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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, April 12, 1888, Image 1

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Volume XIX.
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CI:'.E.I~!I‘ r..,., 7.
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’l!i'?\I~I-L' ~l 1.~~ LIP-IN"
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RANK 01' Hr :1r1;I\I\«--
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W'4 ~\-’- l.‘|."':~: -. . Hum.
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H‘.\l:-I\'.-Aw-I->n‘ \y,
\I-‘H!\l‘v 7III~|I|\I.I\I
rust“. I! l-Zl-‘l I. "!‘!‘)\h.
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. My ..,....-. W. .
l. \nhwnhur“ will: :14: :'-:l -_n\ru\p“~~~ 'unim
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3. [I .u n- 'r3‘;. :~' I-I'V_'| ~.: u." n I'| v in Him
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m Iliru- 'lc‘i :hI-y an: h -lul rv'~;rvn~ihl-- n I' I'll")
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i. l' :IHN rilu-ra urn-.- tu n hvrplacr- wilhuu'
.erminv: :h: gym“ I: r~‘ ..ml 1!;1‘ [tin-l" :
at In m. f rm-r art-. 1? m, the. :m- ll iplnldi
5. Th mourn lur- »« ’-~--ial.' - "li-m I -fu~ u: 1--
Ike p 'zimfinh hum xlp- "flip ‘. . r ram-n in:
.d lupin-y H-ulu IlllJll low] {at is g-rilu‘l r.” '4- ('\v
i‘lilr v of in Hui “I'd franc."
.4 .\u p NI" ‘4 In roe-inn .; mmqupur mm
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' hn‘d m lmv In N - :: ¢ulerilulla
‘ If ,n I. “mix“.-. . ~, . ~
i. If >I.!I-l|'i|K‘N [say In :|-:\‘:~nt-u ”.0: mn
bun-l t~| :iVe . ()iit'n In H. ' :ullnliv-hrx‘: .It I!“-
luf Ilu-il' term. if they :1.) not “'i—h In (- n
;uu lakinvztfm ptzur. nlheruiia- the publisher
unburned m mun it «m. and the suhicrilu-rs
am In- r-Irpuunihlq- nmil o-xm‘u-u nnllvc. \rilh
3:1)"qu n n!‘ stream-I is vim-l In the [minim-w.
Secret Societies.
:4: ‘ '_::-. ' , 5:“
, on'vu‘m- Lnduu .\‘n 2!. K. of l‘.. mem
. X at 1')”: un "an awry Thunduy rw-u
--{3- " in}; at Bp. m. \'i:tllin'_: Knighr- cordial
_23' ly ”win-d.
H. F. Hum‘ukn. (‘. (‘.
Ron "nun, K 7 of R. & 3'.
Pun annaend Incl-:9 .\'n_ oi. 1“. .Q A.
)@ ‘.. mean In Lambs-Hill Buildius out-h
“(Wedmaday evening on or prwuhug
"I. full moon.
_; It. Huger Lung». NO. 9. I. U. 0. F
-. much Salurdnv awning in (mod
2-,, r T‘ezuplars' llnll.
Juan do Put-a Lodz». .\‘n. :11 .\. 0. l’.
“'..meeu seeond and fuurth 'l‘lmnd-y
awnings of each month. in (Good Tom
plar‘s um. 81 7:l!)o'ciock.
L. B. "numb, .\l. W.
J. N. Lunhachtiw; J,
l. 0. R. X.—Chomnkum Tribe. .\‘o. lepmrcd
”or of Red Hen. meets at Md .\leu‘s unu
hos-lay evenings (or buSillh-s and Fridays fur
“we work. W. 11. H. Luuxnn. Sachem.
...‘ F. LIAINID. C. of It.
I. o. G. 'l‘.—Jelorson Lodge, No. 13. Indemn
dat order or Good Templar.» meetszu xhvir ha?!
"cry Friday evonlm: n 3.
Jon: \V. ’l‘lvn‘, Se‘relury.
' Poß‘l' 'rowxsrtxm, w. 'r.
ml Drugsxnngnear tha- ('urltnm How-c.
gm. Hrs. E. Barlimlps's lmuw tommrly
ouun by Capt. Uiivcr. un 'l‘uyinr 51mm.
" phone in drug: llurri, :u‘rvssib!» day or
lii. No. of telephone for resident-v, 223. Sn.
at flex-hone for (Mics. '5:
.PICE “owns: 9 to l'.‘ m._ 2 105 mm? ms
p. In'._~ -..—... “W syl‘wdwlf.
DR 0. W. HUNT.
Don! is",
Jim)“ oxide me. olhfir or chloroform admin
! real for painless extrm-tinn of teem.
C. 11. Bumluw. .\l. H. su'lh‘.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law.
_CFI-‘ws: In "ill-15nd?! Enw _liuijtl'ng. , ¥ _
J. J. CALIOUI. A. R. €oerqu
Pioeecutlng Any.
cunnun l GDLEMAN.
Attorneys-at - Law
Office—43mm) building.
“If _- ...“ £lsl Ton'llin(l.\\'. 'l‘.
D. \V'. Smith. Warren I Hastings
Attorneys -at - 14 a“;
Land for Sale. Loans Maue.
Port Townsend, W. 'l‘.
“10"” I" 8011:1101 a! Law. PM!" In Adlirally
Associated um: Burke .t Bulb-r, of Seattle.
Once (crum- of “'nlemfiuincy SH" opium-its
slow of “'nlcnnnn a.- Ruiz.
PORT TOWNSEND. - - W. ’l‘.
n‘llonoy Io loan nl. reduced rates.
° ' B
Wllham usby,
Kamila: and Paper Hangmg.
wFinQ-clnu work Guaranteed.
shop“ Adams at. op. Court Honse'fig:
Buck for Sale.
8 I 0 par Thousand.
“"""' ‘" GEO. E. STARRE'I‘T.
(V EO. E. STARRE ["l‘.
Contractor & Bullder.
Plan-I. I‘m-(markup, Estimnh-s. etc. prumplly
Mud? and Cnrpvnlm work or an kinda
donp nu short notice.
wsnonon Wan-rsl. near Hume; hula}. fl

sauna, wuss. “I‘2B.
Practical Bookbinder.
All kinds of Pipe-r “HUI; (Icm done on short
nom~ a
Prices to wit 1h:- timer: and 111-IS 'l‘ QUALITY
at work done. jl_v:2-ly. ‘
Wm. [)odd, l‘mprieler.
In: Home i-i NEW and NEWLY FI'RNISIH-II)
ud possum-n all tho nppoinlmonk‘ of u
‘1!!! Bar in >|lD|lli-'J nixh "who-l n! “'im-u.
I. guard and Clgnh.
Therein . Ital-class Billiard mhh-nnd Running:
an In tho llnvol. Nulllilu: “1:! h» ununn-l m
l-lie this "ntul awn-mi In mm» in the Terri<
.___... ___ ‘__ - _ _ k -
W. Uulhcrlund. l'rnprivlor.
1 hrs "tl'lliehéd n New Hotel a! Rat cnund.
:1 Jun Conn”: called the " Earl Sound.
mu.“ which 1: mm own for [he numlnmmm
o! Waneml publnx 3.1 m:
I ‘
3 . x 5;, a; h ~
/.,’i,..A 1 , a , ’ ‘
P V ‘7'. "
TI"! SW" “"5” "NW
A 1.: Q 3. i - VI 1 D a
‘ -z. .4 mm; ‘ 11:171.
\\ \—li!zv-'r, .\.}uni H, ‘1 ‘.r- hullwn
'. (unnwflla- _;A .rrzw» i” inwnghu-J‘
-li‘-wlé ' n .--.!-rr ui' I :A‘ila' ~ f--I 11::-
va.‘ ‘lZ;A\> :.! .é . \‘e Izi: ;: ?'>~~I;;l-l‘l1!ao“
cumi-nltu~ .’--| til~ ::--:.-‘ nun-L. 'i‘xm‘
”“13. 13.1 L." “'1” :m lil’rf l' "Ir! Ll
10-rml :m-l g-m un its g1:“i|?-‘. in 3| ':
'l'wlhnvml by :hv umm' 11> Lil! I.“ a? '
mi! [)aku‘u. .\lunizum. "‘-."\!:EI-gt”'|i
and .\.(J'Y.\lUXii‘(li!!Elll:.-' I. ..r .x
.\T-li-Zl.l.'\f\‘ r ~~:';-:::-..|~;:A !
”run a. .\7vrii 7. (PIT; ‘i :2 I“‘i‘»:l 'r’.
hiith" 111:1! Hw fi;'~t indir- ::~I i'uElZEwu >'
.tiuns with llu- l'nizmi Staten a :. {Lugi
up Hm (‘unmlmn xzwrfhw -‘ in: .\x.n-~ —3
iru; vlltrx‘plist'i £11“ ' .~:}'-<-'¢-i ‘_‘v i
July fin“. 'l'hc- Grunt! l‘l'xzuk. SL?
~ [MM and .\lanituim I‘uili'u;l:l (mum-(55
fliers an mpiaily pushing.srmlugv i
;m'-: N “113.111 e \\l|-Ilot:~l':i’m'_\‘ u-u"
{pr 4.: to now muds inln Hw Emir? n.’ E
lthe whom lwli from the .191» I‘Emn £
fisidn. :
i )l-)Nli\ .\.-:1» 1-.»,~'rul-‘lu-x~:.:. ;
3 \\'.\~manu:\. Agni! “.m'i'llz' hunwg
Ecomminm- nu pn~luni"us hH'J'f-f ."Hlll-i
fpletm! Im- cult-tuh-rmiuu m’ .lw;
filmslufliue :lpprupriuti-Hi I-i“. .\sg
ngrt'l‘d "pun. (Eu- upwuprénliuusi
hire $64! 1333.2}!ti azluzlst- l.|-~ nu
{vised n‘stilnnh-s h} 13w. p-Nmnflvrf
“amoral uf $11! 22".81". f
Thu principalwduuliwz— r.- an
item of S2SM“ in Hm u~:i:.‘ml -.~’ fur
luuil all-gn'c-‘luzlvrlx.~. pay fxi gush)!-
lict-luspmrturs uml I'm-s [H Um I'M
IN! Sm mi 111-‘il‘ialléilfi and a:lur::~-ys
and tho i-xponsi- i'onnocto-‘d [hi-ro
with .\u iti-iu {01‘5251000 fur «3"
traiordinary expeusvs ullowvd Ly the
law Wili stricken um. Tho osti
Inu'c of $25.00!) fur liinding was
disillltflVHd. Lust your llw liill :ip
propriuted 5554:0401).
The principal llulus of increase
owr last year's appropriation are
as follows: The colnpvusmion to
postiunsters is raised from 511.700.-
000 to 512.8(NJMKD, that to clerks in
postofiices is incrvusml from $5,400,-
000 to $6,050,1M). The free delivery
servicu is insrmisml from $5,552.01“
to $6,1XK).000. For iulund truunpor—
taliou by railroad routes the items
are increased from $15,867,962 to
$17,000.000 and the appropriation for
the transportation of foreign mails
is increased from $450,000 to $647.-
Unanimous consent of the house
was given to. the committee to in‘
start in the bill In new rovision (f
lnw authorizing an allowance for
rent, light and fuel and. by Virtue
of thia’ a new item of $5,4(Kl has
been inserted.
saw roux ALL mu Bums.
“'.«smsaros, April 5. -- Senator
Jones, who has just returns-d from
New York, stubs that republicans
are substantially for Blaine. He
says that Chauncey M. Depew is
working for Blaine‘s uomtnation and
will present his name to the conven
tion. Ho thinks the New York dele—
gation will urge the nomination of
Blaine, on the ground that he is the
strongest republican in that state.
\\‘_.mmxc'rox, April 6.~'l‘he house
committee on manufactures to du
began an inquiry into the nllegeg
Standard Oil trust, under the author
ity ceni'erred upon the committee by
the house to investigate all trusts or
Henry Webster, of Bradford. Penn
sylvania. contractor for drilling oil
wells and a member of the Oil Well
Drillers’ union. testified at length,
going into the details of a contract
bet Ween the union and the Standard
Oil company and the Producers’ aa
sociation. He said' that two million
barrels of oil had been set apart for
the benefit of laboring men thrown
out of employment. S nce the union
was formed all drilling has practi
cally ceased. This contract provides
among other things. that the Pro
ducers’ association shall pay the
Well Drillers’ union the profits on
one million barrels of oil and the res~
idue of profit on another million bar
irels that may remain after adjusting
‘ and paying the. other classes of labor
injured by the shut down movement.
‘the cost price of oil being 62 cents
per barrel on November 1, 1887, and
subject to interest. storage and fire
loss charges from that date, the
profits to be distributed among the
members of the Well Drillers’ union.
This oil shall be held by the Pro
ducers’ association and sold by them
when they think proper, but not
faster than one-fourth every three
months. All persons entitled to
benefits shall devote their time and
attention to the stoppage of drilling
during the continuance of the agree—
ment, and shall report weekly to a
designated ofiicer.
caurouxu wonaurs.
Sax Fasscxsco. April 3.—Tho elev
enth annual session of the grand
lodge of California. A. O. U. W.,
commenced here today. The reports
show 228 lodges now in existence in
this jurisdiction. The gain in mem
bership during the term has been
small compared with other years.
The order in the United States has
now nearly 200,000 members. The
delegates in attendance at. this ses
sion numbered over ~100 from all
1 parts of the state.
BXSMABCK unsxexan.
CULOGNE. April s.——-The Gazette
says Bismarck has resigned on ac .j
count of being unable to agree with]
the emperor’s policy. i
wasnxxaros rennironr AHEAD.
WASHINGTON. April 4.——lf the lists
of immigrants reported to the daily
newspapers by the various continen
tal lines may be relied on, there have
been about 7000 new comers brought
to the North Pacific coast during
March. Of this number Oregon has
received probably 2500. The remain
ling 4500. it is fair to presume, have
lgone to Washington territory—
l drawn here by the superior advertis
l. mg practised by our northern neigh
NE , April s.—Atha I:
Hug :tory on Sixth aro
nue‘ y; 1055, 3100””.
Port Townsend. Jefferson Vomit): Washington Territory. Thursday, April 12‘ 1888.
‘ .\‘uMXSA'n‘l-‘D r-un msmzrs~z
1': \‘lnLL'l‘uX. UL. Aprii ~‘.—~At the
stale- (‘lbluh'fil' -n this morning Juli"
M. (iv mm. mi Portland. Wih ”unimp
ited fu‘ c..u;:l\-.~.~'.
, Hum. l-1..\.\1! I-UE.‘ nl-LI'I‘BLIL‘AS.
T [’jmuleNCL, R. 1.. .\pril 4.———T‘he
; stflYl' i-lm-siun tuwiuy \vvm. rvpublicuu
h} about 15”” um the gout-ml ticket.
inzui Hu- :c'g‘llipffczlu.‘ had a sweeping
; vwlm~y uh liu- lugi-Jemu'e. The pru
,pu~ml zuui-mliuuut to thu Cllllfilitllliun‘
fiziuuiirhiui" real Until!“ qualiiicauic-n
. fur fun-fig“ burn Vuh ra will pruhuhh ;
.Im: g‘l'l Hu- :2: x-a-«izu'y lqullinici
' \nh'. J
I ('l 1155 L\ TIER!“ ”JENKS. 1‘
3 \\'V\~ms:a'r.;:.. .\pril »}.—Tho housu i
.(s'lllllzll h-w n h rrihu'irs has :mthur—'
:iz:-d :3 {il‘v't'rithit‘ rupurt nn thl' (Hf—l
jfurJ iziii :u mnxnmw—r city PL.l‘pl;l’:|~i
iii-4;. “Him; iln- trrriturivs. to bundi
:inig-ruv: lm'nl ‘ :uinl.'l'i-;il.(-.~i£::t(« to an;
-il 1 nun! “Hi UM'rc-ixng four but (Tut S
:I:!' [he i|\~~ .\m-d Yidlll‘ Hf said City it] i
Imiditiun to their prom-m lmnnlml.
id. In. such mulwy to be used furi
Suecesmxry public. iluprovmneuts. ;
.\mn' i-nmm'riuss. i
\VAsHlxa'mx. April 6 ~The [)I'BSi i
dent tu-«ln; H'Hi Hu- lulluwiug lmlu‘
inahuns tn 1h - rclmtl': Brigadier
General Gum-g:- Crook to bn major.
(it-norm~L‘olunvl John R. Brooks of]
the third infantry to lw hrigadiorl
grim-ml. .
“ILL .\H'!‘ (‘U.\'.~}Zf\"l'.
Bmqu, .\id'il H; Thu National
Zeiluug 8:134 llmt runuwed Mlnxts to
obtain ”19 consent of Hu- emperor to
his daughter Victoria Lu Alexander
of Butteuburg have not been success—
ful. For this reason them are no
longer any grounds for u :enet cou—
llivL lwtwm-u Bismarck and emperor.
and thereforu there is no question
whatowrof Bisnmrck‘s resigning.
Prrrsnivnou, April fin-James W.
Drape of this city, is in receipt of 21
letter from a personal friend in Yi~
enumin whicn he says: I saw Mr.
Blaine quite often at Florence. and
he is greatly broken in health. Any
one who sees llllu will known the
reason for his withdrawal from pres~
idential aspirations. I fear hislife
will not be spared long."
THE RlloDE ISLAND ELac'rtox.
PROVIDENCE. R. 1., April 5.-——'l‘lie
full returns of yesterday’s election
Show that Taft (regs!l for governor
has a majority of l and thplium
(rep) for lieutenant governor 1756.
The sufl'rage amendment. had 573
over the necessary three fifths vote.
The senate stands: Republican 25.
democratic 6, no election s;liouse,
republican 54, democratic 15. prohi
bition 1, no election 1.
menu or ucon sump.
New You. April 5. , Jacoh Sharp
died at 9:20 to—u‘ght.
Sax FRANCISCO, April s,—Articles
of reement were signed to~n|ght
forage fight between Frank Glover.
of Chicago, and Jo. McAulifi'e, of
San Francisco, both being heavy
weight pugilists. The match takes
place in about six weeks. The prize
is to be a valuable tro hy entitling
the winner to claim the champion
ship of the Pacific coast.
sscassiox Ix CAXADA.
011 mm. April 4.—Advices from
Nova Sect-in and Newfoundland state
that a secession movement in the
province, and an annexationist-fed~
eration movement in the colonies
has develo ed into unexpecmd
strength. The government has been
warned not to trifle with either.
The aim of the secessioniets and an
nexationists members is to form a
separate confederation in one of the
maritine provinces. bring Newfound
land into it and then go over in a
body to the United States, leaving
the remaining provinces to shift for
themselves with a single open Atlan
tic port five months in the year.
sue-rm): IN CHICAGO. ‘
Cnrcaeo. April 3.—'l‘he election held I
to day was devoid of any interesting
feature. Alderman were elected as
well as officers for the three towne
The vote was decidedly lightfiftg'
per cent. being cast. In the town 0
flees the republicans retain all they
held heretofore, the democrats only
electing one man. There were no
surprises worthy of mention in the
fldermanic contests. and neither‘
party can be said to have any gains.‘
norco'r'r nusrm.’
Carmen, April 3.—The final result‘
of the meetings of emplyees of vari
ous roads in this city. which befian
festerdey afternoon and lasted ti a
ate hour last night. is announced
this morning in the declaration that
;the boycott. of all roads has been
permanently raised, and that hence
forth the contest will be confined
strictly to the “Q" system. All
strikers except. on the “Q" were to
stop forthwith, and all which are im
minent were to be averted.
Generals Sherman, S beridnn. How
and and Terry are the only four men
now living who have personally re
eeivnd the thanks of the congress of
the United States.
The late Chief~Justice Waite was
72 when he died. Justice Bradley is
75, Matthews 64, Harlan 5. Blatch
ford 68, Gray 60, Field 72. Miller 72
and Lamar 63.
"We are all for protection. Ore
gon will hold a State convention in
April and 8d?!” a. protection plat
form. A goo many democrats in
Oregon repudiate President Cleve
land's massage and are stro ly in
favor of protection. The Mili bill.
of course, is bitter] opposed We
raise in our State liOOOJXJO pounds
of wool, and to put it on the free list
would paralize the industry. We are
also opposcd to President Cleveland
because of his stand in regard to the
River bill. He will be easily de
featud.”——[General J. B. Montgomery
of Portland.
Belore you start on a journey go and
see Jan. D. Minkler and procure a bot
t!e of Chamberlain's Coluc. Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. It is a great unle
guy-g for travelers and gives immeatedi
'% '.i-e Chiidrvn. They are 95.
, “\‘J’QJ Inf-via”; 12am to sudden
'(‘olds' (‘nuglm ('2:n~j=. “lumping Cough,
Inc. “'0 gzxarvjm u Acker's English
i Remedy a. p. .»‘.l.u- cure. It saves
I hours of anxious watching. Sold. by
l I. "nu-r .' I 4‘
' —=—:-:
I Persona!
.\lr. N. U. thl'iciz‘h- ::. Hf ‘3 iv?“
[Alnw \\li3¢‘~l I take- ;. u‘! :r ..~- :u .1.
_reccaunmmiiug !)r. limg's Kw:- Mw \
{ery for Cmu-‘umntiun. Lawn;- r..-: d u" .-
ißrouchuia :wd Unheiim [i gave :1: - z.“
‘stant ru'icf and en nrl)‘ cur-. 1 um and !
have nut been 34'?! rt: ‘i sincv. IHi '-
beg to :‘ufc that i h;:\’- fried uther your
«has “'1”: III) gum} :I-Mxl’. “INN :.9 «-
usfil Elm-Mir IIINUI: :ud inKn-L’:
Nuw Life I’LL». Imm “1' -.~. Mr}! I cm: ru'
Dr. >K.:.:<'w .\H-v; I) w vulv h r (‘«::x»
snmpfiu-n. Fungus and (‘r L's. ls (mill «.1:
~ pu:l!s‘.‘-' uuarunzu». 'l'rin ba-ltlys
[lm- a? N. 1). H 1” .‘-: s'er dntg stare.
’l‘lu-ir l‘ll~-n.‘:-o Gunning. ‘
!'|:.lu;ip§s m- nm- Hm ;: 7 .1» i'flllrt'd auth
u an; ml u-Viuu ui nmiq in X. D. Hill &‘
Smy'sdffl- stun ‘.;.- ér __ wry.- away to
”It'lr ('na‘nmms Inf SH :' ;.«|_'- 130'“ trial but:
tit-s‘! Ur. Rum“ N- u I‘;:o:vvery fur
Emmet-up I"~l'. Hl2: in; 'a- m simva
t-nnrmxm: n It ~ xx ~\ min”: in artiulr:
7mm tlw I'm-i that i li\'-::‘.‘- curve: i-zu]
urn r dieubpninta. I'=.l!,:|x~'. i 'ulds. Aslh :
um. Br-uu:'§d!i<. ("I‘uugu and :-.il thrnnt and
s-u: [Jim'flhSt‘fl quick; 1 and. Yun can :
lest II lu-(urv [Hui-u; :2) «mum: a trial!
[mule from. lurue uiz~- S). Ewry lmttlr ;
warmmrd. 2
.\yor'y Sumnpurillu was (in: Lira: Hue
m‘ssful iyhlul lnmurina- 91W!" ug‘u‘d ll;
Im- pnhiio 'Ells pu-pmntit‘fi up' still
hold in ”.0 higlwst pnhllr‘ vstémntmn
Imth at home and ahmzul. Its miracu
lnns clues and imxueuw sales show this.
Ask your drnguiat for it
‘ wlxy Ackcr’s
The; n. .\so“ mood mm,
b warranted. s because it is the best
Blood l-L'Ppnru' ion known. It will pasi
tivoly our. all Blood llljl-.l=ll.Q_ purifies tho
wholesystemmndllmrnngvlf; ' I :izptlao
constitution. Kenn-Lulu .-_ =~_- Vii" - ---'. ~ in,
l'.nl'mwr & ('O.
_ “....
Au Almolule l‘uro
Th? Originsl .\hn-linu- (nun-mm. li unly pm up
in lnrgv luu-mmu- lin Mm» uni i‘ an nhwlutu
cum for nlcl surfs. Immi. u~mnd~. chapped
hunch. iuul ull Ham I'J‘llllllnlla. Will [llhlllvely
{-nn- nll kiml~ of piles. .\~k furxlze Uri-_vinul
.\lllnlllh- Uinllnuul. Suldlpy l)r..l;:-. 11. Mink
vr. .\L l).. M '5 Wm: per box. |l_\' m.-il rim-ants
__VV -.- ,4 ~_
.l Sauna larznl opuwu.
E. Blninbridze Mnndny Esq . County
Any, Clny (SO.. Tex. snys: "llnve used
Electuio Bitters with most happy results
My brother also was very lnw with Mu
lnrial Fever and Jnumlice. but was
cured by timely use of the medicine.
Am shtiatfed Electric Him-rs saved his
Mr. D. L. Wilcoxson. of Hurse Cave.
Ky“ adds a like ttstimuny. saying: H 9
positivelp believes he Would have died.
lmd It not been far Electric Hitters.
Luis great remedy will wnrd oil', as
well an care all Mnlariul Diseases, nml
In: all Kidney. LiAer sud Ltnmnch Dis
orders stands unequalled. Price 500
and SI. it I“. D. Hill & Sun.
l If you n-quire in spring medicine, if
lyou are suffering with luuguor. debility.
”maple“. boils. cutarrh. chronic sores. ur
lumuf appetite-mi- any disease arising
’from impure blood. fluke Ayer's Saran
pnrilln~tlie safest and most economical
10f all blood purifiers.
i “'orth Knowing
j Mr. W. H. Morgan. merchant. Lake
City. Flu. was taken mth u severe Cold.
‘attendiuu with n distressing Cough and
running into Consumption in its first
stages. He tried many m culled popu
lar cough remedies and steadily grew
worse. Was reduced in llesh_ had dilli»
cultyiu breathing and was unn'3le to
sleep. Finally tried Dr. King’s New
Diwivery for Consumption nnd found
immediately relief. and after using about
a half dozen bottles found himself well
mu] has had no return of the disease.
No other remedy can show so errand a
record of cures. as Dr. King's New Dis
covery fir Consumption Guaranteed to:
do just what is claimed for it. Trinl‘
bottles free at D. Bill S: Suns' drug storefl‘
Afar-chunk, Read Tllh.
To Ihme pubjecl [0 the vexmlons o! bnslllt‘sfl
life. dyrpeplil and I feeling or llehilil)’. ln'lm
hlllly uul denpondenry. we say. lake simmom
Liver Regulator. The lleuulntur n: free from
any lnjurlou- mineral suhslnm-e: uol disagree
able; can be taken at any time without inn-rte:-
lng will! lmnllle‘s or plmuun'. ll I: zvnllc. pale.
unda [food Allgeumt. ll ls unequalled in the
cum a nun, constlmllon. Ind lwath, slck
headache and hlllous complaints.
, ”w ,
\ Ni ht: in the
(Sum t %\oc\\ cusp,“ of
thousands sufiering from Asthma, Con.
sumption. Coughs. etc. Did you ever tr,
Adler's Englis l Remedy? If. is the but
prefurntion known for all Lung Troubles,
30! on I positive gum-amen at. 10c., 50c.
mum mt; on.
Vin Baby m nick. w. gov. he: Cum-In,
Wu Ibo In. a Child. aha cried for Cum
When lho became mu, the clung to cuter-Is.
Whoa uh. hadChudnu, aha gun than: Cuwrh.
Enemy will do almost anything, but
it cannot exist if the blood is impure
and moves sluggishly in the V213!-
Tbere is nntbing so good for cleansing
the blood and imparting energy 510 the
ayatem as Ayer's Sursapnrilln. Price 81.
Six bottle“. 85. Soul by d rnggisls.
Burklen’u Arnlra salve.
Ttm Bur SAME in the Wurld for Cute,
Bruises. Snrm. Uloerw. Sult Rheum. Fe
ver'HoresUl‘eHer. (‘lmpped lmnda. Chil
blmna, Corns and all Skin Eruptions.
Int? positively cures piles. or no pay re
quired. 'lt is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction. or money refunded. Price
25m per box. For sale by N. D. Hill A:
' —— ooo.————
)Illae nu .\liutane.
By dispelling [he symplnms ~o often misu-Lvn
for Consumpnon. SANTA .\DIE hns brought
gludnean to many a lloxmehr-lnl. By its prompt
are for Wald": up the can! lhlll. [no nth-n den-l
op- lnto that. fatal drunso. tlmnuutls can he
saved from an untimely grave. You make no
millake by kwglng a ball: ofthL- fleas-ant rem
edy in your mute (‘ALlFultiLlA CA I“!!-
CL RE is equalir efl‘ecliv— in emdimtmg all tram-s‘
9f Nasal Catlin-h. Both of tho->0 unudcrlnl (Ml-l
ifornlu remedies are sold and warranted ivy Dr- l
J. D. .\linklur. 81.00 a mckaac. 2: for $2.5".
—— ‘
lie-ew- ller Youlh.
Mrs. Phoebe Charley, Peterson. Clny
‘OO., lowa, leila the following remarka
gble atnry, the truth of which is vouched
‘for by the residents of the tuwn: "1 3m
‘73 years old. have been trnnlned Will]
’1! duey complaint and lameness fur
many years; cnnhl unt dress myself
Without help. Nuw [um free {rum nli
pain and soreness. and an) able to d-r
all my own housemyrk, I owe my
_thauh to Electric Bitter for having ve
ne'ed my youtb‘ and remuvm com
pletely all disc-nae and pain." Try a
bottle, 500. and 81 a’ N. D. Hill & Son's
drug store.
2:“: ‘
lufiilell ‘1
-s: , g-v '3
/ i;
, {AG} /. ,u
« 2'
_., j i;
.. : g
:. f.
13 ”jg -:
. I .
-: u .1
l m
K ~. .' I"
E .__» V, ,_
‘» V a
Absolutely Pure.
Thislx‘nmivr 1w: - r unit-4, .\ murul of purity.
strength :uu] \\iw!cw--m-,m<~v. .\lurc monomixu
than thu-rdumr} l\;:;\!~.u:.-1r:nnul lwmldin rom
pctitiun “uh Uw mnhixmh- mi LA\' [9“, short
weightfihunm‘):l;n-.]-lum [un\'(l('l-_ fianosun‘
cam-1. Rum. Bumxu l";\H.‘K 1.x.” 109‘ Wall-51,
N. Y.
'1; .: i'nzmn {Us .\..a._'. "xi : ‘ln
L-lr!‘ ..i -. . , .I,i~-'.v§'xill
:15». “-4. 3. ‘ ----:'i;.n!
sh ‘4‘ ~ - 1* 3‘ mm". '-.".!.y.
I z. - . ~ ;. . .i h-zzu
|n'rl..'=7\ ‘ II :1. i~ . ' .- ':~.=.~H
:sh:-: * l». - -i ..Cxu .‘ a: ;:-x\'.- hm
mui 1: xv .:.v-- .' H '2“."::'. [\t‘xvxzhi am!
|;-.- “‘l' -._;x .. : ‘ .’.« ~11 .- t' ~ am} pic".
I hzm- iri. J 22.! y u-rm-dn .~ fur coughs
and cuiJs. Put fin. 1+ Hurrmrto amy
thin; I ‘zuvo «'H‘." trzml. I’m-F. J. M.
MHMN (‘.ipz (Ziy (,‘mmnvrcinl Cul~
Inge. “us .\I ,3 v. , lowa. 14.)“ hy Jan.
I) 5‘ mkle-r.
.l Yen-run ol'l‘wu \"aru.
Mr. I. \.‘-.'_ Grilli!!! :wn‘ed in bul'u the
war '.Hli. MI xicu mul in llm lzllc WM. and
in ”ml-”Hy :H m-ll known as any citizen
M he. .\-::-;.a-. [:-\'.’.|. having can a rea
ida-n: of :!.;x: mly fur runny years. read
wl.nl lw sun: ' I have used nnd thor
ough!) 'rrtul (‘hrzrubo-rlain'a ('olic,
Clmlz-m :tnzl Dinnlmea Remedy. both
myselhan-l Emily. [find it to be the
best ll)€r]lk‘ll.€ I a ver used fur bowel com
plnimnml tho pnrpuH-s for which it is
madn’. I Cl'usidt'r ll lenwnghly reliable.
nnd hereby reocnmeul It in the people
and in all my {rirmls I. W. GRIFFITH.
Clmmhcrluzn‘n Unlic. Chulea and Diur
rlwcn liemndy is sold by Dr. J. I). Mink
ler. . Ssptl
The Ilixhwny crl'h‘nllann.
TIJ‘J brawl Allnnttv. is «Wu: H stormy
thornnghlnm YI-l lnluw llu' winds ever
so fivrccly. and ride llm van-s evrr lu
lollily. 9 “man must mm the pond ships
murmla will hruw [lie passage, um] enm
mrrl-iz-l ilnvvars :url lily-rs must visit
tha-cuulmsuf {un- an trade and manu
fuolnrv. Thur :nlr mans malady, 'en
sickue H. tuueilier Willi cxvlicky pains and
mm": zuwnn] unemnuns is uolen en
dured “hm IL-stotm-‘s Stumncli Billern
wonll l:-|\'r l- rrilim‘; Hm. vnynger against
Ikem. SP] unpluina, :m-l In (not. all old
salt» and vvterm. travelers um noqnaited
will: ILe p'mrctn'c value uf this estimw
hie ro-m—dv. and are rarely uhpruvided
wilb it. Emigranla to the fur West
i-‘llulil I un- it :u n snh—gumd against um
lnriu- Seek the mid of the Milan: for
(lysrepshl. constipation, liwr complaint,
kidney lrnuhlc-s. and all nilmeuls that
impmr lhv harmonic-m and vigorous ne
tinn hf the vilnl puma-s.
ATIIIP SOUTIL— Mr. L. .\L Martin a
piamiuent Inwn rnilroul m.-u and Su
perintendent uf the St. Lnnis. Des
“nines“: Northern R. IL says: "On my
return frum n n'ce-nt trip suntb. where
the water was Vcl‘y impure. [ was at
‘acked with n vialeut cameo! cholera
morbus. Having hum! n great deal of
Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and
Diarrlueu Remedy I cnncluded to try it
and WM: the most beneficial results;
within six hours I was completely
cured.” No wall roznlntwl hunsehold
sbuuld ever he withnnt a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic. ()hubra and
Diurrhnoa lie-mod}. Sold by Jas.
Mihkll’f. '
-' Lil‘uf'u‘é; .‘mvu
RX “\g\\‘; A , A. i
Soother at hand. It is 1'» x-‘- :. :
medicine yet made t!.:-.r, v 3 r . ~;;i
infantiledisordvrs. h. :4“: . ' . -' n
or Jlorphinc, but. grins ti. - u ‘ l . '2
mar frum pain. Pxicc 2‘: a". . ‘ ‘ -
LazimL-r 3: ('O.
Wonderful cures.
W. D. Hoyt .‘z (in. “ huh-sale and
Ltotnil Druugials uf liwue. (4."... any:
\Ve huve selling Dr Kins's New Disnov
cry, Electric Bilters and Barkleu'a Am"-
cn Salve fur two yt’fllé‘ Have never
handled rcmediea (lmt he” as walkor
give such universal satishmion' Thele
have been some wonderful cures eflecled
by thnse medicines in this city. Severn]
cases at pronounced timwumptiun have
been entirelv cured by use u! a few bot-
Hes of Dr. Kings Nm: Dism'veu. taken
in cunuectiun with ISM-chic Biltvxs. We
gunmutm them niwnyp. Sx-ld Ly N. D
Hi]: & Son -
» / -- 7.-.”, ,
BPIVIVer‘ '1"!!! Gold
(‘uu b.- lrluy said 01' that new and emcaclnna
ranmly for t‘onsmnminn and diseases of the
Throat. ('lwst um! Lu :5, ‘unm Ania. for it h
Immmx lo lhu p'luln and dnlnlh I 0 :1 cold.
Errry lK nle uzu'nmtml h; J“. IL Mxxuzmthe
would enjoy your dinner
‘8 ‘SO“ and are preventedbyDySo
pepsia, use Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets.
They are a. positive cure for Dyspevaia, In
digestion. Flatukzu'y 5:: I Constipation.
“’e gunman-e t!-- m. ‘ - .' 2'. t‘ihlS.
SnLl invl :uilm': J; ('n.
\l33'3‘o'“ ”HS! "Ill“ Tllfl
'i‘nL VOLI‘AII' I".LT('I-.. u‘f .\l:u~iml1 Much....x
[crlo ~n‘llli lhv‘ir (‘uluhmivd HIJK‘I‘BU-"ULTAK
BELT and min-r I-Zun'rlin' ;\l'l'!.l\h'l'£" mi Illifii
fur Lhiily llJ) .~_t«- mm. (yuan-_- ~-r_old|.mlwtmi
Withllul’vhllstin-hilllV.loh.- ol \ mum and :n.\n
hood, and ui| kimln-«i imnhlvs. Man for rheumu
”bl“. neuralgia. paryulyais, and many other dis
eases. ('omplulc‘ n-.~lnrnlion in hvahli. rigor and ‘
manhood :zuarnnh-c'd. No ri-k is incurred :n‘
thirty d1l)’-'lrizllis ulhmed Wrilelhem 3! omm
of llu-‘lnnml Iv..m|ni:ir‘l tron ‘
-7“ _ -.- _-, _ 1
”on t Exam-Imm". . ‘
You canuu' afi'urd tn W'Sh‘ tune ex
perinmuting when your lungs are in
danger. Cunfiumptinn aiwnys seems at
first only a cold. Do :2“: permit any
dealer to impose "pm; you with enme
cheap imitation uf l)r‘1\lllg~ New Dis
cnvery for 0011 st “um". Cullflilfi and
cwlds. but be sure you get the genuine.
Because he can make mum profit he may
tell you [)3 has something just as com].
or ju<t the same. Don't he dt'cclVCd,
but insist upon getting Dr. King's New
Discovery. which is gunrnnteed to give
relief I!) all'l‘hmat. Lung and Chest If
feciions. Trial bntzio frm- n: N D. Hill
& Son‘s drnsz atnra
TRY ST. [’ATRICK'S 9|le :1! d campure
their arm: with any ner kind made.
”my cnutnin the gum! propernm of (La
vlder preparativu; in the maria! I-nm
l-inml w‘th tho- mmt [rum-lg mpdvcmu,
di-xcovered in modern times. Asn cath
artic and liver pill St. Patrick's are :er
fection. Sold by Jan. 1). Minkier.
E k .t ' Ih. M 0 "th
.mrm: m» ~§|;'Hlj! :aml eumma-r momma i~ the lime tu mks Ayvr‘s Szlr~:lpzu'illa.
l‘h |«w:i:.ur Nib! :-f ‘l?”qu mm» in 2!:s- .\. I‘. \'.'i23:u‘-.L Rug-(l‘3 i-uiioling. ilusmn.
;-;-.3::-zi...;. uz' I.:l.!:Etml.w of :::~-u. bu: Mum-5.. up: "i LIP.“ :2? nu rwmuly u!
cm h" 2 x," :Enl by “I" [2w (1‘ .\j-a‘r~ ('qzznlvliimu‘3' wii'r .\.)ll'.‘ F::.'~:l;‘:nrilla in
.\.u'uqvux'iuu. .‘-i. .-. runway. 3:57 Hick~ anus 01' «thinly. z'wl :n :1 wrin: modi
~!.. ll'wzvrk’.‘ El. .\.. 2. ‘1 PIE-w: " TW-D _"('.li‘~ cinv." Hit-25d ii 3.:.’.‘.’:‘. H's-r. .‘l. l'.. Halli
~s:.'n l \t;!~ nxvzzzil' 'lf. :1! Nu Lnnj: bland ‘ more. Mdnvrih ~: "I: “aim-4!-:nrz-L-znur‘.‘
Hu»;il:.i. in thi~ I'il_‘.:t!||i my who “’us'lo te~tiry tn Hu- ~lk'--r-~ \Vhivh .\y-‘rK
'iw'hl'ul in h:- ME! Kln-um. !.:u‘;:v mrnhw ‘ Surrnpnrilin in.» had in lln- H‘vuhnt'ul 01'
~m: In! I.:} I .-~. :uul \.-.‘l“‘ v-uhtnmly (‘u’mhulh : xulujp rdi-«u-vs. :sx'idn: from
drum in; ..n': m: [-3- ~. :;Z~u. Vu‘l'” hmli) :1 '.iiiznulwmliiiun vi 2hr l-L-ml. \Vx-re it
:ul‘i‘ «'l4 'l. My uni} :1-224’ \'~.;.~ in warm :~:rl: l:I'!""~:II‘_\'. ! 2:11;!" yiu- _\=rll 2hr Hilllh‘i of
nus: r L:.:::-. I \\';;~ unui-k- tn rx'mzuiu in :: fifty inditiizmis who Inm- Ir-u-n rurwl of
“arm rw-m. am! (‘llulll uni} ~!.v.-p un-lx'r. lun:—~X:uzdiuw ruuxpluinh. I.) ”I" uw of
\- rj. IEJI!i-xw!~“3tvEll'-~.:1~llu‘li(:l!iild‘XrJ-Hl .\_n r‘s Surmfimriihl. ll i~ :: ‘3: willr for
[in I-urnin': um! vim-hing". Thv um or Ih.- umsj uihxinuiv cuws. 3.}: rs far
-7 I
J u 1
~ifl-I'l'éllzn L':x\r x-x-- -_";‘--;ni X‘riirf. ’l‘hr- ik‘hfi i‘. \vitlmux (.\.:vmiun, thr haw! blumllmri
in: alum-:1. my! I ruminuml In impruzv livr :md pruphymclv “ith which I am
“nil ll!” rurr r. -:~ r'nug-h-tr.“ facqzmlmtd.“
l'n-purrd l-y Dr. J. t‘. .\yvr x (‘o., Lou cs], Mast, I'. S. .\.
l-‘or sétl‘u by all Druggists. Price $1; six bottles for $5.
I'HIS NEEDLE C -7 .~_.., .. _
mm I r , . ASI- v '-_:%- a»: , '9':- > .
. _ a 1...‘ l).r;a 'F'l hm; :V , . ‘jim ;. N, #1:, ¢ -,*_.'.7 p .:_ .
ELM}? "‘3 52"“ 1W" lwm.‘.,;;- ~' - ”H. p" . 153:; f- *7: '7 ‘ -'\ ’-~
-‘. V \NJ: um: “91:11 60C. :1: 1H: , '4l . ('CKWNHL: 3 ’_;;7l.a 7‘ ~l7]. >_—_,(_ i
)nu .V'lhlr ...:ewu ~rllthmdlolal, wI . '.‘r g :3...1J.‘ 5 4.7+; ‘4‘ ~ A “_,_~' ’—
3‘“ 81-5 to 820 ru'r wc«k,-]l‘-. ‘l‘..' . _ 3,3}: ' ’"L-Efl };f—-,-; f__ , :.—-=.. __,, j!
Ad: film‘f‘ "”3" mm of u...- ~,;.§rllj:‘_ . " rhgghf-r-v ”651+ “* ; y—tfi‘w >7“: .
pa can! pncp 8'375 p" time". 912‘ 'll .. . : _ '7‘: mug..- {Elixir—s.7,. ‘ , ‘ - __." _
m 3 nmlml. “ E‘VAN'I‘AFEVWYW } - ' -, .- 5352”"‘E :CT' ‘9‘ _ _, —’4 7
uni-2:1?! If,“ "PM”? twinge. rfi- ". ' ' , ""415 "‘l4; —~—- W, 7* _ ’ ’_ -_=)‘
"*1 Hm I . . =..“ - -a-4‘* 7.1-;Wwe
;Wwe lumps. “£35053; .5“: ‘ _FELi‘EIg "‘‘N ''7 , ' ;;;_;E. ‘
. :3, r . , 1.1-; ‘.. ¢ - :.--. A .4 , _._ -’
‘. ,_ - I:
orldlngioJZZNassauSLk > -. -- .:_ 2 , _ . ,2
.. . , ._v.‘v..’~:_ :: ”Hf-“‘92;
”MIN“ LANIIEN l'n’s. .\. D. HILL. VlCl‘—[‘r('> 5:. ' . i'l!.l . ‘ .x-Qm-r
THEI s33ng fifl'fifififlil MNK
0F [’01: 'l' T'OHZ'V'h‘la'A'l). ll’. ’l'.
Aut 1101‘] zed Ga pitrLl, ~ $330,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
1)(.5;z.9.5-ifs received sullj'ncf In si'jlzt (ling/7 01' check
"merry LOANI-ID ox s vr-mn'zn aru'm'flus.
Cullm-utious made and procwds promptly remittmi on day of collection ‘
Sight and Telegraphic exchange payuhle in all the- principal cities of the:l
United States and luuropo.
CORRESPO\ DENTSz—Loxnox—The Anglo Calif-ruin“ lihuk (Linibd);
BERLIN—GI-hlldor Meyer; NEW YORK—Tho ilzmovor Nilliunul bank; Sn
mecxsco~Tho Anglo-Californian Bank (Limitedx; l'c-xuruxn, 011., The
First National B'mk; VICTURIA, B. (3.. ilmnk of British Columbia: IIALIFAX
Vov. Sco'rn, The Bank of British Nun}: America; Hong Kong. The Club
‘nred Bun'u' 02' India. Australia and China. ‘
Agent: [or the American and Renl Star Lme of Steumslyips. Ticket
fur Slllt lu um! from all parts of Europe.
m We lmw a 59mm and cummmiinus Vault. where w:- will receive ta.-
uuhlas uu storage at moderate chug”.
Cum. [-1. \\'ul.\‘l~nn‘u .. J. U. “'lllr“.\{\V. J \\'.;('r~n-K, J. K. 'r;.'.;--..mux.
President \'.-l‘r.-,~ld-ux. Twanxmr. .\w-rozary.
a I 1
1 ‘l 'l " i
The Fan mm and Mel chants Innuiance Lo.
(l'upital Stock¢§3OOJHH ). -
AlbanyJOmgon. '
J. H. LIVERMORE. Agt. Port Townsend l
DIIKIII‘TORfiz—IInn. :R. S. -.V—lllmT:>llrllril.il._l_.._Co-.v:m, J. U. \VriL—mun, J. K. Bidet-kin.
Chan. .\lunluiln. h. [L Mnulexzh. J. \V. (‘ux-ick. G. I“. Sinwsun. (1135. E. \Vuh‘rnvrn. 15-: f.
Cash Grocer,
()ppuSilt‘ Central Hotel. ———o ———- Head of Union Wharf.
Port Townnend. - - ‘r’w'. .
Dualer in all kinds of
I 9
Grocerles, quuors, Tobacco,
Cigars. Produce.
w.. -- Canadian Pacn‘lc B. R.
Allan I ‘
It ~ Vintor svrvice from Hullifux. l
Dominion S
Whim Star. sm“, New York. lumnn, from New York. Cunard,
“from New York or Boston. Guion. from New York.
" Anchor, from Now York.
{FTICKETS Sul.l)To ALL PART: OF EUROPE, (Inna As'n JAI-Ax, ALso I’nzru)
Orders on any point in Europe lo Port 'l‘ownsoml, or any othvr point il
United States or Canada.
REX}; ESEEE’E 30736-3}? AND $82321?
@Submriplious receiwu for all pain-n 1 and xwri-ulic.xl pulnlxshcll in in. Uni“
States or Europe at publishers prices. {sl“ ‘
l PETTYGROVE & co., 1
—_m-:.\Lm:s lN~»-
. I
General Merchanchse, .
l y .
l l ' _ l l ’I, l .
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‘ h—
! We carry the largest and moat complete stool; Mug-j
9 9 '
,Meg s, Boy 3 and Youth’s Clothmg
' :17," or any house in llw . m
Cleats Furnishing (li-90d s
“'9 :m- ln-mlqunrtcm for. :m-l .mr lmw urv full in wax-1n [um ‘.:i 11'.
I‘lats.”( ‘nps. 1300194 K Shun-a
I .\h' to lu- found in our slow in the ;_'r\|_ll‘o‘<f “ably :unl llli>f th' i,‘ 3 i :’~
'G R O C E R I E 5?: .
“'0 mm mall-r to Ilu- 'nwt fa-lilinm zm-l um; ‘i-_~. .u 13: ~ n~-~I .l
.\"lnplu and Fun. } 'irlr‘2‘rl:'~‘-1-lhflll}.’“§ um ~-: x a
*Connir'g Prsfince $3383. at we a .
i “A“ ‘ll‘.£‘-i*‘ drlh‘c'wl l” Ilhf :LU'I Hf lEu- ( lY‘. llzi' w: 5 .L‘ v v“
l Urdu-rs mlivltcd and BEST ATTENTI‘ l.\' (jl'A l{.\.\"l‘lilil'
Number 8.
7 ' 2 ~
: .. ' v' . v
:N' mu. hug/I (II! '/ ['rmco
I r- . c - c ’
15 I ,3; 7'] w a
‘J‘ . 5 9 . \zvlg
I);:‘Jl‘i' [bulging
urn! Uhcmu : v." :. 4 09:1”). Estimates
'1 H" H! l"': !’:l'l> taken on
2 ' USI‘ funding.
Li’V'i'u‘p '1! IX 2!: ‘l.:- work: it is our
; i 1: {...~ ---- 55 "i -! Quint-y st. wharf
g;‘:;".\ slum; n: rcnz’xuu: SOLICITED.
IB()€ :I{ E3i N l)lCI{fl’.
tuna-[mum . n .-I - : oh. \‘EL-im'iu. H. C.
I alt-guns ('sii! an“!
: )lurrovco [findings
! A-‘i'l'cfznh.
; Ml'S'H‘ .\XII L.\\i’ ‘TOHK
i ‘-"' - : rim nurlu-a‘ "1!: mi» ..
g R. T. “'HJJAMS, l’run
I Part“: Townsma
'- ‘V '
‘ . '-_’ le. -
‘ 31m.
(:‘OO. \‘3'- l)o\vns.
1 and ! i--.‘r!~: ; i‘ man: and ”Imam! Lum
t-rrt 7 .‘i -; I'v.~V
“(numb ~:1 !-~-.- via-ow m haul or mt
~1. "Izo‘lJ 4am
I" F .- . ..n'
1.!!3‘ age-A Mas Kel.
_ ‘ (‘liul-‘S‘. PRES“ MEATS OF ALL
& J kinm. at. wholesale and rel-J];
:25.) Corned M! and Pork. Bologna
Samuges, {lead Chaescmic ,nlwaye on lnnd.
Haw (rand Elms. Bacon ard Leaf Lard.
5 Give U‘ a call. Satisfaction guaranteed.
‘ Orders laden and goods dnlivnred mall part: 0
5 the city.
1 c. c. COLEMAN & co.,
1 Port. Townsend. W. 'l‘.
! 65‘2"!“ door (0 “'uh‘nmui & Kalz. dw
i ——————_____—
1 1 ‘ 1 ’ M k t
1 P 001) 6 S air 8 ’
. 3. Cor. anrnd Taylorsuuu.
Port Townsend, Wash.
Thomas . c ,
THE vary nestqnnluy 0! an kinds of Kent
at wholnnie and retail. 8 Ins-gm. Head
Cheese. Bologna Sumner-s, «u. alwayp on hand.
3.006;” ddfivarel to all hansol (h - Ci“.
I FWD-“mfm'gc an
5 l [/1121 t: =’ “=o_
1 5,,- »s- - I 2:" *1
D ‘ ,r'"~ i} E ' - 52:
a I4a; V % ="'*£‘:'2~—~=T~=
, __,_ -~_ \‘ \3". 5 : ; _
,1 "V ’- I >_ ‘ ‘
,6: fig —‘=== i:- 5;“ J 7 7
éfizzév-j—fi; ‘=»: E 2’
9&5”;- -.‘:‘L := _,.-e: i ' : '-' '
a¢aw=rfl-~ua I: .. =— ::
35'»: V- as»: ‘—’-~2‘-u=s 52¢
w; ~ :__*:.-_—____ r=|=‘:-.;
‘ $13“! "L- z
‘ ”zrw-‘q‘ J
'ETZ.‘# - [(1 0 - /
.4. l’ L‘ ' ’7. j
i . i . ’E a
;as men © \
l \s
‘ I ‘ _/ ‘
. t ,
m .1 [mos 78m m Gum“ '1
‘chd or- circular-fiLluwgg
ABIE IN Emmomwut cL.
By dispelling the symptoms so often mank
for Conwmption. Sanu Abie Ina brought M
ums to many a hou‘ehold, and by prom ll]
breaking up the Couch or Cold that wax"
deveions into that mm disease willeot. ave
thamands from an "min ely grave. on nuke
no Inix‘tnko in kcefiinga bottle of this plant"
remedy always in l e house.
=1 , I
‘ ’ TR”: ”any.
. .4 f, ’
,7 ' 1
MRS} Ta: 0 N LY-~
V ““47“th l. / fiufimulrm
113 3 XML. ‘ CUR: ran
s=~___;.mmw - CATAR' 4
L'ntarrh.Cold in the Head Illv Fever. Bu
Com, Cami-that Deafness Ind 80m Rm. 3.-
nores ttw pence of taste and smell; rem
bad taste and nuplmsm truth.- mm:
from Catuyrh. Easy and pleasant to an. F
low direcnons and n cure is wnmntad I: 53
Qruggists 31 perhox: 81.10 h mlil. Sen I.
cxrcnlar vo ABIRHXE )(EDICAL CO,
PAN Y._ Ormille. Cal Ask for
Fnr sale by JAS. t). MINKLER, M. 0.. Drug
iuisl, Agent of Company.
‘ Juno—Janna.
The original Abiwixe ointment is (mum
up in large- tun cum-c tin hoses. and is on a
lute- cum :0: old mn-s. burns, wounds. ('th
hunds and all] skin eruptions. “'tll 002 i Val!
cum all kinds of pi! :1. Ask for the origin“
.\bi- line Uinlluvnl. 1‘) cents a box. POI “I.
hy .135, IL .\HXKLER. M. 1).. Drngglsl. Agent
01 ('muan
1 —'—‘_—m _ ,_
: fig Steamer EDNA,
. _ ,
E H. )L RACE. Mun".
E .\X “it g: tit-”l; trip~ l) «tn-(m I'J‘l Towmlcnd and
i I'm! l)i.‘"()\‘t‘r\'. ~-
\\'l!i In-m- I'XIUX \\'lL\l{F 1' cry :rlemnon
In: '.' 'z Ip. In., and l‘ort [rim-ovary ea 1: morning!
In! T :1 In. For {rt-fight n: li| sue apply to
Nuns Jams. or or. tum-d
f fi Str. WILDWOOD.
I A, w» “318.3114".
i ‘n'_| -... Dun T...” u-‘ld {.n Immune. :II s‘. uh.
§:LI n. Flu \\’Mirlln\' 13' In] u' H n. tn" for llonddo
g.” x p. In -vrry :izna l‘ ~- f”: um or passage
‘xumlx n: 'vn'f
; ._4t. -—_——-————————————
A - ‘13“: - tr. DISPATCH.
1 ‘W; s -.-
_ .l \< \iuw- \.\'_ lln-ter.
: “7:: .. .\':~ l'un Tut Hi ."1 far .\‘vnll Buy nml
5‘...“ . w 1“.“ _\L.- My n: Hun: um nrrirulnf
I“, J, ~j \;.. 'xn :~ ! ~lllt"xlll1 u'l'l ul‘riw on
u“. g“. .a,; ~_ lllJilx : :u i ('hurxo-rs n! reason:
1, rr H. _ \..;.'n t n unrinrm 1.. It. llutlngr.
Hy .3. _ inst «- .\ Ink. .\1 n: \\'« hzu-a jun
an ).-~l 1.. u . 11-‘:'l Y‘Juw >\\~’ mu: 1 {0: l-rpu'lllnfi
‘rnr ’l‘o .il': "
{l% Steamer EVANGEL~
._?_ ‘ . ~. §, '
,:;_~_;—.j.,;g-:’§ .1: '.x'. 1' \::l‘i3. .\lzni‘l'r.
\I,“ . ‘7 .~«--.- 't- .\i aunt-" 1:: in. Int Sem
..:. .. . I'. :x 'l”..u—~ nal :.nv'l the blun'h.
. : '.- :~ r: A: gel».- \tn Port
. | 2’ .- 4.. [(ulurnlnz nun
, . 1. , '1 ..,-~,.- din-1h day!!!
‘ . ‘ -‘- t. .\..1. ~.1 ~.’ [ln :4: ‘sl with
' :- :'- 1!: "1 gm lu ". mnk u~3 qu ~k nun-P'Y'
... _,| IN». L,” ‘w‘ 1; r”: ~-\ :3 rlla' 9-
' Children Cry for Pitcher’s Custom,

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