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.APRIL 11, 1S83
Tho British
arrived out.
bark Glcngabcr has
G. F. Wass
for salo or rent.
advertises a house
The Columbia is due from San
Francisco this morning.
M. P. Donegan fell into tho Wil
lamette at Portland, last Monday and
was drowned.
A btok of devotional exercises in
the German language awaits owner
ship at this office.
The Lewiston Ttller savs that in
that town they "auction off watches
at church on Sunday." Just think!
Blanks of all kinds, iron-clad
mortgages, and copper-fastened war
ranty deeds, for sale at The Asto
vlixs Job office.
Of $248,000 on tho Portland tax
roll but $11,003 remains delinquent,
a fact which speaks well for the
financial status of Oregon's metropo
lis. By a fall through a trap at his
place of business last Monday, E. J.
Northrup, a well-known Portland
merchant sustained injuries which
resulted fatally the same day.
The Wide. West has made the
run from Portland down, inside of
six hoars. Should the Fleetwood
make a through run without so many
stoppages we believe sho could make
equally as good time.
Tho Me ) aid says the promoters of
the Coos Bay and Roseburg railway
are operating in Now York aud that
work on the road will be commenced
this spring. The depot grounds at
Coquille City have alroady been
Sheriff Twombly reports that out
of a tax list of $31,000 the delinquent
roll docs not aggregate $250. If any
county in tho state can make a bet
ter showing than that they can take
tho cake. At present wo believe Mack
is entitled to it.
After 12 o'clock to-night all sa
loons without license under the new
law will be pulled, although no ar
rests aro likely to be made before
Wednesday morning. Only about
half a dozen licences havo been issued,
and it seems as though war is im
minent Yesterday's Standard,
Articles of incorporation of Grace
"Episcopal church havo been filed in
the office of the County Clerk. The
following gentlemen are the incorpora
tors. Rev. M. D. .Wilson, A. Van
Dusen, Brenham VanDusen, Jay
Tuttle, S. D. Adair, Maxwell Young,
C. P. Gpshur, and C. J. Trenchard.
The important news is telegraphed
from London that "the Queen took a
diivo yesterday." As it appears sim
ultaneously in two Portland papers
tho presumption is in favor of its ac
curacy, but hereafter we are compelled
to read with mistrust the alleged tele
grams from tho capital of our native
About as good an illustration as
any of tho appreciation of Clatsop
county property is the prompt alarity
with which real estate owners come
up with thoir taxes. Parties living in
the most remote parts"of tho county
hasten in aud exchange their coin for
a tax receipt which constitutes in its
elf good evidence of ownership.
The funeral of tho late Mrs.
Vaughn took place yesterday after
noon and was largely attended. The
services were conducted by Rev.
Winfield Scott in the Baptist church,
which was filled with tho friends of
the deceased who testified by their
presence the regret they felt for the
friend and neighbor who was gone.
H. G. Hurlburt, one of the O. &
C. engineers, arrived down on the
Wide West yesterday, and procuring a
horse immediately started out toward
the Nehalem on a reconnoitering ex
pedition. He was reticent as to the
time the survey for the Astoria rail
road would begin, but says that more
of thb engineer c orps will be down
this way in a few days.
The bids for supplying the mili
tary posts of Oregon, Washington and
Idaho, with, wood, hay, oats, barley,
etc., for tho fiscal year commencing
July 1, were opened last Monday at
Vancouver by Major A. S. Kimball.
The contract for Forts Stevens,
Canby and Vancouver, aggregating
$50,000, was given to Wm. Burnell
of Portland. Tho bids averaged for
hay $30 ptr ton, hard wood $5.50
per cord, oats 75 cents per bushel,
straw $10 per ton.
The latest issue of the Portland
Standard to hand puzzles us even
worse than tho telegraph dispatch fa
cilities of the other papers. The pa
per announces on three pages
"Tuesday April 9th," and the first six
"dispatches" on tho 1st page are
headed "St. Petersburg, April 9,"
"Dublin, April 9;" St. Iiouis, April
0;" "Berlin, April 9;" "Oskaloosa,
April 9;" and "Paris, April 9." We
can readily understand tho Paris dis
patch, but we cannot see how that
Osk&loow dispatch of April 9th got
over in time. That's getting the
"diipatoh" business down pretty fine.
Proposed Agreement.
There will bo a meeting of cannery
men at S. Elmore's to discuss matters
connected with the general welfare of
salmon interests on tho Columbia
river and to take action on the follow
ing paper which is self-esplanatory:
Whereas, the cannerymen on tho
Columbia river have prepared and
equipped more boats aud nets to run
upon the Columbia river 'during the
year 1 883, to catch salmon than can
bo run properly, and
Whereas, the whole of 3aid boats
and nets for catching salmon cannot
be run and operated without incon
venience aud intcrfctencd with one
Thereforo,thes3 presents witnessetb,
that in consideration of e2ch of the
canning companies or proprietors
laying up aud withdrawing from uso
on the Columbia river, during the
fishing season of 1883, one half of the
number of boats and tho;r gears such
now as prepared, engaged and secured
to run and bo operated during said
season; we, the undersigned owners
and proprietors of canning establish
ments on said river, hereby agree and
obligate ourselves, each for himself
and itself, with and for the beneGt of
the other undersigned persons and
companies, that wo will withdraw
from the river and not allow to be
used ou the Columbia river, during
the salmon soason of 1883, one-half of
the boats each now has or controls by
ownership, hire, or otherwise, which
are fully equipped with not and gear
to run, and to likewise withdraw and
not allow to run any and all fish boats
each has or controls, which are not
now furnished with net and gear.
And if in case of "outside" boats
which cannot be tied up by reason of
contract, any of us are unable to re
duce our number to one-half the
present number, then the surplus
boats over ouc half that cannot be
stopped or tied up, shall deliver thoir
fish to some receiver to be selected by
the undbrsigned, who shall distribute
said fish pro rata among tho other
canneries. And we do hereby agreo
that if all the cannery proprietors
sign this agreement within ten days
from this 3d day of April, 1883, we
will then enter into proper bonds to
carry out thoss provisioni.
Samuxl Elmoru,
Astoria. Packing Co.,
M. J. Kikxey, Agent.
Cutting Packing Co.,
perN. W. Tai.la.mt,
Jno. A. Devlin,
F. M. Warren,
James Williams,
J. O. Hanmorn, & Co.,
per J. O. Hanthorn.,
Geo. T. Myers,
A. Booth &Co.,
per Geo. H. Gkorgr.
Tho meeting will be hold this even
ing. Hotel Arrivals.
J Curran, C Frankenthaul, A F
Gunn, S F; H W Monastes, Ii G
Hurlburt, J W Cook, D H Sterns,
Portland; V Cook, Clifton; J G Meg
ler, Brookncld; Miss McMurtay, St
Helens; Mra A V Allen, Ft Stevens;
R Looder, John Dny.
F McGregor, J P H Morris, G
Yon Laugeo, It A Spnylh, Jas Drou
gard & fam, Portland; Wm. Powers,
C S Carruthers, A Black, J Gorden,
W Barker, W Fount, J Beker, W
Burr, J Sale, City; A Wohlers, Port
land; W Preston, S F; L Parrish, J
T Stocker, Jr, Tillamook; C N Cole,
Knapp.i; A Wissre, South Bend;
Perry Titus, W E Quin, John Days.
Weidler's mill, below Portlaud,
has to bo moved. Tho O. R. & N.
Co. has purchased tho ground on
which it is situated and the mill com
pany has in turn bought 80 acres near
Columbia City where the mill will bo
moved to, one year being given in
which to move. When it begins run
ning its facilities will be greatly in
creased. E. P. Vindicator.
Despite the storm a large party
assembled at Liberty Hall last ovening
and had an enjoyablo time. Music
both vocal and Instrumental filled the
earlier part'of the evening, and ice
cream, coffee and cake, etc., were
served as refreshments. ITot the least
of the attractions was the opportu
nity afforded to vote for the hand
somest lady. About ton o'clock tho
polls were declared closed, and as we
left the hall, from the frequent repeti
tion of the namo of Miss Ella Pope,
as tho ballots bearing hor name were
counted, it was evident that sho was
declared the handsomest by a large
Go to the O. K. Lodging Houso
corner west-uth and Water streets.
Where so fast my friend? Whv to
Frank Fabre's for a pan roast.
A full stock of sewing machino
needles, all sizes and kinds just received
at 1. W. Cases.
The finest pan roast in the city.
Y here, oh where ? At Frank Fab res.
Call at the Occident Store and in
spect Mcintosh's stock of spring suit
ings. Two splendid front rooms, suitable
for gentlemen only, or for office use.
Apply to Alex. Campbell at Gem Saloon
P. J. Goodman, on Clienamus ttrcet
has just received tho latest and most
fashionable style of gents and ladies
boots, shoes, etc Agent in Astoria for
the famous Morrow shoes.
Fishermen's Boat Clocks by the hun
dreds, low down, at Carl Adler's. Spe
cial reduction to cannerymen.
An Official Statement.
There has been a good deal written
and a great clcai of righteous indigna
tion expressed, regarding the practice
of shipping sailors and demanding so
much apiece from the ship masters,
who it has been sometimes made to
appear are poor, innocfciit fellows in
tho hands of the Philistines. The
following is published because official
ly signed and throws additional ,;ght
on an interesting subject.
Capt. C. C. Duucan, C. S. Ship
ping Commissioner at New York, hav
ing written to J. D. Stevenson who
occupies the'same position at San
Francisco, concerning the "blood
money" practice at that port, was fa
vored with the following answer:
OmcE or U. S. Suifpinu Com- i
San Francisco, March 5, 1883. )
C. C. Ddncan, Esq.
U. S. Shipping Commissioner, Np.w
Dear Sir: Your eatemed favor of
14th ult, was duly received. In
your letter you ask "Cannot blood
money in your port be suppressed"
I will answer this by giving yon a his
tory of it siuco Aug. 7, 1872. When
I took this office I found it to be an
established custom, when seamen wero
scarce for tho boarding-house masters
to demand from captains wanting
crews from $3 to $40 for oach
man furnished. I determined to atop
it. I therefore sought and had an in
terview with the British Consul, Mr.
Booker, and we decided to call a
meeting of American and English
captains and consignees and endeav
ored to bring about concerted action
with a view of breaking up this prac
tice. All parties agreed to stand to
gether and refuse to accede to tho de
mands for "blood money." Tele
gruns were sent by masters to their
ship owners in the east and in Eng
land, who replied directing their ves
sels to be laid up "till they rotted"
rather than pay "blood money."
Within two weeks the board-ing-hoiis9
masters gave it up;
and from that timo for nearly
two years, we heard no more of it.
When it was again demanded I pur
sued tho same course; but notwith
standing the promises made, one of
the English ship captains offered a
bonus for men to till his ship, and
every other captain was obliged to do
tho same. Since that time, however,
I have managed to prevent the board
ing houso masters demanding the
IWl.t.VT, IIU It W.J w.ww ..w w..w.
has been a voluntary one on the part
. of the shipmaster to enable him to se-
curo a crew before some other ship,
who happened also to be ready for a
At times we havo from ten to fifteen
ships w.-.itiug for crews and sailors
very scarce (under such circumstances
no de'mand has been made by the
boarding houso masters.) Somo of
these captains will agreo to wait their
turn, conceding to ships first in turn,
the right to have their crews first.
Another will put his ship in the
stream and finding somo eight or ten
vessels ahead of him in turn, ignores
the question of turn aud offers $10 to
$20 per man to fill his ship. This you
will readily see incites others to bid
higher and frequently as high as $40
per man is paid, aud in every case the
otter is a voluntary one. i nave trieu
to make captains understand that the
payment of this money will not make
men more plentiful, but will only act
as an incentive to sailor runners to
pick up and ship worthless men; but I
have no effect upon them; all they
want is something to fill their ship3 to
enable them to clear and satisfy their
owners at home. For tho past three
or four months sailors have been very
scarce, but nevertheless ships havo
been sent away and no blood money
paid, becauso no captain has boon
foolish enough or greedy enough to
make any offer. The fact is that the
captains are themselves to blame. If
they would agree not to pay or offar
this money, and hold to such agree
ments, there would bo no trouble.
But yet if a shipmaster receives a
telegram from his owner offering him
to get his crew and go to sea at any
cost, and there aro several ships on
turn before hi&i, he has no choice in
snch a case, and, I have no doubt,
there are many shipowners who havo
no right to complain about blood
money at this port.
Very respectfully,
lT. S. Shipping Commissioner.
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iginal "Little Liver Pills." Of all
Whv aro we sick? Because we al
low tho Liver, the Bowels, and thel
Kidneys, these great organs, to be-
como clogged or torpid, and poisonous
humors are forced into tho blood.
Expel them by using Wm. Pfuuder's
Oregon Blood Purifier.
Sold and recommended by all deal
ers in Family Medicines.
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digestion, etc, are always relieved by
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ziness and all symptoms
iptoms ot
race 30 anu 7o ce
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Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle.
"Jeff,' the enterprising proprietor
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rushing business, lie has just complet
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cisco, and intends selling ice and ice
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hen y
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Competent Milliner.
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and Boys' Clothing and Furnishing Goods.
' Sheriff O! Neil's Bankrupt Store,
Corner Concomly and Main Streets, - ASTORIA, OREGON
Resolutions of Condolence.
Astoria. April 9, 1SS3.
To Astoria Couxcil, No. &"5:
Companiens: We, jour committee
on preamble and resolutions or condo
lence to the husband and family of our
late deceased companion, a!i:s. Maky
E. Yaughv, do most respectfully sub
rait to you the following preamble and
Whereas. Tho hand of God has!
been laid heavily upon us, and has
caused the removal from our midst of
our beloved friend and companion,
Mrs. Mapv E. Vaughn: therefore be it
JRcsolvcd, That in her death, sudden
aud untimely as it is, this council sut
lers a blow lull of keen and lasting sor
row; and th's affliction is by us mora
deeply felt, because it denrives us of
one, who wa3 foremost m the organiza
tion of this council, and as such, was
always anxious for its improvement,
and ready to give her time and efTort in
its behalf, as an officer faithful lo every
trust, aud as a companion genial and
Bcsolvcd, That this council tender its
heartfelt sympathy to the family of our
deceased companion.
Resolved, That our chartoi he draped
in mourning for a period of 00 days as a
mark of respect for the departed.
Bcsolvcd, That a copy of these reso
lutions bo presented to the family of the
deceased, and that they also be spread
upon the minutes of this council and
published iu the Daily Astokian.
, lloirr. Hamilton, P. C. )
It. K. Speuden, -Committee.
G. P. Parker. 1
VnmU "F-ilrps Ovsi. -iuI Iioi
a-niuici.iorc . uj.sitr.iuu nop
t..,..:.,.: :..i.....-t......
a -, isiiutK .i uiuu i.iaiu ui wiiiuui ,
Shoalwater bay oysters cooked in any
style, or an early breakfast before goim; .
aboard the boat, should call anil see
him. Fresh Eastern and Mioalwnter I
bay oysters received by every steamer.
2Vitro:is Oxilc Ias.
Painless extraction of teeth at Dr.
LaForcc's dental rooms over I. W.
Case's store.
rVcnr ICicii Blood.
The uso of Oregon Blood Purifier.
Is It Not True?
Tlerecanbeno argument as to the
qualities essential to a perfect remedy
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inactive condition hi the liver, stomach
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give strength to.those organs. It is now
well known that Syrup of Figs pos
sesses those qualities in a pre-eminent
degree. W. E. Dement is ascnt for
Hodge. Davis & Co- Wholesale
Agents, Portland, Oregon.
Hope for Drunkard.
My husband had drunken liabita ho
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Ginger Tonic took away his thirst for
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mind and gavo him strength to fat
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RIFIER cures such cases and tick-
ness. Indeed highly -recommended !
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A Remedy for Indigestion. Con
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c. The best
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couce mciimeu. .tin wuu uuvc inuu
him say Jeff is the "HoSS."
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W. J. BARRY Chief Engineer
F. P. HICKS 1st Asst. Engineer
J. G. CHARTERS 2d Aist. Engineer
liui fourth Monday in each month, at 7 :S0
v. m.. at hall of Astoria Engine Company
No. I.
Okkk-eus.-C. .1. Trenchard. President;
A A Cleveland. Secretary; K.L. Parker,
IKLKO.VTKS.-L.E. Sella. C. J.Trenchard.
Cias Stickles, ol Astoria Engma Co. JNO. 1 ;
wm. McConnic, F. I., l'arker, 11. F. Pracl,
of itescuc Engine Co. No. 2 : Ed. D. Curtis,
F.J.TajIor.A. W.Ilcrry, or Alert Hook and
latMer Co. No. i.
' Kegular meeting flrst Monday hi each
I mouth.
Officers. V. . ranter, rrcsiuent : l.
K. Selig, Secretary : Win. Bock. Treasurer ;
S. G. Innalls. Foreman : Chas. "Wallman. 1st
Asst. Foreman : Henry Miller, 2d Asst. Fore
Jtegular meeting first Monday In each
Officers. C. W. Fulton.President ;R. F.
I'rael. Secretary; J. D. Merryman, Ass't
Secretary : F. I Tarker. Treasurer ; O. P.
nraham. Foreman ; II. F. rrael. 1st Asst.
Foreman ; A. McKen.de, 2d Asst. Foreman.
Kegular meeting second Monday in each
Officers. J. O. llozorth. President ; C.
Brown, Secretary ; J. Tuttle. Treasurer ; F.
H. Elberson. Foreman : F. W. Ferguson. 1st
Asst. Foreman ; J. 7. Ferchen, 2d Asst.
Steamer Days.
Following is a resume of sailing
dates for ocean steamers for April and
May, steamers leaving ABtoria and
San Francisco every three days:
April at 10 A. M. April
I Stato Thursday 12Quccn Thursday 12
Coluinlila.Sumlav 15
Oreeon Sunday 15
StateWednesday 18
Oreiron Saturday 21
Columbiasaturaay si
State Tuesday 21
Queen., auesaay m
Oreeon Fndaj 27
Columbia Friday 27
Queen Monday 30
state aionaay so
Oreon..Thursdav :i
State Sunday G
ColumbiaThursday 3
Queen Sunday b
Columbia Wednesday
Oregonweuncsaay a
State Saturday 12
Columbia-Tuesday 15
Queen Saturday 12
Orej:on.-.Tues(lay 15
state I'riuay is
ColumbiaMonday 21
Queen.... Thursday 24
Urcsoti Sunday 27
Queen- .Friday 18
Oregon Monday 21
state .Thursday a
ColumbiaSunday 27
Queen-Wednesday 30
State Wednesday 30
Plain and Fancy Sewing,
Suits xaade in tho beat Style and
Guaranteed to Pit.
Mrs. T. S. Jezvett.
New Yorik Novelty Store,
And a thousand other tilings too numerous to mention.
NEW YORK NOVELTY STORE, Cor. Chenamus, and Main Streets.
Spring and Summer
Opening of New Goods
Mr. C. H. Cooper takes pleasure in
informing the public that his importations
of Spring and Summer Goods are now
complete, and the general
Thursday, April 5th.
All are invited, and we will deem it
a pleasure to show goods without any im
portunity to purchase.
Dry Goods Ciothinj
I Spring Stock of
Just received a
Finest ai lost reliable Men's Youths anil Boys' Clotting
Best Goods a Lowest Prices !
Th.0 Xaoa&ing
? T
Bead Carefully ill
Hereafter all our
Pure Coffees will be
put up under our own
private label
Unless boucht of
N. B. All goods bearing our
label aro guaranteed to be strictly
Fare and of Best quality, and
are sold by no other House. r
To All Whom It May Concern.
of any vessel loading or dischargine at any
Eoint on the Columbia river from Walker's
sland to the mouth of the Columbia river
bar shall not help to lo3d or discharge said
vessel or Tcssels unless Astoria Longshore
men are empiojen. uy order oi tnepresi
dent. P.HOGE,
Astoria, Oregon , Mar. 20th . 18S3. dim
iJL maid. Good wages given. Apply at
I Weston Hotel.
JL hL JJia,
full stock of the
AV. Allen,
Wholes.de and retail dealer In
Glass and
Plated Ware,
Together with
Wines, LiquorsJobaccoXigars
onier Chenamus and Cas3 streets.

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