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Oldest Paper.
W Questions nnswvrml fun
about the country. ‘ ‘
Sample copies free on appli—
Volume XIX.
, ,7 , ‘ T ‘\
“IV-ure.: by m.“ orl ..ruvz'
sum IIII‘HI.“ my"; ~ :_ ,”
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Wye? \V-‘v-L. .'.Vlci“-. [lAj-J I" -¢~ L )V
Advertbiugxutvr fx.r:l!»::e‘tul...]-. is Jinn.
Q '§
@ll2 at rchlg grguw.
rsul.l~lm. gum IIIl'!;;:IA\.
Pun Town-"n L “'.l-fun 'lun '!'- rrJ! r 3
TRISH: All“ 5115“ ICH'H‘IN'
0m: Var “H. 330 'l .rw- M-. 11.2.1314:
3'. lan-‘..” ‘. 11'an lytvyx‘u-Z‘ttn'h... . '.“n‘h
W Aixxlifl‘ul'si‘: MEX};
t sins). xi’u'. xnwr'iun. , ..,.....51.1r|
nutmeg-« Hut Ln-vvunu. . 'a‘J
*ih'l‘nuww .l h"\~‘rfi‘.l‘: ‘.u in-uxv inivrliun
I.“ be urv'nlupaniali :A' varh.
Au \U‘UKNFS >‘r.l‘: Ll' I! \l-IVTIU \'.
Alli-['s l‘l KLX~|EINH (‘O.
I'Rol‘l-ISSIIISAL (nouns. ‘
JAHES DI mxmmu. .\x. 1).
P-IRI‘ r ywxinSD, w. 'r.
Uflce, an: iron! n-mus. up Huird. A I‘.qu
WNW on the MlLcurm-r 0! J u’losuu and
Clay :lrerls
Doulisl, @
Don't TOWSSKND, W. 'l'.
£3“ oxide um. em»! or vhlnroform admin
for pawn-s: rxtmrtum of h-em.
D E N T I 5 'l‘ !
Mn Tovnleua. - - - - \V. ’l‘.
All work auafimteed first 02:153.
O O ‘
Physman alld.Burgeon.
w‘ Oflice u stair“ over Clapp &
lip-«bum Bfuk. . d 1:
llllnallm: Physunan and Surgeon.
"- OWMCCuMy Block.
Woo—Opposite Red Men’s Hall,
Maple Ave. dw
Attorney and Counselor,
Proctor in Admiralty.
Notary Public.
mm Block. - Port Townsend, W. 1'
fi ..3uui; M. B. SACHS.
run“! mwxnnxn, w. 2.
Attorneys and Counscllors at Law.
P 3001038 m Abutmu.
m: In Bin-Landed New Bulld'lz.
J. “an. A. R. COLHAI.
E, I. Any.
'Kitotney-cat - Lu W
Qua—Clio! buildlll'.
“I Port. Tow-undflv, 'l‘.
D. V. Smith. Warren 1. Hastings
Attorneys - at - Laxv.
P 30011338 II ADMIRAL".
land for Sale, Loans Made.
Port Townsend. W. 'l‘.
ton minim), v. I.
\V-- Dodd. Pnpnomr.
1‘ Home h In" ad IIWLY rL'RmsnEn
all m all a. appointments of a
I. In is supplied wixh the host of Winoß.
uld Oigun.
O Inn-duel Billilri table and Beading
Held. Nothing will to union. 10
aka! second to 1010 II the Torri-
m 1 BOUND, w. 'l.
W. Sutherland. Proprietor.
I In. ”blinked a New Hotel :1 Eu: Sou-d
”alu- hum. clued sh. -- Em Saul
' nu in new open for tho noun-lod
fiouo-J Dublic in“
E. McCOSKRIE 81 60.,
mun-Hon lo ffhurcheJhSQhool xnd Pub
“a. and w Lluvuor: none. Runny,
huh .54 Summary work generally.
, ll: Sonora new Brick. Port Townsend.
BRIGGS 85 00-,
gamma:“s.”“:.:.‘:::::2§3.‘33‘i:2 .
“no-lad “can and exxmxue our stock.
8 m w ! yr
,vI 1 I
, ' . ALL max» 21'
If" ,3 meter-y \Vork.
‘ v 'l4; n m 9195': to cnler. for
, ._s'. -'7 T-d Buunsu purpose-L
~ g;e .- m fuwnsend. W. T.
M > v
Boot. &» ghee Store
or Tax
7 have 3 great reveaence for (uh
JOHN Frrzmnuok.
13 Wear old Heifers and Steers,
12 2-year old Heifers and Steers,
14 Milch Cows,
For ule by -
Find" Hub”. San Juan C o. W. T.
am Busby,
IE and PKDBI‘ Hanging.
I work Guaranteed.
us at... up. Court Emmet]
2:: 2:... 3mm”?
:cwulnofiflx“. 15$: 104:5
£lll9l gum! WQWQ gmm
' N T“ H‘R W"
i P IJA ‘ g o
! THE txrlarnn nukes THE BEST Tum
l Nuw York, Sr‘pt. 2'] ——lt is stated
iiu shipping circlm~ that. the co m
hunmler of tho Eutrnriu has just
{eclipsed the bcst record fox uu ucegm
I voyage. She was reported at Fire
[island at 835 a. m. It is reckoned
Ithnt she male the trip in 6 days and
lune hour ans] foray minutes. :1 guip of
thirty xuiuu‘es over the beat prukus
§ record.
New York, Sept. ill—The fruit
dqa‘vrs fear a yellow fever epidemic
m]! .4qu out the neyv caop of orang—
es. . at least. serxously delay Its
Ship ; -*. They are axutisfiod the
Fluudd oxch'mga has closed its
SEAMAN ssxrmch To m: IIANGED.
London, Sept. 22.——Putrick Kelly.
the seaumn who stabbed two ship
mates, John Chapman and John Bar
ry, on the National line steamer Erin
on a voyage from London to New
York. and who was brought back to
London and tried, was Convicted to—
day and sentenced to be hanged.
PLBEING rnox 'mn grave; ,
Meridan. Miss. Sept. 22.—.\'ewa of
the feVur at Jackson has set the town
wild. Preparations have been begun
by many to go out of town. No
trains will be permitted to come into
the town from Jackson.
Oakland, Cal, Sept. 22.—Capt.
Jotham S. Marston. a pioneer resi
dr-ut of this County. 81 years of age
and a native of Maine, was killed
this morning by lit-jug struck by a
sis mucxsco nuvrzw
Sol] Francisco. Sept. 18.—Hops——
The market presents no new feature
of interest. The trade regardpr ices
as higher than can be maintained, and
hold aloof from the market. leaving 3
the tield to speculators. Current ;
quotations are 18 (Q 213. 1
Oats—Less active. Where the l
buyer is suited in every way he pays}
as high as $1.20 for choice food, but 1
the demand is only moderate. lie-I
ccipts to‘ day, 6,7000 centals. Feed. l
No. 1 and choice. $1 17 (I) 1 20; com- j
mon or good, $1 «5 1 15. i
Potatoes—— steady; demand fair;|
prices unchanged; receipts larger
to day.
Wheat—Weaker; evidently there
is an increasing absense of confi
dence. Buyer year sold down to
$1 57;, but improved at the close,
selling at $1 59.
MATTERS rusmmmo 'ro urn sumo
San Francisco, Sept. 20.—Major
T. B. Blakeney, superintendent of
the life saving service of this coast,
is in receipt of news that the plans
of the new stations pro osed on the
northwestern coast ans alterations
‘to old ones are at present receiving l
the attention of the secretary of the
treasury. ‘
Following are some of the pro—
posed improvements most likely to
be favorably considered: Imßrovo
ment of the station at Cape inap
pointment; removal of the station
mm the Indian reservation at Noah
bay to Wyuddu island, and the erec—
tion of a new station at the month of
the Columbia river, near Fort
non-ricrmrunu. mas-rise AND numb
The Washington Horticultural
society will hold their next meeting
at Whatcom. W. T., on October 10,
11 and 12, in connection with the
Whatcom County Agricultural and}
Horticultural Fair. All persons arel
invited to attend and take with them ‘
products for exhibition. A grand .
time is anticipated. It is thought
that a great many will go from Ta
coma, as it afi'ords a good opportu
nity to visit Whatcom and see and
hear something of the resources of
that section of country.
New York, Sept. 20.—The annual
meeting of the stockholders of the
Northern Pacific was held in this
city to-day. The only change in the
Board as chosen is the election of 0.
Bullet in the place of August Bel~
moat... The report presented shows
the gross earnings for the year end
ing June 30th, to be $15,836.32?
The increase over the preceding
year is $3,056,879. The operating
expenses were $9,266,884; increase.
$2,093,865: net earnings. $6,579,443;
increase. $953,015.
oases Pnssrpnvr.
Thomas F. Oakes is elected Presi
dent of the Northern Pacific Rail
road Company.
rm: cmrnn-oczamc Disas'rsa.
San Francisco, Sept. 20,—The pi
-1 lot commissioners had a short meet
-1 ing this afternoon. Alter a brief
ldiscussion a resolution was unani~
mousl y adopted exonerating Pilot.
Meyer. who was in charge of the
Oceanic at the time of the recent
Chester—Oceanic collision.
was new s'rsaxsa FOB Tll2 60mm.
Portland. Sept. 20.—-The o. lii-65‘
N. Co.’s steamer T. J. Potter vull ‘
leave this city for Seattle either Set
urday or Monday next, probably Sat
urday evening.
Tna CRNTRALIA Boom—The Washing
ton Land & Improvement Company. the.
incorporation of which was noted yeater- 1
day, held a meeting of trustees to day”
and effected an organization. The com
pany will co-oppernte with the Tacoma,‘
Centralia & Gray's Harbor Railroad 9
Company. the incorporation of which i
was also eflected a few days ago. The 3
land company has bought a large tractl
of land near the town of Centralis. and
will lay it out as an addition to the town. 1
That the company has broad purposes
in the development of the country is in
dicated in its articles of incorporation
as published.
The citizens of Blaine, in Whetcom
county. in mass meeting agreed to do
nate the right of way through the village
to the West Coast Railway company.
and Chief Engineer Perry, who was pre
sent, advised them to communicate with
the railway company, informing it of
the amount of land they were willing to
give. He said his instructions were to
push the read as rapidly as possible. It
is said that the West Coast line, as per
manently located, creases the Skauit
river fourteen miles east of It. Vernon
at Sedro, and tellows the meridian line
nearly straight north twelves Illltl eestt
ot thtoom.
Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Washington Territory, Thursday, September 27, 1888.
l ‘ snlrmxu.
l ___.—
' 'l‘lu Sound fleet remain about the
I ulna. numboring forty calla. in port.
‘1 ho exports of the weak hnv. been un
’ usually large. Following is a complete
In: of all vase]: on the Sound loading,
; purlfl and destination:
. AT sm'r'rnu.
l Tomi.
l—Sp Palm) :3. coal for S 1". ...... .. 1.360
‘Sp Margaret. mm] for S. F. .. . . .. . . 1.161
Sp Kuto Davenport, coal (or S. 1“. .1249
‘Sp Ivanhoe coal for S. F. A ...... 1.611
Total. 4veiio'l. ... . . .A _ . ._ _. _. 5,331
AT noon“.
Sp Wu: H :Gllvra, lumber for Valpar
aiso ... 1.210
Bk Canada, Inn) for S L". m..... 1,190
Bk Anna, lum for Melbourne ._.. 518
Bk Ellen, lum l'or Mrlhonrno .... 449
Sch .\lari'm. lumbar for S. F. 224
Bk Carroltnu. Coal (or S. F. .... 1.450
Bk Enoch Talbot. coal hr S. F.. . . 1.235‘
Bk Estella. coal for S. l" .. ... .. . 566
Sp I’. M. Whitman. wht fur (lurk . 2.15] 1
Sn St. David. wllt l'ur Havro .. .. .. 1.536 i
Sp React, wheat fur Cork ... .. . . . 1.824
Bk Plymouth. wheat for (lurk .. .. 1.312
SpOriental. coal for 5.19. .._.. .. 1,683
Total, 13 ves:els.... ....15,343
Bk Pal: Wan. lum for Melbouue . 818
Sp Mercury. lnm for S. F. .. .... 1,156
Bi Njaal. lumber for Molb'e. .. . 569
Bktn IL Sudden. lum 'l‘ownsv‘e .. . 558
Bk Orion. lumbar. Lon-lon .. .. . . 656
Bk Theobald. lumbar. for S. l“. .. . 981
Bklu Amelia. lum for Honolulu . . 378
T0!u1,7 velsela. . . . . . . . . .5,116
AT Pon'r TOWNSEND. 43,-;
Sb State of Moiuo. ready for sea . . 1.467
Sh Guardian. ready for sea .... . . _ 1,072
8k Wildwood. seeking charter . . . 1,059
Bk Zoila, seeking charter ..... ... 934 i
f TntaL 4 vessels.... K‘ .‘ ....‘...4,529
1 AT ronr onwnl.
( Toni.
{Bk F. Treat. lulu fru- Sydney ..... 724
lßk 'l‘ybnrnin. Inn for Sydney ‘. . . 948
Bk St. Lawrence, lum, for Svd‘ . . . 1.039
Bk In. Gunter, lumber, S. F. .. ‘ . 992
, __
? Fatah-1 vea=e!5..........,....‘.3,707
r n- urunADx.
‘Sh Goo. Thompsln, lam. Sydm'y. . 1.128
1135: Emerald. lumber, FL F. . . . . . . .. 1.134
\ ——_
l Total. 2 vea5e10.................2,262
' AT Pour Dlwovnuv.
Bk 0. Ziuo, lumber. Iquiqno‘ .. .. 974
Brig Deacon, lumber. 8. F. ..., ... 402‘
Bktu .\hthum,5.F_.......... 665 i
Total,3 vaun15........... 2.041‘
AT PORT Innuox. \
BkTidal Wave. 1am,“.F........ 603
Bk Nollie May, lnm. S. F. .... ... 699
42 P 081! minnow.
Sh anu Bryce. lum. Hobson’: b' . . 1,810
Vosselb. Toni.
Senna. ................4 5.38]
Tac0ma..................13 15,343
P0ri81ake1y.............7 _ 5.116
Port T0wnund.......... 4 4.529
P0rtG1mb10........,.... 4 8.7%
Utu1ady......... ......2 2,262
P0r1Di1c0very........... 3 3,041
Port M1di10n............ 2 1m
P0r5Lnd10wH.........u 1 1,870
Grand t0m1"".........40 41.550
Bnlldlng Nolei.
Port Townsend is to have a number of
la rge brick building: erected this fall—-
among which we may mention the large
brick hui!diug by Mr. F. W. James and
Mrs. L. Heatinge next to Wevmonth’s
blacksmith shop; aleo Mr. Thou. Phil
lipa' brick building. between Wey—
month’s and the Terry building, on
which work has already been begun.
Then there is the three-story brick build
ing 76178 feet in size, to be erected by
Gen. D. W. Smith. oppoeite Judge
Knhn'a ofllne. Then there is the Poutiue-
Heller brick building, QXBO feet in_ size
three etoriee high. to be erected at the
foot of the hill opposite the telegraph
ofllce—for which plans have already
been completed. Then there is the Bert
lett brick building. the walla of which
i are alreudv up. on the corner of Water
1 and Madison etreete. Besides these
1 there are several large wooden buildingr‘
}in cunrfie 0t construction. The value of
\ these brick buildings will be enmetbing;
like- 31,50,000. Such wooden buildiuge‘
an that of Lowre'a. back of the poet oflioe
block. and Clepp‘e new hotel building.‘
and that beinlz erected on Knbn'e corner‘
on the sea wall front. will all count up
well in valuea. tun. Mr. Love is also
to erect a large brick building in the not
distant future on the A. S. Smith cur
ner. The value of Port Townsend's
'buudiugs erected this year will be (than!
‘hal!’ a million.
Move]: To Surrns.-.\lr. Nelson Mo-
Callum. (or many years audltor of Kit
sop county. Will resign that position at
the next regular meeting of the county
commissioners at Port Madison. He
ihas already removed with his “mi."
lSeattle. and has formed a psrtners's-‘in
with John Colkett. the deputy post
master. and bought out the grocery
I business of Peterson Brothers on Front
Street. Mr. MoUnllum was for 10 years
l in charge at the mill store at Port Madi
Speaking to the P.-I. reporter since
his return from the East, in reply to a
question as to what the people of Massa
chusetts think or Puget Sound. Judge
Jae. G. Swan said:
"The many advantages of this country.
its magnificent harbors. \ast mineral
weslth,equsblsness of climate. etc., are
justdswninzupon them. Boston is lit
erally flooded with destripttve matter
sent by Seattle real estate agen's. Port
Townsend is well known through the
Gloucester fisherman. and speaking or
the latter, I want to read the people here
a lecturewThat is, that they must be
Imore liberal with these fishermen. do
‘nate them land with water trout, etc.
It not. we are liable to lose them. as
Seattle is willing and anxious to grant
them such a subsidy."
Judgetlwan is known to be on inti
mate terms with several leading railroad
magnates East, and replying to squery ‘
as to Sound rnilrosd prospects he con-‘
tinued: “The number of trunk railroads
that will penetrate to the Sound conntw‘
’ within the next ten years will be sum.
oisnt to build up forty cities. There is‘
not the slightest reason for one to be
built up at the expense of snothorfl
Regarding the west Bound road—the
Port Townsend Southern—let me tell
you that its managers are tskingjust the
' right course in starting the road them
] selves. I believe they are acting advis-
I edly, as the president of on of the great
est systems in the country told me there
[would be ample funds forthcoming to
! finish it as soon as started, but that any
lot the great trunk lines would be cherry
in showing their hands in it. as it would
xoite the envy of. and induce ehsmper
in: from rival lines."
Our Nominee.
The nomination of Hon. John E.
Allen for Delegate to Congress. by
the Republican convention at. Ellens
burg. meets with the hearty approv
al of the people ofthis city, who have
long known and greatly Inspected
;him. In the opinion of the Union
‘the convention has chosen wisely in
placing him in nomination. He is
an able lawyer, a man of learning,
of unblemished character. and has
the necessary knowledge of the whole
Territory to fully represent its in~
tereste. He has many warm friends
in all sections of the 'l‘eriizory. who
know his worth, and whose support
he will have, in a great measure. re
gardless of politics. He has been a
resident of Washington territory for
many years and commencing almost
as aboy, has worked himself iutoa
foremost position at the bar. When
they elect him to congress the people
can rest assured that the same abil~
ity and painstaking care will be ex
ercised by him that has made his‘
success as an attorney. That his;
election is secured, goes without
saying.— 11’. IV. Union. 1
The “Potter" will be here today or to
mnrrow. She will ra‘place the Alaskan
and. at the close of hzu excursion season
the North Pacific will replace the Olym
pian. The steel sienmem WI" be put in
thorough first class rupiir for next year.
Mr. Alien. though past middle age. is
of youthful appearance. with a. graceful
and charming manner that makes friends
wherever he goes. The republicans of
the territory, with such a standard.
bearer, and on the platform adopted at.
the convention. can safely count on a
majority of 4000 for the ticket. The son
of his father. whose name does not ap
pear on any assessment roll in this berri
tory. will out only a small figure in the
coming electiou.—Skngit News. ;
Hon. Charles Voorhees was in Gar
field Wednesday and addressed the peo
ple on the issue of which he is the life
and exponent. railroad land grant for
l'eiture and Voorhees. .\lr. Voorheesis
looking better than we expected tosee
him. considering the strenuous efl'ala he
has been making to keep out of con
gress. J. B. Allen's nomination will do
more n help Lim to keep out than any
thing else We knOw of —Gnrfleld Enfer
The Winlook Pilot says there is some
lexcitement in the Deep creek and ohe
‘halis river country. west of Wiulock,
‘ovar rniirnsd rumors. It is claimed that
.the Port Townsend Southern l’flllfvad
will build up the Cliehnlis r.vcr. cross
the Northern Pacific south of \\‘inloclr.
and the Cowlilz river about three miles
‘below Toledo. May it he so. But Con
;trslia people already believe they have
it cornered, and that the road will pass
through that town and Uowlitz prairie.
Hon. Sol Smith. of Guldendale. made
this city a visit this week, returning
from the territorial convention. By him
the Republic is informed that several
fine brink blocks are in course oterec
tion in his city on the site of the build
ings recently burned; that Hon. R.O.
Dunbar has erected a fine brick resi—
dence there of late; that Klickitst coun
ty is prosperous and rejoicing over the
prospect of an early completion of the
Vancouver. Klickitat & Yakima railroad
to Go dendaleo—Yakima Republic
The Republican candidate for delegate.
John B. Allen. is a man well known
throughout the territory; he is courteous.
industrious and popular. has good abil
ities. and will tsirly represent the inter
sets of the territory on the questions of
the present time. He will not acquiesce,
without energetic protest. as Voorhees
has doue.in a policy that would strip
the territory of its share of protection,
(Or the purpose of maintaining protec
tion for certain other localities or sec
tions; nor will he afiliate with or assist
the party at the national capital that has
prevented and will still prevent as long
ssit can the admission of Washington
as a state—Oregonian.
{ The matter of admitting the Northern
3 Pacific into a partnership with the Union
'Paicfic in the lease of the O. B. & N.
Oo.’s lines seems. says the Tacoma News,
to be further away than ever. In fact,
in well lflamed railroad circles. such
an one most is said to be among the
things next to impossible. Charles F.
Adams. president of the Union Pacific.
is said to bestrongly opposed to the joint
lease. When here he expressed himself
very emphatically on the question. In
conversation with a prominent railroad
man hesaid:"l am strongly opposed to
entering into a joint lease with the
Northern Pacific. and nothing would
induce me to enter into an alliance.
The position of the Union Pacific. under
the prerrsnt condition at affairs. is a
very strong one. and an alliance with the
Northern Pacific would weaken instead
of strengthening it."
The first sawmill on Puget» sdnTzd
was built in 1851, cutting about 800
feet per day; now the output IS close
upon 2.000.000 feet per day and the
annual log output of Puget Sound 15
418,000,000 feet.
1 Col. Owings, Secretary, in in tea
ceipt of advices from the Depart
-Ixnent at Washington saying that
there would not be any sessxon of
the legislature this winter.
i ’l, i. 4‘v '.
Imm: ~ ‘t ‘V;._r.lAn::
’ ' .'3.’1~".‘«"1.
”..». .f‘ .
o, _ - ' '-.~ El ~54" '
Manna A
For Lumbago.
Au m I: .
“Li '. you mifi'frfléfikfldiz 91.1.;
mcmuamuou cmd ugh-dun
run A. nu.
Bod-ridden. Vina-h. hm J“. a, nu.
In “till In“. IiOWI-uho; MM.
8 math. In mud by I: Jacob. ou. par-u
may: untu- u 16 mm.
a. w. my.
P lym ‘ .
"3"“ .33... “$135113 '.‘n'! 3.2.
hut-um; round by It. Juou on s :.d In"
haunt-no! pm .Ich ul-u-1'13..
Inn- nuver, m.. h; :‘. mu.
I .::-u I“) gain In th.‘ noun :.I '...anh
*......"‘&‘£‘..":‘.:::wfi:...imam," “
"mm 513231151“
Permanent. humu. ma. may :9. ll”.
About the My 0! 'll in am In uh.
nu pull In mg “a lack. an cured by 111
”“01qu (11l mm rental porn.-
mum-m. 0. cm. luunxu.
I n nxmnn A!» um.
I m cmLuLvown cm. I‘ll-en.“
WWW” l
‘ RyYALIS'éL'Ii .I
‘.., "wruv' ,4
‘,__/ K
,A '1- '7
. 0 1234:
...'. r“: 1
. ~ 2:2: -, f
:1: rg ;
a. ”a, ‘
B‘K ID 3.
;.‘ MB». ,5
. fl).
Bl.” ’ N
. V.
\ V G
I Kl
Absolutely Pure.
This yowder never \'urirs. .‘. man»! 0! purfly
I-ln-ngl i and wholemmwness. .\lurM-umnmivnl
lhun the ordinary kinda. and mm n: he mm in
competition with the mulmunle ni’ lnw tv-si.
u-ort. \\‘uigm Alum ur pinup-mp [mwdt'rx
501:! only in cans. ROYAL UAKISUIHNV
DER ('n.. 106 “'2l” St. N . Y;
I). \V. Crowley A; Cm. Agents. Parkland, “:11
1 —_-._~-_*_. 1m
Trans ortation Gom ’
P P y.
—-7Tlm n-zulur Mu! Slammer——
Will lvnva Port Townsend for Whau-mn on Mon
days. Wednenllays and Fridays at lon. m.. call
ing at Argyle. Lam-z. Friday llunlor. lluche
Harbor. Orcns, East. Sound, “llt'nh's, Anurorlcs,
Sunfish and Svlmunn lit-turning, leave! What
com 11. K n. m. 'l‘uerduyr. ’l‘llursuluys and Smur
dus, arriving at Port. Townsend rumc evenings
Pure from Purl. Townsend to any point, - 01.00
Also loaves Port Townsend for Seattle Sun
days at. 7 n. m.: returning: uill leave Seattle for
Port Townsend a: :5 n. In. Mondays. Fare, 01.50.
JAE. JONES. Agent.
@ Steamer EDNA,
u. .\i. RICE. Muster.
Making duily lrirs' Zm-cn [Ln Townsend and
\Viii leave UNION WHAIKF etcry afternoon
in 2.301). m.. nmi l'orl Discovery each morning
at 7 a. m. For freight 0r pmsagc npply to
.14qu Janna. or or. board
‘ @ Steamer EVAN GEL.
i J. w. TIME, Muster.
Will lean Seattle; Momlay!n.m.. for Sem
luhmoo via Purl. Townsend and the Inlandn.
__.‘ND _
on Thursday, 2 a. m.. for Port A hack-:9 \'le Port
Townsend and Dun-.:nness. Relurnlnw name
day 2p. m. Leave Port Townsend hull] r(hays n:
Ba. m. Connects both ways ul. Dill‘flenl'fli with
th'nm luunch iind'orkmmkinz quick tram-por
lmlun fyr lmssemzers with-3r! extra charge.
sng 5m DISPATCH,
JAs. MORGAN. Master.
Will leave i'on Townsend Mnndlh'sund Thurs
days It 10 o‘clock A. at. {ur N 95 Bay. New
Dungenees, Port Angelcs. and way ports. re
turning on Wednesdays and Fridays. Towing
and chimera at reasonable rates. “'9 have a
150%: scow (2r ‘miihtin: pnrnm sinneli‘wigh
nr an] n or owning goo-'l3 «rv. p y
:11 boon-J. or In L. 3. [Listing- or (‘. C. BarlK-tt
4: Co. .
A. W. HORN. Mast".
Leaves l’orl Tawny—mi for imndnle, m. 8 n. m..
also. for Whldby hinnd m. 11 n. m.. for lrondnie
ac 4p. In. every day For freight or paying!)
applv on beard. ‘
"‘1 EO. E. S’l‘A RIiEI‘T.
‘J PORT towxsm.
‘ l
Contractor & Bmlder.
l Pinn- S locatiom. Estimates. etc..pronpu' \
] hmund Cupentox work of all kinds 1
i done on short notice. 1
E'Shop on Water St. near Charla: hotel ..a
..._—___— .-._—___...—
w ‘w
Goo. \V. Do‘vns, ‘
M and Picl‘elfl: Flooring Ind messed Lum
ber of all dlulondous. _ _
(inlets mosh/ed (or delivery in town or (or
Ihifili'nt slaw
5‘ ‘z 3 \ ‘ ‘
~ )
‘~./'-:ue‘/ )
f . l [._s'4 l
‘._ ..'-*l. ‘ . ¢ II"-
l i ,' ul
7"? J m v ’ l
l J \
Harness Blinker,
Opposite Postofiice, Port Townsend.
)hnnhctute to order and for sale all kinds of
Whigs, Lashes, Blankets, Dusters,
S eats, Curry Combs, Brushes.
Harness Oil,-Soap, 8.2:.
"'B“:va CLEANED AND 01mm. ‘
. l V v,
M ngM
Soot'hgr at hand. It ix; ll.” «11v :::fe
_mndlcmn yet [nudes Ham v' 1 Pl“ "‘ : H
Infantile diwrdvm. lL {-un'. :w , , inn:
or ‘lurphiuf. but gin-3 l.:.- l 31.! v j .'. II
and from pain. \'xicx: 23 um: . : .. ...;
Lntimer & On.
City Meat Market.
{Tr-v (mun-r: runs“ .\lEA'rsuv 31.1
p"- I kinds, :ll “huh-ale and rpmiL
;filsu Guru-«l liver and l'nrk. "ulngn.
“usages, Hen-l Clmew.~:tc ..‘|l\\a_\'s on hand.
Roma Cured lllms, Bacon and Leal Lard.
Give us u c l". hallafartlon an .r-mtued.
Ogden taken ind goods vluhvured to all pu'tu-t
‘ "In (My.
1 c. c. COLEMAN & co..
‘ _ PJI ‘l'uwnpautl, W. T.
1 exam door In Wa'ernmn 4'; Ram. dw
‘ 1
‘ People 8 Market,
Cor, “'nlernmi Taylor SUM“.
A Port Townsend, Wth
l w. w. EVAIIS & 00.,
I l’roprmtors.
l ___-
.lE vervhuuqunlny of all land.- u! “can
'T at. wholesale and mull. San-Man. Maud
~Chme. lhlogna Savages, elm. always on hand.
gQ‘Ordm-I delivered to um mm of the Ciw.
i l‘. 5. Ln" Orrxcz n SEATTLE, W. 'l‘., l_
Auzuit 7th. list |
i Complaint having bi‘en entered at this nfllre
‘ by Eulwu Weeks ugniu‘t Dennis Enrizht for
‘ ntuimlnuing his linme>t9ad entry Nu. full-5.
dutml .\luv 16. Nil. "pun the S ‘2 of S W X and
W S at N \V ‘. Sec. :6. vanship 1:5 N. Ranges ‘J
\\.. in s ”I Juan County. “':uhiuztnu Territury.
with u \'iuu' to the cancvllatinu of said rntry:
the said ivurliu-s um herein: suinzunned to nppwr
at this UN“! on the 23”: day a! Septcmln-r issfi.
at IU (it-lock a. m.. to want-ml and furnish [citi
nmuy t-nncnt'nin‘.’ stii'l aliegfld abandonment. It
is further nrviered tint til-s tt-sténmny in mid case
lx- taken belt-m lht‘ l’rnlnte Judge uf San Juan
t‘ouuty. Wu hington Tu-rritury. :u.Fril|yllar~
lmr. San Juan County. Washington Territory. an
the Hun tlav 0! :‘.-member. 188's. commencing: at 1
It! o'clnrk a. m.. and it appearing to our satisfac
tion that pormnal wervlce llt’l‘eflf cannot be
Iliad». svn‘lt‘e will he made by publication. past
in: and mailim: awarding to ruics l 3 and Hof
pz'ut tire in tit-i ('. S. Land Office.
Notice for Pubhc ..tton.
L’mrr-zn STA-rag LAND Orrron.
_ Seattle. “2'12, August 3. 1858. %
Notice is hereby given that, in compliance with
tlnl provisions of the Act of Congress npp'rou-d
June 2!. 1575. entitle-d "An Art for the ruin of
’l‘irnlwr Lands in the States of Culifomin. ()n-gon.
Xanadu. and \Vuphington Terrimrv.“ i‘ercir’t‘tl
Spcnn‘r. of Quilcene. County of Jcfl'erson, 'i'errt
tory of Washington. has this any tiled in this
(mice lii.~ sworn statement NO. 319:}. for the pur
chun.) of the northeast L; of southeast .5’ 0f
Section Nu. 12. in Township NO. 27 North.
Range No. :3 West. and will ofier proof to show
thatrhetund nought. is more valuable for its
timber or srnnn tlntn for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to mid and before
the Register and Receiver 0! this office at 593‘“
tie. King Co . W. I‘.. on Friday. the 25m day of.
December. 1856. 1
ile- names as witnEi-sos:
“V“;lr‘n. Smith, of Quilcine. Jcr’ferson County,
“'3",qu ('ottcl, of Qrulteine, Jcfierson County,
Jrrs. ii. .\lvArrllv, onuilt-ine. Jeil‘urSJl Coun
ty. w. 'l‘.
chrt Simmer. of Quilcine. Jefferson Coun
ty, . ’l‘.
Any and nllJßrsons claiming adversely the
nimrc—(icrcrihe lands are requested to tile their
clninn- in this “nice on or before Enid 25th day of
December. 185%.
augo-xtnt Haitian-r. .
___, _ ,A_,_m_—Hl
in the District Court for the Third Judicial
District or Washington Territory. holding terms
nt. Port Townsend. Jefl'eraon County.
Territory of Washington. I 3‘,
County of Jetforuou. [ "
Charles A. Swift. l’laintifl‘. {
vs. No. 11.53.
Crnunrxrr Defendant. i
To run anovu rulzo DsrxunAm‘:
Yon are hereby notified that Charles A. Swift
; Plaintiff. has filed a complaint against you
‘ it tho District Court. of the Third ndical Dia
. trict. holding tnrrns at Port Town-end, JetYoraon
County. \\‘mhingtnn Territory. which will come
on to be heard sixty (in)- after the tint publica
tion of this summons. to wit: Sixty days after
the 6 ll day of September 1888. and unless you
appear and answer the name on or before the 6111
(lay of November 1388. the name will be taken as
comes-ed. and the prayer of said complnint
granted. The object and prayer of said corn
plaint granted. _
The object andle'llytl' of said complaint in to
disrolve the hon s of mtrimony existing be
tween the plantifl'anrl derendnnt on th' ground
or the abannornent of the plaintifl‘ D) the de
fendants since the 215th day of May A. 1).. “87;
and the failure and rcfuml of defendant ever
since mid any. t 9 live and Inhabit with pinin
riflua his wife.
3°”: _ . _ . .. . _ r- .
\\ {mess my hnnd and the Seal of aid court,
this 5m day of June. 1888.
By June SIAVIY. Deputy.
Fins! publication Sept. 13“). 1E“.
Pruelamatwn 11! 1118 301811101.
To run Aunt-roux or THE Dmnzm
COUNTIES or \VAsnmq-rox Tum
Yon are herob‘y informed that u the ‘eneml
election which a required by law to be field in
all Iheelectlon products of Wuhi-gton Tent
tory. on the Tuearhn next following the first.
Llordnyof November. 1884, in lddillul‘l to die
tricl. legislative. county and precinct otficers.
there mus: be elected one delegate to represent
the territory in {ln congress of the United
States. one bngmlier gglenl. and one Adjutant
general with the brigeeler general.“ the militie,
1:11 by the territory It large.
in witness whereof I hsve hereunto set my
luud and canned me :3 cat seal of the territory
to be umxed nt Olympia. this mm any of
August. 18:“. and in the one hundred and thir
teenth your or the Independence of the United
By the Governor: Governor.
K. 11. animus.
Secretiuy o! the Territory. Septls If
would enjoy your dinner
.\‘3 \SO“ and are preventedbybye
pepsu,‘ use Acker's Dyspeßsie Tablets.
They are a. positive cure for yspepsie, In
g‘ilgmtion. Flatnlency and Constipation
e gunmtce them. 25 and £3 cams.
Sold by Laumer & Co.
See llmL our trade mark. Rana Abio, is on
every bmlloof that pleasant Callfornin remedy
Surirfnclmn guaranteed or money refunded.
lnsw‘o O_T,\srr..—n=4 r‘l’oco CH
Efiliflmw COL 1 .
l! , $-55 -'_’-—’ :‘.”: I
-gnl 5:" f 7: J¥a7= -
t . ~-: ' I g ‘ . ‘
:7“; \ 1 "' ' I -
g-ég. ‘- \ .=. 2.7-5 ‘.
afa'éefi'sT—s‘fi ==..—=' é 57"
La)??? avg—s2l2: :'7: s a . ,>
3 gaggif ‘ 7--::——==.-.' .'__= :5?
‘ g #3:??? . “fir—7‘l22Ei7‘l2é7:
:2;/W7 ' E ..::;
77-" KING 0 7
" ' L." T'.
1' é 7-' ' £4”:
..‘ (@llguwwo N
O . /
4N.“ Bronc MSW“
(\“L U NOS 7501.! an Gull-MN f 1
Send m- cu-cbla rfilju “hagga-
lly dupcllin: the symptoms so often mlstuken
for Consumption . 81ml: Able has brought glad
non In many n honaehold, and by mommy
I hn-aking 'l}: III" ('ouuh or Cold that 100 ohm
den-lop." lulu tlml mm! disease wrll gel save }
lhoumnds {rum an untimely $11“). You make
no mistake- in kurringn hm: c of this plenum.
renlmly nluuys in I re house.
.2 >
77 ‘ HE A
‘~ ’ Tm: nan-U. ‘
. r 4 L2l H “Hmf
\ , .‘
M 0 . THE 0N LY ‘
L9Bl Milk. 2 CLIRE r 0
Sun 311 K ClßcuuA CATARflH
t'ulurth'old in (he Helthn' Fc-Yt-r . “0::
Cold. (‘atnn-hul Deafness and Son- l-Zyu-s. m
neres thn rcn!e of taste and nun-ll; remove!»
had lax-no and unpleasant breath, re-nllinf
from t‘umrrh. Busy and rvlrlaxu-L m u». l-o -
low lllreclimw and a cure is “untrue-I by all
“I'll“.fflii-lr. $1 1-L-rlmx: ".10 hv mull. Send In!
rin'nlnr 10 AHIH‘IISE MEDICAL vO3.
PAN Y. Orln’ille. ('nl. Ask fur
HAST.‘ Allll-l ASID tun—u (1'8“.
For sale by JAS'. D. .\HNKLEIE. M. 1).. Drug
u‘L—l, Agent of Company.
Tlm nrizinul Alniveine Ointment is only put.
up in huge. |\\'O Ounce tin boxes. and Is an all-m
--lut» cure for old mm, bnrm. wounds. clmppo-d
lmmh nnd ull rkin eruptions. erl Msixlwly
cum all l-lndn of ML 5. Ask for Inc Original
Auk-mm ”hunk-m. 25 rentsnhox. Pow:
urns. D. SIINKLER. M. 1).. Drum" A '
o Chum“.
; ~' \iyfl-W‘ ~: C“_‘*‘.»‘~“£T\\.i;\\\¥ir\\>‘-T‘::\ti\‘}\§‘\‘=§“'—-“>~"¥:' -~ "“V " ‘- ‘ '
_ : {xx- .ggs§§§;i~:;\.gxi{ @\ V: * , \
for Infants and Children.
- "Cutoflaissoweuadnpmdmchfldnn that 3.3“?“ mffl%mm
lreoommendiuasuperionoaay prescription .‘F mm”- .
mama" 11. A, Amzn. M.D.. I “12:23:; gums sleep. uni W di-
Inßo-Oxlomss,Bmomn,l~:.Y. wm‘mufimm
Tzia sznrxz (bxxusv. 1'? Murray has, s', Y
1% ~ "
sag-1, '_ .
Be sure that. there is I piuturn of a cm on your :achago and yun wm lava
tar hs‘. Sud; male. [33 (”W m
‘ :1
_‘ ‘ ' . {
3;": t
' Imam! LANDES, l‘re<d't.. N. I). HILL. Vll‘wl'msd‘t. n. u. HILL. anti-r.
I ‘ u U
Authoruzed Capltal - $200.000
A General Banking Businessifransacted.
Deposils Received Subject to sight draft or ohcck.2
MONEY haul-:0 ox .\PPRDVHD Miami um;
Collections made and proceeds promptly 'romittod on day of collection.
Sight and Telegraphic exchange payable in all tlu- principal citiu of H).
United States and Europe. .
COBRESPO\ DBNTL‘Sz—Loxnox—The Anglo Californian Bank (Limited).
anLm—Gebuder Meyer; NEW YORK—The Hanover National bz.nk; Sn
Fmscxsco—The Anglo-Californian Bank (Limitedl; Pox-rust), 01.. The
First National Bank; VICTORIA. B. 0.. Bank of B‘ .tish Columbia; mun;
NOVA Scam, The Bank of British North America, Hong Kong, The Chu
ored Bank of India, Australia and China. .
Agents (”or the American and Red Star Line of Stenmsbipe. 'cheta
for an}; to and from ull parts of Europe.
3' We have a secure and cumnmzliong Vanlé. Wllnra wn will receive n..-
uables on storage at mmlamh! churns
Quincy St., Port Townsend.
Will buy and sell domestin rull foreign exchange, purchase city and county
warrants. mill and shipping drafts and other negotiable papa.
. ’ ,V‘l ‘
EGNE¥ flßMfilfll-{ELB 361$ E 61995 ”S3B
On. l‘pproved Security.
‘“°3‘¢(2€.‘&°.‘i‘a‘?:‘o#l‘:fnfl‘l'fi‘é.‘.;?.l?.a‘.“lli.fih‘fli‘nfiil{m2} $332: 3255'. €333?"
by rail to all pans of the \Vcsl. and drafts from £1 non-ling up. nvaiinble u no".
wlsstnu A'l' mm 251‘ r..-n‘£s._g
Correspondence solicited. References. by pcrlularlon, the Bunk of Britirh Oollnfln. m
B. (.‘.. Ind San Francisco! Ca].
LATIMER cf: 00..
—thie.='a‘.c and Remil dealers [xi——
Drugs, Chemicals. Patent Medicines &. Fancy Articles
Paints, 1):; VViues and
Oils and gglx‘j“l€;§7 Liquors for
,Glassware, :"TA 222%“; : hiedical mo
Prescriptions carefii-ll'componvlided, day or night.
McOurdy Block, Water St., - - Port Townsend
r/ .. E - , 2;,
—\Vho'.«‘-'uln and rvlail nl -:.h-I'- in—-
Paints, Oils, Varnishas, Stationery
Medicines. Chomiculs, Trusses,
Glass. l’uini~‘. Oils.
Soaps. Potundus. Perfumery.
Hair Oils, Wall Paper. Brushes, 0:0.
And an :iriir-Im {l2l‘ (La tui‘wt.
Patent .Vcdicim'x of NH li'im/x.
Univ/.- Snips um] Small Profits,
' ' Y
Fine Tailoring
9 I I I
Gents Furnishing Establishment.
' New Goods! New Styles!
1 New Pr”? m“: ‘
Call and exa:l--u‘3 L. _. ‘ .'inced.
Vanor 52... ih-hvcon Cenn‘ul Hotel and
l (Qua-tom Hon-c.
Number 32.

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