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g&s gtfiXij Qstextem.
Monday ExccKedl,
Aitarian, Building, Gass Street
Tsnvis of Subscription :
&orvcd by Carrier, per tvock ....2 Cente
Sent by mail, four months
$:i tw
Stint hy mail, cno yesx ....
Free of I'osiaec to Subscribors.
e-Advorttsenscnts mfoi'tcd'b? thoyecr at
tbo rate of 51 3U !or square per month.
Transient a&vortisins, by the day or vreek,
fifty orf-s ror secure for each irsortior..
3?Tlic Da 11 A" ASToniAN will Ire senf by
mail at 73 rents rcoffc. JTccnpotfrrflc. Rend
rr tohn mntcmplatc absence fnnn theciiy can
have Tub Astoriax fwllJto ihem. Daiiv
tr Wbkkia CAfflur.i tn any post-office wilh
tiil additional vrptmc Addresses may he
rnanacd n often as desired, heave orders at
die t&aniina rmn.
The Strath blane arrived at
"Queenstown on the 22d, from Asto
ria October 17th, 127 da3s.
The steamer Emma Hayward
made her appearance in these -waters
nain vesterdav, arriving at 3f30 p. ai.'i
rom Portland.
The death of Capt. G. L. Squires,
fate master of the steamer Gitssie Tel
icair, occurred vA noon, on the lFth
in San Francisco.
Adler has left a list of delinquents
nt this office to be published on the
? st of March, in case that the accounts
are net settled by that day.
A new sort of fishing net is being
prepared for the ri?er this season by
Messrs. Kelly fc Graham. They are
Ibuildiitg the boat in McCann's shop.
An English bi-cycle, got up in
splendid shape, lias arrived at Astoria
t.o tie order of Lt. Rockwood, of the
.United States revenue steamer Thomas
Judge Bowlby, Gen. Bell, Messrs.
Robb & Fulton, and other members
of the Astoria bar, are in Salem, at
tending to business before tfhe Su
preme court.
Try egg jumbles, banana cakes,
nic-uacs, Jenny ILmd extrasoda and
pic-nics, if you want anything in the
cracker hue. Ho be had at J. W.
The pilot schooner Rescue has
been -solS, anE'is being repainted and
fitted for a trip to the north, we un
derstand, under command of Capt.
Clatsop county wants 150 bona
fiae'settlers a year, men with families,
for the next five years. We are mod
est in our claims, but can sustain that
number well.
Four houses were burglarized in
Salem in one night. The Statesman
advises its readers to load their shot
guns, take deadly aim, and ghoot on
aijjht. Good advice.
The United States revenue cutter
.Thomas Corwin returned frm coaling
at Kalama last night, and will be off
for sea this morning upon a cruise,
perhaps to Alaska.
Carl Adler has secured the servi
ces of an expert watchmaker, and is
now prepared for business in that line.
All work warranted. Repairiug of all
kinds done neat -and cheap.
Ladies should call upon 3flr.
Maurice H. Black soon, if they ex
pect to secure any of the bargains he
is now offering flhem. See notice of
' Closing out Sale."
Please be particular to jiote the
ale of furniture at auction by E. C.
floldan on Thmsday nest. Any
person wishing a splendid Hallet &
Davis piano should particularly note
jthis sale.
Cannerymen and business men
i?n general will do well to examine
Adler'8 new stock of Blank-books and
.Stationery which ho bought m the
East and offers at less than Portland
Mr. H. T. Dennis will hereafter
jnake regular trips to Astoria and back
from John Day's. This will eventu
ally lead to the establishment of a
mail route and a post-office for that
Mrs. T. S. Jewett and -Miss
Kelly have established in dressmaking
next door to The Astorian office.
Mrs. Kelly has also established in the
.same building (Shusters) in tho jcailli-
tvery goods trade.
Xew JBuil dings.
Messrs, Trcnchard & Upshur have
had the drawings of a new building
prepared by Mr. Surpernant, which it
js proposed to put up this season on
Chenamus street, comer of Genevieve.
The plau shows a very nice and con
veniently arranged building, suitable
for their largo and increasing trade.
We hope t see tho real in a short
Mr. C. S. Wright is also making
preparations to build, and we hear of
several others m contemplation.
"Old world impressions of Pacrficers
are peculiar. While one ef the
American supreme judges was recently
staying at Paris he went to visit a
French professor. The Frenchman
asked him a number of questions, and
among tho rest. "Where do you
live?" "In CahYornia." "Well,"
asked the rude Gal, "What is your
occupation." "lama judge of the
supreme court." "Oh, ah!" returned
the Frenchman; "then 1 noed not ask
your name it is Lynch, eh?"
Affix itijj Signatures.
Concerning certain map publishers
in Oregon, a correspondent of the
Farmer says it is a swindle upon Linn
and Marion counties at least, and in- j
quires how it is that responsible peo
ple will lend their names to recom
mendations of it? We have noticed,
before this, that people generally are
too ready to attach their names to
petitions, recommendations, etc. lt
is a weakness which should be cured.
Affix your name to nothing that you
do not know to iDe worthy of the en
dorsements which you give. You are
fooling somebody every time j'ou do
so. The courts of New Hampshire
have decided that a man is responsi
ble to any party defrauded by means
of his signature to the document as
endorsement of the fraud.
Wild ducks were swimming in the
bay inside the streets of the city yes
terday. They seemed to realize that
there is an ordinance of the city pre
venting the use of fire arms, and
stoning of birds.
We invite attention of our readers
to the stock of spectacles, etc., offered
to this trade by Mr. Kline, near De
ment's drug store. Mr. K. is a manu
facturing optician. His goods will
bear inspection. Call around as he
will remain but a few days.
We are requsted by a member, to'.
state that the Rev. Father Orth will
not allow the A. 0. H. to attend the
church in a body, in this city, .on St
Patrick's day- This will leave some
doubt about ifhere being -any celebra
tion in Astoria on that day..
We understand that a pilot has
been notified tluit the steamship Wm.
Tabor will sail from San Francisco for
Astoria on Saturday. It is understood
that she has been chartered by Mr.
Cornwall to run with the steamship
Great Republic on this route.
Capt. Flavel has a pair of mus
sle shells which are larger than the
largest clam shell we have ever seen.
They measure fully eight inches in
length. What a mussle to fasten to
a ship's bottom. They e brought
to Astoria by Capt. Charles Thome.
Capt. Scott will name his new
boat which the .company contemplate
building on the Wallamet, the City of
Harrisburg. It.could.not have abet
ter name and the 'ladies of Harishurg
will, tho Nucleus says, furbish as fine
a set of colors as the iCapitail.city gave
their namesake.
The San JFracisco Commercial
Herald says: Tiie season promises an
abundant yield of fruit and vegetables
suited to the earners, but not j&o -as
regards salmon fisheries. The mar
kets of the w-orld seem fully stocked
light demands and low prices. Last
years bnsiness was an unprofitable
one to the canners on the Columbia
river and elsewhere which were run
without profit to the canner, who
really takes all the risk. We hear of
little disposition showu to enter into
new engagements for the catch of
1879, few if any contracts for forward
delivery have been concluded as yet.
Low prices are sure to rule during the
1 approaching season.
Our Washington Letter,
Washington, Feb. 4, 1879.
Directly after New-year, cold grew
the weather, cold-enough for you,"vas
Hit greeting. Our hearts went out to
the poor milkman, and car-drivers, and
all who were obliged to go on 'all the
same, cold or hot Even society stiffen
ed, for Mrs. Hayes omitted her recep
tion for one week; too cold! Theatres
and other places of diversion were
thinly attended; too cphl. There was a
run c"n the wood and coal yards, plumb
ers with their sacks of tools swung over
their slouHiers, went about with a
twinkle in their eyes, which suggested
tlx. jinule of coin, and resumption of
water flow, to the house-keeper in hor
ror. The departments were very com
fortabK heated as they are by hot water
coils; many a poor clerk dreaded to
leave the warmth of "Uncle Sam's' house
for the lower temperature of her own.
The coldest was only 4 degrees above
zero, but cold enough to make one shiv
er at the remembrance of that bitter
wind, to Tace which required grit, and
the attire of a Greenlanuer. Who wants
to go to the North Pole? Wonder if
Lt, Sehwatka does not wish he were
well hack into Oregon, tramping through
the mnd. with an umbrella over his
head, instead of dashing over the snow
and ice in his dog sled, elad in fur fro m
top-to-toe I guess so. Men and bovs
skated to the ancient city of Alexandria,
(not in Egpt. readers.) We are not alone
in our shaking for you Or-egon4as have
had a 'nip' as well as the Europeans, for
Lite news from England, Switzerland
even sunny Italy, tells of colder weather
than experienced in years before. After
a weeks shivering, warmer grew the
days, then came a glorious rain, a real
Oregon down pour, in mercy to the Ore
gon exiles now In Washington.
Of Washington is now at its height, re
ceptions, dinners, going up to congress
to hear lhe old men eloquent" and the
young men less so, concerts, private and
public, skating parties to the rink, even
walking (both men and women), are the
order of day and night, while the church
people rise from praying, to a peace
loving God. to quarrel with each oilier,
while the "children of the world" look
on, wondering how the "children of
God"' -will come out in the fight, while
they say: "Behold ! how good and joy
ful a thing it is brethren, to dwell to
gether in unity.' I refer to the
Now progressing in the. Calvary Baptist
house of worship. Its history not being
known to the writer, it wouiu ue tony to
attempt its description. Now and then,
wafted from Baltimore, come the good
words of Bev. Moody, who still "holds
the fort' in that aristocratic old city,
in his fight with his Satanic Majesty;
doing no end of good with this battle.
Are strong to the poor weary clerk,
hurrying home to her children, to pro
vide for their manifold wants, as she
looks into elegant equipages dashing
past to and from receptions, seeing "ker
more fortunate sister, clad in rich attire,
with nodding plumes and flashing dia
monds, wrapped in costly furs, silks,
and velvet, with face serene, hands
folded, her sole care how o secure to .
herself the most enjoyment and gay
happiness. Ah ! how I would like to
stop! my sister; and feel grateful for
your sheltered and respectable position.
Thus the ability to serve 'those, whom
you love, who are dearer'farthan your
life, and believe, they are many among
these apparently favored daughters of
fortune who would gladly exchange
their "gilded chains" for your honest in
dependence and freedom.
Impress the stranger pleasantly, but the
want of confidence in a stranger is mark
ed and painful. Ready to believe you will
lie, and even steal, until you prove you
have no such intent A city of boarding
houses, all .kept by "decayed gentlewo
men," who, of 'Oourse, never forget the
past, or mean you shall. There Are two
very noticable facts, about tike people
here, viz:. their willingness to
and most often those of a personal na
tnre. and the boasting of poveritf; enter
ing into along list of their deprivations,
which they seem Jto relate wife a zest,
that seems like positive enjoyment,
which causes the eye of a stranger to
dilate with surprise, whan, called upon
to listen 4o tltis oft told tale. But Wash
ington is a beautiful -city, to dwell in ;
here aufcinany aiobJLepeonle, aai noble
institutions, of which the people are
justly proud, among them, the fire de
partment dersevos raJettea:, and of which
anon. Vale. Mollie 0.
The editor of the Dayton News,
while at Marengo the other day was
inffti-moi' fliof oi-rfpT bp.ad of cattle
had mct their death lately in that
neighborhood, by falling from high
bluffs of the T-i&annon. In their
efforts to get buneh grass they ven
ture from point to point when, com
ing to .some slippery spot they lost
their foothold and went crashing he
low. A correspondent of The Dallas
Itemizer, writing from Union, Oregon
says: "In the valley of the John Day
the general health is good, hut here
and in Baker city the frightful scourge,
diphtheria, is marching' along with the
scythe-:armed acgel of Death, and
scores of households mourn, anore
than one little one departed from
their earthly home forever.
None can fail to sea the some
what exaggerated copy .of one of
Raphael's famous chenibs, his head
and shoulders just visible above the
lower sill of an open window on the
4th page of this paper. But the
motto which he is letting dawn is not
an exaggeration, for te truth of
.Which call upw(Jac5anBbr8,
Commercial Reports.
The Chamber of Commerce is in re
ceipt of dispatches announcing that:
The steamship Geo. W. Elder will
sail from San Francisco for Astoria on
Friday next, February 28th.
The date of the sailing of the
steamer Wm. Tabor will be furnished
to-day, Wednesday, February 26th.
Chamber of Commerce.
By request of members we are en
abled to state that the vice president,
of the Astoria Chamber of Commerce
Mr. J. W. Gearhart, has called a special
meeting for this evening, to take into
consideration matters pertaining to
the anti-Chinese bill which has just
passed oougress, and now awaits the
signature of President Hayes.
'House to let. next to .lackins &
Hawes, suitable for niillinery,.etc.
Freh oysters in everv stvle and
at all hours at the Pioneer restaurant.
Mr. ,f. Stewart stone and marble
cutter of Astoria will guarantee satis
faction to all ordering work of him. and
will do a better job iorles money than
any outside workman. His work in the
cemetery here should be sufficient recom
menflation. Before you let your con
tracts for work of this kind it would be
well to call upon Mr. Stewart.
A new lot of full bound blank, and
receipt hooks, speriallv for use in can
neries, at the City Book store.
Get your baskets filled for a httle
money at Bailey's.
Fresh oysters in everv stvle At
Schmeers. See advertisement
- - A small house to letin a desirable
locality for residence. Inquire at this
Capt J. "G. Hustler wishes to give
everybody timely notice that if that
school tax is not paid within a few days
costs will certainly follow.
Parties in want of good Cedar
Shingles will do well to apply to H. C.
Comegys, Kalama, W. T.
Nick Squivalenee has concluded
that there is no millions in shipping
sailors, and he has given up that busi
ness, and is attending closely to keeping
a hotel. Call at the Chicago Uouse and
see for yourself.
Call at Mrs. Derby's when you
wish any article in the millinery line.
Trimmed hats selling at cost.
Peter Runey Is still in the market
with all kinds of 'building materials in
his line. Has just received 100,000 lath,
2,000 bushels of sand, and a iarge stock
of first quality of brick at "his warehouse
foot of Benton street.
If you want anything in taie'line
of Cigars, Tobacco. Notions, Fruits,-etc,
call at Fosters, on the Roadway.
P. J. Goodman, on Main 6treet has
ust received the latest and most fasli
lonable style of gent and ladies boots,
Shoes, etc
Fresh fruits and vegetables at
New invoice of those Medallioa
Ranges at Magnus C. Crosby's.
A new and elegant lot by G. W.. Elder
for Chas. Stevens & Son, City 'Book
store, Astoria.
.ferewptory Notice.
State and county taxes must be paid
on or before March 15th, 1879, on the
assessment of 1878, otherwise costs will
.be made. W. H. Twilight.
Sheriff at Clatsop Count.
cwarc of Peddlers.
Mr. Kline, the optician, does not
employ any peddlers to canvas this city.
Customers ean have Their eyes tested or
suited with his celebrated Spectacles, by
him personal y, at his office only. Office
next doortoDement's Drugstore.
ImperUat ta tfae Ladles ef Asterla.
Mrs. A. Ginder, in David lugalls build
ing, corner of Cass and Jefferson streets,
takes pleasure in informing the ladies
of Astoria and vicinity that she has just
opened a well selected stock of Ladles
underwear, and Children's -and Infants
goods, to which she invites the attention
of purchasers.
Sight Ik Frlrclexju
A. M. Kline, manufacturing optician,
frora-San Francisco has opened a branch
store on Chenamus street, next door to
Dement rilrug store, for a short time
only, where he will suit all weak, near,
far-sighted and cataract eves with his
improve IRarabola Spectacles and Eye
Glasses, mounted in steel, shell, and
gold frames. All persons wishing to
improve their sight should call at once
ana secure a pair of the celebrated Para
bola glasses.
ClefilBg Ht Sale
Mr. Maurice II. Black, who recently
came to Portland from the east for the
purpose of establishing a Ladies' under
wear manufactory, has concluded to
discontinue his business, and is now le
the city, selling off the balance, of his
stock consisting of Ladles' underwear
and embroideries at low prices, Ladies
call and be convinced. Chenamus street,
next door to Dement's drug store.
Capt. Fred Wilson, long and
favorably known on these waters, at
present employed on the middle Co
lumbia, made his "influence " felt ha
this locality yesterday.
dispatches to the press, and to
the Astoria Chamber of Commerce,
say nothing of the leaving of the Ta
bon for Oregon. The Riv and the
Elder will sail this, week, fromSan
Corner of Water and Olney Streets
Men City Meal fork
Fishermen's and
Cannery Supplies.
MEGLER & WRIGHT. Txoprietore.
Axtoria., Oregon.
announce that the alove hotel has been
repainted and refurnished, adding greatlv to
theoomfort of itsuetsandisnow the fcekfc
hotel north of San Francisco.
( AlLsky & Hegele's new building)
Corner of Morrison and Third streets.
C5Furnished rooms in suits, or single, b
the day. week onmonth.
Miss H. MENEF0E, Lessee.
K. B. PARKER. Proprietor.
THIS HOTEL Is the largest, most comfort-. '
able and best kept howl in the city. Is "
supplied with the best of -spring water, hot
and cold baths, barber shop, and a first-clas
saloon with best of liquors und cigars, and
fine" billiard table. Free coach to and from
the bouse. ; charges reasonable, SI 00 to S29
per day, according to room occupied.
"Water street, near the 0. S. N. Co.'s Wfcat
neatly furnished, U conveniently situa
ted to 'business, and will be -conducted .so as
make it a first class stopping place for tbo
-pfeiHe generally, and will be open from tbfc
muitPiN house,
D. L. TURPIN - rnorniEiOE
Between Squemoccfhe and Jefferson,
Astoria, Oregok.
IoaBd.and lodging per week 96i
lUutril iper day l
Single Meal , .. 25
Tne table will be supplied at all times witH.
the best the market affords.
-TyAliliA WAMA
Fresh oysters, and other deli
cacies of the season, served m,
every style.
Opposite the Telegraph offiee, SqueinoQh
street, Astoria, Oregon.
All sizes and shapes from Plate or 2 .,
Sash, Weights. Etc..
Addrcse all orders
Successor to jfoson, Springer & Co$
Atiria Steam Laundry.
J. T. BORCHERS Proprietor
Astoria, Orem.
No robbing or scrubbing aad no thraabSngj
your clothes too plecea. Buttons sewed .us;
and clothes mended.
E3p-Neat work at raaafinahls paces. &&
Jtta.call r -m

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