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mm: gram.
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‘hnrsdnx‘a Dan).
mire has gone East .
uis expected to arrive
i 31-day.
_ )ndi is on :: business
trip l-J points up Satin}
Dunn" the you: IbFT. 20 \essels
were Iva! on the Sound
. Lntesi election returns show Weird
mniur ty to be nearly 900.
'l yphoiu fever still premu- to an
alarming extent in Tacoma.
Mrs W J Melville has a. class in
instrumental mn=ir at Hadlnck
Semtlo Vtu‘.'i-tix.;g ”perutioné thus
far fux 15H :.n.~um to :‘IJSTAUM.
.\lt. lidhul‘ Could he won quite dis~
tint-11y in :h:- niv-onligln last night.
The l‘z'esl-gwrinzz church has pur- 1
chaSod 7': cupii-F .f Huspul Hymns}
XO. .3. i
Twn )‘t-ztl‘e‘ ago Vu‘hl‘hN‘b received l
526 Votes in Jnfl‘erson county. This ,
year he received «Hit ~
A rental of 3200 per month has l
been asked for the new Kuhn build
ing on “ atvr street. 3
The Queen of the Pacific broke two ’
blades of her rrligeller 9" the last !
trip to San Frunmscn.
'l‘h.- lust numlrer of the liitsup
County I'iunrvr «'ontaina 9 columns l
of timber lnud notices. i
‘ 'J‘Vlw rec-aim; of the Port Townsend l
post milk-c vcre $720 more for tho '
yt-ar 19‘? than for 1881;.
In Skagit county a tract of :10 acres ‘-
ielded 11,000 pounds of oats; more l
{hen l 3: bushels an acre.
The Almka saln} 3n output is great-
J' than that of _Bl‘lllSll Columbia and
the Columbia. IIVH‘ togetlitr. i
. The Bollingham Bay railroad is to
be completed from Westminster to
the American line b}. July 15!.
In Eastern Washington, sheep men
have advanced the price of Sheep 5”
cents a head Since the election.
The fishing schooner. Mollie l
Adams. returned last night from Al— l
aka. reporting a stormy voyage. .
Dr. I. N. Power, formerly of Port l
Townsend, hue been elected a mem~ i
but of the territorial legislative coun- i
V The Congregational churches of
this section of country have an asso
ciation meeting this week at Coupe-
Superintendent Ryan and assist~
at are conducting an examination
for school teacher‘s license. There
are six applicants.
Messrs. (100. H. Jones and W. J.
Jones have gone up Sound—the lat~
ter to have his eyes treated, the for
mer on legal business.
Victoria people who own reperty
st Port Angelou have contriguted n
few hundred dollars for a Congrega
tionul church building at the latter
med place.
The mountain scenery was beauti
ful beyond pen diecription all day
yesterday. No place on the Sound
on eozn‘i‘pare with Port Townsend for
beauti scenery.
The Normal College will be worth
thousands of dollars to the mer
chants of this city every year when
itis patronized us it doubtless will
be after a your or two.
A mar-rinse license was issued {ves
tltday afternoon to Wm. 0. il
film of Port Townsend, and 1h:
mun—Seattle Times.
Mr. W. Melville is the contractor
on the residence Eroperty for Chee.
l. Beiley. The ouse costs about
two thousand dollars, and will be
empleted about January Ist.
W. 0. Wylie expects his wife from
mmuri the latter part of this
month. Mr. Wylie has every testy
design in mind for a residence prop
(”that he may decide to build “1
theepriug. ,
The fishing schooner, Mollie
Adams, reports that one of the crew
who went back East recently, has
gained another vessel at Glouces
‘ ‘, and is again on his way to the
Pacific coast
Chester Terry. by makingl restitu
tion of the amount of whic he had
dokauded theNgovernment. has done
I noble not. . mv if he will tell what
he knows about others, the ends of
justice will be served.
There were only 4 Prohibition
votes cast in this county. But that
is by no means any evidence that
there are not staunch prohibitioniste
in Jefferson county. They believe
in the non-partisan plan.
Mr. Dobbe and his co-workers are
busily engaged from early morning
slll late at night painting and grain I
mg Captain Bicndi’e lodging house. i
The Captain thinks of calling it the ‘
lodol House. Several of the finest l
rooms are already promised.
O! the steamers now running on
Puget Sound, 81 were built on the
Sound} 15 in Oreuon; 7in Califor
\lll;lm New Yorlz; l in Sitka; and
2. the Alaskan and Olympian. in Phil
adelphia. The steamers built on the
Sound have an aggregate tonnage of
76% tons.
It is surprising to observe the ‘
numbers that daily come from the ‘
out on the C. I’. R. R. bound for
Tuoma, Seattle and otner points in
Washington Territory. On Sunday
there were about 79 emmigrnnte, and
on ’Monday almost an equal number.
——V anceuver News.
The Puget Sound Magazine says:
“When Hall Bros. establish their
Bid: at Salmon Bay, this city will
the leggeet ship buildin point on
the Pacino coast north of gen Fran
mo, and as the fir timber is peculi
g? adeptedior Ship building, this
ustry .‘3 likely to become one of
tie-”moat important located at Seat-
Among the many new discoveries‘
Oivaluables in Skagit county ”0‘
“oralledges of marble. One ten
his! widenml the ledge has _beqn
mama anda half miles. Tlll3
Vlnoty is “clouded" more beautifully
“maths famous "Hanan.” It i 393
“_:. head of navigation on tho “JV-1881‘
nver 100 miles f.'o:n the Boom}.
Mother variety in the same vicinity
ll crystal white‘
An express ackan containing
“0,990 was stole?) “013? th Northern
Punt}: express of‘ico at Tacoma
Tnemuay gaming. The night clerk,
Fred la. Sxmpson, is missing. It is
NDW that he took the Olympian
hr gctona Tuesday morning. The
film" was thoroughly searched
0:9 thenleft Seattle yesterday
lounng. Simpson is mud to be
“out 5 feet. 8 inches high; weight.
mpoundsmomplexion, fair; light
'ifld‘moxhche: blue eyes, and
i The United States Hydrographic
lolfice will make a careful study of
the mean currents. Blanks are to
be furnished vessels, which are to be
filled out with date and location of
vessel. put in bottles and the same
be thrown overboard. In the bottle
is also to be placed a blank to be;
tilled by the person finding the hot i
tle. No authentic chart books havej
been prepared of the route between:
the Pacific Coast and Japan. and the 1
project is regarded with considerable I
favor by captains of iessele. g
. From l-‘rtdax'l nous}
.‘ Yesterday was Thanksgivinv day
3 in British Columbia. °
; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hastings ex
‘ pect to spend the winter in Califor
, sixteen cars loaded with tea from
ihe hark Spartan are now en route
? inst.
_ L'matilla loaded a large supply of
1 Alaska salmon this morning, bound
f up Sound.
. Bark Melpomeno arrived from
England yesterday with miscellan—
CUIIS cargo. 1
About 51) persons have joined the ‘
Bible reading class inaugurated here
by Mr. llumly.
The new tug: Katy. is 27 tons not
burden. The Katy was once a Unit-1
ed thtes vessel.
A. gentleman who lost SIOO on the
election is around to Mortgage his
property to get the, money.
Mr. A. M. Emerson from Port
Discovery is in the citythis morning.
and made the Annvs ofiice a call.
The Her. Father Slanioloux went
yesterday evening to Victoriata‘ at—
tend the funeral of Archbishop Seg-‘
James Dalgardno 5; Co. have
opened a tin shop in one of the new
frame buildings on \Vnter street. op
posite nostofiice.
Father Foquet, who has liVed for
many years in B. (1.. will soon leave
\Vostminster for Calgary, where he
will reside in the future.
It is said that Simpson, the Tame
ma express robber. passed through
here Tuesday for Victoria. . He was
seen here and also in Victoria.
()ur wharves present a very lively
scene this morning with steamers
discharging and loading. and freight
piled up high in every direction.
Steamship Al-Ki arrived this
morning from Portland, Oregon. and
made fast to Quincy street wharf.
She will probably load return cargo
of coal at Seattle.
Mr. T. J. Dooley says that the Mo
tor line is bound to go. Work will
begin as soon as the franchise is
granted. These motor lines are very
popular in Minneapolis and other
eastern cities.
The new building on Water street.
next to Custom House. is to be occu~
pied by Bereudes &. Lewis as a meat
market. If will be called the Hold
an Gate. Fresh meat, sausages, ham
and bacon, in fact everything in the
meat market line will be kept.
Waterman & Katz have three men
employed making 100 mattresses for
Captain Biondi’i Lodging House—
thoy are of the beat make. the Clip
per Style. The Captain has nailed
clipper built crafts in his younger
days. you know.
About 20 tons of freight were ta
ken ofl'the Premier Wednesday by
the (felon: House ofiicials. The pa~
pers ad not been Mproperly made out
at Vancouver. net of the freight
was reshipped last night. It was
consigned to H. S. Holt, Thom son,
Pratt & 00., K. Hiehitam, of 'FacOH
me, and Mee Wah Lung, of Seattle.
Tacoma and Seattle people who
wish their eastern friends visiting
there to get a view of the fine monn~
tain scenery on the Sound, should
send them on to Port Townsend. It
is the universal verdict of tourists
that the scenery here far sur asses
that of any other place on the gacific
Prof. R. E. Ryan, our county
school superintendent. who has been
in the city since Tuesday couductin
the teachers examination, concludes
that work this morning. Prof.
Ryan has proveu u.- very eflicient su- ‘
perintendent of our public schools,‘
and the people showed their nppreci~ ‘
ation by re~electing him to that im—3
portsnt oflice. ;
The gentleman who rented Mr.
Knhn’s new building on Water street
for a furniture establishment, has
been burned out at Leavenworth,
Kansas. He writes Mr. Kuhn that
he cannot therefore put in n furni~
ture store here at present. This is
quite a loss to the business interests
of Port Townsend, as it was the in
tention of this gentleman to compete
for 0. large trade in the Sound coun
Mr. Moody was expecting Prof.
C. 0. Case. of Cleveland. 0., to have
charge of the singing for hil meet
mgs on the Sound. But the Free
fessor could not. arrange his work
East so as to be here. Prof. Case
has had charge of the singing at. the
Chautauqua and Island Park asseu»
blies for several years, and is also the
author of some of our best Sunday
School music books.
The Portland Telegram says of
the late 0. E. I’. Wood: "Charley
Wood, as he was familiarly known.
was a son of Hon. Reuben “'ood
who 1133'!“ one time chief justice of
Ohio; than governor, and snhse
%,nontly United States consul nt‘
alparaiso. Chili. He was a genial, ‘
lovable man. and had hosts of fnends‘
at Port Townsend and Port Discov
The metal casket containing the
remains of the late .\rchbisho Seg
i hers will be placed in the catgedral
:vault; at Victoria to-day. On the
i casket as it was taken from the The
tis lay a wreath of flowers placed
there by Sitka friends. There was
also with the casket a rude cross that
had been hewnout of solid timber
and erected at the spot where the
body was buried for a while at n't.
Chester Terry has not onlv trans
ferred to the government‘ lots in
Seattle to the amount of $3,000, but ‘
has signified his intention of hand 3
ing over about $2,000 in cash as soon
as all that amount due him shall
have been collecic-Ll. He has also
written to the person‘s who were as
sociaied with him in the smuggling
business, advising them to nit. it.
He informs them that he will not
give their names to the general pub.
lie. but that. if he is placed on the
witness stand in court he will an~
ewer truthfully though it may send
him and all the rest to the peniten—
1 The steamer Umatiila arrived this
morning from Vanconwr. B. 0.. and
is loading freight 1t Union wharf.
Part of her freight cousmts of 5.500
cases of canned salmon. besides a lot
of hides and paltry brought from
Alaska on the last trip down of the
steamer Aucon. i
The vote in this county for dole—
gntes to congress was 108]. Two
years ago the vote for this position
‘was 1093. Four votes were cast this
lyear {or the Prohibitionist candi
idnte. 'I‘Wo years ago there were
inwno for that candidate. Although
{the women did not vote this year;
'the voting male population had no
increased that there was a decrease
of only 11 votea ‘
Collector Brooks has been relieved‘
i°f his position in the Custom House.
[A telegram was received from \Vash
yington yesterday that tho otiice
tshould he turned over to Mr. Thur—
‘man. It is now under his control.
‘There are various snnnises on the
streets as to why this action has been
taken. Some giving one reason;
a-flue another. But it is likely that
art-port made by the special agent
making the recent investigation, has
led to it. We understand that they
came to the conslnsion that Mr.
Brooks was an honest. but not an,
(*tlicient man in the oilico. that the.
otlice was running him instead of
being run hv him
Capt. Gulp. of the bark )Ich‘ose,
was detained at Seattle yesterday by
a suit brought h} a sailor for wagcs
The Tiuu's says; Johnson >igned in
San Francisco for the round trip at
$lO, but when he nrriwd hero he fell
in with a number of his countrymen,
yand wished to remain and enter the
{service of one of the Sound steam
pr-rs. \vherosonm of his feilows were
lt’mpiiiyed. According to the story,
;ns told by the agent of the Coast
Seaman's union. Johnson put up a
job to secure his wages from the
captain. Um.- of his countrymen was
induced to nflirm that Johnson owed
him $25 and the two went to Capt
Gulp on board ship and demanded
this debt. The captain refused and
words follchd and Johnson was
told to go ashore. The suit was
brought to reCover the wages. The
commissioner decided that. under the
Dingle),~ shipping rules the captain
was hound to pay the sailor off, which
he accordingly did. The agent of
the union here was anxious that it he
decided against the sailor for he was
convinced that the case was improp
er and that Johnson should make the
run down in the vessel or get no pay.
Johnson had' only been a member of
the union one month.
From Saturday's Dally.
Taylor street sidewalk has been com
A steam laundry woukl pay Well in
Port Townsend.
Messrs. Wylie and Carroll are busily
engaged these days in (getting up their
abstract bucks.
.\lr. Lockhart. yesterday took the job
of building a house for C. C. Gilbert on
Learned avenue.
Lsaveu Powell. one of the Normal stu—
dents. has gone to his home at Neah Bay
for a brief vacation.
A largedriving wheel weighing about
5 tons was received yesterday by Mr.
Downs for his sawmill.
The house that J. M. Lockbart is
building for Mr. Wilkes is now ready
for lathing and plastering.
T. 0. Penny has opened a restaurant
next door to Stookaad‘s furniture store.
It is known as the Calilornia.
Dame rumor says that one of our pop
ular young men will are long bring here
as abride one of California's fair daugh
, Frank Bash has gone to Port Discov
ery to spend a few days with Bert
Smith, a student in the Normal last
The editor of the Yakima Farmer
says that Roche Harbor. on San Juan
Island. is the most beautiful harbor on
the Sound .
The Tacoma News fears that too little
attention is paid to the new comers. es—
pecially to the ladies. How is it in Port
0n herlast trip the Queen of the Pa
cifio left 864.000 worth of her cargo at
Victoria for the Canadian Pacific rail
road to transport East.
; There are no further developments in i
j the Collectorship rc moval matter. Soms‘
persons are imagining a great deal. but
inone know anything about it.
1 A very pleasant party was given last
! night at the home of Captain and Mrs.
Mclntyre. the occasion being the 93rd
anniversary of their marriage,
The trial of Col. J. C. Haiues, charg—
ed with conspiracy in the Gardner opi
um smuggling cases, will begin at Au—
burn. New York. next Tuesday.
We receive several letters every week
from the East asking for copies of the
Axons. The writers any that they want
jnformation concerning this part of
The new sawmill at Tibhal’s Luke will
soon be ready for work. The motor line
will an out there. and Will be used to
bring in lumber to help meet the. great
demand now made by builders.
Captain Merwiu has named his new
aidevbeel stunner, the E. W. Purdy.
She has been lying at the Quincy street
dock for several weeks, receiving her
machinery and finishing up touches.
Rev. J. S.Andereon, pastor «-f the
‘Scnndinav'an M. E. Church. returned
‘trom up Sound yesterday and will
preach in Trinity M. 1:). Church ‘umor
row afternoon. Services will commence
at 3 o’clock.
At public meetings in chumlws and
trails very many people take the cm] of
the seats nearest the aisles, thus nndzing
it difiicult for those coming lute to find
u sent. This is one of the customs that
ought not to be.
The Alaska congratulates its readers
1 that the Northern Pacific rsilrouu oom
-Ipuny will put steamers ou the Alaska
‘route, connecting with Tncomn next
season. This will have a tendency to
largely increase the northern travel.
Meyer Learned, City Clerk Sesvey and
Councilmen Littlefield and Sturret were
the only membere present at the council
meeting last night. There being no
quorum. the meeting was ndjsurned one
The proprietors of the railroad addition
are making a street through from Law
renco street across the Hastinz‘s addi
tion . The right of way has been grant
ed temporarily. This will Le a great
The editors of the Puget Sound Mag
azine say that they have in their pos
session more than 200 letters from dit
terent parts of the country making in
uiry concerning Seattle and Puget
gonad in general.
The Normal College building will be‘
built under the. superintendvncv at W.
J. Melville. an experienced cor. :rnctor.‘
The building is to be e three storv
frame witoont basement. and is to he
turned over tn the trustee by the Bth of
Frank Bartlett. Henry Tibbals, Dr.
Glennsn. Dr. Seavey, Wm. Seaway and
Geo. Trenholm went to Grey's marsh.
below Deaconess, in Bartlett‘s steamer
Union yesterday. for a hunt ot seversl
asys. .They were well supplied for 11
mil mu 4
Mrs. C. Thompson, late of Lynn.
Mm. has acceptauhe position at hnnse
keeper in (‘an Biuudl‘s lodging house.
This lady has had large eXpen'eucc in
that line of business in the East, and
she will no doubt give aatlsfacnon to the
traveling public.
A contract has been let for the clear
ing oflls acres in Hasting‘s third addi
tinn‘ They have also had platted 20
acres alongside the railroad addition,
from Port Discmery road toward the
raifroad flats. The contract has been
let for clearing this, and it will heoo the
market in about a week.
1 Samuel Base. of the customs service
nenr Blaine. has reported to the Custom
‘House the finding of 60 pounds of con
trnband opium. A boat drifted nshnre
at Blaine on the night of Oct. 23. con
taining 120 pans of opidm’ mu] 2 flasks
of whiskey. It is supposed that the
smuggler was drowned.
i W. A. Bonrlaml expects to keep for
residence property the two lots he re
cently purchased on Morgan Hill. That
hill is one of the finest places for
homes. Frnmit there is 11 beautiful
View of .\lt. Baker and other parts of the
Cascade range; also of Rainier and the
Olympic range. The arrival and de
parture of all boots may also be noted
We have never thought it best to rely
on the medical recipes that so often
find publication in our newspaper-i.
There is danger in using drugs not pre
scribed by physicians and put up by
'nompetaut druggists. But 11 Tacoma
ldnctor says that he has used the follow
ling with good result in the last fewdays.
It was recently published in the Tacoma
News, and was first furnished by a cor
respondent of the [lei-uh] nfStnckton.
Cal. There is no small-pox in Port
Townsend now. but this may he 0! use
in the future. The writer says: "1' here
with appcnd a recipe which has been
lused, to my knowledge. in hundreds of
lea-lea. It will prevent or cure. the small
‘ pox though the Fittings are filling.
WhenJennerdiscnvered cow-pox in En
gland. the Wurld of science hurled an
avalanche of fame upon his head: but
when the most scientific school of medi—
cine in the \vorl.l»—thzit of Paris—pub
lished this recipe as a panacea for striall-1
pox.” passed unheedcd. It ii as un-;
failing as fate; and conquers in every}
instance. It is harmless when taken by l
a well person. It will also cure scarlet
fever. Here is the recrpe as I have
used it, and cured my children of scan
let fever. here it is as I have used it to
cure the small-pox. \Vhen learned
physicians said the patient must dieit
has cured: Sulphate of zinc. one grain;
foxglove (digitalis). one grain; half a
teaspoonful of anger. Mix with two
teaspoonfuls of water; when thoroughly
mixed. add four ounces of water Take
a teaspounful every hour. Either disease
will disappear in 12 hours. For a child.
smaller doses. according to age. It
counties would compel physicians to use
this. them would be no need of pest
houses. If you value advrce and ex
perience. use this for that terrible dis
ease ”
The Am. bk Memnon, Capt. Fish
er, has arrived at Port Descovery to
load lumber for Melbourne.
Ship Mount Washington. Capt.
Rose. has arrived at. Port Blakely to
load lumber for Melbourne.
Ship Richard 111., Capt. Adams,
is chartered to load coal at Depart
uro Bay for San Francisco. Tug
Alexander or Pilot will tow her over.
Tug Tyec towed to sea Am. bk.
Nicholas Thnyer, lumber laden,
bound to Santa. Rosalia, Mexico.
From Monday's Daily.
The Mexico is to be used as a spare
Large numbers of passengers went on
the Evangel today.
Frank Bash killed a bear while at Port
Discovery last week.
Mr. Ronald has resigned his position
in the Custom House.
Geo. Lotzgasell of Dungsness, was in
the city over Sunday.
Itoost $150,000 to transtorm the Walla
Walla into a passenger boat.
There were nine aecesaions to the
Presbyterian church yesterday.
Col. Haines writes from Auburn, N.
Y., that he is confident of acquittal . ‘
Frank Plummer of Dungeness. was}
here visiting his relatives over Sunday. .
Services at the M. E. church this week
every day. except Saturday, at 2p. m.
and 7:80.
Dr. Baldwin, who has been laid up
for several days with a sore ankle. is
able to be around again.
1 Steamer Walla Walla passengers for
l Port Townsend: Mrs. 'l‘. Butler and
‘daughter, G. T. Dodd and F. Moses.
‘ During the week ending Nov. 10 there
were 81 vessels loading lumlrer in the
various ports of Puget Sound, 7 loading
wheat and 6 loading coal.
United States Senator Mitchell, at
Oregon. is at Tacoma, spending a few
days at the home of his daughter. Mrs.
W. U. Chapman.
There was no foundation for the state
ment in the P.-I. yesterday that Mr.
Horned said that he had been asked to
take a position again in the Custom
Some say that Collector Brooks was
bounced because he was a mugwump.
Very evidently Cleveland does not think
so much of the mugwumps us he did u
while ago.
('hu. F. Munday. assistant U. S. at—
torney, remarked In Seattle Saturday
that the government had only a short
time to work, but that it would likely
do a great deal for this district in that
short time.
Mr. Max Praoht. of Ashland, Oregon,
was here over Sunday. Mr. Praeht was
in Alaska last year for a time. He says
he will go back if the new administra
tion makesit possible for anyone besides
the cliques and smugglers to do any‘
thing there.
It took three days for a letter to reach
the Ledger oilino yesterday from Port
Townsend by the Northern Pacific on
Lpress. l’ort TOWDT'C‘H‘! is about no
miles from Tammie. and steamers are
coming in from thwv c .”~:-‘ lay. —Lml
Yesterday afternoon as D. M. Litllc
field was walking from his residence to‘
the business part of the city. a rifle bul ;
let whistled by him. It came from aw
gun in the hands of u br-,',who, wit‘i‘
several others were cut for a hunt. This
shooting within the city 3'. .iits should
The tag Sea Lion loaves in a few davs
for Puget Sound to do battle there with
the English tags, who now for the
most part have the towing business
corneredmhutting out American tugs.
The Sea Lion is the fastest tug afloat.
and Captain Lucky is as clever a sailor
as ever commanded a boat on the bay.
and it has been predicted alnug the
front that when the Sea Lion gnu up to
Puget Sound she will give the Zuruign
(In-gm a turn.- —Ssn Francisco Chronicle.
4 .
The Ledger says that a shipping cum
missioner is wanted at Tacoma. The
Ledger continues: Ilenny & Ryan. the
First ward snihrs hwnling house keep
ers who obtaincd err . for the bark At—
lanth-be ships Alb .uia. P. M. Whit
mors. Rance. St. Francis and other was
‘sels. have procured quarters in the First
yard and will be able to furnish crews to
outgoing vessels. Fred Heany said yer
‘terday that sailors cauld be furnished
to ships leaving this port much more
conveniently it there was a shipping
commissioner here. As it is all crews
have to be taken to Port Townsend and
signed there before they can be placed
' Notice isniven in than column.» this
Imorning in legal furm forbidding lmnl
iug on the tract uf around known as the
railroad flats. Yesterday shooting was
carried on there at the rate of several
dozen shots an hour. Lives 0! people
who mside near by were greatly endan
gered. People tbcxoubouta have had
Rho: and bullets Whistling around them
long ennnglx. and all ofl'enders wxll
hereafter be dealt with strictly accurdg
mg to the law. 1
Captain Blulldi wishes to announce to
the public that his lodging house on the
corner of Quincy and Washington stain
will beopened on Saturday. the 24th
iuet. It contains 35 well furnished rooms
at prices to suit the times, ranging from
‘5lO to sls per month. according to In
cutiou. They are all desirable, well
lighted and ventilated. The house is
lighted by electric light: throughout
and there is no room that cannot have 8‘
fire if recuired. it will be kept aea
first 0135} [101159. As soon as springl
opens a iosmnrant will be built on the
vacant adjnmiug lot connected with the
house. so that mothers may he become
dated with meals without loavxng the
house. There will also be a barber shop
and bath rooms.
I Cant. Howard. of San Francisco. who
lbrought the new tag Katy to Tacoma.
tells of a stormy vuyage. The tun which
is of about the same 5129 as the Blukely.
sailed from San Francisco harbor on the
afternoon of the lOlh inst. at [our o‘clock.
and all went m-ll until they were 011'
Cape Mendxcino. There they encounter
ed a heavy nor‘Weater, and which the lit
tle steamer wmthvred in fine shape.
proving herself a most excellent sea
buaL From Czlpc .\lendicinu to Cape
Blanco, where the heaviest weather was
experienced. the Katy passed through n
successmn of heavy winds from the nnrth
and west” “At Cape Blanca." saidune
of the crew, “the wind seemed to blow
from all partn r-f the compass, and our
hunt shipped tea: from all sides. It
luuked at mm time as it we might be
drived 0n the rocks, but the captain 20!
her away all right.” The wind abated
somewhat abuve Cape Blauco. and al—
though the tug labored in the heavy
seas. she made the passage without any
mishap. The entire voyage was made
in two hours less than five days. Capt.
Clements formerly of the Zephyr, took
charge of the Katy on her arrival at
The San Francisco steamer duo here
to day is the Walla Walla. She has a
capacity 0t2.500 tons cargo. and nteams
at 13 knots an hour. A San Francisco
special says: The Walla Walla has
been at the Union Iron Works the past.
six months. undergoing transformation
from a collier to a first-class passengzr
steamboat. To accomplish this it was
necessary first to cut away all the deck
houses and bulwarks and frames, and
the shell platings were extended einht
feet four inches to the new deck. The
old masts were removed and new ones
of steel substituted. The engine was
lined, and paddles and furnaces put in
to the boilers. The Walla Walla was
put on the dry dock while the work was
goingon. and a new wheel was put into
her. and a bilge or rolling keel was put
on lwrl‘orlßoteet of her length. The
handsome dining room is on the main
deck. with a seating capacity of 100.
Abait this are the cabin and state-rooms.
0n the upper deck are the deck state—
rooms. social hall. smoking room. bridal
chambers. captain‘s room and pilot
house. The awning deck extends sear—
ly the full length of the ship. forming a
neat promenade. There are 350 elec
tric lights throughout the vessel. She
has accommodations for 156 passengers,
besides steerage room for 150 and crew
accommodations for eighty-five.
Schooner Fred B. Sanders arrived
this morning, lumber laden from
Tacoma, bound for San Pedro. .
From Tue-day's nails.
The Premier took 148 passengers up
Sound this morning.
§enator Dolph goes to Washington
this week, via Tacoma.
Port Townsend would give good sup
port to a steam laundry. Here is a fine
business opening for some one.
When Port Townsend he! a railroad,
the 0. B. & N. steamers will be run on
dihedules more convenient to the pea—
p e.
‘ 'l‘he sloop American Eagle dritted on
the rocks along the see well yesterday
dad was pulled oil by the cutter Wol
eotL ‘
Four years ago 300 mm: of land on‘
‘ Hood's canal were opened fors6 an acre. ‘
‘Reeently the tract was sold for 812 an}
incre. 1
L Mr. E. w Lowe, or Woodland. Cam
‘ is in the city spending a few days with;
his son and daughter. and looking after}
bndneee interests. 3
Billy Van Bikkelen, one 0! our well-1
hmwn Port Townsend pioneer boye,
has at a berth in the engineer‘s de
partfiient on the steamship Walla Walla
A railroad terminating at Admiralty
fluid on Whidhv Island will have Pmt
Townsend as its real terminus. So the
item in another column will beat local
The hunting party thnt went to Grey’s
Marsh a few days ago. returned yester
day afternoon. The jolly diSpOeition of
the party and the loads of slaughtered
game brought back—were proof of an
enjoyable and sucecsetnl trip.
B. K. Robb and family arrived yer—
terday from Ohio. Mr. Robb II the
futher-in-lnw 0! Mr. Knnkler. end has
come here with his family to reside.
He is n newspaper men. having owned
and edited different papers in Ohio.
The cargo of the Mollie Adams was
readily sold to Wu (‘hong & Co. yester
day. The gathering of dualiugs on the
last trip has proved fairly successful;
the enthusiasm among the crew is un
abated. and other similar ventures will
follow.—-Sealtle Press.
A dispatch from Wanbingtou says:
Secretary Fairchild. when asked last
night the reason (or the auepennion of
Quincy A. Brooks. Collector of Cfiatoms
at Port Townsend, sad-J: “T Jan't now
give you details. butit‘s because tuingz.
‘ were in my judament In waxy respects
‘vcry wrong at Port Townsend.“
The Wu lln Walla is r. hnnrlsc'm ‘esael.
The woods used in fi-si 35:13.; 92-; '- ‘.iszmr
were mahngony. sycamurs, «many, puma
vera, white holly and maple. These
woods are highly polished. The car
peL=, curtains and upholstery are rich
designs and the ceilings are beautifully
decorated with cold lna.’ um! flower
‘ paintings.
Judge Boyle hss arriveu at Scatile.‘
He will begin work at Port Madison on
Friday. The Times says: He is a man
probably sxxty years of age, medium in
stature. finely moulded head. large and
prominent forehead. and wears a mus
tache, sprinkled with gray. Ilia mau
ucrs are reserved and exceedingly
plazaant. Every movement and ex—
‘presfion of his face indicate {3"‘!‘ and
Fred Simpson. the TaoomJ 9'l. 5:- n ‘2-
bezzlur. was brought her; Last : ,-;;L an
the tug Katy from Vnncoa'mr. id. O.
Sullivan and Clms. Duboia.detectives,
.\‘npt. Hall of the N. P. Express company
and J. N. Asttuu. a lawyer of Tacoma
were aboard the KMy. The firime 0!
which Simpson is guilty iq not an ex
trndimble one. and i: farms um '1:- could
no: have been puniabéd :mderfimtish
Columbia laws for bringing stn'e: rrcg—
any into the [:2l- acc 11:29:51? a:.'.‘n:--‘
Itiea could prove each piece of mnuey.‘
which is impossible in this case. Simp
‘aon was. however. perinadpd by He
gentlemen named, to come back and
‘slaud trial. As anon an the tug reached
Purl annaomi a warrant was served m
him by sherifi' Sheehnn. and he was la
ken 30 Tacoma this morning on the
ma ‘
l'he San Francisco Chrouirlc of Nov
ember 10th. rays: The steamer Umatilln
left for Victoria and Puget Sonnd‘yt-Hter—
day morning. She has been lmd oil" [or
a couple of trips. the Queen of rho Pani
fic having been put on in her stead.
She was on the dry dock for cleaning
and her machinery was thoroughly
overhauled. The Mexico has been laid
up temporarily as a spare thp. When
the Queen hf the Pacific arrives from
Victoria nex‘. Tuesday she will return to
the southern Coast trade, the new steam
er Walla Walln going on the Victoria
route. Tho latter steamer is a sister‘
‘ship to the Umntilla, and these vessels‘
will hereafter alternate on the Victoria
line. The Walla \anla Was formerly a
collier. and her transformation into a
passenger steamer has just been com
pleted at the Union Iron Works. She
will have her trial trip next Tuesday and
will 5:111 for the Sound on Friday, con‘
meeting at Victoria with the steamer
Ancnn for Alaska.
Steamship Ancon arrived yesterday
from up Sound. and will leave about
noon tuday for Alaska. She takes
from here about 600 tons of freight.
Steamship Walla Walla arrived 2
o'clock this morning from San Fran~
cisco. after discharging 110 tons of
freight. she left for Seattle at 8:30.
l From Wednesday's Dal!) .
i A. w. Hash i: at Seattlr-.
erl the notice to trespassers. It
means liusinerfi.
We rtgret to learn that Mrs. Albert
Briggs is very ill.
Henry Bash has b night in Decker
piano of W. J. Melville.
Judge Van Bukkclen went to Seatt'le
yesterday tn spend u. (our days.
Work will begin on thu- Normal Col
lege us soon as material! can be procured.
The Premier took 450 boxes of och
island apples to British Columbia this
1 Captain Hastings is having the Wild
leml overhauled and repainted for the
‘wintor work .
1 Cuplain and Mrs Williamfi took the
steamer Olympian yesterday. for up
.\‘unnd p'vints.
Contraband opium Worth 8800 Wind
found unthe Umulilla upon its recent
arrival at San Francisco.
At Seattle. tomorrow. the oath of of-:
fice will be administered to Chief Jus
tice Boyle, by Gov. Semple. l
W. J. Melville will occupy the rail
dence of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Easting!
during their absence in California. 1
Our commission merchants have not
supp’jed the demand for hay. and many
people have been greatly inconvenienced .
Hon. D. ’l‘. Denny of Seattle, was in j
the city this morning euronte to Orcas:
island to look after his farming interests. 1‘
Mr. Curtis of the Charles Hotel, pur-‘
chased yesterday. through the agency of ‘
Latimer & Cu., 1! very nice buggy for ‘
family use. i
H. L. Mead and wife of Tacoma. who 1
have been Visiting for seVernl days with}
the family of Dr. Minklcr, went upi
Sound yesterday. ‘
United States steamer Thetis will i
leave Victoria tor San Frauensco today. i
The Thetia has been in uort hern waters
since April. She curios 2R!) men.
J. S . Latimer 3:00. cliarto.ed the steam
er Dispatch for a. trip to Nanaimo, for a
10ml of coal. J. S. Latimer went along
with a cargo of 150 boxes of apples.
The funeral oltbe late Sallie H. Hill
will be preached at the Methodist Epis
copal Church on Sunday morning. Nov.
35. 1888, the pastor. Rev.J. SN. ,Denison
i The Queen of the Pacific will run for
i a time between San Francisco and San
‘Diego. She is now at the Union Iron
Works in San Francisco having her pro
peller repaired.
Mr. Morrison sold an inside lot in the
Kuhn ranch yesterday to Chas. O'Brien
0! Dnngeness for $550. Mr. O'Brien
will build a house and stable at once,
and will engage in teaming.
The surveying work still continues on
the railroad. The grading will here—
after be done by contract. A whnrt will
be built on the Eisenbies addition for
receiving the iron that will be needed
in the spring.
An Ottawa dispatch says: The Marine
Department is advised today that the
two vessels for the Japan trade with
Vancouver as the terminus. are in course
of construction, and will be in the ser
vice within ten months. _
Sbipowuers at San Francisco are bold
ing on! for higher takes of freight for
coal . SeVeml vessels heretofo'e engaged
"I the British i‘olnmhia and 80:2: 5. coal
froiubtnge have been churn-rel to load
number fur Australia, thus causing .. J -
ficleucy in tonnage.
Mrs. .1230 an war) was arrested here.
last. Saturday an authority of instrnc
Lions from Portland. for felnuy. was re—
leased yesterday. No charges were ra
ceivo-1 in due time, and the woman was
therefore released. She wont on to Vic
Mrs. Harding. so tsvoruhly remember
ed by many of our citizens when on her
way to Alaska about twu years ago. has
returned. and will give some account of
her labors in estebhshingn hospital in
Sitka. and in conducting other Christian
.work there. at the prayer meetingin the
‘Prushyteriau church on tomorrow,
Thursday evening. at 7 o'clock. The
| public are invxted to attend .
Henry Bash has leased the (.‘ommerfi
ciul wharf forthree years to Messrs. J. “'.l
Hinds.F. S. Hinds, late of California.
and 0. Lewis. recently from Council
Bluffs. lowa. These gentlemen are men
of capital and business experience. and
will carry on a general commission sup—
ply hnsiness. They will represent in
this Territory. two of the large fruit
pecking houses of California. This en
terprise is a valuable addition to Port
Townsend intermis, and the ARGUn
Welcomes these gentlemen tn a plea» in
uur prm-jr'rulln‘ and prnunslng.y city. I’ug~
Aesswu will be giVuu Dec. 1.
The late deeded to Mr. Moody by
C‘.‘ ,1! : Torry have been ,TL-mled toJuJu.
Urduuc, who will hold th. ;_' uunl spring.
‘thinigmg that they will double in value
by that time. Mr. Moody dnes not
Ithink that Terry will come back to the
‘U, 9. To a P.-I. reporter he "puke an
Italians: “They would take in; for a
witn:.::, {:l9 quick. Oh, they would be
just i: 2 glad to get hold 0! him. They
wen u. :::‘ to make him inform on all the
other fellows. That‘s what the prose
cntiua attorney said he ought to have
done in the first place, but I told him it
was my fault. thatl told Mr. Terry to
stand where he was. I think it man
Would be a mighty menu man to get
mixed up with other mon in a nwiudlmg
scheme and alter he had placed himself
in {.16 way 0! being prosecuted to turn
round mu] tell all about the 0212-: ‘3]-
loWr ‘.r .“. g- :? However if fire or
{Minxslmthex him too much, no u: told
them that he would tell them all he
knows; he has given them a Road warn
ing. Hoin a fine. good man. very well
liked. It's too bad you ucwapapcr men
abuse-i him so much. It inst stnppml
the whole thing. Rut for ",2: i would
have :53. thc win-lo anIDL’nS .‘l_ an; inm.‘
bat it’s; pretty “ All cleaned out «.a i‘- is ;
I (zon‘t ‘.hiui: T‘lr. l'erry though: if u Elm
he 51: :‘uing; ‘.29 was drawn imu it. 3‘
great many people Wink ll“ In: harm to
swindle the gave-lumenl. yon kl. w. .
l‘nerenre man Uzi-u he mn' "_" I’PHIEEII
tion. Tuere nra n-m- rigllr ‘ . 3* ww
runking restitution." .\l '. Tlmudy m; i
that he always kcpps such Illfe-l’mélllwn
secret: that". is not for him to prosecute
transgregoors. but to help them to get
I Among the California people owning
real estate in thucity. and thl known
here is Mr. J. 0. Kenya». The follow
ing item from the anti Mnltco Times will
heal interest to his. friends here: Last
week we called attention to n new style
double-revolving axle wagon Wbi-.1.1 was
seen on the streets. The Wagon «new»
vents-d by Mr. J. Gardner Ktnyun of
San Francisco. Each wheel has an axle
which extends to the oppositv gulp of the
wagon and fitn in a about. tl'o axlu tllJL‘
mg with the wheel. '1 he axlrs nrc pm:-
ed 0110 übuvu Up: ullnrr t‘lilcll ht'ct‘anlv
Into: the who-~15 on the one side bciugl
smaller than those on the other side,
giving the vehicle an odd appearance. 1
Owen McGnrvey has given the wagon 4
a fair trial on level and hilly roads and
pronounces it one of the best he has seen
in all his experience of thirty-five years.
He also declares that he can haul in load
one-fourth heavier than on an ordinary
‘ wagon. This recommendation coming
from a man of McGurvey-‘s good jndg _
ment is worthy of credence. Several 9
others who have examined the wagon I
and seen it used my comment Hint it;
Will ho a great success as with the axles i'
thus arranged. the binding 0! the wheels?
which occurs while driving on a side-hill
will be entirely done away with.
{ British ship City of Madras went
‘to sea yesterday in tow of tug Tyee.
Cargo of 2,454 tons of wheat for the
United Kingdom. Bound for Cork
for orders.
Bark Memnnn left Sun Fraueieco
last Thuraday for Port Discovery.
but returned to Port on account of a.
heavy gale. 5110 i: now on rontu to“
the Sound. 1‘
Br. bk Melpomena. from Marys
porl. England, was towed to Tacoma
lnat evening by tug Rainier.
.1111. bk. J. H. Bmvm-s, gloadx-d with
lxuul-vr from Valparaiso. Wlls tuwed
out to sea yesterday by tug Blakely.
When and Where the Terms of the
Supreme and District Courts
Will be Held.
Supreme Court—Term begins :1!
Olympia on the first Manila) in Du~
District Court—Terms at Seattle
begin on the firet Monday in Feb
ruary and the last Mondays :u Mny
and August.
Terms at Whntcom begin on the
second Mondays in March and Octo
Terms at Port Townsend begin on
the fourth Mondays in March and
Terms at Mount Vernon begin on
the fourth Monday in April and the
first Monday in December.
Terms begin at Fort Madison on
the third Mondays in April and No
The Next Legislature.
The following Councilmen are
elected: J. M. Dewar from the First
District; T. J. Smith, Third; E. B.
Hyde, Fourth; C. Brown. Sixth;
C. E. Forsyth, Seventh: J. F. Soule.
Eighth; \V. J. Thompson. Ninth;J.
R. Kinear. Tenth; Allen Weir,
Twelfth. Second and Eleventh Dis—
tricts not reported.
The House is about us fuIIOWSZ \Y.
H. Upton and E. L. Powell, from
the First District; W. S. Oli hant,
Third; J. b'. Fenn and J. V. &Dell,
Fourth; Chas. E. L. Laughton, Fifth;
G. R. McMallan, Sixth; J. N. Pow
era, Eighth: G. S. Rinehnrt. Ninth;
L. B. Clougb, Tenth; G. H. Stephen
son. Eleventh; Thomas Irving,
Twelfth; J. C. Taylor and Ira A.
Town, Fifteenth; J. T. Blackman. J.
H. Jones and W. V. Rinehart, Sir
teenth; J. J. Edens, Seventeeth: J.
E. Tucker. Eighteenth; F. Hinck»
ley, Nineteenth. Remaining Dies
tricts to hear from. or the above
Khree are Democrats.
Our Territory.
Washington territory has con],
iron. gold and silver mines that are
unsurpassed; her forests of valuable
timber are comparatively limitless;
her marble and stone quarries are
inexhaustible; her grain and grazin
lands, the finest in the world and
snfiicient in extent to form an em
pire; her water courses—natural at
twice of commerce— numerous and
beautiful; her fruit. lands unequaled
iin scepe and excellence even by
ithose of far famed California; her
fishing grounds the most prolific in
the mde world, and free from the
cruelly cold gales and dangerous
reefs of those more widely known;
her ports. are open the year round
and the tide does not interfere with
‘ xhe incoming and outgoing of vessels
of the largest or smallest size; her
scenery is beautiful and inspiring:
her climate is mild and invigorating;
‘her people the most progressive and
enterprising. the most intelligent
charitable. and engaged in the
grandest work that ever on aged the
hands of man—that of buifding up
and developing the grandest portion
of the grandest country on earth.—
I Headlight.
The Salmon Pack.
Most of the Alaska salmon pack has i
been received and the total will not 1
be far from 400,000 cases for the sea
son. an unusually large quantity. 1
In spite of this prices have remained
firm at $1.37; @ 1.40, and. excepting
one unsold pack. still to arrive, the
market is Well cleared up. .nge
quantities are on the way to En
: gland from this coast: but notwith—
standing thi- English~ buyers have
‘mgn punch-sing freely of late, not
anal) Alnslm lia'u. but the unsold hal
..W.: n: C(lnmliia river and Full
marked salmon. The latter is thie
3.9er of 1.3.1.;- mil) tine qt 'tlltt'. can~
llrl‘fi hanug taken speck; p tins to!
throw out all lif'ht colored fish, and
can guarantee the pack as “red sul—
mou.” It is too early to give an 05—
tiznato of the total r:ntp .1: of the
coast. for the season, but indications
point to its falling belo. that of
1897 The partial failure in the cod
and mackerel catch in the East stim
ulates the consumption of salmon in
the United States, and large opera
tors who purchased freely early in
the season, report all sold, and will
need all the good rich remaining here
for tlu-ir trade after the turn of the
year. Usually the heaviest ship
tnenls to England have been from
the : ntmhia, but this year swing
to t 1.3 light pack on that river and
the large Eastern demands the ex
orts by mail have been unusually
light, and the bulk wi' shipments,
have gone from this port. the iii-1
crease item hm; c. it: to the lax-gl-
Ala-I'9. ptz-f. ~san Francisw Chi-mi
———-——————¢a¢>w—-——r .
Dlulnrhanre of the Heart
Heart (’isemc in lulu" an assuminn 7 -
‘lfl‘p-I upuu yon in the dark. and ...; ..
[7.x .. ': hen unaware. Tbrrrlon‘. Cw X n!»
‘ nverlmw any llhl'ilflllzvafi in NH» p L... . ..i
the heart or diilrrhsmm: in llr‘ wM-h.
- but at once take Us. FLIST'B REMEDY.
t Diacriptive treaties with each bottle; or.
lam Hui Due 00.. N. Y- “mull
——TUE {IAND Ol’——-—~
‘ Suv that our rmdu mzu'k. Sum“ Abis, is on
31E -\ Fax - D
£23143? 1 *— 3 * :.,}-
. »~ - K 31L
wr? 3 u
3, é7f§§*ili§§3€:“fl' '. :3%
' ' "T T’Ci'f: IV. -.11':
,: -‘ 1m :.1m €3.32? 9
:4 ‘ _;- .I ._ n?" ~ ”pr: ff :1.
mew W”)
U . i “Y ”I .- -1‘ '
@bfirsflbj H-M'Lmfihbr
4% \fironCht’t/IS'CHLSWI
“D“‘DISE/{SES*F'l'rl;‘x°\’\)i\T ' 4
“‘rx‘L UNGS 78m m GIMME:
chdjar (Ly-WI;r'SLpuSfiEL‘JL-Wgfi'
l 11AM: x 0 MISTAhE.
‘ ll} dwpellin: tl:n "SIJIDIOHIS so often mistaken
for "0113“"? ptiau. Santa Abiu has brought glad
ness tn many a household. and My mom tly
breaking: up the Fun-:11 or Cold that [oooer
dwell-pi into that final disease will yet save
’ thumxu‘! from an untimely grave. You make
no mistake in tun-Vin: a boltla of this pleasant
'remody alumni- in Lm home.
9 _:. a ‘ '
“/‘WI *lo‘ [ll] ’
I: ~ ,
"E i '
‘3 a A K4l) .. I
l , Q Ta=;=‘~:'.‘.fi-'- ‘
l ’ V‘ 7-, i .
*6 MOS. ._ ‘\ TNEONLY"
Tau-mud]. , , r‘ / GUARANTEED
£8! MIL. ~. ‘6“ CURE T 0 .
c=~_~H_WC_—_.'W~" r; CATARR.
"i .1 m I ,
. nnIETINEIIeCaV u - vIL _ an
(‘2l! ll‘ThJ'nlll in the llaadJlav Fever. Boer
(‘III-‘J. “:.turrhzl Dramas-t and Sam Eyes. Re
store-s tlin rrlilv of taste and amt-ll; rcmove!
ball tzbto an! ::i plmsam breath. resultilg
ifruml‘alnrrii. linfi'ufld pleasant to use. F '
{low duel-lint). will :I cum i~' warranted by all
.Drugzgiats $1 yerhox: flJu b mnil. Send 10!
;circnlur tu .\lllli USE )IyEDICAL COM
PANY. 01min“. l'all. .\sk for
fiASTA ABIIZ AXDC."I‘-—Il (31733..
For Sale lg: JAS. l). HIXKLI'IH. N. D., Drug
;L'ist. Agent of Company.
l Juno—Juno.
1' The original Abieeinc Ointment is only put
1 up in Isl-go two ounce tin boxes. and 13 an utmo
-Ilutecuna for old flares, burns. wounds. ch: pod
llmnds and till nkin eruptions. Will poultgely
cure all kinds of piks. Ask {or the Original
tAbiatine Ointment. 2.3 l-entasbox. For 1
by the Port Townsend Pharmacy. Dru Its.
lAflen' dflompany.
t _
' Admlstrator’a Nottce.
' All persons having chims ugllnst the ”tote
to! William Georgv. defined, Ire hereby notified
1m Kmsem the Mme. with pr‘tvter voucherl. to
C. '. Andcmm at. Phinney. liidby Island. or
to Calhoun & Coleman. of Port Townsend.
lwitlzin twelve months from date 0! first guill
‘ mtiou of tilt: nonu- or midclaims will he om
.ernun-ed. c. v. ANDERSON,
Admlnmmtur of the estate 0! Wm. George.
Duh-Ll November 15. 15:5 ~-w1”
‘— <———-—-———-‘ "
Admmlstzrator’s Nouce.
; .\ll per-um having claiuu agginzt the calm
r 1 Jnlin Williamdhn, demand are Duchy loti
flo‘liu pmzent the same. with the locus-r;
Ivouchers. to mm mm Calhoun & Colemn. :-
the city or Part Townwull, mtliin one you from
the date of the first, publicstian of thin notice
or unit claims wtll be lnrred.
Administrator of the estate or John WM
son, deceased. .. ‘
l Dated. November 15, 1836—710
Q a
} Admintstrator’s Sale.
_ In the Probete Conn. of Pierce county. Wuh
-I|!an Territory.
n the mutter oi' the estate of Thomas P. wu
son. deranged.
Nottee is hereby given that innununce a! on
order of the firobate Court of Pierce county. w
T., nucleon 9 fit! day 0! October. A. D. 1688. in
the nutter of the eetate at the auto of Thomas
F._Wilson. deceased, the undermined. the. u!-
mlnlatrntor of the spit! estate. I ll sell I! peb—
lic auction. to the highest bidder for out: gold
coin or the United States of America. and lab
gct to confirmation by “it! Probate Court, on
'ednesday the 28th day. of November. A. I).
1388. at the land in question. in the county of
Jefi‘ereon. all the right, title. interest And eatate
of the and Thomas F. Wilson. at the time of his
death. and all the rivht. title and interest that
the said estate has. “by opention of law or oth
rnvise. acquired other than er in ndditlon to
that of the said Thomas P. Wilson. “the time
of his death. in and to sit the “min lot, _ple
or parcel at land situate. lying 3nd being in the
city of Ron Townsend, county of J otter-on,
Washington Territory. and are nrticulm-ly de—
scribed nl follows, lo—wit: Block numbered
eiwht (S) of Mount-in View Addition to the city
oFPort TownsendJ‘he pint of which Addition is
now on file in the ofltce of the county nuditor of
mid Jeferson county, W. T.. being 3 piece of
land 2500 {eat sqfltate, with a frontage feet on
Fifth street. 200 act on Sixth street. at» feet on
1' street end :10 feet on 0 street. of seine plat.
Terms and conditions of sue—Cut. gold coin
or the United States, ten per cent. at the pur
chase money to be paid to the auctioneer on the
:i.-.~' of sale. hnlnn: -: on confirmation 0! sale by
5.3,; i‘rDL‘nlu to :‘Y.
Administrator of it», ..ruite of Thoma! F.
Wilnon. deemed.
intt-‘d Tacoma. Oczo‘nvr :1. 29:.
Fire: punitcntion Nov. 5 “'2'.
Assessment Notice.
Tug-cl. Sound lras Company.
; London of principal plan-s or busines, San
‘I-‘x'aucirco. (‘aleomim
Location a! worlb. lt-‘mlale, Wuhlngton
Territory. _
‘ Noliw is hereby gxreu Hm. a: a meeting a! the
; Board of Ditector: held on them any of Deto
‘tlner. IN on a:~es~_mcnt. (No. 12.) 0! one dollar
ISper more was lewed upon the gaplul siock 01
‘um corporation. payable Immediately in United
states gold com , tn the Secret“! at the atlas of
he (‘oan 11;. Room ‘SO. 7. .\‘o. «3 Montgomery
tree t, .an ‘mycisco. California.
An¥ «lock .lp'm. which “315 unusmem shall
rem: n Impala on the 27th day of Nonmbor.
PR. will be d‘eEiuqn-am, and gavel-lined for sole
:1. yublic nachos; and unles< paiment is made
‘on on will be sold on Friday. t 0 21:3 day or
December. 1353. to pay tho delinqgon: unus
men: Number with costs of :Jwrnsing andcx—
peruse: of ulc-
By order of the Board of Directors.
A. HALSEY. maul-y.
Glace. Room No. 7. No. ::‘3 slumgomery ”not
Sun Francisco. California. our:
Notice for Publication.
ergtn Suns [4st Ohms. }
. wattle. W. T., August 8. 1”.
Sauce lg hereby given that, in complisncewim
’l‘m pmvlsxonunttho An 0! Conmu npprovod
*nge 3. 1878 entitled ".\n Act. for ma ale 0!
Timber Lands in the Sums n! Unlilomil, Orson.
Nevada. and Wushiuglnn 'l‘errimry.“ Perc val
Spenn-r. n!Qnilr:~ne, (‘ozmly of Jefferson, Tex-IL
,: uvy of Washington. l.:n l'n's any Mod "I this
‘nzlirv his sworn eutemcw' 50.31?" for the ur
-"- r 4 1.! 1h» nnrmeua u n!‘ gunmen: g of
Sr- [ an .\O. 12. in Township So. 27 Earth
Hangc _"n. ‘3 “It—l, Ind will 017 m“ proof to Iho“
M); .t lh‘ . ul aolght is mon- mlunblo tor n:
timber n: :‘lum' than for ngticullnx'al outfit.
and (a: gram: his rhim :n 9215-! Land fore
“in Register and llacwivvr M (1m 0560 It Seal
lle. King Co , W. T., on Fri-29y. ihe ‘3!!! day of
Dk‘l'embc'. :‘x".
H“ '..nmu' as Min-u: ~‘
‘.“.4. S; uh, u.’ m... ‘in -. J.\.~".:.lon|iConnly.
i A .
‘ - '1 Cone}. of “'uln'q'lv. Jefferson County,
1n:..l n. Mom-He. 01 Quill .m- Hahn-sou Cunn
l)‘. W. 'l'.
.\“n'll .\‘pwu‘ch of (:uiljnu. Jcflcreon (Jann
ly. W. 'l'.
Any and all Jwrsons clnlming ldversely the
above-dearrihe lands am: requvsted to file their
claim:x in this office on or before will fill) day 0!
Dev-ember, 1535.
Homes for Pubhcatmn.
UNI-v.l) .\Tr. . r i. A. ‘nPl- 1:. .
SEATTLE. W. l _. ..Abrr 5. In“. -
Now-c :s her-fin- -:in-u 13-. u m compunm-u
“'th Ih.- prm‘muue n! 1111: an 01' L'nngmu‘ of
Juno 3. Inn-5. enlitlcd“.’|n :m. 10: mo lale 0! lim
ber lund- in Ila- Maxed. v! I 'uiilurnin. (Dragon, Sv—
vmln and “'uslingmn Turriturr‘. Francis W.
James. of hm Tlnvllatflll. runny of Jar-anon,
'l‘crrilnry u! Washingmn. law Hus day filed in
Illis unlco his m on: ‘YlllflY-ll'l‘l .\u. 7:124. for the
pun-hue 0! New 9. “I 1‘ n! the .‘i. l-l. '5. tha s u,
u! u.- s‘ W 1‘ hf ::‘O. :H. and lhe :5 E ‘4 of lh“ SE
3, of Vn'. i}, Tll. ‘.L-. 2". “21.116" 2 \"t‘fiLlin lwill o.’~
[er proof :u shuw Hut llw lzuul :«mgm i- more
vuluahlo {M in '.lmlu-ror unnn than for :r:ri':u=-
[nu-a! purpnw‘ m: l I«- P‘la'lli‘lx his claim In said
tux 1! l." I'M" 1“" "--:"~". r :m l "vcuiwr Of this o!-
‘3l -.i’ ‘ ‘ ‘ 5 -' 'hl“.'s'.?l day 0'
1 .i . -1 --\l2'..\.“'.
| 1:47“. - - - : . x. :1.1.u--i\nllmr~
inf L‘Lu ..l . J ham; 1' I . ”(_’l‘ .(‘. v. 13...
l-‘y. 1-{l'urtTns’z.~Cld, W. I'.
Any and nausea clzuuning nah'ar- 43' {3:O
nbove drecri lands are x'equulr-d to tile 11ml.-
claims In this onlce on or before said 26th by of
April. 1%. .
, lmtm on. :5. ins-mo

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