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aihr niiv AlovUnL
A. G. Alien and family aro up
from Fort Stevens.
Tho Dayton umallpox p?.tients aro
convalescent. Tho disease in undor
Master Eben Rogers came down
from Portland on a visit yesterday afternoon.
Ju3tico Court
The Portland city council has or
dered that the chief of police hnll be
Jos. Hume, J. G. Hustler and
wifo end E. Leonard are ou the in
coming steamer.
There will be a special auction
sale at Holden's addition to-morrow
mornintj. Sec adv.
Clams, largo, fat and juicy, are in
the market and, together with their
praises, 611 many mouths.
TV. Gallick, of Portland, father of
the late M. W. Gallick, of this city,
is regis'ered at tho Occident.
-It is thought that 5,000,000 feet
of lumber will be required for the
Kahuna bridge. A big contract for
-The barge Autocrat is having a
large cargo stored aboard, 4,000 caes
coal oil wont on yesterday, part of the
Young Americans cargo.
An angler's camp will be ono of
the features of the American depart
ment of the International Fisheries
Exhibition to be hold in London tho
present year.
Tho Galatea and Lanarkshire
crossed out yesterday. Tiie Jeanie
Landless came dowti with 63,920
bushela wheat. The Henry Villard
and Berwick Law are on tho way.
Piles are being driven to the num
ber of 100 in tho vacant lots between
Iko Foster's and the Campi Restaunit.
A building CO x 75 and similar in ap
pearance to the ono nuw occupied by
J. E. Thomas will be erected forthwith.
The Fleetwood steamed down to
LaFayotlo street dock yesterday af
ternoon to have a new propeller put
in. This propeller was recently sent
out from Ohio, and is a peculiar pat
tern. Capt Scott is going to give it a
An interested aud intorosting crowd
filled the court room yesterday after
noon to hear and sco tho case of tho
State of Oregon va. the par ties charged
with tho crimo of feloniously seizing
and abstracting sundry property.
Bonder turned state's evidonce, and
"gavo tho whole business away," as
ono diEguatcd auditor remarked.
Judge For decided that the testimony
lid not warrant the detention of the
man, but h.ld tho two girls in the
Rum of S250 each, which was fur
nished. The caso f Robert Seymour was
then called. This individual whose
frontal development was considerably
battered was arrested by Officer Hun
ter yesterday morning, and while be
ing arrested drew a revolver on the
policemen. His kind intentions were
happily frustrated, and Judgo Fox
upon he-ring the testimony concluded
that .f 1,00 bail was nouc too high for
his (219, It isn't probable that he
if ill et t'l-tt amount of surety. Beas
ley and Hunter deserve credit for
promptly preventing the individual in
question from carrying out his de
clared intention to shoot.
rf rloeflta iniTiirfiiB ny. VkTf-flne ritlf l XOC
' uvamoi lumtir.w wi VI..U.J. i"'i I !ii i , -r . . --. . ' I lUtlllVlirO UL Ull." UUIUWU UtJirvil
....i v -r .i. "-..-. w. i- r.i"?aV-inJl?Lt0sIcre-0PP0-hircscntcd of U-stiiufthe now- remedy.
.u,u ., . ... m i0 .- , ,,u, V. XW V, .OSOTOCS. Synp of Fgs f K.p of oharRe Cascs of
mg any mention oi it. If a birth, the . tt: . .- lonsr standing, which have onlv been
Appearance of tho doctor, or the state aeinngatiost. ?!r?!?? iS'l1'0 Kj5rM? .nLed.L
Mrs. A. Malcoin is closiiir out her , ?." ! '1??T r.?.l 2 l IS !'r2JL"l "J
stock of wintor mi!linir- intl tvvnlmi "H "l "l Jri u"roJ-' iiiiineiicu in
nLni m,I,inLr- anclwooIW,!Syni!f.fFiBs. Tiio-f who have tried it
t praise u highly. J rial bottles free ana
larse bottles for sale by W.E. Dement
A Relic.
Our collection of curiositie3 has been
still further enriched by the receipt
from Mr. J. G. Ross, of
a stone implement which he re
cently plowed up at a depth of six
inches. It is of granite and was
evidently used for bruising and grind
ing tho simple graius from which tho
ancient residents of this coast, the
tirst families as it were, deiived their
nourishment. It is about a foot long,
aud three inches thick, aud when the
interest that its novelty arouses has
died awaj will corns handy as a
weapon of defense t should occasion
unfortunately require. It bear the
marks of use, and one cau readily
iraagmo the Neolithic man who de
sirous of hia fmoruing samp or ves
perian cassava induced the partner of
his joys and purveyor of the cuisine
to prepare the toothsome moss. It
will remain on exhibition one
Wbek only (not iuciuding Sunday) and
may then be forwarded for entry at
the collection of antiques in Santa
Fe, New Mexico.
Y. M. C. A.
Regular business meeting this Fri
day evening .at 7 o'clock, a full at
tendance is desired.
Carl A. Haxsok, Scc'y.
No Charge
The Golden Opportunity.
Every sufferer from liver complaints
IV nill ..- .11 tin,,,, mil. huh VM.r.is I a- . - . . -IJ V I. 1 OUllUltX Jllllll
.. "-.. iuiH,uill.,ul, lAwomanwun gonerai nouso wonc;,,, n,Kfin-imn win rimihtiPK nvni!
rlrJyot the golden opportunity.
ppearancc of tho doctor, or the state
ment of tho father is sufficient; if a
marriage, the word of tho officiating
functionary, or tho nssuranco of tho
groom will be good evidence, but un
less tho parties directly concornod
take tho troublo to cauo it to be pub-
goods at cost.
Are You KxpowMl
To malarial influences? Then protect
your nystont by using Parker's Giugor j
Tonic. It strengthens tho l-idnevs and !
.... ... i- ---- i
iisiiea wc are not euppose-i to Know j hver ti throw ofll malan il poisons,
and is goon for general oubmty and
iMrv.Hin exhaustion
& Co.. A?tona.
UihUo Davis & Co., Wholesale Agent?,
Portland Oregon.
anything about it. Wo aro of the
opinion, however, that tho greatest
publicity should bo given those!
events. They are the threo principal
occurrences oflife; with birth nnd
death the average individual ban but
little to do; these events occur inde
pendently of his wish or intent; (it
may be said that he hat but Jittio
control over tho other either, but that
is not tho present nrgument.) As a
matter of record it is well to publish
such an important event in tho life of
an individual as his birth; as a matter
of news, the marriagu nutlet is in the
line of useful knowledge; and as a
matter of reference, the date of hi3
demise may be of interest to the com
munity. Of course it U purely a
matter uf taste, and te do no more)
thauaug03t tho .propriety of pro
claiming tho facts. As in tho course of
a long and useful life we have never
charged for a notice of the kiild, wo
cannot be accused of soliciting business.
A iv you made miserable, by Indi
gestion. Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of
appetite, Yellow Skin V Shiloh's Vital
ize is apoiii cure. For sale 03 W.
E. Dement.
Ti'ItrnuK Oxide Guv. , . " ,, ,, . ,,
Jhf Rev. Geo. II. Thayer, ot Bour-
I'jinltx-i extinction of tec-tli at Dr. bu. i ud. say: ''Both myself and wife
LrFovco's dental mora over I. W. owfomiive-.totJmr.on'aCoxsuMPTiox
Catt'a store. Cukk. hyld b- W. h. Dement.
Time and Expense Sat rl. j When jour wif-i's health is bad,
Hard workers un; subject to !:non I when our children aro sickly, when
attack which may t-ml in dau-r.ius j you fed worn out, use Brown's Bitters.
iiineas. Parker's Gingrr Timhc l"o;j . s
thy kidnevs aud liver .etiv.-, ! Iy
preventing the attack savi-s sicsuef.
tim nnd expt-nse. Ihiroii lmst. J
rtSuthrt'N ! JletlHTMi: .lloflii-rs!
JAM.WKV, '&.
I T fui crwtoiCM ptr IP. n. Starlmck.
. 23.I3J
t j .i.t .,.i 1 , j. .. 1 From Portland tO.W-) bus wheat
ntnigiil and brokvii . ct,.,f.. o, w. -
List of Letters
Remaining uucallod for in tho Post
office at Astoria, Oregon, February
22nd, 18S3.
Aanonsen, Pcder McGregor, F.
Abercromble, Josephine
Amunsen, Adolt Xeimi, Johan
Bakka, Andrew Plage, George
Caracivolo, Saverio Ros, William
Friend, Fred Ross, Miss AJhe
Huntington, Thos butter, Adam
Jicri.lsak Willitd, IS U
Persons calling for these letters
must give tho date they are advertised.
W. CilASCE, P. M.
The News suggests to the Port
land authorities that tho streets be
put in good sanitary condition, lest
amall pox appear. With tho large
travel from that city here, it is a
matter that interests us, and should
be acted upon.
From the Forpostin a resident of
this city compiles that during 1882
there were roceived at the fish market
in Gottenburg, Sweden, 320,500 fresh
codfish, 2,285,400 haddock, 1,234,300
flounders, 77,000 pounds halibut; and
110,200 barrels herring.
Tho Dispatch goes down this
morning with the cable for a portion
of the lino. There is thought to be
enough on hand for Young's river,
Lewis & Clarke, Skipauon, and on tho
Washington Territory side the Walli
cut and Chinook rivers. The cable
for tho Columbia has not yet left New
York. That which is hero will be
put in place.
Twenty years after Washington
was born, England and her colonies
adopted the Gregorian calendar,
which was eleven days in advanco of
the Julian series. Henco all events
prior to 1752 are counted eleven days
ahead of the date they actually oc
curred. Washington was born on
February 11th, O. S., but his birthday
went ahead eloven days along with the
rest of tho transfer.
Griswold'a trout cannery at Wads
worth is doing a good business this
winter. All large fish are conned, the
smaller ones being reserved to supply
family market demands. This busi
ness may become a great industry.
Tho supply of fish in tho great lakes
of Nevada is practically unlimited.
The success of the business depends
wholly upon how the market is culti
vated. Reno Gazette.
In some unaccountable way a
HtisUke occurred in yesterday morn
ing's issue, wherein it was stated that
the Queen left San Francisco on that
date. It was an error. The Queen
left on Wednesday, and will arrive
here to-day. As this is tho first time
in seventeen months that anything of
the kind occurred wo trust the unin
tentional transposition of dates will
bo overlooked. Tho mistake was not
discovered until the entire edition had
been printed and a portion of the out
side forms distributed.
Yesterday was a beautiful da;
the flags wero flung to tho breeze from
every prominent point in the city,
their starry folds gleaming brightly in
the afternoon sunlight. There was
no celebration of the day. At five
o'clock a large party of ladic-i aud
gentlemen went on board tho West
port to go to the danco at Knappa.
John Ornos, omployed at Hume's
eaw mill, met with a painful accident
yesterday morning. While working
around the slab saw he unfortunately
got his right hand over the edge of a
pieco of timber. The second finger
was cut off and tho index finger so
badly lacerated that it had to bo
amputated. Surgical attendance was
procured aud the wound bound up.
Miss Frances E. Willard, of the
Woman's National Christian Temper
ance Union will visit Oregon and
Washington Territory sometime in
March or April. She is said to be a
woman of rare natural endowments,
superior mental culture, and an elo
quent lecturer. She was formerly a
successful educator, exerting an influ
ence in literary circles excelled by
few. She subsequently spent threo
years in foreign lands, visiting nearly
overy European capital.
At a special meeting of the board
of directors of the pioneer and his
torical society of Oregon held at E.
C. Holden's office yesterday afternoon,
tho proposition of Messrs. Harkness
St Patterson in reference to the con
struction of the Whitmau monument
was considered. Their estimate ii
$11,275, not including coat of trans
portation. No definite action was
taken, and tho board adjourned to
meet on the 3rd of March.
New York society, so it is writ
ten, has decided that when a gentle
man and lady meet on tho street the
one who first sees the other should
bow. The old rule, that the gentle
man should wait for the recognition
of tho lady, is declared obsolete. The
lady, however, still retains the privi
lege of not noticing the gentleman if
she feels so inclined, that is, after he
ha3 taken off his hat, she may cut him
if she wants to. Well, perhaps it is
tho best plan. Under the old usage,
a gentleman could never be satisGcd
when a lady passed him without rec
ognition whether she intended a cut
or merely did not see him. By tho
improvement ho will be left in no sort
of doubt.
Totals C3.1CC SC7,73J
5 2i QucamUncz iitrljorjl IZinnalrd.
i-ruiu 1 iirutuiu .iii i)iis uuur.....;);
fe To Qkmjioicti yer On. Falrchild.
.-.Jicat S3.IS2
" 23.07
I Are vim dkturlh
of your rest bj a sick child -.uuvimgi
and crying will: trie excruciating pain
of cutting truth '. If n, go hi oner :ind
geta'bottleof Mm. Vinlov. jiitlnns
Syrup, it will rclievr the poor littln uf-
frr tmmpflintr-lv f'citiiul mum It
IliMi-i. la nn ttii.nn xi.t.iit ; 'I'Iiiti. w I FfOUl a'Orllatld Sl.iU) ll
uol a mother oh' earth who ha-, .-vt-rl " Ato,l:l W"
used it, who win not t"ii you at oiw
thai it will regulate Uj-' iwel.. .mh!
gie re-t :o Un morlier, and relief and
health to the child.operatingliKe magic.
It is perfectly safe to use in all cum,
and pleasant 10 the taste, and Li the pre
scription of one ot tlr olde.it and bei
female physicians and nurse; it: the
United States. Sold everywheu-. 23
cents a bottle.
Total 75,031
' Ttt'Quetnstoirn jxr IHIna.
From rirtl.i.id ISjOIObWs Hour
Astoria 0,-i 0 "
Tijei bus wheat.
S 71.770
, 5.721
PhjslcIan.V prescriptions earefullv
compounded day or nil lit at .1.
Conn's drug store, opposite Oceident
A first-claso watchmaker, and en
graver is now at Carl AdlciJs. All work
111 his line well done, and warranted to
give satisfaction.
P. J. Goodman, on Chenamus street, j
ir.'.b jiisi. receiveu w.c laieai ami most
fashionable style of gents and ladies
1 00K shoes, etc. Agent in Atoria for
the famous Morrow siiucs.
For the genuine J. ii. Cutter old
Bourbon, and the best of wines, liquors
and San Francisco beer, call at the (Jem
opposite the bell tower, ami see Campbell.
Have Wlstar s balsam of wild cherry
always at hand. It cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, whooping cough, croup, in
fluenza, consumption, and all throat and
lung complaint!. C0 cents aud&l a bottle.
You can keep your hair abundant
and glossy, and retain it youthful
color, with Parker's Hair Bal.sam.
Shoalnater bay ojsiers
day, at Frank Fabre's.
5 : fresh every
Thousands of women bles3 tho day
on which Dr. Pierce'a "Favorito Pre
scription" was made known to them.
In all thoso derangements csusing
backache, dragging-dowu sensations,
nervous and general debility, it is a
aoveroign remedy Its soothing and
healing properties render it of the ut
most value to ladies suffering from
"intornal fever, "congestion,inflamma
tion, or ulceration. .By druggists.
Frank rnhre's Oywtcr nutl Chop
Those wishing a nice plate of Eastern or
Shoalwater bay oysters cooked in any
style, or an early breakfast before gelm:
aboard the boat, should call and see
him. Fresh Eastern and Shoalwater
bay oysters received by every steamer.
Oyster.! Oynterxl!
At Frank Fabre's; iu every style
Fresh frpm the beds every day.
Any paftles having bills against the
late M. W. Gallick will please present
them to me at S. Schlussel's itore.
W. Gallick.
Boot Calks,
Puget Sound, Pacific and Champion
cross-cut saws. Eastern oak ax handles,
at Wilson & Fisher's.
The Thursday eve party of the Asto
ria Social Club will be postponed till
further notice. M. C. Ceosbt, Pres.
1LF. PitAEL.Sec'y.
DnAK Fans y: You arc mistaken ; you
CAN get a good meal iu Astoria, at any
hour. Go to "Jeffs" Variety Chop
nouse. -rrivaie Kooms lor ladies."
Plrklcd llrs Feet and Billiard!
Anyone wishing pickled pigs feet,
or fresh Shoalwater Bay ovsters iu any
style should call at the "Temperance
Biliard Parlor, next to Geo. W. Hume's
Bemember the place where you can
get your pure fresh cliocolatc creams,
and molasses candy, at Oerkwiiz' oppo
site the Bell tower.
At Carl Adler's may be found all
the latest sheet music, the most popular
waltzes, dance music, etc.
Furnished rooms to rent at if rs. P.
J.Goodman's, corner Concomloy and
Madison street4:.
There's not a speck, there's nota slain
That on the teeth we chance to see,
But shadows forth decay and pain,
If not removed right speedilj,
By SOZODONT,whoe wondrous powvr
Works miracles in ono short hour.
Fot Dyspepsia andLtver Coinpl.unt,
you have a printed truarantee ou eery
bottle of Shiloh's Vitalizer. It necr
falls to cure. Sold bv W. E. Dement.
Have jou tried a stew or pan roast
as Frank Fabre cooks it? Order one and
you'll thank us for the advice.
A. Van Duen & Co. are now icceiv-
ing a lurgestecl: of 11:11 uware of the
latest pattern und approved liniih. If
you need anything in the way of hard
ware you will assuredly find it, and at
the lowest cash prices. "
A very complete assortment of blank
books, all sizes, styles aud prices at tho
City book store.
uJelTof the Variety Chop lleuso
has the three best cooks aud two best
waiters in town.
Jt'rcwli Candy.
Made every day at John P. Classen's
Astoria Candy Factors. Creams,choco
late, French candy, taffy, etc
Just received new books by the thous theus
and: Seaside and Franklin bquare nov
els, splendidly printed, 10, 13, and 20
cents; clocks and silverware; baby car
riages, blank books, stationery, "roller
skates, accordeons, musical instruments
and musicians' supplies, a splendid
stock of fresh goods.
Sf You Dnu't Jlclicve Ir,
Just try It You can get the best cup of
coffee in town, at Temperance Billiard
Parlor. Next to Geo. W. Hume's store.
Furnished or unfurnished rooms for
rent. Inquire of Hansen Bros.
Boston Baked Beans at "Jeffy Ya
rlfty Chop House every night.
All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choice-it
Eerfumery, and toilet articles, etc can
c bought at the lowest prices, at .1. W.
Conn's urus store, opposite ue-iden
hctel, Astoria.
SniLon's Cuke will immediately
relieve Croup, whooping cough nnd
Bronchitis. Sold by W. B. Dement.
Shiloh's Catarrh Bemcdv a Dosl-
tive cure for Catarrh, Diptheria and
Canker Mouth. J:o!d by . E. Dement.
Kawling's fruit stand has beeu re
moved iroiu me 01a location to the
building next E. A. Quiuirs, on Main
For lame Back, ide or Chest isq
Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Pric 25 cents.
For sale by W . E. Dement.
11 Tu LticriMM per Pendracon.
From J-ortlauil 12.K5 bbis flour ......
" 3.oS7bus wiicat......
Astoria 23.1S0 ' ",
Total.. . ..
12 To Livcrjyiol jxr Eshdale.
From 1'ortlund co C72 bus wheat...
" AsioHa 5,0-21 " " ...
Totals G-7.109
17. To QuecjwfMcn ptrFuMa.
From IVMliaud'13,723 bbis flour...
Astoria 7s " " .....
Total 11,513
no To Quccnstmcn per PriiclUa.
From Portland SS.5I0 bus wheat .....
" Astoria 17.417 "
Taking Sale!
Dry Ooods Clothing House
Previous to our annual inventory of stock on Feb. ist,
we .will make a large reduction in all departments.
Fine Dress Goods E-educed
pjm Silks znti Satins Reiused,
fine Flushes and Velvets
fine Cashmere ail Armnres
... 19.tS3
3 To Queenstnicn per Jas. Litxsa'j
From Portland ai.f.72 bus wheat...
Astoria 22815 " .........
Totals 51.CS7
5 To Dubltn per City of Carlizlc
I"rjt!i I'ortlaud 11.707 bbls flour. $73,535
ItJ- To QucensUiicn per Galatea.
From Portland 31.1C3 bm wheat ......833,520
21 To Queeminicn per Lanarkshire.
Frym Portland 14,733 bbls flour.......70,958
Domestic Exports.
The receipts of certain articles of Or-
en produce from .January 1st, 1833.
to renruary l-itii, inclusive, havo been
as follews:
Flour, qr ska......
Wheat, ctli
Oats, ctls
Salmon, bbla........... .....,.
hf bbls
Apples, itlpe. bv...
r.uttor. pkm .
l'otatou. sks.....
Wool bnle................
Illdt1 .No
Tallow. iiks .
iieer. biLs
Haj . bnlrs......................
Fnut. Ilxlcd. pkg:
I.P.U lier. pkRS
Hops, bales............. .,
HatiH, pkss.
ChecNe. ci .
Flax St'Ml, sks ........
Coni. clli...
Harilf are and Ship Claifllerj.
Hardware ant? Ship Chandlery,
Pure Oil, Bright Varnish,
Binnacle Oil, Cotton Canvas,
Kemp Sail Twine,
Cotton Sail Twine,
Lard Oil,
Wrought Iron Spikes,
Galvanized Cut Nails.
Agricultural Imxilcmcnts,
Sewing 3I:icIiliies,
latnt!f nnd Oils, Groceries, etc.
Ila? opened a
Temperance Billiard Parlor
Xft 10 Uto. W. Hume's Store.
Fresh Eastern and Shoalwater Rav
TI.II..I n'li.r.r.vmi.r,.li,' T.'t
to Frank Fabre's for a'pnn roasl' ! Oysters in every Style
Shipner &. Itj hke. No. 11, Oak street Pi N KT CIG Alts AND TOBACCO,
Portlaud. are the bon ton tailors of tho Tea, Colfee. and Chocolate; Pies, Cakes
melropolis. j baudwlchcs, etc., at the Counter.
-A Nasal luieclor In-e with earh j Alo hi counecllou with tho Parlor
bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh. Itewedy. A j.inc siiootlns Gallery.
I'riee CO cent, bold by ft , E. Dement.
Remarkable for overcoming diseases J Y. Kt -
caused b' impure water, decaying L ' " "
The Skatinpjltlnk will be open aa
llCUOl ffim COfmt tntriM ltln A.nIH.
" """"""""""cuu.s. -"Uackmetuck," a nistui- and f ra-I
v . .i ii . .A srant perfume. Price :I3 aud 50 cents.
.To7nhrinr0uaircui' "TSoMby W.E. Dement.
Carpenten.' tools. Disaton's saws,
Bailey's planes; builders' supplies, at
A. Van Duseu & Companv's. cw
goods constantly arriving,
"vTaxted. 3 furnished or unfurnished
rooms for light housekeeping In a pri
vate house to be ocupled March 15th.
Address W. E. T., astouiax office.
Cold boiled ham, brown bread and
Boston baked beans at "Jeff's" Variety
Chop House every night. near SteDhans
Theatre sign o the red aftd green
ugut. vjpsu au ugai.
nrrntntinn at i 1Q TlPnun tt Tfitti !?
Fine organs and pianos at GustarjCart rlOSj Lrh3.i!lS WStCheSj
Hansen's. Call and examine. --, -, , , .., -. -
J 53t X JLa V XU X W JAX.j
Why will you cough when .Sluloh
Cure will give immediate rclief.lPrice .
lOctsSOctsandl. Soldbi W.E.De-!
ment. ;
Brace up the whole system with King
of the Blood. So Advertisement
Of overy description..
The nnest stock of Jewelry In Astoria.
rsAH eoods warranted as represented.
Blankets, Flannels,
Comforters, Bed Spreads,
2Tine Table &inen.
Overcoats and Ulsters Reduced ! White and Colored Shirts Reduced !
Fine Dress Suits Reduced! Business Suits Reduced!
titular a ralstiia.
If you think there is any sauce in the world equa to the
justly celebrated
(The recipe of a retired well known Caterer of 23 years experience1.)
It has received approbation wherever introduced, and although hut a short time lu
tho market it has already attained celebrity throughout the northwest. Being composed oX
Strictly Pure and Strengthening Ingredients.
It Is especially adapted for
Dyspepsia, Broken Down Constitution, and Weaknesses
of the Human System.
. And the only sauce for enriching
Steaks, Gravies, Fish, Curries, Game, Soups, Etc., Etc.
One trial will suffice to prove its merit!!.
Eoware of spurious Imitation. ' one genuine withont our full Ann name on the label.
Sole Manufacturers and Proprietors, Portland, Oregon.
For sale by leading Grocers and Druggists.
New stock of Foreign and American
n a t m 1
Special attention 13 directed to the latest shapes in soft aud stiff Hata. Nobby
Young 3Iens lints.
Gent's Furnishing Goods 1
A full line of .Men's Underwear. A fine assortment of Neck wear;
Hosiery, Dress Shirts, Gloves, etc., etc.
3Icn's and Boy's Dress Suits, Ilusiness Suits and Overcoats.

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