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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, June 28, 1888, Image 1

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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‘ I 7‘ __ ¥
0 dent pz-ggaef.
E 3? U,“ siénzw hL.-',r. w! {:'-
ulum: Ll-u human"
53' ‘pln (and: _\ In -; 'h :v; 11!!
‘ ohmn XE};
DAIL'j‘I Ali 3 l .:‘s
'9" ' ‘
Un-E‘ k” .r I h I 7"
>; 3! . L- . .- '
‘ , -, .. . \
AI: ~ -: - ‘ .‘ I I
t." v“ 10 i . .
(UH: 3‘.» may firgus.
“l ‘.:T.‘ ' . .
u- '.' Mini ‘ I .. _- .
.\l\. \l. ' ' . ' . .
, II~: ,f .‘:~'. :l' I
u -,‘ I, \ I _ ...51.'
II:III'- V‘ 1.‘:1.“‘- ‘ , . “
1‘.1._1.1.- .. .
_\ I . !~ lun'n.
mum-(”-‘. r.‘ vmw
vaurrwsm '-.' u. (1:31-54.
_K‘TI'II'. ll ‘ZI‘IKZL'iII. .‘,.'. 1!.
VI 1' In: I 1 '.l':\ 253-, w. T.
”‘1 IzlYlll'~'.l-. ".‘I Iv" its!“
“”51 I- Hr». 1:71.: .I « v: I-IA nI
-0".- "'("libl»4'l~ '. :I.
_A’I" HI‘HI «In >'. . ~ir-v‘ ).':-:~
Hl'l‘. (u..,flun- .:‘~'A...:;. j\~.
011 -.I- [Gil-‘3 l'w '.--. '2
(ll—‘Y‘l li-Ix'.‘~: I|!n IJII..‘1~.'I:I:IY.I~~
p.ll]. , ‘-;l'.'|'n‘.\il.
DR C. W. III'N’I‘, ans-3,
lhullisl. m
P In T :\\'X~'::.\';l. '.:. 'r. ML; 1,"
x:il‘l"‘-'VI~XI' ,£l~l"h'2 I I "I": Ll 1.!2 :i;:~
Isbqul wr I IIZLXCv . .'l' I an m' ‘:- .'..1.
D E N T I 5 T !
Port Tiaruseutl, - - - - - \‘.'. T.
An work guaranteed first class.
Y. . . ' a.
Pin 5316!?!“ 21m! Surgeon.
:3?‘ Oflice up stairs over Clam) s';
Feuerfmch’s Bank. dtf
[WEI :17:th _,-“ Wal‘mll I. H:I~IIn-_':I
Att orneys - a t - Lanv.
P 52013038 IN ADMIRAL".
Land for Sale, Loans Maug.
Port Townsend, W. 'l‘.
Anne? ndConlzsalloratmw. rscznrm Axlmirany
.5550 :Iqu with nu—rfélmlmr, at Sea: Ila.
omae c= rner of “'alem-d—Quim-y Sls.. ommsim
sum: of Waterman 0; Han.
POE—.T 'T'II‘V‘SSEND. - - \\ . T.
83‘)“. my to loan at reduced mics.
r. 5930:. ‘H‘ 1011125, -- w
Attorney and Counselor, ‘
Proctor in Admiralty. ‘
Notary Pubiic.
C. .‘l. Buufinsw. M. B. S.u':x<.
. P-DRT TU'WXSEX D, ‘s’. T.
Attorneys and Couusvllors at Law.
Pu .crom: u“ Abnxmm-Y.
OFFICE}: I.x Iliil-Lnndfi Ncw Buihl'ng.
J. .a. (‘.v ur U‘l. A. 1:. ConfinAs.
Pmaswwliz'g .\lzx'. .
" ttorneys-at - Lu W
Oflice~Clumy building,
dwtf Pmt Tuwuwlhlfiv, T.
“3an AN 0 ST EA ll BOATS.
Ponl‘ 'l'u'anESD. W. ’l'.
Wnl. Dada. i'mprirtcr.
Th‘nd Home h NEW and NEWLY YELle‘ll H!)
0r... [)OSBCSH‘S Ml Hm ilppv hum: H: or a
-FIIF'P (‘LASS .10 ‘. EL.
3551.4 Pym is ~npp§is ! 51!. “wink! of \Vincs.
Luann-. 11.: Finn.
The :- u, titan-lass thEn l?;i*»2v:xud Hmuliug
room iv :hn Howl. Mutiny; \..;i ht nu-L‘m- in
maize mid Hon-l :oc‘md to nine in L:.:'l'.-r:i
' 113.11" 5‘ TN“, W. '2'.
' ‘.". .du! horlun ‘.. I'..v_ i:~?n'.
linuv estuivf .hl-dn .\' ~. I.x #l.: If #1 ~uu-ul.
Sun J‘ In (‘0 '::l_\‘_ "alt "l 112- ".. h .‘0 :' .1
llunw.‘ “Li. in L "var hip-. 1 In: (Ls LC «nuluurfu
lieu of '.:: general puhhc, janib
. .
Wllllam Busby,
F‘ ' . 1 q , '
KmSflmllllllE and PnDul‘ Hanging
B‘Fxrat-clusi work Guaranteed.
Shop an Alarm st. op. Court Home?)
’ M
People s arket,
“1;“; Cor. “harms! Taylor Susan.
‘3‘. __" " i;
x Jay Port Townsend, Wash.
A ‘ ,
, !
THE wry Nilqnnuz} n! Mi Kinds of Mon
at wholvnle an.) .1 m” 811:: ~_-ps, 13mm
Chfi'ér. Bel-rgnuSau—a- ~-. . 1:. a 1.1:, .- 0“ Land.
rt) h-rs dmivvz-a .:. I'i .-r. 1; av ':;- "i!"-
' I I
City Meat Mamet.
‘iinr's, 3'. “110395939 331.“! rrxuih
m~o (‘nrm—d Eve! and Pink. Vain-'1”-
Sausages, Head (Wat-uric ,alu a} s =le band.
”am- Cured firm. 83cm: and Lea! Lard.
Give us a can. Sutthguon gn asmeed.
omm taden am? gnuda dd. {-1111 to all parts (-
the cizy.
Port 'l'ownrwnul. W. T.
Q'Xexl door 10 “'uwnuzm s Kant. dw
- l—fi—v—fi
(‘ EO. E STxlll-lE'F'l‘.
, '1
Contracts); 65 Bmlder.
Plan“. spcr ificnii ,;,.-' Eatimmefi ezc. promptly
){adr and (14.“ m»: “ml; of ...; kinds
(1.;, (".1 bllO3l nv 11cc.
Q‘Shun uu Wuh-r 5‘9. l:c.‘.r (‘:mtl s !:-»!~.l._(§_:
Port 'i'ownsend
“‘ .u n.
(‘3 00. \V. I‘)oxvns.
‘15»(1' \C'li LE‘K 0F L'L'SHIER. LATH‘
‘ r-l-I l'ic‘nvyfl'lrmin; and l':£~ «I Lum
brro! H LimenAm ~.
' ‘ or {m
.Tx, "2‘ F w , , ,
, 3? f ‘ '_l7‘ “*2: 1:23;: 1:3“ 1’ (f g: . ~ 111 [a 'l/ V
‘ .' I .E- L ‘1 h. i‘e‘ :4 {' ' ' "'4 |‘ 5 h
7'57 w 3’59 *‘w ‘ stwMg ”'l‘ .. x “if; ,;2! 5 1‘59
- -» A :31; ‘ vs CD 4 k
i .:\-1' 21%;; a?"
; 2 E2.£,--.-~.ig-':.: £5.
.' = x :, --..v:;'.'::.\'n-nx.
3 '. ~ :‘ " 3'. il".w.*!:‘.=.E-_.n,~; of
._‘ ,1 ‘ .* .fl :.~ 1.: Ly :L Mani
‘l . ’.V ''.
é- . '2”: vi rA-i-z-r hUmm.
:2 E ~ : :‘1'..;,1;in;u.1.;1,x
--iv. .’u .' "3.
.::: ». :-~:i=i::t-.» Emmi.
w a . ~ ,- -.’ Juan-4. aw! in
.. = i w L w‘ufiw.“ d ‘.s'laiz
‘: .',' . : "l A :aL- a'.’;:‘ :.;:
‘ ‘:". . 1'»: 2. 1w: ‘e-fi. l; m'
an '7 1 ~-'. 8.2 LIL-Ly.» a?:~
’: "x. rt." :- 2' . Zz- :.ii:‘?: M 1 , at.»-
1 in - f- I ~*:!‘:‘.’ “(L-rim:
‘, ' : x :15! {l2l' M ”iii:
’é '.II . :'I; 3Z; I.*'_;i:«}u:i-I:n.
:7 f‘ .’ HELL”. :zv. r 1‘; L 12"; rail
[. :‘. i " ';.z:.= :; \\ mm x‘rlCulh
inv-t'f ‘n! 122- .'N» ‘ (Snzz. Hawly's
= 12:21:.» "v. .' :v!1?.~{"-‘5:.
I '11: an: .. 3. : . s",}Ei-2'llia. says Cul
iifxc'» H sir i . 1- * ' awn] (:q-pltulxm
In‘ '.:-.:g 11a iizii. :a. m. -Lw-x:-
l:-‘ '1 -i < i “3.. “nuns: Au: (in-sham
flizi: 2 ;:‘ .\IEZ‘IL, >IL'UILJS nun:
hug. :. 4-? (;.‘\ . Imm, :1: <3.) 3115-) Ml
-1" 3.32! Lyn}; ux' Mia.» and
I}? "1; NY 'l‘ :-.‘.=:<.
! l 7». liav. 'l’ ,; 12-1' {3ka platform for
ilil'f.!;';2l hf Hzxrx'iwn'a‘ name
gm»: 2 ‘..32h 12v!u:;;r.1 vim-Hug.
3:2:ei..‘.r1 )2. n 1:) 1"»; \xan'iu,‘ h:.n.!.~‘.
|l‘.‘:Cir i’. :‘.: 1' i.f:‘:2l§.twi ('l‘iPfi of
I"{:l"\:3121i23. mix.;;‘:~-': with his-saw».
Cllh'xnu, Jim” 21.-—‘IYIH‘H tho af
ta-nzwu M~.—.~Zz.u ui' [bu cuuwminu
was “pun-u at five minutu‘ past 3in
‘m-w :’vumn- was. ludicrd, It was the
.displny of republican campaign
ilmndln-rcLif-fs 1111115111: . “l’ro‘m-tiun
‘fm' Anni-man Iz;;_11:.~1:':(-:~." Tlh-y
Hymn-- L) 324‘» Lei-Ia :u all [rul‘QS of HM
3bui! ‘ . :'.
1 1 4': ‘:l. of TH; :. ‘l"'¢,~l:i‘d'd Harri»
sun'r :uauiuuiiuzu .ml was fuliuwml
[:3 {is 4-4; ”1' : n .\ffllh'SHl'lhiHKL
wrung fit. af: 2' the I'-:‘.i-mi.m. 2.411
'l'l Xflh :zu-l I: dinzm “ax-1:31;: applaud
ed t 3,- r 1 61;:(01‘ m the (~1L1Lrllism!~
Uf"§§‘.iL’i~l’, uf NL-w H'-l:)1).§hil‘0, “as
(1)» ':z‘Sl to svtxzzullhv multinatiou.
)Incl. nmusuuunt was caused by
some mm, \vhu ovilz-nfly thought the
spvui a-r'n Imm;- wasU-dlagher. shunt.
iuy "Lot her go, Gallaghu.” which
ME? tutu: up and lasted for a few
sccnids. i
> Gulls. .;h(-x‘ made n-x'.-:'«-nce to Blaine]
um] :guiu the convention hall was
tho '.: -x:.- of grunt tumult. demgulvs
chem: 2;: and 3'o2!ng until um unis-u
was -L ruining. Imm was retiubvd,
-M’fi‘fitffi :‘dc-‘lmri plflee-d Alli
son :'.: muzzaiuutiuu. ‘liis cperch
eve-km}. Inqmnt «:utLursts ui up
plans; Ryaud. of Massachusetts.
and sewrul of the territories sec
onded the nomination, the enthusi
asm at. this’ pain: having reached
high pitch.
Cunaw-u. Juan ‘32. ~10, :1. m.-——Tbe
Tribum’ 5:!) .~; .'.~ srhmuu is on} font
anion f iJinim-‘ra i'l'it'lhlh to umuiunun
hilu:-:lvr giviaq: Merriam “(511111100
as a faint {u iii-UL Sherman. Tho
Tinw: :-.-a_\ : t‘uc manner is narrowing
down to liiiiilfl‘. bhvmmn and Har—
risnn. whh tip» ('huliccs in favor of
Blaizw. {uni pmbuhly Forakor for
\‘i'u- ier‘::(lUUL
'ma rum mmm'r.
AHiwu . .... 92
Hannah. .... .... 99
Fizlcr ...... ....... 33
Gresham ..y ....IUG
Unrrfimn . .. .... .... b 7
Hazw’:y .... .. . .... l 3
Rusk .... .... .... 25
Slat-rum) .. .... ....231
15:: 2E: . .. .. 29
Wimp-2.. .... .... ..- m
‘Bltiitéa ..................... .... ... 35
‘ (-. Numn'LATLD BY ms TEACHER.
1 (‘:znavm, June ‘2o.—Uhuirman 135-
;lce this (-\‘-'::in;_{ rvcniw-d the follow-‘
'ing dhgxrl 0111'er his uh] school tea-1
the: ..f in: ty-svvuu ymzrs ago: 1
"3!". 1) t Cha‘rinza I: Accept con-1
Igrn: lliiJiulH I”er your 01d teacher‘
in (l: -. 11cm}. ~33; when} 1302159.
(signed) “U.‘LOGAN.”
Cmcwo, June 21.—Washington
Territory lan hem accorded six votes
in the cuuwzzfion. and is entitled to
the full priwluges of delegates from
vhu sums. Washington Territory
hvadquurtnrs at the Grand Pacific
are one if 1?;4- runs: pleasant in that
grant braiding. They have boun
{unwind day 3:111} night with visitors
from all yuan-3 (I the Lhiwd States,
izzi'ir. ' (2.: .i’.23‘. .- ‘5 from leaditvg
«.‘r i»: x W. 3».- ': .LI-i‘lifli‘, “'sl—
‘.: 1'1” A3_ mini migei‘ nu:-
umrr; mi; J. L}: (MY. Squire, Hon.
E. MOE-kt]: U. A. I‘vhl'h. Gen. A.
Barrns. of Ulympin, .l’iuf H. J. Cus
iun. of Walla “ alla, Lient. Hayden,
uf Oiympiu, cud «film-rs are the dul
~~gutps’ gm‘Ms. Aft: amtvs varkeit,
“'03.: and lloltou id? in nttcndenco.
Tim \lvlogatiou ha: how very active
and "un‘si'rvos credfi for the manner
in waivh t'noy }ll‘{'.—'(-l‘.lv'd the claims
iof \"- :;-Ei§:;g';uu Levi-my :statehood.
Cmrmu. Jum- 2=—-'l'£m convention
was ally-:1 to Ul'dx'u' at 6 minutes past
11 this :-; ‘:ming. Lumr-diamly after
pragvr‘ hula-ting fur president com
mu: {1 (i. '
'l‘iw lntzln waged in tho convention
hall thy: m: filing was a most stub—
bum min. The anticipated strength
of the» Silnrmzm for-cu s was not real
iz«'-.l tan-E (h it. is null expected to de
velugw i ml; r, the izruvitablo slam
pwJu tn -‘.1.:~1¢,- will be next in ozdor.
It is l; -.i~--.':«l that. the former is
\vorLEHg in 1.32:;E;.«-’s interest and that
he will Slxuw his hand early. The
Caliiuruiane ar uniformly convincml
that Blaine will l”. nominated. The
progzuumm uf 2.1 m Blaine managers
is to use tlu- py-snonncvnd Blaine
forms i:. 12:.» ('..-:n‘untion in sucha
xnzuz‘mr 11:1 m {l'z‘ai'l‘Vfl zhe equilih
rium among ill-d leading candidates
through sun-ml ballots. Then by.
creating an imprvssion onthe con
vekiiun that- neithvr Sherman, Alger,
Ilan'i‘c-n, Dry-w u“ Gresham can
ulmzin tho nominatiouq Blaine will
he put to tho fmnt to carry off the
phzn by unanimous mm at the non
walk)“. Delegates who came here
regardiug.Blainc out. of the race,
are amazed to see men who they
E’urt fi‘mvmond, Jefferson Cmmty, Washington Territory, Thursday, June 28, 1888.
it» ~t hzz-i aim right to expect. Would
izuiirzu 11m annuity um] truth of his
idm iz'aruti an»; mitt-thing to sucuro 1118
in ‘E.ii:;£i!ft-IL
i >rtv'wxxl litLLU’l‘.
~, _..............1i§
1.1.- v.l ~ .... . .. .... . u
it: 1‘<"i1:2.... .... .. 7 .... .... ....105
ii: .111; n:__.. ~.. .... .... .... .... 91
':m :13
l.- i. ....215}
l'x_'.i :-.... ... _... .... .'. .... ...... “I
ii.it"i1«<............ _.....“i-S'
Wham... ‘_’l)
‘ tliilti' “.\IJ. T.
_‘JJi'.’ , r. _ .... ...]22
,\ it'd-in.“ .... .... .... .... . Si
.:7--. t. ..... ~ ..... -.QO
stirvwhunuh ..132
iiinl :i'1!1.... .... .... .... ‘..-l
111':.~1z..., 16
1 Lain: t... . ....244
itm i||~,V., V... ... .... .... ...... :10
‘li..L.a i... .... .... ~.. .... .... .V 351
{1.1; (min ... g;
“\L: Eizixluy .. .. S‘
"hiu r ....... 2
i l)v;n.~v \nthtlrrw his union. in aspect-h
it” i'uro th.» unnvuntmn. amulet wild an
i pin! w. [Hgt‘l‘SHil Hdtll‘t‘t‘fll‘tl the con;
;\'<~:.‘:--:. in the llit-‘Xcsi‘ of protection.
1 l’ul'ltTH BALLET.
‘.‘xigi‘r .... ...]42
.\iii‘t‘“..-. 99
hhwrnmn W 224
lit-KI: l'iy.... ........... M
i):nz',l3.'i_~‘.~l.... l
liurrisnn.... ”M 217
innit-0.... .... .... .... .. 46
Gresham 87
tri-i.w"l'lit‘("l‘t\'t2 l-‘LUUDS.
('n“. or .\[LVlt‘t). Juno 21.~—l"ur
thur t‘u-l'm'is' from Silou say it rained
’uriuusly all day and night on Mon—
thly. thv rivvr is flooded north of the
town and water is rushing through
tho 5 tut-ts in grvut volume with tre
nu-xnluus furcv. Most of the houses
[wing 05 txlinih'. \Vt-I‘O soon saturated
:lan fell down. among them being
mum of tho [‘t‘llu‘ipul buildings.
llvhurts un- that about. twenty per—
.»ons aro hnrriul under the ruins, or
druwm-d. l'hustutiou buildings are
(campiwl hy imlliu-loes persons. who
um subsisting“ on watt‘rmelons and
utht‘l‘ fruit found floating on the
water. 2min hm been gt'llrl‘fli, and
tho u'i ole country around fiilou is
ii‘m-imi. svwral dykt-s having given
Hrs: Emmi-two. Juno 21.-—-Tha
stnrziuor 8.-rtha .'n'rivod from Karluk.
:‘iflakfl, bringing three sai!ors of the
on 1 fishing schooner Isabel, which
lt‘fi this port on the 14th of April
with u crew of 19 men. The schoon
was :30 years old. and leaked from
tho day she left Portland. On the
third of Muy the captain and crew
dwidoml to abandon her. they left in
eight duties. Thirteen of the men
and Captain .Nickvrsnn were drown
oi mo days :zftrr, thu rest. of the
crow sum-red sovoxely until rescued
and taken cum of by the Indians.
two of the crew were unable to come
to the city owing' to their condition,
and remained in Kuriuk.
"E szw 1’? mix (tANI‘EB.
Tm: I‘IAUI'E‘ Juno 23.-—-Dr. Mne
lionzie has started {or London. In
an inimwiw: he said he had parted
on ft‘imidly terms with all the Ger
man doctors except one. He had
been fully aware of tho gangrenous
nature of the Emperor Frederick’s
malady ever since February, but if
he haul lltliuiltt‘d it, regency would
have bet-n tho rvsult.
omnrz mu. Bunxrn.
CALICO, (5111., June 21.——Tho Alham
bra quartz mine burned down lint
night. L 053 $20,000.
wu’rs rues.
Benny, June 21 ~Bismurk has
[lutlllt‘ll the powers, including Russia
and France, that it is Emperor Wil~
liam's sincere desire to maintain
friendly relations.
menus wonns nnnxsn.
Oswnno, Juno ‘2l.<-.-\ fire last night
destroyed thn olmmpinn grain drill
works. Loss $175,000.
; Beams, Juno 20.—The uneasy
‘ feeling is increasing and war rumors
i are plentiful. The huge garrison at
Nam-y, comprising 30000, are at work
night and day building fortifications.
A 1 Sims-burg the same thing is be
ing done. In Berlin the war p’arty
is in the nscendant and at aria
Moulungor appears again to be on
the top wave.
(‘.trxrAL ctrr~xrws aortas.
OLYMPIA, Juno lit—The Prohibi
tionists in this city have not had a
meeting and have made no demon—
titration for several weeks, anq it. is
wry seldom that the third party is
:Iliutlt ll to in on; I‘m-apt'ttt. Many who
tit-“shared tlivir intention to support
the tE-inl {dirty movement. when a
club wne org-'.:niz-~ L 1 hero some months
ago, hnvo now become enthusiastic
members of the Lincoln Republican
ciuh, and will Work hard to repress
the third party influence in the com-i
ing campaign. Probate Judge Root,l
\\ no is Considered one of the most
ardent l’rohibitionists in this county,
strenuously opposes the third party
movmuont, and Ventures the opinion
that in vast number of those who sup
ported the movement four years ago
will return to the Republican ranks
this full and wort: hard for the party.
thus decreasing the Prohibition vote
from what it was in the last election.
Regarding tho candidacy of J udge
Ureeno. he considers Greene much
stronger than lii-x party, and believes
he will Roll many more votes than
Wulild 51'" to__any other candidate.
General R. It Mxlroy, whose pro
uuuucml vinws in favor of prohibi~
mm are known all over ~the United
States. believes that. the first duty of
tho l‘rohibitioniats. of whom, he
states, nine tauths are Republicanik
is to replace in power the party of
patriotism and reform. which they
have so unfurtunutuly been the cause
of defeating. He Will. therefore,
labor hard for the success of the Re
p Iblieau ticket this fall.
Thom same views are entertained
by a large majority of the leading
tamperauco advocates of this city.
including Rev. L. J. Garvar, of the
Congregation! church: Prof. L. E.
Fullambeo, principal of tlm collegiate
inatizuto; Prof. B. \V. Briutnall.
superintendent. of he city school:
Judge \\'.l“.l§eudy and 511". J. N.
“n.l, :zi-Lx-mn: .m. l-l.‘l.\'l't s!’ tinnituzx‘rm:
HF "rm; mama. m- m t u “in“: rm
!IYISH Till: lli'illl.‘l‘| l\'ll.lZ.\l'lllN T” 35’
'l‘tnXm xuu :<l'\x:x.‘.\«: \r mi: luwx ur :\
.\i:w rm 1\ 'tlll' uhrnm‘ HF 'rm; wunu).
'l‘ht- {nil-min; i» :: mil-y 111‘ :1 l'il't'lllill'
liq-in: ~1-nt nut tu‘lirexlinavizin uc-w'slnl-
I'l‘i‘.‘ I
i lil-‘.\t".t‘l'l‘\il';l\;l_':tltilll'iltl't't'llilllt‘litt'
in 'tnmuutu [un'z-ii-iuvvl almnt llll‘ l't'snlll't't'h'
:nt' thi< c-nnntr)‘ may :zm-nar, tlu-j.'arl- lii-v
--it‘l‘.ilt‘ll'>\ tit-i Wily tin- tt'iw hurts. lvtt!
tu'lzll is tunl'i‘. Uu' .'ulr’f has never (men
{tn/AI. J: i» .dmm. '.n 3.2::'. human in-wvr‘
‘tu vnn~trurt lanutarv tu ll(‘\'l'l'il|". nc-itlu-r
wan anyuut- that h.1.~ nut :liwrmnal av
iquaintala'o rt-aliw- thn- mum-11w. sm-m-i
in;l_\' imixnauqilxla- and lumt \':ll'it-tl nat-i
ur.-| wealth and rv.~a:ur:-.-s that this :_vrt-at ‘
_\'..t‘thw:-.~:i [mes-M1»: hut “ltll'll. in run
jmn-tinu with a inmt SLilllltrillllSl'illllilll' in
uhirh lh-nplt' t'l‘um vw-ry runu- with :n-at
wt mn‘tt'urt as l‘t‘j_'.ll'll> tivaltiil‘nlnvss ran
taku up n-siult-nvu, and t'in'tlwr taking
in .'unsidi-ratinn tlu- :_n-.-_nrapllival situav
ti.“ uz' tlii< runntr)‘. it will tin-u ln- readily
N‘t'lt. and i< itithu'tl :1 1;lll‘\lit'il admitted
by all “i... kind: um,» tau-:4. that this
gri-at and rirhly llll‘-~‘ml Nurthwc-st will
IN‘t‘HlHt‘ the ;.'|"';tl timatrv mi tlu- Wurld fur
:1 numc-ruus p-ipulatiun than all partm-t'
lllt'gltllM‘.t‘llll-ll).\' -l in lllt' highest devol
npmi-ut 0t ”11- u» '.II :irt~'. indlmtrius and
trade, and nu tt.:- large-q rum-nivaldv
“Hr“, l'ultnilwl uh lin- lli'_'llt~>l viviliza
tiun, will lK' t'llm‘lt‘tl llH' rt-ulizatiun of :1
"PW n-ahn, fun-mun in luyalty and pro
:n-ss. vvvry i‘ilin-n a Hair mn-n-ign vn
juyiu: lilu-rty. ll‘tll'l' and plrnty in tin
highost scum- :zu-l ttlt‘:l>ltl‘t'. and in the
midst of tlu- Illah'l lungrussiw and wurld~
widv rvarhingz :n-tivity for tho wt-ll living
01' humanity. What may thus luv said in
truth “1' this :n-at Nurtliwust in gt-noml.
may lu- lllul‘t' partivularly fiaid ul' Port
Townsend with its beautiful and wvll~
prntt-(‘tt-d harlmr almut six lllilt'fl in
length and tlm-a- mitt-. 4in width. tru
t'ruzn rock and >hual or nhstruvtinn 0f any
kin” to dolay or vinlvurrms tlu- t‘uS)’ pas
sage and (‘lltl'tlllt't' ut ttu- lurgt-Ht vessel
afloat. with from tiw tn tit‘twn t'athums of
wan-r and UXu‘t'llt‘lll :uu-lmr—lmld all over,
and it is tho first. and :21ny harlmr insidi
tlu- grunt l’aritiu- “wan “llt'l‘t‘ ships may
run intu at any tizm- with-int assistant-v.
Fawn-d luv natttn- with a must I~.\’rt-lh-|lt
sit-:'.t-xtvndin: all :truun-t tlu- tim- harbor,
for a larm- i'iay. and wvupyiugz slit-h a
gmigraphivul [lur'iliuu as it dunes. with
great invxliaustilvh- natural woalth in the
innnmliatv \‘ivinity, ludlt un land and in
the sea about it. in lillllh'l‘.l'U€ll,ln)ll.
copper, silver. in t't-rtilv valleys, fruit,
vogctalvlvs and dairy prmluc-ts, in finest
of fish for fund withuut limit. with a cli—
nmtv that num' can ln‘ t'uuud lx-ttcrun
earth, l‘ort annsx-nnl is lllt' hvalthit-st
and hy nature must [DIP-\‘lnlllt‘lllly favor
ably situated city nll tl.:- Hlmn- uf the Pa
i-ifiu (kw-an. (‘unnt‘rtwl i-y railroad with
tho. gn‘at tranm-untincntal railroad sys
tems in a likv unimln-dt-d dvgrm- as it
now enjoys tntho :_m-at art-an, l'nrt Town
:u-nd must ‘withuut anxduulit, or failum
duet-ome- the
(Ski-INTER!“ Txnm: ruvrm:
Not only of the i‘ariflr ('nant. hut of lllt‘
“hole earth. ‘ _
Hero, tumult-Ii on a t‘hrktian viviliza
tion, pl‘l'lllullt'lll as i-ti-ruity. and ever
knot-lint: human intvi-u-nulx-Iv, l'urt Townv
send is destined to lil'l'ttlllO the now Tyre
and Sidou where l-lumpv. Atril'a and the
.\mcricas will tum-t and trade with China,
Japan, the East anivs and other great
nations of A sia. just now standing in the
approach of a m-w dawn of the world's
history, and “ith Australia and the
islands of thu l'at'ifir Hccau. into this
harbor will lw horm- the great winged
and utoam- )rnpollvd varrivm of the ocean
to moot and discharge their valuable var
gm-s into tln- cars of th(- railrnad, to he
dispatched totlu- interior and to he re
shippod turtlu-r unwanl arrow the A thin
tiv Ul't'ill); and again trum this harbor
will float out on tho luwun 0f thu- ocean,
on nature’s greatest- highway, stately
nhiszho produt-t of the material and
skiil found and tuniishwl right here now.
n‘arrying cargoes of the: plt-ntifnl abund
am-e and tho llhltlflt’lfi of industry from
this country to n-wanl an-l I'lll'il‘h its in
habitants; and make tlu-m Izmn- mwert’ul
for good, and to satisfy tlm nut-«is of un
tions for centuries to t'uznt'.
The very host mun of military science
of the United Status, lmth oi the army
and navy, have time and again in public
dwumvnts made. rqmrts tunllr national
government that as a point of .\trutegy, h_\'
mason of natural situation and conven
ience to :lt‘t'OlltlllWl;lI(' tlu- gn-atcst t-on
li-vivahlc trade with six-ml and m-t-urity.
lPort Townsend holds the 1.1-I], and yet
{the half has nun-r bm-n told.
Runs June 21. —The city is great—
ly agitated to~dny over the expulsion
from Berlin of Deputy \‘erdier cor
respondent of Le Gaulois. and Jules
Hanson, correspondent of Le Matin.
the Gnulois hns reprinted a letter of
Depuy Verdier. written from San
ltemo at the time of Frederick’s visit 3
to that place. which, it is alleged“
contains statements retl: cting n on;
the present (it-mm!) emperor. $1193
Evenemout and lu‘musigiennt dew
mend that the Front-h government
make reprisuls.
A xtxsns (ZYL'LHNH.
\chmn. l{.\s..June 22.4 cyclone
swept over the northern part of Sed—
gwick county last night, doing con
eidernble damage and fatally irjur
mg two people.
‘ (‘llngtnx to the Last.
1 The virus of rheumatinm alum remains
fin the ovatem through llfl'. when it does
juot cut the thread of exis‘ence sudden
‘ly, as it is always liable !u do by attack
‘inf: the heart. Ere the grip of this tea
ucious disease tightenes, it should he un
loused by that lieneficent libcrutor from
disease. Hoatettsr‘s Stmnach Bitters.
which will free the sull-rrer at the out
set from subsequent ;..m. rind danger-
No purer or more azuru-nble blood de
pnrent exit-ta. us multitudes of the rheu
matic and neurnluic have u:certaiued by
certified experience. It is through the
medium of a new)!“ uctiuu of the kid’
neys and bladder that an outlet is ntfor
dcd for the escape of impurities which
beget not onEy rheumativ, hut gouty ail
ments. and dmpaimll rfl‘usiona. To
these organs the Bim-rs gives an in:-
pulse. never verging on the boundsot
irritation, hut sutlicieutly vigerone to
cause them and the lmwol‘. tu perform
their functions with r-luuk like precision.
Use it also for (lisp-Imin. hilliuusneas.
fever and ngue and debility.
A Cure for fion- Nipples. .
Mm. MARY E 1411»qu uf Manning.
Pratt 00.. Kansas, mwu: Six years ago
we lived at Unlnmhus Junction. lo'n
nI-d I had a \‘uuvg huby nu] n very note
breast. For three mnuthi [ triul awry
thing until at last I gut in box of Cham
berlain‘s Eye and Skin Ointment and it
outed them. Sold by Jae. D. Minkler-
| :Q
l .‘.
6 all
‘“l “V ) .
l (7,. Lill'tlvtl
% l
k v Jl ).
——Wlmlo-~':|lc .\. ltulml lh-uls r.~ IH—
. . . ,
Shlpplng & Commlss n
li‘lothing & Gents’ Fur
nishing Goods.
We always Keep in stock n complete
line of Choice Family Groceries, and
will sell them at prices which cannot
be beat by any firm on the Coast.
\Vill deliver all goods free of charge
to any part of the city.
Give us a trial in this line and see
it We don‘t please you. both in prices
and quality.
We are now ofl'oring on. large and
well selected stock of Mens’ 3;. 1 Boys’
Clothing and Furnishing Goods at
Lower Prices than Ever Before!
Our stock in these lines comprise the
latest styles and best goods. Come
and see what we have to offer before
purchasing elsewhere.
A Lam and Well-Selected 81001 at ‘
Ilurd “111.0, 1
ship Clluudlery. ‘
\Vluvu. quuorfl, M...
Alwas in stock, which we offer as bes
value and at lowest prices.
0. 0. Bartlett & 00.,
Port ITownsend. - W. T.
BOOIi l3lNl)l‘2l%X'.
Government and ltruad sxmeh, Victoria. B. C,
‘hllogaun (‘ull and
)lorl‘occo. lliluliugs
A Specialy.
”[BIO AND L\\" “'O3“
“'ill “who our best nltentiun.
1:. T. WILLLms. ”run.
Fl{.-XN [K [AINIC'S-i ‘
Model Barber Shop.
wal-u but the b 2" enjvmnln; old. I
1 l’rimlc entrance for Ladies. Wuwr nl..for
‘ u l\' Carter‘s sum]. Port Townsend.
L__ ,_, ,_, A.,,- _w, 7 ”_..—<_-.__.
Noxv liiln Burned,
———_\xn - ‘
lApply to > Geo. IE. Starrett.
e ___—
l \\i.llm..2nun-n-c1l.:ll l\\ill a ll m\'
lm hull": :;.'. lllll‘. NO. 1 rm\'-. an" 0‘ mnrt- spur
nl’ l-nr~n-~. luu \tngmn. :n_-.~¥.1..>r u [lll :1 rmnplelu
“unit fur lhv- Im~nh~~~ lwi~ lln disp me U! the
Iva-inw- I»; July IM. mu! fur Hun: n-u-un “ill
:in- nu--1~-r..1-- pl'i.l'.:uulr:>\ "11”." Part run-h
lnml gum! ~o'cllrily lnr lnuunru uizl lw m-rcpuhlu.
| Nam I« Hm lilm' lo M r-zrv n NH. ‘11)“.
L I". \l, TERRY.
I Part ’l‘uuuuw 11. \V. 'l‘ . Jvmv 3. h’ a.
! I’orl 'l‘usvnsolul
l I
‘CI ga r Fact o
l f‘ y
I . 1
’ JO): 1’“ \‘l'l-LIVI‘JI ,- - I'rupxu-lur. l
’1 DH lelxqry u Imw n V'U"kll.'_’ \1I'l:"l”:llllll '
'uuul ' ln 2 In ”Jun” .:.r [I lillll' llmt lam pan:
‘pgu-u-d IU li.l .SEI 12‘ lr-r~ v. .1!» \n-ii-mu'h- duma-zit' ?
Mum. and m 3 w mum Mulrhmnn an 2 \\ mild ;
"WHICH llm [mu-mm:- l»! mu vlllz-‘lh u! l’url ‘
'l‘uu'nwml null \ iriuily.
if?" Palroniu‘ llunu' Industry. ”992
. ' ‘
'Gloucester FlSll Market.
‘ Adams st. Mmrf. Port Townsend. 3
l I
or all Linda that. these water- uL l
furd kept on hand at E
‘ mmmmas ‘.~|' I'I'IJEI) and n-uumr Mail
('ll<lnnu:r.-' m‘cnuunodulml.
('II \S. I}. JOHNSTUXE 5. (1)., l'rop'rs.
() lA] \' I‘3l}, \"()()1 L
~-—.\,-;vnl for tho—-
‘ l). .\l. Osborne 8: Co's Binders, Reapers.
Mowers and Rakes.
Al5O. WEZDHS, Buggies 311 d AgllClllllllEll Implements.
(“1100. San diurnhl from l‘uslom "OIL-P,
Port Townsend. w. T.
The lnablir pu'rnunzl: rvrmzrlfull?‘ sullcltcd.
l‘rmnm aurlmun a>sureu
‘ I 0 o|,
amwmc summnunms. l
Spa-in] mmntin . In “hurl-hes. School and Pub.
lic llllilc|i|lg~. and tn Ell-nun” Bridgv. Huiluuy,
Hydraulic and Sunlmry work generally.
Own 1:: Sravcy's m-u~ Brit-k. l'orl 'l‘uwu~ "ml.
@ Steamer EDNA,
11. M. RACE. Manner.
Making dully trip.~- tween P .11 Townmnd and
Pu} l . ,so “\‘el'Y.
Will lvuw l'.\'l().\' WHAHF every ufwrnnon
m 25!) n. 111., And l'nr' [liq-nvcry mull nmrnluu
a! T n. In. For {night or Inks v. 3: Supply to
JAMLS JUN E 9. or or. lumrd
“:53 Str. WILDWOOD,
.\. \\'. lIURN.Mu>N*r.
Lem-rs l'nrt 'l‘nunsn-ml for lrundule, 1“ b" I. "1.,
ulm. fur Whitlby Idlnnll :I' ll 2:. gm. for lromlule
m i [L m. rvery day ‘:‘ur freight or passage
upplv nu board.
5&0 Eur. DISPATCH.
.l.\s MORGAN. .\lzuter.
Will leave Port Townsend fur .\‘vah Buy and
way pom Pun-y .\lnudzly lu‘nning on arrival or
nu Sound Strum-r. humming will arrive on
\Vednemluyr. 'loning and clmrlvrs at rmsnna
ble MIL-a. .\uulv nu hoard or In L. 11. ll.x.~l|n2s.
at l'. ('. I .mlm's at ('u‘e. N. B.- We hzu'a just
nddvd If our net-t two srons flue-l for l-rpaullns
for frci allnn.
Steamer EVANGEL. ‘
J. W. T.\ RTE, Maslvr.
Wm lune Scuttle Monrlayflnmu for Sem
ltlmmu \‘ln l‘on 'rnnnseml and the Islands.
—-AND -
on Thur-day. ‘1 3.111.. for Port .\ngclv- \iu Port
Tau-mum! and nun-mums. Humming samos
day 2p. m. Loans l'nrt 'l‘mrnsc‘ul bulb day:— at
Ba. In. Connect-x lmah mus at Dnv gcaES‘ will)
:tuun launch Had'nrkmmkin: qu.ck hump."-
znllnn for passengers wilhm" extra chame.
See tlnn. our trade mnrk. Santa 41m. in on
eve y haul—of that plenum! California. Icmcdy.
Saliumcunn yuan-unwed or money reminded.
ELHsINo o- A 5111; u’mriiroco CH
: D 5 . - g; = = E 5;:
l _g'l 3”» 1" s‘: :é'gga-“T:
E, i. 6E" a 5 'l' _:
=fi—‘_ ‘=. _ ‘
37.272': —'§'.‘_fz‘":fi'. :——- : :'
Lyr'Z-‘E; ==§i~=é= 2 ‘- = =
:2-c:gj? 1: ~ ...-I: 5 :-
%’%L‘—’*|“l=L .:.
l/ :_.: --“ ~a ——~—‘—§___g ..:
9c???“ 3%4-5
”:8" KHNL o -"
'7’ " Ag? ’ 3 T/
r e:— .' C —J:
’=~ © NWMWHU ‘
. /
’\ h . ,
““4 tone ltl S-cfigg
-\ L U NGS 750 m on GM“
. 5"
Send ar- CU‘CuldhsLFU'Wfih-3P'2"
I l .
ll‘v \lippellinu tllesympmm- 50 (men nnstulwl
fur Com .nwliun. ‘:mtu Alrio has nruuum glad
nnsH In many a hnnwholal. nml hy urvmplly
breaking up llw ('unuh or (‘rld that lonhflen
«Imam,» ink) that haul dist-use \rnl us! save
than-unds {rum un nulizz (:lv '_vrzn'e. You make
no llllsllllfl‘ in kwrxn ' u boule of tixlu pleusmt
remedy uluuys in | us home.
“- ” nu: nun/- ‘
‘ mo.»i ' THEONLY—
_‘mmw l. ‘/\ Gunman
'2B AWL. ‘1 CuRE run
suworucw . CATARB'
, L
GUM! \N‘TEED A I’O‘XTIVE ('L'lu" rm:
l‘:.!::rrh.4‘olul in (he llcmlJlm [nu-r. lifr‘i
Cold, \‘atarr‘nnl Drama“ and .\nru hwy. It».
Horns 1h: wine ("”1510 and PHP'”: rulun'u
bad man: and unplra-uw l-r-man. -.-..ul:in§
fronu‘ulurrll. Ensyunu Imam v! :0 Fr“. 2w.-
low dirw‘linns tun-Ix: tum E.- \\.':I'T“!IH‘II hr "13
Drums: 3! pcrlmx: uh: Ivy mull. Sana! fol
PASY. ()rm'ille. Cal A 4: (hr
For halo. by JAS. u. .\HNKLEK. \I. ll _ Drug
L'isl. .\gvnl of Company.
f 'l‘hn nrig'ml \!»E.-.-l-u Uin'mn-nl l\ only put
I ll} .n bur-,1.»- mo nun-:0. (in hum-s. '.n l i 4:m unm
llu“-"“"" 'V"""| 1 'U'l'r. inur V- turn-h. 'Slnnlwll
lmnll~ nlhl :11l ski: rrnminrn. “'.l‘ u..»ilXn-lg‘
cum all 'rml" 0f nil s. Ark fur lin- ..rrginznl
Alden-u: Uin'nh-nl. ‘3'; mm.- 3 bar, Fu. 3:11:
224.15. I). .\HNKLEIL 11. D. Druggls? Agen',
. Column.
E ,_ g). “’ 7'
l ,2 “ ‘ -: " n C?
3 - _ ' ' " I;,J '
i 1 ”M“? f" “ l , ,
’ lznmuszl . .-; :41”? _V. :3“? smut,
l g - , (33": aw -- l
l HEN-L 3. l , ".7235 “mm “32““ m"
: Y 7. i “Vii“f‘x ?§§ if " 1 mum
; N'm‘s' I E’9’Ef ‘ WET-45:71 i'j
f :50332 : ““1“" “Img." I~ Manna
““ a; f r -
mama-nev- 1"- ~:';;:'r;f~‘3~'»-» F 5?“ Milli!“ :‘.}, ‘_ mull!
:_V ”.J';~"l‘f ‘ (fl Lil; Li'Dé—Qf"':
scans. ’13:“, :3 um.
-~ _, «.55..- ‘ “_ 'v _,
”43212;. f‘_ _,....»H
22. 2%. 26. 23. 30 a: 32 Lake Street. CHICAGO. ILLS.
Paints, OllS, Varmshes, Statlonery
Wholesale and Retail, by
r 5:. ‘A ~“ '-.“ r an“!
if}??? 3! ' ~f:‘ . 7’51; ‘_...'4""' ’ ‘
. ‘5 : POMADES
’ ;_ g‘ . ’ HAIR OILS.
PAINTS, l Etc.
. OILS, [ And all articles for the Toll".
Patent Medicines of all kinds. l Quick sales and small profiu.
,wgp L ATIMER & 60..
{’7 £sl?
3;":L‘Z‘é l ( h .-:-h: :-z a: Retail Dealer:- :5
..; ‘ ‘:V‘,~“§’a, ' 2,“
:~ 35.52- ~
Druas,Chemicals. Patent Medicines & Fancy Amel-
Painls. 0175 and Glass-ware:
Wines and Liquors for Medical Use.
Orders Filled with luspnuh
Q'l’rescriptions Carefully Compounded, May or Nighufl
Francns W . James
Quincy St., Port Townsend, W. 'l’.
W 11.1. Bur AND SELL DOMESTIC axn FOREIGX Excnaxux, Puncnm C- -
Cons“ Wuuux'rs, MILL asp Summxe DEANS AND 0111!!
E‘Nmonmw PAPER.
"2'3i§3§liffil€l¢3£ii{23.3s {3‘l3Eéiifli’lifilil?fvffifixfilli'm‘il Ea‘iéEZX 13355;. igr‘m.‘ m“
by rail to all pull: of lhu \V|3~l. uu'l Ilmfls from £1 sterling up. uvnllnbl. II “on.
w lsél'En AT LOWEST RATES. _fig
CLomjlggdg‘lfiggilgni-d” Ref-inane“, by permission, th.x Bank of British (ligatiiésl‘r
HENRY LANDES Pres. N. D. HILL. Vice-Pres. R. C. HILL, Center.
Authorized Capltal, ~ $250,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits received subject to fight draft or check.
loam! LOANS!) on APPnovzn swunrrln.
Collections made and proceeds promptly remitted on day of collection
Sight and Telegraphic exchange payable in all the principal cities of the
United States and Europe.
CORRESPO \ DEN TS :—-Loxoox-—The Anglo Californian Bank (Limitad).
Bran—Gebuder Meyer; New YORK—TIIB Hanover National Bank; 3»
mecrsco—The Anglo—Californian Bank (Limitedl; Ponmxn, 01., no
First National Bank; VICTORIA. B. C., Bank of B rtish Columbia; Ham“
Nov. Scorn, The Bank of British North America, Hong Kong, The Chm
“red Baal? of India. Australia and China.
Agents for the American and Red Star Line of Steamships. Ticket
fer sale to and from all parts of Europe.
3' We have a secure and commodious Vault. where we will receive ni
uablee on storage at moderate charges.
1 Cash Grocer,
l Opposite Central Hotel. ——--0 - Head of Union Wharf
1 Port Townbend. - - w. T.
_ Dealer in all kinds of
Grocerles, Llquors, Tobacco,
Olgars. Produce.
W Canadian Paelflc B. B.
Allan ( '
& Vinter service from Hullifax.
Dominion S
White Star, "tun. New York. lumen. from New York. Cunard,
from New \ork or linstnll. Gmou. from New York.
.\uz-linr, from New York.
WTICKETS soLuTo ALI. mm." or limmp'rz, Cums AND Jamx, .\Lso Yarn.»
Orders on any point :11 l‘lm'ulm In Port Townsend. or any other paint ll
United Status or (Tumulu.
REE}? ESTA-.'TE B {iv-‘il-‘i'i-HT 3N3 8623.3?
{EVSH'nscripnons r» wink. for :.’l l‘i‘.p4,f~ and periodical published in the Unit.
[States or Europe at publishers prim-s, Dds:
Cum-z. PI. “‘uIJ‘L'LY-ij. .I. h. ‘.\‘-..;~ :.\ J W. Cvslct. J. K. Emu",
l’n- :S~n:. '.' -I':.-~u! m. Treasurer. m
“s‘ \ ‘ ,' p ’
The Farmers 22.3.1 Merchants Insurance Co. -
(‘:lpilul bi! «u-k. " " ‘ ‘ 'y
,-‘._C4_ .
J. H. LIVE‘TRMGRE, Agt. Port ‘fowntend
lClgyl'tgntnreaf‘fiH‘s;l.xx‘x2:l ‘\\'."L;-[lic!tmd"§‘. gurusgn‘tnciluukfi'o‘rwf' I. n
.\prm 10 Tu:
Number 19.

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