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Puget Sound weekly Argus. (Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1???, December 19, 1889, Image 1

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Mar-A7- 7W I
Volume XX.
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@3lB at}, 91‘ -. n :3 1311.5.
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Secs ;: Sea-iaties.
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’ I H ‘ . I ' A
fix; \ ‘.I ll ’.< H ..2. :I', 731-0 ('l-N'A.
L. 12‘ “A‘EIBH‘, M. W.
J. \'. 5 .mt- u‘ll, h-'(-.
l. - . L \3 il'L -;n:»-:.n"1'i'r'.‘:x-~. Nu. lepmrnvl
'rb‘ n: L"! M‘m. Lr‘V" d' 1:---: 310:1“; Hail
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gap .- ~-::\. -|¢-—:.:‘H In: wruxm. S::.. .\nvhem.
'IEII. 11. .in\v.s.l‘.nf H.
I‘. m. 1. i'u. -.. PM? 'luu‘n-w-u-l Union No.
:1. t '35- firm ....I .hfincr: A-f .\m-‘riun. will
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.. -;. I. -.“-::~r~.~u 1;. 3;». .\'u. 1:. Indonam
Inn :5 Lrnr «2mm l'l-mpizu“. Ull‘D'lsltl Hairball
any: ix'x-i =_\‘ r\ vain: u! PM
Jim}: \‘.'. Tli-IY. M"'F:‘l!ll‘y,
s':.oi';;:<:-«lu§.\!. 4‘1“”3.
‘)3; if \V. HI'H’L 4:}
_ l)(‘lli in“. F'f
l'l)!.'l‘ f:-w.\s£§:n, W. T.
\c..- - ~-...tw- ;"\-_ u-Yhur n! ‘2. '.‘n‘limr.;ludmin—
..;.. ‘ -’ - .‘...nt‘ y» .‘.-Arm‘llnn o! h-mn.
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uAisaLD . : n ,
x'r‘mrxs‘.’ AT L\\'t’. .\‘U'X'AfiY I'L’|;l._XL‘.
l I'. ':.(‘o Inuisqonwr Jr.) Jullu'm! li'slllc'.
W.T.. (.‘omm-vmnrr {a- (In: Sun: Infllx'ugun‘
Emu inn Conan), Port Tawny-uni, W. 'l‘, 53“}
ch! aneulmn :nvuvx m. nutin: 5”“, extending
urine pun-s's, prqmrm: mum-a rurv¢yors
Tunnel-:91 xterm." ml nth-Ar hands. and
legal. huslne-as rmnmcfzd \vuh maritime
utters Feb 6 ll
Pprt Tawnsend
SA3‘4 EMU.
Gen. 3". Downs,
AXEFAC‘.‘I':::-;E: m~ 14mm”; LA'i‘ilS.
M and (’kt'h‘b; Emu-1.1! 11% My a: ad Lun
lenl'xuldimen- my.
Mus mcaivc; for xErllmu 1:: '.nwn or to:
human. nu
Typewnt-ar Headquarters,
lemma Second—Hand Typewriters
‘ of all makes.
. pewritors sent to an part
_ 91%;?th C. O. D. with pryvilege
cf‘egaminatiou. Machines cleaned,
, W and aligned. Supplies kept
"KIM Instruct-ions given in
Manx» 2.1 m 'l‘yrE-Wm'rma.
_ r I‘,‘ ALL Hubs or
":Cemetery‘ Worm
V 'i‘gbnz-un 5102!: to order, {in
, ..fi 7 run; and Hummus purpooee.
A, {film-:1. Part Townsend. W. T.
‘ ‘_Hlfll: vkv
- j’ . "if“
2. _ v
Ema-Sm} 01 Oregon.
; ;
Itfuneuion begins on L'xmday. the
mid September, 1589. .
“scholarships from cvery county In
glhte. Apply to your County Super-
Went. Free (2 {lion uflvr January
Flu CuurN-s: (‘lnsait'aL Sriomifiy.
[and a shurt English Course, In
» . re is no Latin. (irm‘k, French
or (Barman. _Thc Eninsh is pre-ouu
ncmiy :1 Busim-SA (‘uuzi— «2. Far catalogue?!
or other infurmuliuu. :ulxin-rxs,
J. ‘.‘y'. .IHH.\'>'(DJ, l'rvm'icnt.
]n(‘ ‘.‘Hflm.
E)“ *éahnts
av J
"r- .:iunJ 1h: +11: .u—‘um -x!. ’l‘numxlums
‘:.:1-2 'N .u'! nil (Mm: yuan. t‘ihn“ in vl.e
PM»: «xiii. .0 i'n»: '-.-g..r. m.- (‘uuvls runny!”
an" awful; 2.; -.2v2;'cui.
r-x-u;r~.l-Ip'.-I'-.H-:. :. hr sun-1r" urinwminv.
Inn“ .:-.r--.".‘ ‘ :.l?n‘..e\d 01:, nm a 'ulrv‘fl.‘ =0
".1! 5.3“} 1!" FL! r' NY I [L'Jtul' .
\\ 11!} :m (films l'illl!‘ L': A: L-m‘ r::: .-| THE
i'x'n‘lAl I'. --' z . .Inv‘. -- I'- ‘3 v_n~r~-’-: 31:21:91]".-
'-2 - " :‘-.i .~ 2v-;-::-II' . .11 I h..\'k‘ ~|val2rior
In: Mr- { r :‘:».L I. ;~ Ivmp'. lrv‘nannvry
um.“ I 1, : (Em 2;.” .» -. ._-u:' mi in i nul-arhsful
PIP‘W-IIHLII‘:XLE‘EIiAI~-:*vflr :- .z‘ :;'. and mr
327-:. m ' 1m '4l. l ;\;-I »*~- "htnzriv-l :n my t-H'c.
i'r: w - ~ l‘~! ‘II~-ilu.-I'):x*‘
r 5;: > .‘E' -Iv:.l:.;'?l.,:‘z.‘f L‘.‘ 1.2 >«\ z. \. i‘r‘ruux‘
an r.\ 'm -.-Ir..\ 2 u. ~nla~x Intonu mrn. ul-
H .- ‘.; i. “L .~j r. fur-w um ---::l mu rc§<€>L
4. li. LITE‘ELL.
S'du‘ ‘<-r:.n.i 732.24%». l 42-:th an 9‘.
'u'.‘.\.~.iz\ 13.
':.." .2 l'..\ .‘..! 51';qu
‘.‘vtt'u‘h I'.i |‘_p--- 1"5I ‘s'
('ONKR Si {“sl3}. i {'3l f)
.\n 0M j-Ensv .1 ["22' -i ..mu y: - Luv. 1: 3'
in~:h.-i;!:1~1.. 2.4 21. .gm) is! his
mlswnunrr Ihu n-um -_ in 2-. -!»- Vugfiu“:
mun-fly for Hm ~:.- I 4. NJ ~~rm-.u—m rur— -x
('-u-umgnz nu.’ .- 1.1 ~ I'm rrm .-\~"lll|.‘.alt
lil‘lT-M'. .'.l I. ..' 'll "vu . 32-0 upl-H-iz'
I!Ill‘.".;".!t'1]" ' 2‘ \(A.»1~ ,Et-lyil3 _v .. 1i :3
krlzunb Mm' ili‘. “'..-r [':.-g. ‘thd ‘l
Wurndrrfzfl mzzu "-‘..M] -2; ‘1 'L‘h'rik‘l: (‘vl:‘
hr fol: it ‘.a- -_ \ ‘l)X.e 05 »-:1...‘.;; I-) ha Cur
fellhgllf2)“‘. 1.31-4'21'51i- :.; !'ve ~nl r
doeire '.~:c.i -;., . ..‘;2‘ 52-;3“ '.1“.1§.r1'.; {l’ve
Qf'hi-Tl", 1'! h' '-\l.-I '1: ~ -- '.: . 1i;!~' rv-t'iil. in
turn. an. Fund .. 2' L- ,A: 32‘.\ ‘2: ml? . 12.. Hoax
[or gay-yuan: gm. n~ln . r’w! h~.':.,:11"v a"
firi§~lbg mm u. *_p_ x :1“: 1:11; 1...,c-r. ‘u'v'. .\
“HY".fi H'l Pawn -ii .-. inn r ‘- ‘;
_ .'.,.‘_ “M
Chuuren Cry for Pnchers gastcna.
L. n. H.3c’1‘1365. w. G: S'i‘ilidiwu.
‘ .4
’3 ' 88500
L. B. Eameg
_Htxoce‘nuz‘: h .Eva: E. .\VJ'rEaJ
UPIALE'ZRS 3.”; ALE. Eii.‘i'i)r<‘ (PF
3.? Fl 'l‘; i, . ..‘
3911559 E‘ummmg EEazdware,
Steamboat Elma-3:3, M 3m, Tm, ch, Hose,
{‘2 .". I‘2 .'.
‘7 Mliepairinfiundl’ll:.inligixglg‘ujg-‘wriuuau - 7 ‘
. Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria: _
003,33 3% A
"I? ”F " 1? a 1 L
2.3.. H s*. <3 1%; :5; A! ,3 3' »- 9
The Latest Styles,
The Best- Es’iaterial,
The See‘s; Cutters,
The East Workman.
—-I':\~ ‘
E’eu't E‘ewaaeesfile
”Wmlgrfisnz. Efiqbs£§£2§igrknm
R. K. LAHIZI‘IE: R. i'. :‘\LHH‘J.\‘. J. S LATHH‘IR
“n e
5% s 3 Lainmen’ 4% {30.9
::L7(3()E~‘»S(”i\' TI.) I! S. JONES.
N" ‘ H73} 4‘l)‘ ‘l.' ”i
( EUR 53 as: E; 03 ER? Eb,
Cigars & Tobacco,
Stationery & Periodicals,
Hay, Grain, Feed, Coal, Etc.
Head of Union Wharf,
Port Townsend, W. T.
children cry for Pitcher’s Gastorla.
Grnnd Fall Announcement and Removal Notice!
A 7 _ , , D 'OWingtothe in
-1 crease 01 their
~ business have re-
~ convenient ipre-r
‘ i ; I 1 a ! i 2 I
mises in the Pontiu-s? ’ A ___
Haller block, Sisley & 6
Belle old stand, and
have no“r on hand the ii AZ: 19R D!
largest and. best selec
ted stock of VVOOL- ‘ ' ' " " ' ‘
ENS and TRIMMINGS in Port Townsend. Small
expenses and. a strictly cash trade enable us to sell
lower than any other house in the city.
5g2 g 9 SgE: g 8
E‘zu‘nituna, Bnd<ling ngzgfi Uphclstery,
CflAIfiB'ZZi SUITS. mum}: any? '. 1.1311133?! SUITS, DINEHG SUITS.
I?" -'- ".'::~‘<~-‘. “:13: :1: ltk. Elz- .i”\i'.llfillu'|,“h:l]}.<:.A;{ld”!A\sh.
Aim“; «Emir: :.vim'liv'u u: ELF-y (“rind , 1‘ ‘un-n and l'i'er-r i“!.x:ll".", 5.13:1»:
Wiz. kw i'x::~:..i:.' . liL'.
m FEVEENIE‘L‘EETE 135‘; iiiiLEPfxlfiiX-ESD
VVuié-R‘ f-“w‘zz'uet. Elam! 'E‘ir-A‘nsuz‘ii.
Port Townsend. J efierson County, Washington ‘l‘er ."itory, Thursday, December 19, 1885.“
{ One Man Could Have Saved
Them- - Judge Haller’s
; Sad Mission.
l ‘t
i \‘.'iit-ii the ('uttt-r left herea l'e‘e. days
{ago in mum. of Dr. 'l‘. 'l'. Minor. u.
iMo‘t‘rh Muller and Lewis ('ox, the
ithroe Scuttle gentlemen who had gone
lolt'on a hunting trip, it etti'ried bill one
h.::~.~.t-ii;:er, Judge llnller. and he wag.
ipnihaps the only permit on hoard ‘.vhoi
‘iintl any .l IIDC: that the lllis\iilg gen-i
lllt‘ll"'ll \‘Ct‘lili be found. “Hope Springs!
it'it‘lllnl in the human heart." He he]
lieved that in spite of the delay in}
iheztringr from his hrotln-E', he Would be 1
found all right. ltut when the (‘uttcri
l't':t<'ltt'll the vicinity of ('oupeville and
u eanoe. whit-h was identified as hav
ing Inelonued to Mr. ('ox, was picked 1
up the Judge lost hope. The (‘utter
pt‘m-eetlt-tl to the Vicinity 0t (,'l‘(‘.'s'ent
harlmr, thel otliecrs found a man by
the name of ltuniho, who had plcked
up a t-ance, twu paddles and some
ducks \\ lllt‘h had been shot. A man
by the name of Ellis was fluent and !
questioned as to whether he had met I
the huntem. He told the ot‘dt’ers that 1‘
while he was hunting on tlte morningl
of the second. at half past five o'clock, i
he heard shouts from the direetion of;
the harhor, and one shot tired. .\s it I
was dark, he supposed it came fromi
men hunting in the Wow]: and he paidi
itlo attention to it. Proceeding to ()l
isen‘s raneli, the olliwrs met the pro-l
tpt'ietor and one informed by him that .
‘he had heard cries of distt'ms- hut paid i
no attention to it because he thought}
they came from drunken siwash In
dians. Ellis states that the noise was
all over by eight o'clock. It is quite
pron hle that Monday, the seeond in- i
stunt, was the fatal day; that the bout '
capsized and the unfortunate oeeu
pnnts held on to it and called out with
all the poWer that their Weak voice-'5
would permit. and when their erlesi
were not answered one of the party
discharged his gun in the air. They
no doubt became exhausted, possibly
frozen, and dressed as they were, in can
vas clothing and huh rubber boots, and
with cartridge belts at their waists, there
was nothing to buoy them up, and they '
sank beneath the waves. When all hope
had been abandoned, Judge Huller left
the cutter and joined Judge Burke and
party, who came out from Seattle on,
the Detroit. To any that the judge was
crushed does not express it. Before him
in Seattle he had the sgddcot of mission.
to pertorm; he was, winter-m his mother
of the death of her noo".f He was to break
the sod intelligence to Mrs. Holler of the
death at her husband on the morning 91
the second'snniversary of their wedding.
Mrs G. Morris Holler had: double blow,
us Mr. Cox was her brother, she therefor
lost husband and brother in the some
hour. But little is known hero of _Mr.
Cox, hut Messrs. Butler and Miner have
been so thoroughly identified with the
sound cities that, in na‘rne at least, they
are well and favorably known by every
one. In their death Seattle loses two of
its best citizens. With the families of
the unfortunate men the entire stat-3 ex
tends its sympathy.
___, __-.-- ,
Among the needs of Port Townsend for
some time past has been a hotel. Messrs.
Hunt and Klinger have come to the us
sistutn‘e of the citizens, and given them ‘
facilities they have not heretofore had.
Before the Fowler-Cailit-s building was]
completed, these gentlemen decided to i
lease the property and til it up as a tirst~
class hotel, but without a. restaurant.
and they now have thirty-four of the;
moat elegantly furnished rooms in thet‘
city. On the first tleer is the hzr, ofliee, ‘
sample and toilet rooms. The bar prop-‘1
er is twenty feet long, and is of polished
natural cherry. Back of this is a mag- ‘
, nitiecnt high side board of the suture ma
iteriul, but titted with handsome mirrors,
, the largest five by nine feet. There are
thraekets and shelves upon “ilit‘b will he
i kept liquors and glassware. In the same
!room are billiard and pool tables. Ad
'joining the liar room three rooms have
'lieen furnished for the use of private
it'urd parties. The otlit't- is l-irge, light
,and Well ventilated, and well titted with
“leaks and taller; tor the mo of tha
' guests.
g 0:: the semnd lloor is the ladies par
:lor, \\ hieh is luxuriously furnished
: tliroti._vho'-.it. The sleeping rooms on this,
'ss 1)” the third floor, are furnished in an
illélllc oath and hnndroinc liody brusselu
tfint'ricts. l‘llet-trie lights and enuiieiators
are in earl: mom tor the eonvenienee of
E the guests. The furniture and t-gtrpets
{weie yun'hased in Portland, and are the
richest of any hotel on th 3 sound.
The bar “ill be umlPr the manage
ment of 1-2-1. Winn 3111 William Curt
right. The hmvr goutlmnztu its well
known through his t-unum-tiun withli.
Klingor & (70., :unl lilt‘]!U!llit'Dl§l_\'l‘C
sure that every thing will In.- Aloneto
’make their visits to the Cluremlvm agree
lahlc. Mr. Michael Sullivan has been
engagcdas porter. and his atl‘uhle man—i
ncrs Will increase his already large num-‘
ber of friends auul bring gut-sis to the‘
house. MnThomas Murphy has been
selected to lot-k after the rumiurt of thosel
who ride in the free (':m iago which will
meet each stmumr arriving hero.
The house will open nn Monday night
under the most favorable ciuumstauu'cs,
nml we predir: fur tlwle interest-11 :s
prosperous future.
i Tat: S'l‘.\!’.l:i.\'i. ('Astc.
' l‘lth‘t’ul'tl l.nt:zt.~ 'l‘hinu, :1 linii‘flquldll‘
:diilllil. lntt \'. hm hm: Lat-n employed :1»
watt-r tvndex‘nn the Hannah”) tieu'ge
\V. lildnr sint-t- .\pril ”.s"th !u.~i, nu: lit-
Ift-m Judge \Vuml l;t.~: night on :t vintme
int'utlempt to murder .\lt'ra-ul Eloy-n, a
fnntht-ot' Anatrnlia. :tlm et'nplu'x'ed us
pvatertender on the Elder. 'l‘” it re
iluvrter fur the .\!:I:l'> Thing '.iut-‘ct ilnzt
lhe and mine friend»- \wnt zmltort- while
ithv Von-26:1 wu< laying at .\"mmintn.
t'l‘itt-y had one or twwirinks in u saltmn
there, and then “cut to another l:!‘.i('(‘
where they met the injured man and
(mt-or lu'n more of the new, where
they had, sot-.tt- more liquor. Neither
theinjurt-d max 01‘ the prisoner was
I very drunk when they went aboard the
iship at ten o'clock. Thingsays he had
ilmlmitlt', nor did he have any mute
llitlll()r; he Wt'lll to bed at luo‘t-tm-k and
trenmined until iA. M. lie was mllt-d
3m Ln» on \vutt-lt at four n't'lnt'k Mater
'd:iy morning, and Wul‘kt'll until his zir
!rivul here. lie had mine words with
',.\ioyen and wax knocked down. On.-
lot‘ the engineers seeing that .\ioyen was
beating him rather severely, <t‘iuli'uit‘tl
I hem. Thing gut on “in hands and
i knees and afterwards ran away an as to
lget out of the way. Afterwards the
{engineer found that his hand was cut,
and that Moyen wus severely ('UL
|(.‘rogan testified thnt he did not see the
lknife used. They were fightitmr and
lt-linching, first oneon top and then the
other. The fight. took pint-e on the
main deck, where the otlieam and crew
Edward Neirn, a .\‘mtehmztn, was
leulled and testified to seeing the two
men fighting, and his etl‘urts with Cro
gnn to separate them. They were
eqtutllynnxious to tight; did not. see
either a knife or a sharp inatmment
used. The fight had lasted probably
. five minutes whm he went to separate
them. Mayan “[l3ol] top then. The
deck was searched for u. knife, heeuum
Moyen believed a knife blade had
broken in one of the wounds. in reply
toaquestion by the prisoner, Neim
said he had seen Moyen strike the
prisoner. '
The [gt-boner stated in reply to a. quea
flon by the judge, that he maid not
nyanything as to how the-gutting
wasdone, he. dezgied having used the
knife or any sharp instrument. The‘
fudge I I {:3 It the evidence was
guflc‘. ~ :hold‘ nor in the
MEL-fig; next term
of the district court. The witnesses,
Neirn and Crogan, were held in their
own recognizance to appear at the trial.
Owing to the «loath of his brother, Col.
G. Morris llaller. T. N. Ilallcr has re
signed the ofl‘n-c of justice of tho pen-e,
and will move at once to Seattle, to re
side permanently. l“. is :prohzthtt- that
the judge will form :t partnership with
Judge Burke, who was (bl. llallcr‘s art-l
tam-iatu in the practice of law. (‘Ol. Ila?
ler left. a very lurgtl estate, and it will ro-l
quire some person to look after it. ‘
, , _+- v, ‘
To "B Kant“ El). l
-..... ‘
Orders have ““0“ l‘t‘('t‘l\'(}tl at Portland, ‘
says the Oregonian, Wllll'll stutu that tho‘
m‘c-iulits of the U. 11. & N. are tn l-e lfl'pt
hvreniter at Omaha. This lllVUth'S the
transfer of the :tutlitin'.’ :nnl t-mnptrolh-r'u
tlupurtnwnts. The tormcr employs
about. titty Imin, and the latter tiftot-n.
Numln‘rs (If the Marks heu'o hall a quiet
tip already, and have boon making unto
tlwtnsz-lvm friends «if the mainnmn nt'
t'mnnu-rt-hl, banking and mal white
commnics, where they will ( (llltllllll? to
live in the metropolis of the nurtthst.
All who want ti) :0 to Omaha will he
provitlo-l with lIIJt‘US there. llut mlurh-s
are lower there, an-l most of the. young,'
‘men would Lulu-r stay in l'crtlztnnl any:-
way, ow-n “ith ;. lower salary. 'i‘llx}
business will he wound up \ri'h iln' clue
of Dm-e-mlwr, whirl: :trr.ur_'on-.vnt will
:roquiru work to lie «in lt‘ in l'urtlnnl up
lto about i 2:- 131]) of January.
The l‘e-ndlemn Tl'“!!‘:E‘.U guintul Um
startling imvlligem-e the oiher day that
3"coul bunker" was fatally shot at
I’xnatillu. Care should he taken by the
railroad company In pron-rt its coal
bunkers, and prcvent timm from being;
thus umtilatcd.
[Board of Emigration to Be Abel
ished- - A Famous Singer Re
! turns-- Stanley’s Success. - _
. . a , .
I Ni-lu' YnnK, DU". 9, IN».
A luill has l-wn pz'vi-arwl for prwvti-
Ration to mngu-m; for Hm pun-pow of
ci‘ta'iiinj‘r ;'. iic‘w i‘wlti'n'. nliil‘c \‘(liil'li Vii“
lwol' glvui important-v tanw York
J'ity. in rum. it will revivlutionizo our
:i'nlllulls (‘iliigi'uili landing place by
‘almli.~hin;: tlw ':uli‘l'll of Emigration
(‘tiiiti;;E—:ioizei'.~4, anti t-altllllliilillfl in its
‘plum :3 Fulvral ('mmuissionrr who will
lu- :i!l!l"il|l\ 'i by the l’rwi-h-nt M's-wro
taz'y oi' the 'l‘rcanln'y, and will have
general :«lili"i'\'l,~ltll| our all the l:|:Hl~‘
in”;r ports in llli‘ l't:itwl States so far a:
iii-3:,“ rclau- to i-inizrants. Hr will gin-i
his. lurl‘snnal supervision to the: port oil
New Yoik, ansl will have his office}
iivi‘t'. Hupt'i'Viwti‘s‘ of Emigration will
iwnypniniwl ii); the Svm'ctary of the}
Tlc:l.~'ll!'_\' t'or tln- ports of Boston, Phila-i
«li-lphia, .\‘an Francisco, Port Huron, I
”kin, and \t‘lit'l‘t'Vt'l' else they are
needed. All inn-minus trialling [0 UK“
lainlingof contravt laborers 0r unde-
Hil'ulrli'('iliii'l‘alli‘l wiil lu- llllill‘l‘ their
«mural, and from their decision there-E
will ln- no appeal. The bill gives the!
('nnnnissionm' at ('astlo Garden full‘
t-nnll‘ul of all privileges, allows him toI
inako mntracta for the delivery ofhag
gage. tln‘ transt'e-r of p:ts:<(~l)gei‘.~l, and
the sah~ of food and other articles to the
t‘llliL’l'ulilS. \\'hothor (‘astlu Garden
will be nmnagm! any hum-r nmler the
new system or not is hard to tell. It
i< vz-rtain that thurvaromany abuses
thou-now, and it is probable that a
radical change will do no harm. Ever
sinm- the Ford (‘ongrossional Coin
niittu- made its investigation into the
subject of the importation of foreign
labor under contract, some such change
has been expected, and many will be
{find to 51.1.- it.
A FAMOUS srxr‘uzn's RETURN.
Madame Adelina Patti. the famous
ningcr, arrived in New York last
’l'lmrsday, on the \Vhite Star steamer
'l‘i-utonie, and was greeted by a large
delegation nfritizens. The fair Adeli
na looks thesame as ever, with ihe
simple exwpiionuf her hair, which
has turned from :1 raven black mu
rich red, such usis. often affected by
:u-h‘esws m: the surge: In the ease of
Patti, it wus uninié-Mional. [t is said
that when she played Juliet last will
ter, she tried the experiment of dyeing
her hair ilk-tom] of wearing a wig. She
of course intended that the change
should be for the OCOzIHZOH onlythut to
her dismay the hair'tumfid‘ifi‘fieep
brownish red and remained so: Patti
has left. for Chicago, where sheis to
appear in a series of concerts. She
will return to New York in Mach,“
and her—manager intends to prepare;
for presentation here her best rc'per—z
toire. _ _ , ' i
The utmodt interési is being felt this ;
week in the accounts of the sucee‘ps of 3
Stanley’s explorations in Africa. .‘The
fact that the intrepid explorer has fin-~ ‘
ishcd his work, and is even :10va on 1
the borders of civilization, after pass
ing through untold sufferings, and.
disasters, attmets toward him the gaze
and admiration ofthe whole worlth
l'ndnuMedly he has accomplished a!
great work. In him were confined the
nevesszn‘y qualifications fur-overcomingi
obstalvles, fur leadership and pcrsever-E
unce in the Work in a must remarkable ;
degree. The full remlls of his labors, 1
it will be impussihle t 1) understand for;
some time to mine: but that he has}
made a rextmrkulvle 241100052: and: has!
distinguished himself above all the ex-é
plnrers nl' hi< tune, there can he nnl
damn. Emma Amnxuros. i
‘ - 4~—~- ——--——~——— ———< ;
lien] Estate Transfers. 4 l
"—-- . 1
Tue following is illelist of real estatei
transfers. tiled for record yesterday, as
furnished us by Warren Carroll, :
almlrm'tur: . '
li R lleyllul-l." to S (i ('usgrovo, lxl'xsf
11, I‘2, 1:; uni 11. iii-Mum's plat; um '
“new. ‘ '
J .l Hunt tn .l l" lliA'hlnnn, ll'g. ul lots
7 and S, lllk 13. .\lonmain View aid-if
l’Ull $2.300.
Luennla Hastings to .'uhntu I‘L-Whm
lula l 31an 2, blk 2-9, 0(‘ llzistlnga ._ l-l;
. mm $330. ' i
; ('ln:l> ll:~:-nl:eis l'.| J"i .‘vix'N.x::.-;u‘.l :izni
lJ .\l’lu:n,lulslu:x-l‘_’,i.l‘r; -'., His'nemi.‘
grill; I’uu fah‘xll
l l. 5 l-) Jalm ”If”, >\‘. l_;1)fil\\':"l;f
in“ ‘_; of .~.'n ’4', anl e 3.3 of girl.“ me 21”.
twp?) H, r l w I-l ‘.‘ m; u-Jnnlderuuc-Xr
$195.73. ;
A I‘. .\nguahhhe to l)' l} Vgay'g, L in;
tel-est in Mk 2. U (‘ Hastings ::nl "Ll-i,
um 13-l‘lilli).
l .l l" 'l'ukey in E ii humor and \‘V' I:
illi'k‘rmkui, lots '.., 4,5) and 6, Time) ‘=
i Ju.
9 L. >9 In
lsw (‘l'. we 2:1. : _
E 1: 1-: Ryan .x 1’ 19
lsec :31, (“'p'." 11. 1931.". “1:15;.
5 Hla 1111119 :11 \l' 1: 1411-. 11.25.; a: ~
blk «l-‘l.l’e'u_\'gl-.~:1~'.—. l 4 ml'l; mm 3700.
.l I'} ll(:l!l!‘a>“u 11: i“ ¢' Harm-I', lots 1,
3, 5 1% 7. lull; 12$, (.Il'izgiuul mwusite; con
J I“ Hill 1115:1211) 4' “'illuughby, lot.
9 & 10, lull; 13. liz‘nmlwuv :Uld; con S6OO.
U )[ Kim‘ {(1 .1! l‘. 5.11411, lots 6 & 8,
blk 135. Port 'l‘:;1v2;~:-!2<l: 00115321»
(‘ N Hi‘mlshrw In Loni“. Sumner,
lots 0;, 7, CK, N .5: 10, 1511; “-'1 lrving I’m-k;
mm $3¢M
H L Tli»l);1l«. 51'. [-1 l'flll'lt'k Friel, 10!.
6,7, f) anal 10. Mi: 1". ('upt Tibhala Lake
Park u-l-l; mu s3llll. .
I'3 5 Fowler 11- J .\‘qn'l-n-lgo. lots 6,7, 8,
11,111.11, 13. 13,14, 13, 11:. 17,18, 19, 21,
:2, 21), 23, :54, :5), :3 i, 27,3111! all of blk
43; con $2,001).
August hudzh-nhunwu to J Sonbridge,
a. blovk in >‘xnilh’s Inn-ts; considerition
John (jug-n or a! m D E Young} 10“
(i and T, blm-k IT. Imin: I'urk add; con
H L Timvals to Wm (4103?, sw 34’ of 111!
'4', sec 11', twp 51'- ", range 1 w; con
Andrew \chmnnfl: in J T Hauley and
J E Koilvy, I-als 5 :Iwi7,blk 40, Port
Townsend; «um $3.500.
Frank Limb: m Juhn Kwuan. lot 9,
blk 33, I-‘uwh-l's l’urk: run 3200.
(k-n [1 Hum“ In M .\I .‘.lorehead, I}
of blk 74, Juan Ih- I’m-u add; con $725.
A I" Lmrm-ni lu “':th Bowen, lots
4, SJ: (i, Mk 1:“. (ileum-31M; con $l5O.
TJ Ain’t-m to Pug-v: .\‘ulmd Fish Co,
Sucre-5,520,151), twp :.‘1! 11, 1'10; cons4so.
U C Hastings [0 Julius Manson, lots
1 5:. :5, blk l-l, Symlimte add; con $625.
('lms Eiscnlu-Es tn J (E \Vorlhington,
lots 1,2, :; &4, Mk 2:5, Eisenbcié add;
con 3;,000.
P Fredrivk (v \V H Maud to C G Per
kim, Mk 6, ‘.V'vhrztcr's zadd; cun 32800.
J R 9 Hi” iuJ (‘ (il';!illhnln,10185&
6,1)!k 251, Hill's mm; (m) S2OO.
F C Hurpm' to L -\ I‘ikc, et :11, lot 1,
sec 17, twp 30 n, r I w, :27; acres; con
$9375. ‘
ank C Brady m J Ii Hark, blk 9,
Syndicate add; mm $12250. _
J R Ul'iflilli cl u! m V 1) Norman,
fmc blk 3:10, 'l'ihliuls, jr. :uld; con SSOO.
Henry 5. Luke tn S i’vtcrson, u; lot.
6 & 8, Lil; H, “'ch‘h'r‘s :11“; 0011813”.
A ('ulii'urnin deiwxivu :Irrcsted aman
supposed to M- liiv imtcd murdemr,
Pete Olsen, at (hu'iiL-M, \Vhitnnn
county, Sunday evci'iing. The detac
tive has been in the. vicinity for the
past month, working up the case. He
says he did not make the meat uufll
ho was satisfied beyond all queéion
that he had the right man. '3“,
.U Sto Augustus Andersim; e Xof I
M, and a ,15 of no 3'l: sec 15, hip i 11;:
2 W; con -———-. -~
Fred II Terry to E C Brommgh, I X a;
se 34 of se 2;, and 9,145 of n .s' )1 0;... 5‘
of se 34. sec 5, twp 30 n, 1' I}; .9911 $5,.
500. ‘
Geoige H Brown to E G Whepler, a x
of 11¢ 34’ pi nw 14 of nw 2;, 3993,8- twp
2911, r l «3‘; con $250. .
Edward Cookinglmm to J C WP, IV
V , I
1;; of 11w 14', sec :.‘l, twp 30 n‘, r 1 1;; 00::
10,500. "It
Luuis be H Kuhn to .i H Robinson,
lulu 5 & 7, blk .i, Kuhn's much; con
$65”. Vt!)
J A \‘x‘lfiu- t-y (' Sul':i\'un,, 1319,0195,
330:5, twptmn, r '.5 w of w 91.; con
('umlim: \\' i;!':ll m Yo [-2 E _Miilbl"
14m,- 6 & 2.1.11; “iii“ Kuzm's mu’dn; eon
3‘:qu», ’ -"
E E Millvx‘ m 221‘. .\‘n.iih.lol36&B.,
3|llk "H.“ Knim‘x new-h; run SIOO.
i \V H (‘nxx~l;um- m.\ Host-1103)", nw §
infllL‘ql'nfnw4l2‘.“cc-Lt\\’[)3oll,l' l w
;of w m, 851-3 au-a'c-z mm S3,”:I6UL"
; J F 'l‘uke-y lu‘l’ \\' .\lsu'i‘ig, lots 1, 2,_
1:} &4,Mk 5, Tum-5 Add: cull $l7O.
| “'11! Payne m 111:: A Hum. W’rof e 1:
;uf ue qr or nw ‘sl“ 41-01". twmeu, r l
iw nf w m, l” :v-nu; gun E 1330" _
. L "- 45"”
vs" V-._ '-.
. Di 3.. .
.§;MI : I v (‘3
s‘»? .. 7. » . _
$35.4 9‘9 .' -) N
\ ‘ V ,5 ,
’:.; KK" e; . x.. XS: .
: ‘gq "f
' : in?» “1:" 1":
W " ' a": I
x; “(UM : 19:!
72‘»; ,1,
F'Q? - ‘
. = a»
‘ . ‘ - ‘1 'l7;£
. , . ,vr'fiit‘im
{‘23‘? ;- ‘4l-- 7‘3 '1 5:,- "l "fifi‘.fla..‘é:.'6f puny
-'..‘;_=‘A. m. :.. I ‘v: mountain)
4,, ‘ '. ~~lur=oldu
.x~! 'w' '_ -‘. » ;' ‘.f 50' In}.
- v.l - "' ' v 1‘ Yr pow-lull.
; , J » ‘. .:E'Q
Jsl" x'..l‘lv"». r li. ‘1 \ l ‘ 'o‘

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