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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, August 16, 1888, Image 3

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.\Zdler uni-i #72:” \v 4:2; "TL-:1 wtesh‘
just 2'ls}: .\ll x ) u'lt‘x 1.. [NHL ~.
7rr. Jerry Kuhn-n h‘rugh! '.ln- x 11'}:
h w nf bl'n'kflj in ‘.\'r!-_~f«-:‘< \ Limit“.
:‘l3. Hanna .n-E st hli lmmv- (m
\Vr’hiugf I“ fifrw‘t ~\‘.-~'!.;rrni.'l_w. 1' \ryUNI-I,
Hrs. Jan-Inna” i 4 uttvmflnu Hu- n'mufl
cil: miru'm g'uiwrizzg u: Vazs‘xwu isiujd
\ I'nllzmd p‘trtios {rm-22M. Huh-11:1}
.\lr «‘u'réuuu. SBJHM “uni: n.‘ ruzl «.4an
'1..0 Sv’t.‘”l'.\'.*~‘.: ru lixprrv‘ .\.:em'y
in: been p 251" ~41 in l' haul: u! (Ml.
'J.:e sunny-3r l'udinv «iii hcumund
fun" Columbia. river n. pl; On these
WJ!‘ (S.
[we nppllt‘mxts are being ‘xumine-i
hr l‘encbers‘ t-xrtiticates by tlw examin
iuf: board Inlay.
( unity Bug-stint Aa-lal'it Ryan is in HIV
cit; duim: hurt} \vurk in tin" influx-l (if
.I:-ti'»xrsv:u cnumi's schuuis.
(Lie happy mtizm maid iL-ii mm: ng,
in .\Df‘iskiufl' of the local bomi: "[ tell
you things is jest a bil‘n."
1‘ ‘rtlntt 5: Cu. received am: load of
903 Oil per Eliza Audursun this morn
ing. which was discharged.
'lI-e Dispatch left. this murniug land
(:d r ) the watPrs edge, with {night and
pna‘wn-ger : fur "inlem countv p..rts.
ll“ttl rs of administration on the estate
at Me late J. B. Dyer. of Iroulnle, are
whim! being granted to H. L. Blanchard.
Mas JBJ‘JEP Gray of East Pin-thud ar
rive} in the any last ewuing and will
be l'.‘ guest vi .\lrsr Caugillfurafew
day ‘.
O": of the I'ortuguem bought land in ‘
Blot": 14. “'ebster Addition, from Judgei
\\‘hifllcsay. and is erecting a dwelling‘
hon c thereon. l
TJG Wiidwoml took the place of the‘
steamer Libby on the Isiaud mute last
evening. The Libby is being repaired‘
at Law's Dock.
Furty-aevan instruments [or the cun
v:ya.:ca of real estate were flied for
raeor l in the oflice of the county auditor
in are day last week.
Mr. 0. N. .\lors-c. of the Arlington 110‘
tel in Seattle, pun'hilb‘cll this \wok from
Frank (‘lnpp two lots and voltages in the
lower part of town, for $4,000.
Mr. Drummond is getting ready to
carry on a‘large brickyard in the valley,
near the water works. Clay 0: a very
superior quality is found there.
The appointment of W. 0. Hammond
Street Commissioner, gives nnivers:.l
satisfaction and all are sure that street
work will move on with a rush.
We are sorry to learn that Col John
son uf the W. W. Union is in very poor
health. He is to have an outing at
Yoquine Bay. Hope he may recover.
Mr. Kittenger is to have his recently
avqnimd water front property up at J ridge
Briggs' improved at once by piling and
stringers. .‘.lr. Tronholm will do the
Giana Sprtckles has announced his
intention of withdrawing the steamship
ot the Omnie 00. from the Cal. & Aus
tralia note if the English subsidy is
not renewed.
Yesterday's reel estate transactions so
far as reported at the Axons ollice foot
up $49,850. It is not at all probablel
that we have more than two thirds or"
three fourths of all. ’ i
The P.-I. corresponded is trying to‘
get up Sound people to believe that all‘
of Port Townsend is likely to suicide.
Well no. we guess not. “One swallow
don‘t make the summer.” friend Mac.
Mr. H. Corner and wife are now in
vintage of F. Dobeli’s bakery, having
bought out‘the establishment.
Postmaster McNamara recently locat
el the “Newerswet” mine—somewhere
in the northern hemisphere. Folks who
lead our confiding Ruby to chase the
[entire wild goose should remember that
there is s hereelter.
Dr. (‘. M. Baldwin and wife, of Ash
land, Ohio. and 11 Mr. Mason of the
same place srriv3d yesterday—to locate
here. Mr. Baldwin is looking for a house
to rent. These are all fine people, and
very desirable acquisitions.
Work begins this morning on Jeffer
son street grade. Commissioner Ham
mom] will push the matter as fast as
possnblc. He says that he will soon em
ploy 20 men and will push the matter
just as Inst as the City Fathers will al
Prof. fleiney, lately from theeast, pre
sented a stat-2 certificate yebterdny, and
was admiued or appointed as a member
of :he board of examiners at the coumy
teachers' examination. Prof. Heiney
will Open Moacmin View Anademy this
Stu»: (‘n'nmiseznncr Hammond de
sires us to say that he wit! insist that
rteaznsters who chock their wheels as
they draw up the grade, do not leave
their blocks m the streets. Much dam»
age and annnnnoe results therefrom.
I: must be atopped, even if the law has
to be called on to do it.
Mr. Ward the temperance orator was
unLurtunate enough to lose a valuable
got : headed cane the other evening
whr-n Pref. Miller spoke in front a! the
fin-. 1 aninnal Bank. The onus was laid
down and forgotten. Its handsome en
graving. however, cannot fail to inform
the finder as to its ownership.
A little fun was witneseej yesterdly
A: a sailor who had shipped on the St
Vincent was being taken aboard he.
being the worse (or liquor, concluded to
jump overboard and come back to hunt
up his chum. So over he went. He
took a tow by a rowbaat and was brought
onto the dock. Aharwanls finding hi!
chum be won! on board all right.
(M Y‘mhlmg mm \t. as Twil m an: r 1:
ex'mc Laugh“. '."riicate 11.9 solxd a n
1",;‘3'3 :.’ v’x‘fi ~f '.1!" Pit}: NM" 1203*"
:17; br'i' .1 him}: 71: 1.11! a: nus-n and In“
10;!) :"Nh. 172.211 tagl'thrr. h a-n‘umu‘. -
1.110, t'JI- nmv 1:21 by m; in nur rmpnlnliux
d' 213‘ cl.:r;l<‘riu_~,fm mute dxelHugr'.
Thu l‘.-I. descriTL's a swam 50b1l0'!€
I;:".x:"i:u _1 a! San Frazzc'isi'n Info his
mum. Sly: ii 177: H. Inn; 33.9 [AP-'1”
JLi ll! fl. lnvld. What is “hunk-rm”)
u :nrknhh) is that 1: i 3 affirmed that e-ln
wit: mrry 51>; mil‘rk'n for! of 111er
W» flunk sh;- cnn dz! it but it‘will risk!
In r ah uxt {on Qrips‘
.\‘utimn: tux- sum-£2193 mada} by GM)
Hurts-m h v.~i?iu.:‘l»vghtmzntlu-Liz:
c IL. NHL, 1»:er Msufd: “.\lr. llarri«
<1! .-'.~ s;~--. flux 1:70 :.vwr tame, nm—cr h"
Eunlw—x :‘f p.» 453.1211: =l-em‘laes Hr ex
!rw-t: frrun 2hr vac; via-1;:ulia. It'd: drill
in a. 111%:- .?. ~~-ns:h!-.- m .mzrr with In"
1:24 l—xnus :Lv -J.:_\ (i ‘:2. Hurrnon'e
.::‘v Pc-bw :.ru g:.i!l‘..x; him frivnz]; in d
<ug~p .15 r: n“ M's-.- the cuzmtry. '.‘hey
F'u-vw Inn: 1:) h \ :1 man nr‘ahiiiw. h we ty
an} luv-sir}: such a man as. is [waded
-) mef m- mgr. 1.” 2’11: grew: unm
1 1.1.2“ «nanny nail -i;d~' Inn"- Ji>3ixr
I'llle 2?:--:u.~n-1\':--‘ 1-_\'~:-Hiu_' tho Hum!
'l'vuq-l'ar In! :m-l 1x11! in l'unuu-mws. for
Ll‘.‘ ~. I! >l'l‘lH‘ ”11‘ phqn‘rt‘V “':h‘ HUI
Maw-d.“ 11,.-;;;‘ tall. Mu: \\':l\ lump-cl in
“MI mm" .\lx;vl<-~ luxqwrt)‘ and min-:‘-
lianl .!- “mxm-n unknuwu." I! \3;1.~ 9-H
far _1 Unwind Mun tun-tr thrcv dulhrs
:m lnu --'I:- I-l!'~i'lt' of :l wry fc-w kin-u
unl'i a"! -r\\';lr.l 3“ HI? it. le trick was
‘I \_-r}' ~E:.|Hu:\' new. hum-w-r, :b‘ tiu- !.:w
[nu-x i‘l -» fur nrlumpliun ui' all sud: Mup-
l: mu :1? .m} Lllil' \\i'iiin iiw .\"ur‘. ‘s‘
pll} in; All «‘\[|l'H\"\. l‘n-l \‘r'urll i< un
tl:’!‘~lv-ul l~- !-.- ill'=“\‘lll :znrnirml «mm-r nz‘
llll' pin-in-‘l'ly. l? I'n-:l~l~t~ ml. :1 Junrl lnl.
i vrr l :l l\\"‘>l'*!‘_\ fizum- hull-ling. Tlu- lull,
E\\::< lrnilY l-‘x' "lll':l|‘-vli” l.ml:«-. l. U. l§_
l’l‘.. .'lw'l! [gin-wt: )1';Il‘\ .l_'_'u_
I .‘. v. ry pluhunt yum: m urn-. 1 fulks‘
{part} twui: plus ‘ lav-l crénin: nt 1111- .\l.
l ;-3. letrwmiigx“. Invite-. 1 gin-S's poured in
‘till '.ln‘ lmnse was well nigh filled. and
‘ lirv. and Mrs. Ucnxsun had their hands
lful'. km-pihg ('verylmd," in a whirl of
ph-nsurnblc anL-munt till a late hour.
Clltrl‘Jxli‘S. gurxiss. “Arum and rr‘frcsli-
UN 5.2:; crux-s lvd c-zu-h other an rapidly
thz.’ lin:.-.~pr-.1 m; unneeded. Among
“JUL“! present wcrc: .\lr. and Mrs. Rog
ers. Mr. Ward and wife. Alf. and Katie
l’lnmmcr, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn, Allen
‘VKH' and \‘:ife,J. .‘.l. and Mrs. Lockt
har‘, Mr. and Mrs. Fountain, F. C. Har
per and wife, Eugene Thurlcw and
wife—and others. A few invrted were
unavoidably absent. The occasion will
he rile-asunlly remembered by thnse whu
SAN anxcreco, Aug. 7—Arriwd~
Steamers State of California from Part
hind; Venturr. from 'l‘ilzunouk Buy;
Umzitilln. from Victoria and Wellington.
from Departure Bay.
The tnur muster! Echocuer E. K. Woud ‘
(‘m t. Larsen arrived down in tow of tug!
Rainier, (rom '1 acomu. lumberladen tor‘
the city. The Wood is a new ship just
bruit at Port Blukely. This is her first
'1 he schooner Oscar and Haiti? cam.
dawn from Seattle at noon yesterday.
She has given up the idea of a trip to
the north for the present and has landed
ice sufficient for a trip to the halibut
banks. She wili bring in a cargueuf
fre~h fish which will beehipped In re
frigerator cars to New York.
, Am. ship St. Francis arrived into
port this mornintiin tow of tug Tyea. I
33 days from Y ohama with 33,970
packages of tea.
Bark 090. F. Manson arrived 10
days from San Francisco. load coal
Burk J as. A King arrived in, from
Honolulu this morning. ‘
Arrived yesterday Am. ship R. I’.
Buck from San Pedro, proceeded in
tow of tug Tacoma to load lumber
for Buenos Ayra.
British bark Pnk Wan arrived yes~
tel-day in tow of tug Goliah; she
comes from Honolulu and will load
lumber at Port Gamble.
Ship Blue J acket, Cnpt. Starr, ar
rived in port this morning in low of
tug Mastic-k. The Blue Jacket is
from San Francisco and will go to
Seattle to loud return cargo of coal.
__ -.... - . _
From Friday’s Dally.
We need more plaster-era.
We need more brick layers.
We need more common laborers.
We need more household help. ‘
‘ 1’: rt Townsend wants carpenters. ‘
. Rev. Dr. Dillon of Lopez Island is in I
“be city. - .
We need more people of business and
[energy of every description.
A local dealer in dirt- has pended Ton).
Berger‘s land on Discovery bay.
(Jupt. R. D. Atlridga returned to his
home at Port Ludlow this morning per
steamer Anderson.
Mr. Bourinnd, our popular notion
dealer. is about to go east to purchase a
large smck of goods.
Mrs. Cap'. Berry of the ship Jan. A.
King is in the city visiting at the home
of .‘lrs. Capt. Gilbert.
.\lnyor Learned made a lucky pur
chase in securing the Morrison farm
near I module for $4,000.
.‘.liss Annie Jones. daughter of Jae.
Jones, Esq., of this city, is visiting .\lrs.
Glover at Roche Harbor.
Capt. c. 0. Gilbert boa Severed uss|
connection with the Shipping Dep. o!
the firm of Waterman & Katz. 1
A search will be made for Manley and
Enim Bay and the mystery of North
Central Africa will then be solved.
The basin-=5 man who fui!s or neg
lects lo advertisa need not complain if he
fails or Leglecta to secure cost-Im.
.\lr. 11L w. Davis of Seattle, who has.
been lu EL;- city In a law days buying
real r-stiatc went. up Sound this morning.
Judge \thtiese; and Deputy Collec
tor Fenuunnre went up to Tacoma on
business connected with the tea ship >‘t.
Seattle plummers are striking {or ten
hours pay for nine hours cork That is
they want an increase of wages for the
Work done.
Mr. Ira Smith has resigned his posi
tion as supenntendant of the Port Dis
‘covery saw min, 51:11 has been succeeded
jby Mr. China A- Moore. Mrs. Smith bani
lgone east.
A boy mi.) groan, and {from sickness
may moan, frum the church or the school
to stay; but there‘s no pain so deep him
from circus can keep. because he isn't
built that way.
Miss Thompson, of Port Biakely, who
has been the guest of Mrs. Capt. Gilbert
for several weeks. returned home this
morning on the Olympian. Miss 'l‘. t 4 a
sister to Capt. Thompson. turmerly oi the
[bark Whitman.
H Cart. Dion.“ 2? Jam: Lis bpstiu flu
Ifm W»? of SrC'JliU.‘ :elief f--.' the sulT-‘r
-a er: in Swwd: n from the great fin», H;
< i the Wan—lds 2: {tin .'.-4.] “ma: (:sgoclall}
r of So--.L.hx-L.vi.-n luth are interested in
,‘th‘ grunt L-nr’L '.md.
i Th" 5 vurm-r Libby >bnnld Le hauled
r i ufl' In]: (':7- ugh in he put in first-31359
t'rwgmr :'.:ui tin !: she mu pcrfun‘u the
I :servw-s- unthmzt brmkm: dawn an uftPn.
‘iS'Uv “'32! have an immense bnsuwss nu
-:l1-r I'nlltt- $1: -: :'rv: mnuths.
’ V MAE-Jl3 TALL‘I'I'IL ! frnm Sunfle in NM"
! “Gunninztur, :'.-a Wbatcnzx‘. seems to be
iOll Hu- ii-fl- r.:.'; l tn [-:‘spcrity jui; now.
,iuwing tn :1 hhv 1;! !; mus from il> north
éer-n lumimh‘ :ml 1 gym ml :Imtcflfie nr
inmgv-m-ut. I! Will br- mm {rum both
: .\lvusr‘n lit-'l2. hau- “It” new stock
[gr-rhuiig duping)! in the fluent-6:3
pinu- iu'izl-hm: :m-l are road} in altvud
to c:xs'.~l;2-1-.~. IMn is a flaw firm and
:szA 159‘ :x. ~ yxicxulnl addition to Purl
110 mm”: “1 ~: lv!+:::rs< lut‘h. Fall in uuL
iseet w :x \vmtu _mu 2m: d-JX‘HI tuwn.
3 U 3':;:;.-‘v [mime No. 21, li. of [’.. has ,
ibeau L'Jin'hkl by Hn- appointment of H. 5
IF. liz‘e‘hv'. hto Gram] Lulge Ucicgnfe, 5
5:15 I.).‘L!l!.\' (‘lrzmxi Chancelli r for Wain-m f
[Wzialnug'au :111 Burish Cumminia. .\l- }
thzugh s; yuan; L «1:9. thii is. l'uf. suc- 3
30nd szna Uiympzc in; run-mu] grand :
ibmiuru i
I YALL‘AMJ: [m m Mum. l'usimzustcr G i
EU Max-mum ~= thi< city. win n has Inn-1y I
,lmon making an zany of iron ur: frnm I
Lopez Island. makes such a “ante-ring l
i rumrl tbm :- company wnh heavy cupi. i
flu! is [wing urgzm-zdl tndev'shplhé-x
fsmm; ()u :. r. cent trip in the land. .\1 r. I
McNamara laruught hnzuv .1 largunmuuut
of the nrv. mu! 1? cm :mW b 3 sa-crr at the
nnr (:f 15.9 pINt wéfim. The land on
winch Mm {“140 is marked has been so
curml, mu] :u‘mngvmunts nrc h-iixg pvr
{rated [0 brim“r a hundred inns ur umro
to tins buy tv; in: vueltafl. The are is
remarkably rich. having a high grade.
an} bein; wntirz-ly free from sulphur
Hurrah fur ‘.u-xiuc enterprise.
l Tug,r Type towed to sea the British
'Sllll) Cape St. Vincent and bark Gem
‘i-ral llullvr. The St. Vincent is lum-
I bur laden from FL (iaxnblo for Mulv
'bourne; [no liuiler from FL Luillow
' for San Francisco.
I The new four mated schooner E.
il‘x. “'._..u. (lapr. Larson, went to sea
last night With luuilmr Imm Tacoma
i for San Francisco.
1 Ship Dashing Wave, Connor. ar
i lived 23 days from San Francisco;
prucmulml to Tacoma. to load return
cargo of lumber.
From Saturday's Dalia».
Big boom before u.~!
.\li re uorkmen needed!
’llie city is full of strangzrs.
>oth heavy real estate these days.
The 0. R. & N. oflicialsnre expected
here 9min
The boom will reach us in real earnest
about Tmsday next.
\l'batciim complains ofa luck of lumber
for building: purposes.
It is rumored that the railroad com
pany has changed heads.
Mr. Morse of Seattle left about 810,-
000 in Key City real estate.
We urge our moaned men to build
good and cheap dwellings to rent.
Mrs. Pontius of Seattle, is in the city
and will leave a little money behind her.
Prof. Galdwin Smith, 0! Oxford. one
'l' England‘s most noted scholars. is in
The Wilmington took out forty pas
sengevs and a full load of freight from
Sound Ports.
It the Call is authority for theP T.
Southern, that 00. don’t mean Dunne-5s
and won‘t get away either.
'1 he Call la pouring cold water on the
boom. Never mind the boys. They
will “cauh on" some lime by and by.
‘ (_‘npt. and Mrs. Williams arrived up
jyesterdny from Tazcrma. The Key City
‘iu their home and here they will reside.
1 Go to McMurry's art studio and get a
picture. of yourself while you arelookim
so well pleased over the last real estate
.\lr. Behrmaa returned from Seattle
yesterday and with him nsyndicate of
real estate men to buy the Hammonu
It the I’. ’l‘. Southern is going to be.
five years in getting its road through it
will be about three years behind the
Do you see how all these railroad men
want to buy property? Yet the Call
says sensible men don’t. expect a railroad
for five years.
Cnpt. Wells, of the Wells' line of
freight ships is halting the steamer Jen
nie With freight and will soon dispatch
her to the Sound.
Col. Sheate in one of the most practical
railroad men in the territory. He Will
touch Port Townsend with an inspiring
hand in a few dayt.
President Landes of the lat National
Bank, and Col. Sherrie, superintendent
of the. Seattle. Lake Shore and Eastern
B. 1%., went up sound today.
The Honey addition is on the move
‘ again at greatly increased rates. Who
‘lover purchased in the Hussey has a fine
investments of the lots there.
The Steamship Bonita will be placed
immediately on the Puget Sound—S. T
route as a treightor. She will probably
[be the opposition boat to the Wilming
A special excursion is to be given
from Seattle and Tacoma to Port Town
send and the Straits of de Fncu on Snu
day Aug. ‘26, on the splendid steamer
Alaskan. The steamer is to start at. 8
o‘clock in the mOtuiog and return about
midnight. A band of music will accom- 1‘
puny the excursionisln. 'l‘he excursion ;
will be gin-n under the auspices of
members L! the press. The return trip‘
will be male in the full moonlight. ‘
__‘__....._ A»-
(‘I'I‘Y ('or'scu. MEETING.
City council met last night in regular
session, Mu} or Learned in the chair.
l'rre‘t‘utw C .nncrlrnen Littlefleld, Bnr
kett, Bartlett, Starrett- and Downs, (‘.ty
Attorney Jones and Clerk Searey.
Four 0 .linances were passed estab
lishing grndes and sidewalks.
I The grade of Washington etrtet “as
lflzel 5;! inches higher than Water a not .
Several sidewalk districts were u
The street cwmmittee was instructed
to Confer with the city surveyor and pre-
Ipnre estimates and advertise for bids to
improve the streets where grades were
l'he city attorney was instructed ta
draft an ordinance to keep mm: {mm tbn
sin-ch. night nr day.
Conncn adjourned tn meet next Fri lay
evenmg. :
Diuh-zuishml "56203-5.
G .anz.»-r 14.5.. Church. Jud-3N ‘3'
C mow} and. 5; ”war of palm! ‘. ‘:t-l
if d. J. H‘ ilnw ‘l‘. t} Inna]; 1" 41724-1 of
’tlu‘ C(ziztitr-V, 5t lam}. M". :2'l-It;\.xi..< s
than”: R I{.;-1v4~e..l tfno'lgti {‘u't l‘z-wu
sch-d yt-su-nluy :...- tlm ;\!:- {-..izx tn \‘sr
torm. _l i|t‘_‘v are-rt" out up S'flth-l by
(‘:nl. L'ill.l('4 and 1). W. *anH: «I this
citi. wir- con»- l::':e- :'.u-l thoroughly
can-rtniim! them by answering guys
ti'izzs owl girth: ii.l'r.-rt;i:ni»u .:f tlw
Sound and it< :rs urn-vs.
le)‘ mom to {rover lif'.‘ of n-nvnlnn!
thy. lhi~ is =1 :‘luri‘ Womlmful iu'mtry
and ti: 1! i’s: pit"?! by for in :r'iud
our nit-l p u-«iivilitfve their illJlM‘al con
-.‘-.\3_.g..m‘~ ,-‘;! Win-2y llu' hl’n'hllli‘l’ mum
Hr'lll’Jl l'utut liis4-vlal mu! :liu-y sigtitul
l’url‘ l‘owu:.v:i:l .'upl lls L'urh-ws “my :'5-
mama-d on tin- forward -.lt-:'k zz-lmlritl:
lmlii until th" rive-.mvr \a :.s n! tlm .l- «'34.
They uuliusitéltr'fl)‘ :..—4.: mihw‘l v-ur
lm'.’ zugl (qty th- in wt lu-zmtil'nl lin y
[Hid 3v? mam: :.ul Hal. ll :'.L'»-ll n-uhrlinl
to thn nut 1H tho VP-x-x-l m-zaz‘éul the
'.vlmzt‘. "this,maul-2110'). is in my o; iniou
a suit- plat-e to drop ~' It!) mix-:13? in -‘| l-.! 5
(If ht": .'ulll ':t'l i? lay." '
l-‘ronl noxaax's Dan). '
l'ozn‘. J. 11. Sta-2mm lcf: fir up Synod !
ti H Inf-ruins: no “11‘ Olympian.
I’l‘a-.‘,illcx.t V 42! 5." -_‘.' of tho “Miami-the
l'on‘crsity is vxsztlqu l'ugwi Sound.
A. A. Hummer run-otly sold two lots
an Taylor stun-1 {or .\sLslm. :‘. .'..t'tml .
“dial is the muttoz’ with the Pound:
mastcn? So:n‘*'i~i_- liui lullcr '.ailu:j
care of the dogs nu tlw sirccls. i
Real x-statu Sillt" are: rxoevdingly :.c- .
the this morning Nt-Vt-r lu'fnrt‘tlul 11,5
'.vmii upon in tI-iitu-ziogly for l’nrt'l‘uwu. ;
at’lld. ‘ .
The lumzly of Mr Joint-s FMS. m‘ lhw 5
iron \t'nrl.-‘, rug-cut}; [ruzu Anturin, are :
domiciled in the new plnmmm It: i- I
deltcc. l _ f
Dr. Miuiiivr n-t-irncd from up Sound i
Saturday and says that at every place}
he stopped mouy inquiries were: made::
concerning l’nxt Tu“ use-ml. J
Mayor Learnml has an eye to the
interests of the city. He is putting 3
three extra policemen on duty while '
the circus remains here-40 look out §
for any lawless charactvrs. :
Lunruod'a 2nd addition has become
very popular of late. 0:: Saturday 20 %
lots were sold. This morning 16 more;
ware take-u and the Mayor will have to i
plat another addition nr go out n! the i
market. t
.\lr. L 0 . of Woodland, Cal . has i
written to a friend here that he Would !
I): here early in September ready to prn- :
aecnte his hotel scheme and that several '
heavy Califoruia capitalists would but
with him. 1
Usually a lot of thieves anl thugs ful
low thocircus u; :1 hunger on and while
the people an: absent from ”ml." humus
tux-y prowl ulmut fur small “listing.
ano an eye out for hem and keep your
duors locked.
leaked out that a syndirate has put
chimed tbo Blinn tract of land. fronting
rm the bay. between the Brigg: land
.md the Wilson tract. for $504130.
Filth-lbuusaud dollar lruusaclinns are
«filing quite common these days.
Editor Freeman of the Yakima Farm~ ‘
er. graced our sanctum with hispres-i
enee this morning. He is overon thiql
iide to escape the August heat at that '
water mellnn country. His look is i
-2heerl’ul, however. and we are snrehei
has good diet in the land of bunch !
_gmas and fat steers. l
A Mr. Smith “hove to" at nurcityi
last night. alone. in an open fishing !
boat but. 2.5 feet in length. being ten!
days out from the Columbia river. He 1
itopped one tiny at Slionln‘nter Bay and ;
.vns lieezilmL‘d two days nfl' Quieualt i
Reservation. He reports the killingnt i
two whales by the Quillnyute Indians i
on Friday. |
Judge Briggs and wife celebrate to—E
day the 15L: -fifth anniversary ol their;
wedding. A number of inntud guests!
will help them enj ny the occasion. l
among whom Will he Rev. J. N. Denieun ;
"Ml family. F. M. Terry and family and ;
.thers. Judge Briggs is lixely and to i
live for a boy and will not grow old for 2
'i century or th yet. i
‘ Mrs. Jackmau returned from Chmltziu- I
iqua Beach today. bringing with he;- Mm 5
ltinsh and daughter and Mrs. Louise!
‘ Pnllock and dauhg'er. Mrs. Pallnck is :
tram Washington. D. C. and is the first i
kindergarten teacher in America. She. I
began her Work twenty-five years "go!
and has a large training school in the 1
Capital city. She and her daughter have i
been attending the tennhers‘ institute in I
San Francisco and have came for a visit 1‘
to their friends Judge Bush and {mm 1
ily of Seattle and to see Puget Sound.‘
the party accompanied by Mrs. Jack
man will visit Neal: Buy and Victoria
[lll3 Wrek. ‘
AN Orrosrrmn lion —'l‘he steamer
Evangel has been thoroughly repaired
and refitted throughout, and is now on
her old route between Seattle. the
islands of Port Angeieacalling at Port
I‘ownsend each way. The merchant:
and prople of Seattle will dtubtlese eu
courago this steame . as by having a
'egnlar bout from Seattle to the islands
ind return the greater part of the trade
will come to this city; while, if commun-
Eentzon is not regular. a purtion of thia‘
valuable trade will be diverted else
where. The enterprising merchants at
:"ort Townsend are making a great
vfl'ort to concentrate the trade nt their
cty, and unit-an the Seams merchants
support a regular hunt on that mute
they will succeed. The manager of the
Evangel is Mr. 'l'hoa. Gun/w, who will
do everything in his pain-r tn make
things pleasant fvr the traveling public
and shippers.
The sad intelligence reached this city
fast evening that Mr. S. Waterman I
senior member 0! the firm or \Vutt-rumn
& lintz, so lung six-. 1 5:) fan'urubiy known
in this city. died ,vmtenluy in San Fran.
eisco. Mr. ‘N. its“ l'url 'l'uWLzscnd a ‘
few weeks ago in very poor health. 1
Rheumu‘ism :eenhl tn be kin: uhiy }
trouble, and it was hupcd mm a few ‘
weeku' soj-nurn to In" [lnt Sprilus would
fully mature him. Hu grew “ml-. 0, h.w
ever, and went to Sun Francism fur the
mat medical treatment. He. continued
to fail and on \\‘anesduy felt-graphed
in An. Waterman who baisteuej (u bum.
Vibe arrived. an we are informed. just in
tima (or a goodbye, as Mr. \V. expired
within two hours of llcr arrim'.
Thzo is and news to our city. Mr.
i Waterman has d me very much to build
’ up the magnifieeut bush-mu of this great
{firm which ranks but third in the whole
lh’rli‘ury {151" final; C’erird mu} sale
'13,“!3, It; n-l. ~E1’Z,I"l "‘4 Um"! 'L‘.\’:’.v_
If; 55,.;._-_rr.\ ~_-; :1; ' Scixzr:~§:zxclycr Bra-9.3
'(7 - , m' ign'm‘. If '.z'zli [m rumz'mh. rr'x
= hut in: :x f:*'-\' m v US lurc- pawml Vim"
-: 13.0 Ilulirxia’)‘ «lull; nf \\‘llliiuu K 122
gj-n-mr m Arnher of (”is firm. and .x 'u
31¢:sz K It; i; ll: - "nly survxviu: :m-n‘.
{bur ul’ t'm firm. 'l‘nn mnnuylmty v.\’
(via-JR ‘.fd Sim-ex:- .\_\n.lp;.t .3; to .\lrs. “'3
l term-.'.“ 1:. lmr s;x.l :stllicli'm.
E Svll'mm-r I-. 1.-. .\‘chruuur s.nliu-: in
5 “fails” llhl', annual {rum Sun Fruncisct
J Lu“ Swim-lav ("C 'n'nu. mud x; «liwlzurg
ing morn nmliru u? llurl‘cet's \“ ;:-.:f.
: Subontu-r (Inn): -7 .'srriwvl in H)» lzu‘
. I).~r “a nr.l.n I'm-hing {lv-m I‘mt l)?<1‘l“-
wry “‘me she llisnlnum -l a c Arga u!‘ lny
, ‘fi-:——_’ '7'7”
' From 'l‘ucs:2;\3':~‘- Dally.
Z; all we? .10 tran'vors are still \‘v!’_\
'l'izvn- is uuiwr-aal t-xg-russiuu n!'
s ~rr-.)‘.\' LVUI‘ tlw death ul‘ Hr. Wan-r
--m m.
3lr. 11. Dunlm‘, Hu‘ vurpunler. hr.» 1!“-
cnntraul .'nr Xlzn- l.l‘\l‘El=isl'n[-hl[fill-Ali
agc. 'l‘o-rm . 31.206).
'l'in' (.‘. l‘. l; Z§l('|?ll“’l' .Xlin'F-lx'oum’nl‘
fmzn Yuuc vuvnr. l}. ('l.linanmrmn;.rl'ur
Japannml Chm-1d rm-t,
The Dispatch lu‘unghl up lwr luf
esb possible Ci‘nnplenmn: “1" mum-m
301's {rum ulnllzuu (o-duy
I‘l'rcrylzuly. lai.‘ :umt—u (musius. and
lhnix‘ sxstvrs :unl uncles lrig puys un
iu tlw City to Aim-ml the circus.
()ur cunh-mp-whr)‘, lln' l'm’l 0 vmt-s out
in an enlarged furm. This Is a 3n!)-
smniiul ende! cre nl' tlw city's grnwtli.
H. 331»- l."arn£.~\l has uppninh-J as F] I":
ml p zlzcetucu fur tu-rlay Junu‘s :1. Fur
lung, 11. E. Clmrch anJJnlm Mclnxm.
Mr, Julm I). .‘ltephuna, president of
11-r Bank [)5 “'nmllmul. is in “10 city
on; null-z tn lbcwuucler land 02' [hr Nolll).
Mr. James Frankiuud. manager of the
Wes, em Hill at Seattle. Spout }c;ler¢?ay
in this city on matters Lanna-med wiah
[ll9 mill.
Mr. E. B. Low and family mrivrd
from Wnedlaud, GIL, yeslcrdny. .\l r.
Luw is accompanivd by Ins (m!) iwluw
who is president at the Yolo Bank.
The pupils of Mrs. G. H. Janos will
give a musical unh-rlaihmeut at the
Opera House. In about two wevks, fur
the, benefit of line Episcnpnl Church.
312'. llullingSwnrth. a partner ut .‘Jr.
E. R. Low nf Won-Hand. is in the Port
of Entry. Hewill r-smnin (.ver uu Ins
return from Alaska fur a lillle hum.
Mr. J. U. .\lzrxweil, of Wn-xllnml. u
cammllst and real-(stat:- dealcr. i: in
lln'mly. H-: m“ remain to look inlu
our prospects and may conclude to in-
Ve.~t :m.l remain.
.\lr. D. 'l‘. Denny passrd through this
city en routs to anrz Islam! ycsterduy
on the Evuugel. He was nn the way to
his farm on the Island and was greenin—
panied by his m." John.
The Umutilln arrived yesterday at
three o'clock p. m. frum San anciscn
bringing m nnr wlmrl’ 67 tnns offrcight
and a huge number of passengers. She
pnceeded on up Sound at half past
We notice among the freight of the
steamer I'matilln. several hundreds of
Salmon cnsos {ur Alaskan canneries.
'l‘hoae boxes ought tn be made at Port
Townsend. A box factory is needed
One 0! the great needs of Port Town
send is a good boat house. Oar city
lonks hoautitui (rum the water and
nothing cnnld be finer than an evening‘s
ride on the bay in {mat of this city on a
anmmvr evening. Who will inaugurate
this eaterprize? .
Cut. Floyd L. Smith. Dist. Pass. Agt
o! the Ohio N. V‘. R. K.. and David
Williams, representing the great Shoe
House of Pardon Bras. 0! Portsmumh.
Ohm. arrived yesterday. They are thu
gues‘s of General Oiiver Wood.being
old ncqu iutaaces ut the General. Mr
Williams has been quite sure: sail]! in
pure uu' the- goods of his house on sale
in our city. Col. Smith will remain for
a tear days and will take in on" city.
Judge Brigg»: :.nd \\ite had a very m:-
joyahle dinner party .\r-sterday. The)
had present tliren- grand children and
one great grandchild. Thc‘Juduc was
happy and his bride of 55 years ago
blushed just as usual. Mrs. Briggs
stun-d that the unly drawback to the
marriage occasion was that the Judgi
was so bashful that he Would nu: carve
the turkey and so she gut nu lurkuy at
her (NV a wedding diam-r. The Judge is
not an bashfu! nmv.
From “‘euaenézu's nan). "
Tlu- city was unusually full of people 3
yesterday. u
Aizdrews' mw tailoring: sign is quite a
attractive. t
The triple S--Ils haw nnw suttix-icntly
sold the Sound country. I
Walnuts are bettar than cbcaluuts :1
any how. Area: “IVY Fiuwers? :
The Shuttle Times says that .\‘cuttlu l
“lulowcil in" about $13,000 an tlu- circus. t
Loni: out far auuth-r mw udwrti-e- ‘
men] for l‘. J. Corrigan in a few days. .
Several splendid bargains in real 93- t
tine. can be scouted Ly :.pplging at. this I
(Ifli’JE. I
Ihr. Dr. lan: Dillon :srrivrd yertor— 1
day from \\‘lndby Island. and [At tu day l
for Log-(z. I
A likl)‘ :zcbn -l teacher can tear-. 1 at :1 :
chance tn tccnre a county helmet 1.) ap
plyiug at this office. ‘
Ben Miller Seems to tm at mu head of
the real estate boom this FPt‘li. Lusl
wet-k Hastings 5' Link-livid \\‘L‘f!’ u: that
Among tlm Uuuuonoss ponplc \w no.
ticv: Mt‘r'. .\.‘ltoudernun. .l. \Vuicox :.u-l
family, .\. Furtr‘. .\.. (':I) :'. J. Fritllzl: and.
; :1 number of nthcry. l
i "1 ha Elelur c .mc- in at 3p. m.;.eefcr.]:;y
. afternoon and loaded sixty— .:c'n-u lutld
lot freight and truk on u (ukqunta of
l passengers. She smluJ north about
! midnight.
Messrs. R. C. Gallium) 5: Co. will cu
largc their wurrlmu-e tn just. leutme its
present aiZa. Evnleutly tlu'y rxp ~ct ta
ta hamlla a large amount at pl" ..lnce
this F 8490“. i
l .\t :1 ”Feeling nt' til-.2 director: at th» ‘
' Normal cullegv, hi-l'l .\luntltly «Welling, it
l was «levidc‘l to let a «'untrm't for creation
5 «at the building on its rxmunantlin; sitv um
I .\[urgun's llill.
Why did our city authorities allow
opvu umtisguiaed gambling on the ”pan
streets yesterday by those OII'CUS men?
lAre we a cit3—or are we n backwwda
l “Haw? Have we u city marshal? It‘
we have. the only tmw WP. find it- out. is:
on pay day. We saw a man who was
selling t'y bx to nu Lu ch idleu stopped
by a put 0 “mm but the dirt» shell wall
nut Monte racket. went on 11l day unno
3 ’ h-S-‘nl. If i 31!)”31- .:Ilzi LUQLHXZ HS:
:xm-l “n. ::r:'_):.z_~uin; in.“ ma- x:'l~.<;lu_\'i‘
:W'r 5!: mdinr Liixzrzx 1 ~ our ;-=-"-x~ Tum-1
{(21:11 1 3‘“ I‘3s732'll~".*'x,xi' :1r;r..:‘,..--
~:sl ‘11.;
f .‘lr. \Y. \VA Evy; . f’-F!‘lt'x";- p" ::-:£.--
‘ in? of (31.“ Hf .::}: 111-2:1? X;,.‘..":{‘_- a, lun'L In“
,guf ‘3O:. TL}. Ta“ in :nwza :'. .:::v n: th
:sim" »‘-_mkin_: f-vr :u: .~1-.\z.,::_r t.» ru
fg..~;e m 1519‘}; ' »: hz-n- :1: xiu.
; The- :'irrit< \‘..:< NH: 4' :li~.x;-;--nixnlin,:.
HMTW :=. Mm” hurtinu n!" lhv :xuinmk \u-r‘n
1|r«‘!‘;::;!:l~!:-II'-'. .\h-Jz! I‘m: -!-~:u=: ~r lam!»-
'\‘.in) “:’.-1w ¢-112.‘-- ~33; ‘. =.~‘-'.' if \‘zl'l‘v I‘M
H. 179. Eu-~:l'l<>- :iwr‘ * ~' :w .--..--. m: «m -r—
! U:r Tnck< ptsmtc} :1 hr”); :Ip!u'::r
rance )01‘ ':‘d:._\' tub-run m. ‘i'h - Euler
:u A» Lining” -.' .U' 3'31. The 09:11pm?
icn‘ar ':x u" I: -r finer? trzp. The A'us
{lam :':::i 21:») '-".!I-i “(‘.v' :vw‘ntiu; i? r- cir
'(- :-‘. ‘- L-v Uls ‘:‘.-h. \lev.» :1! mu! Mn—
:uul aux-i : \‘r 3 diwr Si arm rs “‘rZ'P at
#11:” \H;-:.v~'.~.
5 up up» -: :2- :.- .-.,:r.m:;:- in
3:!;.- Um] t! A~ \\‘w'i::l:'.x'vH'ul-H‘HLJV»
grin-‘2‘ n!" :i;~.::‘ 1",1\ HIVI'S'I d biz; :iqus 1:.
‘L‘uyt-hue ;n‘-{:; r ~15 u .“ZL‘J Em Lum's
.whut 3m |~ Jain; hut :: Int-2:934" wnh
Ito-v (L-Hurs nullfxwfpv;v;‘-ris:ld:l?‘ut‘r
h'nx :u ‘3LLII-1115L
l 'l'ht- and m-“s n.’ Hh' «I'2l?th (33;:3.
liumu‘h u!“ iin- s-ivrguhuai Svh‘ica at hz~
h-Amv in ('.-ungine’. much-d :his nflit‘ -
‘yz-ste-rlny .xfh‘rumm. (3.1;.1. Kin-'u-th is
'.l. was“ knuu'n 3011:): mm: \\ 31-,- was
I '.lin on ‘.‘v'hulhy 151119;]. lh- It‘ith” :1
WV» run} a _n-ung family In hind. 1!]:
fum‘ml \viil take place to day at Ihr 31. i
. l 2 z-L":r=~‘.v :.t Hmm‘viliv. ;‘
’ .\ .\‘rl'rlfx |:.———.\. :iisgrm-ciul zlfilnir m-- ;
vurra-I! nu \\Zm‘r >!h'i'[ ywlnrfluy. Snmz- !
luw \\ hisky guzzliu: strung-r. hvin; uhuul ;
l\\'n-!h§r~l.~' in” mi ”tun-gh- fun-2." ('uHPIHKIIWI {
In \'--m his mm- [nu-judim- on :m mmih-ml- g
Mn: ('hinzungm. Ih- :zw'nr.’:iil'_’l.\' 5!:llvk
‘Hll' fin! .\hmuulizm he saw an»! knm'kml
him «hmn. :unl lhun full to kivkin;_r him
with :iil Ilw i-‘rw-ity uf :I flunk-h mule. i
The ('himuuun assmmul tu hv drud—
duuhth'ss hr wi>hwl hv was. Thu ntht-r
('hinmm-n “I:qu :\ rush fur tlu- ”In-H'h‘r.
who in his vxtn-nw luxu‘vry mu like :1 I
\\himn-Il (13;. [iv was fl-fluwwl pell-nu-Il I
iniu Mum's huh-l. and five lusty (‘hinu'
mun dragged him nut '.\'hih~ nthvrs hlvw
lmlin'c \\‘histh-s. .\ lmliwnmn :Imx-urwl
:uul ra-svm-el tho ufi'cmh-r and tank him to
jail. Thu,- mugiv \‘Hil‘t‘ of Jmlgn- \':m lhak- :
kolo-n mused up the “xmssmnin:" (‘himl- I
man and rvstnrwl him to rmsun incluuhlv
qui"k. !
SA); FRANCEC'I. Aug l4.—Arriwd—;
Strainers .\h'x‘cu, Victoria; AFHEO. Cues
Bay; \Vlliunu-tte. Staltle: and Antonio,
lh-purtuve Buy. Suilcd -- Barkeuliue I
Aux-Im, Port. 1 uwnst‘nd.
-—w~~——~— 1
‘l‘]. [lnn] I'm--‘.. Tangy—“Am
B 4: ln-xl [stau- Trnnnfna
Majwr Van liolikelcn suld this morn
ing u 235 acre tract 0! land on lb“ bench
just this side of the Post for $21,000.
l‘lziu is jun! 3600 [H.‘l' acre. This is u
L'l-l'll sale fur both parties. It )5 only
“me uf mnuy truusanctmuu that shown
progress. _
Recognllian of Merit.
Pliuuie Learned is a most faithful and
exemplary p;st-oflict clerk and his abil
ity and faithfulness ix recognized not
only by the general public but by his
employer as well. This is evidenced by
the fact that Post-muster McMar-a made
his chief clerk n. present of a nice gold
wallbam watch. Pbonie was worthy
and Geo rue was kind.
The following are extracts from a let
ter received from Hon. Jay. (‘l. Swan. by
. no of mar cubzwze: '
Bon‘ux, 31159., Aug. 6. 1888.
I was at the Union Pacific R. R. of.
iii-e this fcrnnvon. Mr. Adams will nnt
get all on th' ll'ith as he intended and '
will not he able to start bgfore 1h: lat- of
supiumlr-r. C-rnplicliliulis have 31356:) l
Which Will have tu be adjusted. .\lr.
Lliiic. \'.c-: President. zlakeal me if land _
hiid advanced much. ISili‘l it had but ‘
wilt-u Mr. Adams was prepared to not he
will get all the lands required. I kliuw
just whittlthc hitch is. It i~i what I have
tultl )0“ all «long would take place,
the Northern, Umun and Central am
will”; to light the Canadian l’aczfic for
the: Earl India “mic and as I :cmarkt‘tl l
t-‘b Mr. Lune tudliy le will find that the
battle will he lit-tween Victoria all) A Pun. ‘
'l‘ow‘eenll. I spultc u! the intricate navr ‘
glitlun of the San Juan Archipelago dur
illlg our lugs. Hint several ships and
istcuiiiers have been wrecked and there is
l , l
‘no guarantee to prevent the Lhina
steamers meeting with the same trouble
the .\lcmco has had. '
\Vllllt' on the other hand strainers cliu
lull from the veeau In Port Townsend
in the dvnzest to.- Bud dial-Lust night b)
and uf the c vmgaas alone. That there
lirc meterulugicul causes which {niur
Pun Townsend more than Ly uthb-r
hairbur and when Mr. Adams is [rally in
cxmniuc the subject I witll reduce all
my remarks tu writing. Mr. Lane said
he is sitlis led that I have much valuable
111-tlcflal in my Miles and know many
things uhuut railroads which the general
public do not know. [lO treated me very
Kltldly and said they were always glad
to 510 me m d when they got w d)‘ to
act ll.“- \ullcull on inc. I K..“: him
s.‘.'t'l:il 1H":- gurmls “lllch Lu éillil not
LlillW“ before i.nu he .chlcll much in
created in all I mud. I. hum: not Bt't‘n
txlpi Jacobs since my return from New
York, (iii. I heard in day from a frien.l
.i‘ his. that he is still in Glniicester waili- l
is»: the return of Messrs. It 111211301] anti I
ls‘uuic from Puget Sound. 1 have been l
Well L'V-‘l' 9. .ca: 1 left l‘nrt l'owneuhd and l
um l‘l'j") mu ililrnll Willi my cliilllrei: 3
till“! grandchildren. I [hit k 1 Will h'nr- {
i. r :'ll lllirlll :vi - lit he ll'ithni. In} \\H} ‘-;:l
gl'll.’t". Svlzillll. 1 hope Juhil .\‘gip cum 9
.s built‘l'. run-urn: inc {-1 hm) an) to;
ullullnr (Sunnis. Yuuls truly, l
inns”, WAN.
‘ US West qut ill St.
7 7* ...- .—~—..—._ 9
.\ :~‘n‘£-.:i.n'ri:ii salons“; 1
_ _ l
l'lilvr‘ is mm; nn the sli elm :l il “':iiil- f
‘ hurn. ":16 , i:l.. ::f 111- ll) M it‘llLll'kulli ,
1V.:5:*E.~ ~~\‘--r 'ilfilll. ill the LT"l“.ll>:‘.lU.“,il .
L'ch masti'd C>‘l::fl'»lltti:!tl scLiauer. I
lwliinl. Will he llu: lflfgvrl \':.3 rl nt H E
Land ;.17015. Unr lim-gth til ki'ei m 225 v
,lf' . “H'qull 51’ {Ci I’, \lt‘] til 14 Lillil '..” leu‘ ‘
.llzl lll‘l inc .‘Hll'lu-‘zll \VI l aw LBW zulzs. ,
' H-r I;|:t"‘l “'2': he ”((k‘w ul'u piDl‘. “11“
| Mr lt:lln.h.~l. Htlitllll'lb‘, ii.i22¢ mu.” 2
. v-lmlzk-t' mist il'ld jiguer \Yll! lii- (’.‘lL‘ll!
115 he" in lv-tigll', “hm.- Il- - i-inmzi‘t '..i1l
he Mich 56 fr'v: . l‘ (‘ iliuui h-rul lin
' top of her limit; lit the cap mil lit-2'3.
1 inches. Them Wilt he used in hereon
_° structinu 450 tun: l/f while link {ruin
Virginia. 80mm 'eet u! lilivll pine. irlim ‘
5 v ~ -- l
(neurgill, (mil ll.i to .'Ulltmiauf troll. ‘
r-Hil.-r uiithuzml planking will he aux
3 inches thick {rum kervl tolup.i’.ud her
3 inside milling will be from 10 tu 14
1 inches in thiz-ltnvrs. She Will have twn
_hill decks running the entitle length ."f
' ; the vessrl. ‘7 'll .i-..t- hate '.‘E. 8h ' Will
l- l he launched in October.
, _. 1 . ~
. 'l‘ ml],— 8 7...,
Rulluu ban unvenlmn.
I}; resolution of the liopuhlioan
TL‘l'l‘lfiul‘lui (‘vllil‘li (‘ "':!'t|vl“ ~ HE .'-
mw-hn; lliv )‘~‘f'f h 4!! lii ,\' ix‘ih YALE
; um an .\lu'cii 7. iE-‘H. ia.‘ limirnusn
_wsm‘ miiiiurzw‘. hrl;1lill»‘7i;~"i u;
“Hiding thu 'jk’rl'J‘lliiili l! «;;i.‘:ii:> '.‘l
(}-\nvuiih.-u t-iim iv“ in iiilr:.-'-2;"_;
l’iit':uizlllttlur~'o ‘:lil‘ (Venn-Mb» . h
D"l"'iv;\‘('lliie':i lz) bu imiul :xl ii'iq; .
us 'l'l'l‘sluY, 11:5. ll‘m law « ;‘ ~l .11 g 5
mi: .\‘l'X'l‘ Is." It? a; ~-:. 9
. for 11m purpum- (Pf n ruintuin'; n. :'.;i; l
. iiitin‘lo fur Duh-gull- : ) (fungi-w; .. MW;
m-minaliun of Micah-1' 2’.-2'x'::>i.;-:2“
u-lvr‘ti‘w inflict-vs 11ml rlil'ii min-1' iu‘wh
, muss u.» may [up PI‘I‘SJIIID-i.
The ill-publicm: L‘nlimy (‘.~nti'-nl
( vmmii‘ti-s-s aw rvqnmtwl t 1) ili'i‘ij
_ tlmir :vrnnzu‘nw nu Snuuvluy. .\i::n..: :
iln- 23m. and li!-'l!‘ County Uunwv-g
tum; nu Saturday. Sviilvmlwr LL;
Tim husk nf rvp damnation mulls-l
Ly tiw Trrrilnrial (‘vnh'nl ('unmsiltvv
Judith-5 tln- countivs tn vim-t deie
Jule; as fulfiows:
riuuth». 1.‘z:..;~ i'uh. /;.,'.uuf;,d
\vlun—. ........lli '_'
\w1in....V..... ...‘:‘u l
Ili-1ni.~....fl -V=.l '.
(2..2.-.:::. . , l-:; :2 i
t'- i'u"...... , :..: a:
ll)l!'ll:i1,, V_. ~ .........f'llv 2n ‘
t'.;.x.:l/.....V..v.. ......rliil .3 '
i|‘-11::i:1‘..0..... l'v] ‘.’
l"..cl|.\.in. 23 I
«:.rziuleuunm... ............4=r.: ~
l\l=|.vl .. _. ll:~ I‘. 1
.:u:l’!'~-.:. .. . .'"J 7 ‘
’II'J. i. ~..1~t~ :’J
fizz-..‘... .... :::7 x
:\i‘£lr.~ :‘.:l? 7
1~. i |.i:::l.. w: n '
.c-w~. 7.2:! ‘.9
Lizlwvlu, . _h'u; S I
‘\i;.~':m,...,.i.,.-............i .17» .'l n
Uknlugnn ..__., .V .. i I
l'u‘fli‘...” _......i i w; x L
f'il'u .. .....ifnl l I
S‘mJlmn . . ‘.‘_'x ‘2 ’
\k:i:i:......,........ lii N
§i{:11111111.|...v,,i... .. _ l'l I !
-nn'wmi.~'l| .. . ’.:n n. ‘
<.l«nl-::11w....... ‘....HV ....!~ ~ '3-‘ :
.‘t-xe1i«.....,.i Wind ; '
lllm'~‘m|.... .. . .. . T-tn 7
\\':|hk:ukum,.,.V..,.... V I): ‘1 ‘
“a1iu\\':11|.,.......,,..... ..l-Zl': l 7 :1
“.::.xtt'vul. .. ':l" I‘. 1
s'.‘l.iluim Jim 2: ‘
Y1ki11fl1............. Siftt .'. z
Whole num!l-r..... . '.‘L'. E
The Central Cummiltuu :li. its Hum-ting!
at Nu'th Yakima hm] in) means “his-l
cerlmuiug the repzt-seu‘ntiui; ti‘nt thu'
new count) of Okauognu “‘2l3l‘lliiliflibhl
and therefore only gave it one delegate. :
Since “le apportinnmmit was mad:- I'
am :ipp‘imntly creditahly informal that. 1
the territory enmpuuing t-llkl unv.
(«minty cast almut one haltnf the 0’“;
tine vulu of (119 old county uf Si(‘s‘?u>‘.j}
and the Cnunty Central Committee of!
Okzinugau County claims to Le entitle-ii
tn vac-half the combined reprusontalmn .
of (In? (rm mvnzities vez: five dc!egates.;
I thermure n'cnmmend Ibut the counties;
of Okanugau are-J Stevens each elect:
Hire-e delegnres, two to be Pnlitlml to.
«me mtu each and the third to linlfng
vote in the Terrili rial Convention. I
I 1115-) desire to call the attention nf’
all Unnaty Cummlttees and delegates to i
the l‘erritarial Cnuveulinn tn the follow- i
mg resolutions of the Central Commlt- i
tee adopted at Nnrth Yakima: 3
Resolved, That the Central Committee 1
Waterman 6: Katz.
. ’._—x
/ If?
Ag'fé'fééifim* ‘ (:1)?
4' f - l-l’ Wt. ' mil ‘ if“? 3.1%
_. ,~. g¥-’: -_ : 1 ”‘53. ~77-
J: L2l, g; iii? E ii infigwfi T’?‘ l
iii“ 4a? 5’ tili- meal%#2_4
.::; .:3va :th ’ ”12:; ”viii-4+
» ;: ~ ’ -‘f~£T'-:-'_'=§_—';;__is_,_ ,A _ _~_'-_‘ __~___,:_,_u,_,
The Immense Sto-k ol Goods purchased East by Mr. Water
man.principlliy from the manufacturers direct,
Coxsxs'l'lxu “F ;
DrV Goods, Fancv Goods,
Gent’s P‘urnishing Goods,
Hosierv. Underwear,
Children’s Clothing,
Or anything else that you may wish, have nearly all arrived.
In connection with the great variety of Goods kept, we wish to
call especial attention to the complete line of
Steam, Gas, Water Connections and Fittings,
Pumps and Water Plpe.
A {UTI supply ot these Goods will be constantly kept, and sold
at Retall same as sold in San Francisco at \Vholesule.
Waterman & Katz.
PE§£;TYGROVE & 00.,
--—-~hE Helms. l.\'~-——~
General Merchandise,
‘ ‘ ‘ ' ' Emmi ”m 3|!”Hi‘lHW
SiiH’PlM} fix a» :33 ; w 5
PORT ’l'()H'.VHl:‘.\ I) s'". ’l'.
Wu can'ry '.lw i-n‘uas: ml :..-T-H ”finite":
Men’s, Boy’s and Youth’s Clothing
.‘t- '()1' ’91:): i; ‘IHH m the (fly
Gse-nys. Furnishing Goudeg
Wu :er in‘.;=l-lu.~.rh;» _.;.i ..ur Imi-s :m- full in ovary particulur.
Siting- .' '3le. 1300:.“ K Shoes
'.hl- to ho {nun-i in ..:x:‘~.-'. ;=; Kim y‘vah' 2 L‘X’ENY‘C am! “EST QI'ALITIES.
“'0 can rah-r [-1 :‘Yr- ' it ‘-~ . -' :l~r~Hl1(‘V' m uh
Sluph- um] L. . - '- ~ m-L
country 339343933 iaagen a. mo 4,549.51 rrxces‘
‘ "All Gun-uh Illen-h -! t'. .m_\' put uf th ' (‘ll.. Hair; HF l‘uumr. Country
i Ornicrs whcumi and DESI ATTENTION GUARANTEED.“
{:gh'rmn‘M‘J‘ ”=39 lo'rcnfzx‘r t-nch county
,F, ‘v‘l’ff'fmf'l M :11} Hm ul'flyvh-ctm
.:P'lt’T‘Ll‘ ‘, "'3" “W " [Min-Jig f-I" them m
"i" l"\",","'" "‘ "'l‘" 1" I‘nfurctd abwnce
' IE: .' ~4--,. .: . ' .
..'. 'l :.i(| I 0.»,2: 5,- ‘.v \\ .'.;II; 1... “”1.“
"1"] ""“ ‘ "Hi'l HIV-"H'I" "r I'h :lt'll‘L-n.
' " W 4‘" f'.’< I'n..'.:p-,.n.,. {'lrfl"
r 1“! 7: . .I. z. ' ‘ ' "r
I 'lv,:.‘.nv:.l 4"- . .L A. "I" “N":n'w“ ”'57:“
incl-‘.. 1 1.. um ‘,:.""“-'”-H.H .'m We! 2“
: '-' -". l 'r:"l,' ~=h\‘--n‘lun,
F 1. I) q. 5' "".x”'«li-‘:'-’-i.‘11:::xo,
: ‘-- . .lUL‘hnm, s‘l""v‘l'u'v.
Y .\l.-.[3“.. u, E JUZY 31‘ ““1.
5 ...... «my—___
. .
5 I" H:\'.
5 ‘ :-' '; \' . ‘ ’
-". ‘7‘" ' L,“ "J." Many INJHSN
:n ..;.-=r,_". ' . , ’
é hm - . l I. “.1 ”MA-.'. 3 dulluh
i ‘»_.L_L_
i M
- .\avncu.
. :.~ l‘\“"‘lr"i‘"A‘TZEfU'Ev‘V-Tufi
i «u . 'l‘. .4, :. ‘..; ~.X""‘l‘.'|“:," :fi‘ fi"
' >O. ‘ ~ ‘ 'l'-.|. - l. - I '_ 0‘ U '
I .. .‘ 1| . \ . : fl --‘ ‘ “:‘h‘ll— Lurizlu h:
... ‘ ..‘. “‘J-um so. mu.
3 R" f .' \. 3:. '.‘Ll'f-r'u'L‘. .‘.};“l :'.“;L‘ ““1
‘ ..'_' .'.. ~... .x v v.;,-\‘ u'vpmfigm.‘ T.-;Ji':¥:l
l ‘.l“ 1| :‘. "v : ...'ln - lulu.” \‘t' .11.! "lUP;
Im- ~.x-. ;.| , ~ '.l‘ ~ .:n 2. nu-J m “.I:er
:l' li.;~ was: un m '.' LZI‘. u; .\bph-nlhvr‘i“:
;1l“u.-'n.~l.-=.m,Y-l'v-g: :n‘ n .:: fan-.11.}. '4'":—
|El|)‘x\' . l::"'!‘ll:1,"fll: : l',":} :.'-...-n:L.~luv-nt :2
i< imam-rmum-m; Hm: ::1-:.-~: .m _y in :m- “.\..
h.- 1-11._--_.l-"¢-!‘.'i!l-' l'r :'v .! :5; . ..f >:ul Jun
«‘n'mxc. VA": hing-m ’l‘-‘r::l'-r.'. .. Fri lzy ll::'
l::.!‘. .\..2. Ju.-! (hum. \\ ..- .i ‘. l‘.-r.-Elmy, :.z:
E'uc !" :‘I n’ ~--p'.-lu'w:'.l\~~.:mulll-:ncing 1'
“n v‘viu k -:. in . :m-I :I awn-:15: ; 1., .:ur -'IH-.‘:.
y-uw Hut pt‘sqrhul uszvirn- 11. 1'0»? vamp-l lu
n...t!- . ~ 'rv- . ..i'l 'v mmh‘ 7.) publmxii -u. yup-1.
i‘xjflii'lllllZlA'lE'flirllrllill"‘l'l'l.“ l! and 14 ‘.l
y! nu li‘ -- in ti. - l .5. Law! Ufliva.
JOHN Y. USl'l:.\'\'DE".
()IJ \' I‘ll: \\'( )()D.
. O
* t dln
Real Esta ean surance.
I’m-Z ll ~r- -:|~l {xi-:1 o'-:~Ium- "..-”*9,
PM: T2L\'3'.S(=:'!d. - - - W. I'.
Ha». SSHJHM) in Water Front. Business
:mJ “Usixlenue Property for sale.
.5371)” .'nrl Inqui‘ru prxcc; and Mention.”
,ir’f. : ; ‘ | I. if: tiltg,
-'-. _ ," ._ 1.5: 3;}; gt}, '...
up ’ . ' ”mt; .'.:
$2: '. ’. :‘.5,_ -.5. ‘2,“ 1
._x- .. s'.
351:". . ,: AE— .. :’grs_' 0
var}? ...’; ,3 :13 f.- , -
\ Tf‘x‘uugp-Tlé-figin' -. {:7}; -
M u. ‘ 1;. x ~x -*
v .
':- j ‘ ..::”
Ji1:;;--li :... ufl;n.(}!zkll3E
V n/4: " ‘ . .. ‘ '.
:’c... .. . 1 a :13) ‘.hlmney.
AHu’.i:i,. . ' ..z;':.. ; imitation.
'51.”. -2. E : .::..th Label
‘.' :--“-:. f. .. ,
...’-4933 . urchi’cm‘l
. ~¢_..'v- ' - I . x _ .. . .
Far-£4" ... fa, Lu )Cnmmcx.
. 33;;- g \' . ‘ ‘ '
italic : wjnucalcnnaysay
"‘32:? 's,=_"}::,;}7 :‘.-:‘. {lnn}; he has
‘..P‘Tuxfi‘gty (“s.ch 3:; good,
‘._o' .2: ;' 12121318 3101'.
Insist uponibc {72.3.3 Label and Top.
Fc: SALE E 4.11.3555. Mar: on? 61
- ‘- :‘.: ,7; r.. '
«[O. A. imam. g ml, Pmsburgh, Pa.

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