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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, August 30, 1888, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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L-os.-._o-‘—-< ~ --—‘ ->- r.— _w--
P' Ito \ s 3:" _ _. ‘ ‘
em 1%. mm: mags-...
l. 1‘ I" ‘ >\ ti.._
t\:.;'._‘\‘ =:
. - l 1 ~ - -
the law 1';- x-i?.;w‘. 1!.11. 1' ._
lJ.I:-. ii.-«j .. .-:.K‘.r 32.:i'
:2!" I‘. ‘1 . . ;,,: \.:..'i. - r
\'u‘y: 1' .. Li- :3171",
i:;_'ul;-T':.i - . i. . »~.:-.;.
unnuu‘ir 't-y 1 :.‘_-: - t' . : o
l:..!. ,2 ‘ -' ;' ..:: _-
;.‘* 'l-- -‘ - ’l
- 2~ ~'. ‘. ‘ (“v
:’ f':_!_-.
iii; 2:'- fl». ‘ :;. -.
I'. .- .- ”"3" ‘. ' _::.'l
ilx‘f ‘- -; 21- K.. , ‘1 K.. I
..i 4; .1.. . ~-.'.i:‘
:_r \2.l’~j\l.-‘~. :v'._ ‘:.f
Lin:- 1' .V
livlz-S'qu’ ::'., 1.1. 1‘ 3
tuz‘ii'-‘..._.t=!~ .:: 1 :‘.: -'.:§
“.tl‘li.i4 _énirun. .: t; i -
2.1» ‘_2 li‘lx’l .- ;!c. 5
m.:..t0 :- r >::;-ii m.:“ . ; :-, i. -. ‘ i
tlzruiitfi. tlw twain“: x-z tin lr.’ 3
L 23! 'i.l-1:.l:.' 1‘..;l14» “2.11.1 wi' 13 :- 2. i
\- rrruau i» a}. .! 2... ‘...H i- !
such h‘th-l’iir'fi: um up in li- 11:1“ ;
and in ‘.ll‘.‘ i;.:- l 1 iii-'1 :'. :' Ilm ‘..i ;::1i 5
in which llit‘ l; :..l i: filmiiii'll. !
Belg-:'. lit - ~u:'.'.>_‘. it :- 7.2.3:}. I
cam l); .'.-:hivln-z‘cil. ;' is i;. 1' ':3 .i_.'
than :i It‘llllhl! :’~ :‘ :'uul: 2‘ :‘.r'.» y l- l
fUl'“i.lK:i‘ll ’0 ll.“ :zl."-:“‘-i'l «“erUi-l
Sigxgt-al :41 iizr “T'l rustic.‘ in l») :ili lii.-
nctuul settler: in it.~ tx-\-.‘u.~hip. :m‘
giving; it guizu-l'lll Illsl'llllllltl] Hf tlz.
chuructvr of tim i:~.n1l. {Hill 11:» slur.»
tor oi" tho Mix-531w of the l.l\\'l|lel;L
the; mums hlul llfl‘hl'uhtiluil that may
be (lfiltl‘-‘»ll:{3'_'t 1" tin- Hzrx‘cyor gen
eral in :'1 ”2.31;; hi» jmlgwnent as to
“I'3 Irv-grimy of any smw’vy ail-pliu-i
for. Only potizi ms for tho annoy of
an ontizu- Ilfl'iixriilll or the guru-yak!»
portion of the shine (‘un hocunsidnrod
by tho hurmyor gmivml. Thv rates;
of niiloago ullom-tl for starve); at tho‘
prostiit tiiim :.ro $5 in r mile for svc- ‘
tion lint s. 2:? pm” milo for township?
lint-s and :‘.) per mile for nwunderiug ‘
and standard linvs. Therm amounts
Surveyor Gt nun-. 1 Bl‘et'lif’nl‘klgv com 1
Eiders very inadequate for surveying
in this tvrritory. and hc has worked
very hard to induce C‘:lxgl'(‘l'.§ to raise
the amounts, and the committee on
public lands has at lzxstbcon in! In
see that. the amounts Hl‘L' 100 small
and has reported furorubly a hill to
congress by which tlm rates will ho
raised to $7. $9 and sl3 per mile for
section. township and meander lillt',‘.
respectively This increase in tlm
rates. Mr. Bxeckenridge states. would
be of imumnse assistance in this torri—
tory, although it Wcmld not yet be
nearly so high as he has recomendml.
The surveyor-general states that
there are now applications on file ‘.l)
his ofiice for the survey of about 2.1)
townships in this territory, many of
which. if approved for survay. it would
be impossible to receive bids on, ow—
ing to the present low rates allowed.
Shortly after the present incumbent
took passession of the surveyor gan
oral's ofiico, he advertised for bids for
the survey of 14 townships, lmt ow
ing to tlm low rates allowed for sur—
w'fiug. no bids worn root-3w «l {or the
survey ( f the townships and they still
remain unsnrwyed. To maim mut~
tt-rs Worse. the interested actual set~
tiers in the unsurveyed township:
have heretofore been prohibited from
Inn-ling assistance in any manner
wiiutpuarr-r for public surveying.
This rule has been modified now,
how-var, und assistance in any form,
exertit rush. can now be furnished by
the _s'i-ttlms in special cases. This.
with the llK‘l‘K'HE-P in the rate 0! mile
age. will enable a good deal of much
needed surwyiug to he dons in the
territory although the general appro
printion for this territory was n'ot
nearly so largu an applied for by the
Thu spc-viul deposit system under
which surveys are made is resume:-
by law to blil‘t’fiy-l for homo-tend and
pro mnptieu SPXUUI‘R. and his not up-
pTI-.;b3:otr-) mm mm): valuable for
timber. no: fur any other purpose:
whntm. var. ”to" wttlmnmt purposes,
and lha unly i.’t'l‘.-iUili ‘who can app!)
fur Mu") survmu are actual buuufld;
sank r-‘. \Vlwu applications are H»
(‘:‘ih‘d and :zjipmwrd by the local snr~
V _wAr-‘gmmrn'. shay fire fnrwexdud in
\\‘sl lington. and upon (ha app-oval
Hf l‘-: ' :::.-:;.‘r '2 km 3 uflirc. the survey\
lu'~g.~::er:il id anti.- -rized to Mini-‘..
Hm :igrplimmis wi'h :m emulate ::'-
the cm of smwy and otlice work
This («lizuzunzl amount. must ha 'l2--
pusimti by the applicant: in tho Fin"
Natiunal Bnnl; of Portland in sue?
sauna as that nu cirtificatn \\‘lll bear in
few-- value of more than 3200. Tina
bunk will issna triplicate cirtitimihk
of deposit. and when roceivad Ihc»
uriginals must be transmitted to 11w
maratury of the treasury. the dupli
oatm to the snrvvyongonoml and thn
tril'licatei rt taim-d by tho abplicuuta
which triplicate cirtifimtos are r.“
min-shit: in part paymvnt fur lam?
situatnl in tha surveyed lownsllip‘.
the surveying of which is: paid out. of
such dopmsits.
All yuhlic surveys are matters of
cuutruz‘t I'ol] surveyors-general have
:22) patronage of this kind at tlmir
-‘.i-xx-s.;l. The general appropriafion
m ule by congress for surveys through
out the United States during the
cgming year are not so lairgu as thi
amount applied for by Survoyunt ic-u
oral Breckenridge fur this {emit-«y
alone. although the amount :illqmml
this territory is twice as much use A
Wm last year.
The new steamer. E. \V. Purtlv.
iv.” iuunched at thaiudy lust \ler
unsJay. She is owned by E. \'V.
l’nrdy. (‘.:ipt. Morwin, Capt. Barr“):
L)“ and others. She is a Sitic‘ uh. I
o-r. 107 feet long. ‘22 1’00! hmm uni
1. ill be i-quipped with 1-1 incl: vngi _a s'.
xvi'h a tin.- foui strt-ke. Thu new
lum mat about $16,004} and will h-
L'uinznaihicd by Capt. Mt-rwin. $2..
“‘1” Li- ready for service by the in!
n.‘ m—xt month. and will be I‘lll[,'lo_'.\'z=
in llu- Skugit rivvr trudo.—‘\'(u's.
l’n-aitlent (lion-lam! (lured nn‘lhnr
rig” nor veto the river and harlw- 1'
tr”. hence ha sultily allowed it :..
!) umuiu a law i 7! the cunrsu prescribed
..r :meiguml hiih. His C‘IWTKI'dI-C" in
Y’uis muttnr n-n iz-r-i him an ol‘jlK-t v."
~ mtmnpt. and cannot >1 rm his puiii~
2C ‘.l a‘piridiuns in (be loust, sine“ ti‘m
man who is nfrni-Lto say "no" and
alum not say ”yrs," is nut exactly
'3: - nun whom ll.» cm'ntry can dw
>~ -1 upon in a crisis. The river and
'u when hill is a law. and tho put-infirm
.. .- l ) a; thw p mitiuu (if n crinxing
.. »:..-'.ti!y in reg ml to s‘. {Hashim-h.
'. ‘ \’«Var, as h ! lwi‘uh uuly h'mrrff
. xl hil party t~_v : zit-‘.l a cimrsta hisJ
it-uu m the pnmiscs can Well he!
uprated by royubfiaana-Teleflam.
_..- _ _ ,H ~ ~,
' . ' l ' ' . .
1.. l. .'g‘ '-l' .;-_;'_ ”may
»-. H.l . .; - inn-1163
. ‘.‘l. I 11- 114 w. ‘1(“".;|: ('i::i~~
- _: _ “ '.l. -, : ',"‘ ”‘_l‘,.!.
- .‘ :~:—4 '; muivx.
'.2‘l x j -.:‘ l {.'m'g
- : ~ 4. ':.;'.:.
1‘- - .‘v-q :: :. AZ": A lyi...’
.:- ‘ it) i mi. 1} -\‘ ~—-.-3
-: -'.‘- E’. -‘ f "a --:.3:--
}»\!-'. 1 Eli'x', :1‘ ‘ ' inc? n: i -r
~‘::‘-‘;.v ; 1‘ 1w» '7. .“u- :;-..-'!=~
11:: * ...', 'l. ~!.' (.‘.l :‘.?L ~‘ 1! -‘\ ""1?
~:.:-' ,‘ ~ ‘57" - . $1“ 'I~ ‘.1.)-
~_, ' :':~~~ "‘.l—“J.
_.O ‘. ~ -' ' x: ‘ ‘l' ‘
»1- -. ' ~ ~ - ‘ .\ I,‘ f
' ’,. .'--‘." ‘ \ ".’v..i'
, , 'i.-:.- ~..- mu:-
\- ; _ .-= Wm
’35-th in; . . ,; :uu-x'
“_.._\.. 1 ~:. ‘ ‘~ 1‘ .iI-‘t" '.
‘_ fit.- »m;-' ;. ; :. '- 12‘: Hz:-
'..}; i .- ';. .1 _ ._..f ‘2‘ Va; i
' ' .'l‘x' ‘..:n 1* "VI-'1 '- ”1"\-?:‘l'|‘
for 34.9.1. 2. E.:. f-w‘»: 'i' --
.1: Evzin'.,\::--‘ 'l'- ‘- ‘ .::.q.» f
~-Ar:.l.w1;l~ !- f i"- r. w§(“l\ ::'.
z? I‘ ;‘ -. .3'l ~; ‘_\ ‘I «::‘ m,. ‘:lt‘n" .2
e-!; I}; -;- .‘z '. .3 n"~\2.l"h nun -- ml
2):”; h- ..'; I" '. >l'. XL- 1:;3r-ru-tnfsn
S! .t -l f:': -.~. it. 'l'1~:!‘1'. 'l‘nié L-Hifi
' 11'. r ..-.,ra:"..; w r: - T-w‘finu: :1).-
127: .3iu..".:.- «EH: (‘:::-'- ‘=:'. t» 32w.-
.--2 )3: .um- i. Imm an hm 1h;-
_\.-'.' {3l:3}? =:~‘=-i 7‘: v; .\‘vvtnn
nut .- t ‘.3. Hum oath--
‘m-suiL.’ ' ;_-.; »« - ‘71:”- !r 1' :22: You
in» E‘J“ ‘.‘ i'w 111‘.“ “1”?!“ in
\\ :5? . Im. 1:: E::x;z-:'i'lr:- rl-nwrt
x' -;. -. x; z ;: .‘.E L‘L". Su-r-ri-si r~~fvr
mw ‘ i< mu?» (r- Urn - x'vlzalxo 23s:h~-I~
ix-s, “Pi-:9; I, 1; 3» Hunt ‘2'. “'l‘“ in
fa'l‘m-“(I hi“? . "-. .33 '.wl‘a I'o lulu", “'.l-r
--shuduw thrm uf ”tr‘ .\Hunx i--.‘\vhit-h
:ara :va-ganl ‘m b 9 inxisnifivrmt it.
('l'dllflflfiidll with Hm I’m-Hie Hunt of
tlu‘ Unifml Staten. (‘unc-xmin: Hm
work uf Hm Allmtruss it; mnnm-tim:
\vithtlm survey. [’ruz‘awm Drzw<vn
.nhst-rvvs ”Hi ”In r-hnrv Him I)? Hm
coasi and Linn-L; uf ('raiifnrnia. “rm
gun “nshihgl: n. nut inr-In=!ing buys
and rivvw. is three Hmusnud mm
hllndra] and hvnnty miles In long-€ll.
Tho shfirn fine of llm zxn'hpnlugo.
(\xtondihg from D“:.m'snuntl tn Ivy
strmt, m saw" ’ msamlriuht hun
dred milvs‘. E! ' 2 Ivy: strait tn
Paint Burrow, ' - share “Mi of thy
main land of \ln-ku and-1f Yhn gram!
islands of the Kudink gnmp and the
Aleutian chain. has nothm-n moas~
urw]. but it would baanfe tn nati—
mafie it at not less than fiftm‘iu thun
azmd milnfi. Thrnughout H 1» \vhnh'
m’ thus-:0 Flinn-s (If twe-nty~.~ix tlumh
e—fllzll milus. ranging ‘.ln‘uuzh tln
:rruzxtwr part (if forty down-DH uf lati
mil”. urn cmmthis milliunq nf gum}
tislws. uf ornétnmm. and (If fur—[war
inc animals. Th in) are many klntl~
ni' {nod tithes knnwn tn the untinN.
lmt unknown tn us. “"9. arn nlnms’
tutnlly ignorant of the habit: of
mun)‘ 9ftlw cmumnn fut-t! {filing and
'5 th x cmnnamnn-ly limitml sonbnzml
of the Atlantin and Gulf states rm
.miros one such Vega-l as tho Alha
”Us“. one suvb station as \\V ole
ll: .11. and all tlm resource“ nf tll--
national museum and the U. 8
fish commissions-r. than this coast
\\‘ll‘ll many titm-stbe eastern shore
lino. certainly can lay claim to one
t-tlivient vessvl like the Alhatrnss.
and mum station like \Vnud'a Hull.
\\ hem (\xprxriliwnt: can be unrripd on.
'l'ln re" should r--nllv be two such ves~
‘vlu an ”in Pacific. mm for duly 0::
the! coast from latitmla thirty-two
«lugn .~. to lutituda forty Dina (19
{ft us, with a natural history station
pruperly located thereon. and n sm~
rm”. \'Hriel t 0 do duty off ”in nort‘:
vn: part of our coast, from latitn'lo
fifty-fam- degroos and fvrty minntrs
'H latitude mn’ontydwu (lt-gl'm‘y.
will] a natural history station for tl‘d
«tnnly t-v‘ :xnrtlu-rn fishes. In tlxv
':l‘t'la:: ulwgb m Alexandria. salmun
:-r;- .:mri- [Hurr- nnmvnmu than i!
:.m ”1' viu mntrr~ ...’ British t‘nlnm
s}. \‘\':‘-§ inst-m 'l‘vrrtt-srv ur Or»
Hm. “ lllJit't ti-lu-rii-H in Almk
rub- i':'~r:-n<---l in :1 womlnrinl .Et"I)
1..-r. L'ht your. tlu-rn worn aizhhan
Vusaz-ls tartan-40:] in tho Ratio. and
«mu {admin-d mulnine-‘y thunk-arr!
"tan-a of mlmnn \ve-ru pm-kI-J. TM
x'v- :‘ (Minty-nigh? vr-savh urn “z:
'f)’.'"d intho wnrk. mama-fin: :'l‘.
wins: multiplim]. ‘:de ni== ~tm-n mt
1.. urgmrntml. an :ixrzt {bu Hutch i~
'S") ‘-:’9(] to he from three hnmlr ~l
'9: “~me to thr u- hnmlrm‘. nn-l fiffy
hwnwud (Haws. The estixu'l‘vd om
rut uf Hillml salmon i< thron than
2.2,} five hundrvd harrvlu. The arm
::iludv Hf Hz» tinlnmn fis‘u-rins wil
awn ashluiJung, lw-unsn all of H,
.u’rums v-mptyiug in“) B--hrim:‘
«In. including tL‘n Yul-mu. are kumv'
(I Hi alivn with 111.11. 011‘ Mm mollf'
)f tizu Coppnr rim-r tlw nulivns catw‘)
<thuun shut surpass the “king 81!
mm" in size and flavor. The Inn!»
hum r-apurt than) as ho7ng fmm ’
duty at Hm mouth of the river, when»
-Lv_v find them full of spawn. anJ
wharf- thuy am caught by prarin 3
Those oapabh of judging pronou I".
tho Chiktit salmon *be highest m'
anal and Ouust flavored on 'the Pa
Mic coant. It is chimed that th m.
:s on such finld anywhom t 159 -:~
mom Alaskan wuiers are for 023 Mm
velopmont of lie~hr~rie~.- West Sh m»,
”u! of our forfy~' ve voters of thv
m-w liepnhl'cuu chl' w Port Ewing
N. \'.. wvon'een had bven democrat:
uni! this ammuur.
'l he Walla Walla [)flllf‘l's toll of llw
imamity of n yuuug Woman in th 1
city wizu with b: r littlu brutlwr was
:lllull‘xlnhml by a heartless father ir
{hut city mine-v tiruu ago. The pm
~umpli-m is that her insanity wn
t'il'lhl‘tl by :..;xiuty. (ll‘htltllllull um]
‘.l-zuznlunxnrm unwrg drungurs. Th:-
-lum'm:l, 1.! Hun. t-iLy, (lwln'l-s it. h»-
xie.’ that ”':llt'il f-z'lmrb' hearts nru in
llu- H. .1.-.::I:h. pivilml in ulcalml and
lint}. l'. H. Jul.“ uh. 1:, ll“, \VHH“
Walla l'niuu. l'\ m m.:.imgn Yu—
qvi. 2.; ll» wl.l u 1., luv pun-r fry)”
may cunuhy I; ! ll'r-‘vr' "Neowpnri.
unl Um '..5 ll ’ Yaq'i‘l'. . rw'm'ry. in ‘
.:lu-l;!.,; li.qu.-,;u-, Mimi?" llfld lull
[in- p:.:'ul}/. :.u tun! u! (firm-lam}
Inn“; lim 5,4. l }:-.-.r. A :‘.-M ngu h.
mam-d IE. - un-r :m I limb Jr lull
l‘lm ru-sull « :lw fll'l'l;t7|,:" u! (‘HH~
‘:rm'fing the jun} t 1: izng-r'lVs- Hi
mruumo lu flu- l. :rlu-r. Nnr wu-
Li~ all Hummw eru w..-: nu m-u
_'.‘ '0 pay for puHH-u Fm imliuml
how“. 2.. runny u nlwrl'il Ha? nu ‘lu‘
. :zy ‘.n uril. r :u.xl prulc-c'my! H huh.
.'.;i- shrug of winter. up nly n ”no u
.;..«l :‘.».-t of i! w- r - wzhbvel 1w h." In;
x vim” gale. ()1) Month}. uln-L
'lu- p-niplc- lvurnml that “m nvor Mnl
inirlmr hill. which appropriutuu $150,.
N“ for building the jolly [1 ul lm
(mun :.. luv. [hay ran wilil with joy.
li-‘plng. 6-! flags. firm] nnvils and man
:‘.‘s («l xlmlr pleasure in rither ways.
Ru --Xw ‘llalikOJ Cleveland bncauso
;.- 1.1 Ihn hill bOCukJR a law without
is :ignniuro. but the gvuoral opin -
m: rem-«l 10 he. that (Leia-land was
oucmuzdiy to (‘_ilbcl' veto or sign
.he bzll.”
"LCK A? HEM.‘ ‘
A Graphic Picture cf the Wzshmg
tan ‘3‘uritovy B 3 . l
J). S. Jwillhlun. “'l.- n i'rv.-;nl’\' . r-s I
Eh-X'n- \\‘i‘. . 1m {3.13315 from (‘l!3l’il2unli.¥
wh-rc lxu had hm-u m thc pita-4 3 bun—3
13~‘~.~. 21!:11 3}. Est! 1| Elk" \'~?.‘lh“.~b-
L! 13‘ :33 1153 5:31:13! firm-l. 3‘ “Linux
int-W'o'vi't'.’ 13'(*m~x‘z-__‘!i'\--7«I Prawn
1;..1 21;» Pugu 53.23321 muu'rv 1 ":3-
i'h'l' (‘I r Ill! [l'l‘rrJlflfl'li 3i \‘.W'H R 3 -.\:l
rub-,3 -‘%j -:m 31' :33 13.3? m’y 3:! Ila."
I , 3‘ ti. '1 :. 2‘ 3e l:.l-,,m rn-"Huiz -'3 .: ;:
\\id-v .3381: m" 3:: If3wll~iildli ”Hymn-5‘
32' 3.-v 3' w .‘.r;, 3!".Jnnh-1-I'u~ -- l
.1»- gnu W. 3! g } 3n“ rum-33g 8%!
3., 3;...j v :r- l- u :zqu 93-5
Et'.\lili‘- '2 '.- "' 31' 3“: i
"Y 131.3! 3 u -.-.: m MN:
32. 33.;i‘v :~ g n: 3.3 lmn‘: twag
[I l;o"‘~7 ‘:3.. ”ma. 3:”:‘l‘3l‘ Yn'fl the!
~95. .~.~ j.~ -- 3. u! rm. and ‘.w an!
“m 33.53 jr. I 39:33 ~.~.-:; 2.3- is gum}; in;
3.: 1; ~ :.3. 1 2U.i. 13335 :'.-1:9 Min-r 3M"!
'ildsr': H, 'is :3." LI" Jun! INCH)“ «V: l':
3"l"|'-3..'i"1‘3.3v .\¢1!‘:‘i~"l'l 313;. H":
“‘l=;.;¢- ; :'. 3"- :: n Infuilh wt. 7‘ 4;
Han-4 \'. :.w .'. 'x --l-- 11 an plhvrl
."-'!Z-? :n --;:-.‘. .'-.~ ';f!'.‘:£;!:;!7!11!31“§l ‘3
mg 3' 3‘! ii; \’.-3:35 t-iln'ly {“076 i:§"ii 1
:~. 7- "End lu- :-.3n‘i:-_~ 133),!Izlzl lmlvr- nf
r. In his H‘unmrs 3m curries
':IZ Imus m” 3.31 m uf soil. ranging
H‘wln (“.'. 5.31163; {HI in lit-pill. and
will win 1319-3 In no 3,341.33” th m the
..lnzm- yard t‘-;.:\ an) m-il on earth.
U 3. LI. hf: rv‘l.-:1;33i--f lzn currit-smnun
waizw nf Him-r. and on his right
nummuins x-f gnH. un-l in his belly
-: 1 lure m .‘IILWEA it. m! :\ (upuozty
--fluu Lulu-13w d was pnr clay Ho
3.;91'1vs :1 stuff linz-u hllzulrvd {nu-t
':HII,’ '.‘nm w-mH on: thirtyfliv.’ thunk
-;.s d {cm of lumbar. His fish [hm]
:-~ H. - iim-a! law!) of water umlor thu
41:3. :‘.vvraginz inmdruda of {out in
luplh Imm 'l‘u'uma to (bu ocean.
\\ but do you think of tho buy?
When Em m :mm mm tin- brotherhuod
uf Mates; 3:“ America will up their
hats and say, “Just look ut him!"
English (’:nlyitaiists are investing
lurgvly in Amurirun hrewuries. An
Engliah symlic-axtu haw bought four
inxwz'vx‘ins in Brawn um] two in New
Turk. The): wiél buy out for can]:
any hrnwur wlm n) v.) \Vifill to rutim.
pr-n‘idul hi 9 enhdmsbxuuut is worth
5-5 new).
Tm- Hnilxl unn'ml canvnntium nf
111-A Ht ;'..- .\x‘se'u'hly ngins of Lalmr
~l' .\l:c"zi;;:m ‘x'iwpzml raszmltmus In
wr~iug thu .\lbtmhun systuzu of
r :'szg. «in-xnuzrlmg that all wnga-s [:0
sun} nun-My. an lznvfnl annoy uf lim
mung-.'. "ha! u Iznxfu‘rm spin“ of
t, 1;! imoki 3m uswl in tfm :mlmuls Hf
:u Sum. :ur‘x in funu‘ of thv I'l‘lh'uj
of 11 e l aker c v: spi :cy I:.w.
'i'im i‘Ul-X‘i.ri M' Kim smm Mactinn
=1 Hathatn'i (in nu: khuw :mj; ::.::1:n
fur pr~~é~ Mum. hu!‘ pr-duh ti An. Hiram
in;:n_.:u. rh-n em! nfléw ir-m LII-«inva- ,
gnu-:1 D- m-mudh- mnjtniVy uf 21“”:
Tm- Sum- gww u Ilenme-rnrio umjnh
._\- m“ 75 MM. Tim Lugishuun- has
»!:l)' tw-uuy mvdu-ring n-prv-ontu
tivvs of ‘hv lml-nr. Fnrmvrh Allumcu.
and nt‘n-r iuain puudvnls, the frat Im—
ing Democr.xlxc.
In I‘uqrflh‘u It) '11" 11!] ““011 “‘ I”
Blunt-gm t.) On] forum?" Swnltnl‘y
b‘4~.~*u!t. nf Hm repubhcan nutimml
conunuum- 4114:" I d' -u’l know It hasn't
:w “501le! ynt. Uni. E—u-n chun‘m'ul
of the L‘uir-ugucunnuzlinn. hm m [tn-n
a very nrqunt mama} far 151 fin“. Ho
Hunks Bluiun'n‘ ph-wmr- o'l [be l‘u
mile (“035: \Vnul'i lw u x-nmpliment “ml
the people would upprucnuu. and that
:t would huhzlu- um . 'l‘u.u'-m.-im-u
2 _ 1
has not yul (lncx'lmi Hm m'utur bw;
tun-r. fbum urn mm o thmg‘ that
itund mHm way of liluiuu‘s~ going
to Califormn. l‘mlm'uly I'm- mh: m:
purtant pom! is I'm Lung-d. 4:” mm iv
wxll (aka fur mm In mum :hu :rip
\\ 0 don’t think w.- (':m 'uurva q; 11'.-
mm fmmtlr- Hut. hm: If |-~- mm .M
.:‘ntu (.‘.:lhfurmu l}:~- x‘--;n'l':;i"i!ll~ ”I
--'.'t‘!'_\‘ 5.1 m- o:-- wml pH" wrung:
xmuM “‘rml in!“ tn «up «mi wuuLi
.m )1) ti iu’ hm uiitln t.“
--‘‘ N 4
L”)! Meat Market.
‘ . '- ' - ~1-' \IEA'I'.\()F ALI
~ ~ A “Loin-mp and rel-i 1:
:I-tv ~’ = A I? r' null l‘nrk. “01an
~ u-u u-z - . «an-tr .ll\\l_\"~0l hind.
n . :.7-\». E agar. and Lea! Lard.
I; Yer. n .. .. 1 I. ‘lul‘l human,
‘.l'lu:~ Y.1Lll!|~ -- .5 I. I \vrid lonllpurh - f
am- ten
-'. V. COLEMAN & Cd"
P- n Town-snd. W. T.
::-.’37..\' xx . ‘ u.x erllza nJ; Knlz. 4|-
5000 Book Agents wanted to all
m 1.1:: AND PUBLIC annuals-0! ‘
=2“: 53""??? ,
.'A‘ w
,' , ' “7—)“ w
5 . "iii-i- 3
- u‘étr . i
1‘ :’- fiz‘... 4 ~;~.- If I
' . .. '3 ’ » ». ,
' ‘4 ‘: ‘ ’ “A w
: .5 i» =1 ,f.’ - 1
.55", f 3, L 935 ...3 l
l \’..” .1 "‘~ ~ .::v- If; ‘
51"...455‘x‘ . “0*; ,'£ .; . ’3‘ ‘
I‘.‘as%z'}3 'l’, _ p? 3; .'.f- ‘3‘} \
P 3‘57 >ls" ’ ':- »- ;. ...‘}.EW' ‘7‘ 73" 1
-a“ .. ~ 32.7.7-7» Wes-s.» ,;~ \
'~-‘ -- ' " - .‘a’é :r—J "'.- '.“-‘4‘ ‘ 1
" ,_ "#53591? ‘
6 ~ -..,-.._
nu me e «..‘.lm (mm 1.1. u- find n. m. mud-1.2m: I. 11. ‘
Inuit. whh "mm! ~mLA-r...~._ warm. ....I nodal... ‘
Mime] Illa-«..‘.a 'nh r»! vhf-um r I u --nl onuuvingl. ‘
null-oi .‘..) runiuiln . “...'-b }‘ 'Il-fl '.l-‘1 glull and romp'fl.
LIFE 0? MRS. CLEVELA‘ \l_ wruvhu uhhlc'mphll ‘
Mun-In «4 ALLEN (‘.. ':l:'.‘A.f-'..\:-. 1M- 5- moo-z
“Mu Lyle. lynx-H 1... u n-u- » :.. ”I n. \ ..m-v. Thar. II
was; In u"...n..m...: x, .'.. :- -| .. x. m. llrhlmfl. Di.- 1
on.-h n-lnunu, .I v..- ..x n e w... «w-VII-h-n rum“. 3.“
Wen-uh- Ir. .'..u»! \ n I‘. u flnl in It» and. m 4 llull n" ‘
the 3.2.2": meu. \\. l . «.4 .m-lmz-n "A S-«hl Tow-n
-l in. x. »' Au .~-. WINTER & Cb-g P-h-
Onrlnxflalu. Mass.
. 1 ‘ 3’ Ir.
Pd')l)l_|:’:, .iifll‘rgih
(tar. ‘VZa-te;;anl Taylor \‘lruu.
& l’nrt ’Xlanwnd. “151),?
Thomas laséxgfisa,
l' ;'. - M
r ‘lli‘lv' r - ' ,; cm
1...;‘19‘; - ‘ “a 1; .::;‘r:
3‘51)“: .' - u ' ~- le.
NEW :~~ n nus:
Graves & Hanson,
MEI: Hex-3:911 sir. Public 50110.1,
Ilx3~ I ,\ '
11010:), hmhy Groceries
,H ::«x '
..~ '.‘EVZ EiiNi)K‘ll{\'.
- ‘V.- p." lr-m-l ‘ v 1-l~_ \"II'VU' i 4. B.|_'.
t v':\lll C 2*.“ :uhi
.\lnr-‘ovvu {iiuJinfi
‘nlr ‘:Y‘IMIQI‘! “'nnx -
.21 rule r "lll’ ‘-|-~ Mlvmi -v..
u. T. “‘l‘ L! \..\1.~ "ran
ChildrenOry for Pitcher’s Castoriau
: ® 3 Q Q C
s < l—
{ruin Bfiionsness‘ Constipation, Piles.
s 55.»;- I—3 M 33; Lefic .u' b‘gnmache, Colds.
! Liver ’l'umhlo, maunuice, Dizziness.
' I; d “252:: in the Mouth, eta—You
I n" ed sum-r no longer-
E 1 .‘ '
i Wamer s SAFE Pllls
[ 'ss:} mare 50:}. They have cured tens
lof mammals. They possess these
'. : Asp? HEP-Tién'i‘i'.‘ : numr coated:
f rum}; \‘v:vt&i:!:=, cuntsiu no calumel.
’l3;_‘2'"il‘)’ qr: _Tifi‘em} 31.31”}, kind
: «In not. gfégfi; 139?)?" sigken: easy on
;!&!:o;_mild in grvrntion; 8113 101
immu- razs'ms are esperlally the
L favoriteiorf‘wimgnr.‘ Auk tor
4 : v :0 F
m 2. ~ ' 7;. 9.,
”23%.; E. 'i . 2:" 745.”
‘l3.}. -f~ ,V 4' ( 9
"a. zv'L‘Zg-‘A‘A ..g ":-
. ‘ a! ,_V :..-f slur} .-
‘(fi ”W 73%;»): 7:15 -. '
.3- '..: {fl "_; ‘
This-I ;- 7- :1 ('vft‘ncGltNl‘lNl".
PeariTc , _.--.mpChlmncy.
Allothy. ' "Carafeimitatinn.
3:. . ‘§, ‘ I‘l 23 c::n=:t].zlbcl
-..... . .\ _
1,31%”. 3 -§ :‘.(clcnchl’carl
s2l; 7:11 'l‘upk’himncy.
22:15:: _ :31; A \‘xlcrzlvf-rmny say
s.‘7i lllu thank he has
‘ -“é§s§:&{§§' .41. ch :1‘; good,
‘1)- I.'. 1' 12:21:»; :;o'r.
Insist uf‘uJE" Egan Lai‘el and Top.
Fe: 5.x; [-. ’..-agar. Has: Gnu 3v
. I. ~_-/« 1 r . a .
3530. 5;. £122-; Lll. 1;, 63., Plfloblhih, Pa‘
Republican Gonventinn.
By rusnlutmn 0f the Republican
'J‘t‘l'rllt-l'ir'll Cuutml Unmnutteo at a
tun-Min: tlu-rouf hold at North Yakt
ma on March 7, 1888. Its chmrumu
; was uutlmrizt-d to mmto the date ul
lltuldiug tho 'l‘ornturial liepuhhr'au
:Uunwmmn to ho 1..-1 d at Ello-nshurg.
ll’ursunut llu'n'ln I-flltl Convenhnu l:
‘L‘vrehy ('nllml to hot halt! nt Elltms~
ox art-2w“, Tm: 1111! DAY or srmsu
BER xu'r AT 10 u‘ch'K A. 31.,
fur tL-u purpomn of namiuating a can
ulitlutu fur Dull-gut» tn Coagrvss, thv
‘tmmiuatiuu of all otlwr Territorial
MIL-«tire utlicnrs and such other bust~
tl,l’):'V f‘n’ may lie pruhculml.
'l‘im Hupulnlicuu County Central
‘L'Uhllnl‘tm‘s urn n-qm-stod to hold
thmr prnuuru-s on Saturday. August
llu- 25th, and thvir County Conven
ttuns uu Saturday. Snpremlmr let.
'l'lm hams nf representation made
if; tlu~ 'l'vrnturml Central Cummittee
t-utxllus thu counties to Meet dele—
gult‘.‘ fl: fullHWb':
1'! uuha. Ikm- l’utr. Ddtgatn
.\-thz|.~.,.., ................... l'Jti 2
\~..1in..................... ...‘.L'vl , 4
1‘hth1L5L.................. .. mu 7
(YJL'IHI‘ It'll 3
1" ram “......7“: 9
(”um-h ....V...lWt 10
(‘«1~11Z.H.V....... “HUN“! 5
It t:z!t~....,....‘_..... I”? 2
r‘..u_in.,, .. 2: l
Hath-Li ~.........m;‘.‘ s
litunl “DH 3
.h-m-N-m.., 3.0.7 7
~-*|i_'. ....... .........l\4!~~ ‘.."
l\':l>.t;~. 3‘17 4
Killian-..'Afi 7
Ktikit..t....t..t...............99': ll
ll“l~ 751! 9
1.-lln-1n.... IN} N
“nit-u“.....,............,.. . 13“ 3
Hkum_-n.t.....t l
l’imtl .. .. .. 2m; 6
I‘h't'-.. _.......t.w l
Sm-hxm. .....2'5 3:
\'r.-:-!..r...,.. h‘l ~
\luuuxriln I'3 ’
‘nxalrmisll t .........!.111 a
\'-~t1...1|-',...r ....l’f‘d“ 5?"
u ‘... _ _ :m t
Hmhuu .. .. . s‘“ 7
\\uhl.'.:lx‘llll-,U..... I-H L'
" ML: “'.l 1:|,....... ~........_,1ti1‘.' I?
W-Z-‘cun....1.................5|" b;
“\lllll'ln. :00» 2|
\' Lima L 9 3.
\\‘hnlal uum'urlnh .................. 265
llw ('m-tnd (Ynmmith-e nt its meeting
-' Natl: Yakima had no menus of aa
r'umlm- Hm reprencn‘ntinn that the
~v.' (7 Hal} n! ()luumunu Wast‘utitlal to,
:4 u un-I-m- uhly uave n nne delegate.
‘l m‘ Hm: appurtinummn was made I
In elm-urvim,‘ t-redimhly informed that
’M' er'IIHD} camp-slug nm'd new
'< nut) cunt nlr-nt OHOJJHHUf the eu
tn.- v~tn of the old county uf Stevens.
nut llm County Central Cummittreol
()t'nlwulll: County clnims‘to be entitled
t 4 Ime half the combined reprraontution
u! tilv- [Wu enuntiea vlz: five delegates.
] lln nan".- n-cummend ulmt tl.e counties
~.' Oi-I'Jluguu and Stevens vm'h elect
nrm delegates, [Wu to be entitled to
”1:1: m-tu eucb and the third to llnlfa
vutc in the 'l‘rrnta rial Conventh.
l nlu-r drum: to cull the attention of
all ('munty Cmnmztlmen and delegates to
the l't-rnturinl (‘uuvrutmn In the fulluw-
In: mmlutmu- ut the Central Commit
tm ndnptml at North Yulnmn:
Resnh'cd. Tim! the Central litvmmilteo
rrcunuurudn that bereafto-r each cunnly
In. rt-pwsentt‘d by all tlm duly Plectenl
.lrlvuuloc whenevur pnuiblr fur thn to
nth-ml; Ilmt in cape of onhm‘ml übaeuce
uf um tit-legals his prrvxy film]! be given
on a duly elected mo‘mher of his delega-
H 1: ml); and this committee further
r .- «any-ml. that thin n-mlutinn slmll
upph tn Onnnty (’.nuvontinnl as well an
1- 'lw TPrrm-rml (luv-ventinn.
8. BAX I'Ell. Clmivmal.
H. H. ATTRIDGE. Ser‘n‘lnry
Sernttlu. w. I‘.. July 21. ISHR.
{ ‘ .\ ‘
J . t J J o
[D D!
\AVROV TA “'03.:
\ QQEC &C L‘s
AA- . J
0-. . .- , "'7 ‘.. 3
The “all-knnwu llpli"i m of I"? .\1 F I“I'll! 53-»
(gndvr I'lunlorx "our“. M. [.uuzsk huh -;-|)lilled
5: I). llili‘! Sum. nf l‘nrl r-mu t-nd. urlrl‘ for
ma rulul~mlml Diumnml .‘yr'rfm'lv-A and E!"
[:l tam-a. um! uhuv for hir- Di m uni SHIN UMP-:9-
I'll". ‘pm lac-hm an I hug! ”.\.-.3 Ith; (. nun!
arulhngrmrrfil invw li-vu vwr made in Suff
um» I}; u Vux-or .. n~lrm~xmu “r lhu len! a
gmn-on nun-Inning n pair .u’ ll “a .\mM Imus"-
nhln “hr-1w! nv‘Vrr In.» In: lnl '_l-1 Les? NY "9"
{run In A-yt-n. and mar. [Mu "In“ «5.11 Ir!
guard: u-M. m ”h! i! Hub-y :n'l 'O-vv l'vl 9."!
Inn nmvler hnw run-Inf or m r I ho: [hr Ir M'l
am) ”my Mi I (urnifln lhu l-nrvv unlx n m-w palr
nf H‘HPFFV [r-w- ..‘rn rive _\~ n "13:3. any»: 1..."
i" {uh a-hurhurm. am: im ,5, ,1: .. hr. yu-h In .::-
Igly Ihrnhrh"! nflhr :n-m mlmriu-ritr 1' Hire
l.I;1-«-.~nw-r any up] an] I‘]¢-~ nu“ in .L-.. I.
m]! and alumina Hm Munr m xhoir an: More.
“‘..w- sin-N. l'urt annivnd ‘
If)" I'eJdlers ru,:p!lrd. In!“ ‘
MW ‘
‘ \ o\\ would enjoy your diam!
‘ 5 and are prevented by Dya
pr—psm, use Acknr's I>}-.~i:.-;~E.1 Tub}: 13-
Tln-y an: t. pushlm ru':' 1“: 1:3. .i;..x,;;u,lu-
J'l -' 'lm, 1114qu 3' xi Cu. ' ““‘
rm.- gumuwe Ihr w 2.3 :2“; {..' whorl .‘
Bold Dy hammer & 0.). I
a 2x a? a .
v?» .1? #2:. m ~
:5 ~ a- . .. “5 .
:rb: P 31‘, -~- :1 r” t s
2;, . ;: “-xm {-
70‘3““ n 3% g l'.
'6. “x R“ 1" L
' y" ' '1!
Q - i
' l
Pu '.rn‘l .’~ 5 '..:33. 1.i;'.'.1?-'-. l.‘-V-.'|;-:I‘i!-‘(l. life-i
19. x, :;--_. ~; g x . .r;'.‘ iv. both physl-l
I'.‘-.ll\‘ “:..; ; . _; ; -‘.;.;-rl .‘u': 3 N-nsv 0f
llvliil- .. .-. v.- H. 132» nanny, a :nf‘mnne-t
.'l.>_-_—_"ll‘ls.E : m :..: much in the many
my. I :-u .' w!. ~5- by] taste ml
pp’wrl: :‘5- v ~ . -d :..», n:;:"l‘:r‘.~'“. frequent;
hm; 2,1. §~ =.~ .ml \:.:,“r' 'ETiRZV sp‘cks" l
hum < Um . g ‘ l-‘l’s-I-zi :'l'i'”"l’.'.ll'fl (var—‘3
lint-hr" E :.' 341."; - ' uni-I'. h : lluslws, l'
alll‘l:a..’ U; '.x . :3 > ‘2’ m n-A i .11. shark -'
limb... a : .‘. i-rrz- :1 vi 1 r-ro. (‘0 ~
23-11. » ‘. u , ; .1- .1:. Mil, ‘.\ .'ZK-nfl'lvil. Off
tiisvwh 1 mm ' “r: I‘rtwum; 5!..ng (xvi-’:ant,
“1.13.- u i'y :~- . J Vi m.:. l. -.: LA. in;.;\uud~;
:3: I '3 : -
ll” yin; i .u. can. nrr-ny considerable number '
of llll'fi" Syl-irmllh‘. )‘uu are sutfuisz from,
thin, Haw: m-nnuuu of Amm'h-un Huhfldlt'S‘
Bilmus ”..-F....psm. nr 'l‘nrpiil Lin-I', ilNNwllllt‘d I
wml l‘u\.»—prp~iu. (.r Indun'hlinn. ’lnu mare,
cmupliclx ml :."::.a' div-aw has bccume. the;
grain-r ‘nu m-mZ. r :...i (fin-mity of syrup-g
hung, Q.” nigh“ “his m.:"n it hm l‘é'achi-nl. 2
Dr. Pin‘t'u’a Guide" .‘lcdlt-zil unicorn-y I
will Elli'l'n' ii. If lll'\"ll “WHY-ling to dirvc- i”
[inns lur a r.-:«,;m:nlulu h-ngthnf [hr-6‘. If not. I
curvd. l 'Hllllh :uiuns multiply and l'nnsump— ‘
tinn of t [w Lungs. Skill Dis. “s'oß. 111-art “1505180, l
llhouzm.:ism. i\i.lu~-y l’l‘lllsl" or other grave ,
mnlmiin: am quiia liulile tun-l iu unisooncl' l
or lnler. llzdlll a n. fuml 11-rmmmiun. l
Dr. Plen'u’u (.‘inzdcn .'lCdlt'l‘ DID-l,
covery 8(‘(5 [-nwrrlully llpnll tho Live-hand ‘
through lhut gru-ut Muml-pnnfying organ. I
Clt‘nllsvs thus-ya -m (if all lilnud-tuims and mi- .
plinth-5, from '.s'hnlqn-r cause arisimi. lg. ll :
eqnully villi-minus 11l noting upon I. xo bid— l
gays. and ullwr cairn-fury organs. Ck'nnSllX. ‘
oLn-uxun-ning. and lwuling thvir diseases. I i
m: uppvtizinm rmlunmvv tunic, it. Fromm.“
‘hgl'allllll and nmrilmn. lhrrvhy bu Iding up i
hath ill-2h null BEH'HL'HI. In Inularlul diatricm. i
this: wnn'ln-rful mouliuino lms swim-d great. i
.-.~:.-hrit ' 11l curing Few-r 11ml Aguo. Chills and !
run-r, I’lmub Aguu, und klndn-Il dismal-3. !
Ksr. Flora-cu Golden Medical Inn-i
rovory l
from a common Illutvb. or Erugtion. to tho ~
Wurst. Scrotum. .\talt-rhcum. “ ever-sores." ‘
50:in or Rough Skin. in short. all disease-l
caused by had blood are conqueri-J by this
powerful, purifying. and lm‘igumtinfi medl
cmo. Grout linking lllu-rl rapidly hon under
its lv-niuu influence. Especially has it manl
frstt'd its pun-neg in curing Tutu-r. Eczema.
lirysipolas. “oils. .arbunclcs. Sure I:3B:sßch
uluus Sims and Swellinge, Hip-joint iaease. l
“Whiu- .\‘WA-llings." (iuilrv. 0r Thick Neck. ;
and Enlarge-d ilnnds. Send ten cents In 3
stamps for is large Treatise. with colored 3
plutvs‘nn Skin liiammos. ur the same amount I
for a l‘rmitiso on Scrurulous Aflectious. ~
“‘FOR THE BLOOD l 8 1"! LIFE."
lThhrullßlliV (‘lf‘illléif it I? using Dr. Plerce’l .
Gubldvu I'll-diva] D ucovory, 41nd 300 d
dim-a 1 nn. 3 fair skin. buoyant. Spirit! vital
urcugih and budily health will be established.
which is Si-rosula onho Lungs, lam-rested,
and vim-d by this renwdy. if mkrn in the
earlier stain: of we dialusv. Fruzu its mar
velous pzxwa-r m'nr this tcrribly fatal discaee.
whn-n flail. nth-ring this now world-fumed rem
edy to “‘4' public. Ur. I’il'l’CP thought. m-rionsly
of allmg :‘L bi: "Camsuumxox Flinn." but
abandum-vi tint nuxm- as two restrictive for
a mmlmim- which. from its wonderful com
bination 01' tunic, or stronatm-ninx. altar-luv?
0r blOl-l‘fl'h .uisinx. ami-biliuus. pectoral. an
[mum-cc lJl'lV'Tlll‘B. is uncquakd. not. onlv
u n l'vmzulv .'nr ('uimumplion. but. for In
Chronic 23-ngan of the
Liver. Head, and lungs.
Fol \\‘unk ].IHIL'I. flamingo! lliuml. Shutter-‘9
of “rum“.- I".nun- Nrsil l‘nian‘li. Brunei-um.
-~thmr.. spun-(1 our and kindrel uti‘eczions,
I: I- an «men-n. .'n-m ily.
SAM o\~ ll:'ng.zi.-i.-_ ul SUM, or Six H ulllen for
QT. In)
(.1753 ml irn ('.-ms 11l alums for Dr. l’icrce's
nook on "our “rpm-n. .\‘llll‘r-un,
World‘s l)i-uvuazu-y Medical Assoc'n.
(363 Main St., Bufl‘Jo, N. Y.
t. - _
K a".
- ‘.....
/ / ’.‘_‘»\ '-
‘ . ' 5‘ g _
\ i .- V .- ‘
I 1.1 I .7 3:,
.131 '
:\ " W . ~.-:I-'.'.-::;'.-;.
.:T .:§§ \,
5} - : 52-: \,=_.__
z . a: xiii-’3" : <47;
\s; its _ _- -_I 2;. \ t
71’3”? \t§ ;I\:\ .- y/flé/ 3‘\\ ‘ ::IA.
"'.-‘-t-‘-‘.-:-.- ‘-‘\‘\\\~,_‘_/ ‘ ~ _‘\‘l :‘\.‘\s
"'-~:-‘.-:-:-.-.~_ 1181-? \‘.-1\“
An Army Veteran.
who has probably suffered mom than any man
or wmmm in America to—day. 'l‘uken sick while
in the Army he him endured uulold agunles
rim-e. Describing his first symptoms he said:
“My head ache and my awn-tile was poor.
I felt ll iuintness ntthc pltoh estomach.wd u
had lasto in my tnouih while my skin was
norm-limos hot and somrtimes cold. 1' next felt
pains in my bm-k and around the lowerrortlon
o! my body, and uolieed a Room!" 0( or and
rolor in the wuter I passed. w ich was scanty n
onetime and free at ot hL‘I’.L b‘nmetimesitpaiued
me to void it. and again it. wns almost. impossi
ble to do so at all. ‘mull‘gl began to pass clear
i blood ugoompnuied with o greatest strain and
‘ No less than 20 eminent phnlrlans attended
Mr. Furbuhh ut vurinuu times. but not one of
them could help him. He was not: death's
door. And?“ he my»: “I am ahvo and well
towiny, who iy Lhroneh the wonderful Kower o!
Hunt's Bulned)’ which look we train t. a verse
of the grave."
.Thir- Great Remedy absolutely cum d! Kidney.
Liver and Urinary Diseases.
For 5:1. by all D 6110".
C. K. CIIIT‘I'ENTON. Gonenl Agent.
115 Ful'on St., N. Y.
“for rumpus .'o m Hunt" RM Ch. (Minn. It
When Myrna sick. '0 ‘IV. her Cum ‘
Winn ah. wusChild. oh. cried for (futon-in.
When she beam. Min. aha clung to Calm-is, ‘
i Whoa-huh“ Childntho guo than Cutoria i
i -__- - .__._- _-. ___ _ _a
l’ I .
‘- - n.'.\‘l‘h .ivfc
i~l\\ nglm. , -..-- ; .
A: “it"? at band i: in v' ‘ . ‘ 2
’n- dieina yet uni» I ; i t v-- ~ l
‘ I’Mlllilfidl-‘urdr'\' } .. ~,,1 v,
' A." v‘g..’...,». l W: i: - ' 9- l
" " wt. :'w . 1 . . 4 » .‘.m u
t L. l-Hl'l‘ \ I'o
‘ Bueklmxu ,‘IIKN'II Finite. _
in“: fir-T Hu-VR m xm- 9. 1,23 '.l. ‘ m:
‘Hluh 4,:_ s‘, ~,._-_ ['L-r- . .‘..z‘” HM. um. I"-
L'v-r Hun-..', ('rtlur, ' lmppn-d linru’nu VI!"
‘hlui:-~. (‘uvrnn "9.1 all S n- l"!dplu.m~,
‘m. I p miln’c-iy run»- plh-x, n! in pa) n
‘qmnul it in guano-tend in gun- pen'i-e-I
sgtlntm‘tinu. or mun-y refunded. lino--
250:3 par box. For sale by N. 1). HI“ &
Au .llndalule I‘ure.
TI..- 0 '.’i_'.llll .»\h - 'lm- ('llliilu'n- in onl; pu' up
In l||;’ ‘ \\UiHIZHP l‘l. ilb\t“ ("ll I~ Ilh I'D-HIM!"
'lrre lur nitl rh-il"~' hlll'll-- u-vmuh- l'llllppt‘d
hamll. Ir»! u-l nth: l‘rll||ll~-11~. “ i-l [mutu- I,
run- all lival of H'N. \sk furl'n- wrl:_"rl
.\Mn-tilr- ”mum-Mt Sold hy Dr. an _lv- “Ink
~;_ .\I. it. at gr. (‘vntj ‘..—«r box. by mall 30 rents.
!!ake In- )liulnlu'
lh' :..].pll‘ng lh.-~rlnplnm« -nn!ll-u nu»! uLv-I
'4-P't to: uumilvn. .\AN‘I'A .\B‘E "'s‘ |-ruu;hl
Lulu-4.- '.u many n hnus-001-l I; lIH prompt
aw‘ l' -1 hl‘vuLlll-J 111 l Hm Hl'ul ill'll “mull-'l] :'.-n-i
up! Iv HI lhul fxlul I” “we. ll.n:i>-|d~ un. In
-:ne'l lrn‘n an Ulliinn'iyurnr. \uu Xllukt- n-~
norm-t“ In ‘.u-M-l'q: u in- ileofthi~ pie-mum 11th
pm- in two- lmu-.- (' \l.il-‘Hl:.\l.\ (‘AI R
(‘l"x(l‘. :- vu'miH vllL-viiw ‘.n ermliu at-u'guu tram-9
of .\'n~ 1" (Tiln'rh. 110‘]: of Hume wnnilurlui |' 'l-
Ifom! l ft‘llll"lll',~ an: mil ullll u‘urrnntml by Dr.
J. D. Minkh-r. IL“! a run-lame. :l for £2.50.
"The Won-Id 11-u‘eu."
.\lntntaim-d G Jtlvu, when his tonne"
tnra racked Inm fur ud vl-cmiuu the truc
unto-m nf Cupcrmum. t‘rruun h-Hu'n
tmltt out. however. ngauust the tllumluu
tiun nf le'A'VGF) and c-xperieucu. There
are hush nl' [nu-[lke who, hrculhe the)
have M] .pu-d vurtuir. jttllu'lplrfl. nun
liulla‘ t-v sunlhm’ tin-m :u that dung
day in tit 11 ”.m- nf Hm laws n! t‘ -mmnn
sumu'. Mun-In}: drmtrm purgunrmu ‘
uluwr-p-drnt "arm has hlll] N-ddtirfii.‘
thnuuh 'ho-y lun'u L'lVu‘u grunt“! hefnrv‘
the Irr-u-in'hhte rr-vgvefl of Htm'ettet'r
Stomach I: th-ra. u untinnal. puiulnu
remedy fur difiufdt‘tl an! the livrr. the
ntmuuch and the bowels. still outxtinur
to make umbulntine npntht-carien hbupu (.t
mm y stomachs. The nymph-ms 0! [iv--
u ulzln an— enmlv renu-tiinhle withnut
m.) tJ-nminal didurhuhce with this
1..-n.- fim-nt x;|'omtiv>. S I also are cun
t-tum' is-n. sick headache. Marv-hum and!
Ir. ;' h t- m’gmt s-«tislnctnrily. It§
cprcs tcvar and ugue, rheumatism and!
hdney trouble.
_R .k:,IdJ)49‘I A_ g . i
U 3;“ _ '.. ' .’
* '. ' :'. ,rf ‘ a;
, __ h .- ~ ’_i
. - I I‘- I" 1
‘ . > - . ‘ _ ; l
’ ' I ' O Q If. ’ ‘
Pan's Emu- Tuna. Juno an. il‘s—Tho
‘Swii’l Spfl‘iflc Company Ailenm.Ga —Gen-
Clo-119": One of my rhl'drvn was troubled
with rhoumuixm Ind Imili fur about. two
yrnrl. We are; hur variun- kinds of medl
einmh'n wltgiou! Profic.and basal to dupulr
of curing her A! I l. I In penumiod to :r‘
ynur Swiit'l Spa-rifle. Afar aha ma use:
uveral bvuie- tho ill-run All mango-red,
and I!» ll now I halo,nnan£&nd vnlmy
rl [we-In) yrlr! old. Anot nr child hu
fin. bemzno (mined in tho name way. and I
am nllmz the S. S .~i. and anticipate n prnmpt
nnJ perzlmLeu; cure. N. c. WAGGUIKI.
RF" HILL. Ila. Jul! 7, lW—‘l‘ho Swift
Rpm-inc ('.... Ailnnu, L—Oemlomen: Our
liula girl when but three week: old brute
mil I'ilh oral-um W. triad tho prucrlpllun
from nevus: gum! quota", hut withnut any
'- cinl hem-:'.: We tried 8. a 3.1 m: by the
lime nnc huLlo wu [one her how beam to
hrnl. and by I!:e (lnm Ihe hm taken nix
buzzin sho- wu rum; islniy cured. 50w Ih.
has n fu l 111-1 ’3'an Cami o! bnir—n rubuu,
hv-my thud. I {Hi is but my duly to max.
Ini- niniemeizL lwuytcil'ully. E. T. awn.
('HATTAXOOGA. Tux!“ Juns 27. NSC—Tho
lwin Him-cine (‘.l. Ailnnta. GlL—Gaullenwn :
In MV- cuuirnrihl Dinnd poi-uh. Ind A! "no.
M-ughl n phyllclllx who trolled me for 3"-
(ml munms. lly his advice I wean-OCR!!!
l'r-‘hnrd hpnllgl. Kn, win-re his couno o!
uranium-1.: wnn ffll'i‘fu“! nbuerved. [recov
ered. u 1 “margin, our Kim mt: npnnifi pim
lel begun in appear on my (are um y.
‘hrfl' gradually lnoreued lo sores and run
ning nice-rs, 1 WA: advised to try I. B. 3., and
Immediately anor tum ll 1 evmmenced lo
Illlprul‘€.liuwly in n . but more rapidly
nfwrwur-ir. and noon nnuw runininu! to
to“ at my Iraublm My bl is now [hor
ougiiiy rimmed. And my lyltem tree from
Mint. and I owe my prrnni condition—l
porn-m P:ll’u~[0 your mall-'iuo. Icheertully
gin- lips staxemrm that. other! who havo
“fined as l have may reap the suns humus
hum! K. nun, 24 Wu; Slush 3t.
HOMER. LL., May 3. lsfi—Tho Bwln Sperm.
60.. .unmu. GL—Lkl-ukslomen: About two
years '0 my gem-m lulu: \'a w: on
urrlrufi Wu In debllluled I?“ I nflnool
dnpnlrml at over feeling wall awn. All
liml mo physician: dyiie or me brought».
prriilnnen! n-lil-i. briendl muted hut l
uhouid [rive h. a. 8. a {Air "in.“thouahl
thnuahl it. would be throwing nwny money.
After talking a lhuruugh ooluu. my heal:-
nml alrenfu returned. And l mu: a! lb“
3. s. s. a ma currd me. u I dine-r od.“
«hen while min]; in. A. c tonic I can most
heartily roo-nnmend n ; (or Equal-u dcbllllp
is certainly in l upoclnc. W. . Bruno“. J. .
nuns». LL—X know Mr. w. P. Bruno, ml
wills-y an his 111-lemon! u onrrect.
Julll’u Slu‘l‘ul, Draw-t.
Truth» on Blood and Skin Disen- mum
tree. Tux mun firs-inc 00.. Draw- fl
Allah a;
fllhl lES‘a‘ FlMlll MHIIBINE
"I ".'l'.'(‘ used Flmqnons Liver
ltl-pz‘ a :.r fur many years, hav
-111: ,_.~ .'l4' it my only Family
Mwlz- um. My mother before
in.- -~ \'vry )yurlial tn lt. It is
a :.xtw. gmwl uni reliable medi
clnv- fur any (lism'der Of the
maul-1:). :unl if used in tune is
a grun‘ prrrunlivc of lkknl'lo.
I when rm-ummc-nd It to my
{ri- mls, :.ull bhall coutlnuo to
I (L
"Rev. James M. Rollins.
‘ - .::.r-u‘ Id. li.l‘i-.un-h,So.Falrfleld.V&."
11M! A!!!) enemas BILLS SAVED by
always krrnmy Shaman. Liver
Regulator in the house.
“I have found Simmons Liver
101.!” lutm- zhn host family mod
lrlm- 1 r-vvr u.»vd for anything
that may 11.1 mm“. have used is
in IIUIILIPS!!GII, l'ol‘q‘, marl-haul,
Biliousnuu. :12: I found it to re
)lt-vl- immul .4.-Iy, Aflur eat;-
lngu lu .'.rlj; >:: ;.;u r. if. on going
in Iml, l mkn 314:1]! ntpnspoon
-1111. I mow-r f-u-l thv effects 0!
Ihr supprr vmun.
"(n'lh (i. SPARKS.
“EXoMaynr Macon, Ga."
;l;.s uur 2 Stamp on front of Wrapper
J. 11. lei/in 6': 00., 80/5 Proprietors,
Price. 31.00. PHILADELPHIA. PA.
R '
It a an utabluhrd fact “.21 Hood's tan
unparllls has provcn au banal-n- randy
In many severe case: at K..:uax. :u. a: w:-
lng remnlmblo cures by It: rm‘nuhl :s‘l...r.
in correcting the acidity c! the Mud. ul Ed:
in (hc cause of the disease. and Lanny-lg
And enriching the vital fluid.
It (a cc’rtaluly fair to assume lint what
Hood‘s Sal-savanna. L 1; dine (at LLEL'u I!
will do [or you. The-aha, u ).'.. 3123'!"
no pains and aches a ILLKmMHm. :lvc
Us potent tcmedy I. m: t:i.-.:.
A Positive C 332.
“1 m troubled very much whh rheuma
tlsm In my hips. ankles, as d \‘.-2:31;. I
could htrdly walk. and was cuunacll to my
\ed 3 good deal 0! llzo Imm. Being ree~
ommended to try Hood‘s Smmapanua. !
:ook tour bottles uud am pcrtecuy well.
) cheerfully ecommend Iluud': Sarsapanlla
. ‘ ono of ‘0 best blood ruifieu in tin
. ml." W. 1". W 001), Dloomiujcu. 121.
For Twenty You
: Lave been anlicttd with rheuumusn... PrL-n
mas Hound no rellef. but gtaw “Ln-.\. '. ...l v.
vegan taking Hood's Sarsaparmu. an : .‘. an:
me mote guud than all the other rucdirluc I
ever had." 11. T. BALgou. Shirley. thus.
"I luflcrcd {ram whal lho dogma called
muscular rheumatism. l 5.4.); Hood's Su
upullla and am mum,- ruul." J. V. A,
hounroor, letter cmm, 9;:ng 11:.
We shall be glad to 3.»;1‘ bra Isl clam:
to all who may dcslre. . hwx :..-"mining man)
addluonal statement; 0! cmm by
‘ 5!.
1 Hood’s Sarsaparma
Sold by all draws“. 31 ; six (or 35. blade
onlyby C. I. HOOD & 00., Lowell. Mm
100 Doses One Bazaar.
Next lest-ion begins on Monday. tho lhh o!
Eek-Innber. 1%.
rue H‘hollrfllHN from every count-in tho
:‘zum. Apply to y'illl’l'l'any >npeuimwndent.
Fnur‘ nun-Fe: l'lairirul, Frlau'iflr, Litd'mry
Ind n nhrr! Engliah (‘our-c in which llvn- is no
Lulu. “roe-k. Fn-nrh ur u- rumn. 'l‘hc Englloh
11l paw-miner“)! I Duo-in“: (“mum For cau
luguu m 0! her mlormnlmn. Iddmrs
“ I unlicsitutingly add my
testimony to the great bene
fits to he derived from Sim
mons Ll‘.’z'l‘ Regulator. I
was nilliutn-d for several
years with di>e,>i'dered Liver,
\\‘hiyh resulted in a severe
l attack of Junndice. I had
‘ good medivul attendance, but
‘ it, failed to restore me to
the enjoyment of my for
mer health. I then tried
the most, renowned phvsi-
Chins of Louisville, Ky., 'but.
all to no purpose, whore
npon Iwus induced to try
Simmons Lin-1' Regulator.
I found immediate benefit
from its use, and it ulti
matclv I'CSlUl't‘tl me to the
full eiiim'ni-nt of health."—
A. H..S.lllliLl£\', Richmond,
Kv.......“l most cheerfully
reE-ommend it, to all who
suffer from Bilious Attacks
or any disease caused by a.
disarrangcd state of the
Liver.". . “.\V. R. BERNARD,
Kansas City, Mo.
. -- ___“
E] Market Street. Sun Frmciuo
Go and learn how tn avoid div-n).
and now wv-nderfnllv you are
m.:-ls. (ionsnlumon and [reap
men: personally or by letter on
~ SBszumfifi.
, o I
I § \ Q
TllO ‘V ()1 M. S MOlelllG‘
, I .
[T E E
1 on er Ul ars l 8 eme IBS
‘Huw nmvlfi'mlyplhte (:ler of difficult _cnses 0f Livmf and’liidnay troubles
vaml. [ lcors. 1‘ 15mins: Blood l’olsnuzug. l_lnp stvuso, Heredib
ary Blood Taxnt. hczemu and Sknu DlSl‘ilnt‘S generally.
Send For Circulajs .1.-q rihin: 11» turns”! MAHHIE Iml‘l;l..»\>>: (and mm- n
Mu; ~-| m.:...him 3|} «'zmrumin); Bluxli t'.\s.~‘un'_ m l'vmmm. THUS. Manna. ”r £3,723:
" ”31. ‘ l- i' l.\' ".9! {.mruln Han-r (mnnv: REY. .I.T. Hl'l-‘I-Lm’ Turmr .\illivm. 0:917:11-
J.‘ \l h \ MM ”UNIV!“ \'U‘v-Ifrvsidenl “In of [(vrldzlq; “' \V. .\l(H:T(l_\'.krnn, Nuvndg; ‘t‘_ :4:
”U‘\‘.},' ‘ tr-m Llu: JUIIN l)l:l.\|‘0l.L. luinn hon \\‘urks. .‘ucmnwnrn; MKS. HENRY (I.
U):’h--H"-h. \llxr. l'll.\l(l.'.|l‘l‘b'\.k “ILBIHH‘, .\llh ALLEN. MHS E. H. l!.‘\l’.l£lShTU.\'_gn
° - 1'“ IMI'L'~.~'K'U. ,‘v.li‘ \l. A ADAM“. .\llb 1.. I'.A\.\'l)HH>U_\'_“.'.‘m'l‘ulnruh
References by Pernussion MRS, SARAH It. (moi-En, “Its 11le “‘3l. PROP. DER.
.\‘l.\_\x u”) [HA (L hul’l"l. L 11. « .\IH ll.l.J)l.l\'|—:[; ”INLEY. LEWLx‘ I'. .\M;l~:.Snu Fun-
I'l‘vnJ I‘. ". \\ A'l'hl(H()l'>E. L .\. l'l'>U.\. Szwmlm-nw, T.17-Il.\l£!'l£l:.L1:-K Ii“: bAM'L ('Afl
.\IM. I‘m-.ulna Argus; W A. D 1335. ~qu r‘rnnclscu ('ltrulm‘l’r.
SARSFIH]._D\' REMEDY FOR 'l‘liz'. :;..- - If—A spm ”it {or 51..! Alas arising from (‘ll-)
Lxu-r. hhim- _... CA-usxipzmun. 1h: nu -;m.;dl'olmx.:ng, .\. ruinid. .\‘ni: chum. and t
an ,i. u {rum lz'nod lmpurilics.
PRICE. $1 per Bottle.
3‘l6?“qurmmxu' rum: .\.HA'I-I munwun- ..r rlmm- l'ht-r- and Snry‘l of eury
“"" "Vi“iii lav/mum. l'ilv‘s. \'urar-m- L'lc I'rr. :nflJunu,.l~r, Fuiz‘ivlllJr um: akin IHIEHN’I gr.
Q‘Yfl-l“ .
PRICE, $1 and 500 per box, mth": 10 3”»-
SAIb‘I’HiLHN REMEDY FUR DIPHTHERIA .\Nh l‘.\'El'\lU.\l.\! A Six-side .'orhirh hm
! runp. N’rt: 'i‘hmul, Mumzu, :mnl lunamuslinx. of lln-( hm! :1!le Luna
PRICE. $1 and. 500 per box. “W"“HHK ‘0 "V“
Testimony of Rev. I‘. J. Hun.
'l‘l mm; .\‘n‘nus. “xv-gnu. Aug. “37.13345.
Tn “TAP. Summit”) REMEMFA l'n."~l rum! numb inulume .‘hrilh'lll’a lumedirb. and low
{hummus 11ml my inaurqzmcnl >214): he 1114-1": uh n- in u :H ‘2‘. Hn- Inns! good m ruff-trim: ~human
H} . i :nn- inn! 4 Impvy n-xpvrwnu- m («mum-nun with xlc(-~.- xrmwhv-s. “'th xIrH 1 “lb Indurm
I-Ilrj :3: :.A m} L-n-umlhnnghl I “mm! mm iiu‘ llnu- limnllh. .\W.“ lulu m-ll and Lenny”
Use-1:1. 2:: ”.....vy; :m Hu-liut'r and m bnllvr h-‘ullh Han I haw f. [I .'ur twrhe yearn. Hmd lnu
NW} :1 ‘ m~.a.d Imm) nlhnr rulnmimxnn-l .11 lm! (nil-n! 1.; .x;,-.-. l Ilwnk God for L!- kzm
:.rm'gh-um- 11. n m 1”! mr :.. ‘.uu nu! _\mu' “mm 1"“: rum-div» l unuld romnmmn-l n-‘l Mhn In
.ufl‘rnn-x frum [Luull l’..i_~m "in-.'.]! any .Iw. riplhfill‘l)‘ry§ill'>hv’:ti.h remedy for the B 100! and MI
l'n-w Suivv.
Mu-I- xhumxuniphinu thump-1! hm; “1’”!!ng in my r-uudilinu X lmvn wi:l.csaed [DO “’21:! 0!
lln‘ twin-divs npnh nlhrrfi. and il Imr :H- H Um M's! uf mnhfu. linn.
“ NIX“: lhr- .‘armicld l'wnn-dim 1 u run-w» L-omnmmmu- wnb Hm mom of lerr "_moqu
It”. Your,- erJy. HEY. v). T. “LIP
Hole! 1;: “my. Dr. Frost. Sucrazm-um.
. I ..
.I. l). .\HNKLER. .\l. 1).. AGENT. » Port Townsend. “VT.
" ‘ "r" 1~ ' ':‘\"“ “r 711“? -~'F?¥;"Q“€F '-.‘;~'w~:.p.s) <-
P" a‘ -Em' W; 335.1%. .-~;2i_:~‘;-;_:. I} f; K. ”T
’1! ~—~ x.._Y..‘ .._, 3 alga: 3.4,. 'l
TNT-n ; ‘ K)", 511 G.“ g‘ml u: ‘ m
Put-"mute: 4‘. ‘c, finuhmflm
' gim’u‘a-mmwmrmfi“? ' ‘ {a atww “ammw.w°“*~
‘ I , . O
nut-n momma-nub! nan-‘3‘: '\ ' a“. 4“ A‘v fans“ m.u-—'“n‘2£.“
PI”., 8" “Al PASTH’LES v 1 ‘ 4,? o'. autumnal-...'...”
"20.33 _ n a la . ‘5. ‘F‘Mmuu . luau
A lunch-oh: Maw-mowi- _-‘ s‘: 3 ‘..; Q“m I‘ll! Nanci-4
Walnut-d “Inc-I'l Yomovhzd‘fl’ AVE; '¥_k “DO-‘00!“ “11-.1-dlotaodlu.
dlotaodlu. *4 in thYmis nu, ‘d a t I _auul- bum“: (guy. I‘. -
‘....hu-ait-e ...-“”..“..gmrrr-ws w— iawa'mmusmwuw~
m u - '. .. “_ , ' ‘ 5 ‘
pig-‘2' ind 21:11.55.) Isn‘t-. 5 ud Yuan-1:51.213, M‘H‘Uu-JILJ Mlmwulflm
loam "so: ohm" . - ‘ " '_—
mghtggnl bylxzdmdfiK-nuw-321 ImrJ‘r-“f “M”- “11... M I
or flu. I about. a“ on ‘ '
“..-...“..gmwucnra“; E: 1 Hum: REBIDY 00.. um um
mrAanontxzxvmxxlwarupuu,n may [twin-gamma
B|!"qu mac-u an hu- man ‘l’ual at our Appliance. Ma :0: Tor-s!
a + v 0! ----
i 9-." H " A" l
_=. I>\\ Q“ ‘3’;
;—, ‘ K‘ Le
A ".1 ‘. “97‘:
a; 2 ~ . Assagmkéza
HEALTH. ‘ " m «.‘.:
Le Itlcnau‘l Golden Hal-am No. 1. Carol
Clmncrus. first nnd nel'oud Mum‘s: Son-s on the
Logs and Body: Sore Earn Eyh. Nonmom,
(‘umwrculnred [Sh-Kellen. Svpluhtic Calm-r2l.
Ilizwufiwl B&lande nll primu’y form: of tho
diu-ase known u Syphilis. Price 85.00
per Bottle.
Le Kit-bull's Golden min-m No. 4. _um
Tertiary, .\lan-uriul Syphilllic Klwumnium,
Maine in the Bones, PRIHS in the llud. lnuk
u! llm macs. l'lcumled Sure Tllmul. Syphillti;
L'n-h, Lumps and contracted Fords, Smrm-x
--of Ilu- lehs. and eradicalen all (11-01 h?! [mm
1 the system. whether ('lu-Bd h;- iulliucrezion ur
abusql of Mar-ury, leaving tlm blond pure and
3 healthy. Price 05.00 per Hollie
l.e Ilk- au'u Golden Npuuhh Aullaote fun
' llm cure n! (imlorrhmn, (Hm-z. lnilullon Gravel
and all l'nmry ur Genil-l disumnzemrnzc
Price. 82.50 per Dollie.
Le Inelmu'u Golden ’pnuhh Injection.
fun p—w-rr «us»: of Gonorrlura. inlunmqu
(.'wa, Slvil'lllft‘ll. ac. Prlee. aHJm pm
1* lllrhnu'u Hold": ointment for the ef’
[‘X'li‘e handing (If Sypl-liilir Sonambxerug.
Imm. l'ru‘e. 81-OO for Ilux.
la! Rn-bnu‘. Golden r 111- Sun: and “mu.
ln-uxnn—x l: lun- n! pk, ital DUH'I‘LC‘XIMI‘PI)!
ovu-um-k. I'rnmranun. etc. Price. 83.00
per Box
‘Tunlo and Servlne.
.\ml uwrynhere. C. 0. D..suuurel) (“than
V..- unwraps
a . I“. flll‘llAßDSi a: 00.. .‘Kflllu.
427 .t «129 Nunsumo ‘l.. For. UL.)
San Francisco, Cu;
Q%J , O
lrmmmmmmu 31 E G I! E A -I
"1‘05"; rungs \‘.‘llb_ un
failing curtainy bery
'°TT Ll Eons and P 1; '.fiical Dobll
‘ilty. ‘.‘ll-ll flnhi’mslllofl
spu‘rmu.lurrmuu,.‘cn~ ll‘
W -‘ L"; -' . P emuzun
FREEugbgc-lh.:\t7)rgnxnlc eve-3:;
. ‘UFFIC'ENT to illlgsl-szlulorgill2:Ofelxlnll‘n
’ tloml lowevor com -
' PROVE I“: "ER' §clale<lmlndfrom~ got
ITS OF THIS, THE gmusopmdumd
mares! can; A ;”
trnsucmmmog fl Z 51
'nElzolzs AND; ”mm
"gay; lomcs_ Is the only remedy um
xyrw'n-nu pvnxmnenuy
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in" ONE IPPU- 3 :'.: :yxl. m', nlgmnor £132
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in“: BY LETTER, 5 “ll hlruiimlrlxc cum.
:STATINGHISSYMP- 50! l' n that.) Ind marr
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ETOIS AND Acagl awhuurum condu
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guitar! on Argnfl/M
games, rncz. Stuff, .. _
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Also ruruAlL Kl inc? m. l Bladder Com-
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Litul'lmpks, 1.:.:‘,;. 3,0 '.
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to any mlxlvrn unfun- In .n ( .wrvzulnn m.
Ilriflly fimflurnflul. CL} I'.-; \. L'ARANTE'D).
pmc. o. uuunn,‘
5.6 Kenny 56.. lan Francine, I‘l-
Beet, Celery,
Iron, and Wine
An UnequalfiNerve Tonic
and Blood Invigorator.
Especially Adam?" for the T‘fcal'lnelll
or Nervous Alta-lions. Innsm‘erlsh
men! of the Blood. an hen
eral Prosu'atiou.
For Slesplessuoss. Loss of Appetite.
General Derangemenfi of tho
Nervous System unsung {rem
whatever cause, Bram
‘ Trouble, the result
of overwork. etc.
A Luxh’x:i!ril|uill p'flYah to he the gm .cpl
Pmre-nrnrrniing. th- Sun-taming BYER‘llPVl
(lilting. and Homo-Cheering remecfvever off-med
to 1b - nmiclrd.
J. D. MINKLER. M. 0..
I'rop‘r' and Inn-helium.
Apr}? .dsm -‘ '1 Ch! 51.. San l-‘nncinco. (‘1
._. __, A . _ “M
c Mme or ANY AG}: HAVII.
any 1k vrvuus or Mme-t lnsr
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‘.. ' "a. , ‘
. 4‘ , LOST "Al‘lloon. A
6‘ Le; New-nus ln-Mmy. hprrmulurrhn.
. '3.“ Seminal Mgkxu-l De
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I‘3: .-_, bun I L~"~" -. - ;!.~ ‘-. Lrupliul"
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“'.l. .- lux 2' ‘
of Mercury. in]: . . . 3‘33”}: 1
Weak lhwk.uurnml.;\ : . - n ..blrlo
mohl'rumpl n'hcr .rx w" , 1 ‘ ‘
By his lrmnm-v: : 1...; -mn. I) ra‘nndrl- ‘
lon. tree Hun» . .v . .. I . “'.ztm <
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beluuL~\\'l.,:.~, .: . ' _ . ‘. »
by derrihi. ,v .‘ ‘ ; . : 1
Elle will brat" . ‘ - ‘
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80'. “en-:.. . v. j
botandonlkufloo. ‘
ms rnlgg mama-m . ‘
Adm -
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5 U '
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1 3; i 5,5,» 53’]
3 3:. -:. 2‘ I's _I
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5 1:311."me m nuns hph'u; .
‘ Pure]! Vegutable pound, M
acts duectly upon the 'v ; curb.
5 the muydisems' ci ouum.
ponaut organ, and? East!“ 1...
mucus ' t! ' uixe from it!
winged or ' Lian, [ugh u
DTSPEPS‘ 'ce, Bfiiomeq
Cos cue: aria, Sick-hem
Rh: etc. It I: lhzzefon.
‘ “ To have Good Health
lbs Ln": must be kipt in order.”
133-. SANFORD? 1111716031203.
Invigoratcs thoLi 701', Regulates the Bow
eh, Stroor'ena the System. Purina tho
Blood . Assxsts Divestion, Prevents Fun;
1. a. Household “heed An 1:1"!me
Family Medicine for common complaint.
133. 5.132031)? 1.11723 monrq
Antrpentnco nf Fnrty years, and-1' hot
Jami: q“ Tastmm'ab prooo in Kent.
For: mu: BY ALL 1335 mm 1! mumfor
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mm 24 DC»: I! . In I“ -
g 3: :3: Lu: REIEW
as 1275;: 1‘33"!-
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“5:”...- P” - 5555;225:3333
Damn”, ;‘ .n his lap:- Enchlldnqlll
Dupeyua -, ;~ manna-11. “rah-u ol-
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s - _ Tn. Quanta. m OIL! Cum
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E 322'} 53:“ If: 11%? ‘..-cm“ I. .
5'50 :‘.é‘E’fflkqfl‘m. I!“
£795 3510111132 11. 515%!”
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1 «Ring... :mhcqufil: l
.._-.l annouuAuffi?
Humbug We have ”la-I‘lzuflfi
m‘ ”£3.lsme a! a
on; D. 3. urea? $2.102
Ill» .1.... lon DI Dru:
tuned luck and Sept.
each year. It is an .ezcy
cloned“ o! \uuful mic)-
nation {or :11 who run
chase the luxuries u L).
nee-union 0! life. \L’a
cu: clothe you and furnish you Va“
.11 the uncanny and Inneunuv
appliances to ride. wax. (1.99.. no».
cut, 11-h. hunt, work, no to churn
or In, at homo. and in rulou. .1...»
nylon and quantum“... Jun figure o-fi
whnt h uquirod to do I“ Ila-o thin,
COIFOHYIBU. And you “I mac n (a!
utimnlo o! the vduc of tho nmsr
GUIDE. which will be un‘ upon
rocoip. of 10 eon“ to gay young
111-116 luau.“ Luau. Chi-no. m
garggfism acmsnegmg“
.ln'ifi’fn Suing-. 93“ 32“.. Saw- '3
(igflgfy Ind {m.uaww I
lion lo BINKJ'W and “Na
'..; "*mmrmafltwrm- "
voduo am “If?"
Lev 6.009.000 emu”
s‘. ‘ D. .FERRY CO.
' '-~ “.4131“wa
._ - “ Ln'€.§ 600 T.“
...‘. Jr" 4 n u ytxfinéon
m » _ “:7st
"—.-_".l ‘.D )X ,7 SEED
i V1743}; “it" ''- ANNUAL
. ,'_y ' fingvg- . \'. lo: I.”
‘ ‘ f mun-mad
3,. @ll3 f In TO ALL
’ ,j. ’v ' - applicant. Il"
" : « ‘ ~ Mum-“ Mae
I'.. 53:7“. 5‘ " 2? 4::de I
;- 7., JI-r-iuuuololK
9’: :‘.?! 5"»: ~ by-r' puma-fl
7:; --‘:z:
‘ . ‘ ' LL; 3'll“wa
“ r? 2.3.: . '..H'Dlhmlm
Brick for Sale.
EAL]: A Shun-N lime: to: BALI. A?
3 IO r. :-r Tnousand.
‘m 690. E. SPAM

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