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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, June 21, 1888, Image 3

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. 3, § . .
. ‘
@ll2 a} tchln $415115.
*9 D
w H:l‘v*‘.“l J, .h l' -»'. ”1T- .. "t 4i '-\"
and, 'u‘v‘. I‘.. x- 1w- n.' .L“ mm .n .:.
ALLEN “v 11m. » ~ Haw-r and .\lannycr.
S!‘L|‘l-.L ”14.1; -.\-._x at 05.: H'IUIH"
\Vln- llL‘hzl'lf tn “5: s!“ t!u~11:.-r.‘.cs «u Imiz:
5: 10.1 pufIUVuELF {2}] after Nn'r- ivi‘rvl iv-h
tn! Campaign L‘un {urn- 1!; w \‘- [:EIILY .\‘lh
m's my! {2:, San trunciu'n “Rn-3|} 1..:‘-
1: Mint? nix muut‘us fur SI.3M. :‘hxs up
xu'es nnij to new subscribx-rz.
Prom Friday‘s Dani.
l'uud our new “..da‘."
Cm. Wm [Many and fuuniy ‘ r
Pun Diseuver)‘ are in LUV“).
The ball In“ ensuing W 45 31 grund
Daugenee'uis talking Fvurtipd-szly
Celebmtiuu; so is Chimgcnzu.
Dr. Mmklcr ha: taken mums f-ur
oflicea on II“- .uc-Jad 11 )ul‘ 9f the .‘.l:-:('.~fi
buildmg. g
_ 1
Who ever heard L! SUL‘thix‘LLuFuJi
Juno? Wander if it was spuczully fnr§
the L'.louic picnic? I
\. h I
Dr. dmkler baa gum: to lucauzu. Ile
auenfi the Baptist Aiswiatiun huf.‘ “‘i
manic: them. :
Public achoul cxnmmation this aficr- !
300“. bugiuuiug at ‘.l n‘cluck. l’amutei
Ind (and: are invixed. !
Mr. and Mn. 1“. W. Ilashtiugs attired
home frem Oregon _wstcrduy. when:
they have been visiting for same time.
Thl. proposed debating swicxy organ
ization has been pustpunm‘. tlzi .\lumluy
owning aiß o'clock, u: do cum house.
Pen Discuvery auv mill starts up
main today. for another mth and day
tau. '..) accommodate the that of ships
in {be bay.
Cart. and Mrs. Fairweuther uf Spragne
have been hue adaudmg the Masonic
gab-ring. They spank of an enjoyable
Property owners will be specially in
“rental in tho city tmaaurer‘s spuciul
bx notice elsewhere. L’and AL umL—pru
we to pangle.
Hm. Holley, the evangalist. will or:-
lel Ibo pulpit of the M. E. church on
lunday. both morning and evening.
Rev. Dnnicon goes to Oregon.
Ont fluonio ttioudn unite in expres.
nionn of gratification over their hospit
nblo entertainment by the citizens of
Port Townsend.
Mr. A. F. Lear-ed bu an impzriuut
Inlounument elsewhere about Bust
Port Townsend. IE in important to all
who desire cheap homes. Call on Mr.
Lou-ed. at Smith & Htstiugs‘uflice.
I. will explain Ind show you around.
'3'. Harper. the California gentleman
who is here in the interest of use syndi
uu purchasing the Morgan hotel prop
uly, in u ounce! Y. 11. C. A. worker
In will attend Sunday afternoon—and
any spank.
Aiming than who have enjoyed the
Masonic gathering and the hospitality
of Port Towmnd this week is Mr.
Leavenworth, formal: one of the build
ui of the saw mill It the head of the
to}. Thin gentleman is now a flourish
bz Ild awful saw mill proprietor at
Comopolil. '
lvorybody “pruned rear-i yesterday
ova: the unfavonble weather which
and. it masonry so postpone the Mn
nolio clmbako and picnic. Great pre
parations had boon made. and when {he
loin-in; cloud: and soaking rain made
I postponement necessary there was
genuine disappointment. It won put
Fem—Capt. Ed. Hickman, of the
Union Kate! has been made Happy by
the finding of nearly all themoney re
cently etolen from him by a miscreant
whom he had arrested and jniled.‘ His
her tender was cleaning out the eewer
underneath the house. and found the
money where it had been hastily buried.
There were two twenties and some sil
ver. all in an old stocking. -
The Kltnp Pioneer wants a steam.
boat line altebliehed on the west side of
the Sound. between Port Townsend and
Tacoma. taking in intermediate points.
It claim! that the route would my well. 1
All very well, only on r people don’t feel 1
met-h like lellowehip wnth Tacoma. That
city has been too languish and unfair,
altogether. We went connection along
the west aide, and across to Seattle.
Bunnie clambake and supper at Red
Men'e hell thieevening at seven sharp.
Our citizens have table room in the hell
for about 200. All friends and visitorsv ‘
and eapecially ladies, are cordially in- ‘
vitcd. Wagons will call this afternoon
at realdeneee for contributions that
have been prepared. It has been defl
¢itely determined to cheat and defy the
weather clerk. Look out (at a grand so
cial time.
One of the latest additions to Port
Townsend'- professional gentlemen is
Dr. J. L. Marbourg. Dr. Marbeurg is a
bright your: man. a graduate otJen‘ereon
ledical omm hae taken ofiices in
the apper par pp's brick building
there he will “ng up" "ith a growing
your city. Recentlymf’enuaylva
‘nia, where he was raised and educated,
the Dr. comes with fine credentials and
practical experience. He is from a fam
ily of physicians. His father was a sur
geon in the U. 8. army, and is now a
government oficer.
The first number of Stillehavs-Posten
(The Pacific Ueeen Post), a weekly news
..per in the Noryeginn and Danish
language. has appeared. It is published
in Portland, or.. and is the first of the
kind attempted North 0! San Francisco
and west of the Rocky Mountains. It
proclaims itself independent of all polit
ical parties and religions denominations.
It will aim to treat all the living ques
fione of the day in a spirit of impartial
ity and truth. and to lead in all reforms
that will tend to make its readers hap
pier. and better adapted Io discharge
Mr duties to the country of their
adoption. It unuouncee itself as the
.mmpion of the public school system, of
Christianity as against Intideliam, of
Protestantism as against Catholicism.
.t the temperance movement against the
liquor trafiic. It promises to give in
lomalion. and to that and invites cor
nepondenoe. (run: all parts of this north
eeiet emmigration and settle-
I Oregon arrived. Loads at
.nta. 868 Line. Capt. Ander
trom San Francisco—to r:-
- tuber from Port Gamble.
l Quite asxrlnllng.
I . ‘. _—
i 'i -:.0 DAILY Anurs will enter uprm ”It:
‘3»: 'll'il )n'ltl‘ u' its exiséenc» t v-mnrrnw.
£33111” 16. 1‘53, it and-.- its uppvamnc’é in
‘n u- .xk. lesitntxlug Surt u! way-doubt
{ful u' it: .hilit)‘ tinurvxvu tlu-fux-ts nil-. 1
.I‘Jl‘i)‘ “ind: of inhcraity. 'l‘u-alnv it is.
gm: :1 [mtg-in . Inertial. "glut-'ll SUI-Plum"
5* lib?) t‘llt'llLlll lu tukd l‘|l'U-lill-‘C:f.l:h~l
'l‘;er - i l null :n 1..»: for our of mwrr
Ellliil‘l'x' _uurs. It: parent, tlu‘ \Vt-tkb'.
Eis L .w in its niuntcz-titli year rfpillnliCW
‘tinn, and is nld enough [U have bristles.
il‘ar: '.t 1.3] pram-ny urn grnwiui: aiiz'vmt
inf til-J grinnli pf le lgwa ”Which is say
iing 1‘ vngiilcrzlble. ‘
l 7 ___- -.-_.__V,_ l
I Excursion to Vancouver.
l ______
i Duiuini 1“ Day Wlli be celebrated at
I Vauwiuwr. B. C. An Ariel's reporter
ileum cl yvamrduy from Mr. Jas.Jnues,
iflxi‘m «if the L‘. l’. steamer Premier, that]
Etlu- l’nmiur will leave Port 'l‘uwusendl
ion :‘iu saturday evenix‘g brfore the cel
lt‘lirllll'lll, for \ ancnuver. Returning.
laln- will lcazvu Vancnuvcr on Tuesday
‘tvr‘ning. allowing all visitors (2.- get
ll'.‘i‘.l|‘ in time fur nu: Fourtli-ef-Juiy cal-l
viciniun ”my may nit-sin- to attend. Farel
fur the mum] trip ha; been plilcul at
63. Th. 5e who “23!: to win“ themselves
of this oppurtlxnit)‘ elmulll cughgo {are
and :iccumznutlutluns on board ahead.
from Mr. Jones. The Premier is a time.
c allurinble ('xcursiuzi Steam”. and this
v. ill be :‘. rare c'uauua ta viait u.., (inn-1‘
d, .u terminal city.
From Salufllnx‘s Ball).
Mr J. .\. “'.md n (he =peciui uln‘ppiug
rrportvr {Hr {he limits.
The pubhc scbuul closed yesterday
for summer vac-ensuu.
I'u_;ct liutc has will the Comm-ville
Dru; >lan- lu Dr. Highwnrdcn.
Plug bats and gray beards won‘t be m
common on our utrt‘t"s uvx: Week.
J. 1‘). Bclyeu and wife, late of llndluck.
left Unis morning fur Ellemburg—to be
gone all summer.
Pruf. F. J. Brown of the ('oulmvillc
Amdclny hus‘ rcumveul to Port Townsend
with his family.
11:. Thus. Grammy of Utmlndy am]
Sherizf Powar of Island cuuutv have
bueu in town :evvm! days.
The E ectnc Light. Company has at
last started tu paint its young fureat uf
poles. We balievo :his was ordered some
Judge Whittleaay and family of this
city uud J. F. McNuugbt and family of
Seattle are to have u sum.ucr outing on
Whidby Maud. '
Stnet Wurkou tbc hill, uuder Mau—
aon‘a contract, is being rapidly dune.
Washington streel‘on the flat needs aim
ilnr utteutions~ouly, mare nu.
“OrJur of the Eastern Star." The
above is the title of a Masonic chapter,
an organization of which was effected in
this city on the 12m. for the benefit of
femaZc relatives 0! Mason.
Same is .uveitigatiug Jultice Seder
barg of that city, and five indictments
hue been found against him for max
feaseuoo in office. He is one of the
Odin-holders brought to the front by the
“reform" party a coup'e of years ago.
All {amid voters must register next
week, in order to bo;eutilled to vote in
the oin election, and all qualified male
voters who have not heretofore register
od. There are no female voters now reg
ilaarcd, as they were all struck at? the
Capt. 3. P. Jocelyn, U. S. A.. formerly
of For: Townsend. goes from Fort da
Clinic. Utah, ‘0 Fort Donglas at Salt
Lake, in command or Company B. 2m
Infantry, stationed at Fort. Townsend
from 1878 to 1584. Capt. Jocelyn iau
stockholder 10 our 181: National Bank.
and has bode of friends hem.
Last evening was the regnial meeting
night for the city council. Acting Muyur
Learned and the Marshal were all that
attended. It is thought that by vigor
oul coaxing a meeting may he had again
sometime before winter. Members of
the city government who fail to attend
meetings do :19! deseryo to be continued
in office.
Snip Prnanin arrived yenerday. 14 days
from San Francisco. to load a return
urge cf piles at Port Blakely.
Bark Shirley arrived yesterday from
San Franoiacm and was towed to Then-
IO by Tug ’l'aeurau. to load return cargo
of lumber.
Barks Nellio Mny and Tidal Wave. 14
days from San Francisco,nrrived and
will load return 03.300; of lumber at
Port Madison.
Ship Goo. F Man-on will be towed to
sun tad-y by tag Mogulmoal laden from
Taoom: fer San Francisco.
Britilb inn bark Balaklnvl. 1310 tons,
Clpt. Palmer. now u San quolam. has
bun chartered to “k. a cargo of lumbar
lgonsdPuget Sound to Valparaiso. at £1
1 I. .
SAN FRANCIRCO, June 15.—-Sailed. Ship
Oriental, Tacoma. Steamship ngico,
Passengers for Port Tow'nsend from
San Francisco, per steamer Mexico, due
here Monday next; E. R. Lind, W. 6:011.
W. S. Deacon 6: wile, Edith Jones, E. W.
Hovey, Mrs, J. L. Smith and 2 children,
C. Keene, Mrs. Bell, and Mrs. Clark.
Masonic. l
The Grand Lodge of Masons has
come and none. 135 members are loud
in their praise of Port Town-end‘s bos
pitable treatment. The ball was agrand
‘euccesa, and the clambake supper at
‘Red Men‘s Hall was a brilliant. enjoy
able gathering. Benj. S. Miller engin
cored the clams to a nicely. the Port
Towneend orchestra tarnished beat of
music, Messrs. Grillo d: Warner did
themselves ,prond on eatables. and the
Port Towneond ladies were captivating
enough to be-irresietible. Altogether,
the whole afl'air was one of which our
citizens may well be proud. Oficers ot ‘
the grand lodge are as follows: i
Grand Master, Nathan 3. Porter, of
Olympia; deputy grand maeter, \V. A.‘
Fairweather, oi Spragne; senior grand
warden, Thus. Amos. of Colfax; junior
grand warden. A. A. Plummer, of Port
Townsend; grand secretary, T. M. Road
0! Olympia; grand treasurer, B. Ilarned,
of O‘ymr-ia; grand senior deacon, Louis
Senna, of Vancouver; grand junior
drawn. D. H. Mullen, of Monte
eano; grand Lecturer, Dr. Allen,
of Waitehurg; grand orator. Fred.
Ferrel, of Tacoma; grand toler. W. A.
Rose, of South Bend; grand chaplain.
W. Li. Engau, of Walla Walla; grand
Bible beatenleaac Parker. of Seattle;
grand steward, A. C. Campbell. of Pay—
nllup. The next session of the lodge
will be held at Olympia on thsaeoond
Tuesday of J one, 1889.
| From 310243;": nail).
. Mr. F. Duvz‘auwy of upper Udmucum
He :3: Man.
f 11:" my: .\IT‘. >‘.'l‘r--_v n!Dungv!zC~§
Eur-'1” h'wm
? Hwy-rut [.._-uvy 2311.5 have NWUHVH QuiL
Tm,- "LY-3r Linux than n hm lmvn fur
{LA-LU} 3x 11%.
.LH .\l-- ,3 r“f i‘. r: .\E:_’l2l‘s.s£.’l'lY:2
fun) Smut}; Satlxz‘tlu}. nml h-mrm-l
iz m.- t - h};
37v 5'1”?) L. Luv. ‘ {Lin church buihhn;
”haiku-l. 1
13.1: “wink-3‘ “'..; dulnyul Uh kz-r i-ht‘
trip up fr an Uhdum. havmg bruku: Ewri
fulfil-T HI; I'm; Wu} - I
31:2 (,‘x-rriguu. ui]? L‘lmJ taiiur, went {o'
Huck-c Hurlmr 11-day (u make up 521:9!
I"uurih-uf-Julysuits. é
Mr. J. C. Dean of chnim is 511 town.
on LL: “my to San Francis-co, where he
will uzxuin sacral mouths.
Invent :rA. :‘. Huihdic of California
is on tho Suuud. He originated the
street car cable system.
Bub. liurduttv. the eminent bumnrist,
has been lecturing m Portland—and the
people th(-w huvcn't gut their buttons
all sewed nu yet.
.\Xri. .\lnliuy. the evangelist. and Mr.
Harper, lain u! H'uodiuud. Cahwerv
among Um s;.eukers at the Y. H. U . A.
services )(‘siehluy ufzcnmun.
f‘npt. and Mrs. R. W. (It‘LiUD arrived
home Saturday from Seattle, accom
panied by tbcirdnnghter wbulms been
unending when! at the Academy of
Holy Names.
A sou-iu-lnw of Mr. Meicoilarrivod
this morning on the 'Frisco steamer.
nccmupnuic] by his family. from the
Sandwich islands. They will make
lhvir home here.
At the Board of Trade meeting Satur
day ev‘cning resolutions were adopted
warmly wounding the resolutions of “JP
‘ Business Exchange relative to reduction
‘of heights and fares on steamers nin
uing to Port Townsend.
We understand that ii brick building
will be ores-ted soon on Thos. Phillips‘
lut next to Weymonth‘o blacksmith shop;
also that Mr. Jamos intends to erect a
brick building on his lot near (here.
The Seattle I’ust-Intclligcm‘m‘ is in
specially advertise Port Townsend this
week whiio issuing: extra additions to
accommudum the great demand for news
from the presidential convention nt Chi
The M. E. church was well tilled yes
terday.hy attentive audiences to hear
Mrs. “alloy. the gifted evangelist. who
is Weloamed back by many friends. In
the evening thu church was fairly
crummed»+vsry seat being filled. and a
large number of chairs that were
brought in.
Quite an exciting episode took place
yesterday on Union wharf. as the ocean
steamer was leaving. Jns. Hughes lmd
stelcn his infant child from the cure of
its grandmother. Mrs. Tihhnls. He was
Hallowed tn the steamer by the latter,
1 but her efi'orta to recapture the child
1 proved unamiling. Mr. Hughes mar
‘ riL-d the eldest of the 'l‘ihball daughters
a few years ago, and the young wife died
the following year. leaving an infant
daughter. Mn. Tibbals was to adopt
the waif. it seems, and had kept it thus
far. but the papers had not been signed.
Recently Mr. Hughes was married to a
California lady. Yesterday. previous to
starting for San Francisco. he secured
possession of the child and run 00' with
it-Wilh the above result.
Arrived this morning, Am. ship Jan.
Nesmitb from S. F., to load coal at Se-
Haw. bk. Callakawyn from S. F. to
load lumber at Port Gamble.
Arrived Sumrday bk. Kate Davenport
from ’Frisco; was towed to Port Blakely
this morning by tug Blukely.
Ship Mount Washington arrived from
B. I"., awaiting orders. .
Bark Gen. Faircluld arrived from
’Friscm to load coal at Seattle.
Hailed—Br. ship Gretna, for Sydney;
bk. Keeper. for San Pedro.
SAN Fnucxsco. June lG.——Sailed—
Ship Margaret, Seattle; Gatherer and J.
0. Brown, Munuimo.
SAN ancxsco. Juue 16.—A dispatch
m thu Merchants‘ Exchange says the
nnptnin and crew of the «hip Marie Ric
bock. From Genna. for San FIBDOISBO,
hm‘c umer um Bahama. A heavy ex
pleaiuu among the vessel's cargo at sea
set her in flames, and she had to be
abandoned . _
From Tuesday's Daily.
Cal. Hemv Landes Went to Victoria
on Saturday last.
Register (or voting in me city election, 1
it you have not already done 'SO. 1
Major Hayden and family-of Olympia;
have been visiting Mrs. Webster of this‘
city. _
Mrs. Sue Russ-Keenan addressed the
pnblxc at Y. M . (.'. A. Hall last evening,
on the Labor problem.
Prof. M. G. Royal, principal of the
public school at l'eudlelon, Ur , has ur
‘rived with his family in Olympia. to re
main ou the Sound during vacation.
Mrs. A. M. Hincle and Mrs. G. S.
Jackman leave for La Conner to-day, to
attend the W. C. 'l‘.U.Couvenliouto
be held m that place—returning Saturv
Mr. Ashley Bancroft of San Fran
cisco, called on u: yesterday in the in
terest of Bancroll‘s history of the Pacific
Northwest. for which he is collecting a
great mass or data.
The republican nntionnl convention
convenes in Cbicng? today. Telegraphic
news and bulletin boards will he eagerly
scanned everywhere till the result of its
deliberations is known.
. Pro?, 1%. C‘. Kerr. cf Walla Walla. is
expected to arrive here this week-40}
enjoy vacation among old-time friends, i
and among the cunl breezes and succul-i
ent clams ut Puget Sound.
The Pnlonse Gazette urges Eon. Jim.
B. Allen of Walla \anla. for the repub
lican nomination for Delegate to Con
gress. Mr. Allen is aclenn, pure, able
man, and has hosts of personal friends
all over the territory.
3 Harry 'l‘ibbuls comes back from an»
‘ other trip to Hood's Cuba]. with some
fine specimens at czml. lie and others
have filed on EcVetfll mineral claims. and
are ureally elated over their discnve rios.
Let the good wurk go on.
Rev. D. 'l‘. Cnrnuliau‘s eerumu Sunday
evening in the Presbyterian church, on
the way'to build a city. was spoken of
as an able and eloquent efl'ortmell worth
shearing. When our pnlpits join in the
lo'fT-xrt to gnlvnmze new leo into the Mn".—
ltbmlc body politic it is pretty curtain
‘ that somebody is suing :0 get stirrul up
l tn a lively tun-J.
l ’l‘ln- "Part 'l'uwn~oud Dx-l-nliug Club“
lwus organized lust (Welling, qmlc u unm
lln-r nf yum; mPn having :mscmblcd at
film Cunt: home {lr that purpose. Capt.
lGeargc 11. Jam-s “in millv h-mpzrmry
‘clnirm'm. and ‘l‘. N. Hulk-r was clmseu
lamp wary surctury. I: WAS decided tu
azlmtl pcrs ms belwven the ages 05 17
and 32. Plus club buls fun‘ to be u suc
cussm! nrgumzqti:~u.
Anon; the pussengcra 0:: lb:- las! unt
g-riug (JthfilH steamer mm Mrs Wllln
Rose, daughter of lidwnrd 11. 158. E~q . of
this ch}. lli:_‘ 11-1-? bus the Warm
friemlullip hf u 'iarge Circle of acquaint.
zmccs hercnhuuls. who juin in Wishing
be! every juy that can (mum to human
heart. She goes to became the wife of
Mr. Owen Shaw. a young unglhm-r 1n
Cnlifuruin; a gentleman wlm, it is limped,
is wurtlay of the prizu he has. capmrud.
Mr. Rogers. 099. of the ln‘w accessiuna
to Port Townsend's [mpnlutinm Eh"
purchaaed twenty acres of land near
town, has given tin- ncrea of it tn the
railroad company. Suppnse way hm]
owner on Quimper g'euiuSulu \s'nnhi du
nnte mm-qunrternf his [:nssessiubs tn
this enterprise! How it Would nun-e!
In two years” time the other three-quar
ters would be Worth six lilues' us much
as tha whole is worth now.
One of _the latest 0 ntorprises urged is
the: opening of a canal or channel
through the upper and '.:f Wh‘dhy Is!-
aud. Gunnectiug Holmes‘ Harlznr on the
easiern aida with Admiralty Ink-l: on the
West. and elmrtcuiug the distance by
water between Port Townsend and Sun
hnmish and Simgit minutiae: 801118 thirty
m:!es or mere. The distance tn cm
through is 0111;: u Kittie over a mile, and
the pass is quit» low. Itis not only
feasible. but \muid result in immense
The executive committee of the Busi
ness Exchange met last awning; at the
ofiice of Gen. 1). W. Smith. Mainly
business matters were discussed. Quite
a large sum will he used in advertising
in the Seattle I’.~l. this weak. It was
decided to next use the Suudny Oregon—
ian as an advertising medium; utter
that. Some paper further east. The
treasurer of the Exchnugu. Mr. Little
field. was instructed to make collections
for June this week, and report by Sutur
day evening. He was also authorized
to employ a special collector. and to re
tzuu five per cent. for handling the
money. It was nlsou decided to corres
pond at once with the Orvgnu Scuuwra
relative to our public building appro
Tug Mnstick tom-d to sea yesterday
the ship Kichnrd ULCnpt. Mclntyre.
laden with 1750 tons coal from Seattle
for San Francisco.
Bark-Hesper, Capt. Ryder. passed out
umber laden from Port Mudisnu fur San
Bark Majestic. Captain Bergman. goes
to sea today, coal laden from Seattle fur
San Francisco.
Nor. bark I’ussepnrtnut. 556 tons. is
chartered to take a cargo of lumber {rum
Puget. Sound to Melbourne. nt £2.12s 6.1.
The steamship All-xi. from San Fran
cisco, la a: Union wharf. discharging 265
tons of freight.
Matthew Fay, the well known saloon
keeper, committed suicide Inst night:
about eleven o’clock, by shooting himself ‘
through the breast with a rifle. The tie-J
ceased had been drinking very heavily}
lately, and had on several occasions ex?
pressed the intention of killing himself.
Last night he went. into his lied-room, up
stairs over his saloon, and, lying on his
bed, placed the muzzle of e. H calibre}
Winchester rifle to his breast and dis
charged it in some manner with his foot, }
jmaking a most horrible wound. “hit-In
‘irom all appearances resulted in instant
death. lie was found in this position by
his partner in business, Louis Ackley,
who immediately notified Coroner Wycli
off. A jury was secured, whivh with the
assistance of Dr. Willison, made a thor.
ough investigation and rendered the fol
lowing verdict:
“We, the jury of inquest held before
J. S. \Vyckofl', Coroner of J ctfcrsun Comr
ty, find the following state of facts: that
the deceased, Mutthcw Fay, came to his
‘death, while in a state of mental aberrat
‘tion, by shooting himself with a Wim-hcs
lter rifle. 7 7' u _
V“ ”___ 7 John .\Xclnnus, 1
Foreman, 1
G. M. Rouse, ‘
F. Bradshaw, -
J. F. Mclntyre,
M. Bernstein,
f E. E. Hickman.
J. S. Wyckofi',
; -._ - 0n...
‘ From Wednesday's Dull).
Mr. Hamilton Curr of l’ysht is in town.
Fox Ram.~A furnished mum at Mrs.
Dr. “Ellison is to'erefl n hotel build
ing at the head of the bay.
We learn that Mr. and Mrs. J. E. ana
are soon to start for a plenaure trip
through England.
The Port Townsand Amateur Orches
tra will give a social hop in Red Men's
Hall on Saturday evening.
Bulletins from the national republican
convention report John Sherman to be
ahead in the first balloting to day.
Lewis Martin, an educated Indian on
Tulalip reservation. was fatally shot last
Wednesday by some uukuuwn pursun.
The P.-I. agent was to have special
bulletins from the national convention,
but 820 had to be subscribed for them
ibefore they were furlhc ‘ming.
‘ Them will be a musquemdu carnival
at Stane I‘s nkuling riuk m. Saturday
evening next. Admi‘neinn. 25 can-z.
If the women wish tu mm at the alre
tien here next month, they must register.
Remember, registering must be done
this Week.
After patient investigatinu. Mr. Mc-
Murry has discovered the secret of Bro
mides. Ask him about it.
Mr. Jubn Fleming and wile animal
yesterday from Whidby bland where
they have been spuudxug their Lune-)-
moou. They will reside here for the
Dr. Miukler. who has just returned
(mm Centralia wburu he has same pm
pmh‘ interests. is qui'e em Lusmstac over
a 50-foot veil; of solxd cuul at that point.
jHe found the people there deeply inter
(“tel in the “Port Townsend Southern"
radmnd, as they are directly on its line.‘
They are ready to aid it liberaily. Grzzcr
Summary. I; uuw Eaptiat educatiulml in
stitution, is located at Ccntmliu, and is
lo be pushed rapidly to eumpletion.
Officers elm-Ind for (bu Purt Townsend
Debmmg Club: 'l'. N. Hallvr. president ;
A. H. “intrude, view-president; A. F.
Learnt-d, j:, m'cretary; - Stewart,
treasurer. Execunve cummlttee: Gm.
U.Joues,A. H. Wiutrude. and J. .\lc-
“has. Beecker. the fumiture dealer,
roariwd fire. at loads of furniture 3x3»
tcrdny from Clucagc. If you want a real
Hobby outfit, at reasonable price, dnu'k
fail to inspect .\lr. Beecker’s Mock. He
has one of the Its-Luz: establishments cf
its kind on the Suund.
l CHDL Gilbert, who has been so (vili
cicnlly managing the shipping business
of Messrs. Waterman & Kulz. is c-m
--templnliug resigning soon with a View
of acacpting sumpthing uiure suiisl’aiclnr).
JCripl. Gilbert is deserving, and w:- shall
I be glad to hear of his prumutm-i.
Capt. Gilbert qt this (‘ll._\' has kindly
handed us swine chm-ings from u “9“ s
plipr'r in Bath, Maine, relative in Capt.
E l‘humpsun, late of lhu lurk C. 0. What
liner». :mnl his nurw vrsscl just built. .
I TIJIH um? vessel is named the C. S. .\lli‘ll. ‘
'is burl: rigged. anal is the uuly \‘ussd of
I'llt'l' rig limit in the United Stun-s ‘.his
lyozzr. .‘lcc'ymmmlatinus deserve spccml
imentiun. The cabin is. fililsllC] in ash and
when: will: il-2ul)le sliding: d'mi's Whlcli‘
permit 0! the. parlor and dining ruum
llL‘lllL: lhr-nvn irm- one large apartment
“hunch-r desirable. The captain‘s
‘ ronrn is on the blarbuurd ride and is
‘sumewhnt larger than the average. In
‘uue corner is a black walnut su‘retnry
with (silica chair. opposite is tho undi
cine chest, auL t-n the part side of the
tuna] is the captain‘s birth. hung: with
heavy chenille draperies. Four pussen.
urr staterooms haw-.- hm-u tilted up in a
similur manner, capable of accommodat
ing hm persons each. and the mates‘
roams are in the furwnrd part, true on
either side. A light Brussels cnrpm
covers buth cabins, while the furnish
ings are in dark red plush. lu tlm for»
War-1 house is the hoisting engine. willy
and smlors’ quarters. The vase] is n
fine sample of the work of Bath stip
lmildcrs and can stand cumpurisun with
vessels in any port. Capt. 'l'hompson
gave A bull on board the new vessal just
previous to his departure. It was ur
,teuded by a large number (if the good
people of Bath. and the seruces of a fine
orchestral, nud serving”! refreshments
added to its interesting features.
Ship Muuu: Washington was towed
to Port DISCUVt‘ry yesterday by mg l'in
The four muted ship Austrnlia was
reported in the elm-ts lust evening—
lmund for Port Discovery. to load lum
ber for Melbourne), Australia.
Steamship Gen. W. Elder left thir
muruin: nt 4. fur Alaska—cruwdczl with
passengegs. excursinuisls and otlwrs.
She had 250 tons of freight, taken on
bur-rd hem.
The Tribune and Herald say: The
New York delvgation will not vote
for Depow. Forecasts of all papers
as to the outcome are as divergent as
three days ago.
Crowd collecting slowly.
Convention will be called to order
about 12:30.
General Spaulding of Mich‘gan,
says sub. committee has adjourned
till 8:30 p. 11).
Platform will not be reported to
(Fuzmao (l2:3o)—Convoution called
to ord9r.
Our Clrcnlnuug Library -
The required number uf members for
the Astablxshmcut of the circwluliug li
brary lune bven secured.
It will open Monday. June 251 b, at J. H.
Lchrmurc's [Lot and Slum Store. .\liea
Kncalo is still ginug mcuzburslnps, and
it Is hoped may will a'mu reach 75; that
i numbvr securing to the library a. new
book (ncl) week, fur the hm years. will;-
‘out any adllitiunal past In its members.
DIED At his hum». San Juan lilnnd.
\Vnah. Terr . June 81h, 1858, li-ilwrt. the
beloved sun of Mrs. Matilda Dunglas,
aged 26 yenrs.
Robert was the subject of pulmonary
cunsumptiun, becoming much Ollltebldd
h) thedisensc. He went to Calzfurma
and other puints, spending months
umnng strangers. separated frvm thum
he luved, indulging the hope that health
Would be restored. hut 50h!) found that
no change of climate could urrcst his
(“361159.50 returned tn his home. hearing
his snfl'cnngs with patience, and slowly
drclinwl until Le hrcathrd his last
11mm“.r thhsn he luvcd. Many xuonrn
his early death. in his young maximum].
The high estvcm in which he w..a hrld
in the community was seen in the large
attendance and rent sorrow mnnifcsted
at the funeral service. The Douglas;
1 home has became Very and and lunely .
IThe heart of the ufliicted mother aches
under the weight of a four (old grief—
fonr of bleaswd memmy from that
nfilicted househuld huvzng passed to the
beyond within the past ken-n years.
First, a son beloved. then a devoted hus~
band, third. a lovely daughter. and now
Robert. thu subjrct of our sketch.
Withnl. Mrs. Douglas Wears the 0:11;;-
uncut of a meek and quiet spirit—a spirit
of Christian resignation.
Bereaved! When sianding in the
pulpit last Sunday. looking upon the
grief stricken face of the timely lieu-avid
Wife and mother. I hrll. deeply that Our
dear sister was sum-ring under the!
Wclflht vi a surruw wlitcii almuld be rc—§
{erred tu with the must pruiuunil awe—
u eurruw to be touched with a shrinking
hand. It seemed utmost tuo sacrel for
human sympathy to npprnacb. I deeply
felt. as nrver before, that there was one,
and only one, win: cnuid soothe it; one,
and uni; one. who could approach it;
one. and only one. who could enter into
land understand itvthat mm. Christ
‘Jesus the Lard. G J (nan, bi-renved
lmouruers. and present yum claims to
like lucnruu‘e Sou nl' Gm] . _
‘l huuld‘lhc voice 0! Jane ~ay ‘Cnmc unto me
an: 315:;
Lay down, lhuu Weurv mm, by down my head
upon my breasw“
The autumn and impassive funeral
services were cmnluctu-d in ”an presence
nf a large assemblage uf ayeu-nthiziug
friends. Had [he 3 nary—d rewaum intrrr d
in the beautiful cemetery at the Presby
terian Ohnxch. W.
I Apportiolunent of Srhoo] Fund.
i ._§_ -‘
:UH'IL'EZ up St'xrr. or Sculuw W 11; I
errxznsux t‘urxrv, \V. T.
LELAND, June 12, 1533.3.
.\ccm‘ding tuthc “hr-01 census taken
in Junr, 1557,1lmnuudn-r of vhihlr-ru in
[Jutbrson (':mnty, \\'_ T., h-‘twovn five
? :xxrl twenty-nnc _u-un (gin-g 1», entitled to
idmw wh-v-l :‘..u:l~.*)‘i< SW The \'-‘ittlly
{tn-.mm‘r having duty rupnrtcal to me on
ltln‘ 51h izwt , ttmzmmnnt of mum-y he
lxmgin: In tho gunom! svhuul fund in his
thunk. suhjz-v: tn :I}nptn‘tiunmum, may
#7” <7. “'hit'h giws the amount pro rat-. 11
xu-r Q's-pita, uf :4) shalt), ! have this 11:1)"
appurtinnwt th» \x‘hnlc mi 541-! amount‘
mrlitiml Ly thv trulsurcr, in am-nr'laucc
with the n-quin-nmhts «pi the \\':x.<hingtrm
sv-hm} Izm' :lS amon-lcsl, and \‘{}iil‘ll isnow
>tzuniing In tln- vrcdit of Hl9 sm‘cml
s‘:th thrivts «4' the t'uunty as fullnm‘s;
.\"w hi 3'o t‘lzil-l'n lhtc .\L'l'l
l'rw-ixzwf". Dirt. 1:: '.r uh". lmr
und :1 Child
ll'nrx 'i'nnnn-nul, l (vi-2' é“.>- 21') $31":
l'nr! Limb-v“ 1: v:: " ll 7!
Purl In x' -'.l'.';'. ': nu " -':~J ‘.G
lf'Ell-izi-Alflllll, a N- : 7| 7:";
'.“HA‘EHI'. n .. , ‘ ..o L‘
lirmnt-h. .: 2.: “ 1.! ‘J‘J
l 14-: my. 7 x ~- .3 an]
(nu: ma. 5 31 ” LN I‘.)
[mm xzt- “mm-z; 1; 4: ~ m:3
‘ '( .mlwr. I'9
. _ _ ‘ , ‘11; :7” >7
UFJ'IILIJ in H “J' 'Zill'n‘it‘.
l lu-rclg‘ u-rtify that Iln- fun-going up—
puriiunzm-m i< vurrvst, and that l Inn:
:!;i~ 12”: mi .lnnr; l"‘~'\', wrliliml llio
53.2.:v I~vtlxvv~urty ts‘r-ttsurvr, 312-] to tho
N‘fl'l‘Jl lllfil'iz‘! «luv ll‘lt‘l'k\' ui .lvtl'crsun
lt'mlnly, \V. T
11. 17. llnx.
Jrilrrr‘fin ('.. .\‘z-liuu‘. Nip!
. 6 ,V , “___
Selina. (Jul, has had 115525.000 tire.
“(pew is meeting With I'nczlilc coast
umn sitiun.
There are ITUU Knights of i’ytlilas in
\‘(ushirvgtun Tcrlitnry.
‘ (lcnvrnl 0.0. Howard is out in the‘
‘:lirn'rir'rm will: an able article advocating ‘
Pacific c-mst defenses.
Rev. Haskell of Portland has been
filling some disagreeable truths about
the Vice and immorality of that city. He
discloses a very rotten state of affairs.
On Saturday, June 23.1. will occur the
scnlling men between Paine 'ind Peter
s-m for Ur: cbumpinnsbip of the Pacific
coast. The race is to come off at Lake
Slmwnigau. near Victoria, at 4 p. in. As
the rucu is to be a matter ol’ considerable
importance, nu dnubt n large crowd will
go over from the Sound.
It is announced that Delegate Voor
bees of this Territory will be married In
November to Miss Fannie anenofln
(“333de that the cauple will go tuWna
hington. D. (3.. to reside. Is it possible
that. nnr lusty young Delegate is going
to leave us to our fate—after we have
sent him In congress twic:?
The puzz'e of making money by it»
vcshug in land can be easily aoived.
Apply On 15le Miller for some of those
In‘ing l'ark lots. *
I’onr Towssxzxn, June 16. 1388.
buflfilun, Mrs F Boylston, Frank
Blues. 15 Corbett. Uvuuis
ilnss, Henry Elliulte, Miss
Eisner. .\l Greennu. Michael
:idh-y. Mia's Ella King, Miss Ellen
Kruttier. Wm Lowark. J B
anll-n, H anreulz. Robert
\lofl‘wyn, R W Meyer, M 73 J F
.\h-Kmum. Francis .\chrngor. Mm A T
Nelson. L Panel-man. W A
liosonquist. FruLk Simpson. Joseph
smm, Maniu Slmels, J 'l‘
h‘chnnnrz. F
Gan. G. McNAuAnA, P. M.
Why not Call this Tenlblo Scourge 15
It: nighlful Name?
(New York Telegram)
Many a strong, well-built man loav
hoxne to—day; before night he will 11:‘.‘.~
a chill and in a few hours will be deal
This is the way the dreaded pneumouh.
takes people 011'.
The list of notable men who are its viv—
tims is appalling.
It. sweeps over the land like a sconrg
and destroys poor and rich alike.
Everyone dreads it. Its coming is and
‘ den, its termination usually speedy.
1 What causes it? _ _ - _ _ _ _
Pneumonia, we are told, is invited hy
a. certain condition of the system, in
dicated if one has occasional chills lilltl
fevers, a tendency to cold in the throu'
and lungs, rheumatic and neuraigi
palm, extreme tired feelings, short
liri‘fllll and plenritic stitches in the side,
loss of appetite, backache, nervous un
rest, scalding sensations, or scant and
dismiorcd fluids, heart flutterings, sour
stomach, distressed 100k,fpufl"y eye sacs,
hot and dry skin, loss 0 strength and
These indications may not appear tow
gether, they may come, disappear and
reappear for years, the person not realiz
im: thatthey are nature's warning of a
coming calamity.
In other Words, if pneumonia does not
claim as a victim the.persons havin:
such symptoms some less sudden .but
quite as fatal malady certainly will.
A celebrated New York physician told
the Tribune that pneumonia was a secon
dary disorder, the exposure and cold
being simply the agent which develops
the disease, already dormant in the sys
-1 tern, because the kidneys have been but
partially doing their duty. In short ‘
pneumonia is but an early indication o! ‘
a hright’s diseased condition. ‘. This im
paired action may exist for years with
out the patient suspecting it because no
pain will be felt in the kidneys or their_
vicinity and often it can be detected only
by chemical and microscopical observa
Nearly 150 of the 740 deaths in New
York City the first week in April (and
in six weeks 751 deaths) were caused by
The di~ease is very obstinate, and if
the accompanying kidney disorder is
very far advanced, recovery is impos
eihle, for the kidneys give out entirely,
and the patient is literally sufl‘ocated by
The only safeguard against pneumonia
is to maintain a vigorous condition of
the system, and thus prevent its attacks.
by using whatever will radically and
album-Ally restore full vitality to the
kidneys, for if they are not sound, pneu- ‘
mania cannot Ia prevented. For this pur
puce there is nothing equal to \Varner’s
mic cure, a remedy known to millions,
used probabiy by hundreds of thousands
nud commended as a standard specific
wherever known and used. It does not
Erotend to cure an attack of pneumonia,
ut it durs remove the cause of and prevent
that disease if taken in time. No reason
able man can doubt this if he regards
the personal experience of thousands of
honorable tnen._ _ _ _ . _
When a physician says his patient has
either bright’s disease or pneumonia. he
confesr'es his inability to cure, and in a
measure he considers his responsibility
ended. In many instances. indeed. per
sons are reported as dying of pneumonia,
heart disease, apoplexy and convulsions,
when the real cause of death and so
known by the vhysician is this kidney
nmsumyutiun. Thousands of people have
it William: knowing it and perbh of_ it
because. their {‘ll} ricians will not tell
them the fact-x! The same fate awaits
every one who will not exerciaeggg‘qudg
lwmwm; ;.- ......zss:
} O ’KI 'OV- l ' ' V ‘ ‘
Ibmflctt .s Land Agency!
l Deaiers and Braiiers in Real
I Estate. ’
1 mm
I Kuhn’s Brick, Taylor 3%.? i’art Townsend.
l—-—-Wo ofl'or for 43513.0“ V
:l H 7 ‘77”?
g; . . . - .
:,' Chonce Resudence Lots on the Hls 5, Susmess Prop
erly on the Beach, Suburban Properly, ,
‘; \ Farm and Timber Lands. tlc.,
1 husinoss lot on Jefferson strwt. j 5 :Ut.‘ in .‘Euuz‘u Tacoma.
" ‘3 adjuiuingcity hall. i' 2‘! news in Snuhuuish county.
' 1 lot on south side of “Imm streoh; 4—“ .. __ _i- LL”)! 0 uvqtv
1 Int on Tuvlm‘ Sims-t, 71:82}. ”I, 1‘ ‘3 ‘ L“ - ‘
,: .'.. - 1.3 n 1;, m sx‘:i.l&hflloo.
Lot 6, blue“ ()5. -,~ ‘ ' I) .n .
2 luts near "as “ska ; ”U Irta m ; ox; -\ngnh‘s.
1 clmiCu Intrin Smith's addition. i . IMU‘UWC‘ farm “‘1 FIT-‘sl! “Vat-9"
3 acres on Morgan‘s hi“. my.
1200 acres L-n Quiwbyr Imminnulaql 1,73 “"1.“ farm: 3mm 0“ Lopez
in difl'erou? lucalinvs. 1’9": V .
680 acres “0..". 1),)” Ludlow. 1:]. tier“: :Itufuhh’ for 131‘le yard
2m) acres in Cirimzzcum vulla-y. 1" ‘l': I)‘»“7*""‘l'§' 17533
3010 ts in Seattle. Tim 13::w:,~t laud stone quarry on
100 acres in Thurston county. the coast.
.knd V 1: rio us ()thor I’s-oporty.
‘1“ business entrusted In us xvill I)“ pronnptly and
cure-l ully at loaded 10.
Bar ulett Land Agency.
P- 0. BM 127- Port 1 ewasend, Wash. Terr.
Hamngs’ Third Afidition!
Blocks, 240x300. Lots, 60x110.
Streets 70 ft., 20 ft. Alleys.
500 Lots m this Addition for sale!
Reduction in Price to those who WEN Build. Price of Lots
from SSO up. No Commissions, 21>: we own these Lands.
. Other Property for $315 on the Peninsula ansi water from.
Real : Estate : Brokers.
————DEAL!£HT<. xr~:.__
General Merchandise,
5 Y ’IILL >L l 5
“"0 carry the largest and mus-:’. complete :3::_,353
:Men’s, Boy’s and Ycuth’s Clpthing
I :25" ()f any house in the Oi"
Gfint’g Eumishiug Gggdgg.
“'8 an: headquarters {ax-.31») our “220' rm- iuH in every particular. 7
1131's, (laps. Boots .\L', Shoes
Are to be him“. in nur sturu in the ;:'.'.-.tv~‘ \xu'i 1:." and BEST QUALITIEI‘I.
“'e can cater to the. moist fusthliuus 9.21.1 curry '._\' :u Um bus! {lf‘SGYtOtl me o!
Staph and Fancy (Era-corins to ‘. v 3mm! nn I‘m-gut Faun-. 1.
Country Preduce taken at Ehe Highest Prices.
“'5.“ (inods dvlivmud m sung. put n 5 th City Fm}: or CHARGE. Colli'
Urdcrs wilirfl-fll and BEST AT [15.35% h\' (‘:l'.‘.!:\..‘{Tl-I!CD.
Burkett & Eisgnbeis’
‘ ‘.Vuh'h ’ 7 , ‘
i upring -15">.§1i£2911116élfiéfl'CS. .

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