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r? who eo(j(tjn,otofco'WL"rtCf from .'if eitu ran
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ji WrEKtY edition t'i mil i.l-r-!Jicr with
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the eomitiita renin.
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Some one who has had little spare
j titnoathis disposal haa been writing
from here to the Ckico (Cal.) Enter
prise. His letter is a lensthy one mid
dtcidedlv complimentary. V.'o quote
at length:
'Time was "when this was the great
ultima thulcvi geographers atidtrat elera
where "rolled the Oregon ami heard
no sound save his own dashings,'' and
tho noble Chinook who ate the festive
claia was tho eule inhabitant of these
moist shores. But that has gone by.
The Columbia of to-day h a busy
stream, and iloats to the sen the pro
duct-of an inland empire, thtch halt
ct Astoiia for final clearance erogoing
to those far-off foreign folk who pray
for daily bread.
! Astoria is, for Ha size, the busiest.
place in the United States, and is
unique in several respects. Imagmo a
city with a municipal charter, a mayor
and board of councilman, police force,
lighted street.", school-, and churches,
public hails and all the rest of it, in
which many of the duellings and near
ly all the business portion are built mi
piles driven into many feet of water.
Under the foundations of the house,
Letneen lheo piles, ebu3 and dowstho
tide; (in a sanitary paint of vie.v this
gies great facilities for drainage) and
when it blows great guns from up the
point, whtn the vessels heave .md rock
in the harbor, when it is dork and the
wind whistles in the rigging, it would
not require much stretch of the imag
ination, as one tees the twinkling
lights of the ships and hears the great
surge of the Pacific booming in tho
cellar, to fancy himself at sea. To
there, too, who like the harmless
amusement of fchut::, such marine
manner of abode is of daily
convenience, as one o:ih seek tho
seclusion ,f the e;b (u., the parlor)
"rants, and druij a line to a friend Mid
tho fish out-idii his window at the
same tunc. 'talking ! hs-h suggens
sncli a flow of Htalistios .md piscatorial
ntatomenta as would prove uninterest
ing to you. Fourteen hundred b.itits,
in all th ghiry of blue and white
paint, .skimming ver the Columbia
and dotting us broad expanse with
animated p-unis, jirjout it sight th.it
onpnil bi si en anywkeic else. These
boats represent 'd-cittt.'" eapi-
into tho sky aboru faded into gray and
TrsaiMi'wut-gik--u?'wgpga't9(3ft;1tt3a''ot ' Bff1
' Wst of Iiettsia ;-r yc,!p.
dusky lines that blended with the blue
of night, and haw: thought that it
could not iie excelled. Hut an April
afternoon on the Colombia river does,
I think, show scenery that surpasses
in beauty that of tlm Sicvamento val
The river here is buvun mile -Aide,
sweeping with s-ilcnt and majestic
flow to tho sea. On the north arc
wooded height that s.orve as f.re-
jjround for massive Mountain that
show thir snow-capped cones the
fc wic.-itlis inoincntarily pait. On
Remaining uncalled for in the Post-, Uiivhl other i,,Kln, that demandi i '
office at Astnn. Oregon, Ai.iy 4th, ,ny attention 1 offer for sale tny chop I
Anderson. John Martin, Thos
Alexander. Robert O'Neil.MrsIJ
Boberj,',.tolian I'lanct.Mrs enol
!elloni3, Lorerzo Tedersen, Peter 0
Uuchaml. X 1 Petlerscn, Olufo
Castan.E Handall, JlrsPS
Devnien, Daniel faparhn, ivm-i
ituated in this city.
.1. yi. Frojdma.
Trent ourTeetJi
Knlprson. II C
Green, Daniel V
Giihooly, John
Garrison J 3t
Harris Truni?n.
Hedlcr, K .
Stanton, Tims
S wager, J II
Startsman, Henry -J
jniith. Emma
Sancitinetl, D -Sankkonen,
lliompson, wor.i
'tnliu-r than h.v- tin-in pulled. Latj
jour tier.tit kio .ill Ik- can. You desire j
to liae trouble, l. i MUbi- jou have not i
eil xohot. When puqierly fixed,)
then n't, on tl.c izhuoat. and keep I
thf-iii nil lisht forlinio locoii'C. t
nmvlnnil. i:ieli.ird Tidd. Win
i ii.tnir.i snn. Plias Tavlor. G W
! Herinanson, Alex WilteM. Mis
the river a swayiitg scarf of ever-;. Johnson, Ander
shiftins rainbows oor.ti-ast.- with -; Larson, WB
: .. 1... ..ftp, ul.i1. i ,1,.. "
unrK green pine- i" ure wi " "- . per. m t.iiin
.white fail-j of the nver fleet oilnnsiiig I ,,,,.,.1 ai? th
Utotila. lak
Weuu, Cliis
Voung. Willumi
f'tr these kttei-
Nev.. ouick. eempMi: cure 1 days,!
; urinary nnectioiis. MiiartiiiK, frequent
ior ilifticult urination, kidney diseases.!
31. u! ilnij.'Kit-. Ortrn DeiK.t. DAVIS i
'.tCO.. roitland.O.-. :
!.limy Men.
V.'-i-ii'.- Health Uenc-wiT.
The Markland went
u!) t renin
The thunder shower tit noon
yesterday cleared the air.
-Thera are trco Chinese steamers
overdue from Hongkong.
The State of California is due
this morning.
?he has 478 passeiv
PnttiaiMi. Or.
' i . '. . .... ...Arl';. .1 ,;,ue t'1 wnntN dehilitj and weakness
' 'Htot.iejm. -ftrtveitw. 'J-'llth(.2,.,.(.mmoriiiiotiour. Pl.atdru--
onward in the glittering miit, now w.CKQ-cr., I'. M. ci-ts. Oretr-m Pnor. WIS & CO.,1"": "."
radiant mth prismatic tmti as tney
... i, . ,l it I'olice Court,
cleave the rainbows that pau thi- areii
t .1... rin1...UI n..1 t-tnxtf .it..t,ninr i Al.i .!.
. ..... of,r.,n s...,i:nl,t ss il.ev L. E. Jhiw.r,. diw.i.teriy WMtuit' Ask drtisNt rnr-IJMhoii Haw." It
lit. ciiv. iiv,i i w. ,-, rf ( -,,. niPMr; n rrits. Mi'Pft. I.tilhlirrc rnnplux:
in leMstiiiK n r-tur; siu r - iln . a,: ;,:ou' ii c'perbev:
5iv' Jie in Hip House.
There are sixty-two square feet of
plate glass in tho front of the Knights' j
new building.
Regular convocation of Saints
John R. A. M. Chapter Xo. 1 4, at
Masonic Hali at S o'clock this v. x.
"Visiting companions are cordially in
vited. The Chinese bill nas ready for the
President! signature yestord.-.y. It
will make very little difference wheth
er he signs it or not, it's bound to be
come the law of the land.
The cast1 of the sailor charged
with desertion came up before Justice
Fox yesterday afternoon. He was al
lowed to go on his own reOi-gmz-iiice
ro appeal" again on Viiday.
Paniell, Dillon, O'Kolly
nMior nrmiitnnit lj.inn Lj,i"uers have
been released from jail, and the severe tI of 8300.WM), and in them
coercivo measures of the English B- '' y- on"J
"overnmeni are to be abandoned.
In the case of .Lis. McBride,
charged with stealing clothes from the
Occident Hotel, tho defendant waiv
ed examination, and was bound over
in the sum of $300 to await the action
df the grand jury. '
The last issue of tho Sunday
Welcome has more spice and get-up to
it than any other paper we have ever
received from tho metropolis. The
fuu is not a crushing blow from a
mace but a keen lance thrust, and has
some originality about it.
The bill for tho relief of William
L. Adams of tho amount charged
against him on the books of the treas
ury, on account of tho robbery com
mitted on tho steamer going to San
Francbco many years ago, of govern
ment funds, recently passed tho sen
ate. At the lime of loing the money,
Adams was collector cf customs at
Astoria ami vias taking the funds to
San Francisco to deposit.
Th3 latest thing in the way of
explosives is the apparently harmless
throat mixture, lie hear ot a ca.o
where a druggist in mixing a com
pound of chlorate of potassium and
tannic acid for a gargle, had tho com
pound explode and hlow off the side
-of his jaw. The next thing in order
will be for beef steaks and loives of
bread to fly to pieces and scare the
consumers into tits.
The protean artist that controls
the local columns of the Oregonian is
as fancifully fertilo in fictitious as
sunfption aa Joe Emmet. One day
he is "Tho Big Colt Editor," the next
the "Growls-Editor, the next the
"Salmon Editor," and in this lasl pis
catorial character the facetiousness
that runs through his make-up, as the
streak of ore through the pay rook,
stands out in fullest splendor. He
saya that if anyone catches a salmon
Jhat weighs 70 pounds or over, by for
warding tho weight of tho fish and the
number of the boat in which the fish
was caught, accompanied by the
wopcr affidavit, that the Oregonian
will publish tho fact. Now that ante
makes the gamo too high for ordinary
players; it costs too much to come m
'We'll make it 50 pounds, with a limit
of 100, and all fish must be accom
panied by three smaller one, not ne
cessarily for publication, but a guaran
tee of good faith.
.$.1,000,009 wmfh ..f salmon. T'.teh
boat i m.'.iinil by .. ere'.v of tvw, who
tliiuk if hard tim-d if th-.-y don't clear
Music fcr the piano, organ, flute,
violin, cuitar, cornet, accordeon, Danjo,
fife concertina and other instruments,
iust received at Adler's music store.
100 a month each. They fish from
April to September, and during iluwe
summer months the regular population I
of 4000 swells to IIOOO, of whom mm-o
and more remiin every year.
I never entirely reaiizad wliii lordly
independence was till I wanted :i cir
pentcr hero to V ni work. It
takes .is much diplomacy and si rate
sic movement to set one to put a door
in a closet s.i it unulu to cure a
foreign mission; and well it may, for
tho knights of tho saw :tr.d plane have
building contracts three months ahead.
The growth of the city is only limited
by the facilities of tho mills to saw up
the lumber, and such lagging and
praying to rent a house, yon never
saw. ilia i periormaneo generally
winds up by the would-be lrs.seo get
ting "n;ad," and taking fteps to have
a house built for himself. Rut if I
go on you'll think I'm getting up a
littlo "boom" for Oregon, bo retnrn
wo to our muttons.
Like all sea ports iher- is alhayn
motley crowd of men along the docks;
the hearty Englih sailor, the l.een-
eyed mariner from "down in Maine,"
the swarthy black-bearded Spaniard,
the stealthy, cat-like Italiin, the
snaky Kanaka, and the yellow-haired
sons of Scandinavia coin" and g.; an
animated panorama. This ia the gate
way of a mighty coiiqiiy, the possi
bilities of which cannot ba exaggerat
ed, and one whose future is assured.
"Tts the heritage of a splendid class of
men, sturdy, bold and enterprising,
who aio building up a great common
wealth in Oregon and that splendid
scope beond our youngest sister
Washington territory. Commerce,
the salmon fishery, lumber, coal, iron,
fertile soil, never failing crops, and a
determined com m unity of go-ahead
people are the great factuw in the
work of making this portion of our
national domain second to none in
wealth and greatness. Statistics just
published officially iliow that for
foreign expurti for the m.i th of
February, 1832, Nt-vv York stood
first; San Francisco.' second; and
Astoria, third. "More need nut be
said; has could not be said."
Riding through Gen. ljiduell'3
grounds in 79 and '80 I have seen the
skies that flush in enmsou splendor to
the north and west "grow radiant in
the violet light of sun3et; to the east,
"the dim Sierras far beyond uplifting
their minarets of tnow," glowing in
rosa and purple that gradually lifting
make the chore. The oitrcrdnmiy
humidity of this atmopher.: .lot. not
admit of that blase of purple slid leaf
let that crowns tho close of day in the
Miiyons of California, but thn softer
tints of evanescent color gleam hc-ro
with purer hue and fahvr luster thii
in any other placi- ever saw.
i rom I uc ueci; or me ohuuhci.,
commanded by (he uallanl Gregory,
and bound for Tillamook, th- scene is
a grand one. As we near the ocean
the fcitn finks toward the pi-unnid-Ty
maiked "Capo Hancel;;" shadows
are moving shoreward in tho emerald
water; ships crossing out spi.-ad their
v. kite wings and fly to st-n, the black
smoke of the steamers lies in lnt.Tal
lines aer.i3s tho western sky. and amid
the i-cieaining of the gulls and tho
shouts of returning lisheimeil e hold
our course for "the bar,"' whero the
"rent breakers toss their white foam as j
they ."tirl and biv.ik in flashing frag
ments back to the green water. Hern
th.-. liver runs to the short-less depths
of ceHii brvtween Junks f ciiuison
fog that hang low on either -ide, and
rising, change to clouds of orange vap'.r
that float awaj with creamy fringes "f
"are-like dr.ipdryandra'ioe around tha
setting iUii. Everything a!"liid and
ab"ve is uuiiniit in :iifb..i- !;U-.. the
Vv'bsid rises o:i the an.dl - ibv Pacific,
the .suri'-et gun istiied from ill.' l"rt on
the lii'.l, our Jl-!rgiie.-i up. ihugreat oi!'w
glart- gloims ott fr.ui! tho liglthil3s,
tin- clouds t oil t-ogeihw. a gr.iy mist
settles du n. upon the water and wo
head for TiilamooL Ut.uk. which is a
emg of bj..ilt ten miles away with a
lonely lighthouse theromi, W. get
there :ind effect a stormy landing.
f- -5 - &
days in city j lii,
Martin Robinson, imucent r.,t
public atrr-el: 810 or 20 diys inj
city jail.
j,i --Tjio "Atniiy-. iiamly" atoveplps
-;n-. .. a. joiiii j. in:xoiuer tt.
.Sie'.i::-, & Son have their atore
or.iwd.il with new git-xls, all marked in
i plain lij;iir
.-i.(i.iii s i.ai'iirn i:i.m.Mi :i i..si-t
II. . n,n fr,. l-ntni-,:. I lii,tii.-.ri!i !.! ! 1 r.lllk t allV ll.lS OVStLTn ill eVOrV
Canker Mouth. .Sold by U. I'.. Of niei.t.1 ' Mew and p v.i lo.-.sts n speeialty
Miiimuen and blank )oo!. nil! Wii will j.ai .-..ush whi-n .SluloliN
t.t i. nii.l mice ntllirl Adli'i---. Cine i.'ili !J!i-iininediate relief. Price
10 f.-. .-.t) ct-. and .-!. Sddby W'.i:, Jio-
-I'litiewritlliSdc-vk1- il thi'l'iu 5.k incut.
-tore arc tho bc-t in the ein. This .nel
-oinelliins iiiro and ditinble. ai.il ju-tl
what most voinig I.idifS1 Mould nppn-ci-t
ate from ihi'.uivoi. t
-M1..I01111 ilngfisiitthi'Ci'iiti-ai Mar;
k.i.has tnado anancfeiiients to K.tj. il
he iiiiest frs--.li lisli. etc.. in ihcir '..iis!i ;
Will remove on or about the first of May
TU" ple.ixiik-c-' oj tin- tahlo iva-i', i
Whene'er the tooth begin to fail; j
The hc-autic; of tl:e mouth decrease;
l'ho bi'-athS in' more a i.)ioy gale: i
And all must soon in liiin lie, - i
1'nles- to .sOZOUOST we llj. '.
- 1'ln- 11. l.tti-,1. II .Tlmipr.nf llnnr-
.s find "What Mn-t j lion. lu.l.. - -IJiiih laysolt and wife
' at t'arl Adlei'?. oueonr lr..-- toiiti.oifi Consumptio.v
1 riti , .sold ii V. E. Dement.
Tliedi-fiis-ionbetwe.it Dob Inyvr-t-ol!
find Jcro Rlael; i foi -ale in nea!
form at Carl AdlcrV
Iii2.T.5oir ieelui
A 1lk-.l1 'wa.-lier and a w.ittei eJii find
eiuploynieiit at the t eston liiiti.
- CI1.1.-. ."iteM-iin and.Ne.i ha.e.i -look
ol'nmitIding-filid n.ouldei- tool- .!iieh
can bo bought cheap for .-a-h 1i cln-c
out that branch of tho bnsiuiss.
For Djpopiiaandliwr t'o.niil-.isit.
ou haw a printed miar.inK- on' ecr
bottle ..r feliiloir- Vilali?or. It neieV
f.iil to enit. 'ohl by W. :. Jien.ei.t.
rfas?l .&
boeb: stjcox.de3
"sj-" 1 lie lare,t stock of
xJuS Blank Dpchs and Stationery
. aSi f M". rj dcscilption.
tv'w .'i ' . t r i uut.iiJ.iu;
Pifri -'"'i l'-.Hti.s, niiiic, I'ootiotd
ifi by.1" 1 Work-, Alluuns and
fO-rM iioi.ircns,
KvsJ41iB,l!o-i.lf- a full mill complete
gfessi-i stock ot cvoritlilnpt n?unllv
A 11. w -t'tok of -Hues ol the l:iti--t j Men-. Al'o. new- .iopat unit asency for
m ;.- at .iijihi .. ...oinuoiiiei j s. ;rwi. r--. -1."1 i" .....uv.n i.ui.w-tie.i
l.raet1 up the -a hole -vih-m viiti. Kitii -
! III." P.lnr-1. See AdWlttM.iii.'nt.
-A Xa--al lnieottiv five witn ei-h)
ti'ittle of Shilolf- (.'alarrh. IU'iivily.1
PrieeriOeotil. S.i!d ! U". I-.. Ivmoiii. I
At jiui.' v.i-hlini plain -e,iiig .li.n.'l
can l.e nceonimodalcd ov appliii; at j
.Mr-. Hepburn"-, oK-r the t.'i'y h-iokj
.stole, ' I
Oarl Adler's Kusic toit-
Tn order to reduce stock, previous. to
removal, wijl offer a
lIberai iDiscount!
To all Gash Customers buying bills of
81 0 or over.
Astoria, April 15th, 1882.
-llu-'Kiiielitek,"" a lastltn: and
grunt n-rfuiitf. l'ucc'J.". nnd
Nddbj W. J-Dement.
Jut iio-.t' we mi' engaged in the reg
ular work of saving the cumin. Every
little while litis has to be done, and
aboi'.t tho present time the he a gag is
sounded and ihe tum-toin i beaieil.
We elect a state ticket, t-.mi.ty
tickets, legislative, etc., in June, and
to those for whom an- vt thu tto.vls of
party soup it i a season of fervor
and exhortfttloii. To the gr.Mt mass
of oters the occimoii presents tm tea-
tures of (.nlhusiasiii. Rut littlo at
tention is paid to party lines, and but
little regard is evinced for the party
whip that the politicil loaders have
long cracked over unwilling shoulders.
Peoplo do thoir own thinking, more
and more every year, and Alien elec
tion day ccmcd round vote for the man
whom they think best fitted f.tr the.
place Of coiirse, on general princi
ples, those of us who don't ciro !" I .a
forever kicking around am.mg the
skulls, want to seotliellopnblican ticket
elected. In general, politic! in this
nixk of woods U pinto.
A lartje consmnmont of th. he-t!
brand Red Cioss oa! oil j it t i . oehv.1 1
at Jtio. itodgcr s. tvnirai jiarl.v-1.
1. E. J.oDoiiouijh, Miiiicareiit.-r. -...r
maker and caulker. All order will ho
promptly attended to. Residence. Occi
dent hotel, Asicuin, Oregon.
Go to IIo-enc.s and tn tin' i;.i-t"ii
("rj.-fal loo Cream. (.-emVut I5!o.-K.
.lu-t loeoived direct (torn .Sew
Voile a large Mock ni Sotliimliair. lace
ctutainsaiid upholstiTN goods ;:t ("lias.
Planished or iinfliriu-hcitiioi)i- e.in
lie had at the Union Hotel.
Pianos and Organs
Of .ill nuiki - er.li-tuMli on hnn'l. Al-o a
tllll stH-k Ot
At-o a liTo s!wl. of tho l.fcr ot
A- n.-li - fi.-rMliti.u ,le hclondns to a
i'ii-i I - Mils!" Store
81. MEYER Proprietor.
SE3S30XLXa jIs31NrOXTlr03E23MCEI3SrT.
LessSQuantitles, 30 Cents per Gallon
Bottled Beer, - - - S 1 SO per Dozen
esr.Spcrlal attention paid to outers it. in i'ubllc Houses and Families."
Meteorological Heginter.
fhe following is from thu nif-t-oro-logic.il
register of I-Vrt Canby for the
month of May, 1882:
Average temperature, -IT.Oii.
Maiimqifi temperature. 80.fn), the
23th insl.
Minimum U'lupci-aliue, ol.tx). dur
ing nighl, from 2Gth to 27th.
A eragc cloudiness, 7.
2fnmlH:r .f dajs on nhibli lain
fell, 21.
gfftainfell, G in. -10 e,e.
Earthquake at 10:50 l M. thu oUth
of inotith. Three distinct shocks last
ing some 15 seconds. Vibrated, from
S. V. to N. K. No damage done.
4 T5asasK.'--B?rs
-P.iKie.-., wi-limg srocciie-, prii
tons or inetehaiuli-o ot any de-eiiptioii,
houM leave their orders with A. Van
Dusen & t'o. as the are jirepaiod to de
liver goods in any pan ot uie vit on
the -horto-t notice.
Chas. ti"i(n-.v Son Iiaie ii.r -.do.
ami aio agents foi tin no v r-dnjie: -(-,v
iiii inaclii'.ie-. . .
-If you waul he cieata thai i Jcci
cream. 2Q to Frank r-.ilire's. I
1. .1. '".oo.li.itin. nu ('iien:i!'iii. -it.vt.'
lias ju-t leoeixed ihe l.ite-i :u. i mn.-!
f.i-ihioii'ibh -I'.lo of i'llt- an I ladies'
hoot-. -!.oe. t-te. Ationt In A-tosl.i fori
tii- fatuous .Morrow .-hee-. '
i Jiaiio--.il '. I'.
i i t m. i . ! i : i st.illin. lit i.;:iii -il-
means at the City Rook Stoie. CARL ADLER'S VARIETY STORE
t i
ij 17'-
is ri'i:i:ni: n Mor. axi is KrLu.n n vom-bon thu coajs
re-Oi.tors lell at the l.TltJlANLV i.1'1.1: HALL v.iU to i-ifiniptly atleudecl to."
iJcliri A. IVIontgomery,
..i o.i me im.tithlt in
it i.t.
-SiiilohS Ctrar. will imiin.i'ai. ! ,
3C, V. al.it. .. i i.ici.s una .ii'v.i ir .
.i!-s O r.wkei nn.l Tahle tutlor,
i.'licM' 'Lrotip, whi.,.iii'' ...iml. m.l f- V -vi' v,nkfo N.-tloii- and 'lois,
Riouehili-. :dd bv W. K. Ilemel.t. li -' -Jgi ruin, i rairte- :u..t (.'iirniiies.
-- s.'vXil'.'ll.y ( nuue-., a comi.Jeto
Villi Wailt 10 2el -OMe.ii" Ri.-.-!..-'-see j lt-a:J lMVin'S.I
lo-hiv: In-h m.ido ami nr.el , V-. r-.-M- ..y . u m ..nier. in. jtiu. ic
. im to.k nii(liilces.
llTVor.-.t aie iiuiti'd ti.em
., , , --. ; T" . .iniRNAMrssr
rtL-hi-t;u.d lnteit oakos. triuf atnl!
eamji-at the Astoria eanrtj faotoix. '
. N-o tho-p now rubber spitti-on- a(,
i:. It. Haw-OS . '
A complete -lock of IiuVai.,1 eliil-:
dreirt suits ju-t toeciiod at Afelr.tosh'-;
Call and examine tho-e bah m.u.ii-
at tho City bookstore.
.Throo -oow loads of dri lir. -nruoei . ..
limh--.andb.irfc. just reoeivod and forUinni. ,. .l
M'iin iv imuv uiiiiitii
'DmSvli .tlilRsiil m
BBH Sliilt.iyiB'p-Sii'lt
I ' r4o. 40 I2-Ply
.sale at Ci raj ".-.dock.
I enn'l .'et fliiinS v.itlinttt It. I mil it.
Imeonoof tho-ffitio ork h.i-ko!- At L- i V V TYVIfN 1 S
the City Rook store. 1 D ij 1 x i J i 1 1 1 L Li Lj
Ai u regular meeting "f Axtoria
Lodt'c IS... 10. I. O. of G. T hold lastl
Tuesday evening the following v. ere
installed ..lik-ers for the ni-.i.in turn,
by G. h. D., J. O. Iio7erth: Go!., F.
Parker. V. C. T.; Inez E. P.irker, W.
Y.T.; Fioieiici E. nrt.nn, W. S.;
Scott n,y...rih, W. V. S.; Q. IU Cas
well. W. T.; Eda Eckland. V. M.;
Edwin Oloiigh, W. f. G.; li. M.-nleith,
W. O. G. ; Mavtha Thonipjon, W. 0.;
John 11. Montu'-meiy, P. W. C. T.
J. O. Bozorth, T. R. Coon and Flor
ence E. Brown were elected delegates
to the G. L., tomefct at The Dalles
the third Tuesday in June.
Tho lursest -took and ni-v.tt -t le
of Soft amlMifl' Hat.-, at Mi-lni-i-!r
Clothing 6tore.
XolKidv .-iimiiil uegh.-l u cough.;
'fake Il.vi.t."- HoMiYiff Hoi:nHot;xi!
AM. T.vt: iiishmlci-. Pim:'- Titotii-.
acjik iinofs cure in me uiimile.
loi tile crlililtli H. t'liliet old;'
Rourln.ii. and (he !e-t ot v.iiie-. lienors,
nnd S.in Fraiiei-i'.i ho.er. .sill at t'ilii-m !.
opini-ilclhc It'll tm,oi-, ami -ce Cttmn-'
Au.khi made misp-ai.ie t.y lndi-go-lioii,
Cou-iipation, Di.vine1-:. Los- .f
iippetile, Vellow klnV Miilo'1 Vlttil
izer i-a po.-.itivi1 cute, 'or --lie hi W.
! IL'ine.it.
Tniu-ibiit and 'day hoUi-der.-Mfi l.e
accomodated at Mr-. Lovott's eoflec and
chop house, on Mnlu street. Meals 13
cents upwards. Day Jmaril $1.50 per
week. Everything eiea ald comfortable.
cokm:u uv
1.EA1XUS l.
Tiii.heei Iron and Copper Ware.
A tirri fjl A-sotttaNit ct
Agents tor
.Mjiu;p .Stoves anil linages
1 he ll'ii ic the Market.
J'.uiabiiuirooitv ofjall Muds, on Land. Jul.
v.'i.uk done In n winkuianlike mtuiner.
JlAI.AMl ,i:rFi'.ltSO.V HTltr.KTS.
A Fuii Stock Now on Hand.
II 1ti:rl..'J Ntveet. Sfin Franrlxro
S-'-h Auotit-. for the l'aciilc Coast.
Carpels, Oil Cloth, Wall Paper, Mirrors,
Window Shades, Lace Curtains, Picture Frames and Mouldings,
Complete in every branch.
.1; ii. D. GKAY,
A ti..Vv-.lo ami ji-rfjl deaier iu.
ill mxns or Ji:i:i)t
Hay, Oats, Straw, Wood, Etc,
(5eiicnil-i..ra,.-ean.l Vharii5;e. on reason
able teiios. 1'ootot Kenton stieet, Astoria i
" r C"
8Sn cOO sziXi d s
3-S6. -?----"JH
a a "5

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