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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, November 08, 1888, Image 4

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(The it’rclfly Argus.
Tut‘nqvu'.\‘m‘zt‘n :i1:~.1~~‘~. 1
8n“ n~' U. ~-n .~ v ~ vallll r rulla‘.--~— lmn'ls
'l'l..n( mm M...” 1 l 2! .;- u|\\'
luv up our “2. l - ‘IEJ HALNIHIC from the
.\ml sin-p our 51:. m'. 1" llww'
Save u~' \0- Lin.“ :1 ~t \x'mu _\-‘ do. to kill
'.‘hv- lih- tram “LL '1 \‘~ 1'1.“ .
Your l;v:mh_ \n'.2 u- :i.'.:i_.\U-ll‘ null spring
Plnlui l~ 11. I! Lil
'l’m- (Lust i-l hall 4m! 1:24.11.
Ye know nt-L “‘.ull- \\ 1‘1; murder-nus hand
our r-mln
.\n- heun :u.-I llnlilu-l n“ 'o‘.
How smm ,\ w-r l.\«1~ \\ nu their mm“)
l Mill‘s
\\';ll phrmk t - may rhy.
Save u~' Om Ul.‘ -u ‘.«v l \‘lr'rin sohxutles
“mo a:i\rll \ .n: Ixnm .1. . :|_\'.
Br! ol‘l. llw 12v. .l!"«*1‘l|‘ :nu icut woo 2:)
Lin up than lmn l: and pray. 1
Would ye Len-WM your ill-H» to tleserls 1
(“rm-«l. ‘
Kiasml ln)‘ no \\ .:.-lan;: run-IT-
In the lit-rec .\u;llsl can your meatlowa
To and annals {on wri
a, save “3! \V.- your Parlor: ruin would be;
For In our human ul-l,
mu Inurmnrzngz 1,u:|.'1.~, \n- 1.0!.1 a tn-u-urv
MOIO l‘ll‘b llmu gvnn and L'vlul.
More In our mountain “ xl‘lernen we keep
our mu‘ogur-h -l rule.
\\'ltil mllllrtl‘lvs as an“ a: love and sleep.
Early we “Men and In e.
usend lrom grunitv <lm< and caves the
01 heaven in rnnmuiu rills
“rough IAVt-hlnra ox pun-a anl beacllen
And gorges In our lnlls.
Saw; “3' “'9 drvwls of the wistern worl'l,
\\ e naimls of tln: aneuma
From our übodes mud ferns and mo:§cl
Wake tom our summer dreams,
And start. to hear the woodman“: echolng
Flu through our (‘lillsll‘l‘td alllllll‘sl; ‘
And weep to ace thu scatlxcd and blighted
Far down the {med glad-23. '
We 1m our hands. and may to mortal men.
We bouiless. wowllnn-l elves.
'l‘thalmre the all aanu.’ tun-91$: for ye then
'I I save us—und yuursrlvu'
—C. I’. ("ram ,‘r. in N. Y. Indcpendcut.
—————‘ . .—-
A Collecllon Taken. Impala “nod and
Grape flung on the Doorknoi.
[Detroit Free Pressl
“De odder day I reseiwd nvisit from n
cull‘d orator who want 11 to sot out on a
tower," said Brother Gardner, as the meet
ing was 0111151 to urller. "He had built his
self a lecktur’ anl mmnd it: ‘Was the
Cull‘d Man Left Out 0‘ de Arkl' He wanted
to begin at Portland, Me.. and trabble to
Galwstou, Tex, 1111' dellber dat lecktur‘ in
ebery town on do way. He beliavod dat
cull’d people War jist dyin‘ to 11‘” It. gn‘
dat white folks Would stop work to pat bun
on do back as a new Cicero. I ar' sorry dat
I couldn‘t lend him S2O an‘ give him a cer
tificate of character from our club. Be an
heal: yit, an‘ Sir Isaac Wa'polo may pass de
ht an’ take up a collec':shun. Sich of you
areal like cnippin‘ in to start do great orator
on his way shall 3’ \v d 8 oppertunity.
The hat was passal and it came back
empty. The praidsut. made a thorough
larch of it and then continuod:
The president made a thorough search.
“Dis teem: to prove dat. rust. a great
axll’d orator orter to hev at least. S3O in his
pocbot. and, second. dat do savor-age cuu‘d
man of to-day doan keer a copper whoddor
his ancestors tot aboard or da ark wid
Noah'or paddled aroun‘ on deir own book.
be tack am, our race am not sufl'eriu’ to War
devoioesotorators halfasmuchasturfall
m’ winter under-shirts. If our ancestors
went along wid Noah dat am all right; it
day wnr’ left behind dot doan’ make to
mon'ox’a john! whitewashin‘ wurl any do
U. Iwonld advise the orator to change
his locktul‘ to ‘How I Got Left in Detroit,‘
an' go to work an’ earn his livin' in on
has: manner."
“Rev. Penstock then arose ton qua
and privilege. During the last three or
bur years he had suflered dreadful pains in
(insuring the fact that. eight out. of every
tux marriages among colored peopla took
phoebefore a white clergyman. This Wu
in the face of the (act that there were plenty
of colored divinos in the country who could
do the businem up in first-class style. No
white couple ever went to noolored preacher
to he married. Why should colored people
mom a white preacher? He hoped the
Kiln club would instruct the colored
popuhfion of this country to change its
Wu , , ,
Give-dun Jonas, Shindig Watkins, Pickles
m and Col. Cahoota oppoged any such
laziness. Thi- wns a free country, audit a
dim wanted to benmrried byaChinam
no one should dictate. Elder Toots was pre
wing to sustain Pens‘ock’s idea when the
Meat aid:
“Do cull‘d peeple must b 3 left to do:- own
discruhun in do marker. While I has no
doubt dot Brudder Penstock kin tie do knot
wid do boat of ’em. it seems to be considered
I 108210 mo' high—toned to (all in a white
’l']; librarian reported that during the
m vacation rain, rats and mildew bad
med over 2J1!) of the almanac: and
railroad guides on the library shelves, and
mmmmmended speedy rem The mm
¢ twenty-four cent; was voted tram mg
oontincent fund to buy m- end shingles to
stop the leek. .
1m secretary announce! a communica
tion from Vicksburg, setting forth the fact
that the Hon. Backhold Smith, an honorary
member wdan orator who rates Al with
Bndstreet, had passed over the river to be
known on the shores of earth never again.
He ruptured a blood voisel while lifting on
the end of a corn crib. and as near as cou‘d
be remembered by his wile ho diei happy.
Elbe knob of the outer door was ordered
duped in mourning fa- the usual thirty
days. and utter voting down a resolution by
Trustee Fullback to permit members to sit
with their shoes 06 during meeting, the
audience dispelsed. and some one stole
Protesor Buybacks white plug hat and
[at u: old straw in its place.
—-One certain street in Denver 18 a
stone mansion of surpassing elegance,
which. with its grounds. cost. nearly
one million dollars. Directly oyositc,
on evacant lot. is a tent. boa ed up
inside as far as the angle of the roof.
The back end of it is pierced with n
etove~pipe and in the front end are a
door and window. In the window
hangs I. curtain of costly lace and in
the tent is a piano of exquisite tone.
The tent itself did not cost twenty dol
lars. The piano. urholstery and fur
niture inside are sail to have cost over
three thousznd dollars. The owner.
planted his tent here over twentyfi 0
years ago. and is one of the moderulcly
suecesa ul Colanido miners. being
worth about fifty thousand dollars. lie
prefers his tent to any dwelling house,
and says he would not exchange it for ‘
W'indsor Castle. —Dem~cr News. i
———.e.——- ‘
—The boundaries of the region
known as the West have been perpetu
alliv shifting. Within the lifetime of
0] folks it commenced dong tln- foot
hills of thc Alleghcn‘es. A for :‘if‘>
latrr the bound-try stood for a\\.- l - :
3118 banks of the Alieeisdplri. T- i' i
the boundary lies on the blmi‘s ... t u
Misaonri, in "xe neinhborhoocl of K. ~
asCity. Beyond ibat point liw~ zl
regfon of tradition. pruphc-C). ;..1\.~,i. :
un'e. discovery, enterprise, hI-l'o.sm— '
aw West-+97%? ’fi'mee l
The Ilulh-I Glrl. ’
" 1 1‘; m.- qr“ 31.13:” ne] ‘
“'1":---';;.-K:-v:1[motherofl E
'3l- 5 H 1 - \Huu'i, :
D. ”N u. 1"“ J '-r on 1101' nose, i
I“H"‘“o cs... 1
Six - 1m; ix up :1 hnr me! 33
In ul lvrnvlutn-xl clullr-s,
.\nvl axlulnils >p.l!l_;lel has. H
To [lll- Icuux. a
\‘fh -n vruu‘. 13m" bone“! ;
A\-22;.u»:\, " ~ ‘
Fur; )1 (HS an l :1“ thus: 3g; ‘
HI:- nutgz‘mw, :
And x.luz'nmrm;2y c-n‘) -- ‘
Tu lhv- \"'!‘}' bin ‘IHUst rout, .‘
Tn pirnunltt- at»! pm)
\i'iih Hm “cums."
Wlxnzl ch {run-J uni faded grow-
Ika lu-r lmwa
blr- m gnrn-x: ~12: and Sam
Furlr-iou s,
Tull izer weary nyoii k cIO2O
In Hm [wave vf death‘s mpcso.
Is she ri-npiug u 1m! 3110 semi!
Heaven klluWi.
Guing 10 .‘IIIL
[Harp-r" \\'o:‘.dy.] 7": 3;
I o -
‘v '‘ "
“(Lick-en‘s wuf mura’u mm ebrv day in
do mule; au‘ now jei wait till I bring d 3:
procession ub hens down yeah in da woods,
an‘ we‘ll l‘ub chicken funerals fn‘ dinnah at
our house fu‘ some timh, you jas be: yet
Speckled Brannon.
{Busmn \‘uurlerl
The girl with the frecklud lacs 13 now
fashionablo.—Fasbiuu Pupsr.
Ho f-umlly gnznl iu ‘lt‘l‘ frovkled face.
Then an (rm [)0 plum»! nbout
Her waist, and gm 9 her a fond embrace.
And ('le her his pretty trout.
Into lwr fuce n r‘l flush came,
Ara-l lmr eyes \\ iuh tears grew dim,
As she said: “W 5 3' call me such a namcF
And the turn»; uur bark on him.
"Oh, to praise his girl is a lover's right,”
He sail, "unxl a lover’s duty.
Air] I called you a pretty trout to-nigbt
Because you‘re a speckled beauty.”
The I‘ll'bflll “'iro Fence.
[Boston Saturday Evening 6mm]
lie mourns the happy days of youth,
Now gone I'm-over hence.
“'heu he could sit. and Whittle such
Upon a picket fence.
But now. alas! he cannot thus
His leisure hours employ,
For fate, in shape of wire with barb;
Hath rendered null that joy.
Seeking High All.
[Fliegende Blanch] _
“.\lein Gotéfi‘ritz, what {or you doing
that. chimney top on!" Fritz—My doctor"
order for me high air. This Air highonou‘i
piracy, ain’t in
—-Tho Sultan of Turkey keeps around
his palace 18.000 of the best troops in
the Ottoman Empire. 7
—M. Renkin. formerly Belgian Con
sul-Gencrnl at Vienna. was urned to
death a short time ago, having gone to
sleep with a lighted cigar in his mouth.
——A woman in Bohemia was lately
sentenced to imprisonment for ten days
for forgery because she changed her
physician‘s prescription calling or 1.20
grams of morphine so that it read 6.20
—-Last summer some vandals over
threw the roeking stone in the Wye Val
ley. This stone has been celebrated
since the time of the Druids. It has
been replaced at the cost of 82,500. It
took the rocks to make the old rock rock
once more.
—Expen'ments on an extensive scale
have been made in Germany!» ascer
tain the relative strength of iron and
steel ugirders. The soft steel girders
grey to be twenty-two per cent. and
ard stee} girders sixty-six per cent.
stronger than the iron girders.
—The annual murder rate of Spain
and Hungary is 9 for every 100.000 in
habitants. in Italy it is 8. :n Austria 2.
in France and Be gium 1 and only 0.5 in
Great Britain. In crimes against public
morality Italy averages 4 and Germany
not less than 18.
—A remarkable scene was witnessed
at Leicester, England. recently, when
two thousand persons over 70 years 0!
age met to receive a new ha f-crown
each and wine and biscuits. A large
number were over 80, and one woman
was 100 years and 10 months.
—A poor waman who has been acous—
tomed to beg with two children in her
arms at a well-known corner in London,
was seen the other (in down in the
Black Country by a gentfeman who had
given her many a coprer. lit-marking
t at she had four intan s in her charge.
he exclaimed: "Why, how is this?"
“Ah. sir.“ was the reply. "two are
enough to fetch the Londoners. but they
are very hard people down here."
—A very noticeable clmnfie has taken
place in the grass growth 0 the open
sheep plains of Australia since its civil
ization. The grass originally grew in
large tussoeka some distance apart, but
now has assumed the appearance of a
sword. owing to its having stooled out
when fed upon by sheep and cattle. and
from the seed having been trampled into
the ground. where. in the abunee of
I bush fires, it germinated.
I —Spiders were formerly considered
: to be a cure in rural districts for ague.
Some years ago a lady in Ireland was
famous for her success in curingi people
thus afl‘ectcd. It appears that e only
medicine she employed was a large
spider rolled up in a treacle. The pa
tients werei orant of the contented
this novel bofls. so that imagination
had nothing to do with the matter. In
En land, also. the finder has been
calfedinas an ague octor. In Lin
oolnahire the creature was treated wig
much after the above mentioned Ir
fashion. being rolled up in paste and
wallowedkbnt elsewhere the animal is
pinkinco a bag and worn around the
net: . -
1 A mwnmn Who (or Tole-oops.
Aphtmumwirewo fine to be seen
with the naked eye is said to have been
made by Mr. H. T. Reid, 0! Brooklyn. It
is tobeusedinteleecopeaasasuhsfitute
for the spider’s web usually employed.
It is stated that there are 6.000.000
sittings in the churches of the Anglican
mum In W 4 and WM
Don I Izanerunent.
Yul] valiant afford to waste time 9:-
m-li'iwutinu when your lungs are in
danger. Consumption always seems at
first only a cold. Do not permit any
‘!"'l‘l‘r to impose upon _\ou with some
(it up imitation of Dr. King'. New Dis‘
cmw-ry for Uonsu‘uptiou. Coughs and
colds. but be sure you get the genuine.
Because he can make more prollt he may
tell you he has something just as flood.
or jul~t the same. I).»n't he deceived.
hut insist upon getting Dr. King‘s New
Di-evvvery, which is guaranteed to give
relief in all Thu :.t. Lung and Chest at
fectinns. TI 13' bottle free at N. D. Hill
.i' Son‘s drun kl ire.
)Illlu- nu )liutnkr.
lly Ilium-Hm: the sylnplnmfi ~0 nt’ll-n miilflkr‘ll
for t' virumiill-m. .\AS'I'A .\Bll-Z l:.i~ hruuxhl
[:|l!;i~'s< to many a lIOIXS-‘lilll'l. B; iii inn-lull!
u-I- l -r llrvuliillg up the t oid ill-.Ltuoultn-n den-L.
ope into that falzi' din-aw. thou-ands run he‘
.-:i\wl lrnzn all lllllllllr‘l)'t.'l’:l\(‘. You mutu- nu
nllSiJ‘k” In} Ll‘t'Y'llfl a ho ilunl' tlli» pleat-4r.“ rem-i
Oliv tn \nzir mlls- l.\l.ll‘tll€.\l.\ (.\I-lb.
(‘l‘lll‘l ‘.- c-ouullv etl'r-n‘liva in vrmlli it'll?! all "are! 1
0f Nan“ l‘.rlarrh. limb of tho-i: \mndrrlul Cal-j
lfo'ntn l‘t'llil‘dlt" are rolil and warranted by Dr.‘
J . 11. .\linltler. 31.0” a nackum'. ll ml 535’”- j
Burklen’n .\I-nun salve.
Tm: Beer SALVE in the World for Cuts.
Bruises. Sores. Ulcers. Salt Rheum. Fe
ver Hores.Tetter. t‘happed hands. Chil
blains. Corns and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures pile-s. or lm pay re
quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction. or money refunded. ['rice.
25cts per box. For sale by N. D. Hill 8:
_. ‘
‘l\\ Nufix’t ‘l‘g‘k’f-S. “.27.;
._, ..
Soother at hand. It. is llu: only :.tfe
medicine yet made that \\ l rle-W“ hi]
.ut'auliledisorders, It, (unnuz-m I J I". i :m,
-r ‘u-'77lh[ll¢" but gin ~; 1:.» r' i.l I: -l.'«Il
MM from pain. 'x'ilcv ‘..‘2‘ cm: . :1 -‘ 'W
Lulimcr .t Co.
Wondertul cures.
\V. D. Hoyt dz 00.. “hole-sale and
Retail Drnggists of Rome. Ga. say:
i We have selling Dr. King's New Discov
i cry. Electric Bitters and Bucklen‘s Arni
lon Salve for two years. Have never
handled remedies that sell as well.or
i give such universal satishctiua‘ There
have been some wonderful cures effected
by these medicines in this city. Several
cases of pronounced Consumption have
been entirely cured by use of a few bot
les of Dr. Kings New Discovery. taken
in connection with Electric Bitters. We
guarantee them always. Sold by N. D
Hill & Son
The \‘ercltrt l'nnnrmouu
W. D. Salt. Drngmsr. Bippus. Ind,.
testifies; “I can recommend Electric
Bitters nsthe very best remedy. Every
bottle sold has given relief in every
case. One man took six lmttles. and
was cured of rheumatism of lllyears'
standing.” Abraham Hare. :lruggist,
Bellvile. Ohio, nfl'irms: “The beat sel
ling: medicine I have ever handled in my
20 years' experience. is Electric Bitters."
Thousands of others have added their
testimony. so that the verdict is unani
mous that Electric Bitters do cure all
diseases of the Liver. Kidney or Blood.
Such amedicine you will find in Elec
tric Bitters. and onlv 50 cents a bottle.
N. D. HILL & Son.
Armand mgr-l onluon.
E. Blainbridge Monday Esq . County
Atty. Clay 00.. Tex. says: “Have used
Electuic Bitters with most happy results
My brother also was very low with Ma~
larial Fever and Janndice. but was
cured by timely use of the medicine.
lAmnsntisfied Electric Bitters saved his
Mr. D. L. Wilcoxsou. of Horse Cave.
Ky.. adds a like ttstimony. saying: Be
positivelp believes he. would have died.
had it not been for Electric Hitters.
Lhis great remedy will ward 08'. as
well as core all alarial Diseases. and
for all Kidney. Liaer and Ltomach Dis
orderF stands unequalled. Price 500
and B]. at F. D. Hill dz Son.
lama-nu, new! Thu.
To those ”inject to the vexutlons of business
life. dye-pepsin and a feeling of dehlllty. irrita
bility and despondenry. we ray. lake Mmmons
leor Regulator. The Ilesrulatlor Is tree from
any lnjurlons mineral substame: not disagree
able; can be taken at any time without. interior.
in: with business or pleasure. It. I»- magnate,
ands 50ml dlxeslor. II In nnugulfsd tn the
cute 0 pllso, constlpullon. ha breath. Ilck
outsells and hillons coznolnims.
Disturbance of the lic-rt.
Heart disease is like an assassin. which
creeps upon you in the dark. and strikes
you when unaware. Therefore. do not
overlook any uneasiness in the region of
the heart or disturbance in its action.
but at once take Dn. Fus'r's Bunnr.
Discriptive treaties with each bottle; or.
address Mack Drug,()n.. N. Y. oct24ml
lemur- ller Youth.
Mrs. Phoebe Chesley. Peterson. Clay
‘ 00., lowa, tells the following remarka
‘ ble story. the truth of which ll 'vouched
for by the residents of the town: "I am
173 years old. have been troubled with
l kidney complaint and lameness for
many years; could not dress thyself
without help. Now lam Ira from all
pain and soreness. and an) abletodo
‘ all my oVn housework. I owe my
i thanks to Electric Bitter for having re
lnewed my youth. and removed com
pletely all disease and in." Try a
‘ bottle. 50c. and 31 on. 3? am a Son's!
‘drug stored; _ “L
‘ hie-Ides.
Mr. J. M. McMnrry. who is so tapidly
building up a photo-artist business in
Port Townsend, has introduced the bro
mide method of enlarging pictures. and
by the emplo meat at titer—class artiste.
has prod aces pictures that would do
credit to any city on the count. He de
serves liberal enlistees.
why Acker'l
'“w, M. 3:50“ BM, Em,
bwunntod, abeeausei: launches:
Blood }mpus'ion known. It will posi.
five], cur. all Blood Diseases. purifies the
whole systemmnd tlmmnghly builds up the
constitution. Remember, we guarantee in
Solu by Lathner & Co.
Fresh Chancery Butter Just received
by Burkett h Eiseubels. Send in your
orders at once and secure something
very nice as we have only a limited sup
ply. 3'25”
_ fi‘eu‘er nun Gold
Can be h-ulz' said of that new and efficacious
remedy for Yonnumplinn and disuse: o! the
Throat. Chest and Lungs, Sanm Abio. for H in
Eleanor. to the palate and death to s en|d
very bcllle warranted by J“. D. ”wannabe
Drngglnt. _
For 1111. by O. 0. Bartlett & Co . n
Imnll anottmeut of guaranteed genuine
old Batman Ware; also; a few Japgneae
A traveling man. stopping at the Lee
House, Campbellsherg. Ind. on learn
ing that a lady in the village was suffer
ing tetribly with cramp cniic. gave the
landlady a bottle of medicine. which
he had with him ud "queued her 00
take it to lhb hib'lx Woman. The med
icine relieved her promptly and she be
lieves saved her life, it was Chamber
lain’s (Julie. Cholera and Diarrhnea
Remedy. the prompleat and most re
liable melllcine in use fur Bum-l Cum.
manna—Sold by N. l). llill & Son.
of anng sep 18
People s Market,
Cor. Wnennd Taylur Suwan-
E Port Towurend. Wuxh
THE very benqlulity of all kind- of Meat
A a! wholeulo Ind retail. Snusml, "and
Chm. Bwlnym Sam-mi, elc. always on hand.
wurdem delivara‘ In all IL'll'll- u.’ [hr L'ilv.
‘ " x ED. E. STARIIE rl‘.
‘ 'T Pain” TowxleND.
'Y 0
out ractor & Buflder.
hm. Sgwommtimh, Es‘inmh-s. out. prnmpin
Made lull Capt-m.- um I.- 0! an kinds
done on short nethe
‘q-shopuwmm. m cum Wm“
An Absolute fill-e.
The Original Abietine Ointment is only put up
in largo mooniire lin boxes and ii- an ahaolute
cure for old sores. mime. wounds. chapped
hands. and fillsfiin eruptions. Will poeitn’ely
cure all kind~ of piies. Ask for the Original
Ahiatine ointment. Soldli) Dr. Jns. D. .\linli
er. .\I. 1).. at 25 cents per box. bv mail 30 tents.
Their Bunness Booming.
Probably no one thing has caused anch
a general revival of trade atN. D. Hill &
Son's drug store as their gtvmtz nyay to
their customers of so many free trial bot
tles of Dr. King’s New Discovery for
Consumption. 'l'heir trade is simply
enormous in this very valuablo article
from the fact that it always cores and
never disappoints. Coughs. Colds. Asth
ma. Bronchitis. Group and all throat and
sang diseases quickly cured. You can
test it before buying by getting a trial
bottle tree. large size 8). Evory bottle
Tu: \‘otfralt' 821.1 00.. of Marshall. Mu-h.. of
for to send their celebrated Eur-ratrVoLnic
Barr and other ELECTRIC AnLuncls on trial
for thirty dawn") men (young or old) afflicted
with nervous dehilltv, loss of vitalitv and man
hood, and all kitidredtronliles. Also for rheuma 1
min, neuralgia. psrynlysis. and many other dis
east-r. ('oinplete restoration to health. vigor and
manhood guaranteed. No risk is incurred as
thirty our trial is allowed Write them at. once.
11l illustrated namnhlat trea- .
Cholera .\lnrbus is one of the most
; painful and dangerous diseases. many‘
‘ deaths result from it each year. usually
because it is not properly treated. The
most sevnre cases may be cured, bv using
()lriimlierlaiue Colic. Cholera and Diar
rhnen Remedy. It never fails. Sold by
N. D. Hill & Sonar. changed sup 18
A (‘.an Fna Dunnnona.—Mr. J. A.
Buruison. of (‘.olbura. Montgomery (.30..
la.. has found out how he can cure any
case of Diarrhoea. Two of his children
had Diarrhoea. for about. six weeks he
tried four different kind: of Patent
Medicines WIUIOI‘I" benefit. but. he finally
got hold of a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
wh:ch he says completely cured them.
and is confident it will cure any case
when the plainly gutted directions are
followed—Sold by . D Hill & Sun.
changed sep 18
Notice for PHDUCAtion.
l‘mnm Suns- LAND Orrin. l ‘
S-atlle. “'. T., August 3. I”. C
Natim h- horehy given thst. in compliance with
thepmvismnu oftlm Act of Congress approvod‘
June 3. 1878. Pnlillt‘d “An Art for the sale of
Timber Lands in the Stan-s of California, Orewon.
.\‘rvndu. and \Vm-hin-vtun Terrilorv.“ l’erc'ival
Spencer. of Quilceno. County of Jefl'ermn, Terri
io-y of Washington. has this day filed in thin
office his umru sinu-mcnt So. am. for the p“.-
thus-I of thu- norlhnus' t.‘ at loutllenst x a;
Section No. 12. in Township No. 27 North.
Range No. 2 ‘VEDK, and will offer proof to lhnw
that lheland rough: is mom valuable for its
‘ timber or “fine than for agricultural DUIKLECI,
land to esmhlish his- claim In said and fore
‘ the Register and met-Her of thii- once at Sort—
\ tle, King Co . w. T., on l-‘riilny. the aim day at
DCn-Illhcr. “Ni. ‘
"9 names as wttne-m:
“:Il‘n. Smith, of Quiicim. Jedersonl'County,
\\'. .
56%|" Cottel.ot Quilcine, Jel’enion County_
“I .
diam 11. McArdle. of Quilcine.‘Jefl’encn Coun
t'. '. 'l‘.
’Alhcrt Spencer. of Quilcine. Jefl‘crson Conn
t '. “H 'l'.
’Any and nllenons clulming adversely the
at redcscribe lands are "quested to tile their
clfims in this office on or Micro uid 3th day 0!
December. 1585.
Notice for Publication.
UNI-run Snru Lum Orrin. 0
SEATTLE. W. T.. chher 5. I“. f
Noun 1- hefebv given um In coluplluneo
with the provn-xona of the Act of Cong-an 0!
Jun' 3. 1878. entitlcd"An an for tho ml. of [im
hrr lands In the sales at Cunfnrnia, Oregon. No
\‘mln und Washington ‘l‘errlwrv, Francis W.
James. of Port Townsend, county of JAY-non.
'l‘errilury or Washington. has this d 5 ' Ilod In
[his arms his sworn slaument No. Mtg. {or 'he
pllfl‘ham.‘ of the s. W. ‘4 of the S. E. a. (In S *3
«If ”I“ S \V a ' f pen. I”. and "N S E k of die SE
L; of Sec. :u, I‘p ‘.H N, Range '3 west. and will of.
h-rproof to show that the mud loushl in men
\‘nlunhlu fn'r its nm’mr or atnne than or Ixricul-
Inral purrows. and lo enuhlish his chin to and
land lwrore the Register and Kaolin-r or min- of
flm— nt Senne. W. .. on Friday. Ihe 26th day of
April. 1%».
[lo mamm- an wimouen R. U. Bailey Ind A. W.
“nu-h. of I’m-v Townsend. W. T.. lhnlol Aldr-vn
or behind Valley. Jeflermn 00.. WAX. C. 9. [hr
lax. of Port. Wanna-d. W_. fl‘. _ _ _ ‘
Any and nllgrrmns clnimlnz Mnnnly tho
above dent-PH» imuls nro requuled to 1110 lhelr
chime in this on e on at before aid :6") dty of
April. 1589
.10le Y. OSTBAXDER. Regina.
First publication Oct. :3. "Es—wlo
. . I
Anmlmstramrs Sale of Real Estate.
In the Probate Court of 8m Jllh County, W. T.
In manor- at tho mum of Ann-ml Bockmnn.
runnl to Illa order of Bald Probate Court. I.
the undumlgned . administrator of all! ulna.
will wll a: publ’c Inctlun, lubjact to the confir
mallon of nld Probate Court. at the courthoule
door at Frldny Harbor. in aid county. .ou the
In. day of Novombordfla. :3 of Ill: “‘11! qud
|ll|e “‘3 «mm h in uh to mo (0 Minus
describe ml um“. Ilmxu in mid counvtvy 11l
belonging lo and auto. to-wll: The Kof
.\‘W K ln section Band the S M of the KB 5. of
section 21. in Townshlu 35. North of 11:35:! I
Won. The title to mid, rule-tut. l- per! .
Term 0! Ode-Juan an ant. of the pnrulnne
man-3‘ {o by paid on I a day 0! sale: tho romain
g u,” on tho ule ls con firmed by and Prob-to
' ur .
Sale to bfigln u. ll o‘clock I. m. on the aid
let dry of overuhcr. 1888.
Pint publlullon Sent. 29. new.
lt“fßalrnl£sttnl t
01080 80 ea 36 Y 28!].
In the Probate Courtol' San J an count? W.l‘
In Inn-um of the mldueot the ulna 0 Hugh
Park. deceased.
L sum: to the order. of and court. I. the nu
derslgned. mm ngpolmod by said court 30 uln
charge of the ml no. Altar lull leulomenc by
ndminlutnllon. or t aunt. of Hug? Pugh. de
mand. (pr the [lane tdf me Ibdin uh unn
rooldenl. holrl lo uld can", wlll tell. subject to
Ihb con nmunlon or and Probnte Court. It pub
lic lncllon. n! the courthouse door :1 Friday
Hubor in Sun Jun county. W. '1". on the In
an, or ivomnbu. ms, .n m the right. um. ln
lereu and est-to “mt the uld Hugh Pull, do
nated. had It the mm of hi: dank . and nll ot
the right. tltlo. interns: And ”late of I“ the
heirs of laid deco-nod in snd to the fo‘lowlnfi
deocrlbed ml unto. ammo ln sued :ounly. nu
run of the mlduo of [ht can“ of the nu:
lull: Puk. limped. low t: The lot- a. 4 and
5 of section A. and! low I Ind 7of union 5. in
to wnnlp 85 Inn]: 01‘ “3.8: i “I. Conmulng
159.71ur9nnlwntrocolv . 11:11! or 0.18. lon
per can! bf pphhhueihonhy to plld on uOr
are. Ike romalndor when lhe ale 1. conflrrnod
by slid Probate Court. whlch will not be before
.\‘ovembor :6. ma. Sale to begin It l o‘clock p.
m. on that aid Nov. 1. my. sud ml eat-u nu
lwo water fronts. a good hndlnz and harbor,
and the to“ uni lay of the land ls extra, good.
BERT TIFT. Agent.-
Oot. 4 wit.
In ihe District Conn (or the “lid Judicial
Dist ricl of Wuhlumon Tending. holding term.
at. Port Townsend, Jena-on only.
Territory cf Wnshlnw n. {as
. . “anyway! Jefloxoom. '
Churles A. Swift, i’lunti . L
'3. NO4 ““3
Cumin“: bound-nl. ‘
To fill ‘AIOVB lAmD.DIYIXD‘"=
You “'0 hehhy Hot (1 Ill? {:llan A. Swift
ridimm. in: die n coiflp nn, Thu 6°"
:1 the Blame! Court of the Third udicai ‘5-
trici. holding terms 01 Port Tawny-mi. Jeflonon
County. Wn-llingwn Territory. which will romo
‘ on 10 be heard sixty do): litter the first publica
‘ lion 0! this summons. to wit: Sixty days um
was h day of September life. and unless you
appear Ind answer the tune on or before the fill:
dnv of savour" nus the game will bu token as
dime. , ind m. mm a said comma:
grnnted. The object md prayer of Mid com
plain! gmnled.
‘I no ohjerl Ind nrnyrr of raid complaint. is to
dismlra the bonds of mutflmrny existing be
lwocn the planlllnnll dereudnnl. on In! ground
at lhl‘ abnuumnem at line plnlnlifl I») who d»
{annually since lho :36 h day of May. A. D., ISHT;
mud iln- {allure Ind refusal of drii-udlm ever
vine»- mili .ny, in live and uohubil with plain
ridu his wife.
Witness my hand and the Soul of aid court,
lulu fiih (luv 0! June. 1588.
W]. E. Luwxnwoon. Clerk. ‘
By JAIR! Byway. Deputy. .
Fun puhllmilon mm. mm. law. 1
___—___. - ___,
ASSGSUMOHt Notice. 1
—— i
Pugrt Sound Iron Uompnny. ‘
Location or nriucipnl place or basines'. Sun {
Francisco. Culifomit. \
Location of worms. lrondnlc, thlngion ‘
; Territory.
‘ .\‘olice is hereby given that u n dueling e! ihe
. Board of Director: held on the 23d day of omm
1 her. “38,31: use-uncut. (No. 12.) of one doll-r
l per share wu levied upon the capitol stock of
1 the corporation. ply-ble immedinnly in Pulled
‘ Stam- gold coin. to the Svcmury m the once of i
the Conn-Ins. Room No. 7. No. an Monlxomery ‘
‘ "real. San ram-1500. Bullion-uh. ‘
l A' yS! -rk upon which this nucrsment nhnll ‘
: rmnau- unpaid on the ‘47”: day 0! Novemln. I'.
; 1'95. will he d~ llllqll-‘lll. uni ad\erlin}d for 511:.
‘ :u pxmlu- nuflion: and nniw pa) men! is nude
in'lumklll he sold 0.: Friday. the 21:: day 0!
[Drcexnlkr 1593. in pav xix» dr‘l'nq-wnl hm»
‘mwi! t {:9 hr “'.LII oust. - 1 Nu mining andex
‘ ,u n~.-- r-{ 1h
; By om” ul Ihe [so rd of Din-worn.
i 015 300 x 7x: 3?“. “mantras" t
ot. 1:: o. n. outgomry I
Son FNMA)“ oust
‘~.§ ._ pr. til-f Q Q ‘,l
'7 ’32—? :3} 323'?!" 3
.. ‘ Iran‘s! -"
This is the TOP of the GENUINE
All others similar are imitations.
...... This exact Label
0 A v 0- ‘
. “J? I», . xsoncachPearl
. 5 (:3 ' To Chimne
: PEARL 0 p y“
. A x o A dealgrmay say
0 «:1, .TOP 5 .0 and thmk hehas
.. (ST (“w-V 0 others as good,
0. .0 . , ‘
.... BLT HE HAS nor. ‘
Insist upon the Exact Label and Top. ‘
‘ ForSalo Everywhoro. Indoonlyby \
6EO. A. MACBETH 8900., Plflshurgll. Pl.
if“ ' mg”; #5:
4-!!!“ J." "1%“!
:; .=.!=- ,‘ x, “i
‘ 1 J': ‘
E" [Kr '6- ’9. ) 15"
' VJ V 14 '
. "as " \ “if"
g x JID .1
I’ \§ an: ' \\\‘i .
i ‘ \\.\\"‘ ‘ '§\\\
l??? \\\v -,.~ 3
::3 .; ’~ *~, “.nrf‘ 5
Em . ”la :
. fimfi its” . . «J-L'i’u .- 5; ‘
.The treatment or my thousands or cases
of those Chronic {Wfis and distressing
Imagine gamma 6 smarts. u. the lnvalids
SO. an Surgical Institute. Bunnie. N. Y.
worded n vast expert nee in nicely sting;
its and thoroughly testing remedies for
cure or woman" yum!- melodies. .
1.11" ”3:36;. ‘23? :' 'm'u'°ru"’%'2n'3
e on or o
vnlunblc Jxvcrienos. Wit 0 testimo
‘niunrecdves ttgmpa inland from physi
oinawhd hsve it in the more :53.-
‘h and obstinate cssss which had ed
their skill. prov. it to he the most. wondertul
remedy ever devised for the relief and cure of
stifling-13 women. It is not recommended as a
“cu i." but so a most pea-(ea. Specific fos
woman's peculiar ailments.
‘ As n powerlnl Invigorating tonle,
it imparts strength to 0 whole system.
and to the womb and its slzpendsges in
particular. For overworked. worn-out.”
‘ ‘run-down." debilitated teachers. millinen.
‘ dresamnkers. “matron”, “shop-rim." house
keepers. nursing mothers. and feeble women
generally. Dr. iercs's Favorite Prescription
\ the greatest eerthl boon. being unequaled
1 nsun appealing cordl'nl nnd restorative tonic.
' As a soot lag and strengthening
nor-vine “Fsvo re Prescfluation" is uno
‘ guided am? is invaluable in yinq) and sun
uing nervous excitability. irrita ility el
- prostratlon. hysteria. sauna and
other distressing. nervous symp ms com
monly attendsni upon functions] and organis
disease of the ' nab. It induces refreshing
sleep sud roll-m 4 msntsl anxiety and do.
spondentiy. . ‘ 4
Dr. P o‘ce’s favorite Prescription
Is a to! t asate mount... .cereruuy
_ mpoun ed sn grerimced and skillful
realm mm ...“ "mm-a"...- dam-. 2
0 on. u e n
composition and races; hex-mien in its
effects in any con ition the system. For
morning sickneu. or muss. trom whatever
cause nrisinaaweak stomach. indigestion. dys
sepsia' and dred symptoms. its use. insmall
noes. will prove very egflaL .
“ Favorite four 13 oh ”is apes].
the cure for lie in complicated and ob
stinate cases of eucorrhea. excessive flowing.
painful menstruation. unnatural supple-ion
Brolnpsus. or tailing of the womb. weak hock.
female weaknou. subversionl retroversion.
bearing-down senmtions. chron c congestion.
inflammation and ulceration of the womb. in
flammation. pain nnd tender-neg in omin
accompanied Eitl‘r "inieqnnl heat." _ _
AI 5 regulator and promoter of tune
tionnl action. at that critical rim! of change
tromdzlrlhood to womnnhood! ”Favorite Yn-
Icrip on "la a perfectly we remedial “out.
and anmduoe on‘liy good multe. t. h
wank cacioue In vein-ble in it: efl’ecte
w an en for thoee disorders and derange
ments incident to that Inter and mod: crluml
perimL known as “ The Change of Life."
“ Favorite Preeerlpuon ” when taken
in connection with tho nae 01 Dr. Plel‘oe’l
Golden Medical Discovery. and emull hxetlve
doses of Dr. Pieroo'l Pin-mun Pellet- Imu.
Liver Pills). cures Liver. dney end I! adder
dieeaew. Their combined nee eleo remove.
blood hints. and thou-he. oenoemue end
scrotulous humor! tron‘ the ”men.
“ Fevorlte Preeer gtlon” la the only
nedlclne forwomuglold Wander
ago-lute flint-Inez from the manu
unn. that t will give mum in every
or money will be refunded. Thl- tunn
tee been printed on the bath-upper.
"Ea dthtull: called out for many nun.
r‘e ho new M SI.OO, or .1:
bottles lor .5.
wI-‘or luggiumeted m on W
omen mu. vexed). land
...... in mm 1383..“
laid s llispumry Illlnl Badman,
608 m It. Baum H. I.
. . ,
Timber Lands
For Sale.
Two hundred and twenty-lite notes
of timbef land for sale. Distant half
mile to a mile from the water. down
granto good harbor. Within six
miles from Port Townsend. For
Est-lion)” apply to Bamavnw &
ACES, Port Townsend. mstf
' 9
Wine Tonic
Beef, Celery,
Iron, and Wm
An Unequalled Nerve Tonic
and Blood Invigoretor.
Especlnlly Mama-(::- the heat-en
or Nervous Aleetlon. barren-I- ‘
men! of the Blood. on Gen
eral Prostrntlen.
For Slee leseueee. Loss of Appetite,
Genera? Denngemeut of the
NorVoue System urlamg from
whatever cause. Bram
Trouble, the result
of overwork, etc.
A faithful lrlul will prove it to ho CM mtg!
Forceuenerallng. Life Surulnlnz SyllflD-Vl
mlizing, and Home-Cheering remedy ever OUR!“
In th- amicled.
“ALL 380%..
Prop’n and Mannheim-en
Aurnzdflm I" Clu 51... Sun Punclnw. Ca
Bruce (7..
You are feeling dupreseed, your Ip
lpetite la ‘poor.you ere bothered with
‘Headuche. you are Meaty. nervous.
and generally «nt of sorts. and wont Io
brace up. Buloe up. but not with elim
ulanls. eprix a medicines, or bitten,
which have for their basis very cheap.
bad whisk) and which stimulate you
I'm an hour, sud then 'ea'e {:11 in worn
condition it on before. W I you went
is an nltern tire that will purify £0“
blond. s'art uealtny notion of kbe iver
and Kidneys reel me your vitality. and
giw renewed \erul; and strength. Such
a melliciue y: . v ill find in Electric Bit
ters. and only 54‘ cents a bottle I! N. D.
Hill & So 5'
the ’Thfldren. They no es
gave; pecially liable to mddan
Colds, Coughs, Group, Whoopingm
etc. We gulnntee Ariel".
Remedy a positive care. It ave
honn of anxious “aching. Sold by
Latimer & Co.
‘h- My no at. v. pvt nu ma. ‘
When she became Hi... I!” clung to Cum
When oh. had Chlldun. aha pve than Cum
EA . EszOPE %
o!”?lgnhyvsa win-P '
, ,_.. 5.130 1 .._- _
.. .
. V“ I - a I K
a. ~ .~ 7 . . '
’ "‘*"’ I?r.nln“'*‘-““ ‘
m 3 SPECiric
h entirely a vrgoiuhln preparatiun eon-
Calming un Mercury. l’utu‘i. Arreair, ur otha
' - 'i- . I.
uncured hundred: of cue-of 2mm
11l er canon of the skin. thousand. of can.
at lemma. Blood Humor: and sax; Dianna.
and hundreds oi thomandn of cuci 0? Ba.:-
Ila. Blood Pohon and mood Taint.
nae relieved thousand: or can. 0! let-oa
llal Pomoning. Bhoumaunm and win-u cl
.0 Joint;
haul 'hn. J h use...
We Cofitfuu. d; mudgua- 2 El 3"
mesamwm 3::- .-.:“.°-- J
inn I’. A with. of aa um
NJ I ”.37qu improved. gun Mil
km”?- a lain. and aha" MIN-Io ”'3
an an an perfectly we I bell". in.
in. apex-rec! can. Your; )1,
Doc. flute».
11l 0“ But-I It
m I. 1:3. '1“
”tune-Cue“... #12:; anfiue The :1 u.
like yearn. 100 dug-CW
hon er, lat-fiche rfixb
M took on! a delta first?
yearl. I.l..aadaow Xan uwoliaa "or
'..-...'-:..:*:.LKr.::.: "1”". .. °
one “Influx iron any mafia. $Ol3 .
VII]. . will.
» Conductor c. t u. a n
. Waco ms I ' u :
m g 0.3.: .3 Wan-“MB
a with a haw. in Maria
M h- whole . Ihewa
...-121.114 n- “viral-run um. a. mi:
3: sham a lam IW%
lb. The diuaao
In aim who treated it. or ha
i?- iiaaii: (maim- wit- Smithsonian;
.- eho ...-u to improve out
“3’53? "a: 32.1“”;3“
Ema“; ...; 's’ 23....
Mimi-. 1... Auéun Avenue.
m on Blood and sun bin-.... and
fine. 'rll lwm smmc Co.. Drawn §
‘zhnia. 6a.; New York. 756 Broadway. 3.
n 'A K .
\ ,
,_‘_ .\7l /f:
"1 have used Simmons Liver
Regulator for many years, hav
ing made it my only Family
Medicine. My mother before
me was very partial to it. It 1..
a safe. good and reliable medi
cine {or any disorder of the
system. and if used in time ll
a great prnnuioe of Mum.
I 0119:: recommend it to my
friends, and shall continue to
10 50.
t “Rev. James M. Bolling,
"l'astorM. EChurch, So. Fairneld,VL'
alway- kmlug Biennium um
matador in the Mace.
“I have found Simmons Liver
Wlator the best family med
icine I ever used. for anything
that may happen. have used it
in Indication, Cour. Dian-bun,
Buiouuum. and found it to re
lieve immediately. After eat
inga hearty supper. if. on going
to bed, I take about a teaspoon
ml. I never feel the eflecta of
the supper eaten.
“Ex-Mayor Macon. Ga."
liu our 2 Stamp on from o! Wrapper
J. 11. lei/in a 00., Solo Prim-intern.
Price. 01.00. PHILADELPHIA. PA.
D “unmasked!“ “Booth“
“patina ha proven an invaluable rm
in my severe 0386' of rheumatism. em
in; remarkable cum by its powerful actu
in correcting iheacidity o! the blood. which
leiheeauaeotthe www.mdpuriryiu
and enriching the vital iiuid.
Hood'n Whaldonelorotheul
will do tor you. Therein“. it you m
. paina and ache. or main. on
as potent remedy a na- trial.
A Pout!" (hm.
“I m troubled very lemma!“-
Inn In my hipe, entice, and wrists. l
mu My mane wueonflnedbly
Megooddeel otlhe time. Solute.-
enunended to try Hood‘s Smaller-Inn, I
took (our bottle: end un pertectly well.
1 cheerfully recommend nood'e Serum“!-
-- one o! the best blood pnrtllere In .0
- V ml." w. l". Woo». 8100 mm m
For Twenty Year:
.nve beennmietedmmemusm. Bebe.
as: I found no relief. bum worse. I the
new leklnz Hood's Bulletins, and B did
no more good wmwmmml
ever bed." 11. T. BALcox, Shirley. Hue.
"I Mend (mm on» the doctor: eenel
annular rheumatism. I took Bood'e I.»
“puma and em entirely cured." J. Y. A.
hounroo‘r. letter carrier. Chleuo. m.
We shall be gluitoeendn-eeelehu'e.
menu “Bmm 0! cures by
Hood's Sareaparllle
[old by In drugxlsu. .1; 01810!“ I.“
OhbyQLHOOD a 00..lawell.Ie-.
100 Doeee One Dollar.
“ I unheeitatingly add my
tatimony to the great bene
fits to be derived from Sim
mons Liver Regulator. I
Wee afflicted or several
years with disordered Liver,
which rmulted in a. severe
attack of Jaundioe. I had.
good medical attendance, but
It failed to restore me to
the enjoYment of my for
mer hea. th. I then tried
the most renowned phiai
clans of Louisville, Ky., at
all to no pu , where
upon I was induced to try
Simmons Liver Regulator.
I found immediate benefit
from its use, and it ulti
mately restored me to the
full enjoyment of health."—
A. H. SHIRLEY, Richmond,
Ky.......“ 1 most cheerquy
recommend it to all who
eufi'er from Bilious Attacks
or any disease caused by e
disarmnged state of the
Liver.". . ....W R. BERNARD, ‘
Kansas City. Mo. ‘
New liiln Burned.
Apply to Geo. E Stun-refit.
HUSH]! 01' LIAN“.
m “wsmsmrm'
60 And lam: how to avoid an...
ad how woman" you at
undo. Constitution Ind u
‘ $03.3; 500' 3 mm .0 l
Tl M, M d . l
16 W ()I' S 6 101116.
'l' E I!
Wonderful “ Sarsfleld ” Remed'
' "' ' - ‘ '2'". 3' ' I ' fiw‘ ,-_. v"
Have made complete (zines of Ulfllculf .cmfiver and/Ixulney troubles
Rectal Ulcers, 1' 151111118. Blood l’omoumg. lilnDigpnso Heredit- ‘
ary Blood Talnt, Eczema and Slim Dlseases' g-Etl'el-ally.
80nd For angular; describing the cure. of MARGIE DOI‘GLASS (said to no the worn
cuoof scrotum in Callforllla): FRANK (‘ASQIDfi of I’elalnm. THUS. MdeLEJlLHchig-n
B ufl: W. B. FINL‘II. of Lincoln. I'locer counly= REV. J 4 'l‘. lIL'FP. of Turner Slallfi’n. Ore o ;
“was Mct'OßMlCK.Vice—Pmidont B-mkol‘ hodmug; w.w. Mlm’l‘oN. Kenn. Nevmlu; ‘s},
>DOANE. Snenmwuwi JOHN DRISCOLL. l'nlnl Iron Works. Sacramento; MRS. 111-INK! Q
0! San Francisco; MK: I. A ADAMS. MRS. L. P. ANDERSON. of Sacmmenlo. ~
References I P rmisdon 'IRS. SARAH B. COOPEI .\ms. mus. LI'X. PROP. on
ci-co: F. G. WATBRHOUSE. L. A. Ul'suh. Socnmemo. ’l‘. B. HARPER. Lincoln; SAM‘L CA:
‘SIDY. Peulun‘u Aral“; W A. DEA). San anlclsco chronicle.
isAßstLb's REMEDY FOR THIS nLou Jl—A Specific fm' Mnlndles nélelng Imm dlso .
1 Liver. Kldne s. Constipation. shun l. Illood Pououing, Scrofnlu. Sal: Rheum. and t
‘ coming from Blood lrnpuritlu. _ ‘
l Paton. $1 per Botfiea
CARSFIELD'S CHRONIC ULCER SALVB’ for tho Cure of Clironio l'lcera and Sores of e
de'fifipliou: Eczema. Piles. Varicose Uloen. lnlommtory Swellingl and skm Dlueuaes '3
on y.
PRICE, $1 and. 600 per box, according to size-
Cmup!_Bore Thrall, lump». Ind Inflammation of the Chest and Lungs.
PRICE. .1 and 300 par box. according to nixe-
Teulnony or 10V. J l‘. flun’.
. Tpiwkp Snrml‘c. (lrexon . “13.21; 188.6.
To “Tn: Sui-natal Rnumls Co.“-—I no“ hunilymlinne Sarel‘leld’u Remcdl a. and I -
dlFiro-‘s lhll mv indorremem. nhall be placed wh-re 11. will do the most good to sun erlng mung
ll] I We. had a Imp yex perience in connection with Lhefie remedley. “ hen first 1 was lndu
{0&1}; Illl'lll my friend): though! I would not livo three months. how Inn: well und “9:er
Wll: 2h! pounds: am “longer and In boner health (lan l have had {or twelve you". I hxd u;
many doctors nminmnyolber remediemnnll nll had failed to cure. I thank God for hlb ‘
Providence llm! he led me to you and your wondrrrul mlnedies. I would recommend all who u
19130r=ngl from Blood l’uloning of any desfl’ipllon lo try Sarafield'i remedy for the Blood and
oer 5n vO. .
since the I:4oleth chilmze it has wrought. In my cundiliml l have Wltlleaied tho that d
tho remedies upon othen. and II has gin-n me he". of uliofaciion. , ‘
Wishing the Snnlled Remedlcu Co,.uncoe.sr comm‘ensumle wlxh the merii of lhr‘ll‘ remod
! m. , n“... mi); Ru; .1. ’l‘. ller
Baler to Rev. Dr. Pro-l. Sacralllunto.
_ _'u mono I‘URID BY THE—L ,
J. D. MINKLER. M. D.. AGENT. - Port Townsend. W "‘
WN , - ___‘HH‘ WH. __ _____
_ : _._:7l'K;'."‘ _. .
p :l :> Fun MEN Olltliglzss IZZZVlnunnus HEALTH
__._" _ . ~ (V I . I
’ .lli . In. "I” H X’ vvv. C figm-uon-lgmw'.
. o ... . , .@I 4);, ‘ t“ ymlomdmk blood
.' "' " ‘ ban .4 cu! "l , W4~Moßoßfium
-- unto-Joe .byuoolz y a . _y'ghfleumaa-um
. ' ‘ ‘ ' f -' ‘ . Munmpmmw.-m
”1:1“ 'B‘,- ‘ Al- PA 11-Esq qbk"wm;:smmul-;Lg
l -' ' "f "°' 4!» We ”as . “5 gamma-“mm Law-”: 3";
'- : ...... ”Mob-$3." noon-'o' 33:35:51., . - ~ :.‘sm'wm'a'mhgmomh'm?
much. _llomoyznen: » “Man-“‘.- “‘9“th .544
'' ’ all” gtn'ncthaaflmmfiql-I . mum-am?
. ' {I ‘. .
m- ‘T.’=&mfitw§.i'”%’~u.m.o 3.3: “AW-me-MMM
withdimtolrgrtmbhfldu‘lcu: 853513: REMEDY co. Imam
man‘s mdhflhlllun'dl'wguhlflJ'p 8115;, Kramezmgeripunm
IUP‘I’IIIIID PERSOUS can have FR“ ”3:; of :A" fichflnfloe- A“ lot I'm!
$ . ,". R’, , d
.“ .’ \ I '
1 ”L? Q of?“ f 4 ‘
5' ,; '- \ " 1’ ".s
g . l \ ‘ f n 'l’ ,:
"\‘ r‘ asks a ::z.‘
if a ‘7 ‘V BASE. .H'WHt
HEALTH. - I. B‘.
Le Riehnu‘s Golden Balu- 10. I. Cut.
Chuncm. am Ind second "ago: Sores on tho
Log- ind Body: sore Enr- mi. Nongow‘
Copper-colored Blomhu. Byph lic Cunt-rt.
diuuod Salmhnd I“ primary forms of m
disease known In Byphilil. Price ‘5.“
per Bottle.
14. lieu-’- Golden Ban.- 10. I. \nu
Toniury. Mercurial Syphilizic Kheumull.
Piinn in the Bones. Pain: in the Bend. but
of the neck, Ulcombed Sore Thmi. Syphilitic
Rub. Lump. and conmctad Cords. swine.
of the Limbs. ind undies!“ all diseases (to.
tbe syueln. wheihor culled by indilcmuon or
abuse of Mercury. leaving the blood pun-. 116
hunky. Price 05.00 per lonic.
In lic an‘u Bolde- flpnlllli- Antidote to:
"to curl of Gonorrhmu, (sleet, irritation Gnu]
ind ull Urinary or Genital dunmngemenu
Price. 02.50 per lonic.
la Rich-Ira Golden Ina-ill: Injection.
for savers can“ of Gonorrhea, Inflammatory
Ghet‘ strictures. lc. Price, OLE. pct
Bolt 0.
l 4 [How‘s uolde- Obi-ens for the of;
foctive hauling ofaphiiitic Sore-Jud Inap
tions. Price, .1 rr Box.
In. Ilchll‘l Holde- i' 111. Nerve and Brain
mntment; lou of phy-ienl pavemexeauor
over-work. Pro-trauma. 01c. Prko. .8.“
per Box.
Tonic and Rel-vino.
Bani everywhere. 0. 0. D.,-acutely pack“
per «press
0. I“. RICHARDS k 00.. Agents.
421' a m Sansone 3L. Cor. Glue
Ss- anciico, 11.
g i 2% éfdl/VEMTUIL
ww-m n n a n a -
ET smmmunx‘x‘xfi
Iromc cum with an.
I 011 I. l séfl‘fim“m 1m:
“h". Vital lEthmuola
Ks rm"! ..se inn!
'l' a. l I
: : P nuns Sexual
sumcncu‘r to film)"; "1:3“ “$53311“:
-AW V '
ME THE .5“- §c§iclfnntl {son‘l'mvpi
m or nus, m: gumsoprouucedf)
canvasronu! I
smcucmamucg W‘fi
. assumes no? smm
NERVE 10)“ch ‘ls}§_-glg‘uly;:mcfg%n
; WILL BE star 10 ‘l‘].i\:¢lunhf’§’eneknen’-
:I-I'; «fll‘. ~
In" on: AM! .:-,a..-,-mx:‘.|:. mnifir‘flfii
«a m LETTE? '.2"':"."‘.E “’°‘.‘"‘"-‘"
gsnmua :25 sm.’ i 'l'. 1' -=3 Ej’géo-‘fiaegl’n‘ii
:01.“ rrv ll Deb
$1035 ma 502,3; : Eczrllnigzhcoxgflu
gnu. couau:.=;c:.- u ‘Ei.:V:_X::'3'3F§-KE§
gmus srncru‘g, :s.u‘.§i"”° °‘ ""
sconsxammy. 9;: .25 ~
: ‘ -..':. It
chnm or. Ar; I/él/gg
get-nut. r;.::. f") {1 /.:"y"'lrat
:3V..................‘.‘....:3 -‘ .. ‘s‘
I.|:.- clan-5].? I. IflJnt-Y n:- 3 ’ ..tdrr (P 3;
1..." .. ~..:: ~;" 4.;.. n"
th'v.l.:~ -~,l 1;, ... . I a. N 0
hind: ' )uIA ' ... .* D .erhrNO. boat
.0 may :1 3.2" «u A— 21's“: . . n - r- '.‘nljnp In.
Itrfiu‘rfifluml. \ p ‘..L .:;.‘.lL&.\'A "lu
P- 0
,JR.c. 0. «banana
.-u Kenny 5:. 54m 1-‘rar4oco, I"
53? 3.9. ’39.:
% - ' > . ...-Ia"
~ \ I Vac-,-
'; I \ '
.‘L‘.\:\'\ V7* '4— '
‘l‘: §\ \ \ ./ . \Sffgg §Q _
“\1 ‘..-.-.-..-.., ~‘* '
An Army Veteran.
' who hu prowl: mum more thn my an
or Wain-ll in Ametico io-dny. Taken sick while
1b the Amy ho ho: endumd untold uouiel
since. Millie? his first omptomn he said:
“I had och sad my 3&qu was poor.
licly: I ininlnesl “the it of o staunch. Ind 5
bad taste in my 11:0an whllo my skin v.l
”acumen hot and none me- cold. I next iel
pun. in my bark Ind oron the lowegfoniol
o! my body. Ind noticed I fieculiu or Ind
color In the water I posed, ' lch wu Icanty as
one time and lree u otherl. Sometimel it poiued
me to void it. out! ofiin it In. Ilmou impoul
hle to do so It oIL null‘i: begun to plan cleu
blood :.ccomponled with stem main And
on .'
“No {en than no eminent phniclons attend“!
It. mmunh n. vnriou: times. but not one of
them could help him. He was ncu denh’l
door. Andre: he llyti: "I am olive and wall
tad-y, who ly through the wonderful grower 0!
“In?" Remegy which took me Imm t 0 very.
0 t 0 grove.
This Great Remedy Mold cum all Kidney.
Liver and Urinary Diane; it
For Sal. by All MRI.
c. N. CRITTEN'I'OR, Canon! Ago-L
115 l'uflon St, N. Y.
“Nu-public“. l-d; a... MAI
\__ ___
Big G maven nnlvuk
o—u nu lon-locum: in an
1,0 I to“ cure oi Oononhtro And
.._-_:.“ meet. 1 presume mu
(eel an in neonatal“-
mam”- in: it to All Influul.
we; ‘
A. 1. min. 1.).. 1
'13:» Dual", lIL
P 81038130.
id. Sold by Druxailu.
N. D. 1111.1. t 80248, “an.
hjunwlmits me flag
Pnrely Vegetabie' napounq,
undirectlyuponthe 'v ;'
themanydiscases'vci-‘A can:
portant organ, and . ‘. :.gfln '
muonsailm BI ‘- vise {ran
6mg: org-550:1, and:
I I .1\ . yln B '
Cos‘ 1 ,Sick— _
.' n l-‘. . IE-n em It‘js
fitfi“ fl‘ohzvéGood
the 3 -nmstbe:cnpt’in 0’
int! th L 1 Begum the
nvgoratel 43 'ver, a
£1 BWMS Purim
Is I. Household eed. An In
FamilyMedicinoforcommoncomp ,
31 mn'sfifim ”a
. ' a
uZququofnahgrmia m ’ 1
for M] Info-union send your alb
§"méh‘yfif‘sn‘f‘£‘vmxm 5
a. _ 1
@écifl‘ gin ' ‘1
V ‘- «322° “
"“r; w “,1 amaze me 1"; - '
NV mm ?=
....gy,‘ mums-an In. ~
: :' ' M'... - .
’2'"; 7‘ .' H. 211. ”M:_.i "'-~’.'
The W Gm‘
tuund larch and 30
each year. I: is an o
olopodis of useful in“
union (oz- 511 who ’0
chase the luxuries a: m
nuoulfiu of 111:0. W.
«n clam you and mm you with
All the m sud mace-1'
npplnnou to ridennlk. (knee, m 4
out. flab. hunt. work. to to chm
or any at home, sad in various It“
ml" and qmutiu. Just. 1180-" 0‘
what. is roquirodcodosu these thin.
COIFOHTIBU. And you an make I“!
Wormvuuaottha BUY“
GUIDE. which will be sent up.
rootipt o! 10 cent.- to pay m
11.14“ W Luann. M
or . ' 13‘
F carat-{115.333 5:13:33”
I'. 1.“
fi a .m;«. mus. ‘
‘1" " - NenwmflAgnwnM-' ‘
’l3}: _ gnu-gm! xéémp-Tox-u .
F.‘ If ; Last. of izfirnfsff°3h“n?u‘aa
I _ BH_ul‘:b~' s > phuilsl
A fig: " 9:22:33
or lon-an. :_n ‘ 1144.».- m
Wuknnck.3 1 a v v:; ‘ 3’
Wm 35:33.3. \ -.; 1:1: ' bk“. 4
3y m: mum-m £95253" - h '.
I”. the. from n}luu|":.\x~.'l}vo;l:.‘.l-a’, 33:33
:Ipdonvtcfi mum”. on ~ _-md lu-rht‘l hunk.
MO hvn It I:inculn‘rh:::.l In ruzue to M’-
zdecxfizlng ynurdiscuso, m; ru‘vh-L 0! ya). u‘
E - n ‘ 'u T
“S Kenn-u I‘erSn-u 5-2;;33
: m of
> name EWIIG
I The lama-ad am
I mgg'llO 7.9-... A'
K. hill!- » “Imm. uh
'm but"... flung-u" Mun-“la
m. “£s4k“ . 18. -
“3‘ V[D 0 IA” 63
93° 0.
\fi TA 0
m- - -
\ f
Tho well-known Opllchm of 10': N. Palm.
(under Plnmem House). St. Louis. bu 1P99
N. D. Hill‘s Soup, of Port. town-end. ‘B'.
his calibrated Diamond Spactuoleu and
(lanes. and also 10! his Diamond NOI‘C
sble Spectacles and [Cy-glasses. Then G
[mlhe greatest, invoution ever made ‘I
holes. By a proper wnxtruction of tho 1"
pernon pun-Inning u palr or these Non-C”
oblo Glasses nave-r bu m uhnnge 'boll!
from [ha eyes. and every pair paws
mum: eed. v-a that it they "er lrnve W
(no matter how New! or watched the L"
m! tth wul furnish the {mm mm as"
of Glasses (m of ch. . .’. D Hlll'l Soul I.
I fall uwrtmenl. mmflu I“ Ibo ynlh a:
31y themsrlvn of lb: gm! napoflonwiéf‘“.
use! over an an 151 m eP.‘ now .
(an mu enminglhe same ll um: Gil ID
Water unset. Port Townsend. ._
rm mm “mm . k

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