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Elm Rt’ccklg gran-3a.
Front Thursday’s Dally.
\lusiru. t'.tlh im. liztd>haw an I H:l.—'€l:u_'~.
(hilt-guts: lo 1h - la-‘nx 'ht‘ull c. 'l\'t":litln u
Elwin-hum. r-A:_.r'i~'l mix murnm;
Tin-re an: n .mul rumors and thn a;-~,in
tfmrd are rrnlmul ruznar-g hm whit! \\‘d \\‘illll i.-
ucuon and l: lug-Jn‘ to look its thi~ iscmnizag.
\\"attnrnun x KHz ripened thi-ir alum this
marmug utter he”: ‘3l set for H‘lll‘: thlVlll
tut-u mv-mnt nt rtosk. Tlmy are uttering shine
Mr Frank ltnwrs r--tnrn«d yeutnr-luy from
at vxton-lml tuur [hr-wig" the [-2an \\‘h l»
llwn- '0 V'iIIO'I his ll whunl hnmv: aftu‘ an air
ounce of mar twenty-six )‘Barr.
.\'. .\'. Tvtmr. reprl-wnting the l'innwr Pl'r‘fl.
St, Paul .\lmn.. in In the city. 'l‘m- I'. n.- i. um
at. tho leading pun—r- of tht‘ \'nrf.’:\\-—~' and \\‘z‘
hell-w Mr. ’l‘yuor “I” «in the Sumnlwuntrv
_jlhllco thruugh tti roluuuw. '
Tin-rug wen- claw-n iron turn-m a in full: Mpl
In 0.10 uheu (‘lr\’v|;ttld‘~ ireo lYl'h‘ menu-J-
In sum to “(man-h. Nim— of tip-mum uuw
rim"! and the othcr iw \ :tr~ .qut-u-d :.. hut hut
the tint: Ih-H’ILV. Tllvrc i~ n 1) tract! to [mint th.
In lrnl t.) lltts.‘— Bm )kiyzi Truth. '
The lu-pnhlimn.» p "sail tha pam‘liln l-lwd .'nz'l
th 4 "fut-emu um trying to ute-u! th - I'l’t‘llil YUI'
pruvldtlg penaluiw tur'th.‘ mldivri. ju-x as tln-.
are trying to make mu that tin-gum,- rhc Mn!
friends of the- cabin"! mm. It the lh-mucr mr
pnrtv lmd A! much lunm- m: it htl‘i rtmek thun
wuuld be no limit to its intellectual at‘lllflVC
menu —Detruit Trtbum.
The State worktngmen's As-emllly of .\'m\'
York decided to plt-dgu uli cundidntw turthP
Annexnbly to Euppnrt b il~ to amend tlu- wnn-pir-
I", law. to proud» 3 Stan l'r min: llxm-ui:
rrnvtdlnu fur upekly [myunutu n! wag“: fit
ux maximum “1:93 of $3 for stau- lztlulrv-I’VI.
And providlm; that the sum- phall do it. own
‘:an horuftrr thruugh i'u otllvrrfi. \\hr) plmll
be dlrdctiy Naponuiblo for the L‘lua: of labor em
In a roccnt snow!) in Symon. .V. Y.. l'ol
onol Inter-nil aid that ha tmd made up hi-I
mind that tho mnnllmh “\'r‘l‘ utl' their {alluu
men mun lllflrcifully lllun 1h» Multan COPpunl~
tlnnints M‘ "w lure-tent day. II» II ununu-d trallc
mmhinuinns. hut urgiwl that the» wrro not
[induced by the wu- lat'llf He insisted thlt
the raped of tho internal revunue law want
pmwr measure for the Ir-pllbiictn party to ad»
. In. P. 9. "tn-land necempunimlohy .\lrs.
Kimbell of .\‘npln, (73].. are Visiting this city for
the murmur.- ut urgnniziue u lmlge of the United
BnJowmuut Aswclatu. This In nmumul fra
loin-I ondowmont order that pan-u onwighth
or the endowment cortit‘mua .rI-l by its male
and fomnle nombem during members life-tilnfi.
In. [lowland organized a lodge of titty Inl‘lll
bus in Same utd will call upon the people 0!
Port. Townnend. nulls; their interestinahke
organization have. Dr. Sen’cy will he the
examining phyuicmn.
Tho thinvnt 0! till the lies nhout (inn. turri
non i! that he ~will :t collar n day mu watt-s
ononzh for a wnrkiugnttn; and yet the Demo
antic p‘rti-mus put it in the from. Ind prim it
in bi" type. nnd perjuro them-elven about it.
The rndtnnn llr-xnnfrtl ii not it uu‘t'cnlar purl
or pnrllnatt. Gav-tutor Mnrlntt anw now to
hnntlio them. An.) thPy lied lhr‘nlflflflf‘ Fil'k
Ibo-It hltn in vain. 'rn- "I'd Hwy tell ntmut ILtr
man are Vida-in, hut lack :tti king qualitiem!
Cincinnati (.'ommr rrml Ga: 1!”,
no Smiths. I»! New Jar-my. have. itzuin lmhl fl
reunion. 'lhare are nnlv :Mmrugsitmei Smith-
In that stut— that clnitn t-ontnmn twdizrue and
.0 of three met In: l'wmuck nu thu- last Wani
uhy ln Auzust. to do hunor tn the In marv
0! ”bar a Smith. wh ) laid In.- foundation of
the Smith fitmily deep Illd strong in New Jer
uy nhont one hundred years ago. Th 9 pedigree
hook of than Smitnl would he 5 curiulty
we it not probably the nm-t stupii and con
nuin} volume on earth, to any one besides a
le- ersey Smith.
Mpicking in in full progresflhrouuhout the
m of the Northwest. and some when i-z yet
W in variouu put". of the “they. It lain-s
tunic“ reflection on they: incu. n vast unount
I! t. riutinn atlenee best-ice to keep ruidents
o! the dual- ninted cities and villains: trmn
wishing and paying for rnin. \ c-msidemtinn
I! the farming: interests would require them to
Main their imgntlenoe and prayers yet it lit
tb longer. even i ruin could he had for nakin
m In Elijnh wue among them burning witg
hptlonee to nmko eloquent petition {or an
Mute down-pour.
111-tor Vest l. 1 man who speaks right out in
“lg. Writing to n Democratic cattntmign
dab It St. Louis he says: “Mr. Clevelnna. It)
It lounge. for whlch I lineal-sly honor hint.
bl ehlllenged the protected industries of tho
“:7 to n min of exterminntlon. The tight
‘5 lo the nth." What more explicit
duphntlc declnrntton could be mnde that the
”dent's reelection and the triumph of his
mould menu the mln ud destruction of
n ham-trim? What better Democratic
.‘th an one wish than the Missouri Sena
” lat every Americnn workman remember
0. worth. Ir. Cleveland Ins challenged
11. the American VIP-earner, to a. fight of ex
“hflon. “Tho M tis no the denth."- ~Xow
Interesting Meeting.
The opening Evangelistic service,
conducted by C. S. Mason, State
Secretary of the Y. M. G. A. of Cali
fa'nis, was a. notable success last
evening. A large audience assem-
Hcd at the Opera House at the ap—
pointed hour, and utter singing and
plyer, Mr. Mason delivered an able
Id earnest address, full of the true
.Ingehetz' 'e spirit.
His whole talk was well calculated
to quicken Christian workers and
meat them more strongly in sym
flhy with the chief ob'ects of evan-
SW activity. Mr. Nissan ieone of
most successful and devoted Y.
I. (lA. workers on the coast and
:dcfl'orts cannot fail to do much‘
The singing by Mrs. Elston was
my enjoyed and we are pleased to
m that she will favor the audience
gin this evening. In order to give
no opportunity to attend these
.viccs. prayer meetmgs will be sus
med in the Presbyterian and
odiet churches to-night.
m Ind-re Dani.
InLU‘ Devin of Dungeneia ie in
lie. Nelly Weymonih ie ill with a
. “Wm Delanty 0! Port Dinovery
‘ in town.
All the dolezeteu from the Elleuuhnrg
Convention have arrived home.
Rev. A. J. Manrnee. who wan np
gated to Dnngeuesa by the M. E. con
eee. in in the city on his way to his
H! o! labor.
Rev. Samuel Greene arrived yester
day from Seattle. on his way toPort
Angela, where the Congregationalism
an about to erect a new church.
Hon. Jae. 0. Swan, who has just ar
rifid homefrom the eut.did much solid
work for Port 'l‘owneeud’e interests
while away. [lii many friend: are glad
to welcome him buck.
le Bantam—Messrs. C. Eisen
liiea and A. W. Bush are starting a force
otuienat work today on at new brick
yard near Point Wilson. The new ”n
--dlutrv will greatly increaae our local
mnfectnre oi this neeesaery building
Interial. and will enable builder. to do
here work on local product. The con
lalnption of brick hereeboula will be
(may increaaed next year.
The eetate of the late Sigmund Water
man velued at $70,000. The will.
int elmitterl to probate, bequeath:
“.000 to 31m. Fanny Roeenfeld of New
York,aiater of deeeeiod, 81,00) to her
daughter. Bertha Epstein of New York.
.1.!!!) to Laura Waterman. 83.003 to
lee-e Ware. man. and the remainder to
the'idow, Mu Sarah Waterman, who
I! authorized to manage me “late
without bonda.
Tu Amxm To Be Romano—foam
lil Ohnrled E. Glnnay, port caphin tot
50 Oman Railway & Navigation Gum
play. epont yesterday in Seattle. A re
whrnndenook to interview him, but
he would not he interviewed. However.
it“: learned from him that when the
em. ‘l‘. J. Pol!" iii sent around to
*0 Sound. about October 1. the service
Nisan Tacoma and Victoria W)" be
Informed by the Olympian and Potter.
Ind the Alaskan will be laid up; allo
“at the North Paciflz. which will come
out ebont the first of next mouth. will
to on the Same Wuntoom route. The
“Game: Alaskan is almost a failure.
He: boilers are all out of repair, but not
lite lean dangerous. and she is 80
milky that. it is impossible to keep a
In. on her opy length or time, When
the Potter arrive; the Alaskan will go in
h_the hen-Jo of the boilermakera. who
1111 take them time in overhauling and
”pairing her boilers.
Burk f‘ ' \itmore un-iVed this
nor. '~laden, from Port
Blair. 1r Honolulu. She
Ship lumber-laden.
hum 1 ved, bound for
From Saturday's nails.
Judgi- Kuhn wrii won on the sin-LN,
recentltwith at Harrison tit-. 2 nu. “ha:
is the matter?
The city fathers Will sit to night xi: 0
ln-iird of equilzz itiuzi inthe matter of th--
city usa‘cssmcnt.
(laipt.Jihrumsvn's brother Frank ar
rived from New Yuri; yesterday. He de
clnrcs that New York ifl sure fur Hurri
.‘dt-ssrs. firmly and Clap!) have [-i-ti
tinned the (my Council for n fr .nchiw
to i unstrust anl operate a street rziiiwuy
#}Slt'lu \\‘lllilll the city limits.
Among the passengers nrrivintz on the
Dispatch last night were: Mrs. H.l’ilcli
er. .\lm John Carroll. Mrs. Jane Smith.
Annie “hymn. J. \V. Troy and Harry
Juniau from Duncenees.
'l'lio- ate-imi-r Alexia.) sailed tram San
Fi unciscn. Sept. 11th. with the inl'nWlua
pnsssvngvrs fur Port Townsend; Mrs. M
L Smith. Mrs M.I Tibhutte, It L an
route and Stella Lloyd.
The city fathers have instructed the
city ntturnuv to draw up an ordinance
e-ti.lvl:~lifng a metric! for lightening the
mt). l'he dln’tl‘lt‘t will Cover the limits
lo! the present water dibtrict.
It now seems quite probable that the?
‘ demoorute will not bring out any candi-i
data against Mr. Cnlhnnn for prueeout-i
ingmtwney. Cause why? They seen)‘
to think it useless to try to beat him. i
The Gem] Templare have cold their
hall and lot on Qu.ucy and Washington
i-treets t-n E. Bimidi, for S6OOO. l‘hi-y
Will build 0') the hill. The Hid hell will
be refitted into an elegant lodging house.
Mr ;. Molloy, in preaching upon tha
“eov :1 evil" seems to havu shocked the
tend r and eithetic OGURihilllleS (if the
[’ol " ""ldelltl cut-respondent of the
Seaztte Times It must have been tough
The city attorney has been instructed
by the city council to commence legal
proceediugn against delinquent. in the
Jetfcraon street sidewalk assessment
district. ulen ngniuet all delinq uenta on
the general tux roll.
The Dispatch broke her propeller shaft
and lost the propeller in the straits be
low Angolee yesterday. She was towed
to the latter place by the Goliah. and er
riVud here at midnight in tow Q! the
Revenue cutter Wolcutt.
Four yenra ngo the editor of this paper
was defeated for the legislature—in a
democratic district. With no less disting
uished and accuptuhle n candidate than
Dr. N. 1). Hill against him—defeated
simply on account of it full Vote not be
ing pole-l. Most of the Voters wliufnzled
to ranch the polls. and who would have
changed the result. were prevented from
reaching their puliiug place by high
water in the Quilente river. Our person
al misfortune was pr.fiu:tlil,\' no losa to
the puhlic—hecnn-ie they certnluly had
no cum to be ashamed of tho rupreavu
tative elected —;i:ul the incident is not
Worth recalling. except to explain the
hole joke that causes our evening free
trnde cnutemporary to “ta-ho" so loudly
in its idiotic glee. That paper takes
brutuldeligbt in jumping on us with both
feet. an to spank. because of natural can
ditmusuvur which we had no control,
(our years ago. A uenernm. broad
minded thought seems foreign to its
mentnl economy.
Large and incrcuing audiencei greet
Mr. C. S. Mason our)! night at the
Opera House. Excellent singing is one
of the features—the solos by Mrs. J. B.
Elutonuf Woodland. California. were
rendered in it most artistic manner and
called forth a h arty immune from the
audience. Mr. Manon speaks twilight
on “He knows every water." and to-mor
row. Sunday. at 3 o'clock he will speak
to "men only" on Secrets. Sunday ev
ening there will be a mass meeting
at Opera gauge, the churches cloning—
Mr. C. S. [anon will address the meet~
ing. Mr. Mason's address on "He knows
every voter” was delivered as Fresno.
iCal. and was pronounced by all an ex
; ceptionally able effort.
The “Oscar and Hattie" came down
this morning.
Sb‘p Gun 1‘ .. ,in tow of tag Holyoke,
bound for Valparaiso.
Bark C. 0. Whitnmw was towed out
to sea lass evening by tag Blnkoly, lum
ber-laden for Honolulu.
From 31on Dan).
Street railway!
What has become of our gas works?
Repairs on the Libby are progressing
Yes. a splendid rain. Settles the dust
Dave Walker is to be postmaster at
Port Disc very.
Jealousy gnaws some folk like botts in
asick horse, don‘t it?
Speed the work Messrs. Clapp and
Manly are starting upon!
Water street should be extended
through to railroad flat.
The late crop of new additions to the
city bids tair to be unusually large.
The early crop of campaign lies bids
fair to be an average yield this year.
The Bartlett brick has reached the
second story and is progressing mpidly
Port Townsend is assuming quite a
thriving appearance as a shipbuilding
Miss Florence Busby. of the ABaUs
typographical force. left this morning
for Oregon. for a visit.
So much yellow fever in Florida tends
to make people appreciate this temper
ate and healthful climate.
Secessions from the Democratic party
are becomming very numerous. almost a
stampede in New York anal Conn.
The Rainier took the Dispatch's place
on the Noah Bay route this morning. the
latter boat being laid up for repairs.
Leigh Gatch. son of Pres. Gatch of the
territorial university died at too house
of his parents in Seattle on Saturday.
Dr. Nonrse has telegraphed a cancel
lation of his engagement at this place.
Heiwi‘l be in Vancouver, B. 0., instead.
Advertising keeps up quite brisk these
days. The Darn! AaGus will soon have
to be enlarged if this sort of thing keeps
Saturday was the Jewish day of stone
ment, and was generally ob-erved by
persons of the Jewrsh tsith in Port Town
Miss Kate Walker, teacher of the pub
lic school at Port Discovery. was in town 1
Saturday. Miss Walker taught a sum- ‘
Iner term of school at Leland. ‘
We will have a race betWeea building 1
the street cars by Olapp & (3n. and the
construction of the Port Townsend:
Sonthern along our water-front. 1
The poll ticiaa politic-oth. and the‘
political bummer bummeth. and the hnh‘
ton hole fienl button-holeth. and things
in general are mosey-in; alone at a lively l
It is now definitely determined by the
Port Townsend Southern to begin grad
ing wlttin a mouth. Tools have been
procured and three hundred men are to
be turned loose on Jefferson County dirt.
Mrs. Gooch. widow of the late George
Gooch. formerly; of Port Discovery. has .
returned from ngland to Port 'l‘own- ‘
send to reside. The lady is well known
hereabouls, and has many old lriends. l
The Denny referred to in those 001- ‘
umns a few days ago so be or: interested
in hotel building in Seattle is Hon. Ar
thur A. Denny, brother of Hon. 1). T.
Denny who is interested in our “Moun
tain View" hotel.
What is that Board of Trade dammit
tee doing. if anything. on the tourist's
hotel question? Does it really want
Port Townsend to have a fine hotel? If
it is not earnest and active another corn
mittec Will be asked for.
Kuhn. Eisenbiea. McNamara and
others returned from the Eiseuhies mine
on Lopez Island this morning. Tney are
fully satisfied that they have struck a
bonanza and Will put twenty men to
work withinia week. The mine prospects
better as it rs developed.
l Mra Mullny's bethel services are
‘Crllwdt‘tl. With pram-at. limited nuru)
Sll‘.‘ tnll have to limit attrndauma la
sailors only. tn aviuiil (:mwding.
People from all quartersrf the outside
Wurld predict a very large growth and
great business :ictivny in Port. Townsend
during the coming year.
The drmucratic county conventinn
l'ur Jefferson county will meet in Port
'l'uwnscnd tn make county nominations
nu the last Satnrday of the present
‘ Frank Clapp‘s new building on \Vater
l street has its roof on already. and looms
‘llp first rate in what was before an un
s‘zhtly waste partially filled with u'd
rlizmtl As.
Cons Bay-(0L) cnstum house has cnl~
lectcil $1 since Jan. 1. 'B3-90 says the
Ih-iguniun. During the same time the
Part 'l'uaiiscial custom house has cnl.
lucted tlu- greater part m' SIOO,OOO. A
Denis Kearney is stumping Califnrnla
fur dt‘lUUCl’HCy. He has ilrnppml almuvt
eutirelyunt of public notice. howuver.
having lust his drawing and enthusing
power. He came lulu prumiueuce as an
anti—Chinese agitator, but after both
imlitical parties got. into line avaiiist
lhoc-mlies his stock in trade became
stale. 1
Acablsaram received from Scotland
by Captain Irving, states that duriuiz‘
her three days trip. the new steamer for i
the Canadian Pacific Navigation Uum-‘
puny develuped a speed of ninetei-n l
miles per hour. She is expected to leave ‘
this WCt‘k fur Victoria and to arrive;
early in November. ‘
A mnnster ratification meeting was
held Friday owning lihlt:lt\Vulla Walla.
in honor of the republican uumiuw fur
Delegate to Conan-Rs. Walla Walla is
Mr. Allen's home. uud they are proud of
him. Among the speakers at the meet
ing. besides Mr. Allen him-elf. were:
Hon. 'l‘. H. Brenna. l). J Crawly. and
Judge B. F. Deuisuu.
The Evangertic services of Mr. C. S,
Mason closed last evening at the Opera
Hause. 't‘be Methodist and Presbyter
inus united in the advices nnd bnth eun
gregatious were well represented. Mr.
MBBol] lan tluent and earnest apenker
and is direct and positive in his state
manta Ilia services oqu bus du grant
gaud. I: is to he hoped that many
young men have been lifted iutu nhigher
Ind better life.
Thomas Elwyn, Deputy Provinvial
.\‘evretary and pioneer magistrate of 1343],
in the (‘arilrou gold fields, died in \'ivto—
ria Sept. 11. He was a sun of General
Elwyn, ofthc Royal Artillery and served
in the Crimean war. He was also a
magistrate with the Western Union sur
vey from Quesnelle tothe headwaters of
the Yukon river in 1865. when a tele
graph line to Asia. was contemplated.
Mr. C. S. Mason‘s address to men only
M the Opera H-mse yesterday atternoon,
was listenml to with rapt attention by
the goodly number present. In the
eveuiug be was listened to by ncrowded
house. and his address. earnest and elo
quent as it wad. shoving his one great
gbject. viz: to benefit mankind. could not
fail to reach the hearts of tail hearers.
The event secret of Mr. Malnn'l success
in his work all through California. lies
in the fact that he coafined himself en
tirely to scripture and comes straight to
the point.
Wehave a communicatinn from nur
Port Angeles correspondent to the efl'cct
that in so fur as the nrticle sent in by
him and published in our issue of the
30th ult. under the caption oqu wail
from Port Annalee." reflected upon the
character of Dr. Lewi-I, the colonv
physician, the article does that gentle
man great injustice. as the statements
:hlerexu reflecting upon him were wholly
a se.
Mnand Mrs. Frank A. Bartlett. al
ways popnlsr in entertaining their ex
tensive circle of friends, gnvenwhist
and dancing party at their luxurious
residence on Friday evening. It was
very largely attended. and was in note
worthy social event. The guests were
royally entertained, and went home pra—
fuse in expressions of gratification. Li
mited space forbids reproducing the long
list of names of those who attended. but
their number was legion.
Ship St. David arrived yesterday
in tow of tug Goliah, lumber~laden,
from Utsalady.
Schooners Halcyon and Dora Blu
hm arrived yesterday from San
Am ship Republic arrived this
morning from Yokohama with cargo
of tea A
Schnr. Dora Binhm is at Bart
tlet’a and Hastings’ wharf. discharg
ing merchandise.
‘ U. S. steamer Manzaniw was in
ithe harbor this morning.
Steamship Ancou arrived down
from Alaskan ports on last Saturday
mm Tue-day‘- Dally.
Col. Jim Steele is eating Mayor of
Thos. Phillips will build a two-etory
brick on Water street.
Mrs. Webster is building on Washing
ton slreet.on the incline.
Schooner. Webster has returned from
Behring Son With about 500 skins..
Olnrk county prohibitioniste ore acid
to be in line again. under Jno. B.
Allen‘e banner.
The surveyors are at work on the c~
Intyre property. preparatory to its trans
tere to Mr. D. T. Denny.
The editor of thin paper in confined to
his home by sickness. His pen is just on
busy es ever.
New houses are the order of the day.
Everybody is building. and carpenters
are the most popular men in the city.
E. \V. Devoe, who has been snfl'ering
from rheumatism, is off (or a trip to the
mineral springs in British Columbia .
Mr. C. S. Mason was only spending
his Vacation here last week. These men
of enroeetnees and power don't know
how to reet.
Port Townsend property in advancing
veey rapidly, not speemodioatly. but
steedilp and evenly. It will triple in
value within a year.
The presence at a policeman on the
hill at night is very greatly appreciated
iby our citizens. "is kindly form looms
iup often just at the right time.
1 The Puyellnp hop growers have been
1 in core etraite for pickers. but the neces
‘eery supply seems forthcoming. and that
without employing Chinese. either.
i The fokire mode an attack on the town
1 Int night. holding on open air concert
at the foot of Adams street. Tney dis
posed cl cuneidernble pnteut medicine.
‘ Col. J. C. Hninee. of Seattle. is chair
‘mnn of the republican central committee.
end Col. Y. Y. Lyon. of that city resecre~
tery. They will make (I thorough-going
team. ..
Miss Nellie Busby. formerly of the
A 3003 typographical force. is to be mur
riod on Wednesday. Sept. 19, to a Mr.
Mercer. of Portland. Or. The Amos
extends congratulations.
Sidewalk districts are being rapidly
laid 0!! on the hill, and really it begins
to look as it we might have a few aide
walka by the time winter sets in. Please,
City Fathers. don't let the grass grow
under your feet. _
The great steamship City of New York
which was expected to remlutionize
traua— Atlantic travel has succeeded so
far in making the alowut time of the
season. lie: but trip was 8}:l days.
He: machinery does not wurk well.
The sealing schooner owners all an
ticipate a large catch. The Juanita
caught. 1000 skin. The owners believe
chat the catch of the fire: will be large.
I! is esfimak-d that the salmon pack to
date is 156.000 cases. Fraser river men
m stillpacking salt salmon, and lune
“put up 3100 barrels.
? Mr. W. A. ReynolM bash-im
pnblicancnndidato fur pnwecutiug :it
torney to succeed JUH. H. linhimlmuiu
tbeUlytiu-iudistricl. is u careful, ulile
and very Worthy ynulu: lnayer. His
mark is being slowly but surely carved
out. He willaerve his district wall. In
the event of an election, which is count
ed upon as among the certainties.
The Territorial Press Annotation will
meet this year at Walla Waltu. October
In to 61h inclusive. It will occur dur
ing the annual fairin that city, when
there will be a large number of people
present. Most likely the meeting for
next year WI” be secured for Port Town
send. 'J’ho Press Association in the
most important body to he secured.so
tar as local benefit» of their meeting are
concerned—became the members 120
home and write. about the country in
their newsman-rs.
Walter J. .\lilroy. of North Yakima. of
the llim of Mitroy k Savage, is the le
publicnn candidate. to: nrlsec'iting zit»
turuey in his llistr-ct. Walter is a rela
tive of the \VIIIIBUJ family of thi~i city.
and a bright. young man.
Among the pleasant exlicrinnces at
l-Illensburg, last week, was a drive
through that handsome him by Mr.
Craig. formerly whaltinger of Union
wharf, Port. ’l‘ownaend. Mr. Craig is
now one o! the solid capitalistaol‘ Ellens
From the Seattle Daily Times of Supt.
15: The Port. Towusend Anuus of Sept.
Bth reached us this morning. And still
reform, according to the democrati;
theory,stnrtles the World. It is l’ortv
mi!eu to Port 'l'uwust‘ud. and there I?
supposed to be a daily mail.
Anefl'art will he made at the Seattle
Y. 31. G. A. convention tn employ a
traveling general Secretary for the North
west. should this he done Port Town—
send Will prulmnly ham-. 21 large share of
hie Work. The local associntiun pledged
SSO toward his hnppuit.
There are only one or twa. only owe or
two young men in this city who make
themselves very conspicuous in creating
disorder in church and lecture gather
ings. Generallv our youngsters me well
behaved. These twu are giving our town
a Lard name. They must he snrprasged.
The Y. M. O. A. 0! Put: Townsend.
held a cull meeting yesterday. nud elect
ed as delegates to attend the the Seattle
convention, Messrv. \\"eir. Lochhort.
Hualvcr Deniaon Ilm W. F. and A. F.
Learned, and A- M 'l‘hnmpeun. 'l‘hey
decided to invite the next convention to
meet here.
John B. Allen of \‘ nlin Wnlla was
nominated for dengnte to Cuuumss by
theseventeenth Republican Convention
of Washington Territory. It was the
largest body of the kind that ever met
in the Territory, being composed of 242
deli-eaten. Mr. Allen is 44 years of age.
a nativeut Indiana and was for ten years
l‘nited States District Attorney for the
Territory. He is vonaidered a very
strong candidate and will undoubtedly
defeat the anpirutium of Charles S.
Voorhees for a third term. The plattnrm
declares for protection and denouncee
the Mills bill ascrippling every industry
oflWaahington Territorv.—S. 1". Chron
tc e.
From Wednesday's Dull).
\thtcoxn is to have :1 national bank.
Tacoma has a law and order lennue.
Seattle will probably bid for the trade
of Alaska.
Oapt. William“ fine new n-aidsnce is
well under way.
Mr. (.‘. K. Jenner, of Seattle, is in the
city on business.
The l ttle child of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Conner is quite ill. ‘
Rev. A. Laubach is in the city, enroute
borne from Portland. ‘
Mrs. Flora D. Brown. formerly of mi ‘
city. is now in Visalin. Cal. \
Twenty deaths yesterday from the ter- 1
rible scourge at J :icksonvillc. ‘
Dr. Calhoun, of La Conner, in expect
ed here to-dny on professional business. .
The Morrisons are getting nicely fixed
up in their new quarters on Washington ‘
Clmrlefy Salley, who has been living in
Alaska. or the last two yearn, has re.-
The “Crows Nest" will be Port Town
sends l'uture Nob Hill—tor millionaire
Mr. J. 11. Hill is having a large build
ing erected near Capt. Tibbals’ residence
on the hill.
The Florida quarantine in now final and
complete. No person whatever will be
allowed to go North.
A gentleman from Dungeness says
crops down that way are about all gath
sred,tho yield being largo.
A new slip-sent buggy has just arrived
for “13 Editor.” The Calhoun commis
sion house did the business.
Judge \Vhittlesey and Rev. J. B. Alex
ander will have three cottages erected in
the Webster addition, for rent.
Thos. Phillips' new brick fronting on
. \Vater street. will he 30x70 feet in size.
. Mr. Drummond has the contract.
‘ Miss Lizzie Mathews went up Sound
i this morning as a representative of the
ladies interested In the I. M. 0. A.
i Judge Dawson professes to be glad to
get away from Alaska. and says it is not
i a country fit for white people to live 11l
i Will the Call please explain how it got
‘ the item concerning the grand opening
at Port Discovery. that appeared in its
i yesterday's issue?
‘ MILW. 0. Garfield of Dnngeness in
iforma us that he expects to remove his
Lfamily to our city quite soon for a per
maaout residence.
Mr. L. P. McCarty of San Francisco.
. author and publisher of the "Annual
3 Statistician." is in town selling copies of
i that valuable work.
i The executive committee at the Wash
ington Territory Press Association baa
; been called by Chairman Hubert to meet
in Tacoma on Saturday. Sept. 2nd.
1 Mr. \Villinms, of Seattle. ezune down to
figtéa contract tograde streets. He has
1 n prominently connected with Home.
1 very successful grades in the Queen City.
‘ Hon. Levi P. Morton. the republican
candidate for vice-president. is believed
I to be the anon) muns contributor of 812.-
i 0t!) t: the yellow fever sufferers of the
aunt .
Hamilton Smith. representing English
capitalists. made a visit to British Co
lumhla mines in the Selkirk mountains,
and was favornhly impressed by them.‘
He has left for London. ‘
Mr. F. 0. Shepherd 0! Ohio called at:
the A 3005 oflioe this morning. He is‘
traveling through this region to locate. ]
He left on the Olympian for Portland
We met him here about ten years ago.
J udge Briggs is out with a. brand-new
elegant buggy. So the J udge is happy,
and the toils of a pioneer life are reward
ed, and the Judge can take as much com
fort as any other man in the same length
of time.
We received a letter yesterday from
Geo. N. Daugherty. of Roseburg. Or,
inquirinzabont his uncle. the late Henry
W. McPherson of Dnncenes Mr Dough
arty was for A few years a resident of
Dungenea about twenty years ago.
The Good Templars will meet in their
old hall for the last time on Friday even
ing of this week, after which they will
vacate. Capt. Biondi,the purchaser, in
tends to have the building entirely re
novated and changed over to suit its new
uses. ’
Lieut. Geo. T. T. Patterson, U. S. .\.,
formerly of Port Townsend. but now
stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas,
writes back that he hopes to return here
in June next. Lieut. Patterson has many
monal friends hereahouts who would
E: glad to see him again.
Ship Bucrott from San Pedro to load
wheat at 'l‘aooma
Ship Prussis from San Francisco to
load can! at Seattle.
Am. bk. R. K. Ham to load lumber at
: Blnkely.
Bktn. Diner-very from 'Frisco to load
coal at Hadlock.
llktn. John Wu .::-tar t i I ml at ’l'm'U‘
Ship Harvester to load luinli-rut l’-:rt
Gamma for Australia.
British shin Alhaina from San Diego
to load wheat at Tacoma.
Arrived this 111 irninz Siredish hark
Atlantic to load lumber at rue-Bl“.
Am. ship Levy Burgesq got-s to Sea tie
to lead coal.
Tug Tacoma started down the straits
this morning to tow bk. Saznnset up to
‘ British bk. Hnssey reported at Port
‘ Angelea. tri-m Hoimluln. bound for Port
‘ ltlnkely.
i Steamqhip Alki arrived this morning
tin-m San Francisco, and is ll ischnrginu
lfreight. at. Union wharf.
Arrived yesterulav British hark Antui ;
uette from Hum: Kong. to load lumber‘
at l'acoma for Shanghai. ‘
» -- -——<..——~~—~--
The new iron mine, on the southern
(ind of Lopez Island, named as tlltth‘, i<
now well under way in I'HUI‘SC of develop
ment. Messrs. H. (l. .\li-Namara, ('has.
Eisenlx-is, Jos. .\. Kuhn and l"). \V.
lk-voc, loeators, htht' put a large ion-o of
men to Work, and will dun-lop [llt‘ quar
rying of 011' rapidly.
Weilillnx at Port [Hanover-y.
This owning: then». will he a wodzling
sulx'lllllllt‘tl at Port MN'oVUfiV, the c'on—
trac'ting parties be Mr. Frank llt-rgt-t and
Miss Lizzie Burns. The groom is a most
estimable gentleman, Well known at the
mill, where he holds an important pos
ition. The bride is a rolativq-of the Mills
family at that place, and a young lady
who commands the esteem of all her av
quaintanees. .\ supper and hall will fol
low the ceremony. The happy couple
will make their future home in Port Dis
Grnnd lull at Port. Discovery.
The completion of a fine social hall at
Port Discovery on Friday will be cele«
brated hya grand ball therein on the
evening of that day. The young men of
Diucnvety. foremost among whom in this
‘mntter have been Messrs. F. Macondray
and Dave Walker. have been lur sumo
time past raising funds with . hiuh to
erect the public hall needed. The Mill
:Cumpuuy. Messra. Moore & Smith. gen
‘eru-usly donated the lmniber neat-Remy,
and .\l r. Jno. Mclnnefl of Port Townsend
itonk the contract at. low figures for the
‘mechnnical labor. The building l-I lo-
Icated in a sightly meitton on the hill
{and is 36 by 80 feet in size. fitted up with
i“ roomy stage. &c. The mill employees
have taken persona! pride in the enter
‘ prise. putting in many odd hours work
ing upon the building.
On Friday evening, at the grand op
ening. there in to be a large attendance
Invitations have been sent out to Port.
Townsend. Bullock. Irondale. Dunge
nose and other points. A lmnquet will
beserVed, and nothing will be spared to
F render the occasion pleasant to all.
AS [0 I'll. W. J. JIISIS
In last evening’s Call Mr. Jones pnh
lishes a card trying to defend himself in
his cowardly course of attack on Mrs.
“alloy, in the Seattle Times of Sept. 10.
Mr. Jones stated that the language of the
sermon was so obscene as to be utterly
unfit for publication. A dozen of our
host and most thoroughly moral people
published a card and say that the state
ment is not true. Hundreds of others
say the same thing. Mr. Jones does not
confine himself to simply reporting the
sermon, but throws innuendoes and slurs
at. Mrs. Malloy in a way that no gentle
lnan would think of doing. He now tones
down to say that the sermon was full of
insinuations against prominent men of
the city. This may or may not be true.
If true it is only because said ‘:rrominent
men" are engaged in an unla“ ul and un~
holyhusiness. In that event they de
served all the matching they got and a.
hundred times more. Mr. Jones claims
to have written his scurrilous article
after consultation with prominent busi
ness men. Will he now tell us whether
said prominent business men are or are
not connected with the social evil of our
We said yesterday that “we had yet to
find the first capable disinterested person
who felt aggrieved at either the matter or
the manner of the sermon." This we
now rentiiim, and ask Mr. Jones to bring
out his grominent business men “who
were in ignant at being subjected to
listen to such disgusting language, cov
ered by such a flimsy curtain of morality."
The fact is that no such “prominent bus—
iness men" are to be found.
Mr. Jones' controversy is with the
prominent and respectable people of this
city who, over their own signatures, say
that his article was untrue. Mr. Jones
knows it was a gross misrepresentation.
~ M, --." . .
The 28th and 29th days of Septem
ber have been fixed upon as the politive
dates for the Fall races at Irving Park.
The following is a partial list as pre
mm DAY.
Matched race for 8500 a side between
Bay Prince owned by Wm. Scavey and
Black Tom backed by G. M. Rouse.
A trotting race open to all horses
having no record less than three minutes
in J efl'erson. Island, Glallam and San
Juan Counties and Port Gamble. Best
tea in three. ltlile heats.
Pony race, running, 600 yds. Beat
2in 3. Open to all ponies as above, ex
capt Port Gamble. $lO Entrance.
sacoxn DAY.
Indian pony rat-e. Open as above.
Indian riders. Best two in three. One
tourth mile. $5.
Trotting race in hamess for untrained
horses, open some as above. Best two
in three. Mile heats. Entrance $lO.
Running race, 600 yards. Best two in
three. Open to all horses whatsoever.
Entrance $lO.
All entrance fees will be added to the
A liberal subscription to purses has
been made, and Bradshaw & Sachs will
donate all gate money above SSOO to
purses. The amount of the rurses can
not be definitely stated but wi l he lihcr— :
al. No “throw offs" will be allowed. j
H. - “.-_ s___
A! Requested.
The Times is in receipt of a communi
cation from Port Townsend enclosing
the following, with the request that it be
Pom- 'l‘owusm. Sm. 11,1888.
\Ve the undersigned, having been pres.
eat at the church service of Mrs. .\lulloy,
on Sunday evening, when she preached
on "Fine Social But" are well pleased
Wllh the serum and found nothing ob
jeetiomtble therein. but we believe the
sermon did great good. We feel an
grieved that such a gross misrepresenta
tin!) of this cflort should be published
‘ in the Seattle Daily Times of Sept. 10th
or elsewhere, and we ask. In justice to
‘ Mrs. Molloy. that this statement be pub
ihsbed in the same paper in refutation
1 thereof.
l J. J. VAN Boxxannx.
1 S. A. Cannons,
3 L. A. meronn,
, A. M. limbs,
J. H. Fausansca,
W. H. H. Luann,
D. W. Smut,
C. \\' Hm,
A. A. Pnunxna,
J. H. Pmsssou,
J. M. McMcaav. _
The above communication was sent by
a few of our citizens to corn-ct the mean
nud cuntemptable attack made by the
correspondent of the Times on M rs.
Mulloy. concerning this sermon. We
were nut prvsent at its delivery,bnt have
been at a wee pains to collect. evidence
as the p vpnlnr judgement of this sermon
and we buvu yet to find the first disin
terealod cnpnhle purwn who fell uggriev
ed at either [be mutter or the manner of
\Mn. Molloy.
SI. I'nni. “Inn. nn-‘l l'ort Town-ond.
llr-n- div: and fur ulH' gl-nr Iv-m'v l'.-rt
'll;\\'ll‘\'!Ml mil haw a Sl‘l‘llvlllanlhl} :.-l
tnr. pnhiinhml In the ri'. l’uu' l’iumwr
l’nsx, :. [lull] pnpn'r lmvur.’ n c:rcnl:mwn
mxt Jargon! u! an} daily in I'm- Nunh
west, this circuhmuJ living thirty ~ix
thouspnd daily. 'l'hc l’urt 'l'nwntulm
correspondent will be selected h; load
ing Citizens here. and whn, if nut lll'sll'-
able can be changed by local residents.
In addition a general complete and
comprehensive write-up of the city mll
first appear showing the sbip,»inu and
other advantages of the city and section.
As the I’imm'r I’rens circuiules chiefly
throughnut Illinois, lowa. Michigan.
Wisconsin, Minnesota. Dakota, und
Manitoba.“ will reach the patent)“ of
gcountry from WlllCll the most valued
iimmigratinn r-nnn-n, Uni. ‘l‘pnvr, lhe
i Western Manager and editor uf thogrmnl
daily is dcvutmg much time in gather
ing important statistics fur the first
“write up" of Port Townsend.
The nth-r made by the Pioneer Press
is by far the nest )et presented to the
city and our c;tizens will subser'c their
their own interests by subscribing libvr. l
ally. fifty subscribers having nlready l
been secured. If an hundred snbscrih- i
ersc iuhl be secured Port Townsend ‘
would ham .1 lruer u! n column length}
‘each Week. Seventy-five subscribersi
gives us three letters per month. reach-l
ing the very readers In Int (1' sirnhle fnri
immigration and cnpita'. }
[KI-I.IL I'lkTJTl'} Tll.\‘§l-‘EIL-I.
All: 7*(‘1011 1) White and wife ms 1)
Ruwnlmnm llw e [if ufsw qruf $9026.
and the n M of the n w qr of sec 35.1"!) 29
u r 1 w $2400
Walter lit-Wen and wife to H M Race
lots 1 and ‘2. in Mk 5 in Eiaeubeis addition
to the city of Port Townsend SSOO
Aug 7—B L and F B Lake to Morse
and Ulupp lots 3 and 4 in blk 33 in Eis
enlieis addition to the city of Port Town
send S7OO
I’. W JeLiou and wife to O W Morse
and C F Ulnpp lots 23 and 24 in bill 33
in Eiseuheis addition to the city of Port
Townsend S7OO
Grace Merritt to Morse and (.‘lnpp lot
5 in htk 33 in Eisenbeis addition to the
city of Port Townsend $350
‘.V E Stevens to Morse and Clapp lot
7 in b’k 33 of Einenbein addition to the
city of Port Townsend $350
All: 7—W 11 Whittiez-‘ey to Jun Aug
us! the s hf of lots. 6 and Sin DH: 14 of
p! Webster's addition to the city of
Pnrt l‘owusend $250
F \V v ett)urnvc tin-I \\ife to E E Penn
Intel 14 and 15 in blk 18 of Hustlxmu’ 3rd 1
addllina ti «his city of Port Townsend
3 50
Aug 9 —i\l 1" llanultan to C“7 Cor
uenus uni R B Curry (certain tract of
land known us} Hamilton addition to
the city of Part 'l‘uwusend $3250
Aug S—F A Bartlett. and wife toO
N Morse and C l' Clupp lot 6 in blk33
in Eisenbeis addition to the city of Port
l‘oj‘nseud _ _s§so
11 L 'l‘ibbals jr and wife to T P Lu
keua the a e qr of the e w qr of sec 17, the
e ht of n eqrol’seclélnnd nhtofn w
qr of sec '2O. flu in twp 30. nr l w $4400
Annn l’lummer to Enoch F Plummer
lots :5 and 4in blk 21 Plummer'a addi
tion to thv city of Port Townsend SIOOO
Aug lßth—llenry S Lake and wtfe to
Enoch F Plnmmer lots 10 and 11 in
Eisenbiee' mlditioh to the City of Port
'l‘owmenil , S7OO
lJUCiuda Hastings to Frank N Winslow
lot 1 in 71 I f L B Hastiog'e 2nd addition
to the t‘ity of Port 'l‘owuao-id S7OO
0 E Glapp and wile to O N Morse lots
'2 and 40l lilk 53 in the City of Port
luwnselid. 84000
Lucinda Hastings to F W l rttygrove
till of bit: 15 in Hustlng‘s 3rd additi -n
Lticiuda Hastings to F “7 Pettygt‘ove
allot lilk 12 in lillatlllg'fl 3rd addition
. 81000
J S Lulimer to J 1’ Adams 4 acres in
sec 3 twp 3!) ii r 1 west 81200
N I. Blanchard. and Wife to J!“ Phin
ney the c _l/2’ of s w Li ofaec 14 th 21 u r
least 8400
UN Hunturd and wife to N L Blan«
chard thee 33’ of a w Hof sec 15 twp 21
n r 1 cost $23333
ilbert I Smith to Alex 0 Clark the n
hl of seqrulae qr nnd thenSGOnores
of lot 4 all in rec 5 twp 29 u r 1 w $712.50
Aug 9th—Geo G Smith and wife ot
Christine Bulcher6o by 75 feet in Mercy
Ann Smith addition to the City of PM"
Townsend 8250
N L Tlhblzls jr and Wife to \VA Childe
blk 18 in N L Tibbnlsjr first nddition to
the City of Port I‘ownet-ild 8250
Dr Thomas ’l‘ Minor and wife to R W
Dehiun all of w hr of e eqr end the lots
2aud3ofeeo6twp29crle 83500
Lucinda Hoslinge toJ S Lntimer all
of blk 4 in Hastina'e 3rd addition to the
City of Port Townsend 81300
F W Clinger and wife to Jun Jones the
s ht of blk 11 of J G Ulinger‘s addition to
the City of Port Townsend 31000
F W Klinger nud wt and J G Clinger to
Jsmes Jones Jones allot the land and
‘ water on the eastern side of the soother
ly hf 0! blk ll of J O Clinger‘e addition
to the City of Port Townsend 81000
i In Eiseobiea‘ addition to the City of
Port Townsend on Aug Bth Charlel
Eisenbies and wife to Emily Hattie
O'Brien lots 1 and 2 blk 19 8500
‘ Aug Bth—Sarne to N L Burkett 101 l
‘5 and Gin blk 19 lot 12 in blk 18 lot 8 in
: "£33 and lot Bin blk 11 81W
1 Ana Shh—Same to J G Stemming lots
‘ll 12 131-1 no i ‘2O in blk 31 81000
Some to W 'l‘ Pratt lots 27 29 29 and
30 in blk 19 SIOOO
Ana Bth-—Same to Grace Merritt lot
11 in blk 32 8300
3 Aug 9th~=aume to Win Gove lot 10 in
: blk 19 83])
l Same to Anna A Plummet lot 93nd 10
l in blk ‘29 SSM
l Seine toFrauk Childa lots 26and 27
t in bllt 31 84%
l Same to Wm Delnnty all of blk 101
l -~—r ~-00-——
1 Political Notes.
1 New when is quote-l at 51) cent- a
ibushel. net. at Walla Walla.
i Edward Jnhnqan of Colfax has con
tracted to deiivvr 24.00) buiiliele ul‘
wheat this $93.10 i at 55 cent» ii bushel.
If timbu claims are taken as rapidly
the coming six nnnthe as they have been
the last few months. there will not he a
desirable claim lelt'in Chehalia county
by th'lt time. ‘
The assessment of .‘kagit county is‘
now completed und equalized by the
board -l‘ commissioners. The assess
ment is $1,413,056 ngulnst “345,573 for
1887. a net gnin 0181672486 for the year.
#Skirgit News.
Alexander price has this year threehed
12,300 bushels of wheat from 800 acme.
A neat little average at forty one bnlh~
813 per ncre. At the present price of
wheat Mr. Price'e net profits on the crop
will be about S4OOO. -Inlander.
'l'hu Rrpuhlicnna it New Yu-rlt have
nominated (fix-Senator Warner Miller for
governor by ucciatration. The demo
crutu call him wood-pulp Miller, in de
rision. for having been one of the first
to catabliuh and carry on a great Ameli
cun lllllllalry. His bu~inese will ndmir
ably lit him for the work before him—
reduciog the democratic ticket to pulp.
Senator Voorheee is said to be in
shockingly but temper since his return
tron Indiana. The story goes in Wail:-
ington that the other day hio secretary
handed him a letter which contained an
inquiry no to the prospects in Indiana.
“Tell him." blurted out the great Den,
vehemently. “that Indiana ha; gone to
h—'. She'll give Harri-on fitteen thou:
and majority 1"
Thomas Fornmn of End Jordun.
Michigan. for the past seven years vice
preeident and manager of the Pine Lake
Lumber Company of that state, has
been making a tour of inspection
‘throuzh the lumber regions of this coast.
At Gray's Harbor he took a moon into
the woods and pal-took of lovers] meal
with the loggers. who are by for better
ted, he declares, than the people who eat
at the city restaurants. He says the
food and wages of the PngetSonnd log
gers would be considered wonderful in
the Eastern logging coupe.
’New Millinery Store.
011 Tyler Sim: Wharf, Back of Post-office.
The latiies ofgra Townsend are re
specttully invited to call and
examine 151,18 .
. All of the Latest Styles.
C 0 M E T 0
B P tlGt R' h
uy roper y . e 10
+3<l H
And be Happy !
It will sew over uneven surfaces as well as plain.
It will sew over seams in any garment. without mak
ing long or short stitches, breaking thread, or puckering
the lining of the goods at the seam; requiring no assmt—
once from the operator except to run the machine and
guide the work. This cannot be done with any other
It will sew a curved piece on a straight one, or two
curved eges together.
It will make wide and narrow heme, and home all
kinds of goods. such as soft merino, or goods difficult to
hem on other machines.
It is the only practical machine for hemming bias
alpacas. poplins, muslins and other similar goods, without
basting, and it is the only machine in the world that will
turn a wide hem across the end of a sheet, without falling
the under or upper snle of the hem.
It will turn a hem and stitch on trimming at one
operation. _
It will turn a hem and sew in a fold at one operation.
It will turn a hem, sew braid on the right side, and
stitch on trimming at one operation.
. It will do felling. bias or straight, on any cotton or
woolen goods.
It will fell across seams on any goods.
It will bind dress goods with the same or other ma
terial, either scallops, points. squares or straight. '
It is the only machine that will bind hats, cloaks, or
other articles, with bias satin or silk. from one-half to
three inches in width, without basting.
' It is the only machine that will make and bind car
digan jackets, or other knit goods, without basting.
It will put on dross braid and sew in facing at one
operation, with or without showing the stitches.
It will make French folds.
Make French folds and sew them on at the same time.
Fold bias trimming and sew it on at one operation.
Make milliners’ folds with difl'erent colors and pieces
of goods, at one operation, and sew them on at same time.
Turns the edge of a bias baud, sew on either one or
two pipiugs and stitch them on the dress at the same time.
It will sew a bias band on a dress, and run in either
one or two pipings, without showing the stitches.
It will cover a cord and sew it in between edges, at
one operation.
It will cover a cord for seams of waists, cushions, or ,
furniture covers, and sew the seems at the same time.
It will sew in a sleeve, covering a cord and stitching
it into the seam, at the same time.
It will sew the cord on the edge of military coats, Bw.
It will gather without sewing on. It will gather and
new on at the same time. . .
It will gather between two pieces and new on at the
time time.
It will gather between two bands, showing the stitches
on the right side, at one operation.
It will make and sew a ruflle on any part of a dress
skirt, and sew on a bias fold for heading at one operation,
showing the stitches on the right side.
It will gather and saw on a band, with piping between
ruflle and band, at one operation.
It Will sew a band and ruflle on a dress skirt, stitch—
ing in piping at the head of the band, at one operation.
It will make plaited trimming, either straight or
Make plaited trimming and sew it on at same time.
Make plaited trimming, either scalloped or straight,
and sew on a band, edge-stitching it, at one operation.
Make plaited trimming, either scalloped or straight,
and sew a piping on at the same time.
It will make knife plaiting.
It will shir any kind of goods.
It will, with one operation for each variety, without
basting, execute twenty practical varieties of rattling,
being twelve more than can be produced on any other
machine with the same number of operations.
It will make a more elastic stitch than any other
It is the only machine that will sew velvet or plush
without drawing or puckering.
It does not change length of stitch on scroll work.
It sows from lace to leather, without changing stitch
or tension.
For tucking, cording. braiding, quilting, embroider—-
ing, shoe-fitting, dress~xnakiug, tailoring, family use or
general manufacturing.
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PETTYGn. .3 . . , - ,- ~
.lgenls for Jefferson, Island. Clallam
l and SunHu/cm Counties.

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