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@ll9 mm grgus.
From Thutmxau'm Dally.
MN. Al. “illllvlt is \‘mtmg rclntn're
in Bananas.
Th: ".lcrluua Fourth" is ”mgr and
now, Low aim}: the rm-ruml‘.‘
It IS suppmul that S-rnttlc hm! thr
tlucst culebmtion in the lll'ftllWL‘télytE'
‘l‘hu Annts is assisting tn 1 mate :1
Culuhy nu thfsl’a‘nll Lt-quty .':xrn:ln'..:
A. W. Bash has moull his run! utate:
office into his new luuldln: nu lhc ucu
wall trunt
l‘xrewurki hut owning on Hm hxll
were grand. .\ K..-w of the man xl-m‘u
town Were quxtc lhh rl-.~tir.~g,9u'k
A heavy rain 'l‘uz—wh) night cut :1
d 9"? Klllli iu thv grad»,- lz-mling up fr. in
Quincy stror-‘l. la is ahmm't lutphisztlnlv.
'l he med that w-mt tn (31.1macun)
him] the experu-m‘u of tlwsc sulllil-rs who
marclu-ll up the hm and march. .l \lH\\LI
\Vnshingtn't strcr-t. lnuklhu Hal. lrnrn
Cb: opra hunw, L-T again a fair n-prvevu
tatian of u Fluxda smuup. All it LN ‘ls
ii a frat ulrgutms. and a Cl'bt‘ of )‘cllux';-
Mr- Vun Auken “':ll have hvr ontvr
taiumrut July Zlat. instead ul' thu llzhl
an intaudvd. Elaborutu prvpurntinusl
In- herng nude. and it 15 ext-cued to bat
an nnjuyahle uflur. 1
The Ukuuagnu man [u-rzmtmivs the?
following: "TLu tcudcr l'nut. wrung lunch-l:
with.) on hi. pants, the old-mum "ax-mall
them plain; the “lujuu” Wear: no pants
I‘ all. b'J‘. he gets thcrc juxt tin-Hume."l
The Seattle Times (2! July 3rd was a
lifl'lificeut twach-page edition. of
"..ich ten thousand extra copies Were
bent out. It was finely illustrated. was
devoted eutirrly to Seattle. and was to
our thmklug the most valuable palm-r
cur sent out from that city.
Humans—From Mr. James A. Smith
of Port Discovery. who has just returned
from Dungeness. we learn that Juhn
Bell's dwelling house on Sequim prairie
vu totally destroyed by fire yesterday.
Only A few article. were saved. The
lots will fall heavily on the family. A
subscription was 'iunnedmtely started
among the generous neighbors, and
about 8150 had been raised at last ac
The Dispatch took a number at par
songers to Seams to enjoy the Fourth.
Bark Columbia puud up, in tow of
tug Banier. to Port Madison.
m Friday‘s 9311:.
City election next.
Blackberries are ripe—and large. too;
reported to be plentiful.
The summit of Mount Hood was illu
minated on the Fourth.
The U. S. eurveying steam schooner
Ichthur is in our harbor.
Hon. A. W. Bush has just returned
from a trip to Oak Harbor.
Mrs. 0. S. Willey arrived home a few
days ago, after a visit to Seattle.
Coast seamen are threatened with a
Reduction of wages of $5 per month.
Have you insured in the Oakland ‘
Mutual Endowment Association yet? ;
Subaidiee to manufactures! Let us 1
Isle up to the importance of this enb~ 3
ject. I
The life of Grover Cleveland. prepared ‘
by his friends, can be recured by apply- :
in: to this odioe. _ 1
Engineer Tilton, of the Port Townsend
Southern B. K, says the survey is pro
gressing lively. 3
Innifloent crop! are reported on
Whidby island. Buying in esrnent‘ will
begin next week.
84! chraco. July s.—The United
Stntss fish eommiaien steamer Alhalrou
has sailed for Alaska.
Osmpnign literature. on the tnrifl'
question. can be had at nominal cost by
applying to this office.
Mart Pullen and Mrs. Den Fallen, 0!
Quileute. were passengers for Clnlsm on
the Dispatch yesterday.
Ir. Hitt, s young gentlemen (tom the
Grsnde. Oregon. in looking around for a
ten days in Port Townsend.
A Tacoma paper is “all tore up" be
um some folks believe in teaching pa
triotism in public schools. Terrible.
|in’t m
Thietle time again. Everybody cut
thietlea. Nor alay their hand and any,
“'l‘hiatle do.” till the last armed thistle
Kr. and lira. Hamilton of Quilcine.
and Prof. L. D. McArdle arrived from
Seattle yeeterday. The Axons aeknow
ledgee a pleaeent call.
People who went to Seattle to partici
pate in the celebration apeak in glowing
term of the magnitude of the afl‘eir. It
wee great in every aenae.
It hae been predicted that E: Gov.
Wataon O. Squire. of Seattle. and Gov.
Insane Sample, of Vancouver. will
make thyme for Congreee in the com
ing territorial campaign.
Jelareen and (Helen countice ahonld
unite in getting up a fair thia fall.
There ia no rcaaon why it might not be
nude a menace. We have abundant
material. if only the people take enough
intend—ind our fair ground. “Irving
Park.” will be all that could be desired.
That hoodlum band which arrived
home yeeterday from Seattle made dia
eordant noiee enough with ite outfit of
leh borne to call out the police;
but we weren't ahocked a bit. They
were Victoria boys. and acre just learn
ing how to celebrate in free America.
Among the eligible and worthy candi
date! tor city marshal is Mr. Adams, who
baa been persuaded to enter the lists.
Ir. Adama was chief of police in Lynn.
lan. for a number of years, and has‘
had iota of experience. .. Itwia believed i
that he in made of the right kind of ma
terial fur a first-class mar-ha].
Mr. Herman Eben and-wife have ar
rived from San Francisco. and will here
after make their home In Port Townsend.
They are brother-iu-law and aieter of the
Peyaeu, and will be associated with the
' ‘er in the mercantile business estab
-1 here by M. Peyaer a few yeara
am that Cnpt. Geo. Horse of
be: i: preparing Lu ere-ct a
t point before Sept. let over‘
{a thnusmul (-.u-t m length, m deep water.
{ While this! is an vxpvJsin‘ umh‘rmking,
;it will prnvc' .1 great v-mve mien-'9 h nil
§c~ut|gu nus Imm (4‘ Islam] cuunt)‘.
€Cart. .‘durw has jun! the run-nuke and
: pluck to umb- the cutvrprlSz- Mlccveshll.
! Mn Harp-J. luteof\\‘omlh.ud. Cal.
As upemu‘: a $90.5: ui‘ morobzuuleain
ithe m-w findings building nlumgside
:L'uion “barf. Au Ann-L's ra-purh-r
t«trolled through were 5051011133“, and
’saw canan‘e sufiiciont tn CusVlct ufa
dchhemu- xntcnhnn tn carry on a first
-301'15i1nv-rf‘ls33llv i-sEMJEshmt-nt. We :Lul
‘ri; mu public 1:; can “an! :ac fur limin
! sub-cs. We {do nu: own} mwxn; a but
W 7,, ~——<-»~ _--.,-_ 7
From Saturday's no").
I Mr. D '\\K (‘. l’cuism of Smith's
“Jami. is in Imm.
l'mms “fishing h- rent Rod Men's
ha}! will uppx m .1. .‘.L Lackhurt.
'i‘izv din-. 1342”: l luho will leave on
l'l‘n- ~.!l_\- now-t Yv-r u :pgciul excursisn
gtx‘p It) Alibi-2a).
1 Thu sly (mum-'ll held a martin-,3 Ins!
!(-Vrning, just lung; enough tn ndj~um
I'll'xln HJES I‘m-hing
I ..Resdvu! Hm: \Vushing!bu Wad a
£27530: swldia-r Hun Sup-Mun." Sub
jest h: dulmh- by thv meal} duh this
Dr. Harrisnu. who has just ruluruwl
f? m I-“pt'z [53:11.1]. 5;.)5 the Bjakn‘ girls
u h" W‘ re m‘vklrufluily shut, um In)”; L‘-
c venng.
':t'J. |'-. W. Smith. we» “'l3 nomina.
tt-Il rat-.mhy t-vuniuu far mayur, hm
sunflzd bum in tn xt cunnty. 1'»! Is 1‘??-
‘tniuiy n I re mun.
Eitiumt-zs urc living nmde- nu Hm plans
and Oust of c nmgnictiug the Morgan [ln
20': pmpt-rl}; aim. Uh cn-ctiug nu av
mlemy uu Morgan} mu.
Iu uchr to =wcvnuxuu‘lutc t‘w buanl u!
registration, :uyi gm. Hm 11st uf "‘3l:-
tereJ vmcrs pnblisiuul tu .1 :13‘, W 0 hun
dolnch i~sulng :he DAILY.
Mr. LearueJ. whnie nznna lwxls the
Businoss .uuu's ticknt. hzn svrvo‘l an the
city council wth unusual 2 ul. During
the past year he hm been .l'usudt from
but one meatzug.
Quite an excitement 0031!ch at Cox.»
mercial wharf to-day. Some of the mul
ors set upon Capt. Johnson and beat
him. They aw in the cook-:- huWever,
and the matter is being itvestiuated-
The Fleetwood an the upper Sound
has been libelled by the O. R. & N. Co.
for carrying more [museum rs than her
license will permit. Many steamboat
men would like very much to lu- able to
lay themselves “a”: in that way.
More steamers and increased lucul
travel will make Pure Townsend doubly
prosperous. It will double our business
and increase our population. \- by not
have ii? A little energy and cloV'er
management. and a few subsidies will
accomplish the business.
Anyone having 3004 fire clay. or a
knowledge of where the best can be ob
tained. would confer a favor and perhaps
Work a public benefit by infcrminu the
Axum, ur by sending a specimen. We
have a request for specimens. by a suc
cusful, practical manufacturer of fire
brick and pottery. who desius to lucnte
here, from Bmmark, Dakota. We know
the clay abounds, but we warn: the best
sMxmeus. '
’l‘ho schooner Mollie Adams willsnil
again this evening for the halibut
grounds ufl Capo Flnuory.
Str. Umalillu is at. Union wharf load-~
in“l for Sam Francisco. Among her
freight. is a large amount of lutLa from
G. W. bowua' saw mill.
Passenger: for Port Townsend from
Sun Francisco. per Mexico, duo here
Monday: R. B. Funk. Mrs. Streetun
and ctnld, s Cline.
From nondsx-I Dana.
Gen. Sheridan still improving.
“Jack" Busby leaves for Tacoma thi
Grand lodge. A. 0. U. W.. meets in
Seattle on Wednesday.
A rope walking fee: will take place on
Water street this afternoon. I
Miss Rose Sbceban was a passenger for?
San Francisco on the steamer Umatilla. .
Messrs. E. B. Mostiok and Thea an‘
louey of Port Augelee were in town Sut
Dr. 0. W. Hunt has arrived home from
the islands. and is prepared for dental
work again.
There are 440 registered veterl in Port
Townsend. Many who have neglected
to register might have done so.
i We are indebted for the comprehen‘
sive tabular shipping report elsewhere,
to Messrs Griffith Bridges & and Steteon.
Dr. Mnrbonrg, who has been attend
ing the injured man from the saw will
any: the patient is llnzering still, and
that blood poisoning is threatened.
Capt. Jubnstono was putty badly
used up by the belligerent lailws. At
their trial Saturday. two pleaded guilty
to assault and battery, and were lined
850 each, and costs. Two other: had
their cases continued.
It 18 proper to say tbni Mr. Smith is in
full accord with the Bucinaa Men's
platform. and ii is believed that the
nominees for oouncilmen named Sutur
dny evening are mac—though may have
not publicly signified their standing.
We have received from J udge B. F.
Dcninon of Vancouver 0 uuuplu of neat
Harrison and Morton badges. designed
bv himself. They consist of an Ameri
can flag and me wording of tho iicket,
printed in red and blue ink. on a while
ribbon. The effect 13 fine.
Illa 'o-Imnor of Seattle passed through
Saki-fin. on his way home. Since at
tending the Chicago republican national
convention, Dr. Minor has Vinita-l New
Yotk, New Jersey. Ontario, and a yr: at
many 0911 c- ponnte. He is very sanguine
me: the prpect of victory for Harnson
and .‘thon. and says the indicatiuns
everywheru pain! to republican anoceas'
5021:. Oscar and Huflie is in port with
a load of halibut.
' Schr. Ame I. Algar arrived 1113‘ even
mg from a northern sealing cruise. b'be
had 600 :kiui nu bnard In Int. 60 d -
arees north she lost her captain. He
van in arm n! the ulna]! boats, which was
Schr. Oscar and Hattie arrival yester
day {rum :1 five weeka’ fifihing cruise,
wnh 90.000 Baha‘i I
Br. bark Hurt!) In Uta.-
lldg. lumber lads no.
Haw. 'uurk Ka'u) '--m Pur‘.
Gamma. qumer .hukuua.
H. I.
On Saturday nbip Ivanhoe {rum Sem-
Ue. and amp Palestine from [menu].
passed out, cm! laden fur 'Friscc).
_The scbr. Gru!:g~*r.(3dpl. llarhen. a:-
ercd {mm iiuchn szrbcr. wnh oU'J ‘xznr‘
rd: of ham for 11-‘me und Slurrcn.‘
SAN FliASL'InCu. July 7.~—S‘.t-mucr Par
thm arnve‘! frnm Ifhma and Japan this
morning in tin-Ive days. Sh:- mnde the
fastest. trip un recmd.
NEW Yuxxx. Juiy G.—\V. 1). Harper.
n. saloun- passenger on the 514 mm" Bul
txc. winch armed ta ahy from szer
puol. war taken down WltbsnuH-pux dut
mg the passage. The vt-Ssel wnw du
tazur-d a! qnamuum' unli! thxa after-
____ -.-._ _-____
Front Tuesday‘s Dans.
Cit] enuncil Int-Ming tonight.
I‘rnf. K-Irr is \"lsiiing in Seattle.
Judge Gn-sltum has sailed for Eurnne.
"Buss" Smith [ms gum: fur a trip east.
5. 11. Frazer. earn-spumlcnt 0f the
()i'r'Jvnll'llH. is in hwn.
Th: u. S. Unlicr. tin: lawyer. arrived
31013.)", from Scuttle )‘ostcrdny.
Mr. (Himurv, the insurance: mun.
{cum-3 fur \"icturia this nhvrunun.
('uli rm llm .‘f'un Finln‘isi'h 'l'onsurihl
l’arl rr fur «Inning and hair cutting.
Au :-2uc:i.»u and a tum-mp" wnlLinq
Illilt‘clz. fs-rnu-‘l {Wu \'(‘r_\‘ jute-“5H“: (Iv.
Cuts Sn? fl!" I! 1}"
Hon. J, A Pt-rkius. (f Cnlfux. pass-d
through puma-3' ir-y Vl‘xH) hi: family, Qu
Mr. Bruwu n! For! 'l'uwusvnd wants
to him a team for hauling curdmmd . A
gum! chance fur slum-.- nnr.
Tl:- Wlmfcntn Mrnmvrfi miszu-d «m
--lrix‘ lust wrek. Bulf- tllu Lihh) :uul
Phantom wow diinhh-d.
Frank Guilds mm ihe watch that was
rank-a 1 for at Slewm‘ lien-Minn. It is
a vahmh a time [inc-per.
Mr. J. G. Hubussm. late- 14 New .‘dcx
Icm. I.‘ 311.)“: lacuna; in Port 'l‘«m'nsm;d
in Um carpenter and building hue.
Cum. J. H. Sistsnu. :wninr mwlubor 01'
t 1)” shipping firm uf (inflilin. Bridges .i
Stetson, has gone to San Francxscu,
Quite a Lumhvr of young peupiu wcul
to Pram-cu m islnu-l on an excursion
Sunday, an the summer Enterprise.
There is to be an ice crwun festival
and social by the Luprz Island Presby
terian Church on Friday. July 26m.
The nulruad engineers are smveying
along the water front outside the first
tier of wutct lota, with a View Of secur
ing risk: of way for their track.
John W. ‘l'rny. of Dungeneun. was
taken auddenLv ill yesterday. and Dr.
Willisun was telegraphed for. The doc—
lur went down there by special canny
am‘c today.
Mr. Wayne Sumner has arrived home
aftm-r 11 six months‘ visit in Kama! mad
other stated. Mr. Sumner is glad to get
home. and says he knows of a whole flnck
of families that. are anxious to come to
Puget Sound to locate.
A large crowd gathered at the corner
or Water and Taylor streets this morn
ing 1.) witness the start of the Port Tova
seml Southern lit R. surveyors from the
initial point. There was no speech
makiug, nor domnnatration. but a great
deal of satisfaction was expressed.
The new saw mill at Port Blakely is in
running order. and will probably Com.
metice cutting lumber h) the latter part
of this week. The mill is a complete
double saw mill, and one of the best
fitted and Lugosi mills on the S-mrnl.
It is considerably larger than the (.m
--burned last winter.
Mr. Gamma Swan, who has been run
mug the steam saw in town for a lung
time. has suld out to Mr. Taylor. Mr.
Swan has gone to Oregon. and rumor
days that he is to be married. A deliv
ery wagon arrived here yesterday for
him. and it is =nppoeed that he will en
ter a new business when he returns.
Mr. Ernest Wechtel. who has been
employed in Mr. Cumminus‘ barber
shop. has formed a partnership with Mr.
Ba’omn in the San Francisco Tonsorial
Parlor next to the Silver Safe Saloon.
and the two will hereafter conduct that
business. They are good workmen. and
Will get. lhcir share of business, sure.
Mayor Learned could not do n more
graceful act than appoint his late up
ponent to the position of street cammia
sinner—if Gen. Smith would consent to‘
carve in that capacity. It in an import- i
an: ofioc. and will be rendered doubly
so during the coming year when so much
is expected to be accomplizhed in street
A leading republican from eastern
Washington says that Hun. J. B. Allen
of Walla Walla. and Hon. B. O. Dunbar
of Goldendale are looming up am can
greasionnl aspirants—though he thinks
the east side would not object to giving
the nomination to Puget Sound agnin.
He thinks that n. harmonious. aggressive
campaign is most needed, ignoring side
inner. and confining attention to lend
ing national innuea.
Capt. and Mrs. Morgan azure I: van
pleasant reception on Saturday nveuing,
in honor of Frank E. Juan. nephew of
Mr. and Mrs. 'l'bomu Jaoknmn.
()nlob Bill has commenced bnnling
the lumber for building A new black
smith Ihop at tho corner of Water and
Polk “roots. apposite Mr. Bash'a new
building an 303 Wall.
Call at the Alums office and see ihe
plot of Capt. Tibbals‘ Lake Park Add]-
tiou. Several block: have allcmlv been
sold. picnic around: have been c'earod
03', and a race track a mile long. around
the lake. has been made.
Mr. Wacbtal. nm in the San Fran
cisco Tonaonal Parlor. was formerly em
ployed by the late Judge latter. and
gave excellent satisfaction to customer-i.
He went with his family tu l unadeun
CEL. and now return: to make Port
Townsend his home. ’
The burk l). C. Murry went Ashore at
Rhuduudu bench yesterday. She had
arrivml them with a cargo of lumber. A
dispatch to the owners. Messrs. Brad
shaw & Sacha. of this city. says the vea
ael is high up on the bench nnd cannot
be gotten nfl'. but that the freight will be
saved. Mr. Bradshaw starts today for
California to mm what can be saved
from the wreck. The some of the dis
aster in In expoaod point on the coast
below San Francisco. The Murry has
‘ been owned and employed by Bradshaw
‘& Such. for several years.
Sm: Franc-ac . July 9—sloan Port
A-leluldv has an vu! ‘mre (rum um“:
Kuug um} Yunnan“. nu Vancouvar and
Victoria. She brings 529 Ohinelo.
i The Merchants‘ Exchange n-crivr‘d
: news this morning of the wrn‘k of the
fChiliau bark Buena Vista about thiri)
‘ miles north of Point “was. The crow.
= which l-aJ :lbnlld')l}"d her. Wrre pick-xi
.np by the schuuucr Nap} City and taken
jtu Port Benin”. 'l‘ui: s'2lcm va-ssul was
:loadcd \vxth lumber and chal. and was
{hound from Chumaineai. 15. 0.. to this
. >~ —* ,_.....-
. __ .
; The election yrsterday was exceeding
gly quiet. a Very light ‘.‘olv being pulled.
3 resulting in the choice (if \V. H. H.
‘ Learned fur mayor. and 1h" L‘wulflilnun
gnu-l marshal as m-miimted l’riiuy even
ing. 01:!) 322' rules wrre pullu}. out of
i the 420 registc red. and there were over a
l hundred ouuulcd up who had neglectrd
1h- registrr.
' Tilt Yule 520m1:
i :0“ MAYOR.
lLearnel...... 184
Bartlett .. ..194
Pinyin-.... ......224
[Downs 193
llflulßfiriJ .... .... ..............].—)6
I§tnrrvh .. .. .. .. .. .. ....l'J-s
'U-‘Liunu..........v . ~lII".;
ll’lnmmnml. . .. . . 1!.1
11'r1tygmv0......_....,. . ... 121
i r-u: 3131 mm!”
lan., ...., .... 172
iAilnms._.. . .IHZS
Munliyfl ..e'fll
Them was wry liulu «lrctiunm-rlug
dune. and we diJ nut si-e u drunken man
all Jay. The heat 01' helm: prvvuik-d,
and whau the result w.» k'wwu Ken.
Smith led in three (‘.lrvrs fur xhs mayor
elect. Hun. W. H. U. Loan-9d. Judge
Leanmd, lbs: urw “Hutu“, \‘uili have M)
vventlul your. Wv hope, and Hunt in: may
pmvc equal to NW ucsudm ) in :;:lv:.!u-m:
lhv "it"s Intern-Mu, m the wish ul’ the
[mill c. He has been a u-i-lu! mr-mln r
uf Hu- cum wl. and 00:10! il=tn pi-m'r 2;:
tin! hvud u! lhcculy xvi-eminent mule-r
must {sworzinlo uusxnzccu.
vasm “':n. "ayuv. Frank A. Bar;-
Xetl. (ix-u. W. Lawns mu] 1). M. Little
fiatd. tliu cuum-i men elect, are» (ill Etl‘ll
in; Kn «i (distant, heavy prupcily uwu
ers. and safe onllodiaus «A public iulcr
ests. They succeed Messrs. [1.5. Mur
gun. A. K. Smith. F. W. Jame: and L
B. Hastings Messrs. A. Woymouth and
11. L. Burknlt hold over another year.
and there will be a vacancy In fill. caus
ed by the election of Mr. Lennie-J. l’u
ililiculiy. the culire city government Will;
‘ be I'PIIIJDIEOJU. except Mr. Pu) ne. 1
; Charles Film. who was re elm-tad mur
jahal. enters upon his Lilith h rm m that
Altar the election wn- uver lust even
‘ irg the band serenaded all the success.
IYul candidates. and thaw, julnlnnt indi
ividunls did the limpitnh'e and grhcrful
law: in mndt‘st support or tlmir new hon-i
s3:.t¥¥|_.}:_(l'r\' auxin“.
Spur-iul in tin: Art-.Ls} i
SEATTLE. July 10 l
the city elcctiou passed ufi‘ quietly
yesterday, resulting in nearly a complete
victory of the citizens ticket over the
people's party. Follwring are tho-c .
cl.ctrd, and majorities: Mayor. It :brrti
Moran; plurality, 5‘39. City Attorney,
8. il. Piles; plurality, $37. Chief of!
Pulico.J. C. Mitchell. 358, Councilmen
——fiirst Ward, J. l". McDonald. 163; urc
ond ward. I). E. Duric. 184; third word.
Capt. T. J. Burns. 142; fourth word. 'l‘.
EV J0n99,166 All on the citzzeua' ticket
were elected except McDonald in the first
first word. A ratification mnn‘iug and i
general serenade took place last evening. :
A Definition?" Protection. i
As the author of minority report on
the Mills bill. and the author of the tar
ifi' plant in too republican platform.
i‘ongressmnu McKinley”.- tarifl' views are
as well known its those of any other man
in the country. In a recs: t speech in
Congress he answered. "What is a pro
tective turifl'?" in the following language:
1"It is a tariff upon foreign imports so
iadjustod na to secure the in-cedsnry rev
‘eune. and judiciously imposed upon
those foreign products the like of which
are produced at home. or the like of
which we are capable of producing at
home. It imposes the duty upon the
competing foreign product; it makes “2'
bear the burden or duty. and us far as
poseiblv, luxuries only excepted. permits
the non-comptting foreign product to
come in free of duty. Articles of coin
mou use. comfort and necessity which
we can not produce here it sends to the
people untaxed and free from custom
house exactiuns. Ten. coffee. apical and
drugs are such articles. and under our
system are upon the free list. It says‘
to our foreign competitor. if 50!! wnni toj
bring your merchandise here, your farm
products here, your coat and iron ore,
your wool, your salt, your pottery. your
glass, your cottons nnd woolona. and salt
alongside of our producers in our mar
kets, we will.make your product hear a
duty; in otfect pay for the privilege of
doing it. Our. kind of a tarifl‘ makes
the competing foreign article carry the
burden. draw the load. supply the rev
enue; and in performing this essential
otfice it oucouragea at the same time our
own industries and protects our own
people in their chosen employments.
That ia the mission and purpose ota
protective tariff. That is what we mean
to maintain. and any measure which will
destroy it we shall firmly resist. and if
beaten on this floor we will appeal from
your decision to the people, before whom
parties and policies must at laat be
This is the policy of the ropublicun
party, and upon it, as upyuscd to the
theory of free trade. nlvn-Bated by Mr.
Cleveland and endowed by the demo
crntic national couvenlmn, tha appeal
‘will be made tn thu country.
} llOllN.
UO3PEK~—In ““5 mly. July 9, 1898, L.
the rite of F. Uusper. a daughter.
’ ~ ' nus".
DAYS—Iv this city. Jul) 6. 188‘}. Tune)"
MM“. youngest daughlrr of 1., H and
M. (lays, aged 7 yea", 1 month and 1
Fuueral from the urine-um: lvmorruw
(Sunday) QHL‘IDOUD. at ‘2 .:‘clnck.
But you Are wauTing .3» uwer kiln]
uf bath 5? H A v I N G in tinqu rquw'prd
lnnsurml 58100113511164 u-"LLttle 0381110.
I can ufi'er you eVer) Ilnu; tn hv desired
in that line. Call early and when.
~ W. 11. Fan".
——-—».-- _, n.7,-
\"ASTBD. AT 0511:.
A team in haul wood (500 curds). Will
pay by tho curd or hv the day. Apply at
nucl- to J 1 I‘m .WV,
‘ F‘v'l l':Wl:aU1u:.
, ,‘...-,,-,-_
k “Eden'a Bahia" at Bourlnd'a. '
I ' HF“? il’ll
1 m I‘} Din; . :
onEu-m wool. (.nuwsns.
“'.hfilxu'rux, Juiy 7 »li¢.-pr«-.~ruias~:
liVu Herman prcm-utvd tu Cungx'vss -
to «lay a nunmrnnsly siglK‘l] i-Bmmn:
in .u citizv‘n‘ of (ham L'umz')’. “1'!" ;
gun, ouu utthu largmt mm! ;:!"_2-\vi'!.‘,"
mumies of that sum. Making z'ux- :m'
incrnnse in ilntins on impurmfion uf‘
foreign Wool. and for Mich ioflirlflfiiflli
as will pn'wut [bu prvsvut {also}
clussiticati-n. at the ("Nb-:1) hUUFPS 03.;
wor.~:eds. le prtilinn is kiguo‘ui lr}'_
"ninth-rs uf luth pnlzlim! i-zu'tia-s.’
and 11w mum-s un- Eimw nf rupu-bnn ‘
mtivv morn-hank. “m ,1 mmnvurs. :uul
Imsinuss Int-n. Thz-rr is. not so lul'gr-E
a duty un \\'H!‘~‘u"] guuds as. {how is!
on \vuulvn goods. and through H 205
rulings of Kim Ix‘vasm'y dupurtmunhi
which is in summit-y “ixh {rm funk-. 5
\Vu!’>icd gums are (-I;;.~:>ifinl m 113
1(-s.~(-r run». when it is Well known;
that they contain a large proportion 1
of wool, and should be suhject {IL}
duty at a. higher rate. It is m re-nh
ody this ovil that the‘ chain: [u-iiliuni
was iodny :mi'miitml to 0:11ng 55. E
PHEMYWZNTIAI. sunnxnxmzs.
\VANHIKHI‘V'N, July ‘J. ”Tin- ItrOFi-f
(haul tax—dug; nmuin‘m-d I‘liliuil Saudfl
fulfil. 0f New York. to lie Chitfjurtit‘c’;
of tho sapl'nnm com"! ('s' I'mh; Jnhni
\‘. JUJ‘L of 'J.t-utl(‘>~i(-o‘. (H be :IFSeICi-i
m 0 jlhtiu- m’ (in- 5m rvuzv murt nf‘
Utah. Hugh W. “56,-: of l’n-nzhyl—i
vuzzin. 10 lm chief justiv». and Chum;
H. ljvx'ry, n! Minna-mm. tn lw;.:=,~(-;'i-§
ilh‘ juaiil'u Hf Link-l: K nh‘l‘ivk 111-55.:
1" Dakota, ti) 9w slamminm judivn Uff
the Mi!ul'l'lli(‘ (hurt L-f Dakota; John]
H. [xi-ally, 05' Imm, (0 ha I'. S. judge!
(If .Unsku. '
(11:5.th t m ‘.l' Lumn.
; ‘.‘t‘ASlllnul'wlC. July ‘J. l'lm M- “to
i'l'--.rill'(‘on:mi.~.~iuu gttw ;: ill-twin}: tu
‘lny to tho munnl'm‘tnx'vrw (If Fill];
and collars. of ('l'innhnt- t-loth:« and
lltl'lt'lt‘llfi. and to Lani» i:.tt-rv:~l- d 11.
si”; u-‘ln-tlniu. int-intentu’ly. It l mv :iml
‘illlt'l'l Hill; {wzll'll'v Uf ill” (':idh‘v-
It'nrmurx- prop-rig; -lu;.:t:.v-«i alum”,
‘lalwr lil“)l'lt'lll “11> tl',‘\"ltt[‘l"l. 'l‘hv
will; mun >3l:th that ”111'“ it on :1 sh
}ni tlu- Xx-w York mzu'in-t to :l :1: aiilx‘
illliJllll-itctlll't'll in Japan >iulll3tl‘ in
'tlmt produced in Lynn-t. nini [liv‘V
proiniH-zi to M-lztl {nlh-r «with-nor 1:;
lilm'tilih'utnr)‘ torn: lo llt:- t‘-Ili:tni>>lt‘-H.
iil‘h-‘ir urgmm-nt, in this if ant-{Winn
its. [nut hlik ui.mufu-ct-.zrt-.'a am- open~
ling e-ththlishtnents in the east to got
the lwnitit of the (‘llf‘l‘tp labor of thosp
countries. with which they say it I
Would be impossible for Americansl
to Computer. on own tvrms. 1
onuzt‘ m: ENGINEERS. l
\\'.\.<xnxo'ro.\'. July 9."—Th(’ presM
dent iii—(lay st-Itt tn tlu‘ M‘natu. tho
nomination of Uil. 'l‘h'unzts L. Cnsaly 1
of that Purim or Pngillm-l‘s. tn lio vhi.-f‘
of t-nqim-vrs, with tank of to-igailim
\thxxros, July 7.--~Congross man
Springer says ha is waiting to cull up.
aftvr tho tariff bill has: Inn-n (“5130:911
of his hill admitting; I’nkotu. Mon
tnnu. Washington and New Mush-o
into the union. Ho does not helit-w
tho house will adjourn without tuk~
ing some action “I thi- math-r. {or
that would lead the wpnhlicuns to
churgv that the domnt-mtic majority
mm husttlo to tho alliuis-ion of torri
[Lil'lt‘i Springer says that, so far a.»
ho knows not moru than two or three
dvnmt'rats “ill v-ttu With the H‘pl‘tllii
cnns for the division of Dakota. The
lust will come on the proposition to
nnlwtitnte tho senate for tho house
xo'r Exponsax) m THEIR mum:
Cinuwo. Joly ‘7.—-C‘uiof Arthur. of
the BnAherhood of Locumotiw En~
ginwrs, when soon in regard to the
Chicago. Burlington & Quint-9y striki
and the arrest of the alleged conspt
tutors. said: "I know nothing about
the matter further than what I hav:
rand in the ueWSpilpl‘l'S. I do not
know whather the men uudvr arm“
belong to the Brothfl'hood or not.
but this much I say, that if they do
belong to tho urdt-r anal are guilty
tho Brotherhood will not only expt-l
them. but will do all in its power to
mako an example of them.
The census miurns of \Vuubiugtou
(‘in show the pupulntinn in be 227.-
000, an actual gain of 24.000 in tbrte
Locusis have vausnd such lmmc in
Algeria that 60,000 \wrkmuu and
2,000 soldiers aro fighting: them. The
country is being duva<tml,:md famine
and pestilvncu are cvrinin.
It is timely to mxnnmlwr that Mr.
Cleveland in 1851 did not rnciove n
mnjurny of the voms cast in any Nu
rthern mun. Where ho Iva-Med «ia—
ctural votes it was on u pluraiiiy in
the popular “In“.
A Flori ‘ll man Ul‘jP-"(S to lhv
‘uppoiutmvm (if a judge in his amtr
Tbecuuse at tlxu time of his :ippuiutme-u!
‘the buid judge bn-l been in this
icouutry less than six months. and
is now a British subject. \\ boreupcn
an exchange suggvstod that. undvr our
pl'l-‘Svlnt administration. in: shouldn‘t
lota little thing like that. truubh» him.
Out of 40.000 Sioux Indians. there
are 35300 still in héathenism. Them
are 66 tribes on tlw Westwu prairies
for whom nothing is yet done. Thorn
are 40,000 Indians of school age; but
when évory school is pnokud to in
utmost only 12,000 can bu accummu
dated. This includes How-ruml-ul
schools. Roman Catholic schools and
The editor of a paper that has
adopted phonetic spelling in a meas
ure, n-cmved :'. postal card the other
day from a subscriber in the country.l
which contained Ih.» fulluwing: "I!
hav tuk your paper gum un leWul
years. but if you can’t 51ml enny behi
u‘r than you'vn bouu .luzn latva you
may jps smppit." l
Captain William Alt-Mickeu. px'vsi-l
dent uf the torriturile lungue of r---
puhlimm clubs. is having lhn eunsli—‘
tuition of the lu-aguu primed. and
will soon [)0 ready to disatrllmm tln-m 3
throughout tho u-rriznr;.'. A virrulm“
loin-r will izlro lz‘c is 12ml, urging the
formalin: of rvyuldltmn (-lul'.~ in
every precinct in Hm lurl'ih-l‘y, A
meant); of llw uxwmnxu 1‘ ammu- u
will sunn bu callwl fur tlm pnrpuse nf
raising fund-l for I‘uv nupmrt of the
length-Jud furmulxtiu-g plum l‘ur cur»
tying nut [Em whim-ts vi the lz-ugue.
‘ I I -
Odd Fellows Mince.
Mum-2 liukrr landm- N. 9.1 0.0. I".
In}! 5:: numb.- Luizl fins-r regular mu 1-
ums nu :vlnxulay cvumug: u.‘ cauix W'lt'k.
Instead of Saturday eve-ninga, bur-"‘.nuu”;
‘Mnuday. July It}. 185%.
‘ By order of Lmlm‘.
N. D HILL. Semester}.
3 Port 'l'ownstu-lme l”. 1%.
l —r—————o--~-———~ ~———
1 Fun SALE ~-.\ pmr m’ l'argoa luho-‘y, l'n‘v
-19:1 41%]. nuh’nken ~32 P < “'2” -.-
N 1! l J I: I»; _' 'e!‘, L -.'.."r._ ’- .mp 7: --~
wuuL-l a.) We“ to buy. Alpi; ill Kim:
' AMI!!!“ {be 5.7!) nut-miners of the repub
-1 “mm cm!) at Evmsvzllr, hzd.,lhcrn are
M'cr furty dear-urn!“ who haw» Ez-f! thsfir
Huff ho: a l>l‘ '-:' :1~;sf$11(l‘;" “n 15:0 311' Eff
qmrlmn 'l‘ 2.x : ' 5:1: It-h- .1 .~::'. 3: .1 -sz
1m: way things ':n- 1."! n: «:31 in thc- :3“ch
Mm ':r llvm'! wf New York ix: V'Hl'vrr‘t‘dl
~ u -v ’ 1 '
fur 31.0 prva. lo 1."; by theLJ yawn-mm:-
cmzvrniwx. uf t‘; ‘ Au: ':I'I V'trtfl 13m
“agar 111 42:: d vhm» .:‘Hh 21.19 4.. H!
in: tin! hx- .lx '! sv.:!~:.nl h- :xva 5; f»). {I
('f Limw.’ my 1:: gr“ Ehdn Im'luuir.“ ;
"[ls! ch all; up {..u then an th- WK":
'l'mw 1’!) by” =-r H. 131 thev ’:':!r_'.' wiHv
‘ . I
gm um}: :3 i"'3. 5,,-- :.v.-r -,:-- 3:74.!101-1] '
knows r“ :m‘IPVH-fl'. ..rnl t:..- M 1:: '.‘Jh-i
k: “xv-,- :5'«!:1L‘HI;U;_'I.~I:" pain: in tin- p'-l?~'§
tn r-vinutwny v -!u ll rudum- his mvn‘
“ages «-r (-I ‘l. .Jrny ins wan-I mur'rut—
Hurtiml (':lil.-'":’.7.‘l'. '
..... l
A fine Ln- .ri : ::x;.~' hu': - hen :.-.~:‘l\'ud
u: i.'itmu-r'.~'. which W!“ he said at be}.
n-l-k prim-s. Mr. La'um-r any; ms in
tends tu hrzvv a clean campaign. “'0
comzm‘ud lhv) qqui-m :0 the “urea: un
Emaiinm‘s mi inrnn
7 , -.- __V.V~ _
[can't-H4: thumir‘uy Shepherd !
LO", rh nun? 1;:- ("J-Thl“
Sumrx-siu re. ) . I, ;-. muting waits me
i 21: lb ~1‘..-,- ;uf my dcad.
-—\\‘. C. (mum-u. ‘
'.l'hn NumYH-r um! I.('ll';”| of Mzum' Urw- ,
itt's l.(~l£vr,:—How He )Immgvs. i
Mayor “unit! has :: akin, stag-int: :3;- 1
may and when l::- _::¢-ts in the 122.2wa n[- g
ficv, at abr.::: 11 :2. Im. muffle-i in wraps. }
and escorted 3:; n shut. poi E-w ' mm, L: i
luwlnumzr-h like: :23 invalid. 12sz hisiu—
fella-ct I'2; I‘llhlhl. He hears nIIWYm (2:?!
11pm: him. #O4l 1:33 a waynfgcuing; at.
the quL uf :: (1'53 that is n ton-m- lo :‘lmr
thinker; He has :1 good many 121 m: :
nbnu: mlzninistvrinc 13; - laws, but Em; n .1.
yet {mm-1 time to war}: liwm all nut. 'l'izc
coax-hams hm‘o pmxrml in so rapidly that.
he has {mm-1 i! xn-r-nsary to organize a
special human 1.» Im}; after them and. for
ward :hcm to the prom-r departments.
’iiw l. '5 :1‘ in: :1»? '35:. -1 PM !j.’ 3.?
Mar; lr ! ~ 7.11: .l .‘ 'i i 'l‘ :1124 i. Li» 1":»
tt l“. “in l. i.::'. - 1v: 2. numb ri~l;;.'.;'lu‘.'rile.
taking i;.l . (r Ir -‘v-:-.-.ti ::'. 1.1% Lil
li-HEIHL .\'-.I l: 12.3.1: : 3.3.: 1..';'..‘.i.- i. iterr.
which :zz'e mndin": '.-.lLs in}: Lu-s ‘l‘;
llL‘litlS (if (Y'-;~::1':z.:» 2'»: i" live gnawflml‘,
:in- lv-zi: I':‘.::r.- . :,-l l.) various public
lmriivw‘ \Vlli‘ll iriu- 1::'..loil 1.;11 iddint‘.
lime rlquirul an :znzwuzit(-Eimeil-L-ciunl
eti‘ort that looks appalling to any one not
trained to the work. It must: be borne in
mind that nearly all these letters are on
subjects of public interest, taking sida on
disputed points, and exposing the writer
to severe criticism.
How does he do?
The only way he could perform such an
amount of labor is by the use of alarm:-
mphers and typewriters, and, happily for
him, Mayor lleu'itt thoroughly under~
stands how to use these great time savers.
By long practx-e and the habit of offhand
talking and clear thinking, the mayor
talks 01! a letterina few minutes that.
would require an hour of his time if. he
were to write it. At. the some time he
provides for a copy for his own protection.
These copies have served him on two
memorable occasions.
l‘or a short. letter the mayor sometimes
does not give his stenographer time to sit
down, but (‘:lLCllx'S him on the fly. as it.
were, and dictates to him while both are
walking: about the room. But, short. or
long. the mayor's letters are the feature
of his nillnlllfiUmlitxu. lie likes to get
everything; down in black and white.
The mayor’s mail is enormous. It
would be u i-Li:x~i:-.-:l impossibility for him
to open um? ':"Al it all. A very large
par-tot 1i.:,~ » x is done torhim byhis
private 5. . in this way hoiste
lieved of .2 _- :a'. deal of routine work
which oXllt'i‘\\.s6 would oonsumoall his
Mayor Hewitt is agood Bonner. His
attitude is generally one of reflection, and
he hears patiently as longu hirintormnnt
tells a otraightfunrard story. He is a
sick man and naturally irritable under
provocation, but his cranky moments have
generally a foundation in a belie! on his
partthathehnsbeen wronged. His ra~
pidity of judgment and rapidity ct utter
ance sometimes stagger men of slow
thought and weak memory, and he is not
overload of explaining thing: if he takes a
notion that his heater is at all obtuse.—
New York Sun.
The Poll: Homestead},
The Polk homestead is a large, roomy,
two story brick fronting on Union and
Vino streets, with ample grounds about
it, modestly and tastefully ornamented
with shrubbery and flowers. 0n the
tronts rise immense wooden columns, ap
pearing like stone at a little distance, sup
porting \‘erondas which spring out from
the caves. The windows are all old
fashioned, as is everything else about the
house. Within are broad halls and stair
ways, and great square rooms fiilled with
antique and rich furniture. Nearly all
the surrounding houses are of modern
architecture, and in striking contrast. with
the old mansion, every nook and corner
and angle of which are tall at the loot
prints of Father Time.
In the middle of the quadrangular slope
that lies next. Vine street is the tomb
of the tenth president, of plain granite,
with a square shaft. rising a tow feet, the
whole capped with the same material,
resting upon [our plain granite pillars.
The canopy, on its front, next the street,
bears the simpli- invcription: “James K.
Polk, tenth prwnlent of the United
States: born November 2, 1795; died June
15, 1849." .
0n the shaft above the crypt, is chiseled
an epitome of his public career, from
which we learn that he was a member of
the Tennessee legislature, governor of the
state, member of congress, chairman of
its most important committees, speaker
of the house of representatives, and prcsi
dent of the United Smm.—Waahmgton
Cor. Cincinnati Enquirer.
Potash Fertilizer. for Fruit. ‘
Potash fertilizers have decidedly im
proved the desirable qnnlity of traits}
Wherever the percentage of this element 1
has been raised the change In accompanied 1
byan increase of sugar and decrease of
acid. This. it is hardly necessary to any, i
is an important and desirable change—s‘
matter of dollars and cents. Other things ‘
being equal. the truit with the largest per ‘
I cent. of sugar will bring the highest. price.
| Moreover. less desirable varieties maybe
I brought up to a. higher standard, thus
1 giving value to some good quality, as
: hardinessaunl prolific bearing. The fact
g that the quality and character of garden
. and orchard products can be modified by
: the cited. of special fertilizers 150! im
-9 mouse importance in its practical as well
I we scientific bearing.
5 Diamond Solos.
. Diamonds ought not; to be worn on the
; mics of the shoes, as a certain French
. actress once wore them. She had to taint.
_ our)“ night, and lac carried off the stage,
' so she llll‘l‘lhlt'tl the soles other slices
' “ith «ii:xtm-:ul.~'. I remember reading that
trumls n—wl to 1.70 nightly to see her he
lii::‘.nmult‘:l chaswre. But they may be
“mm :13 buckles on the shoes, or even
grnnpul in n. monogram on the toes.—
irnnxlon Truth.
; [‘:xris' (‘laqno System.
, Paris still retains the insane claqne 83')-
mn. zunl m;- of the prominent chiefs has
rc.—l::ncl rutln-r than submit to n reduc-
Vt‘vn in l:3<>:xl;:r_\'. Tl." great man was
lwt'vr pail than t!r<‘:.\'cr:tzc :I!‘tm',:'.nv-‘,
l'fl"!l\‘l‘!:l}'lif tlx I‘l'»'t.‘kl'll>‘lll the hut} i'
at hi; (i s_n:-~-:«l t'Vcl‘y night—Chicago
; Time“.
3 Cabling: to Their Doctors.
. Ur late the Atlantic cables lune been
| ulifll used by Wealthy Americans to con»
‘ (11!! their physicians who were traveling
nhrvnd. The other any a. New York dec—
v ”Lied to a young American physician
. -. 72:5» recently located in Paris for ed-
M .- m a very important cue—Chicago
Irina; I. _ _ _...
\s\\s:“S’Ntvftf‘nsé‘?‘%~ ‘\¢ ‘s‘“ _ .‘~ ‘f-I‘fFFFV‘x‘L'stK-fiy _ i
”a 3: ; P D ’
-‘: :‘rT;"A:" :4“- ‘1", ’.v: ‘11:."- {r- .i i. :' : ‘7 ‘g:
i :Sav’. "an" {5:15- Er. if 5;;- E‘A‘vaif‘g {- .'. (
1 engages?“ ‘:W... A}; ..~_-:.; xxx
l for Enfants Cir-:5! 0m
“Cuto‘rbzfisnwz-Z!min-Hi!tcr‘hihirenflm‘.i: 6'7. 2.1x.-‘~._--:;_""":‘.-fazlfliryluifinln:
(rum-Lash ..u;:nss::,rr.n"h:"2sl:3 ':‘.;L. ‘ " ‘\'-_ ’Z.‘ 3"] ‘_‘;l_;,f.».‘;jSJ‘flxCx‘Rou di
mowutvnw.” 22:.3...\5z;:,:,.71 in: ‘ 5T 1" Q :'." ~. ,_..
1112c.Ono:—.::.&.;:u;;_::,:u\_ '.\‘D\;. :-.;-;.0;...cd1w40n. . '
I, Im_“miFm?mM
g 3: fig 333 - 3%: r}; 621%,: a: I
VFW-A A“7 if £13222" ‘3 BE E
15. U gases; :1 4m? g. a; I
We have to ofier you, in. Learned’s
2d Afici‘itiont a raw bio-ck»; yet—and
011137 :- f“v ~13 fslhey are rag-idly being
taken Event: “:13 fey deiightea purchas
ers, all-ii Eerie-313 we are hlghly
pleased to {1 '2 : to an appreclatlve
9601313 1:213:12 _a few fizz-37:: we Wlll
ofi’er to '5'..=.:.533::1 ‘e “ Cour; d’etet” 1n
- ".:1 , _._ .1, ._ a r‘. 1 L?" -. .
real :3“;— mos; see .Lgmze :eu: Addl
£loll til-:23 131:2:033 :élizgnificent qual
ities, "agar; '4l We shall love to
descent if 3701!. xvii}. Caro-sis in and s end
a. short season wzth us.
Of course you understand that we
have bargams 111 all kmds of real
property. Very res pectfully,
Cum. [3. )‘(QCBIEM "‘.‘-'=:. E" LrZ‘AIiNEh, A. H. \\ INTRODE.
‘ 12;." a .. . .
a 55%: ‘ 1.1 “
PORT amgssséee Lam co Y.
“$529 mu Siva! Eiaizafv .234‘i1fl."
Port Townsend: - - Wash.
I‘. U. Bux 17S. Fayre—[nu \L‘HL‘L' mulErih-d.
/: ‘1 ‘ H «:3
/>’. _ . ~-—-— ~ --
, 71 q 1.,»
i' K ; A” \ I 71“"
4 'q‘s ‘ g M.» m: BANNER gm?“
‘l‘ :21; ‘ “N: ifii‘“
.4 . ,1; COMPANY s;
(I: K\‘ § Because it _:
V «“K‘Vs‘ ‘3'; m . 2i 3
\‘\\ \3 _V ‘.L‘l :_ I’llt‘fl [he 3
\\\\\ ‘ ~ .. gin unsung.» .:Z
\ \‘ ~\..4;‘ , 2‘ . 1;»;-
j" ’ ~‘ ‘u x :;;y}\ _‘;_ K 014‘ ,“t siiiil‘.»'»"
.{ai/ \x\\\ \ ’ngx i‘fit' 1;;
; \\ "“1 \\ O ",f y.“
5 ’ \\.\\ \‘ ...\ i\\’\.§\.\s~- ,7
Or anything- in tho line 0! lh-ul Egluto. the
x 1“ ‘1 [3% Q(iF“ WV
L '9 . . 2 i
J. . J .- 1,, 1 J .4;
Will fa: .piah every fuciiity. and lower-t prices, nu
Read 0 [ll‘ 1311121111
Au impnwed farm. nwr 2H!» :n-n s. wizi: sim'ic. Ina-1:. l.»x:ii&iugs. (crops,
Mu. near Dungi {RH-m fwz'...” .........$5.000
5120 ucrri in Isizlnd (mum): 1.3:) ran“: a; in m;)tim!i.m. 3:30 acres fenced;
gum] urcinmd; Trix-ii water .‘j rings; lim- 112.” ch priviiegr-s. etc. . . 16,000
Farm in Lé-luxvi Vui‘w)‘, rich Emmi, wall wan-rod, country mad runs
‘hl'C-Ughit.="liii(li2lg‘~.{o'3l('(‘s. etc. ..,... .. A . ~........ ..... . . . . . 1,500
160 new fzn‘m m-zu' Il‘vlilii‘tit'.‘ uii‘u stuck. L‘l‘upr‘. tuck, buildings. sixteen
news in culxivatiuxz. orchard. nici, brawl),- t.» min-kw: ........ ... . . . 5,000
\‘o acres on Fidalgo island, [ix/Amy timber ilxll'l. purliy agricultural” . 900
40 acres near Murrowstunu Point. corners on link. watt-I'. ... .. .. ... . . 600
Lot‘Z, block 93.13011. T0wn5end...................... ............sl,loo
“ 4, " “ “ 900
Two blocks in the \Vebster Addition, each 200 foot square; clear.
grassyslope; per block 1000
Two lots on Water St. 55 {mt riparian fronting», Idigibln far business. “.500
V.. - A
..’ _ l
a “fig”:- Pr \ . ' \
f“ ““0. -‘ ./ 5 I ‘
. KL. 47*“3. , a L-.
. a. v 5%.‘..“_ ‘ v
4. 2;"; : gk‘ ‘ V:. .
.__\v‘§._.\ qs£‘ : ! ‘i'fil
' 31,-3" .R, : [1“
,1: , ,
[llllllch )I also I'.
A! U. P. Timbk-K n]! “and n--xl dou- ank
’i hurt-l, l'o'L 'l‘nuuwn-z '~\'. '. .
Mauufu-mro 1n vnlwr .::;-I for an n ;.V; LnJ- n:
\Vhigw. i.':~‘.z- L. l}: 1' _ I”; -h IL.
>..u:-_('ul‘:;, 3.1... 31....2':.
H ..‘! I' -- ") 3. T"! 3. C. '.
EW. I‘. '.L h’ ‘l3 “ 3 “.97 I L‘L'HE.
MEL-21;! 33:3": , ":3: ”5-11-
“on Baby was: 533 k. we pave 1:. ’.‘ufazn.
tha size n'uaCLLi Tmu - 1. 'l‘. an},
Wm: ~31 1:992:25 Liv. 5.: .1 .x ‘,r1..,
When :'.:..:d;:..i1::; :‘.-.7 ,-‘.- A. "x- ..
i “0 l?.\",‘"~(.-" ‘ ~x
§li4ur.(-'x' :: ’ ‘ ;':§ .» y t l»'[' .
I".'lr.'lt‘; 'I~ I: 'l‘.’ " *
‘ “E":H' ‘ ‘ V -_ 4.} _
[to J. Fuzuuxnck. ‘
For 60 Days we
will. sell the cele
brate s Lairdfificho
bar 8: Mitchel
Shoes $1 lessapa
fromregular price
Chiiéren’s Shoes
50 CBS: less a pair.
:2: regular pr ice
EEPZ‘V‘K' \V.\l€l‘l.
'«Ea:..:~ . ‘Z‘::.'.!‘¢'('g 75:": “1... 831,
Shoes Marked 332.5620; $1.66
W e ask all to
02"19 and be con‘
* ' ‘ ' if? e will
. at we
; aoL_v ,1 Lu . .
‘1 dfilzuhninfi a KATE.

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