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Yol. 1.
Astoria, Oeegox, Thfksday Morning, Sept. 18, 1873.
No. 35.
a Ik ALlrBlflAii A m
It I r I " I . fl H n i I
lllil JjLkJ X JLLJLJjL-Lti
Monitor Building, Astoria, Oregon.
J. C. IIMSLAXD Proprietor
Subscription Hates:
Ono Copj ono year.- 55 00
Cno Copy six months 3 00
Ono Copy three months 1 50
ttST Single Number, Ten Cents. -a
Advertising Kates :
Ono Insertion persquarc, 10 lines or less...S2 50
Each additional Insertion, per square 2 00
Yoarly adv'ts per month, per squaro 1 50
Agents :
L. P. Fisher, 20 and 21 New Merchants Ex
change, is authorized to act as Agent for tho
Astoki vn in San Francisco.
Any friend who feels an interest in tho pros
perity of this region, is authorized to act as
Agent for thi paper, in procuring subscribers.
Two tom-cods were caught on one
hook by blaster Ed. Hallock, at the Cape
last Tuesda Fishes must act like pig?
sometimes, to he caught thus.
The steam saw mills of this city, as
well as those of Knappton, are now kept
about a? busy as the' ever were known to
be at any time, on orders ahead,
Capt. R. IEobson's new wharf will be
50 by 120 feet in size. Capt. Flavel's new
driver has been engaged to drive the piles
lor it, and began the work yesterday.
Sturgeon fishing is rare sport, but is
now highly enjoyed in Baker's bay. The
lish takes a lively spin, often towing the
captor's boat several hundred yards at a
rapid rate, before yielding up the ghost.
'Work has commenced on the stregt
intersection of Concomly and Benton. If
improved streets attract business, then it
must be presumed that Benton street will
soon take its rank as a thoroughfare.
The Dixie Thompson and other steam
boats of the Columbia, are receiving deck
coverings of materials furnished by H. C.
Mauriee,Masonic building Portland, agent
for the Rock river Paper Company.
The pile drivers built and under way
in this city, are the best on the Pacific
coast. Capt. Flavel's is now ready for
business, and that being constructed by
the Parmer's company is to take water on
Mr. Hirsey, of Deep river, delivered
20,000 fine shingles to Capt. Plavcl last
Tuesday, which seem to be equal to any
shingle ever manufactured. The cedar of
this vicinity is better adapted to such work
than cedar ordinarily.
Capt. George Plavel and Mr. S. N.
Arrigoni accompanied Mr., Gilfrey to the
Seaside House on Tuesday. The day pre
vious the same party crossed the bar and
proceeded to sea for several miles. It is
not often that Mr. A. gets away from the
Occident two days in succession, and these
trips may be of benefit to him,
S. J. McCormick, of the Franklin
Book Store is re-printing his Chinook dic
tionary, and has just issued the Oregon
hand book, containing 136 pages descrip
tive of the State, embellished with views
of Oregon scenery, for the low price of 50
cents a copy GO cents currency, by mail.
A Portland lady visiting at Oyster
ville lost a parrot on her return. The
bird was a present to her, and the loss of
th? pet was doubly deplored on that ac
fount. She will le gratified however, to
"' arn to-day that the pet was recovered
tf r three day.-), by the gentleman volun
. ring to perlorm the service, and has
.come the attraction at Arrigoni's, among
-r friends there who will also regret to
I .irt with the intelligent bird.
Dean Blanchard's mill at Rainier cut
:i:K)0 feet of spruce in a day and a half
v.-Itli throe men recently. The stuff was
o :t of a raft Liken from this vicinity for
"YiVMWs mill, but when Rainier" was
Tva !i"d Blanchard's mill was chartered to
-J th work immediately, and the order
vhi-h was for San Francisco,) went out
i.Ilcd by the return steamship. Blanchard
i n w "filling orders ibr the Astoria dock,
Wa lhams ahd Corbett's buildings, and R.
D. Hume of Bay View fishery.
The Josie Mcls ear completed the sum
mer daily schedule between this city and
Portland last Tuesday. The regular mail
will hereafter reach us on Monday, AYed
j.bdav and Friday, returning on Tues
div, Thursday and Saturday of each week.
Tli J arrangement, however, a Ave under
stand it, isto keep the Emma Hay ward
ar.d Annie Stewart both employed in the
grain trade, and run the Rescue through
to AYe-tport and Cathlamet, making per
haps more than the equivalent of' daily
service, after all. If Ilallett will train
hU Bantam roosters to perform the work
of Carrier pigeons, and will let fly at us,
Astoria will clasp hands with Cathlamet,
(across the hog'-back)i. and still be daily
heard in the world outside.
Steamboat Building.
It is a fact which none will dare to
gainsay, that the Oregon Steam Nav
igation Company have brought steam
boating nearer to perfection than any
other company of individuals in the
United States. This is mainly own
ing to the fact that when they get a
good competent man in their employ
they appreciate him and stick to him.
When one of their boats is launched
the overworked newspaper reporter
only finds time to say that " the ele
gant new steamer so and so, built for
the O. S. N. Co., was successfully
launched yesterday." Her length,
depth and beam is stated, number of
state rooms, perhaps, and power and
capacity of Engines and boilers, but
had that reporter any spare time to
take a look at the vessel he would
find many improvements to mention,
as we did a few days ago on board
the Emma Hay ward in company with
Engineer Purdon. A lubricator, pat
ented by John Gates, by means of
which the engine is enabled to oil
the entire machinery nearly and not
waste one drop to the cask, is the
first fine thing to speak of. John
Burnett is having it patented in Eu
rope now. Then there arc the patent
heaters, where the water from the
pumps is warmed by the exhaust,
from the cylinders, before it reaches
the boilers, preventing the possibil
itr of an explosion from the contract
of cold water with heated steam etc.
in the boiler. Next is the spark ar
rester, which prevents coals escaping
from the smoke stack to burn the
hats and clothing of passengers, and
dirty the whole boat over making it
look more like a coal yard. By
means of this invention the sparks
all pass through the bottom of the
"boat and are left floating in the eddy
and wake following the steamer.
The ash-pan is also an improvement,
being so arranged that a stream of
water is constantly passing through
and filling it, rendering it as service
able for years as any other portion of
the whole, while as formerly con
structed, ash-pans were necessarily
often renewed. The shape of the
hulls made now, and the many im
provements in putting up a boat in
Oregon, entitles this State to the
credit of perfection and when a
steamer is wanted in these waters it
is not to the advantage of the public
for one even like the Annie Stewart
or Josie McXear to be brought here
from any other place. "We are pcr
pectly able to build for ourselves,
and there is not very much room left
for improvement when our Oregoni
ans get one afloat.
Mr. S. IvreTv, for man' years a
resident of Cathlamet, but recently
of Lewiston, Idaho, has concluded to
return to this part of the land flowing
with milk and honey. All Avho come
now will stand a good show of getting
the cream, and Mr. Krebs having
taken a good thorough canvas of the
situation so concludes, himself.
It has been suggested and we
think with much propriety that the
matter of the buoys in our harbor and
river ought to be left to the care.
j of tli-. pilots, who are continuously
sounding the channel in search of
the best water. This is done else
where, and we believe Oregon pilots
to be as capable of judging right, and
wrong on their own grounds as those
of other localities.
We have seen a great many
peaches having been about St. Jo. in
Michigan, and Centralia Illinois, but
we think we have never seen a bet
ter article than were marketed at St.
Helen in this State, a week ago last
Saturday. They were equal, in the or
der of peaches, to IsaDues strawberries
that is to say, they were perfection,
to the highest" point, handsome and
I. "W. Case, merchant of this city,
has procured one of the Hall Loc k
Company's patent concrete fire-proof
"We are pleased to hear that our
old Wolverine friend J. C. Dorsey, of
Cathlamet, who has been quite ill
for many months, is gradually recov
ering. We should like very much to
see John about as of old.
A few days ago Mr. Birnie, of
Cathlamet killed one of his fancy
Brahmas, (half blooded), and found
the meat of such delicate flavor that
he ordered his advertisement out of
the paper, and will sell but a few
more of the stock.
The British bark Vesta,. for some
time past due at this port from Liver
pool direct, brings among other
things one of the famous steam
plows of England, purchased by Capt.
R. R. Thompson of Portland. -Capt.
Thompson is very anxious that this
vessel should get in, as every day
now is valuable time.
The bristles on the Hog's-back
having been sufficiently sounded we
learn incidentally that the plan of
sending the Wallamet Spoondown to
deepen that part of the channel will
be abandoned. Of course it would
be a useless waste of public money to
attempt such things, and o long as
the Wallamet river above Oregon
City needs to be looked after, parties
forcing such impracticable schemes
would meet with "political dams"
over which they may never pass.
Among the many places along
the Columbia river from Astoria to
Portland, none seem to indicate more
thrifty than Rainier, Westporfand
St. Hele i. At every point between
this city and the Wallamet district
evidences of steady advancement are
to be seen, and some very extensive
improvements are being made. R.
D. Hume of Bay Yiew is building,
and has purchased the fast little
steamer Oneatta which now lies
moored at his dock. Joseph Hume
is putting up a large cannery, George
W. Hume is preparing to increase his
business, and at nearly fifty new
places workmen are employed in
nail's Safe and Lock Co., dur
ing the short time they have been
represented in this State, have sold
$12,320 worth of their Safes. The
following is a partial list of the pur
chasers. Portland Oregen: First Na
tional Bank, E. Martin & Co, Sam'l
M. Smith, Jacob Meyer, Chas. Haun
stein, J. A. Strowbridge, Atkinson,
Woodward & Co., C. B. Comstock cfc
Co, Weeks & Brenckle, Q. Voos
Maisou Doree, Spaulding and John
son, Ivoshland Bros., Williams and
Myers, Progress Club, Portland Ice
Works. Salem: W. W. Weatherford
and Co. Oregon City: John Myers,
Albright and Logus. Albany: C. B.
Comstock and Co. Cernelius: Ste
phen Blank. North Yamhill: W. J.
McConnel. Walling's Landing: G.
AV. AAralliHg and Co. McMinville:
Bangassar and Delschneider, St. Jo
seph : C. B. Comstock and Co. Asto Aste
ria: Capt. Geo. Flavel, I. -AAr. Case,
John W. Gearhart. Hillsboro, Ogn.:
Treasurer AATashington Co. R. D.
Hume, Bay Yiew. See advertisement
of thft company and address AVru. B.
Wilshirc, at Knapp Burrell and Cos.
Portland where the safe can be seen.
Thebark Rival will take a load of
wheat to San Francisco from Portland.
Major H. M. Robert, of the engineer
corps H. S. Army, for several 3-ears sta
tioned in this district, has been ordered to
report at Milwaukee, AYibconsin, we learn.
-- -..-
The bark Clara Louise which came
in on the 25th of July under the Liberian
flag, was sold to Corbett & Macleay, aid
has had her name changed to Mattie
Macleay, is completing her cargo at Co
lumbia City for Honolulu.
The United States.
Portland, Sept. 15. Gold in New
York to-day, 111; Portland Legal
Tender rates, S7 buying, and S8
New York, Sept. 15. Ex-City
Treasurer Sprague, of Brooklyn, has
been arrested on a charge of malfeas
ance in office.
The Mayor is receiving contribu
tions for the relief of the suffering
people, of Shreveport.
The veterans of the Mexican war
are celebrating the anniversary of
the fall of the city of Mexico. Dele
gations were present from Baltimore,
Washington, Philadelphia and other
John Hodges' cotton and woolen
mills, at Holensburg, Pa., were burn
ed last night. Estimated loss, $125,
000; insurance, $S0,000.
At a meeting of the AAllson Com
mittee last evening a committee was
appointed to complete the necessary
arrangements and to select land
grants nnder the Homestead law,
either on the line of the Atchison,
Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, or
some branch of the Central Pacific.
The committee will leave here Sept.
22d. Forty-eight new members were
accepted. This makes 22S families
who will leave the East for there this
Fall or early in the Spring.
A AVashington dispatch says that
ex-President Johnson is expected in
that city to-day, for the purpose of
taking part in the controversy now
going on respecting the trial and ex
ecution of Mrs. Surratt. He will, it
is supposed, endeavor to controvert
the statements of Judge Advocate
General Holt on the point as to
whether the Court's recommenda-
tioil to mercy was ever presented to
hiii) or not.
A,n Albany dispatch says a misplac
ed Switch threw from the track the
evening train from Saratoga while en
tering this city, and the engine, ten
der and baggage car were thrown
into Patroon's creek. The fireman
was killed, and the engineer, bag
gage master and another employee
Memphis, Sept. 14. There is con
siderable excitement here to-day in
consequence of the address published
this morning by the Board of Health
in regard to the prevalence of yellow
fe;er, and a great many people have
left the city. Several new cases are
reported in the Southern part of the
city this afternoon. The total num
ber of interments reported to the
Board to-dav was 14 11 from vcllow
fever. The weather is unusally cool
and it is hoped that an early frost
will soon stop the progress of the
Fort AVayxe, Sept. 14. Samuel P.
Freeman, City Clerk, committed sui
cide this morning. Domestic trouble
was the cause.
On Saturday evening there were
no less than five fatal accidents on
the Pennsylvania Railroad, within
thirty miles of Pittsburg. Three of
the accidents occurred within city
There was a severe frost at many
places throughout the AVest on Sat
urday night, but not much damage
was done to .crops.
' The Police of Philadelphia, have made
lo2 arrests of Italians, including 30 girls.
J. R. Dodge, statistician of the Depart
ment of Agriculture, has returned to. his
AA'ashington office, from A7ienna, and en
gaged upon the preparation of crop reports
lor the past four months.
In another column will be found the
tickets nominated by both the Republican
and Democratic State Conventions. Of
the merits of either party in this canvass
we shall have but very little to say the
AsTORiAxis not a political sheet, when
the day for voting comes we shall cast a
ballot for the man of our choice.
The grasshopper twist is now the
proper thing in fashion-circles. It is
a little variation on the "Grecian
Bend;" that was a forward, this a
backward bend, with the elbows
plased at right angles with the sides,
in a similar fashion to the jumping
of a grasshopper when at ease. It is
supposed the mouth is to be worn
open, though this has not been ,
announced yet.
-Few are aware of the vast num- , '
ber of people that can be placed in a ,
small space. When we speak of
millions of men we are apt to picture
to ourselves an almost boundless mass
of humanity; yet a million of people
standing together, each person occu
pying four square feet, could be plac
ed on a patch but little' more than a
mile square. A square mile will ac
commodate 7,965,000. The whole '
population of the United States would
hardly cover two and a half miles
square, and the population of the en
tire world could easily be accomodat
ed on a tract twelve miles wide less
in extent than some townships.
The Knoxville, Iowa, Democrat
says that the coal bank of Mr. Christ
man, two miles southwest of Culbert
son's Feny, near the Dcs Moines
River, has been burning for several -years,
and presents the appearance
of a burning furnace, when viewed
from the outside of the mouth of the
pit, being all aglow with live coals.
The timber and under growth has all
been killed upon the hill under which
the burning coal is situated, by the
great heat, and smoke issues from
the fissures of the ground, from the
out-croppings of coal on fire. Every
effort has been taken to extinguish
the fire, but without avail, and now
it is left alone in its glory.
The Oneida Community does not
bear the highest reputation for mor
ality or decency; yet, if we may cred
it a correspondent of the Albany
Times and we see no particular
reason to doubt him that much
abused sect of free lovers are perfect
models of industry, order, and con
tentment. Their homestead .is a pic
ture, their buildings of artistic arch
itecture, their manufactures marvels
of skill, and their honesty proverbial.
They send their sons to college, and
already boast of half a dozen grad
uates from Yale. They fare sump
tuously every clay, and do their own
' ' helping' ' and washing. The nurse
ry is a pidture of health, and- the '
children are generally distinguished
by possessing red hair.
Talk about the couriosity of wo
men! AVe will back a fly against
a woman any time, says the Law
rence American. Just watch Mm as
he gayly traverses a bald man's era-, J
nium, halts on the eyelid, and, tak
ing a cursory glance around him,
waltzes overto the iid of the nosr ' -
peeps up one nostril, and, having sat-
isfied his curiosity t there, curvetted u
over the upper-lip and takes a glance
up. the other. AVith a satisfactory -
smile at having seen all there is to be
seen there,r he makcs a bee-line to '' "
tlie chin, stopping 'a moment to ex-'
plore the cavity: formed by -the'' clsJ ''
ed lips. Arriving at thec'hin, heH:'
j takes a notion to creep' down'Tiiidr "
the shirt-collar, "but, suddenly hesij- v.
tating, he turns' around as if he hart N
forgotten ' sdnietliin, and proceeds '
to an explbratio'n of 'the ears. This jg
concluded, 116 carries out his erjgv: ,
nal intention,'1 aiiu 'disappears. fyeVi ti
tween the n'6ck and shirt-collar, " r
emerging, after rthe lapse- of some
minutes',, with an air seemingly fa
say he had . performed his duty.
What matters the frantic attempts to j
catch him, the enraged gestu?es, and
the profane language? They dis-
, turb his equanimity not a moment,
j Driven from one spot, he alights -on
another; he finds he has got a duty Y '
j to perform, and he does it. .

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