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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, July 19, 1888, Image 1

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TH l".
Oldest Paper.
I? Qurstinus :nuwnro‘l {rm-0
about the country. .
Sample copies (we "I: :.Hxll—
Volume XIX.
/ .r >‘ v \
a 1-.\' mm \z«-;:\I‘\'E~I.\I:I\II l.l"I‘ \I‘NIIAL
DJIA'VII‘I l'_\' “mu n-rl' :1::u.
.1 1m ml'rxnx turm
um- YPJ... ...Slur"l|l..-\l-n-".~ ,Qru-
M: 3121.121. :. ... u .~.\1..;.m.. .‘1 ...
In Vim-:1“
‘Tl'xfl' nu ‘."u rls». ;...3 .‘«!.- u-Liy.
.hh'r-rnfiz ; ru'r. furl win-lu:~.::3|;l.v:l'ln|\.
t‘,‘ ‘3‘ {9 ‘
4; w <4 mug grgufi.
I'l l;].l‘ll.’.l‘ I.\'I"Il\ 'IIII ILEI‘tX.
l’an Tqa.» Hn‘.‘~'C.x~l.lh>'UllT- rx .2 r)
'!‘l-:l;‘l~ or M'rnmul-Huv
.lu \ -:.: ... H. 5 ‘.‘m Hun-.- ,\l mu». , .T‘: «h
9‘: .\lnht'h ‘ L'u: um: .\lnn'h... . '."v I '..~
3? HUI:| ~lill‘llllnl‘llnz‘lL’r]
I:\l‘E‘ u? .\.M'EHTh‘Hn;
guinch. xi:~li::-Vv'r1iv~:1. . ~ ~ .315“
041 ~‘Hv-q.;wx.( nun-Hwy. . . 3!
(r l'rnn 'm .1 .-!\ur' .~u :4 m I.|l"l'L' 213-1110;}
must )0 a": nmnaniml I-\' rash.
ALL .\l‘. ..L r. 1‘“ .~I>2T'X IJIII u‘NTvH \
gumrs l-t'uusmxu ('u. ‘
Eggs—— 1
“.-..-.A--\-., -m, . .‘
Jams D. .\IINKLER. M. I‘. l
PORT 'ruwxsrzxxa, w. 'r. I
on: ‘c, Hm (rout, room}. up >1 :Ir>. .\lu-L’:
maiden» on uIIIIIII.rm-n~-r u? Jal'ksxnn and
(‘lay rum-H. 1
DR. C. \V. HUNT.
Dun! isl, m
runr TOWNSEND. W. T.
.\‘lu'ous uxide mu. ler or chloroform admin
llWl‘Bll for pumless vxtmctinn 0! lcelh.
. F
D E N T I S I‘ !
Pun Townsend. - - - - - W. 'l‘.
All work guaranteed first class.
. I
Physman and Sm geon.
H" Ofico up stairs over Clapp &.
Fouerbach’s Bank. dtf
D. W. Smith. Wu‘nn 1. Hastings
Attorneys - at - Laxv.
land, for Sale. Loans Maue.
Port Townsend. W. ‘l‘.
Attorney and Counselor,
Proctor in Admiralty.
Notary Public. ‘
mm Block, - Port Townsend, W. T.
O. X. Bummw. H. B. Snag. ‘
PO3! WWI), W. T.
Attorney: and Counsellors at Law. ;
Pammnnnmn. .
Onto: : 1n Bill-Landau New Build'nz. I
_____________.————— ‘
J. J. (lmoun. A. R. Com Ax. ‘
Mulln'Auy. ;
GllllWl l GOLEIAI. '
Attorney.-nt.- Law
AND P 30013038 IN ADIIRAL'I‘Y. j
Onto—Clap]: build”. ‘
(It! Port Tonanmw. 'l‘.

IOTII. LXI) srmnoa'n.
. I You mum, W. ’l'. 1
\Vm. Dodd. Proprietor. ‘
and poo-nu nil tho Appoinmonu of. ¢
”In: in nppuod with thoboat of Win...
“1:,“ Gun.
II: Intell- Bull-rd tnbloand Radius
no. 111 mo [lot-l. Nothing will be undone to
not. an In“! nos-d to none in the Torr!-
ury. .
1m noun, 1. 'l'.
' W. Sutherland. Proprietor,
this “NI-id: New Bout 3: But Sound
6.- lm County. called the " Elsi. Sounli
" which Is now open for the mammoth
l in a“. noun! public. 14mm
Wl]J.la.m Busby,
lakmmu and Paper Hangmz.
writ-Hala- work Guaranteed.
[hop unn— It. op. Court Home“
People 3 Market,
. I: ’ .. Conwmund Tnylorsuuu.
A” , * Port Townsend, Wash
Thomas lackman,
PM. :1
L thd‘llflhol‘lefl.
“W: N no nlw-nyo “a?
nun-u .llul’uriior the cm.
. Elly“! market.
‘ '‘ " now: 93:31: Inns 0!! ALL
6 null:
Gasmamwox ......
lie-d Cinnamon: .alwoyl on band.
1!..- Cured 111-n, Bacon and Last nu I
Gtuu null. sumo-mush. .
ecu-um: gunk. dellvuodtoulyfuflf
the city. ,
C. C. COLEMAN St on.
. . _ You Town-Ind...- I.
flumw'mun a ha. 6! '
roar 20m;
I '-
Oontractor 85 Bmldar.
:..-nan: , I .. ’
WI .... c. 3333 mm £3”
. -- do‘n—Onnhwt noucn. v/‘
“p on WMSL neu- cmyaoux..d
M— —--7:-»-—-—-—*
B. McCOSKRiB & 00.,
3mm minimums. .
- mam.-
i' ' ‘ III"
gig fiéfjféfi'ifi‘fifffmmm
(u: um work an - ‘
: mas-.gmfiuw
53“ Townsgnd ;
Geo. \V. DonvnsQ i
\l‘ x": L'R'i . . Lt
M .. 5.9.... nymfl
beret 11 fin _nmu. Hi la n "I.
W '. {o ‘n' ,
. mm» " r "a a”
citizens Business Meeting.
I _-....
'NB‘II Steambaat Facilities, Etc.
! Port Townsend Transportation Co.
1 ._ ._
1 Pursuant In (:12! a large Cumpauy of,
regrfseuialive lmsimsa men gmborel at
th: court-“. 1414.“ lust evening to Lt-nr the
open lrucr of the Snn Juan Country
citizens c-‘nm wing: nl‘eir g.irmncea in
firm} to the mail boat on Hu- lsiand
l). W. Smith wzu cL-oseu chuilmnu
a:- l Chars. Dyer. Secretary
Aitnr tending (Le lrtk-r, lhc mocling
was addressed by u :exrgv Lumbu of
b xsmess men as fullows:
Gen. Smith: Their cause is our cnuse,
their interest is our interest. We can
and must- do somethfug. .
Chas. Eiainbicrz lam here to put my
hand In my chkel t n help in this mat
Capt. 1.. B. Hastings: Lei us incor—
porate and buy or build a stonmcrnnd
run this route as it >hould he.
Judge Whittlesy: We must reduce
freight rates. and put unrwlves in close
communication will) these. people.
Thos. Jackmnu: We lhuruugnly un
derstand the situation. Let us incur.
pomte at once.
Mr. Nessell: A great many do not
icome to Port Townsend because they
'consider the fare is [no high and they
can place no dependence on the boat.
F. W. Pettygrove: We must manage
this route and be able to ship goods as
cheaply as from any other point. Was in
favor of buying or luilding a boat and
wanted an inocrzorntion large enough
to include other routes. on well. notably
the Neal: Bay rout). which was in just
as bad a condition. 3
On motion it was decided to organ
ize a company 10 be called Tm: Pour
Towxsuxn ’l‘nasa Puli’rATl’oN (50., with a
capital stock, of $259,000. of ten thoua~
and shares at 825 per atmre, an that ev
erybody could have a hand in the mat
ter that delired to do so.
‘ D. W. Smith, Chas. Dyer and W. H.
Whittlesy were made a.committee to
draft articles of incorporation and se
cure stock subscriptions.
F. W. Pettygrove.... 20 stares
Klinger&Co...... 10 “
L. B. Eastman” . . 50 “
J. H.Fuerhach.... .. 10 “
W. H. \Vhittlesey .. .. .. . .. . 10 “
Jae J0ne5........ .. 20 “
Tb0a.Jnekman.............. 20 “ Q
U. W. Smith.... ..... 20 “
E. Heuachober........ .. 10 “
Chan. Eisenheia.... 75 “
D. H. 8i11.... .. 10 “
Chas. Dyer... .... .. 10 “ l
R. K. Lattimer.............. 10 “
M. Bornetein.... .... 15 “
M. Gel-300.... ....... 10 “
'l'.'l‘nnuor.... 10 "
The meeting than adjoarned. - ‘
sax nus nuts». -
The Fourth of July was observed on
San Juan Island in u very enthusiastic
manner. there being two celebration: at
diliinct poiuh; nbout four hundred cit
izenl uniting in the festivities. One
party celebrated at Union Grove—l very
beautiful and picturesque spot—where a.
new and spacious hall has ju-t been
erected. The name! exercim were con
ducted here. Rev. T. J. Weaken deliver
ing the oration. followed by sports and
learn” of endless variety; also dancing
‘ during the day and evening. The tables
were loaded with I" the goodthiugg ihe
Island could supply and £0 which all
were made welcome.
At Friday Harbor alsrze number of
citizens mumbled. The San Juan and
Rrohs Harbor brags hand being in st
tendan'co at this point. dissent-sing vorv
fine manic nndor the efioient leadership
of Prof. Smith. A fine collation was
spread on the grounds, at the hotel and
st the private homes 0‘ the residents;
ithe various tables being supplied with
‘ tempting dishes and s general invitation
‘extended to all.
The band enlivened the day with its
well conducted and thrilling music.
Much credit in due to Mr. Jan. Rider,
the popular hotel keeper for ht: wary of
fieicnt services. and general manage
ment of the day's festivitielr Host ex
cellent order we: observed through the
city's proceedings at both points. every
body enjoying Ihemaelvee to the higheot
degree. At the setting of the sun I“
(with few exceptions) repaired to the
halls. It the respective points. to dance
[and pun the glononi night away.
00an STATED. l
Senator Edmunde, iu the July
number ot’the Forum. thus concise
1% etutee the principles and aims of
t e regublieau party. The live pu
ugnp s ought to be written upon the
memory of erery citizen:
“(1) The fullest. defence and pro
motion, at all times and in all places.
i>ol' equal \Olilii'fll and civil rrghts of
:citlzeus ofthe United States.
; “\2) To aid in the increase of pub
lic education by generous grants of
money from the common treasury.
"(3) To revise the details and cor
rect the inequalities that may exist
in the custom law: upon the oroad
sud fundamental basis nlwnye of con
stent protection and encouragement.‘
of every American production, every i
American industry and every Amer
euu laborer.
“(lyre diminish exuberant reve
enee y the reduction or abolition of
W taxation.
“(5) To suppress and eradieute the
debauchen‘ee of the civil service.”
W a. .1539“ £224 fig:
l “VII“ 1 m it h the but
M 93”!“ team. It writ); p?»-
\ 3 MW. . as he
firming”; wailing-1 ‘y {rural-s 1~ ;.~ the
M '.Jou. We" » . Wit.
(1 by Latina: & Ce. ’
9 J
s 0
, W
, T
, 18
Bosh N. Muss, July sth, 1888.
DEAR Mu. Warm—l rtccived. tu-dny,
the Antics of June ‘.thlz, (tautuiniug no
account 05 the death and funeral of my
old friend the l)u'u- of ank, and that it
is proper to erect "monument by his
I enclose herewith 13w douars as my
subscriptiun towards a sufiisivnt sun: to
brect n suitabie mnnamen'al table! which
shnil commemorate and keep f'eah in iho
memories of every puJL'f'n'r am] every des
cendant of the piuurers. H-u mate a!
Chmzamuku. the Duke of l'urk, bond
chwf 0' the nu»: an”! “film of Ciuuitm
Indians of i’ugi-i smm}. uh \. during
the ludmu hosnlzau'a of our early bis’o
ty, did mum tum any unlit-r Indian
chisf to keep the tribes of tho io'er
sound from juining in the general up
rising of the savages In exterminate the
l The Duke of Yurk never received
i from the Government any reward for
} his meritoriuus services. But the early
settlers of Port Townsend always respec
ted him and as long as he lived he was cer
tain that he and his wnuld be cared for.
The Duke of York was a man of more
than average intellectual capacity and
hada 'ull underitunding of justice and
integrity, and during the muuy years of
our personal acquaintanceJ never knew
him to wrong or defraud any one. What
he Drnmised he performed, and the early
pioncers can tell many a tale of kindness
showu by him to distressed white pu
sons. He never has appealed in rain to,
his old friends of Port Townsend, when
sickness caused him to solicit their al
ways chßt rl‘ully given assistance. Though
sn untutored Indian he had I manly
sense of right which showed by his acts
that he had an intuitive conception of
better things.
I am one of those. as Longfellow Lean
tiinlly expresses it,—
'-\\'llo have fullh In God and Nature.
‘1 Who believe. that in all Igm
' Every human h- art is human
1 That in even savage bosom,-
T..eN M e longlnys, ycnrnlugs. “things
For the good they chprehend not.
That the (noble hands end helpless,
Groping blindly in the darkness
Touch God‘s right hand in that darkness
And are lined up and strengthened."
I first met the Duke 0: York in 1857.
It Ins in San Francisco. He went there
on the brig Frankiin Adams. Captain
Felker. I was with Adram & Story,
ship Chandlers, where Capt. Felker
traded. He turned the Duke over to me
and I took him all over the city. He
saw the crowds of pcople. the soldiers,
the shipping in He harbor. and Vinited
the great ooenn steamers. He was in
pressed with the great concourse of white
people and their evident strength and
superiority, and on his return to the
Sound he told his people that the white
men were an the blades of green in num.
bar. end the best thing the Indinns
eonld do was to be friends and trade with
the whites. instead of trying to fight
them. When I went to Port Townsend‘
in 1858, I again met the Duke of York}l
and lo the time of hindeath. we hIVOI
continued warm friends.
"\‘c who rometlmes in your nmltlu ‘
Through the green lanes 0! the country,
Puree by romainezlecwd :.vrnreynrd 7
For n whlle lo muse, and ponder
0n n h-" enticed ln>crlptlon.
Written with little skill of song craft,
Home” phrnree. but each letter
Full of hope and yet of hennbreak.
Full of all the tender pathos:
0f the Here sud the llervnl’ler.
May feel with me that a tablet with a
simple inreription telling at this friend
ly historical old Indian. will recallmem.
ones of interest in the heart of every pi
oneer and every true hearted descend
nnt of theirs. and be of great value to
the future historian. The Duke of York
was no intimately connected with the his
tory of Port Townsend no was old Chief
Beeh'tl with the history at the Queen
City, and everything of historic value
connected with these two once lemons
ehiets. becomes of more import-nee .-
the years roll by.
I am glad that my fellow citizens of
Port Townsend hlve honored themselves
I by the honors they bestowed upon the
1 Duke of York while nconrding to him a
Christian burial, and I regret that I was
not present to have testified to my re
spect (or my old friend. which I now
wi h to show by adding my mite to the
subscription for his monument.
Jun: G. Swim.
With Our Exchengee. 1
Humor says that Charles Voorheeo, del- ‘
«ate at this Territory, is to be married in
November to Miss Fannie Vegan. 7 boy
will tske up their residence in “’eshing
ton .
The city of Albany. Orin, hit upon a
good scheme tor advertising. They sent
2.11)!) pamphlet: to the Teacher's Insti
tute It San Francisco telling of the ad
vantazes of their city.
The Benedictine monks nud nun: have
established it llrge monaslry at Mount
Angel. in Marion (30.. Oregon. They;
have unrated :1 very large amount of
money and have Hm very‘ fine bnildinue.l
The nunnery was opened on July Bth‘
with imposing ceremonies. ‘
Surat"! of wax Endicott. recently
made a large purchase at blanket: in Eng-‘
land. That is in accord with the Demo
‘ erotic idea. American manufactures
‘ are ignored because an Englishman bids
1 30 cents a taieoe leis than the American.
and u the governmcnt pays no tarifl' it
than get: its supplies 1. trifle chenber by
so doing; but the money gum out at the
not on and helps make the trade bel
lnnoo against us instead of in our favor.
How much he: been aid ond will he
said about the woman's blanket; how
he in being robbed by I protective tar
if. Still, here in n large contract made;
' with the toritl‘nfl’. and the Euclid: bland
:ket in Sula just 33 (cuts cheape than
the American. The poor man. about
lwlnm the put, in :0 wiidbmhutmn
one (u six pairs of Mankuts which with
reasonable car! would last 20 years.
Take the six pair and the tax would be
SLSO for that time or less than two
cents a yrnr. and in order to save this
:wo cums (be Dcxnscrafic putty Wink]
sfrikc n flulii’." a use}: fromthu pay ro'l
of the Am-sriimu wurkunm.”Tribune.
l 0:21- It‘li'h'l, tho Ixhlyu‘, his q'ii;.,- a
'éspasm “To." the P. (‘. 4. S. I‘m's .\lneka
I i boats. 4- tin illz‘n} "u'll tum," etc. 'l‘! I:
litronb'n- is tin: thew =lnz:-. do 120‘ touch
I?!“ 'l‘ncnun, at 2015'. in): all of {1:49.33 I:
-.’have their '1»? qun l-t I‘s :1? Par" 'l‘nwn
'lseud. 'rvi'r it..il.l't-Il,:£=l.ll]!l)€v!"[Tl'WD
{sen-l Li l‘l" s'iipptau xf‘z'nf the Sound
imnl on: symmzlyy unn': ('LST) :9 the fr-ct.
I The L‘n‘L‘thl“. .\‘unx l.l|~i a livx story of
‘ interest. .‘xlr. E ii. i‘illllt'i‘Wt'ltll
brought 1': ll linihfiv‘ CH Eur lug ft: the
sciwmill (at that plnco, lhe cavity "6!?
whim was tilled with mud. Hu- was‘
surprised to see a large eel zlop out onl
the floor at his feet, I'lilu'fi'cd by plenty
more. Upon luoliiu-J clown tlzn slip, it‘
seemed to he ulivc in all Sides. it is es
tim-‘ltcd that l'uerc was :1 ':mrrcl If fish in l
th: log when it started up the slip.
It is report.) that the Gemini Goveru- ‘
merit willexcrciso its authority on the
side of King .\lll'i in his struzule for his
son elf-l heir. :w-v held at Weisbnden by
Queen Natalie, It is amid the German
police will be placed at lhedispoml of the
king to carry back his crown r'riDCl.
Queen Natalie, it is exprctvd, will take
vigorous measures to retain possession of
her boy.
‘ Lovi l’. Morton was one of the three
men who sent a ship loop of provisions
to the atoning evicted people of Ireland.
Every warm Irish heart swells with
gratitude at remembrance of this noble
act of charity. It is in striking contrast
with Cleveland’s contributing nothing
out of his $50,000 annually and giving
only 855 to the Charleston earthquake
aufl'erem—Des Moines Register.
So for as heard lrom the Ellfilioh jour
nal-s with significant unanimity do.
nuance tho Chicago platform.qu pre
dict and pruy tor Clevelands elcclion.
The Dublin Freeman‘s Journal takes
the other side 01 the qneetson which
would seem to indicate that the Irish
vote will not be cast solidly for tho dem
ocratic ticket. The Dublin Journal has
an extensive circulation and nere in
‘flnence among the Irish in America:
‘ The Oregonian is publishing it list
(containing several hundred.) of names
or man still living in the webtoot state
who voted for General W. B. Harrison
fork-eight yenrs ago. Many tho had
that privilege are outside of Oregon—
smonz whom is Judge Albert Briggs of
Port Townsend. The Jndzo will not he ‘
permitted tovnte for Benjamin Harrison
this your—because the democratic party
bu thus far succeeded in keeping Wuh
ington Territory out o! the Union.
The Bonito News. which supported
‘Olculnnd in 1834, has lately onuounoed
‘ciitorinlly that it will oppose his can
did»! this year, and gtVEC its reasons in
tall. In substnoco the reasons given are
misconduct in oflice. a dicpocitinn spoil
ed by succcsc. the adoption of a d sauer
onr system 0! tarifl reform and the like.
As the New: says: “He has developed
what the boys cull ‘lhc big head' since
then. and makes the same mistake Loni-
XIV. is said to have mnde when he sat
for c picture at tho Croutor." l
Open Letter to the Port Townsend
Board of Trade.
an'ruzxnm— The undersigned,
without waiting for the signatures of
any save those now present, for
themselves and neighbors, beg to
draw your attention to the fact that
Archipelago de flare is sufi'ering
from the neglect of the owners and
Captain of the "Libby” and that the
negligence of the same has been con
3doned, formerly by the majority of
the Islanders for fear of repriaals,
but that the time has now come when
lthe people'will no longer stand the
1103909 and inconveniences of an un—
loerjoinmailrbpat ._ _ _
For four trips something has gone
wrong with the mail boat. On Mon
day. lily 2nd. she did not come in at
all. but on Tuesday morning 51ml
came in, and without completing her‘
trip returned to Port Townsend. Om
Wednesday the Phantom came in}
lace of the Libby. The Phantom
has no accommodations for men much
Lies: for ladies, and is infested with
*bedbnlie and other creepers and no
one wiltravel on her unless oom-
Ipolled by urgent business. She has
Inn freight cugncity and can hardly
{handle a few axes of fruit. On Fri
‘lday and Saturday no steamer arrived.
On Monday again there was no
For the past two months or more
the irregularity of the boat. has caused
great loss to shippers, imm.’ use in
convenience to all who desire to tra
vel and the loss of hundreds. perhaps
thornsanrds of dollars.
Two largo consignments of bali ‘
but have been upoxlt by the non arri I
val of the steamer. On Saturday.
July 9th, n heavy loss of fruit and“
hahbu'. resulted and many impor-1
taut business engagements had to
fall through.
‘ The undersigned nt Just make a
lstnnd. They appeal to you, gentlc~
imen, to inquire into this matter, and
to prevent in future any such incon‘
venience arising either fxmu the
non-arrival of the steamer or by the
sending of dirty inconvenient boats
likgithelfhnnboma _' _
They desire to intimznu that they
do not wish the hitherto strung rela
tions of the Islands with Port Town
send to be intern: fled; but they
will not sufi'er at the gmnds of steamq
boat captains. and that if the Libby
or some good stenlmr be not sent
without fail regularly. with clean
‘looommodntiona for passengers, the
{undersigned will turn their attention
to making “human or Sfifltfle the
imminna of lhe mail rrnw.
"—"fingvfiafiléoidesfira h) say in (h?
Board’of Trade that this matter is
wt of your business, and having no
!board to represent us in this county,
Iwe rely on the mutual interest of
lSan Juan county and the Port Town
send Board of Trade. whose serious
attention they require:
1 S. B. 8. Gray. James Tulloch.
Geo. Bander 5; Cu, A. H. Van Sant,
N. I’. S!arko;-. Chnrlea Brown.
John Sweepy. Bawen Bra. 6: Jnluiesvn.
Gm. W. B :n'cn. E Lance”.
\VaHer Still, Jim ' (30,
C. M. Collins, R. E. Reid.
M. J. Randall, M. l’. ‘.lmigh',
W. Sutherland, M. L. Adams
E. Blarchnn], Daniel Kepier.
E Van Gohren, S. J. Fry,
W. S. Donahue, J. C. Tbomps-m.
Rev. Jame‘z Eva. A. Pike.
the Childrm. The are cs-
SQWQ; pedany liumo toy sudden
Colds, Coughs, Crnnp, “'hooping Cough.
etc. “'0 gunmmm; Acker’s English
Remedy a. positive cure. It saves
hours of anxious watching. Sold by
l miaucr & Co.
! <9
; $3
! 1 ''g
C “x
t. Bu] tlett
‘1 ,
. & to. .
-—Wholessle & Rem! Dealt—m m— -
General .
Merchandise. ‘
iShlpping & Commiss’n
Clothing & Gents’ Fur
nishing Goods.
We always seep in stock a complete
line of Choice Family Groceries, and
will sell them at prioes which cannot
be beat by any firm on the Coast.
Will deliver all goods free of charge
to any part. of lhe city.
Give us a lrinl in this line and see
if we don‘t please you. both in' pricqs
and quality.
We are now offering on. ‘arge and‘
well selected stock of Mens‘ 8.. i Boys’ 1
Diet-hing and Furnishing Goods at‘
law Prices than Ever Before!
Our stock in these lines comprise the
lat-set styles and best goods. Come
and see what we have to offer Abefore
Qumhnsing elsewhere.
sam and Well-Selected Stock or 1
rillip Chandlery,
‘:, Ines. Liquors, $50..
A 1153 in stock, which we ofl'cr as has
‘.que and at lowest prices.
' 0. Bartlett 81 oa.,
Pit-w Townsend. - W. T.
5 mmwuupnum
I "hmaChMMctHhrCM
{ “hideaway-" Mom
l -..i-.:; in antenna: that l “'2l! .:le my
Including 35 Hut. 3-.) 1 rm’in "Y!” 'r '7l r- SW“!
I)! v-(nr~(-~. two “':l:0.:-‘_ maul; -: \xi'h ;\ a-nuqua :r
outfit for the busim- A; I u‘im I :cisgnv-n- 1:: UN
!v--sir'v<~ 2);. Jun; 151.1?! Int 1131:. :nn-zn: 11H
givn nu-dmmx” 3mm" ::::-3 0 :~_‘: h :zinl 1:»! (':uh
l.|lxlfl'n)2sl‘r!lii2}'lH"*::Ll.‘.-'H v 9., Y--- uc-v; '.xi-XJ.
| [.31. :I‘lllll‘
I'D?! Tm'iu—c; d. \'(. T J:v'- ’v 2‘ >2
()IJI'V'ESLE 3‘31 3v: ‘1! 3.
"* ‘uumsw “R
x. , :
U: “I b k l) LJE- I
Real Estate Aqmt, Nanny l’l:b'i".l
lure and Manna Insurau-o, 1
-—l_.-.n.11:e- '
l). )1 O.’n'nzm- k (L’s Binders, lio-um-rs,
Muucrs and Bakes.
Lisa, Wazcns, Buggies, azi Agnosnitnral implements.
Office, Next door nut from L‘uslom House.
Port Townsend. W. I’.
Port ’l‘oxvnseuu
c . F
Iga I‘ aCtO i‘ y .
JUSEVH STEXNEI; - - - I’mpziuur.
This industry is now in “naming: cram, and l
“”001! beg to Inform the public xhnt lam pru
pured Io I’M ah I'rtlvrs with welt-made (lonic-slit“
cigars. and lo gm: entire nu! ipfarxiou an 1 wank!
mqucsl tho putrnnagn of the citizens of Pan
lownscn‘l and \‘icinizy.
13" Palrom'ze Home Indusli 3/. ca
'Gloucester Fish Market'
| .
1_ Adams 5,! wharf. Port Towar'cud.
mu! all kinds that lhcse waters :1!-
furd kept an hand at
'G'JUBBEI'H *UE'PIJED and mgufar x‘umil
(‘llr‘ll‘lnt’l's :u-mmm ) inn-d.
('IIAS. G. JOIIXSI‘ONI-Z & 11‘. , l’rnp‘.z—
o I
Practical Bookbinder.
l! kimli of PJp“? l::.lillz.e:c.. dnn'e 0:1 Elk!”
Prlrvs 10 mi: thump-s. and BEST (3".“JTY
0! work donu. jiywly.
I\/ ~ Steamer EDNA,
«a ’ Iris" -1,
‘ '4»:- ILM. RAGLMaster.
Mlkirg daily Mr;- ‘.wcen P-“ Townsend and
’l'r .st'ox'ery.
\\';:i leave [TNIUX WHAN!" e‘ery afternoon
at 15.1)” [L m., and l'or‘ Discovery each morning:
a: 7 u. m. For truism or passage apply toi
JAMES «10V EB. or m: imurll
5&3 Str. WILDWOOD,
A. W. nonN.Hastvr.
henna: Pan T-owuseud (or lmndale. :n 8 ll 11).,
Inlyn. fur mmmy Ishnd m n a. m.. for 'londz-Je
m4p. m. rvery day For fuelgln or par-go
applv on beard.
Steamer EV ANGEL.
J. W. TARTE, Master.
wn. leave Seams Honduls In.. for Sen.
uhmoo via Pan Townsetgl and the Islands.
—~Au -
‘ on 'l'hnrsday. Sn. m.. for Port. Angela via Port
Townsend ind Dumas-u. Rn mint-am
'43,! p. m. Leave Port TWndboth pal:
‘aa. m. Cannon" both van}: Dummy-u vi!
‘ m-am launch nadYOck. making qmck humps:-
1 union for ”Bangers wither extn chum.
‘ & sw. DISPATCH,
3A: MORGAN. Hutch
Will lcavo PM! Townsc‘nd umlhfi' Ind Thun
days I! w ()I;clochA. T. fur 3m Bari-'l':
Dun onus, on nge cs, an way
turmgn: on Wednesdays and Fridnya.’ Towing
and charters n: reusmmhe rams. “a have I
Luge scaw [or froifi‘lniniu pox-pasesddnchwig
xxlt-rmnlin fur - p "L' 2001 s Iv. DD
5:! hoard. or '.o L. 8. Hastings or C. C. Bmlefl.
a CO.
—————TllE LAX!) oF——
. x ‘. L on.- Irmle nmrk. Snnm Able. In on
oft-fl;- nix”. of ‘hill pleasant California remedy.
Satflfnclwn Funnnlecd ur money refunded.
LE‘P'NC‘ o _TASTL . ucary To co C'H
§M£R_ Go LB
‘ ‘ ‘ - 5‘ .5:
-9} §5" Eligiihgfg: ‘
' a u ; . ‘ I '5 H
=" '=- '5 \
aggéki'rfi 55. a - 14
25%;, :« “5:131:15:-
2.35%.; .25}
g I: " o “’ ‘l4"
,g;_. l N@%
‘~ (0) NQUWPTH §
; \ijn ch‘tfir 5V
3 4NO‘ _... ___, ‘3‘;
auaVL G“ M
Q UNC-S 750“ m N
S cm? or CLY‘CUId us‘jcr Mata 9'29-
By dupelling file symptoms so often nut-tan {
for Com mpuon . 9am: Abie has hr; uzm glad
nmu yo many I ‘bou-Phnld.‘ and by nmmPin
hn-hkmsz up Ihe Lunch or told “I” tooo ul‘
(!e\'emt:\~ hm {but {:me ("MSG Will “R 93'.
lhnwmnls frum an nullrrely znu'e. You make
I nu {nifmkf in} kin-rim: a holue or this pleasant
remvd) nlmu riu I no house.
‘l‘! -" 111402111“-
@3135, % mart-e 2;
I‘l9 31 AWL. '2 5 CUR: roq
[lg-£l3 mew c ATARRH
Lnlazrrlx.t'old in the flemlJlnv FI-Yur. no“;
L‘ol-l. t‘ntarrlml Deafness and Son- l-yvrx. ll»
#lnrei tlv ~~cnse or male and mm; rrmovctl
had "who and unpleasant hrcuLh. resulllgf:
from (Juan-h. Easyaml plmsnut to (fr. 1“ -
low dimcliom‘ and: rule in warrant-d by m}
Drumlsts $1 per box: sun by mull. Send It»
circular to ABIEIINE MEDICAL (“(-3-
PANY‘ Orovillo. Cal Ail: {nr
EALTA ABIE A!” CAT-J! I‘l'fllt.
For sale by JAS. l). MINKLI-JR, 3!. D., Drug
2m, Agent. of Company.
; Janna—Janna.
l The original Allied-o Olmmem ls only put.
‘l up in Inge “:0 ounce lin boxes. and uan films
-1 lute can for old mm. burns. wounds. rhnmwl
hand: and all skin eruption". Wlllnoallln-l)‘
Icure .II Linda 0! pll n. Auk (or Ihefiriglnol
”sswmamumw ”...“?
. . .. .
I«-<'’J i 7 , ' . ..
I ~ 2. ‘- - ,_,;__.s ‘. D“f T/ I.“ Jux;l:x,.-L:
5 . . - ‘4‘ 7'7,
I f‘%£i“"J”’“-’-"21?“RE Cf
*“*‘ 1.3- p 5‘ ' .
; 5 ;a: ft. $394 'J'd’ 53‘? Ce
v » 4"-
I - a. ... an: . .
i :_, .-- é ,2 :25.
g -,: : g . 5:2: “7'63292'- 2:.:2: m"
: v .--- ... E ‘ “455' :5 in?" - 2,"-‘,:4.ru.-.. - f"
z 2 -'=—v‘+-‘--~ ; 7, . :'~ - 721': :i9i-s.§§,§i§fifi“# 9W3-
5I" . . E 1..: , I i '7’!- f gifigfiflg‘g; {37“2'2‘
: 5 a-MS- ;' s. ‘3% ~ mama
. l z ‘2, _2 2 22?- 2521119: 55}! am = i“
E . 11"” :7 _ ! .g j; ._ t-ffii‘i-f'fi . “45;”; ...> .. .2. P 5; 73*:-
- ' *‘W ~‘r- ' {it“l-‘glté-‘hr 5' fig": 2:; a .. ,3 ‘ 55- , TACKLE ‘
E 3 ! t:’i{%§é§-““g 21:11“ . ‘ .
.n» ~l‘oy n..- . _c ~,,..-: -. .x'u' '. .: ' : .-. ' - : : .
Iv. -..-211352363giggézififigigéfigf :. :‘.->1 '9 SL3 M.“ 3 : ”DEMO
= v:::=::2:.-*::::x;§;-‘:é *2!“ - @523 M”
f t ’s’“? ! ‘2‘: _:.?t7‘s:§¢_; .. 3"“fiz -7"; _- _: ,ffiirfifig‘;v .37- m.
I ' " l “2* E n 51.» -.= , 1.52.»; 2%.:
Q i r "5 Jl4: xi- 3 ‘\'“---:“!I ’ ~53 » ,~'~;;:~'—; ‘39 ,
‘2" ““' “"1" “'4‘2332'1351‘2» ,m— _'. ,1 “’“P: ~
I -- _, , _zv ... ,
12.2%. 28. 22. 30 £3 52 Lake Street. CHICAGO. ILLS.
& » “"" .2 ’ "i ‘ ‘
Quincy St., Port Townsend.
Will buy and so“ glumostiu rrx-l foreign exchange, purchase city and county
warrants. ml)! and shipping drafts and other negotiable paper.
v 1 , ".‘Pfl. (130-. ‘
MEI-151:5? filfififiNoafi :3? E 6579.) was
()1: Approved Security. .
Agent for line (-u’nn Liur of {:N rtn-uuzships‘ between Liverpool and New York. Plepam Wfll"
tickvts 10 and [um l)!)r'.~ in 12w: and. Ireland, lh-nmurk and Su‘eeden to New York. thence
by mil 1" nl; pm» or 11:» Wm: and draft» from El 45mins up.m‘ui!uble as above.
{rlb‘Sl'ED A'l' LU'J EST RATES.. 3
Correspondence solicited. Ruffle-goon by perm’ssiou. the BdnT-L of British Columbia, Victoria
B. (3., and Sun l-‘raz:d.~c », Cal.
: LATIMER & 00.,
-—\\'l:clv-‘nin rind 1121:an (Palm’s in—
Drugs, Chemicals. Patent Medicines & Fancy Articles
I I33ill‘ts, fifiiés- __ \‘rines and
v E; :‘3‘l: 21:23??? . .
(115 and «fig 912 391.; _- {liquors tor
Grlass \Vnre. :3’;..,;~'~‘x ? Medical use
.-:".’.1 “1; E V _<~~
Prescriptions earn-fully compounded, day or night.
McCurdy Block. Water St., - - Port Townsend
l _—
fy/Eé'o/i—‘g: f ‘ Pg
—-\\'lrh~enie and retail dealers in——
j I I I
Paints, Oils, Varmshes, Stationery
Medicinesl Chemicals, Trusses,
Glass. Paints, Oils,
Soaps. _ _ Pomades, Perfumery,
Hau- Oils, Wall Paper, Brushes, etc.
And an articles for the toilet. '
Patent Medicines of all Kinds.
Quick Sales and Small Pro/its.
mmvr LAND“, mm X. D. mLL. V'ice-Pnsd‘t. n. c. HILL. cm:
Authorized Capital - $250,000
A General Banking Buslness Transacted.
Deposits Received Subject to sight drag or Check. ,
310321 mum-2n oa- A Prnovnn sm‘l‘ :
Collections made and proceeds promptly remitted on day of colloctiot
Sight and Telegraphic exchange payable in all the principal cities of tho
United States and Europe. '
CORRESPO\ DENTS:——LoxnoN—Tho An 10- Californian Bank (Limited);
anmx—Gebuécr Meyer; NEW Yong—The glanover Nationll Bank; Sn
meoxsccv—The Anglo-Cnlifomizm Bank (Limitedl; Penman, 03., The
First National Bank; Vimonm. B. 0., Bank of B- .tish Columbia; Hum;
Vow. Scorn, The Bank of British North America. Hong Kong, Thu m...
and Baal: of India. Australia and China.
Agents for thé American and Red Star Line of Steamship
for 53.1: to and from all parts of Europe.
3' We have a secure and ccmmodions Vault. where we will re
nobles on storage at moderate charges.
‘ Cash Grocer,
l Opposite Central Hotel. ——o——- Head at Union Whalt
1 Fort Townnend. - - w. 7.
Dealer in all kinds of
Grocerles, Liquors, Tobacco,
Clsars. Produce.
Art“ ~ Canadian Paelflc R. B.
Alla: t
8! Winter service from Hallifnx.
Dominion 3
“Wife Slur. .I‘oh_ \cw Y-n'k. Inman. from New York Cunard,
from New Vurk 01' Boston. (:‘nion. from New York.
Anchor, from New York.
iflcnrs 30mm ALI. runs or Eunopn. Cum um Jnmx, ALSO PnnAin
‘ O 0r... ml any Main: 1: luur 1w in Port Townsend. or any other point )I
' United States or Canada.
£32381}; ESTRTE‘I BEBE-HT ENE} 8023 B?
3”? Sn‘nscrwlions rerriun. for all 12:;er and periodit‘al ;xll'il.~h u! in the- Uu ted
State: a: Eon no at publish-rs -, :u rs. fsdwt
, r?! E A 1d 0 o
:' V (’l, '.l"
£53.“: 24 El 25mm A( ltlon.
‘ .
Ii IVS ID If I, 0 TN: -—-*'l;'ll lino/1, S2O Cash, and $lO
-, ’l'{'l‘ .lix: '/ 7/ ’l7] PM ill for.
‘CO li‘.\".-".'H L 071“? 7'5 ' "' ' ”rm/2, and
§ ‘s ‘ , ‘
I: ¢> J‘) [l] a ,
I. Wfiym’m ‘-
“'er To THE 2.
Number 22.

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