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(The gatlij j$toriatt.
(Monday excepted)
Terms of Subscription.
Served bv Giirricr, per week
Sent by Mail. jer month
' " oik year ... .......
Free of postage to subscribers.
- COcLs.
H?Adver:isements inserted by the year at
the rate of $2 per square per month. Tran
sient advertising fifty cents per square, each
Notice To Advertiser?.
TitE AStoriax guarantees to its ad
vertisers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
Fine valentines at Griffin & Heed's.
Fulton Bros.' telephone is number 2.
The Columbia -was detained yesterday,
but is expected to cross out this morning
Tho Astoria social club will have a
pleasant time on the evening of the 13th
mst., nt Pythian hall.
The bark Navcsink, hence lumber
laden for Montevideo September 12th,
nrived at that port December 23.
At Grifliin fc Reed's city book store
"will bo found every conceivable Jtyle and
variety of valentines. Their stosk is
Yesterday's senatorial vote was, Strahn
3G; "Williams, 4; George, 1: Hare, 12; Fail,
ing, 5; Hirsch, 2G; Kelsey, 2; Johnson, 1:
Carson, 1: absent 2.
The 'Weekly Astobian. in stamped
wrappers, ready for mailing, published
this morning; full of news and home hap
penings; price ten cents.
Tho British barks Starhound, 973, Jack
master, CG days from Callao, and John
Nicholson t CS5, Allen master, from Pisa
gua, arrived in yesterday. A vessel
thought to bo the British bark Montgom
ery Castle, Audorson master, 41 days
from Autofogasta, is reported outside.
There is a feeling in the minds of some
that tho telephone service in this city is
somewhat costly. The fact that some
subscribers have stopped makes it of less
valuo, on tho principle that the fewer
that tako it the less advantage it is to
have it in one's office or place of business.
A tariff more in accordance with tho re
quirements of the times is injorder, if the
company wants to do business.
Ross Bros, advertise a grand carnival
at the skating rink next Saturday, the
14th inst. It will be an attractive occa
sion. There will be a masquerade skat
ing contest at which handsome prizes,
now on exhibition at the New York Nov
elty store will bo awarded to tho best
sustained characters. This is to be fol
lowed by a dance, the whole evening's
entertainment to be furnished at a most
reasonable price.
A few hundred years, says a writer in
tho Portland Transcript, makes a future
beyond all comprehension; wo have no
idea of tho possibilities, except by con
trasting with past and present." A news
paper of one hundred years ago is a curi
osity of more value than thousands-of-years-old
pottery and bric-a-brac. "Why?
Because it gives a true history of the time
when published, relates to facts that
would be otherwise unknown, touches
facts beneath the historian's notice, yet
of real interest to the people of to-day.
Take one jear's file of any metropol
itan daily of 18&4 one hundred years
from now, and you will have a history of
tho world beyond comparison. No his
torian would dare compete with tho sin
gle newspaper bought anywhere for 2 or
3 cents, worth to future generations sums
not to be covered by meney: in fact, be
yond value. All this has come about in
a hundred years. Now add a few hun
dred years to tho progress of tho nows
paper. and what will be the ontcome?
1. Every town will have a paper of its
2. Type will bo set by machinery, with
the rapidity of electricity.
3. Every paper will contain a directory
of every soul in town, giving full name,
age, description, weight, business; direct
ly below these facts a spaco will be left,
and daily the varied movements of in
dividuals will be given; no matter how
simple tho fact, it will appear, and mako
a diary every day, such as many privately
keep at present.
4. A list of births, deaths and mar
riages will appear, including tho whole
The paper will bo bulky, but not disa
greeably so; a table of contents will
readily put the reader in the right track,
and book-form of about the size of the
Transcript will make an easily handled
Eaper which will bo sufficiently stiff to
old easily. No event will be too small
to appear; all business, pleasuro, sorrow
will be depicted in concise and appropri
ate form. As a referenco, tho paper of
the futuro will be equal to an encyclo
paedia of to-day.
Oregon Ahead.
Tho New Orleans Times-Democrat of
January 24tb, reports that the claim made
by the Oregouians that their state pro
duces the best fruit grown upon the Pa
cific slope, has been substantiated by
he awards recently made in Horticul
tural hall. The entries for premiums
were small, owing to the fact that a great
portion of the fruit intended for compe
tition was frost-bitten during transit to
this city, and it was only by depriving
the display in tho government building
that tho commission were enabled to
make an entry for the best collection of
five varieties grown in and adapted to
ibe coast climate, and for best collection
of five varieties crown in and adapted to
the mountain climate. In both instances
Oregon captured tho medal and premi
um. Out of practically seven pinto en
tries tho state took five premiums, and
still glories in tho honor of being the
champion of the Pacifiic coast for
The complete fittings and furniture
belonging to the establishment of Eos
coe Dixon will be sold at private sale in
whole or in part. Any person wishing
lo purchase will obta in full particulars
by application to
S. Harris,
Astoria, Oregon, Feb. Cth, 188T.
Open Again.
J. G. charters' Palace Baths. First
.class fittings. Only 2."i cents. Private
bathing apartments for ladies.
One ofthe finest billiard tables on the
ast at JetTs "Telphone.
An Iraportsnt Extension of the Service at
A -.tori.
Mr. J. N. Griflin. in charge of tho gov
ernment meteorological station in this
city, states that tho extension of the ser
vice on this coast has resulted in tho "es
tablishment of an additional office at As
toria, the result of its daily observations
being of prime importance to tho com
merce of the Columbia. "Wherever
throughout the United States "Old Prob
abilities" has established a branch office
the resultant benefit to commerce and
agriculture has amply justified tho outlay.
On the coast lino of the Union com
merce demands an efficient signal service;
it realizes tho value of a weather bureau,
and any measure increasing the efficiency
of that department of public service is
of benefit. The building a telegraph lino
from Astoria to Cape Hancock and the
establishing there a signal station was of
great benefit to the commerce of the
northwest coast, and rue further estab
lishing of an office in this city where
daily weather reports will be sont from
and received will be of proportionate
It has only been by the most persistent
and long continued effort that an appro
priation has been obtained for tho estab
lishment of this branch of the signal
service on this coast. The offices already
established are San Francisco, Astoria anil
Cape Hancock, and the service will, no
doubt, bo extended ns rapidly as circum
stances will permit.
An ingenious code of signals is uovised
for coast stations, which afford means of
instant communication between vessels
and the shore. By day arrangement of )
llags lettered from IS to w, givo such sig
nals as "Want immediate assistance;"'
We are coming;" "Do not attempt to
land;" Damaged rudder, cannot steer;"
"Engine disabled;' "Your arc standing
into danger;" "Heavy weather coming;
look f harp;" "Bar impassable;' "Cast
off;" "Make fast:" "Slack away:" "Hold
on till high water:' "I am on fire:" "I
am sinking:' "Want assistance:" "Want
a steam tug;' etc., etc
Cautionary signals are also to be dis
played: A square red flag with a squaro
black center by day, and a red light by
nieht eives warning of an approaching
storm. A cautionary off shore signal is a
whito flag with a black square in the
center shown abovo a red flag with a
black square in the confer by day, or a
white light shown abovo a red light by
night, is "cautionary with winds expected
to blow from a northern or western di
rection, or off shore, at or near the place
at which the signal may be."
"When tho present condition of affairs
in tho vicinity of the mouth of the river
is contrasted with that of a few years ago
it will be seen how much progress has
been made here in this important branch
of tho public service.
"What! yon fit my dress by measur
ing my nock?' said an Atlanta lady of
fashion to her dressmaker.
"That is all I want," was tho reply.
"Dear me," said the lady, "how
"Gynametry is the name of tho sci
ence," said the lady with tho measure
"The system of measuring the female
figure was discovered by me after years
of patient study and hard work. Pro
fessors Bartlct and Battle gave the new
science tho name of 'gynametry,' which
is mado up of the Greek words that mean
female measurement. The rules, how
ever, which apply to tho female figure
apply with equal and absolute force to
the male figure.'
"Do you mean to say you can make
my dress fit by simply measuring my
"I do, if I see you."
"And if you don't seo me?"
"Then I must know the measure of
your neck, the measure of your waist,
and which toe is longest.
"Dear me! Vny do vou want to know
which toe is longest?"
"Jf your big too is longest your shoul
ders aro squaro. If your second too is
longest your shoulders aro drooped, and
tho waist is correspondingly shorter.
Drooping shoulders are those that slop?,
from the neck outward, not stooped
"Hes vour svstem anv connection with
the theory of twice around the wrist is
once around the neck, etc'
"Not at all. This is fallacy. It will not
work out. It is impossible to measuro
the human form with a tapo line. You
simply cannot measure the back to save
your life. But my system does it, and I can
make a lady's dress and never see her, by
simply having the measurements that I
have named." Atlanta Constitution.
The girl stood on the roller skates,
But then she could not go;
She was afraid to tempt the fates
Because she wobbled so.
She called aloud, "Say, Chawley, say!
Do ceme: help mo along!"
But Chawley went tho other way.
Because his legs went wreng:
There camo a crash a thunder sound;
The girl, oh, whore was she?
Ask of the giddy youth around,
AVho viewed her hosiory.
Hoi T.uucli. at the Telephone
From 11 to 2 every day.
A fine lunch with drink or cigar, 25
No charge after two o'clock,
James P. Ilixson, representing the
popular merchant tailoring house of
Gordon Bros., San Francisco, has ar
rived with a full line of samples of
goods for gentlemen's wear for the pres
ent and coining season, and can be
found at the Occident hotel for a few
days. Those wishing first-class custom
clothing will do well to give him a call.
He is the only scientific, practical cut
ter who has taken three diplomas and
first prizes in the principal cities of the
east for correct measuring, skillful la
bor and perfect fit, who is soliciting
A Boardiug House To Lct
Furnished complete, near the O. K. &
X. Company's dock. Terms reasonable.
Inquire at Foarl & Stokes.
For a Neat Fitting Boot
Jr Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street, next door to I. W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran
teed qualitj. A full slock; new goods
constantly arriving. Custom work.
At Frank Fabre's.
Board for 22.50 a month. The best
in the city. Dinner from 5 to 7.
' Privato card rooms at Jeffs new sa
loon "The Telephone."
Kbartonra Captnred; Cordon Mining:
Stewart Ai sa&sinated.
Loxdon, Feb. i. Tho war office has
issued the follewing: "Telegrams from
"Wolsely announco that the fall of Khar
toum took place on January 2G. Ho says
that Colonel "Wilson arrived at Khar
toum January 23, and was greatly sur
prised to find that the enemy wero in
possession of that place. He immediate
ly started on his return down the river,
and proceeded under a heavy fire from
the rebels. When some miles below tho
Shublaka cataract Colonel Wilson's
steamers were wrecked, but he and his
whole party managed to reach an island
safely, where they are secure. A steamer
has gone to bring them back to the Brit
ish camp near.Metemneh. Wolsely says
he has no information regarding the fate
of Gordon, and does not know whether
he is d&ad or alive."
There is no longer any doubt that El
Mahdi holds possession of Khartoum.
Tho excitement in London and every
where throughout the British isles, where
the news is known is rising to fever heat.
Most people take a gloomy view of the
position of tho British troops in the Sou
dan. The jubilant gladness which has
characterized England in regard to
Egypt ever since the welcome news of
Stewart's successful arrival in the neigh
borhood of 31etemneh was recived 13 now
changed to dread.
The war office is besieged with army
officers, tendering their services for ac
tive duty in the Soudan. The capture
of Khartoum has created grave fears,
especially in army circles, for the safety
of General Stewart and his army. A
number of military officers of repute,
even expressed tho opinion that unless
reinforcements are hurried forward to
Korti the fall of Khartoum may lead to
a disaster to the forces under Wolsely
and General Earle. A cabinet council
has been summoned to meet at once.
Gladstone is fearfully disturbed by tho
news, and some peoplo say he will soon
resign. The news of tho downfall of
Khartoum has created grave apprehen
sion in regard to the whole Egyptian
problem among members of the cabinet.
Gladstone and Earl Granville started for
London as soon as tho news reached
them. A cabinet council will be held
this evening.
The first news of the fall of Khartoum
received by Gen. Wolscley was brought
by a messenger, who left the island where
Colonel Wilson is stranded, and came on
foot to Gubat, news of Khartoum's fall
not being then known in the desert. In
telligence of tho disaster, however, has
since spread far and wide, and some
tribes that had hitherto professed friend
ship for England have declared for El
Natives report that El Mahdi has 60,000
men in the vicinity of Khartoum, and ho
introduced a number of his emissaries
into tho city. These emissaries mingled
freely with native troops under Gordon,
and by bribes, threats and working on
their religions feelings, induced them to
deserted to the robels, leaving Gordon
only 2,500 faithful soldiers. With this
small force he attempted to hold the city
against El Mahdi'a great army, but after
severe fighting, in which large numbers
of rebels were killed, he was compelled
to surrender.
When Sir Charles Wilson reached
Khartoum he found that El Mahdi's forces
occupied both the town and tho citadel.
He tried to land and ascertain the fate of
Gordon, but this step ho found impossi
ble. Tho enemy s guns wero turned upon
him in full force, and he was therefore
compelled to turn his back upon the fallen
city and return to Gulpat without finding
oat whether Gordon is dead or alive.
The stoker of Colonel Stewart's steam
er reports ho left Khartoum on the
steamer Abbass with Stewart, two Eu
ropean consuls, Hassam Bey, twelve
Greeks and several natives. Two other
steamers accompanied them to Berber,
which place they shelled. Four Nuggars
accompanied the expedition to Abu
Hamed, when the Abbass proceeded
alone. She struck a rock two feet under
water when near the island "VTadygarae.
The whole party then landed on the is
land. Stewart subsequently returned to
the steamer, spiked the guns threw the
ammunition overboard and returned to
the island. The eutiro part3 were un
armed with the exception of Stewart
who had a small revolver. The natives
assembled on the right hand of the river,
sheuting: "Givo us peace and grace."
Suleiman Pasha sent a messenger invit
ing Stewart to his house. The whole
party then crossed tho river. Suleiman
then took Stewart, the consuls and Has
sam Bsy to the.housc of a blind man
named Emdor Fnkin to drink coffee.
While insido the house Suleiman
camo out and motioned to the
natives, who formed two parties-
armed with swords and spears. Une par
ty entered the house and killed Stewart
and the two consuls. Hassem Bey es
caped wounded and was afterward taken
to Berber. Tho second party attacked
the rest of Stewart's people, among whom
was the narrator of this story, who swam
to on island and hid until dark. He was
afterward taken a prisoner to Berti.
Stewart had landed stores and provisions
from the steamer, which had mado four
trips to the island. Many of his party
were drowned in trying to escape. Tho
bodies of Stewart and others wero thrown
into tho river. Suleiman's followers di
vided all the money they could find and
sent other spoils in boats to Berbor.
Tho British vesssels, Saraca and Win.
D. Seed and the American ship C. S. Hid
bcrt, lying at Astoria ready for sea, but
all in the custody of the U. S. Marshal,
were released vesterday by tolegraph, tho
requsite bonds having been filed by
agents here. Oregonian, C.
Does not make any second-class Pic
tures at his New Gallery, No. 61f, on
the Roadway.
Fresh Eastern and Skoalwatei
Bay Oysters
Constantly on hand, cooked to any style
at Frank Fabre's.
Do Tou Think that JcfT of
The Chop House
Gives 3ou a meal for nothing, and a
glass of something to drink? "Xot
much !" but lie gives a better meal and
more of it than any place in town for
25 cents. He buys oy the wholesale and
pays cash. "That settles it.'
Syrup of Figs.
Nature's own true Laxative. Pleas
ant to the palate, acceptable to the Stom
ach, harmless in its nature, painless in
its action. Cures habitual Constipation,
Biliousness, Indigestion and kindred
ills. Cleanses the system, purifies the
blood, regulates tho Liver and acts on
the Bowels. Breaks up Colds, Chills
and Fever, etc Strengthens the organs
on which it acts. Better than bitter,
Tifliicfnii l.lvpr Tnpil!rnoc nille clt.-.
and draughts. Sample Dottles free, and
large bottles for sale by W.E. Dement
& Co., Astoria,
The Yolce oft he State Press on Carreat Topics.
What has become of the committee ap
pointed by the house to investigate the
swamp land business; will some one rise
and explain? Tribune.
The man whoso has the most to say
about ring combinations, if closely
watched, will be found, as a rule, labor
in" to form one bv which his own insig
nificance places himjin the foreground. ;
While even one is denouncing the
Irish dynamiters, it is well not to forget ,
that England is reaping in their acts,
from a sowing she made centuries ago
and has carefully cultivated ever since.
While raanv state legislatures are '
wrestling with the freight problem, it
must not be forcotten that the railroads .
have made mauv concessions. The
farmers too frequently overlook this fact
and assail the railroads with ayindictive
ness that is not reasonable. Aria.
The government ought not to part with
its land, except to actual homestead set
tlers. If a man wants a home, give it to
him free of all costs at the end of his
five years residence. But sell no more
lands, and thus shut thejjdoor against all
frauds and further land monopoly. 17
dcllc. Tho members from the interior seem to
have a pretty clear idea of tho import
ance of heeding the just claim of the
country to representation in the senate.
They also understand clearly that as a
measure of party success the election of
a man from the "interior would be greatly
advantageous to the Republicans.
If tho grangers really want aii anti
monopoly man for senator, and one they
can rely on, why don't they hunt up n
man who has had the courage and back
bone to stand up for the cause when U
was unpopular to do so? Any man will
join a causo after it has been made pop
ular. That is tho trick of the demagoguo
every time. Sunday Welcome.
The stato had in its swamp and other
lands a valuable property. But that
property has mostly been squandered.
When Governor Grover "organized tho
offices' he and his associates devised a
scheme to disposo of the swamp lands of
the state. It has been carried out, and
so successfully that tho state neither has
tho lands nor anything to show for them,
except a lot of warrants, amounting to a
very large sum, drawn on the swamp land
fund, but which there is no money to pay.
Jno. F. Caples is a slick-tougued, oily
stump speaker, and can do more to make
his Sunday school laugh, or "bring down
the house'' nt a ward meeting than any
man in Oregon. He is also a jolly, whole
souled, good fellow, that has as little
meanness in the way of greed, selfishness
or avarice, as any man that Portland
over elected to public office. According
to Cronin's account, when St. Peter shut
the gates of Hciven against Joe Dolph,
because ho was a lawyer, Caples went in
without a question "because he was not
lawyer enough to hurt anything." The
heart and sympathies of Caples are un
doubtedly with and for the common peo
ple, the toning m&ssus, anu in our osu
niation this should cover a multitude of
sins. Vidflte.
Among the candidates now before tho
legislature lor senator is a gentleman
who for five years was a a judga of tho
circuit court in Iowa and also a resi
dential elector in that slate who was for
five years chief justice of Oregon mem
ber of the constitutional convention to
form the constitution of this stale sen
ator in congress for six years member of
the joint high commission to settle the
Alabama claims, and for nearly four
vears attorney general of the United
States? His abilities as a lawyer, legis
lator and speakor are universally admit
ted. He is well and favorably known
among the public men of the 'country,
and his fidelity and service to the Repub
lican party are unquestionable. Up hwa
been for more than thirlv vears a citizen
of Oregon. Tail:.
Biirlilcn'.s Arnica Sal re.
Tiiij Dr.vr Sai.vk in the world for
Cuts, Urmcs,S"or',Ulcer.sSalt Klteuin,
Fever Sores Tetter, Chapped Hands.
Chilblains Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles or no
pay required. It is guaranteed lo give
perfect .satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price i." cents per box. For ale by AV.
E. Dement & Co.
Tlie Telephone.
Jeffs new saloon, the "Telephone, is
now open. It is new all through;
the building is new, the furniture
and fittings are new and of elegant finish
and the ' proprietor has put in some
new ideas that will commend them
selves to the patrons or the Tele
phone. Everything about the place is
first class, the wines and liquors of the
best, and Jeff will exert himself to make
it pleasant for anyone who calls. He
has put up and finely furnished a first
class establishment and no cosier place
can be found in the city in which to
meet a friend or join in a social glass.
The hale of Syrup of Figs is .simply
immense. Everj-one is taking it, and
all admit that it is the best medicine ever
used. Children cry for it on account of
its pleasant taste, ami grown people
who have, used it once never take anv
thing else. Tnlike other remedies for
biliousness and constipation it never
loses its power to act, anu it always
leaves the organs on which it acts strong
er than before. Besides, one feels fresh
and bright and realizes that it is Nat
ure's own true laxative. W. E.Ucment
& Co. arc agents for Astoria, Oregon.
All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
narfunierv. and toilet articles, etc- can
e bought at the lowest prices, at J. V.
Conn's drug store, opposite Ociden
hctel, Astoria.
Shiloh's Catarrh Kemcdy a posi
tive cure for Catarrh, Diptheria aud
Canker Mouth. Sold by w. E. Dement.
That Hacking Cough can be so
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it Sold by W.E. Dement,
Sleepless Nights made miserable
by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
the remedy for you. Sold by W. E. De
ment & Co.
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and
Liver Complaint ? Shiloh's Vitalizer is
guaranteed to cure ynu. Sold by W. E.
Shiloh's Cough ana Consumption
Cure is sold by us on guarantee. It
cures consumption. Sold by W. E. De
ment Whv will you cough when Shiloh's
f!nr a will pive immediate relief. Price
10 cts 50 cts-and SI. Sold by W. E. De
Gray sells Sackett Bros. Al sawed
cedar siungies a inn .u guanuutvuiu
each bunch.
Test Your BaMiig Fowfler To-Da7 i
H rand J advertised as fchsolatelj pcro
corgccw.xzc jvaraioKia.
Flac a can top dtnrn- on a hot ftoro nntll
Jica ted, then reroore tho corerand rmelL. A chem
1ft trill not bo required to detect tho presence of
lu llfaliLralcna Ka NEVER Bc QantlostO.
lnaraillionbcm?sroraquartcrofaccEtcrj- it
lias ktootl tlie consumer's reliable teat,
Price Baking Powder Co.,
Dr. Price's Special Flavoring Extracts,
Tho strongest, most dclicions and natural
Caror known , anil
i3r. Price's Lupulin Yeast Gems
lor Light, Healthy hread.Tbo Best Dry Hop
Yeast in tho world.
The nest dry hop yeast in tho world
Bread raised by this yeast is Hght.whlto
ond wholesome hko our grandmother's
delicious brend.
Price Baking Powder Co.,
MTrs ol Dr.Pncs's SfScialFfaYOiinjEitiacts,
Chicago, III. St. Louis, Mo.
For Mite by CnTixc.MERLK & Co., Agents
Portland. Oregon
ress in Style!
ft Best of KoOuS !
If Yon Want the
LowesiBed-rock Prices
Clothing Emporium.
For Fine Clothing, nats and Caps, Boots
and Shoes, Gents Furnishing Goods.
Skiff Found
lkimsport. It Is painted crcen, with a
yellow border. About 10 feet Ions one oak
block for rowlock new and unpatnted.
Owner can have the same by applying at
the old Raymond place andnaying charges.
For Rent.
the second and third floors in the cor
ner building on Olney and Squemoqua
Notice To The Public.
will not be responsible for any debts
contracted by my wife.
Astoria Dec. 31st, 188.
. Furnished Rooms To let.
Apply to Mns. Muxsox.
Tor Dinner Parties to order, at short
notice, go to Frank Fabre's.
Buy your Lime of Gray at Portland
liuh: 5iLHLni miLHUi
nQHBBeamEBBl loHBBgaHHaaanHK
A Great Reduction Sals in Ms
On account of an overstock in these goods I shall offer for cash,
during the next 30 days, the following- lines regardless oncest:
Mixed Cassimere Overcoats,
Blue Chinchilla
Gray Mixed Reversible
California Doeskin . "
Heavy Chinchilla "
Brown Beaver Dress "
Blue Beaver " "
Black Diagonal "
Gray Chinchilla
Huntsman Green Melton
Blue Germania Beaver
Brown Chinchilla '
Blue Chinchilla ''
New Shade, Satin lined, Dress
Pythian Building, -
w ul 1 1 uUUI d 1 UHE w
Comic Valentines, Sentimental Valentines.
Cameo Valentines. Fringe Valentines,
Salin Valentines, Lace Valentines,
Pluslr Valentines.
0 GR FFN &
$67,000,000 Capita! !
Liverpool and London and Globe.
North British and mercantile
Of London and Edinburgh.
Old Connecticut of Hartford,
. Fire Insurance Companies,
Representing a Capital of $67,000 OOO.
B. VAN DUSEN. Aqent.
d. a. Mcintosh
Keeps constantly on hand a full stock of the best made
In Business Suits and Dress Suits.
Also the largest stock and the newest patterns in
Prench and American Cassimeres, Worsteds, Cloths,
Scotch and English Tweeds.
Which will be made up to order in the very latest styles and at the lowest prices.
HATS in all the Latest and Standard Shapes.
A. complete line of
Gents" Furnishing 6&ods.
3D. -&. 2eZ3rTOS2:,
The Leading Clothier, Hatter and Gents' Furnisher.
at $9.00 for
at. 11.50 "
at 13.50 "
at 14.00 "
at 14.50 "
at 16.00 "
at 16.50 "
at 18.00 "
at 18.00 "
at 20.00 "
at 22.50 "
at 25.00 "
at 25.00 "
at 30.00 "
. -
- Astoria, Oregon.
Ghcnamus Street, Astoria.
The Best of Lager 5 Cts. a Glass.
Orders for the Celebrated
Columbia Brewery Beer
Left at this place will be promptly
attended to
kb-Xo cheap San Francisco Beer sold at
this place.
"Wm. BOCK, Proprietor.
liijrn3 -

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