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THU118DAyZ7..'Z..1,1UXK 15. 1682
(Monday excepted),
Vt'BMsnnia A-j l'Rornnrrou.
-lrjan UuUdliuj, Com Street.
Tcrma o Subscription :
totvf 1 by Currier, rer ireefc M ccnta
nt by mail, fanr month? , M CO
beat by man, OD0 yar.... fcj
Krea of Postaga to SubJcnbors.
-"A1rorsisemmt9 inserted by tho year st
he rato of 81 &i per Bguaro per month.
rruisiont adTortiiins. by tlio diy or neok,
tfty ocata per square for each insertion.
TlIK D.ILV ASTOKIAX Kill 15 ,c;,f f,
ti'J(Iit73roit amonttt.frccofp-utoge. Read
er icho cimttmrlaUabsciu:cjrum the eity can
Aihv Tub Astoriax fuUoic them, lUii.v
r AVkkkly edition to any jxrt-otticb iclth
("it UUUional crp:nt. .icldres- moybt
znq.toal eix often etx dcMrcel. Jjv.rr nnler rtt
ttit- counting room.
GcorgoV majority is tho largest
ever given any candidate in tlih stato
Tillamook gives Hobson 11 ma
jority. This gives Smith ton majority
in boili counties.
Remember the launch of tho
Miles at 1:30 to-day. It will be ex
actly at that time.
Capt. Mitchell, who is now build
ing a schooner at South Uond, ia in the
city, and will remain till Saturday.
The General Canby will leare for
Ilwaeo at 7:30 this morning, so as to
got back in time for tho launch at 1 :30.
Tho Record Union say3 that tho
wetting down of streets and sidewalks
should bo prohibited. We rather like
it up this way.
Wo arc printing cards ith tho
tide tables on the back chcapor thnn
you can buy the blank cards. Send
in an order and be astonished.
To Our Citizens
During tho past week the Crcmcn
of our city have undertaken the grand
sud noble object of holding a tiro
men's tournament, of all tho firemen
on tho north west coast, at our beauti-
Councll Proceedings.
Tho council met in regular ecssion
last Tuesday evening. A petition from
nronorty owners asking council to or
der improvement of Hamilton street,
from sonlh sido of Chenamns to south
l-'nrnitliml ItcozuM to tc-t
charge of the order of Uenedictiue
brothora aad Rhtor?. J! ; AtSMrs. Muuson'.-j lodging house.
Last Wednesday tho little impeller '
Elviim made the descent of the Cas- j
cades in fifteen minutes. Shu had a
pcrilious run a her rudder rupci gavo
'Konsh on Hats."
Ki-Kln nuil Xorvc.
, of Umatilla rock whoreon tho Ven
ture 7as formerly wrecked.
Ifore.ifter there shall bo sold to no
person tnoru than 160 acres of North
ern Pacific lands. For month- past,,
tho wo.t, and especially tho Yellow- j
stone vallov, has been strnnned with i
eastern speculator bavins uo larsa I . Astoei.y, June 1st, 1332
,- - ." i 1.D1TDK -VSIOBIA
tracts of land, to bj hnld ! a rue. J it U withpleasar
easare that I call the at-
1 fnntlrm r.1 t-fT!i Mirlflre in tha fnnt fhot
A young man, formerly a uompoi- i I!IV(, tstablUbed a photograph gallery
tor in the Star oUice. Tiuoii. Ari-' '" .Wori.i. opposite tho Court "House.
... . : ., I earnestly invito every citizen of your
r.ona.recontly vein vd an oiler of ,- KlW ami i,;jnjty to visit It and exam-
000 for a mine in which ho hohl-s title. ! 'm'1 t!, dNplay of pictures, firmly be-
iirtijii; turn iiu wiuici ul cucu uue
Another printer who w.vrkuil at the
same easo in that oiUco previous to the
former'.- app6JMiico there, madi; 30,
000 in linnet before leavinjj f ui-suii
Ice cream, ice cream, at Kosooe" re
lreshn:ent Faloon, KaturUaj' ami htm-
uay pvo.iiiijM. ucciuent biovK.
.Vtteiitlnn 1'lnlierjiion.
L'sc Nielinln's Halm of Clleiul oil for
soro or chapped hands, for sale b .loo
O. Charters. Title tables free to ill.
Kor the finest bnths In the city g to
the Orient bathing rooms opposite
llolilen'-s auction store.
J on (J. CiiA!'.Ti:i!s. 1'rOp.
Tlie A.toi ia Shirt and Oil Clothing
Factory has moved next house to
O'Brien's Ilotel. Persons wishing good
oil clothing to keep thorn tirv will phnisi
Tlie Willamette has ceased to riso
iu Portland, standing 20 feet above
low-water murk. Tho Columbia has
risen 19i feet and reaches liigu-wntcr
'John Wands, of South Bend, W.
T., is doing a big business this season,
running his South Rend mill and
ntfamer, and n large logging camp at
the iti!Li.
At one o'clock yesterday a terrible
fu-o was devastating Montreal. One
million dollars worth of property was
burned and the flames were still
The pile driver across the street
has closod down, to the infinite relief
of tho neighborhood. 270 piles are
driven, and tho next thing will be
something else.
Tho Portland boat js a. Hula late
Uicso afternoons on account of high
water. The track being submerged at
Kalama, tho passengers for the Sound
must bo takon up tho Cowlitz to Mon
ticello, thuB occasioning a delay of one
hour and a half.
A good plan to secure prompt
knowledgo concerning tho bar would
bo to placo before the attention of tho
board of cngineors soon to visit us,
the usefulness and necessity of that
register so long operated hero by Mr,
Louis Wilson. It is a system of daily
need and should be resumed.
The steamer City of Quincy,
which has beonin tho Willamette trade
for u number of years, was sold last
Tuesday to Jackson & Co., millers of
B-rituh Columbia, and will bo put on
tho Skagit river trade, Tho steamer
was taken down tho river yesterday,
and if tho soa is not too rough will
proceed at once to hor destination.
Cjtpt. Denny will tako her over, and
although the trip is a perilous ono
for a steamboat, the captain and his
crew havo no fears but that they will
accomplish the undertaking.
List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in the Post
office at Astoria, Oregon, Juno loth,
Anderson, Nils II McClellan. Albert It
Andro, Jacob Messina, G
Itorgtas. Antonio Mallne, Isaac
Boyd, Mrs Sarah Mardessich, John
Carr, CoIIen M McCallig, John
Dahlia J A Miller, bamuel
Dowllng, Edward Martin, Peter
Eilcrson, II C Xelsson, N P
Rnrman. Will Nelson. Q J
Gieason'P-atrick Owens, Win
ful, growing city, on the 4th and oth'side of Astor, was read, and on mo- way and she came within twenty foctjbes. i."c. bow
days of July next. .Not only for the
purpose of holding a tournament, but
for the purpose of having a grand cel
ebration of our national dav of inde
pendence, and wo ask you, one and all
to not only aid us and yourselves with
words of encouragement in our noolo
object, but jrivc that aid of which our
grand object is worthy, when our
finanee committee visit you during
the coming week. Our three com
panies have headed the lists with 50
each, and shows to you that the char
acteristic of always being ready for
every emergency, even the arduous
duties of such an occasion as this, is
the distinguished characteristic of the
ideal tireman. Tho soi-vices of the
fireman aro not often appreciated by
a community, or properly compen
sated, scriptural rule seems to be mod
ified for their especial benefit, "To
whom little is given, of thein much
shall be required," but no aro proud
to say that our citizens have reversed
the saying with our department, and
that again at this time they will give
us that substantial aid, of which they
were ever worthy. Firemen seem to
be fontered and tolerated by some
communities for the same reason that
tho Miss3ippiftUicarried therevolver
although he might not need it for a
loii" time but when ho did ha would
need it "powerful bad." Tho fact
that our city has not lately been
scourged severely and disas
trously as several neighboring cities, is
undoubtedly duo, in measure, to
the piomptnessand efficiency of our
fire department. It is our duty to
come to the rescue in the hour of dan
ger to property and psril to life, and
this duty requires a solfposs.'-ssiou and
courage that lead often to such deeds
of heroism as make the pages of his
tory resplendent, ft is your little acts
of kindliest, and your little gifts of
substantial aid th.it impressively carry
to our minds the fond conviction that
wo have not labored-in vain. And,
follow citizen, what we will accom
plish hero in our little city, on the 1th
and 5th days or July nei, is worth
more than your weights in gfdd,
toward maintaining the efficiency of a
good fire dcpaitment. A firuin.tn is
never in a happier uuwd than when
he feels that I113 good work.-, are ap
preciated. Again we ak yon to
givo usthat aid of which you think we
merit, and we promise to make. tho
coming festivities as thoie to be long
remembered as the grandest in the
history of our Venice by tho so..
We aro very respectfully Your.t.
C. J. TiiEXCHAiiii, C. E. A. V. 1).
P.P. Hicks, 1st, Assistant.
J. O. Bozoutii, 2ml. "
B. F. SrEvr.-V.s, Foreman No. One.
C. II. Stockton, Foreman No Two.
J. E. Thoiias, Foremia II. A: 1-.
B. S. Wor.SLr.v, Engineer No Two.
Managing Committee
I. . Case, Treasurer.
The thing desired found at last. Ask
Druggists for "Hough on Rats." It;
clears out rats mice, roaches, flies', bed-:
thill, petition was granted.
A rcmoiistranco from property own
ers against repair of Cedar street, in
Shivcly's Astoria, was read and refer
red to the committee on streets. The
repoit of tho committee on health and
police, to whom was referred police
judgo ivport for April, was read, and
on motion, received and placed on lile.
The report of police judge, for May.
was referred to same committee. Tho
report of the city iexton, for -May,
wat referred to committee on public
property. Claims v. ore allowed as foj-liii-a:
Witness f.'e.-, 15.30; W. D.
Baker. S5; VY. E. Dement, SI; Tiio.
Logan, 75; J. H. D. Gray, 10;
steamer Sam, 10; M. C. Crosby,
1.50; Chas. Harrison, 0: all other
bills were referred.
Under tho head of official businc-as,
Councilman Wright proposed (he name
of J. H. D. Gray, for councilman
from the second ward, to fill tin- va
cancy cained by resignation of A. O.
Spexarth. Mr. Gray was uanani
nionsly elected. Under suspension of
rules an ordinance was read liral and
sccoud times, entitled "An ordinance
authorizing the committee on public
property to purchaso suitable grounds
for a cemetery, at or near Skipanon
landim;, in Clatsop county, Oregon."
The words -'one thousand dollars"
were inserted in lilank space. Tho or
dinance was then lead tho third time,
and unanimously passed. On motion
tho assessment roll for 18S2, and com
plaints, were referred to committee on
ways and mean-. The committee on
streets and ways made a ierb.il repoit
that they had employed :i surveyor to
survey Chenamns street, and further
time was granted to make report. Tho
following resolution was iianimously
adepted: The city auditor be instruct
ed to givo due notice that the aity
council proposes! to improve Hamilton
street, from south side of Chenamns
street to tho south sido of Astorstrcet,
by piling, capping and planking the
same, according to ordinances in such
cases made ami provided. On motion,
council adjourned.
Wells' Health ltenewer, greatest roin
edv on earth for impotence, leanness,
sexual debility, etc SI. at druggists.
Oregon Depot, DAVIS & CO.. Portland,
A Card.
uIU bo that mv work is not only of the
best but that the prices are reasonable.
1 am pivnared to Uo all kinds of view
ing, copying and enlarging to any slzo
in all ttoiKirfm-'Uts. I will see that my
customers go away saiislied. and re
spect fully solicit their patronage. Very
truly. s. is. Rnoir. Photographer.
When jou want pure drucs and
chemicals of any kind, go to J. W.
PaiiiiV ilfim i trti-,1 !iMnf!fA tcitilniii
"A thing of beauty is a joy forover."
So says everjone who sees and admires
those baby carriages at Adler's.
Vou want to get some of Roscoe'.s ice
cieam tinlay: fresh made and nicely
et Vour IMiotOKi-iiplin.
W. 15. Sloane has located a photograph
gallery on Bergman and Berry's comer,
near Liberty hall, where he is prepared
to do lirst-class work. Call early nnd
get your photos while, you have a
chance to get tho best.
Keep tbp 2mus lira t thy
If on want a.-,wcclmouthaiid im-.Uli.
If the gums become spongy, they lose
their power to hold the teeth. The ue
orSOZODOXT is invaluable because
it lemoves the tartar which separates
the teeth and gums.
.Mr. F. 0. Young, of the I X L store,
will go down to San Francisco on the
Columbia next Saturday to purchase a
new stock of fancy good. Any one
wishing to send a special miler can be
assured their tastes will bo consulted by
that gentleman.
'Police Court.
Juno Mib
Robert Meiritt and Antoino Win
ning, fighting; depo-.it of 5 each, for
feited. Harry Wendt. diunk; dopoiit for
feited. Jno. Wo.nl, vagr.incy; 10 deposit
.las. Hcudcmm, disorderly; 5 or
2 days in city jail.
Fred Friend, vagrancy; lined 10or
5 days iu city jail.
Preamble and Resolutions.
WitEiiEAb, It has pleased Almighty
God, tho Supremo Ruler i.f the uni
verse, to remove ftom our midst by
death, our well beloved brother Joseph
Dowdall, Past Grand Chancellor and
lftto Supreme Keeper of records and
seal of the Supremo Lodge of tho
world; therefore
Rcsalvcd, That lie humbly extend
our sincere sympathy to the bereaved
family, and to the sorrowing brother
hood throughout tho -world,
Ilesolwl, That by tho death of Bro'
Joseph Dowdall tho Order of Knights
of Pythias ha3 lost one of its brightest
and most usofnl adherents, and socially
a congenial nnd most useful member.
lltsohed. That our Lodge room bo
draped iu mourning for thirty days
and that copy of this preamble and
resolutions be inserted on a memorial
page of our records and that a copy
bo sent to The AmTOI:i.S for publica
tion. Fratornally snuibuiitted in F.C.&B.
T. S. Jewett, P. C.
J. E. Ferousox,
Jay TirnxE, P. O.
Axtona loo Dppi.t.
Tranl: Knbro is now prepared to sup
ply families, restaurants, hotels, saloons,
etc., at .' cents per pound, on tho prem
ises. Fresh Ice crcauf every ilai. Balls,
pirtios ami dinner supplied with loo
cream at -.horl notice.
Alter next , Saturday iiisjht iheAs
loriaSkatiitaRink will lieclov-d for the
season. On Thursdav and S.iturdav
prices will boasuiiial.
Wooil for Sale.
1 have about my humlmi and fifty
cords of dry hemlock, which I will sell
for rash at ;;i.7."percoid. 1 will deliver
ini'wooii lo nij euiiiuiu'iy.
15. K.M.vuion.
r.mev soap-, and lvifumerv of all
kinds can be found at J. W. Cnun' drug
Stoio. opimsito. Occident hotel.
If ou want nuio .ino-.anl liouor,
lof all kinds, uo to J. V. CoutiS drug
Stoie. opposite. Occident Hole!.
Tho latest and freshest novels at
If you want nice fresh lard, or good
Migar-cnred hams. Just from tho coun
try go to F. B. Elberson's bakery.
It you want ice cream that Is !
crawii, go to Frank. Fabre's.
Croup, Whooping Cough and Bron
chitU Immediately relieved by Shlloh'3
Cure. Sold by W. E. Dement.
Ctias. Stevens and Son have a stock
of mouldings and moulders tools which
can bo bought cheap for cash to closo
out that branch of tho business.
Three scow loads of dry fir, spruce
sale at Cray's doc
limbs, and bark, just received and for
Clocks in endless stylo nnd inHnite
variety at Adler's.
Call and examine those baby wagons
at the City book store.
Stevens & Sou have their store
crowded with new goods, all marked In
plain figures.
Beautiful statlonerv
variety at Carl Adler's.
In endless
Another of Uiomi fine A. . Chase
organs .it tho City Book Store.
tlo to Boscoe.s and try tho Boston
Crystal loo Cream. Occident Block.
Itemeiiiber Frpn!; I'libveV ice cieam.
It is par excellence.
Those writing desks at the City book
.toie are tho bot iu the city. They are
something nice and durable, and just
what mo-.t young ladies would appreci
ate from thogiier.
Have Wiitars Imlsam of wild cherry
always at hand. It cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, whooping cough, croup. In
fluenza, consumption, and all throat and
ping complaint. .v cents ondjSl a bottle
Shiloh'n Vltalizcris what jou need
for Constipation. Los of Appetite, Diz-zine;.-.
unit all svmpfomsot Dyspepsia.
Price 10 anil 7 cents per bottle. Sold
by W. K. Dement.
Oaltett. Peolo
GUmbre. Beverly
Grant. Daniel
Gorticr, Geo
Hansson, L U
Harrison, Heury
jelfinoss. a
O'Brien, PF.
Olssen, Olof
Olsen. OleB
Qllila, Isar W
Peiter, Mr
Bunoa. Matti
Blnaldi, Vieengq
Jager, Elizabeth Samuelson. A
Johnson, Hcnrict Slndreck, Antonp
!f he Launch To-Day.
At half past ono this afternoon the
ncvy steamer General Miles will bo
launched. An extended description
of the vessel has been published be
fore. Mr. Whelan will superintend
Hie launching. If the the day U finp
the sight will b.e worth seeing. Tho
Gen. Miles is ono of tho finest and
largest vessels ever built in Astoria,
and reflects credit to hor enterprising
owners. We understand that tho
Will vou .ufiVr with DKim'Um.i :ii!il
Liver Complain! '.' Sliilolfs ViliilUer is
gnarantoort to cine you. Sold bv W. 1L
Slnloh'.s Couch acid Consumption
Cure is 'olil bv us on ifnnmntoi. If
euro consumption. Sold bv W. K. De
-Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath secured bv Shiloh's Catarrh lEem-
edy. Price M cents, Masai Injector free.
r or saio ny . j- i Jousent.
Braco up tho whole sv-tem with Kiiitr
of the llhxMt. .See Advertisement.
Mr. John l.'o"ois of lhoiYuii.il Mar
ket. has made arrangements iokeep al
he finest fresh Ush. ot. in their sea -.on
Clias.. Stevens A: .Son have for sale
and aro agents for the new Mngei sow- i.,,,,!.,,,,! ,.
ing machines. l oiii.in.i,Ji
Sp-ikan, or Spokane, '.vhichf
Creiccnt City, Caiifoi-iii.i, has hid a
shorter of li-h.
Many immigrants urn caiiiiug into
Eastern Oiogon.
A fine lodgo f gi-auice has been dis
covered noar Spokane.
The secret of tho Keely tnotm- has
been divulged. It is money.
Tho wool clip is estimated otiJ.OOO,.
000 lbs. in Oiegon this yesr.
liakf r City is looking up and dwell
ing houses for rout aro scarce.
Jos. Hobbies, of Union county, hag a
1 1,027 puiind crop of noul this year.
All the Chinese uliu.-s.iil from Hong
kong now til ha out pisipurt-t vKibling
them to return.
The lie.id of the editor of the Waico
isiin is:illtgel by its owiht in be tice
its usii.d iz;"
WtON, Fargo A Co'it otprevs liiui
tnkes in 127.000 milos), over whieharo
scattered 10,000 agtuls-.
Ml tho various intoxicating bever
ages are sold iu the Maine drug store
under tho generic name of noso piint.
Thy iudicationa point to a yield of
00 bushels of wheat to the acre in tho
northern part of the Xex Perce coun-
'' j Kor the genuine J. II. Cutter old
J. M, Oabavn, of Ellonsburg, W. T., Bourbon, nmt the best ol wines, liquors
wants Ins brother N. L Oiborn. who opposite the f fell tower, and w Tamp-
vv;is in Columbia county a year ago, jueii
to write to him. ,
Sleepless Xinht-, made miserable
1 that terrible eou-rh. Shiloh's Cure Is
the ifiii" l lor vou. Sold by W. K Dement
-Fabro!. ieo cream is the best.
A coiiinlototoek of bovs'niiil chil-
dren's suits just received at Mcintosh's
ciot n i ng store.
Peojile havo road mi much latolj
that thev don't know what to believe,
but Carl Adler'.s goods are all genuine
and are so leasonable in price a-to ox
cite universal admiration. Ask to see
one of their new clocks.
Fresh ice cream every day at Frank
Fabro'.s. Families supplied in any
quantity by leaving order. Also the
finest oysters cooked to order. Fran!;
Fabres oysters and ice cream ara ksiown
everywhere as par excellence.
Ice for sale at tho Occident Ilotel.
Tnhncmi Mrs r, Schaeffer Chas
Johnson, Bobert Takkala, Potter-2
Kristlansen, H A Torkelsen, Lars.
ntola, Mathilda Untine'n, Peter ' company luis a very advantageous
Laliske, Martin Walker, Nicholas !;,,.,, ti,c ne4V tug compiny in
IwTy.KUlJ 4) "t""' i ,i v- k,Tnni,- the matter has been
taken under advisement.
Lyons,Mary , Taaten, ingrai v
Lehman, Mrs L young, Walter
Persona calling for these letters
must dve the date thoy are advertised.
? W. Cjunce, P. M.
Tho "-Uways Itandy" stovepipe
shelves at John A. Montgomery's.
Tiie population of Orogiu Lids fair
o be inewisjd by tho accession of tho
notorious Younger brothers, now in
tho Minnesota penitentiary, but for
whom a pardon is expected.
Tho Umatilla Indians aro becoming
more elf-roliant every year. This
year they will have 12,000 acres of
laud under cultivation. Thoy havo a
flour and saw mill, thresher, reapers,
headers, etc. Inst season there wero
"0,000 feet of lumber, nio3tof it
dressed, run through, for tho board
ing school, which will be under the
P. J. 'iiHjilman, on Chcnmutis street,
has just received' the latest and mo-.t
fashionable stylo of gents and Indies
boots, .shoos, etc. Agent in Astoria fur
the famous Morrow stioe-i,
June 8, 18'.
Editor Ami-ouian :
1 desire to announce that mv v iew art
ist, Mr. O. C. Voeutn. is now in Astoria,
to remain seveial days. Ho is prepared
to make views of i evidences, business
houses efc. All orders addressed to him,
Astoria P. o.. will receive prompt atten
tion. 1 will also sav that I have sold
mrv lease of ground to Mr. Crow, and 1
will not have a branch photograph gal
lery in Astoria, as was announced some
time ago. Mv acquaintance with Mr.
Crow duriii" tin: nast vcar has been
very pleasant, ami 1 hope he will re-
eoivea iiwrai patronage.
" -- --"-"1I7T -V
I have removed to the
And have, Without a Single Kxcoption,
le Finest anil Best ArrajpH Store in Owl
New Goods Received by Every Steamer in
JU1 tho Latest Stylos and CTovoltiMi
Call and Inspect Stock and Get Prices Whether You
Purchase or Not.
No trouble to show goodi.
-."f.tiintimi s.
ASTORIA, June 3, 1882.
aMUttltBW -
- - s .
3 . . .
All New Goods!
Gents Furnishing Goods,
r. A. RXcIniosh,
OooldLent Bloolt.!
Flower pot in beautiful variety
and al Iovvi-t priiv nt K. It. llavve'
liouio-furiiKhiiig store.
Seaside Library at Carl Adler's.
We h.ive tine a pa: tments to rent in our
new building, to suitable parties who
nwy de.-.ire conlYorl and a pleasant situ
ation. Haxskn Hnon.
.V now -.lock of stoves of tho latest
stvlo-i at Joint A. Montgomery's.
r'ro.ihcst nnd linest cakes, fruit and
candy at tho Astoria candy factory.
That Hacking Cough can bo so
quickly cm oil bj Shiloh's Cure. Wo
guarantee it. Sold by W.E. Dement.
I'rof. I'rwl ileyer is meeting with
marked .sueceis In his muiicnl lntrm.
tioiw. More advanced pupils can be ac -
cuiiiiuuuuicu v mi lessons at inetr own
houses at the monthly rate of S3.
Xevv arrival of the most popular
novei1!, iu auu io ceuiR.ai uart Adters.
1 iihyslclans. lsJ;or Coldcu's. Take no
I wicr. ui uruggists.
Pn.il! witilm' r!rnpori(!. tirnvi-1
ion!' or nicrchandLsc of any description, I Fine pianos and organs, cheap, at
should Icrvc their orders with A. Van I Curl Adler's.
Dusen & Co. as they are prepared to de I
liver goods m nni pari of tho eityuii What ! nicer on a warm day than a
the hortest notice, j dish of that oxquisitely llavored Ice
i cream mat frank raoro makes
Less Quantities, - - 30 Cents per Gallon
Bottled .Beer. - - - S I 60 per Dozen
OTTSpfcfal attention paid to order trom fubllc Hnivwiaad Famtlle.
MTOrdcis Ittl at tno OERMANIA BEEKl R.UX wilt be promptly attended lo.'i
Those baby carriages at Adler's are
meeting with ready sale,
1 havo bought tho Astoria Candy
factory, and am prepared to make and
sell the choicest candies and confection
ery. A full stock of the finest sweet
meats, nut3, etc., always on hand.
Jno. P. Classen.
for lame Back, Side or Chest use
Shiloh's Torous Plaster, Vrioa 25 cents.
1'or vile by W. K. Dotoont.
To Ladles r If you wish to render
yoursklu whito and soft, use Glenn's
SULWIUR Soai Pike's Toothache
Drops cure la one minute.
Oyster Saloon, ffi
announce to tan public that be Is mat
ins tan
Boston Crystal Ice Cream !
Tac flncst lea Cream ever dlhed up to tho
American public. Try It, and be convinced.
He also furnishes. In urst-class style,
Ladfes' and Genf s Oyster Saloon,
Please svvetne a calL
EOSCOE DIXON, Proprtistor
P. K. VY iBKic.t.
T. W. EiWji
Astoria Market !
ASTOltlA. - - 0BECO.V.
WABBFA . RATOJf. Vropetora.
(SKCtstart lo WtmfAi- McQvin
Waolaule aalKeUU Dwrf la
Fresh and Cured ."Meats
A luU Use st
Vwt4r, E. CIimm. ta. eeusuati
on hand,
: a-61dBJiuBUcdattiltl3WMtr&th.
"-; VS. fc

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