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TrM astobian.
TUESDAY,..- Jr 1, 1873
The following stanza, written by a Miss of
fourteen, a pupil attending the Public School
and resident of Astoria, shows thought that 13
worthy of encouragement Ed.
0, come friends now, and listen to my lay.
For I'm in a very bad position
The truth is but this (if tell it I may;)
I have got to write a composition.
"What to write about; or how to begin;
I am very sure I cannot now tell.
And I am afraid (if it's not a sin)
That I don't want to write it very well!
Last Friday the teacher's anger aro3o
And he thought he would punish us neat;
So up he got, and scratching at his nose
Said: " You must hand in essays next week 1
A chill came o'er me, even at the thought
That I'd have to do such a dreadful thing:
For I would sooner have gone out and fought
Than come under the shado of such wing.
But I must try so it is of no use
For mo to sit and be sorrowing hero;
And so I guess I will go and peruse
A story book till I get my brain clear.
caught a Tartar in the Duke de Bo-
X .
Perhaps the shortest speech ever
delivered in any legislative chamber
-was that of the member of the Unit
ed States Congress, who, having got
off this sentence : "Mr. Speaker, the
generality of mankind in general are
disposed to exercise oppression on
the generality of mankind in gener
al," was pulled down to his seat by a
friend, with the remark : You'd bet
ter stop; you are coming out of the
same hole you went in at,
Daniel Webster was apt to over-indulge
himself at public dinners, but
managed, when called upon, to make
a speech if a brief one.
On an occasion Webster finished up
with: "Gentlemen, there's the public
debt it should be paid; yes gentle
men, it should be paid. Til pay it
myself. How much is it?"
Sir Arthur Helps somewhere sug
gests that clergymen would be more
Miccessful in attacking the pockets of
their flocks if they sent round the
plates before instead of after the
sermon, with the understanding that
if they gave liberally they should be
let off from the sermon altogether.
M. Dupanloup, the eloquent J3ishop
of Orleans, preaching in behalf of the
distressed workmen of Koeun. con
tented himself with savins: ' This is
no time for long sermons, but good
work. You are all acquainted with
the calamities of those whose cause I
come this day to plead. Once upon
a time a king, whose name is still
cherished by us, said to his compan-ions-in-arms,
on whom he thought
he could rely: "My good friends, I
am your king; you are Frenchmen.
Yonder is the enemy; let us march!
I will not address you in other words
to-day than these." I am your bishop
you aire christians. Yoncler are, not
our enemies, but our brethren who
suffer. Let us flee to their succor."
The result was the collection of more
than three thousand.
Edwin, a once popular English act
or, is credited with the authorship of
one the briefest of sermons, hi: text
being: "Man is born to trouble as
the sparks fly upward. I shall con
sider itiis discourse under three
heads. First, man's ingress into the
world ; secondly, man's progress
through the world; thirdly, man's
egress out of the world; and"
"First Man's ingress into the world is
naked and bare.
.Secondlv His progress through the
world is trouble and care.
Lastly His egress out of the world is
nobody knows where.
If we do well here, we shall do well
there; I can tell you no more
if Ipreach for a year.
The last time Justice Foster went
on circuit he dismissed the grand
jurymen to their work with: " Gentle
"incii The defendant's a foul mouth
ed, fellow- What damages?" an ex
ample of judicial brevity only to be
matched by Baron Alderson's address
to a convicted prisoner who prayed
that God might strike him dead
where he stood if he were not inno
cent. After a moment's silence, the
Judge sternly and coldly said: "Pris
oner at the bar, as Providence has
not interposed in behalf of society,
the sentence of the court is, that you
be transported for the term of twenty
years." An American judge once
intervened in an odd way to prevent
a waste of words. He was sitting in
dUamberSj and seeing from the piles
of papers in the lawyers' hands that
the first case was likely to be hotly
contested, he asked: "What is the
amount in question?" "Two dollars,"
.said the plaintiff's counsel. "I'll pay
it," and the judge handed over the
money; " call the next case."
He had not the patience of taciturn
Qir William Grant, who, after listen
ing for a couple of days to the argu
ments of counsel r.s to the construc
tion of an act, quietly observed when
they had dene: "The act is repealed.
An inquisitive French bishop-once
The latter. Dassine in haste
through Lyons, was hailed by the
bishop, with: Hi! Hi!" the Duke
stopped. "Where have you cQme
from ?" inquired the prelate. " Par
is," said the duke. " what is there
fresh in Paris?" "Green peas." "But
what were the people saying when
you left?" "Vespers." "Goodness,
man," broke out the anry question
er, " who are you? What are you
called?" " Ignorant people call me
Hi! Hi! gentlemen term me Duke de
Roquelaire. Drive on, postillion!"
There seems to be some misunder
standing regarding the amendments
which passed Congress last session in
regard to the Soldiers' Homestead
law. The amendments proposed were
various and important, but they all
failed to pass except the following,
which embodies all the change that
has been made in the Homestead law:
" That any person entitled, under the
provisions of the foregoing sections to
enter a homestead, who may have
heretofore entered a homestead un
der the Homestead laws, such Quan
tity of land being less than one hun
dred "and sixty acres, shall be permit
ted to enter so much land as when
added to the quantity previously en
teredj shall not exceed one hundred
and sixty acres. " That is, that where
as the law of eigthteen and seventy
two permits soldiers to enter home
steads on what are called "double
minimum Jands," or land with the
limits of railroad grants, and where
as many soldiers had entered eighty
acres each, they are now permitted
to enter a whole quarter section, or
one hundred and sixty acres of such
lands. The amendments simply
double the quantity of land that may
be entered under the law.
A stand is taken by a correspond
ent of the Maine Farmer against "all
trap-door organizations," which be
gin with demanding fifteen dollars of
a man's money, and give in return
only a questionable security of large
promises, which, after all, are very
cheaply spoken. There is no earthly
reason, he thinks, why the farming
interest should not work out its own
salvation in an altogether open and
above-board manner, and he futher
says: The surest and wisest way to
keep clear of swindlers is to invest in
good, reliable papers, both news and
agricultural. Intelligence is a better
sheild against rogues, and a better
lever to success, than all the secret
societies ever invented since Adam.
Trade is something that cannot be
stopped by a breath or regulated by
the opinions of a few individuals col
lected together in some dark attic;
supply and demand take it where it
belongs, and control it after it gets
there. It is just as easy for the farm
er who has butter, eggs or beef to sell
to know this value as the man who
buys, if he will take the same means
to find it" out. When I hear a man
complaining that he sold his potatoes,
his pork, or his meal too cheap, or for
less than their maket value, I con
clude that he does not read as much
as he might.
Dr. Borzeau' Small Pox Core.
As this most loathsome of all diseases is li
able to break out amoung us at any time, it is
well to be proparod for it at all times.
Dr. Borzeau's Small-Pox Curo and Provon
tivo, now prepared and kopt on hand at my
offico, corner first and Main streets, one door
from First, is a sure cure or preventive for
that disease. The history of this medicine
can not bettor bo explained by mo than by
inserting the following somewhat condensed
letters. SAMUEL CORWIN. Propmetor.
Corner of Yamhill and First streets,
Sax Francisco, July 2, 1872.
My dear old friend, Samuel Corwin I have
bo doubt but you will bo much surprised on
receiving this letter, but, perhaps, not more so,
ormoro gratified, than I was to hoar from
you. The manner in which I heard from you,
and learned of your whereabouts, is this: I
happened to bo looking over an Oregon nows
paper and noticed your namo, as Representa
tive elect, froih Tillamook county. The thrill
of pleasure which I experienced on reading, is
indiscribable. The many acts of kindness
which I rocoived at your hands long years ago
havo never boon forgotten, notwithstanding
our correspondence has boon broken for 17
years. "Well, Sam, I won't attempt to give
you more than the outlines of what ha3 tran
spired with mo since wo last corresponded.
So many incidents of tho past, in which you
and I wore connected, crowd upon my mind
that I cannot think or write of myself. Does
your mind ever revert to tho past, when we
first mot how you took mo in as a partner,
when thoso who ought to havo boon my best
friends threw off on mo how wo got snowed
in and had'to live on potatoes straight for six
weeks how good that grizzley meat tasted
what a disgraceful retreat wo mado from our
poor innocent Jack, when we thought we were
besieged by a grizzley. "Well, Snm, thoso
events of 1852 frequently furnish subject mat
tor for my thoughts, and, as I am writing to
you, crowd upon my mind, but I will dismiss
them for the present to give place to that which
will, perhaps, bo of greater interest to you.
I pocketed eleven thousand dollars out of tho
" Deep Claim" you gave mo in Maraposa, and
started for homo in Juno, 1855. I invested
four thousand dollars in real estato in this
city, and loft it in caro of McLano, our old
cabin mate. My property here has yielded
mo a handsome income, and quadrupled in
value. I wont into business in Now York city,
in which I was very successful sold out two
years ago, sinco which time I have boon trav
eling through tho European countries. You
know.I used to havo a weakness for traveling;
well, it has been gratified to my heart's con-
tont. "While in Franco I was taken with tho
small-pox. Tho lady of the inn told mo that I
was fortunate to tako tho disease at that place,
as thoro was an old small-pox doctor near by
who novor failed to curo, no matter how bad
tho disease; and sure onough, I began to re
cover within four hours after commencing to
tako tho medicine, and in twonty-four hours
1 felt quite well. I was so much olntod with
tho magical effects of tho medicine that I was
determined, if possiblo,.to obtain tho formula,
in which 1 succeeded, by paying handsomely
and promising not to divulgo it in Franco.
1 seo from Oregon papers that you havo tho
disoaso among you. Tho onclosed packago
contains tho formula and sufficient material
for family use. I havo cured all tho casos
thatl havo coino in contract with, and find it
an infallible curo and preventive. When you
answer this, I will forward sufficient of tho
material to make you a fortune, as I have am
ple, and rest assured 1 reciprocate past favors.
1 will closo for tho present and await anxi
ously your answer. JDirect to San Francisco,
as I will remain hero about two months.
Groceries Groceries
Groceries Groceries
Groceries Grocorios
Groceries Groceries
Grocories Groceries
Grocerios GROCERIES Grocerio3
Grocorios Grocories
Grocerios Groceries
Grovorips Groceries
Grocorios Groceries
Groceries Grocorios
. Bf-The best stock of STAPLES and TEA
in Oregon. All goods warranted.
95 Front and 9H First Streot,
Portland, Oregon.
in Stoves, Shoet-iron, Tin-plate, etc Plumb
ing and Gas fitting choaper than any other
houso in town.
Pacific Root and Shoo Store.
S. "W. Corner First and Morrison Streets,
Portland, Oregon.
Sheriff's Sale.
out of tho County Court of the State of Ore
gon for tho County of Clatsop, to mo diroutcd,
commanding mo to levy on tho goods and
chatties of tho delinquent tax payers named
in the delinquent tax roll for the year 1S72,
thereto attached, and if nono bo found thon
upon tho roa.1 property as set forth and doj
cribed in said tax list, or so much thoroofas
shall satisfy tho amount of taxes so charged,
together with costs and expenses, I have,thi..
day of June, 1878, (for want of porsonal
property), lovied upon tho following described
pieces or parcels of land ns set forth in said
tax list, lying and being in Clatsop county Ore
gon, known and doseribod, and assessed to tho
parties as follows, to-wit:
Names. Descpt.L'tiBk Valuoj Tax
Bush, A K.
Cheadlo, Raphol
Church, M. E.,
Freeborno, RD...
Hoberg, James...
Howell, J H
M addox, Joseph..
01sen,A ..
Church. M. E
Hurford, J E
52 i
5 W
4..5J 19
$10 00
10 00
119 J 25
157)105 00
111 200 00
123 5 00
110 f 10 00
5 00
200 00
40 00
$ .19
Doscript'n j
ILots,sec T R lAcrlVal.iTax.
Beal, Wm
Etn Noel & othr
sell, for Cash, of California make, Ladies 1st
quality IS thread lasting Kid foxed Bal
morals $2 50, Former price $3 00
2d quality 16 thread do 1 75, ' 2 50
Misses 1st quality do 2 00, " 2 50
MiwMd quality do 150, " 2 00
Children's 1st qual. do 1 50, " 2 00
Children's 2d qual. do 125, " 150
2. C. IREIiAXB, Proprietor.
Falkinburgo, W
Gordon, John...
Smith, N L wswi
Woodward, Wm
And on WEDNESDAY, tho 20th day of July.
1873, at the hour of 10 o'clock A. 31.. in front
of tho Court Houso door in said State and
County, I will soll'the same, or so much thereof
as shall bo necessary to satisfy said taxes and
costs, at public Auction to the highest bidder
thereof, in United States gold coin. Sale to
continue from day to day.
W. H. TWILIGHT, Sheriff,
And Tax Collector, for Clatsop County.
Astoria, Oregon, July 1, 1873. 4w
The New Orleans Times is respon
sible for the following statemenj:
The most curious instance of resusci
tation recorded in our annals hap
pened last Thursday on Prytama
street, near Terpsichore. A child
three years old died early in the
morning, and was duly laid out for in
terment: a comnetent Dhvsican certi
fied to the decease,and the friends of
the family assembled to solemnize the
funeral. Later in the afternoon, the
body having been coffined, and the
funeral carriages waiting at the door
a thunderstorm arose. It will be re
membered that there were some un
usually violent reverberations during
the brief term of its prevalence.
Simultaneously with one of the most
deafening of these claps, the child
recovered its animation and resumed
all the functions of existence. It is
now permanently recovered. There
is no doubt of the facts in this case.
Men who isolate themselves from
society, and have no near and dear
fhmily ties cannot understand the
joys of living. "Why, man who cares
for nobody, for wtiorn nobody cares,
has nothing to live for that will pay
for keeping the foody and soul togeth
er. You must nave a heap of embers
to make allowing fire. Scatter them
apart and they will become cold and
dim. So to have a brisk, vigorous life,
you must have a group of lives to
keep each warm, to afford mutual en
couragement,confidence and support.
If you wish to live the life of a man
ana not of a fungus, be sociable, be
charitable, be broth erly, be sympa
thetic, ana labor earnestly for the
good of your kind. It was Byron who
said that happiness was born a twin,
and there is just as much truth as
poetry in the idea. Certainly the
misanthrope is not a happy man.
The New York Court-house has set
tled six inches since constructed, but
some of the old city officers haven't
settled for three years.
When I received this medicine, thoro heing
no small-pox in tho Stato of Oregon, I sent
packages to a number of placos in California
and other States, to bo properly tested, al
though my own confidence in its virtue was
completoly established by tho source from
which I obtained it. Tho following lettors
wore duly received from tho parties to whom I
sent tost packages of tho inedicine:
Scramknto, Cal , Dec. 27, 1S72.
Samuel Corwin, Nobalom, Oregon Dear
Sir: 1 havo tho pleasure of communicating to
you the fact 1 had an opportunity at last of
testing tho officiency of your preparation for
tho cure of small-pox. Mr. A.Koysor, afriond
of mine, was taken with tho smnll-pox Dec
ember IS th. I learnod tho fact about six
o'clock on tho ovening of tho li'th, and started
immediately for the residonco o Mr. K., sit
uated about fourtoen miles from hero, towaids
Cache Crook, Yolo county. 1 got to K.'s placo
ju.t twonty minutos before twelvo o'clock, and
commenced giving tho medicine precisely at
twelve o'clock. Continued to givo the medi
cine evory hour until twelvo o'clock next ovo
ning, having given twenty-nine dosos; and,
without furtnor aid, K. recovered, and is now
as well as over, without any visible signs of
over having had tho disease. All of us who
wore oxposod, took of tho medicine as a rro
ventivo, and 1 havo no doubt, by so doing,
were kept from getting tho disease.
Yours etc., JAMES HASBIN.
Fkund vle, Humboldt Co.Cal.Feb.l 1S73.
Friend Corwin Your small-pox cure provod
quite a Uod-send to this community lately. 1
had tho satisfaction of curing threo of our
townsmen of tho small-pox lately. Isow, I
am out of medicine, and 1 want you to send
mo about a thousand bottlos, or send an agent
down hero. You would do well to havo an
agent in every town in California. I am got
ting up w statement, with tho signature of tho
parties knowing tho facts, and will send it
soon. Accept our thanks, etc.,
No person should bo without this medictno,
as tho disease is now in various part5? of tho
country, and may bo among us any day. It is
an old and truo adage, that " An ounco of pro
ventivo is worth a pound of euro"" Tis a
wise man that carries his coat on a fair day,"
etc. SAMUEL CORWIN, Proprietor.
Nehalem, Oregon.
Prico, Ono Dollar per Bottle. For salo in
Astoria bv J M CHANCE, and D IXGALLS.
I sole Agents for Clatsop County, Ojogon
The Paper wilj. be independent of politics
in all its views, expressed or implied, and
will be conducted with the aim in view to
make it wholly and solely devoted to the
Debt interests of this State. The Com
merce of Oregon, its Agricultural, Manu
facturing and Mechanical interests, the
progress and prosperity of the people, will
receive special attention. TheAsTORiAN
will recognize the Farmers and Mechanics
of Oregon as men of thought and judg
ment, and will respect their efforts to make
their influence known and recognized in
the marts of trade, in the counting rooms
of business, and in the halls of legislation.
"We shall neither make nor encourage a
war upon, nor wage any conflicts with, any
enterprises, associations or men engaged in
legitimate pursuits where success depends
upon the interest and continued earnestness
of the people. "While we shall endeavor to
show the truthfulness of the old maxim,
that " thelaws favor the diligent," weshall
strive to harmonize interests calculated to
he of direct benefit to the State.
Astoria is the sea port of Oregon,' has an
excellent harbor, and vessels of the deep
est draught enter in perfect safety at all sea
sons. Comparative statistics show less per
cent, of losses on the Columbia River Bar
for the past twenty years, than at the en
trance to any other port in the United
States, and the facts may be easily pro
duced to show the fallacies of such wide
"discriminations by underwriters and in
surers, in favor of other ports, and against
the port of Oregon. It was the Gold Min
ing excitements of 1849 that built up Cali
fornia so rapidly as to overshadow and out
strip this part of the northwest possessions,
at a time when the first "propositions for
communication between New York and
Astoria were about to be inaugurated.
The gold discovery of 1849 set Oregon back
and made our sister State what she is.
Now. things are upon a more equal footing,
with lands and Agriculture for a basis of
future operations with the difference in
favor of Oregon in her cheap lands and va
ried natural resources 3Tet undeveloped.
Temporarily there is a stringency in -the
money market, but business generally con
tinues good, and as many vssels are cm
ployed in the carrying trade, it not more,
than in past years of our prosperity . A few
more acers planted, a 1'e.w more fish and
oysters marketed, a few more tons of coal
and iron mined, more home rescource. de
veloped and manufactories established,
will improve the outlook very much.
The history of Attoria is full of interest
from the arrivals of Captain Gray in tjie
Summer of 1792 to the present time, all of
which will receive due attention. The ar
rivals and departures of vessels at Astoria,
and the business of the surrounding coun
try, having no journal to correctly repre
sent the interest, has of necessity been neg
lected, to the detriment of the entire State.
With the view of supplying this want the
undersigned has concluded to enter the
newspaper world at this venera"ble old city,
on the banks of one of the noblest rivers sn
tering any ocean, and relying for my sup
port upon an appreciative people, among
whom I am not as a stranger, having been
connected with the press of the State torten
3rears, it is with the utmost confidence of
success twit issue inisDnei outline oi uie
purposes actuatingme, and solicit yourpat
ronage. D. C. IRELAND.
Ono Copy ono year $" 00
Ono Copy six months 3 00
Ono Copy threo months 1 50
jfffiT Advertising by the year at the rate
of SI 50 per square per montjij payablo
I monthly, , , ?
Delinquent Tax List.
will sell at Public Auction to the highest
bidder on tho fourth Monday in July, (23th l,
betweon tho hours of 1U o'clock a. m. and 5 oT
clock i.m., at Oysterville. (County Seat), Pacific
County, W. T., subject to tho laws of Washing
ton Territory, tho following described delin
quent lands, on which tho unpaid tax, and ac
cruing interest and cost shall not havo been
paid before such timo, and shall continue such
salo from day to day until all such lands here
inafter described shall bo sold, or shall havo
been twico offered for sale:
So So
c 3
m-h ONrjfj e
t-. - t 1 f- r i-1 i t- t- s fc
io--acla Soiovo-OJOio oo 55 55
i-1 rlF i-lrlHHi-iH -,,
? tr cots cj
S 1
59100 or.Oi-os o ft"
-t iH iH HrtN - w
I t
-J Iff f--4
: &
: o
: 3
:. o
: cs
cMS3Cr,""e,Bi; . ra
&rix ., tvhh 4 rv-
0, i-n
& EM'S
X o ;o a 00-S.S-.3 Po:c S
i"- CCS
o ei o
X& Stt :rapc-P
5 go IS
5 2 o : :2
-: O c a j
? ? c a
o o 2 a
O a G . d
cq : : : : :
. ei
25u a,w-3
t"3 H
Shoriif Pacific County, W.T.
Oysterville, "W. T., June 2-t, ltf73. t&
of Asteria: Civil action to recover money.
Stato of Oregon, County of Clatsop sa: '
George Birchard, Plaintiff,")
vs. -To Thomas Dun-
ThomasDungan.Defond'ntJ gan tho dofcnd'nt
above named: In tho namo of tho Stata of
Oregon, you aro horoby ro-imred to appear be
fore tho undersigned, a Justice of tho Pence
for tho Precinct aforesaid, on tho 18th day of
August, 1S73, at U o'clock in tho foronoon of
said day, at tho offico. of said J ustico, in faid
Precinct, to answer tho above named Plaintiff
in a ci7il action. Tho Defendant will tako
notice, chat if ho fail to answor tho complaint
herein, tho Plaintiff will tako judgment against
him for $8i 3V100 dollars, and cost3 and dis
bursements of this action.
(liven under my hand this, 18th day of Juno
1S7S. H. U. PARKER , J ustico of tho Pcaee.
J5"This. Summons is published bv an ttT&nr
of H B. Parker, JuFtico of tho Peaco for As
.JJ. XBJftUl, UUfllwulOlU JLUH.CQ I0r A5-
preciiHJt, mado tho 18th day of Juno 1K7S,
wjh, j KciswAN, MVr for j,

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