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Idest Paper.
Qliestiouu uuswercd frw
a M the couutty. ‘
"ample copies tree on appli
c luli.
Volume XIX,
1~. 7 , N
:DAI-LX A-liu‘rU 0 .
F. t t‘ ‘ ‘ h x->l'rh ‘
-' h\ SKY «\IUILViNILI‘Ie lli’T HI'X DAY.
[‘elzntn-l by unai‘ur (7.111.012 ‘
*L‘ Bfiflil PT“ IV I: \TF..\ :'
(1m: Yuan... .....y‘ m ‘ 11w.- \zmm- 33.1.
but Mouth. 3 m (1m; .\lu:nh.. 1.1-,
In .\ xvzn' v“.
[rl'cc \\m-k. Ina-Ma p 1; {Mn urn-{)3
Ad\‘crli~iu;: mu»: hu'm-hv-t ~n;\p;vliw.?mn.
Eh ’“ V
. 2 c 4 rtkln gram.
I'L‘m.l~.m.:- L\'Fl:\' _Tlll'lzz-h'n‘.
Pm! Towzxv-nvl. \Vuuninwnvn 'l‘--I'!'l!rvl'y. -
Tim)“ M“ .\l‘lzsL‘mg-rlux:
0m: Yep}... 5 '..'-I) : 'llhn- - Hawk». .T'r or“
S“ *i:lt:l<‘..... 1.5910118 Mnn!h..... 'l7. U:
3‘ ‘ .\‘lnLCl Trip} .I” t’r'lh.
3F Alway~ in wivunc». J 3
01m inch. first i!:>("'1uh.,'...... ............3L.'.11‘
finch uubseq-lnm inu-rnun.. . .‘y"
WTrun-s an! u'lvvrtifiihg ~.. inmm ins-wtinn
mun he arrmupan'lwl ln‘ c-Ish. ‘
.4». . . A - ~. _ ._ ‘
PORT rowxsrsp, w. 'l'.
(mike. xwo front rooms. up ~2..ir-. .\nuui
Bcs'deuco on [hr 11H. cm'nc.‘ of Jack-um and
Clay Areas.
DR. 0. W. HUNT. I
Dom ist. m I
Ponl‘ rowrs'snxn, w. T. ‘ :
Nitrous oxiJe ga-i. other or chloroform admin
huoro‘l for painless extrm tum o.’ twem.
D E N T I S 'l‘ !
Port Townsend. - - - - - W. T. I
All work guaranteed first class. i
o o
Physwlan and Surgeon.
S- Ofice up stairs over Clapp &
Feuerbach’s Bank. dtf
' Attorney and Counselor,
Proctor in Admiralty.
Notary Public.
mm Block, - Port Townsend, W. I
o. ILBnmunw. x. B. Sums.
" 2 ‘ r '0“ NWI), '- 2.
*Aflor‘uyaaad Gounodlonat Law.
Plano:- 1: Wu.
(hug: In Bin-London 86w Bund'ng.
I. 1. CW IV A. newsman
m team _
AttornQyl-pt - Law
' w ”35' ff. “wine-VT
0.3!. high. _ ‘ WW I. Hump
sum &- HASTINGS.
Attorpeys - at - Law.
4 PW II mum.
“It; for Sale. Loans Mane.
'. ~ Port Townsend. WJL‘.
' luau no mun-an.
. you musmm. w. I'.
' “’53. Dodd. Proprleter.
This new i- ::w an: NIWLY FURNISHED
“‘4 MN all on nppoinuncuu of I
F 1351 CLASS 30 rm.
fill“? il “391 m with Ih. but of Wines,
in I. munllliud able and main:
100-III: tho "DBL Nnmng will ho undone xo
nth m. Kohl IOOODI to gong in tho'l‘erri
‘_".'"_____ _...
. “a? mono, w. r.
W. Sutherlanu Pmprietor.
“33:33:33,: 3.9.4"- .3:: 33.:
h t w
t in «mu-« Fun? 0: I!" m“?§§fs
C v.
Wliham Busby,
‘ Kalmmu an! Paper Hanging j
H‘Finlrclm work Gnu-Inked. ;
”up on Adam IL. on Court Haunt: ‘
(T'— ’ —————-————————
’ ,
People 3 Market, . :
, Cor. Wat-fund mlorswl' 1
nous lawman, _
' Proprietor.
. b.“ “11!! 111 a: HIKI' t ”on
. ‘nm and inf;- ‘ angina. tgun-dd
Mag»: ymmorm' cm. '
’.A —. ‘ - —“a. ' '—'-'-
‘ (My Meat Market.
, a Cugxncaz 31:33:: ulrrsdov 31.11.
I M ' -
" in Camdmflr in Pink“? 330%;
I‘ll-ates. Haul 0M0“: .W on hand.
Bun Crud Russ, the“ ad «a! L:rd.
_ Ghoul-tall. Mnmleed.
-: mmmm wvmmUlpu-‘N’
no my- ’.-. ,
C. C. COLEMAN & C(Z’-.
rm mun-am, yV- I‘-
“memkntx. ‘ W
‘i ' T G
E. WKRIE & 0.,
_ ucmmzjss.
m «mtuteuus::rs.
W'fi-‘EPSIJ P b
Ila-mum ;, 00 an n
acmfip “W 593? Bunny. 2
a” ‘3‘?.¢kfgrtl‘3.vnsond. 1
Port Townsend
_ ,
. i-‘SAW MI LL
‘ " '
(xi-no. VV. Do‘vns.
. I 5... 33;; . LATHE.
L ‘ :ch’leigelgpsgbggngx‘fuhgnggw LU'!‘
”“5 “Hannah mu. ’ ,
:h‘ ' - Sh 11’2“!!! to: delivery in to!!! I!" w
': 3; g . _ ‘4.“
’ - -r..__. .__,____________.f—- ....
F Arno“,
. mans, w ‘ "‘3-
tactical Bookbl er. .
‘3 " dsot I'd-re: 27¢“;ch “ .on and
» m:- ‘o mu mthm‘w.‘ ind 3); UALII X
a mi bu. ' "Elf-51.9-
52: ‘Q »‘ ) lam . 4 Wk” $1? t @fifi
’ <‘m R a
l 11l TELFC'lll’ll
' -- A I! L o
l - transient, ix TKI‘E.
l LJNIMN, Jnly 17.——1te\'. )Ir. Waugh
ltestiticd before the poor relief com
l tnittw of thehouse Hf lords lust night
lthzit thousands of children were
istarved, or otherwise inurdt-rvd. in
5 England every winter in order tool)-
ltain a. paltry amount. of in.~ur:rneo
' upon lhg'g‘iygé. He said the rye
item Pof‘ rusting qhildren‘s lives \\ 'ls
lsiinply ufl't-i'iiigm premium for mur~
3 WILL 112-: ixnn'ren. .
5 Carmen, July 18, —~ ,T‘he thra-u
on l‘UblatS, Chapek, . Cliolwznu and
K= their, arrested; 13‘? lU.pu(flur Bun
lfif‘ \l y§sssmfi 'zire buoliml ill, the or?
111-'"y. _ eir cases will c=vme up to
dg. and be continued till Monday.
ITL‘: ‘CViJCHCfl against them will 'm‘
l presented to the grand jury and
1 they will be indicted under the dyn
lamite mt. No more arrests have
‘been made to—day. No further de—
; tails of the big plot how [men made
‘ public.
I'IUJ'AIHNIE FUR THE-Z y‘l‘Kl‘liiilJl.
New York, July, 17:le first stnp in
tlu- .u-tivc Work of the presidential (um:-
pziigzi was taken :1! 11:20 :1. in. ta-duy,
when the National lh-nmwrnth- (':uupuiuu
Committee went into session at its head
quzuturx to organize. (“hail-mun Barnum
presided, and around the council hoard
5:11 Arthur I’. (Herman, “I. L. Scott. A.
S. Ewell, (‘:ilvin D. Briceund ““05 Ross.
About lmlfuu hour after the s‘ossion hu
gun (‘olonol Lamont arrived and was
added to the convlave.
Drnsmrnne HELD.
Chicago, July ISL—The government
rested its case this morning in the
Burlington conspiracy cases, and af
ter both sides had been summed up
Gooding, Broderick and anieaen
were held for the grand jury in the
sum of $5,000 each. ‘
WILL xo'r LEAVE noun. 1
‘ Rome. July l9.—The pope. in con- 3
iversation to-dny, stated that he does
‘not intend to leave Rome. He ex— 3
‘pressed regret that his last note to l
:the Irish clergy in regard to the po~
llitical situation should have been
‘ misinterpreted.
l MILITARY mrcrm'rions.
l Ottawa, July 20.—There has been
lconsiderable activity in the military
ldepnrtment the past two days owing
lto the threatening state of afi'aire
among the Indians along the Sheena
river. General Middleton says that
in twenty-four hours he can place
5.000 men on the cars en route for
BritishGolnmhia if necessary.
030 mm) fan manna.
Port Huron, Mich, July 19.-Last
night Label}. the opium smuggler,
while ' token back to Indianap
olis. whom the train nest Bip-
W'W‘t’bott‘ waiting for him
and was rowed back to Uganda. The
omen any the whole thing was pre~
arranged. -
m we commune.
Ottawa, J3l: 19.—It' is reported
that the Uni States has signified
its willingness to agree to England’s
gnoeition, made nearly a year ago
the appointment of a mixed oom- ,
mission to adjusttbe claims for dam
ages made by‘ the owners of the
gained Behring sent fishing schooner-s.
m 08 18: MRS. .
Prescott. Arizona, July 19.—Tenf
suite have been commenced in chm
United States court here against
parties for alleged cutting of timber
on government lend. the amounts
sued for aggregating over $500500.
Upwards of forty suits have also been
eomtnenced before the land oflice for
;cnnoellation of patents of homestead
and pre-emption entries of settlers.
Many of them have lived on the land
for ten years. The suits are the
work of special agents of the govern
menu are mum-lons.
Wheeling. \V. Va, July l9.—Mor—
ris Herkheimer, the senior member
of the Horkheimer Bros. the . largest
[wool dealers in the state. has 81]"
nonnced his intention to vote furl
Harrison and Morton. He has for‘
tire. ,-five years voted the Demo
‘cratic ticket.
i. m ruaownm msoouxmmm.
‘ IYew York, July 19.—-The Demo
antic national campaign committee
‘9 ”Ported to order thgfprintlng of
half, a. million coppiee thepresi
idents *urifl message for campaign
;“3?3’3l_s°r. large quantities of 9
Jam? [’l9- ‘mtb comments of Demo—
lcratxc 1.934335 thereon. It intreported
fiche Chall'lnan Bryce’e p mme
:to mire 2% fight on the wig issues,
1938331) discomvaging all personali
mean: the cankyal 191 th , te
Wuhin pa‘. y . n USOHB
this fine-gutoon Senator Dolplh. ol'l
Oregon, introducetln bill for t e rs»
lief of eitizens of Oregon, Idaho and
washington Territory, who served
..:ith U- S. troops in the war agiast
the Nez Pemse. the Bannock and
Shoshone Indiana, and fortbe re
lief of W 110! those killed in such
services and for other purposes.
Washington; July 20.——Dolph‘
called up the Chinese restriction‘
bill. Mitchel spoke earnestly in in;l
favor. It will F“ the senate 1
Secretary airchild to-day re—;
csived a telegram from the governor
of Florida, stating that thefiellow
fever had become epidemic at amps
and Estates. He asked assistance
}in suppressing it.
‘1 Newborg. N. Y., July ail—bet E.
,P. Roe, the celebrated novelist, died
early this morning. He was very
active as chaplain and volunteer can
alryman an hospital nurse during
ithe war. He was a Congregational
Marquette. Mich” July 20.—-Tho
largest. lot or gold rock ever taken
out east of the Rocky Mountains was
brought into Ishpeoniog this mom~
ing from the Lake Superior Cole
The River and Harbor, appropri~
:uing 322374316, is now ready for
the President’s signature.
Vl-‘ullor, the obscure Chicago law
yet, is confirmed Chief Justice of the
grim: $1493. The vote was 41w
‘ o.
Weir of Penn, was also confirmed
Chief Jinks/1‘0! Idaho.
Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Washington Territory, Thursday, July 26. 1888.
Chicago, Ju}y 20.—Chleboun and
_Chzipuk—anarchists. furnished the
required bonds of SSOOO each and
were released today. Krouk, the
arch conspiritor is: still in jzul. In
spegtor Bonfiel‘l says that the case
is coxfipléte with the three arrests al
ready made.
They Had Proper Passes
United States Marshal Hamilton
of Seattle returned from Victoria
yesterday. whither he 11ml gone to
guarantee "safe conduct" to the
b mjml'at'v-d l)9€illit‘ll~’. ugauufi whom
writs of deportation had lH'On issued.
As soon as lllo'y touched shore oat-h
one produced at Bruish certificate.
recmztly dated, which he triumphant
iy presented to the, olhtoms otficer
who examined them.
What troubles the marshal now is,
"where did tne Chinamon have those
certificates all the time they were in
jail?“ The prisoners were searched,
and carefully. too, so the othcers
thought when they were arrested, but
no tram of a pass could be found
upon their persons, and the first inti
mation the oflieer had of their exist
ence was when the Mongolians
"flashed" them at Victoria. The
authorities, however. do not feel had
over the way matters terminated, as
they have got rid of the Chinamen.
fl... , -, .
The Unfortunate Atki.
The steamship Alki came into port
'l‘nursday afternoon at Seattle and 1
proceeded to unload her cargo oft
freight. It is reported that long
ahoremen employed to do the work
struck for higher wages, when three
and a half hours more would have l
finished the work. The regular wa~
gee of the men is 40 cents per hour,
and on this occasion they asked 31,
whgch the captain refused to grant.
The men offered to finish the work
in the morning at the usual rate. but
the captain. desiring to sail before
that time. offered the men 60 cents
per nour. on condition that the work
be finished to night. The men re—
fused, and the captain took his do
parture for Tacoma with the remain
der of the freight on board, which he
will unload on his return to this port.
Letter From the Next President
The following letter received this
‘moruiug {mm Gen. Harrison, speaks
‘ for itself:
1 Ixnxuaroms. Ind. J uly 3. 1888.
1 A. Winn. Esq»,
1 Editor Puget Sound Axons. Port Towns
-1 end. W. T.
‘ MY Dun Sm :—Plenao accept my
heurty and uincere thanks for the earnest
and cordial words contained in ,your tel.
egrnm n! the 25th nit. _ .
Yours very truly,
Bren. Harmon.
R And, not less for the friendly connider
dtiun shown me before the convention.
,___....._,_..__ B. 11.
With Our Exchanges-
Sheridnn still improving.
Debate on the Mills tnrifi' bill has
closed, nnd further considera'ionl posi
poned till Saturday.
1 Mr. Thurman said, in reply to a
‘colored delegate who was on the com
mittee, and who had promised him 3,000
colored votes in Illinois, ‘blnvery indeed
and we are glad of it.” This my be all
true now, but. the (5110” alluded to was
mighty sorry when}: happened. “We"
also opposed colored sum-age until it was
forced upon “we" by Republican votes. ’
The majority of the Senate Judiciary
Committee have refused to report favor
ably the nomination of Melville W. Fuller
for Chief Justice. The vote in the com
mittee was a strictly party vote. The‘
Republicans did not think the charges d 3
unprofessional conduct were fully met.‘
They also held that he was not fully
qualified for the office. The impression
prevails that the nomination will not be
continued, and if the Reynblicana elect
Harrison, there will be an oppcnsunity to
fill the place with a man who is prom
ive. The importance of having the
judiciary fined with men of ability, men
free from partisan bins, men who arenot
wedded to the dogma which sustained
slevery,a.nd sacrificed the rights of the
people at the shrine of State sovereignty,
in apparent-Pm.
omm um Yumm.—Such are we
titles of two fertile sections of Oregon.
which are illustrated and described in
the July number of the West Share, for
'tbo benefit of the thou-undo who are
“m““matinz making their home in
“1“ ”Kim" at big crops nnd ego-bio
climate. The now isaho (nilotin
formation about SO7 wb—o mica “i
the northwest, on well as choice mar
poiery, etc The number in meomp'an.
ied by a large colon-d supplement of the‘l
picturesque town of Roseburg, the com
mercial point of the reniie Umpqua val-r
ley. Each number of the Well Short
eontaina many engravings u! plncu and
scenery in the northwest. andiaaper~
fact mine of information about lb“
promising region towards which :0
‘many eyes are turned. Subscription
pics, 8250 per your; liuglo copy. 25 on.
Add rm L. Snwxn, Publisher. Pom-mi.
“1:9- The: have lii. '
The exodus of our bodily troublel is
doubiy welcome if their departure in un
accompanied hy peiu. It in the fault of
the best of commendable cathartioq,
which act solely upon the bowels, that
in operating they gripe and weaken these
orgeua. Hmtetter'a Stomach Bitters
produce 1 laxative eflect. but neither
causes pnin nor weaken the abomiuul re
{rich or the stomach. This is pro-emi
nently the alterative which a constipa
ted. liilioun or dyi-peptic person should
use, since a resort to it involve. no hod
ily diecumfort nor produces a viu'cnt re
action. The liver is aroused. the storm
uh bevefitled, and the habit of body
speedily and permanently improved by
it. Fever and sgue. rheumatism and
kidney troubles are among the unlaéi'ea
for which recorded experienoehu proved
It tn be eflluacireul. II is a whole-um.
appetizer. and n far mam reliable "an
‘quillizer u! theperve: than gzomach dis»
Harbin; BIIOONOI ’aud sedatives.»
Republicanism Condensed-
Here is a condensed vest pocket
edition of the Republican platform
which will be "mighty handy for re
ference" as the campaign goes by:
We believe in a free ballot. and in
having every vote eounted. *
We believe in protection for pro—
tection‘s sake, and We are not asham
ed of it.
x We believe in abolishing interim]
l taxes cremml for war purposes.
We beiievein direct protection of
American labor against cheap for
ei in labor.
We believe in free. inn-run! cam
\\‘i- believe in railroad regulation.
\Ve believe in lioznesteads nuvl good
homestead titles for ciliz-ans.
\Ve believe in home rule for big
and intelligent territories. .
\Ve believe in a double monetary
We believe in the utmost. facilities
for education as worth all they can
We believein a good navy, good
coast. defenses and good water routes
for commerce.
We believe in making other na
tions respect our rights and pay for
all they get from us. ‘
We believe in a big merchant ma—
rine and in American ship-yards.
We believe in protecting American
citizens against foreign interference
not only at home but in any part. of
'the world. ’
We believe in civil-service reform
‘more than ever.
We believe that nothing is too nod
for the soldiers who risked theirfives
to save our country, and saved it, and 1
We believe in virtue and sobriety
and therefore cordially sympathiZe
with all wise and well-directed tem
perance legislation. ~
We believe in reducing postage to
one cent per ounce.
We believe in stamping out the
growing evil of Mormonism as a po
litical, social and ecclesiastical im~
purity. m
Jonathan Scoville, ex-mayor of
13115310 and a manufacturer. has gone
back on Cleveland on account of free
The earnings of the Northern
Pacific are gradually Increasing from
mouth to month in a manner satis
factory to the management. Th»
eurniu for the third week in June
were $25,000, or £9IOOO greater
than for the corresponding periou
last year.
Tho democratic assault upon Gen
erul Harrison on the Chinese ‘55!”
creates no impression at all upon the
Pacific coast, and as the Boston Hcr
aid is amazed tangy-z “W 9 100$
In vain to find a republican paper oi
the Pacific coast that. does not. sup
port him, or a republican politician.
who does not predict for him the full
party vote.”
The Astoria corresponded of th:
Johnson Locke Mercantile Comlpan}
of this city places the pack of ca mot
on the Columbia river to July 1 a!
159,500 cases. This is the report 01
twenty—life canneries, which er
credited with 4000 to 11,000 cases
apiece. Two canneries at the Gas
cades are credited with 20,000 case:
making 179.500 cases. Shipping
merchants here say if these low
figures are correct, merchants will t
greally disappointed.
For hard-headed. practical tem
perance sense the Journal can cum
mend the Indiana Christian Advo~
cats, “hose editor is one of the mom
jcorneal:h Prohibifiionists in the coun
ltty. " is is W at that a rsnyt
nbout the Republican platlhrlhg:
“As a Prombitionist we rejoice ex
cecdingly that neither the Democrat
ic nor Republican convention tool;
any notice of either side of the tem
perance question in their national
conventions. What the parties me)
do or should do in their local fields.
where it becomes 11 living uestion.
is quite another thing. We want
no complication with nationelpcli~
ties. The issues there, though reln
tive inferior to this question, do not
have anything to do with the police
power of the States at all. As a
Prohibitionist we are glad the Re
publicans did not meddle with one
question at Chicago, and it is only‘
because the Democratic party in In—
dians has sold itself to the saloon
that we ask for an unequivocal
declaration against the saloon it the
Indiana State convention. and there
we expect it."—~Journal.
“ Can be finly' aim: t“nsw“¥%fl"’emtlous
remedy for Consumption and diseases of (he
Thou, Chas: and Lu gl, Mutt Able. for it in
shunts: to the whale and death so n cold.
very bottle warranted by JAR. D. unlutgthe
' 0! the goodthlngs of this
“Q“\s life an aomwtnny let
alone on account of Dyapepcis. Acker’a
Wu Tnblets will cure DyTpsu,
Indigestion Ind Cowipstlon; so! on a
positive gumzeo at. 25 Ind. 50 cents, by
Sold b'anllmer 3: Co.
Wuhan-Child. 81:0”!me
Fan Sum—A pair of large. like-‘3'. firt
year-old. unhmkeu steers. Will bu
lold at a bargain. Logging camp men
would do well to buy. Apply at mis
WANTED—A mod. induflriuus girl
aln_get a steady petition in a pleasant
funny. at liberal wages, by app!ying at
the (files. _--7-___
0\& sad relinblo Medicinea are thobest
todcpcndupnn. AchefsnloodEl
kirk-s been prescribed for your: for :11 11:1-
puriliesohhomoml. Ir over; {cmcfScref
ulous, prlallizic nr Merm'rlrifiisonacs. his
invdusbio. I": .- i' 2;; umnzism: Lunoeqnd.
Lafimer & Co.
iKuz —ln this cixv, Jn'y 2m. to the
t wit. 0! Israel Katz, 3 lon.
i :5:
s £5 '
i [l l
M. (. Bartlett
3’7 1 ‘
w . 11.
——Whol--s.llc 5; Erin“ Deniers 111—-
_- l
l u ‘ . ,
Shlppmg & {IOIIIIIIISS m
Merchants. I
'l ' !‘ . ’ l I
Llotlnng ir- Gents l ur- I
mslnng Goods.
We always Keep in stock a complete
line of Choice Family Groceries, and
will sell them at prices which cannot
be beat by any firm on the Coast. '
\Vill deliver all goods free of chm-gel
:0 any part of the city. _ ,
Give us a trial in this. line and see
.2 we don't please you, both in prices
mt} quality.
We are now ofi'ering on. large and
well selected stock of Mens' m. 1 Boys’
Jlothing and Furnishing Goods at
‘ Lover Prices than Ever Before! .
in: stock in these lines comprise the
amt styles and best. goods. Come
md see what we have to ofl'er .before
nnmhnsing elsewhere.
‘ 3 1m: and Well-Selected Stock 01
‘ ’ihlp Chandler-y,
‘ Notions.
'.yy'hlos. Liquors &«c..
A 1233 in stock, which we cfl’ar as hes
L \\lne and at lowest. prices.
6.2 0. Bartlett & le’
Port lTownsend. - W. T.
g I
Gwen-:snt Ind Brad :treets. V'lclorll, B. C.
isles-ant Cult and I
Diorrocco‘ l3indingfl .
ASpecialy t
I no As» LA“ wonx
‘ 11: receive our hesv Mtflnlhn I
3 111‘. “'1: Ll.\.‘dfi "rap. 3
g 3310 K! BRIGK H i
INaW [Kiln Burned,:
‘ —---—AND— I
Lpply to GOO. 1?. Sturrctt.
.; Go to Hill .1: Sons for HomeOpalhirr
smndiciues. Guides with complete—Me
_mu Known to be had tum: :.pplics—
I Short wood for nala. at Ibe mill; $2.00
:0 load. delivered. Leave n'dt'rtl with
'Adams & Lake. ___ __w- ,-
We have Just laid in a mrge suppi} .er
Bomb and Schreck Hompathéc pre‘
W Hill & Suns. '
- ’ 1 ‘1 V 1
laziyl: m .::;:.cnn:'c lLai Inili :‘rli my
Inrlzuiin: :23 film. .\'o luuwr. vim Hr m -r- inn
Inf Imru». I‘m» “aria. h.-_‘(".!.:-x ‘..i h ‘9 unique“-
{II mix for lir- lnx~inv--~’ Iv.Em m «‘i~p~~>- ml 3529
{lrwin-:'. In July 15:, 2m! 2'. r t:- .l :..-‘01; “3'!
Igrm 1w.1i.u.,1.~ prirv :An ‘. v;.~_\' . rLH l':-_.-I (‘:I\!l
.and 40'“! .\w urizy 1' Ir :mlum'o- V. 1.: F: - :H' (‘31:..1‘1v.
I _\'o \i~ll';e-limcm wam- ,: .\'-. l v =s'
I v. u. 111:1:12‘.
; I’m‘l Ti‘~‘~‘l._‘~(‘,ll!:. \‘v'. T.. Jy!‘ r- 3 hr.
{(JIJIV’Eii \\'< Hp n.
U: U: [1 DJ. ӣ113.11
I Real Estate Agent, Notary Public.
I Elm and Marina Insuranmu
i -—,\v_'¢‘;l! {I r [LC—-
' l). .\I. O .burm‘ 5; Co’s Binders, Reapers.
I Mowers an! Rakes.
IAISO, WGEEER Bflillfls EE’I Agricultural 1111315335515.
Um-‘P. \'.-§{ -| «rub: {ml-n (3:40:11 Hail-an.
Port Townsend. W. T.
I J. B. MchLLAN, I
I , :7
I ‘ ..a J:\ ~ Rig
I [E- ’;‘-r ;‘A 1 » ”,-~.v=f:’-‘ hi} . '
v :5? =2;, . ':-- ._..th‘ ~ \
' 2", f. '. '.2 ,'-_;_’.7E?i~;sg“j Egsml'v.
I . ‘- .a .1" g *“">‘§Ewr~ “‘ .:v I
. Kan-111;. 3 U‘aTVF-‘Fiv. ‘3” i' RYE-. 1 '
I “:445‘. y “if 'E'. 2" his“)? ‘:3 K . I
I ‘ 'h/ if}? :I’““ 13'" I ‘ I
I Ilzu'ncss Blinker, I
iAt I). I‘. Tvimhh-‘d ell stand nexx do u- ank- I
I In 110101, Port Tug-usual, W. ’l'.
' Manufacture tn order and for sale all kiml— of
Whips, Lasbpa, Blankets, Duiters,
Shoots, Curry Combs, Brushes,
l Harness 011, Soap, &2. I
I wflAnNzfl. CLEANED AND 011.51).
I '——— ___—____ -
I I“! EO. E. STARHE [‘l‘.
I J PORT murmur).
I G ‘
‘ ontractor & Bullder.
. l’lanr. Specifications, Estimates. etc" promptly
Made uml (‘arprnlm wmk of all kinds
dun» on short nrtice.
wshop on Water 31. near Charles hotel. .5}
fg. ._ Steamer EDNA,
’49..)5 ”I: ..1...
- ~ - 11. 3!. RACE. Easier.
Making daily [rigs :u'tcn P4l Townsend and
$1 . _m‘oven’.
Will leave UNION WllARl" every afternoon
at 2.5! p. m., and l'or'. Diicnvery 9:1le morning
at 7 a. m. For (rain!!! or pasugc apply to
JAMES Jo's as. or on hand
#43 Str. wmnwoon,
A. “f. lIUR)T.M-::h-r.
Lear-‘5 [’an Taullscnd (or lrmu‘.nl:-, :n i a. m.,
also. for \\‘lxhlby Irv-Ind a: ll .1. m.. (or ianndnle
at 4p. 21:. every day For freight or Fm
unplv on heard.
, ~ Steamer EVAN GEL.
J. W. TAHTE, Hasn‘t.
Will leave Sculls Hondnyza- In“ [or hein
lahmoo via I'or: Townsend and the islands.
—AN'D ~—
nn Thursday, ‘3 a. m., for Port Angeles vi: Port
Tumm-nd um! DflnLtfinm-‘a. Returning name
(1.,- ap, m. Loan) ynrt Townsend hum day: at
Ba. m. Comes»; both mus m. Du, gem-s- with
F“ urn launch Hud'ockmakin: qn‘rk mmspar
union {or ans-mugs” Wilh‘fl" enra charge.
5 3%! 3w. DISPATCH,
JAb. MORGAN, Master.
Will lerc Port Townsnn l Hutu-lawman Thursn
days at 10 o'clock A. u. for N»: Bay. New
Dungeurrs. Port. 31339115. and way poms. ro
tunnn: on Wednesdays and Fridnyg. Towing
anal charters n: rensonulre rr'es. .\‘e have .
lnrmssvm'.‘ for fr-‘ighxin: purpscs filled with
good urpnulin for kn. pin: goals drv. Apply
on hoard. or to L. B. ll.xsllng= or C. C. Bmlett
& Co.
See. that our nude mark. Santa Abie. i 3 on
eve-y hulll‘ of “mt pleasant California Icmedy.
Saxlrfncnon runnmlcod or mam-y nmnded.
LHS‘NG ‘o_TAsTr..—u:.lrrToco 6“
I r “‘1 gig ‘:,—‘ g
- - “"335 :’fi E ' = I
-glhz .z' 5‘ =éi§=aé§ '
a _- a" .g; _
=';). a ‘ ' - ‘
gfér -\ a
gr, 4‘ -_ a: g": .
g—Ky-Jg -==—;'— :Lg :
mews; é—t-‘Eé‘: 7-; g '
56—19371- ‘ 3:5- :Ii - If
Wag? FEW-. 4.. .4
.3322? 6&9
2% ' I.” “" ‘ i
.. «.59 I 0 - ’,.‘_
(c: —' 3.7 '
a “’ 1L TIM! ‘
{s3l9mm 0.. 1
« l
. - .-/
“a L1.’35151-25“THROAT5/{I
(\VLUNGS 750 M o‘l Gag“!
'Seqd or cucularfiLka’dthrga
AEH IN MElEcanßovuLt (AL.
Ih' dmvclliti': the t-ytnptoma an often mistaken 3
for Com tuptinn. Santa Atria has 'nr ugh! ulsd- ‘
nsss to many a honwhold. and by Drnmmly ‘
hnmking up the Cough or Cold that 100 «men -
develun-A i':ll) that final disease will \et save
than-ands from an untimely grave. You mum
no tuisutkr in begin-1 abome of this pleasant ‘
‘remcdy always in l .6 home.
1 "‘~ " “totqfi'u
i t
. MOS. " “rm: ONLY—-
t ”mama-rsl. ‘ /.., Gum/«mun
: s3lka 2 ‘ CUR; 70"
i ‘ unmCHCW-k /,. -
, :’.—_fi ‘ , ATARRH
t‘utnr:h,t‘old in the “and,“m Yt-n-r. I'o 1
Cum. ('atrtrrhnl Damness am} Snn- Wye-s. llr
elate:- th‘ sense 0’ male and smv'xl: r-n-uw-k
‘lmd taste and unplcumnt Inn-ant. mashing
froantnn‘h. Easy and p..-;-rt :0 .v-.-. Fw
lowdimrtion- «w! 3 mm is \wtr-rtnl ln‘ nil
Dru-arias 3! perhnx: "Eu lw mni'. Send In!
leirt-nhcr ll) .-';lsl|itl\'l£ “EDUL’J. PU!-
PAXY. Orm‘illv. (Yul Ask far
i SAS’I‘A AHIE \SI)(‘»\T- 2 ('l'l'l’.
,Fnr sa‘n by ..l.\\'. n. .\IIXKLEEZ, )1. IL, Drug
iuist, Agent nf Company.
. J cum—J man.
I Tim Origin-l .\h't-wtm Uht'm-znt n nniywm
Inn 'xn laruv- lam mum‘s! ”'1 h .‘I-‘ri. ' n“ N '= t'-~n—
glut-u-ure for 0H >064, bung. '.n L rt “mm!
,lmml- aux-l :I'i 6". ”-1. :. , u' -' t,
Hurr'ui: Ith 0?:1} x tr E: :;‘t.‘.
{Aui‘ti -- ‘Mn ”\“IT, '.l -4: -. 1. m 7,
'adns. U. Silh‘ifihifli. .\1 H: Dru.“ \‘.'-"‘ :
l ~_ T :‘.: l: 5.3;}, if TL _ yml‘llim
l ' ‘ ‘~ 77¢
- ‘2 3"} 5' a s = .
l s 5 31 '33“ 33’ ‘ls-” if”? R E CG
? ,rJ
i 5:33;": i “:14 :15» ‘T: my
! 5 ,ia “ »F’>‘.5:533:..-, 1+ [5.3 '
l l l ‘ ' - 3 3 3‘" 3i “;3.:§T~ "5 's'
1 22:11.13, 2 .-_ ' ~° ’f‘li-t. a»: -'-‘-a';‘:‘f’~* -'
l E\- : - :3 ”423%: “m
l l 125333. 5 "-.« «- .-‘-< '3; (43333.51: mama
.‘ ‘ ' ’ . -.. -.gil‘amfir ;‘ . ‘3‘--,'3;\.4
lln .- .‘aw - ':;:.1n&2:‘?" “in“;m. Tl‘jjlflyl .I. A KLE ‘
2 l .- {MI g», 31:13:: . ain‘- ,i' ' ~
. P 52313312? .3. 1351-5 : rug—a: at“ ""‘H‘lll'l L} 33;,- —: gramme
I l “33;,“ (Sif‘g' 1h "if?! 'X ' 3’l‘s2L’:;-';“3‘=..i:‘{
i sec-3:. ! A“? fill-“baa; “*3 ‘3 "342113“? 900138
E l l c rig-ii: . 9‘55: “3%“ 3'03“"? '
| 22. 24:. £5; 23' £52- 2; 22 Like 31:32:. CHICAGO. ILLS.
. W
i v—‘v‘l'izclr-ulc and L’- lnil (lt-Ll rs in—
lDrugs, Chemicals. Patent Medicines & Fancy Articles
l :3» 72—...
l . razfi:n_ , .
1 133111155, ("fig—.43l3??? ‘vaa and
'‘l N r ‘ 9:: §f§x~;/;q{%é Tl}? I ' .VV lb!‘
0‘ b (111(l if: ‘Qaifgvfi; uquox 9 .
Glassvvn re. - «4%? 3.13%”; Biedical use
Prescriptions carefully compounded, day or night.
McCurdy Elcck, Water St., - - . Port Townsend
Ouincy St., Port Townsend.
Will buy and sell domestic rm] foreign exchange, purchaseZcily and county
warrants. mill and shipping dralts and other negotiable paper.
M 02323? EEVAN’CEE? .393} 330 W mama
Ou 31pxn‘ovor‘l Security.
A“?fi-£3§Jllf§il‘fi333} $235." 3333121111 in]? Will: ii ‘i‘ilfnfill’fi‘é 'l-‘ifil T‘s-113352235353 $553.33“
by rail in all puns or the “'2in and (trans {mm 1.51 darling up. available as above,
wlssrfin A'l' wuss'r lump-. 45
Blefiggoéjlnegfisglfgagm References. by permission. the Bmk of British Columbia, Victoria
‘ z: r: 3.; 3'5.” - :12:
:.i r:-¢:»—. - -,,",_ '-. _‘. .' se. 15—4..-
—Wboleéaie and retail dcalcrs’ in—
. U ' .
Paints. OllS, Varmshes, Stationery
Medicines. Chemicals, Trusses,
Glass, Paints, Oils,
Soaps. Pomades, Perfumery.
Hair Oils, Wall Paper, Brushes, etc.
.And all articles for the toilat.
Patent .Hedicines of all Kinds.
Quick Sales and Small Profits.
uaxay mxnx-zs. Pma‘i. x. D. mm. Vice-Pree‘d‘t. n. u. BILL. Cutler.
Authorized Capital - $250,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received Subject to sight draft or Check.
"out“ 1.0.1352!) ON APPROVED sscualnu: -
Collections made and proceeds promptly remitted on day of collections
Sight and Telegriiphic exchange payable in all the principal eifieo of th-
Unieod States and mope.
OORRESPO\ DEN TS :—Lexnox—The Anglo Californian Bank (Limitd),
Bum—Gebuicr Meyer; NEW Yoax—The aaover National bank; Su
mecxsco—The Anglo-Californian Bank (Limited); Penman, 01., Th
First National Bank; VICTORIA. B. 0., Bank of B .hsh Columbia; mun;
Nov. Boom, The Bank of British Norah America, Hong Kong, The Chi»
wed Bank of India. Australia and China. _
Agents for the American and Red Star Line of Steamship. Tick“
for salc to. and from all parts of Europe.
9‘ We have a secure and commodioas Vault. where we will main n;-
nablas on storage at moderatn ch argaa.
'l‘l 1H ' ‘dl'°
‘ 7 A ll
36%? 1c 115 ch . t 1 . 011.
. . a! :
IJV'SIDE LOTS:-—s6o Each, 520 Cash, and 31'
per .Mo nh ’ill Paid for.
CORNER LOTSugS‘Tefi' [filo/1., 7925 Cash, and .
i 310 per .Month till Paid for.
Cash Grocer§
Opposite Ceuuul Hon-l. —-—o —————- chx] at Univ)! Khan!
Post 7(-v;ii...-‘—:‘.d. - - 73’. ..
111-al- 1' in all lzinnls uf
o ,3 c

Grocemes, pique-rs, Tobacco,
Cigars. Protiuce.
‘* 'f' R I
Agent I. i‘azill‘ {Janaaiafi PaCl lc . .
Allan ' . _
Br. 7 \‘iivlm: w. run-a {rum Hallifax.
D . .
ommlg’ll‘iiZn Slur. r:,.,_ ‘~ :--'- T'illi. lumn". from XPW an‘: Cunatd,
limm New: '1 .2 ‘3 3L «gun. (imimi. ’rnm .\'~w York,
3‘l; -i;:; ', frm- "Jv ' Yaw":
. . _x‘ m ~ -~ use Pinup
tad-$1233.? llile);:l'll-: :i ”‘9' Wi'l L.
I Unlit‘ll Eli'ltf'; ii' (ism-v...
- . y. 1 r, .1 .1 '1 _ '
E £3,153.32 ‘-":_"' f 3. :1 BG‘fluzi 1': 3M: 3} 501338
5; ’ Suv-wvipii ”.4 v ‘1 i ‘ .-‘ a"? :r-*,' ,-y_q [ls‘s] rlJ’ rug 1”! l \L-‘d In .L-rjjullai
lmfiifi- .‘ L’Lll'f'iw .2 :Hl‘ ~' - . .‘. I ‘1‘“;
Number 23.

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