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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, July 19, 1888, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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that \a‘uul-l t‘ZJilllic 11:5 1:) 1,11; \wni.
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which v. 11: :krohnllly ill-3 Ciillrl. of l: :‘
disasters. At that sync-~11 '.ho \'.'in:l.-.
from tho \L'i~~:f\*.';:i\l am- high alum:
the coast, and for {crimp 15-! ILii~ 2
out. and to r-‘t‘Jpz‘ (lu-ir my. l'i._‘\' the
Oscar and lizaitiz» run smuh until in
yomi thvir swoop. all ti." 13::11- m: '2;
ing; to the v.'(.-.—=.l'.'u:\l. ‘i‘liicl‘. .‘tlxna'.
(it! (lurch: mull] m 2” in”! 2.miv-r:~‘.-~
weather and 52110‘ ‘ilh'l' :15. hi! plt‘lr
ty of im-lmrg-z. lugs and ni:::'."=m;-r::~
\\'o timu llt'lltli‘d \-::-. t and 1.. rah.
Th'uzu- north to Yulpuruis.) w» 1:11.!
some rough '\‘.‘(';'.illt'l', but uriivtu‘.
without accident of cunsoquenco
After a (lL'iily of ten days we pro
ccodoal direct to l’ngt-t Sound, Vv'lit‘l'!‘
We arrived as ll':f01‘0 stated, on filmy
2, so within tho lust your the ()5
cur and Hattin has sailod by tho log
32.129 miles, 19,120 miles of which
were from Marblohcud to Pugot
Sound. and have passed through,
including the present one. four dis
-tinct summers. Myself and crew ur
rivcd here in splendid health and tho
vessel is in fine condition.
We found Puget Sound tho grun—
dost body of inland sou “'0 over
sailed over, and the climate here
like an eternal spring. In fact, it is
so delightful } can scarce-1y find
words to express my surprise and
admiration of it. I have so far de~
voted my time to cleaning up and
painting my vessel, resting tho crew
and informing myself as t) thoao and
Alaskan waters, and their IE'FOI‘II'Ct“
as to fur and sea]. sea otter, cod, hali
but, herring, etc. I have visited all
the prominent points on Puget Sound
and have finally settled on Port. Town»
send is the most debil'ilble place to
locate It has a beautiful and com
manding sight, one of the finest har
bors in the world, and is the nearest
port to the fishing banks. We may.
and doubtless will, for the present
ship out catch from Seattle. over the
Northern Pacific, or from Vancouver,
over the Canadian Pacific, both of
which roads we are figuring with as
to rates, . but our homes will be here.
I cannot speak too glowingly of the
reception accordod us by the people
hero. They realize what We will be
to them, and welcome us with open
arms. D. “K Smith, Esq" Capt. J.
Stetson and Dr. 1. BL Harrison,
prominent citizens of. the town, have i
taken us round to all the points of i
interest in a steam launch, at their
own expense. Every kindness and
courtesy is shown us. This city is
growing rapidly, and will soon re
ceive an immense impetus in this di
motion on the completion of the
Port Townsend Southern Railroad,
soon to be built, making this the ter
minal point of n transcontinental '
road. It is lighted by electricity, is
the port of entry of the Sound and is
peopled with an active, intelligent
and natal-prising pnpulation. The
schools (I have visited them) are un
oxoolled anywhere. It is a desirable
place for anyone to migrate to, and
more especially for young men. I
want my boys to come out here, grow
I: and bécome U. S. Senators when
Wilmington Territory is admitted to
to the Union.
The Indians about here are entirely
harmless. I spent one night with
them in their camp. while out hunt
ing. and they treated me splendidly.
The males are commonly spoken of
here as “Siwashes” and the squaws
as “Clootchmen.” Land about here
is cheap and houses are easily ob—
tainable. There is plenty of work
for all and everybody is prosperous
and happy. There are no snakes ex—
cept occasionally among coasting
sailors, who get S4O or SSO a. month
and demand more, and yet would be
glad to take sls in Boston, and who
have no grievance whatever.
The steamers pl ying on the sound
are floating palaces. You can judge
the importance of this city when I
tell you that the number of these
steamers touching here, daily. uwr~
ages about 50. The opportunities
here for profitable investment of cap
ital are endless.
There is one particular opening for
which there is an absolute want, and
which would pay enormously—l re
fer to the need of marine ways and
dry docks. There is nothing of this
nature on the American coast north
of San Francisco, notwithstanding
the fact that a great many vessels
coming in are in need of repairs.
It. will be readily understood that this
must of necessity be the case. when
1 tell you that the number of vessels
entering is greater than that. of any
port in the country, excepting the
city of New York. It will also he
doubtless a matter of surprise to
eastern people to learn that. no fran~
chise is necessary out here to build a
wharf or ways- All you have to pay
is your regular tax, the same as on
other property.
This is also a great field for ship
building. The fir trees with which
the surrounding country almonds are
equally as durable and suitable in all
regards for this purpose as oak,
and he who faithfully horo:copes the
future of this wonderful country is
_ sure to see this industry in a full
state of devolpment. It is a mystery
to me why persons fwrite hack dis«
Paraging reports 0 this country.
l‘he only explanation is that tiny
are paid by some on: to do 5). A ‘
few are so delighted that they want 1
ed to send for their friends right .’
away, but I have counselled them i
to wait awhile. In this Connection 1.5
may add that we are now negotiating !
with railroad companies to get. cut;
rates to bring our friends out here. i
. As to our immediate future, I may ,
any that halibut, seal and salmon I
abound in such plentxtudc off Cup-3 g
flattery the: we buile liuuw \\‘ijlt'ii =
to “he hold of first. As you doubt- I
has know, the Mollie Adams made a
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i ‘3. -: ‘l: L'l ylvur3l..'.ul llm ;
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‘33. -i ~..‘;-3.323 li~l3‘. 311 ml ;
-..' 3.. .': 2 7-1 ; :..-:-',.- 235. (Lie-. 54", 7
vi. . : ('..'._‘~ .. -:='. :.333 {Linn \n- can ;
1; . . :- 3.-..; .» 330333 Boston in‘,
l\ .:.:.. 9.13. 1.. - mli. vf‘ ('w'dlrv, hug;
3- - ‘. z j;.:'.. Ii: 3.; 3:3. :iml \’.lnl~'-;.
3'. ... ~ 3.3. ‘5 3.1: 12:3 -. 3.: icingiuenli;
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3.. L . 3-3.; .-.' u . '.\ 3- :.3 -innu 3‘
3'~. , .- :a'». £3: v. 35». ‘.‘inu 111:3 Her I
3. ...“ iv 'l'i‘.-.3--33.'.'. 2.5 mam: 3i;_'l3‘.l
. . ,-...3 ...1
‘. I'!. .l . .H_...r. ':.'l‘ . :.‘.-‘.l‘ ;
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XE - .» 3 t L‘ 2: r. .‘:‘--~;-..1:3l.~33~.3 3.;
f. . 3.. ‘.'?.;3-;‘.l'i:l7'_f‘.‘.l"-.'. ‘3 3: 3. ‘53-!
..1. .3 -. . .~. '.Qix 3-0:; .1".»-. ziiulf
3:;3 . -.;E-. z. -. ni' .luz‘~ 3; '.l \'.'. >.;;3i3'33.l
r.‘ .:3. :‘. “-l::'~~.. ‘.‘Jw 1.'::3. :u-z'n 1..-.313:
‘.l. i-l ::21 11:0 3.; t. ~\ ‘ 13.3.N1-3l i'3l
:l3:~ 3.. 0.. 33-131. xiii hilly .3 rut-. 133-
x'.l l\_- i;'3 '.l \' l Emu-€ 32 3-2. 1.il“’.llll'0
3:33:11: :’. :.'.;-3 i. 33 ii!‘ Nun-2LT 3:33 1133-}
:3133-16. .._._l ... < Pun-p 2 Sana-1.2
i -‘~;:x3.:.:i. :3.» :..“. .-33.3 3'; 23-335: 3:;
[nix :'., 33‘”: did: 'lr‘L; lit-:'.). 3.;
51.32;.13-3‘ 1' 33.32.13 -:-1’ 21:.\'.'iii3g 104.3!)-
lilllus‘ Hf ‘.13,3 :1-‘3‘33 .‘\Zl.-.:;'.i(‘. the rig“!
‘gimg tutu. -'. 33.2113. is» and >lH)\\'. to
run-33 Ileu (1331.234 32min {23.3333 Glou—
I-thVr. Whild to lvl's'fl'. 2‘2“ li>l3i33§l
{bank {33. 3.3 nur 33.3: 13.3323:- 323:0 1213.4 .
‘unlg‘ i..9:3il 1W) l:1ll3’-—. tinumgl: 213'.»
l [Jim-iii v. 13. 37* oi ¢;.33.~.?13:3it.~.0f Juan
3 ii,- l-‘u-tx. '\‘- 31- 33-‘- im- 37.5 :.m‘cr 33.3333 EDDY;
3 Sold-i 213 13.3"}:2. 3
{ )5; tin- '-\"3:.'.1 33--:3..l (Va-f. Harri-l
:j.._v.x':~ 13:2».- 3:3 3:.i1.:.:i:-.li( vitamins;
;m:';33;: f3:l.~;- stun-313.423». His ‘:a-asvl‘
iu‘u.‘ one .:‘i lllf‘ in»: in iii-~3i.-3=s:ur.
l \‘fz-vu I pita-:1 him in 123.. 313.3325 of
? Lw 31233320. l3‘nlu. L 3333.1 such him. Lu.-
lug-grxlrud in l\_- :311 1‘1g2.'.. his .:3ij.‘
l Cazmyluin: living tin-J huh-31:13 Emu-. 3
Him 30 bunt-ls 0f “.3. All [lo
I dii3l:3*.~nco lion‘s-sun my wyngv 3333-1
; his was that. I got out oftlm g .lt'fi l-)
the sczltllwurd, Lia mil mul-r \vuti-r
while 130 3.33315 drifting I‘) leeward.
Had be taken 2339. 5:33:30 course I lhd
he would have 1.33033 all right. Luck
of judgment was 1130. cause of his
In closing. I would like {0 say
mora about this charming country,
hut I fear I havz) ahead): been ver
bosv. Then: is «--. thing 1 will men
liuu. howevrr, ai. ‘ .imt is the magni
ficent. scenery. While am driving
the other day. my attention was cull
ed to the fact that I was standing in
the most advantageous spot tu sue the
surrounding country. It was the
531 m: place where Miss Currie B::r~
low, am artist of conxiderublo fume.
had telected to sketch Port. Townsend
B3}. The View from this point is
l 0130 never to be furgotten. In front of
me,lunking through aporluge he
tweon Port 'i'uwnwnd Buy and Oak
Bay, rising to :3 glorious summit 14.
000 feet in the air, snow cupped and
magnificent is the famous Mount
R'iim-r: to your left. is tho towormg
beauty of Mt. Baker and the Cascade
Ran-go. while to your right. lies the
Olympic Mountains with the noon
day sun reflecting their snow crested
peaks and undulating beauty. It is
usublimo aggregation of munmaiu
seen: If. with which Ido not believe
the far-famed hills of Switzaxland can
vie. Very respectfully,
Chris. Jobansen,
Master schooner Oscar and Hattie.
‘ my :.. rxrnn'mixzn For: new XIKTSTEES.
l Slim, Cal, July 11.—~lii<-hnrd No
‘ veil and Jules do Hingill, hotll sev—
i entnon your: of age, left town for a
hunting trip of a few days, :‘. wet-k
ago. and as they have not i-r-hn‘nod
up to today, it. is feared they are lost.
.1 cum sour saxrzxcsn ron nun!»
TED mnmmr.
Cmmoo. July 11.—Jndge Huh-vs
to-day sentenced Summer 0. \Velclx,
claim agent of the city railway, tn
imprisaonmcnt for six months, for nt—
tnnptod bribery. ,C. B. Holmes. :hu
President of the company. and (J. M.
Hardy. the company‘s attorney, roc~
ommended him to be (ll‘tlii with by
the grand jury.
Thu, Chicago City railway is per
haps the largest corporation of its
kind in tho United Slates. Presi
dent Holmes is a prominent and
wealthy citizen, and Attorney Liar
dy is a leading member of the bar.
The bribery was insignificant. In a
little damage suit against the com~
pany, \Velch approached a- juror dur
ing court recess and endeavored to‘
retain, by money, his services in the;
interest of the company. _ The juror ‘
indignant-1y refused and voted tori
the highest verdict against the com~ l
pony. and afterwards exposed thei
whole business to the attorney for
the plaintifi'.
Bos'rox, JMy 12 —The great dam
age done by the storm Inst night in
this vicinity. us far as heard from,
was occasioned at City Point. It is
reported that nearly a do’éen yachts,
large and small Were sunk during the
night and several persons s'eeping
in them were drowned. It is known
that one man on board a boat lying
at the foot of M street. was drowned
and a police boat wtll go over to~day
to search for the bodies. Many trees
were blown down, obstructing trawl.
rm: mvmrxox To GEVERAL HARRISON.
Ixnuxamus. Ju‘y li—This Was a
lz-usy day with General Harrison.
About 10 o‘clock he camo to the new
Denisou house, whuro lfi remained
during the greater part 0 heduy re~
ceiving delegations in the parlor.
Thu, time previous to the arrival of
the delegations was spent in couvc-r
aation with friends at the republican
l headquarters.
l Pon'ruxn, July 10,—Four Chinoso
women arrived here yeztt‘l‘dily on the
sleamer Geo. W. Eldvr. They wvre
before J udgo Dandy today and upon
furnishing proof that lhey w.—re
American-born they were given their
.1. noon Ix ILLIXOIS.
'l'stow. 111.. July 111-A heavy and
I disastrous flood prevails over central
I Illinois. rain having fallen in lor‘rrnis‘
a for tlwlaat thirty four hours. l’rol:ab-‘
: ly 20,000 acres are under water in
5 this county, while the out crop. wnicb
; was almost ready to harvest, is dam~
1 agml to such an (xtent that. it will
I scarcely pay for cutting. A numbvr
iof families in the southern part of
‘I the city were compeléod to move to
,3 highvr ground. as the water is three
i {vet doup and still rising. Several
1 miles of truck of the Chivagorfi: East
; torn Illinois railway are submerged.
Hls wonizs FOLLOW um.
SAN mmo, July 10. ~- The will of
Millionaire George I. Koatinfi', who
died here a few days ago, lqumtbs
SI‘L‘UE‘FU 1.: .‘U. {nails l-ly-iv-uz le
('Ll'd‘fil- U? :51}. .3)“ J 1. ‘l2: l 610-3.).5’; lul
be “:24 in ..m {min-ling of a basin-l
in], also here.
- .2' ~ 1 qu‘IDEST 0F 5 ("L ES.
¢ - \'. Juay I".——!‘: an ix.‘exvi«-w.
''“ 35 ::._\‘ 335.! 7: i-‘Eivw‘s Use
.' -~ team'm ~‘ '.nill Insult ill
M’:.': i~l :;.--=:-! «-f :12: Imp-rid gar?
Iv: ‘i' “if-. 4: i'il-g’lulul. i‘it’h'lilllxi“
:.F ' "5 :....i ‘s‘. .:i. .\ :Hnl tiu' Colonic-s
\ '3 ;. :«Lilrw'l-Nd. and 111 m uni-h
3‘ 4:11 km- 11 .\o'l'l'lii’i‘ ir'gislntun- to
:1'1:.;;:.n its Eur-a 1 affairs. The Imper— ;
:2. [-:zrlinwnt. iw thought. would >111:-
4.2“: MM h are of lords. l’urm-ll _
i-x. .- x..=r lupin-u- lim hrxt nit-ctiun .
.nLi rs :'le in a ramm- to tlm
...u-.- of (Venom-~52: of loss than 12')
i;i.2d.‘i~=lliil!!s. .
r. 1:. s.- Q I::z.xi-.E3H:.\' smash. ‘
li '..‘{~"\~ ('nr. 3%.». July 10.—All
Mat. un-u «-u ‘.a;-- L‘. l}. N Q. imilmzzd
cam-i: :1! 11:21a)u';~lm-l;tl.-is morning.
\\'.\.~;;z.\'*xw.\'. July 7.- -(‘ongn-ss 111-'lll
Sl,: ingvr #15:; lzu is wniiing to call up,
uhrr the lzu‘ifl‘ lull has luwn disposed ,
ufili<i~iil udmil‘tiug Dakota. Mon-1
! Im. .\‘r':.~hin}_;ta u and New Mexico :
inm llw union. ll»: dm 5 no? brlim'u .
tin liniZ-LL‘ will :.djuum without tnk~ Q
i-zg mum Helium iu the matter. 2‘. r;
tlm; Would low] the republicans to i
Chung.- that I‘m- dvmoz-rulic mujorit) I
“as lumhlo to tho :‘.-.lmisuon of tvvrri~ i
toriv-s. Springer says that. so fur a: i
in: lumws not more than two or thr-‘e
tlvmucmta‘ will \‘UI'JA‘JIIII the republi
can-i; for tlnuiivieion of Dakota. The
text will come on the proposition to
substitutu tho :m-uzitv fur the 110115?
w.a:.'r.-. 'll- 2:sme THE .mnn’.
11mm. July 10.—-Gvn. Boulanger,
in an oration at St. Suurvan , said he
imp-Hi his, swuxl would return to him
bz-fm'o nuntlwr year hurl passad.
“rm: TEACHERS FAST .mmvxxa.
SAN l‘imxuncu. July lO.—Mombers
of 1110 lislucuti-gnul Association are
rapidly arriving. Suctiuus of the
i(lv.rlu1~:ul-.) and Indiana delegauions.
‘tlu- first to arrive in any numbers.
lemon to day in separate parties. All
‘ wuru delayed by an accident to a car
at Colfax. Cal, cause-. 1 by breakage
of a wheel.
,mwKLxxc. 021' THE .umoz: FOR Tm:
Nrw Yuma, July luv-A conference
has been hehl today between near
roprvsontalives of Gcncrai Harrison
and Mr. Morton. and itis stated that
them was most cordial agreement as
to organizalion of committee and
plans fur the campaign. It is said
the organization will he made so as
to rcprcsent all elements of tho par~
ty and prusorvo unity and harmony.
It has bot-n supposed that the chair
‘ in:ln.~hip of the Committee would go
1 “lust. but it is said now that Clark--
194 m. of lowa, and New. of Indiana,
the two \thvrn Inn-n mentioned for
ilhv when. both (10-clinn 2“ consid ’.r if,
‘anai this will insurn an Eastcrn chair
: man. with n prnbahiiity that Cm
‘Dudlcy. of Indium. will be mail..-
chairman of the r-xccntivo eommitteo.
NEW Yonx. July 9. ~—Tl:u orthodox
Jews cf this city have been long ex~
ppming a Vary lezarnud rabbi from
Wilna. Russia. who ii to be presiding
rahhi nvur all va York. and his nr
rival 10w i 5 tho cause for great cheer.
lln i< the first high or grand rabbi
who ovur came to America. Tho
learned rabbiy according to the he—
iim‘ of his church, refused to leave
{ho ship until after sundown. He is
a robust man with an abundant
board and pleasant smile. . His name
is Jacob Joseph. His province will
ho to insist on n more rigid observ~
«ace of the truanic law. There were
grunt numbers of his co-reiigiouists
assembled to greet him on his arri
COMING TO runs-r 50mm.
1i Bonny. July lit—Ex—Mayor Rob—
. inwn, of Gloucester. and Samuel G.
Ronl left. this fly this morning for
‘ Scuttle, W. 'll, to look over the situ~
utiun there relating to halibut. Capt.
5 Solomon Jacobs has recently arrived
, homo from that vicinity. and gives
: glowing nee-Junta of the possibilities
~lof l’ucilic uterus. Halibut is In.
) coming more null more scarce in the
- Atlantic fishing grounds.
" rmmrc'm A unuoious cpmstxa.
NEW Yonu. July 6.—~1u the course
of lzis Weekly address before the anti
: pm". my club to nightMt-Glynusnid:
. “Sonic (luy thvre will be u tremen
| dons ruvoluti-m, which will oclip~o
tho French uprising, and in which
_ the people will that up in their wrath
t at the interfcn-nco of these dictators.
. and bayonet and club these monks
. and priests and urchbishopa. the pope
| and tho cardinals. This is the way
. the Lord will deal with them; so I
~ say, leave tham to his mercy." This
~ was wildly chccred.
' THE new cost-it outrun non). '
f Sromxn FALLS. Jul lO.—~Kirkpat~
rick Bros.. of Nebrnsha, have secur-I
ed a 10-niile contract on the O. R. 8.:
N. branch into C(nur d‘Aleno from
' Furmiugton.
sou'runnx PAClFit‘ TuAiN banal).
‘ Sroiuxr FALLS, July 10.—Tha west
bound passenger train due here last
‘ night did not arrive till lute this at
ernoon,o\ving to the burning of in
bridge ncur Gleml ve.
‘ ELLExsnnno. July 10.—Northorn
Pacific train No. 1. west bound, of to~ ‘
day. duo here at 11:05 a. m, is re- l
ported 16 hours late; the delay 56 l
ing caused by a bridge burning in a. l
mountain fire.
sunnnx DEATH or uuon exciton c.
OLYMPIA. July 10.-George U. Blank
enship. an old resident of this city
died today rather suddenly. Dur
ing the Indian “'21!“ of 1856 he held
the rank of major in \\"ashingtnn l
Tmritory volunteers and wan sherifl'l
of 'l‘hurston county in 1863. Docens
ed was. (23 years old, and leaves a wi~
(low anal two sons.
1 SATIETY “155.
Loxnox, July 11.—Tho Liverpool
cup was “on by Satioty to day.
nor. LM‘ES vsnr Low.
. Bos’rox. July 11.—Gov. Amos is
lVery low towlny. Thernure n 0 hopes
'of his recovery. His illness is simi
lar to that of Gen. Slx--ridan
m ssssrox.
NEW Your»; July 11.-—'At u few min
utes alter 12 o'clock the national re—
publican committee Went into 563- I
=icn. The proceedings werc held in
private, with G. J. Clarkson. of lowa.
as temporary clnirmzin and Samuel
Fessendcn, of Connecticut, tempor
ary secretary. After a session of
about half an hour the committee
took a recess. having appointed a l
committee of nine to report a plan of .
the organization, and one on candi- ;
dates for the. periuinent oflicerc. etc. ‘
[ AROL'SED m‘ Exauxn‘s ACTIYKTY.
‘ Putts, July 11.-—-The government
has been aroused by England’; aetiv~ l
at" in my :'.? Laura and l:~:s :;.st-:wi the ,
(95. mm M; lay-m.“ f -r m awn u -g
..l cred“: oi GLUJ‘JNUQ francs, to '
strengthen the ports of Franco. l
.-. rm: i.\‘ ran .\vuzm. l
.v‘.i.t;"‘>'z'lnl"::. N. M . vlnl‘: 11.—'.'“l
lil'l‘ l: H -;:‘;‘l:l <l-.->f‘.'(';.'ini(u!x.~.l.ll-‘.:l:ll l
Ifitim indul-s: ymrliwir of l)v;n§u;;.i
Hm l».- i.— (Kw-ya; s73.‘9"vtl; flirtiml i’-‘..
535.” Hi. i
“I.lm run THE ATLANTA. l
Wis-insurux‘. July li.*—l‘bl stale».
mom that Hm Atlanta is to go into
service at a distant naval station
L’lYt‘fl rirv to tho rumor that site will
In» sum to tho Sl-u‘ h Pacific. to make
a slum of protecting: the rights of
Alnoricziu citizons making; ilil‘gn in—
Vcstmunzs in railroads and olhcr vn~
tl‘rEll‘iS.S in Peru.
.\. m'rr: n; siiu'r ivmi- n 1: .\ ‘.zu‘rnut. l
(mun. July 21-» _‘it Dougim. W 52 |
pining. yum-play afternoon. Mrs.
lii-ruliwtli Silo-n .\Ee-t and instantly
killmi Win. Fouling, who Lit.l zs~
:'ilillx d hr: 8 yrur Cid dziughtvr. Hvr
{lll'\’>i. ln'i‘llhlllltll‘)‘ .xuminuiion untl
‘ pron 1:: {lisclun‘gn fullouod.
‘mu sin-«: 55 :.n's'r cnosn TUE“:
‘ 1: :.ms immunixr nautisiox.
3 Brni.i_\;n'ro.\:, 1:1, July 10.—T\\’o
‘ roan ago a saloon kovpt-r whose
i plate of l'.n:ii:vs~s was enjoined :is u
llll‘ialilfl’t‘ :21 pvulud to the lowa su~
; prom.z court. lintl alter tiling nsupor
l salons howl, continued the trnfic.
? The injunction was sustained and
l tho saloon liwimr ugin gnvo bond
1 and curriiul tho case to the Unitud
l l
I btntos supreme court llaxcontly
I pruccodings wrro brought to have
1 him arrested for contempt of court
1 in continuing: 2m illngal trulic not
i withstanding the injunction. His
'1 defense was that. pontling a deris~
ion 01 the f( (lCYizl murt, tho injunc
. tion tllll not apply, but the district
-courl has litrcitlod that th" injunc—
l tion unis: hiitll‘l. and tho salom must
I c 1039. 'U.o liil'JfHJ lierpor :1? «men
, closml up. will others will follow
i suit. ’l‘ln-y :'.-limit that further ro~
l sistnucu to ill:‘ law is useless.
AL-rzxixialzit. v.\., July 12.-A
torrxhln (it't’ltil'ut occur-ed on tho Vir~
ginin and Midland Railroad early
this morning. Tim through South~
crn train that loft here at 11:25 last
night went through the trestln. bo~
tween Orange Court House and
Barbomsvillv. a distance ‘of fifteen
leet, killing livo persons outright
and wounding twenty-live. The
‘ trestle was known to be weakzind the
railroad company was engaged in
filling it in. The train was moving
at. a speed of six miles, crossing the
trestle under regular orders. The
engine had passed safelyover most
of tho trostlu, when the smoker, mail,
baggage and express cars went. down'
I with a grout crash, dragging down‘
tho cugiun and Iwo passengur conch- ‘
es. l‘ho engine wont down pilot end 3
, foremost, thus coinmunicnting.r 1101
are to the wreck. All the lights
, wuro extinguished in tho fullfl
Among the killed are C. Cox, of Al— ‘
. exandriu. of tho engineering depart~
merit of the Piedmont Air line;H
Twittingtun. postal clerk: E. G.
Brightwell, postal clerk. The bad
, ly injured include W. D. Parrot, J.
‘ O. \\ est and J. L. \Ynltbain, postal
clerks; l’ottorliehl oxp~oss agent; Z
Jennings. of Lynchburg, and Uapt.
'l‘, 0. Taylor, passengers.
Exrrzxnox 0F rm; wzsr colu'r muses
SEATTLE. July lii—Ten miles more
of the \\ est Coast branch of the So
attlo, Lake Shore & Eastern rail
road have just boon awarded by the
chief engineflr's office to the con
tracting firm of the Thomas Earle &
00., of this city. The entire lini
from Snohomish lo fikngit rivor,n
distance of thirty or forty mill-s, will
soon be under contract, and contracts;
for-«he line to the bonndry line will 1
be awarded during the summer. 1
In the realm or £l2oan the tnctl 0! in
hzutanec no mn..t humorous And are daily
accumulating. lit-r 9. ains. they tau-onto wr
ribie. fateful and owru-h-iming. No iacto!
nature Li mute prrnnu: with nwi‘ni mean
in. than the 1.1;: l‘f the inheriunce at
disensz‘. 1: mm. '.‘m physician on his daily
Minds. paruiyzizv': his art and filling him
with dismay. Tho icy-mi cf Ui') ancient
Greek; pit-turn the Furies ni panning
(amine-s mm Lem-ration to generation,
mum-in; timu .ivsniatc. Tho l-‘ufles still
ply tbs-Zr v:ur'.: of terror and death, but they
am not mw cl:;'b-.~ i :1 the grub of supersti
tion, but nppmr in the more intenisibin but
no i 315 :1“ fizl ! Ir!” (J h :‘cdimry disc—l:l6.
110 ion: wicnw. which has illuminated 10
many dark “Arm-rs or nature. has lined I
new light on in: nmiuulxs want: of tho
Scripture, "Tho tins of the fathers shall b 0
visited upon the children unto the third and
lonrth goiter-lion." inst-aces of hereditary
disease abound. Fm! per cent. of cases of
communion. that tearful dutmyct oi’ imi:
lieu. of cancer and Icroi'uln, run in {amulet
through inimritnnct‘. insanity is hereditary
in a. marked durum. but. fortunately. nu
may other heruisiary diseases. tend- to
wear itscii' out, the bird: iwcnminx extinct.
A distinguished scientist truiy sari: “No
organ or texture 0! tin: body is exempt from
the chance of being; the subject of hereditary
diam." Pmlnhly more chronic dismal,
'v'rhich permanently modity tho structur
ud functions or the body-.m more or less
liable to be inherited. The important and
fer-melting practical deduction: from Inch
teen—meeting so pom-tinny the input-an
0! individual. md families and the collective
welt". of the nation—arc obvious to rd»
tinzminds. nnli this best new (or prevent.
his or airing these disease: in a lubject of
inunu interest to .u. lortunately tutu"
hu provided a remedy. which experience
in attested u 121111112112, and the remedy in
in. world-tacit“ Bwift‘u Specific. A pure
vegetabio compound—nature‘s antidote for
nnhioodpouonl. To thenmicteditil n
blessing of inc-tunable talus. An intent.
In: mt!” on “Blood and Skin Din-m'
will be untied from by midtown:
'i‘nz Bun-m Smart: Co..
Drums- 1 Athntm GI-
I -~__“‘o._g t. a...
i MW {fr-"‘- ’ . 4 ' '1?
21*} ’. w 8.; 3'31?! "1
I €27; ”:7 {my}; »11‘2?,."‘5=’gg;:~~ .
E u.“ «at» -‘
\Jr‘l: 1.3:". .§.:B'.:‘ll f‘ .
i t u: "- ‘
amicfi: ~
I'lfisis thc'i‘: r 1) oftthEmeE
PCJ‘.‘l’.‘.‘€‘:-‘- 3- amp Chimney.
Aliollrney. '.xiiururcimitation.
. 1 '_,"-‘"f' ~"I‘Z:3.; cxnct Lnbcl
f'j§_i:;' if; inun cachl’carl
3:23») ‘2': --:r Tu') Chimney.
’34“? ‘ _l' c . :.y ,1
£354.11; i ~._‘,;. $431.; A ucaicrmaysay
3,1 and think he has
""Lé‘aflvq 02'3ch as wood.
. "w"< . o
"3.133 2111' :2: 113.5 xm‘.
Insist upcn :‘.}: 2232:: Label 2:11 Top.
L: sm: [vs:‘.v;;:::s. We: cut; (1‘!
95.]. la. :'.AGBEW :2. 80.. Pltisburzn, Pa.
Timber L d
..E‘or Sale.
Twn hundred and twenty—five arres
of timber lagd for sale. Distant. half
mic; to :I Imle from the waver, down
grade. to good harbor. Wit-bin six
milcu from Port Townsend. For
A ' * ‘.‘xr upplv h BRADSWAW &
Rym‘, ':’.,-:'l I‘UWU\(‘H\’;. DASH
‘.“LW 01v;-
RpYAL:2='.n .
_._ lsmmww‘ ‘
avg-v as:
,_ , q: ' .V
‘0 Q 3 'V‘ 7- i
\v ‘ ~
'g , a .7
's' & '¢
‘59 Pym vi.“
L ‘ “k 4:?
Absolutely Pure.
This my \n!--r “cur: \mm x .\ I! run) of wrr 1y
-u»n-lh :uh- A‘Jnj '.4 :m-r . --, _‘.i.,:.. na: mail |
Ihrn {2l"o’9'li)’ Len!“ .‘E :::m n: h.- »A 3.; v,“
«umxw! al ‘uu \. Ii; ".-- raul‘i'ulv «21‘ km Ir”'.
e‘ nvt \\- izh‘ :i..:.| ur grimri) ‘nh :ww‘irn
54.1,: .--I_r/ f. r" -» 1.". IYAL «EH-LING l’U‘i -
:n-1I:-'u.i ..uu: 0. ‘:. y.
,- zf3:'\- :5: “
' flfi '-'-\ :I~‘..
My... ~- «.1:
~-'a=_ Vl3; -- - g s
"(g .119 7A 73
£3" ' 553%;5 “ '- " f,‘
‘ ’l. .2: "('9 3%-“; ‘
‘._ {fie
:\'\K\:‘:° \éLAV K\:" “SEE; ‘5 ‘
5.1:,\ ‘\\\\\ ..- J . \\- K\ \E\. :.-
'~‘-":'.~‘:‘:~. -\ ' ‘l‘ \‘ K
""-'-’.i"">‘~~\ ' N \I-:~‘.‘-"
% An Army Veteran,
who has probably suffered more than any mnn
or \rumuu in Amerit-r. 10-day. Tukcu sick while
\ ‘.n the Army, he has endured untold agouix-s
tinr'e. Dcscnbing his first aymppms he said;
“My head nvhcd and my uppclxto mu poor.
[Mr :1 fuming->5 at the pH of thestomm’h, and a.
had usto in my month! while my :’.-:11 was
mun-tin)": hm and smncumns cold. I m-xt felt
pains in my bark and urmxml the lowcgdponlon
of x::_\' Inuly, and myth-w! u. Eoculinr or and
rub»! in the wuter I passed, w ich was Beauty at
on;- than and fX‘K‘L' u: cihurs. Sometimcsitpaiucd
1m: to vuid if, and auuiu it was almost impqsai-
Me ‘.a du 50 :1! all. Fipully I began to pass cnenr
bhmd nr‘compauied With the grandest strain and
rNu hum than 20 eminent physicians attended
Mr. thmh u; vurimh times. but. not one of
than. mum hvlp him. He WM pear death's
(Liar, And 3n! he 5:153: "I tun nln'c and well
hhlay, \-.-h.~l!_\-Ihm-.l':h fiu- wundcrful flower of
Hunt's “I‘lih'dy \thrh took me from t 8 Verge
of the unu‘v."
This Great livmedvabaalultly cures all Kidney,
Liz'cr and Urinary Diseases.
I‘ur Sale by M! Deals";
C. N. CRITTENTON, Generni Agent
11.1 Fulton St. N. Y.
an": ‘r r [ul'l’l‘l'J-f I) the [mun Emma, (0., MiCtT-(f. k. l
. . Thu Edginn
“-‘- \9 35‘1““. LI
00 e\ e s PILLS.
“321:? “new.“ mum-z 85313233:
Unequal“! u .1 [IVER Pill. Do“ not
ulna. OKS rzuz'r A ME. ~
Beware of Imitation; containing Poisonous
Minerals. Always ask or Dr. Heron's Pellets.
which are little Sugar-coaxed Pills. or Ami-
L-iiious Granules. -
Being Purely Vegetable Dr. Pinw‘s
Pellets art-rum without disun'jlxmce to flu:
iystcm. (1 ct. or occupation. Put ughin‘ muss
vials. hennutically sealed. Always .su and
ralxalile. They are a gentle laxative, or an
active pllr'lflvo, according to size of dune.
SIBK HEllllflllE -' " x
___, i . A
Biliouu Ecsdnoho, , \
oizzlneu, Chump“. h: ,7
lion, Indigo-non , 5 .
nmom Attack-I. and ~ i 1,4:
all dcrangemcuu o! \7 ‘« ’3 ’
the stomach and i , -.::
bowels, an: promptly -., A»
rl'lil'VL‘d and pcnnnnontg
curl d b the use or Dr. ierce’s Plenum
Purina“, Pellets. In explanation or the
mm ml power of these Pellets over so art-zit
a variety of diseases. it may truthfully be said
that their notion ugmn the system is unin-r
--sul. not a gland or issue escaping their 3mm-
Livr- innuonoe. Sold by drufim for 25 cents
.2 via]. Manufactured at t 0 Chemical Lub
mmory of WORLD'S Burma? MLDKCAL
Assocu-rtox. No. 683 Main St... Buffalo. N. Y
_ , ' ‘ isolated bythc' thanks-fur}
. . ._; ers of Dr WW.
3 Rental, for a case of
~=. , _ - - Cutan- In the Bond
~ ‘ which tit-“y cannot cure.
mtg ”fimwmm'mnng‘ ‘3? n a
es. In 9 cs
mm the throat. sometimes profuse. watery.
and scrid. at others. thick. tenacious. mucous.
purulent. bloody and putrid- the eyes are
weak and watery: them is “W in the
ears. deafness, hackxnf ~r cough ng to clear
the throat. expectant on of oflensivo matter.
together with scabs trom ulcers; the voice
is changed and has n. “nu-l twang"; the
breath oflcnsivo; smell and taste m im~
paired: there is a sensation of dizzinma with
mental depreulon. hacking cough) on son
emi dchili y. Only a few or the s V's-named
symptoms are likely to be present in alumna
case. Thousands of metomnualiy. wi ut
manifesting hair of the a v 0 €3lß:ng rc
sylt in consumption. and and grave.
N 0 disease is so common. morn deceptive ind
doggingusilor lcuéhgindcrsgoggafiy physicians.
y m ( 900 nI an rues.
Dr. Sue's datarrh firmedy cur-awopcworst
rust-s ul' CWO!!! in the field,”
Corfu, and In] lleodscho.
So u by druggists everywhere: 50 cents.
“Untold Agony iron cumin.”
Prof. W. "Ausssn. the famous manna-in.
of Ithaca. N. Y.. writes: “Some ten w
l suaored untold agony from chronic
unturh. My family physidsn gave me up ns
incumhlo. and said I must. die. My case was
such a bad one. that every day towards sun
set. my voice would become so hoarse I could
barely speak above a whisper. In tho mornlna
my coughing and clearing of my thunt woul
zlmnst strangle me. By the use of Dr. 8139's
'fumrrh Remedy. in mm months. I wont well
nan. and tits sun has been permanent."
“Constantly mwkliu' and ”lain.”
Tnmus J. Russian. u... 290: PM: street.
St. Innis. Mm. writes: “ I was: gm: suil‘erex
{rum mtarrh for three yen-I. t times I could
hardly hrmtho, and was onnsumdi hawking
and spitting, and for tho Inst. cix t months
could not breathe through the nostrils. I
thought nothing could be ono for mu. Luck
iiy. l was advised to try Dr. Sam's (‘atnrrh
Remedy. and I am now a. W" man. I believe
it to be the only sure remrdy for mtnrrh now
manufscmrml. and one has only to give it a
fair trial to i-xiw-rirmrs umunding results and
a pvrmnnt-nt euro."
A oomph-to Txmtiso on Catnrrh. giving ni
ushlc hints in; to clotliimr. diet. and other
matu'rs of inmnrmnc". will be mailed. postu
paid to any address. on receipt 0: a two-cent
posiuzr stamp. Address,
World‘x "175 W“?! Radial Afloat-tin.
No. 363 thin Street. Emu». 1.!
18 1-year old Heifers and Steers,
12 2-year old Heifers and Steers,
14 Milch Cows,
For sale by
Friday [lnrluuz San Juan ('O. W. 'l‘.
Brick for Sale.
HALE A 3.11:.me Bmcx Puß SALL, n
S i 0 per Thousand.
[Jana For Sale 3 l“
\ _—
1 OS W 125? S’H'.‘ D, (“USAF lil.ASll.
A :ILyur im- t of choic" inn! mind xitln. well
;.~. - .--i -. A-\ l u ud x i >l.in _' 11!", '4. .md
g - l Iza' | .Ti inlu: “In“.cAGECC.“ an '
iur .r.. 1 .nnl unmiwrri-m and sheep mun-mas \
Ibo-re me hills and mnnuiail-- adjoining. Price, a
3250. Apply at .\xucs Bea; Hams may. I
Order to Show Cause.
‘ in tho Probute Court of Cla'tun County. Wasln
::*;:t~n «unitary.
In the mater ut‘ ti.c crtaic of Elliott Cline.
't‘u :tNul
“r-icr to don (Lin-:- any di=triltnliun :htmld
not In. htll'lL‘.
Hat rtzittiin: and filln: tho petition of Murmur-t
Flue. .-'.tlu:iut~trntrix upon thtl Estate of Elliot
t'ijttu. du‘cubetl. petting fnrth among other
tlttnz~ lint :aiti vstate has lye-m rttllyutltntttir
trututl. and that. time ate certain lands and real
rs :ttt- remaining: after thu helllvtrHll of :ul
0 aims. and proving tor a tttml disl‘J hutiun of
the sum“ to the heir.- at htw ht rutd Elliot Cline.
duct-33H] .
it is ordorod that all pvrmtts intcrcrted in “I“
estate of the Sui-l l-Zliimt Clio». deceased. Ma and
:tmmnr hum-e the Prat-ate l'onrt of the County
of (‘lttl:.nt,“’.l‘.. at the Court House of mid
t'mtnty. in Xv“ Duttzt'nr'va in said County. on
\lnntlxty :ht‘ 2th: day of July ht“. at H o'clock A.
.\l . at mid (In; then and the-re to ~ltow more
~lty :tn IIHII‘I‘ of distribution should not he made
m‘tte rteailnv of and Esta'c nmo'nz-t the h--'trr
in I:t'.\' of said Elliot l'ltnc. llt'fordin'.’ to law.
It ir-Z zttt'thn-r ordered that :1 copy of this order
in: published in tir- i't-rt TUWIIN'Hd Anal". 1|
t n'c-vkl)‘ ttottsmpvr, prints-J and pnitiisltod i
‘ :lt-- t'il)’ at Port Tum fiend. .1.-tt‘et.~ott Lonntv. W.
‘l‘ . {our SllC£B~Si‘-t‘ v. cake. prior to said 35d day
leli)‘. ms”
t “0120:" k‘ltztmlr A': this Slit Guy of May, A. 0..
Jxx:i.o of the Probate Court.
Clulatm county, W. T.
Tertitory n! \Vurltittgtntt. { t
ss. ‘
('ounty or (‘inlamJ
l. John .\tmti.~. Jud-:o- "lid er-oficiodnrk "9
'lte l'rnlxat» l'o-vt‘lnt ('iulutu county. \\' ’l‘.. do
hereby rvrtify litztt the [artist-in: is“ fllll. ll‘lic
um! correct ruxy 01' tho original nrtEo-r to rlt-‘lw
muse, grtttttt' |:_\' (Ilirfialll l’r.th:ttt- Court. I n
tht-th tiaynt .\Xsy. 59-8. in the ninth-rot the
Edutc 0! Elliot l 'ltnv. demur‘o'l.
~‘—— in !v‘.~”lll(‘ny whereof I have bonny-tn
-1 t...~'. ' .uxt my haul and naked the Seal of (in
«.~ suit! l’rohnze L‘unrt. this 61h day of May.
Judge and tx-oficio Clerk.
XS Till-1 DlSTltl'7'i‘ (:UL'it'l‘. ot‘ the Third Judi
cial Dislrirt 0" tltn Territory of “'.tsltlttgton,
hnl in: tvtnts at Port annfl‘nll. Jello-nun
-. minty. fur the (“numb-s of thl‘c:.—on, Island,
'.linltunt and but Juan.
Jnsrzmt Swat-mun tnlniutitl’.
‘l‘. 3XO. 1141.
.\. H. .\lt'ftxll. defendant.
The I’uited States of AttK-rita sond Greeting:
To .\. 1!. “CCL'NE, defendant.
You are hereby rm ttiwl tn apm-ztr in action
hrouzltt against you any tht- nltova nunt'd plain—
titi‘.in the District (‘onrt of the Third Judici-
Dit-mct of the 'l'ctritnry at thrltittgton. ltnldittz
tt-rms at the city of Port Townsend in the
county of Jeli'arson, for the cauntks of Jeff-:-
t-nn. kin dV Clullqtn and Son Juah. and tour.-
swer the rompltutt tiled thereitnwilhln sixty
days after tho. first pnbtination of this sum
tnnns. or judgnwnt in detuult will be tnkvn
again“ you. accordtng to the prayer of the cont
The said fiction is brought to recover the rum
of scwmx-lwo IlO'lll‘S and twenty-four cents
«ste-Zt-tt‘ojt,nnti itttorr-st tho-roan M. the rate of
trn pl'l' an: «er nnuum from the nu: (it?V or
July. 1&5. being the balance due p’a!ntifl' mm
defendant "Stan an amount. armed between and
plai- litf m 1 defendant. on raid day. and fur
cost“ and disburxwmet ttl.
\\'itnu-s. the Honorable Bit-hard A. Jone-3
J tige 0t thps id District Court. and the real
thorn-at this 20th Ilnv of June. A D.. 1:148.
\\‘M. E. LEDGERWOOD, Cletk.
By 1")!” SEAVY. Deputy.
Btunstuw & Su‘us, Attorna..s for Plaintifl'.
Fi rt. sublimtien June 21st. 185-5.
in the District Court for the Third Judicial
iiietrirl of Washington 'l‘e-rritoxy. holding terms
all Port ’i‘nwnmo (l. Jam-rum County, for the
Somme: 0! Jeni-tron, bland, Giuliani and San
Territory cf Wasli‘imton. {as
County of Jeflerronq '
llutvsr G. luxxui, Plaintiti‘, l
vs. No. 1142.
bur J. Human, Defendant. )
-- To 1n: ABOVE xutzn Dnsansr:
You ure ht-ruhy notitiui Ihut ilarwy G. Ham
Ilull . plnintifl'. h‘B filed a complaint- ngainst ton
in illl‘. District Court of the Third Jndicai 1') p.-
lrici. holding terms at Port Townr nd, Jeflermn
County. \Vmiiin;t«vn Territory. which will mine
:-n to he heard sixty (lugs after the first publica
tion of thin summons. to wit: Sixty days after
ibe ‘.H Ii day of June, 1658. and unless you up
pmr and answer the rune on or before the 25th
tlnv of August, 1884. the same will in tnken ns
.onh-ssed, and the prayer rt said complain:
granted. The ohject and pmvcr of said cum
pinint ia to dissolve the hm a. of matrimony
existing betwmn plaintiir and delendant. and to
o‘xtuin the curv. custody and control of the min
or chihi. Chnstine Jog-ragtime Hat-Mb. isen: or
the mnrrhgu o! lilainti and defendul, on the
mound of the n unJomm-nt: and desertlon of
the pinintm‘ by dcientisnt {or more than one
) u itnoss my hand and the Seal of said court,
this :.L'vth day of Juno. ifl.
WM. [-2. LEUGERWOOD, Clerk.
By Jnuzs ngvzr. Deputy.
BRADSHAW & Sums. Plninlifi‘s Att'y.
i-‘irat publication June 27th. 1888.
V , .
in the llietrict Court of the Third Judicial Dis
tiirt «vi Wurhingron 'lcrriwry, holding term:
at, Port Townsend. in Jefl'crson County.
Territory of Washington. {3.
('onuty of J: flew-n.) '
W. J. I‘L‘JIILTON. l'inintttt‘. I
13. No. “37.
Mun; .\xx li-xt.lov. Defendant. f
Tu lht: glove immna defendant:
Yul are hrmby notified that, \V. J. Homiltnn,
pinintiti. has tiled in com :imnt :tzrtlust on in the
Ulr‘irfl't Court oi the sl'hird Jsdicini Distrirt,
twidit 1,: terms at. Port Tau-nund. which will
:o-m-nn to be. head sin; day. utter the that
mimic)“ inn ot this I“ mmtms. to wtt: sixty duys’
after th» 7th tiny of June. and unlrs< you nmmar
and “newt-r tho mum on or b ire the 7th day of
Alum“. ta‘fi, thc sums win be taken as contus
«Land the pntyer of the amt .toznplatnl granted.
Tim algae and tmyet‘ of mid complaint in tu
imp-mu the bonds of mntrimonvexisting l-o
:wevn said platinlifl and defendant. on the
Irhnf't: ut' huhitnul drummmwss on the put! of
Ji-tvn'lnnt fiwupuufils or two 31'1":th pas :
amt phimifl‘ t-nru Imus tlmt ln- may haw- the
mn- and truatndy l. in- minor children.
\\‘inusvz my hat; Militant a! mid ('nltri
[hia- 3th (Lt) (If-lu.fl(-. [s3.
JAMES ~ s.u 51’. D ptinz
Bu'kl- & Hulk-r and 'l'. ‘.s. ”an, r, Attorney: (or
plnlntifl‘. ‘
' Notice for Pubhcatiott‘ :
LAM) Ot-‘ncx n Stu-”. 2: W. 11. f 3
May as. 1858.
Salim is Lamb; given that. the following I
uauicdsrtticr Inns led nmico of his intention
to nano limit grout in mpport 0! his claw. and 1
that said proo will be made before the (“L H: of
the United States District L'ouxt at. Port. '1 own- ‘
vend. W. T.. on tit-turd”. July 2|. Im. ‘l2:
Henry Meek. pmmgtiou D. S. No. 10,519 for
the N. E. 5; of the N. ‘. 5’ at pectin" E 2. and the
W.‘ is of N. \V'. R And N. \\'. “‘0! S. W. K of we;
Lion :13, To“ mil“) 9 N . H. 1 i '.
its name: the following witnesses to prove
his continuous neidonce upon. and cultivation
of rigid laid, \iz:
bohn Aunt-rum. of (.‘lttmicum. Wuhlngtan
Territory. _
Uurhve Johnmn, of Chimicum. Washington
Territory. -.
[ William ”chain, at Chimicnm, \VashmgUn
10. F. Portson. oi Irv-idols. \\‘uhi gton Ter
1‘ to -.
I'} Jt' KN Y. OSTRAXDER. Register.
Home to Creation
is 1'8: IA'I'I'ER or run ISTA'I'B or thLux KATZ,
Notice is hereby given by tho undenizned, ml
mmii-tmtor of the estate of \Vitlhm Rundo
t-msml. to the ctedttors of. andwnom hav
ing ( lrhn‘ stain-J. the said do . to present
(tn-m with the nrcesearf' vouchers within ox o
\'- nr {rum the date or Ih » notice to said ndm‘n
lstmtor. at the atom of Wnurmn a Ruiz. enr
n-nr 0' Water and game] ttmll, in the city of
Port Townsend. Je «mu county. Washington
'l‘rrrltory the nine being the pint. of bum-ten
of mid udminislrflon
Administrator of ihv estate at William Ruiz.
Dated .\hy 10th . 1885.
.\‘micc '3 tcwhy "Ivan that all r ons know
‘ I» r: lhnme‘ws ilufehmd m the “In n! m 1: &
\Vuymou 1| un- n~qne§led to can and mule men
.umums brfore or by the 131 of July. or they
. ll lr- piuc d m the hands at “.1 nnmney (or
.-..|:m~xiun. l ILL & \- EYMOL‘ I 11.
Boat 8: Shoe Store
lan's. Boy’l. ladle-h lune-‘& Children‘-
or run ‘
I? have a great revexence for ssh
___ JOHN Fl'rzm'rklck.
nu. leus nr
. A Cemetery \Vork.
Ea“ Dlmssan $7055 to order, for
L'Exmmw and Bnuusu purpows.
T. SBIDEL, Port Townsend. W. 'l‘.
Max 22:: “13‘
11 I - [I sl.. 1‘91»
nl 10 upper pan 0 OWLAQQAVQQ' A,_-_ ‘ >7
‘l. perm,- s mgw 1 - .| 'u-w .\"irkle 1’»:le Sto-m
Winder an ‘ «an utter Watch. jlmt patentud‘
addres- RUY J ACKSOS. Box 15. 311 La! TOM!
“men .\‘X Citv Ration Ihil paper.
. K .-. o o
The W 01'1d,% MBlelllß'
~' L J I
'l' n
~ - 97 -
WOHdBFfU' " Sarsflel eme IE‘S
Have mat}? cnmplvto cures of difficult cases of Liver and Kidney txou'lles
Rectal Ulcers. Fistulas, Blood Poxsomng. Hyp stense, Heredu
nry Blood Tamt, Ecmma and Skin steuses generally.
Send For Gig-cu: r dascrihinz he mm! a! MAHUIE DOUGLAS-S (said to no "rs om
”he ~l samfuln m ('.marnrsniu): FRANK (‘.‘szlDY a! I’clnmm. THUS .\ld ALE. of Min 5:..-
15 HR: ‘~\'. li. FlNl'”.of Linmm Plan-r ccumv' fiEV. vL’f‘: IIL'FFV“‘: T!-"'”‘ “"51"". Olfol'l
JAMES .\lu'UleCK. \‘icvl’u'sidrnt mm of heddmzz VI.:W.3:UI:I'J.\. an‘n. .\_-m.-{n§ '4 S
DUANE. int-ram» mo: JOHN IHHSL‘UI.L. Unina lmn Won't 'M'tnnq‘nxu: . Mb. {”13" ~ C,
GUUUKIDGL, .\lk.‘ CHAL'LU'I'I'E .\2 (EILBEIIT. MIL“. ALLEN. MRS L. ”- ':AXHH.\(-'l(}\',ul|
0‘ ban Him-ism. .\l:-: .\I. .\ ADAMS, mus. L. I'. Axmsnsux. o.’ bucmmvntn.
\ ,
References Pernnssion Mlzs. SARAH n. (‘UOPEIL .\tlxs. rims. u'x. PROF. 'B}?
thus. "US. may“. liui’i‘T. \. :’. « .\m ILLJHJVER “mum: LEAH ’l': sAtHgLSm . nan
t‘i‘t'fl: F. G. \‘.';‘.'l'l£l{HUl'.~l‘Z. Y. A. 3_’l'.‘L-.‘-. FAT-Imam". T. B. 111-“ Phil. l-lli"'-‘>“‘v SA3PL 'A-‘r
51D". l'cmlunn Arm"! W .\. "EAR. \uz: .‘-uncxsco L'hrmur’é
SARFZFIELIJ‘S REMEDY FOR THE Bilbu )I—A Specific for )lnl;:d;es_ muslin: from lii-92:
Lu‘c'r. Kulnc s. Cnnstipnnnn. .\lnlnn .. “you l’oxsoninz. .\‘cmf'lhh ball l-h"""»“- 3““ '
coming: from Blood Impurities.
PRICE. $1 per Bottle
‘-“‘h.“l'"FI«Ir-< t‘zmnxn: l'lA‘l-ZR sun; 1: renumfum m' Chronic l’lrer! am! Sm,” 0f we“
qzeq'lripzinn: Eczema. Pilv's. Yum-n“- [Hi-97.. ‘cfl 1- ml “:1".- 3m ”inn and Nun Dln‘ast: Lu n
(n: v. 4 .
PRICE. $1 and. 50¢ per box, “0):”me 1° S'm
s.\:t__~:x-'IEL§v-~' REHEDY Fol} DIPHTHERIA .\xu PNEZL'MOVIA! Afim‘iflcvorlnph'fim
(.ronp. Sore 'l'hm .1. 11mm», and Inflammslirm of the ('ht‘r! SIN! Lungs.
PRICE. $1 and. 300 per 100:. act-011'”? “m“-
Testimony or “0". 'l‘. J. flu“.
, ~ TI'RNEX: #llllOs. Urvgon . \ug. :7, Hide.
_Fu "1 lE}; sAIISPIEI.D qumuxs :.‘n."— ! nun-n mmmy indmre s.:;sfivl."u Immedier, mu. 1: :‘
fluszlmz-n Hm! my indorsmnou rhull he pLL-e-J u h r:- I! wili nl - l'.r- mus! gnu-i u: Illl”ol'i.5; humL .
“)3 Prw Luxi .1 happy Puwrivme in cunnacmm with Elm-4.: “media. “In: I! s! . u'sw irtlnr A
10!" ”Hm my fr‘n-uhlhough! I would not xim Intel) :nv~n'.h~t. Xma- LL. \n‘ll 'um noun. 5
“0‘1" '-’“-' P ‘=I"".~: 1'1” ~’nv‘nm-r and in barley lurnllh Han X Inn.- Irzzl for twclw y-‘arr'. I hr.“ Iran;
many ‘1 Huhsmi :mn-yolfu-r renwdxcmaml nil had {Jilv-l to NEW. l ”‘2':»\' God for M ki- 1
Fmvlglona-v 11m :u- l. .1 m:- m ‘0" and your mmzl 1"“! rvmulivi. I would rec..nuncn-l a” “Inn A. 1
syfliwmg from I! um} I‘vishm. : ::.' any dvscripl ion to lrx- S:|‘.‘.~2i-~‘..i‘.° rumenv [or the “mod: n! i'. -
L Iter‘ :alnn '
mmcgln-:1-tm.l.~hi:;'!rim-9y n has 'C-I'JIIJIJ in my mmliiizm l hm? wimeséed ”:3 cf St! at
the I‘lj'lr't‘ll i upon mhurs. and i! In!» xii”) :zm host a! 5.112.! mm H:
\\ mun: Hun Sursl’wld Hrnmluu— (in Haw-£54 commnsm .19 With lin- nzvi {lf t!‘ it rm 9th
1:1“. ' You 2. yruly, IKL\ . J. T. LlL'l I'-
lleln-r la lit-v.l". Fro”, Sacrmtu—nm.
L ' Lu .’
J. D. MINKLEB. M. 1).. AGENT. i'on Townsend “7.12
V . ¥,~r-'l‘:--wt"-.- ‘; 2 . - "fr-7 . ~_v-,. . 7—7:“..
EE~§EII’§EI:§3F?2=.¢- ~... #5273 !
(ma-191133.:‘1‘1fi59‘r’ - ‘l» -' '-_-:75 ‘4: "5"" A 4; -
Wmflmfi‘i‘ix‘é’mzmé - '22:: -r. :1 "“1 1.2:”:7'
‘ ~ ‘L‘Tiez‘Tn'c'mf'fl 's' ~ '2... a 1.53;?" "‘:2 "‘ "' VEQEJn‘él‘3s;.i.l—;: V'-
me-n mmfiafi'fiaé‘DENSmrrE 2 ‘._ ,2 z; 32- 2:2;;.:'~F'3:-‘: . 3522':
“55?.“ 35mm PAST"iv-o .. -..-.-.- e: WUM .:
$4,; gt “...-5.0)“ ~:_ jgrflncmu mum ..., ...” '1 2,3,; '
c: On orNemaDpM!Ht.o.-»;;-_¢ ‘1? "<7? ,I-iu )u:t~5n:.:..;- : .--_',-16 Madrid‘- “~"‘
Weakness-n «gnaw i Yannqbrhdd E 359 "r"*“‘,}‘,lf~:'t.nw.wan—,q-z'mdzn-x. "“11
dlomdnon. m forklisgtY-wfsin x-u—av‘T 6‘; Ecj-y .mh-mx: m:-.z......-2¢a.,, 'n- ,1”: :
thaw-macaw absolutely ruin-r; 1~-¢"-; f, , ”21:24-42- I:s:‘tb-kaummf‘ii.
5:93 33‘! bmkfln dawn man totho ‘ull epic-7:- .-., rf ' ‘63“? “N3l2..ern-arufzxfzamgimi-ctcth;
ptrtaccaadruuum extenuand‘vmamur .»;-‘-.|"“" "- ‘-*'-~'-""~"F-'“’F="= Whit-13mm“
.Tolhosovholuflerirumthomnyomtii: a»: ; "WU”"BW 7.7.7:...
‘muzhhbon b!fi:ldhcrdian.£xmcvz:-i‘-a‘l I l-..4:::......‘\.;.:gn.3,£z. inhale“ '7
\Vomoxwom damn-skuugyun 353.; as ', - , - *-—-——-——-—-- - M
W2““&”°”i¥flfif’s§§“im” i Jigfrlfizs E‘EMSDY co “#38:;-
on m- n . mvzigtL-L', 836;; 333352;” 3‘2. , '-'
RUP'I'IIRED PERSONS can M 9: ran-J: ‘34:: 9: our inane-. 592. mm .:3.,
Wine Tonic
Beef, celery,
Iron, and Wm
An Unequalled Nerve Tonic
and Blood Invigorator.
Especially Adaple-dfir the Treatment
of Nervous Aflectiolvs, lmsoverish
ment of '1": Blood. on Gen
eral l’rostrntlon.
For Sleeplessnoss, Loss of Appetite,
Gvneral Derangement of the
Nervous System arising from
whateVer cause, Brain
Trouble, the result
of overwork, etc.
A faithful trial will prove it to be the met nest
Fume-Generaling. Life Sustaining system-Vi
lalzzing, 11ml Home-Cheering remed'r ever ofi'nred ‘
to ”h m‘nlicled. i
J. D. MINKLER, M. 0., ‘
PORT Towxsgxn AGENT. {
HALL Enos,
Prop’n and Mlnunlenn-crl.
Avrl'izdfim ."4 Cln! SL. Sun Francisco. Ca.
‘ n
' ‘36 flewsrq
4'73"“; ’ / ay‘
. {£so3 vs,
f» -‘ a 37“ ‘-'"
a-‘ \\(l “L .\.};-
—. 3238 A:
”15‘ .;- 313.33 ». I'i'f
HEALTH " ' "must.
1 la: Rich-Ira Golden Baha- No. 1. Cum
‘ Chanel-es. find and semnd stages; Sores on the
1 Legs and flatly: Sam Ears Eye-I.Nosa,elo~.
3 Copper-colored matches, Ryplnlific Cnmn'h,
‘ dim‘asell Sculpmnd all! primary forms of tho
dlrx-usn known at syphilis. Price “0.
per ”with.
Le lileu‘r- Golden Ital-um No. a. \um
Trrtinr . .\lrn nrial Syyhiliuc Rheumtism.
rain: in the Hones. Pmns in tho Head. back
or 1).» m-c... Ulcunled Sore Throm. Syphilitic
l'nsh, Lumps and camrnctod Cords. Sunless
of Hw Limbs. and eradicate- all dlm from
the system. whemer reused by lndlscreuon or
aims.- of .\lorvury. leaving the blood put-21nd
healthy. Price 85.00 per Bolus.
L:- nlc au‘n Golden spnnlalu Aulldote fox
Ilse cure of Gonorrhma, (HI-en Irritation Gravel
and all Urinary or Geniul (“arrangements
Price. 02.50 per Bottle.
[.2 Blchnn'u Golde- Imllh Injection.
In: seven: cases of Gonorrhea, Inflammatory
”lav-:.. strictures. ac. Price, OLOO pet
be ltlchau‘l Holden lllnl-els for the of:
(saliva hauling or Syphliilic Soma,audarup
nuns. Price. .IM 70' Box.
Le Incl-Inn'- «olden I' In. Nerve and Brain
treatment: Inn of pky-iul potenexmpr
over-wark. Pmszntlon, etc. Price, 88.00
per Box.
'l‘onle and Eel-vine.
Bent everywhere, C. 0. D..aecurely packed.
we express
C. I". RICHARDS k 00., Agent».
427 a 439 Sansome M... Cor. Cl-y
San anciscn. ('ll.
-3_m. 6.000.060 EEQFQ—sé!
' PK "a ‘
RY 5% 3.503
...-s'. v- "'."
"a \fi C.-J.FERBMCO.
" ‘:«r . Lu: «121:;an tab-(h
u ‘ . ur on ~newsman
31' K -V-. (9. me wand.
‘ A"; a . nnrrmvawa
.".t \ .m.uu m
V, ‘ 6“,: . uu.='nuu
, ,_). a; SEED
‘ ‘ - 1. ‘.v - .
‘ \ ‘ -; a mag?- ~. Autumn.
«.1 “-' w‘l - I IeBB3
‘ . . rah-nu
.I! 3 ~ \ .2: TO Au.
' ' x '. mums:
"#3 A- ‘1 1:“er
“33' f. mu _ x ‘ out urn-1n is.
$13.53;} '‘~ / l'ualuahlotolfl.
.‘ ::sr.l:: :“ - ”33mm
\ x r x. 4!, ennui-mum's:
‘ 7:.-1.-' .., ‘—- «gnu-admin
“- 'V ‘ : "-.z Jug AM!—
'- :‘2'2.FERRY: , '- . ninwcho
’C Mrs (IF AT; 1’ Au}: "“1""
1. my" ;_1 . ‘1 x \ n.‘ .\.-l'n-L )men‘
fi , Q Uigguhllulh-ss. mum. mm.
' f“ g D "lies": .vlAsuoon. '
_ \W'..__ Kenn-1.» I-.‘~:u nu-uuumrrhm
- _ T “nan-n! lwmw-mhl-‘xutlhno
3; fl»: (93.1,... .1.-:;4lr\'.\'.u' “.
7' ‘. an x 1..“; I! .. - . ..mr ji‘hm' ”.3
6 :‘lg-gi , mm- x,;---- ‘l' . hJZmplkm‘
~ A“; ". I'd-ll n . Pain-.Kwofl
' l;::~'. -‘ i , -. n, [arc-cu
or )loreru-v, hm. . 4..1.: r :'.",mm-s
“'eak IWL'JHIrNZv’K" _ ' - 'x'lt‘x'hiiuio
NlL—prompt n lit-{l’» .. ' .'i
By hls tnmlmvnl I; l l 'u' *2: ton-sale:
lon. {rec {run <l'lp‘z'. . ' '- ~. 11M“. mans
"almanac-u; Im'. >l, - -.V.-:.u.}..,g,hh,.,m
behfldo“vh-HR’~. - “, "- 1'“ ;'v“‘iY_\'
b deacdbh gym" n » ;. . .. « ' 1 11' -._1.. mad.
Jr,"- will bran" :31- ‘ ' . ' ‘t -.z n.- mm
EFCaHnrv-Hv .. , . _ U., mm:
m 3; Kent“: .541» x. 1. a- ‘ .. . : a
You me a‘hw ‘d a from ‘Hnl nu dauoflho
nsr at Dr. 'n..s'.x Lelebimled‘lfvollm Belt. with
Ewan: Suwancory Applmm‘a. 10l- the spa-d]
\ «11-: mi imm-u-n-r vuu: vtxcnvulhbimu 1151
:.r wanna ..m .-..a-u.hd.and all named "unifies.
Alto for :mvnr u? 1.1- alum (‘nmplele 795 m
m L- Fan—fin. ‘ '.z-r- ond Mani-00:1 guaranteed.
1.; nix is “Lanna :. flimlangmltrlimlucm
.‘lzl'r 11.: m .ific-f :.rn. n‘ a ‘ rest at
VGLT..!‘: :‘.EL'r co.. xmgvm.
H ‘
”‘5 ‘SO would enjoy your dinner
u and are pmted by Dys.
pepsin, use Ackcr‘s Dyspersm. Tnblem
They are a pnsixive cure for Dyspensia, 1n
dgesti-m, Haulers; an}! Lbnffijnltign,
We guarantee 11:215. Ea and 59 cents.
Soldhvuluurbm. ‘
I .
' DR‘ SANF" ' 9'5
1 I >
’ {sf “
' ‘ l.' ‘l3 I
‘. - ‘2 »!/
g » JL ’
‘ V< V _
Isjnst what its name impfics ; g
Purely Vegetable ’Cc -- pound, £lll
acts duecflyupoztth? b . r; cum.
themanydlscass 'c «5 0113 mm.
ponnntorgan,and - 1, r~'-gt7lemb
merousaihn ts a- axis: from if:
damaged or ”‘3" - tion, gush I:
Dyspeps -\ . 41‘ ' 'ce, Biliorgsnesg
Cos -- a- m-l ' Sick-build:
R]: ‘i' . .}..'. etc. It}: mm}
‘ -L "w “To hzvc‘Gpoqr‘zalth
lhan- nmstbe keptin era-. 1.» a
DB. W m W
Invigorates the Livcrgfiegulatu the Bow
els. Strengflms the ystem, Puriiel 11:.
Blood . Am Di%sfion, Prevent Pam
Is a _llonsehold eed. An Inwhnblo
Fanny Machine for common complain";
133. mom's mm mm
An ('lchme (f Forty years. and The.
aandorgf Taumom'als prose its Knit.
ran an: mt Am. nmtmrxmm
for {2:21 mformntjon send. your name— 1w 1.
page Suck on the “Lin: and it: illegal," '
mm 2% mus: n- . It." 2““
[B I
‘:,.._................._..:?T H REM ‘3},
TRIAL gymnmrand {BIVK
: gmxw sung", nu:
gBOTTLEEouun'd mug-u --
FREEUH‘me-u Premature'
a gnccmmlamae Wag-:5;
ms me an 2:.:;;:::3?::;;'~°°mp‘é;
ins c: 73:5, me gunnopm 3;"
fcncxficrcruLg ,%/_:
5212:3672:ng I , 5U
3:352:13- LmE 3513 mm?
fit;:::'::; ':;.:12::.,§1’_.-gz-;_n:-:y avg-{u :11:
32:15:. :5 55.17 T.) :lfx! 1223:? 3"\'\'3:’."-‘- 3
3.12.": :::E 57-er :‘.”; _ _.‘-‘:..:.."§"'_
gm (1' Linin'g’f .; ”7.13.3"31134- ;>=_
i;‘l’lT.’P!’3";’3:‘-Y."..“-§“f 3"" 2) r.---‘m:.;V-v~ ;
:'h."- _h -_.V 2‘ ' _l-\-;:":, . ,VV
3"“ «1 n...’ I.- :‘.. - .~ 3-. ll"- :
§:.LL r.:.":.-:;;:;::..§-; ’-~;,-.~.~'a.-.u‘,z-.- ~
g1::::’; 37.1911”, {‘._ E 2“" <‘ "' ’4‘"
is: '. 1:12;; :31; »~””' v ~ ,
937:7“. 2," .:ti: W’W‘f’gltfll:
- 20 41 £35.12 ‘
' Z'T.’.".lf'.f..".___ ‘9’ woman
. . ~ -' ?~‘5.'.1'..'.1.j_3 =1; :vidr.‘ Lju- -‘
1;. 3. I w: n: . 'l' ,::‘..A'Lu"ll luv
Vi»: 7-»,g 3.: 1:1“; 3.17:: :'J-afortn- ben:
10 .""y 1111-2." ‘5 r ':xr-l ~ '1 . 'N‘n'aumx n I‘.
stfinlycclaflncnm l;U".Sl (BL’AMTFL'
FINA-mares A
-..J Koarny BL, lan Frarfluoo. ' .
. 3" LIFE El
gw 1n“...
‘6. .L ' ’._— : | n ~ 0
I . \ ; ‘ ‘ 1.. .
. 9"fl,“ “Mada
bouncy ".; Mina.
omin -, » W :1.
omm. ‘I (‘Allot-nd h _
gen-no Elmo-rungs I w
__ll3d-rmcdn‘.‘ N.B
g} 03:33 - t I .
§ “‘7”; .:7“ -I .
. , mo
5 , man um 13::
:_ ‘r Tum r . u--
:4 - swmm‘ -
- rat IR. b v ‘
is‘crxm.H-md ‘ _ V
5-s"“~.2‘£:§"'g‘-‘9""“‘. . 1%.-
l'soums ‘77 .‘,' ' w. \
imsacmu. L .Zu'
I who am My
en‘- In}. 9 I m an
I mum». ':;‘.°‘..:.°.::.‘::.‘"““
-- 0.3.1110 in J)
".1“. AM. 1!. I’7
Ira-u!!- mun Add lang'P!‘
m u
h rim no 5.: of uh
m D. B. DYCBE‘ co.
The DYL'TJES’C‘ ‘‘4 :
iaauad March :; L . :..
each year. .‘r. ;.4 ..1 a: '—
clorradh; :‘w: 117:1) i ’; -
matic: :m ':"w -' r
uins: ‘.L.‘ :'.;2_.:: :.:‘. . ‘.‘
ueccssitjm a; 2';»j_
can cloth: you and regain _mz. -;:'
all (:15 us? 93'9“}; ;2~ v. 1 :.cc . '
appliance! m :n‘x \=—_;Z.. ‘~.:.c_;. i” ~
on. fish. Lu”. \.~.-:';. s*; to x ' x.
or stay at her; 5. :..:z. '._: :‘.:ioua .
EileS and 'ZU-‘Z'i-L‘. - . 3L- 1. 11;: :(z'l
what is reqqucd t 0 :‘.) u-z these :ijrs
COMOBTABLV. and you can make "Jam
estimate of the value 01' the BUYER?
GUIDE. which will be sent. Anon
receipt of 10 coma to pay postage,
111-114 Exc‘ncan Avenue. -T ; ;~- 3,1".
I I.
Children Cry _for P'

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