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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, May 03, 1888, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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T aQ! . .'. ’1
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(J 1? 'iuzzaau ”fir-NU.
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un- M-w’i .:. ~ .‘
Curuwi ' . .» '1 '- ,
[lx-wig: I“ .‘ . ' ;
“'132-J IL- '2' .. ‘ ‘ . x .'
polilivd .. -: . V
nn- mug-r 3.
Hulnm'; :6 : '. . E . z
I’. 1.. . ‘ . -‘ -
iStiL' L‘wi . ‘ - .. ,
anklc-=:,:'.":' , - . :T‘Z. “
for t‘u-- '
The U :-‘ ~ -f 'l' - :.- 2‘; “=- 3
Logi=lu':;x.~ 1.2- :_f. 2‘ '-~- i!
8081 p. 'l2-... :.2'- :;‘ —. . 7-; 3.:.
now fur sm". !. Div w 3.”. .:; :2 'x
man 2:; run ::\::;I-. t. ‘ Eva-land,
Man} hulk-4.1} ;.~; Jui m- 3.1- ,~
ble plan-. 3; il. '2.~ sub-2:11 §; -3 "I
can l‘luii'wnu rzfi- ; ~.:.;‘ [-2' l. -;.
Paunqhnauh: tan} ; :.;-. (.:.: _: 5‘
(84.1 and rm :‘.Eu) Nuav Yuri: E:
the mui~sadwmz ]?-.-;.';':-IELV.2 -. :‘.-_..
their way.
It; is now lu-livvml 11m: '-.\:~L'L-i.\."
Justice (in-rau- win he thr- prohilxin
tion caudidatn fur Conga->5. Jud},
Greelgo is a Bdiltint minixier and m.
enthusiast in “Luca-r h:- under
takes but he \a'il! hardly g.) to Co!»
After our «lift-rial Comm-ruin; Iliol
railroad limiting was in typo w.»
learn from a sin-ct rumor that film
meeting had been pustpunmlumil
Monday owning. It swam to ho
the policy of tilt-=0 railway-Imm“ to
keep everything «lurk mwnpl fl'->i.‘-s u
fewchoseuoncs. 1‘llt;‘l:d1\ lam-Ari
nothing of the postponmnmit uili
cially. '
President Harris of the Northnrn
Pacific R. R. in nu filla'view :1'
Portland was asked: "\\il! the N.
P. R. R. Co build any brawn
lines this year?" He answered: "Yum;
we will build :1 few branches in
Washington territory. Justto hop},
up with tho procession, you know.
So he had better contemplate coming
to Port. Townsend us the procession is
moving this way.
The election of (ion. Jo's. ii. .io‘.;r.--
aton, (ax-confederate 33m ml, to a
membership in a Philadelphia U. A.
R. Lodge, is certainly a strange 1m --
eeeding. \Ve presume tbzi! 83 a"; c .\-
U. S soldier he 13ml 9. right to inv‘m
bership. according to tho luiror of th(-
oonstitution, but certainly not no»
cording to its spirit. Joe Johusim;
was one of the hruvrst and mullllu.‘
ana noblest of the CUEfPile:Yillt ”€ll
- but he was :h-rvforo all 1;:
more dangerous foe to our nation in
the hour of its intensest peril. Tim
he should now meet in the ball will;
the veterans, who sawed the mztinn
at the peril of their liveg, under tlu
fire of this same man, when hr
fought the grand old flag and soughl
withall the intensity of his great
skill and greater courage, is certain—
ly a strange event. In will‘be‘the oc
onion of the withdrawal of many a
worthy veteran from the G. A. 1:.
who sincerely believes that this.
man’s record is not what it oughi to
If Ex-Gov. J. I’. St. John and
other prohibitioniets would let-t the
tarifl' alone, they might show some
consistency and obviate the charge
that they are disguised denim
crate. The tarifi' has nothing to do
with prohibiting the liquor traflic.
We are not during so much about
the prohibition part of their party.
The old parties will, one or both, no
oept the prohibition issue whenever
it is a leading issue in the minds ol
the people. What we are concerned
about is the false face these men
wear. They come before the coun
try with a nominal issue on prohibi
tion, but enter with all the zest pO3 ‘
sible into the discussion of the larifi
question. This is what proves tilt-m
to be democratic emissaries. We
hate an ambushed warfare. Why 15
not the Democratic party manlg
enough to come out in open wax-fare
without employing this ambush“!
brigade to fight its battles?
The city of \Valln 'Walla, long
known as "The Sleeping Beauty” is
now thoroughly awake. It has been
for a long time dependent on the 0.
R. &N. Co. for transportation. Now
that city has subsidized the building
of a line from itself toWVullula via
Eureka Flat. This line is under con.
structlon and promises to be read)
to move the wheat crop by Sept. 15f.
The citizens are also considering a
bid from the Seattle, L. S. s'; E. R. 11.
00. to build into their city l'ur 6201' ’.~
000 subsidy, to be paid bar-L- {w
them in freight hauling. Tlmy will
undoubtedly secure this mud {llm -.
Then they wiil have three roads. .-L~
a resuit the (own is crowded. Busi
ness is brisk and the merchants m -
‘l] happy for they are selling gomfs
as never before. Tuis is the inc-vi
table result, for business secures bus.-
iness, and the merchant reaps the
roll reward of all advances in growth
or in business energy. Walla \\ ullu 1
bids fair to assume her 1.1:] position
as the metropolis of the Inland Em
pire. Port Townsend has. juat as
good an opportunity to chUu-ze IL-e
‘mpoh's of Western Washington
km the paid hér_shonlder to the
5 L: '
-\ 1...} H :i iH mum! rain-mi vmun
:1-x"..:.- sin: is 3;: =1 Lin-gut um (i :- is.
'E. -: us {inn-v :‘. Liw' wv -r m cur fair
:EV-z-ur 1': l:.k.‘ hzmrh grass Innd um}
(11:32 dull-:‘- La‘r 3:12;; wt EFL-.15 uf ~lin
: The R2;il|\n::-‘1 Hurting today \\'i':l
{lw ni' mm“: -X ”km-:1 :1. Huang-51hr
‘l': llu- 1--:.\! ~1--;>vmls ru 3hr
Flu-11km w‘; 2 ) -‘:‘..\'> I‘. ‘1':;1'—) I‘3 1" INCL}
“ , u i-x-z-x v.l in Emil-lint: m
ihu :uL-Hy l-n >.t~ lu'grnu inn-111.1
:';.::I It \‘ii’; unrutu-vu i liu- atlcminn of
-;.;~i::;ii.~i~ uni f Min-r output-flank.
I -:L.’ .. ~ ti: 12:55 plum- :zre- thie tn
.'.‘w‘ :11'L; ; :zz'w‘zdf‘ iiztfl IM.» l'nml
‘.‘élx iv :9. :.~.‘.‘.:x ifuci. \Yohzivu
all! 2'.:'..: ‘..:u. 1%.») '.s‘ila J» i-) \‘=3mn~
Mint il'w s-x‘afth: i~ hid} lri"‘..:-ll!"l;
in th-zu. (Eu; x.--.:.1 m un-thiun
1h“ «Hang-mug: 1;): :::.~' l:u>i:.r~.—‘v and
?!::i‘.. in ghaxzz :1 {“1132 im‘ .2 Cam-Li.
tiny: “'sl: I. :1 inn-1;; :‘iy {4115;311:55ng
’. :‘.-1 M‘ -: '11:» 1111:"!
.. ~ s ,_ 5-; m: H
m :-1: u: ml .- :'.~u 4. aim! 413(3:
. - L, 13:1 2:: 1L» I-i’kiivt'} 114‘ ‘y-n-ufj
-_. :EKV 112‘ A \‘J L. 54‘ ‘..‘ 2‘l»' 3‘ 141.!ia'l i
‘ :su , 11‘ |:1:~ {2. in ~12"... .:.! V: 1.!
man: :' i: 111.1 z-uzan .-: -. xi. :'uv- Van—i
_ ‘
mun: ..:.! ii‘.;,i:-.a it it :21 mm!
‘6l-:14'22 21. "xi-. 14: 3:: 'I Hi this ixdunfi
{1 wlfi ('uuzn N. :u Purllun-l
.3313: ixl‘t':' ilk.f..<"-:-|l§l,:x.¥l:! 1‘ ‘mi»
ion} rim.» ‘2‘.-. Xin- mm'! ;. x. :;._ huf
ZtL- -~-'x- grunt ;-“.':‘~|r!H-‘. I: Vii” have
him law: terminal hzu'iu-r m: llw I’2:
2cm: (1);»! and can ship iis fu-igl-t 2);;
‘occau mun- chi-“pig; than :1: any «.:itor
ipuint on theeuzuai. \‘W'l; itfimznl
awn could unduuhtmliy --<-'.m Hu
iAm'ericzan tu-x‘miuul lzunlmgs uf tlu
lo. 1’ R. H. staunch which now
touch at Sun E‘l‘ithKhCO. Having
‘ouce (natural the eu‘uits to Inudnt
Vancouver th(-y could save nearly
2000 Knifes uu tln'ir {zips by touching
at Port Townsend instead of Sun
Flume-2:200. 'll-» l'nvs‘. is Hint if this
mud is :ucn; 2;} i: will make of l’uxi
TOWUT‘PIILI xlz.‘ la-adiug only uf the:
Sound. This in Mali Nature inieu l
ed. But while we have liven sitting
still waiting fur greatness to lw
tlu‘nat uyuu us. other cities with push
and energy have gnue ahead of us.
Now is uur limo. Don’tlet any little
petty jesiluusies divide us nor any old
hide bound policy of cuusorvutia‘xu
keep us fruin thr- success xlml is
Within our grasp. Five huudrvd
tliuusaml dollar.» is not a lnrgi- smu
fur us 9.9 I‘l!lSP. It i-ifl. subsidy, how
ever, that will attract attfiutionuml
secure the road as it could probably
be doubled along the lines of the pro
pose-:1 road. Let every mun do hi:
best today.
The Call has it htnnbln hen in hifl
b‘JlJDl‘l. He has basin using the g-Jmi ‘
s 0 llt‘ Wily on Post Muster McNamara ‘
and Sherifi'b'honhau and Collector :
Brooks that he has “stirred up tL-t
--nnimnlfl and ho think-s be his found ‘
a veritable hornets lie-st. He has un
ilonli‘wdly found one, but ho is prob
ably Dilxtulit‘n as to which camp it is
in. As to the news portion of tho
Cull‘s article we have no knowledge
If certain young Republicans, have
propurol to buy the Axons or to
bolt (Emir party and have chosen to
winmunicatu tho mutter to the DL‘DJ
ocr‘itic organ before they have made
proptaaition, or outlined any definite
purpose then they are too silly to do
serve a moment‘s notice. That some
hunger‘s on in tho Bupnblican ranks
are Llisatistiod with the course of this
Anuns we are well aware for No ham
never named for any office any other
but go: (1 ancl_puno men and of course
there is an ‘olofient in all parties
which much dislike such a course.
That are in few base‘ corrupt men to
be found who would be glad to pos~
sass themselves of the Axons without
paying u. reasonable equivalent there
for is probably true. After eleven
years of hard toil tho Axons under
the management of the present odi
tor has grown to a fine property,
paying a reasonable profit on the in
vestment with an excollent prospect
of growth. We are giving stendy
employment to seven persons and
are therefore the third largest manu
lacturing enterprise in Port Town
send. As the ARGUsis nut tor sale
we may incidentally say that there is
probably no better investment in
Port Townsend than the Axons
stock. We are not at. all concerned
as to the threat to start another Re
publican paper. We have never
claimed a monopoly of patronngo or
of occupation of the field. Let any
journalistic ability fire up and open
out the values and do its prettiest
for success. It Will not interfere in‘
the least with us. If any respecta—
ble member of the republicans has a
grievance he can do as he likes.
come to us in a manly way or sneak
around to the Call to give the party
it black eye.
I Senator Ingalls of Kansas, fired a
ishurp reply at Senator Vow-bees in
tha U. S. Senate. It seems that some
of these senators are as gracious tO
- as street huodlums are, as
Yuorhecs replied \vixh "You lie.”
"It’s a falsehood,” "You are a dogfifl
etc. But Ingznlls skinned him alive}
all the sumo. ‘ l
Behring Sea Question.
The following letter received this
muruiug will be mad with interest by
tlx fur sealers:
Washington, D. 0., Ann! 18, 183*. 2'
Iqu. Jus. (.'. Swan. Pt. Tou- mend, W. T. :
Mr Dun Sun—l bu: respectfully to
acknowledge necipt :f yuara April 9th.
3I agree mm you [but the construction
pu: upsn the words “ adjacent waters,"
by 11.0 Asst. Sreretary ut the Treasury
:13 iucinding all (he Behring Sva ceded
In us by Russia, is ”hummus. Ido not;
iu—Lem that cuusfnxchrn is jnliifitd by!
“it 21'1“": (‘l' logic. .
_I am véiy truly yours,
dorm tl. MITCHELL.
§ml '
22g : aim REL .
>sl“ 131;.
:45; Fun“ m" 1. May l.——_-‘;n'§.a.vd—
rH—‘ii w: \!.-xi:~. ‘Viohrin: slips Blue
idgih :. .‘- -; t?!--; i'arxtdhm. Xau jam.
may ..; u.‘:-2;cmn‘-m.a.
(‘xL'rzuuL iii. ..‘Jziy l.—Arllmr
11:;3 ». whi-Y _‘.‘r-.:2~ l'i;i. «’xiq'd {UP}. 3' ’.:-
‘nz ‘35. :2‘~::: ;:—-i“[11.(vlilil. Ho l'as
:.?i,~.' i-u-i Eu; ;: >5 gviuunl dug fnm‘ days.
‘;_; . and rum md an ugly wound in
(L‘- i'::u-. "ft-- inf; «'.lfi'vz'wi i!|t{-usvl_\'.l
I:,nrrn-gi'xyz azim‘x.
' (SALV- 1‘112.-\grgi?-U.«-Au van]:—
qn 11.. :2 ..; x 21-2: hx'h- m 5
v'i. :.- :~:;'=:_-‘ Emmi: unvi
x.f : .\. ml -_.- i « Ivy-Jrlwi. i
\ .:z .‘:lr~i :'zx :Lnrxaa'r. l
I. 3:; x. 'l'! ii". —'i‘iw {in war l
'.: » 1,.4. ‘ ix}: 'llzv I‘l'rLrll‘
... .. .-l Elwin; mad Una
-—‘ :1- t‘lli' | ‘, - .3 It's-l?! “ll; :_V'Hll'l‘
- ' 'A !. g '1 :‘3'STE'E‘. "\fl'f éL:-
';: ~ .3; :1, : E".:§.- bn-mvrc: rim»
d M“.
‘ ~:::. QT; ; r :1: mark- ("2151‘- an;
i .41.; 1.3-.» L .\l‘Til 3%" :‘1 In“
‘: 413;. I'x-c'\'.\.a‘i 1:; ”Ir .‘.lnn‘f‘xantn' 1113"
l;.- ;-;:~ h"..- ::;e-I:.Eug —::_y.~ that Hu
-s~'=-.;:;:= :' (In H: t-f Hz» Pacific hem-v
:_w - t-aw‘mjv Ezra: >713: Dingo. struck on
:2: law-l; a, :P: - “1.5 whirring l’urt liar
:R-M un-l .~.‘.::l-. la :1 nlzort time. The
3:.» .:zg-vr» .:mlz-rvw 1.-fltl;e sinking
‘3: ~».! '2') i.::.:;a um! landed suful)‘.
‘ ll.' an Ia - 1‘ Ilu‘ l’uvslic is Um pm
hut-21;; u: 19- l'. (1. F. S. (mmpnuy and
51:131.: :1 :.' hum. S4UUJMML Capt.
:fxll'l‘lll-lx‘l' ix-R-gzzzyhs that the vessu-l
irid'uhg :1 1442 i; and “1101} rapidly.
a \‘fi‘o-a-lzing apparatus and drivl-rs loft
l {mu- this ::i {m n 0.3“. . If th'o weather
{runmins calm I! 15 helm-cod 11n
{:‘V‘dlllv r can h-n rake-1 and the dam
;ngv will b: small.
! .\ xaw (2mm; .u'srrr-E.
I , “Iwmxu'rux.April 3U.~—Tlxo presi—
fun“; to Jay sa-ut h) tlwwuutetlm
Imminminn Ur Melville F. Fuller. of
Illumis. to he elm-f jxulico of (be
I (nixed States.
Kitw You»; .\pril 30.—I\Irs. Coist
:zni iln‘m- (‘hiHl‘l-Il \V‘uru SM’Hrt-b
i-uzm-d lhi« morning by the explu
aim; of u li-sruN-uu lump. On being
Ith'll lo the lanspiuil (we of th(-
rhiiiln-u dig-«l. llu- olhm' may n‘rqu'l‘.
\YAsmquux. April 30.——Fullvr i>
u nu'iw of Elaine and in hiufifiu:
yv-u‘. Ho ii :Lyruduate of Buwdnin
vallvgn, xu-n-r filled 1m nflioo. is th(-
:‘ovngniZL-d lom‘wr of 1110 Chicago bar
and has lwld a high place in th(-
conncils of the dmnucratic party.
NEW YORK. May l.—Tbo genera]
(.'Ullh‘l‘thl‘ uf the .\luthodist Episr
{‘UEEJI church owned in H‘ssion thi-
Imn'uing iu Hm Metropulituu ”[H'l'u
lmuno. Luna before the uppuiuted
lmur the vast auditorium commenced
to fill up with minish-rial delrgatosl
ISL-shops occupied seats on tho staga
Thu gnHvrk-s and buses were crowd—
{:11 with thdics and gentlemen. Bis!)
up Bowman, the‘ senior bishop. pre
sided and cumhu-tml tho exercises.
Thu number of minish-rinl delegates
is 200. and the number of In; xlela~
gator; 175. Anwnng the laydplugums
are tins women. Every state and
territory of 1119- l'nited States is rep—
:ese-nted. and llwm are delvgzztes
from Canada, Mu-xico. China. Japan=
Africa, Gurnmny, Sweden, Norway,
Swilzerlnud :md India.
David S. Monroe was elected por—
manvnt sucrutrry. Two committees.
cuusisting of on) clericztl membm
um] um- lay nmmbur from efich dis~~
Iricr, were :‘.mminvd and instructed
tn ruport tu-xunu‘ow morning. The
hading (pun-diunx to be settled by
lhl- rummitt-x-s are the admission 0|
women as dob-gains and the admis
sion of delvguL-s from foreign coun
mum .\iiTuifK mamas.
Cuxcmn. 31.13; ]. ~Gmnd Chief
Engineer Ax‘i'uur. af Hm Brutborhood
of Locomonw Engineer's, arrived
here this murmng. ,
BERLIN, May 1.-—-'l‘lw emperor
passed a sleepless night and his
[ever has inert-used.
THE BRITISH up); nmns.
OTTAWA. May I.~—lu tho senate
yesterday the fisheries treaty was
up for discumsion. Sum-. 10- Perrier
said that if tho Unitml States do nut
adopt the trmty if. will l)0_nlllht
worse for them. “We shall have
done our share in making lihvral ml
vunces and COHCL‘SSiUhF,” said he,
and if in rejecting that which is
just they should rely on their uum
hers and wuullh, to force through
lines that limit our lugituuate inher
itunm» and attempt m may upon our
national rtuhstaucv, it will not hr
Canada’s fault if lmhind their fleet
and within sound of l'uuir Atlantic
cities they lmur Hunter and nearer
the mighty voice of British (mum-us."
A noi’cor'ran rmts’r.
DUBLIN. May l.—The irritation
caused l:;; the «loan-e Of the pope
nguiubt the plan of campaign is luau
ifvstiug itself in strong antipathy to
Monsignor Periscr, on whose reports
of the state of ufl'airr: in Ireland, it is
believed. the dPCYQ‘U is based. In tho
neighborhood of the convom, where
the papal omissm’io ro>ides, the peo—
ple who formerly saluu-d him with
respect. now refuse to recognize him,
and the local bakery refuses m fur
nish broad to the convent so long as
he is an inmate. 7
' PORTLAND, Oregon, May 1.-——'l‘hr
-Iregular annual election and mowing
of the (flies-rs of tlm Oregon & Unli
fumiu railroad was held at the com—
pany’s omen today. The following
uflicers Were electvd: Leland Stun
ford, president; 0. P. Huntington,
vice prosiden'; R. Kohler, second
vice prosievnt; Gnu 11. Andrews. 10~
cal treasurer; J. E. Gates, assistant ‘
secretary. 1
A New Era.
For months and (‘Von years gone
by Port Tuwusmd has had :1 fair,
21 goal repulmiou as a shipping port
()nr keepers of suilura’ boarding
huusos have troatwl [heir men as
well as at any port, these men are
lrea‘od. Now a new era has dawned.
The notorious Jim Turk, lung known
at i'ortluud and Astoria, is heral
The Tacoma pnpvrs say he tried to
locaio there I ut was {so “'0” known
and hence was compelled to leave.
In Port Townsend he). has already
’introduced those methods that has
,mnde Portland and Astoria 3 hissing
and a reproach in shipping circles—
tbat of Shanglming. This, of course
can rerult only in evil and deserves
the pump! rebuke of our oflicers of
the law.
Pope and King.
Thu COI‘I’USIM‘Ddt'H‘ having seen
the slatt‘ulFl‘Al that the King of Daily
i< zmtugonisién tu the pope and is
1"‘l"'“"“'“1 h ‘3O a Catholic writes for
an l-Sliiflfiuii'lWL uf what appears to
him In be :1 pzauuiux. Jim antago—
nism between {Lu King and the pope
aniws but w" tlu- ciaimnf the [:upe
(4.: t-Xo'n-im temp )i’lll powers. The
‘igizzg. as tho Itziiim; “tn‘vi‘vign, cau—
-11m? i‘vcugnizi- this claim. So long
i“ 21:0 [NIEH' (mutiny-s: himsnif to his
i‘pirimul i'nm'liuns a“ tho hem} of
izim' clun‘vh tiil-l‘a' is no antagonism
y?-‘(':\‘:(‘\‘U him :mJ Italy's sown-i3ll.
glut \ziwu ti;-- priv-t :bpires (u Ir!-
gwn‘u» a r-ivi] Inlvr, ‘u: esiubiish im
é‘w #131,." in :'mpw‘l'n. :izn him; and the
i iluiinn nation Vi'l'_‘.' prwpwrl‘v svt lbvir
:3. A Jan. and my 1.0. 'l’hz- Work of
i'mnmr and Victur Himmnn-l in unit—
lén; im- iii~lu:-!:-!u-r.>zl prnvim-(‘s and
.-1-i=l! and rampart nation wuuld
iatw» l-.‘-. :1 but izzxif ili't'LHllllli‘llfld if
aim}; i-nii Ivft in a; Run sh priest any
'sl!!‘~'2-Il‘ifii ;: v~.‘.~.-r:-. 1H 21 civil nm‘giS-i
llufO. I
The Fur-m haw roan-r swam n-h-ruri‘
lii-'ii vinfim in zonipumi iowvr, and
this i-E‘mu Ema ht't'“ :1 Cowman: nus-i
HIN'I‘ t) Hi.- imc‘grity uf theiiiugJ
‘.un: of Italy. 1: in lmi a fuw
:in-m‘ns simm- tiw pl'ufiflfli im'nmbl-nt
uf Hw paap'ilwiiic.» “'22:: hunuutml lw
l'iillr’t‘ il‘.‘ ('nlllti [MIL l‘m‘t’iVU th(“ digni
'.:.rix,-:; “‘l.” paid tlwir lmmugt- to him
during the juhiive (‘t‘iz‘hl'flliunh with
Il‘n‘ imam ni‘ :: civil ruin-1* surmmzdml
l-y inn~ :‘.x'm)‘. Hs- vxprsi-d tim hop"
aim: t'll u mun auspicious occasion
:ht'rt‘ I‘2‘qnisitivs \vuuhl bu snppiiud.
[u ‘.iw fum- nf this [u-l'sihivnt claim of
tho pup? that the lung of Italy is an
' nexiwr it is. no “‘um‘mr that tlmm is
‘ antagonism: iwiwvun the lawful ruler
and the illnltiiiullfi pi'iust.
fle lesseps’ Duch-
I: has cm! smnv hundreds of mil~
Hams nf dollars to donmush'flte lo
U-m'.‘ FM'tlimm-J ('.v stnp‘a‘ that
si-nnn 1121.»; :za-t NW dvgnw of permea—
bility [iL-:~'l':i~.t"} by sand. It was uu
trick at all in (15;: n hula through the
_grzmnlutul phin n 1“ Hm-z; [nu .:zmal—
lzing the solid rucksuf Panama is
qnim n diflk-rvnt thing. This is at
Lsst snlnnittml by l)i‘lJ\'fiHUllS. and he
7:(‘.\V [Human-.9 to Change his Wurk
frum asm 10ch m:1 .uck canal. But
mill the undymuking. even in its new
52:11pm over m finished? C:luifspl‘o~
Innl- r 5 vwr misu the vast sums
needed for its 00mph3fiun‘?
Le Genie Civil, the most promi—
nent engineering pvriodical in
Franco, has an article in a recent
number on the subject of the pro
posed altorutiun ‘in_ the plan of the
..;;mul. The aizuiflics it. presents
must cvrluiuly stunlo the Guliic en
tbusinsts win; huge been iuveigled in
to dumping lnulwy hy thecnrlnud
into 11 big «litvh which promises to
remaia fur all t_inw "wiihuut form
and vuid." Following is :1 synopsis
of stat-*moms xxuulo by this French
scientific authority—.which by the
way. in not hostile to flu: enterprise:
"Tim fine divisiuns int.) which tLo
line at tho cunul at Panama is di
vidvd. cuutuiuml. at thLI outset, 135,~
(“H.OOO cubic muturs to he removed.
The urcmuptbhun-nt. Hi) to this
time. has l)u(*rxtt~'follo\\'s- u the first
division. from Aspiuwul]. westward.
(llrt‘o nfths u! the oxvzmxtlou. and in
tho fifth division, from Panama oust
ward. (um-third: iu the second and
third divisions, from Tayernillu to
Empm‘adnr, oue~ eight each. and in
the fourth division, La Cuiubm two
0f the total accomplishment of
30,666,666 cubic mntors out. of the
[35,000,000 to be extracted 19,666,666
comes from the Atlantic and Pacific
.\(‘c'iUhF‘ whvrc tho (saith is tho“? and
tho drulgos encounter no serious üb—
stuck-8. me the three central and
tlifiictflt divisiona 11,000,000 cubic
meters have bet‘u extracted. after
seven _vczm‘a’ opnrntiuu‘z. and out of a
total of 96,000,000. Ew-n if the sub
stitution of a canal with locks should
reduce the tutu) remaining: excava~
tion in those svctiuus to 40,000,000
cubic meters, as claimed by the com
pany, it. would require twenty-five
yearsto complete thn work at thu
same rate of progrnss.
In that time, Walt at the present
rutv, the uggrvgutu interest: of the
r‘xistiug dams, nnaompoundcd,
would amount to $500,000,000, and
the world would have, for the rev
quirements of its commerce, an in
complete cnnal. not. more than fifteen
fuetiu depth (4.57 meters), and bur
dencd with dams exceeding $1,000,-
“Just a Foolin.”
At the commencement of (Jleve
land's administration: we were as
sured by such mugwumps as Mr.
Curtis, of Harper’s magazine fame.
and James Russcl Lou‘ell. who has
.:chiuvcd some rank as apoct hut
poses chic-fly at present use high.
toned moral politicuin, but Cleveland
was in fact "better than his party,”
and that in all great issues he would
prove true to his word and at least
"come out strong." And not a few
people of the butter sort. in both par
ties believed this and hoped forthe
hcst. At least they were willing to
give him a chame. But as Daniel
Webster remarked to Haync, “this
is not the first time in the history of
human ufi'airs that tho vigor and
succcss of the war have not come up
to thclofty and sounding phrase of
themanifesto.” It seems now that
Ulcvclan‘s promises, like pie crust,
were made only to be broken, and the
conviction is growing that so far as
his fair promises are concerned he,
was utterly insinccre. making them
only with intent to deceive.
Take. for example, his assertions
concerning a second term. He was
under no constraint to pass such se ,
vcro strictures upon the idea of a 1
second term. It wrs not called for
nor was it popular. just the contrary.
If a statosm'ta. in the true sense. oc
copies the presidential chair. and
has ideas of value to impress, or a
far—reaching and beneficictit policy
to carry out. eight years are even too
Ishort to put :uch men upon their
feet and start them on their mission.
But Clevoluud in his letter of accep
tancu put. himself on record against
a second term. And now his incon—
sistency is manifest in this, that he
is putting the entire machinery of
his party in motion to secure a re
uominatiou! And doing this, too,
With an attention to details, and a
descent to low methods, that. would
reflect great crmlit(?)apon a fifth
rate ward politician in a country
town. -
" Then. tun, the civil service! Ah,
‘_vos! "The civil service must be re~
‘furnu'dS’ No more influence of pub
lic “Ilia-i 315 in politics! No more
were heads of departments to sound
the basin and organiz.» the faizhful
mt aggrcssive war! N 0 mom- was
we uimbla colirc?!‘ of reveuuus, the
smart register uf and _uflice, or even
the slower but none the less_ useful!
pas'mustpr, L: pack the convention-s.‘
lwut the drums or carry banners xnl
«ntlmsinstic prncos.~ions, or stand at‘
the polls to challenge volt-5 or buy
thvm! No more! All this was part—‘
ism politim; was “ofl'mmive” and
"must be put down!” So! ‘
But now, as the forces are gather-i
ing for another conflict. Senaturl
Kenna. ('hnlrmnn of the democratic‘
congressional commitec. sends out
this ::ng;.:o.slivo circular letter to the
Ilmr Sir: Enclosed I send :'. few
Hunk bluth, on which I will be
obliged if you will kindly made out a.
list: as far as convouieut, of the
mum-s :url politics of the putruns of
.\nm' uflicn and forward to me,
Ycurs Truly. Jog); E. KLSXA.
How suggestive! Of course Pres
ident (iluwlnml knows nothing of
l'uxs, but all the same, the names
will be bent in, and before the Clum‘
of the presidential campaign all the
«fill-e lmlalezs from the village {urt—
muster up In tho mimslerof state will
by manipulating conventions. solicit.-
iug van-s and shaming for Cleveland
and ”civxl starvicp reform!"
A [-u.~'.'.il;l«- vxifizuzalion uf this :‘.p- ‘
pu‘vm i!!L'i)IISiS:UXXC_V may be famud
in 1120 ful'luwing story:
Two Iriabmcn. 1:011; devout (331114
ufica, vngugvd in (he chundlur misi
unss. it is mid. \vurc once Grasping a
riwr on a dark night ‘.vilh their
earthly 515. at In! of tullmv, 11!! board,
when) a :;Lul‘lu cums up [but seemed
ia'rz-xiy to Ul)n('t the boat and druwn
[lm .'.Ctllpii‘nta‘. As is usual in such
cases. rvcuurso was had lopx'uyur.
"Hmvly Viugiu,” crivd l’nt mt‘n
much emotion, "saw us. and if I got
ashore, sure uu’ I‘ll make acumllo
for yees as high as the church
; "Huwld on. Pat. my boy."iuler—
ruptml Mickie. "It’ll take all the
Ltullor, sure.”
"Hist, Mick, lad," said Pat. "and
let me set foot on shore, and [vary
candle will she get. I'm just a
fuolin' of ’el’.” ,
In all probability President Cll‘VO
land 1:) making such {uir promisus at
the start was only “just a foolin’."
It looks very much that Wfiy.‘"l(li‘.hl}
Thirty yachts, designed by Bur—
guss, of Boston, will be put into thu
water this season.
Great indignation is folk at L )n
--dou in regard to the peoples ducrce
regarding pulmcs in Ireland.
The whistling crazn has started
ammg the fashionable women :yf
New York, and society is preparLug
to packet.
The population of this country is
at prosuut about sixty millions of
pnnplu. which includes all Huge
whore names have been proposed for
A Linguiat asserts that any man of
urdiuury intelligence can master
\‘ulapuk in a month‘s tune. l’er
harps; but will any man of ordinary
intelligence try it?
“The City of Gig Harbor" has
lmen platted and the plat filed are
auditor’s office. The city consists of
forty lets and four streets named re
spoctively From, Buruham. Tacoma
and F crest streets.
A New York mau lost his (laugh
ter, and the police tor-covervd her for
him at an expense M 37 cents for
telegraphing. which bu refused to
pay. Hare is a. problem in heredity.
If she took after the old man he was
right in refusing to pay three bits
for her recovery.
Mr. '.l‘hos. B. Merry, the well
known nuwspnperman, has been ap
pointed by President Cleveland one.
of the commissioners of the United
States to attund the world‘s expon—
tion at Melbourne Austral a Mr.
M! rry was at one time reporter on
this journal. Who says that an zun~
bitiuus newspaper man camp-t se~
cur.) toz‘ognition ih thesu glorious
United States of America?—,l’.—l.
Rev. Father Conrady. late of the
Unmtillu resurvation mission. at his
own request, has left. for the Sand~
wich islands, to assist the missionary
priest. Father Damien: among the
tapers of tho island of Molokai. as
the latter 'has contracted the dread
disease and can no longer say mass
for his 1,500 unhappy mortals wait
ing for death. The self—sacrificing
priest will soon be followed by vol~
untoer sisters of chafity from Syra
cuse, N. Y.—-—-Maz'l.
J udgo Gresham, who stands as
good a chance as any of aspiring
candidates for the presidency has
held two cabinet ofiices. Ho was ap
pointed Postmaster General by Pres
idont Arthur April 3. 1883. and
served in that office till September
24, 1884, when he was appointed Sec
retary of tho Treasury. He held
that oflico a little over a month,
when he resigned to accept the
United States Circuit Jndgeship,
which he now holds.
As was feared when the news of
her stranding first came, the steamer
San Pablo has proved a total wreck.
The loss is the more to ‘be regretted
as she was one of the finest vessels
in the Pacific fleet. No details will
he recoivr-d for several weeks. but it
will probably be found another case
like that of the wreck of the City of
Tokio, near Yokohama. Carelessuess
or recklessness is very costly in the
navigation of lu"h dangerous coasts
as tho=e of China and Japan.
1 At. English. Crawford county, In~
diana, the “White Caps“ raided the
home ofn widow named Jones and
took her strapping sons from their
beds and gave them seventy—live
lashes each for general meanness
and laziness. An organization of the
kind might. find profitable employ
ment in many towns on the Pacific
Coast. Meanness and laziness!
That. expresses it. all. A widowm
mother over the wash tub to support
sixteen-year—old boys whose sale
business is to play base-ball or
smoke cigarettes on the street cor
ners. Send the “\Vhitobaps” ‘his:
way. ' i
Speaking of the proposed new
buildings the Walla Walla Union
says: The penitentiary commission
ers expect soon to let. contracts for
the new buildings to be erected.
They are in some doubt concerning
the establishment of the jute indus~
‘try this your, us the appropriation of
$2.5.‘K10 seems to be insufficient for
the purpose. They haw correspon
ded with various parties concerning
the matter, and the cheapest e-timate
mudu would cost complotrd 342%).
It is‘not likely that the factory can
be started this year or until a larger
appropriation can be made for the
purpose. ‘
A monumeni to La Fayette is in
course of premium in \Vashington, B.
Ll. which promises to be ona of the
most attractive Works of art in this
country. Two distinguished French
was“. will d 0 the work. Other‘
Fronclmwu besidns La Fayette willl
be momorinlizod in the monument.
Rochamboau, Duportail, D‘Estang
andeGrusse. La Fayette will bel
the chief figure and theothers will;
be grouped amund him on the pu-1
dental. The statue is be completodl
in two yaars. All republics are not
South (Inlifurniais trying a pen—
sinn experiment. The Legislature‘
cr-‘ulod a lwnsiou Board and voted‘
$5 pvr month to all disabled Confe¢l-‘
enm- Vi‘lf'l'nlw. It was estimated}
about $20,000 per year would fnot
llm hill. Thu hczml wont :1: work
and already the applicants pussml
inll absurl) $21111.t-U‘.l Per yrur. and
mixly lmlf «if thou) are in. The lead
l lug Cunfluévrutu suldivrs are alrvmly
llwgiuniug lougilutu fur a rcpt-:11 of
gun law. in order to save the State
[from bankruptcy. '] his pensiunlmn
‘in-‘m is a: Hall)“ nil'uir l 0 lJfilltllU omm
lvssly. and the Southern States
“Hal-l beitur l 9: it alone.
The I'9o"th svs>iou of the Legis
lzmm- pnssuvl a law demanding the
ruih'oqu of fins .TurHtut)’ sllll]le
:‘.ssvsu-d and tum-:1 in film s'zmm muu— 1
nor as ihn peuplo are us-iessed and
hum]. This sounds very well and
win no doubt ticklu the fancy of
some; but war cheer“: that. every
lawyer in the 'l‘m'ritory has a difl'rn
(31:3. Mn; (:5 to what t'uoluw really
means. The rullruuds own frau—
ci:i.\es, rolling stock and railroad
rights which the ponpm have not,
uual. th(-refute, it is difiicult to assess
thu m the same manner as individ
nul pro}.>ert_v. The lamented Legis~
lumps repotila-d the gross earnings
rzzih‘uzul law. but enacted on good
substitute for it.~—l~.’cvc£lie.
A large numiwr of opinions fur
nisiiul by prominent republicans in
Maine anal New England generally
Were published recently in the Bus
ton papers. They express the belief
that nothing; can prevent the nomi—
tion of Blaine, and that his name
will [:0 cat-rim] by storm through the
(ZOlA‘t'lltiUll and that his arrival will
lie tho start of a hurrah that will
lit't‘p up (luring,r the entire campaign.
It is further predicted that. in ten
years New York wheat growers will
cry louder for protection against
L‘s-.nmlzi than the~ wool men do now.
Some hunprod opinions are given in
all. They are enthusiastic for Blaine
and it is lhounanimonn belief that
Mr. Cleveland will stand for a sec
oud term.
Morn than half the population of
the city of New York liye in tenev
ment houses. There m‘y’ZOMUO of
them reported in the official statistics
(is "very bad." In one block on the
fast altld there are as many people as
you Would find in a can try village
stretching over severe? hundred
acres of land. Betwwn two avenues
no.l two streets in one district are
3.000 or 4.000 aouls. This in itself is
not objectionable; for the same space
if built up with "apartment houses,”
and.) us we see in other quarters of
the city. might afford to a much
larger number of persons even luxu
rious privacy; but these tenements
are only ordinary houses. In some
rooms you will, in daytime, see matt
res-es piled up till they touch the
top of the ceiling; at night when the
“boarders" stream in from their
day's Work. these mattrnsses are
taken down and spread over the
floor, touching each other. Forty
live people sometimes sleep in one
Should rcpublicans make Judge
Gresham their presidential candidate
this year one of the three romantic
atm-im which found their way into
Axum ican politics would doubtless
play :1 prominent part in the cam
pmgn. This story is to the efi'cct
that during the war of the rebellion
Gresham, thun a young colonel nuv
dnr thirty, being stationed With his
i':=giiiient at a past where there was
no chance for any fighting, been! the
guns of one of the battles before
Vicksburg. and without order-F
marched his men into the thick of it.
For this breach of discipline young
Hotspur was deprived of his sword
and put under arrest by his superior
otiicer. General Grunt, howaver. on
hearing the circumstances, placed
once more at the head of his regi
ment, gave him plenty of fighting to
do, and soon made him a brigndiet
general. It is easy to ima ine what
enthusiasm this story woulg awaken
if told in a nominating speech at a
national convention—Er.
In paying tribute to Roscoe COD]!—
ling, the Chicago Journal says:
“One fact in Mr. Conkliug’s public
life stands out conspicuously and to
his lasting honor. e grew poor, not
rich, in otfice. At a time of general
dumorulizutiun produced by a great
war and its resu ts, when men of po
liticul prominence and influence,
Congressmen and other ofiicisls be—
came millionaires. or at least ten of
great wealth, in a few years, he lived
upon his salary as a. member of Con
gress. enlarged by such strictly legit
imate professional fees as his atteu~
tion to every public duty enabled
him to euro. He was not a time
server, a whilller, nor corrupt. Ho
was encased in honesty, and it was
his bright, particular virtue. In this
respect he will always be a model for
the public men of the country, whose
opportunities may be as great as
their temptations, and to whom
crooked courses may appear easier
and more profitable than those which
are direct, but are rugged and toil
somo to him who travels them."
Mom: or 'rnE Axon-31' MARINE“.—
Last Sunday mention was made of
two of the oldest coasting matelots
who had been simultaneously upon
the Sound, but nnintoutiously omit
ted a brief notice of the younger
captain. J ame’é Mclntire, of the
ship Richard 111. is a native ofArgy
llaliere. Scotland. and arrived at. Vic
toria from London, via the Sandwich
Islands, in 1864, as second ollicer of
the old East India company’s ship,
"Marquis of Bute.” Amen: the
passengers on that ship wag the now
Venerable Cridge, of the Reformed
church of Victoria. as well as many
others who have long since passed
away. But British ships did not suit
the young Scot, and he therefore
came our to the Sound and took pas—
sage IO ‘h‘risco. After one voyage to
the Society Islands he steered for
this region again, and since 1858 has
=commanded the schooner Nevada,
harks Ann Parry and Massachnsvtts,
harkenlino Discovery, and ships. Ro
varo, Tahrz Howes and Richard 111,
his present ship. He has mver
missed a day’s employment except
during the shcrt period iollowing the
wreck of his favorite, the Revere, on
Vnncsuver Island. some years ago;
Captain Mclntim married a daugh—
ter of the late F. \V. Pettygrovo. at
Port Townsend. where his family
now domicilo.—P.-I.
Children Cry for Pitcher’s,6astoria.
A BUSTED noon—P. P. Johnson. ad'-
itor of the Walla Walla Union with
his Wife, has returned from an ex
touded tour Lhmugh California, au—
dcrtnkeu for his health”: sake. Tho
boasted climate of California he
found of little buuefit to him, and he
will go down Sound by way of con
tinuing the search and then return
to Walla “'nlln. Speaking yebfer
day of what. he saw in the south. he
"The boom is ‘huxtod down’ there.
One man wanted to sell mo for SIBOO
a lot he paid $3050 for a few months
before. It is so throughout South
t-rn California wherever I wont. The
people are leaving there in crowds.
To get a dinner: at a Sleeper you 5
have to put your name down two or i
three days in advance. When i at~ '
tmuptod to come away I could not ‘
sccuro a berth, and the agent put my .
name on the list for the next day!
with 35 names ahead of it, all want~
ling lowor berths. That. was coming
north, you undorstaml. Going cast
the travel is even heavier. Thc sit
uation hero is raversed there. Here i
the heavy, crowded cars aro those 1
,now coming west While those going
cast are crowded. A large part of
tho atampedu from the South, how
war. is coming north inst-sad of re—
turning cast, although the real that—
actor of this upper country is little
known or understood down there.”
“I found the hotels of San Fran--
cisco crowded.” continued Mr. John—
stou. "but the cause is probably or
plainenl in the flight from Southern
California, for there certainly dous
not 5001;) to be a boom there. 1 saw
but one new business house Fuilel‘
construction in the city. There
were, of course. sovemi residences
being built. I am batter satisfied
with Washington Territory than be
fore I left.”
Thoughtful citizens are beginning
to inquire why Chinese immigration
is alone placed under rigid restric—
tions, while the influx of all other
aliens is ermitted to continue with—
out checli), hindrance or restraint.
Not the immigration from Asia, but
the flood which has swollen to an in~
undation of aleins from Europe, is
the danger teat- now threatens our
country with the most serious conse
queuces. From a total immigration
at this port of 65,579 in 1861, and of
54,536 in 1877, the arrivals have in—
creased to over 476,000 in 1882 and
405,405 in 1887. For the quarter
ending March 315*. of the present
calendar year, 53,847 aleins landed
at Castle Garden, being 3,000 more
than the number that arrived during
the same three months of last year.
And while the number is thus dan
geroualy increasing. the character of
the foreign arrivals is manifestly de~
toriorating. Thousands of dirt shov
eling—we may almost say dirt-eating
——ltalians. and other thousands of
low-bred, low-brewed and degraded
Hungarians, have but recently swol~
len the turbid tide that is dashing
upon our shores.
The time is at hand when sober
men everywhere and especially in
Congress, must take ho d of this
question and deal with it courage~
ously and comprehensively. As we
have shown before, it is a question of
national character, national interest
and national importance. It con
cerns not alone the seaport States,
but all the States and all the Terri—
torics. ]t is strictly within the prov»
iuce of the National Legislature to
legislate upon it. for it efi'ects the
whole Union and endangers all its
institutions. That the interests and
wages of our laboring classes injuri~
ously afl'ected by imported laborers
is perfectly obvious. Not only the
wages, but .the morals, of our work
ingmen and miners are lowrred, their
political principles are to some extent
undermined and thr-ir love of country
lessened by the hordes of socialists
and semi-barbarians that are forcing
themselves upon us. Whether they
remain among our own people in a
state of race isolation or seek the el~
active franchise. they are alike dan—
gerous to the stability of the social
order. It is high time. therefore, to
restrict and restrain foreign immi
gration by law. We need and re
quire statutes of the United States
to protect our country from the in
roads of masses who have nothing in
common with ma.- America is not one
vast asylum for the lunatics or for
the paupers or the criminals of En
lrope. It is not our duty to receive
with open arms the dissenting of the
earth. We have quite enough to do
to take proper care of the foreign
l born population which we now have.
The Emperor of Germany is an n
posed to be on his death bed. and the
Crown Prince has been given full
power to act in his place. Death is li
able to take place at any moment.
While the young bot-headed man on
the throne, and the eqn Ally hot—
headed Bonlangor coming to the
front in France, and a quarrel be—
tween Germany and Russia over a
proposed wedding, and England
stic ing her nose into the wedding
business, and Italy making up faces
at France. and Austria preparing to
cut a dog in two them is a pretty
good prospect that “the devil will be
to pay and no pitch hot,” before the
summer is over. Then with the
cholera and a presidential election in
America. and a general strike of
brewery men, who are disatisfied,
floods all over the west. and politi—
cal orators tearing their hair it looks
as though it was going to be a good
time for a timid man to go into the
wnods and pull the woods in after
Speaking of the new chief justice,
our distance say: "The nomina
tion 0.. Jelville Weston Fuller of
Chicago as chief justice of the Uni.
tod States is regarded here with un
bounded satisfaction by leading man
of both parties. Fuller in every re
5 eat is fit to fill that high ofiice,
Ift). was born in Augusta, Maine;
February 1!, 1333. and graduated at
Bowdyn in 1853. Minister Phelps
being his classmate. After studying
law at Banger and attending lectures
at Harvard, Fuller come to Chicago,
His ability was speedilg recognized
and for thirty years he as won dis~
tinction among the foremost of the
bar. He has been prominent at ser»
lurul democratic conventions. and in
1 ‘B6O was selected to deliver the ad
‘tll'OSS to Stephen A. Douglass. In
his practice in the supreme court of
the United States he has frequently
come in contact with Edmund‘,
Thurman and other great lawyers,
but has never failed to hold his own
against the greatest of them. He is
familiar with the decisions of the
Court. and especially on all constitu
tional questions. When Fuller was
informed of hill nomination he was
overwhelmed with mil-prise and re—
queeted that he be not pressed for an ‘
extended interview, simply stating.
that he would accept the nomination—i
The commmee otenhnninmcn‘ c! the
M. E. Church desire to return especial
thanks to um Lifiuu Millenand Mour-
Jamea Wood and John Slocknnd u well
u to a host of other helper: in their
Mu, day entertainment.
“Too much headway." ’l‘th us the
matter when the Bk. Whitmore put her
bownprit unnoly apninst the Express
office and an" it her complements in
There are Cbmceo troublu in Annm
lia. “No China” need Ippb" in the
feeling there.
The Openniou of the Brooks liquor
law which went into efl'eat on Mu lit in
Pittsburg closed up 50.! saloons.
It has been ascertained that the sink
ing of the itcnmship Queen of the Paci
fic was cnnud by a deadlxgm being cur
rieJ away. Drivers are at work prepar
ing to misc tbs sunken vessel.
Mr. .\leler told leu lots in Irving Park
yesterday. By the way. this in one of
the gentleman who is hassling liberally
iu printera' ink these days—and who is
finding such ncuurse profitable.
The Br§ttld I’.-I. says: “nests. J. J.
Calhoun, 0. 21. Bradshaw, A. \". Bash,
and O. .\l. Gerrish passed throw-b this
city yetterday from Port Townu-nd, on
route to Yakima. to attend Ibo Repub
lic-3n connution." We congn‘duiato
Charley Gerrisb on his promin; nee in
the lit-.inbiicnn pgrty U).
The crew of the Hawaiian but: J 35.
A. King, ware paid ofi' )‘esmtday belou
Judge J. J. H. Van Bukkelcu. Viva Con
sul for the Hawaiian government
bberifl' flame of Olallam county, pm
ed through yesterflay on his way to
Steilncouxn with an insane patient named
‘ Jns. Gavan, committed from Beqnim.
‘ The unfortunate young man was accom
-1 panied by his {other also.
Iu counsctinn with the H. 13. enter
tainment given May lit. we may specially
mention the ice cream table vh'ch pre
sented u very attractive diaplay. The
table, cuvared with snow white linen,
was prottily arrayed with silver, crystal
and chiulware. Several vases filled with
beautiful flowers crowned the whole.
The cream was served in a most artistic
manner, and was the most popular and
a'lructive feature of the entertrinment,
asuhowu by lhe fact that its proceeds
amounted to $33.25. Beside the sauce
dishes, which nearly froze your fingers
to hold, were light woodun plates and
Japan» napkins. Much credit is due
to Mrs. Jnckmuu. who made all the cream
and presided at the table. assisted in
selling by Mrs. Hinds and the Misses
Stetson, Doyle, Vidler and Mclntyre.
The new schooner Jane- M. Colman,
recently launched from Hell Brolbate’
yard at Port Blakely. was ohuuled to
loud lumber at. Station & Poel’e mill. in
this city. on her first voyage to Sen
Francisco, but. owing to the great de
mand for lumber here. she was towed by
the tug Queen City to Port Diecovory
yesterday, where she will take on her
cargo -—seeitle P.—l., May 2nd.
At Hedlock, on Monday afternoon, a»
lonzshertman named Joe Banish. e
Frenchman. 38 years of age, while assist
ing in landing the Harwester wu struck
by n pile of falling lumber and had his
head crushed completely of. Eli body
fell ofl'tbe whnrf into the Sound, and a.
crowd of his companion: were engaged
all day in grappling for it, but without
success, as the water is very 4101?. and
the tide creates a very strong undercur
than Blbyne at. we 3:»ch
m lbs “I achfld. mused ream
Mannheim-mm, mamncm
Nouce tor Publication.
LAND Unxcs u- SIA'I'TLI. W. 'l'.. April 34, 1338. u
Notice is hereby given am. the following
mmad senior hu filed notice or his lots-tion Io
mu.“ anal proof ln lupport of his claim. and
um um proof will In nude boron tho: Clerk 0!
the Prob-m Conn at. Port Taiwan, ‘7. To. on
Tuesday, June 12th. 1835. Viz: H. Y. Blue. Px&
rmplion D. 8. ho. mm tor the S. \V. K 0130:.
n. rp. L’.‘ x, R. aW. no nunu the following
Mines-on to prove hil continuou- ruldelee
upon, and culllVahOn or. add Ind. viz: J. n.
McArdle. E. n. Dunning. l. 1". Hamilton. L. D.
Men-db. all of ({lnllcom, W. T.
.1011. Y. OSTRANDER. Real-tar.
N t'
0 Ice.
Notice it hereby sdvercllod an {ln C“:
Aspen-or has filed in me omen o! the Guy CI“
of Pen Town-end. the Anonmont Roll propusd
by said Assessor. uhowmg the mat on
Real Estate on the South side of Jclohol Street.
between the West. Did. of Adm Stun! to the
Eu: side of Plan:- ptmt. in add city. for the
purpose or own. ucxmg a sidewalk on “on South
lid:- of said Jefferson 51ml. Slid Amument
Roll is now open for public inopoctlon. Any
person fueling himself usurieved by mid Aneu
men: may apply to the common Council of the
City or POll Towns-mi. to luv. the um. um
rqcu-d a: the rogu'xr meeting of mid Council. to
b—s held u the Guy Hall in Port Tonsond. May
mm, 18%. “7:30 o'clock g. m.
JAMES EAVIY. Cit] Clerk.
5-2 mm “1
18 1-year old Heifers and Steers,
12 2-year old Heifers and Steers,
14 Milch Cows,
For sale by
Friday Harbor, San Juan (0. W. T.
Having secured the service. of I
I First Class Sign Writer, lum pre—
pared to do all kind- of work in that
’ line at reuomdlo nun. Call and
1 see me.
1 _ 1301313.;
.’ 1, , T ' Fox BALI—On.
1&le 3013106!" second-hand
but as good nil new—fire and burg’ar
proof safe, and one How. platform scale.
Apply soon at {his uflico. ‘
Gun 85 Looksmlth,
Pour Tuwswsn, W. T.
linn-nurk MLJ Kay filling prompfl nu-ndad o.}
(Won-cut :.ml llmhl'suws not and Jed. “PAH
work unnamed. L'niun wharf. marlß-im
.__‘ -___..--___r__~__._._.—-
Urn-,5 or lluuuul Conn, 1
Port Town-end. W, ’l‘. {
.\‘mxca i- hereby Know that I hue ur- Jay ap—
pninln-d Mujnt J. J. H. Vun Bukkcloa an 11. H.
M.'_~ Vice (um-r a-t Dnlrr-m. to uuvndmzle
Ullllhvßs of mu t‘nr'mntn during my nY~nue.
Jun“ Ag. SWAN.
ll )1. M 3: \ “Ls-l".
l‘ort Tonnsend. W. T.‘ April L 7, 1585.
In ptHLu‘r stump: fur u. now Sickle rum-u MD!-
3.3:: :r.§°3‘:c§:3§' {O% srf‘mmM
- x - .
‘auu'. If? an undo. um viper.

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