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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, November 22, 1888, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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TREASURES. ....g- n... !
1“" hope: Thu-. 13: -‘. :13: rm ,: -1. I.‘.‘..x.t!‘
And gltulm-w 1.,-:. \I ~ rl3, -r1';~_« "n.
Putlhv-utEu-~;.- .\ I" -. :.~ :
N“ui_!lll:.'i -, :, ~
Haw {:u‘.‘ \\ - 2 -~» ' n - ..
Tllv- t‘::‘.' ,k ‘ ~ -‘ ~ : "-.‘":
Xnnwt‘ \ I .~. : ' ' na,
TLNL .l' ‘ ‘
lllTu-l--\" \ '3 . ‘
Rut 211.122. » :., - ‘ '
And NM”. ‘. ‘ ‘ '
Th) | It.~.:‘:=- \.~
“magnum.” l ‘ _ n >
"up.“ {.m'lt :.. l' . ‘ ' ' i
Slrvmnhmbnfl ~ * -: ' ,
Lipthh-nl'. {... - _;1.... ‘
. ult'l'.
Tlu- Mumtiug nf 1..-n. ‘~~’l~ul|.
Mr. Linrn‘.” “m Im. h '.x~ .l-E -l\\l.vu he
Mod that l.i~"-.'nt :' -;z‘., m'llw‘; SUI.
son, hn-l lu~~n~lwl In !- .l. l' .. m ;: i-:-‘»
nfboumnllu h--:. N- :\ v: \- .~ ' . :‘- . x- .T
inhoight, “rlgll‘ -! . \l: .' p .... a». :.y l “.15
nomnumly drug; “liziv Inn ILJ \ “.t‘ a
quiet litllv gl‘lllll ::mn. “in 3:. 2' :::-:.l-‘- d
any one.
Senntnr .\lurtvn. \\|!‘.A 'lt‘r, .\1: 'il ..!.-l
Davis, “urn (mint-run: in :1 Lt .t _‘x‘. 2-
son became cx- llVIi :::.~l dull-v. 21 T; 1-i i-wl
Davis in lllL‘ right -hm 1;. ltn . - .‘J‘ Mun
mp 1“! l-nvL'. :m-l Mutt-u ,;:t'-.-- 12..” :1 14‘-
tol. Dans Jltl\'1lll'~"l 1--.\.u.l \3 7r at. “’3..-
wnslunning nguuM thv l-:n‘. lbw-3‘ -l tl; gnu.
And. flrul. .\t lhx pull wt 11m 1': _. .' .\.I a-_
put. his hand on lm hurt. my! g; u 13w l-)'-
sandals run up 1hr)" lli'dl‘vl him my: "I‘m :1
dead man. Send tor :m L‘iqud vivrgy
man." ‘
His friends varrh .1 him into :-. lizzlv I'm-1n
under the stain. 'l‘lu-y ohm-l H‘ «l ill" V
Ind found mur lllv hurt a i;ni-- l.:\;- mum ‘
about the >l.'.c of it Mr lob-f ,uwl 11...; \u: :xil. f
The \Vuuual hml vlmt-Alz x: ~ 1:! w-l r.;:.-
ningzyou \Yullltl hzlr ll; 11-rll4't‘ llna! r. ulna.
wound. By gtnnl lip-l; tin-w van nu If; 1~-‘t>
pal clergyman. :1 mm mzh \\l:~ntl .\-~;~-ru
In intimate, in thv hun- a llv xx.» -;|l xnr ‘
nndcame inunmliutnly. and uh. n I‘. um I" :l ‘
Lbs room all othvrx‘ \\'llll'll‘w'~\'. lu ::lmut t~. u
minutes we were told that .\‘t‘lfl in "min llul L
Quito a number vumw l'nmtmg upu! the;
sound of the allot. mnl our 21,: llu'.“ a polka
man. who nrrcstul “my. lhm: “th with
himquietly, hut 111-Ull (;.-:1. liutll la in; it.L
formed of it he mu'lx- u (lx'llllillul luv” the
mayor for the tlt'llYL'l‘) oi 13ml» to him.
which, after a mummmx'y imitatinn, was
done. No notice “In taken (it tho nlfuir.
Everybody it'll hurry that .\I-bun \\';‘..\ killul,
but they ulnlcmhxml that l);u'i~~ r- .ultl nut ll.)
mything data than what he did du. He had
been stnick, and if lm lliullft l‘t‘x‘lllvl ll ho
would have been tlxsgrun-ul and wnuwllml to
leave the army. llc ruultl llvl rcx-ut it any
other way—Ben: l‘crlcy Pauro in Boston
Limits of Human Senses.
The limited nature of the human senses.
whereby we may fail to perceive an all por
'.ding“sccoull unholy-[has bxn greatly
aphasiwd by the prugnxs of scienw sinua
Inc Taylor rensonul from it. in his “Phys:-
al Theory of Another Life" half a wntnry
3‘o. Improvement in stx-ctrosonpy and pho
tography show that invisible mys extend as
far beyond the violet end l'f the spec: rum as
m length of the Stu-{rum ihe”, zuul indcul
“continue until tho \‘llil‘allnlls “bcculllo
infinitely rapid and infinitely small." Sumo
(the ultra rays can ht- made visible by in
h'posing asubstnnce thnt. havens their re
Pulsar Stems, the physicist, found that.
Ila: a tube filled with a solution of quinine
m was moved along the art-drum, “on
Iniving nearly at the viulut extmnn’ty a
“like gleam of pale blue light shut across
h tab; it did not cease until the tube
ht! been moved far beyond the violet ex—
hunity of the spectrum visible on the
an.” The wavelengths of the spectrum
unyxhnvo been measured, and we pl -
dve only those that. are from about. 0:15
My to one sixty thousandth of an inch; to
at other! we are blind. Soot sound; the
m at, practimlly, hears only those
mum from forty to 4,000 vibra
lil-dthaairper second, though the pos
WWI: new rangeofnotm, and
ithcnncdvuhlethat this instrument, in con
m with sympathetic and harmonic
w my bring downtoaudibility still
high:- mof sound. It is not afiirmable
“any «Instruction 01! mortal eye and ear
oulddhckmthesupernal; but it: iscertain
in than 3 very much visible that we don't
”woodman—The Forum.
Rescue of the Shipwrecked.
A new plan for the nscue of shipwrecked
mun, which it is thought is a great in};
mi: on the inventions now employed,
MI been proposed to Secretary Whitney by
Bau- Admirul Ammen. It consists of tho
omit-notion of what is callednlnlsa, ora.
m The rear admiral suggests the follow
“ method of launching them: “The head
nil-hould be hoisted so as to bring the wind
unruly; oil bags would be thrown over
“mm. Themiling at thestem
M for unshipping would be let down and
Eb launching skids put in place and tho
“curled a.“ by eight men and lowered
with four on it. Then a rough car to fit in
Ihoukidl would be loaded with tho help-hm
pal-cu and lowered to the balsa, be received
Ind plloed, and the operation continued until
tb but has her load, then she would be cast.
“Intending ofhermastnndsuil,
throw ova-hoard hex- oil bag, and the mine
Mon would be repeated until every one
Incubus-lied. Then they should {amen to
ad: other in sections of fives.” The bats-i
m of W 0 casks, upon which a platform
5 kid. In the cask: are scuttles for stowing
pavilion“. A sufilciel.t number of them to
tarry a. thousand people could. in the opinion
I the rear udmiml, be carried onulargo
me without inconvenience—Chicago
PlO. for the Public Schools.
Griddle the public schools as we please, we
In.“ obliged to own, after investigation,
“at they ofler to every child who enters
than certain advantages which no private
Ivedth can buy. In our citim and large
”they are, to begin with, as clean as the
his and cabins or a manof m. Every
:hfldwho eaten; them learns, so m: as the
drool room influence gas, habits of neat
0., method, decorum and punctuality—
poinhot training hardly to be surpassed in
their importance, not willy for the mental,
hm tor the moral nature. \thn I enter
Inch 0 school room. and come upon tiny
little people marching in procession to or
hum their seats, obouicnt to a wave of u
Inger from the resolutu youth or maiden who
insthemin charge, w. . when I rem-ct that
All acre-incontinent, irom the Atlantic to
ihe Pacific, this same process is gning on,
then that modest tux Lwr‘s work rises into
mhlimity, and seems ( c among innumerable
{hunks that are togi .ier waving the vast
web of a new gencrquon—“T. W. H." in
Harper’s Beau.
Old Indy (to a boy in drug storo)—l have
pain runnin‘ up and down my bark and I
{as you can give me a botue of linimcnt.
Boy—Wot kind will you have!
“What’s the cheapmt you have?
“1 tin give you n g« ml homo lin'unent [or
.1 3 MEl—Texas Bu Ling;
Up mu to tho Eorth Polo.
If one of Greely‘s hardy adventurers
nosed the eighty-fourth parallel he had
but 400 miles further to go. He had
water behind hiln, but before him, look
ing north. he had a field of ice stretching
beyond his powers of vision, however
sided. He was looking “up hill,” for
notwithstanding the flattening of the
earth Atthe poles the accumulation of
too there very much more than compen
note. If it be true that there is a dif
lemnoe of sixteen miles between the
major Ind minor axis of the earth. and
it is probably less, then it follows that to
look “up hill" from the eighty-fourth
parallel would require at least eight
miles of solid ice resting upon the solid
firth—Philadelphia. Times.
For th- Uu ol’ the Putor.
“Rubber Baptismal Pants” are now
freely advertised in the leading Baptist
papers. These nether garments are gen
erllly used by the pastor who performs
the ceremony of immersion, and not by
the converts who are immersed. The
converts are presumed to be wet all over.
They are genemlly arrayed in g‘uments
oz woolen material. Which are kept f 0)
the purpose by thechurchcs. The “Rub
ber Baptismal Pants" are intended to pru.
lave the minister from an attack A! cold
I mvwm Tina
.' .”2 Two Ijnurhnf“Solvents“ and "h:~
lurz“ ~" ‘.r- lll‘l‘ I‘lrh hay.
\', ‘ V.- l. ‘= : In} _i‘~ 3"! ‘
- i.’il""'.|‘.~‘il'lV
‘ K ~ :3 x'. 23%!17
- V 1* ~ ' :'.- ..: '. Killian». ' _
.v :.F - . - ‘.'. 7.::;.;x_'.'xt-'i
.. i .- i ;7-.. i_r iii 1““: .
' ‘ _ . . , \‘ . ... L ..‘ l
;’ 1- ;:..-5|i5,; ..
.'_ = :. : ‘v-,';.rit§uy«.u -‘H:: .
'.. ,- :--: ‘. ,rzf nus lu- lea !;.- r.
; u "r .i" i:n}~-»-l “.2 o l
’ in gvxo :|~' ‘v 4'l 1“.» l- J” 1541 x'i
\‘li' gnu v.l «: .;...-l l.:i\.il. .\I \~.' NV
54.. .«r'r. 'hj.’ {22v l‘-!III"\' linuilll'r.‘ of ab
rz': ') if! )3; ‘i '. H'lill" End to Child.
Iv" I-IV. i 111“. :1: iv >3. :~ :1 rate [whi-y,
(::2 t\l _ti.~l' nu'. it 1!".‘\:Zil“"lilill'_:irl
::i-l \E‘ iil" l'-‘-tl :_:.l 111-lili.ll\\ii!ll‘r‘
.-E,:l_v n-d i'l'u-itb it Lu- t‘\ll«'Illt\t'llli"!ll'i“i
t' liirh L 4... 1!: 1,... many flaws l-v'w'l
brought nil-v.l! by .szfi :ixu-neefrom
Hur w a “‘l‘nt z~ u- t \\lil| lik' “anti-fat"
mI-u-rm” I; if: il.I~ \x’e i1.1‘.-‘ nu sort of
s-ynnuzlzx', (xv-qt in .w h! us on :lt'ufll
“minim z-i' :«i.3.m- tl~~m~ um) vlmuce
1., lw lnuz'iéih \ivzauwlxilr !lu-t‘r- am
iri|}\l-‘ii';ll'fli farts 1:1 h'l'tiinnY-ull‘lllklllg
with h main. :.v in' rm'nlir-l hyth‘vw who
l;:i-u=.\'zb-1n. and bin u-_bt In llu- knowl
t'xlgl' of (h:- unduili =l in me li-‘im‘. be
r:m.~:- ilk-_V «com-urn tlw promotion of
of habit. Thus it is. em-vntial that them
slioulnl be (unstzzntly passing through
tilt-(Il'j;.ilil>lll a illhiling. as it Were, of
fluid. to hold in .\ulutlull and wash away
the prmluets of (limunilation and
Waste. Thrm- who do not recognize
lllt' t’avt that three-1 lllill’tt'l‘s by weight of
the entire organism is normally com
powd of fluid cannot fully realize the
great need which exists for a (opious
If there be not a suflicient
ennlmmose. the exosmose must be re
stricted. and «mm limiters. soluble in
themselves, but not dissolved beeause of
the deficiency of fluid available. will be
retained. Take, for example. the uric
acid; this excrmnentitious product re
quires not less than some 8.000 times its
bulk of wan-r at the tenuwmture of the
blood to hold it in solution: and if it
be not dissolved it mpiilly crystallizes,
with more or less dismtrous conse
quences, as in gout. {min-l. and proha~
bly many other less Well—axognized
troubles. “'9 only mention this par
ticular excrement by way of illustration.
In all, it may be fairly concluded that
not less. titan three and a half pints
should be consumed by any pemm in
twenty-four hours, and when the body
is bulky, four or even live pints should
he the average.
It is. inormver, desirable that the
fluid thus taken should be in the main
either pure water or water in \vhieh the
simplest extnu'ts are held in solution.
\Vhen tluid taken “as drink" is itself
heavily charged with solid matter, it
cannot fairly be expected to so entirely
rid itself of this burden in the process of
digestion and absorption as to be avail—
able for solvent purposes generally, al
though the separation between solid and
fluid mgredients of the food is doubtlest
fairly complete in the processes prepar
atury to awimilation.—london Lancet.
liulug Down Hi".
There. are more ways than one of going
down hill. Besides rolling over a preci
pice. rushing down a tebogno slide and
other methods. you mny. if you nealeet
to rectify an errutic digestion, des -ipliue
a rebeJinus lizer. and restore a regular
habit of the barrels. rapidly descend on
iucliue whose bottum is the grave. A
failure in vigor. impairment of appetite,
troubled sleep. loss of flesh and mental
energy—these are the infallible indica
tions that show decay. and ought to sug
gest repair. The finest, surest. pleas
antest means of repairing physical en
ergy is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters.
Where. the mineral poisons and weak
appetizers fail, this potent botanic invig
nrnut sucreeds. Whether feebleness is
the attendant of disease, inherent in
the constJutinn. or the companion of
convales‘enrte. when very slow after
wasting maladies. the Bitters has ever
proved a reliable menusol’ remedying it,
through the medium of improved diges
tion. The Bitters cure malarial com—
plaints, rheumatism. constipation and
kidney troubles.
A pleasing sense of health and strength
renewed and of ease and comfort follows
the use of Syrup of Figs, as it acts in
limmony with nature to effectually
cleanse the system when costive or
bilious. For sale in 50c and 81.00
bottles by all leading dmggists.
Don t [diners-lent.
, You cannot afl'ord to waste time ex
perimenting when your lungs are in
danger. Consumption always seems at
first only a cold. Do not permit any
dealer to impose upon you with some
cheap imitation of Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption. Coughs and
colds, but be sure you get the genuine.
Because he can make more profit he may
tell you he has something just as wood.
or ju=t the same. Don't be deceived,
but insist upon getting Dr. King’s New
Discovery, which is guaranteed togive
reliet in all Throat, Lung and Chest of.
factions. TI in; bottle free at N. D. Hill
& Son's drug store.
Hake no Mistake.
By dispelling the symptoms so often mistaken
for Consumpuon, SANTA ABIE hllil brought
gindnesx to many a household. By its pmmpt
use for braking up the cold that too otten devel
ops Into that futul diwnse, thousands can be
saved tram an untimely grave. You make no
mlutake by hex-filo: a ho. neonlm pleasant rem
ed‘y in your ouse. CALIFORNIA CA F-R-
C RE is equally em-ctlva in eradicating all traces
of Nasal Cutarrh. Boll: at these wondertnl Cul
lrornin remedies um mm and warranted hy Dr.
J. D. Mlnltler. SlJll :1 package. 3 for $3.50.
' ' nlwnvs have
‘k‘ “\gh" Ackur's Baby
Soother at hand. It, is the only safe
medicine yet made that. will remove all
infantile disorders. It. cnmuins 1m Opium
or Mn'plu'ne, but. gin-s tlm clniid mull/ml
1188 frum pain. Price 25 cents. :s'uhl In:
mum -r & Co.
liurkloun‘u .\rnlca Salve.
Tm: {hm SAME in the Wurld for Cuts,
Bruises. Sun-es. Ulcvrs, Salt Rheum. FP
er Harem'l‘etlor. Ulmppod hands. Chil
blains. Corns and all Skin Eruptions,
nml punitivoly cures piles. or (20 [my rc
quirod. It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction. or money refunded. Price
250 k: per bur. For sale by N. D. Hill &
lnsnr» your [lran-rly in llw Northwest
Firc .E .\lurhw Ins. (‘u.. tlu- loading (‘Ulll
p;;ny--!'Hn-;:nn :uul \\'u~xhinglnn Terri-
Imy. has :1 x-upitul Slm'k ul' s7M),o'.'ro, pays
its LNSUS nl Hm tinn- of :rljnstnwnt. L.
l.u‘.'.’\'!llv -r_;_', Pros; .Illn. .\h-L‘rm'lu-n. Vice
l’rc~. : T. .\l. “'arn-n, Tro '.; llnu. R. P.
Earhart. .\I-I'. and .\lnnxlgvr. lh-l'vrence,
Ist Nuzinnal Hunk nf Port Townsend.
.‘\l\'lm_\'rv A': .‘i.~l«-y, agents. ‘29“
Brno“ s “01' Youlh.
‘T.-‘ i lmelm. Cl:.~’2~lu~_\'. Prh-rsnn. Clay
() -.. l hlln Hm following remarka
ir , -' l‘ . tln- truth ml which is vouched
{lx' l'\ '. -- u~>idonls of the town: "I nm
7:} _u. r~ -:‘.l. have [men troubled with
k: inn ~ ‘.zrplfliut and lameness fur
m- z \ ~ an; could not dress myself
\r '. v v 15:. Now [am free from all
33.‘ 2: ::LJ ~01: ness. and am able to do
Iu l H“ mm. :1 housemrk. I owe my
‘ N: .: I - :-- l-letric Bdtu- for having lo-
I um” J ::y _mulb‘ and removed com-
Hl-~t:-'_v xall dis-use and pain.” Try a
“-.sz . .3- c. and $1 at N. D. Hill & Son's
gum: Mule.
Mr. J. M. Ml-M-nry, who is so rapidly
- building up :1 phifioartist business in
J Pm! ‘l‘ownsuud, has introduced the bro
. mldu mx-tlmxl «r enlarging piciares. and
by 13 e r~::pln_~.ment «r firubclaas artists.
'hus produced pictures that would do
I credit to any city on the coast. Ho de
gene-liberal nuoeeu.
Gr. to Bill & Sans for Homeopathic
rmwhomtw. Guides WIN! Complete—ML
nun .‘lrums to ho had upon npplicr
hm .
A“ .‘=)\£l":? furs.
T' -' ' "nu. .\‘l -‘:“:y- ”In zm-w :< :1.‘}]I::VI::.
z". _-- ~--- ‘. - ': '- .-‘ .h-l r» -:.;1'h~.-;;!.-
r ,rn ‘ur - . ~. x» ._ x'yl.‘ \x- . I“.:-::","‘i
I: . A '1 :1 l - v . p ' .':~. \V ‘ }. ”tin-'13."
.. ‘. . _ up» u!‘ lJ’ -~-_ hi Fm"! ~- ( I::‘l‘.‘:i
\:-'- n. , mu; 1. >4 '-: “.- Dr. -.--V i‘. \lm'r
-’ "I 1!..;‘ 'A ‘. 2‘ E-y'i. :, I' n I-"I'WJ‘.
Thriz‘ §§{:£l:t!‘~~ licmuzmz. _
PM! f-hb‘ .‘.'l “in: tinny 5::3‘4l"1l1:z v, wit-t.
.‘1 'h'nljh'ffi rt kui n! "tn!“ at N. I). H“: 6.:
S m‘ulrng :2 rrr :ii E'w‘i: gn‘m: mvny i;-
tln-zv- un~':umv"= LT FH many frrt- trial In ‘-
tit-s «4‘ 1):: King's N: w Discnvery for
(inmnluptinn. 'i'lu-ir Imde Is snmp!y
Nit-rnxmls in this: wry anl‘mlfln nrtlt‘lo
fmm thr- fnct that it alwnvs curvs ul 0
haw-r dimppuinta. ('nughn. CHM“. .59“:-
mn. Bronchiti“. (‘rv-np m-J nlllhrunt nrd
s'”! .lis» ma: qvnnk}; mus-. 1. \uu cm;-
tnet it hum-o buying tgv getting: a tna!
h-I'He tnu, large sizv SI. Emery bottle
Merrllautx. Riv!!! Thu.
To the Hwy-m m ltn- w-xzninm '6“ hnmnyss
mu. .I>.~H-p,~i.-. and ‘1 I-vlh'. u: dnhi-xty. imia-
Inixt'. ‘.h'l dw~llnhl"‘f.“fi. “5' sur. Ink» .\innunns
Li‘vr lit-x!"'4:-ir. The Ira-'vniulnr x.~ ter {rt-m
nnr nit m:~ “Jun-nu ~u'aluml': no! «Kinsme
nl.',i.; .:m m- mkun at any tun» without interfv-r
--1n: ux'h huflnv-‘u nr ph-n-urv. ll i.~ ::v‘ntlv, wt»,
and :1 gm) tii‘xr‘ll'r. l' h unvquallwl in the
mm (11' pih-~. v-n'n iguninn. haul lm-ul’h “I“?
e I] u'!. ~ --. Li :nfii nu“ n - u... liliK‘.
When you drsirc :1 Izlenszunt physio. try
.\‘t. l’ntm‘k‘s l'ills. Fur sale by N. 1).
Hm x smm. nnvli
Tu: \‘nxJAlrlH:l.'rl‘u.. nr .\lurdmn. “it'll.. u"
term send Ilu-ir ('r-h'hrah-d El.mlm>—erru(
“BLT and utlu-r Euu'nm' .\rl‘uaer on his]
for thirty (luv-I. tn I'wn ty-Iztug hr ph‘.) Izmirln-d
with m-rvnus lzl'hit‘lV. hw: r‘f \iln‘utv and man
hood, and all kindrvdxvam‘mx Also fur rhnuma
nsm. m-nrulgm.l‘;.|:.a:}'.~i~'.:tllql mnuy mhcr dis
eases. Crmpn-Iv n-~tnr:itinn In ho-zllth. cigar :uu'
mynl‘u'md guaranteed. No ri~k is iucnrn-d :u
thirty days‘ that :s ailmved \Vritethvm :u nun
m illuslmtwl nanmhh-t trea
The dry cold weather of tho: early win.
tcr months is productive of a great deal
0f cr--np amnm: child ron. .\lutlmra
should be nu the lookout fur it. and be
prepared to arrvst it as noun us: the first
umptnms nppenr. True cmnp never
comes Without a warning; is duy or two
before the attack the child will boonmc
hoarse, and that symptnm is soon ful—
luwml by a pvcnliur. rough conch. If
Chamberlain's Cough Rexumly is given
us 50"!) as this lu-nrsuuns; nr cough npr
rerun. all danger and anxiety may be
avoided; it has mvor l’nilml. won in tho
mnsl sn‘ere cases. 'l‘lierv is [in danger
in giving the Remedy for-it (‘untflins no
injurinus substance. Fur sale by N. D.
Hill & Son. nnYM
[ln-N- In.
You are fi‘f-‘llng 119[)r1’8§t‘li, your up
potitu is lmnr‘yun mu hnthcrmt with
Headache, yuu nro fidgetty, nor-vans.
and generally out at aorta, and want to
brave up. 15.40"- !!p. hut nut with stim
ulants, spring nwdicinos, or hitters
which have for their tinsia wry clump.
hnd whisk) 111.11 which stimulate ynn
fur an hour. 'nd thvu 'ruvn yuu in Finn-'O.
canditiuti tt in before. Whit you want
is nu nltcrn fivv- thht will purify )unr
Nomi. Mari. ‘:ulll.y uctinn (if the Liver
and 'uixmys rest "'2 ynnr vitality. and
aim renewed ‘le: nth and strength. Snot:
a medicine yt ’ v ill final in Elwtrio Itit
ters. and only 51’ conts n hnttlo, at N. D.
Hill & So a"
Wondertul Uures
\V. D. Hoyt k (30.. “linlcsnlu and
llletail Druggisls of Roma. 6a.. say:
We have selling Dr. Kina‘s Now Discov
‘ery. Elcctric Bitters and Bucklon‘s Arni
ca Salve for two your: llnve never
handled remedies that sell as well.or
give such universal satishcliua' There
have been some wonderful cnrcs efl'ectcd
by these medicines in this city. Several
cases of pronounced (‘onsumptiun the
hcen entirely cured by use of a few hot
lcs of Dr. Kings New Discovery, taker.
in connection with Electric Bitters. We
guarantee them always. Sold by N. D
Hill 8: Son
The "en-dict l‘nnnnmons
W. D. Salt, Drngmst. Bippns.lml..
testifies; "I can recommend Electric
Bitters aslhe very best remedy. Every
bottle sold has given relief in every
mas. One man took six bottles. and
was cnred of rheumatism of 10 years’
standing." Abraham Hare, :lrumzist.
Bellvile. Ohio. affirms: “Th;- liost ML
ling medicine I have over handled in my
20 years‘ experience. is Elcclric Bitters.“
Thousands of others have added their
testimony. So that the verdict is unani
mous that Electric Billers do care all
diseases or the Liver. Kidney or Blood.
Such amedicino you will find in Elec
trio Bitters, and only 50 cents a bottle.
N. D. Hm. & Box.
Afiound It‘ll oplnon.
E. Blainbridge Munday Esq.. County
Ant-ya. Clay (30.. Tex. says: "Have used
Eleclnic Bitters with most happy results
My Mother also was very low with Mac
larial Fever and Janndicn, but was
cured by timely use of the medicine.
iL'frnnsratislied Electric Bitters saved his
1 e.
Mr. D. L. Wilcoxson. ol’ Horse Cave.
Ky.. adds :1 like ttstimony, saying: Be
positivelp believes he. would have died,
bad it not been for Electric Bitters.
Lhis great remedy will ward 03', as
well as cure all ularial Diseases. and
for all Kid ney, LiAer and Ltomnch Dis.
orders stands unequalled. Price 50c
and 81. at F. D. Hill 3'. Son.
Better than Gold
Cu: be trnlv sald of that new and efficacious
remr-dy for (‘onsnmplinu nnd discaSes of the
Throat. Chem and Lu gs, Saul» Abir. for it I.
Elensun! to the palate and drum to a cult]
very bcnle \mrrunted by J“. I). .\IINKLIBJhe
For sale. by 0. C. Bartlett & Cu , n
nmall assortment or guaranteed genuine
old Salsuma Wnre; also. a few J npnnese
Curios. *
.N. D. Hill 8: Sun. tho Drugnisla. de~
sum to inl’orm their putrnns that they
are agents for (lhnmlmrlnin'u Cough
Remedy. the host nml must relinble
mfldiciuo in use fur cmxuha.caldn and
Group. No one suffering lrum u throat
or lung: trouble can use it witlmut bone—
fil. It will cure n run-re Cold in less
lime than any other mmliciu! nr trout
meut. It is the only known u-mmly that
will prevent croup. unvl4
tho Children. They are cs~
s“wcl pecinlly “(1})10 to sudden
Colds, Coughs, ('mup, “lumping Cough.
etc. “'0 gllnl'nntn'c Acker's English
Remedy a pew-hive cure. It saves
hours of anxiuud watching. Sold by
Lmimvr & Co.
“on My was sick. we gsve her Canton-la,
When she was a. Child. ahe cried for (‘utorig
When ahe became Miss. ahe clung to Castor-in,
Whoa sho had Children. she gavo them Cumriz
Ell/:55 I/v‘qiqganm
.( :‘B 932 ‘93 .
D “mgfi-SPEC‘FIC
2* STABfliflEDICIN "”
“\E P’D'RTEANfi.;OR€ Ca
‘SULD m x. v. HILL & was.
‘~.."“.‘.”’" M
n‘ L- —““‘“‘ ~—‘-\ ‘.
:p :"u .h \‘ .I ‘ -.‘ :11; \ "
‘3 :3; »J “"" . " 5 fl‘?”
,3. ‘‘_ ‘ ~ . "as: ’-‘E"c"
is! q? 15.“? L 2 *-'
“‘ ~ ‘ ""71“,”. .
\, " *:_ "“7:
This is the '10? of the GEMHXE
f‘!‘ n a M 3
anti T 3? 1.5.“? CHIMNEY.
All utixcrssimilar arc imatations.
> _.g'gb‘.‘ T 1315 exact Label
.._-g,s{RA~§\.. 15 on each Pearl
: {pf-“Rt? .. Top Chimney.
;: 1 .o A drakrmuy say
.. ‘3l TQE; {5.4: and think he has
’.‘tfisfih'gvvéf others as good,
0.5.5. mm ms mus NOT.
lnsxs! upun 11.: Exact Label and Top.
For Sale Everywhere, mummifi
- '1 '
SEO. A. WGBETH 1!. ML. Plttsburgh. PI.
Contractor & Bullder.
l'lrllzrl. Sm-cNmU‘HL-. ...thnntvs, «ha. [JP-mp”)
V-u‘; :uM \‘ulpvnh-a wnik m" ;.n kind:
(lan. UIIr-lllnllll.ti\'u
gig—Shop on “Eu-1‘ 51. near (‘hurlvs Imtel._§! ‘
W ‘
Civil Engineers and Surveynrsj
L—icA'lu'llc. - \v 'r.
’ ' ' ’ nigh haégx§mlfm§fo
one.“ snl huzbmcuon In the
I I'o 5 DAYII. (Inc of Uunurrhu‘n um
3%” mm. x pn-scribeuaud
- loci safe In recommend-
Irdafl’s’ "‘1“. ing It to all sulferem
C' 1 l A. J. STONER. IJL,
Decatur ll).
Ohio» ’
'l'rah- luk fluid by Drugzlsts.
N. I). HILL .c SUNS. Aguhls.
Q Dli. .l()RI)AN'
' 1:1' 731 .\[urkc-l Slrvet. San ll‘rnncisun
. ; Guru”! Irurn hn\\' m avoid dis 11>".
NJ; ' :ml huw “unmerfnnv _um um
gag; j . m-Mv. l‘oxx~n|tulmn and he.”
: «- xm-ul lwr~()lu|l|_\' m' In) letter on
" . ' \h'fl x..-s~a:lud;m duo-ammonium.
, L Sum! fur hunk. l’rlvute (mice
1!” lh‘fiTV street.
- - whv Acker’s
[‘\\QJ \‘L A\so\-\ Bio-0d Elixir
is warranted. s because it is the best
Blood k't‘parn'inn known. It. will posi
:ively cut. all Blond l’isvn'ws, purifies the
whole sysmu‘mml l]:(‘!uu;'].‘:}’ imihls up the
con'st'nluliuu. Rcuu‘mbrr: v.l; guuruumc it.
Sold by [,nlimur & (‘O.
W 111 mm Busby,
Kalsomuung and Paper Hanging.
i?§‘“l‘irst-clus< wnrk Guaranteed.
b‘h-‘p- n Adams at. up. Court Hunsc‘fi]
i’l’llll‘f’l‘ l'ol'li NEW
RA,; l l .
“mRSCH Bmg;
van 01AM
V3O 0”
\V“ TA 0 0
99 E C 8‘ LEs
... V ‘ A _._ _ H.
Th. well-known Optician of 107 N. Fourth St.
(under l’lnmors House). St. Louis, has uppolnlnd
N. D. Hill‘s Sons. of Port. l‘mvnwnd. Igontr for
his celebrated Diamond S‘mcmclcx and Eye
:zlnasl-s, and also tbr hla lllu n'md Non-(“hange
uhle sin-tucks and Eye-'lasses. These Glass“
am the grealtst lnveutfim Mm- made ln Spec
tacles. By a proper construction (A! the Lens A
per-on purchasing a mlr of these Non-Change
able Glassca nevur has to change 'hese film-sea
from ill-l eyt-s. nnd every pair purchased are
::nnnn'eed, so (hnl ll theyever leave the eyes
(no mailer how runad or scratched the LCHEQI
are) they wlll furnish the gnrlv u'llh a new pair
of Glasses {we of charge. '. D. Hill's Sons have
a full nsmrtmenn and lnvlm all “110 with to an
infy themselves of the great nuperloritv at [bar
6 use»: over any And all other: now in use, 0
ctllnnd examlne the same at lhelr drug stove
Wnler street. Port Townsend-
H‘No Peddlers supplied. mum
DO (.1! fan] dull. luxuuld. low-sniiited. life
| less. ‘13:"! llids'M-rihlhly misrmble. Loch physi
. mlly unvl mmmlly: experience a sense 0!
‘ fuilnes‘: ur blunting finer eating. or or ”gone
' Hess." or ulnpzénem «.1 sirrusch in the morn
; ing. tongue mama. mm: or bad taste in
"Juli!!! irrauuim upmtiie. dizziness. frequent
inc-minrixmtbiurn‘d eyesight, “ floating speck."
baton: the‘oym. nervous ::mstrmiun or ex
, hausiion. irrzmbiliny of tcnu'm. but flushes.
| sm-ruaiing- wiLu chili,“ semulions. sisal-B
, biting: tmnuiunt pains 9m and titers. 130
feet, (iron-airings nae-.- meals. wuimlulncss. or
k disturlrd nntl [Hindi-calling slm'p. cpnstant.
indescribable feeling of dread. or of nupem
inf cam unity? _
f {on have all. or any considerable numba
‘ of those symptoms. you are suflcitnii‘dfrom
that. runs: commun or American mu les—
‘ nilious Dyspepsia. or Torpid Liver. associated
with Dysln‘psis. or Indigestion. The more
complicated your disease has become. the
greater the number and diversity of symp
toms. No mum-r what “£8 it has mchcd.
Dr. Ploree’scoldcu NI Icnl Discovery
will subdue it. it unknn according to direc
tions [or s mmnsble length of tune. It not
cured. complications multiply and Consump
tion of the Lungs. Skin Dist-uses. Henri. Bissau}.
Rheumatism. \iduef Dismse. or other grave
maladies are quite l able to set in and. sooner
or inter. induce a {null termination.
Dr. Plorce’s Golden Medical Dis
covery acts powerfully upon the Liver. and
thromrh that. great blmxi-purifflng organ.
ck’flilSl'S the 85?":"1 of all blood-tn msnnd im
purities, {mm whatever cause ltrisili‘i:rh.o It is i
equally fillivr‘cious intncting upon l Kid
ne 8. an 01 nor och ory organ c cansuf.
nr’énmhoning. and bonding their «films. I I
an mils-tiling. rmrtnrnuvu tonic, it promotes
Jim! on and nuiritinn. tlmwby building up
hull: "fish and sin-tutti). lu malarial districts.
this wondL-ri'ul muliclne has gained mt
m-iq-brity in curingr lv‘cn-r nnd A‘fuc. Chills and
l-‘vvcr, linnnb Aqua. and kinds-w diseases.
Dr. Pier-00’s Golden Medical nu.
from a common ”inn-h. or Eru ition, to the
worst. Scmi‘nln. Suit-riicum. “i’cver-soros."
Sculy or Rough Skin. in short. all dist-«soc
caused hy lm blond are common-d by this
powerful. purifying. and invimmlin medi
cine. firm: Eating [Jim-m rup‘i-diy [143:5 under
its benign iniiuL-nuu. ltfilfl‘l'illily has it mani
fi'fil’l‘d its pin-no)! in (curing: 'l't-iiu-r. Eczema.
Hrysipoh's. Hulls. 1 ‘nzrium’lcs. Fur“ Eyes. Scrot
ulnus Soros mid tint-“ 51123. Hip—yum, Dist-use.
“White :kn-iiinx.:." Lam-u, ‘.r Thick Neck.
and Erika: "i (Ham‘s. Send (ml cents in
stamps fur a. large 'i'it-niE-tz. “::h colored
plan-s. (in Skin Din-. 521... :.r an» rum) amount
for a '.i‘u-unn') nu Scruluiuus _‘. its: z-ons.
“FOE Tiff. ”53.02113 .3151... RIPE."
Thnrnncid.‘ «If m: 51 f-.' 1. __' 3H2. :‘lerco’l
Golda: _r2‘2:»a‘---.--.‘i ::er-w .421. .z'ul (mud
idlgmsiv ;' Ir, ».':'L . m.. _-,, ..gr 4‘ vital
. sari-zigzn - -1 ‘_ 1..-3 i ‘:1 - b; . .!:.'...H£ch.
‘tf‘. .‘-"é"’~“ ‘2": “J” 1" '~‘ "
5 sh; wen-” 2;. -. g. ,;;=:u,
whiph :m‘c _~‘uf.':_ 'H‘Ew 7.: :., 3:l;lsjgted
sand x'l::‘:'f :_:.“ 1 in m the
- ('lir”(l' s‘a. r£~~z 1:. : .u; ~. 1:, fix mgr
i luv-mus nm 2_ .v.'r;' . ..2 '3 'll 3 :3 «age.
I “‘Ill?" fires-LC- :;|_-‘ I ;h m"; \ I'7 "1 ::.H! H'ni-
My tom-:xzzlagi". ;; -. I'. mu 1; 'i: “ :.lt-nsly
of callin‘: :l: 2915 .L. .:2 '. »;-. L !2.'7." but
shaman-m»! :i.ut min-s 1.: I'l .u‘r;-.L::u fur
a. mt‘dicin ~ \.:li('i.‘. .tum ii-z \ ~in "3211;: com
! binutimx of inml; w; :21: on»? 'm'; “n. 1,. Literatfi'v‘t
i or bitmd-xfcunsinp, :qu-mimur-. in czru'ui. and
I nutritive .u‘nlfn-niys. ‘5 iznmumklsl. m 1»: onhi
as n tamed; or ‘nnaum than u: or a!
- Chronic Bboms of mg .
Liver, Blood, and Lungs.
' For Weak Lungs, Sn‘iiting of Blood. Shortness
0! Dream, Chronic .‘miCstsrrh. Bronchitis.
Asthma. Straw Census. and kindred nn'ecuons.
.l. is an mlh-‘onl 11-niody.
8 told by [lung >l~, at 01A», or Si c Botxies for
‘ w sl-nll ten c-nls in sismp- {or Dr. Piexm‘l
book 0 l L‘m.sxmpncn. Addm«°,
1 World’s D.spen&sry Medics! Assoc’n,
663 Mam St, Bnfiaio, N-‘Y- _
Timb L d
_ cer an s
For Sale.
Tim hundred and twenty-five acres;
of ‘..irjm‘r land for sale. Distant half
mile 13 a mile from the waver, dowm‘
grade, tn good ha bor. Within six‘
milna {mm Port ETownsend. For
nailir'n'lur apply to BBADSWAW &
Suns. Port Townsend. mstf
N 6 -7 I-{Tn_Bul-ned.
Appiy to Goo. IS. Sturrctt.
Wine Tonic
Beef, Celery,
Iron, and Wine
An Unequalled N er§re Tonic
and Blood Invigorator.
Especially AduptoTlEr llle Treatment
of Nervous Afl‘ections. lmsoverish
ment of ihe Blood. an Gen
eral l’rostruliou.
For Sleeplessness, Loss of Appetite,
Gouoral Dm-nngemout of the
Nervous System arising from
whatever cause, Brain
Trouble, the result
of overwork. etc.
A faillllul lrlul “11l [trove It to he the met mu
l’mrc-(ienerzuing. lur» Surlnmiu: sypmn-Vl
mlmng. mul llama-Cheering remed’vercr omen-d
111 11l ‘ ullllclull.
IlAl‘l‘ "no. 1;
I'rop'ru find Mnnnflulurorn.
Avrnzdtlm :“4 Clay SL. San Fnlicisco. Ca.
It a an established fact that Hood’s Sar
saparilla has provcn an invaluable remedy
in many severe cases 0! rheumatism, elk-ct
lug rmuarkahlo cures by “s powerful action
in correcting the nudity ot the blood. which
is the cause of the disease. and purilylng
and mulching the vital fluid.
It is certainly fair to assume that what
Hood‘s Sarsaparilla has done for others it
will do [or you. Therefore, 11 you sullcr
the pains and aches o! rheumatism, give
this potent. remedy a fair trial.
A Positive Cure.
“1 was troubled very much with rheum
[ism ln my hips, ankles, and wrists. I
could hardly walk. and was confined to my
“ed a good deal ol the time. Being rec
ommended to try Hood's Szxrsaparllla. I
‘va (our bottles and am perfectly well.
' cheerfully recommend Hood's Snmpnrilla
one 0! the host blood purifiers In the
M." W. P. WOOD. Bloomlngton, 111.
For Twenty Years
. have been amicted with rheumatism. Betore
:53; l (ound no rellat. but grew worse. I then
wgan taking Hood's Bonapariun. and it. did
me more good than all the other medicine I
:vcr had." 1:. T. BALCOH, Shlrley. Mass.
“1 suflvrcd from what the doctors called
muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Sar
saparllla and am cmin-ly cured." J. V. A.
hammer. letter can-lot, Chicago, 111.
We Ihull be glad to send, free of charge
to all who may deslro, a. book containing many
Mdluonal statements 0! cures by
Hood's Sanaparllla
Sold by all drngglstn. 3:; 511 tons. ma.
only by G. I. HOOD & 00.. Lowell, luau.
__IOO Doses One Dollar.
“ I unhesitnringly add my
testimony to the great bene
fits to be derived from Sim
mons Liver Re vulator. I
was afflicted lhr several
years with disordered Liver,
which resulted in a severe
attack of Jaundioe. I had
good medlrml attendance, but
It. failed to restore me to
the enjo'ment of my for.
mer health. I then tried
the most renowned ph si
cians of Louisville, Ky., hut
all to no purgose, where
upon Iwas in uced to try
Simmons Liver Regulator.
I found immediate benefit
from its use, and it. ulti
mately restored me to the
full enjoyment. of health."—
A. H. SHIRLEY, Richmond,
Ky.......“ 1 most cheerfully
recommend it. to all who
suffer from Bilious Attacks
or any disease caused by a
dismanged state of the
Liver.”. . ...WV. R. BERNARD,
Kansas City. Mo.
‘ _ , Ii) '0 'l .
‘1 y‘ S S
I 0 l .
’ "" n'omzl
Pun)“: mu. fins, June 20. ill—Tho
Swin Specific Company Ail-ma. (it—Gou
uoman : Ono of my children was troubled
viii: rhrumnuuu and boil: for shout two
years. We to her vnrioun limb or modi
aine. but. wltgut fimngmd basin to W
of curing her n n . I win would“ toga
your Swiii'l apt-cine. Art- Iha had
several bottle. the disease: o.l] din-W
and lbs in now a halo. Muslin! “I“!
ri twelve yen-n old. Ana or child in:
run. become nii‘licted in tho Inna m. um
um union the s. S. 3. And anticipate n prompt
sud paramount cure. N. 0. WANG.“
men Btu. liov. Jul 1. Wlll. m
Sptcmu Cu. Lilla“. GL—Gonuomen: Our
little girl when but chi-on week- old hroh
out with eczema. We triad tho prescription
-Imm xoveru good doctor-him: without any
n in! benefit. We tried 3. 8.. and by th
‘Bs.: one bottle wu gone her head ban to
heal. and by the time the had inhen nix
bottles she was mmplaie‘il cnred. how Ihu
has n full and heavi' bL‘l of hair-n robuu.
hemy child. 1 {eel 8 but my duly to max.
tun aulemeut. Beamituliy, B. 'i‘. Sucn.
Cnn-nxooo‘. Tum. June 27 iß—m
Swift stpeclnc Co.. Atlanta, Gu—dontiomoa :
In 1386 Contracted blood pouon. nnd a: one.
nought. a physician who (rented me for U!-
eml illuniils. By hil advica I wenthno
()l'i‘hll’ll springs. Ky., where hi: oounn at
treatment was curl-tuliy observed. IW
en-d. us I timuglmllut the mt: wring?)-
glm began in uppeu on In? lace and y.
new gradually increased 0 sore. And run
ning ulcers. 1 was advised to try 8. B. 8.. Ind
inlmmlawlynim min it. I commenced“:
improve. niowly at ling, but more rapidly
afterward; and soon nolhin remuned m
tell of my in-übze. Kyhloog in now thor
oughly rlenusul. and my Irltem freon-um
imm. an! I owe my present condition-I
pollen cure—to your medicinn icheatuliy
“179 um summons ‘bl‘ omen who Mvo
notified as i huvo mny mix the lame beam
Ham! )1. Bun. We“ Ninth BL
Ronni. LA.. by im—Tho Swifts lilo
Cu. Atlanta. Oufienmpen: Awning”
{an ti.) my general health five In on
iruiy. wu Io debilitated i t 1 nine“
tie-paired of ewr feeling well Ignin. All
tin! mo physicians done or the "0%"
pcnuanem relief. Friend: inn-ind I
nhouivi give a 8. S. n I“! md‘houfihl
thought. it. would in throwing away moncy.
Aflur inkinvz a thorough course. my health
And (treufuh returned, and I must. I? that
s. 8. :4. a me Minding..- [din-u cdsil
other: whilo using it. A! o tonic I cnll mo“
heartily moummund ii ; tor figacrni aching.
it certainly is a upoelnc. W. . Ruben-. 1. .
flour... i.A.—l know Sir. W. F. arid“ and
will say inn: his “element I- correct.
Joann annex. Dustin.
Treatise on Blood And Skin Disme- Inning
tree. Tu: Hum firs-ma Dawn
“uni. GI. 00" "
. . ‘
_Chlldrenfiryjor Pitcher’lsfiostorig
' 1
Transportatlon Comp y.
~~fie rezniar flail Steamer—
Will have Pun Towneend to: Wnumm on Mon
dnys, Wedneidny‘a and {rl‘days in; lo; m.‘ ca‘ll
ing at Argy 0 mm»! ‘r as ard r l‘oc
llnrlmr. omm. knu‘ salami. Saunas. Xh’acoue:
Snmiah and .51th n. pmmianmven Whal
mm ll 5' a. 111. Tuesdavn, Thursdays and Smur
da) 9, miving nl. Port Toun>end same evening:
Faro from Port Townsend to any point. - 01.00
Abolmves Port Townsend for Scuttle Bun
dnyu at. 7a. m.: mlurnlng “ill leave Saute for
Port Townsend at 3n. m. Mandala. Euro. “.50.
Mb” 1‘0333. Agent.
@ Steamer EDNA,
11. )1. RACE. Mamet. ‘
Making daily "in! tween Put Townsend and ‘
H; 1 fill-roven'. - ‘
\Vill leave U.\'l( N WEAR? every afternoon
at. 2.3) p m.. and Port Dbcnwlry each morning
In. 7 a. m. For freight or prsage apply to
Jnnzs Jonas. or on board
@ Steamer EVANGEL.
J. \V. TARTE. Muster.
Will leave Scuttle llnndny 2n. m.. for Sem
inllmoo via l’on Tonnzaend and [he lulundu.
V -—«Axnv-- ‘
on Tllurldaly. 2 :.'m., for For: Angelusirh l’or:
Townsend nnd hunxcnvs-j. kelllrnifl" same
duy 2p. m. Leave Port Townsend bulb 7135's}:
sa. m. (‘ounecls both ways 31 Dm-genvfls wnh
ntrarn lnunch llndtockJnnkin: quick transpor
uuiun for unssenucrs wilhcr' exlmcharue.
ms. noxious. Muster.
Will leave Port Townsend Mondnfis and Thurs—
(lnys It 10 o‘clock A. x. fur Nt-n Bay. New
Dungeuern. Port Angeles. and way ports. rev
:urnluzz on Wednesday.- and Fridays. Towing
and charters at reasonable rules. We have 3
large scow {or {renaming purposes filled with
good ugxnnlin for e-ping goods drv. Aprly
an hour , or to L. B. Hastings or C. 1:. B 1" en
& Co.
A. W. llUl’lN’. Manor.
Loan-s Port Tau mend tor lmmlnle. In 8 n. m..
uer. {or Whidby Island at ll :1. m.. {or lronllnle
m«I p. In. every day For freight or plum-go
unulv on htnrd.
Northern Pacific Railr’d
. _ ,VIA .THE
Cas‘cude Division, making"
it the Shortest, Best
‘ and Quickest.
The Dining ;Cnr Ilne. Tm Direct Roma. Nu
Del-)1. .‘Fureu Tnlns. ..fl'ukelu sold to
all Prominent l'oims anonglno
out, the East and
Throufih Pullman Drnwlug'noom Sleeping Cats
0 East Bound unsung. rs: ‘
Be careful and (lo uol make a mistake, he: he ‘
ure to like the ‘
Through Emlfmnt sleeping Cars run on regu
lar ext?" In: as length of flu line. Benn:
free. west mleu. Quickest tune.
General Office at the Company. No. 2 Wash
irmon Street, Portland. Ongo-s.
Gen‘l Western Punnger Ag‘t.
W: H. Wurrrusmr. rick»! Agent.
Port Townsend “'axh. Terr.
Carrying the U. 8. Mall.
Pt. Townsend, Seattle & Tacoma noun
()NB Ol’ THE W. S. a 'l‘. Co‘e
eta-mere (\Vuhinglon or Ed
ith) will run daily (exec?! Sand-i) belvveen on
Townsend and ’l‘ucome. caving ort, Town-end
ll 1. g. 31.. end louchlng In Port Lndlow. Poll
Glu- le. Port ledlaon and Seattle. Returning.
leave 'l‘nmmn daily upon nrrlvnl of the In 11
from Ponlnnd.
Seattle-Whitman Route.
The steamer \V. K. M I'le will lean
Seattle every Sunday. Tueefiy an Thursday
"“mé'" .l e‘clodr .for W noon: celllnz :1
Dual o.l‘alwp. Cohpevme. oak harbor. m
eal y manner. l‘k‘elfin. Anacohee. Gnomes
Semi-h. l-elrhuen. Bel lag-m and Behome,
Bugging. will leave W loom every lend: .
Wedn Iy ind Friday evenings, at 0 o'clock
for Sunlefinlllng et lutermedlue pain“ on [hf
Seattle-Bkm: River Route.
The rteemer Daisy wlll leave Seattle to:
sum River and win ports eve? loud-y end
Thursdey. returning Tneednys an Vrldnye.
For frel‘ht and nwge npply n Roth-uhll-l a
Co‘l our. on Qn ncy "reel. whnrt. oron bond
the boats It the name wharf.
dw-u GEO. B. JACOBS. Soc‘v.
‘ ‘
Slum-Mp- carrying ‘ller Brltnnlc Injeety‘r
Mnllennlll leave Broecwey Whari. No. 1. San
F'rencleco. every Frida) u 9 n. m.. for VIC—
TLE. nnd TACOMA . Arriving at Vicious. B. 0..
every londev n 6 I. In. Port Townsend A!“
Seattle every londey p. 111.. Ind Tacoma ever:
Tue-day‘s m . connecting with amen to:
Ala-kn low, end with steambone. can. la:
sb!“ river And Ceeeler mlnee. Nlulmo. Nee
Westminster. Yale, and ell other Imporun'
nlruenme LIAVI
Seattle every Frldny It 1 p. m.. Port Townsend
every Friday. p. m.. end Vlclorle every) snlur
day at l p. m.. for Sen Pnncleeo. no Sen
Frenclsco Tuesday: A. m.
Alaska. Route.
The Ancon will leave Port Townsend Jnne 4,
Jul ' 2. 30. Aug. 27. sent. 34.
The Geo. W. Elder leanee l‘ort Ton-mend June
la. July I‘. Aug. 13. Sept. )0.
11. L. ’I'IBRALS. Jr.
Agent for Port Townsend ‘
___—___— ‘
Oregon Rallway & Nav
lgatlon Company.
new nirllnnvm
Summer Olympian. leave Seoule u... .11 :00 I. m
“ an‘ho l't. Townsend at. 2:15 p. In
" lento l’l. Townsend “3:81 p. In
" nrrlve at Victoria at. ...5::il p. m
“ leave Vicwrln m.. .....2:wn. m
" arrive l’t. Townsend "5:00 I. m
.. luave H. To - mend in 5:3”. In
“ urrh'i' n! Senltln m.. .. 3:45 A. m
"Colulnbla ltlvel- Route.”
float- {or the East leave 1L... ............l p. m.
TICKETS ton-g 1 lroln principal glnmln the
I'nllctl Slates. (‘nna a Europe.
Elegant Pullman Palace Gm.
“IWI 313W]! Cars Run Through fill “MOSS W
_l-0 _
Free of Charge and iVithout Change
Close conneczions at. Portland for Sun anclwo
and Puget :ouml nuiuls.
For (umber parllrulms lnquil‘r‘ of a"; Agent
of the Company or A. L. Mnxnell. A. U. P. .t 'l‘.
IL. l'nrtland, Urn-goo.
A. u. l'. a ’l‘. A
W. HOLGOMB. Gen'l Manager.
t‘ualoum Axon!-
People 3 Market,
Cor. \\'.-.u-r uul Taylor six-sou
E Port 'l‘nwnsend, \Vash
Proprictm s.
.THR. vary he" qunlny at M! kind!- of “cal
than“ ghfileulg and retail. Sl.lfll!:|:0l, Head
-. i oar-a nnsn 'ree, ax .. -- ,
Q‘Urdem delivers-l mks“ lin‘rlsaol'l‘ge my?“
_wsa"’""iTngo mp 2? 3 ”
[ll-haw l
'hng-flnsififinn ...30 n‘flgfi
‘ ildrenfiryfiorfltcher’gm.

Th W M, Md 1
e 01‘ S 0 101116.
Wonderful “Sarsfield” Remed'
Have we cOniplote mixes of difiéult ctisoa of Liver and Kidney trauma
{1110139115 1321111111113. Blood Poisoning, 11:9 Dianne; fiend“-
_ ary Blood 'laint, Eczema and Skin Diseases genera y.
89nd For angular. describing Ihn cum of MARGIE DUL‘GLASS (aid to be the 7
cue of scrotula. in California); FRANK CASSIDY, of Peu‘tum. TllOs. licCALE. of Ilia:
B nu; w. B. FINCII. 01’ Lincoln. Placer county; REV. J. ’l‘. 11111-‘F. of Turner Station 0 n'
nuns Mct'Ol-tIICK, Vice—Pren-ldent mm.- of Balding: w.w. uon’rox. neno. Nov-Auriga:
DOANE. Sat-pnnrnto; JOHN DRISCOLL. Union Iron Works Smmnenvo: NRB. HERE (3.
uouDltLDGh, .\lll3 CHARLOTTE [is ulkßEltg‘ MRS; ALLEN, Mll3. 111.11. 1115811186102}; ".11
of qign Frqnciscp; )t ID .\l_. A ADAMS, )1 S. 1.. . AIIDERSGN, of Sacrnmento. , > . k
new»: 1 Permission mks. smut B. coon: Inns. €11.13.va ”1011.131:
MAN, 1103.113 (1. 110111} .\. 1). OAKV 11.11. OLIVER "1251,1511 LEWIS P. 3562.811: Fug
chm: 1". 0.1511111111101131". L A. I I'SON. Sacramento. T. B. HARPER. Lincoln; SAX‘L C‘s
SIDY. Petalumn Arvin; W A. DEA), San Francisco Chronicle.
SARSFIELD‘S REMEDY FOR THE 151.00 )!—A Specific {or Mill-idles Arising from disc
Liver, Kidnem. Constipation. 31111qu L [Hood l'oi-oning. scrotum. Salt Rheum. and t
coming from Blood Impurities. .
~ 'PRICE. $1 per Bottle.
SARSFIELD’S CHRONIC ULCER SALVB {or theL‘ure cit-Chronic Ulcers and Sores of em)
desfirltuion: Eczema, P 1199. Varicose [lll-on. Inflammatory Swelling: and Skin Dionne; g“
ern _v. .
I PRICE, $1 and. 500 r box urcordmg to site.
130 !
Group. Sore Throat. Mumps. and Innanimstion of the Chest. and Lungs.
PRICE. .1 and 800 per box. “cording lo alter
Testimony OI Ilsv. J I‘. Hull.
Tuning S'u'rios, Urvuon . Aug. 27,1fl6.
’l‘o‘ "Tm: SAK~PIELD Rgflgnlfis (for—7l 111-1:41. Iwnnilgimlorse .\‘zmm-ld‘a Remedies. and 1: n
(10*.11’0'19 that inv intlorsvment rhullpe phceil 'u'h ‘re it will do the most good to fluttering humm
ily “Avg: 11ml a limp ._v usreifience in connection with these l’t’nledirfi. When tlrrt Iwu ind:
ioi them lny trimaran-. 012 1 I would not lhe Hinze monthil. an luniuon Ind 110.1(m
weifi ‘.‘l2 pounds; uni stronger and in better health ii an 1 him had {of twelve your. 1 1..-J) tried
nanny doctors and nntnymhcr rolliedics.nml all had luiled to cure. 1 timid: (”I'l lov- m.. 11nd
providence mm he led me 10 mu and your iii-(mu -r.'ul remedies. 1 would retummemi an him an;
uun‘ering from Blood Polcniug of any descripl Inn to try Sari-field's remedy tor the Blood Ind Ne
Ulcer salve.
Since the nstonipling change It has wrought in my condition I have witnezsod tho utlect o!
the remedies upon others. and it ha.- given me best of natiainruon. .
Wishing the banned Remedim Co. auecesn commensurate with the mom 9! their "medici-
I am. Yours truly, REL J. T. IllIFI'.
Rater to Rev. Dr. Frost. Sacramento,
J_ p, MINKLER. 31, D.. AGENT. - l‘miTuwnsmid. W T
A, n ~ . WT." ">2 :gfv'mtlv-‘rrr "’1" _'w—x
:1 fair 2 'z ‘ :12- -:-::~.~w-r,wl 4!?- -z: n.
’l7 .‘ . .. 1.1 _ -1, .. t . ‘32" 33-”:,‘g:f’:fv+,—‘,.»:.L.L.-;::.'s‘
_, A: «1' ~‘:. -. L .g: "E . ’ n:- ii. t::.- m.."...b.‘
mm: m. . 3.443;;- .1411” g 2“: ”4.17:?“-
uanunlm-rgprwrtwn ‘ 13f 5. J; j'- » "'. :’.‘"“~‘-'3‘"37 bin ii; 1.3.
uolwhomwo ntulltzo-tt! _rg 7517;153:113 Vfiiéifijv; 2”,? “U km
non u mreaorodmhulm by naming}. :‘krv: >97]! 3131,.) quanta-h an 3;':
Paé§ SE“ HM. PASTE ’3 VJ: “:J -. "-.mew Lama-lic - ,:
H o .l 1.: .- “-25- 1‘“: [4L ~o7!L.Dn~v:h.‘ll;tlfl aqy‘. ‘ 3
A uon 8309:9115.” t’.l‘::ran:r ' ‘11" " 4.“? “tr-3"“ mum Dru-dug.” a»:
w calm” flan-121:1; 1:25? a ”1‘5“.“ :‘xfW-“Emm 1*“ P 3! 0“an: :
at. nu; ma toxin-i 4'éé2lllh tum; K 1 'l. 19,-9m“ "hm-“wt 4m. run-nu
“chm- ...: Muhalntc‘lgthmv‘: ”T34Hle'ilihi . hl293'°““°~§l§i““.§°'fim'“"m"£‘3"
, :z, 4.17: 1. vs. .. . » ~. . . -
”muna'iufim‘gmfirm digging; -.,1_ ::ar: 3. hw°m““mww
. E 12:. "c. 5.5.; v ' - '
m‘fim‘wfififiié‘mfiwvm‘zm: '“m‘”"‘°—~M“*m”
0 '8 3 . .1 ’.l a.
r damhentfimufimblafiad .251er HARRis R=HEDY co- ." .2.
Wrnmozmnmmmm-n human. aces; n.mmsnw.n.bmm '
nun-mam PERSONS can have FREE Trial clout Appliance. m too I‘m
il. . ‘ '9: K< 5,’/ q
._‘ ‘ I
..y" ’l6? 0.5 A q
i~ " g . -_ 2 3 , ‘ 1
.—» my:
_.- - - F : :.
. F \BLE ,1 r
E ,\, BAG» 94 i
/'*.- f:E./,' --'
HEALTH. "' l ‘OIB2- E.
I.e Illelnu's Golden Bale-In 10. I . Cures
()lnncree. first and second stages; Sores on the
Leg: and Body: Sore Esra Eaves. 11019.3 th
Copper-colored Blotches, Ryph lttic Cnurrh.
dtaeased Sealp,nnd all primlry forms of tho
din-me known as Syphilis. Price 85.90
per Bottle.
l-e lllch-n’u Golden Balm No. 2. t are
Tertiary, Mercurial Syphlllllc Rheumulnm.
Pain: ln the Bones, Pams in the llud. hack
of the neck, Ulcomtcd Sore Throat. Syphlll‘dc
Rash, Lamps and contracted Cords, Stiffness
o! the Limbs. nud eradicate- all diam-ea from
the system. when)" caused by indlrcretlon or
abuse of Nernury. leaving the blood pure and
healthy. Price 05.00 per Bottle.
'4O Ilc III'I Golden Sty-null Laud-lo {on
the cure of Gonorrhea, leet. lrrltatlon Gnvel
Ind nll Urinnry or Genital amusement.
Pelee 82.50 per Beale.
I. moi-ur- Golde- spa-ul- Inject]...
for severe cases of Gonorrhea, Inflnmuumry
Gloat‘ Strlcturel. kc. Prue, 01-50 per
I.“ e. -
l 4 lien-m Golde- 01-I-e-i lor the of:
(active hauling of Sypthc Sorghum erup
tions. Pelee. “.00 re Box.
be [kin-’- uolde- P 111. Nerve and Brain
treeunont: lens of physlc‘l power.exeeu or
over-work, Proatrauon, etc. Price, 38.00
per- lot.
Tone and neg-vile.
Sent everywhere. C. O. D..secn_rely packed
PC? emu.
‘ C. r. RICHARDS & 00.. ”0.“.
1 (27 a 429 w some 8!... Cor. Chg
Sn lanai-co. u.
_......... a R I A 'z
” 1...; ’Egfifimwfl
- I) ,
{ 25°.“ “37.3%.?
_ x Ens Carla Y '
: d Pu ' {4“ Debu
: .OTT '- E $331.9. nQ’llul )I:an
:\‘-'c;:; [- Premature
a sumcmur To 2 215513.?1'71fi23aug
arr-ova we na- ::.;.::.':..’:.a‘;:;;::.°°“m
‘gns CF ms, 15!: gcauzavrodwd
ismencmzxmcg a”J
Summons 5:13; ' 55mm
E 2 _ - -n~\.;E'-- .z“:l ' that
”HER": '9" “" 3- ‘. t: Ylmnfuyently
5 WELL DE 8:377? ' . ; . ixzttry “Walter
S n‘. ~ I ~‘, brains I: n
SAN? CE: 11:. '.2 ~ . - ;~-..n:;::¢or&oy
5 ..-... . t ‘'3 :~x;:v-.'tcrur.nu¢§
{lf}: {Y LL.-._ . ‘ .; -l .or'lzecnnts
Sh-1-—>~~-‘-- - «_E ‘ ‘ u‘ ::ocuu man:
zu1..a... .....r. .. 3 . . :‘ “.0?!” Dbl!”
. 57:33 ;:_'_l _" ,5 .:. 1111' idmndlt
é. .r. . . , .I.J..v.xgr§glgg
' _ a..:....-1.2,-- .....x ' .
::gl. -_,,_.._..; _- 1.....7..-.ro 0: mo
Elfifllunh ..: :.-—.;,,~.
gems-1:37.”; .‘ . - ;j:,-/‘s//7/_;v,
515.777; 5;. ..i‘; ~ 37,;«1/
-; -- s-v-eu”
.‘....'....::.‘.f.'.. ="" KEV/mm
_. .._ ._ : . t‘:.;.mor Gom-
U" ‘ ._ .. .- -_ .:-:.;«:nscsoltho
"xi-f";- 1 i 1: mer Sent
to: ..K .»_ -. _.w-vutpnnnd
Elfl‘lff‘”' 1‘... 111:. d. L _ .. ‘.‘AiLXh [FIJI
lllcrmdrcz; a
pa . c. a. mule”),
.-.; Kearny .91., Sun I'mrflm. "r
.- van-@1- =UP I = '.
d ‘ ' 4 . g], ... .." z
. \‘\_"w (malarial: M 1“;
_; I:; uh DB. Pli -1; ‘
-» Eczmwfi’? 4*
S : retainer Boutonnqw fl.“-
§pu~ cchi-cumd thooundo. . 3 -
9 Song for Fm lllunn'd PunphhtNo 1. ‘. . .
Eboflé'ifil’x'fgl-M? 18%. . .
L 7“ emw ‘
. ~-""~‘< ,3
. 2’
1 » .2 -.. _.
Q; A .-
f 53/ \-'«.§-. .
.--’s§i:‘:‘3l“‘ a“ ric'b'fiv'r"
,‘ » K’R‘SE-LG'"
'2l, ; J, .
.:___ . ' 2mg ; .\- .f
V’s»..- 2‘~\: “I 21". 2232':
“42-3. f‘ 22. ‘- ' :
\:-:..~.\1355:}:~ 'as “‘
An Army Veteran,
who has probably guru-ed more than any man
or woman in Amcncn today. Taken lick while
in the Army he has endured untold agonlcs
since. Describing his first symptoms he um;
“Ky bend ncbcd and my I. petite Wu poor.
I {elt a. lnlntnesa M. the pltol 310 staunch, and a.
bad taste m my maul}:i while my Ikin w
sometimes hot and some me: cold. I next (calf
puns in my back and uound the lover onion
0! my body. and noticed n ullu ode” and
color in the valet I M Wmh wu Icanty at
one Lime Ind tree at othen. Sometimes“ pulled
me 10 void it, and again it wu Almost inpoui
hle to do so at all. mulls}: begun to pan clear
1:102:25?me 17th crown. strain and
o .
I‘No eu fill]! 20 eminent. hyflclm attended
)0. Furbunh at various urges. but not one of
‘hem could help him. He was neu- death's
door. And lye: he says: “I am nllve and well
to-duy, who ly through the wonderful wer of
H‘u‘nhz's Remedy which look me non £3 Verge
0 e ave."
TillagenßEmedyahollld cumulndne
Ever Ind Urinary Diana. U I.
For 5.1. by nu Donors.
c. N. calm-anon. General Ago-t.
" _ 115 mm 3‘. N. Y- . ' ‘
unmnum Isl-9.1m». u}
' .
.~ ’\
, ,; 4:33; I
{A tf, i
:g (I
i J
‘ ’ xii-“Mi": “‘77?
Isjus: what its name imp
Purely Vegetable’ . "pound,
acts directly upon the 'v— ;'
themanydiseases'r‘hci «thn‘ '
ponantorgan, and . \ ‘
mmnsailm \w ‘- dufiumfi
flmn -or "Q" - M
I I l1.‘\.“&0- '
Eh l'l- . sy-u‘ ete- 1:“
~ DWI-dunhzi‘. : >
the , nabbekeptin - w»!
:11} uranium «w w
nvgumteothe m the” -
filf’oosamfirm m- x: '-
hs fiousehold fieed. m _:
rmnyueammtmmmm'fi‘; "J ,
Ant: n'em var! '
mngfl-Wmam ~
for If?“ mfonmflon mmm
fiflggns'fonck: 17"?“3: a. a
SLM M9_N_s -
\ / wok .
‘7' /4(’ ‘ I
’ \
“I have need Simone Liver
Regulator for my years. Inv
ing made it my only My
Medicine. My mother baton
me was very partial to it. Ith
a safe. good and reliable medl
cine for any disorder a m
system, and it used in um I. .
a great prevent!” of m '
I often recommend it to my
friends, and shall continue 00
do 50.
"Rev. James 1!. Rollins.
"luster M. EChurch, So. Mrfleld.7B."
HIE All) ”67039 III." mu 9.
«heave beeping 53mm m
Regulator in the Mac.
"I have found Simmons Liver
‘ Regulator the best mmlly med
icine I ever used for anything '
that may happen. have used it
in Indicted”, Col“, m ‘
Biuousneu. and found it to w
lieve immediately. Am: cote
mg a hearty supper, if. on going
to bed, I take about nmaspoon- '
i fui. I never feel the effects 0!
the supper eaten. .-
“Ex-Mayor Macon, Gt”
[ILLS ourzsumponmmoth-nppu ,
.l. H. Zeilin & 00., Solo Proprietors.
Price. 01.00- rmnmnu. PA- A
a :1} yr: REEEWEI
.' " 3- PM
v' -E -'.. - "I" menu! I
:} *mr; . liectricSu av
-w mix-x .
' 2’! “make: “‘7 ,
I :II I'- -
Dehii't ‘ Pun Kid --_
me!“ m @313?" is?
gastric mne‘i‘fi‘vz‘ss’oo. 901's. ‘ 'Il
Funnel-cog“. “raksuvh “Isnfizhib
issued March a:l Sept.
each year. It is :.u _cncyo
clonedin of useful micr
mation for all who pur
chase the luxurrcs or the
necessities b 1 Lie. W 0
cm clothe you and farm: '3 7011 With
111 the necessary and uzmccczj‘lzl'!
appliances to ride. “7211:. (larva: H?”-
eet, fish, hunt, work. r 9 I‘o (limb
or stay ct. home. and 1.1 ‘.~.:r:c;:u 513“:
styles and quantities. Juzt {-.7lll'3_°u‘
what, is required to do all these th .
conromaau. and you can mkoa “5
estimte of the value of the BUY
GUIDE. which will be sent 99°”
receipt of 10 cents to pay Wm
111-114 Hickman Avenue. omm
. r ' x-uu'll.
.c Mnn‘nygi if”: :n‘r‘iwrflw
’tfi 3' 9 Saturn] 1.9.; uni-cud. .
" “" .- - non. .
bl," :é“: Norx‘fiirhiniznmrw
',- l'f-‘R “Quinn! Luna-mien“...
J _ 3‘? i'CGfiJZJm'; Memun'JW-‘Ky.’
-i n L L..;r_~k (I l-.' -- - . ;.‘-u ”19‘
’9 ‘ ‘ -‘ Hump-- ‘-:...Enwt§l3
"'rg} ‘: liar! b .' "Adlai-s
of Mel-enz- “If?" : I ="m '
y. v 1 . r
Weak Bachliurnimlfl .v “megs“,
lure—prompt lulu-f 3: ' . : ’ .
z. i. ~ ,
31115! 1:: '-.'.-' fl
10-y. {ml-(1333‘ xf.‘ :‘. “31:31,. “6:25 .
’mpmew. 2mm .: '.pyi ..uu! perk-cilia“ ,
kmOWhL-nuim..cunvcuicullaconic” 3 ‘
b dumbing your dim-mt. on receipt 0‘
ewmbeum 'Olllreuknmgulc." hi , .
M“M r .
i y _ _III_ a

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