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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, July 26, 1888, Image 3

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“Elle “any gram.
Eton: Thursdays Dally.
Saaxngn'a Bethe}.
llia'i 1511:: S. Bush is visitu; her aunt
Mrs. Jackmuu. in this city.
Muasn‘. Knhu. Tibbuls. Holcomb and
Steve“ have rct'uueJ (mu) \\‘Lutcum.
Meats. Bxlxtlur. Passe and Suther
laud arrive-l yesterday {mm East
liav. L'. L‘. Nuwburry bf Sicilacwm has
bocu elected principal c! ”A: L‘uupwilic
Harry Tibbuia Sold hm m no black: in
his {B3Oll-1 midniwu. tn uutside Indies,
Julgu Norris Ins gum: tu Until: Co
lumbus. Mr. ‘-V- U. fitruu: lain; charge
0! bid Lusiucag.
Read the ad‘wrtiu-xnrut vf 11.25::
F- G. Harper & Co. '1 1167' lun‘v u:t wk
“floods lu which they luvxtc )vur :x‘dc: -
It is undulatwd that A. W. l;:.=h will
800:1 erect Lumber new buiHing ale“:-
sido of the om- LL- has ju~t l 2221! nu the
sea wall (tout.
Sal]: Brou‘. mums is cuxumg. BI}:
posters have bun eu-ctiuu cxhfldaiVu
hnard walls along mo mt Lug for 65-
pin) iuu Hhuw paper.
A muuumcm has hem. added for the
late I“. W. l‘cltmnwc. l: u. 111 he a.
magnificent murblu monument, 9%,: feet
_liigh. unify: unit “hunt 3700.
“Rum. and 31:5. \\ ilhumsaleh'fur Tn
coma this morning. Work is uctivdy
progressing uu thcxr new home un Clay
5: Adams streets. 'l'bry \. ill Lame hither
in u tow weeks.
:zlr. um! Mrs. Luv 0! Woullaud HAL,
who have been visiting hem for neural
Jays. l‘avu decidud toimcst,aud will
ptoua‘uly build a summer residence un
tho Morgan hill.
The family of Uuu. Wm. Pa) in: alurt
edou Monday for California. .‘Jr. Payne
accompanied them as far us Portland.
Mrs. Thornton, Mrs. Payne‘s mother,
expect; to co to California also in a few
W. [L H. Lunrned and son arrived
from Vnwouvcr this afternoon. These
gentlemen instituted Kumtux Tribe No.
3, Improved Order of Red Men. at Van
oouver. They will attend the meeting
of Red Man this evening, and depart for
Port Townsend tomorrow. » Seattle
James Dickinson and wife of Dunge
rness have received mm] from Enizlnnd
.thnt both of Mrs. Dickiusnn‘s parents
are dead, lcuving a large estate to Mm.
Dickinson. “Jimmy” will sell all of his
stock and leave with his family to reside
in the old country. He will retain his
farm at Dungeucsa, however, we learn,
which is the old Weir homestead and is
quite valuable.
A wealthy gentleman visiting Puget
Sound this week was urgently discour
aged against coming to Port Townsend
while he was in Seattle. His suspicions
were aroused, however, and he cam»
down to have a look for himself. The
result was that he became better pleased
with our location for investments than
with my other on the Sound. He is
now getting figures on several pieces of
valuable hulinels property. That he is
willing to ‘pluuk down fifty thousand
dollars on one particular piece of prop
erty shows what sort of a citizen he
would be.
Onr item about the new normal col.‘
lege seems to have been misunderstood,
We hate been misunderstood so many
times that we have grown extremely
careful; and still. explanations are nec«
essary occasionally. We are informed
that the institution is intended to be en
tirely non~secterian—o fact which we
did not etete emphatically enough, it
seems—end that our failure .to connect
the Methodist: as well an other denom
inations with it meant that they were
unfriendly to it. We are glad of an op
portunity to allay any Inch panicky
(one as may hove been amused, and to
set the imtitutinn right before the pub
lic on for as pomihle.
Omnlzsslsn of Bethel “'erk.
Last evening, pursuant to notice. it
goodly audience greeted Chaplain B. S.
btubhs, superintendent of the mission
work of the American Seaman's Friend
Society of New York. at the Y. M. C. A .
Hull. 'l‘he Chspisin is an enthusiast in
his work. and in connection with his de~
voted wife hm wrought nohly in the
osnse for many years.
An address of much power and puthus
was delivered by the chaplain in behni!
of our boys of the see. and much interest
was manifested by those present.
Rev. J. N.Denison was called to the
chair and Major Vsn Bokkelen was con
stituted secretary. An organization of
su Auxiliary Seaman’s Friend Society
was attested sud constitution and by-iaws
sdopted. The net organization pledged
itself to rehearse-third of the sulsry snd
furnish the lodging for s Ohsplsin, and
petitioned the purest society for s grant
of aid.
Quite 3 number signed the roll
membership, sad the society -
launched with bright prospects of
case. A committee of three. can
of Major Van Bokkeleu, Col. W
Hrs. Capt. Beecher. were cho9
cit nsmes for membership.
A vote of thanks was cord
ed to the organizer, and
to come sgaiu at his esrl’ .
to spend Buudsy and at
meeting of the vain s or
the city st the oper' al! of
this work.
The meeting s at at the
es“ of the chin?
The “ .snenr.
Rusk ‘ u handsome de—
lilll 0’ I .xch it is proposed
to cry .1 of the late Duke
0' Y be ' n square marble
lhl' _gh. On a suitable red- ‘
0' : ascribed about us fol-i
‘\ chanson. j
"Fifi Jars 21,1888. Aged 7‘) gram. ‘
i 3 nu A‘PI'B mm's P 312513.
5' ‘s': av ”or bi; men‘n-y.
it; “-1 r _dexiim dial“: I'.-
l'Hu} " ~in 318 ufresry been mini
4;! "~' 39~ .7. tquv: is pm! in t:.: nee.
'o'.- wn‘ftihution should say so at
m “‘B3”. Balls.
Keep finer l‘uzu \dehy Maul wharf
1 Major Van Bakkelen want h Fri-lay
‘ Harbor today.
Mr. Jun. Wouiuvcr is in turn {mm
For: DaCoVfl)‘.
Messrs. N. E. Burton. Charles Jones
and J. 'l‘. .\‘orris have all gone to 3118 to!
spnuga xu Br”. CUIUX‘JLifl.
0:015 rgfaud is becoming noted forthu
immune dean-fits uf marble dxscnvu'z-d
there. Ergbl chums hum: been [peak-d.
A sacuud unis whiszlmg bud) has been
unshared in 1-5 {albums of water 3.5 mm;
uu:::de the bar at :beemrnace of (imy's
Preside!“ Laud-cs uf t‘aa First Nutiuuu!
Bank 1:13.10 3 flying [up to \‘ictr-rh. this
mus. had on his return Cashier Hill
We, m away.
it :s ::.: I ltzut the crew uf llxc Britt-3'
i; .‘L: ‘.E‘hirll‘h: nm‘.‘ «inc-Larry“; u can}:
of Tel {lt Kin: Jifl'n‘s in firms. ‘i (31’. n 3.
dcsurxcd East night. ;
I'. rs uadwrstoud that Sharruit has went;
awarded a u -r.traci fO.- lb=- nuw 1231-"
dehc: for Wm. Payne, and that the price
is SISM). The frame is “heady up.
I‘ch‘usa-rzc Jr OJ. have draw :1 mans
for the new normal. cutiugc handing,
wLuch have been rzdcpteJ, and rt :5 2‘;-
pe: «I that. n contract {mutating H"-
5.2. MI! be is: next. Week.
L 17. N. H-mga is expsclu l h [HZ-.161)
tb . ‘ .muviaus uc-xt wcui; as fuiin‘xn
A! Batik CK Fnddy (Tuning. :'.? l‘s-rt Ulr
cu“.;‘.’;’ Saturday cnmug, at Upp.
Chunncnm echnul huuw Souuy morn
iug, and :.t 'L‘ml Ludhm' SJ’JdJ)‘ cm-u
“'l2. Unzkum and Thus. Cu”). uf Hm
Mom: Adams. who were {wt-.1 tu ausw“:
in the pmcwdmgs a few days ago over
the assuuit of Capt. Jthwv. had ihczr
hwuriug this murmug bcfwe Juuueo Vuu
iiuhkcieu. As thcxr was no evidence
ugniust them may wen: dischargcd
Washington fizlcct is nun u p‘ctun's
qua wage uf (Mum-awe uud am} sunk
in: water. Its drsulute and drama--
bruediu; condition i: uszuudxng romiml
er to ihe new city government of 11.»: ur—
gent necessity for action Wu hurt: a
street Cummiastuner will be srk'cxed “‘1":
will take a mu: pride in the appearuucr
of our lhnroughlares.
I So much stock in the newsteambont
;compauy has bet-u taken lhagit has been
informally decided to prucccd without
delay. The course to be'pursuediu
eludes the purchase of {l:3 Libby and
he: mule, i! aha can be bought rcusuu
ably; otherwi- 0. to build :1 steamer aux:-
zihle fur the route‘ In either cusu fares
and heights will be reduced.
A. letter from Rev. G. N. flange of
Tacoma to J. H. Peterwu of this city
brings “'er that the .1111 ($500) asked
for from the Church Extension Socket:
0! the M. E. Church, for a new Scan
diuaviau M. E. Church building in Putt
Townsend, has been granted. Mr.
Hangs will be here about the middle of
nexk week. and the Work of erecting the
new Scandinavian church is expected h.
be: begun soon. A kite was [nzzcbmcil
some time ago.
Frank l’cuygrove had 0 runaway yus
terday. He was out with his horse and
buggy on the Ohimucum road, when: his
dog scared up u cuuplu of grouse. On:-
0! the birds in it: (right flew ngnin‘t Hu
bmse's head. The animal imam: rearing
and plunging. and Frank wna thrown
out of the buggy. The horse iore (slung.
following a wood mud across, intersect
ing the Discovery road. Finally, got
tiug clear of the buggy. be run til! ru
cnpzured. Frank made his way in to
the military station. and ‘.elephoued
home. He was brought. home.s!lghtly
bruised but not seriously hurt, and the
ban! was Mao found and brought
home Furtuuutely no serious damage
I was done.
MAIL Sutton —-Complaints about our
mail service under this beautiful reform
administration have Income to frequent
that they have gottnn into the new>pn
pars and a long punt~np bowl is finally
reaching the ears or the powers that be.
With a treasury overflcmug, and thy
question of reducing the surplus a. serious
one. the mail service is absolutely
wretched on arconnt of insufficient clurl- ‘
cal force and inadequate facilities. De-‘
lays, often involving valuable business
letters. are a common occurrence. Bus
iness men in Port lownsend have losa
hundreds of dollars in consequence oi
these delays, and in Npented instances
where letters have been from four to six
days coming from Tacoma to this city
the envelope: with postmarks have hoen
been preservbd for reference. Some of
these letters have been referred to the
superintendent of the Railway Mail Sor
vice. and it is understood that this [ugh
and mighty oflicinl is just. now engaged
in making an investigation. What has
recommendations or findings will be, or
what lot! of relief may be expected, we
1 have no means of knowing. We believe.
‘however. that no man with a skull lee:
’thnn an inch thick need be more than a
lmonth locating the dimcnlty and pro
‘lcribinz an efi'ective remedy. It is al;
‘ed by the Seattle oflioe. where than
“tributing point and not hall
.rlrs to do the work. Seattle
men have been compelled, in
protect their own interests, to
no additional clerk by snbrcrip—
so assist the overworked employees
his great and glmiuna So7Brl.m9ut.
mt much fur their local serv=c:—az.d
All] there are complaints in the ScattEe
papers every few days, and the service is
pronounced ao wretchedly inadequate
that one paper says they are trying to
serve a city of 20.000 inhabitants With a
force that would he inadeqwate for half
that number. Seattle being ndiutnb ;
nting point. all mails coming north from}
beyond there are dumped of? to be “I
sorted. With their present clerical force
it is an utter impossibilitv to (1354!! and
dintribuve this mail properly and have it
Iprompt'y forwarded. As r: Cunarqneuce.
mail sacks accumulate. and are otten dc:-
layed several days. It is but justice to
Postmaster McNamara of this city to any
that business men here gem-rally under
stand the situation and do not blame
Schooner Oscar and Hattie arrived
from Seattle yssterday.
I flew-.::: Aiki :I”in [rt-m San F" 2'-
. C . \ .uuvdry 0..! v r you
i:*=‘....4 i=l -.’|<abi ..u r
l N {Mr}: GP. iin.’hl.2 an: Eco ‘J ....
Fell by tn,- MO2lll last night from Port
‘Ducovery. lumberlnden for Melbourne.
f I-‘rom Saturday’s Ml 3.
F. C. Hr.r,-er & Cu. want yuu In time
'nud get acquainted.
: The steamship Premier emhad for Van
cquur B (‘.. vhis luv-ruins: with a {all
ills: 0? fr: igh: anti passesgen.
3 That is a flea displav of lace: 1n the
‘ new Seaway bzni ling.
5 Work on tho liarguu ham properly
in?!“ i 6 {rus‘zoal :‘.-19415. ‘
I lizclmzml Dclzuny, 15m D.s-:nvcry lng- ‘
.:::r, was in town 1!“: Vim-k.
I Contractor .\lcquis is building 8‘
Eur-me fur Mr. .\lauu :23) black 122:. cm-‘
{not Caihuun :.qu Cmy sireata.
k 'l‘im pvsfile- ce bree-licz, uifzot-vry u!-
Humbug traumas in fruut of ma Union
Itime! i: being rrmuwd by the envrgy 09'
mm.» of iii-.- hours-3m of our any jail.‘
Truly :‘. new era has dawned.
I'wsscugurs from HAL; port to Sun Fran
cx '3: [er szmmrr Czunmlu: .\I. J. Rin
zi':!3, \V. LKxLisqd-gu and fiifv. L-illlfiml
Slum-"a. 7-;3. (‘. {LIL-LT, in”!!! ui‘lh'l' i
xii». XSu:'.‘: :12. Uc-u. _\ SW-‘tdfi.’('l. James I
J 2.1 :3, j:.. :.ud 16 atcrl'flge. I
An crrur occurrel )‘rstorduy morning i
m ’u the scutrucw: nf l'nynr's new :en- '
idea». J. .\irluars is the contractor,
and :'m {.::c- i , 2:43:32: lngher than that I
named. (Lu. Stun-. 52: i 4 comracmr h»:
Capt. \\‘zllmms [or :1 32,50!) house.
Mrs. Emma .\iuiluy who has been
homing a Van; dug-crawl rivzval mar-l
iq; a: l‘nfi'a) {Lab-n. begins tany at
East Snnm]. :‘LC WSH return to Friday
Unriur m (‘IHHpELEfi {be wurk there. The
..uly h‘uriblu is that work upon: {mm-r
:'..zm aha «an supply .
Capt. P-m! my! "\laya: linbiuann are
enjoyu: the honor: of (Lecih under
the guidance uf Judge Kuhn and (7- un
oilmau LittEofiuL]. They haw gum- up
the beach to Hadhx-k: Ex-Sluynr Bmm;
will take a steamer this aheruuop to
aan than; the whoEe hay.
.‘dr. J. S. x'i-ulzw. agent fur Hm Humt'
l"jrc Immune-J 00. of Seattle. is in the
pity. and phi-. 1 l'ua; ARGUH a pleasant call
Ibis [:..-tumug. Thin is u now l'ompany
ha! a vary strong one. and iv Stu‘ckhu'zd
:‘la rupreseu: about fifty H! the mos: auc
uesaful blifiElflax‘fl men cf the Sound.
i Cupl. s 4}. Paul Age. at me Atlantic
fila'imn Co. and l). P. Itubinson er
I.\laynr (if Ul-.uce.stcr also a member of
the zalmvc named company are in this
‘city, '1 lu-y expressed themselves we I
‘nzeasml men l’ort TuWuseud and it
would ha: um] mbfodly their location if
‘ mr m'lmud wui built.
I’m-chive cf nimr Libby.
Th-Ira has been no more important
movomvni Evr Port Townsend for a lung
Ila)? 'bun the purchase yoatunluy ul thr
‘n'cnmer J. B. Lzbby by Sumo of our mos'
prugreasivc cittzens. Heretofurc she has
been owned by Seattle parties. and it run
in nnyhndy‘s interest it has been in the
intercst ul feunlc merchants and against
Punt 'l‘owuacnd'a interests. Her entire
management, however. has been most
wretched, and certainly but little has
been rcaliznd by anybody frum this may
excellent route. She will be tho: Angbl)‘
overhaulaal and about a thousand dul
lars expended on her. and is to be dis
tinctively a Port Townsend boat. The
price is understood to be 815,000.
German bk. Wnlly arrived from Had
locls. with lumber for Melbourne
Szuied }'e9t9rda)'.sbip Oriental in tor
of tug Tacoma from Seattle. with coal
In San Fruucwcu.
Arrived yesterday. Nor. bk. Prof.
Inhnmu from Port Gamble. lumber la—
den for Syd ney Ans.
Ship Belle O‘Brien went to 90:: last
evening in tow of tug Tyea. lumberin
duu. bound tux- Melbourne Ana.
Sunrus‘xip Umatilla will sail from this
port to Srm Francisco abnm nonu tudn)‘.
She takes 25 tons of freight. eight cabin
and 16 Iteernce paaenzers.
rtmmnbip Ancon arrived from Almlm
yexterlny afternoon. bxivging (any tons
‘of Mincellaueuus fraiabls and one [mu
:drod «xcursmmsu. She rep vrted a very
Sp easaul trip.
Sm Pmsmso, Jufy 18— Build-
Sl amer On-gnn. Portland; ship Geo.
1“. Manson. Port Townsend.
From ”0:43;": Ball).
A rich gnld mine ban been discovered
in Michigan ‘
Mrs. 310110]. is nil! evangeliziug the
Han Jun: ialuuds.
Whutcnm is enjoying a rousing boom
over her reuiroml prospects.
A big find of coal on Orcal island is
the intest thing to talk about.
Whitman county prohibitionisn are
jab-mt to nominate a Sept-rate ticket.
‘ Sfenmcr Libhy broks down, as mm].
;on Friday on her way to the Manda.
.1! r. A. H. Wintrndt‘. of the Port Tawn
a~nd Land (50.. wem up sound tmlny.
The Y. M. O. A. Mex-tins; yutu‘dsy
was He must interemng [nr tome timo
The local Chautauqua circle meets
this evening at the home of Rev. J. N.
Alex. Gr-ldenr‘en. the murderer of
Mamie Kelly in San Francisco. will be
uung Sept 1421..
Kan-m probibifioniete have new
adopted St. John's platform, (norm;
Woman sufi'mge. repeal of the Karim pro
nibnion of liquor. etc.
Mr. E. W. Brady. publisher of the
Davenport. (Iowa) Inter-State Press,
called on us last week.
The next meeting of the W. C. T. U.
will be a: the home of Mrs. Frank Han.
inga, on Wednesday afternoon at 2:15.
Mn. Gunderspu, of Seattle, who has
been visuting Mrs. Capt. Gilbert- !0r :1
week past, rammed ham») this morning.
Mr. ElwarJ Rose, who has been for
name week- past working at Sequim.
Ipent Sunday in home and returned to
hil :‘or‘r foiay,
Mr. J. .\I. L..ckblrt reco'évol wday the
In” amount n! hn acci lent posicy from
the Great Western Aocnlen: I'r‘umuoe
Company of 0..-aver. Coi.
'i but gully (still disfigure: the made
loading up the hill (mm Quin yy skeet—
Ind ondnngars pnuin.‘ v abides. i‘ha
street commissiouer id evidoutq cum:
to mm it over to his succesoor iu ufliee
as an heirloom.
The Charleston, the first government
vessel (‘Vt‘l‘ bum on the Pacific man.
was inane? ad un the 19‘!) at San Fran
.-i.;‘. . Q .~--.‘ ~.« I; -- iqng yt "7.3' la Fw
:u..u ..-~ ~u.: mgr —i=;. ‘usurd.2; 1v:-
uing as Mr. and 31rd. Jung-a Simms were:
ihauling in some hay on their piano nut
“be straits, .\lra. Simma fell from the
; can. striking nu her head and neck. Ste
I is ST)“ alive. but secm~ to he parafyzcd.
3 Her recovery is extremely doubti‘ui.
.\1 r. J. B. Dyer.uflr=.xnd'l§s. was taken
much Wurse on Saturday. 1):. Minor,
0! dvanle. Wad telegraphed fur and ar
rived ou the duct: bunt. Yizsterday
warning the awning: Wiidwuod [cuk
bulb Mr. Dyer and the dccz'zr lo :’multia.
We em lthHD‘d that Mr. Dyer‘s rcrov
cry is hardly expected.
J. Bates (‘...vasaiub. a graduate of the‘
Olympia cuHego “mimic, l‘iiS~i‘d suc—j
caurusiy the June exmmuafinn at west}
point .‘Jihxnry academy and is now u‘
linden: in that Luuvrcil izzsliiutiuu. J.
L. unyJea, son of Majvr J. R. Hayden
of Olympia, grutluaizrd the other day,
puma-r 8‘! at. West Puint, uni has been
spawn-{oi arena-J iieuzcuant m the first
artillery. l
Bump OBSASIzATI-‘ix.——C.::p'.ziina L‘rns- i
by, {Luau and Wade, [.iim enmmis i
alum-rs fur Puget Eur..- 3, ms: Friday;
evening at Spunk: sud organza-. 23 lLr'
imam! 'u_-. we ehcium nlli. \‘y‘. DrLinn I
of PM! Town e-ud, prcaident and J. G
Swan Maw-1:): I; was decided that
the first insulin; u! Um beard fur lbe cz
muumziuu nf applicants for pilots ix
cause-s sliuulJ be [191.] in Port Tquseu-i
In Angus: 4m, 1835. t
Delawuu Vomhmu 1.1:4 hm! smal‘n r
".;..=u:" mu I'reiJiu‘fi Ufevelaudr—Mia
tune uver the mat-Ker of tha- '.znmsvmhuza
of Hon. Edwin Evils 90 thfl‘t'tl himself
as agent on the Puyn’lup Indian reset
vution. l'lie I‘rrsiJc-nt Wlliidrdw (be
nouimxliuz; up»:- thr- filing n! charges
2,} Van-rhea, Ln: smm qu: Lily nu Mrs.
LI-‘lia appearing; 1n 32.5 w” the charges.
m-nt tile ll'uullntiuzz in fur the air-tune in
ac! upuu. “mi 1) rdy. uhrr carefully (ix
nuiiuxug an Hm cinrges, :.ud inking val.
uminuus [9a:il‘JUb;-'. pmmptly enufirmed
.‘Jr. Bells. t-u our dx-lcgaru retires wit;
a black eye.
Burk Matilda “as: in seattle in tow
uf ma Queen City usteru‘ny m 1..-ad eon!
fur Snu Fruucmtu.
Hm .\lullia Adams is whit-g salt from
{he Brmah loark Madrriil.
firm lv‘rauoisc-i. July 2L— ~Schr. Dash
iug Wave urrzvod today lrom Humboldt“
buy. Alaska, wuh 70.000 cmlfish for
Lynda & Howe r! (bli cny.
___...“ i
In Justice to Cuptnln Hannah. 1
- 1
To nu: Emma: “
Dear Sin—The recent letter to the
Board of Trade from the people of East
Sound, in regard to the steamer Libby
and Arclnpalngo mail service. was not
directed against the captain of tbs b 633,
Harvey Hannah. I have always consul
--red than Captain Hannah is one of the
most cnmpatent pilots on this difficult
ronlo. and flint with a good bout be
Wuuid keep regular tim" aud make remr‘
lar trips. The letter was written amply 1
to enter :1 complaint aua‘nsr the con
tractor of this mail route.
Yours obedienlly,
S. R. S. Gnu.
From 'l‘ueldu'a Balk.
Rea- estate.
Won], Lratned B'. Wiatrmla in?) a
new “ad“ todny.
Another special Alaska excureiani
See notice elsewhere.
A nioelyfutniahed mom to rent on the 9
bill. Apply at this oflice. 1'92" * 1
Did you know that we had 0 mm! 1
ee'ipse of the moon Sunday evening 1
Well. we did. ‘
Mayur Learned is having a lot of
freaheniux and cleaning done in the:
Front. of the opera building. 3
How are you. Seattle and Tacoma?‘
Port 'l‘ aw‘naoud’l real estate transactions
yesterday amuun‘eJ to 891.500.
If you want a balmy of the republi
cin presidential candidate, apply through
this office. See advertisement.
Uncle Jon. A. Merrill of Lupez island
hail been in town several days, undel
gomu Ireatmcnt by .Dr. Mavbuurg.
Among the passengers arfivin: on the
Alaskan yeamrdhy afternoon “are: Capt.
Carroll of the Ancou. and J. E. Belyca.
We have been a little bebindbnnd in
publishing real eeln'e transfers lately.
but are catching up this week. TLv
average is keeping up epleudidly.
Baa: he! 'l'reuholm of Old Tacoma in in
town vmtiug parents and friends after
an unusually Bong absence. Sun: has u
reapoumbia paihon as foreman in [lnn
acu & Co's lflW mill.
F. W Eeuvgrove received p 9: Alaskan
today, a fine light lightning expwsa
wagon to use in bi: delivery busineca.
Frank says business has so increased
Um! he needi two delivery wagons.
Mr. S. E. Cummmga o! the Gunma
oluun barbershop. has secured the mar
ncea of Mr. Gus. Banana iralclusu
harbor of San Francisco. Give mm a
The Morgan bill property in getting
quite an impetus {mm «wk (:0 the hu—
to], and from ”‘8 (act that capilalinta
are buying iherc for rancher- pruperty.
We must have a street railway la the [m
in this year.
On account of the accommodations on
the regular are-amen being taken. Good—
all, Parkm- & Co. will dispatch tho:
Itenmer Idaho from Port Townsend.
nailing on August 6111. an n apt-ciul ex
cursion to Alaskn.
Incorporatora of tho Pun Townsend
Navigation Company are: Charles Els
eaboin, J. A. Kuhn, C. l'. Clupp, James
Jones, F. W. : ctlygrova, F. A. Bartlett,
H. E. M'vrgan and I). EL Hill. They
propose to revalullou'za the steamboat
business! of the lowa Smud, in the in~
“rest of Part Townsend.
The Port Townsend Buy & szlumbin
Rivet Transportation Company. it is
nail. have necured me right of "8) for
theiriino between Pun l‘uwmeud hay
and the Coilimbin riwr. It is {unbrr
rumored Kbat this cumpuuy him' neguw
mod for 1120 .-a:!s and :.u .mmiVes. and
other rulliug stock. fur the fin: hm
miles of the road-
CAI‘DXZKD. -\'\'biie hm alvxp Amphy-i
'trim was sailing ium nu: Law?» r i.--.‘}
ovemng. the Charles hwtu-l bum «a; up» :1
r set in going out. Tnu .u-cnpnuls 4:! taw‘
bnnt found the watvrs of lhb‘ buy qmlei
_ cool and moist. One at them in»: pick!
_ ed up by Ruthchihl’r hunt and um when"l
. by the steamer WiidwouJ. ‘1 hey had 'I
‘unui‘u Me ”...; ff. 1 ’- u i'ms r'. n: 0.1
1_..." n...- E: ' ‘. :.
~ru‘:¢r:mu- 2: “W um. .13 ..1.-. :Va-nibg hi;
[the runlena: 0: max: leiatxves. Capt.‘
. }nn.l in. Thomas Jaguars. Among the]
igneets were Mr. mad Hrs. Coleman. Mr.
Land Mrs. George- Jam“, .\ir. and Mrs.
:Frank Htxstnuu, Cu;.t. 22d Mrs Jack
lman, 1111 :u d .‘Jm. Livnrmvn'. Mrs. Mor
.gan, film-3‘ B;.!;«-:-. ' rl‘t‘l’, Liltlefield.
lßruoks, LivermUle. 3.1:. Ya} no. “whit-D.
:Nflsh, Bunch; Maura “HUT-i“ Hustiurs.
Howard [ll2l. Jams: ‘sV-n 1. Faun. Pam};
Er Juan. AH [am'u-uzmml the eramug
doiigh‘du‘dy iil‘ia' iu music and games.
,Mieses Bush an! 1531“ hf: fur their
[homes this mmmng.
EnPLn‘maxr Emmy firmer: —~.\
[gvuth'm'un nmxrku g upon the mi;
I(Shimmy .‘L’E‘ thud-x} .41 i «fund an! whin
imeu, mini: "i dun‘: u‘m‘di-r n 11 Wt);
Him-J! 3: u lzrna .:v: emptuymezt barman
where men dc‘izinq v-zxpinymeur c :1] ap
ply, and “3.. :c those “when: to hirza
cnuld be. sax-pin”! nu khort no!.ce. I
ten )on {he Chimes um sharper than the
whites in thi- muHrr. iLe-y 5.32 m rcg’ll-n
intelligence oifins \\ 1m: t'm- “lg: :-e:s' ‘
wi I fill otders €l2.- Izdmrew \-:= five mu, ‘
uteuo nu Imm”. :o:ice. \ yarn! cm ‘
ploymeut bur an. under UV» sll.2):ng {
m mt. “mull ho a 5 -2b‘ 0. c :rn'dzzn-nc“ :n
For: Tow son}, bt'sidc‘! s- Ming many
a job for white men mm. are now done
by Chlnnmen. ery {cw x-mu J patron
ize Cbiuamc‘u if tiny con .I hire wink)
man without dehy and imthrr wirn
wanted.“ "- vrr} guy-d a amt-Mun. Let
some one 511 {ha i-xil m 2mg. ‘
c: an :‘u.;u.—=
The I’uurt Bmm! (thnlxhurqxzu Ass“-
cizmun um hum m :.: 1 urx :: .-:~iun on
Vashon Island t-vu: .rrnw «2.3 h) am! win
Contiuuu in seisir-u :.l:. u? bur \n-“ks.
Amen»; its :dtuacth-Ls this _x: nr is .--. rnc»
duy Salton! (k-m-eutinn, m first two
days of the r-P~MUH; then, .\hsemb!)
Duy servicus, Jniy 31%; men. :'. Mans:
teriul luslztma, Axum: L! t .7111 £50711-
aive; “1.32.1; tn-wn‘wrs’ I‘LL-1.: .2 Iméi; sir,
August 8111 u 13%;; the-n, Soho-2!. o;
SciE-uce, c.c. S:ii;_i-; mink-50!: d”)
liOkOlV will be 253114; firm}; ll.tl:t“". 3!.
sauSJU. $2; fumly flickuiv‘. .75. Lymr
siana Will be rm. z-u tliw 'v'ill'l'Jll‘. ciuuuzi
arc-(imam, and u git-Lu! snmuivr gamm—
in; is unlit-uni” L A tuwn 5.14.: has
been laid ull‘. cnvrrirg 127 mics. and au
nuctinu axle of luL-a. will he Len] :‘.ugun
lst. Rev. D. J. Pun-re o! Seaide is
presdeat uf tin: Asmcialion.
_\ Mystery In our 3H1!“-
Mrs. Samson. tin: oulcbrulcd basilica:
and test medium \vlm 11.15 been creating
such an excikmc-u‘. dining t2.u last few
months in Seattle :md Tucnzua. has just
:urrinul in our cil,- :i;.i has taken rooms
at tho Dt-Im-miuu llutul. farmed)" Mc-
Our-l: Building. All prces Devices
speak most flnneriugly of this lady's
marvelous gift. She hit-- numerous tes
timonials from men of prominence which
would eatiufy the must skeptical that
the lady merits pt‘faCLlfll investigation.
Also that Mrs. Sumsun is not only a mu
dinm of remarkable power. but ucul
lured lady and is pleasingto meet so
cially as wall as in business rezatious.
Her reception room is So. 13, Delmon
ico Hotel.
Am. bk. Jan. A. . uurlm :1 want to sea
this nmrninz in luv u' in; Imnier
bunnd for Sun 1):e;n
S. S. Mexicu :urm-d last eveninc from
Sun Francisco SM- dmcburged 80 was
or (might for I'm Tu'-\'lis€sd and left at
‘lO im- up Sound:
‘ Br. ship Amphylnlc. Capt A. Auder
8,1“) Murder, nrrch-l yes'enlny for San
‘ c rnucxsw.
SAN FBA.‘.’(‘I~CJ. Ju'y il—Arrived—
ship (‘3 ms Wu‘mfi-Id Irum Seamle;
s‘eamer Unlumhiu from l’urtland. hkm.
l'uxtlaml from Shun! \Valr-r [5213;5me
on Arnuu and Charles B Kaunymad
ship Pa‘myru [rum Beams. Sailed—
Ship Falamfi' for Pnrtiand.
EN :L“Z—-Neur Couucvil)». u! Hze home
of the parents. nu Muxulany, July 23.
Jade. daugblr-r u-fJuhu P. 1:1;«1 Anuxs
H. EugEa. :Lg: d s}r.'lL-’.
[she ulna.»- whirl) carriu-I away this
little mm was uhlmrt duration The
Ins; £1125 [manly up m .m- and-stricken
parents ] ‘
. MAuuuzu. 1
MolN'i‘YuE moms In this can.‘
Jul) 16. 1888. Ixy Hvrv. D 'l‘. Curlmbm.
Mr. Junee BIMnIMer (1.311.“ Emmr
Hubby, nil of Jefiiersuu canal}.
Auchon Sale.
At Hu- Custom l!l.llrL‘. B.2‘unluy. Aug.
4th, at 3 p. m. ”w eff-mu; «:ftwndu
cem‘cd u-ngucn “-111 he MN at public
auction to the Ham‘s! bidder.
. 11. BAEXI. L'. :4. S. Cum.
1 . ‘. w '
111111118? 511661111 EXBHLSMH.
The 1'.(7 (‘o's steinzship Idaho \\‘il SXI for
.\lu>ka nu or n! nut .\u;n~1 L-th lrr-nn~' '.zi-h
--111;: l ‘ILVJH the Z!PPI\'O‘S m' :16 nppnrx- ni'y wih
pix-um- (‘11! :1 mm‘. H. L. T 1513: l.‘ Jl:.,
A-ru'nl. I’m-u; \V;x.‘.r|’.
l‘ort Tuwqu-ntl. .141; ‘24. I‘.».
1 ' tlmtare frfltful, ppm-Ssh,
1 B®\Q% cross. or troubled with
1 W'indy Colic, Teething Pains. or
Stomwh Diaoxders. can be mlieved
a one. by using Acker‘s BabitSoother.
It contains no Opium or orphine,
home is “to. Price ‘25 cents. Sold by
Sold. by human: & Cu.
mwymdck. "graham
Wlmuho wan-Child. shocfied forCutorh.
When Ibo became mu, the clung to Cutout.
Whoa mud Chfldnn. the give than Cumrl:
___— \
A roomy, otigi'u‘e sfuru building: 2'113!
{991, in SiZ'; fun.- :0 .::H ":1 3:11:71“! “-1- r
Locutinn um. the max. rscniio utf r fag);
ily rota“ {tn-3:2. 'l‘_\‘%- r stn 21!, vppnsif: ‘
public 53113:]. Inquzw m' ‘
JAz. Funmnu.
PHI“, 'rn‘fi'lfl-z‘iu‘n. June :13. 1555
W--.” - '-_—___-
“\s‘o‘3-I‘.’ THE
/ ".- "- 09
9 ... - .. , .. A
(I "74'134 -‘,. (I
s3l.lv'-’eu§,. 2,-7 6}
S 42“»? $3 -" z :2";- 6
4, {29, , T
D -- -’\ ,1 1.
Q “1"?" “‘l3; ,‘4‘
,_ ’' - 52'. g
g J 393531 “:'.: a
, : M 3- .: . J - g
5 55;" ‘ .j'ézlw "- 2w?» 5
_‘ '51:" 7‘l’s' L -.-,’e" :. ilk-Av? '
$3,325!"- ' ‘47:; ._ 5;: - ”34%,.
L, “-..: ~12??? “4'l“
"5 11.51%“: ~--~;: 9; f'r»t‘:‘.‘._~
- we a u
2.923)..” -; '.« "95%;;
Canaan”; sf“: Lll4 L, 3' 141.71; ofladl
fl -. .- »- ..-- “ um; .
- =c-“ror'roxr
. ..-..,:‘LJV. {a l
‘ ... - ""'>r-'\rr\f.
n . . > , ' . V .V ‘1
("-l' ‘I :...-... ' a},
3:. _cl hri.-u“;'. .: :'.v ,;r_',' ..i z. .: 'x -'. Hf?” : LC".
«ms 2: 1:. ramps (”cam :..—2l L 2 :2 ’Lrat 1n the Said. 0:
"tum fuignimhrs and Speual letm§scnl {ltclu an.
W 1!” 2“ 9—oo. Pfitgpflmfi‘d. Hus.
The Great Measure 50 Long Before
’ the House i: P 353251 at. Last
'\\‘A:~ul.\‘src-_\', Ju y 21. Tim :zub'rp :
in the hum: lu' reprr‘ivht 53- ’1 “Hr
:mmlmi nth sputum” enriy time Her
.145. unwell-d w;- the annual-Cement L'utu
(«Jay wmxfd nine» um u M u.’ i 920
r 93: fur if :iriuua and um v4l! (41131.9
Him] pit-53:? .:f :119 Mfih i-hl, Only I? e
‘9). exam: and =x:p‘-vc‘al C annexie: ware
fmnnl 1.1 :zddu; m tn Hm. cruwdze ‘: ge-L
c z: r‘ a larJ- L“:‘!ui-":l':’-" grru'c} UL .lr
ximu Eliiin "Ah-en hen: H- n. in‘ pi (e In
c'n~(' [l4- de-imt. l’rumplly a? (‘.-nap
:il‘i'lh'l‘i Mm. .126 bi“ had bu I: (7.11813 l3]!
and Hun-211m!) .\lr. .\l:iE-. :n’ler ”if-mu:
farm mum-dramas Shivmhd h; cnrru'f {be ‘
U} HgmpLE-"u! urnyrs in Hui hi”, xmwxd ‘
the pnvi'ms (pl-3‘50” 0:) Hum ngd Hm} 1
ev-Jr m} Tic-l. Hr? Urn pmcredvd ("1
address the house. beginning by stating.
n: 9-. ”1:12“: . 1' t!=-- finance ':f Hm unV-i
-rmun~:;=. [ifs-rug tic >E:‘§!:U3‘ 24:329. 1
JELGI 3 This. LP >55 A. >2: , (.1 :.rrent that
‘:chhuzn of :Le rc‘pz‘lsentnl‘ivel and
51:21:» clear tine necessary tax drawn
from the pengrlc and piiod up in :he
framing. It was iaxni‘m Evin! an the
--r: duct m' inlwr; it was an iniq'n'y; an
'h‘ifL'J'lufi Lm'rnnt u.’ mum-y Was con
-{III4”}LIV-THU:[IIIL'PI-Lflli‘! pfhu; on H.l
m; 171: um land «1:: hihur and inert-hing
ir ln-mfiis nf Um prn'ili-gz-d Pluswr.
3lm': In”: ucahfi: Iv [wrote s’aguutiun
maul «can, and bankruptcy and rum
2! «'2: tugcllwr m the land? The muj )r
--;!y Lari «an: Im} tn hri 1;; lwf hr? KM»
house a bi” tn ruluce :'ms tcxntmu and
mseu the iufl .w n! money into Hm- Iran.
' (I‘ol r, at Imru, \Repuiilicziu) Vuhd
} 2 it}: NW D 'lzz-‘crms. lidndziH “Mn
1 _.‘zni I‘. Elli Huge. 1:! first Virglfi'ia.
3 ’2 1:“ wan-m: (incstnm “as then u.-
‘ Z::::-~J m: the line! [assign «if {he {lii}.
Hui j-‘..‘% :.ui maya erlv) Uldx‘li'J. ‘80!“-
Im, :::.1 20-1} u ivth r Imm Randall ask
»,.'l~h-;mivc& With a friend uf 2L;- biii.
azi-i ('l;vf;‘:‘-“ir';: l;linl‘t‘”dl§tlul‘:i)' Ih'p
;«im’d 1:) Its) p.‘.-l~§‘[.'(‘. Tilt: mm: was 2h»;
(“guy or the final pawn-. 9of the, h 1!:.
am} icsultei: YL-xn', 162; Mi) 5,19 L.
3‘. “flux. of Pennsyivania; Gunman and
{2.135. at New Yurk. Democrats, vukd
against the bi“; and Fitch, 0! New Yum,
m 1 Neisuiz, of Minnesota. Voted for it
l‘lm four independent members also
Vntt‘d yen. <
When the Spuukt r ammunced the [as
auge uf {he hill the Dimncruta broke in
to chm-rs and wan-d hzuzdumzs wzldly in
-hc :'.ir. Humans, Republican. ironicaii;
«um-3d to Like a recess til! bi! o'cluck a:-
mi» was the 27:11 no .iivexsnry of the bat
:ie of Bull Run. The lficimbiicnns in
mm greeted this sully with laughtvrncd
ipplziusc. The mution to adj-mm until
don-day vim defeated by a Vote of 79 lo
2.00, and tho house took a recess until
a“ p. m. ___—___
Street Work.
Stu-ct Cummissioner McCabe says he
.183 known all the time about that nu~
ightiy guiiy on the Jefi‘cn—uu sin-e:
4rmln, but be had no alxihorily to havé
it fixml. The city council has ban] nu
menu}: eiuce H2O damagn t-- the guide
{winch was some time in Jnuoilud the
«met Commiitrc “mum tutu bu aciiun,
.xm‘. he has been afraid to ur-Je: the neu
v-sr=:;r_v repairs mnde fur fear 1w might
inva to [my frr it nut n! llinuwfz In cket.
m: the ground 1;! having acceded his
authority. Here is a purity - air. of inf
’(urb! A street mmmislduner who is a
a unnentit)! What is the use of having
I. a:reet cummissinner who has no an
.!xuril_\‘ to act? W hat do we have u'
street commie-inner for? What in {he
use of having a citv council 5:: careless
”1' 322; (if indim‘rem that it wnn‘t nllend
lucefiugs? If Mr. McCain-'5 underat‘ud
mg of pchl’S is currcct. then it is time
he new city government were taking u
a departure fr-vm entabhshrd custom
art us him? a cnmpetem man in llr: of
iicc. whvever he may lie—.\lcOkbc m
..r unybndy else—and iet it ['9 his bush
‘ mess to keep the at rests in gond ceud'.
i mm. and let the oily pay necessary ex
Memes. This thing ul' hunng one of
am principal lbumughfarcs all but im
;m:‘s;iblc for a mouth or two at a time is
an untrage on (*1: payers.
A Red Letter Day
Yusturdzw was a. red l-etier day fur
.‘uzll estate businos-r. Mr. Law, from
Naudluml, Gal. purclzasud Block 10
{mm cum. Eiseubois fur $50,000 It
:s the largest transaction mar cou
~uunumed in Port Townsend prop
~l‘Ky. li. im-ludos three brick build
ings ou the sea. wall front. and in con
-i|il‘ri‘(l remarkably cheap. Mr. Low
’llfio banded the A. I. Smith property
ygypusize the Cemrul—paying a. for—
Tl: thereon, the transfer to taki
plnce within lwculy days. Then, a
at of properly was sold in the Eis~
unbois addition. one piece on Mor—
;un’a hill, and Mrs. Pugh’s residence
properly wba-re she now lives, north
at Luwrencusxroet. In all, “10 um—
.)uut; of :u'luul tranqactims figural
1p to 59L500 for the day. One can -
x'eyuucer told us be had exocuted
wrenteeu deeds. and had six more to
till out. ihis morning.
. _ ..-________._
'1 he Northern Pacific flouting mills
)f Walla Walla have been started up
Boulanger has been defeated in the
Jopartment of Ardeche for the cbnm
ber of deputies.
Ne‘son Bennett has interested bim
sclf largely in Ruby. and tbv citizens
In k fur :1. boom. -
Genera! Harrison iz-x said to be the
widest {awyer who has _bccn [xv-milk
Med for the presidency m fifty years.
Wm. 'l‘. Coleman of San Francisco
has come out with an 0111-: to credi~
tars today to settle for forty cents on
the dullar. .
le two win-. 2: of Hm deumcmiic
party am- nu? flapping u gsilmr this
year. 'i‘in- {um-Unic- vim: h «1 up:
uli the busimr-s.
The Luudun lmWipnpd‘s say tum
CEM'elnmi v~ H~ gold :1 fr:-»- trader as
ULL])\I\'H,NXM§ that ha :.rymnudh me
the 5:21:19. They knuw!
“'c :m: 'mfunnod that xha- Sunlnwm-l
cm Cw.) and 'l'r.w.~|n~rt;niun (‘mnpany
have 5! H their coal mine at scam» to :‘.
company from (':zlifol‘hiu The nun-mu
pa'x): uxpovt to luvu :1 Large fun-... of mun
to \\‘Ol‘k as soon as they get thcir bu=§ucss
l.x:-l tut—('cmmlizl .‘qu'r.
The. er‘f-“i ‘l‘ pine-M Ii s- yopulutiun
0 S vi.::l‘:t~cn'-nly at 25.'4}1',zu:d says
ta“ \‘ I'- rs' ’i‘v :I- u-z‘ty \VI“
XL» 3' :2 ,:..x.'-. 1,. I. .~ - 2: 13 had l;.u~
die 13,,3151'i3 Hun-dc;- :L-nu ll «AL-e:-
vase would ban
Eb:\¥§}:“}:g‘ if: '_
%1 f 3 3’ 9 . 1
31‘ 11$ ‘3l: "13-3 2 .» ' 1
, .: ::i; " 1"; f“ " .g :2
11111111»; 11;“ ‘ ' ~11.
f for ififafits and Children.
f “Onstorlnissowefl mapmmchiidre: 131:: g cut-. 131: cums Colic. Constipation.
. lrercmmrnd izumpanormnnyp;-I.;a.saaz E {"3"}? FIGS-421211. l'zairrhrcm, Erucmuun.
5 ”Home." FLA. A 2112?" 11.3,, 3 12:5,)": (5515. was 31:41». and plumoma dz
m&Wfi&-mfimyn,ll. 1:. iwsri‘fi'i'iikam
Tu: l‘.‘:~ 11;; (Luau-r. T.‘ lhu-my urn-1, ,\‘_ Y.
‘6": ‘- 1 ~;- ‘1 . ~-- 31‘: ‘."i‘»' 3"“ "h (4fl3lrlL—‘afk 11.n’n’7nifr‘l’fl-LIW
ELEA— 11.3 £111.; E 1
's'” - f.’ ”1.."
3113 11 ha. 176 a .11: 113' lots and
, _ we ' 1 0
blocks 5.11 3233:1331 .2 ‘3l:. addl
c a_e ___. ( —.~~ ”:'.,"
tum. 9 whmh 11,313 1.11 sell at
J:- ra ' . . , “-
mosb 11131.3..3131121'3113 11113153 for
o 1" "3?’ Pa '7 74 3"
131115 $576631; "Ell7ll 13311 1111173 on
1 . » 1 3,49 ,5"; 2:!“ 3 i .
our 115333 11111111 1111011311 Bum
» "‘l‘? °. "2 .1». .1: 1
11938 1%, 11333111151119 property,
- -:3 ‘ , '
Impmvell 311.1123 11111mproved
.. 40‘ 7Sr” 9’. '5 ‘1"; "3 A- .
farmmg .._:1119 1111111135, etc.
Gall 2222:: 22:22:: a fine bar
gain before 12252922; go: up.
Clus. {fn\:\()%ll)b ”553:. 1.1"..‘-.l!f'~.'l‘.l). A. H. \\‘INTRODE.
FOR? TGViil‘éiwéß LAND CO’Y.
“’E‘lie IIXI‘IIISIII‘ lévzzl Estate .Igmry."
Port Townsend, - - Wash.
P. ,0. Bq; 178. ' Cul'i'cr~}'7o[n(lL‘HCL‘ solicited.
F. 6. Harper & Co.
Gents Furnishing Goods and Hats.
Stationery, Fancy Goods, Notions, 850
flext to Union Whai‘f.
Has-sings; _zjn‘i‘szé Addltlonl
Blocks, 240x300. Lots, 60x110.
I Streets 70 IL, 20 ft. Alleys.
500 Lots an fins Addition for sale!
1200 LOTS m HASTINGS’ ‘23 lii—lslM}; 100 LOTS m HAsnuns
Redu’tion in Price to those who will Build. Price of Lots
from SSO up. No Commissions, as we own these Lands.
01118:“ Property for Saié nit—tie; iPiznmsula and waterfront.
Real : Estate : Brokers.
General Eeierehandise,
. x , “3"3“; 2": I , 3‘3.
I P 032" 2'.
V Gait}? ’ i” i “EISEEIIII‘; {EOQiizg I,
' .kru :.. 5,» z: .- .3 V - :2: —»: 1.“ :‘ ’.IUAIJ'I‘II‘I“.
, ”“2 er. '7 '7 " “-7-
- I 3:33,. ,7 , , (3.: Imy rim. or LIL-Jam. Luau”!
I A omen-011mm and was mummy GUARANTEED-

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