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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, July 26, 1888, Image 2

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5"! ‘ 'l‘ 1:3-
91 ‘ A' ‘3“ ”- :- m
L‘l ‘*€£3‘¥E C.':*-.'lu'\t
:é-Zar.» ‘r’. Fiji? '
» * .. r . .1 I _ L V
1'; A. "Is Tin-"r7 I;‘ ”72’? T
i ‘ , . u u u . ~-
;.i.r.:: ”-3 “:.. I-I i“. :- -~ 1 .‘+.:: a.“ ::
‘:Ilr l’h--;x!-l'f: '
Enuum.‘ “1:1 1:: -.\. . " 1! E 33123. ;
l". x“ \VA’H t’"\'\: i 1*: :s
1.1.: l‘. Mumps. Lt” .‘~'- V: Y. ="::. ‘
i‘HIfIRSI’AY. -‘['L‘:' :3. \ '
Mam—.... ;
Editcriai Notes ‘
j'l‘hv Aduiix' ('Lw‘h!‘:«, ‘..'-.“' l‘i- :'hw‘fi
Hrmg lining. 11' it x'v‘: i-fzwz I}; l‘n 9
21119 r-‘um it \\i]! in nu: (‘23::2!
where many of mm min - :4“ -‘
Thu ("u-rt >1 :.nuuf.» I” fun :zt Han
Franck-yo \h‘h‘ it) 3.! 3:! Z: i:‘:"v*fi!l.'.'
\londny (Au-Hing in (h céthx “ht-[in 1‘ in
10001:! the rr-dm-tion in ‘.'.':lgu~ dy
ciurcd by the Ship ()\\::«:‘=' A}. (42.:-
tiou, or strike.
l’i‘vhilvilivldrt? an Lwl(")XE‘-‘::~EWM‘.
They rw-uh‘r- iu f:x\‘«.l'(,fu xv; 0.2.1 < i
all ta: on liquoh; yr: tiry (1'50" :0
the national republican [may Ia: (muc
it has cn-nsmm-d i..- n n-nmval of (hi
duty on spiritumu li-lnurrx.
Blair.» said unto in debating
the tarifl' queriiou that px'otnc‘licn
was simply the exercise of enlighten.
ed selfishness. He added also that on
lightened selfishness formed um ha~
sis of many ufour LUCst beneficial
Such splendid weather as we are
having is enough to make the for
tune of any country. Loukinglmck
over the season this far. it is impusd
Me for anyone to suggestany im—
provements in the weather clerk’s
The Ledger gives a forcible sug
gestion to a Seattle paper about
abusing candidates who have a rigH
to be considered in connection with
the nomination for Delegate to Con—
gress. If party harm-‘ny is desired
it can hardly be attained by such
methods. -
\Vhich ruih'uacl will start first J
“’8 are going to hurrah for the ihvt
company that blt‘tkfi ground. It
time some very d-cfiuito work was by»
ing done. The bonus has rullx'd up
ton fine figure and can be liftad to 2.
million of dollars. if only iburo was
an assurance of real work. Don‘t go
to sleep, gentlemen.
“mm is the matter with our gmd‘
ed road around the shore of Part
Townsend Bay? “'11)! not agitate it
and get a drive that will be the finest
in the nation?
“’8 are gomg to ask some of our
teamsters or stable men to take the
matter in hand. They are the most
to be benefitted.
A local paper whose editor is strong
for protection in personal sentiment
is trying to make a big noise for
democratic free trade. Ye gods!
\Vhen people get so they can swallow
rotten eggs without changing coun—
tenance it is wonderful; but when
they actually smack their lips and
pretend to like that kind of diet, we
have a specimen of transcendent
skill in jugglery.
The woman sufi'rage law will be
argued before tho supreme court.
July 26. Ex-chief justices R. S.
Greene and B. F. Benison have been
appointed to conduct the defense of
the law, flgainst Judge Turner and
Col. J. C. Hninos. The point to be
decided, it seems. is as to the power
of the logislatmo to confer the right
of sufl'rage upon women. The case
comes upon appeal from Judge
Nash’s court.
Port Townsend is not enjoyinga‘
boom, but the steady influx of new
enterprises, new faces and new in~
vestors assures us that a large and
substantial growth is going on. The
sea wall front, hitherto almost vacant.
israpidly filling up with business
houses, al_l the new stauds on \Vator
street are being contracted for, mil~
road builders are hurrying to see
who can “get- there” first. and in
fact allsigns point to real exciting
times here soon.
Democrats who are still flinging
stale jokes at Harrison on the Chin
ese question are as mum as OSSUI’:
over Cleveland's treatment of tho
question. Even the Call has not. yet
explained how it was that he denounc
ed Paciffe coast people as being nu—
fit by reason of “ignorance" and “pro
judice” to deal with this quustion.
That paper has not yet “put up or
shut up” on the tarifi‘ question,
U. S. Marshal Hamilton is still os—
corting contraband Uhinamen over to
Victoria, and—escorting them back
again. A Victoria 1 after say Chini-su
are flocking info British Columbia
more rapidly than ever. Judge Nash
says they can come here in defiance of
the law, and remain after having Sl‘l‘
ved nterm of imprisonment for it. In
the midst of the whole perplexing
muddle, the superabundant imbecil
ity administration in dealing with
this Chinese prunlum is drifting m~
ward that innocumas dwuextutl. n
which the peuple are preparing --
consign it in Nu“ m'ucr. ‘
' Bray republican county conven
timhald than hr this'year has or
- . t t .
..‘., .. _ 1 .
. .' ,1
- 'v ..1'.~.; lr:;..’l"1~‘:t"!':i
‘.\ -- :--r ti.» 1'; vii ::':fi::m 3' Ln
‘l-5 :'.: i'fiw" '.- -l =_ ’.wz.‘ 2'; :(t
3 » £11431! :3..-' [v- i-Lz n =:~ a
t' ' ii i'mi ,' :' ‘i‘l' 111‘; u t_;‘ ‘:Z-t;
.i- ‘. i- 3:; 21.. sm; :: sunk;
I: ‘-' . ':::.'. H \\nzfni l“‘]"‘\.:'tll
‘ - zit Id"::_l :j :.?j‘. .::.int;
:1“ ;m~..~:v -.t...-».i kl!
«triv‘i' --;f, '. I' -. u z.-: :'.‘z-w-uiv =l.‘
“I; ll: ‘.‘vl‘LJt ‘~'.\ Z'lll 3i" lit '<' “i
\.- 23 x' s» a: ::;_ . .2 1!. t':- 3rd lzwt -
v: :'. ...« 33,: t' r e:.',;. '
ft It‘ ‘ ‘in- I“! a. l;'.~ lf-i'li fl‘i'tl
.~_)' :I. ‘. ".3 . 5:: l 7: s‘.- l .5? iv».
,iiu . .'_""'. .- ."a'. ".:311 13:41; '.zzllj.‘
lfr~ 1' >5“ i_:'.~ ' '.l 3'3 ll r‘v vii-1:.
in r« l:- l :1‘; ~n- l; h: -.r1.~ (l wu-
Ell' n‘ .:. tb- tiz'fgnkzl t waizt?‘ ..., :‘i'
;::~:~:;,-at.; m- m :L- mania-2.: Im:
few. £12.: i‘ awn“? 7"t‘lll tint :xiv-ri~
'{o , ( ‘.j'-;t 2.; twirl; lel I : pra'fx-t' ::
‘tvu'il‘v' i 1' sr" -.~t.-:=.x. ti=;‘.'.‘.~v.;'. nwt
l“:t=- a Hi; ..2‘ war Vow-rs i::;vt- Mml‘i-‘Il
Il;i~T:7‘}'l‘l=l‘l;v‘iir ¥"‘.“‘"'."lil-lil“‘l\~"-
:()f -:-'..-2‘:' :.mi :.crzrutu ill-:1 v 1: thix‘
ifilll); >r-:. It thy-y lzud dwm- tl.»
idennrutiifi putt \‘u-ill'l Lent tmzv lm
br-f 0 :im purl-En \\zilt it~ dimin
-5.1“; arias :1‘: mt: vii: up rim: ti...)
Liv-Cu =fl'lt~‘. ui' lii". An (.‘ii'llillrp
Nu. .s til” only problem in Cannot-ii: n
.with 1.1» (‘lt'Jliull llll‘ _\~ :11' i-a that of
t-Llux um; tho 1» npiu. lili‘ dam: crzztic
national Inuit-rs tut-'3; :t hand in this
Gilt-siting prom .ss: i 1: Urngon, and
':uit some of tin-it able-e: spvlewrs to
$501.9: lilt- i<>tt~n~x A (il4gllslt'd doth
ost‘iuic pnlitimrtu in l'rrtlzunl re—
u.:-.r!u~.l Eh ho crui‘? tutti {rum 111-(101‘
til-3 \vi'v-tk that tl‘ ; valr‘. luxl 1;. , n
,od'iazttual tm) n.n--.. ..:i ::zrtli'i.-'.~:ns.
IHo 1.1;}, (mt‘rm't. fr 2:: 1.3:” hli.ll‘:lhiilll
of his party. \‘(in‘m-vvrthu pvuplt
inn. vguto illl< subj-«x-t tlu-y arrive
irrusfde-ly {it onc- cnncluriou. viz.:
tint. the condition of unrimlnntrizsl
clns-oe is intinitrly lnvrn prosperous
ttnd r a [:ruh-ctivt- turitl' than ()lljt‘l"
wlsta Om wit-ll» lmtmcml >s~tom
wa< innunrm'vi uni L'Ulinll’llt'U'tl cu
tl-e protwtwv rystvm as oxpmmlml
by Alt-sander Hamilton, our first
S‘rrgtuy uf tho 'l‘ro:x~;ur_v. Evt-ryi
departure from that ayetrm hincn hm
lumn marked by a prriod of financial
dopres:jon and «tisastt'l'~nozxilily'
{tum 1817 to 182-1; from 1836 to 1840,
whon old Gun. Hurrison ‘triumphnl
utter-Martin Vain Bum); and from
1857 to 1860, when thu republican
party came into power only to find
an empty treasury and a'hankrupt
nation. Since the advent of the re
publican party the nation has had-on.
oxamplcd prosperity. notwithstand
‘inv: it has passed through the most
captly and terrible war of modern
history. The only reason why this
prosperity has continued through the
democratic administration is be~
cause the protective policy has boon
continued. Should the democrats
succeed to another- four yeara‘ con~
trot. and put free trade into effect as
they propose, we would have pnotbur
period of depression and financial
disaster as our nation repeatedly had
in the past. If Cleveland is elected
again, history Will repeat- itself in
this matter as surely as that the sun
shines. Will our nation profit by the
nnansworable logic of its own past
history? We believe it. will. and
that honest toilets who are better ofl'
here than they would be in Europe,
only by reason of a protective tarifl‘,
will vote to continue that: tarifl'.
The I‘-.’t'il]B Bill.
The Mil’s tnrifi‘ hilt has fina"y
passed the House of Brmescntutiv s,
and will go to the Senate. Many
members of the party were strongly
opposed to the hill, and will go home
qnnking for fear of the wrath of
thoir constituents; but the-y were
nearly all whipped in. The Presi
dent’s message' on the tariff carried
the party so far out towmd free
trnde that, they had to do one of two
thingy, either burn their bridges he
liind them or throw Clpvolantl over~
board and retrace their stops. With
many misgivings, they finaily con
dnde‘d to follow (Elam-land’s load.
To repudiate that only democratic
prnsider-l elected in a QIDWJK~£
century would be t! canit-ssion dis
nnlruns to inturo prospmts, and b 0
Shh-:1 Would hopelessly divide. the
puny. To 12-min Clvw land as th: ir
it‘fadv-l' they mmt muko midi-": 41 tor 11'
reduction uxrnctictl free tmlvjx 21.9
cunyzzign Rum. onoptmg the only
,ctmrre opt-n with I!» slightest 1m“
[)(‘l'tS of hilt‘t’thr’, tlzuy have gum- halt)
the Contmt blindly relying (:1: demo
outs to vote tho tickvt lnwnnse tiwy
:tredomccmts .‘llul ht‘villlhi‘ it is lw
ll‘lt'd democratic. Furtuvl'iy, the tar
il‘f plank in the plum-nu was 5:11!) |
cicutly inilz-finiio and vlvstic to admit ;
cf difl'eront interpretations in (“tr-'l'-
t-nt localities. For instant-o, four
years ago Sam lluntlzill, as strung a
protectionist as Blaim'. was preaching
prott-ciion with the dcnmcr.:tic plut~
ft-nn for a text. while Frank Ilurtt,
the rampant free trader, “as elation
:iting h’s doctrines from the same
documents. This year. hum-v 01". thx. to
can be but little vqltivocation. Thr—
issae is Fquarcly lie-tore the people.
md the democratic members of com
glts34 must stand tuguthvr for mnrnu!
.! film—c. Of A“. win» :1 -- rap.“ ii n
- zntu wiii «ls? . xi, ‘ . 9‘ .3.
‘ ... Valli t-. i_. 5:; in 1’ ~ ‘. 4,;
~ 11"“ ii)!!.-", .- 1.... j 1, .-
the wt.- stood: Yawn. 176. “.252 13;) }
Randall was pain-d against the bill.
and some half dozen other democratsi
.' - ti 1'! ms :--’. “h .I‘J «413:: [ll.O 10*
t -.. :z. liJi: pad-. 1 ‘
:'- E. -.:‘-‘i‘.'.‘. 1'; 4min: l'.:l' i:;::Cx‘}' WAS
- ~ " .. n. E?!‘, r E; ~ w I:..‘l‘c-ssit-I’uzi
E ‘ 1:» 3. ‘ : gnu: 1 rumh.».:tiull.
i' E~ i-I “gr-s'. [’an Twin
- hi f;:\ 3.: 1-.;-.‘r ({l.’l~'-.'?!.i\‘2i ‘.O
h: : if .3 ii :2: 1.1% mm») Lez'nit
hi “my: gum? 1:24. 73;. rc‘ uf nwn
wk.) L'wzm- L. 21-1-- inn-st. nrudisgml—
.-! za‘n‘u such np-n my] flagrant vio
lu'i -::‘< of IL" lzus‘ and imuwdiuu-ly
g ~ {‘Févwiihnr. XA'! :mly do We Lire
thni!‘ imw-mwnts lmt they speak
M'z‘: n? u~ illil’iliizl. It is nut own
{:.nl: 111 d. iiu' 1.21-va (‘7.15’5.
in] 110 w {but IL-vro isn gnuual
nwak'u'; on tin? ~41!!er of public
:31er King ail {m 1‘ dm (‘uust why not
inntitu‘n :x huh. n form of tbn kind
in [Nut 'foJ'uwnxl.’ Our Cry Ihr—
>hl=ll 3- mks (Anhtfy nu .:ls smeksuf
mum-3 :m- pin-. 1 uh Hn- whim of our
nun; [dd-lit: burr-runs, mu] new-r
mun-(111.11" elm: 11v ought at [cunt to
.m-uxt this. great rum-mach to our city
m luck mumw‘ um i 105:, public plums.
___. ..-..
ga' mg"; 51125“)?
1 £..‘§.“FAJ ‘2 i-o
(Mira. July 153.—-Fuur hundred
134w}: :atrvlu-d :1 \‘zélaga nuzn' Wudy
:i::l=‘:« :.em-‘rdny. Afu-r u sis-ven
-92;;1-1 HH‘ i'i‘hl‘lfi “'(‘l'l‘ I'n‘lflilsud with
wvoro libfi, Iwmny viliugurs were
him-. 1 and w-mml-«l. _
\\ 1::1~;I.x.\‘u. .I:l‘.y 2-P—At noon to day
a rummal ruizurxlu of the limes. lust by
11 n-i 13:3: nuizt [mm the number as
at least 23. “hunt 15 hmliws had been
fwzn i. The money loss footed up
sumo! 0.
TI'G BLows Ur.
LOCHVILLE. July 20—Tho tugboat
Cour. 1y blow up 26 luih-S aboxm here
this morning. sewn mm] killeq. An
explosion of Um z-toampipa (but sup
plied illO engine from the boiler
(‘zms‘nd the r-maatrupho. Most of the
men warp aslsmp at the time.
1 mmmr; ruiiiccr l-‘lliiin’. ‘
i ll (iiw ii. \3l li..>ln';' Qilr—llmvy
1112:: 5‘ iii. 7. 7.1:- m_mg mw-r :.li Bny
':‘-“.l‘l '5). :.iz-l :i‘i ilz" \\‘roy l‘n-IWH-n lllfi
.llviuc: :'.:nl (il alarm limln-ruf all kinds
fuzw- living m-Hrugnl. fz'hl'lfi lmi'ue-(i
"mi: Ulllt‘!‘ px'qn-rry (lv-nirnyi-vl. Many
lfzirnwrs lmvn 11ml in fight for tlwir
llmzuu». leN has lim-u no rain of
lany cunqm-mv i'vvr Illl‘r‘t‘ months.
i n “nix-ms: (~)NY.\LE:’.CL\‘G.
j l’ai'L. July ‘.il.—-B -n'£:mg«-r"~
Immvzxi l 1 s lzi-nii ii and lw is (tuna-31A
luring i'ui‘iilly. Tim Our-tors will :il
{law lniu in p.) Ll): us Ssou as the
' Wl‘illlll‘l‘ pn‘nnis.
wnxx rm: Lung Bran: T 0 'rvnx.
Sun l“l'£1lu‘l.~‘("', July 21.——Sliortly
‘:zl'lvr 1 «Wind; (Lie nih-rnoou hum:—
iriur Jung-J .‘vlzn'pliy H‘HIGIICEII Al-‘x.
lUul ivimm. liw murali-rur «if the lit
lllw H'lJ-lnl :.z'il. Minnie Kelly, to 1:6
lumen)! SHIN. 141 b,
urn"; mum SEIZURE.
San Franciscn. July 21.—Three
lmmln-d and hixly lmxas of prepared
opium that had [men smuggled (in
iron“! the bark Foreat- Qm-en fmm
fl)» steami-r l’nrlhin. was seized by
custom (.:flicvrs last night just as the
bark cleared from Hnimlnlu. The
seizure Is vuluml m 52,000.
London. July 21.—T1.e convorled
Muriini 1211-. “'BS trim] at \\ imbluduu.
Sixh-ua rounds wl-m tired in thirty
I o ind; m tiw salinlucliou of Ib.-
comlniltw of small arms.
'lO STRIKE on 301' 'ro STRIKE.
Chicago. July 2].. - Dispatches
from vuriuus points on tho Hurling
mu road, when» (lhuirmau H 039 and
Murphy have lwon polling men on
thv qquiun of di-cluring thn strike
i (I'. my '.ho majority of tin-m are dis
satisfied with (hr proposition of tho
z-uxnpnny, and are unwilling to have
Hm strike declarnd offun any such
bl!) xo'r “cur rO2l THE WAVE.
Lus Augules, July 2L—A thousand
l'm-t. of (rank wore washed away at
I‘ehnclmni yesterday by a cloud
burst. Passrngorson the west. bound
train saw a great wave coming down
the Tuliachapi canyon Ila the train
startvd out nf the dungnrou‘s vicinity,
and the track lwhiutl mm rapidly ‘
warned 0111‘.
TH: 11.1771 e szom‘.
New York, July 21.- oAdilili«_vnal
details have bocn ruceivc‘d concvrn
ing tho llaytum rebellion. The
sympaihim‘rs of In? lmnisnod guards.
Lie-gumtu and Murgnl, started a firu
July 4th whirl: lmrnvd over 1000
houses in l’nrl-Aa-Priuce. The firu
was first discuvnred in the senate
building while the snnate was in ens
sion. The; building was destroyed.
FOrlunau-ly [be wi"d shifted and
hogan to blow on share, thus saving
much of the city. 0n the Bth an
other fire broke out and burned an
other portion of tho city. Two men
were shot in the act of starting an
uther fire. Snldiers patrol the streets
regularly and are instructed to shoot
anybody caught setting fire to build~
lugs. The French gunbont. which
is lying 05' the city has sent. sen-nu
nl iitsxofiiui sulxlivrj to urogmt French
residents. Things are quit-t. now and
affairs are supposed to be in 3 nor
rm! condition.
Chicago, July 23.—-—.-\ Lincoln.
N~~b.. fipwiul tn the Times says:
hlvasl‘s.liudgo and Murphy atrium
this morning and wvra royally recei-
Vmihy the wrih‘m. In 1119 after—
rim-nu “105‘ng was held. After a
discursiun :he luwlers refused to
give out the action for publication,
and it is- muluiwnml that it. was d 3
ruhhl in g) nu with the strike. A
Hu'lllh‘r U? 11:0 slrihurs soundly be~
ruiyel Hal-go fur his stlfildrnneeaa.
gum claim that if Arthur's advice had
bum Liilg‘vwvd ullwuuld lave been
msmm: Chi-:5.
Chicagu. July 21.—.~\ peculiar
State of ufiliirs wue deteloped to-day
whnu Ihr! (‘:«HJ of conspir-m‘y against
Chairman Hodgv mul Murphy of tho
Burlingtnn slum-rs, was called up in
court. .\K-iihrr uf thu aroused were
prrsaul. and Frank Cullior. attorney
fur {ho Burlivgton Company and
representing Hm prim-ration. sut
prieud chn‘bnd} in hvuring by a re
m-zt that ilw casu be continued.
iawyvr Collier oxplniuc-d his reason
for this atmngc action by saying
lhm Hmlgn :ml Murphy urn row um
l 1' .i:--:'3'-, im :4: ale-win" 111'. do
E ‘._. i .- »a; .‘ ww-rk.
, . .-, 1..”) ~
_ .a !‘v
t 7 l Uh '
‘ TEACHERS WILL 00352 3011111.
3 San Francisco. July 23.~Supt.
Til- iiln-v. -:»l' ‘_)ll';;'!|.’!, has arranged!
‘.111: 2:“ .‘»1':::>:;-.~;.u.-ml:; :m-l l’cuu
.-_‘.';‘.:-!“.- v. 3, ‘--;;.:l.ul;~ I.) I)!" :‘éauunml
l‘: i=l ‘;l a. ~ 'r“ :Czfidivili, in)? =1“ UX~I
"i.l‘;'rll ‘1! . :. ‘.u .:.;.l i::u l; jfiild9<tl
ll: l:-:.'.‘.-- - 0.4.31. limit-.::. \\"ul‘
1..» ; 1"" . »-.,::-.- .:l!,_|‘..~x hr. The
(ll'.r‘:.,\z'! .i-nu :.iswz‘ .iarrs. \v‘lmi
Luv.- :.. v.-lm.-u~.l in .‘vzu‘e an we
ran.” .zuzga 1.29:.- >ig..;nul Kllé‘ll' in
t. :li!=£il u: jammg li;1.—; t'XCDISIUU.
0.: \Vlullfl‘axfll)‘ of next wwk the
Smulu in l‘XCllralU” Will wk..- phi-3».
:'.ix hundred tz-zicliurs lx-avuou this
\‘leurnlOll. When liu' ('Scursiouisls
urriVx-ui Stuckmn they will be es
c-mlml to principal points of attruc~
tiuu. In lllv'. u'ruiug the-y will be
lvlztll‘l‘x-d :i grumi cuaccrt and bull.
\Vasliiuglon. July 23.-—lt. is under
sloml llml the substitute bill of the
senate finance Cummit'exe for the
Mills bill, which passed the houso
Saturday, will be in r«~..diuess to sub~
wit in [an hulltllc about line middle of
mm week. DerU>slOD on this meas~
urv. it i: expected, Will occupy sev- ‘
{-rul \\‘u. l;::' limv. Debldr‘s abolishing,
:Lil lax UH lUIInL'CU, and on hpll‘lia
“:l‘d in the ms and inuuli‘acaurcs,‘
upuu gmpv brandy. and ruducmg the
din) on sugar uvurlyso per cr-uL.
um pmpmml bill will (hull with 9am
wry m-uuululu of the tariff, correcting
errors ilmt um concnded to exist; and
inch-using Julius when) they are
nemlnd lur pi'uzecliuu, and by so in~
era-using than: :u rurlml imyonalicus
and decrease “in revouut-fi.
'l‘lu- dam of lino lludl :adj.‘ii:‘i.!uent
17f owl-Arr.“ {is} {mil‘ n-nv entirely
[UV-U i'm- stump. The democrat, in
he lion-m hin’a eon at Work Upon
tho Kid'sil'l'or 11, r mJnths, and lhoy
t'zm't \\‘cil dim". lhu .igll of the acu~
uh- to occupy unc~fullrtll of that
iinw. The hum of liillell'lllnl 111. de~
ponds Pllllh 2;: upon the progress
llliillO with the [mill qucstiun in tho
ammo. Ulllt'l' matters can be easily
dimum'd of. 21;" llrht-ry treaty can be
\‘otml upon. or hit to lie over. The
dolui 0 hrs. not :.Ilrm'lcd any great.
ziiuount of :lllillc inn-rust. except in
oust. The livpuhlivuua favor 115 mm
juctioii, but inn-y Would not be likuly
to pvi'iuit any controversy as to its
into. or to all-lay llh.‘ adjournment
if all othui‘ Immnoss has been dispos—
vd of. In such 2i czwo the trcaly
Would probably go uVl'!‘ until] next
‘i's'z..~.hin;_:ton. «idly 2L——l’ensious
Ezzu'o horn gruntml to (HUZPLH of
\\ (wellington iu-rrilory :13 follows:
lucrrumg E. 11. LUVr‘, Ellonoburgh;
liohvrt .\I. Bony, Uh-ahulis. _
\Vnshiugton. July 21.—'l’hn senate
this aiiu-i‘noon passed a hill of impor-
Lunce- to mu. toriitories. IL providos
that all “lingo and city coiporutiuus
wimiu Ilm n-rriu-rios are authorized
and empowi-rd lo is us bonds in due
form for necessary improvements,
such as public buildings. water works
and gown-u! sewerage. to an amount
not «xceeding 4 per centum ol’ the
awkward vaduution of the city or vil
lugu corporation, in addition to the
bonded indebtedness of Jun. 1, 1888;
provided that nothing in this act
allull be Count-Kurd to authorize any
City or village corporation to lend its
credit to any person or corporation to
aid the building of water works.
CAYCEB 01" THE s'i‘osucu.
Washington, J uly 23.—~The physi~
clans of Congressman Manda]! have
discovered .that ho is sufi'ering from
cancer of the stomach, and they are
forced to the conclusion that it is in
curable. Mr. Randall bears the rev~
cluliun with characteristic fortitndo'
lu few days on exact diagnosis of his
condition may be possible, and the
result will decide whether it will be
best to take him from Wushingion.
San Francisco. Jul, 21.—0,n Julv
12 um Otugo, 870 mus. Captain W.
l‘olhns. lairficuttle with 1371 tons of
coal, bound for this city.
This morning while three and onofi
half miles north of Point Reyes, be §
become 1‘ st in a. heavy fog and be;
fore the captain comd locate her po- “
sition she was among the breakerai
and had struck. ’
The crew tried for thres hours tol
get her 06', but the efl'orts proved l
usuh-ss. I
The VHF-SO] and val-go. wh‘vh are a
total loss, wcru nwnod by Ramon.
Hulmes 6L 0)., of I}].s city. Nu lives
were lost. I .
Rev. E. V. Rico, of the Presbyterian
mission work, will prmcb at Port Lad:
low next Sunday. July 29th, at findkvok
Angus”. 5111 um! at Dungeness August
The late waclmrs‘ institute of Gar
field county Dis-0d a resolution that
persons using tobaccr) or intoxicu.
ting drink should not in gran’ed a
teacher‘s certificate. and tim 1138 of
vithvr is a jllht (”“150 for having such
certificate ruVuknd. The same iu~
sihuto resolved that, in its «which,
the minimum snlary of County su—
perintendents should be such a sum
as will onul-le them to devote their
entire time to the Work.
The policy of protective tariff can
point to the following ncbiéwmvnts:
Tho internul common-co o' the» Unitml
Status is grt-ater than the entire for
eign commerce of Grant Bnmin,
France. Ger an , Russia, Holland.
Bw-lgium anal Instfia-‘Hnngory; a
single railroad 'sym in ma. ”a
try (that. oitha l’ennrylvnnin rail—
road com any) carried more tonnage
and traflii: in a lung 9 year than all
Ilm merchant Sb 5 or G eat Britain;
in 1880 the whoa known world did
not. lay us many mi es of track as
\v- re luid 8N:- ss this country; Great
Brituin‘a fur. ign commence equals
about one 323211 of out dramatic oom
merce. Thesn are all good reasons
why we should maintain this policy.
——.’~'unu'a!l Mammy.
1b a :13) ch 3* Ind'nnapolis 1352
S inrday ngh' ex Senator Jo Me
D 12le or“ ciaed Gen Harrison’s
Wul‘ rugord. asserting that be suffer
ed sixty-live regiments to pass his
1 dour b ‘fore he put on his uniform.
But, says the Salt Lake Tribune. "He
put it on, though, ear yin the war,
:'nough be waq exceedingly poor and
thuugh to do so he had to leave n
young wife and two mtle babies to
take their chance of having their
pt‘ni-ion cut 03‘ by mm M President
Clem-land's velors. But at that time
PruSdent Claw-land had not rhick or
' kin to hold him back, and he saw?
455 regiment-1 {.2135 his door from his
state and non-r put on his uniform.
Worse, he bud no desire in that. con
- m-ctiou, unless to wear a uniform on
lthnplbt'r hidv. Is it nut the MN
"" ”URN-L :.t fur suz-h u man :15 Me'
'3? ..‘. .5. ,n. -- -- {ya-‘:ruus?
~I.V 'l'j'lln'
. - ~ ‘2 _x l'
. ‘ K ,lguln
; "”" "1‘ -- \ ...-.-, Chara an
i Inuxrn-ctmu 1n l'uhaua and was re
l have the pressure on the fighting
[Confederates in the South.”
Nr-M'ly 40.000 pwupln M!» In}: :1 an
(anti ("mum-a unit—ting in Sydney.
Albumin, uu Jiuw ‘.lll].
The flu). J. H. “1410.0! Cim‘vlnnrl.
a ‘.Vasli kiln-“'11 linzu-r‘ic'i'JYlm has ill"
Ways Riv-d fur tthrm-wrutic ticket.
will mm In? prob-Minn this full.
(I. C. Shayne. the Well known New
York fur mauufacmror, ardel‘:tly
snpportud Claw-land four years ago.
He: will vote for proectiou this full.
\Vlwn Cleve-land was governor of
Nuw York he voted the bill Ihe legis
lature passed to reduce the working
hours of street car drivers {mm six—
teen hours a day to twelve hours.
The wheat crop promises lo he 6-
normous in the Willamette Valley
this yr-ar. and with even moderately
good prices ought to m'llze brick
timss this full.
\Vnshingtou Torritory is proudly
boastful. It lewd: ovary stabs and
terrimry in the yield of potatoes per
acre. [:5 capacity is gwen 3:152
bushels gmr acre. Oregon follows
with 12‘). bushels.
A manezmnot be a protoctionir‘t
and a democrat. Ex-Mayor and on
Congresmnan Seoul], of Bufi'ulu,
N. Y.. anuuncra himself as a "pro—
tectionist~demcrut.” The World says
that means that. he is a republican.
There was an organization of “600
Clewlnnd republicans” in Buffalo
four seats ago. They are mosily
Harrison rupublicum now, and the
B-iilido News. which formerly sup—
ported Cloveland. is their prophet.
Henry Georga is out of the work
ing party and is now advocating
fn-otrnde. \\‘hon editorof the San
Francisco Post he favored Chinese
immigration. The two go hand in
hand and are opposed to honest 13‘
The London Economist says that
on the adoption at free trade in thu
United States depends the greater
share of English prosperity for a
good many years to come. W o sup
pose Mr. Mills knows for whom hv
is Working.
The contract for carrying mail
from British Columbia has becu lie»
cured from the Laumliau guvorn
inmt by Gouda“, Perkins 8500. The
mails, which huve heretofore been
Curried uverluud, Will leave on every
Friday by stealth-r.
A remarkable feat in locnmotive
construction was performed at the
Baldwin Locomotive Wurks a few
days ago, an entire locomotive
weighing 110,000 pounds having
been built and turned out of the
shops ready for use in tiive minutes
loss than sevontoen hours.
Chauncey M. Depew. boing inter—
uvmul in London on Monday, said
“We'va a splendid ticket. 3. rattling
platform and n clean-out law». I
think we are going to win. Blaine
is going to stump the country. and
in casa of our success. will be Secre—
tary of slum, I have no doubt.
. The tourists on the Juno trip of
the stnnmship Ancon hearing that
tne people of Juneau were trying to
raise funds for the erection of a
Presbyterian Church, contributed
$223 tu\vards it. The response was
hearty and undenominational. Jews,
Episcopalians, Methodists. Baptists,
Presbyterians and others contribu
"Brick" Pomemy warns the dema
crata that they "have a lot. of grass
down which they will have to get in"
if they desire suocas this .fall. He
cites the fact tbxit Harrison's nomin
atinn will call the mugwumps home
and that. he will get. much of. the
gruuubuck and labor vote. besides
boldibg lho regular party vote to a
‘ Hardly nday pluses without the
record of some prominent New York
democrat abandoning Cleveland and
free trade and going over to Harri
son and protection. The conditions
of tho campsfign are exactly the re
veraouf 188;, when the mngwumps
abandoned the republican party.
Now the protection democrats nw
abandoning the tree trade party.—
[Toledo Blade.
I believe Harrison and Mormn
Were numiuntod by fair and.honor
able means. and I am with Qbem
through thick and thin. I intend to
take [hi9 stump for the ticket in both
Ohio and Indiana. I will in my
Hpeeches call the farmer’s attentiun
to the false doctrine ot the democrats
that free trade would [)6 for his beni
fit. I will show him that. just the
contrary would in [he wan—[John
There are too many little boats
flitting to and fro across the interna
tional boundary line in full eight of
our field glues, undisturbed by the
custom authorities of either govern
ment. Thom are tuu many little men
With pigtails banging duwn tbrir
bucks jabbering around arnong the
woods, and too many men vmh mys.
lemons bundles and bales traveling
back and forth.-—Blaine Journal. 1
The Boston Record says: “One of‘
the most influential of the secedin; i
democrats is Mr. D. A. Buckley. («ii-l
tor of the Cambridge (Mass) News
Said he to a RBCOvd reporter last
evening: "I have been a democrat
881003 in I can remember and for
thin—6y "in motive yam .. We
voted the straight. ticket. but I can
nét go for free trade. This yenrl
am going to vote the republican lick~
The hop growers of Washingteu
torritury are highly elated over the
prospects of an enormous yield this
year. Never before in the history of
the industry in this section has thi
nppuuruuoo of the hop cro been so
fuvorubEß for a heavy yieYd at this
time of the season as at present.
Growers expect. a full yield in all the
hop-growing districts of the territo
ry. In 1887 only lwo-thirda of a
crop was realized, amounting to 20
000 bales. This year itis vxpecled
that over 30,000 bales will be har~
A prominent democrat of Fresno,
CuL. tackled a Cbiuuman of that
town the other day in the preaouce of
aim-go number of citizens. “Well,
J obn.” he said. "I hear that you are
going: to work for Harrison. tho
Uhinmuau's friend? and than he
wiuknd at the crowd. The China
mzm's answer, however. was not what
he expected. "Cleveluu’ hip good,
CLinnmau 11km Clevelau' hip Wcll.
Hallison no good." The crowd roar
‘nd at the democratic brother. who‘
luviduntly didn‘t know as much about
"‘m'r. tnry styard‘s (Fbivwsa tl'nmy m~
‘ i :1.» '- l [()2‘l'rlnnfan.
z ' .'. g a n
‘ ;, ,r.- -x. ‘. ‘ - to 31.09
"I" :2 n hu-Vfi'h‘h 01y £\'|‘|.!l is .: 8‘ t
mg being held in that town He has
evidently been ucareful listener to
the docan expounded, as he says:
"If sto disciples give a correct in
‘vrprvmtiun of tho sayings uf (Jurist.
Ind (‘11:; pmphs‘ts. and UlO pr enure
eiv-z thmusolves be true, it. «h louk as
If lbf‘ cm] :‘.!ight, take place in Nav
nmlmr nun—for Cleveland and thu
])-‘luo('réxfi'B party. Thur-401's. it he‘-
huuvas them to l'?pi-ill. while then: i.
yuz tune. and mm for Hzlrrinou and
pmzvction’ lest they be consumed by
the» boast. Free Ends, which stalk—
-9131 touring about in the laud like a
lion senkiug whom he may devmu‘."
Mathews S. Quay. who has just
linen ole-clad chairman of the nation—
ul republican committee and of the
national execuzivo committee, is n
senator from l’ennqylvunia. and is
one of the bust. political managers in
the country. He is a preaclior’s son,
a ntudpnt by habit and a lawyer by
profession. Ha has a line library of
which he :‘u'ikes good use. Although
long i-lemifiml with Pennsylvania
politics and nut loved by wugwuuips
he is not rich and has never used his
opportunities for hi" own pacu niary
advantage). William A. Scott. tho
lnmlur of [ha democratic forms and
the champum of the “poor man," is
also :1. Pennsylvanian an] is enor.
mously rich.
Tim altitude of Farmington is 2912
fvm. Garfield 2.355. Unlf’dx 1.9%. Eh
dicot. 1,700, Lewiston 7-10.
A. E. Ishum; of Walla Walla. has
been app-aimed as a umlmr of the
code commission, vice J. F. Parks,
The assay at ore from the Jessie
guld mine in the C(mcounuliy mining
l‘ugiuns, which is owned by {\lr. Town
send, of Spokane Fans. goes SIOOO
to the tan; over $1093“) worth of ore
is now in sight.
The net‘cath ward republican, of
Troy, N. Y.. have {turned a club
which will WUX‘I-Z for Harrison and
Morton. Of the sixty members who
pluc:~d their names on tho roll.
twenty voted for Cleveland in 1884.
Among General Harrison‘s callvrs
occasionally there is a democrat who
comes to pledgu his support to the
republican standard bearer. One of
llwso on July 10th was Winslow S.
Pierce. Jr.. of Now Yoxk, a nephew of
the lute Vica President Hendricks,
who is promising General Harrison
his own vote assured him that ho had
heard of many democrats in New
York who would support the repub
lican ticket.
In tho Indianapolis Journal wei
road that Dr. W. B. Fletcher, 11 life- i
lung (It-mount. and one of the musti‘
prominent physicians in Indiana,
was one of tim first to announce his
nllt-giamco to Gen. Harrison‘s candi
huoy and his intention to lend him
his vigorous support. We also road in
tho mm» paper that Henry D. Pierce
of that town has d<.:-lared similar iu~
mntions. Mr. Pierce was lntnly tho
law partner of Judge (now Senator)
Thllrpll’, and has always been a load
ing member of the dumocratic party.‘
Straws of this variety are worth ai
good don]. ‘
Maj. McCown, a prominent demo i
crnt of Point Pionsant. W. Va». has‘
left the party on account of its free
trade sentiments and its hostility to
the union soldiers. Ho says: "When
the President’s message to the pres—
ent congress was promulgated and
at once seized upon by the majority
of the party and adopted as the great
overnhndduwing issue of this next
presidential campaign, my hope in
the great. democratic party subsided
and I at once determined to abandon
tho party which no longer represén-'
ted my View as to the policy adapt—
ed to beat promote the interests of
our common country.”
Never before this early in the cam
paign have the signs of a great re
‘puhlioan victory been so significant.‘
‘The nomination of Harrison and ;
I.\lorton have united all factions of}
‘ the party, and nowhere does any dis 1
satisfaction exist. Now and thenl
some forlorn mugwump with decided 1
leanings toward free trade flops over}
to the democrats; but. it would fill a ;
paper to give a list of the solid dem
ocrats who are declaring for protec
tion and consequently for the repnhu‘
lican ticket. Capitalists who are in- ‘
tort-stud in manufacturing industries 1‘
laborers whose wages it. improves, ‘
(he enterprising American citzen who i
has his country’s welfare at heart ir
respective of arty or politics. are as
a unit, for the policy that rotocte
them and their interests. garrison ‘
line not. lost any strength developed 1
by Blaine in the in L 1: campaign as the ‘
Irish W’orld the Tablet and thel
Ame: {can Cetrarc are as strongly in‘
favor of Harrison as they Were for;
Blaine. The Chinese scare has fail- 1
ed to materialize and the tables have
neon neatly turned by the recent
“tatements of Colonel Mosby, late
Consul at Hong Kong. The issues
between the parties are being sharp
ly defined and what appeared to be a
.ighting chanse for victory has nl~
must bezome a. positive assurance
that Harrison will be the chief exe-
Igggve on end after the 4th of March,
Irishman for Harrison
!nzlinunro‘ds Smtinl, .14]; to.
A L. Morrison, a representative
Irishman of New York. who is now
engaged in campaign work in thel
East. was among the callers upon
Gen. Harri-on to-day. lu' speakln
of the Irish vote in N 2: ngfigs
fffildl‘get :’fig‘portion of the Eup
port that 4135 given Cleveland in 18—
5;, no and:
, “I have been actively engaged in
organizing Irish republican ciuba in
New York for several months post.
and We hnvo now a complete organ~
xzution in every one of the twenty~
tour ussumbly districts, with a gen
oral and higher organization made
up from all these. If Mr. Blaine had
hml anything like these organizations
thl-re in 1884 that we have now
Grover Cleveland would not be pron~
idont of the United States today."
"Do you find a tendency among the
Irishman in New York to leave the
democrntic party on the tariff issue?"
“0h! very deciduly. You know
that if there in one thing every Irish
man knows. it is that the free trade
policy of England has utterly ruined
his own native land. No matter how
i’norant he may be he know: that
[inland once had prosperous factor
ies and industries of all kinds that do
not exists teeday and he knows full
well what caused their distraction.
I tell you an iriehmnn don’t want
much instruction on that point. I
dropped into a hatter's on the Roth
{wry a short time before I left and
tallied with on invvliigent young man
} hilt) \‘Hit’tl {HF (‘lr-Vt‘ixtlui. 11" Shit!
‘ ,‘_ u: ' . t ‘:V ‘r -'l'l:' "
'u...(2,.- x: ' “\i
-H' Ibis! nut \}i.o V‘. 1..-‘6O M) :Di‘ y 11.".
Me fluid if the (anti Is cut 21 very lit
[l9 from the grades thcy are manm
factoring, it. means one of two things
—~tlu-ir owri wags; must lv- n Juc— d
or tmzy [11:15! go imu something (£th
and allow lur:~l2m*s to manufacture
([lo39 hats. IL dun t mku any argu
ment to coma-r: r not: mun to prom:-
tiou. They know the cast of matur
in!. what thy-ir Wages um, and what
the manufzvvturur's gnulua spill fur,
and of course. they can figum am
the problem for themsulc‘ds."
“Do you kind this sentiment gum
oral among the wurkingmeu‘!"
“Yes. They at» all very decidedly
for Harrison and Morton and protec
tion My judgement. is that the dam
ucrats are going to lose heavily all
OVer New York City on this issue.
Workmgmen are joining our ranks
right along, and before [his cum
puign is over there will ha a larger
number with us than we have had
in years.”
May 29 ~‘w‘ame tn Fritz C'sen, lots 13
and 14. 01k 6, Hussvy 3.1; 3120.
Jusepb 15 Roberts and mm to L'lmer
5.ixn.~.0n. we urmwldei 1...: of SW )1 u!
uw My! :0: 323,19 3,! n. ranger l w; 3:00.
Allen Nearer “I to W J Uurkum. luts
11 mu! 1‘). luk 6, Hussey allhlluu; $l2O.
hunm m E. S. M mm, [are 13 and 16,
blk fi.l!4l£h}_\'ud; Sllfi.
Hour) Lumps h A L) Blowers, and A
R Kmm-tl). tun m- '4 411.710 '4' of raw L; at
sec 15. tp 301:,r I w, .- m! .1 him: 10 news;
May 3:) —l W Hid :u ll E \quuu, the
w 3.}; U! lots 3 and 4, lnlk 33. .\l l’euy
gruve's ml; SIOO.
H E .\lnrgan and wife to I W lLll. {he
east ,‘3 mt lots 5 and 0, bit :5, Al Petty
ngc's ml; SIOO.
“lulu: Suns-mu and wrfn and William
Dalmfly and Wllß to H. L I'nbuuls. jr, the
umlivxdr-d 3g of sw L; .:l' M" 34‘ .1 (en 33,
(p 30 u, rlw;>3soo.
Jacob BL-hrmuu and Bruce? Klingm‘ #0
Ulrich Baum-3, the a 5g Uf sx,- Li of m- )4
of sec 7. tp 30 u. :1 “1.1500
June l—Uacar D labor and wifr tn
Fred G Gut..mer, J C Snyder and fH’xl
Snyder, the uw .14 of mi? 24’, and luts l, 2
and 3. of sec 24,1;1 ‘26 u, r 1 w; SIBOO.
H L ’l‘lbbala. jr. and wlee 1.: 'l‘: o m
Hercoublli 19 in Tibhnls‘ 15: Edd'u and
bzk 12 in 2nd udd'n; SIOOO.
I: W demon and wife to J S Rogers,
w I; of rm )4 of ne 3,; of sec 7, tpifl) 11,;
r l w; 3300. l
G .\l R-nuse to Uharlutte Ihuae, 30 ‘
acres m 58:13,") 29 n r l w; 8600. f
June i—Allen Weir ct nl to omm S i
Willey; let 9, blk 5, Hussey ml; 375. l
A R Culemau et_ ul In Jas L Smith. all
Wand, [recs wd tlml-e! upon me _‘4’ of Re
,14’ and hW 1; of sw ,14’ u! see 12,1}: 29 u, r
l w; 3375.
U M Bradshaw and wife to Gus Sea
bgrg, late 4 and 5, blk 18, Irvmg Park ad;
June 5 ~Snme to Wm Might, lotsG and
7, blk 2, vanug Park ad; $65.
hamucl Conflict and wife In F 1“ Terry.
lo 1") . sec 28. and lots 3 and 4. sec 27, all
m tp 30 n, r l w; $1812.50.
F H Snylor to h'ma W Bell, lota2 and
4. bld 5, l’lummcr‘s nd; 8&6).
1! L Tim-ms it and wxfe to Flora J
Slum), kill; 36. Libbala’ lat ad; 85.
Sumo to 1’ 1’ Muorc, fractional blk 53,
'l'lbbala' ls: ad; 35.
June 7~—Snmo to L B Hastings, all of
fractional block 47. Tibbulu' has ad; sl.
Same m any A Sutherland, fractional
block 46. lebals' lst ad; 81. ;
J A Kuhn t . H P Mch'raney and Geo‘
Pnrner, Inks 5 andl'l, blk 36, Port Turm
send; 84000. .
June S—A J II 83:2 to Frank Link, 11
w kwfncijotnw Mufseo‘l, [ll3O n, r
l w; 8292 2a.
‘ 8 Hannah to B Kendrick, lot 6. bit 1.
' Fort Hadluck. 810.).
W E Stevens to H M Race. [good for a
deed to piece of land 551110 In In Kuhn’s ‘
much; .300. l
W H Pumphrey and wife to Andrew Stamen
wulc um rmuk Link, lots 1 and 3. blk 14. Web- ‘
ster'l IdleOn: cm.
June: [B—6 [I Burwn and wife to James Jones
and D W 81mm. the an qr of 1m qr. e It at no qr. ‘
wintoggwo qr anu e In or nw qrot mo, Ip‘zan.‘
I' O; a . r
6 Henry and wile to C A Dyer. lot. 2. sec 24.111
Zlnprfl‘zwfio. -__ -,, _ ‘
Latina: Easting to “my I unggln. lot- a. 8 a 4
10 blkll. nanny-34m; sm).
ham 10 Annie 0 Kellen“, lacs 6 and 7, block
11. Hunngs'sdul. 811)). . . l
suns w Abbie J Abernethy. lot 10, blk 10, in
nauuufia‘ “ad; :50;
H L blurs and wife In Wll Whmlcsey. an
o! lnclional blxfifl, in Tihball‘ lat ul' 310“.
11 L ‘l‘ibbala. er. :0 D F Benbakcr. the no qr of
Ahoswqruhocfitpan! “31810.
; [manglumgm to Izabel! : hgrton. the Ih!
‘0 In: I' see I l’ ' u
l Jungfl—Luul3plfiillml u') D F Hoswwr.
‘ 1% new. in Hastings‘ 3d sdd‘n. and lot: 5 and 7.1
lblk 120. of I. B Hzxsuns' ad ndd‘n: MD.
June 30—0?! Bran: w and “its to P A Paul
‘iue. b11:270f n'ln Park udd‘n: SSO.
‘ Same to U l" Ullfiillct. olk ':3. 1111 .g Park ad;
‘ 3n: fl—John 2 Lou. Russell Glover and tile
to 'l‘ P Lukem. tho a Mof Int 1]: of nw qr ofsec
‘2l. tn 3" 11. I! w; .13!)-
‘ May 31-6 H lawn! and T P Spitz IOC Lang.
1911 all of aw qrotna (11' Inc 4, tp 30 n,r Hugh”.
l Juno l—A u Tucker. I J Tnckat. In: ow.
Jar.” M (James sud wife :0 nan, Emma!)
Acre- of [and in lac :5. tp 81 n. r l V. 05.11».
Jano4—Linna W Doll :0 Go) 8 Sum“. ion 3
and 4. Mk 8. Plummvr'nod; 950.
June b—Wm Payne :ud vnfo to Wm Hi 3:.
lots I and 3, Mk 1:, F W Patty m'n In Id; mo.
_C M Bndsimv and wire [0 ‘1“ Robin. 131 MR
zsélrvmg Park ad; 3850.
“line to H Koshlnndflnk smin; ka at];
amino 7—.fmen ‘:cm' a"; as: w'rgmc: mm
ney. o .0“ An . 0 on rovc‘a
rum "‘
sum in P Whitney. lma 9 1m! 10. Mk 1. and
[on 1, a, 5 and okhik 5, Bunny‘s u: vi). '
Ju..eß—WH Len-n a nu! wife to George
Rutter. lot: 1 nd 3, talk 3. L-amcd's 2d Id: 3100.
Lucinda Hulln‘fia loJ D mu. 1082 Ind 4.01:
127. nailing?“ : 8250.
l C Alsenben. Ind wit: to S Lewis, all of HR 73.
‘, Eia-nbehad; 01:00. l
l Juno D—A‘Jen Well- at. a] to J 35 U Greenawfi
lot..- 7. s. 9 and 10 blk 3, Hun-sofa ad; 3211:.
l June u—‘l'hos Kirkpatrick and wife to J!“
31-6 on onnnns .
n. (‘.-(cert. J. P. Hoyt. . Ezra “baker. a, “‘0“,
J. Farm. H. u. sume. Sam‘l Kimmy. w. A. “In“?
51.1). Bulfud, E. P. Ferry Her-ms: Dmhou. Gan.W:t. x: as... :
A. H. suntan. Dr. T. I‘. SSO!. «L'H'. \lcGrsw, J. )Phl‘llfl.
11. 11. Lewis, H. L. You ?- “; \ - Rxmhm. Chas. .\‘nher.
‘Ed. L. Terry. Jame-.- y'Ml'e". \3. H. Haul, J. D. Lownun.
pAPITxXL. ("_1 00.000.
i 1 fi“ ”NW” " . -
‘ 1/
HO . ..
no" A. L. mm W. P. no (I. C 15"“
@fl:' 0. P. Knvngl‘ld. I‘m-1n airbus. “hummus. 0
‘~ - Adm om..- H—mlm ~ m
gmob 8W". AIL-ht .\lcnlhom. P. Earn. C. .
l Ims- P- finch- A. s. lumen. Al'red snyder, n. a. Bun-ax.
A~ 11. BM.~ 1). N. Inner, Capt. D. Gilmore, I‘3 hobo O 00..
M. a K. Gotzsitin. A. Chiiburx.
J- P- "M”?- P’is‘d‘h- . ' Jun: Barnvxu” actuary.
\\ .
“‘ll w‘ 5 . h * 3;. ;
3‘46 1. L \\ “Pg, :THE nun
‘|\ 1‘ I“! 3
v A z xx y COIPANY
'3 :EN ~ , . ‘. 5: Because it
{\\\ '1 “- I) -
‘\‘\ '.L 2' H‘: (no the
§\\ =4 ”‘” ‘3"
:‘\\ -3. §f\‘j\x\ ,3» f: ""42; ”.2 ”gig
.: \\i fi \\Z} aw k;
l.’_ \m\ _\.\~.'\\t‘\_:i\.\:“f\\___:. :3 1:
«EV g: sf
Lxl~ ‘._/x Lk) 4'» “‘2 £44.“ " ‘ 1
- wmztumiah every facility, "m lowebc prices, on .1, t notice;
, 3 .
«away. 23:" E and 7. mix 135. c' . . .
«:’M; 9;”? 70! PM” Tow
.u.--I: ~ . Ou‘u'wdanllv gm] , 3..“
unqulghm at an .m :a m qumgfix, oz;
cmnl‘l: “'5" .x d v u 3
A '42.“ '.m w‘ .I to My; 1.. «".
4. 'nm ’5. 11k 7 Hovmm’n V984,]; “39.1 ‘
Jun- 14 4' .\I limblmwnnd m. to 5b- A
J-:1h m-nn. ILL; I'wnafi‘urk gij‘mg‘
one h .I u .\ich. Ml 6 '.“9 .3, 1., z:n
lasafiflcm' [B-1 L) In 3 !p 31 n. n I; “g”,
s°Fh“ """F-"WE’ ’0 ”W s‘rrnu,nnd . uv
gar-n Starrezt. m ':mm‘; XML 8. hllyvrr rev, 13!,
mi '10:! IL ' n w G
Inciu ‘ >li!:'-lu Jill-I: .‘n In '; \n
for.uloedmin'i..ul:. :7 um. Ififif'yu‘f
Jun-M—t: Its-army» L T ”up“; n.
door! tafl-‘ZJ‘Jue? ‘1; 0;, 3 and 4, 12. «Lang-J
mun-Sm; “3m ‘
Jum- )9 J l’ Watron to norms. J flame? Lho
nu qrn! aw are! «a: 19. 2pm) n,r 19; mo.
"he United it‘x'ua of kit-sum“; "£l4 A
Grrriah. the W q: 1)! rw qr 0‘ 1: 3. 1;, ':J 1., r 1
June ‘.fi-no‘l! ll Gnu-mil I.» F w Jnflcfl, :15;-
xlm feet 0! Km 7. b“; 4!. Port ('.-spun}; .l 9:.-
Ju a :0 -llcnz‘v 5 Lake to T 2)? Nuns) , m
iliv‘Ck‘O! [and 44;?) {I m ~wc :rncn; mk :9. 3’ my
mer's r]; 513". _
L n. [flowers to Sam!) Willoughh. I acras a}
land in sea 3. lp 3) u. r I w: “.9.
Allan Weir and wife to Farah Villouxhby;
lot-3 .nd 4. b'L-J. Hana) I‘ll: .121
Jacob Bcwnnzn nn-l Ernest tiling;- to Ermk
Adm-mm, n hf, 5- gr 0!“ qt of se: ‘:p 301., 1‘!
w; .50).
Juno :'J—-A A Plummet and wife 13.! J 51 mg.
am}. 1015038: b 5 ~49._Plu_mn39: a 3:1: 399.. - _
Juno: fll—A M l'rilz to flu Jphre) Oldfie 1,3
blou- 0! land It» feel square at tluiCMma'-.lm.
lraurjaxfo and Pan Lud ow cps: mark 3! Ch ma
ar'nm: SIM). ’ . _
Jun» 2:? --D “ Snub and mk- 30 TB llarl and
J A mlder. lan .1. 1. 5 and 6 Mulny'a pl- ,in
Jrfl'flrsflh r-uumf; 3500
June 224-1.: 11 l I'.’ is Kuhn :oJ .\ Kuhn. I leu
of 11nd 100x110 [met on Yau Burcn amel. Kan“).
ranch; 3ND.
Manon J Paxton to Jun“ Juno. 4 news of
Pam in flaming; donation claim. Ibo 1 an: in
een]7.lp3o||.rlw; “50. _
Jun- ‘29 -Hunry 5 um: to B P hunk-let. part
ell-n :z, Mk 9. Plummox’v Id: 81010.
Allen Wefirund wife and A A “under and hug
lunfl (m! M Bowen. lots '1 and 10_ bu»; 161. 'iLLs‘
hey a mi; 51:35.
Rapuhliuan‘ Bunventiuu.
By resolution of the Republican 2
Territorial Central Comaitteo at a
meeting therenl' hold at North-m~
mu on March 7. 1888. its chair-nan
was authorized to name the (18 xof
holding the Territorial Re :übl “an
Convention to be held at Elfeus! Mg.
Pursuant thereto said Conventit 1 is
hereby called to be held at Ell .ns
ox TUESDAY, 'ruz 11m on or snmsu-
BER sen AT 10 o‘cwcx A. u,
for the purpose of naminnting a cau<
didnte fur Delegate to Cungress the
nominatinn of all other 'l‘erriturial
elective officers and such other tnsiw
uess as may be preaentod.
The Republican County Central
Committees are requested to hold
their primaries on Saturday. August;
the 25th, and their County Convex»
tions on Saturday. September 151‘.
The basis of representation made
by the Territorial Central 00mm ttro
entitles the counties to elect delu
gates as follows:
Countut. 31m You. Delegates
Adams-”...................... I?“ 2
£501.13. 25! 4
Chc~hzui5....................... ON 7
C1aAnm..,......................163 3
C1arke......................... 7&3 9
C0:umbin...................... m 10
C0w1itz.....‘.....‘....,....... 4m 5
Dough-......”................ 107 2
Frank1in...y................... 2': 1
Garfield 60.! 8
Isl-mi we 3
Jefl-r5un....................... W ‘ T
King........................... 1318 so
Kitsap.-........- ............... 327 4
Kimms . 667 7
Eli ki1ut....................... 997 I!
1awi5.......................... 759 9
Lincoln 06 8
‘;1e50n"........................ 15! 31!
w0rm...”................ ...
Pncifln: an 4
Pie’ce..........................!55| 1
San Jnnn ... 25 8
SkagiL..-...................... I." 5
5hani:...................... I! I
anchomish .................... u- s
5p0kane........................1. 8)
5teven:.........”...-.......... no 4
Thunmn......................}f¢~ 1
Wghkiakum.................... 3
WallaWin-......nnnnfl... 11
wnncom .........~...’.C,5.,‘.. ~ 6
Whi1nnuL..........,..:;.*¢,.‘. ,I‘. :1
Yakima..................{..".... 3,; 5
Wheie number......................... 245
The Centre] Committee It it. treating
at North Yakima ind nu means ety
oorteining We that “33
new county 01 Ohm ‘ modified to,
and therefore only #BOO. delegefo.
Since this npportionmtgvu made I
am apparently 0mm“) informed that
the territory comm acid ~ new
county cast sheaf'ooe- u ..- Me" ‘-
tire vote of theofl Bonn “flag
and the County\ (Becket muteeo
Okenogen County akin! '0 '3O Mimi!!!
tn one-half the ”flirtation
0f the two oouufii . “'0 58188“!!-
I theremre "com 3h“ “38 000 M“!
of Okanogen and; “"9. each £1”?-
three doles-lee, “go to be entitled 30'
one yo“ ”"3 on! the third-to halt a
vote in the Tmmflel Convention.
1 31,0 desire to call the attention of
all County Corning”. 9113 @1928“! ‘0
the Territorial mutton tn the follow
ing resolutsonl of, the Central Commit»
(9., adopted «firth Yum:
Resolved- That the Central Committee
“09mm“. that hereafter ouch county
be repre'anted by all the duly elected
delenbi whenever possible for them to
attends that in cage of enforced absence
of afielegute hll proxy shall be given
to a y elected member of hie delete
tiov only; and this committee further
recommenda' that this rceolntlon shell
apply to County Convention- ne well as
:.J the Territorial Coevention.
, S. BAXTEB, Chairman:
A. D. A'r'nnnon. Secretary.
Seattle. W. T.. July 23, 1888.
Republican papers plane copy.

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