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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, August 09, 1888, Image 3

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be»; Littler w.:.'. t . VL'LII’LA _imtunhy
'l'uo Call w“ z.- litliu “of" 1:: ant; v.lO
-Mr J:-.|.\'\‘ .m‘. 151 rem-vol ..I z:;-~
puiutmom u. we (‘untulu serum.
I:3V (1. E. ”Ali‘v luf‘n {yr 8!.” [‘E'P'“.
Sound his mun/I.x. Ha has Ll.- hr
nngemmu Imm» fur the hutLim; 1.. HM
mecgiau cinch Lure.
WON on £ll9 (1; lw‘mlinn w' (7-W
--i‘bria. Willmms‘ Lev. review a .3 Lazy
pushed furwurd “pally.
'1 h! .\lurguu Lott-l xchrty 15 “11:1:ng
on tawan‘. Gland-"mu. Thu-Cnljriu'iul‘
his Md tu nu we all .-t the “L! hass
meu’. ‘.imlnrs un‘l ~.u.~:;um !.o\F unes.
'l‘bv Wurk u frugrogbxu" a." fun a»; p ~aai
S 911.- Dur “31102;”:inthmurng
lum‘ael 2adeu. ‘mm Tucuuw.
Nu. ship Una-nun 1;!le lSr. bk. Sher-
WtH-‘l are in the harbur uu-kmg cums.
:rhay u:o uffi-riug a b mus 1;! Ln. nl-rllura
each f»:- 53110:: but 1h»; demand 15 [or
SWO‘UIh bk. [Moria awn-l yaeterdn)
from Snn Pedru.
SAX Fuasmsc‘», July I}l.~.§rri\'ed
—-Hum..ars Mexico, from \ it‘tun t. and
Cusumnia, from Portland. Eaxxlcnir'
Barkeu‘iuo Ruben Sudden frn'm Pun
Tuwuarud. and bark Chas. B. hm-ucy.
f 0: Porn 'l‘uwunoud.
'l‘hz'lncadiun l'ncifi': steamer Aber
mt: Linn: “um gnaw; !;,',~-~ :44 \_'_..
(bonver .hiu mormzzg. I‘m: steamer aids
436 (TLJ-u In Sun Francisco‘s Asiatic
or) .ny.
Front Thur-Ida) ’3 Daily.
The lawn of l’uyullup is ineurpumud.
Cal. Porkina left this morning for up
When will track laying commence on
our nailtond?
Prof. R G. Kerr left for Walla Walla
this morning.
\\o want to sea plenty of oytluy mesa
du; u in advertising ‘mr city.
Ex-Gnv. Squire is vary sanguine of a
grout republican victory this fall.
S .aamer Dispatch went out on time to
day with a tuli land of passengms.
Liz. John ’:my who has been sick for
some walls in recovering very slowly.
Kr. (Jon-igan bu built up a lino trade
——nnd his competitor “in keep i: grow
Tim transfer of the steamer Libby is
snug-leis. It is reported that she will
but a new master.
(3.1!. Wood did the honors of the city
to Col. Perkins of Tacoma and other
“ranger: this morning.
Cur Building and Loan Association
could get in some gnod work now it they
would tnkl: hohl vigorously.
Bonn very heavy real‘eatate transac
tion: are in the wind for today.
T. 5!. Hammond at. is oflering his
homo tn.- aalo. This is in the rear of the
City Ila“ and is a fine piece of property.
A valuable howl property is for sale.
A chums to make a fortune for a man
'ilh name means. Apniy to the Anacs
W. are glad to see that Lowes‘ new
building is going on and work is pro
graming finely. It will be a valuable
ndditio ) to his fine property”
Burn: Calhoun takes charge of the
Hastings Commission House today——
hnvrng purchased tho business. Look
out for an advertisement tomorrow.
An esrnost wort is being made to
laws new judicial district created in
the northern part of Western Washing
ton with Port To'nsend as its centre.
Do thoee outeide papere which our
people ere eo eager to buy end tor-which
they pey out e 0 much money help our
town very much? We tether thing not.
Through the resignation of Capt. Ca r
rell.ot the Anoon, Cepr. Frank Worth
will be elevated to the position of Puget
loom! pilot, which he is temporarily
Teeome Selvetiouiete have had 3 hel
lelujeh wedding. They charged ten
eente edmiaeion and eold brideacako ut ‘
teenty-five cent- per alioe. That is the;
vey to ettend to bueineee. Hurrah for‘
Hoe ell tLe energy of the city in
eteemboet mutton been exhausted be
eeuee one eteemei he: been bought am!
one route put in good node? We hope
not. Let the P. T.’l‘. Co. show its en
ergy Icon.
The O. P. Steamer Aberdeen arrived
yeeterduy in Sen Francisco from Bong
Kory end was immedintuly placed in
quxeutine for three days. This action
eeene to be to guard against cholera al‘
though there were ne symptome on
board. .
Cspt. Jss. Carroll, the pupnlar old
tame oommnndsr for the P. C. Co . has
rosianod. Capt. Lloyd. the pilot, will
tsks command of the Anoon. Cspt.
Usrroll rotirss to root sud enjoy his for
tlno. He will dchlop some or his val-l
loblo Alosks mining properties.
Port Townsend is just sinking. Bhs
hos been known as "l‘ho Sleeping
Beauty" long enough, Now. however.
ottor so long s sloop 5110 at least needs
the ordinsry usual spplinnco for success.
Give ho: s tow thonssnd dollors worth
at sdvonisinc more than she is now ro
It. LU. Peterson. of the Loans foroo,
is doing good work for our city by oer
rosponding with vsrious Scondinsvinn
newspapers in rogord to tho odvnn~
tones ofPort Townsend and the lower
Bound country. lie is already receiving
many letters from pruupéctive emigrants
snd we may confidently :11th a great
influx of these hardy sons of the north.
They moko tho best of citizens.
What say the powers that be to the
utonsion of Water street around to
Bullock! We roslly think that scood
traded road around the bay would [36‘
ono or the finest improvements pouiblsl
to our any. Its building could bone-1
computed by the combined efi'orta of
sit;-, canny. Novelty owner: and public‘
costs-bath)“. Then we would hsvea
at“. “lualed by nothing in the nation.
We intend to keep atthis untilsome
thing i I done.
In the matter of our Y. M. U. A.
reading them is the absence of several
toatnrrs which will soon be very essen
tial. The list or periodicals is by fur too
small. Msny of our p€nplel who take
good family newspapers, cuuld do a
flood vork by taking them to the rooms
after they us read and putting them on
file to. be rorosd. Wo need many more
m tho- '0 hove now. We slso‘
m-vd Emu-r Conveniences fnrcurreqnnd
llL'l‘ an! sumc wetmes on the «ails to
maL-c the flaw mnrv ‘umnwiihc. “'1”
n .t a mu .-€ 0:)? vitmeus add us It: this
mutt" : No 212,-” Wurtluy übj-ct can
u "no l‘rf-Tc 1h»: cumzzmuity for its gum!
licv. lb. T. (‘.1:::u.1;.n. pastor n! the
Fannie-rid: (“Lurch 1!. lL‘m cxly. is in
Mattie. humming .. czn‘ximl mveti-"g wt
txn- l‘ugut Snun-l Fwd-fiery. Among
the In mi. of Luann: was the urdzumng
u.’ “NF. l'ZEh-th \Y Brown. and bisiu-
Btuiluimu as pasta: If 11m Fxtst Presby
terian Church of Smittie.
Built. .\L-rne. tin: puebluurcute of Free
Mu:ul~.'_i. i: 11-‘iul. H 25 lmme was at La.
Grang», Ky. lie mm :qzrd sevufly. Mr.
.\lurrn mil kw remom‘zwre-l as the ex
crmhngiy pleasant uhi gentleman who
pnd 1' «t 'i‘mnmuml a visit luat winter
35115;.nzuiu Mn! Y M. C. A. 1‘8" and a!
the l‘xcshyiunau Church. While he”:
he In; 1c max.) friendsv
No letter xu'lzcatmu of the growth of
Part 'l'uwuxcud can be hum] than in the
fact that (me merchant hilor estabhah
mum. {Lunch started only hut year. is
foam! insumciuu for iimfield. Behav
xu; H: Um impurmnce of the upeuxug.
.\lr. Chm-led J. Audrcw. has opened a
second smh establishment. Mr. Au‘
drawn :3 thuruughly Competent and Will
bu. i up a good trade.
. ilrit. Lttn. Jnnziiu 15. :'.rrwul frr-m
‘K‘u '-~ 'llnn]. --_.:; Lam: luau...r i... and
lu:_. ... . ..r; (infill-in.
l likt'). Kitsap :’.rriv .l )r-txdy from
ill-mz-‘uiu Ei.-11ntli\rl'iyrt Gambia:
i llk. Slurrisct :.rrin .l in h w uf tug
g'l‘ut-urzm. ‘.‘ytm {WHCUL'JCJ to Tacoma to
'inml lurnlicr fur ll:" CH}.
l'ug Hulmlr l-fnllglll dawn from Sent
tlu the s!le l'vm limilmri currllullou fur
l Schr. Dom blum aniied out last oval»
l iii: lumlwrln-lt-n fur 'Friscu.
i From Friday's Dolls.
| New Vity (low-rumeut.
l llurruh fur u'rout wurk.
i Man wanted fur street work.
Fifty men will probably be employ ed.
Capt. L. B. Hastings is off to Seattle
Capt H. L. 'l'rbbnls went to Portland
this morning.
The City Council Will inaugornte a
new era tonight.
At. ‘ast Art will combine with nature
in making the prettiest city in America
onthe Quimper peninsula.
Some white laborers were threaten
ing to strike for $3.00 per day. That is
a little too good a thing. gentlemen.
A labor Burenu is a necessity no v if
our white laborers are to have the work
that must he done in Port Townsend.
Capt. Tibbnls and ex-Congreeeman
Hill are still trying to trade in the mat
ter of the corner lot on Water and Tyler
streets. Only #SOO separate: them now.
Washington street witl be the first
beneficiary of the new city government.
It is the most needed improvement in
the city. Let it be well done, is the ad
vice of the Amos.
The foliowing business men are (he
trustees of the incorporation of the Port
Townsend Transportation Company:
Messrs. Eiocnbeia, Clapp, Jae. Jonas, F.
A. Bartlult and Thou. Jackmsn. The
popes: of incorporation have been for
warded lo Olympia to be filed with the
Territorial auditor.
A party 0f laborers, decoyod over to
Roche Harbor with ‘he promlu of plenty
of labor at $40.00 per month and board
went on the Libby Wednesday. Wheu
they hrrived. however. they found they
were allowed but 827.50. All returned
'ho had money enough to get back.
That kind of operation may pay but not
Muse Wooden, who hee been doing the
oity,in the intereet of the great W. C.
T. U. temple in Chicago. reporte 125
names of children in the Port Townsend
band. She sends forward 818 50 n For:
Townsendl contribution. She called at
this office to extend her thanks to Mrs.
Hinds. Mrs. Dennison and the entire
city. She said the treatment accorded
her was uniiormly kind and polite
SAX Fnaxorsco. Aug. ‘.L—Jl‘he barker:-
tine City of l’apeete arrived from Tahati
this mowing. carrying the crew of the
schooner Don Leon, which we- wrecked
near Marquee“ inland. the latter part
or April. The schooner was bound for
this port. and. together with her cargo,
‘vee worth about 830,000.
The Steamer Wi'dwood has gone on
the head: et tho foundry for repaire and»
pain .
'rugn Biz. Queen City, Blah], and
Tye. are in port.
Steamer Libby is doing uplondidly
now. It helped her to be sold.
Schooner Granger is loading It Cluppfl
wharf and commission house for Dunge
From latnrdax'l nails.
Read Go). Wood‘s new advertisement.
Mr. Curry of Portland. OL. 3 real as
tate dealer, is takingin fibia city.
The railroad company should have:
hundred men It word audios and
track-laying this month.
The ancnon we or deceased aenmnn'u
efl‘ecu. which was to have taken place
today, was pouponed till Monday.
Maura. D. W. Smith and 'l‘. N. Hal
lar are to take Judge Langford and wife
for a drivo through the city “Ji‘ after
Bed Estate ban-ter- palerdly
Imouuted w 815.800. 0! shin amount
Ila-an. Kuhn and Eisenboil sold 81].-
800 worth, to some half a dozen different
Capt. Binudi has purchase} the two
lots in Mrs. Sullius‘ half block or resi
dence property on the bill. for 32,500"
and will erect thereon several residence
buildings. Cheap property.
Among the passengers from here on
the steamer Alaskan fur up Sound this
manning were: W. 1. Ratings. Capt.
Chris. Juhannem‘u of the schooner Oscar
and Hattie. and J. F. Mclntyre. the P.-I.
correcpoudent in this city.
Judge “’. J. inngford and wife of
Wells Walla. arrived from up Sound yes
terday. The nupreme court is taking a
recm, owing to (‘uief Justice Junea’ ill
-0051, and Judge Langfuzd is improving
the opportunity to see a liltie more 9!
Puget Sound.
Mr. Sullius [ms put some very fine
vegetables on exhibition at Enocn Plum
mer's store. They include about half a
dozen difleunt kinda or our staple pro
ducts, and will be good for sore eyes if
any have come from the interior as
"doubting 'l‘homasee" about our cape
[ Real Esau- Exchange.
1 A zap-ting of L‘w- various read estate
firms at tlns city was he” at the office
H-f Mchnvm md Wow] yeah-“luv Micr
gau-m. ’i'xm PolLuu-x; firms were rapto
ianutvl: iixstinga and Limefigld, Pun
i'rOWSlSt'li‘i Land (k... A. W. Bush. Oliver
'2 “700-1. B S. .\ILHI-V. Furl-mun and Hank
im'nrui. Mclutj re and Wood. Wm. H.
:‘Vhimflt‘y. and. the Argnd Agency.
1 Oliver anl Wfli callsx‘x wt'm chair
laud J. F. Mclntyre eh'ute-J [rum-Hmy
'se.‘n-:ary. The ohjvot.‘ of the meeting;
IWcrn at? furzh l-y tixz- chair. and a Real;
; Estate Exchange was ”menu: «I, the lc-m- ‘
{pomry (men-u bring mwln [h-rumneutw
I Mo~srl, ("mun B. \Vum]. B. S Miller and]
IJ. I’. Mclntyre was app tiutcd 358 com
imittw In draft a constxmtixm and byinwsl
fur tln- orgrmizuliuu. Sewrul nun‘uu
‘Nmzs mire passed. the must prominent
{of \legr‘h was us full-m‘s.
I RH-‘mm-zn: That my, nnd after August
10:11 no rmi estate. will be hmrlled by
any momiwr u: this Exchange. cxcupt
under written ugru‘mout with the nwnural
tbvrrnf. Tho Exv-hange thou adjourned, |
to meat npxt Friiny. AugJOllz, ill-I'3o
I l’. .'\l. at Hm . Him of .\lclutyrn X “3’0“”!
whil‘h mil probably [)9 selected as per
mnuvnt headquarter]. ' {
l I. o. u. 'l‘.
Fulhjwiug Illlit'z'rn inltzrllt’d lust CY!!!-
iug lny Mrs. H. F. Phillips G. Lodge
I h....--o;.-~
i (‘nlf‘f l‘cznplur. A F. Learned; Vice
I'llc'nz'lar. Ga: Butler: Secretary. It. E.
firm-manna]; Ant. Src..Lou Stocknud;
'l'rtuanrer, Lem; Stucknml; ('hapluiu.
Belle Slucknnd; Marshal, R. P. Seminoll;
Dept. Marshal, hinrthu limiter; Guard.
jAler-d Greenwuml: Sentinel. Wm.
‘Wilkoa; Juvenile Templar, Ella; Thorn
} hm; Past t‘hiet Templar. W. F. Learned.
i ANOTHER Bun-x _ «Messrs C. 0.
[Bartlett & Co. yvstcrday lot a con~
‘trnct to (ieurge Sturrclt to erect u
llargo three story brick illnldlllfl on
the cornor of Madison and Water
strvut, opposite the foundry. This
building will. when complete. form a
splendid addition to our business
U. S. surveying steamer MoArthur is
in the harbor.
British ship Sherwood, lumber laden,
was tuwed to son yesterdny by tug 'l‘yee,
bmmd fur Hubsuu's Buy, Australia. 3
Brit. bktu Jennie B. was towed from}
this port In Tacoma yesterday. by tugl
Biz, to load lumber fur Sid uey.
Bktn Retriever arrived last night from
San Francisco. and was towed to Bad
luck by tug .‘dugul.
Schooner Omar and Hattie sailed for
Seattle yesterday, where she goes to dis
charge. the larger part of her salt supply
and take on ice in the place of it. She
will go out for a catch of fresh fish.
Nurweuiun ship Hoideu wan towed to
this port by tug Rainier this morning,
lumber laden from l'ort Gamble for Hot
Am. Ihip R. R. Thnmpson goea to son
from Port Discnvery today in tow of tug
Pinueer, bound for Melbourne.
Steamship Umutitla arrived from up
Sound this morning. She took from
here 455015565 canned salmon and 90 bar
aela Suited salmon and proceeded to Vio
toriu. ‘
From Mozaare Dally.
Mechanics all buey
More carpenters neended.
More bricklayer: in demand.
New house; in all directions.
Laborers of all kinds in demand.
Moro piling along the water front.
Capt. R. W. doLiou went up Sound
Rev. A. Laubnch of Port Discovery is
in town.
Capital is pouring in here from ell di
More money being brought in for in
Judge Lnngford and wife have gone
to Whatcorn.
The Anacs job rooms are overcrowd
ed with Work.
Miss Annie Busby lett thie morning
for Portland.
Mr. Levi (‘ays‘ new residence will
be completed.
Grease the wheels of the boom —end
keep it moving.
More brick buildings on the flat will
be announced.
Work on Mountain View Hotel pre
gresses steadily. i
The candy maker hoe spread his tent‘
on the county lot. ‘
Mr. Devoe‘a tine new residence in ad
‘mired by everybody.
Paint and plaster are being slsthered
‘aronnd quite lively.
‘ Late street improvements on the hill
make a good showing.
1 Mr. Fuge'e new buildinge form quite
la little town 0! themselvue.
i Dr. Minkter goes to Csutrulia tonight
‘to look after property interests.
‘ Mr. Busby is about to erect a new
Edwelling for himself and family.
‘ Bartlett's new brick block will bee fea
ture of the business part of town.
The new buildings on Mr. Lane's prop
erty are rapidly assuming shape.
Our boom is moving fast enough to
make some of the old timers dizzy.
Another new dwelling in Portuguese
town beck of llestinge homestead.
Capt. Biondi has already began cleer
ing and improvtng the Buttons lots.
Transite clearing and street Work in
the suburbs are being carried on rapidly.
We hope the extension and grading of
Water street will soon be eceompliehod.
Y. M. C. A. monthly business meeting
this evening, at the library room in their
Mr. Will A. Pain, agent .'or Cham
berlnin .1- Co. of Des Moines, lowa. is in
town .
Mre. Plummer‘s new dwelling house
in the Plummer addition se about com
Port Townsevd nee-la live correspond
ents of all the lending Pocific coast news
The steamer who is expected here
this afternoon from up Sound, to sail for
Capt. Dalgardno‘l new reaidence un
his suburban property will be a credit to
the town.
Rev. J. B. Alexander's fine improve
ments near Point Wilson abuw well from
the water.
Mr. James Jones has been appointed
manager. and F. “’.Pettygrue necrotnry
of the Port Townsend Tmmpountion
Mr. Lake‘s new [muses are begining to
fill the \‘;.(::Hi»:)‘ on the suutlzeru slope of
;tbe Morgan 11111.
1 (has. ('oiurr, who was ill :Zth’rfll
‘weeks in the marine hug-mu. dim] nml
was buried lust weck.
Mr. 'l'. P. Lnkexu. the great Pasadena
(Cal ) real estate m m. hllu iuvauul hen:
lust fall. is in lawn again.
Mr Payne} new resi leuce will mmu be
ready in plastering. I: Will in.- :'.u unra
mem to that part of lawn.
Mr. J. N. Gnlr, publi=her of the 0737m
piu .\‘cw I‘mnswipt.ia in a crnirrfl alum
of health and Die paw-r is Eur blllt‘.
New dun-Hi” 14 2mm: hum; built an n
pidly nut men.- IL-n l'r-Hjur-IVc's um ap
penrnnce: t'ucrv are gum-Al; unwind.
Hrs. Pugh‘s :.L-v: ronidz-n'st: m Kuhn's
addition is large. ag-meiuus and s:;.lx=b—
n valunble mldmun In that quarter.
Mr. Crulzlou has the 1“:qu on the
ground. and is preparing; to one: a new
dwelling Imus" far liium if and {.:min.
Grudo dnwu Waslziugtnn smm. and
Cover up the mud, huge-water mul muse~
worryiug emails in the lower [mm there
(,‘npt. Willinms‘ new ruideuce in lair
ly under Wu.) —--u.iu~'t --f the lmulr r bring
on the gruou, and the f-run mliuu hav
beeu begun.
The improvements being made on the
Occidental llnt-sl building are clinnszim;
mu structure very materi:-Hy for the
Messrs. Graves mnl Hansen :3 new
firm, have Inmio pmmmlinns to open :1
grvoery store in JB3. Fordlmm‘n‘ [MW
budding nu the Mll.
The church prnpurly of M. Paul's
Episcopal mum-9y Wilt suun he nrnn
mauled with u landmine rectory. Bids
are beiug adv; rtiscd fur.
Mr. J. E. Clark". late uhtor and pro
prietor of the P . zidenu (Cal.) Daily
Union. is in law». and may conclude to
inns“ and remain.
\Vork will soon he Cummeut‘e-d on the
public building. It. will be an edifice,
when czrrnpleted. giving Port Townsend
envuilable prominence.
Two non-residents purchased lan
{ow months ago, through the Am
agency, have just refused twice wl
they paid for it-—uud any they intend
improve and mum: upon it.
The Olympian took on 'unrJ this
morning 1,200 casts of canned snlmgn.
to bo shipped cast over tho Northern
Pacific. These salmon are part ofa
cargo brought from Alillkfl.
Our live real estate agents have.“-
rnuged for a splendid "write-up“ in the
New York Jlornhg Juurqu--»n gnu:
paper with a circulation of 225,000 Cup
ies. The correspondent. Mr. Ertvl, was
in town Saturday.
We would like to «00 University hill
graded down and liailwud (in: filled.
A few flnt cars and a locomotive. and a
small army of picks and shovels prupell
ed by braWuy muscle would accumplinh
Wonders this fall.
Uncle Dan Logan is putting rustic on
his dwelling at. the corner of l'uylnr and
Lawrence rtrects. and otherwisu titling
up in style—and they do any the old
gentleman looks more like nbcucdict
than he has for years.
The new Seattle dnily paper. the
Morning Enterprise, has turned its toss
up to the dsi‘iss utter thirty days' brie!
existence. The ll’ushingfoniuu will
follow in Its wnks unless some patriotic
stockholders put up money pretty lost.
In i. field so ably filled. it cost money to
act in. Over $150,000 was sunk in Port
land in one newspaper alone. in a fruit
less ofl‘ort to rivsl the Oregonian. A
similar result may be expected in the
Post-Intelligencer'a field—it the backers
of the now concern put up enough.
Mayor Learned did a proper thing in
appointing George Sturrett to the unex
pired term on the city council. Mr.
Starrntt received a large vote. nnd came
neur being elected. A 5 to harbor mus
ter. Mr. Chas. Jones, present incumbent
was appointed. Cupt. Gilbert had a
large petition asking his appointment.
.nnd probably would have reached the
‘oflice had it not been for the fact. as ul
ileged by the Mayor. that ho was em
ployed by s shipping firm, and the ap
pointmout might have been criticized as
a favor to that firm. However, Mr.
Jones is s capable oflicer. and a new np
pointincnt. had one been made, Would
hue been merely rotating honors.
Capt. Gilbert possessed every qualities
tion necessary for a good harbor muster.
The local debating club duly annexed
Canada to the United State: Saturday.
For next Saturday evening the question
anvzp. 'l‘hat railroads should be
operated and controlled by tho govern
ment. Afllrmutive: \V. M. lleiiicy. J F.
\chntyro and L. R. Flowers; riogutive:
'l‘. N. Holler. Allen Weir and A. H. Win
trude. ___A
Nor. Ibip Oregon wn towed to non
Saturday in tow of tug Mogul.
Nor. uhip Hoideu was titted to svu
Saturday in tow of lug Ruuier.
Nor. bark I’ufloepurtoon was towed to
Blake];~ yesterday by tug Ranicr, to load.
Swed. bk. Gloria was towed to 'l‘iico
mo yesterday by tug Queen City.
Br. Hhip St. Vincent was towed down:
from Port Gamble yesterday. by tog
Tyeo. bound for lilolbourne—seeking
crew at this port
-1‘5!“ IADIIGAL.
Ilia Annie Hall of Seattle recently
delivered an oration on "l‘ho State of
Washington." from which the following
clipping is taken:
This proapective state occupies an im
portant geographical tingle. and stand
ul 3 wutcntul sentinel upon the frontier
of the realm. A quiet burborr;l3,Wt)
square miles heading out to the old
ocean—the grand highway of nations—-
laya evtry seaport of the globe under
tribute. Flagsol' evury nations tiuttnrin
her balmy broezo, and the whitowings
of commerce lay upon the- treasures of
the out and the probabilities of the
west. See her opening her intrint ayes
and surveying the muuiiiticmrt prospcct
mirrored by the luturc! Cradled iu the
lap of bouutounii nzitnri‘. uholecls the
rising strength of her inborn power.
She enters her ulll’et‘l’ with on faltering
step—moves WI“! n conscious energy
tbiit commands the praise-if h-‘r odult
sisters. And why? Uncuiino bt-r iiutur
al resources are infinite. though practi
cally untouched; became one!) profit
aion of nature has made her ciipnbieol
providing happy homes for a million
population; becauso Within liar L-roml
borders—ample for an empire—lire cm
brnoed 3000 hqunre miloa of rich mineral
lands. 7000 square niilesiil‘ timber. and
XLUOO square miles of agricultural and
grazing lands; because she iii blessed
with a climate equal to the moat fuvomd
;cn earth. and because aha posuosess
icourageoai. l'iyrl oi izeua. who regard
the_ public _schuola an the bulwark ol
that: m
r From Tut-din": Dull:-
Thc County (‘ummicsinncrs are in 598-
Tun Icon! C. L. S. 0. mean this L‘VUU
im: at the 2: ans-- nl’ R"?. J. S. Dmxisnn.
Tim 5.4:) F‘ranuczscu JuurnuquPmll
nurrv has a fine boom arziale (at Smith!
Mr. Chm. Becker. is (flexing his nmire
muck fur snEv at 00.1 m the m-z: 30 days.
Til: K'mncor is in Seattle Ewing c‘.: m;-
n! EiLxl repaint] fur her numul immov
The Pulnusu Guzeur' oH‘a’lax comes
tn the from Wlnl a line “boom" rditiou
of 8 pages.
The rewmm filth-r Wok-M n'h-r im
deruuug her annual mp airs. is again
lfl'HJ and tczniy for duty.
Adother cargo of tan is expvcfel in. in
a very few days. The St Francis left
Japan on Juiy 3rd wzlb 303“ bus of iea
fur ibis port.
C W. Ruby has 502 d the Purtland
li'orld to J. .\. Nz-well 3: Co. The
[Vorld somehow has lulu of tumble to
gut mvned property of lake.
Hastings k. Little-fish} .1.-Li yesterday.
in (mm! fidc sale, 37 ton u. iiasticgs‘
thir-l euldmou. I‘riccs waning from
S6O in $l5O pvr !ut.
Mr. Sax:';‘.eu :1 blacksmim frmu .\l=u—
Bikini-'1 who has ham: HI Wuz'k Lu- Mr
Weunuuth. was juim-d by b:s fumxly on
Saturday nhormmu. 'l'lu-y an: lucntcd
in Capt. Seymnrc'a residuum".
Thu Stratus.- .\‘vliiu was eugagcd x-n
(lav banimmihb rirer rm Sarurrluy. She
w.” hunch-i 1 and partially sunk. Slit
win repaired, and flunk-d as ('lcverly as
ever mul wwwuded ..u her way.
We um glad to seenuruld piuuci-rs
wlm stood 3n nnbly by the {mummies uf
our city in its infancy, reaping a rich rc
wurd in the sale uf their real estate.
Nubmly deserves It more than ”10y do.
Lieutenant O. S. Willey. of tin: rev
enue cutter \Vuluutt, received on yester
day morning tho and new» of rim death
(if his ngvd mother. He: home was at
\\ushiugton City. Mr. W. has the syn:-
puthieo of ilie ARGUS
We understand that Judge Briggs
snl-l vnaterdav. to .\l r. Kittononr. Hm
Mr. O. A. Low, mm of IC.“ Low of
Wuudland Cal. arrived herelnst even
ing. lie is thinking of making some
little investments on his own hook. I.’
wiil be remembered that his father on a
recent visit invested something like a
hundred thouenud dollars here.
The Axum; acknowledges :1 call from
me. J. M. Miller of the Pacific Ex
pmss of Portland. The Professor has
twice been the l’rohibitxonists cun-Jiduk
.'or Congress in Oregon. Helms 810 ml
two trips up Salt river very nicely and
seems alive. Perhaps ho came uver to
yrs-pare Judge Greene fur the inevit
The Stillehm's Pasha of for-thud,
Oren, a paper published in the Norm"—
gini‘: language hm put-lishrd entire the
nrtivlu of Capt. Juliuulzesru of the schr.
Uscnr and Hattie lt‘Cl‘DU)’ publi-hrd ii:
the AEGCS. Mr. J. ”JR-trump \l’ tln
Aunts {urce twin-lanai the article and
wrote it fine prefncr‘. The whole is :1
line udvctiiscmunt fur our city.
City Council tonight. The commit
tee on street improvements Will be ready
to report und there will be music.
Don't urnmble even if it hits you prett;
hard. Work must go. on .Bnd our Cit}
Fathers will do their best and wisest
and it it don't happen Inooiucide will,
your idem don't kioh and howl but jflil‘
in and help push on to a grand consum
mation. All pull and pull together.
The editor 0! this paper received an
appointment from Grand Master E. L.
Smith of Hood River, Or.. as Deputy
Grand Master tor the district com poeed
of Jefferson. Clalem. San Juan Island
and Whntcnm counties He is author
ized to visit lodges. exemplify the net-rel
work, institute new ludgee, grunt din
Densntionl. tc. It i- a position he hold
a law years ago. during which time he
inetitateJ three new lodges.
The :egu?ar mummy business meet»
in; of the Y. M. U. A. was helJ last
evening. A full attendancu was present
and the affairs of the association wen
tomnl in In good ahape excqit an indebt
edness of about S2OO. It was decided
to make a very vigorous effurt t : collecx
all out etauding aulmcriptiuna. Maseru.
Harper, Brown and Weir worn made a
.committm to urmngv fur the first an
‘ nunl meeting and an anniverslry to be
held during the let Wt‘t'k in Sept. prox
; Two persons wen- ndmitfcd into mem
‘ berehip.
An insurance company that is rapidiy
becoming popular is than Hntunl Euduw
ment Auncia'ion. of Oakland. (‘aL It
issues policies in mms Imm 81.000 in
$10,“)! each. unites the graded mucus
meut plan and the Internal features at
other successful modern companies, and
pays the endowment of five equal
numuuts during the life-tum. at the pol
icy linlder. For those who wish to do
rive benefit [rum their life iuuuranc:
while living, this company la~ Itrucl:
the popular plnn. By taking 75 years n
tho limit. of exmctaucy.thenpplicuun
nge at joining is uubtmcted (mm mm
figure. nor] the intervening years are d:
Vida] mm five equul perimli H)» is
nmnoe of the lmluy insures the first in
stallmunt. am the [whey holder utdoati:
in eutitlvd tn the next maturing inntuli
ment. Fur pnrticaimrs apply to this of»
Bazk Matilda crralladen l‘mm Seattle:
arrived this muruing in tow of tug
Queen City.
Bark Sarah Ridgeway lumber-linden
from Tacoma arrived last evening in tow
n! tng Holyoho. She will sml for
Shanghai in a few days.
Bark Atlanta lumberlaJe-n from Ul
salady. arrived in mg of mg Tyeo last
evening. She will mil for Honolulu.
Str. Mexico arrived {ram 8. I’. last
evening at 5 o‘clock with 125 tons of
freight for mu city. bringinxnlarge
number of pas-rangers also. She pm
ceuded up 80ou late in the evening.
Steamship Idaho auiloJ last evening for
Alaska With 50 tons of freight (rum our
Wharf and I fu'l 10ml of passengers.
She also tunk 2090 cases 0! salmon
boxes. ‘
Recently we publi-bvd a statement
prepared from the official Pustul Hmde.
jun issued, which explains the nituntiuu
fully and accurately. It is valued fur
reference and instructive nl we‘l. Fol~
lowing ii the summary:
Tlwre were established in the Uni
ted Suites from Dem-mbcr l. 1587. to
June 26. 1888, 927 new pustuflicea
They were distributed throughout
the country as follows: Southern
states. 60.2 per cent; Western states.
15.3 per Cent; Pacific c-mst states,
6.5 per 00m; New England states.
2 per cent: territories 9 per cent.
total, 100 per cent. In rixtwn south
ern states there was 60.2 per Cent.
of all the new pustuflicos ustubliahod.
whlle all the rest of the country.
embxacing thirty~twn slams and ter
ritories, got only 39.98 of the new
Hurrah For the Dru-ovary Road.
Our county cum Q.SSEU!!9!!, now in sos~
sion, awarded :5 Contract yesterday to P.
R. Stoukn'ui, of this L'tt}'.tt? build :1 Wagon
. road along the stun! line of Port Discov
' on [my [i‘u‘n K9)‘:m 3' in has but] 0 HM
lmy. 't'lm c .utrnct plies ir .54.“?0. and
the momy IS to L“ pzmi pziniy out of the
mainly trcasury an! 3mm)- by private
Mil-:zcriptinn. .\l '. Keene of Luluzd val
ley is in iwwu with tits Pupscréptn 11 pa
per. ”01145 llrz‘u the lee drug moving
spiri.’ in this matter from the start. has
ruism about Sfilii [Ln-z. far. and uevda as
much umrc. H'- will cut: cum on: crti-i
Z-‘IIS z-rtziy .12.] mm rrzlnv vnml l'. l\ need-i
1:55 to n id '3”: l'u'u“ .: the ar‘r'cptral tizncj
:o "Fla-ell 0'11." Ir. :i-rsa ilu<ii tires;
“‘l4-“ u‘nr‘. i-tl l_\' I; : planiy mane}; a few;
nlaliurs \L a 3? lmr lly :e miswrl by any!
The :.lrsulntr nrfx'L s:in If the road is!
tintilLrE'U-Ifit‘ll. l
'l'lu: t-uuuty i'oznzizissiuurr: have rxc-l
“guiz-srl this um-ncuity by uppropriatingl
{or it mi! of the unruly Izonsnr: all that
C"'Ju] LP hymen! . 1! only rt'mznzxs for
the li‘u-rul publzc tn «rig-z-lriueut County
«':Trrt lny [-rivatv funds. We lmpo (his
will ln. don-1 lilrt-mlly. '\‘u wurtiner üb
je-(‘t has nppcnlrzl to on: purses fur 2h:
pas! ton )cnri.
from \‘vuu-rday‘u Dnily.
Sugar is can! 2': bu riding.
'l‘histL-s! Cut. {ht-m doVn!
“'c lmvo a liasinss. Council. 1
.\tr. Jaw-h Bellman went up Sound
tmluy. I
Hints. in l' ram-n. .‘lru :sauming fearful
Plenty ( 1’ will net-'4 papers for snlu at
the Aunts will 'O.
Capt. Kennett u! the sit-:unnr Susie is
very nick :1! Utsnln-lny.
A girl wanted to do house work at
A. ‘\ . B.\sit's.
Mr. 1". A. Winslow returned to Seattle
on the Olympian today.
The :c-rritnrinl law against tliistles
{subt be enforced my says the canned.
Mr. Hart. headanlesmnn of Waterman
J: Katz is off for a vacation in Cal. to
It now is conclusively proyou that
.\rton in not a director of the P. O.
China talks war with England in case
the nnprnsaion nil‘hinese continues in
Brooklyn has n grout street car strike.
Over four hundred mou have quit work.
Violence in feared.
Capt. deLion arrived home yesterday
from Seattle where he has spent a few
days as pilot commissionor.
Capt. Frank Winslow of the l'. S.
Custom service came down from the
Queenaity yesterday evening.
Henry George eulngizes and Clev'
lauds message and position and any: n
the stepping stone to free land.
The Dominion Governments cruisar
"Dream" has Stird on American fishing
«charmer for Violation of that fisheries
Mr. N. J. Lovinsnn. for nine years en
gaged on the Oregonian has been em
ployed an editor at tho general new. (10’
partment of the P.-I.
Hon. 0. M. Bradshaw. returned from
Gal. yesterday. He reports tho bark
Murray as a total wreck. Her cargo
was saved but no part of the Ihip except
anchor: and chain-. 7
Mrs. S. Waterman received a. telegram I
this morning that her husband wmz dun-i
:eronsly ill. and asking her to go to him 1
immediately. I!» is in California, at a.l
well known watering place. 3
Judge Briggs and wife have braved ‘
1:. battle of life together fifty-five yearai
this week. Their many friends rejoice
to know that. they are pflvilc‘fled to enjoy
the quiet of life's evening in peace and
Phase take notice cf the {act that Me
111-Hen our very popular harness maker
has remark-d his entire ntock to the Tib
bals building opposite the pusl oflice
Fla can pleuse yun with all sorts 01'
’hings in his line.
Among the passengers from Dunge
mres on the Dispatch last evening ware:
Capt. John .\lurrir, Mrs. Capt. )IcAl
mnnd. Mrs. L. B. Trm‘. Mr. Smith,
)1 rs. Barnum and Wesley Barnum. The
latter We passed on up to Scuttle.
Messrs. Curry and Cornelius of Purl:-
lnnd. ()f., yesterday bought the Hamil
ton tract out on the peninsula (some 3‘2
acre.) for $3,250. They will place it up
on the market in Portland immediately.
and will probably realize handmmely un
their investment.
City Council Proceedings.
The city council met as per adj-unru
input In! evening, Mayor Learned in
the chair. (‘Oum‘iimeu Littkfield. Bart
lett, Downs, Sturrett. Burkett and \Vey
muullx, (‘lcrk Sonny. ltnrllml Finn and
(‘:ty Surveyor Furtman in attendance.
The following hllu‘flltl‘g cummittees
were appointed by the mayor:
(‘ummittea nu utn rt: and sidewalks—
D. M. thtiufiel-l. H. L Burkett nm!
Geo. E. ~turrn'tt.
Cummittve cu health, sewerage and
drainage—ocm. W. Duwni. A. W9} mouth
and D. M. Littlefiald.
(.‘ummxtteo on fire. water and light—
Wm. Payno,(;oo. W. Duvns and Gen.
E. Starrett.
C immitloe on revenue and poliu-e—F.
A. Burtlutt, A. Weymouth and Wm.
P yne.
C .mmzlm on finance—H. L. Burke“,
F. A. Bulbs“ and D. M. Littlefield.
Committee on harbor and wburvva—
A. Way-month. Gm. W. Downs and Gen.
E. Ftnrrett.
The strer-t commissioner we; ordered
to immmliatoly repair Jd‘fcrmu street
and to put Monroe street in good repair
for heavy Pauling, so that Washington
street might be closed tor 8 Hum. I
The city attorney was instructed to
prnpurn nu nrdumnce fixing the grade of
Water street twa inches tower than at]
prvaeut. and tn ix [ht-grade u! \‘r'ushing- ‘
ton strnet two feet higher than Water‘
ulree-t. I
The city lurvoyur was instructed to‘
piepare an estimate of rxcnvution fur the
\thington street. impruvementmsu than
bids might be asked fur the same.
The use «if the city hall was "30:16er
to the lucal Debating: club when not m:
use by the city. 1
- t
The Pruhibntion;sla have purcbaied thv‘
Yakima Signal plan! for $2500 and will ‘
mnku it a Pl‘llhih.‘iuD ”gnu, under Ml9l
minimum-u! izf Mr. M. G. Vau'yuv. nti
“filo. I
I Tim: Sew Jam-inn District.
, “Wu-mus, Suma hi the aasnoiiilu Jus
:ticc:‘~ of ‘u‘mhi'igl in Ti-rrilury have sent.
!a Cummimiczitiun to ticnntor Julin :'I.
‘.‘Jitchell of Ore-gm: and um hula-gain
-1110:). C. a. \Hmrhz'es a ildll: nr the cre
ination of tin) new: Ju:.’ic:.:! l)i-.ir§cta fur
fsnid 'l'erritnry. mil the appdimnn-nt u.’
itwu additional Juli-4m; and
\\‘ziLtEAs. Hm I‘m-amt; I; Lr .-‘.~<. lln
film has . 43ml lc.“—'-ln‘.iui.fi NIH! {aria-ml
{ml the same to an d .\lirslidi and \'\;;:r
glmss mging tho iiztiiiwliziw ;::::I.~::go3:~l
i lllk' hill prupvsml by mil Jud,“ >: wLii-u
ital! pron-Eva lm‘ a l’Mri». t-v inc-fin! -:t.i
lcouutics of Jvfl'crscn, Island, San Juan,
iClaziam, liltsup, .\Eusnu, 'l'lmratnr, (.‘hu
ihuiis, Pacific and "Cs'.iizlii.:'fiiani, extent!-
liufl (rum liiitia'h Guiillnlilll m.- tlli‘ nnrth
'ta Orr-gun 0:: the :..-nth. “‘:tli L'ul2l‘l:= izl
» “Lima-um. Fart ’l‘(}'.‘.'li£<UL-tl. For; 3.3 a.“
Igor}. Olympia :inl filmiusuno. Nun:
lthEl‘tfuh' l)" it 1
“(fix-11173:], U." (lib l'ul'l TnWltai'Ynl Bar 3
Association, that we Must inwardly and i
. . .
emphatically putt-at ngmust ”:01“th
‘ductiuu or 312135 .:u «.f air-:1: u bili for H e
;fU-’ma‘i“n of mid District, far [3.0 {allow
‘lUL’ masuns:
lst. 'l‘bnt Sufi! i-rnposcd District ex
tends from the Bl’lfifill pvsscusiuns 0.,
the north to the (.‘alnmbin river on the l
afll‘llh. n distance of about 250 milcs, cin
iimcmg the Whole count at Washington
l‘i-rritury b ir.l¢ ring on l'uc Puerflc ocean.
That name of s.ul p'nuos of holding
court :im Cain-Grit”! l-y i~ui2rozi~l. hut th ,
:liercut h.m.- to he rcui'lz&l hy stage and
the othH'S by Warn.
2.1. That :lm in .-st centruiy located
City iii which a Court i-i held in said «lis—
trict is Olympia. at the “Flu! (if l’ugct
Squad—zit “l'ltfill paint the Judges nf'
~:ml District wmml nei‘easarily inside 5
"Plant the Clt)‘ (if Olympia is a distance (if
one. lmmliul miles frmn Port ’l'mvnsvnd
and mm hundred HD'I titty miles from
Whatcom, requiring twu days travel. a!
great expense and ilclay to litigants and
3rd. That the city of Part 'l'ownsoud
IS the Port of Entry of the impartunt
Custnms District of Puget Sound and
rapidly increasing in c'nminercu. wealth
aud pupulutinn. With which the legal
business is keeping pace.
4111. That the numerous northern
counties “1' l'nyet Sunni] :er fast and
steadily filling up with permanent rcni
dents and it would by a great injustice
nml an irreparable damage an muse
counties tu be included in said proposed
sth. 'l'lm't tlm existing arrangement:
of districts. tlulugb not szltrsfacmry, is
much mun- preferable to said northern
counties than the pmpneed re arrange
ment ni‘ districts. Be it further
lu’t’sulce'il. Tim! tho [um-idem “I the
Part l’vwnseml Bur Assr‘cintnon be and
he hen-by in nutimrizvd tn sign the fore-
L'uing resolution: and tn forward :1 copy
thereof tn Senator John 11. Mitchell and
nm-tlmr tn our representative Han. C. S.
'l‘Hm. N. lumen.
I'res‘t Port van=eud Bar Ass‘n.
~ Dated August 6, 1888.
._ _A -.._.___
Open Air Meeting
'lcr spoke on the street last
he Inhjvct of temperance
~n at his request assisted
‘ professor made a good
- ‘nks made something
at "be marshal dietin
guis ‘ctiun. I: it worth
while . 'narslml wbu will
do not. of last night
harmed o. ~e more than
the whole a. 11 {or year.
The A 360. at '1 make a
fight on any L 'nes in
tend to insist o n; his
duty We cannot . eed
at this time of all 0‘ 11
must keep order or rest,
v t T'
The Glory Crowned (llilllt of the Show World!
10 Acres Cnnvded xvitln Fascinating Amusemox
——T\vo lug. Brilliant and Bewildering Parlormmeeo “——
REAL : Rom/55.1% : I—IIPPODRom
And s—Gontinent Menagerie
.\ll of E 'nh‘fi I'ltllfitiil‘nufi Hid-13;;u ll Arvnfc (11mg?|.i:3x.ns:ll‘r.lxi:_c lle'lrpes. lllippgldr'e‘m: 0010.11“.
‘““'"""“mu'x'“.{xlimitifmi'X‘L-Stifssif‘iifitt (‘.;Tttlfr;|l€;llcdrf'nrisi‘;:= ‘ "
153,500,000 Invested tar the Who’s Detectatroa! Actual Dally Emelm, 34.2"!
i ”mung Imugilmtiun ('UHTUHILIWT If its Stupendous Mdgnitudo!
1:337,» . . 7‘3; Eff; .\y;"*f': .253"
g, 2 \-‘ r , ~ ‘ 5 . < «VAN-E“ .
/7;,\ V > _ . 7 .; ' ‘ll,fl~-7..--_§__l.,. > I
-:‘" - ' , “ .. .FTS" . » ‘
'77? '; - : - ~r’ 3;"‘4
.0113“. . ‘ . ' 4.x: 2 ’ -’°§Y&l§f§fih; "E:
£793? T.“ ' «‘2 1 ' ._fi’i'i .-''- ', .\.;2 '1
'7‘»; ~.. . ‘2. ,3: 7.2+, “-V _ , u I: :51 ‘
fig?» ':xifigi, '2.“ 3’, .'—'. . 7 ‘ ’ I .’ E ”II" '-I
",. ‘ .fi4§l'3;:_,§§.;;"- :'.{h 531‘ '53:..‘1‘. . _. ;_,, _7 :111
"15' ~.‘.,:|_ A: ._.-'._. ‘ ‘. “g _. f." 2 ' . "“‘
'52. ~- fibfiigifir} . ,2. by { .2. $5,, 1&5, . ‘..“: Fm"
' ' --.-'--. »: .-‘= 1 :.u '- ‘1 ~ .2 “-1 . 7“
-- :’"v'ut‘ - .. Sirf'x'z 7" :2 12311.1- '2'}. "'91::3‘.” .‘.' 2 ‘ ‘
r .:.x§l2‘.4.i;\ _fiqfifligfik f3;L,:’£-.r Lt'i.‘*l-il’ ’2. 1!; . - 1 ‘
“‘41?!" ,32-‘12315 -""-:"‘*t J“. ’v ’
~ ..,., 1. ‘.. y“? -, -_v_~*-,-..,- L . J .
. {5532... § TV‘Jfig ‘xfi-B‘ffié. ‘. , .‘r 0
{~4l Fray“ ":"r i ‘J: - .2» ‘ _‘7 I: I ‘.. ”_..
“7673;; \ , -\ o:1 -__z-“'ov
I.’ ’ ”'5 "v "f ”' "‘>.::_-. ___ >' «7’: g: ‘ ’Ji‘ -
_—' ‘ .. ,31' 2f '2: M" ~‘-;‘l—,~;"_'2'\:-'r':* “ ' .
‘ 1: ~ -' ..j ‘}:sj:g_gp‘ ': _ 1-x-~—‘~‘,g. .. -.
7; “A .'--~‘ 2223:"? -; -':~.
: - . ’2 v 3 v" s:7;{i ——’-—" ' -> - A
- _..—’7‘ ‘~_‘ ’ ‘fi-fl'r—‘Tvfi‘ ..-—‘
- .__ - —-:
- a?» ::- *%
,g' \-.£.___ _:____
1:: A. 7" ‘2: " t—f_'_——_—-—————=: 7
:7. #5 .1 ._ . . ~ ' ~?::=‘='—E:-E’f"‘*"
The only L'nmpm:e. [Reflect um! Lavisiny Sumpnmus reproduction of the
Races, Revels and Glathtnrlal Gumhats of Ancmnt Bumu
Xn Howl,» 2.0" yeah? fill 1:":le :md liu- unky ’Hmr ughlmnis in Soul-stirring Slug].
{‘._- >;l‘.mm;u-:f Ln n_:[|u':~ :‘p-o'Fn‘ A' ln.;r '.l"le mm;ud,ulm lilo!
m 4...“
.\‘n!.dn'3 an-l Tzinnu-L:u.t?_\' lhun: :v-i ':;1~ N-u ‘1: \\.X:. '.H.- 1.1.0 'l‘nwvrix'g. King}, Fiumol'
, “a : .. i ;. ...w -.. _..,,_.._____
“. ' )V 1 H N
l:..=n.;u-.; 1:; IH. ' ' ‘..- w z-‘ !. .‘lud Ilia (ilflcd Stun!
‘ “"1 v- - : “V fl ' V 0 :
3w; r ..:1 Gray's: :31? :. :..:2dwz'zaatxng dippapctam; on El!“
"H‘r'n- (.‘nl 'um uu llm Lint!"
300 I’ha-[mxm-n-d .\runfv .\xzistsf ‘JU Dazzling Acts}
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:._..;.,.,;1 ''. . - . » il' iu.n The Great O'Don:
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Peerless, : Poetic, :F. “v ' P’ ' - " ‘at : Parad.
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{FM-n l-sm‘vi.s .:t .-r ‘. .- ‘~ , --L , '_' w !'Elh.\'ir: u'h Augual‘llm and lath. Saw Wan
mm-wr firmly. Auguu 17m, \ JH_Uu\\‘.‘ s.::.r.lu.\. All-'11:! lath.
11l M 7
: epu Ican
P ' '
l!--‘ I '.Jivm; primarih will be held ll
llr- “’..-xi: precinct: uf .leficrwn County.
‘:xr 11- ;;-.-1 ll polling places, an
Sammy, August 25, 1888,
. for (L.- x .::-pose of electing doles-In I.
' fa 01'"th(.“nfl‘icL‘glOB t.’ I). Lold in Put
Ju“'l.:k .'| 3. (“'1
‘ L .1 , I
Sluumay. Sept. 1. 1838.
I M elm: sewn fielcgates to ultond the
5 Tc. rrit' rial Republican Convention to b.
i lwld in l-lifuzw'burg on the 11th day 0!
3 Septe‘xnbar‘ li‘lh‘.
i Precxnts uill he rntitlvd to elect dele
l g;;f.:.~a t.) the (busty CouVeution, u fol-
I lows:
il’ort :i‘mvum‘ndnu I:
1"himncum........................ 8
1‘dn'm1............................ 2
Qun'rinu......................... 9
11rrnnnu................ 2
1r0xn1n1v....................-... .. '1
'l:ull<-rk........................... a
[whim-1............................ 2
Tu1fl1.... ... “
By orde-r v.’ 21m (‘entrul Commiuu.
.I.aner Buxaaa. Chairman.
J. N, LAl'uArn, Sec.
Boots and Shoes!
I will Sell as Follows:
l.:a~li:~.~‘ .\..h-rzmn Kile...sl 501.; an 7.3
[,lolil-~' l’elflulq- Grain L’ 00 to l 50
1.:u1i.-.~" Kid Oxford .. ... ‘.Z 00 to 150
Lmlivs' ('ir Kid“ .... ... . 2‘; 00 to 3 50"
Ltuliu" ('lnth Button . . ZSO to 200
.\li.~.~'v>' Ann-rival; Kid. .. . 2 00 to l 50
Mimws “ML-h Hmiu.. .‘ l 2 00 to I 5.
——-I will also Sell all of my—
Trunks and Vahses at Bust.
As I intend to close 'tbis line ofjood
nut to make room for a larger dock 03
Boots and Shoes. This Will be tho In“
chance you will ban to go! I Trunk or
anlse Cheap.
’ T ‘ 9
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