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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, April 26, 1888, Image 1

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Oldest Papey.
‘.:? '.“n: '~I uh»; i 155“. "Ifl‘xw
“1' '.:! ' tuna”). .
.\h'i‘: :‘ U- “ha-i (I'L‘u r“ 11“,};
Valumo XIX.
D ’ ‘U ‘
l~ [‘s' 1h
l'.\ t In .‘lhl:‘§l\-; E\l LI‘TM .\l'.\Y.
l' ’ \-'i"‘l!}‘uluilt:'- Ar ui
<tlw:::mln\' ::\l‘l:\
\:-..~\ u‘ ”3mm ‘ x‘- . “n 'v.~ ,§.'.'-
-x_\| '-.~ 1-- mm)!” uh. '1 I-
An .\ 1 .-~
Wt"? -\'~" k.'."l ‘l _ luv}: v- «‘ML 1.
Ad\ ‘r oi JhAlv- f'uv .~' " 1.12"‘..1‘.:11|".
. ‘0
‘ ‘at 1:1 94 5
Eh: _ cc 1: a rgu .
‘l‘ D
‘ 52;.1-‘ll-2J: . I V. .IH ..~u-\
1' .I.‘ x «I. v. ‘ ‘.~..~-. K' n . 1‘
I L lf-l‘Ul' >i h“ A.!|'.}H\-
I):.«:\ . ~ 5 _»'.u E ;-- ‘i~ .H 71'?-
‘l‘. ‘l- ‘. . l,'.' u-|-\ln,‘zxu 4 ."mi
:1". \l'An.’ ln :nvi...'. .-;":
“.\TH.‘ HF .\w. Lam l\l‘.\.
tl'n ‘! “A:"‘iu“‘."i*lzt V. ...S‘.
fir ~ ‘1 '!.' .!\~o:rti-L .. . “
iv“: .nv o .r wi\e~r!i~u.: In ; ~u?|: Nauru-m
“1‘1" ‘-. 'a‘ :'nulnie'. M .-a—'-;
“.L _..- \‘rn ~LIHJZII \| «Ann
.\HI-lfs' l‘l L:Ll,‘£|l:\l; ('n,
l'!!0l-‘llr<‘!sl0.\':\l. (‘.‘IKDH.
Afl‘di‘i I). \IINKLITIi. .\I. 1).
run. :uwysijU, W. 'l‘.
Once my: Drug-m 1... “A, .. .. ' .
ridence um}. l:‘.:~;xl:~,..lfi~ “Hing” ””"W'l
-5-H 0’ "~' "1 rt 'lii)hr. 13.22”) "“ l""“"‘3‘_
I‘.-E~Jphune i' cur s-. _.'l-‘~‘ ..- :¥_.}' :r
Ila-L Nu. ~: Yo-.(-,,‘r.-nmtivr .‘v~ -!»A---. 3.; .\--.
9'3""?i'hv'x ‘ f‘ r um- c. :1
0n“: )1 am it!” 1.‘x...2!n'.:m:‘:7!fl8
I luA , _ V ~ ,'_‘l»l\\‘f.
DB C. \‘V'. HUNT. 3195—5 >
. I)(-uli.~‘l. 1.553%
I'm. r tau-552M), w. ‘r ‘ - I .Y.
Sun-use} r- L'llxh’h.’ Jun- 4- -‘ :.,
Hun-111.: !-‘» u'nuuxh-u Lu“ ‘.: .
6:“. h";l."~‘n'lA I ' > 7 K! ' - I»
BHHBU kW .‘k S li‘fi‘
l'-J;4' ..
AHJI‘ . j,” ‘l'. {( tun ' ‘ " . .
Hi ‘1‘“: -
01-1. W 1.. . - ‘
#l7l 1 qr . . , \
0‘“ n 1 \‘ ,
rz-‘Mm's'. v syn-gm
\l:t-;".ll'_\'h-:il- l.u\\'
n\:' 1’ . ‘4 ' .'\\.T.
L' '.2 ~ \\‘,"-i‘! :i. 'A~
n u a
[\i [(H'lll‘.\‘r~' - :Il - l.:l u'.
Lam! f r Sit/:’. [_.cva'iz.\- M/ms’.
I“ it lu'.\‘n<\-ud. W. 'l'.
.I v V V I
l. A IL! LLI; [a ,
Alarm? ‘l3" 31L: a: Law. {.21 1 m :'.-‘.::‘zrgli‘;
Arucllh " \vi':. :2 .r'nf; .:lLi '14.: >~ ‘IZ'I'.
.fluc (bert‘ \‘-' .--r FATE: y \va. H:-lnl~i!i‘
:1 -rvul\\u?wrzx”n(~ “21'
PORT Tu'n'j’thXlL - - \V. T.
(17-2191”;:ui‘un:ux.'--ixm-d 1.1. ~
' -"‘.‘ll—.—_‘ —_ W " b’—"’
W 1 lam Bus y,
1n ' ' n n n '
Kalahmmmg and Pam Hangmg.
EFini-vlnu work Guaranteed.
Shop on Adams st. up. Court Home?)
I'mJ‘ anNsEND, W. 'l'.
\Vzn. IMMLI, l'rn'Jrir-lep
fllr ”0.1“: I: SEW Ali-INF.\\'I,Y FX'RNISHED
and ll.l:>l'>~cs 3:11)”: nmmiulxm'nls of a
"It: itar i: pumfliwl uith themes! of Wines,
Lynn and (‘igurm
Them: . flr~:-.-.u:< Hilliard luhieuml Reading
pom m '.an H-IIPL \‘uthmg “ill be nndunu lo
ER.- lhx- Hole] adv-nu! m none in the Terri—
) .
msr autxn, w. I'.
v. hill 1 hcrland. Propriemr‘
I ha“ Ellhiikhml I. SAW Hole! at East Sound,
.1; Juan ('oamy, called the “ East Sound
clue." whh-u i‘ uuw open for the ucconunodu-
CI of the peanut public. jams
Brick for Sale.
S I 0 per Thousand.
.““-'""’~ ' GEO. E. STARRET’I‘.
GEO. L. STARBE ["l‘,
Contractor & Bullder.
Plan. spa-mentions. Eslilnulm. run promptly
Mame and t‘urprnlm “ark of all kinds
done on shun noting.
wan“) on “'uwr SI. near (mules hulel.”
Practical Bookbinder.
All kind: of Paper Elfin—z. Cum. dmn- on 9‘“an
Priws '0 wit. the timer] and BEST (3" .\].l'l“[
0! wnrk ll'Hu'. jl)‘.".‘-l.\’.
Boot 8: Shoe Store
yew-. 8015, ladles‘dllnsos‘a' Fund-M”
[3' have :1 gr
Cnty Meat Market.
kinds. al “hm-Hau- and rumil:
aleo (‘orned Bro! and Pork. “Mogu-
Saniages, Head (tweet-dc 911qu .~ nu hand.
Home Cum! l'ant. Bacon and Lea! Land.
Cive 1.-‘ “all. Sali>farlion guaranteed.
U Order! laden and goadp (him-red to all part: 0
1m- rixy. ‘
('. C. COLEMAN & (30-. ‘
Pnn Townsend. W. T. 1
E‘Nen door to \Vuh mum 3: Run. dw ‘
’ M k t
. People s am e ,
00:. Waterund Taylor Street:
Port Townsend, Wash.
Thomas lackma ,
THE vary be“. quai't; o! m. knuh- n! .\h“:
M. Index-:58 up! n-znil S-u:.-a-«!. ”0:”
Chfirn-V kahuna Sam-3‘ 0-, .-1r always on !.:u. E.
w-wm drmercd ~. ,3} ML.- at ‘m- \ 11v.
BO()I{ lilx I )lill \'.
G'Hrnuu-zxr zuul 14".VT' - . 'r. ‘. :‘ '1»: In. P- "
Bit-gun! ( ‘ull ulul
.‘lurrnx'c-u Ifllulingw-n
\ ~ ..
‘I ”I" \‘ID I. \\V \\ "I“
uvl:r“¢- : .‘.‘.‘v:
I; I ~‘ rLLlAl‘u ."i-‘P-
,zféQ ' -\
{4} a‘s ‘ ' ~ 5 J an," .. r
x 3 ;;;_='_p A-_¢ '-/ . . ‘ ”5'3 his I‘ 5: 1:3% U ! I
r74:WV \\ Eg/x "‘ A?" ‘ - 4
' ii iii mm:
J D LA'. l l; .
Ex-Senutor Conkling: Dead.
72!: i urn 1.1:. M'LXIJS.
Nu; Yv-i.!:..\1.xil 1.5. .\.-'l‘. C mtiin:
tin-d Lt 1:50 :2. m. A! {no lmdsnle Hf
tln- fixing mun worn Mrs. ('onkling.
Judge L‘ULQ". Dr. .\.ndvrmn :aml Ml".
Uuksindhi. Mr. Unnkling paswd away
without munng a limb. Hi- lunkwl
::~ ihnugb puma-fully duping. Thun
\'wn- it nmnlu-r uf [xi-rains uuhidu nn
‘liw zlxwt wailing lu (mu-h 11:..- Just
IrQ'iJ-HN. \Yithiu dour-z theme \rure hu
twwir 4” and 5'.) pursuns aim waiting
to iiL-uz‘ the \‘u‘bl‘ri. Tin-y \verv Cum.
[wsul chicfly of rupreauntuliws c-i'
the pin->5 aux-l friends of the drud
Raw-iv (bidding was bum in Al~
bun; . _‘x'aw: erk. in 1829. and web.
tho; 'furc. .7.) .\R‘ZXX‘S of 230. He was
the - [1 MI AMI-xvi bunkliug‘. a jurist;
at uxm time: sin-“4lm i 1 w New York‘
of Hm M‘VUHIUOch congress. filled “in
uflico of circuit judge. and was undx-r
‘ ["ilhm-re thi‘ L'nitcd Statws minister
‘tu .\loixim). Roscoe ruceivnd an :1 3a—
‘iii-niic t'dllL‘illlUD, studivd law with his
father and lnlm' with Francis Kerwin“
wlw :erwnnl lwcumi- his euiloag'lw
in 11w Unito-d Status sonata. He was
dumb-1 district attorney of Oneida
(‘ nut) in lhTa‘x) nn-l mayor of L'Licn in
l»'.\, 1:: Nnvcuilwr, 1858, he was
1- vii-II {:2 mngrws, and was prmn—
.~w:.! in .\n. i'icnn political lifofur
’ . ‘:--L: twumy 3111's; Hi~ first im
; i uz.‘ >[::'-'K'i| was in support of Um
" l Inn-nth :unvndlnfint to the cou—
,~ ' .2} 3:. 110 vigorously attacked the
; ”win-« Ship of McClellan. opposed
S. --'zi‘l§n;:‘.~. ln-gul tender not and
iiili;i}' :iphi-id 11.“ government in the
in. .u-zmun i-f the war. He was
. Est-mi t nthv l'nilmi Status senate in
bu? (u MICUULH‘ 1m Harris, and re—
m- M.i if: 1573 and 1879. He saved
-1. ian-urmnt munnittees from tho .
inn-. 2 and was luukod upun as a luau
..f innwr and influence. While in .
.i;.- ,zunziln 1m M‘l‘fl‘d always on the :
judiciary comlnim-o and was chair i
man if {ll9 committees on cominerCe 1
and tho ruvis‘un «If the lawn: 1
Sa-liiiiul‘ L‘unkliug was always a
friend or President Grant and a zeal:
”11:: supporter uf his administration.j
He was instruumntal in tho passagei
of the civil rights bill and favored‘
‘the l'vsltlupiiuu of specie paymentsi
iltu took a prominent part in framing!
the electoral commission bill. sup-1
ported it in an able speech and nut:
upon it as one of the Senate mem~‘
burs. Mr. Conkling‘s name has since
1572 been mentioned in connection
with the presidency and in 1876 he
ro-c -i\'ed 96 votes in the nominating
Republican convention at Cincinnati.
In 188!) he. with otLer"Stalwarts."
advocated the nomination of Gen.
Grant for a third term and made one
of the most powerful presentation
speeches heard at the Republican
convention of that year. "‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ue
bwumr hlmtiiu to Preside: .1 .eiti's
administration ‘m cause the chief magr
istratn had not in accordance with
custom consulted with the New York
senators on the question of appoint—
ments to several important federal
otiices. Not being able to prevent
the confirmation of the a )pnintees.
Mr. Coukiing. with his colieague, T.
(3.l’latt, resigned his seat, was not
l‘t' elected and has remained in pri—
vate life ever since. He was appoint~
ed an associate justice of supreme
court of the United States by Presi‘
dent Arthur and the appointment
‘was confirmed, but Mr. Cool-{ling did
not accept the ofiico profi‘ered. After
‘retiriug from public life he at once
secured a lucrative practice at the
bar and was connected as counsel
with some of the most important law
cases of late years in Now York,
among them being the investigation
of the Broadway street railway fran—
chise bribery. _
.\lr. Conkling was one of the most
brilliant and powerful orators in
either house of congress within the
last quarter of a century. Although
the head of the strong Republican
organization of New York state. and
at limes almost a dictator. his in—
tegrity was m-ver questioned, and in
hit-i long public r‘ureor from 1858 to
1882, he was always free from any
stain of corruption. He was not a
popular man. but no one ever charg
\"d him with dishonesty.
Senator Conkling’s fum‘ral *""
uzku placn Fridav nun-"‘1
chapel '
.cul’. of Senator
__ :. . take place at Uticg.
rho date will 139 determined this
Laftornoonu TL . «1y 0:" the late
senator is much wasted.
Later—lt was decided that the!
funeral services in Utica will be held
in Ca‘vary chapel on Saturday after
noon. instead of at the residence in
the city. The pull-bearers qelected
aro : Judge Shipman, Abram S.
Hewitt. S. L. M. Barlow, Clarence A.
Seward. )Innton Marble, Senator
John I’. Jones. Senator Don Cameron.
William J. Wallace, W alter S. Church
and Isaac Bailey. '.l'his morning the
body was embalmed and placed in n‘
.\‘Ew mouxn r 01! BLAINE.‘
Boston. April 16.-—--A large number
of opinions furnished by prominent
republicans in Maine and New En~
‘glanfl wore published here to-day.
They express a. belief that nothing
can prervnt the nomination of Jag.
‘G. Blaine, and that his name will be
‘carriod by storm through the conven
ition, and that his arrival will be the
isturt of a hurrah that. will keep up
{during ths- entire campaign.
i Nonru Yum”. April IS.-—ln thr-
Jennmmtic Putin-Minn this morning.
I,], J. Brown. or Sin-knnu. Wm: vlwtml
duh-gate tn the Sr. Luuie (Ulfl'vntlull.
Hill: A. N. .‘i:~.:1 t; ‘.~ alternate, from
‘l'lzistvru “'u»? :' :2 Luvul \‘tunrt llit‘l'
m deli-gun: l-l'i‘. J 1 Ronald. .4
‘Seonlo. Ell aih‘l’tmiv. (n-m Wentern
‘I ‘.ulnngton
Port TOWIIS’ 'otfcrson County. Washing.
i THE mini.
f ”mun. April 13: 'l‘
miner not attempt lu npeal‘,
lrm In by siglm or writing. .-.
hum-r. more in a recumbent positiu.
he is no“: Ice: t in a half sittingr [LI
“:‘iii‘m Hi. a much. _
f '1 he emperor's condition this
‘ f lilwl'llilf.’ is :‘.llflUEl the same as ye»
‘; terday.” Although the fever has not
lglv_-ft him. "Utll‘r circumstances his
; : Condition is satisfactory.
. l nrou or my mum.
! \"tiwtuszsrox, Aprii 16.v~'l‘he sen—
fut‘. (~(innuitfpo (\[l Public lluiidiugfi
inghl grounds tn-du)‘ [missed faV'Jl'l‘tltly
‘.:‘llnih {llO hi” fur :'. lulltlio building {it
it"an Diego. (‘al.. to ('o.~t $200.00“.
1 mum» T 0 .\niuar MR3. 101.5011.
I Nin' Yoim. April 16.—-A special
1 Philadelphia dispatch says: At last
it is settled that Secretary Bayard is
to marry Mrs. Folsom, mothcrein
law of President Cleveland. l’re
lparations for the coming marriage.
I are being quietly made. and it is no
1 longer a uecret amen-r the Del ' '
I BERLIN. April 20.—Distrcssing ace
counts of the emperor‘s sufl‘eringsi
l:".'u\ current. It hi reported that hel
faith! to Chaplain Konig: “You pray,
'rlzaplain. for my pn :ervation. l’ray‘
rather for my l'rlt nae.” The emperor
(‘4. lti!ll?"S his work. but his writing
is so illegible at times that the. ct; ‘
press is often summoned to decipher
an order to save him the annoyance
of writing it over again.
CANADIAN counnxr.
OTTAWA. April 20.-—~The action of
the United States senate committee
in reporting adversely on the fisher
ies treaty has created ast inishment
here. The Free Press voices the
general Opinion in the following
words: The republican majority in
the senate realize that no political
party in the United States can afford
on the eve of a ge leral election to
‘accept a treaty made by Chamber
lain. Ministerial journals hope that
..imething else is on the tapis yet
Hat-rt; between Cleveland‘s adminis
tration and the Canadian govern-l
ment. as hinted by Sir Charles Tup~
per, concerning the opening of the
rtates’ Coasting trade to Canada in
the event of the democrats continu—
ing in power another term.
omo nuirnucms.
Durox, April 19.—'I‘he republican
state convention reassembled this
morning. Resolutions were adopted
denouncing the democratic party for
its nullification of war amendments
to the constitution. whereby repub~
licuns in the south are practically
denied a voice in the government of
the nation; and in favor of such
economic legislation as will protect
American industries. The message
of the president and the recent action
of tho majority of the ways and means
committeo was denounced as a direct
and open assault upon thoso indus—
trim The platform, in conclusion,
presents the name of John Sherman
:is mninontiy qualified for the oflico
of president of the United States,
and Uhio's delegatus to the national
convention are directed to use all
honorable means to secure his nom~
OTTAWA. A pril lit—A new tarifl'
proclamation has just been issued. It
_places certain articles of natural pro~
ducts entering Canada from the
United States on the free list and de
clares that in future all articles
enumerated such as green or fruit.
trees, shrubs and certain trees, no
matter what country they may come
from, shall enter free. This step has
been taken to remove the charge that
the government by the proclamation
which appeared en Saturday had dis
criminated against Great Britain.
Borco'rr ox BEER.
Cixcrxxnr, April lit—A circular
was issued by "the brewers last. night,
refusing to recognize the union in
any way and agreeing to stand by
the boycotted brewery firms. The
circular was ordered to be distributed
in every brewery. It reached the
men in four establishments before
they quit work. None of the men in
these brewuries quit Work this morn
ing. The strike throws 2,000 men
out of work.
summon FREDERICK worms. 1
BERLIN, April ISL—The emperor
passed a bad night. At various times
his covv‘ition was regarded as ex—
ritical. His physicians are
but the case is now I yzemia
poisoning. According to
y information the gravest
fatal ending are appre
_ ... r‘rom his present condition
I it is thought death will oceur within
in week. He is very weak this morn~
A achnums Tncxr. ‘
\VAsmsernx, April 18. ~Notwith— ‘
standing the failure yesterday to pass
the river and harbor bill under sus—
pension of the rules, it is evident that
the bill has a big majority in its favor.‘
and it might have been passed under
suspension of the rules, ‘had not!
many of its friends on the republican 1
side of the chamber opposed it, bo~‘
cause they wish to have means uni
hand to insure a full discussion ofl
i the tarifi'.
\VAsquGTox. April ISL—Delegate
Voorheee. of Washington territory,
to—day tiled with the committee on
interior afl'aire charges against lns
dian Agent Eells at the Pnyallup
agency. It is alleged that Eulls has,
in allotment of lands in soveralty to
Indians, imported non—residents and
aliens and assigned them lands; that
he has kept the agency school full of
children by dragging pupils from the
surrounding country and enrolling
them as school children. and that he}
does this in order to make it appear
that the school is flourishing. and to
procure lurgr ullmvnnces of money
from the gm‘urmuuzit. The charges
are to be investigatinl
‘ ML. .\..xiu mu».
i .\z \I Ynuk. .\lvri 14" Dr. .\guuv.’
‘diwl this "(h-In _.; "213
} Fhl\."l'.n~
; l'n:i<. “ml l‘ l‘; 1'3”“4.‘
Hm; 1' ‘l H minim-l Inl. .! Hit .-:z;
'0 significant [him-1| limmfvutv u:
l'hich be will purl-no the lvvmun wt
‘-U:li[lllluu. The League. of
have congratulated Bou-
I'ln elect“!!! to thcchamv
'roni the department
~'lu-r attempt was
I. ‘ an opportun
[m - but the
lßoulanL -l and
ll'orccd n. 5h '15.;-
l fir.
' Los Axons}. Ap.
it‘l'llllll], in this city to ‘
luf politics, said: “Blziint
[nominated Seventydive out
ircpnlilicnns are for him. I in.
lliiainn meant what he said in his
lli-ttt-i‘, but the people will ow-rrrulo‘
ithat. I think Blaine men are they
;only ones to be elected delegates to:
' Chicago." ‘
Sax mecrsco. April 2U.——lte:;i—
- dent Robert Harris. of the Northern
Pacific, last night in conversation
said that his compnny had not
mapped out any branch system to he
.huilt in \Vdshinvtgn territory, nor
.1 t i an}: idea when it would secure
an entrance into Winnipeg. Manito
ba, with the assistance of tho Cuna
dian line. His company had already
completed u branch line from its
main lino in Minnesota northward
[via Grand Forks to tho Canadian
border. All now depended on the
Mnnitohs peoplo building to a con
nection with this branch, and proba
bly that might soon occur from the
the fact that the Canadian Pacific
railway by which its exclusive right
to operate in the country from “in—
{nipcg south to the United States
border had been relinquished.
l rm»: socrnsnx metric.
SAN Fimxcisco, April 20. —— The
statement is published hero that C.
I’. Huntington and Charles Cracker,
during their circuitous visit to tho
? Puget Sound country, secured sen-r—
--‘al undeveloped but promising coal
mining properties, which, it is said,
will give the Southern Pacific an ex
cellent supply of coal. The now ac
quisitions are said to he on both sides ‘
of the border line of British Colnm~
bin, the property boing near Depar— 1
turn Buy. It in also stated that the 1
Southern Pacific is having plans pm
pared for the construction of three ‘
first-class steel colliers which are to f
exceed in size anything now on the
count. No estimate of their cost has
been made, but it is thought that the .
cost will be over half a million dol~
lars for each steamer. The Colliers.
it is stated, are intended to ply to the
new mines and possibly to the old
mine at Tacoma.
WASHINGTON, April 20.—Tho land
oflice records from 1881 to 1887. in
clusive, give the following statistics:
Value of timber reported stolen,
$30,719,852: amount recovered. $478,-
000; appropriated for protective ser—
vice. $155,000.
Kansas Ux'rv. April 21.-—lteports
reached here to—day of the lynching
of eight horse thieves in southwest—
ern Indian territory. A depuly
sherifl' says the thieves were our
prised by n posse of citizens and a
running tight ensued. in which one of
the posse was killed. The entire
gang were later surrounded and shot
or hanged.
» - O
The Melbourne lnternntlonnl
Australia celebrates the centenary of
her seltlement by a grand International
Exhibition at Melbourne. commencing
lAngust lst next. and continuing for six
imunths. Congress has appropriated
$50,000. will appoint commissioners to
Jrepresont the United States. and it is
lhoped that very many private firms \vill
linake exhibits. The government of Vic
itoria controls the exhibition and gives
space and steam for motive povver trve.
i‘l‘ha exhibition building and annexes
will cover twenty-tour acres of around,
and the display. both local and from (ur
eigu countries. will be the largest ever
seen in the southern hemisphere.
Goods for exhibition are admitted duty
free. Australia is a rich and growing
country. American goods sell well
there. and the comparative uearness or
Australia to America should inspire our
husinrss men to control ln-r markets,
Mr. John M. Ives, who for the past three;
years has been H) the anupodea as mum:
nger tor the Well known *nfu Cure
Home of H. H. \Varner & t o , has just
returned with letters from the chief
secretary and commissioners; also blank
Hipplications for space. which he. will he
lplensed to send frceon application to
him at. Rocestcr, N. Y. Applications
should be made at once. s goods mun
be in poaition not later than July first
next. -
Cayman—A most vzilnahla and im
portant find was made day hnfnra ye‘s
terdny at Port Discovery Bay.by um
minors who were out prospecting for
coal. It was nothing more uur less than
the discovery at what. appears to hen
mnguilicant win of rich CDpPGY ore.
The sample in pl»Si(‘l.~iUD of one of them ‘
and shown here yesterday was pron
uouuced by old miners to bun! very‘
ignnd quality and, according: tutiieir
story, the lode discovered will furnish
an immense supply. It is situated on
the juint property of William Delaney.
‘0! Part Discovery. and Mrs. John E.
”high. of this city. located an the east
lside in! the hay. with n iltcp watt-r front
ngu. According to Hm rxnmiuntinns
!made the Vein is eight {vettlnokuud
extrnda hack iutu Hn' muummnt’nru
Considemhh- dishnuce. rl’.-I.
SEED I’uTATnEu.—~.~\ mum-«l supply of
Early Buses and Burbank Srrdling [mm
luea. fur snlu hy anxlz'r'r .\- Elsmmna.
Two nlnry house.- nnd inaid.‘ Inf. nt
82.250.—1iv0 Iniuulea‘ walk from thp
steamer lnuxliug. Apply quick :at this
‘ “'crlh Knuwing
Mr. W. H. Mutual). merClHmLLukc
City. Fla. was taken with n sm‘rru (‘..ld.
attending with n diam-smug (‘nnuh and
running into Consumption in It: first
stages. He tried many vaullul [Mapu
lnr cnunh n'mulu‘s ;.x:.| grain!) git-w
“one. “'.:: n-duc- d :n 11-ml: hm] 41"}-
;culty in hrvmhim: and w:..~ mer L.
lslon-p. Finally lxi---l D." l\':':_"- 3.1-“
DlN‘nth fur (‘n:. ‘z'. ; " . 1.1 ' :-.l
inlm'dl duly ra'ilv'. |' .m'lr' :;‘;1_':."~-ILI
'II half ‘ll 11'" ln-H‘ c Thur -l l» n.«- ‘ .I‘ l
nnl lm» lm-l nn n! .r:: l' ' v v: -. «-
.Vu ”Hut You-:l‘ "n- .4.- ' I u
run-n! "frllhn-t. I" k N n "'7
run-(y f- r "nu-J “.1 u. H . A: .L‘l- I [a
3410 jut that n churn! fr u lnnl
but. he. II D Hm & fluoo‘ 4m dun.
I s hirln.
' :1} 4m ..rrn‘ud lhis mun.
. tug .\lugul from 'l‘ucamn. wr...
. for Mclbournc.
Ship L'rmvu of Italy arrived Satan]
(rum Sm qucrsco, proceeding to 'l‘
coma in tun uf mg .11-Igul to load lr
her for Mclhuurne.
Writisb bark Loch Ranzn arrival
"z I!) tow of tug Pioneer, .f
tn load lumlu-r :1! Had
"l'lltfllly sailed h
lumber for V
Scln "am For
Madison \v. '-
liurk Sumnh. “
7 San Francismv. Apr“
Steamers Walla \VaiEa h.
Wilmington from Nauuimu
('ullfuruin from Porllnml. Sm.
Steamer Willamette for Seattle, b:
Columbia for Puget Sound.
SHANGHAI, April 2l.—'l'lrc steamer Pa
blo left San Juuu March :11 and arrived
1:: Yakima April I'}. has struurlerl uenr
Turnapo Island. Assiimucu has be!"
sent to her. The pussL-nm'rs and '
have arrived hem. 'l‘lw thn-t'l 1"
and far-t ut the merry of Hm wn‘
is Valued at $450,W0. and full}
Tm: Tyee lnwed to sun lm: '
Relmcca, bound for Adolzrhlo.
and barks Skugit and Hagar
lumber laden from Gaunhlr
Ship Blue Jackal. co'
thed to sea b 0 tug Must
SAN Iv‘mxcrsc», Apri'
Steamer Arngo, Cans bu
Kunx. Seattle; s‘cbuun
lumlriu river; ship a.
’l'lm burkontine J
has just arrived fr
malriug the round
which is Ilse quick”
tween the lwu min!
The iron bark
with 1,400,000 feel. 0.
to sail for Molhnuru
. The bark Nouantm;
from 'l‘acomu fnr Sm! .
laden with 1.000.000 fro: .. ,
The tug Mastic}; stark.-
lulet this morning, In 1
Knight a! St. Mlclmcl to
Ship Sn'qeaut from Seattle. c
was towed to son by Two.
Ship B. I’. Buck. 17 days from
Pedro. arrived this mar-um: in tow
Mogul. fur Tacoma to loud lumhny.
Preaching Notice. :
Preaching services will be conduct
ed as follows in connectiuu with the
charge of the I’m-t Tuwnsend Bay
Presbyterian church. for the ensuing
three weekn:
Dnugeuoss, April 29th.
Port Angeles, May (sth.
Port Lndlow. May 13th.
. H. V. RICE.
The Alma agency has a npleudid bran
new bargain in a water (run! business
lot. Can bu hnd for $6,000 —half cash.
Go to Hill & Sons fur Homeopathic
medicines. Guide: with i-uinplete-MA—
mun IIDICAn to be had upon applica
tion. ‘
111-are ['l3.
You are feeling depressed, your up
petite is poor. you are buthered with
‘ Headache. you are fi‘luotiy, nervous.
and generally out of aorta, and wnnt to
i brace up. Brace up. but not with stim
ulants, spring medicines, or hitters.
which have for their basis very cheap.
bud whisky. and which stimulate you
fur an hour, and then leave you in worse
Conditinu than before. What you want
is an alternative that will purify your
blood. start healthy nctinu of the Liver
and Kidneys. rcstnre your vitality. rind
give renewed health and stint-nth. Such
a medicine you Wili [fuel in Electric Bit~
ters. and only 50 cents a bottle at N. D.
Ill” & SOUS.‘
Bcfurc you start an a immey g 0 and
see Jns. D. Miuklur and procure a hot-
Ue of Chamberlain's Calm. Cholera um]
Diarrhoea Remedy. It is a grrut snfr
gunrd for travelers and gives immeatedi
5 Nights in the
60m ’t %\co\» mmpmm of
thousands sufiering from Asthma, Con
sumption, Couihs. l-tc. Did you ever try
Acker’s Englis Remedy? It is the best}
preparation known fvr all Lung Troubles, 3
sold on a positive guaruxh-a: LI. 100., 50c. ‘
meL-rx I'U. ‘
“V: Wull‘d can the nth-Mum of ”Iqu
“80””! h‘nmeuputhio rmnmlxes mm we
have a full line and Nana-{fully when
{their patronage. N. l). Hut. 5; Snxs. *
livmcmbur Liw-rvmrv‘s, nunr pun!
uflicu. for Bonus and Shm-s. lluts or
Cups. ‘
Jiileh I‘um’ lurfizllo.
A gum], gonllo mzlch v.w {of 5:110.
81: years uld, mm Minn: nnlk. \‘v I”
be u gong] wiutcr can“. I‘m-v. SSO. Ap
ply at llnsuflicc.
" ' 0
Cu“ at (In: Alum; :me ;. hr figuws
on 80 acres of timbvr hum m: Qmuswr
“on Baby wu nick, we gave her Cutorb,
When she was I Child. she cm-d for (‘aatorig
When she became Miss. elm clung to Caetoris,
Whoa aha had Children. she gave them Cutorh,
P'n-r'h ‘ rt-nmrry Butt“.- jr;--: rmun-HJ
by Burkeu & El<.ml:n-'.r: Sum! in sm”
urdvm at oucv um] .uu-nh- S-"hln‘iiving'
very lzlce as We: Imw uni} :n lurutwl .mp
pl)‘. flint
DAVIS—Died. ill Tm‘ r'T-n un‘Vrlday.
April 20, 13"“, .\lrJu-I Ayn-~21 “wire,
ugml 15 months. dnugim-r u.’ ('uxvtmu
Charles S. and Ltlixv \. lhws,
‘u 1 Ir ~‘- \n- ' I . '.
.‘v ‘ ' .
' ' ‘ V
\- 2, l l I:
.- ' ~
ilnhnvl “,1 n. ‘.
line of V
will sell the.
be beat by any»
Will deliver all gooun
to 'any part of the city.
”Give us a trial in this line and sc:
if we don‘t please you, both in prices
and quality.
We are now offering our large and
well selected stock of Mens' and Boys’
Clothing and Furnishing Goods at
LUWBI‘ Prices mall BYE? Bflffll'fl!
Our stock in these lines comprise the
latest styles and best goods. Come
and see what we have to 0381' .before
purchasing elsewhere.
A Large flflfl WBll-SBIBCIEG SIOOK 01
[lard “'uro,‘
Ship _Chuudlcry,
\Viuos. Igiquors, (SO..
Alwas in stock, which we offer as bee
value and at lOWest prices.
G. G. Baltlett & w,
Port ITownsend, - W. T.
i RF,“
‘ 7_ l
House and Sign Paula-31*
FBI-INCH l-anumi,
AH- I'AI‘I‘I: ll\.\'-i!.\n
3‘ First-('lixk~ Wurl. (iuuru ,twd. V:
Slhp—Al-eme St. ”PP- (‘n-urt Hum .
l' ! "(mu um], \\'. 'l'.
N. IL rStoam‘boat
‘ I'uintm ' Dmm‘ 11'; u'i- -h-! (n .
[—."”T“‘—"”—”*—”; ’ ’
:Slllglllg iHld Elm-“hm; !
g - _
' r‘ ~ - ' ‘ r.
1:- ~ _‘ .
W., _ _
G U ‘ : '
I“ .. ._ : ' .
61 1.11. on.-
'.‘l'uu “an. .. ausn‘nim and Uuma.
Agents [or the .\uwriczm and Red Star Line of Stomshipl. m
for 511 k tn and from :11} parts of Europe.
3" We ham: :1 SPCUTU and commodious Vault. where we will rad” ‘
uahles on figorage at mud-3mm chm-gas.
(fun. E. \\'ul.vm:m\.. .J. n, Wumm n‘. J WJCUslcx. J. K. HUI-Ill].
I’“:leva . \'.-l’re.~ulent. Trouurer. loco-7.
! I
The Farmers and Merchants Insuranca 60.
Capital Stock9ls3oo,ooo.
J. H. LIVERMORE, Agt. Port Townsend
Clfiifari‘n‘mfif-xi’gazlifiz. infeaw‘fsgic‘kaz i 4. éaxns2;:.t"¢:.;.9i¢.‘sa‘:.‘::‘n':;n.‘ " ”:3
Cash Grocer,
()ppoyitc Central Hotel. —o——~ Head of Union M
Povt Townsend. - - W. 7.
Dealer in all kinds of '
‘ o o b
Grocerles, quuors, To acco,
Cigars. Produce.
‘ I U
1 tr I ( ‘ ‘
i , ‘ Canadian Paclfic R. R.
I xm I \‘inter service from Hallifnx. .
\Ybnu Smr. Imm. New York. Inmau, from New York. cm
i {rum New \urk or Boston. Gflion. from New York.
i Anchor, from New York.
EH'F'TM 'lm's smurf.) 51.1. rurrs or EUROPE, CHINA AND Jun, an Yl‘:
i Hub-h ”n :'.n)’ puim in Europe to Port Townsend, or any oth- p"
3 [zflml .\‘lzmw' “1' ('.:hznlu.
9 REAL )‘LSTAT-E 33116333 fififi 86839
i ;i .\‘lllm-rl;>t:w:flr-~ .-‘\> .hr 7.” papers and periodical published h .00"
ISM" ~-rllurn;v :x! ‘,ll.li~7.l'r\l|fin‘t‘el. M“ _
' ~. ' I.x I
Francas fl . James
Quincy St“ for. Townsend. 'vl 9.
. . E. '. '~ ;‘~ i :m .s liwmxal. Pcnclnn Gina
fl . \‘uz: :xn: [nuns Asp mn
. . -. , l’u ;n.
“$3337.: ”’[ .‘ ‘7'“ .33"? LGW BK?“
._ . . . . - . ’l-o'4 n
\-.t ; . may“
.~ ’ .. ..... ~
. ~ . 3. -«‘?
‘ '.V- -w- - -.~V V .A.V‘ ,‘» , ...—...“
‘ . ‘ « .= n

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