Thursday, returning Tuenduys an: Fridays.
3 Fur frr-lgln and pzissagp apply M. Rothschild a
l"n‘s “mm on Qnim'y street. wimrLcr on bourr
i HIP boats n! we sumo “hart.
1 my.” 5150. s. JM‘OBS. sec‘v.
. ‘ _T—, ‘2’ "A '
PAC! l‘ [0 (HAN !‘
J 1
Stcnxnshlps carrying llur Britanic .\lnjesly‘e
Mniltuiil IA‘IIVc ”mm way \"harf, N 0 1. 51m
l-‘rnnclscn. cu'ry Fritln: :1. 'J n. m.. for VIC
’l‘LlE. nml TAt‘tnlA . arriving at \‘iclnrm. B. 0..
way Mondnv nt 6 :1. m.. For: Townsend n‘u
Senllle every Monday p. m.. and 'l‘nrmua over:
Tum-day a. m . mum-Hing with summer: {o'
Aiaskahelonzaml with sh-umhoztln. cum. to‘
lSkntil river and ('nssiur mines. Smmimo. .\‘et
l“’emminis’.t~r, Yale, and all other imporum'
} points.
lScnttlc every Friday at l p. to, Port Townrend
lot-cry l-‘riduy. p. n. . and Victoria every .\ntur
l Aluy at l t. m.. fur Sm Fran 19cc. Due Sun
I Fl‘nnt‘irt'nTutu-Ihr)~‘ u. m.
‘ .\husku. l€outo.
Tlu- .\mwn will Ivnva l’nrx 'ownwml Jun. 9
FI'IL I'l, ‘,\'ov H. Apr. 9. )1: y 7. June 4. July
.2“. .\H .'.‘7. Sept. 2|.
TIH- Illnhu lunl’s I'ort Tonnn‘ml. Feb. ‘27.
“Inch '.«3. nd tl.--n Iu- folk/WWI by my 81!. G.
\V. lilxlvr, Apr] 23. .\hu' ‘.Zl,Jun-e 18. July 16.
Aug. 13, Sept. 10.
. 11. L.TIl’"h\LS.Jr,
‘ A com for Port Tn‘l‘nauw:
lOregon Rallway & Nav
‘ o O
l Igatlon Company.
1 "Collunbla River lknlle.”
‘nnnh: for tho East leave at... . ............l p. m.
TICKETS to and trim principal poinlsintho
l'nitctl Staten. Canada J: Europe.
Elegant Pullman Palace Cars.
Emigrant Sleemng Cars Run 'lhmnzh on 11mm Trains
._l-0 _
Free of Charge and Without Change
(31055: conncc inns nt Portland for San Francisco
and Puget Sound mints.
For {urllwr particnlma lnqllifl‘ of any Agent
of the Company or A. L. .\lnxwell, A. G. P.-& T.
.\.. Portland, Oregon.
A. G. l’. A: T. A.
W. H. HOLGOMB. cen'l Manager.
customs Azent:
wumsurux. I). (‘..
A SPENDID Elh'll‘l' PAGE, 56.00111“ PAPER . 3
Printed on. Fine White Piper. 1
Only 8| a Year—Two Cents a week. 1
Tm; NATIONAL TRIBL'XI has had tho ram good
good fortune to secure for Its readers contribu
tions from the pen: of an array of dutingulshed
men x-uch as no other paper In the country has
ever been nl-le to boast of.
The following gentle-men have dready fur
nlehed articles, or have them in course of pre
Mnj.-Gen. John C. Fremont: NIL-gen. Daniel
E. Sicklea; Mai-Gen. John C. Robinson. m.-
Gen..lnl)n Pope: Maj.-Ger.. Thom“ J. W :
Maj. Can, It. W. Johnson; .\lIJ.Gen. M. D.
Leggett; Maj.-Gen. A. 'V. Knutz; Hay-Gen.
Manning F. Force: Bum-Gen. F. A taker-
Brlg.-Gcn. W. A. Hammond; Bޣ.-Gcn. Russel
A. Algnr: Brig-Gen. I]. A. Ber n: Brim-Gen.
U. K. Graham: Brig. Gen. 0. K. Graham: Brig.-
Gen. J. B. Turchln: Brig.-Gen. \V. W. Belkulg:
Brig-Gen. Goo W. Rogers; Col. Albert. 0.3 m -
ett: Col. Fred. 1). Grant. John ucxlmv.
ONLV 'nvo cnx'rs A WEEK—SI A YEAR.
Sent only on xe:eim of the Money.
- Washington, D. C.
WRIIOIIEI TUNING and WECUY Argus one year: 33 25.
1 u l
l Gallforma Nursery 60
1 I
lit! ~1 mm and sen-mum
g"; “E GRAPH vnnzs.
I ' u
.2. :.'. an: rafts. In.
1 3'l g 0:: m. Pacifist com.
.9, . _
our [Acnilnfi for picking and Ihlpptnz to dil
l-:st polntn are “usurp-haul.
L'J'SuLd f. 2 analogue. Add".
.me nook, Manager. Nuu, Crf‘
Tho BUYEflT.‘” 2:. :.1 1
issued 3.7.311? - 31., 1
each 39.1.: A *':'- ‘
Clone-3.}, "Y ‘ _ 3:.
fir “ " ' _ 2::
can clothe :55: '. : . '. ~. 5:1
all the :12: ' ‘ ' , .;_;;:
appliances lu 1U . H ‘ :1,
eat, fish, 1:1: ', ‘. t' ' - ”“311,
or stay a: hora. 'v‘. . w _ . ..ircs,
styles and qt: 1:. " ‘ ' ‘ ‘..: cut
what is I‘cqn.;-:-cl t- .‘.J .- ‘ - .'r'c things
coMfofiTnmj‘, and. 3'21: ‘( 2 make ufm‘r
estimate of 111-3 '.".;.1'.8 u; ‘. ._3 BUYEBS’
GUIDE, which. will 1:: can! upon
receipt of 10 cents to pay postage,
111-114 mom snAvenue. Clucag' 0.111.
BARTHROP a: co.. Props,
H 1115, (334113115. lb}: 51,35 and Cn}p§?t§fi§§
rom n en e o. -
FIG iopn guaranteed. erms reuombl'g. 5""
Carriage Painting a Specialty.
Givens: c 112,: d
fiemciem. n '0“ Will [ad I“ PM?
I‘ll! Poo-z v 9: 3 k» 13010-19
& 1 500
lnlhelowerpau «mg A H‘
md’fisyaw {
’ O O
‘ ‘ Q ? (1101116
- L .L ' O
. .-‘., L 7. , , _ , ~ ,
~ TH I'3- -
',,1 I I I
Wonderful " Sarsfneld '1 RBMBdIBS
Have made complete cures of difficult cases of Liver and Kidney troubles
Rectal Lloers. Fxslnlzxs. Blood Poisoning. H‘p Disease. Heredit
ary Blood Tatnt, Eczema and Sktn steuses generally.
Send For Circulars Ilvst'rilvln: 1:» cures nr )nnmt: llUl‘c;l..\SS (mid to he the wont
ti|~t‘hl §yrnfuju ln l'-.!trnr:;l..\; FRANK (ASHBY. of l'ctuinm. 'l‘llUS. .\lt'L‘ALl‘l. 0! Michlfin
ll ml: ‘-\ ll 1- 13TH. or Litu-uln. Plan-r cuuntv: HEY .I. l‘. lll'FF.nf Turner Station Oregon:
JAMES .\lt't'UlL‘llt'li, \'l“-'-l’t'o->ltlv'lll Run}. of llmltl: _': \‘t' W. MORTON. Reno. Nevat’ln: \'- 3-
IH)ANI‘.. S'Hruul Mu: JOHN lllllSl'ULlh l'nimz lrm. “'urk.~. Sucrauit'nloz MRS. HENRY C
(Hullnlllhéli. .‘lli‘. I‘ll.\lll.tl’l'l'l-I .-\. GILBERT. .\lllfi .\l.l.l~‘.\', .\lltfi. E. H. HARRINGTON.B“
cf Nut I"l'..t.ci:4un: .\llis. .\l. .\. ADAMS. .\lllS. 1... I’. .\XlllllbUN. of Sacramento.
References Ry Permlssion' MKS. SAlull It. (innl'uz. .\lle. CHAS. LI'X. PROF. DEN—
)l.\_\‘. HUN ll: I}. llUl'l'T. .\. 11. ('.\l{\'ll.l..OLlVEß “INLEY. LEWIS l'. 5.162.531! Fran
ruqo: F. U. \\'.‘.'l‘lil(llUl'Sl-l. I. .\. I'I'SUX. Sucrait-cmu. T. 11. HARPER, Lincoln; SAM'L CAS'
SIDY. l'culuum Arm/.4: \V. A DB \-.\’, San Franchm (’lu'unh‘li.
SARN’IELID‘S REMEDY FOR THE BLUUDZ-A Specific lor Maladies arising from diso
LlH‘l‘. linlne s. Cutmipzniun. Malaria. Blood l'msonfinx. Scrotum. Salt. Rheum. and t
comi: g from Blond lmpurilius.
PRICE. $1 per Bottle.
S.\ltSFlEl.h'>‘ ('llßUNlt‘ I'LCI-JR SALVE forlhel‘urv of Chronic Users and Sores of every
Ilu~lrrlplintn Eon-ma. l'tles. Vat-icon: Ulcers. lull Hzllttalol‘y Swellings and Skin Diseases gen
era lv.
PRICE, $1 and 50c .pcr box, wording to size-
SARSFIELU’S REMEDY Fill: DIPHTHERIA AND l‘NPli')l().\'l.—\!~ A Specific :for Dlphlihetl
l‘mnp. 5 :r0 ’l‘hnmt, .\lt:nxp~, untl ltflutnmfition (If the ('hcrl uml leL'S.
PRICE. $1 and 80¢ per box, according to size-
Testimony otglter. 'l‘. J. llnll’.
‘ Tt‘tzs'mz STA'l‘toS, Oregon . Aug. 27,1356.
‘ Tu “an. fitment-21.1; lhmmmzs tuft—l ”:05? l.t-:lr!lly intlnrsc Satstlcltl‘e Remedies. and lam
desirous~ that m;- indnrmnwht shall he ):I .oml “In-rc- it wt}! do lllr meat good to sullL-rlng human
‘ ity. lluw m..] a happy pun-rimm— in tunneclloll with new rrnlutllo-s. When first IWk induced
‘ lnln 1111-11 lmy fl‘lund!illOIl:lll l wonltl rot lin- tln-u- tmnzhr. .\‘ow 122 m well and hemty;l
j weigh 21: pounds: um stung-r and in LrlH'l' health tl an I have had for twelve years. I had tried
3 matxydm-tnre unduml-ymlwr rmnmlies.::ntl nil l.:ul {.‘.ilml to (MTV. 1 thank (ind for his kind
3 prm’nlcm-c tlmt he lrtl nu: to you and your wand-Thu n-nu‘xlivi. I “cum ret‘nnlmend all who are
‘ wtl'vrin: from Blond Poisrming of alt.y |l~':\'llllli(ill 10 try Ntrstlultl‘s remedy for the Blood and hi!
Ulcer Salve.
‘ slum [he u~t<u~.lrhin: change it luv} wrought in mv condition I lune witnessed the efl'ect of
l the rt-mvllies upon others. and li_hu.~ urn-n me best 0! ratirfalt‘liO-n.
l Wishing the Surefiold Ru-nledu-s Co. ruccess commensurate Wllll the merit. of their remedies .
I am. Yuurs truly, REV. J. T. RUFF.
llelcr to Rev. Dr. Freet, Sacramento.
‘ J. I). MISKLER. .\l. D.. AGEXT. - - Port Townsend, W.’!‘.
;_ “fix-,M“ 1’10“,“ h 5 . . _ _w _7 ~.,. ¢ __ ,7 .. _
3. «NA -- wagons H a
Fan; EN; . : .Jgé‘fm 45 .A. ;s V EALT
mwmzflg‘mnwfl‘gs'“l2W Amfimzmegmmm --
BEL .... _ _ .J 1:. . fit the [:9 .'
film Sisszamxmwdgh ‘ a“ 35“.; ¥fl'°‘se?€°;3..“"M.i..d~‘
5:333: lemleiaamdmkaalth by moi :33 ‘ 5:13.323”?! 1.7: 533%» 5.5de 3' WE,"
.' I-FKQ“ ..‘.-LL.” Lo ,chwriw_umeu,ormoem'
ymmfififiélzlg’éflékgm, «3’: A , «flaw; 5:233:
Wa-knnulndl‘ugflcnl Deceyjn mango; mggxgézmqa .3. spam,“ m the m: mam m-pam:
dls Acedllcn. osted forlilghtl'mra m x..-.::« ESQ-33’1“: "FMS" 93" "“10“ “Gil!- Wm!
wag“? “W “Wm em Warn-«ex; , 43mmmmnxmmmm m
‘z’c'“and?“flmigffii‘s‘fiifili‘ifiigzseftic p. 333“ aux-45“.;- n‘pmym- m“ m" was
Tathosewhosnfler mu” m. 7: oh? I: 33110.: ‘3. ‘ ‘1”; Va 0‘ v
wnfih‘aggufc bylllkiilscrstigg. fixvéfinfxig‘url-lir-En I ‘ “if: I “Em' ,Jm “'s‘ me‘ :‘
or of m n n G. 7 ‘ '23‘T: J ..I '. J 5
wgfig‘figfi'fi‘fifig’;2:3;lLf’°“i'"‘:“"f*i3"” ; {‘15:}:358 REMEDY 00.. In Mums,
, ’..“?er Eu. i'.-:;::,.hru:..~m | ' t; 11.1“ an smasher. .10.
RUPTUREO PEBSOHS 82.1 (.32; Ta: 2:: 'l:.:' of 9:: .‘.ppuance. Ash tor gum-I
Wine Tonic
Beet, Celery,
Iron, and Wme
An Unequalled Nerve Tonic
and Blood Invigorator.
Especially Adapte—dgr the Treatment
of Nervous Alfectlons, lmpoverislx
ment of the Blood. and Gen
eral Prostrntion.
For Sleeplessness, Loss of Appetite,
General Derangement of the
Nervous System arising from
whatever cause, Brain
Trouble, the result
of overwork, etc.
A faithful trlnl will prove it to he the grease!
Form-Generating, Life Sustaining: SysXEm-\’l<
mlizing. and HomeJJbeerlng remed'y ever ofl‘ered
to Ike unlined. . l
J. D. MINKLER. M. D.. “
Prop’rs mu! nnnnmctnrcrs.
ADI-L’Tzdsm 1"“ Clay 51... San Francisco. Ca]
J_ ..:—7135 RE/ 46, q
t 1 . ' H 3" 1’
El? 2 ’12,? OE ’at = p
; vs. 3’." . ‘ v 3 S, ,V : g
.:2, : ~\"&.§ ’l7-, ,5. ,
_r -' - > n (.-
EL! ‘ - F \BLE «xv. ‘
» . 7: is. an: 1
1.: :'. x - N 15:81:. :I 7:7 ‘
Le Riel-airs Gordon Balm so. 1. Cures ;
Chuncres. first and second slugs; Sores on the ‘
Legs and Body: Bore Ears Kemh'oeemzc, ‘
Copper-colored matches, (“nah ltic Catu'rh. 3
diseased Salmnnd all primu'y forms of tho ‘
disease known as syphilis. Prloe “03‘
per Bottle. ‘
In Rich-H's Golden Balsam No. 2. .um ‘
Tertiary, Mercurial Syrhilmc Rheumatism, ;
Pain: in the Bones. Pa 115 in the Bend. back ‘
of the neck, Ulcorated Sore Throat. Sygabmtic ‘
Rngh, Lamps and contracted Cords, lifl'neas ‘
of the Limbs. and endlcates all disuse: from
tbs system. whemer can-ed by lndiscreuon or
abuse of Mercury. leaving the blood pure and
healthy. Price $5.00 per Bolus.
Le Bic nn‘n Golden SDI-Isl: .151 ch {or
the cure of Gonorrhea. (Heel, Irritation Gravel
md all Urinary or Geniul disamngementa
Prue. 02.60 per Bollle.
be Rich-I'D Golden Spa-uh Injection.
for severe cases of Gonorrhea, Inflammatory
210:3 Strictnree, tc. Price, 01.50 per
0 e. -
u W'l'Goldon (Moment for the el:
[active healing of Syphiliuc Sarcasm! emp
tions. Price. 81.00 for Bax.
Le Ilehau’n Golden l’ lls. Nerve and Brain
treatment: loss of pkyaica] power.excesa or
ova-work, Pmllrnlloa, etc. Prlce. 88.00
per Box.
Tonic and Net-vine.
Sent everywhere. C. 0. D..securely packed.
per express
C. F. RICHARDS a; 00., Agents.
427 J: 429 Sansome St. Cor. Clay
San Francisco, Ca}.
II Y 0 U
Want the Earth?
Argus Real Estate 00.,
wnunot nudertskoto
Supply the Demandr
But it. will sell you
In and about. PorLTuleend. at the most
Reasonable Rates.
maooqnoo E Parse
4; g « o.u.rennvgc2..
V '2,“ , ‘ Lam. tsug‘mton
, .31.? nEg'fimdéo'a
’~”?-r ‘ ~»- A “mmv
~I! i}: seen
. , "_J'.’ '3.» -, ANNUAL
V‘ iqu‘vk \‘r: 1 b '" 1888
\. " A 'v A mum
v.~ ,1. . 4:3 ( at: 10 ALL
3x. " - v Wu. end
‘ ‘ ..'.~ -' to In: lan-99'-
3737513“ «k ‘t g‘lmmgtfi'.
_f ' 13:33.32 ‘ . v ln‘valuahietoall.
.. {5,55 tag-4 bet-smm
a 3;“; rdogFimwFlower
‘» .SEEDS‘WE“:
D. a. PERI! Yum-.Dmlfim
‘ 3
R. .
_ S 5’," I ~
V f“ " ,[.
. a’ 3 - _
>1“ {i‘ Lh- .'
i , r
J;:.;1 ns-A‘g'.’ w"
Isjus: what its name implies; l
Purely Vegetable' - upaund, Hut
' v - _ u . l
acts duectl.yupon_ tn? u v , cunng
themanydxseases c -\-\ odmtnn.‘
pommt organ, and - - ~ dingtheuul
merousazlmls.\~ ‘ - arise Emil:
flemnge- or «63 « tion,.such I!
I --eps sx. ._ 3m .' Biliom
Cos‘ -es “-1. ,Sick-headldla.‘
'3l:- \a- ‘~-_-. etc. Itqis therefoul'
-- "1” “Tohzchoodekfi
than! mnstbc kept in under.”
DR. man’s m monum-
Invigomtee theLivcr, Begukwathe Bow
ds, Strengthens the System, Purine: the
Blood . Assists Digfistion, Prevents Feven.
Is a Household eed. An Invaluable
Family Medicine for common comphlnls.‘
113. WORDS mm mm-
An (rpm-1271a If Erty years. and Thou-3
sand: (9‘ Tcatz'monazb prove in Merl}.
rO2 mm BY ALL DEALERS m mamas.“
for f'ril Information send your mates. for IQ
page Book on the “Lix‘cr and it: dim,” fl!
nil-“”083 :24 mus: a: . 521? run any
fl? ,
;~-~-~~-——-n n I: a 2 A ~-
‘: iT mnogxmvmé
s TRIAL 'anYaudfl’Eß‘v'fl
i imwgmmgz
BOTTLE giilfifiw’gfi
5 FR E E,U , \mGge Prematur
'_:l)eo‘...e.’drzamc “c. -
gsuvncmm I’o g 0; m 3“, “3“ 's',‘,'.“‘,
Emma me nat- :gm‘ yggmrfomh men-I,
;I7s 0F 11113, THE gcauaepmdncad‘)
ganATEsrcr-"ALL; ;
gnzuemes mm; mm:
NERVE mmcs, 31:9 £3913,an remod);%
mu. BE SENT to 5:11” nigmmgy'J'wmm‘J
. _ :13 .. . n;
gm ONE APPLY- 3:153”??fo “513%.;
: -‘ ~ r ' ; v: ~ ’: < ,
m- m Lane-«. 313 anon“.
‘.o- - r 3 ‘ l a .
sv'm-‘um “W‘sJZm-‘f' Fox-23?.“ 3223‘»!
HOE-. 3!) [:.'-‘3 AGE. 13 :lodandlll’nrbid cop?"-
EALL magnum:- 'i~‘§i’6€s‘.‘\m§§"ép'ix"§
#757»: 3 srmcm ;e_J;w-‘;;j“-fl 0‘
canaaznmL BY ,
1.17:2 an Al 2
Ear-3:5, FREE. .3
_ :- r 393 .\‘liL Kidney and Rudder .0
LIP-L; I'.'=EE"'?:"l‘l‘f?f:.’.-‘l“‘.‘3‘i"f"’”W“;
13:7. 43:1.b?'u?1'-.FQ-‘,‘.,r}.'f- 4'2: 2'. x . ‘
. ‘0 L’ y 3:13:1ch law-12:0 [ I‘L‘L (.:Vufgxizfngnfi
grimy tum}! unULL CUBA; GiYABAxTI‘M
'Vlioraddress ‘
¢ Kearny St, San Ira-vitae, ' ’
é! :_'J:-:‘-é-__l - : P
‘1 ‘f' “h I“
§] \. -. _‘v 0m» tho
2: > s4l ‘- 11:: DE. 13‘
9‘; ; The amount. ud OIL!
35 -‘ m..?‘zf‘él'gfi’fi “' ‘
§m cumnfum’nd thong-d...
2.535 mwmmwfll
{330551. sun-11° ETBII‘!‘ I!
£3l ;:3( ‘l’.le REII ‘ -
. ”A 8.. m In
W) gunman-. 1
..V ’;. ectria . .
.' 1- ' .:- 331‘ :11me g
‘1 W) ." dumb an-lw - ' I
m - ‘~ Whitby-odd. -.
, ~. vi out medium.
Debut”, . Pdnhmo Butlfldnu .
Dram . Rheumatism. W n. of . . ‘
5. ' uterus mm-loc' ~-.-‘
axmcnu§n TB 00. ‘ 1:1’;_>
~wruco Calhurd .Bi;__ . 1. .:L‘a.
"'_‘ ' 9
I [no-crib. “0 fill!
an“ donelßF G u the a:
190 3 92".“ of thhcdm
._.—m Amman). It?
Ira-nun. ' We hue lon lawns}:
m nun yen: .11
“' {Nye}: the but 0! nut
m D. R. DYCHEtmm
am. am SI.OO. Sold hymn“
For sale 111‘ N. D. Hill 5; Sons. Junmzd'"
C Mixer 3 :n' An}: luv".
u uuyho-r‘munr .\u-rul. lnsgu‘
“I o Bflmmml Less. human», Baal“
..A ,- . "aw. j
'Q‘r_%3 - Non‘mu lwhhizy. .\permumnbfln
. E'E“ _ sens-n3l me.§¢-xulw
f‘ .1. i ; ea). Funm'; .\ll’lMUT}'.\\'m|k Eye:
g F. -> Ifmfk bf Win-1 "', rho [Hood a:
, , hkm I'hr‘n x\. ..:“ :.‘}Zn'mbnl':
«z. 5-: lluxrr" ‘. u; ruin-..‘we
mug: . Jun-hm
0! Ilene-u, Kid: ~- um- Troumgn.
“kaack.Bunzinzl ~ . - \‘IL-ehb'll’o
@m-pmmptreliklix. V _ V ‘ .
n! M! (rattan-M a o: :‘ -. '--.. ~23 ran-Flt”
1011. free from :..111..=‘.~.- . ; . n Lnu‘L Imus
empdonaew..lmi.; » : :1;..-;:‘.«;!wa.'lh.¢_‘Bl
“M'Vvhcu ll i.-.i ' -. .: I: n :m'l-J (hr Cl 3
fideacflblug youru'i-c .-. 1... :x. L '. : uffi‘ll}. 11"
cwulboum vou [nu-1.. 2,; -; ...lsz’H‘Lfll‘m
"all or address Dr. 8.. humu- Maven"!
W‘ M Street. In: Fraud-co. , ,~

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