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t gaily gfomu.
(Monday excepted)
ruRLisiTKRS a;;i ritoi-juRTOirs,
Terms of Subscription.
Served by Carrier, per week
Sent by Mail, per month
" " one year ...............
- lads.
. flOCtS.
, b rec or postage to subscribers.
Advertisements inserted bvtbevoarat
tne rate or $2 per square per month. "Tran
sient advertising fifty cents per square, each
Around the Oitv.
Street work is about ended for '83.
" Tbe torn cod fisheries are a thing of the
This weather is rouh on the duck
" Cashing Post No. 14, G. A. meets
this evening.
- Peter Blankholm advertises a line stock
of cigars and tobaccos.
Large quantities of oysters are being
received from Shoal water Bay.
The barkentine Melancthon arrived in
Sunday and came up yesterday morning.
A. M. Twombly rises to remark that
state and county "taxes are now due and
paj'nblo at his office.
H. Caruahan represents Clatsop county
in the board of managers of tlie Oregon
State Agricultural Society.
J. U. Deas1 Jubilee singers appear at
Occidental hall to-night. Miss Mpggie
"Webb, the colored nightingale, und the
great Novello quartette are among the at
tractions, Ed. Jackson who has the Astoria bake
ry on Chenamus Street is fast earning a
reputation for baking good wholesome
bread and cake. He's doing a good busi
ness and deserves sue ess.
A largo number of witnesses went to
Portland j-esterday and almost as many
go this morning, subpoenaed to appear in
the case wherein Jioyle brings suit for
alleged damages last July.
Tho Shvbriclc came down Suudaj' after
a four weeks' vifiit to Portland, where she
was rejuvenated. Harry Lord is quiie
sick, having contracted a malarial fever
while the vessel was lying in the "Wil
lamette. iliss Kate Taylor arrived on the Co
lombia yesterday from a visit to Califor
nia friends. Carl Adler returned with
fresh novelties and holiday importations.
W. L. ltobb also returned "in safety from
tho metropolis.
Passengers on tho Columbia report that
that tho Oregon arrived in San 1 raucisco
about an hour before they left, and that
while crossing tho bar on her down trip
tho boatswain fell overboard and was
drowned. No particulars have thus far
been obtained.
Shubrick Norris, formerly state senator
from Multnomah, now in business in San
Francisco, who was a passenger on yes
terday's steamer, had the misfortune- to
fall on Sunday night and dislocated his
right arm. "When the vessel reached As
toria yesterday Dr. Baker was summoned,
vdio set tho injured member.
Tho manifest popularity of the Rescue
Jubilee Troupe's forthcoming masked
ball has induced the management to
make further provision for competition
by placing two more prizes of the value
of 25 at tho disposal of the next two
best sustained characters. Tho prizes
are now on exhibition at G. Hansen's
jewelry store.
Wake 'Em Ur. The VideUc goes after
the Salem boys as follows: A Salem boy
at a ball is tho deadest live thing on the
face of the earth. The girls have all tho
life, the boys aro regular sticks with few
exceptions." It is the scarcity of energy
that causes this stagnation of life. It is
hoped that they will outgrow this terri
ble malady, for if they do not thero will
not be enough life in their frames to ask
a girl to marry them when thev are old
enough to become benedicts. Wake up,
boys, and show moro life and energy.
Take partners lor a quadrille.
New Saw Mux. Robt. Miller has
about finished his new saw mill: it is at
tho mouth of tho Nasel river, about
seven miles from Oysterville. Ho calcu
lates to be able to turn out daily 40
M. Effort iB being made to get a post
office at the mill, tho site of which is call
ed Springbrook. It takes about as much
effort to cet a postoffico as to get u first-
class postmastership. Tho Springbrook
people have been over since September
trying to get a postofSce, and haven't
yet given up trying. At last accounts
ome mail clerk at "Washington didn't
like the name and suggested a change.
Lumberman Drowned. James Collins
yesterday received the sad news of tho
death of his brother John, who -
drowned in tho Hoquiam river, "W. T., at
10 o'clock on the nieht of the 10th iust,
He was in the employ of tho Hoquiam
Mill Company, on Gray's harbor, and
while crossing the river in a boat the
nicht being dark and stormy he was up
set. His cries were heard by the men at
the mill, but before they could reach him
ho had sunk. The tide was running out
strong and carried the body out into tho
harbor. Even' effort was made to re
cover it, but, at last accounts, without
success. Mr. Collins was a native of bt,
John. N. B., 3. years old and unmarried,
He was well known among lumbermen
all along the coast from Puget Sound to
Coos bay. Urcgonxan, zc.
Foreign Salmon Market. The de
mandfor salmon has slackened some
what during the past week, nevertheless
the inquiry from consumers is active.
Retailers, it would seem, are reducing
their stocks in anticipation of lower
prices when new season's fish arrives, but
tnose aoie to express an opinion uo not
think there is any probability of such a
movement taking place, masmucn as
nresent ..rices are held to be as remuner-
live as might be expected under all tho
circumstances. It is regarded with satis
faction in somo quarters that tho at
tempt to give an impulse to the market
which was recently made by alleged in
terested speculators, has palpably failed
ana tue caution given to reuwens is nuv
intr tbe effect of nreventinc anv unnat
ural advance. Columbia river salmon is
quoted at 2323s, and other kinds at
23(221s. Liverpool Correspondence Lon
don Grocer.
Heayt Blow. All day Sunday the rain
fell in sheets and the wind blew in fitful
gusts from tho west. About ono o'clock
yesterday morning it piped up strong
from tho southwest and over the hill
came a blast that shook many a found
ation, burst open doors, shattered win
dows, tore off gates, prostrated fences
and wakened many from their peaceful
slumbers. Sundry stovepipes and pieces
of tin clanged and clattered as though a
small section of the day of judgment had
struck this part of the nation, but nm
great amount of damage was done. In
the stream the Corsica and Ladstock
dragged their anchors but sustained no
damage. At tho caps the wind blew
with, steady force, and whatever shipping
was in the vicinity stood well off to tho
northwest. It was the severest storm of
tbe season. All day yesterday tho rain
ease steadily down, and the lew hung
etevds enveloped the mastheads of the
Toocclc at the dock. Nothing was dis-
taagninhable in tho universal shroud of
fee. a&d when the incoming Columbia
K$d feer gas at 1:30 r. if., it was with
wiyow ijwi many jearoeaoi ner arrivsi
A bill will bo oarly introduced in con
gress to make Alaska a judicial district.
O'Donnell, on trial in Dublin for mur
dering Carey, is an American citizen.
The new New York Postal Telegraph and
Cable company will be organized next
month. It is thought that Germany will
soon rescind her decree concerning the
prohibition of American pork importa
tion. Tho Russian czar is about to adopt
a more liberal form of Government.
--Ohihualraa gives 2."0 apiece for Apache
setups. Armur ana jia:ne are so iar me
leading Republican presidential candi
dates; Tilden goes to Cuba. Immense
numbers of trade dollars aro being
shipped to China. W. IT. Neilson, a San
inmcisco "journalist, "was rotten-egged
at an attempt to lecture in that city last
Sunday. Gen. Rosecrans is credited
with originating n masterly scheme foi
insuring Democratic success next year.
He proposes to divide the Democratic
voters into sections of tens, fifties, hun-
reds, thousands, ten thousands and
twenty thousands. Each section shall
have a chief, whose duty it shall beto see
mat mo voters unuer mm saati ne luiiuo
for p?rty service, at the polls or else
where, in obedience to orders received by
him from the head canter. Carlisle is
thought to have tho inside track in the
race for the speakership of the house next
JHonuay. work has been stopped on tue
Washington monument. Secretary Teller
denies his reported intention to refer the
Southern Pacific land gr?nt matter to
congress. Tho German crown prince is
holding high jinks in Madrid. Tho O.
R. 5c N. Co. earned fi23.2l in October.
1832, and .(i2,0TU in October. LSSS.
A Scrap of HKtarj.
In answering the inquiry of a friend,
John Minto furnishes the following scrap
of unwritten history:
But niv friend. I gather from the tone
of 3'our letter that your interest in the
old pioneers and tlu-ir action, extents
alovt and beyond the driving of the first j
sheep across the plains. 1 therefore take
pleasure in calling your Attention to the
fact of this movement on the pHrt of a
few Americans here in JtSN adventurous
sailors, mountain nu n and missionaries,
together with a ft-w free Canadian, trap
pers, like the Iato Joseph Gervais, to be
independent of the Hudson Bav company
in regard to cattle, was in fact tho begin
ning of the division between the friends
the British and American govern
ments, then in the immense territory of
Oregon. It occasioned tho holding of
the first public meeting at which
the scream of the Jold Ameri
can eagle can be distinguished.
The subsequent ""Wolf Meeting" which
is claimed by Mr. Gray as the initial
point of civil" government here was the
second occasion. The election of Mr.
Geo. Abeniethy, the first provisional gov
ernor by tbe missionaries, mountain
men and tho "Home Builders"' (as Hon.
W. Lair e?lls them) who had crossed tho
plains previous to 1HJ5, was the third.
lbe latter element by tins time outnum
bered tho others, but all joined in the
support of Abeniethy as tho represent
ative of tho American side or against
Mr. Russell, who was an American born
believe but being supported bv the
Hudson Bay Co. people was deemed their
candidate, "and opposed as such, I know,
as on that occasion I first exercised the
oting privilege. John Minto.
'nil of Honor fur the Jlonlli Ending 'n-
vem!cr ii, 18S:t.
miss lvwrbxoes class.
Myra Stephens,
Ethel Merriman.
Ellen McCann.
AJico Wood,
Lottie Levings.
Gussie Grav,
Mary Deftly,
Cordie Jiobb,
'Dixie Rain,
Miunio Warren,
Emma Gratko.
Josio Dealy,
Belle Douglass.
George Welch,
Walter Douglas-;,
Jacob Forrill,
Ella Belcher,
Aimie Sievert,
Louis Peterson.
Willie Levings,
Harry Gray,
Jidward roster.
Georgo Coifenberrv, Hvrani Brown,
William Grant, irank ilcCaun.
Nellie McCorraic, Mary Hunter,
Nellie Morrison. Annie Hunter,
Nettio Tultle, Nauc3' Tultle,
Oliver Bottom, Nace Grant,
w illie Belcher, Dick Carruthers.
The following names deserve especial
mention for perfect attendance and de
Myra Stephens,
Mmnie Warren,
Alico Wood,
Lottie Leviug.
Josie Dealy,
imma iiratke.
Ella Belcher,
Belle Dougians,
Auuio Sievert.
The Old Ssttluk Mattkk. Some
time ago an item went around in refer
ence to the oldest sottler. We supposed
the item was a settler itself as far ns sot
tling this much-vexed question. Tho
statement made was that Mr. J. B. Gaban
came here in 1823, and was thus the old'
est settler by a large majority. Under
date of the 22d inst., Mr. 1. A. Chamber
lain writes us from Gervais, Marion
county, saying that the J. B. Gobin al
luded to came to Astoria in ISiJ, not .5,
and has been living in Marion county
ever since 1842.
Hanoiib ev Vkjilaxtcs. The mystery
which has long shrouded a dual tragedy
has just come to light in the Big Rend
country, "Washington Territory. Over
two months ago a man named Erazier
suddenlv disanneared from his ranch
bearcliwas diligently made loruim lor
weeks without avail. A short time ago
an Indian told a number of Erazier's
friends that ho had been brutallv mur
dered by another Indian, who was
horse thief, and his body thrown into
Moses lake. To convince them he took
the party to the lake and pointed out tho
place where the murderer threw tbG
body. Search was made and the body of
Irazier recovered. Ino Indian than di
vulgod tho name of the murderer, and
told where ho could be found. A party
of vigilantes were organized immediate
ly, and proceeding to tho murderer's
auuuf) uuuf Luui in un uiuul. iuu xji-
dian was missed and inquiry made wnicu
has brought tue wnolo matter to light,
No nrrests have been made, the action of
the vigilantes being justified.
The Genuine Cluli lkatc
For sale at Carl Adler,s.
The best Muice and Pumpkin pies at
Astoria Bakery.
Bracelet liost.
A little girl's bracelet was lost last
Sunday on the street, linder will
please leave it at lrv. Stevens' and be re
Gushing Post "So. 14, Grcml Army
or the Ilepublio, Department of
ASTOltIA, Or.EGOX, Xov. '24, 18S3,
Special Ordi-r No. 1.
The Officers and Comrades of Gushing
Post No. 14, G. A. R. will meet for trans
action of important business. onTucsday
November L'Ttli, at 7tj o clock, v. r.
By order of Post Commander,
It. Y. MoxTKiTir.
Officer of the Day.
Fine Dress Goods.
A splendid line of ladles dress goods is
being displayed at the Empire store.
Skates, Skates, Shafts I
Club skates, clipper skates, all sizes;
lowest prices. New York Novelty
Furnished or unfurnished front
rooms at Mr. Campbell's, over, the Gem
What wl How tho Stllors SlncJIerehant
men's "Saantlfi.
"The men don't sing much except on a
long voyage; but when they really get
settled down for a trip then you will hear
them at it," said an officer.
""What do thoy sing?'
'Tho songs of the sea aro peculiar.
Thev bt-lone to a musical world of their
own as much as do the negro melodies of !
tho South. What peculiarity there is inj
tne music mat souots moss ovc x am not A , ff t M LowtVSm
enough of a musician to toll; but songs
that ono would at first eupposo woald be t . JTT
popular with 'Jack' ho docs" not sing at Outers, Oyster, Oysters,
all. What moro beautiful sen songs have ' at the Astoria-Oyster deiot; a eiew.
ever been written than those bv Stephen ; fry, pan roast, or raw at Frank FabreV.
Adams, such an 'Nancy Lee' and the Mid-,
shipmate,' and vet you never heur them ! At the Empire Store
sung by sailors." j You will find the finest laces and em
They sing Dibdm's songs I supposer" broideries, of richest quality.
iCSo, strange to sav, they do not. 'Old I - -
TomBowlin"is the only ono ofDib-i r1111c,!i',i,.1rM
dins songs I ever heard them sing. In Corset and Lmlwrenr.
that Dibdin struck the right chord, and j AH the latest makes and styles ofcor
twrvwhere that English sneakine sailora sets ami ladies underwear at Prael.
sail tho ocean that song is loved and I
suii. How often from tho decks of men-1
of-war or tho forecastle ot uiercnaui i
ships I ltavo heard that song roll out into
the night:
Here a sneer nulk lies poor lorn xiowuu ,
The darlinu of our crew:
No more he'll hear tho tempest jiovrlm',
tor ueain nas Droacutu mm io.
Manvof the songs popular in tho navy
have never been given to tho general
tuhlio-thnt I know of until the publica
tion of that excellent little collection of
sea fongs recently compiled and pub
lished by Commodore l.uce. ."oiiie or
the songs in this book have been alruopt
forgotten even in the navy, and were
taken down from the lips of old sailors,
who had sung them when they and lifo
ere new.
'What is the nature of these songs;
Most of them recount victories of the
American navy. There is one song very j
popular in the navy called 'The Constitu- j
tion and GuerriereV It tells how: :
The Gucrncre. a frigate bold, j
On the tumbling ocean rolled, i
Commanded by proud Dncrefi.
The Grandee, oh.
and it ends with the statement that:
I'hc Yankee boys for fighting are tho
dandv. oh.
The time has a rolicking swing to it well
suited to the words."'
"Y.'hat are 'shanty' songs?"'
"Shanty' songs are working songs, and
re sung in the merchant service. The
word "shanty is probably from the
French chanter, to sing. These songs are
in sets, each of which has a different ca
dence adapted for the work to which it is
sung. There are songs for sheeting home-
topsails, for weighing anchor, and for all
that sort of thing. One, which i-5 exceed
ingly popular, goes:
I'm bound away this very day.
I'm bound for the Rio Grande.
Ho you,. Rio:
Then fare you well mybonuy blue bell,
Tin bound for tho Rio Grande.
Jack' sings this with all sorts of queer
quavers in his voice, making the cadence
by hauling on tho ropes.
Blow the man down, oh. blow the man
Give me somo time to blow tho man
Is also a -popular 'shanty.' Then thero
are others in which tho sailors improvise
largely as they go along. A good "shanty'
singf-r is never at a loss for words."
"Is this singing a help to the racaf
"Ob, ves. Thev alwavs work better on
merchant ships when they sing. A good
merchant olncer sees to it that ms men
sing at their work. If they are silent, ho
will sing out, Mako a little music theref
Thero is always a loader in the singing of
these songs, some man with a good
voice anu a great stocK or
lungs. Such men are much in demand
on merchant ships. There is a song
had almost forgotten to mention, it is
one of the most popular of those sung in
ma naw, anu it is cauea mo uiomcwaru
Bound bong. Iho scene is laid at Ten
sacola, and tho song says.
It's off to the sign of tho dog and bell,
It's there they do good whisky sell,
In comes the landlord with his usual
Saying go it my boys it's worth your
For you know we are homeward bound,
For you know wo are homewaid bound.
These songs may seem musicless and
thin to thoso who do not spend their
lives on me ocean, nut you Know tue
story of the Count Amaldos: how that he
heard an ancient helsman sing a wonder
ful song of tho sea and prayed that the
oiu man woniu tsacu it to him:
Woulda't thou then, the helmsman an
Learn tho secrets of the sea?
Only thoso who share its dangers
Comprehend its mystery.
Young and middle-aged men suffer
ing from nervous debility, and kindred
affections, as loss of memory and hj'po-
cnoniina. snouiu inclose three stamps
for Part VII of World's Dime Series of
pamphlets. Address oklu's Dispkx-
saky Mkmcat. Association, Buffalo,
Will Temporarily Close.
Jeff of the chop house gives timely
notice to all his natrons that he will
close his restaurant for repairs, from 5
A. M. Monday, 2i inst. until :; P. M. the
following iuurcuay, when he will re
open with a grand thanksgiving din
n er.
Rest Custom VorI;. Knot aui! Shoes
Can be had at I. J. Arvold's, next to
CitvBook Store. Ladies and gentlemen
call there for tne finest fitting boots and
shoes, and lowest pr:cfs. Perfect fit
IVotlcc to the Toadies.
Switches made from combings or cut
hair; new switches made to order from
the best an ported hair, in any shade de
sired. Old switches repaired. All
work warranted. Rates reasonable
Call or address
Liilenhaut & ScnoEXiii:,
Occident hair dressing saloon, Astoria
Tho Peruvian syrun has cured thou
sands who were suffering from dyspep
sia, debility, liver complaint, boils, hu
mois,ieniaie complaints, etc. raiupn
lets free to any address. Setli W.FowJf
&fcODp TJoston.
Brace up the whole system with Kins
ot the Blood. eo Advertisement.
IIai.e's Honey or Hoheiiouxd and
Tak has a. larger ale than any other
cough medicine.
Pike"s Tooth a cue Dirors cure In
one minute.
Siiilou's .Cuke will immediately
relieve Croup, whooping cough and
Bronchitis. Sold by W. E. Dement
Why will you cough when Shtloh's
Cure will give immediate relief, rnco
10 ctsSOctsandSl. Sold by W.E. De
aHackmetack," a lasting and fra
grant perfume- Price 25 and .0 cents.
Sold by W. E. Dement
The nnlritlve properticaof Colpen's
Liouii) Beef Toxicuwstain the body
without solid food. Coldcri'8 no otJicr.
Many who never complain aro never
theless seriously Hi. use Browns iron
Bitters and there will be no cause of
WJicn yon donJtknow justr what ails
you; when j'oufeel aches and pains all
over; when you leel tired anu laint
use Brown's Iron Bitters. A wonder
ful reviver.
Thanksgiving Tnrltoys.
Any one wishing ono of these noble
birds, can leave their orders at the Star
The Clariona.
Just the thing for balls and parties, a
complete orchestra, with dance music,
fi?iirt5 for mlltnt? dnncpj. ptp.pnrrm!iti
To those desirous of having danre.-, and
not otlierw ise provided witii music it is
invaluable. Call at the New York Nov
elty store and examine it.
Bros." Empire store.
X'nuih Vuttvn's Hotel.
Frank Fabre ha the finest Heei-nnuo-dation
for lodger- to be found In As
toria, over his restaurant. In Kfisey's
building. Ever thins: is neat -and c'-jiu
and the bed-; are new. soft and eomfnrt
able. If you wantgottd board and Jifdsr
ing go to Frank Fable's
A Juicy Kft'ak
cooked to jH'rftvtion is what tu ean
get at Frank Fabivs.
ThnitliSKiUm TiirUrjs.
.Some chtdee turkejs a. Warren &
Thompson's. Leave your orders early.
Hosiery, BSosierj, Ilo.tiery:
The latest novelties in ladies and
childrens hosiery at Prael Bros'.
For Tbe JlnMiurrmle.
Masmierade suits rented at rea-nii;ble
rates in largest variety ly
1). Kant.
U. F. Sic veils & C
Are offering extra inducements
one in neeu oi a l iano, or urgai
Fraraut Coffee
to cheer and comfort, at Frank Fabre
at his ohrsfftml.
Dinner at -.1 EFF'SC110P HOUSE i
everv day at ii o'clock. The bistJ."i cent
meal in town: soup. iisn,se.ven kinds ot
meats, vegetables, pie, pudding, etc. A j
glass oi c. r . lieer, r reucn uutrer. ica or
coffee included. All who have tried
him say Jeff is t he 'BOSS.
For a Sent Fitting Bool j
Or Shoe, go to P.. I. Goodmans, on Che-i
namus street, next door to I. W. Case.
All goods of the best make ami guaran-!
teed quality. A full stock ;
constantly arriving. Custom
Vnien Yon Come to Astoria
and want a nice nan roast, go to Frank
t abre s, at ms old stand.
Itir.sc Fouml.
Last Friday evening a purse contain
ing money, looser can nave tt by
applying to Mr. E. Liddicoat at Hansen
Via X. P. . It
Fresh Baltimore oysters packed In
ice at Jeff's.
All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
Ecriunicry, anu louet amen,-, cic can
c bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite fvMden
betel, Astoria.
For the trcnulne .1. 11. Cutter old
Bourbon, and the liest ot whirs, liquor
and San Francisco beer, call at the Gem
opposite the bell tower, and see Camp
bell. .
Roscoe Dixon's new eating house
is now open, bveryimng lias been lit-
ted up in first-class style, and hi-well
known reputation as a caterer assures
all who like good things to eat, that at
ins place they can be accommodated.
Arc you made miserable by Indi
gestion, Constipation. Dizziness, Loss of
appetite, Yellow Skin ? Shiloh's Vital-
izer is a positive pure, tor sate ny w.
h. Dement.
-Foi Dyspepsia andLiver Complaint,
you have a printed guarantee on every
bottle of Shiloh's Vitalizer. It never
fails to cure. Sold by V. E. Dement.
-A Xasal Injector free with each
bottle ot Shiloh's Catarrh Kemedy
Price fiO cents. Sold by V". E. Dement
Notice to Stockholders.
annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Pacific Union I'k'c Co. will be held on
Saturday l)ec.22lSS3,at their office in As
toria lor tne purpose oi ciecunx a imam oi
Directors ana the transaction of sucli other
business as may come before the meeting.
See v. Pres't.
As'torla Nov. 23, 1883,
fonns the Ladies of Astoria, that her
business Is carried on as fornieily at her
rooms on Cass street opposite Ocbl Fellows
l!uilditt. She returns thanks for their pat
ronage in the past, and solicits a continu
ance of the same.
Suits made, from S7.00 to S15.00.
Alt Work Warranted,
Aitoria, Nov. 1st, 1ES3.
To Hunters. Fishermen. Ranchers.
ket price for your produce, go to
Si Rescue Milee Troupe J
Fifth Annual
Masquerade Ball,
Thursday Eve u In-
At the Skating Kink.
C-uit.Geo.Flavel, Ho. v Chance.
-!. K.K.Sneddeii,
Hon. .bum llahn.
" Megler,
Clinton, F. L. Parker,
C. 11
MocKton, r. u. wane.
, IT. Stockton. J. W. Hare.
.1. W. Brown.
P. I'.tTker. X. Clinton.
J. H nlHim. J.D.Hare,
A. A.Cleveland
. S. Y .rlov. J. A. Davidson.
F. 1 I'.trker. P. I). Parker.
J -e. HepbuRj. Vt. C. Iticnaidson.
i'rtcri r-f AtloiissIuD.
Lndt M:skei-i. - kuek
(lent Muckers. - - - SI 50
Ijt'lv SjHrrlittors. - - m
tleat Hnettatow. - - - - 1 00
Ti-keN mav l.t; procured ot members f
the "liKiijte.
MiLsker"iIei.eisc u ba procured ouly at
J!:e store of K. b. I";irkrr.
Two eleiranx prizes will tie awarded to best
su-itaiiieil 1 dv :ii s. iitM-mau clianic'er
to 3yiHoliflay Ms Just Receive!,
Rogers Bros.' Platedware,
Bisque Figures,
Fine Majolica,
Japanese uOOQS.
Willow and Rattan Goods.
Green River Cutlery.
jorr'ICMi Dinner and Tea Sets,
Crockery i Glassware.
First-class COAL OIL a Specialty.
Cor. Chenamus and Genevieve Sts.l
Astoria, Nov. 22nd, 1S83.
Fancy Groceries.
Ship Chandlery:
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
In IIume'sNew Building
Notice of Dissolution.
Lt partnership heretofore existing between
Duck Fontr under the linn name and stvle
of Lung "WinK as pawnbroker In the city of
Astoria. Is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent. The business will be carried on by
the new firm name of Goon Wine Co
Duck Fong will pay all the debts of Lung
ving uo.
' LAM DUCK Manager.
Delinquent City Taxes.
the undersigned, Chief of Police, have
been furnished with a warrant from the
City Council requiring me to collect the tax
es assesscu ior tne year ikg, ana now aeun
nuent unou the list and make return of the
same within sixty days. All parties so lu-
ueuieu win tnereiore piease tase notice ana
govern tneinseives accordingly.
Chief of Police.
Astoria, Oregon, October 2oth, 1883.
Furnishing Goods!
And will therefore try and re
duce it by offering
Men's, Youth's, and Boy's
Furnishing Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Rubber and OH Clothing
At a Large Dlscenat.
Anv n.irtv huvincr coods of me
from this date forth will be al
lowed ten per cent, on purcnases
ot over 510. Jimorace me oppor
tunity and buy your doming or
M. X. SL-AJXra?.
The Leading Dry
House of
New Goods Received
FimiM Iw Lie i
Can prove by his books that he Is doing the
biggest business of any
In tho city, and he will Guarantee to clvo
the best meal for cash.
solid gold
Scarf Pins, Chains, Watches,
Of every description.
The finest stock of Jewelry in AstorI:u
0?"A11 goods warrantedasrepresentcd
Men's, Youth's. a,nd Boys ! !
Of Every
Just opened at
Styles to
Suit all !
Prices to Suit all !
Th.e heading
I J t 1
K m z! 01 o
fA u o Q
W i co sg o
- 3g g q
- I -J
and Retail
Goods and Clothing
very Steamer.
JL remain.
We will take orders for lumber from 100
to f 00 31., at the milt or delivered.
We also manufacture lath and shingles of
At quality.
flooring a Specialty .
Address all orders
WESTroitT arm. co.
3. C, Bex nek, Supt.
The Portland and Astoria
Is prepared to contract with masters anil
consignees of vessels for tho
Loading and Unloading of Vessels
Promptness and satisfaction cuarantced
in all cases.
the Occident Store.
Ed. 3). Curtis & Go.
I QFimfc mhn wwm
At -r-r tit
uuipuio, upuioiui
Corner Benton and Squemoqua Streets,
East of the Court House.
Reaflyjor B
Quality to Suit ail !

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