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VOL. 1.
-NO. 1.
v" ?-- - -. -v -
) 3ta tartan. ,
Uz iixilxj gusisriam
(Sundays Escorted),
Monitor Building, Cass Street.
Terms of Subscriptien:
Served by Carrier, per week 25 Cents
Sent by mail, three months S2 50
Sent by mail six months 4 00
Sent by mail one year. 7 00
Proe of Postage to the Subscribers.
BS Advertisements inserted by the year at
the rate of SI 00 per square per month.
Transient advertising, by the day or weok,
fifty cents per square first insertion.
Work "was begun at R. D. Hume's
Bay View Cannery to-day, preparato
to more active operations next week.
W. B. Headington will commence
work to-day at Fort Canby on a recent
contract for the construction of a new
building for officers' quarters at that
A branch of the Astoria post
office has been opened at Dement's
drug store. Tliis will be a great con
venience to the public, since Uncle
Sam is too poor to provide lights and
fuel for the main building on Custom
House Square.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Common Council, "which will be
held this evening at half past 7 o'clock,
promises to be one of the most import
ant sessions ever convened in the city.
The subject of improving numerous
streets in the business portion of the
city will be brought before the meeting.
Astoria lacks buildings suitable
for residences. Notwithstanding the
fact that at least one hundred new
houses have been erected during the
past twelve months for such purposes,
there is still a greater demand than
STlPPly- -A. few more business houses
could be readily let if they were ready
for occupants, who are waiting and
wishing to go into trade here.
"Now comes in the gentle spring
time, with a flavor of buds and blooms
in the air and little bits of faint green
grass coyly peeping from under 'the
warm sides of old trees, and men going
down on all fours, with a table knife,
digging heads off of obstinate carpet
tacks, and The Daily Astobian bud
ding forth to blossom- into the ripe
fruit of a leading home journal.
We notice a paragraph going the
rounds of the press concerning a life
preserver from the ship John Bennie
which has been picked up on Puget
Sound. Some ofourcontempories are
speculating as to the whys and where
fores of the discovery. It will be re
membered that the John Rennie,
the first time she left San Francisco
last winter; for Astoria, was over
taken by a storm which did her con
siderable damage, and compelled her
to put back for repairs. During the
prevalence of the storm a man was
lost overboard. No boats could be
lowered, but in the hope of saving
him several life preserves were
thrown overboard, and the one found
on the Sound is in all probability one
of those. The man was not rescued.
Mr. John B. Morris picked up
recently on the beach, at the entrance
to Tanzy creek, parts of two life pre
servers, one of winch has the name
" Pacific" upon it, and evidently came
from.the wreck of that steamer. This
shows the drift of tilings lost at sea.
The collision with the Orpheus, which
caused the loss of the Pacific, occurred
forty miles south of Cape Flattery,
or about ninety-five miles north of the
Columbia River, on the 4th of Novem
ber, hence these waifs have drifted
and tossed about nearly six months,
to come in here, a contrary way from
the usual course from the scene of that
disaster, such as never before occurred
on this coast. These relics must have
gone a long way out to sea, then drift
ed south and returned with the north
erly current, showing the hnpossibility
of any hope for the struggling victims
who may have been clinging to them.
Webber & Co.'s salmon oil re
finery at upper Astoria is nearing
completion and will be in readiness
for business this week.
Parties interested in the San
Francisco Post-office letter list, will
find a copy of it at this office, on our
Centennial Shingle Bulletin Board.
Capt. P. Johnson of this city has
purchased the sloop lone, had her
neatly and substantially repaired,
and will soon set her afloat for the
bay trade under command of his son
Master Albert Johnson.
J. W. Munson, Esq., of Cape
Hancock one of our noted ship build
ers, has just completed a new sloop
for Master Fred Wass which has been
named in honor of Capt. Geo. Flavel,
and will soon be engaged in the bay
coasting trade. The new craft is 26
feet in length, 9 feet beam, and is a
beautiful model.
The Washington Independent
says : " One of our immigrants took
dinner at an Astoria hotel lately and
was served with a dish of ox-tail soup
and the soup being rather thin he
complained to the waiter about it,
when the latter explained that the
soup was made out of a bob tailed ox
which might account for it." That's
too thin, Bro. Luse.
There is one thing in starting a
daily newspaper at Astoria which
must not be overlooked. The tele
eraph is not yet completed. We can
get no dispatches until it is completed.
We shall endeavor to make the paper
worthy of the support of all, and a
credit to our groing city. We start at
this time because of previous arranged
plans. The first of May is the be
ginning of the week, it is al6o the be
ginning of the 2d Ard of the Cen
tennial year, and tr. a signs are nearer
right for success, sturting now, than
to wait for the telegraph line to be
When a man is through with his
days work-, and has partaken of his
evening meal and wishes to rest, no
better enjoyment can be afforded
him, for 25 cents per week, than that
of perusing the pages of a neat, tasty
and interesting daily paper, such as
we propose to make of the Astoriax.
Try the experiment, and you will
find that you will save the price of
it for a full week every evening. It
will enable you thus to make the ac
quaintance of your wife and family,
and at the same time keep posted
with respect to events transpiring at
home and abroad.
The following is a record of the
voyages of the Oregon built ship
Western Shore since she has been
equipped for sea :
From San Francisco to Liverpool- 10 i
Liverpool to San Francisco 110
44 San Francisco to Astoria. 2X
44 Astoria to Cork 101
Total time throe voyages 317
The first voyage was made to Liv
erpool before she was coppered. If
any better record than the above can
be proven we should like to see it.
In starting the Daily Astoriax
we incur upon our already heavily
burdened shoulders new labors and
responsibilities. The publication of
the daily will be the .means of in
creasing the usefulness of the Weekly
Astoriax. We shall make it much
better with a daily than it has ever
been in the past without this extra
aid and all we ask additional from
our interior friends in compensation
for this increased value to them is
that they be prompt to furnish us
with newsy items from their various
sections and an occasional dollar or
two whenever, it is due.
Were the law regulatinghe rates
of postage hung in each man's house
and he be compelled to read it three
times a day right along, yet half of
them would try daity to forward six
cents worth of matter for one cent,
and the postmaster as regularly toss
it under the table to be used for start
ing fires. In 'view of this fact it is
recommended that Congress provide
regulations to be printed and gener
ally distributed as follows :
A one-cent stamp for a circulair,
A two-cent stamp for a newspnpair,
A three-cent stamp for a sealed lettair
All licked on in the right cornair,
Lick brothers, lick with care,
On the right hand side, not everywhere,
Unless you want the postmastair
Tomakethinjrshotand " cuss and swear."
Wells, largo & Co. will not take
silvef in sums over $5, and trade
dollars only at current rates of dis
count. This is on the express order
of Mr. Valentine.
We have not had time to fully
complete the canvas for advertising
for the Daily Astoriax. If any have
been omitted, and will leave their
orders at the office before " high
twelve" to-morrow, their wishea may
be fulfilled and all who desire to ap
pear in the columns from the first
issue can be thus accommodated.
The material for a dramatic club
resides in the vicinity of Youngs
River, and visitors to that locality on
the occasion of the excursion this
afternoon will be well entertained, the
managers of the picnic have spared no
pains to make the excursion in every
particular a success.
Victory is sometimes accom
plished before a blow- is struck in
laudible undertakings. Resolution
and a bold stand for the right ia more
than half the battle. The noble fight
thathas been made for Astoriathe past
three years, presages the future suc
sessful building up of a commercial
city of no mean importance here.
It is probable that some who may
wish to become subscribers for The
Daily Astoriax have not been called
upon by the canvassers. If you have
not sent in your name, and desire to
do so, we shall be pleased, to see you
at our office to-day. Friends who
may not want the weekly and the
Daily y may have their balances if
any be due, credited to them in full
from this day, on Daily account.
Thomas Bramel of this city, and
Geo. Birchard of Grays river, " have
received the badges which they are
entitled to wear as veterans in the
service of America in the war with
Mexico. The badge worn by Mr.
Bramel is such as is given to Infantry
men. It is in two parts connected
with red white and blue strips of rib
bon. The upper part is in an oblong
form, and Dears the inscription ;
"National Association of Veterans."
The shield has various devices, such
as a frigate, artillery gun, castle,
wreaths, ornaments etc., and bears
the names of prominent places cap
tured by the Federal forces, and also
the names of Scott, Perry and Taylor,
1846. The medalions are cast from
the metal of guns taken by the
American army. Mr. Bramel was a
member of thesecond Illinois Infan
try. Mr. Birchard was in the Navy.
The President of the Texas Pacific
Railroad has tendered free passage to
any and ail veterans who may pass
over that road going to or coming
from Philadelphia during the time of
the Centennial exposition. It was
thought for a time that the Central
Pacific Railroad Company would ex
tend the same favors, but it Is now
considered doubtful, as the company
are waiting to see whether Oregon is
going to give them $9,000,000 for the
Winnemucca wing, and as there is
little prospect of such donation, no
our part, as a State, there is a corres
ponding prospect that if any veterans
wish to travel over the C. P. R. this
year, or at any furturetime, they will
pay the same as other webfeet pay.
JGDr. Welch finding that it would
not be possible for him to quit As
toria at the advertised time accepts
the situation like a good dentist (as
he is), and still remains at No. 10,
Occident Hotel.
Aaron -Kinney, Esq., of Cath
lamet, W. T., has been appointed
agent for the sale of tickets in the
Seattle Lottery, under the manage
ment of Mr. H. L. Yesler. The
drawing will come off on the 4th of
July, all rumors to the contrary not
withstanding. Mr. Kinney is an ex
cellent business mau, and the selec
tion of agent for the Columbia river
could not have been bettered.
jSAny person inquiring for a fine
quality of liquor, and can appreciate the
&ame, can find the genuine J. H. Cutter
Whibkey and Miller extra Old Bourbon,
at the Columbia Bar" saloon Afrtoria.
with Geo. TJbherwood late of Portland to
cater to theirtostes. Gentlemen will please
give us a call. Cicars of a fine quality
also on hand. Jas. M. Lyxch, Prop.
The smoke at Knappton is not
all smoke, but no fears of destruc
tion to' property are entertained, as
the slab pile does not connect with
the mills or other buildings.
Current Events of the Day.
The first four months of the Cen
tennial year has been wiped off our
The O. S. N. Co. now dispatch
the Astoria and Portland boats at 5
o1 clock a. m., daily.
The city is in sad need of roads,
and it is hoped that the Council will
order some this evening.
The Caller Ou and Wave Queen,
have both chartered to load for
Great Britain we understand.
J. Niederauer has a fine blooded
setter belonging to Capt. Ankeny,
in process of training at Astoria.
Pile driving began this forenoon
on a new dock between Capt. Flavels
and R. D. Humes docks for Mr. F. A.
Capt. Kempff scored nine, and
bagged a handsome lot of pigeons on
a short trip to the game pastures this
Hon. W. D. Hare who has been
very ill and confined to his room for
some time past is again able to attend
to business.
Badolleb & Co., began the work
of putting up fish on Friday last.
Five hundred fish were put tip the
first two days.
The time of the Gatherer is up
to-day. If she does not reach Cork
to-morrow bets must be decided in
favor of the Western Shore.
Mrs. Pangburn, Masonic Hall
Building, is agent at Astoria for Dr.
Warner's Sanitary Corset, noticed
elsewhere in these columns.
Capt. N. F. Mudge did a day and
a half s work with his pile driver in
half a day last Thursday, having
driven 30 piles in five hours.
Squemocqha is a bad word to use
in poetry, but then there is more
truth than poetry in The Astoriax
advertisement on the fourth puge.
Mr. Abner Seelye, well and fa
vorably known in Clatsop County,
died on the 25th -ult. in Tillamook
county, in the 64th year of his age.
Coinodore Connor arrived in New
York on AVednesday last, and will
sail with the new steamer G. W. El
der, for San Francisco, on Wednes
day next.
By favor of Hon. J. H. Mitchell,
the Pioneer and Historical Society's
Library in this city is in regular're
ceipt of valuable Official Gazettes,
from Washington.
On Saturday last the drawings
for the new Astoria Public School
building were completed and turned
over to the Directors by Messrs Bain
& Ferguson. They are on exhibition
at Capt. Flavel's office.,
Mr. M. J. Kinney has just made
another important purchase of real
estate in Astoria, connecting with the
water front recently purchased by
him of Capt. R. Hobson.
The British ship River Lune, pilot
P. Johnson, tug Brenham, arrived
yesterday from Portland partly laden,
drawing 18:9 feet. The river is at its
highest stage. She will take on" 200
tons at the Farmers dock next Friday.
W. B. Ross-, Esq., of this city left
this morning for a tour of Puget
Sound, canvassing for subscriptions
to Mrs. Young's popular book. He
will act as agent for the Astoriax.
We hope our Seattle friends will ex
tend him their right hands to-morrow.
The pupils of the Public School
and the Parish School of Rev. T. A.
Hyland, were treated to a May Day
excursion leaving the Farmers wharf
at nine o'clock this morning on board
the fine little steamer Gen. Canby
for Knappa. The start indicated a
joyous trip. m
Capt. P. E. Ferchen requests
that the person who took his um
brella from the Episcopal Church
Vestribule on Easter Sunday evening
by mistake, return the same, if he is
done with it, as the Captain wishes
to use it again.
At a meeting of Astoria Lodge
No. 40. 1. O. G. T. held on Saturday
evening the" 29th ult., the following
officers were installed for the ensuing
term: T. S. Jewett, W. C. T.; Miss
Emma Horn, W. V. T.; R. M. Davis,
W. S.; John Bozart, W. C; H. T.
Spedden, W. F. S.; Mrs. D. K. War
ren, W. T.; G. W. Raymond, W. M.
Miss S. Jfjplin, W. I. G.; Frank P.
Hobson, W. O. G.
A new School house, 30 by 22
feet in size, is in process of .construc
tion at the upper town. Mr. Powers,
who has taken a very active part in'
the educational interests of the dis
trict, is pushing this good work along.
Subscribers to The Weekly !1sto
rian who wish to take The Daily As
toriax instead, may have the transfer
made on our mailing book at anytime,
and the balance (if any), due them on
the weekly account, will be placed to
their credit on the daily account. If
it should prove to be the case that the
daily will not meet with patronage
sufficient to justify the publication
then the weekly would, in such event,
be again sent to them. We shall be
pleased to give all an opportunity to
assist in testing the experiment as to
whether a daily newspaper can be made
to live in Astoria. We believe it can
be successfully maintained, to the di
rect advantage of every inhabitant.
We sincerely hope that the peo
ple of Benton county may succeed in
their efforts to get a steam tug on
Yaquina bay bar. The losses there
are traceable solely to the want of
such aids to commerce. With a suita
ble tug on that bar a very considera
ble increase in the commerce of the
bay would be certain. We are dis
appointed at seeing the evidences of
hostility to such improvement from
certain sources, but, believing in the
development of all Oregon, without
respect to locality, we of this section
shall take pleasure in recording ths
success of Capt. Winant, in his efforts
to foster the commercial interest of
Yaquina bay. It is true the merchan
dise and products of Benton and sur
rounding counties, in the event of
success in the proposed enterprise at
Yaquina, would not to such extent as
now, conje past our doors, but the
people there would prosper more as
suredly with direct trade, and that
is what we want to see everywhere,
liberal minded, and prosperous peo
ple. Something Nice for Ladies
Editor Asterian:
Please state for the benefit of the
ladies of Astoria that Mrs. A. D. Wass,
at her millinery rooms on Chenamus
street, in Brown's building, over Mr.
Yan Dusen's store, has just received
a fine assortment of new linen suits,
wrappers and linen dusters. They are
something new, very convenient to
have, and ladies will do well to call
and inspect them before sending to
Portland or elsewhere for such articles.
Her stock of hats and trimmings is
also very nice, and worthy of inspec
tion. , V.
- Warner's Sanitary Corset.
We are unqualifiedly an advocate
of any worthy invention of reform in
woman's dress. Mothers know tho
need of reforms in this respect, and
we recommend to our lady readers Dr.
Warner's Sanitary Corset, which is
constructed upon strictly physiological
principles, and while it preserves the
beauty and grace of the form better
than most other corsets, it does so
without the least injury to health or
comfort. It affords a convenient and
efficient support for the underclothing.
This is very important, for the weight
of the' clothing crowding down upon
the bowels is one of the most frequent
causes of the weakness so prevalent
among women. No corset can be a
perfect supporter thafidoes not support
the skirts in front as well as at the
back. No other corset does this?
It combines three garments in one,
a corset, a slrfc supporter, and self
adjusting pads, and yet costs no more
than an ordinary corset.
lii ordering, give size of waist instead
of number of corset usually worn.
Twelve silvered, rings.accompany each
corset ; four of these should be sewed
to the bands of each of the skirts.
To secure the advantage of this corset
the lings must be used and the skirts
supported by the hooks.
Sirs. M. A. Warner is general agent
for Oregon and Washington Territory,
Tljird street, near Morrison, Portland.
The Youngs River excursion will
leave the O. S. S. Co.-s Dock-at 6
o'clock this evening, on board the
steamer Gen. Canbv.
- JUT- J3-'
-.. " J

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