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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, June 21, 1888, Image 1

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Oldest Paper.
I? Om-stious nuswervd fret;
about °be country. ‘
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Volume XIX.
1 U b”
11 lmvru ‘
EVERY “(DRNLVI- l-ZX"EI"I‘ :l'fil‘AY. 1
Bothered by mun «'..x cr
3"Um'lHl’l [I DV I: \TH."
o'3o Yen- -~--~~--$' 0; ~ ‘l'h -r “...-st». .3239
ill 10nthn........ .'. m m.c\lmulx.. .. 1M:
In Jain-A. L‘r‘. ‘
.‘Per nvuk. 25A--I"3,‘H:aujv velk.’-
Muni'ln; mics uni-p.44 3;»,vlA‘liiuu- I
the 21mm gram. :
g I
Port Tcwurend, \‘xinhingxnn ’l‘--rrSLul'.Yv
TERM)‘ Ul‘ .\l'thflill‘l'th':
“newt-u..” ,_ _...3 “10‘ Imm... M m::.a.. .73 cu.
I}! Monthd . .. . L'ul ‘ Unn- Month...” ‘ls cut
\‘mulm-upy. LI Lrhlr.
pr .\lwayr m uxhnnce. .3
‘ an)“ or .\vvzmxaxsu.
0.. Inch. nu: ix:~er1irr..........‘... . .----!‘--"’
In): au’mqu-mt lE|§(:."L-va! . 5-)
'.Tnn ‘me .I n'hr'ii-h -,,' '..: ”mm: ins-onion
Inllt be- .‘w-mupnuiw! l-V cash
ALL A!‘\‘\)L'.\Tl| ~urrl.un mummy.
Dulce and Drugstnrw. new mu (‘us‘nm House.
Ream-m- v. .‘lffi. E. Barn-rain“ IIO'I‘L‘ f-muerly
ooo¢rie9 by L‘upl. Uiivcr, nu 'l‘.xyinr street
'l‘! ephnne in drug store, un-rwssilule day or
nigh So. of u-lephune for r-‘sidence, 33. No.
of Inphonu for umce. ‘.:!
Dunc: “nuns: 9 to H 111., ‘2 tusnml‘.‘ to!
p. In. sell-ivdwlf.
DR 0. “K HUNT. '
Do “I ih‘l . m
Pom- Tuwxnsso. w. 'r ‘
HUI-ous nxldu: my. uh»: Ur vh'urnfnrxu admin.-
lilmd for Damien" rxu‘ulmn (If |v(-'.h.
D E N T I b‘ ’l‘ !
Pan Towpund, - - - ~ - W. T.
All work guaranteed first class.
D. W. Smith. WnFre—n 1. “damn-git
Attorneys - at - Laxv.
[and for Sale. Loans Maue.
Port Townsend. W. T.
Imam! at Law. Pocmr 1n mummy
Auoeiaud mu: DEBTchr, or Seutllo.
m ‘°"r.;:z‘esaaag3:*;°gsrs- WP"
”Honey (0 loan 1: reduced rates.
Attorney and counselor, l
Proctor in Admiralty}
Notary Public.
mum Black. - Port Townsend. W. 1'
C. anw‘g‘. . m I. B. ’SACLIQ.
roar rowxsxxo. w. r.
Attomeya and Cmmaellora at Law.
Oran: aim-undo. New Bund‘ng.
:. J. Guiana", A. R. CoLuAI.
Attorneys-at - anl
at» M 033 1:; ADMInALTY. .
. WI.» building.
(It! . ‘ ' ' Pan Townsendflv. 'l’.
m an s‘l‘lunnoxu.
mu mwxmn. w. I'.
Wm, Dada, Propriater.
I“ m U! the appointments of a
.'Xu an :- Inppllod with the best of Wines,
‘3- “‘33“
E.il. . h- Bllllud table und Bending
100-1| nu Kohl. Nothing will be undano to
at. Ihlu new mud to none In :he'Ton-i-
EAST soun’b'a’OUSE.
-‘ I»: must). w. I'.
We Sutherland. Pwpriulor.
l .'. Mind If!" Hotel at East Sound
an Juan County. and the " Eat soumi
n 0...“ victi- now own [or tho accommoda
m. o! nag-uni publw. juxs
Wflham Busby,
' Immune,
[m all Paper Hanan:
"linuhoc lork Gumuteed.
Shop on “as It op. Court Haunt!
R HeflOSKRIE & 60.,
. Wot-om.
8:“; “lemon to Churches. thool m 4 Pnb
e um»... sad to union Budge. Raulvuy.
fig“: and Suntan work sonar-Hy.
: Benny‘s new Brick. Yon Townsend.
3'. !
a People a Market,
': > ~ .._—- »
"‘ ‘6". Iguana nym- luau.
. Port Townsend. Wash.
Thomas lackman,
‘: I
'1‘": 22331333 $11.3“ £33.31 n 33
cw. Bologna Snug“. 0n... gun.” 0- hand.
'06." «Hunt to nu unru or the cm.
City Meat Market.
CHOICE FRESH Inn's or Au.‘
& kindl, an. whole-u. md nuilr
100 Corned he! um Pork. Bologn
oa, lieu! Chasm“: .alvny- on hum.
1... Cut“ Ham. Bacon and Lu! Lard.
cu. a! menu. Sui-fnclmn 3:l3er
01%.! um and 903111- ?elivend to all put“ 0
e c Iy.
C. C. COLEMAN & 00..
Purl Town-end. W. 'l'.
'39“ door [0 Wan-man & Kutz. It
P 082! 10'!“an
contractor 8; Bmlder.
m l . B . .
””333.“ mfi'uii‘éeu‘if‘fl‘flflfi .33?”
. done on short notice.
who. on Winter St. nen Charles houl ...
“.1. not»: or
Cemetery Work.
F Dnnnn Start: to order. for
* _ ___:gun: urn-d Bcumxo pgrpoms.
V \. ‘ ~f-';’-,e~;, _’ . .. = >~i W 7 , , 3 ‘
-i) h ! ' \t-‘éié; 'l', 9:; I“ '{ .1722} V 5 ~ :7- hi
%‘ “. I ~ I 21 ‘ ‘9 ,a} * .3431
C D m V ‘132;
I Puget Sound Elinor-m.
[Hung-.15! amen-23; fur lhu Aura. by Jay. A.
\\ owl 1
I Smce Juno lat twanty-six vessulu have
waded from Puget Sound for foreign and
icouflwisu purta. Of this number four
tuau wcre lumber. uiuu c--ul and thne
mince: lair-ous cargoes.
TL. foliomug vessels suilod lumber
ludun from Tacoma:
Brilid: ship Uruwu of Italy and ship
Eriocwn. fur Hubwu's Bay; ship \Vm.
A. Campbell. for San D 3620; British bark
Martb Fisher fur Melhuurue.ead Sor.
bark Europa for Cullzm.
The following veeseis sailed tum Port
British bark Darby .’urke {or Hel
bomnc, Lurk Samoan fur 5:1) Francisco
an" Ichocuer Conner lur Domddn.
l mm Hudiuek~sh§p Guardian and
bus: Bum-u Talbot lar b‘uu Friw'ilco.
Frau) l’urt Gamblc— Balk (Laura-a}
Bullor for San Francisco. and Darken—
tiue thkltat for dun Pedro.
Frum Port. Ludhuv-«Schoouor Comm
to.- Sun Pedro.
Frum h‘enltle-«Brignutiuo Emma Au.
gusts for l'urt Hartford. and ”can ucbr.
Leo for Alaska.
The agurugute umuun: uf lumber taksu
by then:- vesuela .'rum uncil part was as
Tum-ma... .... .... .... 4.993.178
Port. Uncover] . . . . .. . . . -- . . . . 2,079,592
l‘nrt Bullock... ........ 1.8?36MJ0
Putt Gamble. .. . . ‘... 1.§20,000
Port. Ludlow. --.. 4804100
Seattle .. . ..-. 376,000
Tokal .. ..-.11.‘)33,770
The following was-cl: took
COAL Puon anu‘nn-
Steamer Wiliumecte .. .....--... 2200
“ Mexic0............-..... 800
“ Ummi11u..........--... 1200
ShipCummodure...........-..... 3153
" General Kuux......----—... 3500
" Valley Furce...........-... 2400
" Blue Jucknt...........--... 1900
Burk Detroit...” .... ...-..” 2600
‘StOlmScbr.Leu... ............. 50
rnou 'eronA.
Steamers”: Pedr0......-....... 4000
Slup'l‘wa Brothers .-.. 3550
8nrkM0mu0n...._......--...... 1400
T0ta1.... .... ”...... 7950
From 5eaman”................ 17,808
Grand t0b1..........-.......25,75—::33
(foul .... ....3141041 50
Lumber. .... .... 128.802 01
Merchanduamroduco, at. 24.650 00
Grand t0ta1..... ........829g,0§;5—l
Bnnltie....-........-_......... ....!'2.789
Ta00ma............-....... .....10.9'23
Bullock . .... .-.. 2.305
Port Di5c0very................... 2,221
Port Gambln..... .... 1,617
PoflLudlo-.;................... 875
\ _ .._—
Totul tonnage.... ....30230
With Our Bxchmgu
Allan G. Thurman is seventy-In you
F. J. Parka. the young Bpokum Falls
lawyer who in n pmminem candidate
for attornoy-zecomt. and an appointed
n member of Mn. code commiuion. bun
Inioidsd. Fuhliving was he much for
The North Pacific Industrial Auociu
tion at Portland lays the corner stone or
its manifio‘nt exposition building to
day. Union for tho occasion are Hon.
Ono. E. Williams. of Oregon. 3nd Hon.
Elwood Evans 0! Tacoma. W 0 bnd a
cordial invitation to attend.
Hon. E. 0. Porn ulna of Bnohomilh
City has bean at“ nding the Nil-lonic
Grand Lodge here. Mr. Ferguson read~
ily admin his faith in the future anat—
nen of Snohominh City. Although far
behind Pan Townsend in population, it
is ahead in railroad connection.
Tho domuratio territorial convention
bu boon onllod to moot at Spokane
Falls. Tueodoy. Sept Mb. 1! will con
oin or 161 dolegata. apportioned to tho
unoua con-tion u follows: Adoma.2;
Oheholil. 3; Clukg 7; Cowliiz. 4; King,
17; Fronlio. 1; Island, I; Kittitu, 5;
Davis. 5; Manon. 2; Pierco. 8; Bkngit.
3; Skamcnia. 2; Spokane. 10; Thur-ton,
4; Wall: Walla. 9; Whitman, 12; Aaotiu.
2; Clolnm, 2; Columbia. 6; Douglas. 2;
Garfield. 4; Jofl'onon. 4; Klickitat. 5;
Kitaap, 8; Lincoln. 6; Oknnognn, ]; Po
‘ciflc, 2; San Juan, 2; Snohoniah, 4;
LSlovono, 3; Wohkiakom. 3; Whatoom. 3;
Yakima. 4. County conventions Will be
held on Saturday. Anglo: 4th. J. V.
O‘Dell of Colfax in obaixmau of the tor
ritorial committee. and W. H. Whims
aey of Port Tovnund u wanton.
We worth! all lbe luenuou of thou
using bomoopnhio remedie- thul we
in. 1 ill] line and respectfully when
Iheir pctronlge. N. D. HILL & Bots. '
Ohm Cry for Pitchor’s Cami!
_- -- . < A-‘, _ fl---
I napalm”, uk “mu poop}: “I|.
have for tho put “am your: ban ml
ning : milk luck at! my I". that they
keep lhair an ad on." stock cl my
tumhu I VIII ‘bo an of it “it you.
I nlu notify luvnyou. bunny-null
boys Ild liluhu that than no barbed
'il. fauna- in 50va flu... but 311
placed inido of my linen. lam duel—
ninod that my nrohud nu‘: be pIHOI’Od
this you. “on .0 in nnd forgot to put
up the but I 111- 111 am .0 ampu
ur will R 0 frog 'l‘. I. Imam).
Great reduction in price: for the hex.
thirty days. I will all millinery n
greatly reduced prim New good. Ir
rivin‘ weakly, and will be sold obonpor
than the aha-pat. at In. Gem's
Port Townsend. Jefferson County, “’ashington Territory, Thursday, June 21, 1888.
Bl Tl“ lM" W"
’ AAA lI; o
I oznmx MuSAlu‘El Him.
l BERLIN. Junu IL 10 3'. m.~—'l‘he
,ulupcrnr l 3 inucli \\'Hl‘.~r‘ Hus morning.
i His strl-ngtli i 3 >inLing hill] {in} Wurat
3is now feared.
l 11 u. :n. -'l‘lu,- l'lllll~’i'«,“."n lungs are
iinflnmed. His und is ”wimp-hing.
1 Tux»: mn'rurnrx- ..w KT.
3 BERLIN. Junr 11.~ r'l'lm n-zoi'uror has
1 lie-en seizml with lm-Z;j;.\\'. Photo
igrnphel‘s have nrrivml to Like a View
lof the death-laud sauna
j unowixu WUHHE.
l 2p. ur—Tlm emperor i~ growing
‘worso. Inflaxmnuiiun of tho lungs
‘ has set in.
mmaunso run ms .\‘l'i‘i‘lls'uni.
j 3p. nix—The emperor is wry low.
Lockjuw has dvclzm-xl itss-lf. and un—
less this is I'vlie-vud than pzilivnt \Hll
die. Prince l'»i>m:x;;l; l~:;.\ given or—
dors for th(-formalities»: Hm soccer
sor of Crown Prince \‘(iiiiunr
scsmosxn To ms in-znsrnr.
BERLIN, Juno 14.'-'l‘hl9 crown
prince and crown prim-v 55 and Prince
Hurry have arrived at tho custlv. Em—
press Victoria has wutrhml by the
bedside of tho exnpcrvr since {our
o’clock this morning. All momhers
of the imperial family hare been
summoned to his lwd>itlu
FLAT mushy MAliliL‘l‘n‘.
Losnox, June l4.—'l‘ho lmnrses at
Paris. Vienna and Frankfort are
weak on account of the z-riiiczil con~
dition of the (‘lupt‘l‘ul' of Germany.
LETTER Fnou Bums.
CHICAGO, Juno l3.—Al’ittshnrg dis
patch says that Chairman Jones. of
the Republican National convention,
has in his peasession a third letter
from Mr. Blaine. which hehna just}
received from Blaine in Scotland, and l
which is to be read upon the assem~
bling of tno national convention on
next Tuesday. In it Mr. Blaine states
most emphatically that he will not al
low his name in connection with the
nomination.and that he would not
accept. though it. were tendered him
unanimously. Mr. J ones arrived here
this morning. but. would nuither deny
or corroborate the story.
SHERIDAN conxroumnuz.
WASHINGTON, June 14. General
Sheridan passed u quiet and corn
fortable night. the pulse continues
good, and reepirations are more
regular. No unfavorable symptoms
have appeared.
vxcrouu’s PACIFIC nu‘csczs.
LONDON, June 13.—1 n the house of
lords last night the advantages of
‘ Burrard’e Inlet as compared with E -
Iquimalt for a British navel station
on the Pacific coast were progented
by Lord Ephinstone in behalf of the
government. He said the authori
ties were divided. but after consulta
tion it had been considered unwise
to remove the station from Esqui~
malt. He also said the Inlet would
prove only it trap in time of war for
the shipn. The gowrnment is pre
pared to spend £3l.o(k’) on nrma
ment at anuimnlt. 55 10.000 on sub
marine stores and £ 10,000 on sub
marine structures.
runner: rnrnzmm; nun.
Perspex. June 15.4 Empercr Fred
erick died at 11 o‘clock this morning.
surrounded by Empress Victoria,
Empress Augusta, the crown prince
and the rent of the imperial family.‘
An hour succeeded hour early in the 1
morning the emperor became weaker,
but appeared to ho perfectly con—
scious of what was going on around
him. All present in the sick room
knew the end was approaching and
quietly awaited it. The empress.
who had not quit her dying husband
for 48 hours. But by his bed while the
crown prince with a pale, stern face,
walked up and down the stone pave
ment in the court yard. entering the
room every few minutes, solicitous of
his father’s condition. At just 11
o’clock the emperor gram a slight
gasp and passed into a painless death
amid the quiet weeping of the family.
umvsasan soanow.
Bums. J uns 15.—'1‘he news of
Emperor Frederick’s death has
caused universal sorrow in the capi
tal. Business everywhere is sus
pended, and the streets are crowded
with people anxious to learn the de—
u aux aounszs.
LONDON. J one 15.—-Dispatches from
Vienna. Paris and St. Petersburg
states that the bounce are unaffected
by the news of the emperor’s death.
‘ ranrsama r 01: THE svccsssxort.
Beams, J une 15.—A meeting of
fßismark and cabinet ministers was
‘had this morning to take steps for
iaccession of the crown prince to the
l moonstxo ANNOUNCEMENT.
Beams, J une 15.—lleichsenzeiger,
the oflicial paper publishes the fol
lowing announcement this morning:
The royal eufi'erer has ended his
earthly career by God’s decree. The
emperor king, our most gracious mas
ter, passed to eternal rot-2t: soon after
eleven this morning after long and
grievous suffering. which was borne
with fortitude and submission to
God’s will. The royal house and Ger—
man e‘peoplo have been twice be
reav within a short time. They
deeply mourn the alt too early de
cease of our much beloved ruler.
“Ministry of State.”
rARLIAMEST amornxs.
Vtzxxs, June ls.——ln the ltiech
earth the premier made a pathetic
address, announcing the death of the}
German emperor. Parliament ad-i
journod. 3
rmsca or wuss ooze TO Graxm.
Lennon. June 15.—Muny Ines-t
sages of condolence have been sent
both. cmprrss. The prince of Wales
leaves for Berlin tonight.
' Locus'rs.
Cmcaeo, June 13.——Diapntehes
from various points in lowa and
Illinois stab that millions of locusts‘
are making their apprurunce. They
are doing little damage yet beyond
the killing of young‘and tender trees.
Opinions differ whether they are the
seventeen year variety or not.
The English Government Clerk.
In the course of many visits to England
I have disr~ns>cd with the chiefs of some
or the lending bureaus, and have no
reason to believe that the average Somer
set house young man will (loamy more
work than the average “'nshingtun clerk,
of either sex. It is a nuturious fact that;
the sole aim of the clerks in the employ
of the variuus dopartmcnts of the British
government. is "how not to do it." \tht
is the testimony of a young man who
once held a position in a country house,
and um. subsequently appointed as a
civil service writer in the British custom
housze.’ lle merely applied his country
house habits of industry to the govern
ment work.
In a. few minutes an angry voice
sounded in his car, "For God’s sake, man,
don‘t work like that; you'll have the
whole ofl‘ice against you, and you won’t.
do yourself a hit. of good."
“Indeed," the newly appointed writer
“Yes, it‘s :1 met. H- has got to
give you the next book when you’re done,
and he won‘t be ready for you before
next Saturday."
At the rate he was working the new
hand could have finished the book that
any. which was Monday, and hence the
first complicated question which arose
under the perfect system was how to kill
the remaining five dnys. As u matter of
fact, much of the time of a London bur
nacle, between the hours of 10 a. m. and
4 p. 111., when he is supposed to be at
work, is spent reading the papers, taking
short, walk», discus-312g the European and
Irish questions, grumbling at the stingi
ness of the public and hewuiling the
working of this perk-ct system. As a rule
the British government clerk is a. man
whose most serious question in lite is how
to kill time.
0n the other hand, the average “'35):-
idgton clerk. and by that. I mean the
clerks who carry on the business of the
government in the various departments,
is an lndustrious, quick and energetic per
son, constantly on the alert for promo
tion, and to improve his or her condition.
-—Robert P. Porter in Chicago Inter
The Laundry 31a“ Has His Say. ,
“The tailors are our best friends now,"
said the manager of a laundry the other ‘
day. “You see, they used to persist in
tuttlng costs so high that not a particle
of shirt would be exposed. We went to
them and tried to get them to change the
styles, but they turned a deaf ear to our
entreaties. This year, however, they
yielded, and everything is running
“What difference does it make to you
whether tailors cut coats high or low?"
“\Vhy, the greatest in the world. This
present style brings us in 25 per cent.
more washing. You see, when shirt
{rents were not exposed men didn't have
tobe sscaretul 0! their linen. Nobody
could tell whether a shirt was fresh from
the laundry or had been worn a week.
The present style has changed all that,
and in order to look at all decent a man
has to put on a fresh shirt every day
or else he Will be set down asa
sloyen. You may not believe it,
but there were lots of young men who,
under the old style at cutting, never
were linen shirts at all. Some of them
passed for stylish young me too. They
used to pin their collars and 2111's on dan
nei' shirts and, by using a big necktie, con
cealed the deficiency. There was one west
side youth who sent all his laundry her ‘
and it was through him that I got onto
this scheme. One linen shirt would last
h'unthree weeks. Idon‘t mean that he
wore it all the time; he only put it on
when he were a dress suit, the rest at the
time it was put away in a drawer. In
this way he saved forty or titty cents a
week. I often used tn wonder how some
of these clerks working for $6 or $7 a
week could look as presentable. I don‘t
wonder any more, as they have more ex
pedient: than a criminal lawyer. For in
stance, turn down collars were fashion
able last winter. These fellows, of course,
all wore them. and in 11. small way they
were agodsend to them. Why? Simply
because they could make them do
double duty. When one side became
soiled they would turn the collar wrong
side out. and present the clean part. to the .
public gaze. When men resort to such
schemes as this is it any wonder that they
can keep up a good appearance on a small
salary? It‘s disgusting, simply disgust
ing, I say."—Chicago Herald.
Trotting Wondera of the “'orld.
The six leading sires of the world, ac
cording to The Breeders’ Gazette, are
Blue Bull, George \Viikes, Daniel Lam
bert, Volunteer, Dictator and Electioneer
—that is, when all things are considered.
“When one takes the fastest three of the
get of each,” says the authority quoted
(torn, “he speedily discovers that in this
point of excellence [Tu-tater stands at the
head. His best three are Jny Eye See,
2210; Phallus, 2:13 34, and Director, 2:17,
their average recortb being 2:13 1-2. Next
in order comes George Wilkes, whose tast
est trio are Harry Wilkes. 2:13 1-2; Guy
Wilkes, 2:161~2, and Wilson, 2:161-4.
Averaging these records we find the re
snlt to be 2:15 1-4. Then comes Volunv
teer with St. Julian, 2:11 I—4; Gloster,
2:17, and Alley, 2:19. Their average is
2:15 1-2. Electioneer follows closely be
hind Volunteer with Mennonite, 2:16;
Anteo, 2:161-4, and Adair, 2:171—4, the
average rate 01 speed in their case being
2:161-12, and when it is borne in mind that
Mnnzunitu made. her record last season
when but 4 years old, and that she will
undoubtedly go taster this year, it must
be conceded that Electioneer is wonder
fully well to the trout in this regard, as
'lO certainly is in others."
Who Fine Ate an Oyster?
Human vanity has received one more
blow. A writer on gastronomy once com
menwd on the great. courage the man
must have had who first am an oyster.
But now it seems that the discovery of
the luscious qualities of this bivalve was
not made by a man, but by his country ‘
cousin, the macacus. Mr. Alfred Car-3
penter, of Bombay, has often seen these 1
monkeys breaking open oy<ters with a;
stone, on the islands of 17'1rmah. The}
only remaining difference, therefore, be— ,
tween man and monkey. some might say, 3
is that the monkey puts his mouth straight ‘
to the broken shell, while man uses a‘
fork. By the WHY, would it not be ngood \
Ipeculation for some restaurateur to hire ;
a few monkeys in oyster openers and to i
try to teach them the three words, “email, ,
medium and iargeP"—The Epoch.
Compoaltiou or Cronin.
‘ omm varies in composition according
Ito the circumstances under which it is
produced, and as a consequence of these
gditlerences in the composition of cream
\ variable quantities of butter are produced
from a given bulk of cream. The value
of milk. then, [or butter making cannot
be determined simply from the percent
age of cream thrown up. The butter
whey must he obtained by churning the
cream. -
lileh Cow for Halo.
A good, gentle mileh our (or s_\ie.
Six years old. and giving milk. \‘s ill
be a good winter cow. Price, SSO. Ap
ply at this ofioe.
FoßSanl—A pair of large. likely. five
year-old. unbroken steers. Wiii he
ooh] at a bargain. Logging camp men
would do well to buy. ,lpply at lhil
Street, Boys of New York.
The street boys are a peculiar class.
Dependent entirely upon their own re
srmrces, and having no references, they
live by their wits. Some take to selling
newspapers, and there are nearly 3,000 in
that branch of business two—thirds of
them being without homes. These boys
also work in the markets or black boots in
the hours when there are no newspapers
to sell, though the latter cmploymentis
now almost entirely absorbed by the
Italians. The llODlt'lEas boy is self reliant
and generally honest, but sharp by his
{Enstant rubbing on the stern side of city
Frequently a. homeless boy makes his
mark in the world. One of this class he
carne n newsboy, and, being industrious
null frugal, uvcd money enough to start
3 a street stand. His business grew and he
i employed other boys on cars and in the
street. Finally he purchased the exclu-
Squ right for“ his boys to enter the Third
avenue cars. They wore a. lettered ribbon
‘ in their caps to distinguish them, and at
i one time this Do . though only 1-1 years
i of age, had over fifty boys on his pay roll.
‘ Then he contrartod for the right to sell
newspapers on a leading trunk railway
from Jersey City to Buffalo, but. his Cn
reer was suddenly cut short by his being
‘ killed on a train. It. was then found that
1 he had some 811000111 hank, anthho lived
3 lulu: enough to make u will and appoint
‘ Ll'll‘.l€L‘S, so that his am'inga might stip
‘ port and educate a younger sister. 'l‘lfis
boy died in his 18th year, and had he
lived ho would undoubtedly have been a
very rich man—New York Star.
Importance of Thin Bind. Saws.
The Germans use among their furni
[urt- \t‘i.-rl;ers, carpenters and joiners thir
teen dim-rout varieties of saws, each one
of which has its own peculiar size of the
teeth, as well as a diil'urent relation of
teeth to each other. How important the
thin saw blade '5, not only as a means to
save power, but also as a. means to save
wood. can be seen from the following: A
log of walnut, tom- meters long and one
meter in dimneter. cut into twenty pieces
by the new horizontal saw framo sures
thirty millimeters of wood when com
pared with the cutting of the old fash
ioned vertical saw. This is equal to a
profit of $9 to sl2. For Germany. where
annually 100,000 cubic meters of this wood
lilbt‘d in various industries, this would
represent at saving of $37,300 to $30,(1X).
In Case of Fire. ‘
Tho following advice is given to the ‘
public for nothing by an eastern ex
change: ln 9. hotel lire, run; in a theatre ‘
the, stand still; in a railroad train fire,
say your prayers.
California has the only beet root augu
faetory in America. It is located at Al
tai-ado, and is moderately successful
Toads are an article or merchandise in
Paris. being kept in tubs sad sold at tho
rule at two francs s dozen.
‘.‘le l~nve just laid in a large supply of
Borick- and Schreck Homoopsthic pro
punm- ns llil: & Sous. “
m- .._ V-
Better than Gold
(1w be truly raid of that now our! etllnclous
relnnly for Consumption and (”senses of the
”trout. ('IJPSIAud Lu gr. Fonts Alvin. {or if lr
plea-suit to tho [I‘VIRXC and dam to a cum
ery butt. warranted by Jn. I). .\(lvmrlulxu
o‘9 Q 0 Hill & 803. _for Homeopathic
Iw'uicium. Gaul-a wnh complete—MA
pru Ilium“! in be had npao Ippliea
not. .
~ ...-- , ,
An Alumnus furl!
V The Original Alumina Oin'ml-nl is nnly pm u:-
m l..r:n nurnunvn- lin bmuh nu! i~ an nlwulnlr
rurn an nLI sur's. mime. \wumls, elm-rpm!
hamll. and all skin oruplinu». \Yill pudihn-ly
('a'n all kind! (I! piluz. _‘szk .'.‘r [330- (‘rE:3n.
Ahl-wln" Oinlmwnl. Sold by Dr. Jz< l‘. .\link
er. M. IL. a! 1'» Nuts zmr hux. nv In all '2O N-nh'
@ Steamer EDNA,
U. M. HACK. M-szer.
Hakim: daily "in! ‘At‘fl‘n [Ln Town-end and
i’-}ll .54 m'vn'.
Wm 16:". I'NIUS NIL-UH“ ("cry Ifzornnnn
at ‘2 :m [L m., and PM" Ilia-mow (up h morning
at 7 a. m. Pnr [night 0! pa's‘gu upply ‘0
Jnnzs JOS :3. or or. {mud
5%; Str. WILDWOOD,
A. W. HORN. 11mm.
Len“ Port Town-9nd 'nr lrnndnle. a! 8 n. m..
nlm. .’n‘ \‘Jaidhynhnd a'. ll 3. m.. {or lrnnd-lo
M4p. m. vvcry day I’m freight or passage
upplv un lu'nrd.
& ram. DISPATCH,
JAE .\IORGAX. Master.
Will leave l‘orl Townsnml (pr xv'ah Day And
way port-u ovary Mnnday mnfumg (m nrrivnla!
1m Sound hmfllno‘r. l'elurmng will arrive on
Wednesdays. Towing and chant-rs m ram-ous
he rates. Apply on hoard or In L. 11. llsstlnzn,
u(a (3. l "dent‘s .t Co‘s. N. n.— “'0 Inn? 33in
vdded tr our final. two scowu {nu-.11 fnr urpanlln
{or {mi 3mm.
Steamer EVANGEL.
J. W. Tun‘n, fim.
Wlh lean Settle Honduy!a.m.. for Sam
hhmoo 'l3 I'm-s Tmrnrcnzl and the lslumlu.
——«um —-
on Thursday. ‘3 n. m.. for Pan Angelou via Port
Townsend and llunuenchm. Kenn-ulna amp
day ip. m. Loava Port Townsend hulll 7%wa
.1. m. (‘onuocm boxh mus u Dm'gpusv wnh
steam launch llnd'ock. nmkln'.’ qllll‘k’ tram-p 'r
union for puasougors wither" exzm chum.
Camp Meellnn I '
A Camp Met-Ling. under the nnsnicu n! lhc
.\le‘ulmdist Epiumpul Church, wlll I)" held near
the steamboat landing on Lnnnz ls]mvl.sau
Juan (‘ounuz comnwnc'n: Thursday. June 25,
and hohlmg overJuly4 Valuable m nil-Lorin
ln-lp is oxpc-mcd. and M: are cordially invited to
come nn-nrn-d to camp during th- meeting and
shut-3 in the mums: and Inirnual p'mlmof tl‘e
occasion. ISAAC DILLON, Pastor.
Prachcal Bookbinder.
‘ll kimh of PHD-'l’ Ruling. aux. Alum (11 shun
Prick-A to Hi! ”I" {luv-.4. u-Hl nEiT QI'AIJTY
lwozk done. junk”.
, . l
chv leln lßurned.
—--.\.\'l>——.- l
Apply to (flu). I'2. leerrcu.l
Pest 'E'ownse-nd
égw; , ...”
(i‘roo. \V. l)o“'ns..
\IANI'FACTI HER UF I.l_'Mll'r‘.l.’, LATHS_
i and l'irl'oiu: Flooring and [ln-35911111111:-
h~r of all liimrn inns.
orders woman! for vlr-linvry in town or for
yhipment. (.:-
________,______... _ . ___—__l
ln 11-75 mm. swamps turn m-w Nivkh hated Stem
Vt under and 51m! smmr Watch. 51H! [menu-d.
mldws- EUY JACKQOS _ Bux 15.311 Kn»! llllzh
l ""I‘ .X Y Ci!" 35.1 “A“ 05- ”an,“
hh bod ‘ .
l an; ..:.‘i; w‘fii‘i‘i‘fi‘fi. surfififi
OLIVER \V()()]§.’
—A:um for the—-
vl. ~I ' -
1513 Mama: 1530513th or London and
1 _ v !
L 103“? 111311111118 CD. 111 NW YOK. I
—Al.~u Age-u: {sl' »-7
I) M. Osborne & Co’s Bunion-s, lb’npers,
I Mowers and Rakes.
A 1551, deGhS, 1111221163 61111 Azriculmral 11311163181115.
01cc. .\‘rxx (Inn: oat" frmn (‘:hmm "muse,
For; Townsend. W. Y. 1
The publi~ p‘nrnnam nun-1 Hullv .011: itvd.
I'rumm lawnurm “sum-‘l.
: e’r H -2
51130141 I‘X 1101:1113.
Nuiirf 1‘ hereby givon that 11m amt-53mm”
Huh 1.! x xx-- I>-\'..11 um! usursmd {or Ilu- purpmnl
of t‘lh11I1I|l!! n: sidP\\‘.:H-1~ on the mum .- (1* 01'
.lvm- >9“ Nut-r. Lynn->1) lhv no Ih pidl- (if .\.], I
mm sxr- 0!} 1n the melon: 31h» r-r Porto ~2n-v“.
of lhn Hly n! l’ m Tuwns ~ml. W. T.. in mm in .'
my h ‘nn'd '.." u: .I‘9. 11 “.:md all xhe asws»m-~.uv~i
uphn Eva-1| --11Im.s: Iv : .:ul In "1“. \\‘ll]l|llll‘.il'4_\'
days :1! u-r un firs 111131 :n’inn of thi- {O.IO.
June l'lh.l\'.~\ur Ma luzm “I“ ”Er" lwmm»
ll» nzquw'l Rh“ h~ :1 liocwd wan mun->l, In-2.-'
any um: ("his by suit. 1
! Tresstzw nfxlm t‘xly 0! Port. Townsend, \\'. T. 1
y - }
Stockholder 5 Meeting. 3
—— 1
ler' ax;:.u;i "liming «1' IL» Hockhol-L-m oh
IL9 l‘-'_'~r Pawn; I" {'_l'xg-h ('u-nn-uny “it! inn
|_>..-Ivl :n IL. .'.;ny- n' {hut ump~hy m -on Town:
-t-l'!_ W. 'i' , rm ‘Jmniay. Jn.\‘ I'. :-X l" n‘vh-L’k 2.1
m‘ 'l‘llux r. MINUIL Pn-nukmt. I
Port 'l‘o\vu:~l-uu l
‘C I ai” FaCt ol‘
‘ I
JUSFI‘H >TEINE“ - ' - Pmpriflor.
‘ Th§~ industry in Raw 'll workin; “rd-V. and]
; wont: D-rg I ; Inform l! e n .Irl‘c 21ml lam pr“-
pzu'mi m xi 141? « {‘ll-'ls “11h chi-nm‘lv- Gain-Mic '
cigars. uni lo I; \‘.~ rum.- “IL-4.omm and wmxid
Poirwrl H.l- p:ur~-‘-i:'.ge of lin- shim-us of Port
vanwn-i and vicinuy.
ESE?" Pub-maize Home Industry. _{fl
_ l
GIOHGB‘IGP Flßl] Market!
b .
Adams ii. wharf. Port Townsend.
of I“ kinda that these \ntpru ut—l
@ 90rd kr-g-Luu hand at
:«fi‘m )flU!IR"“L‘I'PLIED and mgn'ar retail
custom-rs am onunrz-‘and.
011 AS. 6. JOHNSTON: a ('O.. Prop‘n
Inilh In annnnnrc II at I will sell my
lncludln; .‘L'; “at. )‘o. 1 cm“, 0m 0— mnre SP“
nl l:or~v-. um ungmm. insuthvr wilh a comp etc
mum for [he Inn-inns?! 1 wish to dispnse ol‘ the
Iv-ginm. by July 15!. and fur “LII reason will
gin- uu-dnnlte pr-(‘fi and «my wrma l’nrl. mph
and gmni 5m urny for balance will he nc’eplahle.
Now in tho mm: 10 secure a No. l cow.
F. .\l. TERRY.
Part Townrcnrl, W. '13., June 5 I”.
For Sale . -
* nml as mm as slurl. “.mtkv built an!
pmiu' nmlcu. Weight. I.3soench. Or one pan
of flrlvurr, m r:; rinzle ur (lonllle Sorrel and
lay. Nch and «uh! yvars old Fret!) harm-s.
will roll eillwr team. Fur particulars se»
8 2: 7d 11. :‘. {'ETI‘YGROVE.
A Hisiury of our Hex-mes. our States
mun. our Scholars. our men of
note in every field. ‘
"Ari-Lwrox’s CYCLIIP.EDXA nr AIERIGAS 810-.iurxn
-.iurxn “ contains a biugnphiuul rketch of every
person rmim-n! in American civil an milmxrg
“wanna In In- nnd poiilics. in divinity. litera
hue and am. in .‘LiUIICP. and in inventmr .in
eluding di-linguishvd permm- born abmml that
are rslaivd in our national historzband embrace-A
.ll the muntries 0! North and u uvh America.
It isa compk‘lv his~orv of (he New World in
vvv'ry brunch of huimn Ichievumenl.
H 5134": I‘o_TssTr.:uc'\rr Taco c, .
K flfi\g Li 4 _.-- _ '
.1 a. I . = a“ ‘3
.._. .-":" ~ ,:{, E ‘
5’22 2 A gwéikfi 9;:
a?" 1 ' I " ‘
gig: ; "-‘r: =2: = h". a _.'
,7 "’b '..-1':- E 'a‘ a"
3‘32; ‘é-E= s|: 5 E—
’7‘ .1 :‘.—'3! ki—‘E-Edu:'_==
ggfi‘séf— ”_‘i‘é’: “IL—'L
V 7’siggf "9 '“g ~_
52+.» c", .
g' a _‘ ’1
.15., K. EN 0, ..
I .1 _v
wwwru ‘
. ../
4N“ ’:Bronchmsmfi‘
“a “msmasumofl'fi
“VLUNC'S :'Sald on (15155.” f
'Serul 0r urcularfil‘pcrkflhalfirgg
!‘.~. Ji-g'l-ilm: thasymptomi so nncn mistaken
{-1 (”uh mp'inll. mmtu Avie has lm ught glad
ms~ m mun: n home-110M. and by nrcmplly
v-rrnhin: up I!”- I‘nnuh or Cold lhnt 1000th
deu-hqu i. !n that final disease wnl 3e! rave
mun-mutt {rum {-ll unliu ('h‘ crave. You make
no mis'uke in gnu-rim: a lxmh- of this pkaunl
remedy as'nmys In 1 10 house.
a;'-—;’ 1
'7! ‘ U KOREA ‘
-.’_. ’I R‘sxznqflu
-55‘ MOS. ’ THEONLY—
Tiiiffi-E’lTfi. ‘ GUARANTEED
‘22]: Wk. 7 CURE TOR
I':1:-:I"h.‘.‘nld in HM "emu.” Fever. Pan
‘6Oll, ! 2:3"th lwufun-s and bore inn-11. R~
grarw th- yen-e «,r nuts and «nu-ll; rvmuvm
’had mam nnd 111-plauun'. hnulh. Jazmin.
from l‘nlm’rh. l'u-yun’! m»- ml 1. IO N». l-‘m
loa‘din-rlinn-I an! A rum l~ u-urr-mu-d hr m 2
lnuyghx- 5! purhnx; .IJU luv Izmii. Send In:
lcinnlnr 1n :‘.HH'ZILVE MEDH‘AL COH
PA_~\:‘L:2?S"-‘E“LS'EJ _éfE‘RE , h A,___,_
For “'0 by -1.-\~'.. I). .\IINKLEK. l. 1).. Drug
gist, .\gvm of Company.
Thu m‘iginal Ahi-n-i‘u Ointment is only put
up In itrgo luu unnz-e tin b was. and is an amu—
lutemlr.‘ for n) 2 «was, tmrnn. u‘n'unds. Miami-d
h..nn‘.- :m-l all ~=~i>n wruptit.n~. “'xllnmiftnly
(tum. nZI Hu-la of pix 3. Ask h'l' {ha original
.\bL-tl c (:in mum. 1'; ".:.", hox. Fm 0:.
h; JAS. D. HISELEK. I. I. may“ Agil',
{0 0.31 m“.
i"- r . o
r ‘9‘ ~1-
3: '3 £333.? " 511% :3? er
- . i 9351: £h§>W .
'iL - :‘.": ‘.‘.'::j.' t, 3 7'. \: :xf ...~ .’. ’.' HI I ‘.:: ~‘l I-: 11.11" Univ lzvnvwcr'. the
fullixrrctx‘. idu; .- ....if- .' :1: :. I 1:1...3 i - \ 21:2.‘1' t») (.lul::j;c,innllits
.'t v.l] 1' ~ 11- ‘ 'z' . Z" "'2 14' 42.2.2} \' r: :.i brunt}. Mrs.Aml )L
30115:! » (I. ~1. : I .' , ‘l«‘. 8- f.; ‘. . .-. -:::_ m“ 2J3 ~. 3.3.: .. writes: "I
will rsxvl 1' 11.- !. .' - ' . 1 '. -::;'i 7, V ax . ‘..;JK ‘.‘. .:.}.7- S'Eviliuu Hair
gin“). );;-~. 1.. _‘v. . ‘ '. - " " .nt. ‘:- ‘-' v ;‘:‘_ '.‘fr‘y ymurs, and
R. 1.. “':‘ZZ-‘N: "I I: ‘1 i" ‘» k. I:-- V _ . .;-§ " ”221:4. r! !; Y-:~~~_‘.':'.i\\'hcn
nun-r :~..’. r :. 1,4: . . 4. :'g' ‘ xx;- 11. . . 2 ‘1 z- (1': )rurs of
rill-v 1.11! I?! 'f"l' vA 1‘ a.‘ .y Y' :22?! :.‘ )fz' . I‘. ' !:’:.~. ‘.‘.':.:\:l\\', “L,
..timnlarvd n nxw - \ i:. 11:: inn :if‘n ""I -: ' V - ' ¥ .‘.-_tugu-mvllnin and
rr~!nn-«i i: t.) ii‘ «'I" ‘.'.l - f .‘l.‘~. , . 1 _': :::'.; of :Igv. By
C. TY. Sian-x. XI. hzzrxiu .‘.'. .. ‘.\ rim ~: -- , " ‘ 'l‘ :-« w, :'. I was mania
“ ”533% Yv;v‘..’.'.' 5' :':.;.1 ILL? I: :r-‘z' r‘ 3 " I ' . :'I'JWHI of hair.
1" H 3“ lr-~t and I Train f ".:‘tw-Eur; z'x-r liu' 'i M ' ‘ . ~..‘:lJ.:l'.ii} hyihc 0663'
hair I (‘H'l‘ x:~. .3. 'a: E ‘ ~ 11,- hair and - .L . ' 1;, I:'."-."'12'. in the lust
N-anin :II:":1!Z'C:;.'( :. .‘fi .1. ; 21,1 r :'.. “ '. 'l‘ g . Il'ln I) able [0 keep
(2.1:; {l‘ll-"1‘,lll“:2ii-;illf‘x {xx-mi . I rfzzmhl : yE. L.‘ L: - LT ::-.~;I!:l:_\‘ condition
.M'nrm-Ejf I‘2: m‘ v. i;:.¥ 1»1: > i‘lmnt Hm, I' L. .1.~ L r I‘fu tux-y zircsxiug I have
Xh-nrwor. ‘ ‘1 ;{ z‘ {vied}:- ‘ ..: ‘ . \ '
I a
HaEE’s “3mm HM” enewer
. . . l. ‘ " '5“
Sicman by a h u E ,
rum-411:2» LY
It. I'. ".\LL “.3 ('()., Nudum, 35. IL, I'. S. L
.\‘uhl 11;. a?! I‘:'n'r:i~':~. ‘
U -' ; GSI
Paints, Oils, Varmshes Stationery
‘vl'hnlcsnle and Itriail. L‘y
nag/A A- r.-- a:
{.15. ”Mt-4 , g 5? 33:.”
MEDICINES, ngélfigbdmmy
I a
AF . ‘ S’ 1 HAIR OILS,
PAINTS, . Etc.
011.5, And all articles for the Toilet.
Patent Medicines of all kinds, l Quick sales and small profits.
uaxnr LANDES Frau. x. n. HILL. \‘loßoPres. a. c. uxu.. Cum».
0!" PORT 'I'Oll’ASICIVI). ll’. T.
Authorized Ca pital, ~ EBB-550.000)
Abnonoral Banking Business 'r'rsnsaczod.
' Deposzfs received subject in 31371!- rirafl or check.
3:03“ 1.0.55 an 55 APPROVED szsct'ul'rnzn.
Collections made and proceeds promptly mmiitud on any of collsction
Sight and Telegraphic nxchanga pay-ibis in all we principal cities of tho
United States and Europe.
CORRESPO\ DENTSr—Loxoos —Tl‘.e Anglo Californian Bank (Limited),
BERLxx—Gebuder Mayor: sz Yonx~The Hanover National hank; Sn
mecxscn—The Anglo-Californian Bunk (Limiledl; PORTLAND. OIL. Thu
First National Bank; VICTORIA. B. 0.. Bank of B .tiah COIGmbifl;HALIPA).
Vow. “co-ma, The Bank of Britia'n North America, Hong Kong, Tho Char
‘°red Bank of India. Australia and China.
Agents for the American and Red Star Lina of Steamships. Tickata
for 88k to and from all parts of Europe.
9" We have a socuro and commodxons Vault. where we will receivo no
unbles on storage 1;:. moderate- charge;
I; ‘ 9 i a
3;; ;§ LATzMER <9: co.,
:2? 1‘; "ah-" 311% g;
5,? “~{} {é-‘VK l(h .- :zlf mm if: rail Dealers u
-3'} “MA
Druas,Chemicals, Patent Medicine: 8: Fancy Aruolu
Painis. 011’s and Glass-ware:
Wines and Liquor: Yer Medical Use.
Orders ruled um. nupnun
figl'rescriplimle Carefully Compuunded, Day or Nighl._&] '
Francrs W. James
Quincy St.. Port Townsend. W. 'l'.
Wm. BUY .13!) SELL Domasnc AND F annex EXCHANGE, Puncnm Us! All
Couxn’ \Vnmuws, MILL Axn SHIPPIKG Dams AND own:
MGNE¥ EEVENBEE £l3 £67935 Mfli
- :os API'BOVEDij‘IBX‘I'I. :-
A"3s§€§‘3§| I,3l%??‘rk‘gfi'l’; £“%v;?§?”2l 9.13%? 533533733? 53:33:}? $336: 53?? 3.13“"
" m ”a m- A " é;- 1:51:7ET) ‘VF Laérx-EST :irlii‘A’é‘slf‘Eg‘wm‘s“ 8' SSO".
CCSmagzfidggzié-glitsz'Reference. by permission, tho Bank of Bfitlsh (garr‘tlfibxtr
bum]. “awnings-ms“. J. 0. “:’Tifighnt. JW. CC-Efzfiumr. J. K. Ennlaggh"
The Farmers’ and Merchants’ Insurance Co
Capital Stock. $300,000.
Albany, Oregon-
J. H. LIVERMORE, Agt. Port Townsend
DlßECTOßfi:—llun.:n. S, Struhan. 71:: J. L. 'lo\vnll,-J. U. Writ-mam J. I. mum.
L‘u. Human. n. 3. Imwi'h. Jr 17. Buick. 0. r. urn-mm run. I. Imam. .11.
Gash Grocer.
r Opposite Central Hotel. ———o——-- Head 11' Uninn Wharf
Peat Tovnrbzfid. - - Y 4. T.
~~ Doulcr in all kinds n! .
O r .
Grocerles, ulQ‘llOl'S, Tobacco,
Clgars. Proc'tuce.
I :03 I .3"
. 5 <3! ‘- f .N ,o‘. 'f I
Am t., -« Canadian é aCillC R. B.
ALSO AGENT FOR THE FOLU).YINI} -4.l‘..‘.\£:l:l[';’ le'l.
Allan ..
8?. 'Viutor ‘ll‘XWlx’i' {mm thl'u‘u.
\Vblte Shir. 'r‘u- \l".\' ‘ertlg. 1': u ‘ "lard.
{rum New \nrk t‘!‘ .'.ln'lf' '
v .\J. 'T‘. f
w’l‘lcsrz'rs 301 mm x”. mzw- , '
01:1er "'J ::'-y a- “at n lira: r; -_. ;', .
Uuimt! Stair-.:. n‘.‘ (':x: mln.
3521:2523 IES’EATE "38*?”1 . .
i-FSulfic‘a:phuxfi'rc" \m .'~-r ..:: p. r. r Wag-awn pun-bod h Raging"
[Skies or Europe at pnblisbexs prices. I w
Number 18.

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