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Monday Excepted..
Astorian Birihiiiu. iJon, street.
Terms of Subscription :
berved by Carrier, per weeK .25 Cent
Sent by mail, tour months 00
Sent by mail, cms year 9 00
froo of l'uia:re u ubcribors.
S3T Advertisement inserted by tboyear at
the rate of Si M iers iitare per month.
Transient advertifin?, by the day or week,
fifty conts per suuaro for each insertion.
The Daily astokia-s Kill he ciit by
mailatloccnt a month, jreeof postaac. Reav
er who cnntcmplatcahsencefrotn the city can
have The Astokian follow Uicm Dailv
or Wekkly tulition to anu post-njhee with
out additional 'jcpcuac. jidnrcsex man be
enanyed a often ok acsired. Leave order at
tive countina room.
Steamer day.
Ancon due from San Francisco.
Dull times arc just the times for
lazy men.
Steamer California sails for Sitka
It is pluck, not luck, that puts a
man ahead in the world.
The funeral of A. L. Stinson will
take place in Salem at 11 a. m. to
day. .
More new goods will arrive to
day for the Dollar Store by the An
con. Mrs. M. J. Kinney is a pas
senger to San Francisco by the State
jf California.
Capt. Carroll's license has been
restored to him by Supervising In
spector Bemis.
The State of California took 2,000
cases of salmon from Astoria besides
3,300 cases from Brok field.
The Oregon Steam Navigation Co.
fear a disastrous rise in the Columbia.
The rivers are all on the rise now.
The Portland Harrison street
school-house was destroyed by fire
yesterday morning. Loss $25,000.
There will be Divine Ser;ce in
Grace Episcopal church this (Friday)
evening. You are cordially invited to
The steamer California has been
attached in the suit of Adams Bros.
v. P. B. Cornwall. Growing out of
the Republic disaster.
The new steamship State of
California was attachd at Portland,
in a suit of two seamen for G0. Good
gracious ; are we to Jose the new
steamer so soon as that?
The postmaster general urgently
requests everybody who sends letters
and papers tlirougft tlie maiteto em-j. t w, markets W;U arrivc
brace the county m each address a3' , Al , - ' , r , .
well as the place and state. The great , towards the -close of the fishing
increase of mail matter makes this season, and carry away their beat
Baby carriages of the best styles,
and at low prices, at Loeb's.
W2 tell you so. The New York
Tribune thinks a result of the adoption
of the new constitution in California
may be to break up many prominent
manufacturing establishments in that
state, and perhaps give a strong im
petus to manufacturing in Oregon.
The steam tender Katie Cook
wiil perhaps never return to Parkers
ville. We predict that she will be
sold to ply on the Columbia after Capt.
Parker has finished his work at the
Cit' of Dublin. She is just such a
craf r as is useful at all times i;i these
The Coming Concert.
On Thursda' evening next, June
5th the Handel Haydn society intend
, . " f,. , .-,
their first public concert, which,
from what wc can hear, is likely to be
most enjoyable. For some time past the
society has been hard at work prepar
ing for this concert, and we are prom
ised some very fine choruses which
from the efficient and careful manner
in which Professor Cook is training
his class are sure to be well rendered.
The solos will be well taken care of as
considerable attention is being be
stowed on them by the ladies and
gentlemen to "whose hands these have
been committed, and who are all
competent members of the clcss.
This concert and the aims of the so
ciety ought to be encouraged, and we
trust the people of Astoria will pat
ronize well the maiden efforts of our
amateurs, for this society is likely to
be of great benefit to all its members,
and also give pleasure to all our peo
ple in any way fond of music. A full
advertiseuent will be riven as to time
and place where the concert will be
hold and where fofcets can be obtain-
-r yur yj
Second Letter From Mr. Newsomc,
on the General Outlook
Things in this Vicinity.
f Written for Thk Astorun.J
There is a large and valuable
district of country lying opposite
and across the Columbia bay and
river from Astoria, in Washington
territory, very much like the coun
try which I have faintly described
on the south of the river. All the
commerce and trade of that sec
lion north of here, must center at
Astoria, and pass away upon the
mighty fleet of large ocean vessels
outward bound to the worlds mar
kets. In an article in Thk Daily As
tokian of the 20th, I alluded to
the canneries in operation here.
13ut that article was penned in a
hurry, and was short, as 1 then ex
pected to leave on Monday. Since
then 1 have seen or heard frcm all
ihe .canneries on the Columbia
river. The gentlemanly proprietors
of some of those canneries have
given me data of the very large
and rapidly growing business in
the fisheries here. There are
twenty-five canneries now in ac
'Jve operation on this river. The
proprietors do not seem alarmed
for the failure of any future run of
salmon. These twenty-five can
neries put up now daily about
H'rty thousand salmon. The fish
ing boats are manned by white
men, who make excellent wages.
Here then is a daily income to the
white men and their families here
(or to single men as the case mav
be), of fifteen thousand dollars.
Then in the canneries there arc
about thirteen hundred white men
employed. Of Chine men about
three thousand employed in the
canneries. These three thousand
"Heathen Chinee" would be dis
placed with white men, if such
milil be obtained, who would be
constantly and reliably at their
po.--s. But if strikes and the oottle
should subtract Irom the necessary
force to carry on all the different
portions of the work iii the can
reries, heavy losses would occur
to the proprietors of them. All
the fish brought in from the boats
daily must be cut up, canned and
cooked on that daT, or they would
spoil. And no one man should be
r-nent irom his post. All the caua
vre made in the canneries, packed
i-id labelled, an 1 boxed up ready
iiv niu'ket. The lumber and
boxes are made in Astoria for
shipping all this great quantity cf
export fish.
As the fishing season has only
yei fa'rly set in here, the call fo.
errgoes of canned salmon arc as
ye but few. The large, heavy
Weighted ships, which will float
i'ier thousands of tons of this fish
stores of cooked fish, to fore'rn
lands for ordinary consumption of
tl.e laboring masses, who cannot
a fiord dear meats for tbily use.
T?u'e are canneries here whose
owners have established a cha.ac-
ter, and wiiose names are pass-
1) ,, i3
at home and abroad as to
1 boir quality to si ippers and con
sumes. There likely will be few
er canneries run for some time for
ward, but the well established ones
-umJI 1-krt rri-cirlrtroVkKr r -l-i rrro.l nrrl
W'U Oe COllS'OeraDly C .large , ana
capable of supplying the
nvjukets abroad. Jt is estimated
Ihr.fc not the one hundreth
part of
rr t-vr(.1w rr fiftnnn -miW wirlo
to tvene or niteen miles wide,
ill which the salmon enter from
, , , . t
the ocean, and the nets are spreyd
nur mi i mprp fifhp nf tint snrfn-o
oux on d mer.e ut!ie ol d suri.ai-e
.KJ bannon wuicii run up iiib vu- clear aud .simple that any person, after giving
lprnlva durino- thf fisliin"- soasoii ! a few hours' attention to tnis .system, will be
ii.rnu.a aunns: tne nsinn0 season al)U. (o cut Qwry slylp of j., Uress Gjir
Lre causrht. lhe bav isfromeurpt inentsto fit anv size from an infant to the
j . ..! ... 1 "1. aL I
of water: and onlv half the ume.such as cutting over old garments, makin:
rloi'lir or fh-ir cftl,nt fliArr ic n
daily at that, so that there is a
twelve hour run for the fish when
the nets are rot spread for them;
iud multitudes of the fish pass up
under the nets. Then we may
leasonably infer that there will
be a goodly number of salmon left
to cast their spawn, in spawning
season here.
The amount of salmcn canned
and ready for market here this year,
judging from present indications,
7il exceed two and a half millions
of dollars. And the amountof out
ward bound commerce from this
noittlrsvear will likelv exceed
poiEUi.syear, win iikeiy execeu
i en millions oi uonars. xvnu tun-
nage wll ever be equal to tne re
quirement of the commerce on the
- , t 1 . . i mi
t " r
values of manufac
UGluoiDiaana its tributaries, xne
airers in
all the state of Oregon besides.
This may seem a strange assertion,
j5.pnt:ftR nome here and see
. .ww w..
for themselves. At cue s'ngiu
j cannery here, there are thirteen
thousand dollars laid out in tue
article of Scotch twine, with which
to construct the fishing nets of
that one cannery for one year.
All these nets are made by white
persons, and so are all the boxes
in which the cans are packed for
"When the fishingseason is ended,
there can and should be factories
erected and run here in the vari
o is departments, to give employ
ment to the white people who work
in the fisheries and canneries, but
lack employment the remainder of
the year. This would keep and
retain families and others perma
nently here, to the building up of
the country. I am informed that
extensive preparations are being
made to utilize some of the can
neries, after the fishing season is
ended, to storing of wheat for ship
ping, at rates that will defy coin
petition elsewhere. More anon.
Davio Newsome.
Rough Fishing.
Capt. B. F. Stevens, of Badollet
& Co.'s steamer Katata, informs us
that night before last the swell was
the roughest he has seen it for years
near the bar. It was fearful in Bak
er's bay. The Edith lost her gang
plank off the deck, and men were com
pelled to hold on to the life boat to
keep it from going overboard. The
plank was recovered.
The body of a man was picked up
on the weather beach about five miles'
south of Oi'sterville road. The body
w;is dressed in a blue saque coat, with
dark woolen pants, woolen check shirt,
gum boots and oil skin coat. He had
been a man apparently 175 or 180 lbs
weight, about live feet ten inches high.
The body seemed to have been in the
water a week or ten days.
A boat and net was towed into the
Cape yesterday morning. The boat
was filled with water, and appeared to
have gone out to sea and back again.
The men are missing. It is a private
boat, with only the license number on
it 494, issued to Eli. Ipson, paint
ed blue.
One of the Bradly and Davis boats
lost a net night before last, but found
it in the edge of the brakers too far
gone for rescue. Net probably lost.
Fishermen should take into account
the present high stage of water in the
river, which makes the slack and tides
very different, in the vicinity of the
Mrs. Carr'e Clarke Ward will be
the recipient of a benefit at Metro
politan hall on Saturday af'ernoon
rnd evenhig, for which all the pro
fessionals of the city have volunteered
their service3, and one of the finest
plays ever put upon the stage is in
preparation. Mrs. Ward is entitled
to a rousing house on this occasion.
Her admirable personations, here and
elsewhere, have bestowed honors upon
her, aud we shall be delighted to see
so popular a favorite right handsomely
rece'ved by the play goers of Astoria.
The programme wiil be issued to d..y.
Hoard of Foreman.
There will be a meeting of the Board
of Foreman A. F. I), on Friday, at 7 :30
p. si., in tin citv hall. By ordcv,
J. I Fekciien. 1st Assistant.
Illr. V. K. Itinker's
System of Jress Cutting
! Cloaks. Basques. Polonaise, Prince's Dresses.
Wrapper. Children's and Doll's Clothes.
And indeed Every Style of Garments included in
DressuiaLinK, Sleeves and all. Complete.
Tliic wvtiim ic iii-it1tnmitirillt.' nnrrnnt :mil
hence removes all anxiety regarding the fit
I tT tltift iririiinnf Tf S? ,trf- rttil, Avnr lint crt
ML WV -IIIIIKIlli II i.T HUH Ullll t.-V4v. Ullb JW
i largest or mosHUiucuit lonu, ami me cuumg
to jL. u (ieiigbt instead or a trouble.
, ?t complain of hard times as a reason
for not learning this svstcm. for one thing is
certain, the poorer we'are the more valuable
- ,., .,..
I :m' menus of saving will be. Tins system
1 WiU help you to economize in many ways.
P small patteius, doing the most expensive
,Klrt f the work instcsui ot luring it done.
ami uiai. ioo wun oeucr sau.siai-uun man u
depending upon others. e can hardly con
ceive the advantage to be derived from an
Exact Method of Dress Cutting.
Ladies' now is the time to Learn the Best System
of OuttinB in the World. Try t!
Mrs. S. T. McKean agent, for the above
sv-stem for Clatsop county. Residence. Astor
street, nearly opposite the Congregational
church, Astoria, Oregon.
"With or Without Rooms,
Next door to Metropolitan Hall,
Astoria, Oregon.
Mr. G. Hansen watchmaker and
jeweler of lopR experience, has perma
nently esiaonsnea nimsen m uusmess
in Caufield's dru store, Chenanuis
siYQQt vetches and Jewelry
cleaned and repaired. Gems re-set. ;n
graving a specialty. All work guaran
teed. Give him a tria and be your own
judge of his workmanship. He will
soon add to his stock a well selected in
voice of Watches. Jewelry. Silver and
I plated ware, which he will be able to
Rooms to let, bv the dav. week, or
month, at Mrs. W. II. Twilight's.
lee cream, and fresh fruits of all
kinds at Schineers, opposite the bell
tower. Also tresh oysters, in every
Fishermen can get a square meal
at any time, at Pike's restaurant, Unity,
for fish. References: Fishermen who
have eaten there.
A new lot of full hound blank, and
receipt books, specially for use. in can
neries, at the City Book store.
I. C. Johnson may be found at the
Occident in A.storia 'every Monday,
Wednesday, ami Friday evening, ready
to attend to messenger "duty in Portland
or to points along the river in a satisfae
otry manner.
There is no use talking Max Wag
ner of the Great Eastern saloon is the
only man fo please his customers well.
He keeps the finest San Francisco beer
in the city, it sparkles like champaigne.
Fresh fruits and vegetables at
Oysters served in every style at
the Walla Walla Restaurant.
Fresh oysters in every style and
at all hours at the- Pioneer restaurant.
lust received per Elder 2,000
pounds, 8-pound sheet lead, for sale at
lowest rates at Magnus C.Crosby's.
Now that building is reviving in
Astoria, bear in mind the fact that Peter
Runey is well supplied with all kinds of
building materials which he is prepared
to dispuse of to all at very lowest rates.
When you are looking for a place
to amuse yourself, (Iron in at Max Wair-
1 ner's, Great. Eastern saloon, and listen
to the organ and take a glass of Ins fine
San Francisco beer.
Get your baskets tilled for a little
money at Bailey's.
"To-let a suit of unfurnished rooms
attheTurpin llouse.apply immediately.
White Darling potatoes at Berg
man fc Berry's.
Now is the time for cleaning up
our houses, and ornamenting them.
For this purpose you can find nothing
that will add to the appearance of your
parlors so much as a pair of those beau
tiful chromes at the City Book store,
sold for nearly one-half the usual cost of
such pictures Call and see for your
selves. P. J. Goodman, on Main street, has
just received the latest and nidst fash
ionable style of gent and ladies boots,
shoes, etc.
.New invoice ot those Medallion
Ranges at Magnus C. Crosby's.
M. C. Crosby is prepared to do all
kinds of jobbing in the plumbing and
steam fitting line; also, bath tubs, and
water backs for stoves and ranges fur
nished on shortcut notice.
The proprietor of the Chicago
house.whom everybody knows as anoiui-
ilar caterer, has fixed his hotel up in
splended style. It is all newly painted
and furnished, and is one of the most
attractive places on Main street. Call
around; every luxury of the season at
the Chicago house.
Mr. J. Stewart. stone and marble
cutter of Astoria will guarantee satis
faction to all ordering work of him, and
will do a better job for less money than
any outside workman. His work in the
cemetery here should be sufficient recom
mendation. Before you let your con
tracts for work of this kind it would be.
well to call upon Mr. Stewart.
I710ITNI. A piece
? owner may nave
of a net which the
on proving property
and paving charges. IJA DOLLET & CO.
Upper Astoria, May 27, 1S79. 23-tf
KENT. A nice cottage, with six
rooms : water in tae House, lnuulre of
J as. McGee, on the roadway near J)evlm'&
cannery. " u-lm
-ryr LOST.-On the night of the aim of
JLi May, 1S7J), about 110 fathoms net. No. $)
10-plv harbours, corks a leads marked J
H U m E. Finder will be suitably rewarded
by giving the .same to the steamer Quickstep
of leaving the same at J. HUME'S cannery
at Knappton. JOS. HUME.
"7WTKT FOIXI.-0n or about the night
J3 of the 16th, about 120 fathom new net.
Lead marked J & M. Owner is requested
to call, and prove property and pav charges,
at the cannev of WM. HUME,
lil-tf Astoria, Oregon.
House to X.ct.
A finished below
pleasant location, near
the Catholic church,
at this ofllce, or of
For particulars inquire
F. SllliK.MAiN.
Astoria, Oregon.
LOST OK STOIjKX. On the night of
the22dof Mav. between Harneys point
and Kuannton. about l."0 fathoms gill net.
mostly old web, the lines new. corks and
leads are new: marked P R P Co. The
finder will bo liberally rewarded by the Pil
lar Rock Packing company.
Pillar Rock, May 22, 1S79.
"TVTOTICE. All persons knowing themselves
JLl indebted to the undersigned are re
quested to call and settle the same as soon as
possible, asunder the circumstances funds
are necessary. "We mav be found at the
oillce of Warren & Mefiuire Tor the present.
Astoria, May in. I87y.
VTOTICE is hereby given that the owners
JLi of Seme lndiitryil not be responsible
for any debts contracted by any person on
behalf of said Scow, except the same is con
tracted directly bv the owners.
BROWN & ALLEN. Owners.
Bv A. V. Allek, Managing Ouiier.
Astoria, Mav 24. lSTU. 2!-lw-d&w
Astoria Steam Laundry.
J. T. BOUCHERS .-Proprietor
Astorin, Ore;;m
No nibbing or scrubbing, and no thnvning
your clothes to pieces. Buttons sewed on
and clothes mended.
-For particulars apply to the proprietor
on on the premises.
STOLEN. Three men, names unknown,
hired my fishing boat marked "CLARA
"WEIMAN.,V on the 20th of May. 1879. to go to
Clifton, promising to return Liat day. As
they have not done so, nor sent the boat
back. I have reason to believe they will not,
and I hereby offer a reward of $5 00 for the
recovery of 'the boat, which is supplied with
sail, two pair of oars and oar locks, and a
sp'are oar, square stern, no rudder, painted
black outside ; top white. Return to or ad
dress N. CTEIMAX.
Abtoria, Oregon.
Ward's Theatre.
Metropolitan Hall
Lessee and Manager
Leader of Orchestra
Jas. M. Wiush
T. Piercey
Complimentary benefit tendered to
By her numerous friends and Dramatic,
Musical and Variety profession.
Matinee Saturday, at 2 P. EL-
Saturday, Ev'ng, May 31st.
Grand Olio and
NU'JLT will appear.
In which a number of local favorites will
To conclude with the drama in four acts.
Terrence O'Moore - - - J. M. Ward
Kathleen - Carrie Clarke Ward
Matinee Admission
25 and 50 cts
50 and 75 cts
Hill's New Variety Tkatre,
Containing six
The Decorations of the New Tbeatre were
executed by Mr. F. Holt.
Painted by Mr. "Win. "West. Architect and
Builder Mr. Kemble.
On and after this date will be given a
First Class Entertainment,
Which, for Refinement and Novelty cannot
be equalled on this coast. Our Per
formance Commences with our
First Part of Male and Female
Consisting of
Singing, Dancing, Acrobatic Feats
Negro Sketches, Trapeze Performers,
Pantomimists and Jugglers.
To see our Itefined and Unequalled enter
tainment. New Acts, New Song's and com
plete change of Programme twice a week,
GEO. HIUL. Proprietor.
Entrance to Poxes and Circle on Chena
miLS Street. Performance to commence-'
at eight o'clock precise.
MAY 31. 1S79.
To Whom it May Concern.
by appoint F. M. Bartholow as my duly
authorized agent for the transaction of mv
business in Oregon and 'Washington territorv.
Astoria. April 17. 1879.
Main street, opposite the Parker House.,
Of the above named New Bakery,
Respectfully invites a share of the public
patronage, confident of his ability to please'
his patrons.
Arndt & Ferchen.
Machine Shop
In the city.
All kinds of
Engine, Cannery and StenmLeai
Work promptly attended to.
Brooms, RniMlies and Wooden-ware.
Tobacco, Cigars and Stationery,
Gent's Furnishing: Goods, Etci
Near the Corner
Slain niiU CoHcomly JSts., Astoria
Wilson & Fisher
Sheet, Round, and Square Prepared
Rubber Packing.
Which will be exchanged for country pro -duce
or sold at lowest prices.
Corner Chenamus and Hamilton Streets
iona of all sores is more than in , seii at very low prices.

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