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jiiUjj ggfotfiro.
(Monday excepted.)
Publishers and Proprietors,
Terms of Subscription.
Served bv Carrier, per week
Sent by Mail, per month....
- tocts
one year..
Free of postage to subscribers.
The Astorian guarantees to Its adver
tisers the largest circulation of any newspa
per published on the Columbia river.
Koyce & Lansing Co.
They're well worth seeing.
The cntter Corwin arrived in from
Shoalwater bay yesterday.
The nest term for the circuit court
for this county begins on the 20th of
Lecture to-morrow evening at the
Congregational church: "Grit, Grip
and 'Grace."
The Select Knights, A. O. U. W.,
propose having a social party next
Tnureday evening, and the Knights
ofLsbora masked ball next Friday
Weather reports from the state
show some chilly weather all over.
Snake river isfull of running ice and
a little shore ice is reported in the
middle Uolumbia.
There was good skating yesterday,
corner Court and Olney streets, and
a good many Astorians enjoyed the
novel sport. Good ice is also reported
at Ft. Stevens and Ilwaco.
Mr. Henderson, the telegraph oper
ator, says that such weather as this
the line works better than any other
time, the frost appearing to afford
the wires perfect insulation.
The year opens lively with petitions.
Every other man has a petition he
wants signed. It is the easiest thing
in this world (next to going into debt)
to get a man to sign a petition.
The cream of the Daily appears in
The Weekly Astorian, published
this morning, in wrappers ready for
mailing. Send a copy away and help
boom the town ten cents worth.
Those at work at the Gas com
pany's tank got the' holder lifted up
yesterday to let some of the accumu
lated gas, etc., escape, to admit of re
pairers going in to see what to do
The steamer Electric will make two
trips Saturday and Sunday to Clat
sop, leaving at 9 a. it., and returning
at 5 p. si. Anyone wishing a good
day's skating on Clatsop can have it
by going on the Electric.
For the last few days The Astobi
an's morning dispatches have been
telegraphed from San Francisco to
Chicago; from there to Portland, and
down here. The W. TJ. T. Co. has
the advantage of having a choice of
routes and if there's any news going
we get it
Of all earth's teeming millions there
are few living who have seen the time
before when it required three figures
of the same kind to write the number
of the year and few living now will
ever see the time again. -It will be
one hundred and eleven years before
it occurs again.
On yesterday evening's boat ar
rived forty tons of iron for the Asto
ria street railway company. This is
the first installment The company
proposes to begin at Johansen's when
they get ready and when they coun
cil get matters decided, and they will
then bnild westward.
There was a pleasing' performance
at Ross' opera house last evening,
and one that was thoroughly Enjoyed
by the large audience present. The
company are good throughout and
give an entertainment that is well
worth the price of admission. They
appear again in a change of pro
gramme this evening.
The aggregate cut of the mills on
Gray's harbor is 3,000,000 feet per
month, and the canneries shipped 30,
000 cases salmon the past year. It takes
forty logging camps to supply the
present demand for logs. Threo large
schooners have been built on the har
bor, and a number of small steamers,
and more will be built next season.
Such weather as this gives us a
chance to sympathize with eastern
folk. But we have by far the best of
it, for presently will come from the
west the warm breath of the Pacific
and all out door3 will soften
and become genial, and all this
chill and discomfort will have gone
glimmering through the dreams of
things that were.
Dr. Kob't Morris, the venerable
poet laureate of Free Masonry, deliv
ered a public lectura on the aims and
merits of the order at the hall of
Temple Lodge, No. 7, last evening.
The lecture was interesting and in
structive, was delivered in a most
pleasing style and was enjoyed by the
audience. There are few living men
better exponents of the tenets of the
Masonic fraternity than that venera
ble gentleman. He leaves this morn
ing for Victoria, and will shortly re
turn to his home in Kentucky.
A silk umbrella. Owner can have it
by applying to SI. Kronquist on the
beach at the Astoria Iron Works.
Oysters In Every Style
At the Central Restaurant, next to
Foard & Stokes'.
Condensed Dispatches Prom Both Con
tinents. Pabis, Jan. 6. Henry Hertz, the
famous pianist, is dead.
Oakland, Cal., Jan. 5. Nathan B.
Sutton, fatalist, who shot and killed
Alexander Martin, a neighboring
rancher, near Livermore, in Septem
ber, 1886, was hanged to-day. He re
fused to the last to see or talk with a
minister. .Tnot. hofnro lna OTPAllflnTi
Sutton took from his pocket his writ
ten statement and read tlie same. At
and ropes were adjusted and at 12:1G
mo traps ieii. wnen tne ooay readied
the end of the rope, it was seen that
the noose had slipped and the un-
fortnnntn man's lipad rrna nnnrlr nov.
erea irom nis body.
Washington, Jan 6. Chairman
Mills, of tho ways and means com
mittee, says that he will call his com
mittee together without delay and
proceed at once to tue consideration
and promulgation of a tariff reform
tun navmg in view a reduction as
well He says: "The condition of the
country and the treasury is a ques
tionof taxation and revenue. The
president asks it; the secretary of the
treasury urges it and I shall do all I
can to carry out their wishes."
London, Jan. G. The body of
Archie McNiell who went to France
to report the Smith-Kilrain prize
fight, for tho London Sportsman,
and who had been missing since has
been found on the beach at Bolocne.
There were distinct marks on Mc
Niell s throat showing that he had
been strangled. He was known to
have in his nossessionwhen last seen.
Bank of England notes and a watch,
all of which was missing when the
body was found.
San Francisco, Jan. 6. Tho annn
al statement of the San Francisco
prodnce exchange shows that the
number of barrels of flour remaining
in the state, January 1, 1833, to be
60,000, as against 90,000, on January
1st 1887. The number of centals of
wheat on hand Jannary 1, 18S3, 9,700,-
000, as against 7,800,01)0, on January
1, 1887. The number of centals of
of barley, January, 18S3, 4,GO0,O00, as
against 2,500,000, January 1, 18S7.
St. Petersburg, Jan. 6. Tho
Journal de St. Petersburg expresses
high satisfaction at the distinction
bestowed by emperor William on
General Von Schweinitz, the Ger
man ambassador of Bussia, in decor
ating him with the order ot the Black
Berlin, Jan. 6. Tho emperor gave
andience yesterday to Prince William
who afterwards paid a visit to tho
empress. In tho evening Prince
William and (Jount Lioe and Count
Waldersee took tea with the emperor.
A, O. U. W. Notice.
All members of Seaside Lodge No.
12, A. O. U. W., are hereby notified
that there will be no meeting to-night
on account of there being no light in
the hall. Installation of officers will
take place next Saturday evening.
Members will govern themselves ac
By order N. Jones.
M. W.
Water consumers must remember
when two hundred spickets are open
tnat it wastes more water than tne
pipes carry, and if you get short of
water it is your fault And donH
you forget it! Jas. W. Welch.
The endorsement ot German
Syrup is unparalelled. Wo will pub
lish 1000 testimonials received during
the last six months. Bead them.
May save your life.
Burlingham, N, Y., May 31,'8G.
G. G. Green, Dear sir: I am fre
quently troubled with severe colds,
and the only remedy that will relieve
me of them is your Jioschee's German
Syrup. I have used it for more than
12 years. It is a constant household
companion with me. Our merchant
here procured it first at my solicita
tion, and says he has sold a great
many bottles. It is a very popular
remedy in this section. Every per
son who has used it speaks in the
highest terms of its merits. I do not
know of a single case it has not
cured. I first used it in Vermont,
where I lived before cominc here. I
advise everyone to use it, as it is cer
tainly the best cough medicine I have
ever known. I have tried nearly all
of them at different times.
Yours respectfully,
Proprietor Grist Mill.
. .
Information has reached Washing
ton that the Coquille river has de
flected its current at the month so as
to change its channel from the gov
ernment jetty and endanger shipping,
and congressman Herman has noti
fied tho engineer department, and has
urged the necessity for inoreased es
timates for additional improvement
General Duane at once communicated
with the local engineers for a detailed
Two companies to pack Alaska
salmon were incorporated in San
Francisco last Thursday; the North
ern Packing company, to catch and
nack salmon at Ken at. Cook's inlet.
Alaska; capital stock, 8100,000, $25,000
of which has been subscribed; and
theNushagok Canning company, to
pack at Nushagok, Bristol bay, Alas
ka; capital stocK, siuu.uuu.
Boots and Shoes.
In Kinney's Bleck: sign of tho Big
Boot 1 have received another invoice
from the east of the famous Seamless
Cap Toe Gents Shoes. Also the re
nouned Waukenphasts, and a largo lot
of other Fine Shoes too numerous to
mention, at 2 and SiGO and upward.
cm- couxcil- proceedings.
Councilman Fulton Resigns From the
Second Ward.
The city council met in adjourned
session last evening, Mayor Page in
the chair; present Counoilmen Car
ruthers, Welch, Cleveland, Sherman
and Bergman. In attendance Auditor
and Police Judge Jewett, Chief of
Police Barry and btreet superintend
ent Clinton.
The following claims wero referred:
W. "-V. Belcher, 50 cents; Astoria
Gaslight Co., S10.85, 8126.45; Electric
Light Co., S1C8; R. L. Jeffrey, S18;
Griffin & Beed S3; T.S. Jewett, 4.07;
John McCue, S2.
It was resolved that the future
meetings of the council would be at
730 p. si., on the second and fourth
Tuesdays of each month.
The resignation of A. L. Fulton,
as councilman from the second ward,
was, on motion, accepted.
The matter of the tax roll was re
ferred to the committee on ways and
means to report at next meeting.
Chief of Police Barry, in a written
communication respectfully called the
attention of the city council to the
city jail and asked that the needed re
pairs be made as soon as possible.
Referred to committee on health and
police with power to net.
After some debate on the constitu
tionality of the measure. Councilman
Sherman was elected president of the
council, to act in the absence of the
mayor. Councilman Sherman de
clined. Councilman Bergman moved
that t he declination be accepted. The
motion prevailed.
Councilman Cleveland was elected
president of the council.
The report ot Street Superintendent
Clinton showing tho uumber of tools
and material received from the for
mer street superintendent was re
ceived and filed.
Councilman Welch moved that the
matter of electing a councilman to
hll the vacanoy occasioned by the
resignation of Councilman Fnlton in
the second ward bo laid over till next
regular meeting. The motion was
s econded. Mayor Page thought that
it was unnecessary. Tho council
agreed with him.
Conncilmen Welch moved that tho
pest honso be placed in condition for
any emergency, and that the street
superintendent bo notified to put tho
road to tho peat houso in repair.
Councilman Bergman thought that
it was unnecessary. Councilman
Welch rose to a point of order.
Mayor Page sustained the point,
taken. Councilman Cleveland asked
permission to offer a suggestion that
the matter should by right be re
ferred to the committee on health and
police. Mayor Page suggested that
that portion of his message referring
to the pest houso be referred to the
committee on health and police with
power to act. Councilman Cleveland
made that as a motion. Tho motion i
Councilman Welch spoke of a con
tract 'for boarding tho city prisoners,
city printing,etc, and thought the au
ditor and clerk ought to buy his sta
tionery at wholesale.
Councilman Cleveland brought tip
tho suggestion that the matter of the
emoluments and duties of the harbor
master be referred to the committee
on wharves and water frontage. A
motion to that effect prevailed.
Councilman Welch moved that the
auditor and police judge advertise for
bids for boarding the city prisoners
and doing the city printing. It was
also decided that bids for lighting tl-o
city streets for the ensuing yonr be
also asked for at the same time.
Councilman Carruthers asked how
does the rent of tho hook and ladder
company bo paid. Auditor Jewett
said there was a monthly allowance
of S30. The mayor asked how was
the money expended. It was stated
that they paid S15 a month rent, and
the remainder went for incidentals.
Mayor Page and Councilman Car
ruthers thought it would ba a good
idea for Alert H. & L. No. One to
move their headquarters to the pres
ent council chamber and occupy it,
and have the future deliberations of
tho city council held in the court
room ot the police judge. A motion
to appoint a special committo on that
question prevailed. Conncilmen Car
ruthers, Sherman and Cleveland were
appointed as sack committee.
The unfortunate condition of the
roadway and Concomly street was in
troduced into the deliberations of '88.
The mayor said that regarding Con
comly street and its extension, tho
county court was shortly to take
up the matter of a road to be
dedicated by Col. Taylor at the west
ern end, but that, if such were done,
the city hnd no street to connect
therewith. The mayor thought that
a very important matter and one that
demanded early and earnest atten
tion. The matter was, on motion, referred
to the committee on streets and pub
lic ways.
Councilman Welch moved that the
street committee be instructed to take
steps for the immediate removal of
lumber piles, wood piles, etc., from
tho business streets of the city. Tho
auditor read tho ordinance applying
to the matter. The council then had
further conversation about Concomly
street and the roadway, after which
council adjourned.
A Fatal Accident.
The revenue cutter Corwin went to
Shoalwater bay last Wednesday, and
when well out, one of the quartermas
ters, a Norwegian, whose name could
not be learned last evening, was heav
ing the lead. While doing so his belt,
which appears to have been inse
curely fastened, gave way and ho fell
into the sea. The vessel was at once
stopped and backed and two boats im
mediately lowered.under Lieuts.Ham
let and Dunwoody. The men pulled
with all possible expedition, but be
fore the boats could reach the poor
fellow he sank and was drowned.
He was a sober and capable sea
man and is deeply regretted by his
associates aboard.
Nautical Almanacs,
And Pacific Coast Tide Tables, for sale
at tho New York Novelty Store.
A Scaly, Itchingr Skin Disease with
Endless Suffering Cured bj
Cuticnra Remedies.
If I had known of tho. Cutictjiia Remedies
twenty-oight years ago it would have saved
me $200.00 (two hundred dollars) u uSfaS
menso amount of suffering. My diseiso (Pso
riasis) commenced or. my head in a spot not
larger than a cent. It spread rapidly ill over
my body and cot under my nails. lh0 scales
would drop off of mo all of tho tine, and my
suffering was .endless, ;and without relief. Ono
thousand dollars would not tempt mo to havo
this discaso over again. I am a poor innD, but
feel rich to be relieved of what somo of the
doctors said was leprosy, some ring-worm
Psoriasis, etc. Itook and Sarsapa-
nllas over ono year and a half, but no euro.
Iwentto two or three doctors and no euro.
I cannot praise tho Cctjcuka Kemedifs too
much Ihey have made ray skin as clear and
them was three boxes of Cdticcea. and three
" vuiu-tM. uuuhjot ana two cakes
of Cuticuba Soap. If you had been hero and
said you would have cured me for $210 00 you
would have had tho money. I looked liko tho
picture in your book of Psoriasis (picture
E"r"" V'r ":",':"" -"a uatues-t.
u.iua.i tica. ua any person oTcr
was. Through force of habit 1 rub my hands
over my arms and legs to scratch onco in a
imio.Munuuu tjuiuuu. x am an wen. J.
scratched twenty-eight years, and it cot to be
bind nfcanAnil nntntn 4r. I
-... w.,u.u, iuius. a manK you
a thousand times. Anything morothatjou
ituu. iu Buun imtu me, or any onewno reads
this may write to me and I will answer it.
DENNIS nninmin
Watsibuby, Vt., Jan 20th, 1SS7
Psoriasis, Eczema.Tettcr.RiDiiworm. Lich
en. Pruritus, beau Head. Jlilk Crust, Dand
ruff, Barber's, liakers', Grocers" and Washer
woman's Itch, and every species of Itching,
Burning, Scaly. Pimply Humore of tho Skin
and frcalp and Blood, with Loss of Hair, are
positively cured by Cuticdra, tho great Skin
Curo, and Cuticuka Soap, an cxquisito Skin
Beautifier externally, and Cuticuba Resol
vent, tho now Blood Purifier internally, when
physicians and all other remedies fail.
Sold everywhere. Price, Cuticuiu, 5oc.;
Soap, 2jc.: Kksolvkst, SI. .Prepared by tho
Pott b Dnuo and Chemical Co., Boston, M ass
M pages. 50 illustrations, and 100 testimonials,
PIMPLEd, black-heads, chapped and oily
rllil skin prevented by Cuticuka AIedi-
c itkd Soap.
,af1n TTmrtl.., iiiiffnBmWHywriM1i.iniin-
Catarrhal Dangers.
To bo freed from tho dangers of suffocation
while lying down ; to breathe freely, sleep
soundly and undisturbed ; to rise refreshed,
head clear, brain ai-tivo and free from pain
oracho : to know that no poisonous, putrid
matter delilos tho breath and rots away tho
delicato machinery of smell, tasto and hear
ing ; to feel that tho system does not, through
its veins and arteries, suck up the poison that
is suro to undeimiae and destroy, is indeed a
blessing beyond all other human enjoyments.
To purchase immunity from snch a fato
should bo tho object of all afflicted. Rut thoso
who have tried many remedies and physi
cians despair of relief or curo,
SANl'Oitl'-RAliCAi. CuitK racct3 every
phaso of Catarrh, from a simple head cold to
the mot loathsomo and destructive stages.
It is local and constitutional. Instant in ro
liovinc. permanent in curing, pnfn. rrrmnmi-
cal and never-failing.
Sanford'.s Radical Conn consists of ono
bottloof tho lUlHCM. Cl'KK.ono boiofOA-
l.NHALKit, all wrapped in ono package, with
troali'o and directions, and sold by all drug
gists for $1.00.
I'OTTKit Dnuo & Chemical Co., Eostost.
No Rheumatiz About Me.
Tho Cutlcnro Anti-1'aln
I'Uinter reliovcs Rheumatic,
Sciatic. Sudden. Sharp and J cr
ams, Btrain3 and HcaK
. lhe first and only nain-
killing plaster. Now. original.
instantaneous, infallible, safe, A marvellous
Antidote to Pain, Inflammation and Weak
ness. Utterly un iko and vastly tunorior to
all other plasters. At all druggists. 23 cents ;
five for Sl.OO; or, postago free, of Peitei:
To Be Introduced.
Kenresentative Hermann will short
ly introduce in the house a number
of bills, ns follews:
Appropriating Sl,o30,00U for con
tinuing improvements at the mouth
ot the Columbia river; S750.090 for
work on tho canal and lochs at the
Cascades; 8230,000 for improvements
at Yaqninabay; $100,000 for improve
ments at Coos bay; S10.000 for the
improvement of tho TJmpqna river;
$50,000, for beginning construction of
a boat railway around obstructions to
navigation at The Dalle3 and Celilo
falls in the Columbia river.
To authorize The Dalles city to
construct a bridge across the Colum
bia river.
To authorize the Columbia Bridge
company to build a bridge across the
Columbia between Oregon and Wash
ington territory.
.Establishing a light Rouse at tno
mouth of the Coquille.
Appropriating 840,000 for payment
of Oregon Indian war claims.
To establish a Jife-saving station
at Yaquina bay.
Asking $20,000 for improving tho
wagon road between Rogue river val
ley and Fort Klamath.
To establish a light house at the
the mouth of the TJmpqua.
Forfeiting tho land grant of the
Northern Pacific railroad between
Wallula and Portland.
Appropriating $100,000 for a public
building at Salem.
To establish a land district to bo
known a3 the Harney land district.
Appropriating $500,000 for a public
building at Portland.
Bills providing for settlement of In
dian war claims, and many private
bills and memorials.
5s Cor.MiuiiJtiojj Incurable?
Head the follewing: Mr. C. II. .Morris,
Newark, Ark., says: "Was down with
Abscess of Lungs, and friends ami phy
sicians pronounced me an Incurable
Consumptive. Began taking Dr. King's
iw Disciivprv fnr Consumption, r.lll
now on my third bottle, and able to
oversee the work on my farm. It is the
finest medicine ever made."
Jesse Sliddlewart, Decatur, Ohio,
says: -Had it not been for Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption I
wmilrt imvn illml of T.nnff Troubles. Was
given up by doctors. Am now in best
oi iicaitn." Try u. sampm unities irte
at W. K. Dement & Co.'s Drug Store.
Any case of Croup can be easily treat-
ra anu i;ureu oy utinu j-" vmmo
CoiiL'h Svrim." Full directions with
each package, which can only be pur
chased at Deinenl's drug store.
The Kev. Geo. U. Thayer, of Bour
bon, lnd., says: "Both myself and wife
owe our lives toSnn.oii's Coxsumptios
Cork." Sold by W. E. Dement.
amirinui Beer
And Frco Lunch at the Telephone Sa
loon, S cents.
1 ML.
3r9 Avousr
I f &-lncses.
Owing to the continued rush at this estab
lishment we are compelled to engage extra help,
along with the improved Lamson's Cash Hall
way system, thereby saving our patrons the
trouble of waiting.
Our store is crammed with goods from floor
to ceiling. Novelties arriving daily per Ex
press from the East.
P. S. Wholesale buyers and patrons from the Country
will please call in the morning, thereby saving the usual
afternoon rush.
A Large and Well Selected Stock of Flue
i &
At Extremely Low Friccs.
Alt Goods Bought at This Establishment
Warranted Genuine.
T-.itcIi :ittl CIncli Xtcjmii'iiig
Corner Ca.ss and Squemoqua Streets.
Carnahan & Co.
EEHERAL merchandise,
Comer Chcnamus andiCass streets.
Of Sest Quality, and at
Ross' Opera House.
Friday and Saturday Eve, Jan. 6-7
9 Successful Years. 9
And Constantly Increasing Public
Favor ot tho
Musical Comedy Co. and
Jllrtli, Music, Burlesque and Comedy.
Also the Eminent young Violinist,
Late of the Conservatory of Music, Christi
ana, Norway, now making lib first
tour ot America.
Over one million of people have witnessed
the above entertainment.
Press and Public from the Lakes to tho
Gulf, and Atlantic to the Pacific enthusiast
ic In their praise.
Secure Seats early at the New York Nov
elty store. Tickets go on sale Wednesday
morniug, Jan. 4th.
Doors open at 7 :15 ; commence at S.
place where to
There Is no occasion for the most fastidi
ous of our citizens to send to Portland or
San Francisco for
Custom Rflade Clothes
As they can pet Better Fits. Better Work
manship, ana for less Money.
By Leaving their Orders with MEANY. lie
has lust received a large stock of Goods from
the East. Fine Business Suits from $35.
Call nd See Him and Satisfy Yourself.
P. J. Meany. Merchant Tailor.
Cut Faster
Than any oth
er axe made.
Hundreds of
woodmen tes
tily to its supe
riority. Itgoea
Deep and KeTer
& CO.,
Agents Astoria.
Price, S1.50.
Wholesale and Retail
Importers of All Brands of Foreign and Do
mestic Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
J. n. Cutter Whiskies a specialty. Val
Blntz Bottled Beer. Finest brands of Key
West and Domestic Cigars.
Liquors for Medicinal Purposes.
Family Trade Solicited. AH orders from
the City and Country promptly filled.
Squemoqua Street, - - - Astoria, Oregon.
Furniture and Upholstering,
Mattresses Made and Repaired,
Paper Hanging, Carpets Sewed
and Laid.
Furniture Sold on Commission.
SHOP, corner Main and Jefferson Streets
The Astor House Saloon.
Everything Everybody Else Says,
and More Too.
The best Is none too good for friends and
patrons. Will Try to Please.
Tho Astor Honnc Saloon.
FBEETOF-UI. TbtCoIimdEiicmbrofJLs.
clcntyork,EBtlnd, whers tha m G. Lodn of
'MuoBSWMhldA.rJLS38. A!iolrgUltutntl
Ctuloros of MuoDle books sod good, with bot
tom ericas. AnnbmiitAt- Pa v.fv IITuhI.
'FSr&nrsn of .naHaflftbaokL HFnTlrN fti j. rr
I MDiUnaatU33tf
Co to Nora Rappleyea's,
Tablescarfs, Embroideries, Underwear
Dress Goods, Buttons, Ruchlng,
German Knitting Yarn, Spanish Yarn
Worsteds, Aprons, Handkerchiefs, Knitting
Silk, Embroidery Silk. Collars and Cuffs.
Pins and Needle3, Etc, Etc.
Ladles invited to call.
Stamping done to order.
One door south of Astoiuan office, Cass St.
Fashionable Dressmaking.
A First-class Dressmaker, lately from the
East, is associated with
Miss M. L. Richardson,
On Cass Street. 3 doors south of TheAsto
eiax office, where they are pre
pared to do
Dressmaking In All Its Branches.
Ladies, give them a call and bo convinced,
A perfect Fit Guaranteed.
Neat, Quick And Cheap at The
The ftlontesano.
JOHN W. WELCH, - - - Master.
Will make weekly trips between
Astoria and Westport,
Touching at Svcnsen's Landing.
Leaving Westport at G A. M., Saturdays.
Returning, leave Wilson & Fisher's whaif at
2 P. jr. same day.
Will also leavfl Wilson & Fisher's wharf at
12:30 p.m., Fridays, for Westport and all
way landings
For Freight or Passage apply on board or
to D. II. WELCH, Agent.
B B ''UedWg
Transacts a General Banking Business
Drafts drawn available in any part of the
0. S. and Europe, and on Hong Kong, China
Odd Fellows Building, Astoria, Oregon.

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